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Found 657 results

  1. Watch how Mohammad Amir clean bowled Denly in the much anticipated Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars clash
  2. OnePlus didn’t really launch a new flagship smartphone last year apart from the OnePlus 8 Pro which means all eyes are on the next event for the OnePlus 9 Series. OnePlus devices are known to use the best hardware possible for their smartphones and offer them at an affordable price point that not many other companies can do. However, the company has been increasing the price of its flagship devices year on year due to costlier components, but it is still an affordable flagship to own especially since Samsung and Apple devices cost far more. Having said that, the OnePlus 9 Series is shaping up to be yet another flagship offering by the company and much of it has been leaked online. Here’s everything we know about the OnePlus 9 Series so far: 1. Flagship Components © Weibo The OnePlus 9 Pro was spotted in the subway by onlookers which also captured the 'about' page of the smartphone. The 'about' page on OnePlus phones generally reveals all the hardware one can find in the device and from the leaked image it appears the smartphone will be using the Snapdragon 888 chipset. It is Qualcomm’s latest flagship chip that is said to rival Apple’s A14 Bionic SoC. It is also Qualcomm’s first processor that was manufactured using a 5nm fabrication process which means it packs more transistors than ever before. Much like any OnePlus flagship phone, the latest model is expected to be super fast and more efficient than its predecessor. The phone is also rumoured to be paired with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory. 2. Speedy Display © Weibo The OnePlus 9 Pro is rumoured to have a 6.55-inch FHD+ AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. This doesn’t come as a surprise since the OnePlus 8 Pro also came with a 120Hz refresh rate and it would be logical for the company to have the same feature on the OnePlus 9 Pro as well. What remains to be seen is what type of AMOLED display the smartphone will be using. Recent leaks suggest the phone might use an LTPO AMOLED display similar to the Galaxy S21 Series. OnePlus phones also do not have any adaptive refresh rate feature like other flagship devices which could change with this model if OnePlus chooses to use an LTPO display. 3. Multiple Cameras © Youtube_Dave2D The OnePlus 9 Pro is expected to ship with a 48-megapixel primary camera, a 48-megapixel ultrawide sensor and a third sensor we don’t know much about. A previous leak also showed that the company may also have a partnership with camera company Hasselblad as the branding for the company was present on the camera module. For selfie enthusiasts, the OnePlus 9 Pro is expected to feature a 16-megapixel sensor as well. Having said that, it would be interesting to see if OnePlus has managed to improve its image quality since the OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera performance isn’t even comparable to budget smartphones right now. 4. Battery © Youtube_Dave2D OnePlus has been known to feature its proprietary WarpCharge fast charging feature on all of its phones and the case remains the same with the OnePlus 9 Pro as well. The phone is expected to have a 4,500mAh battery that can be fast-charged at 65W. The phone will also support power delivery fast charging. Interestingly enough, there are no rumours of the phone featuring any form of wireless charging but judging from the OnePlus 8 Pro, it will probably make a return. OnePlus also uses its own fast wireless charging feature which is compatible with its first-party wireless charger. 5. Multiple Models © Youtube_Dave2D Much like every OnePlus series, the OnePlus 9 will also feature multiple models, however this time around we might see three models by the company. Rumours suggest the OnePlus 9 Series is expected to launch with the nomenclature OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9 Lite. The OnePlus 9 should ideally sit between the two other smartphones where the “Lite” version might be the cheapest variant with different hardware. View the full article
  3. 'I kept making the same mistakes in my relationships,' Priyanka Chopra said about her past relationships
  4. Justice Isa asks SC registrar for file in the PM development funds case "so I may finally read the order/judgment"
  5. Even though we have been home since 2020, the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day should not be missed. If you have a virtual date planned with your Valentine, you don't want to look like the guy who didn't put in effort into his fashion game. Be it a dinner or a movie date, sorting your outfit should be the top priority. © iStock This applies to offline dates as well. Going overboard with the colours will make the hues pop more than your personality, leaving your partner distracted. When you decide on your outfit, choose neutral colours and then add bold pops with accessories. For example, if you are wearing a white shirt, you can add a splash of colour with your watch here. 2. Remove Creases With Ice Cubes © iStock Even if it's a virtual date, don't just wear a T-shirt on top and lousy pyjamas as your bottom. Make this Valentine's date worthy by putting in some efforts. Wear your upper with a comfortable pair of jeans or chinos, even it means that you will be sitting with your legs crossed on the floor. You will thank us later for this tip! 4. Tucking Your Shirt View the full article
