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Found 238 results

  1. Tens of thousands have turned out this weekend for a show of force in Bangkok, defying warnings from the premier
  2. Britney Spears is set to appear in front of a court to update the terms behind her court ordered conservatorship status
  3. Bollywood celebrities leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the people with not just their acting skills but also with their larger-than-life habits, their day-to-day activities, what they eat, what they wear, and so much more. They play a significant role in influencing the young minds. However, there have been many actors who have passed away suddenly at a young age leaving behind a huge void. Today morning, actor Irrfan Khan passed away at the age of 54. His sudden demise has left people all over the country fully shocked. © Getty Images The actor has been battling neuroendocrine tumour since 2018. Sadly, the Piku actor lost his mother in Jaipur just four days ago. He passed away today at a hospital in Mumbai, where he was admitted for colon infection. Irrfan Khanâs demise is a loss to the world of cinema and theatre. He will be remembered for his versatile performances across different mediums. My thoughts are with his family, friends and admirers. May his soul rest in peace. â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) April 29, 2020 His official spokesperson had confirmed on Tuesday that he was under doctorâs observation. Irrfan is survived by his wife Sutapa and sons â Babil and Ayan. My dear friend Irfaan. You fought and fought and fought. I will always be proud of you.. we shall meet again.. condolences to Sutapa and Babil.. you too fought, Sutapa you gave everything possible in this fight. Peace and Om shanti. Irfaan Khan salute. â Shoojit Sircar (@ShoojitSircar) April 29, 2020 Filmmaker Shoojit Sircar posted a condolence note remembering the actor on his Twitter account. Besides Irrfan, here is a list of five other Bollywood celebrities who passed away too soon at a very young age: 1. Jiah Khan © TOI This young talented actor got immense popularity in Bollywood after working alongside actor Amitabh Bachchan in Nishabd. The controversial movie hit theatres in the year 2007. She was introduced to the movie world at a very young age. Jiah also acted as a supporting actor in hit film Ghajini beside Aamir Khan in the year 2008. Her final onscreen performance was in Housefull in 2010. In 2013, she committed suicide at a tender age of 25, owing to the turbulent times in her personal life. Jiah didnât do many movies but her talent was not left unnoticed and her fans rooted for her always. 2. Inder Kumar © TOI Best known for his roles in Wanted, Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge, and Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye, Inder Kumarâs sudden demise took everyone in the tinsel town by surprise. The actor passed away from cardiac arrest at the age of 43 in Mumbai. He made his debut with 1996 film Masoom, featuring in over 20 movies in a career spanning over two decades. He had a promising start in the â90s with several notable films as a supporting actor such as Gaja Gamini, Maa Tujhhe Salaam and Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge. Besides, he also appeared on television in the hit TV show Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi playing the part of Mihir Virani opposite Smriti Irani in 2002. 3. Rasika Joshi © T-series Not many are aware that Rasika Joshi, who last played Neeraj Grover's mother in Ram Gopal Varma's Not A Love Story, passed away after losing her battle against cancer in 2011 at the young age of 39. She also played a character as the headmistress of a school in Shah Rukh Khan and Irrfan Khanâs film Billu. An NSD graduate, she has appeared in films like Darna Zaroori Hai, Vaastu Shastra, Gayab , Billu, and Bhool Bhulaiyaa among others. 4. Sridevi © Sridevi kapoor/facebook The news of veteran actress Srideviâs sudden death left her fans completely shocked. She died at the age of 54 on February 24, 2018. The actor was in Dubai to attend nephew Mohit Marwahâs wedding with her family. While Boney Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor returned to India, she decided to extend her stay for a few more days, which is when the news of her death came. She was hailed as Indiaâs first female superstar. Her death certificate claimed that her death was caused due to "accidental drowning." 5. Aadesh Shrivastava © AFP Renowned music composer and singer Aadesh Shrivastavaâs sudden passing away took everyone by surprise. He is known for his work in films like Raajneeti, Chalte Chalte, Baghban, Baabul, and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. In 2015, there were reports that his cancer had relapsed for the third time since 2010 and that he had been hospitalised for more than a month. Unfortunately, he died in a coma at a hospital in Mumbai, on September 5, 2015, a day after his 51st birthday. View the full article
  4. For stoners all around the world, this month is nothing short of historic. April 2020 - itâll be a hundred years before weâll see 4/20 on non-American calendars again, and as Americans in legal states such as California line up outside marijuana dispensaries in socially-distanced queues, pot has been a companion of choice for many to keep up with the boredom and isolation faced behind closed doors. Things are a little different for Indians, however. With the barely-legal status of cannabis, strict lockdown measures and conservative rules at home, several nashedis have had to drastically change the way they get high - or give up the habit altogether, willingly and otherwise. The Ones Who Stocked Up © Unsplash Iâm going to be frank here - while I was initially part of this group, the temptation to light one (or three) up during Janta curfew was far too much, and ever since, Iâve dwindled away my rations like a certain rum-greedy pirate. via GIPHY For 24-year-old Mumbai-based copywriter SP, things were a little more thought out. âBefore the lockdown. I bought enough to last me a month or two so I haven't gotten back in touch with him yet,â she shares, regarding her dealer. âI hope heâs okay,â she adds. SPâs solution to keeping the party going at home is to rely on planning and rationing out her smoke sessions through the lockdown. âI hope I don't have to go clean,â she admits, concerned about the potential length of the quarantine period. âI think I can sustain my stash for a while. I've just been smoking less frequently. You can count that as a change of habit.â Personally, getting high at home is fun but potentially frustrating - if you choose to rely on ganja to spice up your free time, it may get repetitive with limitations on what you can do, and before going clean, my post-puff routine involved rotating through activities such as video games, playing the guitar, meditating and when the boredom got too intense, simply getting chores done with a good playlist in the background. Not everyoneâs that fickle, though. âThere isn't much to do with the lockdown on,â continues SP âSo the smoke sessions are now more special than ever. Music pairs well with marijuana. There's no way I'm ever getting bored with the two around.â Despite this, she admits that she misses sharing sessions with friends - although tagging along with the recent upsurge in video calls and live streams, sheâs scheduled sessions with close stoner buddies, some of whom live in distant time zones. âThere's a stoner song that goes - âSometimes the only way to get by is to get high," she concludes. Going Undercover © Unsplash While a good deal of us live in solitude or share a home with like-minded roommates, personal freedom is something we take for granted - just ask anyone whoâs stuck with family or in a hostel during the shutdown. SB, a 21-year-old Mumbaikar has found her own ways to cope with these restrictions and amusingly enough, itâs even legal. âI use weed (bhaang) golis,â she shares, referring to the commonly available cannabis consumables that make a countrywide comeback every Holi. âThey're basically edibles. Pretty convenient since I just have to pop it in my mouth and swallow with water like any normal medicine, and nobody suspects anything if I act weird because there's no smell.â While this convenient candy-sized option allows SB the freedom to get baked undercover, living with family does pose some unavoidable challenges. âI think the only downside is that there's limited freedom since there's family around,â she admits. âI sometimes get twitchy/wiggly when I'm high and it's a lot of fun letting loose and let my body go into snake-mode! But since I'm around family, I can only enjoy the mental aspect of the high, I have to suppress the physical sensations, which is a little disappointing and makes the high slightly boring, or rather not as exciting as usual.