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Found 251 results

  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni evokes emotion as well as passion for cricket like no one else. One of the most popular cricketers, he garners attention for the good, bad and everything in between on the field and outside of it. Apart from being a stellar cricketer. he also gets attention from the beginning for his chameleon hairstyles that have evolved over the years. But here's the thing, they've all represented a phase in his life and changed with the kind of person he's become today. 1. The Long Breezy Hair © Twitter We all remember that Dhoni started with the breezy low maintenance, shoulder length hair. 2. The Long Crop © Twitter Let's be honest, this hairstyle lasted a long time before it was traded for something much shorter for MS Dhoni.This hairstyle has always been iconic. 3. The Short Quiff © Twitter Briefly, Dhoni got a generic hairstyle. Short and simple in its finish but this phase wasn't going to last for very long. 4. The Beginning Of A Mohawk © Twitter Dhoni, apart from being responsible for the cricket dreams of millions of boys, is also responsible for having them cut their hair in a sharp, angular finish just like his. 5. The Iconic Mohawk © Twitter This is the beginning of Dhoni trying out bolder hairstyles. Here he's transformed his older hairstyle into a fuller, proper mohawk. 6. The No Crop Land © Twitter There came a point in M.S.Dhoni's life when he shaved it all off. Exhibit A. 7. The Buzzed Effect © Twitter The buzz cut version of Dhoni gave serious competition to the non-buzzed versions of Dhoni Singh. 8. The English Crop © Twitter M.S.Dhoni transitioned into a classy hairstyle in the past year and it worked for him. 9. The Recent Cut (66) Dhoni got another sleek hairstyle last week and we can't wait to see what he gets next.
  2. If you were to pick just one muscle group to grow the best which would result in you looking muscular, what would it be? Pretty sure a lot of you would pick the biceps. But if I were to pick one, it would be the shoulders any given day. Why is that? Shoulders are the muscles that give your upper body the illusion of being big and the much desired V-taper. The V-taper is what the golden era glorified. People found the taper aesthetic and beautiful, all for a reason. © YouTube A lot of you may be doing front raises and dumbbell overhead presses but do not see any good changes in your shoulder. The main reason for this is that you are not training your shoulder for all its functions. Let's understand the functions and look at the exercises you should start incorporating if you want to build those 3D shoulders. Your shoulder muscle is made up of three different muscle fibres 1. Anterior deltoid or front delt 2. Lateral deltoid or side delt 3. Posterior deltoid or rear delt These muscle fibres have distinctive functions or movement patterns. For example: 1. The anterior deltoid enables you to perform shoulder flexion, i.e. raising your shoulders in the front of your body. 2. The lateral deltoid allows you to perform shoulder abduction, i.e. taking the shoulder away from the body at the side. 3. The posterior deltoid enables you to perform horizontal shoulder abduction, i.e. moving your shoulder away in a horizontal position. To build those 3D delts, you need to create a mechanical tension and overload it with time for all the muscle fibres that make up the shoulder. Do you get it why doing a hundred sets of front raises have not yet built your shoulders? Here are the exercises you should do to build 3D shoulders: 1. A Vertical Press © YouTube The vertical pressing has to be the bread and butter of your shoulder workout. You could pick an overhead barbell press or overhead shoulder press to activate the front delts. Data has shown that any vertical press in an incline from 30 degrees to 90 degrees activates the front delts. If you find overhead pressing difficult, you could use a high-incline dumbbell or barbell press as well. Front raises is not a good option to include in my opinion, as a lot of people simply ego lift here. Due to internal rotation during the movement, there are chances of shoulder impingement. 2. A Lateral Raise © YouTube The function of your side delt is to lift your shoulder to the side. Lateral raises are your best bet when it comes to building the side delts. You can pick any method that suits you better and that you enjoy. For example, you could pick any of the following: a. Lateral dumbbell raises b. Lateral cable raises c. Lateral kettlebell raises 3. A Rear Pull © Scott Herman Fitness Isolation exercises beat compounds when it comes to your rear delts. The exercises that help you engage your rear delts the most are: a. Rear flyes on a machine b. Face Pulls Coming to the volume and frequency to build 3D shoulders, here's what the data says: a. A minimum frequency of 2x per week b. 8 to 20 sets per muscle or 80 to 210 reps per muscle group. I would suggest including shoulders in a push-pull-legs or an upper-lower fashion and incorporating exercises for all the three muscle fibres to build 3D shoulders. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you with the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  3. Anyone who follows Jim Sarbh on social media, knows very well that this man has his very own, special brand of aesthetic that only he can carry off. His outfits are wonderfully weird, and strangely artistic. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it sure does exude confidence, charm, and most importantly, originality. He just proved it once again by attending an award ceremony wearing a very special black suit, that we think is the best red carpet outfit we have seen this year. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Here is why we think that this outfit is special. 1. It takes skill to wear a suit without a tie or a bow-tie, and making it look equally fancy. Jim's black Mandarin collar shirt, buttoned all the way up, is doing that effortlessly. © Viral Bhayani 2. When was the last time you saw someone rock high-waisted pants on the red carpet, that too as a part of a suit? The high waist, along with the belt extension from the jacket, is making it look like a runway-ready piece. © Viral Bhayani 3. Usually, tapered pants are always preferred on a red carpet, because it makes you look sharper. But Jim isn't one to follow the beaten track, of course. He chose a super relaxed pair of pants with a magnificent fall, that makes him look like the fashion royalty. © Viral Bhayani 4. Look at the jacket. The collar lapel is one of the most unusual lapels we have ever seen, and there is a belt extension that goes around in layers, and then falls on the side, making it look like a tie-up belt. Surreal, we say. © Viral Bhayani This is what we call effortlessly innovative styling, while keeping it subtle yet classy.
  4. Don't make the mistake of thinking that shaving and splashing cold water on your face after is enough. Not using an aftershave means that you'll soon be facing skin tightness, irritation, breakouts, dryness and patchiness--all of which you want to steer clear from. So here is a specially curated list of aftershave products for a breezy shaving sesh the next time you decide to mow it all off. 1. Cinthol After Shave After Trim Balm In Cool Wave © nykaa Cinthol's alcohol free formula is soothing and moisturizes the skin deeply. It also delivers a boost of freshness with an icy cool menthol infused after shave balm. 2. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual After Shave Lotion © nykaa This after shave lotion has a unique formula with that give you a soothing feeling and calm your pores and leave you with an irresistible lingering fragrance throughout the day. 3. Mamaearth After Shave Lotion for Men © nykaa This after shave lotion leaves a cooling after effect leaving you feeling fresh. With green tea extracts, it is loaded with antioxidants that act as a powerful soothing agent. It also has witchhazel, an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes irritation and minor cuts which often result from shaving. 4. Axe Signature Denim After Shave Lotion © nykaa Axe Signature Denim After Shave Lotion is a calming lotion that helps finish a smooth shave with a formula that leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. A spicy, rich, masculine cologne scent with bursts of citrus gives you a day long fresh feeling. 5. All Good Scents Urbane Nights After Shave Splash For Men © nykaa This aftershave has a fragrance of an accord of leather and spice/ Also, ingredients that are delicately infused like aloe vera extract and menthol, dab this on to soothe and invigorate the skin post shave. 6. The Man Company Jojoba & Mint Post Shave Lotion © nykaa This lotion has six essential oils for moisturizing, healing and conditioning your skin. It also helps in soothing post-shave skin irritation, heals cuts & burns generally caused by the razor and has a cooling effect. It also moisturizes the skin while maintaining the skin's oil balance, making it suitable even for oily skin. 7. The Shave Doctor Aftershave Cooling Gel © nykaa An aftershave gel that tackles issues like shaving rash, razor burn and cuts. With powerful ingredients like witchhazel, aloe vera and tea tree oil, this aftershave calms the irritation after shaving for up to 30 minutes after application. 8. Pink Woolf Oudh & Sandalwood Hempseed & Caffeine After Shave Lotion for Dry Skin © amazon This aftershave lotion has the best combination of natural ingredients that provide immediate relief after shaving. It effectively soothes irritation and eliminates razor burn. It is a soothing, non-alcoholic lotion that doesn't sting when you apply. 9. Bombay Shaving Company Post-Shave Balm © amazon This balm is alcohol-free, anti-irritant that cools and soothes skin on contact. It's also enriched with vitamin E and papaya extracts, it re-hydrates the skin and restores vital oils lost during shaving. aloe vera and lemon extracts reduces redness or sensitivity. It's signature fragrance lingers, leaving your senses pleasantly refreshed. 10. Biotique Bio Wild Grass A Soothing After Shave Gel For Men © amazon This after shave gel helps eliminate redness and puffiness after shaving. It also eliminates any uneven bumpiness present. The best part about this shaving gel is that it is a hundred percent natural and organic. 11. Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling After Shave Lotion © amazon This cooling aftershave lotion calms and soothes skin irritations after shaving and instantly refreshes the skin leaving a natural sheen to the face. It also alleviates skin redness and dryness. 12. Old Spice After Shave Lotion/ Splash Original © amazon This one refreshes the skin shaving with a moisturizing lotion and it also helps healing tiny razor cuts, nicks and burns.
