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Found 8 results

  1. In what was considered to be one of the most controversial tri-series of 2018, the Nidahas Trophy between India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka saw a rare show of skills, patience and explosive batting when Indian wicket keeper-batsman, Dinesh Karthik took control of the final, deflated the Bangladeshi bowling line-up and won the trophy for the Men in Blue exactly one year ago, today. Returning to the top roster after a long gap, the tri-series was more of a test for the then 32-year-old, a question of whether he's still got what it takes to be a part of the best cricket team in the world. While India managed to make it to the final of the series without requiring a lot of help from the righty, skipper Rohit Sharma (https://www.mensxp.com/topic/rohit-sharma.html) and the squad demanded a miracle of an innings by him to be able to win it all, late in the game. When Karthik entered the field after Manish Pandey's dismissal, India required to score 34 runs off the last two overs. The need for Karthik to hit big shots was of utmost importance as his co-batsman Vijay Shankar was struggling to connect the deliveries with his bat. Karthik, however, had different plans altogether. Stepping on the batting crease in the 19th over, he scored 22 runs off Rubel Hossain's deliveries while also sending the last ball for a maximum to bring the trophy to India. "Really happy to come out of this performance. Really happy for the team. We've played really well in this tournament and to not win the final would have been unfortunate. It was not that easy to bat there,” said a modest Dinesh Karthik after the game who was also named the Man of the Match for his short yet impactful innings.
  2. So, how do you know if you have a bad case of jock itch you ask? Firstly, before diving deep into why it happens, you need to figure out what a jock itch is, or what itchy balls really mean. © Getty Images Medically known as Tinea cruris, jock itch is a fungal infection in most cases.The itchiness is caused by mold-like fungi. These tiny, microscopic fungi thrive on the skin and even the hair. © Getty Images They're typically harmless, but they can multiply quickly and cause infections when they're allowed to thrive in warm, moist areas. That's why jock itch usually develops in the skin around the groin, inner thighs, and buttocks. A bad case of itchy balls is more common in men and adolescents. This infection causes a rash that itches or burns. The affected area can then become red, flaky, or scaly. Though a little troublesome, it's normally a mild infection. It is advisable to treat it quickly to minimize symptoms and keep the infection from spreading. Now, that you know what causes it, here's how to get rid of it. 1. Keeping The Area Airy And Dry via GIPHY As soon as you find you have a bacterial infection or you have had an itch for a while, it's best to keep it clean and dry down there for a few days. This means after shower, towel dry well and wear a fresh, clean, dry, underwear. 2. Steer Clear From Synthetic Underwear via GIPHY Materials like synthetic fibre or any other material that is not hundred percent cotton is not good for you if you itchy balls. In fact, it'll make the itch worse. So switch to a hundred percent cotton underwear. 3. Antifungal Drugs © Getty Images The next step is to get an over the counter anti fungal cream, spray or powder. This will steadily remove your infection and fix it. 4. Make Sure To Stay Away From Dirty Underwear via GIPHY If you wear the same pair of undies that you wore yesterday, you have a higher chance of catching the infection or having it stay for too long. Make sure to always wear clean and fresh underwear. It's also advisable to wear loose fitted clothes during the humid months. Lastly, if the itch still does not go away, it's important to visit a doctor to get a prescription.
