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  1. Director Scott Cooper is happy that he will work with The Dark Knight star Christian Bale in their third movie
  2. Christian Bale’s & Christopher Nolan’s Batman had a special spot for Lamborghini, the Italian carmakers. Not only do we see Bruce Wayne drive around Gotham in a grey Lamborghini Murcielago, the Batmobile or Tumbler, as it was called, was, in fact, developed by Lamborghini, especially for Batman Begins. © Warner Bros. Pictures It seems the caped crusader had a thing for the Raging Bull. Then came along Ben Affleck, who decided to go for a few concept cars from Mercedes. No doubt, they were great looking cars, and conceptually, the future of the automobile, but they were nowhere as visceral as the Murcielago. © Warner Bros. Pictures Well, it seems that Lamborghini has updated their SUV option in such a way, that Bruce Wayne, simply wouldn’t have been able to resist. If Batman would ever upgrade his car, this would be it. Lamborghini dropped a new version of the Urus, and straight off the bat, it is a thing to behold. Called the Urus Graphite Capsule, the new version of the SUV, comes in black with a matte finish, and with neon green accents. © Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. The neon green accents are present on the lower front grille, the spoiler at the back, and in the lower half on both the sides of the car. The rims too ave a thin neon green accent. © Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. We see the same colours in the interior as well, which gives the interior an even more outlandish appeal. In addition to the neon coloured seat stitching and door panels, there are neon green components all across the dash. © Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. As far as performance is concerned, Lamborghini has kept things “standard” under the hood, meaning spec-wise, you don’t see that big of a difference. However, that is not a bad thing. You still get the blistering acceleration figures of a 0-100 kmph in 3.6 seconds, and a top speed of 305 kmph. That makes it one of the fastest SUVs in the world. © Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Although the Graphite Urus has been listed for $222,000 or Rs 1.6 Crores on the global market, because of our insanely high customs and import duties on cars in India, it can be expected to retail between Rs 3.2 to 3.4 Crores. Not exactly affordable or of sound price. But then again, when has any good thing ever been? View the full article
  3. Thor: Ragnarok raised the bar for MCU films, no questions about it. Often making it to the top three in several ranked lists featuring all 22 films, Taika Waititiâs take on the superhero genre was witty, hilarious, engaging and at the same time, deeply emotional and heartfelt. Back in 2017, we saw a Thor who was at his lowest - ripped apart by his sister Hela, forced to fight without Mjolnir by his side, take on an old friend in The Hulk and prove to himself that he was capable of defending his people - while simultaneously getting a haircut. Three years later, Thor: Love And Thunder promises perhaps one of the most serious and crucial plot points in the post-Endgame era for MCU fans - how the ownership of Mjolnir and title of Thor moves on from Odinson to (at least in the comics) to Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman. With co-star Tessa Thompson revealing acting legend Christian Bale to be Fosterâs first major villain in the MCU, speculations are running high as to which character he will play. While the theorists are busy typing away, weâre taking a look at some of Baleâs best efforts in darker roles - chalking up why we think heâd do a superb job in the film, regardless of who heâs cast as. The Dark Knight Trilogy Straight up - these three films redefined not just Christian Baleâs career, they also changed the game when it came to superhero films in several different ways. Whatâs interesting, however, is that after 2012âs The Dark Knight Rises, Bale has admitted in interviews that he was extremely disinterested in working on superhero films with anyone other than director Christopher Nolan, even mentioning that a personal tragedy that occurred during the filming also left him unable to watch them again himself. Yet, heâs found himself as the main antagonist in Love And Thunder - so what gives? While we think a healthy contract might have had something to do about it, getting Bale on board likely has something to do with Taika Waititiâs excellent script and direction chops that could bridge the gap between Baleâs previous skepticism and his own experience as Batman. Heâs proved that he can handle the gravitas and psychological pressure required to pull the role off for three films - the action and stunt experiences from them will probably help Bale immensely when it comes to Love and Thunder, while the drama and dialogue might help him pull off a serious, no-bullshit villain. American Psycho Winding back the clock by a few years, we hit Baleâs first truly negative major role and one of cinemaâs best-ever performances as the detached, eerie yuppie persona of Patrick Bateman - a soulless investment banker by day who finds meaning in life through torture and murder by night. Needless to say, Bale is absolutely terrifying in this film - his manicured, ultra-perfect character breaks through to reveal horrifying bloodlust underneath, and thereâs fewer ways to make a villain memorable than to make him utterly terrifying. With the film putting the idea of Thor on a fresh, clean slate, thereâs a wealth of experience from this film that Bale can channel into his next role. The Prestige The first Bale film after Batman Begins happens to be yet another Nolan-helmed project - looks like those two really got along in the mid-late 2000s. The Prestige brings us a version of Bale thatâs deceitful, cunning and harbours a dark secret - a magician ready to oust his rival no matter the cost. Thereâs plenty of proof here that Bale can play the detached psychopath as well as the mysterious schemer. Apparently, Nolan has stated that it would be âunthinkableâ to cast anyone else, and it certainly shows. The