â Despite this, SB's seen value in creative and cinematic experiences - particularly in practising her artwork and enjoying the stunning cinematography of Moving Art or animated classics by Hayao Miyazaki. âI always enjoyed these things while stoned but rarely actually did them since I usually stoned with friends before lockdown happened, she shared. With the lockdown being her first experience with exploring her own thoughts in relative solitude. âIn fact, even if I'm feeling like a loner stoner, it's still nice zoning out in silence with my friends around, having their chatter as a background to my thoughts. I've also started meditating and realised that very often I used weed as a way to meditate because it was a nice excuse to get lost in my own head without having to make a conscious decision of sitting down to do brain-stuff. It's fascinating.â No More Nashe © Unsplash And finally, we arrive at a situation thatâs becoming more common day by day - running out of stash, a problem stoners sometimes refer to as âdankruptcyâ. While mine was mostly self-imposed, owing to less-than-ideal sleep cycles and a tendency to get too easily distracted, filmmaker MK, 24 has found himself between a rock and a hard place - stuck under lockdown while travelling, with no dealers around. I usually smoke 2-3 times a day,â he shares. âI am in a unique situation as I got locked down in a country where I have no access to any dealers, and the lockdown happened so fast that I didnât have any time to make the connections to get any sorted.â This dry spell has resulted in a strange change for M.K. - his âneed for weedâ translating into dreams. âTo tell you the truth it hasnât been that bad. I do have dreams that I am smoking big blunts and others where I try to score but ultimately leads to disappointment⦠reminding me of my current situation when I wake up.â As a regular stoner, MKâs daily routine usually involved smoking up at regular intervals through the day. âI was getting high often enough that I didnât have a particular activity, but Iâd say going for walks and ***/masturbation were a common pastime while high. One good thing about this lockdown though,â he admits, âis that I have become far more active - those walks have turned into runs now.â Despite making it a common habit, this unscheduled break revealed to M.K. some of the downfalls of smoking, having taken a step back and completing over a month sober. âIt gets extremely repetitive,â he cautions. âI think the only way to keep things fresh is to make sure that you donât make it a habit, which is so hard since itâs so f*cking good.â Can't argue with that, bud. View the full article
  5. Tareen's group earned Rs3.85 billion through two power plants ? JDW two and three, says report
  6. This is a 27-year-old story where two titans of the technology world were competing with each other for the dominant personal computer spot. In August of 1997, Bill Gates saved Apple, which at the time was on the brink of bankruptcy. While most companies would let their rivals die out, this is the story of when two companies decided to help each other out instead of letting one fold. © Pinterest âBill, thank you. The worldâs a better place,â Jobs told Gates when Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple and offered free access to use Microsoft Office on Mac personal computers. This historic move saved Apple from going down under and in exchange, Apple dropped their lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming the company copied their operating system. 20 years ago this week, Steve Jobs was on the cover of @TIME, thanking @BillGates for "saving Apple." pic.twitter.com/AhUnLnOZ8t â Codecademy (@Codecademy) August 24, 2017However, 10 years later, the two CEOs met on-stage at the D5 tech conference and relived the memory of coming together. In the interview, Jobs said "Apple was in very serious trouble,â and what was really clear was that "if the game was a zero-sum game where for Apple to win, Microsoft had to lose, then Apple was going to lose.â âThere were too many people at Apple and in the Apple ecosystem playing [that] game,â he explained. âAnd it was clear that you didnât have to play that game because Apple wasnât going to beat Microsoft.â © Pinterest âTo me, it was pretty essential to break that paradigm,â Jobs said. âAnd it was also important that you know, Microsoft was the biggest software developer outside of Apple, developing for the Mac. So it was just crazy what was happening at that time. And Apple was very weak and so I called Bill up and we tried to patch things up.â For Microsoft, it was a new business opportunity as well as a way to get Apple back on its feet. While Gates did end up with 18.2 million Apple shares, but these were non-voting shares as Microsoft was their fiercest rival. Eventually, Gates sold all of Apple shares in 2003, however as of 2019, those shares would have been worth $40-50 billion. âThatâs worked out very well,â said Gates at the D5 tech conference. âIn fact, every couple years or so, thereâs been something new that weâve been able to do on the Mac and itâs been a great business for us.â Well, many thought that this tech mythic story wasnât true until the two CEOs met for an interview together. Thereâs no doubt it is a great story about the two rivals. It proves eliminating competition isnât the only way to win and in turn, working together helped both companies to become the richest organisations in the world. What makes this story extraordinary is the fact that Bill Gates at the time was a cut-throat businessman and had a reputation for not being apologetic. Today, Bill Gates is known for his generosity and philanthropy, but he was a very different person in 1997 who chose to save his rival rather than see it sink. View the full article
  7. Whatâs in a name? Not too much if youâre a person - but if you happen to be one of these fifteen megacompanies, a name invokes far more than just a brand label - some of these iconic names have stood for decades and will probably continue on for several more. Company founders usually find a name somewhere between clever hidden meanings, plain functionality and often, just dumb luck. Today, navigating through legal restrictions makes it a lot harder - so hereâs a list charting through some of the more unique, interesting names youâll find on stock markets today. Nike © Reuters The central idea is pretty straightforward - Nike refers to the Greek goddess of victory, usually depicted with outstretched wings and laurels as a sign of triumph - the ancient Greeks would be proud today. Lesser known in Nikeâs story however, is the brandâs original name - the much less catchy âBlue Ribbon Sportsâ. The catalyst for the name change was Blue Ribbonâs first full-time employee, Jeff Johnson, who convinced his team that successful brand names had two essential qualities. First, they were short. Second, they contained an âexoticâ letter, such as an X, K or Z. Soon, Nike took off the ground - and it all came from advice Johnson read in an airplane magazine. Google © Reuters Some meetings were just destined to happen - such as when Stanford university prospective Larry Page met Sergey Brin on the campus grounds in 1997. Soon, Google was officially registered as a domain in the same year - instead of hunting for an iconic or thoughtful word, the pair decided that one of the most obscure words in the English language would serve as their companyâs inspiration - googol, or the mathematical term for the value of 1 followed by 100 zeroes. Whatâs amusing is that before Google, the pair had initially settled on the much cosier sounding name of âBackrubâ. Imagine - an entire universe of awkward jokes and moments missed out on, where weâd spend countless hours âbackrubbingâ instead of googling stuff. Starbucks © Reuters While most of us are content with ordering a quick latte and rushing out the door, you might want to take a look at the Starbucks branding next time youâre looking for a caffeine fix. The coffee chain originated from Seattle - a city well-known for its prolific ports and history of rugged seafaring. Match that heritage to the mermaid character and her 19th-century woodcut design⦠but what about the name? For that, you need to look no further than the legendary novel Moby Dick - the whale-obsessed captain Ishmael happens to have a first mate named - you guessed it - Starbuck. Pizza Hut © Reuters Sometimes, naming a brand is less inspiration and more of working with the limitations youâve got. In the case of mega-pizza chain Pizza Hut, the story began way back in 1950 - long before the Italian favourite permeated every layer of American food culture. While attending the University of Kansas, brothers Frank