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  1. Foreign ministry says ban is "reaction to constantly expanding US sanctions against Russian political and public figures"
  2. Trump was banned from Twitter following attack on US Capitol by his supporters on January 09, 2021
  3. The judge barred Johnny Depp and Amber Heard from interacting with fans attending their defamation trial in Virginia
  4. Facebook and Twitter have been inaccessible in Russia since early March and Instagram was blocked in the country a week ago.
  5. Instagram said it had blocked Kanye West from using his account for 24 hours for violating the social network's harassment policy amid his acrimonious divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian
  6. Sonu Nigam has found himself in the middle of yet another controversy. Reports recently claimed that the singer had received some derogatory texts from BMC chief Iqbal Singh Chahal's cousin Rajender. As per news, they both had connected over Sonu performing at a concert. After a lot of buzz on the singer receiving threatening messages, Rajender has issued a statement clearing the air. "The difference emerged between Mr Sonu Nigam and Mr Rajender Singh, as Mr Singh resisted working with one person referred to as Rocky and Mr Rehan Siddiqui recommended by Mr Nigam to perform at a concert overseas. Mr Rakesh Kaushal (alias Rocky) and Mr Rehan Siddiqui have been banned by the Ministry of State for Home Affairs, Govt of India," the statement reads. View this post on Instagram "The duo have been known for malpractices and supporting Pakistan-based terror groups as reported earlier in media. They are blacklisted based on recommendations of the Consulate General of India. It is against the ethics of Mr. Rajender Singh Pahl to work with Anti-Nationals. He will not work with anti-nationals even if they agree to work for free," the statement further claimed. Also it was denied that he was a cousin of BMC chief, and that they only belonged to the same village. The statement further had more questions from Rajender Singh Pahl’s side to Sonu Nigam, "Why does he insist that Mr. Rajender Singh Pahl work with those who are banned by The Government of India? Why does he want to work with Anti-national who fund and work with Pakistani terror groups? Does he have commercial ties and links with them?" adding that the ED or the IT department should investigate the money trail of 'terror funding leading to Mr Nigam.' Ever since the statement has gone viral, fans are boycotting the singer on social media. I just read this artical m socked This is dangerous 4r nation pls government take action #TraitorSonuNigam https://t.co/0gds6ysYYy pic.twitter.com/KzxBmWPvBR — Asha (@aasha_hi_aasha) February 25, 2022Sonu Nigam is acting like an anti nationalist he is showing his support for who are banned#TraitorSonuNigam pic.twitter.com/xXQ2a0Fe5H — Pournami (@pournami_04) February 25, 2022This shouldn't be accepted that Sonu Nigam is party with the people whom our home minister convicted that to from Pakistan#TraitorSonuNigam pic.twitter.com/B3wZyWQBnI — Poonam (@poonam1_poonam) February 25, 2022 The singer is yet to make any comment on this matter. Source: TOI View the full article
  7. Kuwait and Lebanon have refused to release 'Death on the Nile' in protest of the movie?s Israeli star Gal Gadot
  8. Shakti Kapoor is one of the most popular villains of Bollywood. When you are seen as the bad boy on the big screen, people perceive you in a certain way. From casting couch sting operation to his misconduct towards women, Shakti has been in the news for many wrong reasons. Back in 2005, India TV carried out an explosive sting operation wherein the female journalist met him disguised as an aspiring actress. His statements caught in the video created a stir in the whole industry highlighting the truth of casting couch in Bollywood. View this post on InstagramHe told the undercover reporter, “I want to make love to you… and if you want to come into this line (film industry), you have to do what I am telling you to do.” He then goes and names three actresses who ‘slept their way’ into films. He told how Aishwarya Rai had to go to Subhash Ghai and Rani Mukerji had to go to Yash Johar. He also mentioned the name of Preity Zinta. Here’s the video: The news soon spread like wildfire, and Shakti Kapoor was banned from the industry by the Film and Television Producers Guild of India. As per a report in International Business Times, Shakti told the Film and Television Producers Guild of India that the undercover reporter met him several times and threatened to commit suicide if he did not come to the hotel room she had booked. Later on, the ban was lifted as there was no substantial proof against the veteran actor. View this post on InstagramAs he dragged Subhash Ghai and Preity Zinta, they later on bashed him in an interaction with PTI as quoted by Hindustan Times. "It is very sad that people like Shakti project our industry and seniors in such a bad light. I am sure our associations will take action against such acts," Ghai said. Preity Zinta, who also has been blamed by Kapoor, said "this comment is made in a very poor taste and he is truly a person who has no respect for anyone and no honour." "I am happy to be part of the industry but feel that one dirty fish spoils the whole pond. He is truly a real life villain and deserves to be banned from our film industry as there is no place for him here," she said. Condemning the way the sting operation was conducted, director Sawan Kumar earlier told PTI, "Had the actor been caught luring an innocent victim, it was understandable. But having a journalist pose and enact a drama is different... It appears to have been staged to trap him.” "It is unfair on part of the media to blame the industry. A sensible director would not indulge in this because he cannot afford to put his entire career, reputation and work at stake for a single night stand," he said. "Moreover, how can the media trespass into private spaces? What the channel has done is wrong," he said. We wonder what’s the truth here! Was he trapped or did he actually ask for sexual favours? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  9. Fox News host Dan Bongino was permanently banned from YouTube for posting COVID-19 misinformation