Fighter A 2010 biographical sports drama isnât exactly where youâd expect to find a convincing villain, but given that itâs Bale, we may as well raise our expectations. Performing the same (yet not so extreme) weight loss regime he previously did for 2004âs The Machinist, Baleâs role takes him into the shoes of a boxer past his prime, hopped on cocaine while committing crimes to get his fix. While the star of the show here was undoubtedly Mark Wahlberg, Baleâs performance was top-notch in a role that swings from hopeful and optimistic to selfish and opportunistic with masterful skill. Weâre fairly certain that Marvel will continue with their one-off villain strategy here, similar to Cate Blanchettâs Hela and Michael Keatonâs Vulture - so a story arc that draws Bale from being Thorâs ally to her enemy might feature in the upcoming film. Terminator Salvation Finally, thereâs the elephant in the room - all MCU films are, at their core, action-dramas with healthy doses of CGI mixed in, and Bale hasnât exactly done a film like that⦠or has he? Terminator Salvation came out with a whole lottaâ weight riding on its shoulders - it was the first ever Terminator movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, and had a lot to prove to the industry as well as fans. While the film did all-right by box office and critical standards, Baleâs performance and screen presence were praised, and meanwhile, the actor was given an important chance to work in studios filled with greenscreens - a great primer for what heâll expect at Fox Studios for the Thor film. View the full article
  4. "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." This is one hell of a line but I never thought that it would come true in real life, especially with Christian Bale. One of the best Batmans we've ever seen has officially gone over to the dark side and is now going to play a villain. Yes, this was rumoured for months, but now Tessa Thompson has confirmed it - Christian Bale is playing the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder! In an interview with ET, she said, "Christian Bale is going to play our villain, which is going to be fantastic." Taika Waititi has literally assembled an Avengers level star-cast - Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman, and now Christian Bale, and even though he's dead, a Thor movie is incomplete without Loki. I'm pretty sure even he's going to show up. Who knows which other actor and character is going to be in the movie, but at this point, the next Thor movie is turning out to be the most exciting film in this new phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the movie is going to be released in November next year, unfortunately, there's not much else we know about it. But honestly, I can totally see Christian Bale pulling off a sinister villain fighting female Thor and The Mighty Thor himself. And as we all know, the guy is basically a shapeshifter, so he can pull off any type of role. Everyone's making the same joke as me just because it fits so perfectly. pic.twitter.com/3f6tE5OaUH â Rio. (@Rioferinanda) March 7, 2020 Yep. pic.twitter.com/au0vGGHht3 â Christian ã¯ãªã¹ãã£ã³ã»ã¹ãã¬ã¹ã­ I Live in a CyberWorld (@christian11_26) March 6, 2020 We're all as excited as Thor here. pic.twitter.com/9c6IhPHAgX â kani (@kanishafaei) March 6, 2020 No idea at this point. Well well, this is a nice lil bit of confirmation to have! So which villain do you think Bale will play? He seems perfect for Cul Borson, but I'm not convinced that's who he's actually portraying. Dario or Gorr have been heavily speculated, or could be someone else. Thoughts? https://t.co/HwtJflXMiH â Kinda Culty (@KindaCulty) March 7, 2020 ut let's be real, who would pass up that Marvel paycheque? Another respected actor whoâs above Marvel and doing it for the paycheque â H (@1K982K14) March 6, 2020*DJ Khaled voice* Another one! Another Batman converted to the MCU. â Spider-Lou (@spiderlou2099) March 6, 2020 Sold! Dick Cheney vs Thor - I am sold https://t.co/f7oQP8Ytys â Why I Love Movies (@yIlovemovies) March 6, 2020 Only he can follow Hela. That and the fact that Roxxon was spotted on the Loki set, so it seems pretty likely that Loki will tie into the movie in more ways than we think. â Brendan (@Ponodude101) March 7, 2020This is gonna be awesome. It's all about a worthy a villain. After Hela this is a worthy follow up. â The Phoenix (@nkintsela) March 7, 2020 Of course! The MCU must be collecting Batmans https://t.co/dRJkPpb5KZ â Jimmy Folino (@MrNiceGuy18_58) March 7, 2020 Please make that happen, we need more Loki. That and the fact that Roxxon was spotted on the Loki set, so it seems pretty likely that Loki will tie into the movie in more ways than we think. â Brendan (@Ponodude101) March 7, 2020 I can feel this gif. pic.twitter.com/txvQ7npakq â bevin (@kevcos22) March 6, 2020 Anything that gets people to watch. Shit Iâll have to watch the movie now just for him. https://t.co/gnqDc7DtCZ â Miss J (@ashujo_) March 7, 2020 Thank you! Me on opening day. Thank you Ms. @TessaThompson_x https://t.co/ojTgwHuXK9 pic.twitter.com/FJEt1uYcMu â Fatima DeMelo (@stacksandranges) March 7, 2020 Can't wait. Omg Iâm so excited to watch Natalie Portman kick his ass https://t.co/Vp08PooTaS â Devon Moran (@DevonMoran) March 6, 2020 Someone get me this man, then. get you a man who can do both dc and marvel, play both heroes and villains, and confuse everyone when they find out heâs british. https://t.co/8tKM3byUwS â dykes for eugene fitzherbert (@dernsdriver) March 6, 2020 Honestly, I would be okay with that. yessss he murders chris hemsworth and tessa thompson and natalie portman tag team destroy his ass content i need to see 𤩠https://t.co/LZ8ZvT4qv9 â ciara stan page (@princessxciarax) March 6, 2020 We've all been waiting for this day. oh god this is what i want CHRISTIAN BALE IN THE MCU AS A VILLAIN https://t.co/ss0MCrUDWF â Ù (@ryvnmp3) March 7, 2020 View the full article
  5. "The first one to suffer is the player,"he said. Photo: AFPBARCELONA: Zinedine Zidane said Tuesday he is unfazed by Wales calling up Gareth Bale but insists the Real Madrid forward is still unfit to play.Zidane also reiterated his desire for Bale...