  5. What do you keep in mind before investing in a t-shirt? For a vast majority of men, the most common factors include the right style, fit, colour, and in a number of cases, the cost. If there's one thing that we can say for certain, it's that there are very few men who actually care about the quality of fabric, let alone pay heed to its origin, and how it's cultivated. This is mostly justified, as the world today is fast-paced with everyone hustling to reach places, and longing to accomplish new heights. Amidst the bustling lives that we all lead, being stylish and fashion-forward in itself is a task, and most men are only left with the option (or time!) of throwing a casual tee over a pair of trousers before walking out of their house. Add to this the fact that we lack the hours to even look after our own selves, and having enough time to scour for the best quality clothes may not be feasible to all. On top of it all, expecting one to take care of the environment while picking garments as well, would just be too much of an expectation. While you may not get the time to plant a tree or participate in an environment-friendly drive as an endeavour to protect the environment, there are certain things that you can do that will help you be more eco-friendly, the most effective of them being investing in organic cotton. Organic cotton is the type of cotton which is farmed without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides, which in turn prevents environmental degradation, and at the same time, enhances biodiversity. A number of brands today are committed to promoting organic cotton production, and make use of the purest variety for curating a range of clothing articles, including t-shirts, trousers, and innerwear. Now, considering the fact that a t-shirt makes for the quintessential component of any man's wardrobe, and to help you be more environment-friendly, we have compiled this list of the best organic cotton t-shirts that you must stock your wardrobe with: 1. Nicobar's Organic Cotton T-Shirt © Nicobar Nicobar is one of the leading brands which deal in garments which are crafted out of 100% organic cotton and does a wonderful job in its sector. All of Nicobar's t-shirts are foundation pieces, such as this Green variant which features an unmatched make. Minimalistic in its craft, this otherwise plain tee has a signature star mark on its right sleeve and a chest pocket on the left side. This t-shirt makes for the perfect bet for those who are all about plain t-shirts. It makes for great casual wear, something which you can throw over a pair of blue jeans or beige coloured shorts. Given its organic composition and unmatched appeal, this t-shirt is certainly one of the best organic cotton t-shirts in India. MRP: Rs. 1,600 Buy it here 2. No Nasties Organic Cotton Tee © No Nasties No Nasties is a brand which has been committed to extending 100% organic cotton garments to the consumers for the past 7 years and continues to do an amazing job. They cultivate their own cotton by employing the most organic ways to do so, i.e., without making use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides. This athletic tee is a classic example of this brand's work and features a slim fit. Crafted out of 100% organic cotton, this tee is packed with a nonpareil appeal. Available in a classic dark grey colour, this tee can be paired with anything from shorts, to a pair of washed denims or pastel trousers. Also, this brand is devoted towards making our planet a greener place, which it does under its “Buy 1 get 1 Tree!” initiative. Under this initiative, they plant a tree in the No Nasties Grove, every time a product is sold, and every time they get a new email sign up! A great step indeed! MRP: Rs. 1,199 Buy it here 3. Scott Men's Premium Pure Organic Cotton Polo T-Shirt © Amazon Do polo t-shirts appeal to you? If yes, then this tee from Scott International is what you need to stock your wardrobe with. Featuring a premium organic cotton make, this tee is available in what we can call a PLETHORA of colour variants, so you can pick whatever colour matches your taste. The black variant makes for our favourite out of their diverse catalogue, as black can be layered up with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, and because there is no such thing as owning too much black. The contrast tipping on the collars and sleeves is what sets it apart from your regular polo tees. Perfect to be donned during the blazing summer days, this tee will become your go-to garm for both formal and informal occasions. MRP: Rs. 599 Buy it here 4. Junius Grandpa Long Sleeve Organic Cotton Tee © wearethought With summers around the corner and cotton t-shirts being the ultimate go-to piece of garment for most men, it's time that you invest in some premium quality organic cotton t-shirts. This simple grandpa tee which features full sleeves, a round neck, and a placket button up front is crafted out of pure organic cotton, so besides being stylish, this t-shirt is also exceptionally soft on the skin. The organic cotton composition ensures that your skin gets to breathe at all times, and makes for comfy and airy casual wear during the months of May, June, and July. Club it with a pair of denims for an effortlessly casual look, and stay at ease all day long. One of the best plain organic cotton t-shirts for men, this off-white variant is a must buy for every man who does not like compromising on comfort. MRP: Rs. 3,370 (Including shipping charges) Buy it here 5. Brown Boy Organic Cotton Grey Stripe T-Shirt © Brown Boy Being vegan is all the rage today, and many of us are proud practicers of the same. But if your knowledge of veganism till now was just limited to food, let us establish it for you that it exists in clothing as well. So, if you are a true-blue vegan, it is almost essential that you invest in clothes which feature an organic make. This grey t-shirt which has a grey base and a subtle stripe print is certain to amp up your wardrobe. This brand has left no stone unturned when it comes to protecting the environment, and so the handprint on the t-shirt too has been done using eco-friendly ink. On top of everything, this t-shirt is PETA approved! Besides being packed with eco-friendly properties, this t-shirt is also trendy in its appeal. So, whether you have a movie night coming up, or are planning an evening date out with your beloved, this t-shirt makes for the perfect fit for all occasions. MRP: Rs. 2,276 Buy it here 6. 11's Organic Kala Cotton Khadi T Shirt © 11-11 Do you find yourself drawn to khadi clothes? If yes, then this t-shirt from 11-11 is certain to become your next favourite attire of clothing, and you would most likely don it everywhere you go! This Khadi t-shirt, which is skilfully hand knitted on a flatbed machine, bears that unmatched, classic Khadi appeal. It's made out of organically cultivated Kala cotton yarn, a kind of cotton which is indigenous to Kachchh. This type of cotton is rain-fed and is cultivated without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This t-shirt is dyed in a natural Indigo colour which makes for the perfect fit for the scorching summer days, and is that one colour which looks good on anyone! The fabric feels exceptionally smooth and comfortable on the skin, and also allows your skin to breathe. An A-grade investment indeed. MRP: Rs. 5,900 Buy it here 7. Farine Five Roses Organic Cotton T-shirt © Amazon If you are tired of scouring through a bazillion websites, looking for the best organic cotton t-shirts in India, then this red variant from Farine Five Roses has to be the perfect pick for you! One of the best t-shirts in this list, it comes with a subtle graphic print with text, which has been done using eco-friendly ink. The print lends this plain tee an ultra modern appeal, which is certain to make a lot of heads turn. Featuring a stylish round neck, and short sleeves, this tee will become your favourite in no time. Club it with a pair of joggers, or with beige coloured cargo shorts and head out in vogue, without killing the planet that is. MRP: Rs. 3,135 (including shipping charges) Buy it here
  6. The price slab of Rs 15,000 to 20,000 is among the most competitive right now, and thanks to rapid advancements in technology, a lot of high-end features are now available at a cheaper price. This range also gives you a high value since it isn't very costly, but will give you an edge for at least a year. Thanks to increasing focus on software, these phones can even get you through two years of smooth usage in most cases. Here are our top recommendations in the sub-20,000 price segment! 1. Redmi Note 6 Pro (Rs 15,999) © YouTube The Redmi Note 6 Pro and its predecessor have been selling like hot cakes in the country and the Redmi Note 7 is just around the corner. This doesn't mean the phone has lost its charm though. It has a perfect balance in all segments and is pretty much a winner. Sporting a 6.26-inch display, it is powered by a Snapdragon 635 processor. For multitasking, the top variant comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage along with expandable option. The battery is rated at 4000mAh and is more than sufficient to get you through a couple of days on moderate usage. The rear has a 12+5-megapixel setup and can capture significantly good pictures in both, daytime as well as low-light conditions. It runs on MIUI and has tonnes of added features and customization options. 2. Nokia 7.1 (Rs 18,990) © YouTube The recently launched Nokia 7.1 is a solid offering if you're looking for stock Android experience. All Nokia branded phones are a part of Google's Android One initiative, ensuring software and security updates on time. The stock experience also ensures smooth performance over an extended period of time. The phone has a 5.84-inch display and is powered by a slightly underwhelming Snapdragon 636 processor. But, thanks to near-perfect optimization, you'll barely see any lags or stuttering. It comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage in the base variant and is backed by a modest 3060mAh battery. The rear has a 12+5-megapixel dual camera setup, while the front has an 8-megapixel selfie shooter. 3. Honor 10 Lite (Rs 17,999) © Twitter / Sandeep Sharma This was the first phone to be launched in India this year and Honor is back with its premium glass design in the budget segment. The glass build also adds a slight colour gradient, which is unmatchable in this segment. The phone also has a smaller water-drop style notch for a better screen-to-body ratio. On the front is a 6.2-inch display and the phone is powered by a Kirin 710 chipset. It comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage in the top variant and has support for expandable storage. The rear has a 13+2-megapixel dual camera setup, while the front has a 24-megapixel selfie shooter. These internals are backed by a 3400mAh battery that supports 10W fast charging. 4. Vivo V9 Pro (Rs 16,990) © YouTube The Vivo V9 Pro is a close sibling of the V11 series and in fact has a similar design. The front has a wide notch and the back sports a fingerprint scanner for quick authentication. Just like all other Vivo phones, it ships with Funtouch OS out of the box. It has a 6.3-inch display and is powered by a Snapdragon 660 processor. The base variant gets 4GB RAM along with 64GB internal storage and expandable storage option. The rear has a 13+2-megapixel camera with support for portrait shots and AI beauty enhancements. The front has a 16-megapixel selfie shooter and the phone is backed by a 3260mAh battery. 5. Honor Play (Rs 16,999) © YouTube The Honor Play is technically India's first gaming phone and is among the cheapest. It is powered by Huawei's high-end Kirin 970 processor, along with 4GB RAM in the base variant. The phone also gets Honor's GPU Turbo technology, that systematically overclocks the processor and optimizes performance for the best output. The design is basic and the brand has put in more efforts on the inside. The rear has a 16+2-megapixel dual camera setup, while the front has a 16-megapixel selfie shooter. Backing these internals is a 3750mAh battery that supports 18W quick charging.