and Dan Carney launched the first Pizza Hut with a $600 loan from their mother. The name was easy to remember and naturally became quite famous, but there were actually just two reasons as to why the name was chosen. First, the pizzas were made in a literal brick hut - even in 1950, not a lot you can get from $600. Second, the cramped sign only had enough space for nine letters - the rest is history. Apple © Reuters Itâs no surprise that when it came to finally naming Apple, absolutely no one would take on the duty other than marketing genius, eccentric CEO and perhaps one of the most famous late men of the 21st century, Steve Jobs. Thereâs a whole set of rumours about the name Apple - one says that Jobs took inspiration from the story of how Sir Issac Newton observed a falling apple before devising the laws of universal gravitation. The true answer is much simpler - during the time, Jobs happened to be living on an all-fruit diet. The name simply came to him while visiting an apple farm. Coca-Cola © Reuters Serving as one of the great faces of modern capitalism, right alongside McDonalds and more, Coca-Cola is a pretty ancient company - almost 130 years old. Back in the early days, the drink was promoted as a headache cure, and two of the most important additives were cocaine and caffeine - both obtained from the âcocaâ leaf and the âcolaâ nut. If youâre curious, each bottle contained some 9 milligrams of cocaine - a standard âlineâ of the substance contains 50-60 milligrams. Soon after in 1903, the dope was removed, and the world began to move on to everyoneâs favourite carbonated sugary drink, as we know it. Facebook © Reuters Ever seen Aaron Sorkinâs film, The Social Network? If you have, youâll know that before the tech giant had its name, it also had a common prefix as âThe Facebookâ. Originally, the website was a networking tool inspired by Harvardâs annual paper guide distributed to first-year students, which profiled staff and students. Launched in 2004, Mark Zuckerbergâs original site was intended solely for Harvard students but quickly spread to other U.S. universities. By 2005, Zuckerberg dropped the âtheâ and Facebook was born. Royal Enfield © Reuters An icon of both Indian riders and classic British motorcycling heritage, the Royal Enfield name has absolute cult status in the country - even though its origins were far more colonial. Whatâs interesting about the Enfield marquee is that the name has changed twice - back over into Royal Enfield once again. It began in 1890, when the British crown cleared licenses for the brand. Soon after, the motorcycles made a reputation for themselves, especially in World War II. By 1955, the brand had a decent following in India as well, where the government ordered a massive 800 units of the motorcycles for its police and army forces. Soon after, Madras Motors were looped into a deal and Enfield India was born. It wasnât until 1990 that Enfield India merged with the Eicher Group, forming the Royal Enfield we know and love today. Amazon © Reuters Before he created Amazon in 1996, founder Jeff Bezos christened his company Cadabra. That was short for Abracadabra, or the word he felt best conjured the idea that a book would magically appear âAbracadabra! â on a customerâs doorstep. After Bezosâ lawyer thought âcadabraâ sounded like âcadaver,â and Bezos reconsidered. His perfect name would begin with an A, thus appearing first in the alphabetical listing of a web search. As the largest river in the world â strong, swift and exotic â the Amazon proved to be his ultimate inspiration. View the full article
  8. BBC One aired the service, covering performance of Alexandra Burke as well as Anthony Joshua?s reading about being a member of the Commonwealth.
  9. Hailey Bieber reveals the reason behind the secrecy surrounding her marriage. Photo: InsiderJustin and Hailey Bieber’s wedding has been a haze for many due to the secrecy behind its planning. According to outlet reports, the couple changed their wedding date close to four times.Initially,...
  10. If you are not familiar with the Malayalam language, youâd probably never switch to a football channel with Malayalam commentary, and that would be the logical thing to do. But once you listen to Shaiju Damodaran go nuclear on the microphone after Portugalâs Cristiano Ronaldo scored on a magical free-kick against Spain during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, logic would go right out of the window and Malayalam commentary is all you would be listening to. Cristiano Ronaldo's third (hat-trick) goal against Spain in #FIFAworldcup2018 with Malayalam commentary. ENJOY! pic.twitter.com/JvUYXVLaqO â Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) June 16, 2018 Ask the chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra , he will tell you. Ok thatâs it. Iâm switching to this channel with commentary in Malayalam. No, I donât understand the language but I donât need toâthese guys are so pumped up they make the English & Hindi commentators sound tame! pic.twitter.com/yWqApVx6jp â anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) June 16, 2018 Damodaranâs career, which started out as a sports journalist with a Kerala newspaper over 20 years ago, has now evolved into an entire cult. Passionate football fans, mostly Malayalis from India and many other parts of the world stopped listening to match commentary in any other language. All they wanted to lend their ears to were his energetic words. âWhatever I am today, the reason why my commentary goes viral every year is because of all the Malayali sports fans out there. Be it India or Dubai or any other part of the world, it is because of them that my voice has reached out to so many people,â an excited Shaiju Damodaran tells MensXP. âAs a professional commentator, I just try to do my job to the best of my abilities and I am extremely fortunate to have so many people loving my work every single day.â Not every moment of every football match is equally exciting and while the viewers have the option of changing the channel or turn off the television altogether, the commentators canât afford to let the energy dip. It is their job, essentially, to keep the viewer dialled in. For Damodaran, however, the ability to maintain that level of energy is more natural than making a conscious effort. âWhenever a goal happens or a player executes a good move, my reaction comes out automatically. That energy comes from within. Main yeh jaan bhuj ke nahi karta (I donât do this intentionally),â he says. The brilliance behind the mic also originates from Shaijuâs hunger to outdo himself during his next assignment. Every match is a new opportunity. A million things can happen during a game that nobody foresaw and he looks at them as points that can change the entire flow of the game. As the only Malayalam commentator for the Indian Super League in the last six seasons, he has given his voice to more than 330 matches till date. For him, what happened during the last game is the thing of the past. If there is a match today, he will treat it like the greatest assignment he has been a part of, no matter what is at stake. âThe force that drives me every day is the realisation that I have to do each game perfectly and a little better than what I did during the previous match.â Shaiju Damodaran is a busy man. Between 2018 and 2020, the longest duration for which he got to stay at home and spend some quality time with his family was one week. He did commentary during the two seasons of ISL, the Indian Premier League for a Malayalam radio station in Dubai, the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the ICC World Cup 2019. To fill the gaps in between the major tournaments, he is also working at a regional level both as a commentator but also as a public speaker. As a human being, nobody can be in that ecstatic state of mind 24x7, 365 days a year. There might be days when we feel a bit low. Sometimes, bad things happen in our lives and sadness takes over. We feel like shutting out the entire world, staying in bed and just not doing anything. Imagine commentators being in a similar predicament. Think about a match wherein the commentator sounds dull or doesn't speak with the convection required to describe a game-winning goal. Professionals like Damodaran canât afford to âsound lowâ. âWhenever I am working, I try to keep away from social issues. I stay away from anything that can upset me. I even try my best to not get in a fight with my wife,â he jokes. âMy wife and my kids deserve a lot of credit behind my successful career. If something happened in my family that they think would upset me, they wonât tell me on the day I have to do commentary.