  6. Today I, along with a lot of people on the internet, learned the nicknames of Christian Bale's kids. Are you ready? They are Banana and Burrito. Yep. He referred to his kids as that back in January this year while accepting his Golden Globe award and I still don't know if they're actually the names for real or not. It is possible he said that as a joke since his entire acceptance speech is hilarious. According to Wikipedia, he apparently said those names as a way to make fun of the weird name celebrities give their kids. He's also a very private person, I literally found out who his wife was today, and also the fact that he has two kids. But, why are we talking about Burrito today when the entire name speculation thing happened months ago? Because of one viral tweet. Christian Bale and his son, Burrito Bale, were seen enjoying a tandem bicycle ride yesterday (10/20). So adorable. pic.twitter.com/lx2XV1RxIk — Farrier #FORDvFERRARI (@FarrierCollins) October 21, 2019 Don't worry, someone asked the question everyone had after reading that tweet. christian bale and his son WHO???? https://t.co/GnFFkRGDUN — twigs (@notpixietit) October 21, 2019 It was followed by a clarification and yes, it is very cute. christian bale and his son WHO???? https://t.co/GnFFkRGDUN — twigs (@notpixietit) October 21, 2019 Another explanation. Haha nope. He hasn't publicly confirmed his kid's names and the names you see in articles are different from the ones that receive special thanks in the credits of his films. He jokingly called his kids Banana and Burrito so that's what some of us call them. — Farrier #FORDvFERRARI (@FarrierCollins) October 21, 2019 Someone tell me what is the truth. pic.twitter.com/icOm970Fm3 — the haunting of Hill house ð»ð¡ (@hillarynzs) October 22, 2019 My exact first thought. if he's gonna do it I'm really upset he's not gone with Taco Bale — Darryl Lindo (@DLindo11) October 21, 2019 I'm mad they didn't photoshop Christian's face on it tho. ðð pic.twitter.com/1N3opDBX7I — Aidan Richardson (@AidanRicho) October 22, 2019 Astrology Twitter, please explain. Christian Bale is an Aquarius. Leave him alone. — “Gay Rights!” (@ZeeTheberge) October 22, 2019 I love the internet. pic.twitter.com/E8i9E7lWkx — Srta. Espinoza (@tequileiradm) October 22, 2019 What would your kid's name be then? naming babies after the last thing you've eaten..hmm — Kierangs (@Kierangs1) October 23, 2019 Great joke. This joke shall not go unnoticed, you my friend receive a retweet — ððð¦ð«ð± (@gus_gonzalez13) October 22, 2019
  7. Christian Bale is doing a movie where his character actually looks like a normal person - weird right? - and honestly that should be enough for everyone to get excited for the movie. But 'Ford v. Ferrari' already looks so great judging by its first trailer that it will surely be one of the best movies of the year. The movie is basically about the building of Ford GT40 from scratch, an entirely new automobile with the potential to finally defeat the perennially dominant Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France. Who would've thought, considering the name is Ford vs Ferrari! Okay, jokes aside, the premise already sounds fun and then you bring in two actors like Christian Bale and Matt Damon and just elevate the movie even more. The first trailer is causing a lot of excitement right now and well, no surprises there, just watch it for yourself. In the movie, Matt Damon plays the role of Carroll Shelby, an American automotive designer who is roped in by the Ford team to make a car that could beat the Ferrari. And the other lead, Christian Bale plays Ken Miles, a British engineer and driver who is asked to test the car and make it win during the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France. The movie still a few months away as it's all set to release this November but for now, the trailer is enough to cause a lot of excitement, even more so since James Mangold is the director of 'Ford v. Ferrari'. People are so ready for the movie. I may have just watched this trailer so many times that my phone froze https://t.co/O4p5TPyoqy — Jillian Sederholm (@JillianSed) June 3, 2019 Great moment. Nothing makes me happier than watching Christian Bale punch Matt Damon in the face in the #FORDvFERRARI trailer pic.twitter.com/obzeqTWlTl — Jillian Sederholm (@JillianSed) June 3, 2019 Yes, please. I was already in on this movie, then I heard the opening chords of "Gimme Shelter" One ticket to the #FORDvFERRARI midnight premiere, please https://t.co/f3rJdIfxd3 — Joel Sebastianelli (@JJSebastianelli) June 3, 2019 Exactly. If you want to get even more excited as you watch the awesome trailer for #FORDvFERRARI keep in mind that James @mang0ld has made both one of the greatest westerns (3:10 to Yuma) AND one of the best comic book movies (Logan) of all time. — ReactionRocket (@ReactionRocket) June 3, 2019 It's going to be great. I saw this on on Disney's movie lineup that came out a few weeks ago and thought it was gonna be some lack luster documentary. Looks like they're gonna do the rivalry some justice tho. #FordVFerrari https://t.co/yCAJ6iTJr8 — Dom Melendez (@SirProStatus) June 3, 2019 Yep. #FORDvFERRARI looks like it will deliver and be award-worthy. They can take my $ now. https://t.co/7zsVkK4Vei — Tim (@TimstlF1) June 3, 2019 This will be it, hopefully. I'm so excited about this! #FORDvFERRARI is going to be an incredible movie! With that said, I'm still over here waiting for a respectable NASCAR movie... ð https://t.co/v4q5d9iM78 — á°áá¥áá á·á¬áá®áá© (@Brian_Murphy_) June 3, 2019 Christian Bale and Matt Damon for the win. I'm obviously a bit biased but I think #FORDvFERRARI will be a great film. The true story is perfect for Hollywood, there are several different ways they can tell it, and the all-star cast suggests no expense has been spared. Can't wait. https://t.co/2WqXV2Guqd — Marty P (@tweetingmarty) June 3, 2019 What a poster. Now THIS is a poster. #FordvFerrari pic.twitter.com/LA6KmyJk6n — Daniel Howat (@howatdk) May 31, 2019
  8. “Let him go if he wants to! We have Gareth Bale to lead us to victory,” they said less than a year ago when former Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo decided to sign with Juventus in July of 2018, to play in Italy for a massive €100 million contract. 8 months since Ronaldo bid adieu to Spain and Los Blancos have found themselves in one of the biggest slumps of their entire history. Losing badly to Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax (AFC Ajax) in the round of 16 matchup, the Luca Modric-led team was knocked out of the Champions League in a 1-4 (3-5 on aggregate) goals defeat. Dreams DO come true! ð¤¤#UCL #reaaja pic.twitter.com/TOmJcGz824 — AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) March 5, 2019 While the Dutch football club were nearly perfect during last night's showdown, the spotlight was drawn on the unbelievably disappointing end of the Champions League reign of Real Madrid who were not only the most recent trophy holders, but also have seen the most success in the history of the annual club football competition with 13 titles in total. However, the player who came under the bus during yesterday's shameful loss was the Wales international Gareth Bale, who started the match sitting on the bench but entered the game in just 30 minutes after Lucas Vazquez suffered an injury. Bale, who hasn't scored at home for Los Blancos