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Found 270 results

  1. If you're regularly using skincare products at home, it can be confusing when the skin invariably becomes dry suddenly in the Winter season. Moreover, if you start seeing dryness, flakiness, scaliness, itchiness, maybe it's the transitional weather and not your products that are causing it. However, it's hard to pinpoint just one thing behind the dryness or other problems. Here are 5 reasons why you could be facing dryness and flakiness in the Winter season: 1. You're Still Using Lotion Instead Of A Proper MoisturiserYour go-to moisturiser does not work as effectively in the Winter. In the Winter, switch to cream instead of a lotion. Lotions work best in warmer months and thick moisturisers are best for colder months. Another useful hack is to use the cream twice a day. __ECOMPRODUCT__318__ Arata's hydrating face serum cream is good at combating excessive dryness in the Winter. 2. You're Not Moisturising Daily © iStock If you're not moisturising daily, your skin will inevitably have flakiness, dryness among other issues. It's important to set a time in the day when you moisturise. 3. You're Moisturising At The Wrong TimeMoisturising at certain hours of the day benefits your skin more. For example, moisturising immediately after bathing has more benefits than other times of the day. Make sure, you're setting up your skin routine accordingly. 4. Your Moisturiser Is Missing Something © iStock It's important to know what's inside the moisturiser. The wrong ingredients could cause more harm than good and the right ingredients like skin-repairing ceramides fill in the cracks in the skin and help repair the skin. Talk to your dermatologist, find what works for your skin and specifically buy those products then. 5. You're Using The Wrong Cleanser In The Shower © iStock While washing your face in the shower, avoid using soaps that have a relatively higher alkaline pH. These can irritate the skin, and also make them immune to hydration which is not a good thing in the Winters. View the full article
  2. Samsung has probably created our phone of the year with the Galaxy S20 FE because it's everything you want from a capable smartphone. Good camera, great price, jam-packed with features and flagship-level components. It seems like someone at Samsung's office created the Galaxy S20 FE just to mess with the likes of OnePlus, Xiaomi and other budget flagship players. Having said that, Samsung is messing with these brands with one of the most amazing phones of the year that nobody expected. I won't lie, when I heard rumours about the Galaxy S20 FE, I did ignore it until I got to use it myself. After using it for a few weeks, I can firmly say this is one of the best smartphones launched in 2020. When you consider price to performance value, there's no other smartphone that does it as well as the Galaxy S20 FE. Even though Samsung did cut some corners to keep the price competitive, it doesn't change our opinion on the phone. Here's MensXP's review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Design and Display © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla If you want a lot of choices when it comes to your smartphone's colours, the S20 FE comes in six options to choose from. You can get the phone in Navy, Lavender, Mint, Red, White and Orange. We've been using the Mint colour variant which looks striking. The colour itself stands apart from everything else you've used this year and it's probably our favourite feature of the body. Being a cheaper offering, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE uses a plastic body (polycarbonate) but has a matte finish at the back. There is a slight curve around its sides which makes the phone easy to hold in the palm of your hand and I prefer it over the Galaxy S20 ultra and other phones by Samsung this year. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The S20 FE also has thicker bezels than its flagship counterparts, however it gives the same full-screen experience that you expect from Samsung phones. Even the punch-hole camera size is smaller than the regular S20 FE. In other design aspects, even though it is a more affordable version of the regular S20 smartphones, Samsung didn't cut corners with the S20 FE. The smartphone its IP68 rated which means it has phenomenal water resistance that you cannot find in other phones in the same price range. I'd expected Samsung to cut corners in this category, however this is not the case. The fingerprint reader is embedded in the display, but it uses the older optical sensor rather than the newer ultrasonic sensor by Samsung. This results in more inaccurate fingerprint reads and the phone takes longer to unlock the smartphone. You may have to press down a bit more to get your fingerprint scanned by the sensor. Let's talk about the display for a bit since Samsung is known for using the best screens for smartphones. The Galaxy S20 FE features a 120Hz OLED display with a resolution of 2400 x 1800 pixels. The 120Hz refresh rate works exactly as it does on its flagship phones where the phone will only push to higher frame rates if needed. Scrolling websites seems smoother, playing games that support 120FPS also feels better. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Similarly, watching video content on the S20 FE is as good if not better than the regular S20 phones. Watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime reflected the colours with great accuracy and fidelity. Colours tend to pop instead of looking saturated or dull. The brightness level of the display is on point as it hit a peak brightness level of 650 nits for us. If you are avid video content consumer, you will not be disappointed with the S20 FE's display, however if you want the best, then we highly recommend the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Cameras The Galaxy S20 FE is probably the only phone in this price category that delivers versatility and quality in one package. The Galaxy S20 FE comes with a triple-camera setup at the back and a 32MP front-facing camera for selfies. At the back, you will find a 12MP Ultra-wide shooter with a 123-degree field of view. The main camera is also a 12MP sensor and the third sensor is an 8MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and 30x Space Zoom. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The camera app is also the same as the S20 Series which means it comes with unique features such as 'Single Take' where you can capture nine different types of videos and photos. Other modes such as night, food, panorama, live focus (video and still), slow-mo, super slow-mo and other features can also be used in the phone. The camera is where the S20 FE has a massive advantage over its competitors such as OnePlus. The overall picture quality and colour accuracy look great where it's tuned just a tad bit. The phone can focus on subjects quite clearly and fast, enabling you to take crystal clear images in daylight. In low-light, you will notice some noise, however it is still better than the OnePlus 8 Pro and other phones of similar calibre. The telephoto lens is also a dream to use where you can zoom into objects up to three times optically and 30x using the camera software. While the phone does a great job of zooming into objects, you will start to notice pixelation and noise when you go above 10x. In terms of video, you can capture 4K at 60 frames per second and the quality is at par with other Galaxy devices. It may not be the best phone for capturing videos as the iPhone still leads in this department, but for an Android user it doesn't get better than this. Performance The Galaxy S20 FE that sells in India is powered by the Exynos 990 chipset and is parked with 6GB of RAM. While there is some drama surrounding the chipset that is being used, in real-world usage, the S20 FE fairs quite well. Sure it doesn't beat the Snapdragon 865 powered devices in India. However, in our usage, the S20 FE was quite responsive where you could use over 10 apps at the same time and they would switch without any lag. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla In terms of Benchmark scores, the Galaxy S20 FE had a Geekbench 5 score of 897 (single-core) and 2677 (multi-core). It is lower than the S20 series and the Note 20 Ultra, however in our usage, we did not feel the phone was held back by the processor. Games ran well with little to no frame rate drops and we could play games like Genshin Impact with ease. Having said that, there were slight frame rate drops when we faced multiple enemies on the screen which is also the case for devices powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865. The Galaxy S20FE has a 4,500mAh battery that can be fast-charged using a power delivery PPE charger. Having said that, the phone only comes with a 15W charger even though it supports 25W fast-charging. If you require fast charging, we would recommend getting a 25W or above Power Delivery charger that supports PPE protocol as well. Alternatively, the S20 FE also supports wireless charging which was a huge surprise to use since this is Samsung's “affordable” version of the Galaxy S20. It puts a lot of smartphones in this price category on notice simply because we expect most phones to skip this feature except for the OnePlus 8 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 10. The Final Say After having used the Galaxy S20 FE for a few weeks, we can confidently say it is one of our favourite phones that has launched this year. It's got a better camera than the competition and it has everything you need from a flagship smartphone. Sure, the polycarbonate body can be a bit disappointing for some people but the phone also offers a lot of features for Rs 44,999. View the full article
  3. Making an action movie, obviously, costs a massive amount of money, especially, if it's a freaking James Bond movie. But, I've never heard of a movie production having a substantial coke budget. No, not that coke. Reportedly, to perfect a bike stunt scene in the upcoming Bond flick No Time To Die, almost 32,000 litres of Coca Cola was used and yet, no one drank a single drop of that. Basically, the scene had Daniel Craig on a bike on the cobbled street of Matera in southern Italy. To make the road more sticky and safer to actually drive a bike, the aforementioned outrageous amount of coke was sprayed all over. The added bonus was that the coke left the streets looking cleaner than before. Well, we all know coke is the best thing to clean stuff, apparently. © Universal Pictures However, the thought of producers of the movie spending $71,000, or over Rs 50 lakh, on just coke is pretty hilarious, but also extremely wasteful. To put things in perspective, the bike in the scene cost less than one third the amount spent on coke. Hmm. Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond edition is worth $18,500, and well, that's basically nothing compared to the $71k. © Universal Pictures Stunt head Lee Morrison, the man behind the bizarre idea, said, "I spent nearly €60,000 spraying Coca-Cola around Matera. I’ve been spraying Coca-Cola on slippery surfaces for a very long time." Well, it's great that the coke did the trick because performing a bike stunt really is no time to die. View the full article