  3. Until yesterday, Barbados, the island nation in the Caribbean, used to be known across the world for being the place where 'Friends' character Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) hooked up with Joey (Matt LeBlanc), but the Windies' 'Universe Boss', Chris Gayle, decided to change that last evening when he caused it to rain sixes on the island against the visiting England cricket team. WHAT A KNOCK. Chris Gayle makes an incredible return to international cricket, reaching his 24th ODI hundred with a single off of Chris Woakes. It's come from exactly 100 balls. Clinical.#WIvENG | FOLLOW â¬ï¸ https://t.co/pQbWOWuEQM pic.twitter.com/0uUFCPJK4h — ICC (@ICC) February 20, 2019 If 'Balls Lost' was a stat maintained by the International Cricket Council (ICC), it would have to be Chris Gayle's name on the top of the charts. In a comeback match of his extremely successful career, the 39-year-old was able to get his 24th ODI century. He scored a massive 135 runs off 129 balls while having three 4s and 12 thunderous 6s to achieve this feat. What is crazier than these numbers is the sheer strength Gayle continues to command. There are sixes that just make it beyond the boundary line and then there are the 'Gayle Storm' sixes that disappear somewhere on stadium rooftops or even go out of them. Yesterday, Barbados experienced one such storm. During the beating he put on the Englishmen last evening, Gayle's 12 sixes included a monsterous maximum that travelled for more than 120-m with the ball nowhere to be found. However, the 'ball-finding' experts believe that it may quite possibly be resting on the decks of a ship docked in the adjacent port. But that was just one of eight incidents when the umpires had to introduce a new white ball into the game because of Chris Gayle. Running out of balls in Barbados#ENGvWI Gayle ð¥ð¥ — @RavitejaFan (@asisht84) February 20, 2019 Gayle looked like a batsman fresh in his prime during the first ODI between England and West Indies. Beating Shahid Afridi's record for the most number of sixes (476), Gayle got the top spot in that category when in the 14th over, Gayle sent another one out of the park on a Moeen Ali-delivery. His new found form has come up after a couple of days since the athlete had publicly announced that he would be retiring from One-Day International cricket post ICC World Cup 2019. Although Joe Root and the rest of the English squad was able to chase down the Windies' mammoth total of 360 runs to win the first ODI, Gayle's return to the Caribbean roster in such fashion, just a couple of months before the world cup is nothing but good new for his team. Regardless, his fans were thoroughly entertained: After many days : Gayle is back into team Ball is out of groundð¤£#WIvENG #BBCCricket #IPL — Prem reddy (@premraina48) February 20, 2019 Universal Boss telling English kids how to hit ball out of the grnd. He is back with a bang #GayleStorm #gayle #universeboss #peak — Mohd Shaarif Siddiqui (@siddiqui_sharif) February 20, 2019 Gayle storm is here for a biggie!!! Another one!! That's 3rd ball they have lost..#WIvENG — Yogi (@yogasai1990) February 20, 2019 5th ball is lost ðð Chris gayle #WIvENG — CRICKET LOVE (@CricketMyLove_) February 20, 2019 Could watch Chris Gayle bat all day. See ball, hit ball #WIvENG — Mark Dignam (@MarkDignam_84) February 20, 2019 Chris Gayle knocking the ball out the park for fun — WOOD (@LeeWood_14) February 20, 2019 Christopher Gayle!!! ð¥ð¥ð¥ Wowzers! Can we have the ball back please? ð #WIvENG — Ryan (@iAmRyan1211) February 20, 2019
  4. In a perfect scenario, you would always smell good down there. However, in everyday life, it isn't possible to smell good always. This is because the genital region has sebaceous and apocrine glands, which make oil and sweat, also the area can get overheated under layers of clothes and underwear, all of this can lead to bacterial growth that causes some strong smells. At the end of a day, alone or with someone, you wouldn't want to strip down to funky smelling underwear right? Precisely why you need to do something about it. There are ways to help keep it under control though. 1. Shower Daily © Getty Images We know that we're stating the obvious but sometimes, a pungent smell can be caused because of the most basic of reasons. In case you don't shower reason everyday, it's about time you start doing so. Not showering daily makes it easier for bacterial infestations. 2. Trim Regularly © Getty Images We're not against body hair. In fact, body hair in no way undermines your sexual health. However, at the same time if you don't trim regularly the grown hair surely can factor into a bad smell. 3. Water Low water levels can also affect your glands and result in funky smelling junk. Just keep your water intake at par which anyway is healthy for you. 4. Invest In Products © Getty Images If you're still paranoid about smelling good or none of the above steps seem to be working for you, it's time you invest in specialized products. For an intimate wash you could choose from: The Men's Lab Intimate Wash For Men © Amazon Below the Belt Grooming for Men Fresh and Dry Balls Gel Cool © Amazon Guysome, Chocolate Fragrance Intimate Hygiene Wash for Men with Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Extract © Amazon Keeo Intimate Wash for Men with Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil & Aloe Vera Extract © Amazon Namyaa Intimate Hygiene Wash For Men/Women With Tea Tree Extracts © Amazon 5. Visit A Doctor While intimate washes is a good place to start, if your junk still doesn't cease to smell funky, it's time you visited a doctor. The prescription drugs and medicine shall be far more effective if nothing works out or it could be an infection waiting to be discovered. Take these things seriously.