at home this year, suffered to find the net yet again and despite shooting for the post once, failed to impress the Real Madrid fans. To make things worse, Bale, who has the infamous reputation of being injury-prone, twisted his ankle while going for a header and ended up on the grass, crying in pain. Not good for Bale #waleswatch pic.twitter.com/Wz9J0PqO4D — James Holt ó §ó ¢ó ·ó ¬ó ³ó ¿ (@james_scfc88) March 5, 2019 His 'okay-ish'(?) performance was not appreciated by the people of Madrid who even went on to vote the 29-year-old as the worst Real Madrid player to play in yesterday's Champions League loss. Such stark difference in the performance of an organisation like Real Madrid, who looked more like a middle-order team this season instead of the champions they were, led to people speculating the absence of Ronaldo's brilliance that he used to bring to the table as the reason behind Real's downwards spiral and how Gareth Bale has failed to fill the Portuguese's shoes. When Perez asked Bale to step into Ronaldo's shoes pic.twitter.com/9MyTS5EU3k — Chidiebere Ogu ™ï¸ (@chyngyozil) March 5, 2019 Madrid underestimated Ronaldo. You don't lose 1 of the best ever players, replace him with a mortal in Bale and expect the same. Bale doesn't have the personality. Ronaldo is weirdly unphased by hate. It's weird. The more u boo the better he is since United days. No replacing him — All For Unitedð´ (@allforunited) March 5, 2019 Get bale out the club man kmt he's not half the man ronaldo is — Ronaldo (@audsldn) March 5, 2019 Garett Bale's agent said the Real Madrid fans don't appreciate Garey Bale enough? Lmaooo Ronaldo broke their all time goal scoring record and they still booed him when he had bad games, and you're talking about Gareth Bale!? BALEEEEEEE ?????? pic.twitter.com/xEALvOR9Wh — JAGS (@EtniesJags) March 5, 2019 remember when people would make the excuse "Bale doesn't perform because Ronaldo is selfish" hahaha what a joke — Filipe Orlando (@MrFilipeOrlando) March 5, 2019 He thought his Golden boy nkomo Bale had what it takes to replace Ronaldo. pic.twitter.com/cxk87eLues — ×¢Ö´×Ö¸Ö¼× ×Ö¼×× (@G_ee010) February 27, 2019 Bale: "We are more of a team now that Ronaldo is gone." Carvajal: "Raul's career at Real Madrid was better than Cristiano's." Ceballos: "You won't notice Ronaldo's absence." Benzema: "I used to play for Ronaldo, but now I'm the leader." pic.twitter.com/vUusVDJER4 — Football Tweet (@Football__Tweet) March 5, 2019 "Bale will be the main man now that Ronaldo is gone"#RMAAJA pic.twitter.com/6EKmv8BPwq — Ťhe ÀlçhëmisÅ¥ (@Lecron) March 5, 2019
  9. Winger Gareth Bale was making a name for himself as somewhat of a bench warmer in the recent weeks as his club, Real Madrid had been undergoing one of the worst stints in the history of their existence. The players looked unhappy, the manager looked frustrated and the disappointed fans were on the verge of a riot when last night, in a do-or-die kind of a situation for Los Blancos, the Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax (AFC Ajax) handed them a cruel 4-1 defeat, making them lose 3-5 on aggregate, and knocking them out of the Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the home to Real Madrid players. Things particularly went out of hand for Bale who, in what has become more of a trend lately, started the game sitting on the substitution bench. However, the Welsh did lace up his boots and entered the field within 30 mins of play time as Lucas Vazquez went down with an injury. Not good for Bale #waleswatch pic.twitter.com/Wz9J0PqO4D — James Holt ð´ó §ó ¢ó ·ó ¬ó ³ó ¿ (@james_scfc88) March 5, 2019 Bale's average performance, which also included a shot at the post (but no goals), failed to impress the people of Madrid who voted him as the worst Real Madrid player during last night's heartbreaking defeat. According to the Spanish publication, Marca, who put to vote the performance of the 14 Los Blancos superstars, Bale received a total of 1,100+ Down Votes while only being able to garner 199 Up Votes. On the other hand, the current Ballon d'Or holder Luca Modric was voted the best Real Madrid player. Courtois, Nacho (Red Card) and Kroos ranked 11th, 12th and 13th worst just ahead of the Wales international. The collective heat towards the winger follows a rant by Bale's personal agent Jonathan Barnett. "This generation of Real fans will be talking about Gareth's goals for years to come. Frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves... Gareth deserves the greatest of respect. The way the Real fans have treated Gareth is nothing short of a disgrace,” expressed Barnett in a recent interview with Sky. “In the six years he has been in Spain, he has won everything. He's one of the best players in the world. Those fans should be kissing his feet." Clearly, Bale's agent and Real Madrid fans are not on the same page as they took to Twitter to let the world know exactly how unhappy they are with the footballer's performance: When Perez asked Bale to step into Ronaldo's shoes pic.twitter.com/9MyTS5EU3k — Chidiebere Ogu ™ï¸ (@chyngyozil) March 5, 2019 September 19th, 2018 was the last time Gareth Bale scored at the Bernabéu. The guy who was begging to be CR's heir, shat on Zizou & Ancelotti and who's agent recently told us to kiss his feet — Ryan. (@Rygista) March 5, 2019 Bale too hurt pic.twitter.com/KWQBh8YAUF — Achraf Nidal (@Tweneboah305) March 5, 2019 Bale injured again! We shouldn't be going anywhere near him in the summer. Just another Sanchez! Past it, injury prone and overpriced#MUFC — The United Stand (@UnitedStandMUFC) March 5, 2019 Bale twists his foot [The one his agent thinks Real Madrid fans should kiss] and is limping on the pitch. — Real Madrid Info (@RMadridInfo) March 5, 2019
  10. Call him a real-life shapeshifter or pure magic, Christian Bale is one man who is extremely true to his craft and passionate about the roles he takes up. For his next role, the perfectionist gained a whopping 20 kilos and obviously, looked unrecognisable. © Annapurna Pictures Bale is all set to play Dick Cheney, the former Vice President of the US. The movie 'Vice' also stars Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney and Steve Carrell as Donald Rumsfeld. The movie will follow Dick's rise to becoming the most powerful VP in US history. Bale is known for putting his body through the extreme when it comes to getting in character for a movie. From reducing himself to skin and bones to transforming into a mountain, he has done it all. When he lost weight back in 2004 for 'The Machinist', he claimed that it affected him both physically and mentally. He then went on to surprise fans once again when he beefed up for 'Baman Returns' and had to follow a strict regime of weightlifting and eating protein. © Warner Bros Needless to say, his fans are elated with his transformation once again. I traveled with Cheney in 2004, covering the re-election campaign for @ABC. Every speech, rally, retail stop. It's *incredible* how much Christian Bale looks and sounds like the former VP. His facial expressions are dead on https://t.co/xmAyv8Gj5q — Karen Travers (@karentravers) October 3, 2018 Christian Bale really un-DID THAT. pic.twitter.com/V5Phiop43W — Ξvan Ross Katz (@evanrosskatz) October 8, 2018 Yeap. Confirmed. Christian Bale is a shapeshifter. pic.twitter.com/55JoyV82Df — Khabir (@KhabirM) October 9, 2018 If this is not pure genius then what is?