â âIn the past couple of years, we have had three deaths in our family and they kept the sad news away from me until I came back home after doing commentary so that I donât get disturbed during the match,â he says. âIt is a big deal, I believe.â While Damodaran took his career as a commentator to the next level with hard work and endless dedication, he also witnessed the evolution (although, he prefers to call it a revolution) of ISL and how it has helped make club football a big deal in this country. âIf you look at the tradition of club football in India not too long ago, it was struggling to stand on its feet. Why do you think cricket overtook football by such a large margin in India? It was only because of the unavailability of proper broadcasting of club-football games, something the Indian cricket board did exceptionally well,â he says. âFootball culture in Kerala used to be huge over two and a half decades ago but died down eventually. It was only because of broadcasting club football live that the league brought to the country that that culture got reignited. Things like my commentary are just small parts of this revolution that ISL brought about.â You can draw resemblance in Damodaranâs way of delivering dialogue with how English commentator Ray Hudson does it, especially when he is describing Barcelona FC star Lionel Messiâs magic on the field. That Hudson is idolised by the Malayali star, and that shouldnât come as a surprise to you. His wish has always been to work in the same league as the Premier League and La Liga commentator but he also goes on to clarify that his heart lies with the ISL, the league that made him what he is today. âNo matter how big you become in life, loyalty should always be a top priority for you,â he says. View the full article
  11. Imagine thinking that people just don't like you because no one has reached out to you in months, but then finding out it's because everyone thinks you're actually dead. Yeah, this is a weird situation but, it also happened for real for 75-year-old Alan Hattel. The poor guy got so concerned that no one had called him in three-four months, only to discover his own grave. Yes, it's getting weirder. Talk about being buried alive. © Paul Reid The retired welder from Forfar, Tayside in Scotland said, "My phone hasnât rung for three or four months. Iâve been confused by it all but now I know why nobody has been calling. I donât even want to be buried â I plan to be cremated." Well, what's the perfect way to announce that you're actually alive? Posing dramatically alongside your grave, of course. © Paul Reid I'm a little upset he didn't use this rare chance to just mess with people by claiming how he died but came back to life. That would be hilarious. But, the main question is why would there be a gravestone with his name on it when he's clearly not in the grave. Well, according to him, it seems like the doing of his ex-wife. © Paul Reid He said, "Iâve never, ever said I wanted to be buried alongside my ex-wife. Weâve been separated 26 years and thereâs no animosity but Iâm struggling to take it all in. To find out you have a gravestone in a cemetery while you are still alive isnât something that happens every day." There's only one explanation- When your ex really really doesn't like you ....https://t.co/AJEyB5Iy3S â Brad Pridgeon (@bpridgeo) January 23, 2020 Well, at least he already has a headstone and everything when his time actually comes if he changes his mind about getting cremated. View the full article
  12. Quirky, eccentric and yet subtle - perhaps this is the most appropriate way to describe the style statements that we have seen Aparshakti Khurana make. Now, even though he, like most of our Bollywood celebrities, are born with an innate sense of style, he is rarely the one who comes up with the ensembles that we have seen him wear. © Jay Samuel The stylist who is responsible for the drool-worthy sartorial sensibility that we have come to associate with Aparshakti, is Jay Samuel, a London-based stylist, who, apart from Aparshakti has closely worked with a number of style icons from across the Indian subcontinent. © Jay Samuel Here's what Jay had to say, when we sat down for a candid conversation over men's fashion in India, the icons of style in Bollywood, and all things fashion. Tell us about your journey, how did you start out? I've always had an eye for detail and a passion for fashion from a young age. Over the years, this passion grew even more, since I was styling family friends for various events. I also understood how to shop cleverly and work around things that I have. Gradually this habit led to a sense of recognition, which I pursued further. What is your creative process when you are working with Aparshakti Khurana? Being a stylist entails coming up with ideas for someone else to pursue. Aparshakti and I have worked together for many years now. We share the same energy when it comes to fashion. He is open to ideas and not afraid of setting trends, trying out new stuff, so that definitely helps. © Instagram/jaysamuelstudio We have seen this new trend of celebs getting a shoot done before going out for public appearances, be it a red carpet event or for promotions. Why has this practice developed as the norm? We are living in a social media frenzy where everything is constantly being snapped - whether it is your gym outfit, or an airport look. Sometimes, the images are flattering. However, sometimes they are far from it. Therefore this new trends gives celebrities the opportunity to have those perfect images ready for posting online. Furthermore, it's a great way to credit to the designer and stylist. However, as a photographer, I don't always agree with this habit, as this diminishes the need for a proper and creative photoshoot. Does being a photographer allow you to visualise your styling projects in a better way? How does it work? Definitely yes. As a photographer, you envision the end result in your mind, way before the day arrives and you clicking the image. From a stylist's point of view, I will prepare everything else, keeping that image in mind. © Instagram/jaysamuelstudio Virgil Abloh in a recent interview said that streetwear will be dead in the coming decade. Do you agree? Why or why not? Streetwear has stepped up, it's not just about being comfortable anymore. It's adding that quirkiness to give ensembles a certain look and feel. In my opinion, streetwear will always be there. We have seen a rise in multiple bags which started from the ramp and quickly could be seen on the streets. What is that one fashion trend that you don't like, or don't agree with? I didn't particularly like the trend of getting over the top, big hairstyles. I think they overpower the entire look. What are some must-have staples that men should hoard in their closets? A properly tailored white shirt, a smart jacket, a pair of brogues, a well fitted pair of jeans. Also, invest well in accessories, such as belts, watches and sunglasses. © Instagram/jaysamuelstudio What are some basic and often repeated mistakes that people make when putting together a look? I've always noticed that people often dress ignoring the kind of occasion they are heading to. For example, you often see men wearing the wrong shirt collar, for the tie they have chosen. If you opt for a bow tie then go for the right collar. Also the trend of wearing oversized garments. Although this may seem cool and look super comfortable, it can be overbearing for some people. How would you describe the last decade in terms of fashion? What trends, according to you, were huge? It was the decade of the smart suits paired with sneakers - sophisticated and yet comfortable. Also the whole neon effect for both women and men worked well. © Instagram/jaysamuelstudio And what trends do you see going big in 2020? Trench coats for both men and women will be a big thing. I do see people rocking more colours with spring emerging, particularly shades of yellow and orange. I also feel a comeback of the '80s trend of tailored blazer jackets with enunciated shoulder pads. What advice would you give to a budding stylist? The main thing is having that inner passion for fashion and style. Be creative and believe in your craft. Take inspiration from others but find your own style. Always work hard and remember to have fun. © Instagram/jaysamuelstudio How would you define your signature style? Quirky. Your favourite place to shop or look for new pieces to work with. I love shopping and I'm a creative but selective shopper, so the place doesn't matter. Just show me the stuff! © Jay Samuel One historical era that you find extremely fashionable? I loved the '70s in terms of fashion, with their fitted shirts and well-tailored trousers. One celebrity who can teach everyone else a lesson or two on how to pull off the Indian aesthetic elegantly, when it comes to menswear. It's between the godfather of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachan and Shahid Kapoor. They both have everything on point, every time. © Jay Samuel One thing men should never do while dressing up in traditional Indian wear. Get the shoes wrong, for some reason the outfits whether its grand sherwanis or just a plain kurta are always paired with the wrong kind of shoes…. Please can we show the footwear the same kind of love! One traditional Indian menswear item you believe every Indian man should have in his wardrobe, and why. A white or black kurta. It oozes comfort, but also looks very stylish, whether you are pairing it with a traditional churidar or some trendy chinos. © Jay Samuel 3 International Celebrities that you would love to style. David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and David Gandy 3 Indian celebrities who have a natural flair for style. Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Ayushman Khurrana Ethereal, elysian, and sublime - these words can often be used to describe the ensembles and outfits that we have seen Bollywood celebrities wear. However, more often than not, there is an entire team of people, working behind the scenes to bring us some iconic and memorable statement ensembles. As a series, Style Pundits looks at the eccentric people behind these ensembles and celebrates the ever-changing notions that have come to define India's sartorial sensibilities and the fluidity of our style. View the full article
  13. Security Council briefed by UN secretariat about situation on ground in occupied Kashmir. Photo: File NEW YORK: The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) met for the second time in less than six months behind closed doors to discuss the alarming situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. In August last year, the Security Council had met for the first time in over five decades, to discuss the critical human rights situation in the occupied valley. After the meeting, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun spoke to journalists confirming that the Security Council had met to review the situation in the occupied valley. “We had a meeting on Jammu and Kashmir,” Jun said, adding the 15-member Council was briefed by the UN secretariat on the situation on the ground. The Department of Peace Operations and the Department of Political and Peace-building Affairs briefed the UN Security Council on the situation in Kashmir, followed by a discussion on the situation among Council members in which all of them participated. India backtracking on Kashmir talks, Pakistan remains committed: FM Qureshi China has long voiced concern over the situation in occupied Kashmir and had requested the UNSC along with Pakistan to hold the meeting. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also attended the UN meeting in New York before jetting off to Washington later in the evening. The Chinese envoy said Qureshi had penned letters to the Security Council drawing its attention to the situation in Kashmir, where the people were suffering under a repressive military lockdown with all communications links cutoff since August 5. “The issue of India and Pakistan is always on the agenda of the Security Council," the Chinese ambassador said, pointing out that "recently, we have also seen some tensions” When asked what was China’s position on the situation in Kashmir, Jun said, “Our position is very clear. China regards Kashmir as a territory disputed between India and Pakistan and supports UN resolutions calling for the exercise by Kashmiri people of their right to self-determination through a UN-supervised plebiscite.” Read also: UNSC meets on situation in occupied Kashmir, urges parties to 'refrain from unilateral action' “I am sure the meeting helped both parties to understand the risk of further escalation and will encourage them to approach to each other and to have dialogue and to seek means to seek solutions through dialogues,” he added. Senior Russian diplomat Dmitry Polyanskiy who also attended the session tweeted after the meeting that the 15-member body had discussed the contentious Indian-administered region, where New Delhi has been accused of abuses against its mostly-Muslim population. “UNSC discussed Kashmir in closed consultations,” said Polyanskiy. “Russia firmly stands for the normalisation of relations between India and Pakistan. We hope that differences between them will be settled through bilateral efforts based on the 1972 Simla Agreement and the 1999 Lahore Declaration,” he added.
  14. Following a 2-0 win over Sri Lanka in the recently-concluded Twenty20 International (T20I) series, the Indian cricket team found their next challenge in the touring Australian brigade for three One-Day Internationals (ODIs). While India has been busy enjoying a dominant home run, the Aussies, too, have proved their worth by whitewashing Pakistan and New Zealand in Tests, recently. Apart from their form, the biggest cause of worry for the Indian team and their fans was Australia's spirited performance during their 2-0 win in the T20Is and a 3-2 triumph in the five-match ODI series. But, little did the home fans know of what awaited them at the iconic Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. © Twitter/@BCCI Amid all the buzz surrounding what was tipped to be an exciting contest, the Indian fans reaching the Wankhede were informed about the ban on black colour. The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAA) has been the talk of the town with the nation-wide protests hogging the headlines of newspapers and taking social media by storm. The Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA), owing to the security measures, decided to ban any sort of black-coloured clothing inside the stadium. The measure is believed to have been taken in a bid to avoid protests against PM Narendra Modi-led BJP government's act which has met with a lot of criticism lately. *IMPORTANT NOTICE* Those who are coming for #INDvAUS match, kindly don't wear black colour tshirts Entries are restricted for some security reasons for the same@BCCI @MumbaiCricAssoc — North Stand Gang - Wankhede (@NorthStandGang) January 14, 2020 Ahead of the 1st ODI, the unique directive, banning spectators from wearing black colour, was tweeted by 'North Stand Gang - Wankhede' for the visiting fans. "Those who are coming for #INDvAUS match, kindly don't wear black colour t-shirts. Entries are restricted for some security reasons for the same," the tweet read. While the move came in the light of avoiding any sort of protest against the CAA inside the stadium, the Indian fans visiting the Wankhede and on social media expressed their displeasure on the 'black' ban. I'm at the Wankhede stadium today. The colour Black is being banned (t-shirts, caps, anything) because it's a "symbol of protest". **** you, MCA. **** you very much. — Rahul Desai (@ReelReptile) January 14, 2020 @bhogleharsha I am not sure you remember our conversation on Twitter a few weeks back, but this is what spectators go through after paying INR 5,000 per person for a sub-standard experience. Why such arbitrary rules without any public announcements? Even SL is better than us. — Anand Batra (@anandrbatra) January 14, 2020 The MCA/Police should've released a statement well in advance. People travel from far off to watch the game after paying a ransom for the tickets. Absolutely rubbish. — Aniket Bose (@ABnormalConnect) January 14, 2020 Ye kya rule hai â¹ï¸ — Sanika Sawant (@SanikaSawant10) January 14, 2020 Update: Friend in black t-shirt was allowed inside because he wrapped the Indian flag around his t-shirt ð — Rahul Desai (@ReelReptile) January 14, 2020 Well this is new... Ban on Colour...Way to go ... "Abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain..." — Ajaz Md Ghalib (@iamghalib) January 14, 2020 This "black" ban has now inadvertently put the spotlight back on CAA right in the backyard of the mute Indian cricket team. Thanks, government. Job well done. — Rahul Desai (@ReelReptile) January 14, 2020 View the full article
  15. Famous Singer Umair Jaswal recently celebrated his birthday posting a photo of the cake he had received from the actress Sana Javed. Soon the social media was flooded with reports of the pair's wedding on the cards. It appeared that the rumors were triggered after Jaswal revealed in a comment on his photo that the cake was sent by Sana Javed. He thanked the actress for the cake and the idea for his next bike. While wishing the singer on his birthday, Sana Javed told him that she was glad that he liked the cake. In a nutshell, it was nothing more than an Instagram comment that became the cause for the rumors mill to start churning. As the speculations continued doing rounds on the social media, some unconfirmed reports said the pair has denied the reports of getting married.