  4. If you’ve already met dhoti 2.0 aka dhoti pants, then we hope you fell in love with it as quickly as celebrities, designers and bloggers did. The humble dhoti has trickled back into your festive closet with a new lease of ease and style and the good news is that you’re liking it. Designers often take inspiration from our age-old traditions but dhoti pants were a genius idea. The silhouette of pants with the comfort of PJs and sass of an avant-garde outfit. Now that sounds like a perfect statement piece for the festive season. If you haven’t already, then get it, style it, experience it! __ECOMLOOKS__1794__ __ECOMLOOKS__1795__ __ECOMLOOKS__1796__ __ECOMLOOKS__1797__ __ECOMLOOKS__1798__ The BottomlineWith the festive season just around the corner, this is your chance to take the Indian ethnic route. And dhoti pants for men are a perfect match for your kurtas and coats. Even your sneakers and kolhapuris. So try these styles out and oh, don’t forget to click a picture! Explore More View the full article
  5. Every single day there's a new thing being boycotted online and honestly, it's absolutely exhausting. How do people have so much time to get offended over almost everything? How can people end up getting offended over an ad showing a loving family? © Tanishq We've seen in the past few days the rollercoaster that the Tanishq ad controversy has been and it's not dying down anytime soon, even after the ad was withdrawn by the jewellery company. The topic, obviously, divided the people of the country with one side calling it 'love jihad' and the other seeing the communal harmony in the ad. It's safe to say that even though it's 2020, India hasn't progressed enough for an ad like that. © Pexels With so much outrage going around, someone on Twitter sarcastically suggested that why don't the people who are enraged by the ad start boycotting biryani next! Open challenge: Boycott biryaani if you can! — seemi pasha (@seemi_pasha) October 13, 2020 Uh oh, no points for guessing that it did not end well, that much is obvious. Again, the conversation spiralled out of control and ended up with a discussion of the origins of rice. Yep. The assumption is that Biryani is a Muslim Dish, which Mughal brought it with em from Persia/Turkey. Alas, there is hardly any rice-growing region in that area. Something which is a common sense and missing. Biryani is an Indian dish. Which at best Mughal Army modified it. https://t.co/aIHdvQhNXX — Vikrant ~ विक्रांत (@vikrantkumar) October 14, 2020 Uhh, red flags. No no, the assumption is NOT that. That's where we err by discussing Biryani. It's not about Biryani or Urdu or Taj Mahal or facts related to those. It's reflection of a supremacist mindset. Where Hindus must forever feel indebted to a superior set of people who gave them so much https://t.co/5k75U4MiSQ — Rahul Roushan (@rahulroushan) October 14, 2020 Uhh, part two. Why shud we boycott Biryani which is our own Hindu civizational dish? You plagiarised our Pulao (Pulaka in Sanskrit) by giving it Persian name (Biryani) just as you did with many Hindu things, which Left legitimises. So logically/morally, U shud boycott Biryani as it not yours. https://t.co/QXKC0vdPi7 — M. Nageswara Rao IPS (@MNageswarRaoIPS) October 14, 2020 This is my favourite tweet just because it implies that biryani was 'discovered'. Biryani never discovered by Mughals. As usual they stole and renamed it. @TIinExile Guruji will teach you your fraudulently created history about biryani also. https://t.co/tgcoVhD7zE — Suman Kaul Sharma🇮🇳 Brutalized HINDU (@SumanSh58123278) October 14, 2020 No, it hasn't been. Biryani has been rejected by Hindus Long ago Ayurveda calls Dagdhanna as one of improper food and carcinogenic pic.twitter.com/u5QaF7Diu5 — Squirrel of Ram ️ (@Cnidariyaa) October 14, 2020 Go for it. So our pissfull religion is challenging Hindus to boycott BIRYANI! Well, I haven't had biryani since 20 years. ( not boycotted, but didn't have) Now I have decided never to have biryani! How many with me? pic.twitter.com/ApnFuq1Mnp — Bharatiya Hindu🇮🇳 (@Ramuiyer) October 14, 2020 Good point. Don’t know why Sanghis are getting so upset about my Biryani tweet! Relax guys...no one is taking your Biryani away from you PS: he’s right. Biryani represents a mix of culture & food traditions. The same mix that was shown in the Tanishq ad...it’s what makes India beautiful https://t.co/jAa4BKZExD — seemi pasha (@seemi_pasha) October 14, 2020 I can get behind this. Open challenge: Boycott all Boycotts. Biryani https://t.co/RKrKlv74UU — Manoj Funny (@Manoj49151909) October 14, 2020 Common consensus. https://t.co/6JKjfXWAfK Bcoz it's biryani, nd u can't boycott it at any cost pic.twitter.com/ZTVQ5mP9D7 — Mr.N (@FanBoyOfAA1) October 14, 2020 Why that now? Open challenge : Boycott Ola u uber if you can https://t.co/axqg7m2uyC — Dipankar (@Shomes_quest) October 14, 2020 Funny. And now they're fighting about Biryani, the best in town has to be Shaguns mutton biriyani is all I have to say 🤤 https://t.co/EaS5DzpeMU — Cahlil Gomes (@CahlilGomes) October 14, 2020 Hmm. Yes I'm taking part in this challenge by sending all the biryani I see around to my tummy so no one else has access to it. You should too! https://t.co/LSNzQDjiXB — Shaitan (@biryanipunani) October 14, 2020 View the full article