  5. During ODI match one of three between India and Australia, our boys were taken aback by the bowling of the first-timer Jason Behrendorff, who had earlier joked about taking a wicket in his first ODI over and eventually realised it by sending Shikhar Dhawan packing for an LBW in his first over itself. However, Behrendorff wasn't the only bowler who took the world by surprise that day. Making a comeback to the Indian roster for the ODI series Down Under, the 33-year-old, Ambati Rayudu was given two overs to bowl during India's fielding, in which Rayudu gave up 13 runs without any extras or wickets. Sounds like any other average rotational bowler, right? But from the first ball Rayudu delivered, there was something seemingly 'off' about his bowling action which caught umpires Michael Gough's and Richard Kettleborough's attention almost instantly. Even the Aussie commentators found themselves being amazed by the right-arm bowler's action and promptly compared it to that of the Sri Lankan legend Muttiah Muralitharan. However, after the match got over, the match officials' report to the Indian staffers showed concerns about the off-spinner's bowling action. BREAKING NEWS: India's Ambati Rayudu has been reported for a suspect bowling action after the first #AUSvIND ODI. He is to undergo testing within 14 days. â¡ï¸ https://t.co/oYme344WaJ pic.twitter.com/nJWMTkzTCb — ICC (@ICC) January 13, 2019 "Rayudu's bowling action will now be scrutinised further under the ICC process relating to suspected illegal bowling actions reported in Tests, ODIs and T20Is,” reads an ICC statement. “He is required to undergo testing within 14 days, and, during this period, Rayudu is permitted to continue bowling in international cricket until the results of the testing are known.” There seems of be a non-spoken agreement amongst the cricketing fans from all over the world towards the illegality of Rayudu's bowling action: I am not surprised, he looked like thrown darts even on the small highliht package where I saw him bowl 3 ballsð Kohli needs to have Jadhav in playing 11, he is a stroong finisher and good 6th bowlerð — anuradha_dighe (@anuradha_dighe) January 13, 2019 Yeah. Had a eerie feeling that this was on the cards when he was bowling & his action was being shown in slow-mo, front-on. To the naked eye, it was clear that not all was Ok with the arm. — Moinak Das (@d_moinak) January 13, 2019 I thought it, when he was bowling, that it seems to be illegal — Mandvee Mishra (@im_mandvee) January 13, 2019 According to the 'Laws of Cricket' which was drafted in 1744, a bowler is not to extend his bowling arm during a delivery and in order to gain velocity, he or she must only use the rotation of their shoulder. Throwing the ball is not allowed and will be considered a no ball if the umpire deems it illegal.
  6. After giving us some brilliant films like 'Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran' and 'Satyameva Jayate', actor John Abraham is back in action and gearing up to kick some balls (quite literally) on the big screen. In this list of upcoming sports biopics, let's add another exceptional movie that has the potential to beat every other big release of 2019. The movie is based on the iconic 1911 football match that rewrote the Indian sports history. Wikimedia Reportedly, John has roped in Nikkhil Advani to direct this film, where he will play the role of Shibdas Bhaduri, captain of the Mohun Bagan team. After 'Gold' this will be another sports biopic set in the pre-independence era. Nikkhil thanked John on social media for this opportunity and wrote, "Totally honoured that John Abraham entrusted me to tell the story of 1911. Truly an inspiring story of an iconic event in our country's history." Totally honoured that @TheJohnAbraham entrusted me to tell the story of #1911. Truly an inspiring story of an iconic event in our country's history. #waitforit @EmmayEntertain @johnabrahament @monishaadvani @madhubhojwani @TSeries @itsBhushanKumar pic.twitter.com/vErxDUuhQk — Nikkhil Advani (@nikkhiladvani) November 26, 2018 John replied to it saying, "The honour is all mine." The honour is all mine @nikkhiladvani #1911 https://t.co/o1GWGoYUjj — John Abraham (@TheJohnAbraham) November 26, 2018 '1911' will narrate the story of late Indian football legend Shibdas Bhaduri, who was the captain of Mohun Bagan during the historic 1911 IFA Shield final, when they defeated the East Yorkshire Regiment and created history by becoming the first Asian team to win the competition. The film will also touch base with how the match played a crucial role in India's freedom struggle. John had earlier mentioned in interviews that he might cast some real footballers in the movie. Nikkhil Advani and John Abraham are currently working together on the upcoming movie 'Batla House' where he plays a cop. '1911' will reportedly go on floors in November 2019 and will be shot in Kolkata and is expected to release in 2020. View this post on Instagram These bundles of joy! . . . . #johnabraham #ja #jaentertainment #dogs #dogsofinstagram #pupsofinstagram #puppy #puppies #bailey #family #littleones #bundlesofjoy A post shared by John Abraham (@thejohnabraham) on Aug 31, 2017 at 9:56pm PDT With releases like 'Sanju', 'Padman', 'Soorma', and 'Gold', Bollywood seems to have found its success mantra in biopics. Of all the genres, it's sports in particular that has turned out to be the dark horse of this race at the box office. The killer line-up of movies such as '83', and biopics of Major Dhyan Chand, Pullela Gopichand, Saina Nehwal and now '1911' only goes on to prove that sports biopics are going to be make it big at the box office in future as well.