  11. One of the most decorated footballers of his generation, Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the footballing world after expressing his desire to move away from Real Madrid following their UEFA Champions League triumph last season. The Portuguese was roped in by Juventus through a lucrative 100-million-pound move. But, given his prowess in front of the goal and the big-buck move, Ronaldo failed to emulate his success in the Juventus jersey. The Portugal captain went three games without scoring for the Turin-based club before breaking the deadlock with a brace against Sassuolo on Sunday. While Ronaldo scoring his first goal for Juventus was only a matter of time, the two goals surely helped the 33-year-old get the monkey off his back. © Reuters Though he will be happy after getting onto the scoring sheet, Ronaldo would definitely not be impressed with the recent comments of his former teammate Gareth Bale. The Welsh winger, who has now become a vital figure for Los Blancos after Ronaldo's departure from Santiago Bernabeu, minced no words while commenting on his former teammate's move to Serie A. Asked about how Madrid are coping with Ronaldo's absence, Bale said: "It's maybe a bit more relaxed (without Ronaldo)," Bale told Daily Mail. "I suppose there is more of a team, more working as one unit rather than one player," the 29-year-old said taking a dig at Ronaldo. Forced to operate under Ronaldo's shadow during his stay at Madrid, Bale was angry and upset after failing to find his name in Blancos' starting XI against Liverpool in the Champions League final last season. However, his introduction in the later stages of the game saw the Welshman scoring two vital goals - including the astronomical overhead bicycle kick - as Zinedine Zidane's men clinched the coveted title with a 3-1 win. © Reuters "Angry. Quite angry, to be honest", Bale had said about starting the final on the bench. "Obviously, I felt I deserved to start the game. I'd been scoring goals. So yeah, I suppose it was hard to put the anger aside," he concluded after their triumph in Kiev last season. Despite winning their third consecutive Champions League title, Madrid's celebrations were dented by the shock post-match interviews by both Bale and Ronaldo who disclosed doubts over their respective futures at the club. While Ronaldo moved away to Juventus, Bale decided to stick it out at Madrid and has since, become a pivotal figure under the new manager Julen Lopetegui. While we aren't sure about the rapport between these two footballers, but there is no doubt that Bale's latest comments will not go down too well with Ronaldo, who is currently busy plying his trade in Italy.
  12. 'Christian Bale has done it again!' – a line I read and write every few months. Yep, another Christian Bale transformation is upon us since he's wrapped up his latest movie and is probably planning his next movie, oh wait, actually the next shape he needs to transform into. The most extra method actor in history had packed on the pounds to play the role of Dick Cheney in the upcoming biopic 'Backseat'. He looked so unrecognizable after going from 'Batman' to 'Fatman', he even inspired a bunch of hilarious memes and further cemented my personal conspiracy theory, that he's not human but a very talented shapeshifter. Here's the happiest Christian Bale has ever looked, even though he looks like an egg. christian bale looks like a chef in a food magazine talking abt how his love of cooking helped him kick his drug addiction pic.twitter.com/mkJwwRCfJO — KT NELSON (@KrangTNelson) November 15, 2017 One more meme to see the full extent of his method acting. Christian Bale is that bloke in the pub that clears the empty glasses even tho he doesn't work there. pic.twitter.com/JzQf7hhgMV — Paddy (@padleyr80) November 15, 2017 But, nothing lasts forever. Christian is not Batman anymore and he's not even Fatman now. He's lost all the weight he put on and people are saying he looks like his normal self again, but I don't think this guy even has a normal self anymore. He's not average, he'll never be an average weight or build, and he fully embraces it. After all, he's the only non-human superstar in Hollywood. © Backgrid © Mega His ('American) Hustle' to be the best in any movie he signs and get into the skin of his character is commendable and I'm also a little conflicted. We all want him to deliver many more incredible movies, but his ever-fluctuating weight is so stressful, as he never wants to play average sized humans.