  16. After rain and leaking covers disappointed cricket watchers from all over the world a couple of days ago in Guwahati, the second T20I of the series between India and Sri Lanka more than made up for the loss. With Indian bowlers, led by the 27-year-old Navdeep Saini, showing up during Sri Lanka's batting and wrapping their entire roster for just 142 runs, it was a child's play for our batsmen to finish the game off early, go back to their hotel rooms and enjoy the pleasant Indore evening. That's that from Indore.#TeamIndia win by 7 wickets. Lead the three-match series 1-0.#INDvSL pic.twitter.com/5mtCxcHFHr — BCCI (@BCCI) January 7, 2020 And even though the Men in Blue ended the target with seven wickets and 15 balls to spare, thanks to the timely fireworks by Shreyas Iyer and skipper Virat Kohli, everyone was more interested in the kind of chemistry openers KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan were sharing at the beginning of India's innings. The duo started out on a positive note and Rahul, being in the wonderful form that he has been in lately, took over the game with his impeccable timing and world-class cover drives. On the other hand, Dhawan, who was returning to the pitch after suffering a knee injury, seemed to be hesitant and failing to connect with the ball. Despite the latter's struggles, the two went on to form a 71-run partnership for the first wicket which gave Kohli's men a more than comfortable push for the win. 50-run partnership comes up between @klrahul11 & @SDhawan25 ðªðª#INDvSL pic.twitter.com/2cHppP0glK — BCCI (@BCCI) January 7, 2020 For their display of camaraderie, Rahul and Dhawan were presented with the 'Ambuja Cement Atoot Jodi of the Match' award during the post-match ceremony which literally means “an unbreakable pair”. The irony behind this award could not have been more amusing as this pair is destined to get ripped apart. The rare occasion of Dhawan and Rahul playing together was only made possible as Rohit Sharma was rested for the Sri Lanka series. When you can't make choise b/w Dhawan and Rahul , So you give rest to Rohit and select both... ððð pic.twitter.com/RjjYo7KtMD — Parv Kapoor..ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ (@arrey_bhai_bhai) January 4, 2020 Sharma, who has had the best year of his international cricketing career in 2019 has more than earned his spot as the leading opener of the Indian batting order, while in Dhawan's absence due to injury, KL Rahul has stepped up and showed to the world why he deserves the spot of the co-opener. When 'Gabbar' was healthy, he was struggling to put up good numbers while Rahul was dominating the domestic circuit as he put on a show in match after another and demanded the selectors' attention with the kind of work he did with his blade during the Syed Mushtak Ali Trophy. Even during the match, commentators Sunil Gavaskar and Mahela Jayawardene kept an eye on Dhawan's difficulties on the pitch and discussed on several occasions whether it was Rahul's time to take away his spot when Sharma does make a comeback, especially with the ICC Men's T20 World Cup just around the corner. ðThis is the 14th consecutive T20I innings when Dhawan failed to reach a 50. ðIts been 12 innings since Dhawan's final SR was 150+. ðIn last 20 innings:- Dhawan Runs: 574 Avg: 28.7 SR: 123.4 50/100: 2/0 Rahul Runs: 707 Avg: 41.5ð¥ SR: 146.6ð¥ 50/100: 5/1#Dhawan #INDvSL — The Cricket Panda (@TheCricketPanda) January 7, 2020 Even Rahul couldn't help but pass a smile when former Indian cricketer turn anchor, Murali Kartik asked the athlete about his chemistry with the southpaw. Although he managed to get away with a well prepared, diplomatic answer, he made it clear that he had eyes for the opening spot for the T20 World Cup squad. The Sharma-Dhawan combo did the Indian cricket team a lot of good for the past couple of years but while Sharma has been able to take his game to a whole new level in 2019, it feels as if Dhawan has reached his ceiling and Rahul, at this point of time, clearly feels like the better fit for Kohli's side. View the full article
  17. Reason behind why Kendall Jenner does not wish to disclose her relationshipKendall Jenner answered fans burning questions regarding her and ex Ben Simmons. According to a report in TMZ, the ex-couple were seen entering a New Year’s Eve party at Attico in downtown Philadelphia. The reports reveal that the pair partied all night with Ben's basketball player's teammates, and stayed well past 12. Kendall Jenner has become well known for her on-and-off-again relationship with Ben. Peoples reported on her relationship status back in May of 2019, confirming their split. A source revealed back then, "They're on a break. The relationship ran its course. She’s spending time with her friends and back to being in fun mode." Kendall has never been one to publicly disclose her personal life, unlike the rest of her family, and before her breakup became official, the star told Vogue Australia, "I got a glimpse of how my sisters dealt with (the attention( and it’s cool to learn from that,” she had said. “For me, a lot of things are very special and very sacred, like my friends and relationships, and I personally think that bringing things into the public makes everything so much messier,” Kendall added.
  18. Miely Cyrus eager to put her past behind, wants to 'move on' from Liam HemsworthMiley Cyrus is not letting her past stop her from enjoying her life as she is eager to move on from ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. The 27-year-old singer who is currently dating Cody Simpson said that she was relieved when she her divorce with Liam got finalised. "Miley is relieved that she and Liam reached an agreement when it comes to the divorce," a source close to Miley told People. "She just wants to move on." Miley and Cyrus ended their beautiful decade-long relationship when they agreed upon details of their divorce settlement after announcing their split back in August. According to reports, sources told TMZ that Miley and Liam had a prenuptial agreement, so the division of property was likely not going to cause issues.
  19. The entire Indian subcontinent was left aghast on 27th November when the brutal rape and murder of Priyanka Reddy came to light. The 27-year-old veterinary doctor was treated far worse than animals by a group of men in Hyderabad, who raped her, smothered her and finally burnt her body before ditching it under a bridge. The country was left trembling with shock, fear and anger at what had come to pass, and how incidents of rape and assault are slowly becoming the norm in our country. Amidst huge public uproar and media outcry since the fateful day, not only were the accused apprehended but the case was also being pushed for a quick verdict against the perpetrators. © Twitter-RupsaChak However, before the legal system could do the deed, all the four accused in the police custody were neutralised during a police 'encounter' during the early hours of 6th December in Hyderabad. According to the police, the accused were taken to the scene of the crime for a reconstruction of events, when the accused allegedly snatched the weapons from the police and attacked them in a bid to flee from the location. Following which, all four of them were shot down during the altercation. © Twitter Yogita Bhayana One man, the Cyberabad Police Commissioner V C Sajjanar has become the face of this 'encounter' that a majority of the people in the country are in support of. While the debate is on regarding how right or wrong the 'encounter' was, here are 5 things you need to know about IPS officer V C Sajjanar, who is being hailed as a hero by many: 1. Officer V C Sajjanar is a native of Karnataka and is a 1996 batch Indian Police Service cadet. He is a Commerce graduate, and also holds an MBA from the Karnataka University. © Twitter-CP-Hyderaba 2. While IPS officer V C Sajjanar began his career as an Assistant Superintendent of Police, he has held many distinguished titles within the police force, such as Superintendent of Police Warangal, IG of Special Intelligence Branch and currently he was serving as the Cyberabad Police Commissioner. 3. Officer Sajjanar has been involved in two other heavy-duty encounters in the past. In 2008, three men accused of throwing acid on two girls were shot dead by police during an encounter. Officer Sajjanar was the Superintendent of Police in Warangal at the time. © Twitter-CP-Hyderaba 4. Yet again as the IG of the anti-Naxalite unit of the Special Intelligence Branch in 2016, Officer Sajjanar was given credit for the arrest of many top Maoists and the encounter of senior Maoist leader Mohammed Nayeemuddin. 5. Known by his colleagues and juniors as a soft-spoken and mild-mannered man, the Priyanka Reddy encounter would be officer Sajjanar's third high-profile encounter case in service. He is known to work passionately towards the cause of women and child safety, cybercrime and human trafficking. View the full article
  20. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal said on Saturday that the government was hiding behind the armed forces and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa over its failures. The...