  7. Suniel Shetty perhaps has the best 'redemption story' in Bollywood, when it comes to fashion and grooming. From being the ever-scruffy and sweaty distressed hero with anger issues wearing torn and tattered clothes to the suave, sophisticated aesthetic he now proudly flaunts, his has been a journey worth noticing. Of the many, many things that contributed to his swanky new avatar now, his beard probably is the most important entity. His thick, shapely salt-n-pepper face mane is as alluring as it is intimidating, and it just works for his classy-dad aesthetic in a way that's extremely impressive. Here are 10 pictures which prove that Suniel Shetty has the best beard in Bollywood right now. 1. 'Yoga se hi hoga' but that beard tho! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Jun 21, 2017 at 4:33am PDT 2. Why won't he utilize the mirror? View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Jun 11, 2017 at 11:05pm PDT 3. Look at that definition! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Apr 29, 2017 at 10:54pm PDT 4. And that angular perfection. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Apr 20, 2017 at 9:33pm PDT 5. Mommy agrees as well. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Jan 15, 2017 at 12:40am PST 6. This man is 57. Yes. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Nov 18, 2018 at 9:05pm PST 7. Nothing like some athleisure to accompany a shapely beard. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Jul 8, 2018 at 10:14pm PDT 8. Salt-n-pepper perfection. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Feb 18, 2018 at 10:49pm PST 9. You don't even need accessories when your beard game is this strong. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suniel Shetty (@suniel.shetty) on Aug 1, 2017 at 11:27pm PDT 10. And of course, it takes work to maintain that face-mane © Twitter/Suniel Shetty Take note, youngsters!
  8. They say love is one-dimensional. But when you look at it blossom, you will find dimensions you've never envisioned before in life. Love grows in spectacular ways and you can only experience it if you meet the right companion along the way. You may ask what a 'right companion' truly is. Well, in very simple terms, someone who is true to you and understands your needs and wants, most given times. © Instagram But according to Kristina and Eugene, companionship is a very different concept. It's to familiarise each other with what their respective needs and wants are and use that as an advantage to have an absolutely fun relationship. Yes, you read that right. When was the last time you met someone who piqued your interests and matched it with theirs? Some of you may have found some likeminded people, but have you ever unanimously decided to give up the regular life and travel the world instead? That's what Kristina and Eugene's story is all about and it doesn't end there! It ends with a happy family indeed. © Instagram The First Time They Met Both of them met while they were still in university in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. While figuring out their mutual interests on their check-list, the two bonded over common musical interests and hangout sessions post classes, following which they liked each other's company so much, they became best friends. Pretty soon their friendship transcended into a love interest and everything else made more sense than before. But the most astounding part was that their basics were not stamped on just romance, passion or love. The reason they were together was that they felt the most comfortable with each other, and we seldom forget that being yourself and comfortable around someone is the first rule of a good relationship. © Instagram "Our romance started from the point of perception that we don't irritate each other! Not a passion, desire or love! It doesn't sound very romantic, I know! But our affection increased each day and in 4 more years, we decided to become a family. 10 years have passed since we started our romantic relationship, but we are still the happiest couple and we are harmonious partners in all life spheres." - Kristina After all, love blossoms through an avalanche of comfort and familiarity, doesn't it! If you're in a state of absolute comfort with someone, wherein you don't have to pretend otherwise and you disseminate all your fears and tribulations equally among each other, real love truly sprouts from there. Couples today fret about long-lasting companionships or the lack of passion, but they forget that the ultimate companionship rule to live by comes from the premise of being yourself with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. © Instagram What Made Them Stay Together? Apart from the easier quirks between two people, there are other things that make a relationship really challenging and workable. And this is where sharing mutual interests comes handy. Couples who share mutuality in ways that make sense, last longer. And by mutuality, I mean sharing similar interests that can change lives. Both Kristina and Eugene love to travel and that's the one thing that has bound them together tightly ever since they met. In college, the only thing that decided their fate was a 4-day trip that they took together, following which realised they've evolved from being just friends to something more transcendental! Since then, they have been travelling across the globe for over 10 years. © Instagram About two years ago, the couple decided to take their travels a bit more seriously and decided on travelling across Asia. And that's when their real journey as a 'family' began! "All 10 years of being together we travel – at least once a year. But two years ago we decided to have even a bigger adventure. We were not quite happy with our professions and wanted to reload ourselves. A long-time journey through Asia seemed a good way to do that. We had to give our apartment for rent and sell some stuff in order to have enough money for that. So we quit our jobs and were ready for a journey. By now, as a couple, we've visited 24 countries." - Eugene. © Instagram That's the thing about taking risky decisions in a relationship. They always go through because the support for it to work is so strong, it overpowers any hardship they may face. Just like how Kristina and Eugene did when they both decided to quit their jobs and take a stand on what to do next. © Instagram The Chapati Sojourn "We had started this journey in January 2017 from Fort Kochi and planned to stay there for only a few days. However, destiny had other plans, and on the second night, we came across a tiny, dehydrated puppy in the darkness, all alone." - Kristina © Instagram Chapati came into their lives like a surge of happiness and positivity during grim times. They found her scattering away, unfed and unwell and took her in their care to nourish her and bring her to life. "We found that we want to name her like our favourite Indian bread because she had the same tan colour and was very thin." - Kristina © Instagram The minute they named the dog, there was no looking back. They found a home in her and she in them, and she became a part of their travels and their family from that very moment! "Chapati brought many changes to our lives. She influenced our travel-philosophy: now we don't chase visiting all sightseeing places or try to see as many countries as possible. We learned how to relax and easily take deviations to our plans. Her own attitude to life often teaches us to be more flexible, readily get acquainted with people and even to communicate with those, who speak languages we don't understand." - Eugene © Instagram Bringing an animal into your life changes you as a person. The change is noticeable slowly and steadily. They teach you resilience, certain ways of triumphs, patience and the most important one- unconditional love. That's what Chapati taught the two after she came into their lives. She taught them to slow things down and recognise things for what they are, to see the ethereal beauty in things, to savour moments that are important and precious. © Instagram Their travel philosophy also changed trajectory. They learnt how it's not always necessary to travel to every place, soak in every bit of space or scramble around in a hurry just sightseeing or divulge their energy in agreeing upon what to do, what to see or what to understand. Chapati made it easier for them to relax and absorb only as much as they could. © Instagram "Many people believe (and we did before) that saving one dog's life will not defeat the global problem and will not change the world. Our revelation is that it actually changes the world. At first, it changes the 'universe' of the one saved, and then it changes your own 'world'. Her own attitude to life often teaches us to be more flexible, readily get acquainted with people and even to communicate with those, who speak languages we don't understand."- Kristina © Instagram What Is It Like To Travel With A Dog? "Travelling with a dog is definitely not easy. Each country and city have their own rules and attitude to dogs, which sometimes is impossible to Google in advance. You need to make a lot of 'paper work', you are always limited in places for eating and staying, transportation could also be an issue. It is hard, it is a bit costly, but it worth that. As we have to spend money on Chapati we always try to save when it's possible. So we prefer cheap hotels, we use trains and buses as long as it is possible." - Eugene © Instagram The biggest challenge Kristina and Eugene faced was the 'paperwork' that most countries implement to transport dogs. Financially they were still figuring their way but more than anything else, it was the documentation and the fact that a dog can't be a part of their lives unless she's legally bound to them, that was becoming a challenge. That took time and apart from that, facing challenges in nooks and corners of every street and every city wasn't easy. Sometimes they'd be stranded because no public transport would want to carry a dog and sometimes, they'd come across places that weren't too pet-friendly, so they wouldn't have the option to spend a quiet peaceful night at a hotel. © Instagram But most places accepted Chapati and made her travels with the couple favourable. Since she is so well-mannered and intelligent, even most non-pet friendly places allowed her inside and turned their whole philosophy on animals around. © Instagram "Still, travelling with a dog is a big adventure. We had so many escapades, touchy moments and movie-worth adventures together, like falling in love with Chapati, overcoming barriers on the way to adopt her, finding ourselves in the middle of nowhere at night, getting stuck in a town because no public transport allowed dogs there and it was impossible to leave, saving other dogs and being stressed whether those will survive, sleeping with cockroaches or at freezing temperatures, and even some illegal border-crossings and transportations. All these now seems a thrilling dream, yet we miss those times." - Eugene © Instagram Their favourite memory so far is trekking over San Fruttuoso in Italy and walking the rocky terrain in unfavourable weather conditions as all modes of transport were cancelled due to heavy