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Found 5 results

  1. If you have a beer belly bulge that you're not very proud of, then you've come to the right place. The annoying commute of everyday life might leave you with no time to work out and take care of yourself. This means you might end up with racoon eyes and a particular bulge that you're not very proud of. While long term solutions might range from taking care of yourself, your skin and adopting a healthy work out sesh, the short term solution is simple, which is to dress in a way that completely hides the bulge. Here's how you can do that. 1. The Posture Matters © livestrong Firstly, before we start telling you what to wear and what to avoid, you need to get your body posture right because that greatly impacts the visibility of your bulges. So nix crouching and slouching like a couch potato and start sitting up straight and standing upright. 2. Nix Tight Fitted Clothes © manhoodtv If you've gained weight recently, it possibly also means you've outgrown your current size that you wear in clothes which means you should nix wearing tight fitted clothing. It's time to get your sizes right and wear the right size that helps hide the belly. So avoid wearing those tight tees that highlight your belly or tees and that lift from the back when you sit or bend and display your handles. It's really that simple. 3. Nix Extremely Loose-Fitted Clothes Also © Getty images At the same time, you don't want to wear extremely loose fitted clothes also. These can be counterproductive in the sense that they exaggerate body fat instead of hiding it. It's very important to get measured and stick to your size. 4. Stop Believing In Myths About Belly Fat © Getty images You can pull off anything as long as it suits your body. It's a myth that light colours won't suit you. If you get the right size of these colours and combine it with a fitted counterpart, they will definitely work. For example, a light blue shirt would work for you if you pair fitted trousers with it. However, if either of the sizes is off, the pair can be counterproductive. 5. Always Choose Mid-Rise © Getty images When buying trousers, choose mid-rise that fits well around your navel. This will attempt to conceal your belly fat by pressing it in. 6. Layering Helps © Getty images You must've heard this one before but layering is a really good technique to conceal belly fat. So, a shirt over a t-shirt or a scarf in the Summer work great. In the Winter, choose shrugs, jackets, long coats that streamline your figure and conceal the fat.
  2. Who said social initiatives and a good round of tipples cannot go hand-in-hand? Social initiatives work to make our surroundings better, whereas booze makes everything...erm...better! Period. Imagine all the possibilities we could explore if these two aspects came together and the end result was a win-win situation for us all? That would be a living dream and seems like someone's already decided to look into this and turn it into reality! A beach bar in Goa has come up with the perfect plan to get people to take care of the busy beaches which are corrupted by the callousness of the umpteen visitors, who stop by on a daily basis and leave the place littered. © Instagram According to a report by The Weather Channel India, 'Waste Bar' offers free beer in exchange for the waste collected from the beaches. The aim is to make people aware and accountable for their surroundings. The campaign was started by Noreen van Holstein in collaboration with Drishti Marine, a private beach management agency that also works with Goa tourism to provide damage control to the situation. The initiative was kick-started on 30th January at the Zanzibar shack located in the Baga village. Apart from all the good you do to the environment by participating in this initiative, it also allows you to get around the Rs. 2,000 drinking fine by collecting 10 beer bottle caps or 20 cigarette butts or 5 plastic straws. This waste-bar in Goa is a hang out of sorts, where one can exchange segregated garbage for a free beer. Read more: https://t.co/cFShDuCjyJ ð¸IANS pic.twitter.com/mo2myMXGr9 — The Weather Channel India (@weatherindia) February 4, 2019 Holstein also said that the concept of the waste bar isn't a new one. Such initiatives had already been tried and tested in the Netherlands, and the world has picked up on the idea over the years. She said, “People come to Goa for two things: beach and the bar. So let's give them what they come for – free drinks in exchange for garbage that they collect. This ensures that they become conscious of the waste that is there on the beach and that trash actually has value! They will leave Goa with a positive feeling and a clean beach.” Other beaches around Goa are also set to pick up the concept in the upcoming months, but Twitter already has a lot of good stuff to say about it. This idea has great potential. Should be applied beyond beaches and beyond Goa. @MCGM_BMC — Niks29 (@Niks292) February 4, 2019 Now that's something India really needs to learn and should be proud of. #Goa — Avani Shah (@avani_16) February 4, 2019 Tks, waste-bar. Good luckð I truly hope that this exercise spreads message of cleanliness and hygiene among all the visitors in Goa. May all of us learn to become responsible & self-disciplined citizens. Keep beaches clean & prevent trash from going into the beach....ð#Goa — Vandana (@CharouRathore) February 4, 2019 We hope to see some great changes in Goa, courtesy the Waste Bar.