  6. Gamers in India don’t have it easy. Sometimes, we get products late, and sometimes, we don’t get certain products here at all, not officially at least. Take the PlayStation 5 for example. Many gamers have been waiting with bated breath, eagerly waiting for the day when Sony would announce the official launch date and the pricing for their latest gaming consoles. And thanks to the actions of a Delhi-based man, it seems they have to wait even longer. © Sony PlayStation loyalists and a whole lot of other people who are eager to buy the console are understandably pissed and for good reasons. While they were waiting for Sony to release their console, Microsoft not just released their X Box Series S & Series X, but also put it on sale in India, at a rather impressive price. Meanwhile, all we know about PlayStation 5 is that it will be launched on November 12 in the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, and on the 19th for much of the rest of the world. Heck, some of these places can now pre-order theirs. © Twitter/AroonDeep Among many things that have caused this delay, and the indecisiveness about the Indian launch is the fact that a Delhi-based man actually filed for the trademark rights on ‘PS5’ before Sony did. Now, there are no reports stating that he was granted the trademark. However, it does put the phrase under dispute, because of which, neither Sony nor the Delhi-based man, Hitesh Aswani can now claim. Aswani had filed for the trademark about a year back, on the 29th of October 2019, whereas Sony filed theirs on the 28th of February 2020. © Twitter/visiblemiles Citizens on Twitter are understandably angry about this and have had a rather strong reaction to this. My only question is...why? Its honestly frustrating. Why would a man trademark a name that clearly emerges from a well established naming pattern employed by sony? This is so petty. — Roshan Premnath (@PremnathRoshan) October 9, 2020 pic.twitter.com/2Dh7kQXd64 — Aayush Ailawadi (@aayush_a6) October 9, 2020 Others, well, they thought that this was a smart “business” move. Probably so they have to buy it from him. Pretty smart honestly. — idk (@YaBoiShaba) October 9, 2020 pic.twitter.com/R4dxOPCAOn — Radhika (@radhikammehta) October 7, 2020 A few good souls saw the lighter side of things. Ya he also launched it. pic.twitter.com/ofyFknhzcC — Piyush (@StarDust_PY) October 7, 2020 pic.twitter.com/0CyPs720lP — Turnip is wearing a mask (@turnip_live) October 7, 2020According to a report filed by the Mako Reactor though, this shouldn’t be a problem for Sony, as long as “they’re able to prove their goodwill and existence prior to the initial filing done by what seems to be seemingly an unrelated individual.” But let’s face it, when has a legal proceeding ever been timely? The “wise” option would be to switch over to the Xbox, especially for people who are looking for just a gaming console, and who don’t have a decent gaming PC. © YouTube/AustinEvans But do we really want to do that, especially given how we have historically leaned towards PlayStations over Xboxes? Gamers in India will have to wait a lot longer it seems Source: The Mako Reactor View the full article
  7. David Guetta reveals that Madonna once refused to work with him simply because of his astrological sign
  8. The worldwide retail network may have taken a step back due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but none of that affects the world's most valuable company. Yes, we're talking about Apple, which just opened a brand new store in Singapore. It's not just an ordinary store that we're talking about here. Just take a look at this - We're excited to share that Apple Marina Bay Sands will open soon! Stay tuned for updates: https://t.co/RPrRlBIMV4#applemarinabaysands #marinabaysands #theshoppesmbs pic.twitter.com/aNbXBu9VMg — Marina Bay Sands (@marinabaysands) August 24, 2020 Yeah, it's floating. It's the most over-the-top thing Apple has ever done and you know what? We dig it. It fits Apple's image of showing off the pricey and unique design. It's the most "Apple thing" we've seen in a while, which is what makes it so fascinating. So, this particular retail store is located in Singapore on the city's state's waterfront. It's called Apple Marina Bay Sands and holds the tag for the first floating Apple store in the world. It looks like a giant glowing orb on water. This is Apple's third store in Singapore and what a way to put their name in the news with it. During the day, the store looks like some sort of a spaceship, but at night it just turns into a glowing orb. Looks absolutely insane, right? Here's a teaser video from Apple to show off their new store - Here’s Apple’s fun teaser video for the upcoming Marina Bay Sands store in Singapore: pic.twitter.com/ngDHk1apDV — MacRumors.com (@MacRumors) August 24, 2020 Well, we can't for the pandemic lockdowns to get over so we can visit Singapore and check the store out in all its glory. View the full article