rains! The three of them walked determined all through the trip, thinking about their future together and eventually making it back home to live it. They had no raincoats or umbrellas and braved the harsh rains. Chapati, with her might to stay strong and grounded, didn't pose as any trouble at all and she was a super trooper! "Drenched, I and Eugene felt ourselves to be the luckiest people in the world to have such a smart and attached dog, who was also all wet. Nevertheless, love was soaring in that wet air and the whole way we spent dreaming about our future. It actually looked like a happy end of a very tense movie. However, it wasn't, and many more adventures are waiting for us." -Kristina © Instagram Bringing Chapati into their lives is like a dream come true and they're solemnly grateful for each day as it passes. The Biggest Lesson Ever Having a dog in your life is the biggest blessing in disguise, according to Kristina and Eugene. If Chapati has reaffirmed anything it's the fact that their faith in communication shouldn't deter, because that's what keeps them strong and grounded. And by them, I mean Chapati as well. Communicating with a dog makes you more susceptible to understanding all sorts of needs and emotions between people and animals and it makes any bond way stronger. Staying together for almost 2 years now, Chapati's presence has made sure that their relationship surrenders its premise on pure communication between a man woman and an animal. © Instagram "Communication is also a clue to the mutual understanding with a dog. Try to perceive what a dog wants to transmit to you, do your best to talk in its language (a language of intonations, eye-contact and gestures) and you will never face any problems!"- Kristina A dog is a man's best friend. Up until now at least, I believed that this was just an idiom that was trying to transforms our instinctive animal behaviour to a more refined human one. But the meaning is way more literal and deeper than that. A dog is in all actuality a man's best friend and we have Chapati as proof, who took her saviours for family and gave them a lot to accept and ruminate about. We think any relationship that needs nourishing and strengthening doesn't need as much counselling as it needs some 'fur intervention'! Here's to 'Travelling Chapati' and her beautiful family. © Instagram "In 2017, we spent the whole year being together 24 hours a day. During these time we didn't leave each other even for a moment, Chapati included. We faced many difficulties, including financial ones. We had lots of challenges on the way. But we remained a team, a loving team. And even now, after 10 years of being together as a couple, we still never irritate each other". - Eugene
  9. Whether you favour the clean shaven look, proudly maintain a bushy beard, or sport a facial hair style that falls somewhere in between these two, it's impossible to give up shaving completely, at least not if you want to look well groomed! Although men today gravitate towards the electric trimmer to help 'shave' seconds off their morning shaving ritual as they rush to work, they can't hope to match up to the smooth, close shave that the good old safety razor offers. The O.G. of shaving implements, the safety razor was the first shaving tool curated to reduce the reliance on professional barbers and put the power into your own hands (quite literally!). The origins of the safety razors we know today, i.e., a handle attached at right angles to a head in which a removable blade can be placed, can be traced back to early 19th century. Including a protective layer between the blade edge and the user's skin dramatically reduced the level of skill needed to shave injury-free, adding a 'safety element' to the design. Since then, the safety razor has evolved into a highly specialised piece of shaving tech that provides professional-level shaves right in your own bathroom. So, if you take your appearance seriously, adding the best safety razor to your grooming routine is the smartest decision you can take. And on that note, we've compiled this helpful list of the best options out there, to make your choice a little easier, and your morning shave much smoother (and safer). Does Your Shaving Kit Contain The Best Safety Razor? 1. Vikings Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor © Amazon When you think of Vikings, the image that comes up is of fierce warriors ready for battle, and this safety razor from Vikings Blade arms you for the battle against bad grooming! Made from materials sourced from Sweden, this razor offers a smoother and closer shave than ever before, with no cuts or resistance thanks to their patented micro-comb system. The razor is perfectly weighted, and is hand-crafted from a mix of brass and bronze with a shiny chrome coating. The advanced butterfly head facilitates quick blade changes, so you won't have to waste time pre-shave. The case also comes with a mirror so that you can keep up with your grooming regime on your travels, and also contains five raw, unbranded, unpolished super sharp platinum-coated Swedish steel blades. MRP: Rs. 4,734 Buy It Here 2. Merkur Futur MK-70M Safety Razor © Amazon When it comes to the best safety razor in terms of ease of use, Merkur's Futur MK-70M is tough to beat. While the snap-cap design makes loading blades extremely simple, the blade exposure dial allows you to control the blade gap, which means the blade performs as gently or as aggressively as you please. At 122 grams, it feels nice and solid in your hand, but can still be manoeuvred across the contours of your face with precision. Produced entirely in Solingen, Germany, it offers an amazing shave minus the skin irritation that sometimes accompanies cheap razors and safety razor blades. MRP: Rs. 7, 981 Buy It Here 3. Edwin Jagger Safety Razor © Amazon A great offering from renowned English manufacturers Edwin Jagger, this beauty comprises a two part, die cast and hand polished chrome plated blade head. It's precision engineered to deliver a shaving angle that is gentle on all skin types, which means experienced as well as new shavers can enjoy a smooth, close, comfortable and accurate shave. The handle is triple plated, and the head components are finished with a flawless blue white scratch resistant chrome plating. The handle is capped with chrome plated end cap detailing, and the Edwin Jagger name is embossed into the chrome plated collar, so you know you're getting a quality item. You get five free Derby double edge safety razor blades with each purchase, which means your blades will match up in quality and performance with your razor. MRP: Rs. 4,383 Buy It Here 4. Muhle R41 Safety Razor © Amazon With a stunning chrome finish, this offering from Muhle is a double edge safety razor that definitely makes a visual impact. Its performance is just as impactful as its looks - the razorhead, with open tooth comb, was specially developed keeping practised wet shavers in mind. The special blade angle allows a direct, vigorous shaving technique without risk of cuts. The open tooth comb design as well as the gap behind the foam edge ensures that no stubble collects on the edge, making cleaning an easy task. MRP: Rs. 7,783 Buy It Here 5. Parker Long Handle Safety Razor © Amazon Producing quality grooming implements for well over four decades, Parker have produced yet another stunner with this safety razor. It uses a chrome plated brass frame that enhances durability and guards against corrosion, meaning it'll be a part of your safety razor kit for a long time. The twist-to-open design allows you to replace blades easily, while the four-inch-long textured handle offers a sure grip that makes for a close and comfortable shave, enhanced further by the flexible comfort guard. MRP: Rs. 1,950 Buy It Here 6. Feather AS-D2 Safety Razor © Amazon Moving from the best Europe has to offer to the finest Asian offering, this expertly-crafted Japanese razor is worth every penny of its considerable price tag. Made with the same care and precision used to make the famed Samurai swords, Feather blades are renowned the world over for their sharpness and durability, and the ability to provide a smooth shave without any skin irritation despite the sharpness of the blade edge. The Feather AS-D2 is made completely from stainless steel, imparting a noticeably heavier weight to the razor. The hefty handle also features very aggressive knurling that ensure you have a great grip on the razor at all times. MRP: Rs. 23,293 Buy It Here 7. Vikings Blade The Godfather Safety Razor © Amazon The name says it all - this truly is the godfather when it comes to choosing the best safety razor. It utilises premium high-end heavy duty Swedish materials for its construction, and combines a classic blade manufacturing process with a modern look. The result is a superior shaving implement that has a hefty old school feel which gives you a close shave without burning a hole in your pocket. Each razor also comes with a luxury leatherette and suede travel case, as well as five raw, unbranded platinum coated super blades. MRP: Rs. 5,187 Buy It Here 8. Baxter of California Safety Razor © Amazon Despite what the name might suggest, this sleek and stylish chrome-plated razor was crafted in Germany, so you know you have a precise instrument in your hands! It's designed to help reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn when used properly, and its remarkable durability means you won't have to look for replacements every so often. It comes packaged in a black gift box along with a pack of starter blades and an instructional card to guide you towards the most effortless and effective shave. MRP: Rs. 9,320 Buy It Here 9. Van der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor © Amazon This offering from Van der Hagen offers the complete shaving experience in one package. The razor is forged from chrome plated brass for an attractive yet sturdy look, and the short handle offers the user better control while using it. The butterfly opening offers the chance to change blades quickly and effortlessly. Every pack includes five ice-tempered, teflon-coated, stainless steel blades that are made in Germany, which combine with this exquisite razor to provide a great shave. MRP: Rs. 2,112 Buy It Here 10. Gillette Flexball Fusion Pro Glide Razor © Amazon No list of the best safety razors would be complete without a Gillette safety razor, and this particular one offers a close and precise shave like no other. The Fusion Proglide features the thinnest blades used by Gillette, which have an advanced low resistance coating to facilitate effortless gliding over the face. This smooth experience is enhanced by the FlexBall technology, which combines with the Blade Stabilizer to help keep blade shape steady while allowing the head to pivot freely over the contours of the face. A reformulated Lubrastrip, infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers further help the razor move smoothly over skin, while the precision trimmer, long-hair trimmer comb and rinse through slots are added features that make this an excellent option. MRP: Rs. 499 Buy It Here 11. The Bluebeard's Revenge Scimitar Razor © Amazon We've already covered Vikings, so why not move on to