  21. In what has been a tale of two halves, Rohit Sharma's cricketing journey has been full of ups and downs. Despite being tipped as one the upcoming talents in the country, the Mumbai batsman initially struggled to get going when he was roped in as a middle-order batsman. But, his ascension to the opening slot didn't just give a second wind to his career, but eventually gave India an irreplaceable batsman at the top. Since then, there has been no turning back for the rampant Indian opener. From carrying the baton for his side in crunch matches, taking some of the best bowling attacks to the cleaners to bulldozing his way to envious batting records, the 32-year-old, over the years, has undeniably established himself as one of the best in the business. And, the year 2019 appears to be no different. © Twitter/@BCCI With nine hundreds - including a Test double, eight half-centuries, 201 fours and 66 sixes, the 32-year-old is bossing international cricket this year. And, after scoring a blistering 43-ball 85 against Bangladesh in Rajkot, he is right on top of the leading run-scorers' list for the year. Given the repertoire of his strokes, the right-hander is more than capable of turning the game on its head - something that was thoroughly visible during his carnage at the Saurashtra Cricket Association stadium. Under pressure from their defeat in Delhi, the Indian captain led from the front to stitch a 118-run opening partnership with Shikhar Dhawan (31). The Mumbai batsman hammered the Bangladeshi bowlers all around the park, smashing six fours and as many sixes during his blazing knock that came at strike-rate of over 197. In fact, such was the confidence level of Rohit that he even contemplated the idea of hitting off-spinner Mosaddek Hossain for six sixes in an over before eventually settling for three. MUST WATCH: Chahal TV with the Hitman! ð From @ImRo45's 100th T20I to his 'secret' recipe to those monster sixes, this fun segment of Chahal TV has all the answers! ð @yuzi_chahal - by @28anand Full Video here ðð https://t.co/tPJpO7yDMo pic.twitter.com/HgEZXGgroF — BCCI (@BCCI) November 8, 2019 "That's what I tried, I wanted to go for six in a row but when I missed the fourth one I decided to go for singles. I knew that an off-spinner was bowling, and the wet ball was not going to turn, so my plan was to stand still and hit the ball without stepping out," Sharma told Yuzvendra Chahal on bcci.tv after the game. With 62 runs required from 11 overs, Rohit had Hossain ducking for cover in the 10th over. The Indian opener dispatched the Bangladesh off-spinner's first delivery for a six over deep midwicket. Then, another flat delivery was sent deep over the long-on fence for another maximum. The third delivery, another short of a length ball, got similar treatment as Rohit rocked back in the crease before heaving it over long-on to make it three sixes in a row. © Twitter/@BCCI However, couldn't quite connect with the fourth, a fuller delivery, and only got an edge, breaking the sequence. After 21 runs off the over, India got to their target of 154 with eight wickets in hand and 26 balls remaining. During his match-winning innings, Rohit's ability to hit sixes with relative ease was quite noticeable. For someone who doesn't boast of a typically muscular frame, Rohit has developed a knack for hitting sixes. So how does he do it, you'd ask? Here's the answer. "You don't need just big muscles or power to hit sixes. You need timing and you need to hit it from the middle, your head should be still, your body needs to be in the right position. When you take care of these things on a good wicket, you will be able to hit sixes," Rohit explained to Chahal. © Twitter/@BCCI With 2019 almost coming to an end, Rohit is eager to continue his fine form and finish his outstanding year on a high. "It's been a very good so far, just want to finish it off on a great note. "We've got a few games coming up, one against Bangladesh and then there's a whole West Indies series coming up as well. So yes, I'm quite looking forward to that, not to forget the two Test matches (against Bangladesh)," he said at the post-match presentation. Following a tame loss in the first match, the Rohit Sharma-led India produced a strong batting show to script a convincing eight-wicket win. After restricting the visitors to 153/6, Rohit (85), with adequate support from Dhawan (31) and Shreyas Iyer (24), helped the hosts in levelling the three-match series 1-1. Eyeing a series win, India and Bangladesh will now lock horns in the third and final T20I at the Vidarbha Cricket Association stadium in Nagpur on 10th November. View the full article
  22. First impressions matter and for a lawyer, it is paramount that they make a great first impression, not just before a judge but also, their clients. Saurav Joon, a Delhi-based lawyer knows this. He also knows that his beard tends to have a mesmerising effect on people. For him, this isn't a new phenomenon. “Even when I was in school, I used to get a lot of attention because of how thick my beard was,” says Saurav. So, does a thick beard like his have its advantages? © MensXP “Let's just say that a good beard has its perks,” he says, with a cheeky smile. Saurav believes in keeping things simple when you already have the genes. Just a basic grooming routine, a little focus on hygiene and you are good to go. Here's his beard story. © MensXP 1. What's your beard maintenance routine? I get it trimmed regularly because no matter what, it always grows a little haywire. You can do it yourself if you have a trimmer that's easy to use and has features like a variable lock-in length. Other than that, I shampoo my beard and use some oil. 2. Did you have to face any issues when you started growing your beard? What did you do for that? At times, my beard got a little itchy. It still does. Sometimes I felt like getting rid of it, and chances are, other people may feel like doing that as well. I'll suggest that you just moisturise it or use some oil, and wait it out. That itchy feeling goes away. © MensXP 3. How often do you wash your beard? Any specific products that you use? I wash it every day. There are days when I have to wash it twice a day. I just use a shampoo to wash it, nothing too special. Other than that, I use a pomade just to style my beard and keep it in shape. A pomade or something like a is wax key if you want to style your beard. 4. Any advice for young boys who are trying to grow their first beard? I would say not to grow it out right now, they'll come to regret it. Your beard's not going to be as thick as you want it to be if you've just started growing facial hair. Wait it out, and grow it later, once your facial hair starts getting thick. © MensXP 5. How often does your beard draw attention? I have a golden tinge to my beard. It looks like I get it coloured, but I actually don't. So, when I tell people that it has a natural golden tinge to it, they think it's awesome, and give me a surprised look. 6. An actor's beard that you would like to try out? Not an actor, but there's this model named Chris John Millington. He is the guy that everyone should follow when it comes to beards. His beard styles and grooming routine are always on point. For me, he's the only beard celebrity that you should follow. © MensXP 7. What's your opinion on Handlebar Moustaches? They are way too rowdy for me. Being a lawyer, I have to look decent in the courtroom. A judge will throw me out if I turn up in such a rowdy style! As similar or varied as beard styles may be, courtesy the eclectic stylistic evolution across the multicultural stylescape of the nation, every man has his own beard story and a signature aesthetic in which he carries his beard. Short, patchy, long, thick, or full-bodied - beards add a distinctive character and charm to a face, irrespective of how one keeps it. '31 Days Of Beard' is a celebration of men from all walks of life, and their beards, in all shapes and forms. For all your grooming needs check out the personal grooming range by Havells.