  3. Australians have been known for their dedication, toughness and complete badassery when it comes to dealing with adversities. Having grown up in the most demanding of environments with their land infested with giant spiders and highly venomous snakes, Aussies have adapted themselves to stand strong amidst the biggest of challenges. This particular Australian cricket fan is the perfect example of all of the above. Very good for Jimmy Peirson who launched this ball into the crowd. Very bad for old mate, who got hit by said ball in the face... ð¤#BBL08 | @weet_bix pic.twitter.com/IXmDfeHBFj — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) January 29, 2019 Watch as the Brisbane Heat wicket-keeper batsman Jimmy Peirson sent one flying over the mid on off an easy ball delivered by the Hobart Hurricanes pacer James Faulkner in the 17th over in the ongoing Australian Big Bash League. What initially looked like a shot not long enough to cross the boundary, sailed over the mid-wicket and went straight for a fan's head. The guy looked enthusiastic enough to try and catch the ball without realising how fast it was coming in, consequently hitting him on the left side of his forehead. If you have ever had a leather ball darting towards your head and making contact, you would empathise with the poor chap who was instantly taken to the emergency room to check for concussions. Fortunately, the Aussie did not get a severe injury, as he returned to his seat a few minutes later with an ice pack and probably the best ad hoc aide in a cold can of beer. Thankfully, his failed attempt to catch the ball wasn't a complete failure as it reduced the effect of the impact on his head. He's back! Guy who got hit by six has returned, complete with an ice pack and refreshing beverage. What a trooper #BBL08 pic.twitter.com/cO4tHRP7uW — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) January 29, 2019 With the Indian Premier League still a couple of months away, the Cricket Australia club league is a good substitute for action-packed cricketing entertainment, which has been full of uncanny incidences like Aston Turner (Perth Scorchers) granted with a maximum for hitting the roof of the Docklands Stadium in Melbourne. The Docklands roof has been hit for the first time in #BBL08! A @KFCAustralia 'Bucket Moment' and one that amused @RenegadesBBL veteran Cam White ðpic.twitter.com/88Ck9wC6vG — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) December 20, 2018
  4. Beer happens to you by chance of good luck. Some even say it's an acquired taste and you have to explore a bit before you come across “the one” for you. We mean the flavour that teases your tastebuds and the one brand you always have your eyes on, no matter where you are. That's pretty much how White Rhino came into being and went on to become one of India's most fave craft beer brand. © MensXP It all started when the US was hit by recession in 2008 and the now founder of White Rhino, Ishaan Puri, was caught amidst all the action that recession brought to the market. He was working with BlackRock Inc. and though the company wasn't hit by a severe blow, Ishaan had been rattled by the unsettling feeling it brought with it. This pushed him to start looking elsewhere and explore options that would help secure his future. © MensXP Ishaan moved back to India in 2010 but having spent a good number of years in the US, specifically in Philadelphia and New York, first for his studies and later for work, he had developed a love for good quality craft beer. When he began to miss the taste of the US craft beer at home, Ishaan decided to do something about it and signed up for a diploma in brewing at UK's Brewlab. The rest as they say, is history. 18 months later, White Rhino is today one of India's first bottled craft beer brand and has an increasingly satisfied customer base with its reach spanning across over 500 outlets in Delhi-NCR alone. © MensXP Today, Ishaan's brainchild White Rhino is spearheading the movement towards better beer. The brand functions with a genuine interest to help this segment evolve within the Indian market and aim to achieve that with honesty and sincerity towards the product as well as the customer. Besides that, the brand also wants to ensuring that they keep growing their knowledge about the field and stand by its ethics. Ishaan's definition of craft beer is one that has been “purely brewed with a focus on flavour and authenticity, over cost cutting”. He is a firm believer of producing beer for a discerning market instead of aiming at mass production.Thus, the brand is based on three guiding philosophies, that is, to make beers that are authentic, accessible and balanced. © MensXP Now, if you've always been intrigued by the brand's name then you'd be thrilled to find out about the idea that went behind it. Ishaan's choice stems from the desire to have a name that distinguishes the brewery and the beers it produces for their way of doing things the right way and staying true to the consumer's expectations. Something that rare in a market which otherwise wants to cut corners, makes them as rare an entity in the beer market as the white rhino is to the world. © MensXP Ishaan feels passionately for the brand and by his own admission, works in an obsessive fashion by being personally involved in as many aspects of the production as possible. He has found a dedicated team of people who are as passionate about the company's growth as Ishaan is and that helps Ishaan move forward. With plans of aggressive expansion starting this October, they shall start preparing to get ready for the next season and cater to 7-8 different domestic market as well as expand globally without any supply shortages. © MensXP Ishaan has brought the brand to great heights and continues to invest more time and efforts to help the brand reach a larger audience and cater to their need of experiencing good tasting beer in their home country. White Rhino may have started out small from a brewery located in Malanpur, Gwalior but their product and plans are to make it big. Honestly, we can already see it coming true in the upcoming season.