pirates now? The Bluebeard's Revenge Scimitar helps you slice through stubble with minimal effort, just like the great pirates on old went through the fleets of their enemies. This three piece, all metal, chrome plated razor is engineered in the UK, and features all that's good about traditional shaving instruments. It has a substantial feel when you grasp it, and yet glides over skin easily. The top of the razor head, on which the distinctive Bluebeard's Revenge logo has been laser etched, unscrews off to facilitate an easy blade switch, and would make an extremely stylish and valuable addition to your grooming arsenal. MRP: Rs. 15,288 Buy It Here 12. Merkur Classic Safety Razor © Amazon Another stunning offering from Merkur, this three-piece double-edge safety razor features the classic Merkur closed-comb head. It's available in a few variants that you can choose from based on your preference, secure in the knowledge that each has a contoured, weighted handle with a matte knurled pattern that rests easily in any hand. Manufactured in Germany, it's designed to last you a very long time, without letting up on the quality of the close shaves it provides every time! MRP: Rs. 3,822 Buy It Here 13. Parker 24C Safety Razor © Amazon Enjoy a barbershop-standard close shave in the comfort of your own home thanks to this heavyweight safety razor from Parker. The open comb head provides an extremely close shave, while the solid brass frame ensures durability. It sports a four-inch long textured handle for a sure grip that won't slip even with wet hands. Each razor comes with five Shark super chrome blades that go perfectly with the razor and combine to give you an amazing shave each time. MRP: Rs. 1,950 Buy It Here 14. Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor © Amazon Possibly the best safety razor in India in terms of performance and value for money, this Precision safety razor from Bombay Shaving Company takes inspiration from the classic safety razors in that it's heavy and sharp, but also exquisitely engineered with a smooth chrome finish. The brass and zamak alloy makes for a generous weight distribution, while the design make it effortless to use. An aggressive clamp setting allows better cutting efficiency, which means you'll always get the desired results. As for the added goodies, it comes with a razor sheath for added protection and also includes ten Feather stainless blades straight from Japan, all at a very pocket-friendly price! MRP: Rs. 1,181 Buy It Here 15. Bevel Safety Razor © Amazon Featuring a simple yet stunning design, this re-engineered single blade safety razor from Bevel will definitely make your shave experience much better. The razor is generously weighted for an intuitive shave, allowing you to wield the blade without much effort. It's specially designed to shave right at skin level, which enhances the smoothness of the shave without those annoying razor bumps and burns. An eye-catching design that provides an effective shave that doesn't harm your skin either, you can't go wrong with this option! MRP: Rs. 5,431 Buy It Here
  10. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have the best trolling relationship, as they just can't help but pull one over the other, even when they're trying to call a truce. But, there's another bromance involving Ryan Reynolds that doesn't get the appreciation that it so deserves. I'm talking about the 'Deadpool 2' co-stars who made the movie so incredible - Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin. If you follow both of them online, you can see it's pretty clear they both love each other (no homo) and they both are so witty and hilarious, it's great to see how much and just how well they troll each other. So, here's a compilation of Deadpool and Cable being their best selves and giving us major Instagram bromance. Starting with Ryan's birthday wish for Josh from a couple of days ago. View this post on Instagram I know it seems like photoshop, but this really is the happiest moment of his life. Happy Birthday @joshbrolin ð A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Feb 12, 2019 at 7:18pm PST And, Josh obviously had to bring in Wolverine while saying thank you. Ryan looks so good here. View this post on Instagram Thought you might like some updated training shots from #deadpool2 Check out @joshbrolin on the left... Getting RIPPED. Soon he'll step deep into the soul of CABLE. On the right, you can see me doing some light flexing while being silly in my dressing room. I have a long way to go still. PRO TIP: "Leg Day" is important. But "Smile Day" is essential. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Jun 5, 2017 at 3:34pm PDT Josh really matches Ryan's sense of humour perfectly. View this post on Instagram I made a wish come true last night. Ryan has always wanted to do Dancing with the Stars Rome with an incredibly handsome curmudgeon. Well, last night I made his dream a reality. It was good for me too. Deadpool 2 was a difficult process for us: there was a lot of strife between us, a lot of hatred and baggage. We let it go for just a night - one night - and what a night it was. @vancityreynolds @deadpoolmovie #backtoangry #fuckdeadpool #2 A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on May 5, 2018 at 11:25pm PDT Ryan's last year's birthday wish also deserves a mention. View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday, Bright Eye. You don't taste a day over 40. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Feb 12, 2018 at 6:30am PST The grumpy uncle everyone wants. Don't miss out the hashtags tho. View this post on Instagram We all have that one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future. #PremiumCABLE #MaximumAsshole A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Aug 7, 2017 at 8:22am PDT Yes it does, doesn't it? View this post on Instagram The camera really does add 10 pounds. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Aug 8, 2017 at 9:30am PDT Thanos joke, nice. View this post on Instagram Cable. Played by the legend, @joshbrolin... And now with over 80 percent less purple chin. #deadpool2 A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on May 19, 2018 at 12:58pm PDT Not letting go of a chance to take a dig at Ryan, of course. View this post on Instagram Photo shoot yesterday. Felt a little under the weather but it was nice to strap the cable stuff on again. I try to keep in shape year round as opposed to @vancityreynolds who always lets himself go between shoots. My fans demand excellence in me, and here I am giving it to them. ðª@justindlovato Photo: @ultraben235 A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Jan 29, 2019 at 11:41am PST Just a thought. View this post on Instagram Merry Christmas @aviationgin. Might think about getting a cleaner face for your product. Just a thought. ðâï¸ð¦ A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Dec 22, 2018 at 5:38pm PST A masterpiece! View this post on Instagram Some might call this creation a masterpiece, but to me it's just well hung art to be shared with the world. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Dec 14, 2017 at 5:41am PST
  11. With winter season all set to decamp (not for the GOT buffs though), it's about time that you shove those woolen blankets and garms into those packed-to-the-T bed boxes, and dig out your airy cotton articles. Whether you are a summer baby or not, the scorching heat is certain to make your hackles rise, at least once during the boiling months, and the situation gets even more exasperating when you are not equipped with the right kind of clothing. Given that, while there's no denying the fact that cotton makes for the most skin-friendly fabric during summers, one which allows your skin to breathe and stay at ease, it is also almost cardinal that you understand the distinction between the various types of cotton that are there in the market. While discerning the difference between the diverse varieties of cotton may be a potato-patato thing for the majority of men, it is essential that you have hold of it, so you do not end up draining your money down the sewer investing on the wrong type of fabric. So, to help you sail through, we give you a hang of the best type of cotton that is there, so you can have a hassle-free summer season! 1. Supima Cotton © March Tee The Tom Hanks of the textile industry, Supima or Pima cotton is inarguably one of the finest members of the cotton family, which has recently entered the scene to change your dressing game for the best. The top-notch quality of this fabric is owed to its extra long staple fibre, which ensures a softer and stronger finish, such which any man (rather, any mortal!) would love to own. The fabric crafted from Supima cotton is obscenely smooth on the skin and makes for a godsend when the fiery summers are upon us. So, whether you are scouring around to find the best t shirts for men, or any other piece of garm, it is imperative that you make sure that it features a Supima cotton make. 2. Egyption Cotton © Pixabay Another member from the extra-long staple fibre family, Egyptian cotton is well-known across the globe for its superior quality. The A-grade strength of the fibre makes this cotton more resistant to stress, which WE definitely are not (when's the weekend?). A little birdie told us that this type of cotton in particular is invariably handpicked, something which guarantees purity and also prevents the fibre from undergoing any mechanical stress. This in turn, keeps the fibre unharmed, and intact, which is further crafted into the highest quality fabric. Featuring an exceptional softness, this fabric makes for the best bet when you are looking for something supremely smooth to sheath your torso. 3. Sea Island Cotton © flickr If you are someone who is all about luxury clothing, and big brands, then you must have at least once glanced at the name “Sea Island Cotton” on one of those garment labels. Well-known for its nonpareil quality which emulates silk, the Sea island cotton is one of the most expensive type of cotton that is there in the market, one which is predominantly utilized by colossal brands. The fabric is exceptionally smooth on the skin, and the silky texture is owed to its ultra-smooth fibres. The ultra long staple fibre makes sure that the fabric is highly durable, and does not exhaust too soon. Although a tad bit hefty on the pocket, the Sea island cotton is the real deal. So the next time you plan on stock up on your collection of summer shirts, casual trousers or the best round neck t-shirts for men, investing in Sea Island cotton makes sense. 4. Upland Cotton © flickr Make way, for here's something from the American Land! The most extensively cultivated (and utilized) types in the family, Upland cotton or the American Upland cotton is the most economical varieties of cotton. This type of cotton, as the name suggests, is chiefly cultivated in the South and Southwest regions of America. While this cotton features a basic quality and durability, it works amazingly well when clubbed together with man-made fabrics, making for one of the most versatile variants. This type of cotton is used for fabricating a myriad of things ranging from t shirts to shorts, denim, and much more!