  13. Ahead of this season's coveted Champions League final, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah were being looked upon as the star players who could potentially turn the tide in favour of their respective teams in Kiev. When Real Madrid and Liverpool did lock horns, Salah's outing was cut short by an unfortunate injury, making many believe that it was probably Ronaldo's night. But, it wasn't. Salah's exit from the pitch did open the chances for Real Madrid, but Ronaldo was clearly not up to the mark. He missed a crucial chance to score for his side in 74th minute after Andy Robertson made a great tackle to deny the Portuguese. He was well marked and often struggled to find spaces in the Liverpool defence. But, while Ronaldo was struggling to live up to his billing, his teammate Gareth Bale exceeded expectations with a sublime performance. Coming on for Isco in the 61st minute, Bale restored Madrid's lead with a gravity-defying 'bicycle kick' that went straight into the top-left corner of the goal. Gareth Bale with one of the best goals in Champions League history!. #ChampionsLeagueFinal #RealMadrid pic.twitter.com/HYYMShwKAT — Zack Hümmel (@zhummm) May 26, 2018 His introduction injected pace into the game, while Bale's passing made Madrid's movements more swift. After putting his side in front, the Welshman scored his second goal and sealed the game 3-1 in favour of Los Blancos via an audacious 35-yards strike. For a man who cut a frustrating figure after being used mainly as a substitute this season, Bale's performance didn't just propel Madrid to their 13th Champions League title, but it also silenced his critics. While everyone was understandably going gaga over Bale's individual brilliance in the summit clash, one man in particular didn't appear to be impressed. Ronaldo, who himself scored a 'bicycle kick' goal against Juventus in the quarterfinals earlier this season, claimed that the Champions League needs to be re-named as he celebrated his fifth UCL title win. Twitter Asked if he had any disappointment for failing to score in the coveted final, with Gareth Bale claiming the spotlight for his overhead kick, Ronaldo stunned everyone by replying: "Who? Maybe the Champions League should change its name to the CR7 Champions League. Who has more Champions League titles and more goals? I have won five and I am the top goalscorer again, so I cannot be sad". Unable to score earlier, Ronaldo was also visibly distraught in the 85th minute when Bale, rather than passing the ball to CR7, went for his hat-trick, only for Lovren to make a wonderful last-man tackle to eventually deny the Welshman. Here's a look at what fans think about Bale's performance and Ronaldo's flop-show: Cristiano Ronaldo will have nightmares about that Gareth Bale goal — Troll Football (@TrollFootball) May 26, 2018 After an injury to Salah, a massive f*ck up by Karius and an incredible goal by Bale, Ronaldo is trying to work out how he can somehow make this final all about him. — Paddy Power (@paddypower) May 26, 2018 1 - Number of Real Madrid fans gutted Gareth Bale scored an incredible goal. Cristiano. — OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) May 26, 2018 Just watch Ronaldo reaction as Bale's second goal goes in He looks as if Liverpool have just equalised Just get out Gareth mate — Grant Baker (@G_Man_Baker) May 26, 2018 Ronaldo's reaction at FT was pathetic, tried to turn the attention off Bale and Madrid and made the the main headline about his future. The only best thing he goes down as is being Arrogant. Even when Bale was going for the hat trick he threw a fit #UCLFinalâ â — CFC DAILY (@CFCDaily) May 26, 2018 Lmao Ronaldo's reaction to Bale's second goal. "Oh yeah, sure, HIS shots you let through." #UCLfinal — Daniel @Index III! (@DanielonDeck) May 26, 2018 LOL RONALDO IS SUCH A DICK THAT REACTION TO BALE NOT PASSING TO HIM — Paul Em Dee (@RocketIntellect) May 26, 2018 Look at Ronaldo's reaction, this is why this pair has never worked. Ronaldo is selfish and Bale needs to be selfish too — Civil Fandom (@anilizer_34) May 26, 2018 RONALDO reaction after Bale's GOALð¥ "Even Bale scored before me" #UCLfinal #Liverpool #RealMadrid #RMALIV #UCL pic.twitter.com/JhqvcN87NK — Mayank Gupta (@MynkGpta) May 26, 2018
  14. Bale´s jaw-dropping overhead kick in the 64th minute put Real 2-1 up moments after his introduction. Photo: AFPKIEV: Gareth Bale came off the bench to score twice, including one of the all-time great goals in a Champions League final, as Real...
  15. While we're all excited about Tom Hardy's highly anticipated upcoming movie 'Venom', there's only one thing that can top the hype surrounding that. Seeing him as a villain in 'Venom' would be fun, and he's going to continue his antagonistic spree with his next release. In case you don't remember, Tom has taken on the role of the notorious gangster Al Capone, or 'Scarface'. The announcement was enough to build up the excitement for the movie 'Fonzo' but now he's also shared his incredible transformation, and he honestly looks unrecognizable. Al Capone has been portrayed on screen by a number of actors before Tom, but this new movie will be unlike anything we've ever seen since it will focus mainly on his later life, after his dementia sets in. Audrey and Jay Make up legends ððððððððâï¸âï¸âï¸âï¸ð¤ð¼ð¤ð¼ð¤ð¼ð¤ð¼ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ððððð ð ð ð ð ððððð A post shared by Tom Hardy (@tomhardy) on Apr 10, 2018 at 8:52am PDT The shooting for 'Fonzo' has finally begun and we all have to thank Tom for giving us updates about it and his look for the movie through his Instagram. The actor has posted a few pictures of himself where you'll have to actually look twice to realize it's him, his transformation is that huge. With balding hair and completely wrinkled face, I'm having trouble believing this is actually Tom Hardy. Mega awkward character misstep ð A post shared by Tom Hardy (@tomhardy) on Apr 10, 2018 at 8:45am PDT How is this old guy Tom Hardy? NOLA - ðºð¸ ♠ï¸ ð¥ National Unicorn Day ð¦ ð¥ð¤ð¼ð¬ð§ðâ¤ï¸ðð ð ð ð ðððð A post shared by Tom Hardy (@tomhardy) on Apr 10, 2018 at 9:03am PDT I hate to say this, but Christian Bale needs to watch his back, Tom is slowly but surely here to replace him with his amazing transformations. This wasn't the first time he shared pictures of himself in character. Just a few weeks ago, he posted a picture with the caption 'Chasing Fonzo'. Chasing Fonzo...ð¥ðððºð¸ð ð ð ð ðððð A post shared by Tom Hardy (@tomhardy) on Mar 24, 2018 at 10:55am PDT While there's no release date of the movie yet, by the looks of it, especially how much effort Tom himself is putting into it, it'll absolutely be worth the wait.