  7. For a someone who shot to prominence as a 14-year-old when he scored 546 runs off 330 balls in Mumbai's famed Harris Shield tournament, Prithvi Shaw has come a long way to establish himself as one of most exciting young talents in Indian cricket. The youngster made a sensational debut for Team India when he smashed a brilliant 134 in the first Test against West Indies in Rajkot. In the process, he became the youngest Indian batsman to score a ton on his Test debut. He, then, followed it up with a quickfire 70 in the first innings of the second Test in Hyderabad. While India blanked a hapless Windies 2-0 in the Test series, it was undoubtedly the 18-year-old who stood out amongst some of the biggest names in international cricket. Scoring 237 runs in three innings against the visiting side, Shaw deservingly bagged the Man of the Series award in his maiden stint with the senior team. © BCCL His consistency with the willow, then, saw him being added into the Mumbai squad for the semifinals of the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy. And, Shaw didn't disappoint the selectors. Carrying his red-hot form into India's domestic 50-over tournament, Shaw enthralled the local crowd yet again with his strokeful innings. The right-hander clobbered a blistering 44-ball 61, which included eight fours and two sixes, to propel Mumbai into the tournament's final. While Shaw's brilliant knock earned him a lot of plaudits, it was the temperament of the youngster that won over Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma and the cricket fans on the social media. At a tender age, Shaw showcased great maturity during Mumbai's chase despite being sledged by an opposition bowler. In the eighth over of Mumbai's innings, Mohammed Siraj bowled a bouncer to Shaw who tried to play the upper-cut but missed. Siraj, then, walked close to Shaw and the duo exchanged a few words on the pitch. The next two deliveries saw Shaw, first, losing his bat while playing a stroke and then missing a ball that had kept low. pic.twitter.com/oTribPKcjs — Mushfiqur Fan (@NaaginDance) October 17, 2018 With the duel between the two Indian cricketers brewing up, Shaw's response to the sledging was arguably one that would have made every cricket coach proud. India's latest batting sensation responded with the willow, playing some majestic strokes around the ground. He played an upper-cut on the fourth delivery to send the ball soaring over the boundary, then unleashed the hook shot to claim another six and finally pulled the last ball for a four. pic.twitter.com/ahlfN8QG2S — Mushfiqur Fan (@NaaginDance) October 17, 2018 Shaw's befitting reply to Siraj impressed his skipper Rohit so much, that he couldn't stop himself from walking towards the youngster and giving him a hug. Following some angry stares on the first three deliveries of the eighth over, Shaw let his bat do the talking and smashed 16 runs off the next three balls. Chasing Hyderabad's total of 246, Mumbai didn't break a sweat. Rohit and co were cruising at 155/2 in 25 overs when rain halted play and spelt doom for the Ambati Rayudu-led Hyderabad. With their total much ahead of the par score of 95/2, the unrelenting rain meant Mumbai registered a 60-run win via the V Jayadevan (VJD) method - an alternative to the prominent Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) method - and secured their berth for the final.