  12. Valentine's Day is around the corner and so is the pressure of gifting your special someone the perfect gift. This Valentine's Day, go beyond the traditional chocolates and gift them something unique. Gadgets are not only unique but also very utilitarian. It's something we can use every day. We don't just mean gift a mobile phone, there's a wide array of options to choose from, and we've compiled a list to help you out. 1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9: © Fujifilm This camera is sure to bring a lot of nostalgia, thanks to its analogue-type printing capability. You'll get a high-quality credit-card size photo instantly after clicking and it's a handy gadget to have during parties. It's equipped with a selfie mirror and comes with a close-up lens to take better selfies on the go. Automatic exposure measurement for aperture settings and high-key mode let you click portrait pictures as well and the most important is the retro-Instax pictures. Sharing these physical copies with everyone instantly is fun and very simple to use. 2. HP Sprocket: © HP It is a printer measuring smaller than your average 5-inch smartphone and it can print photos wirelessly from your phone. All you need to do is connect your phone to the printer and select a picture from gallery. It'll print the photo on a "zink" 2x3-inch paper (zero-ink) in a few seconds. The HP Sprocket app also has some nifty photo editing tools that allow you to add frames, filters, text, scribble or pre-loaded stickers or graphics onto the photo. The orientation is automatically adjusted to utilise the full size of the print. 3. HyperX Cloud Earbuds: © HeadphoneReview "Gaming" and "earbuds" are two words you don't often expect to hear together, but with mobile gaming on the rise, HyperX is trying to bridge this gap. It has a 4-feet wire, well designed and comfortable earbuds, and clear output. Via a 3.5mm jack, these can be used with almost every gaming console out there. The mic is loud and crisp and the earbuds have clean, clear and balanced audio. In game audio and music is loud enough and they are extremely comfortable to wear over longer durations. The earbuds provide a good balance between sound effects, voice work, and music. 4. Apple Watch: © YouTube The Apple Watch Series 4 is undoubtedly the best smartwatch one can buy right now. WearOS doesn't even come close due to shortcomings in terms of features and OEM support. With a new processor, the Series 4 is able to constantly look out for sudden movement and can detect a fall. The heart rate scanner also supports ECG measurement in certain regions. It runs on watchOS 5 out of the box, this brings in a new modular face, three minimal faces, and watch faces based on fire, water, and vapour effects. The speaker has been redesigned and is now 50 per cent louder and the mic too has reduced echo. 5. PlayStation 4: © Digital Trends It continues to be one of the most capable gaming consoles out there thanks to top-notch performance and good third-party game support. There has been a significant performance difference between the PS4 and Xbox One and developers have often preferred to launch for PS4 first. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the second iteration of the original console and supports advanced imaging technology and 4K gaming. Coupling along a few games too won't be a bad idea! 6. AirPods: © YouTube Another best-selling accessory from Apple, the AirPods are the most commonly seen wireless earbuds now. Thanks to its close integration with iOS and ease of use, the pair has become a must-have for almost everyone. They instantly connect to your phone and automatically shut down when you stop wearing them. The case can be wirelessly charged and has a small battery backup of its own, to charge the buds on the go. In terms of sound quality, the AirPods are above average and the mic is very clear. Hence casual usage shall never be an issue. 7. iPad Pro: © 9to5Mac Apple has swiftly transformed the iPad from an entertainment machine to a full-fledged work machine. Along with the keyboard, and insanely fast A12X chip, the iPad Pro is capable of getting everything done. Right from simple work documents to video editing, the tablet is blazing fast. With the Pencil, it becomes even more convenient to take down notes. The tablet is now being targeted for college, work, as well as on the go entertainment. Thanks to iOS, there's never going to be a scarcity of apps or games. 8. Netflix Subscription: © Netflix Lastly, a Netflix subscription is a must-have. The platform is everyone's favourite spot to binge watch shows and movies on weekends and for Valentine's couples out there, nothing beats Netflix and chill. Grab a bowl of popcorn, and cuddle up!
  13. The much-awaited trailer of 'Badla' starring Amitabh Bachchan and the super talented Taapsee Pannu is finally out. The thriller looks like one hell of a gripping watch and promises a power-packed performance. This is the duo's second powerful outing after wowing the audience in 'Pink'. Taapsee has already proved her mettle in acting with her stupendous performance as Rumi in 'Manmarziyaan' and now with 'Badla', it looks like she's raised the bar even higher for both her fans and herself as well. © Red Chillies Entertainment The trailer begins with a powerful quote “maaf kar dena, har baar sahi nahi hota”, spoken in the sonorous voice of Mr Bachchan himself, who plays a lawyer yet again in this movie. The movie is directed by Sujoy Ghosh and is backed by SRK's Red Chillies Entertainment. The trailer is already garnering rave reviews on social media. Gripping trailer of #Badla is out. Do watch it ! #sujoyghosh ka super thrilling dhamaka hai! @taapsee aur amitabhbachchan sir ka kamaal Abhinay. Very happy to be part of badlafilm as a… https://t.co/wbBQs1GPwE — Manav kaul (@Manavkaul19) February 12, 2019 what a trailer #Badla that's amazing and the three questions are very cool @SrBachchan hat's of you sir #TapseePannu is great @RedChilliesEnt @iamsrk — i@mbitan (@BitanPaul11) February 12, 2019 wow ! I have to say. WOW. Saw it immediately after reaching home. And not because this is ours, but #BadlaTrailer is so unbiasedly Awesome, love it both as an Audience as well as a Producer's wifeðð»Looks so thrilling, Hope sabko pasand aaye aur Allah barkaat deðCongratulationsð pic.twitter.com/aMMx8RfMMn — â¡ Sнαн Kι Bιωι â¡ (@JacyKhan) February 12, 2019 The movie will deal with revenge, murder and the thin line between truth and lies. Be prepare to have it all unfold on 8th March
  14. The Indian Army is the largest standing volunteer army in the world, which is not only known for its bravado and daredevilry when it comes to standing guard over their motherland, but its soldiers also inspire awe and unceasing respect for their selflessless service towards the nation. All of us feel strongly about these men and women who dare to face death in their line of duty. After all, we owe so much of the life we're living to them. It is their sacrifice and selfless passion to serve the country and its people, that allows us to enjoy the kind of safe and fun life we lead, day after day. © Twitter But how often do we stop to acknowledge their service and pay homage to their sacrifices? Well, a martyred soldier's 6-year-old daughter recalls her papa's lessons on the Indian Army, and it will remind you to take a moment and appreciate the numerous lives that constantly look death in the eye, so that innocent lives can be saved. © Honourpoint On 29th November 2016, Major Akshay Girish Kumar and Major Gosavi Kunal Mannadir were killed in an ambush in Nagrota, along with five other jawans. Two years since his passing away, Akshay's little daughter was seen recalling her father's teachings about the Indian Army in a video, which has since been actively circulated on social media. In the video Akshay's daughter Naina can be seen telling us what her father told her about the Indian Army. Check out the video here: A year after Akshay's martyrdom, Naina recollects conversations with her papa. Here she teaches us what 'Army is...' This random video captures innocence and faith. Love is an emotion. Her papa's love for the Army and Countrymen also stays within her. Jai Hind. @adgpi pic.twitter.com/kWecbp1Tax — Meghna Girish (@megirish2001) February 11, 2019 The faith and pride with which Naina recalls her dad's lessons, fills our hearts with joy.