  5. Out of the scores of cool cafes, pubs and hangout joints in the country today, The Beer Café stands out as a favourite with the young urban population who loves a laidback evening with friends over pints of beer. The man behind the brand is Gurgaon-based Rahul Singh, who is a textile engineer by qualification and has had no business background in his family. Having finished schooling from Mayo College, Ajmer, and his engineering from Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, Bhiwani, Singh worked for big names in the textile and retail sector before the entrepreneurial bug finally hit him. After 15 years in the corporate world, he quit his job to start his own venture in golf apparel. © Instagram/The Beer Cafe In 2009, he launched Golfworx, an indoor golfing arena in Gurugram. The venture tanked and Singh, at the age of 42, became bankrupt. “Between me and a couple of other partners, we lost about Rs 12 crore in Golfworx between 2009 and 2012,” he says. He had lost all his money and it was a challenging time. “All the savings, all the PF, gratuity, whatever I had earned in my corporate life and everything else came to a stand still. […] I have a 12-year-old son, my wife doesn't work, parents are retired, you don't know what to do.” At that point, Singh had only two options – take up a job to pay the bills and forget all about the entrepreneurial dream or get back up and start again. He chose the latter. © Instagram/The Beer Cafe That's when he decided to explore the idea of opening a café that served alcohol. His experience with his previous venture had taught him that food and alcohol drew out huge crowds in the Indian market. “At Golfworx, I learnt that most people were not interested in golf at all. They were only there to socialize. Every time we had a golfing event, there was hardly any participation but when we had a single malt or a cigar night, there would be gatecrashers,” he recalls. But he needed money and he had lost almost everything in Golfworx. Singh put his house, the only asset he had, on mortgage and took a loan of Rs 2.99 crore against it. The risk was huge. But so was the possibility of success. He opened the first Beer café in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon in 2012. This time around, he had learnt his craft well and there was no looking back. Soon, Beer Café became popular with the young crowd and they kept coming back. Singh had rightly envisioned the shift in drinking culture – the young generation now wanted to savour its alcohol, rather than just using it get drunk in dark nightclubs. They want to sit with friends after a hard day at work and bond over a fresh pint of beer. “The millennial now is actually feeling that instead of getting drunk, they want to drink.” © Instagram/The Beer Cafe Today, The Beer Café has 39 outlets in 11 cities, moving up to 50 in 13 cities, and has generated 3 rounds of funding since its conception in 2012. When asked about the secret behind the success of The Beer Café, Singh answers it with a single word – consistency. The brand, Singh says, has focused on just one thing – serving the best beer in the best possible way, and to keep doing it. One of the things that set apart Singh's work model is inclusion. His employees hold a share in the company and that has ensured the vision of the brand to remain consistent. “Today, everybody, including housekeeping, has a share in the company. Nobody is an employee – everybody is a partner, stakeholder,” he says. The journey from being a textile engineer who was once bankrupt after a failed business to the owner of one of the most loved beer café chains in the country was not an easy one. It was earned though hits and misses, sweat and tears and it's here to stay. Rahul Singh is also the president of the National Restaurant Association of India, the organisation that represents over 100,000 restaurants in the country. Singh is now focusing on setting up Elemenopi by the Beer Café in Gurgaon, and Grapevine, which he defines as “an all-day wine café with a Parisian vibe, sans the snootiness”.