  9. People who have to wear a pair of spectacles and a mask really have it tough. Not only is it a little tough to adjust your eyewear, thanks to the advisory of not touching your face, again and again, the mask that we have to wear to protect ourselves from the coronavirus often causes it to get fogged up. © iStock As a result, we often have to stop whatever it is we’re doing, wipe our glasses, and put them back on. Not only is it irritating, but it is also a risky thing to do. We may have to adjust our mask while in the open, or worse, we may accidentally touch our masks. © Pexels A Scottish optician who goes by the name Gordon Kyle, has shared a few hacks using which one can put an end to this problem. Here’s what he says. Wearing The Spectacles On Top Of The MaskFirst & foremost, wear your spectacles on top of your mask. That way, you can use your spectacles and the part that touches your nose to hold the mask down in place. What this does, is that it does not let the warm air that you exhale to move towards the lenses of your glass. Using Tissue Paper To Tighten The Sea © Facebook/MillerAndMcClure The second tip that Gordon shared was to pad the top inside edge of your mask with a folded tissue paper. What this does, is that it creates a better seal which does not allow the air to escape. Furthermore, it also absorbs some of the moisture from your breath that leads to the condensation in the first place. Tying Knots At The Cords © Facebook/MillerAndMcClure Finally, Gordon advises people with glasses to tie-up the cords of a mask in such a way, that it creates a pocket sort of shape, in which you can place your face. The idea is for the mask to create as tight a seal as possible, without being too uncomfortable that you have to take it off just to breathe properly. Guys, we seriously cannot emphasise enough, but please, do not take your masks off when you’re stepping out of your homes. We hope this helps anyone who has to wear eyeglasses and masks, at the same time. View the full article
  10. Since when did we become a country of an over-sensitive, raging and intolerant population that can’t even handle a joke? What happened to taking a few below the belt blows made in pure jest? What happened to dissecting sarcasm with our peers when our brain failed us and enjoying satires with a pinch of salt? Are you trying to tell me that nowadays a joke is funny only as long as you crack it or it makes your crush spill a few fake laughs? Have we become so frigid and shallow that we find it okay for people to go around making rape and life threats to another individual because they made the horrible mistake of cracking a joke? And just because one person doesn’t find it funny and decides to take offence, that makes it okay for them to go around abusing and threatening the other with great harm? © Twitter/VireshSwami12 After the entire Agrima Joshua incident which highlighted how fearless people have become when it comes to publicly abusing another person and promising to harm them, now, comedian Rohan Joshi took to Instagram to share that he is going offline because someone decided to leak his personal phone number and house address, and now, he is constantly receiving abuses and life threats which have forced him to go underground in order to ensure the safety of his family and himself. © Instagram/Rohan Joshi I mean, what have we even come to? We cannot even handle a little criticism coming our way? We can’t stand dissent any more? We can’t handle two varying views any more? And above all, we have given up on our sensibilities and human morals in the name of so-called political-religious campaigns? I’m sorry, but if you are going to play the ‘free country’ card in the name of abuse and lawlessness, then you need to remember that this free country and free speech is just as much someone else’s as it is yours. And before you decide to go around threatening people with death and assault, you must remember you are not above the law. © Facebook/Sorabh Pant Unfortunately, comedians like Agrima Joshua and Rohan Joshi aren’t the only ones to have been subjected to public outrage and threats over their jokes. Previously, comedians like Sorabh Pant have spoken up about receiving death threats in person and over social media, because of their takes on some personality or religion or even the society at large. When comedian Kunal Kamra decided to voice his opinion about the government and its version of patriotism the only way he knows how (i.e. through jokes), it almost cost him his life. These are just a few incidents, but for many comics out there this has been a part of their life for much longer than they let on. © Facebook/Kunal Kamra In the light of recent events, comedian Gaurav Kapoor also questioned people’s conscience and made an emotional appeal to his viewers to be a little considerate of their words and actions towards comedians who are just trying to make people laugh, and share a new perspective about things. View this post on Instagram@instagram Thank You for saying that post did not violate community standards when reported ..A post shared by (@gauravkpoor) In the light of recent events, Comedian and actor Vir Das also took to Twitter to share a ‘pre-apology’ because, obviously, he knows he too would be attacked anytime now and so, to save himself and his loved ones from any sort