  15. Elon Musk and Mars - the only constant love story we have in our lives. Elon has never shied away from expressing his love for the red planet and his hopes of one day managing to go and live there. We all thought this was a one-sided love story, but we couldn't have been more wrong. Mars also loves Elon back! Both of them have been flirting on Instagram and all I want to say is we finally will get a happy ending in this love story, that too just in time for Valentine's Day. It couldn't have been more perfect, tbh. It all started with Mars rejecting someone because it just wants Elon, of course. I don't want you. Only Elon. https://t.co/NKxpkQQRyf — Mars (@4thFromOurStar) February 8, 2019 Well, we all know Elon's answer to this. I want you too baby https://t.co/Lxi0LQz5rc — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 8, 2019 And thus, a romance blossomed. Then, Mars got right down to business and asked him to come over. Bold move, but it's required. When are you coming over babe? https://t.co/Vw8zjksfWi — Mars (@4thFromOurStar) February 8, 2019 Elon decided to play a little hard to get and asked for some 'hot pics'. Send me hot pics & I'll be right over ð https://t.co/ld2VDbF0Wh — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 9, 2019 How could Mars say no to that? The kiss emoji adds a good touch. ð pic.twitter.com/PvM6Odf19y — Mars (@4thFromOurStar) February 9, 2019 Is that a no nut November joke, Elon? ð thank goodness it's not November https://t.co/ius8kAptiC — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 9, 2019 For real? Kinda does make me wanna ð¥ tbh — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 11, 2019 Okay, so what we've learned right now from this interaction - Elon and Mars like each other, they exchange 'hot pics', and the 'hot pic' makes Elon nut. What an educational day we've had! While everything is good, Pornhub offered him some help with the last part. May I assist you? — Pornhub ARIA (@Pornhub) February 11, 2019
  16. Click Next Page Post Button For More Love Valentines day Quote You're the kind of fellow I wanna make Valentine's supper and breakfast on February fifteenth for. You are everything there is to me, and you generally will be my companion, my sweetheart. You are the magic that binds us. I cherish you. Cheerful Valentine's Day to my hot sweetheart. Each time I take a gander at you I become hopelessly enamored once more. There is just a single joy throughout everyday life: to adore and be cherished. My heart gets wild with energy when I consider you. Cupid more likely than not shot me with a huge amount of bolts since I am so unbelievably infatuated with you. Your imperfections are ideal for the heart that is intended to cherish you. Your body does my heart great. I adore you. You may not be immaculate, you might be defective, however you're flawless to me and that is the only thing that is important. Valentines Day Statements For Him This rundown is a gathering of Valentines Day Statements For Him and on the off chance that you are searching for Valentine's Day Backdrops than visit our accumulation of Valentine's Day Backdrops. Darlings don't at long last meet some place. They're in one another from the start. I adore you. Today. At the present time. Similarly as you seem to be. What's more, I know, with time we will change. We will develop. We will develop. What's more, I trust we do every last bit of it together. I adore you so much that when I consider you, I can't complete any work. Good gracious, my supervisor is calling me. On the off chance that I could reach up and hold a star for each time you've made me grin, the whole night sky would be in the palm of my hand. A bloom can't bloom without daylight, and man can't live without affection. To my dazzling sweetheart on Valentine's Day: I adore each and every inch of you, a few inches more than others! Much obliged to you for the uncommon happiness I've found in adoring you. We have had numerous sweet yesterdays and I realize we have brilliant tomorrows as well! You realize you're infatuated when you can't nod off on the grounds that the fact of the matter is at last superior to your fantasies. To the world, you may very well be one individual, however to me, you are the world. Extraordinary love stirs us to the completion of life. Extraordinary love shapes us. When we are a grasp of adoration the world seems more splendid and levels our sustenance taste better when we cherish. Valentines Day Quotes For Husband This list is a collection of Valentines Day Quotes For Husband and if you are looking for Happy Valentine’s Day Photos than visit our collection of Happy Valentine’s Day Photos. Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet. I couldn't envision a superior man to go through this day praising adoration with. You are my blessing from heaven valentine. Life gives us numerous things to be grateful for. I express gratefulness to God for you! A gift in my life, you are! A fruitful marriage requires beginning to look all starry eyed at ordinarily, dependably with a similar individual. Love fixes individuals – both the ones who give it and the ones who get it. Love doesn't drive everything and everyone. Love is the thing that makes the ride beneficial. Today is an occasion which commends love, however Holy person Valentine never envisioned love as mind blowing as our own! Whatever spirits are made of, his and mine are the equivalent. The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow since it was vital to them: there should be the same number of for adoration. My heart was made only for you, my unimaginable beau, my affection, my valentine. Cheerful Valentines Day Statements This rundown is a gathering of Upbeat Valentines Day Statements and in the event that you are searching for Valentine's Day Welcome Cards than visit our accumulation of Valentine's Day Welcome Cards. On this Valentines let me let you know, you are a sweetheart who makes each day the brilliant and sprightly kind, who brings the hottest recollections and the most joyful considerations to mind. The best and most lovely things on the planet can't be seen or even contacted. They should be felt with the heart. On the off chance that you live to be a hundred, I need to live to be a hundred short multi day so I never need to live without you. I'm happy I have you for whatever is left of my life as a closest companion, sweetheart, and individual globe-trotter. Much obliged to you for always supporting me, excusing me, cherishing me, making me chuckle, and testing me to be a superior individual. In the event that I did anything directly in my life it was the point at which I gave my heart to you. You don't wed somebody you can live with – you wed the individual who you can't live without. There are never enough I Cherish You's. Valentine's Day is the ideal open door for me to state the amount I cherish you for the astounding and lovely lady that you are. No other lady could make me feel the manner in which you do. To cherish someone else is to see the essence of God. All you need is love. Be that as it may, a little chocolate occasionally doesn't hurt. Clever Funny Valentines Day Quotes This rundown is an accumulation of Interesting Valentines Day Statements and in the event that you are searching for Valentine's Day Pictures than visit our gathering of Valentine's Day Pictures. o the most stunning, sweet and astounding sweetheart. On Valentine's day as well as every day of the year, you remain adjacent to me through whatever life brings. You share with me life's joys, its huge and seemingly insignificant details. I cherish being hitched. It's so extraordinary to discover one uncommon individual you need to disturb for whatever remains of your life. How about we observe Valentine's Day together consistently for whatever remains of our lives. Observing Holy person Valentine's Day is an opportunity to indicate the amount you cherish and welcome each one. To adore oneself is the start of a deep rooted sentiment. I might be far away, yet despite the fact that we're separated, the separation can never show signs of change, the affection I have for you in my heart. On Valentine's day, we think about the individuals who make our life advantageous, Those charitable, well disposed individuals who we consider with a grin. Today you will be dealt with like the princess that you are. I will ruin you and love you and give all of you my affection. Like music on the waters are they sweet voice to me. Click Next Page Button For More Love Valentines day Quote Valentines Day Quotes For Her This list is a Collection of Valentines Day Quotes For Her and if you are looking for Valentine’s Day Status than visit our collection of Valentine’s Day Status. Genuine romance comes unobtrusively, without standards or blazing lights. In the event that you hear ringers, get your ears checked. Squeeze me, since despite everything I can't trust I get the chance to observe Valentine's Day with somebody as extraordinary as you. We're sweethearts and mates, closest companions and accomplices as well. To an ever increasing extent, with each Valentine, bliss, for me, is cherishing you. I have the world's coolest, most astute and hottest sweetheart as my valentine. How did I ever get so fortunate? I cherish Mickey Mouse more than any lady I have ever known. Love is an image of endlessness. It clears out all feeling of time, crushing all memory of a start and all dread of an end. I need a man who's sort and comprehension. Is that a lot to ask of a tycoon? These roses and chocolates are for you, yet the genuine blessing is my heart. It is yours eternity. Offering my life to you transforms regular living into something warm and excellent. I'm so upbeat to impart life to you. It's smarter to have cherished and lost than to need to complete forty pounds of clothing seven days. With a young lady like you, consistently feels like Valentine's Day! Another Valentines Day and the best blessings ever are your adoration and your kinship, every one of the ascribes you convey to our relationship. Without Valentine's Day, February would be… well, January. On the off chance that you will be my Valentine, I guarantee to dependably treat you like a ruler For all the extraordinary things you would ever be, I realize that you will dependably be the just a single for me. Love is the thing that you've experienced with someone. I feel so glad that you are my young lady and my Valentine. I guarantee to give you my affection. his message accompanies all my affection to thank you for the bliss you bring into my life on Valentines Day as well as every single day. What the world truly needs is more love and less administrative work. My Valentine is staggering, keen and hot, and she has a sweetheart who adores her a great deal.
