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Found 4 results

  1. We are all for fast-paced, gripping entertainment on any given day. A thrilling, action-packed film almost always succeeds to grab our attention as compared to the sappy motion pictures that we have to sit through on a lazy Sunday night with our girl. So talking of the forever special place the good ol' action and crime thrillers hold for the likes of us, we had to let you in on the fact that the latest trailer for 'Triple Frontier' has gotten us hooked and left us asking for more. © Netflix Starring big names like Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac amongst others, the trailer gives us a peek into the racy plot of the movie, that is riveting enough to bring us onto the edge of our seats. The trailer opens with a covert peek into the post-retirement life of five former Special Forces operatives who are frustrated with their sucky pensions and lack of better opportunities in the future, besides a lot of other things. So they decide to take matters into their own hands and plan a heist on a drug lord's blood money. All goes well until the paramilitary, cops and the drug lord's goons come after them. As the ex-operatives set out to straighten out their lives by getting their hands dirty with something criminal, and keep themselves about the country for the first time in their life, the shitstorm makes it exciting enough for us to count the days until its release on Netflix. With a huge cast to boast and a plot that has already gotten us hooked with the 'Narcos' and 'Hurt Locker' feels, we bet this one is going to be one helluva ride. 'Triple Frontier' releases on March 6, 2019 on Netflix.
  2. The hunt for the new 'Batman' has almost begun! Yes, you read that right as Ben Affleck has announced that he is stepping down from the iconic role. And today, Warner Bros. has dropped major deets about 'The Batman', which will hit theatres in the summer of 2021. The film will be directed by Matt Reeves and now Warner Brothers' major task is to find a fit protagonist. We have listed down the five most favourable actors who could be considered a perfect fit for the role: 1. Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal has quickly risen in the eyes of critics to become one of the frontrunners who could play 'Batman'. It would not be wrong to say that Gyllenhaal is a chameleon. He can easily slip into any role and deliver a top-notch performance. Remember 'Nightcrawler' and 'Nocturnal Animals'? What would be these films without Jake playing the lead? In 2005, Gyllenhaal delivered the performance of a lifetime in his film 'Brokeback Mountain' and earned his first Oscar nomination. We believe the actor has got a stronghold on transforming himself and would turn out to be a good looking Dark Knight! The actor has already shown interest in playing Bruce Wayne. 2. Michael Fassbender We know him from his iconic role as 'Magneto' in the 'X-Men' series. It wouldn't be much of a worry if he is chosen to play 'Batman'. Fassbender is strong, he is tall, a white and would turn out to be a spitting image of Bruce Wayne. He has got the charm to play the man who is soft without his mask and a superhero with his alter ego on. Over the years Michael Fassbender has done contrasting roles; where on one hand he depicted a costumed vigilante in 'Assassin's Creed', he also played an emotional man in 'The Light Between Oceans'. His contract with Marvel could turn out to be a problem, as 'Batman' is a Warner Bros. commodity. 3. James McAvoy We now have an idea of James McAvoy's unmatched talent! He has got this supreme ability to play many characters (personalities), the glimpse of which we saw in M. Night Shyamalan's 'Split' and 'Glass'. James McAvoy is prominently seen as Professor Charles Xavier in the 'X-Men' franchise and has got many important award nominations to his name. Though his chances of becoming the 'Batman' are not that strong, since he is already playing a mutant in the Marvel run franchise, we still know somewhere that he could be a perfect fit for this role. 4. Keanu Reeves Let us tell you that Keanu Reeves was earlier in consideration to play the iconic character in 'Batman Forever', however, it was later played by Val Kilmer. During the time of 'Batman vs Superman', he mentioned about playing the caped crusader. Looks like luck didn'tfavourr him! However, now speculations are rife that Keanu Reeves could again be considered for this role. The actor has given many remarkable performances including those in 'The Matrix', 'Constantine' and the recent one in 'John Wick'. Moreover, he has got training in Martial Arts and who knows he is the next 'Batman' saving the world! 5. Michael B. Jordan Michael B. Jordan has been offered several path-breaking roles in all these years. His inclusion in 'Black Panther' and the film's latest nomination at the Oscars may turn things in his favor. The actor has already been nominated for a few awards this year and has even won some of them. Having done films like 'Creed', 'Creed II' and 'Fantastic Four', Jordan could be one surprising pick by the Warner Bros. We would love to see a man of color playing our beloved 'Batman'.