  6. To feel safe meeting up with someone IRL these days, certain conversations need to happen that weren’t necessary in a pre-COVID-19 world. Agreed? While we await a normal world where we don’t have to think twice before shaking hands or hugging someone thanks to this Coronavirus, the meaning of dating and physical intimacy has completely changed for everyone now. Also, a gentle reminder that kissing someone who is not your partner is one of the most risky things you can do right now because of the exchange of saliva it involves equals the amount of anxiety this pandemic is giving us. Well, we are talking about a frigging pandemic here, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with rejecting a date if the person you’re talking to doesn’t respect your personal and health-related boundaries. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that wearing a mask and taking all the necessary precautions means one cares, and people who care are attractive and sexy. Don’t you think? From hygiene practices to taking all the necessary precautions including maintaining social distancing, here is our guide for the post-COVID world where you should ask these following health-related questions before you go between the sheets with your date. 1. Have you had any COVID-19 symptoms in the last few weeks? This is one of the most pertinent questions to ask your date before you decide to go between the sheets. Well, the symptoms may include — but are not limited to — cough, fever, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell. Keep in mind, if your prospective date has displayed symptoms, it is recommended to not indulge in *** until they have been tested and confirmed they do not have COVID-19. © Unsplash 2. Have you been in close contact with anyone who has COVID-19? Well, again this is important to know. It could be a friend, family member or co-worker who either tested positive for the virus or has a presumed case. You can also ask if they’ve been in any situations recently that may have elevated their risk, like travelling or taking part in some public event. If that’s the case, they may still have it and be asymptomatic. Precautions are a must then. 3. Have you been dating, hooking up or spending time with many people in recent times? This is something that you should definitely ask your date before the *** to understand what precautions they’ve been taking when socializing with others. See if these dates or get-togethers took place indoors or outdoors, if they were large or small, if they happened once or twice or a bunch of times and if people were wearing masks and/or maintaining social distancing. The more people they are around — in particular, intimate with — will increase their risk for getting COVID-19. And if you are around them this will increase your risk too. Right? © Unsplash 4. Who do you live with? This you need to ask to find out if your date lives with parents or grandparents, who could be in a high-risk group because of their age or underlying health conditions. Or perhaps they have a roommate who’s an essential worker, which could also increase your date’s exposure to the virus. It will also let you know if you need to be more careful being around them because they are around a lot of people. 5. What does a typical day look like for you during the pandemic? Well, this will give you a good idea of what the person’s risk factors are — are they working at home? Or are they going to a space that puts them at risk for getting infected? In fact, you can also find out if you both have similar or different interests, which is as important as the sexual compatibility. © Unsplash TBH, it is always best to date someone who has similar views as you about how to manage this public health crisis. So if you're concerned that your safety boundaries might be in any way jeopardized or made negotiable during ***... back away, and prioritize your health. Period. Please remember: Don't forget to practice the safe ***! The pandemic has changed a lot of things but precautions for practicing safe *** remain the same. View the full article
  7. Earlier when you were trying to make acquaintance with someone new, the conversations were extremely light, friendly, and casual. However now with the pandemic life changing dating and everything attached to it, the conversations have shifted and the questions to ask have changed. Now, you need to know more than what shows your date enjoys watching or whether he likes to sip wine or whiskey. It has become comparatively more important to know their COVID status and risk exposure before you meet anyone in person. This question is necessary for your safety amid a pandemic. However, discussing these questions can be awkward with someone you never met yet. So, here are five questions you need to ask your date before taking meeting them: Contemplating Risk Behaviour and Whether They Are Taking Precautions © Pexels Now, there is no one question that’ll tell you if they have been in the exposure of COVID. But, one needs to have a conversation regarding the same if meeting someone for the first time. Also, it’s important to know if the person you are about to meet is on the same page about risk-taking. It is paramount to understand whether or not a person has been protecting themselves against the virus, the same way you’ve been doing it. Asking About Their Expectations From This Date © Pexels Rather than just asking questions that you’ve on your checklist- it is always better to have an open-ended conversation. It’s just like if you were meeting a friend who you haven’t met in a while and you’d ask the necessary questions for both of your safety. Besides the normal stuff, you must ask if they are going on multiple dates, if they are looking out for something casual, or they want to date someone genuinely. If you are stepping out in public during the COVI-19 scare, might as well know all about them. Asking About Deciding Where To Meet © Pexels Hope they agree to meet at places that are low risk and less crowded. If your match doesn’t believe in meeting at low-risk places- you should know you’re making a wrong choice and are risking your safety. Talk to them about what places they’d choose to meet at amid a pandemic and just hope that you guys agree (considering the safety measures). You should ask if they have been going out often in crowded places and exposing themselves to the virus or not. This will tell you how responsible they are. Asking About Their Hygiene © Pexels It is your right to know the changes they’ve made in their lifestyle to protect themselves from the virus. It’s okay to consider risk points as a deal-breaker- if they think wearing a mask is not necessary, wearing a mask is a marketing gimmick or the virus doesn’t exist. Do they believe in taking showers or changing clothes after coming back from their work? Do they use sanitizer to clean surfaces before they touch anything in a public setting? These random questions are important. Ask About Their WorkspaceNo you don’t have to know their work timings and CTC, but you must know if they are working from home, or go out for work, and if they do, then what are the precautions that they are taking. Dating is going to change in ways of how we perceive it and hence it is important to change our attitude toward ourselves and the potential dates we will meet in the future. View the full article