  23. India's recent results in the Global Hunger Index should raise serious alarm, with a deplorable rank of 102 among 117 countries - ranking the lowest among both BRICS and South Asian countries - Pakistan ranked 94th, while Bangladesh stood at 88th and Nepal took the 73rd spot. © Concern Worldwide/Welthungerhilfe With a score of 30.3, India falls firmly within the 'serious' category of hunger. The GHI score itself is calculated by zeroing in on four different key figures - undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting, and child mortality. © Concern Worldwide/Welthungerhilfe While general trends seem to be improving (except for wasting) according to the report, it is said that for infants in India aged 6 months to 23 months, only 9.6% are fed a 'minimum acceptable diet'. This means that less than 10 percent of the infants in India are properly fed. © Reuters Because of its large population, India's GHI indicator values have an inflated impact on the regional numbers as well. India's child wasting rate is extremely high at 20.8% - the highest wasting rate of any country in this report. © Reuters Hygiene is also a serious issue that remains at large. “Even with new latrine construction, however, open defecation is still practiced,” the report reads. “This situation jeopardises the population's health and consequently, children's growth and development as their ability to absorb nutrients is compromised.”
  24. Ahead of this year's World Boxing Championships, when Manju Rani was leaving for Ulan-Ude in Russia, the 19-year-old promised her mother Ishwant Devi that she will return home with a medal - a promise she fulfilled in style. Making her debut at the coveted World Championships, the young Indian boxer ended her campaign with a silver medal after losing the light flyweight (48kg) final to Russia's Ekaterina Paltceva. Having missed out on the gold medal, Manju was a bit disappointed when she made a video call to her mother and said: "Maa...mai gold nahi jeet pai (I couldn't win a gold medal)". But, despite her loss in the all-important final, she was nothing short of impressive on her World Championships debut. © Twitter/@BFI_official She was the lone Indian boxer to enter the finals of the tournament after experienced campaigners like MC Mary Kom (51kg), Jamuna Boro (54kg) and Lovlina Borgohain (69kg) lost their respective semifinals bouts and settled for bronze medals. She also matched the heroics of her idol Mary, who had also reached the World Championships final on debut back in 2001. But, Manju's journey to the World Championships silver has been nothing short of a miracle. Just two years ago, Manju was nowhere in the national reckoning, let alone being a medal hope at the coveted tournament in Russia. A loss in the 2017 Rohtak district championships made everyone believe that she was not even good enough at the state or district level. It was the time when her mother recalled the inhibitions of her late father, who served as a Havaldar in the Border Security Force (BSF) before his untimely demise because of liver cancer in 2010, about Manju's career choice as a professional boxer. With no means of income other than a small pension, Manju's mother was already facing an uphill battle in putting food on the table while raising five children of her own and another two of a relative in the Rithal village of Haryana's Rohtak district. © Twitter/@BFI_official And, with Manju's unfavourable results in boxing, her mother thought it would probably be wise to pull her daughter away from the sport. But, just like every hero has a supporting pillar, Manju found hers in Saheb Singh Narwal - the only person who trusted the young Indian boxer to come good one day. Narwal had been a hockey and kabaddi player himself and coached the young kids of his village in the latter sport. And, boxing happened only by chance. When the Haryana government issued the SPAT (Sports and Physical Aptitude Test) scholarship program, Narwal's coaching helped 22 youngsters in securing the scholarship. As per the state government policy, a professional coach was sent to their village to train the youngsters. As it turns out, the coach allotted to Rithal - Sube Singh Beniwal - was a boxing instructor who insisted that the children learn to box. Despite his initial concerns about boxing, Narwal embraced the sport and offered up a piece of his own land to set up a small training centre. As the allotted coach Beniwal imparted boxing lessons to the children, Narwal, too, learned the sport. From observing Beniwal in the training sessions, visiting boxing academies in Bhiwani to watching boxing videos, Narwal taught himself the art of boxing. © Twitter/@BFI_official Irrespective of a rudimentary setup and coach who was learning the sport simultaneously, there was no shortage of results for the trainees at the academy. Even after Beniwal got promoted to a job away from Rithal, Narwal began coaching on his own and the medals continued to flow. And, as the skills of the young boxers improved, Narwal continued to do what he could to help them grow. He took a house adjacent to the Rajiv Gandhi stadium in Rohtak where he felt the girls could benefit from better facilities and competition. Next to his house, on a neem tree, he hangs a heavy bag which the children use to practice. And, none of this was cheap. "He doesn't charge a single rupee for any of the training he provides. He pays for their kit and gloves on his own. The car in which he took all the girls for the local competition is now completely broken down," Sunil Kumar, whose daughter trains with Narwal told ESPN. But, Narwal isn't worried about the expense. © Twitter/@BFI_official "Money is always an issue. I've sold off two plots of my family's farmland to pay for the coaching and travel and rent. There are times when I've had no money to pay for my next month's expenses but I've never worried too much about these things. If you worry about how you are going to do things, you won't ever do anything," he was quoted as saying by ESPN. For someone who values the future of his trainees, Narwal gets help from unexpected sources. A religious charitable trust near Rithal provides 30 litres of milk each day. A wealthy relative provided vehicles that allowed the children to travel to competitions across the state. A neighbour in Rohtak, who was a Railways coach, provided the equipment. And, all of those things combined to help Narwal nurture the talents of young children including Manju who remains one of his most prized pupils. She was among the first to join Narwal's SPAT training program and later showed great determination to make a name for herself as a boxer. And, Manju wouldn't be in the place she is, if it wasn't for Narwal. © Twitter/@BFI_official It was Narwal who took Manju along when he moved to Rohtak city. It was Narwal who pleaded with the coaches at the National Boxing Academy in Rohtak to enrol her as a day scholar. He was even urged them to take Manju ahead of his own daughter. It was Narwal who convinced her to continue her dreams as a boxer when she was gutted by her shortcomings in competitions. At a time, when no one believed in Manju, Narwal did. And, his faith seems to be paying off brilliantly. On the podium, when Manju was honoured with the silver medal around the neck, the whole country felt proud. So, as we celebrate Manju's exploits in the ring, Narwal, too, with his sacrifices and support behind the scenes in nurturing and grooming young talents like her, deserves the credit for the rise of his pupil on the international stage. For every Manju India seeks in future, there is an imminent need for a Narwal.
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