  10. The 35-year-old says it took him four months to report incident to ICC anti-corruption unit because he feared for his safety
  11. Australia’s ace batter Steve Smith had recently written an application to Cricket Australia with the hopes of making it to the Big Bash League qualifiers as a member of the Sydney Sixers’ against the Perth Scorchers on Saturday. However, the application letter was denied and fans of the tournament were in complete agreement with this decision. After Australia's limited-overs series with New Zealand was postponed indefinitely, Smith became available for the Sixers. Do you think Steve Smith should have been allowed to play @BBL finals? @SixersBBL spinner Steve O'Keefe said other Test players should have been welcomed back too. "I would have been happy to see Pat Cummins play for the Thunder, or Cam Green for the Scorchers." #BBL11 pic.twitter.com/Dm1bBRIwUb — ABC SPORT (@abcsport) January 22, 2022 The application was turned down due to a new regulation implemented by Cricket Australia a few weeks ago regarding substitute players for teams affected by covid-19. Cricket Australia established a Local Replacement Player Pool (LRP), from which teams may select any replacement player. The other state franchisees voted against Smith's participation since he was not a member of the LRP. On Friday, the Australian cricket board clarified precisely why was Smith denied access to playing in the league despite being one of the greatest players the country has ever witnessed. In a statement, they said: Should Steve Smith be able to play the #BBL11 finals? MORE https://t.co/Ubj5dXe121 pic.twitter.com/xSQUCiQZ1C — Fox Cricket (@FoxCricket) January 21, 2022 “In creating the central LRP pool, it was agreed that clubs would not be able to contract LRPs from outside the pool for the remainder of the season… This request was denied … noting that other players returning to the BBL from international duty have been retained on club lists throughout the competition.” Other Australian talents, including Nathan Lyon and Travis Head, have returned to their respective franchises and will play in the finals because they were signed for the season by their respective clubs. EXCLUSIVE: Steve Smith's bid to play for the Sixers in the BBL Finals has been rejected. STORY https://t.co/m9q9C0LlWh @tommorris32 pic.twitter.com/itmz4CdU5t — Fox Cricket (@FoxCricket) January 21, 2022 Sixers skipper Moises Henriques expressed his disappointment with the outcome, noting that a player of Smith's stature is being denied an opportunity to play in the BBL championships due to a two-week-old regulation. However, fans of the tournament were all aboard Cricket Australia’s actions as it ensured that every player in the league is treated fairly and in a just manner regardless of how big or small they may be in terms of stature and fame. No problem with this decision. Smith is not in a playing list or a replacement list, you can’t just bring in anyone just to play finals. Sixers are trying to break the rules then getting upset when others won’t let them. — Peter (@burtpies) January 21, 2022The sixers knocked back the stars proposal to move the BBL09 final out of Sydney to ensure a full game, as well as highlight a fund-raiser match for the bushfires.. very short memories at the sixers if they think they can get favours done by others now — Discount Dracula (@NathanhyperBole) January 21, 2022Smith is not contracted to the Sixers so shouldn'tbealliwed to play. Surely thats the point. Lyon, Head, Marnus, Boland and others are all contracted to their sides. Sixers tried a cheap option thinking he wouldn't be available now its backfired since he is. — HRLA (@soHRLA) January 21, 2022Because the Sixers didn’t keep him on their books like they did Lyon? Ok. — ZebraZee (@zebrazyra) January 21, 2022Were the Sixers players complaining about the state of the BBL when the Stars had lost all their players (and their finals chances) from COVID-19 restructures? NSW teams (in just about all formats) love bending the rules and complain whenever they are told to follow them. — Joshua (@Chaos_098) January 21, 2022 Perth Scorchers and Sydney Sixers are all set to play the qualifier to see which team reached the final the first. The two sides have been at the top of their game with the Perth squad looking a lot of stable at the moment. Their team has a strong bench strength in both the bowling and batting department. On the other hand, the Sixers have made a name for themselves by performing in the clutch moments. Despite their struggles with the bat throughout the season, the Sixers have managed to stack up the wins consistently. View the full article
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