  3. I still remember how a lot of people, including yours truly, were sceptical about Ben Affleck stepping into the formidable shoes of Christian Bale as the caped crusader of Gotham. via GIPHY It made no sense to watch the role be handed over to someone, who in no way, showed any traits of being able to pull off such an iconic role, which was revered by both the DC and Marvel fandoms with scary devotion. via GIPHY However, when Affleck showed up in 'Batman v Superman' as the brooding Bruce Wayne, with a hint of dark humour thrown in, I was pleasantly surprised. Sure he did not bring the same magic as Bale, not that anyone expected him to, but he brought in something else altogether new, and the people were liking what they were seeing. via GIPHY Of course, there was the usual parade of complainants, ranting on about what a colossal disappointment Affleck was and how he was a disgrace to the legacy of Bale, but that did not deter the next string of his movies as Batman from making a big splash. via GIPHY And now, in a recent development signalling tectonic changes in the DC franchise, Affleck has officially hung his cape as Batman, giving way to a new Dark Knight to take his spot. via GIPHY The next Batman movie, which is slated for release on June 25th 2021, will now star a new actor in the lead role, as Warner Brothers want a younger looking Bruce Wayne, according to Deadline. via GIPHY Affleck took to Twitter to confirm the development. Excited for #TheBatman in Summer 2021 and to see @MattReevesLA vision come to life. https://t.co/GNgyJroMIO — Ben Affleck (@BenAffleck) January 31, 2019 Obviously, fans have begun flooding Twitter with their tributes to Affleck's significant contribution in the franchise: Writing has been on the wall for a while with Ben Affleck and Batman. But even still, finally getting the confirmation still feels like a gut punch His role in Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad was the closest to comic book Batman we've seen. Kinda missed out on something special — Sheraz Farooqi (@SherazFarooqi_) January 31, 2019 Thank you @BenAffleck for bringing Bruce Wayne/Batman to life. Wishing you all the best. pic.twitter.com/PT8kse9mgX — ~Oracle (@4eyedRaven) January 31, 2019 friendly reminder that ben affleck gave us the best performance of bruce wayne and batman ð¢ pic.twitter.com/WCafPoqKQ2 — bri loves batfleck :( (@jxsticeleagues) January 31, 2019 *Ben Affleck steps down as Batman* pic.twitter.com/jqK6tPnQes — TARS' (@RedDead2Arthurr) January 31, 2019 Ben Affleck is no longer Batman:( pic.twitter.com/VHBH95Tvih — Cutting Room Floor (@WTP_cuttingroom) January 31, 2019 Ben Affleck isn't Batman anymore pic.twitter.com/ga2gNLH24C — Ash (@Ashpilicueta) January 31, 2019 they could have had Ben Affleck looked younger. And why, why the **** are the rebooting Suicide squad! This ruins everything The flash movie, wonderwoman, Aquaman everything. Ben Affleck was the best Batman EVER!! pic.twitter.com/Sxzc8QiE0h — Kunal Munj (@KunalMunj1) January 31, 2019 remember when that lil boy met ben affleck at comic con and he could barely contain his emotions bc he couldn't believe he met batman? :') pic.twitter.com/el4agx7o4D — jade. ð¦ (@sydneybaretts) January 31, 2019 “Men are still good, we fight, we kill, we betray one another, but we can rebuild we can do better, we will. We have to.” You will always be my Batman, @BenAffleck. Thank you. pic.twitter.com/8Q8GSUybwi — Sergio-EL (@SergioEES) January 31, 2019 Affleck will most definitely be missed and we hope his successor fills out his large shoes in the next instalment. via GIPHY
  4. Seems like Ben Affleck is much more than a pretty face. The star has been seen in a dozen blockbusters like 'Batman vs Superman', 'Gone Girl', 'Pearl Harbor' and 'Armageddon'. He has been active since the mid-90s and played a leading role in Oscar-winning films as well as writing and directing himself. As it turns out, he had predicted way back in 2013 that 'streaming' services are the future and will take over the conventional channel very soon. Before the streaming era, music or movies had to be bought or rented, there was no concept of on-demand content. If you wanted to watch a movie, you had to either purchase the complete DVD or rent it out for a particular period. ... wow. Ben Affleck perfectly predicting Spotify and Netflix in a random 2003 interview Almost exactly right about the unit economics of annual music subscriptions and the timing of online movie streaming. Solid point too on how shareware (Napster) is a necessary predecessor pic.twitter.com/mpEgRPK4zL — John Backus (@backus) July 8, 2018 A 2003 interview with Affleck recently resurfaced online. In the interview, the 'Good Will Hunting' actor predicted the rise of music and movie streaming services like Spotify and Netflix. He talks about how technology, including file-sharing services, are pushing consumers to realize that they could have access to an entire music library rather than just buying CDs. "I think an annual subscription-based system is one that works," he said, "it will be movies on demand but it will be a tiered structure." © Reuters "The technology's not quite there yet, but it will be within I'd say five years," Affleck had predicted. Starting with YouTube, streaming is now an integral part of the online world. We've all streamed music on Gaana, movies on Netflix and even streamed Books via Amazon. Basically, you pay a fixed amount for a particular period and the whole library of content is available for consumption on demand. © YouTube In 2007, Netflix announced it was going to start 'streaming' content. Spotify was launched in 2008 while Apple launched its streaming service just recently in 2015. In India, Gaana has been active since 2010 and many more streaming services have popped over time. In fact, this market is so lucrative now, that Amazon has been pushing its Prime streaming service harder than ever. By 2022, Morgan Stanley sees Prime reaching 146 million subscribers worldwide, for US$ 21 billion in subscription revenue. Apple Music and Spotify, both are now having nearly 20 million paying customers as well.