  16. Everyone knows Christian Bale is an extremely dedicated person. No matter what he does, he gives it his all, and then some. But, let's start a new conspiracy theory – Christian Bale is not even a human being, he's just a shapeshifter. Actually, I'm pretty sure this theory already exists but let's just take a minute and review all the evidence, because come on, someone who can do this is not real, he can't be. © Twitter So, let the investigation begin. In 2000, he bulked up to play killer perfectionist Patrick Bateman in 'American Psycho'. But, then in a few years, he undid all the hard work he put in to achieve that enviable physique by putting in more work to shed a ton of weight for 'The Machinist' in 2004. It looks so scary, honestly. His famous skeletal frame for this movie was achieved through a diet of "water, an apple and one cup of coffee per day, with the occasional whiskey." Apparently after losing about 30kgs, he wanted to go even further, but producers had to stop him because he could have died. Okay, this could be believable, but then, in just 6 short months he looked like this to play the lead role in 'Batman Begins'. Like, do you really expect me to believe that no supernatural power wasn't involved in this? Apparently, he achieved this with a high-protein diet and regime involving heavy-core, plyometrics and resistance training, and packed on a whopping 45kgs, only for Christopher Nolan to turn around and tell him to lose about 10 because he got a bit too fat. But, the whole working out so much is just a cover story, right? Changing how he looks shouldn't have been a problem for him as it is. Because the next big transformation was of a crackhead for 'The Fighter' in 2010. © Paramount Pictures Who is this guy? He doesn't look like Christian Bale one bit. Now, let's bring out the big guns. For 'American Hustle' in 2013, he gained a ton of weight and made everyone question that how was this guy ever Batman. © Columbia Pictures He claims that he achieved this by gorging on an endless amount of junk food, but you're not fooling us, Christian. And, now the last bit of evidence in this very serious investigation. A few months ago, he debuted his latest look where he looked so unrecognizable while preparing to portray former US Vice President Dick Cheney in an up-coming bio pic 'Basketcase'. © Twitter Apparently, the actor credits his transformation to 'eating a lot of pies'. I think this is enough proof for now that this guy is definitely not human. Christian, we're on to you.
  17. Christian bale has time and again proved that he can take on any kind of role, and will go to extreme lengths to get it right. From playing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho to Batman and now playing Dick Cheney in his upcoming movie, the man can do it all. So, it doesn't come as a surprise that he was approached to be a part of another extremely successful franchise. But, we honestly missed out on seeing Christian Bale in a Star Wars movie, it would've been so surprising and refreshing. The versatile actor recently confirmed that he was approached for a role in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'. Talking about the offer, he said, “Very tempting. I not only love the films going back to my childhood, but also have a very long relationship with Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall because they did Empire of the Sun from many years back. There was discussion, I hope there will be future discussions.” He made this revelation during MTV's Happy Sad Confused podcast, and along with talking about how he was almost a part of Star Wars franchise, he also mentioned he hasn't seen any of Ben Affleck's Batman movies. Even though the Star Wars role didn't work out, it doesn't mean that it can't still happen, so we'll just have to wait and see. Bale didn't mention what role he was in the talks for, it seems like it was the character of Beckett, Han Solo's criminal mentor who is being played by Woody Harrelson. © Lucas Films Talking more about Star Wars, Bale said, “I'm a huge fan. Star Wars really interests me. I've still got the Millennium Falcon, I've got the AT-AT. My daughter, her first love was Darth Vader. She absolutely adored Darth Maul... stood near him at Disneyland and he growled and he's got those teeth and he stayed in character – really wonderful performance – and she was teeny and I thought, 'This is gonna scare the crap out of her, this is such a bad idea'. And then she stopped and she said, 'Daddy, I'm in love'.” 'Solo: A Star Wars Story', which will be centred around Han Solo obviously as the name suggests, is set to theatres in a few months and even though Christian Bale is not a part of it, it's still all very exciting and we can just hope that one day Batman will be in Star Wars.
  18. ABU DHABI: Gareth Bale came off the bench to book Real Madrid's place in the Club World Cup final as the European champions recovered from the shock of going behind to beat Emirati champions Al Jazira 2-1 on Wednesday. Despite dominating throughout, Madrid trailed at half-time to Romarinho's opener in a match also marred by use of the video assistant referee (VAR) that ruled out a goal for both sides. Madrid's pressure finally paid off 10 minutes into the second half when Cristiano Ronaldo levelled before Bale broke Al Jazira's resistence with his first touch eight minutes from time. "It's great to get the goal," Bale told Real Madrid TV. "When you come on you want to make an impact, but the most important thing is to win and be in the final." Real will go for their fifth trophy of the year when they face Brazilian side Gremio on Saturday. Bale was making only his second substitute appearance since September due to a series of muscle injuries. But he showed what Madrid have been missing for most of the season with a calm finish after replacing the profligate Karim Benzema. "I need to be patient, I've had some problems and it takes time. I need to listen to my body," said the Welshman. Al Jazira, only invited to the competition as champions of the host country, enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame at the break after a remarkable first 45 minutes. Madrid scored five in the first half against Sevilla on Saturday and could easily have had another handful but for some exceptional goalkeeping from Ali Khaseif. The Al Jazira captain made an incredible stop to turn a deflected Ronaldo header onto the bar then got down well to parry efforts from Luka Modric and Karim Benzema. VAR chaos Benzema also had a goal ruled out for a push by Ronaldo in the build-up, but Madrid thought they had finally gone ahead when Casemiro's header deflected off an Al Jazira head and looped over Khaseif. However, after a four-minute delay for the VAR referral, Brazilian referee Sandro Ricci disallowed the goal due to Benzema being in an offside position despite the fact the Frenchman was arguably not interfering with play. "I don't like it to be honest," added Bale on the use of VAR. "Obviously they are going to try it out. For me, football is better without it but it is other people who make the decisions." In total Madrid had 18 shots on goal in the first half, but were shocked four minutes before the break when the hosts caught the Real defence cold on the counter-attack. A poor clearance from Nacho gifted away possession inside the Madrid half and Romarinho showed great composure to cut inside and curl his shot inside Keylor Navas' far post. A monumental upset looked on when Al Jazira had the ball in the net for a second time two minutes into the second half. However, this time VAR came to Madrid's rescue as Mbark Boussoufa was offside by the finest of margins before slotting home. Zinedine Zidane's men grabbed that let-off gratefully and were level eight minutes later when Ronaldo was played in by Modric and smashed a shot past Khaled Al Senaani, who had replaced the injured Khaseif moments earlier. Madrid continued to lay seige to the Al Jazira goal, but the misfiring Benzema shot straight at Al Senaani then hit the post with two other glorious chances. Benzema was eventually replaced by Bale, who an instant impact as he slotted home Lucas Vazquez's cutback to Real's relief.