of emotional or physical harm that may be hurled their way in the future Das decided to apologise in advance. #SabkosorryOkBye I have decided to start pre-apologising for my jokes in the wake of what's happening to Indian comedians. Here's my apology video. Should anyone ever need an apology from me in the future, please refer to this video pic.twitter.com/DwoB7IqpMx — Vir Das (@thevirdas) July 12, 2020 This growing sense of hopelessness and fear that is being fed to comedians and dissenters at large, is a reminder that goons and abusers are enjoying a free hand and exploiting the law in the name of safeguarding certain ideologies and self-serving propagandas. © Twitter/Swara Bhaskar To call any of it as just 'trolling' isn’t even acceptable anymore because none of this is a passing incident in the life of a public figure/comedian. This kind of harassment involving a real threat to life and safety is a glimpse into a future where threat culture not only survives, but also thrives because bystanders were too scared to speak up and call out the culprits. Culprits who have no fear of the law or being penalised but instead, find strength in the belief that they will get away with murder and rape because. It’s high time we identify, deter and shun culprits like Shubham Mishra, who think it is okay to do whatever they please without fearing the consequences. Show these abusers their place and fight back against these faceless monsters before we normalise virtual lynchings just like the actual ones. View the full article
  11. One of the many cumbersome things that happened during the lockdown was the unchecked growth of your hair, without you having the means to make it look good. We can imagine how troublesome it might be to deal with those extra long locks, especially during the summers. Even though most of you hated the long hair and probably instantly got a haircut post the lockdown, some others discovered that long hair kind of looks good on them! If you belong to the latter half, we have the perfect inspiration for your new look! Picking some of the best long hairstyles for men, here are the coolest haircuts of 2020 for you. __ECOMLOOKS__949__ __ECOMLOOKS__950__ __ECOMLOOKS__951__ __ECOMLOOKS__952__ __ECOMLOOKS__953__ __ECOMLOOKS__954__ __ECOMLOOKS__955__ Hair Care Tips For Long Hair If you have decided to pick one of these long hairstyles for men, there are certain tips that we would like to give you. Firstly, your hair will get tangled faster so make sure that you use a hair serum and conditioner always. Secondly, it will also get dirtier faster so make sure that you have your shampoo routine in place. You can no longer go days without washing your hair. Lastly, make sure that you are ready because styling long hair will take time and effort. Even though managing long hair can be a task, the look of a cool long hairstyle is unbeatable and makes it all worth it! Explore More View the full article
  12. Filmmakers in Bollywood often âremakeâ films from the Tamil & Telugu film industries quite blatantly. This is an indisputable fact, that the film-viewing public, especially fans of Bollywood are painstakingly aware of. However, that was not always the case. © Bhadrakali Pictures, AA Films For a really long time actually it was the other way round. Mainstream Bollywood films, especially in the 1970s, the golden age of Hindi cinema, were often remade in the south. However, once the filmmakers of that era hung their hats up, things went haywire for Bollywood. © Yash Raj Films, AVM Productions Caption: Trishul was remade as Mr Bharath in Tamil That is not to say that modern Bollywood films arenât remade in the south. On the contrary, there are actually quite a few really great Hindi films that have been remade in the Tamil, or Telugu or film industries. Of course, they had their own flavour and nuances, but the plot and the treatment of the plot were copied from the Bollywood originals. © NH STUDIOZ Here are 8 films that have been remade in the Southern film industries, simply because, the stories of the film were too good to pass on. 1. Pink © NH STUDIOZ, S Pictures Tamil Remake: Nerkonda Paarvai Pink remains to be probably one of the best films India has made in the last decade. It had some really great performances and was brutally realistic. The story, and the treatment of the plot were certainly the hero of the film. The Tamil remake saw Ajith take up the role of Amitabh Bachchan. Obviously, this one just had to be remade. 2. Delhi Belly © UTV Motion Pictures Tamil Remake: Settai Delhi Belly was a gritty film that pretty much everyone enjoyed thoroughly. This is again, one of those films that had a very strong story and plot, and for a small budget film, it did really well, especially when you consider the fact that there were no grade-A established actors cast in the film. 3. Pyaar Ka Punchnama © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Maruthi Telugu Remake: Green Signal As problematic & misogynistic Pyaar Ka Punchnama has turned out to be over the years, there is no point in denying that when it initially came out, a lot of people genuinely enjoyed the film, and related to the story. The Telugu remake, Green Signal, tried replicating the same but failed, if some people are to be believed. 