  8. PPP leaders claim govt did not consult any political parties before drafting amendment bill for Senate elections
  9. We're soon going to be celebrating one year of staying at home and a pandemic that displaced our lives. But, before that, we will also be celebrating Valentine's day this month. It's only been a recent phenomenon that people have started stepping out more frequently. If you have a big date planned for the V-Day, here are some grooming hacks that might help you transform your grooming game completely. 1. Use A Concealer When You're Getting Ready For The Date © Mensxp The concealer can easily hide all skin blemishes, dark spots, and acne scars with ease. With the generous application of the product, it can conceal all these bumps easily. In fact, with a concealing stick, the whole process of gently dabbing the concealer and then blending it becomes even more effortless. __ECOMPRODUCT__881__ 2. Use A Beard Balm Or Wax For Your BeardUsing an emollient like a balm or wax on your beard will add extra definition to your beard. This also adds more moisture to your beard. Moreover, using the balm will shape up your beard and not have it look frizzy and disheveled. __ECOMPRODUCT__319__ 3. Exfoliation Can Be A Game Changer © istock The Winter months can make your skin dry and itchy. For a possible Valentine's date, you would want to put your best foot forward. In order to do that, you can exfoliate your skin before the big date. A gentle chemical exfoliator can get rid of the dead skin cells easily for you and brighten up your face instantly. __ECOMPRODUCT__1121__ 4. Always Carry A Lip Balm With You © istock Lips can turn dry and chapped quite easily and once they've dried up, your lips will have visible flakes falling off which looks unattractive. The simplest solution to this problem is to just carry a handy chapstick with you and use it whenever your lips start feeling dry. You could try: __ECOMPRODUCT__358__ 5. Always Carry A Handy Mouthwash Or A Box Of Mints © istock Bad breath can prove to be a big turn off on a date. Carrying a handy mouthwash or mints is anyway a wise backup in situations where you can't brush your teeth. The mints mask the bad breathe quite effectively. View the full article
  10. The instructions from the top cop were issued in a wireless message to all command officers
  11. Former captain, head coach and legendary leg-spinner of the Indian cricket team, Anil Kumble recently found out about pacer Jasprit Bumrah’s talents as a spinner and based on his reaction, it is safe to say that he is left impressed. Over the weekend, the Board on Control for Cricket in India or the BCCI shared a video of Bumrah imitating Kumble’s bowling action in the nets via their official Twitter handle. We have all seen @Jaspritbumrah93's fiery yorkers and sharp bouncers. Here’s presenting a never-seen-before version of the fast bowler. Boom tries to emulate the legendary @anilkumble1074's bowling action and pretty much nails it! pic.twitter.com/wLmPXQGYgC — BCCI (@BCCI) January 30, 2021 “We have all seen @Jaspritbumrah93's fiery yorkers and sharp bouncers. Here’s presenting a never-seen-before version of the fast bowler. Boom tries to emulate the legendary @anilkumble1074's bowling action and pretty much nails it,” BCCI tweeted. The followers of the Indian cricket board were left speechless as the 27-year old’s spin did look legitimately good. The video soon became a hit online and managed to find its way to Kumble himself. The 50-year old was indeed stumped with what he saw and appreciated Bumrah’s work on the ground. Well done Boom. Pretty close 🏽. You are an inspiration to the next generation of young fast bowlers who are imitating your style. Best wishes for the upcoming series. — Anil Kumble (@anilkumble1074) January 31, 2021 “Well done Boom. Pretty close. You are an inspiration to the next generation of young fast bowlers who are imitating your style. Best wishes for the upcoming series,” Kumble responded to the video. Calling Bumrah an inspiration for the future generations himself, Kumble praised the Gujarat-born’s startling rise to success over the past couple of years. He has not only become the leader of India’s pace-bowling attack but has earned the reputation as one of the deadliest yorker-specialists and death-overs experts in the entire world. What's more deadly than a Bumrah yorker? Nothing!#INDvBAN ICC #CWC19 #TameTheTigers @Jaspritbumrah93 pic.twitter.com/vH9rVn0Oqo — Disney+ Hotstar (@DisneyPlusHS) July 2, 2019 In Test cricket, the unorthodox pacer has played in 17 Test matches ever since making his debut in 2018 against South Africa. During those 17 games, Bumrah has scalped 79 wickets including his career best 6/27 in the second Test against the West Indies at Kingston in September 2019. It is interesting to note that the lethal bowler has not made his Test debut on Indian soil as yet and must yearn to play the highest level of cricket at home. Breaking - India not to risk Jasprit Bumrah in Brisbane. They fear Abdomen injury could worsen, scans done, reports awaited. Mayank hurt at training. Scans done. Unless there is fracture he was to replace Hanuma. Scan results awaited. @SportsTodayofc at 10am for further details. — Boria Majumdar (@BoriaMajumdar) January 12, 2021 The upcoming series against the powerful England cricket team will provide him with the opportunity to check that box as well, provided he is healthy and has recovered from the abdomen injury he had sustained ahead of the fourth and final match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy at the Brisbane Cricket Ground. View the full article
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