  19. Christian Bale is one of the most dedicated actors out there. He is quite well-known for going to great lengths to transform himself for his movie roles. He literally went from this famous skeletal frame in 'The Machinist' – © Paramount Pictures To bulking up to play Batman in 'Batman Begins' in just 6 months! © Warner Bros. A couple of months back, we got the first look of his newest transformation. He debuted a plumper look, and honestly, he looked quite unrecognizable as he prepared to portray former US Vice President Dick Cheney in an up-coming bio pic. He has even dyed his eyebrows blond to emulate the politician. © Twitter © Twitter Back then, we thought that was unbelievable, but we were not even ready for what was coming our way. Now, he looks like this – © Twitter Like, can you believe this guy was ever Batman. © Twitter How does he do it? How? Apparently, the actor credits his transformation to 'eating a lot of pies'. He's causing a lot of trust issues, and Twitter agrees. Moreover, now you can say you look like Christian Bale and it'll actually be true. That's really specific but weirdly accurate. Why does Christian Bale look like a dissident Republican? pic.twitter.com/OnkdbSZRfM — NotoriousBarrickBoys (@BarrickBoys) November 16, 2017 Actually. Christian Bale is the guy who DMs “thanks for the follow!” pic.twitter.com/3Sk7vXYSC4 — Jazmasta (@jazmasta) November 16, 2017 That role better be worth it. Christian Bale went from Batman to the "ay my friend over there thinks you're cute" pic.twitter.com/VJ8QGtMqfj — claxton (@champagneppuppy) November 15, 2017 True. Christian Bale's next part is playing 'man who stands next to bus driver and talks to him while he works' pic.twitter.com/1MTInS1NBc — Glenn Kitson (@Glenn_Kitson) November 14, 2017 Sorry Christian. Christian Bale is that bloke in the pub that clears the empty glasses even tho he doesn't work there. pic.twitter.com/JzQf7hhgMV — Paddy (@padleyr80) November 15, 2017 But, who wouldn't want to hug a fat Christian Bale? Christian Bale Went From " Where Is The Trigger?!?" To " Where My Hug At?!?" pic.twitter.com/eXSfPbpGuF — Dylan Palacio (@greentoepalacio) November 15, 2017 Life lessons. Fat Christian Bale looks so happy. Way happier than ripped Christian Bale. Live your best life Christian. Eat them cupcakes. pic.twitter.com/GbiDfjowFj — Clayton Cubitt (@claytoncubitt) November 15, 2017 But, isn't that a good thing? christian bale looks like a chef in a food magazine talking abt how his love of cooking helped him kick his drug addiction pic.twitter.com/mkJwwRCfJO — KRANG T. NELSON (@KrangTNelson) November 15, 2017 Is this rock bottom? Christian Bale putting on a ton of weight to play Dick Cheney and still being in slightly better shape than me feels like a personal attack. pic.twitter.com/d1WJVCkb0D — Joe Berkowitz (@JoeBerkowitz) November 14, 2017 He would like to be excluded from this narrative. I will NOT be making a statement about how much I look like fat Christian Bale. Please respect my privacy. — Alex Murphy ððð» (@alexmurphypr) November 14, 2017 Let's all just take a minute and appreciate this legend. Christian Bale the shapeshifter.https://t.co/jcn4nrH02c pic.twitter.com/oqZewwL6hj — 9GAG (@9GAG) November 16, 2017 Name: Christian bale Hobby: Epic body transformations pic.twitter.com/xpWEieu9PA — Afashat English (@AfashatEnglish) November 16, 2017 Maybe one day. christian bale's ever-fluctuating weight stresses me out. why can't he just play normal-sized people in films — Gov. Gary Johnson (@neoliberals) November 16, 2017
  20. Let's get one thing clear – Heath Ledger was the best Joker of all time. Everyone has heard about his commitment to this demanding role, giving a phenomenal performance in the end. But unfortunately, he never got to see the massive impact he had as he died six months before 'The Dark Knight' was released. He took method acting to a whole new level to portray the role of the of the comic book villain, and he was so set on getting the perfect take he actually wanted his co-star Christian Bale to hit him during the interrogation scene in The Dark Knight. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a new book called '100 Things Batman Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die' by Joseph McCabe contains interviews Bale and Nolan from around the time of the film's release, and he spoke with Ledger in November 2007 as well. Bale said, “As you see in the movie, Batman starts beating the Joker and realises that this is not your ordinary foe. Because the more I beat him, the more he enjoys it. The more I'm giving him satisfaction. Heath was behaving in a very similar fashion.” Since Ledger's character had 'a thirst for blood', Bale said that while filming the interrogation scene, he started “egging him on”. He said, “I was saying, 'You know what? I really don't need to actually hit you. It's going to look just as good if I don't'. And he's going, 'Go on. Go on. Go on...' He was slamming himself around, and there were tiled walls inside of that set which were cracked and dented from him hurling himself into them. His commitment was total." Talking about what it was like working with the late actor, Bale said, “Our first scene was in an interrogation room together, and I saw that he's a helluva actor who's completely committed to it and totally gets the tone that Chris [Nolan] is trying to create with this.” Bale also noted that Ledger completely embraced Nolan's vision for the film — which was a darker drama, instead of just comic book “caricatures.” He said, “We're treating this as serious drama. You go into character and you stay in the character. I love that. I find that so ridiculous that I love it, and I take that very seriously. Heath was definitely embracing that. When he was in the makeup and the garb he was in character the whole time; and when he took it off he was absolutely fantastic company to be around." Image4 Later, Ledger was posthumously awarded the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as the Joker, which was absolutely well deserved.
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