4. Jolly LLB © Fox Star Studios Tamil Remake: Manithan Jolly LLB was a very endearing film for a number of reasons. It was a collection of amazing performances, a very gripping story, and a brilliantly written script. Arshad Warsi & Boman Irani were just impeccable. The Tamil remake, although not as hilarious, is still a very powerful film. 5. Kahani © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Telugu Remake: Anaamika Although Kahani did okay at the box office, it was a phenomenal success on OTT & television. That just goes on to show how well the story was laid out. And then of course, there was Vidya Balanâs performance. The Telugu version of the film is set in Hyderabad, and blends in the cultural nuances that the city of Nizams had to offer. But in every other aspect, it is very close to the Bollywood original. 6. Khosla Ka Ghosla © UTV Motion Pictures Tamil Remake: Poi Solla Porom Khosla Ka Ghosla as a film is simply a class apart. It is a proper comedy while being a very scathing commentary on a number of key, social issues that the common man in India may have to go through. Of course, this one just had to be remade. 7. A Wednesday © UTV Motion Pictures Tamil Remake: Unnaipol Oruvan Telugu Remake: Eenadu Yeah, A Wednesday was remade by both, the Tamil AND Telugu film industries. Do we really need to tell you why? Without a doubt, it is one of the best films that has been made in India, with a story that deserves to be told in every part of the world that is battling terrorism. 8. 3 Idiots © Reliance BIG Pictures, Gemini Film Circuit Tamil Remake: Nanban For a long, long time, 3 Idiots was considered to be the benchmark of a good Hindi movie, and rightly so. Only very recently did we actually start seeing some of the problematic aspects of the film. But nonetheless, it was a damn funny film, that was also very poignant at times. And then, there was the performance of the film at the box office, and on cable. Of course, this one was going to be remade. View the full article
  13. Paresh Rawal is perhaps one of the most underrated artists of yesteryear. Yet, despite often finding himself essaying supporting roles, he created a dedicated fan following for himself by delivering supremely entertaining acts. © T-Series Over a career spanning 25 years, Paresh Rawal has portrayed many memorable characters which only went on to become some of his signature performances. He has made us bend over with laughter, and also given us a fresh pair of eyes to look at this world differently. He can be serious, but there is no denying this manâs charm when it comes to comedy. So in keeping with some of his greatest performances, here are 6 iconic roles played by Paresh Rawal that remain unforgettable to this day, amongst many of his other good work. 1. Teja - Andaz Apna Apna © Vinay-pictures There is no coming back from Tejaâs antics once you have laid your eyes on him. He is supposed to be the âbad guyâ and yet successfully manages to crack us up. So even when you know he will eventually lose this battle, you want him to stay around a bit longer. 2. Baburao - Hera Pheri © AG-Films Baburao Ganpatrao Apte aka Babu Bhaiya needs no introduction. Hera Pheri is most definitely one of the best things that happened to our generation at the turn of the century, and Babu Bhaiya is one of the major reasons why the movie turned into a cult classic, immortalising âyeh Baburao ka style hai.â 3. Somnath - Golmaal © Shree-Ashtavinayak Sure, Golmaal was fun because of the awesome-foursome made up by Gopal, Madhav, Laxman and Lucky, but letâs admit it, it wouldnât have been as entertaining if not for Somnath uncle. As the old, blind man Somnath, Paresh Rawal created the perfect subplot and the perfect element of dramedy which made the film 10 times extra fun! 4. Gogi Arora/ Dr Handa/Lucky's Dad - Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye © UTV-Motion-Pictures Well, speaking of unforgettable performances by Paresh Rawal, it would have been an absolute shame to not mention his triple role in this movie. Paresh Rawal secured a special place for himself within the hearts of the fans who swear by this movieâs charms. Apart from playing Luckyâs father, Rawal introduced different layers of conceit and humour to the film as Gogi Arora and Dr Handa. Truly memorable this one. 5. Lambodar Chacha - Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? © Warner-Bros-Picture You cannot understand the depth of feeling towards Lambodar Chacha unless youâve seen him in action in this film. Lambodar Chacha really makes you taste a number of emotions ranging from pure discomfort, to crippling laughter and raging annoyance all within a span of little over an hour. But you still wish to hang on to this affectionate old man, despite it all. 6. Kanjibhai - OMG - Oh My God © Grazing-Goat-Pictur Sure, Akshay Kumar was a key player in the film, but who can deny the fact that without Kanjibhai playing the nemesis to Godâs âtrue messengersâ, the film would never have had the kind of impact it had. Kanjibhaiâs fight against blind faith and âreligious businessâ offered a clear view of our society that we all knew existed, but ignored for our own peace. Only to feel ashamed by it when left exposed by Kanjibhai. Absolute marvel! Well, these are a few roles played by Paresh Rawal that we thought are absolutely unforgettable. Do you have any personal favourites that should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  14. As gloomy as reality has turned out to be lately, between