  8. No matter the profession, it's always hard for a kid to live up to the reputation and stardom of his famous father. Similarly in cricket, a precocious talent cannot bloom naturally like other kids without the burden of a famous surname. But, while the gentleman's game has seen quite a few sons falling quickly by the wayside amid pressure of expectations, young Arjun Tendulkar is quickly becoming a rare exception. Ever since proving his mettle in Mumbai's famed Inter-school Harris Shield tournament, Arjun has been the subject of immense criticism and scrutiny with the media keeping a close watch on the youngster. Whether he's on the field or off it, Arjun has already been the victim of high and unfair expectations. But, Arjun has not allowed those things affect him or his game - a trait he picked up from his father. Last month, when the news of Arjun making the India U-19 cut for the Sri Lanka tour came to the fore, it sparked a massive outrage on the social media where fans labelled his inclusion as a classic case of nepotism. But, it's nothing new for Arjun, and for all we know, he's probably use to hearing such things. So, he did what he does best: silence the naysayers with his performance. © BCCL Not the one to get bogged down by criticism, the 18-year-old successfully managed to channel all the pressure into a source of motivation to push himself to the limits on the cricket field - something that was thoroughly highlighted on 17th July during the first Youth Test between the Under-19 teams of India and Sri Lanka. After Sri Lanka won the toss and decided to bat at the Nondescripts Cricket Club ground in Colombo, Indian captain Anuj Rawat handed the new ball to Arjun who readied himself to bowl the first over for his side. And, the young Tendulkar didn't disappoint. On the last delivery of his second over, the left-arm seamer got Lankan opener Kamil Mishara LBW to give India an early breakthrough and bag his first international wicket. Arjun Tendulkar ( son of @sachin_rt) traps the batsman LBW to pick his maiden wicket in Youth Internationals Video courtesy- Srilanka cricket pic.twitter.com/DBcapjhovA — Nibraz Ramzan (@nibraz88cricket) July 17, 2018 Arjun had recorded figures of 1-18 in his spell of five overs till the lunch session on opening day's play. And, while he took just one wicket early on, his effort didn't just attract praise from Indian cricket fans, but also left his father's childhood friend Vinod Kambli in tears. Tears of joy rolled down when I saw this, have seen him grow up and put in the hard work in his game. Could not be more happy for you, Arjun. This is just the beginning, I wish you tons and ton of success in the days to come. Cherish your first wicket and enjoy the moment.ð pic.twitter.com/vB3OmbaTWM — VINOD KAMBLI (@vinodkambli349) July 17, 2018 The former Indian cricketer took to Twitter and shared an emotional message after Arjun's maiden international wicket. "Tears of joy rolled down when I saw this, have seen him grow up and put in the hard work in his game. Could not be more happy for you, Arjun. This is just the beginning, I wish you tons and ton of success in the days to come. Cherish your first wicket and enjoy the moment," Kambli tweeted. Apart from Kambli, Indian cricket fans also praised Arjun and congratulated him on picking his maiden international wicket. Congrats #ArjunTendulkar ððð #ArjunU19Debut & #Arjun1stWicket ððð Very Happy For Youðð #AllTheBest @sachin_rt pic.twitter.com/0pTdr7rV5G — PIYU (@PiyuTendulkar) July 17, 2018 That's a wonderful exhibition of swing bowling in an opening burst of 5-1-18-1 from Arjun Tendulkar. Just as his father @sachin_rt used to torment opposition bowlers by hitting them through covers on the up, Arjun seems to pitch the new ball up and swing it on a fuller length too — North Stand-Wankhede (@NorthStandGang) July 17, 2018 Arjun Tendulkar's run-up reminds me of Doug Bollinger — Amitesh (@_amiteshSingh_) July 17, 2018 Congratulations Arjun Tendulkar !! Tight slap to all the haters who questioned your selection in the team !!#ArjunU19Debut #Arjun1stWicket — Krish Sachinist (@Krish_Sachinist) July 17, 2018 Best of luck to Arjun Tendulkar. Hope he would take more wickets in his life.ð — Manish Prasad (@ManishP00840417) July 17, 2018 Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise. ð¤ Arjun Tendulkar is a perfect example right now. His First Ever Performance For Indian Under 19 Team ð¥ â11 Overs â2 Maiden â33 Runs â1 Wicket Congratulation @sachin_rt#SLvIND #INDvSL — ð (@yashisharmaa) July 17, 2018 Arjun Tendulkar bowling skills are interesting, can't wait to see him on senior team. — ð«ð· (@absolutemalyali) July 17, 2018 Another Maiden Over ðð !! Arjun Tendulkar : 10 over 2 maiden 29 run 1 wicket !!#ArjunU19Debut #Arjun1stWicket — Sachinist.com (@Sachinist) July 17, 2018 A good start to serious cricket #ArjunTendulkar Great things awaiting ahead ðð» — Venky (@Ramana217) July 17, 2018 While many crumble under the weight of expectations, only a handful allow pressure to define them. And, though it's too early to speculate on his future or whether he'll be able to emulate his father's success, Arjun's rise (in his own capacity) promises the return of Tendulkar - a name that continues to echo in international cricket.