our WFH weeks and anxiety-ridden weekends, sanity calls for some sort of escape that is detached from our current circumstances whatsoever. And thinking of escape, if there is one thing that has been keeping us afloat the past month and a half, it has to be streaming some good stuff online. Now, given the uncertainties that still loom ahead of us regarding the lockdown and Indiaâs COVID-19 crisis, we decided to create a quick May watch-list that will give us all something to look forward to in the coming days...or weeks. Here are 6 web shows that you should check out in May. 1. Paatal Lok - Amazon Prime © Amazon Prime This grunge, crime-thriller series works best for anyone who savours disillusionment, and finds peace in the bitter truth. Based around a society that sustains itself on class divide and thrives on crime and violence, Paatal Lok is a dark reality check of the discreet societal undercurrents which often lay ignored. Releases on May 15, 2020. 2. Illegal - Voot Select © Voot Select Voot Selectâs latest original Illegal is a fast-paced legal drama that takes the audience through a narrative which will explore the world of lawyers and seek answers to reveal the true intent behind their battles. Do they give in to the lure of greed, ambition and power or do they fight for fair justice. Releases on May 12, 2020 3. Mastram - MX Player © MX Player A refreshing addition to the list, MX Playerâs Mastram is an adult comedy series set in the 80s. The series traces the story of a writer who struggles to get published, ends up giving in to the demands of the industry and starts writing erotic fantaties. He becomes famous as Mastram and all is well until he falls for a girl who hates this writer. Will Mastram be able to keep his career and love-life afloat? Find out. Streaming on MX Player. 4. Shark Tank Season 11 - Voot Select © Voot Select If you love a good rush of entrepreneurial possibilities and love the idea of working towards financial freedom on your own terms, Shark Tank ought to be on your list. The latest season will see The Sharks - self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons - give people a chance to build their dreams by investing in their businesses and products. Streaming on Voot Select 5. Itâs A Dogâs Life With Bill Farmer - Disney+ Hotstar © Disney+ Hotstar If you love anything and everything dogs, make sure you donât miss out on this. Disney+ Hotstarâs newest offering Itâs a Dogâs Life, hosted by the man behind Goofy and Pluto's voice, Bill Farmer, is a must watch for every dog-lover. The show takes us on a journey where along with Bill, we meet dogs who have incredible jobs which make our lives better. Releases on May 15, 2020. 6. Hollywood - Netflix © Netflix Set in post-WWII Hollywood, this Netflix drama traces the lives of a few aspiring actors and filmmakers who wish to succeed in Hollywood at all cost. Every character offers a sneak peek into Hollywood's Golden Age, highlighting every form of unfairness related to race, gender and sexuality that is at work There is a lot to witness and discover in Hollywood. Streaming on Netflix. View the full article
  15. Quarantine, social distancing, isolation, and the likes of these words are not mere amalgamation of alphabets but basically are the driving principle of how our lives are being governed right now. It is imperative that we continue adhering to ground rules to fight this pandemic and as the time gets tough, we have to get tougher. For many of us, this is still a privileged place as we continue cooking resting, working and sometimes chilling with a glass of wine at home. The anxiety takes a backseat for a while and we keep ourselves busy. Now every day is a weekend for some people but in case, you are planning to indulge in a little âdaaruâ party (virtual obviously) with your friends, then here some smashing numbers you guys can play and dance along the tune: 1. Naagin- I donât know about you but we are awaiting that sweet reunion with friends where coffee dates and that long âgehdiâ are not taken for granted anymore. Good beats, good music. 2. Na Na Na - The chorus of âNa Na Na Naâ and a glass of whiskey in hand are a wonderful combination. 3. Rail Gaddi â I âd suggest this is to be played more like a grand finale because just like no wedding in complete without running in circles on this, how can your video reunion be done without this? 4. Mummy- I find it like a cringe fest but dancing to it is super fun. 5. Tote Tote â Donât you feel hearts are broken into tiny pieces as we continue missing our buddies! 6. Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye- Yeah well its going to be a while till we can go to a disco and dance and eat but till then Facetime to the rescue. 7. Gangland- Nothing better than the song which explains your âmitronâ that you cannot take out that Jeep and drive to their âpindâ. 8. Tu Hi Das De- My current favourite song for every mood so add it to yours as well. 9. Tera Yaar Huun Main- Considering everyone is going to be a bit emotional, this one should be on the list to sing together. 10. Hips Donât Lie- The confidence one gets after a few drinks is unparalleled so if you got moves like Shakira, go ahead and chase your âdostâ for a dance-off today. You probably have your list ready but add these for that extra effect! View the full article
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