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MRP: Rs. 559 Buy It Here 10. Gillette Fusion Razor Blades © Amazon Here's a name that needs no introduction even to the most inexperienced of shavers - the Gillette Fusion razor blade comprise five PowerGlide blades that are spaced closer together so as to help reduce pressure on your skin, resulting in less irritation. They're coated with TUT telemore coated, reducing their cutting force while boosting glide and comfort, which is enhanced further by the Lubrastrip that releases special lubricants. It even fades to white to indicate that it may be time to change the blade, helping you achieve the closest shave possible. The Precision Trimmer Blade built into the back is perfect for the tricky sideburns, and can also be used to trim around your facial hair if you don't want to give up your precious beard or moustache. The Flexible Comfort Guard contains 15 microfins that help stretch the skin before the first blade glides smoothly over it, resulting in smooth and irritation-free shaving. MRP: Rs. 402 Buy It Here
  18. Shopping is a Herculean task for most, if not all men, which turns even more taxing when one has to scour from store to store, fossicking through a myriad of options. While some men have their choices crystal clear, the remaining legit struggle to narrow down to what would fit them the best. With a swarm of brands popping up every single day, and each one trying to outdo the other, the situation gets even more stress-inducing, and it's okay your anxious self has forced you to bite your nails by now. But what's classic, remains classic, something which stands true for fashion brands. Lacoste is one such classic brand which has been crafting premium quality garments since a whopping 86 years and continues to keep up its outstanding quality. The brand deals in a lot of stuff ranging from sportswear to footwear, and one of the best collection of t shirts! 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The 100% cotton mesh fabric allows your skin to breathe through this t shirt. This T features a ribbed polo collar and ribbed armbands. Team it up with a pair of white shorts, or pants, and you are good to go! Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 8,290 Buy here 5. Armani Exchange's Classic Crew Neck T shirt © Tatacliq If you are all in for luxury brands, and CAN NOT compromise on quality, even if it requires you to spend a fortune, then you would love this black t shirt from Armani Exchange. Since this is a slim fit tee, with half sleeves, you can easily flaunt those biceps and triceps that you have toiled hard for! A simple Tee, which features an Armani Exchange logo on the left side, this piece of clothing is a foundation piece, which can be called near-to-perfect when it comes to its comfortable fabric, and classic style, which conjointly make for a worthy buy. Fabric Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane MRP: Rs, 2,999 Buy Here 6. Zara's Basic Black T Shirt © Zara Boasting of a basic design, and a superb finish, this t shirt from ZARA ensures a comfortable fit, and simple appeal. Crafted out of ecologically grown cotton fabric, this t shirt is highly skin friendly, and keeps you at ease all day long. If you like the all black look, wear this t shirt with a pair of black trousers, and accentuate your look with a contrasting belt and shoes for a dapper appeal. This tee with a crew neck, and short sleeves is one of the, if not THE best, t shirts in this this list curating the best plain black t shirts for men, and makes for the most budget friendly options. Fabric Composition: MRP: Rs. 599 Buy Here 7. GAP's Classic V Neck T Shirt © Myntra Not-so-hefty on the pocket, and packed with a minimalist appeal, this black V-neck t shirt is perfect for that day out in the sun or could be used as a base for layering up a denim jacket, or a shirt. A budget buy. This t shirt from GAP, one of the leading apparel and accessories brand that is there, can be paired with perfectly fitting pants, or denim. Featuring a V neck, you can layer this t shirt with a casual blazer, for an effortless smart-casual look which can be sported on a dinner date. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 479 Buy Here 8. Tommy Hilfiger's Solid Round Neck T Shirt © Myntra If you have been looking for a t shirt which can provide a remarkably versatile base for any outfit, then you need to have a look at this staple black tee from Tommy Hilfiger. Crafted out of 100% cotton, and featuring an ageless crew neck, and half-sleeves, this t shirt makes for a perfect fit for those hot summer days, which are almost around the corner. Team it up it with a pair of blue jeans, and a denim jacket to spruce up your casual look, and get plaudits for your outstanding sense of style. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,399 Buy Here 9. Adidas Black Base Polo T-shirt © Myntra Those of you who live by tiring workouts would agree that light coloured tees aren't really your pals when it comes to dealing with all the sweat. Just as much as you would want to exhibit your hard work, the stains caused by sweat are something that can easily put others off, and push you into a state of utter embarrassment at the same time. To avoid just that, it becomes requisite that you own this black polo tee from Adidas, which camouflages the visible appearance of these stains while giving you a dapper appeal. Ideal for training, this t-shirt would give you all the comfort that you need. Pair your black polo with a pair of shorts or track pants, and you are all set to hit the tracks. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,499 Buy Here 10. GAS's Slim Fit V-Neck T Shirt © Myntra This solid black T shirt from GAS is certain to become your favourite, for it features super soft cotton make, and a slim fit which will fit you just right. This Tee retains its shape all day long, and sits perfectly on the shoulders, keeping you in fabulous shape. This tee is perfect to be worn on a regular day at college, or at work, or even on a date with your lady love, when coupled with a pair of jeans, and complimenting sneakers. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,253 Buy Here 11. H & M Slim Fit T Shirt (Pack Of 3) © H&M Do you exhaust your black t shirts to an extent that they get worn out too soon? Well, then here's the perfect bet for you! H&M seems to resonate with your love for plain black t shirts, and so has curated this pack of 3 black t shirts, which is available at a great price. All the three t shirts in this pack are crafted out of 95% cotton, which makes these tees super-duper comfortable to carry all day long, and if one gets tattered, you can immediately switch to the other one! Excellent deal, isn't it? Fabric Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane MRP: Rs. 1,499 Buy Here 12. Calvin Klein's Black Solid Polo T-Shirt © Jabong Polo t shirts can never go out of style, and we bet you to find us a single person who would refute this statement. Polo tees exude a classy appeal, such which is envied by all. Boasting of a staple black polo style, this black t shirt from Calvin Klein is chock-a-block with style, and makes for a must-have for every man who like to be in vogue. Clubbed with joggers and sneakers, this t shirt would amp up your everyday look to a whole new level! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 2,099 Buy Here 13. United Colors of Benetton's Black Polo © Amazon Finding a plain black t shirt, which features fine quality fabric is a task in itself, which gets even more exasperating when you have budget restrictions. So, for all of you who are tired hunting for a budget black tee, which oozes out a dapper appeal, and is crafted out of fine quality fabric, we have dug up something really cool! This black polo t shirt from United Colours Of Benetton is a must-have for all you college goers who loathe getting dressed up, for you can throw it over a pair of jeans or shorts, and dash towards your classroom for those early morning lectures. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs 540 Buy Here 14. Marks & Spencer's Solid Round Neck T Shirt © Myntra A classic in this compilation of the best plain black t shirt for men, this t shirt from Marks & Spencer is certain to become your go-to piece of garm. Featuring a crew neck, and half sleeves, this t shirt redefines fashion in its own minimalist way, and you would fall in love with its simple yet snazzy appeal. You can effortlessly pair this t shirt up with anything from a pair of denims, to coloured trousers, and lounge shorts, which makes for one of the chief reasons for why this t shirt needs to be the next key addition in your closet. Fabric Composition: 90% polyester, 10% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,124 Buy Here 15. Nike's Black Skate T Shirt © Nike Bid farewell to discomfort, and poor sweat absorption as you sport this black t shirt from Nike, which is that one piece of clothing that every man NEEDS to stock up his wardrobe with. Featuring a soft jersey fabric, this t shirt is perfect to be worn during those exhausting training sessions in the gym. The fabric feels supremely comfortable on the skin, and you would just not want to take it off. It also has a ribbed neckband which stretches as you move. While this t shirt is superb for all your keep-fit sessions, you can also throw it over a pair of denim when you are headed for a casual outing with your friends. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 995 Buy Here
  20. If you ask any NBA star how important a role do the fans inside the stadium play in impacting their performance, they would probably rank audience engagement right at the top. In an uncanny relationship, we have often seen a team make exponential comebacks when their fans are energised and constantly cheering them up. In such a scenario, when the cheers or boos of the people can cause the team a game, the role of the mascots to keep everyone on their feet especially when the game is on the line, becomes significantly crucial. Throughout the history of the NBA, we have seen a number of extremely talented mascots who have not only amused the fans with their dance moves and innovative segments but have also received a lot of love in return. 1. Benny, The Bull - Chicago Bulls Arguably the most iconic mascot of them all, Benny is known for his notorious pranks on the on-court security guards, videobombing reporters and reverse one-arm half-court shots during the half-time break. However, the moment which would go down as the greatest 'Benny, The Bull instant' would be him celebrating his birthday with the extremely loyal Chicago Bulls fans with a popcorn party. 2. The Coyote - San Antonio Spurs From the time when the Texan coyote lost his eyes to getting snubbed by the legendary dimer, Jason Kidd while looking for a hug, the San Antonio mascot is thoroughly entertaining to the core. Following the footsteps of his idol, Manu Ginobili, the coyote booked himself a Hall of Fame berth when he single-handedly saved the day by capturing the evil bat who was terrifying the AT&T Center, the home of the Spurs, before a game. 3. Burnie - Miami Heat The one to give you a run for your money in a dance-off, Burnie, with his red and orange fur, is a perfect fit for Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat. While often considered to be ill-mannered and rude to his fellow mascots, he was finally humbled by the love of his life, Burnice. © Getty Images Burnie has always been the one to try and reach for the stars. On his birthday in 2016, the basketball-nosed mascot tried to make a world record for the longest front flipped by a mascot but botched it at the end. Turned out to be a lot more entertaining this way, if you ask us! 4. Harry The Hawk - Atlanta Hawks Often found in a bad mood (probably because of the Hawks' Eastern conference record), Harry looks ferocious and ready to fight anyone who gets in his way. You need to watch out for that pointy, yellow beak. However, the angry hawk can be a little sentimental at times. Case in point, when rapper Gucci Mane decided to proposed to model Keyshia Ka'oir, Harry came out as Mane's wingman, with a giant bouquet for the bride to be.
  21. Guys, open your wardrobe at any given time and you'll probably find it overflowing with t-shirts. In fact, if there ever was an item of clothing to which the term 'wardrobe staple' can truly be applied, it would no doubt be the humble t-shirt. With good reason too - over the years, it has evolved from an unseen undergarment, hidden below an overshirt or a jacket to a bona fide statement piece that can elevate just about any outfit. Such is the versatility of a t-shirt that it's probably the only piece of clothing you can confidently wear for any occasion, whether you're at work, in the gym, at the beach, at a party, or even going to bed. The ability to wear them on their own or sport them as part of a layered outfit means that no matter what the weather, there's no time of the year when you won't be needing a t-shirt. However, with the wide variety of colours and style available to you these days, choosing the right one (or two, or three) can be a daunting task. While plain tees are an all-time fashion classic and go well with pretty much anything, printed t-shirts offer you the chance to express yourself a little bit better through your fashion choices. Whether they're worn on their own or under another layer, you can be sure that they'll help you make an instant impact! So if you're ready to make a style statement, here's our guide to the best printed t-shirts for men. Upgrade Your Wardrobe With The Best Printed T-Shirts For Men 1. Aeropostale Men's Printed T-Shirt © Amazon We all know that a white t-shirt works well with pretty much everything, so why not take things up a notch by adding a pop of colour? This regular fit short-sleeved t-shirt from well-known clothing brand Aeropostale, which is made from pure cotton, has a trendy graphic print on the front in the form of the brand's logo. The red lettering stands out against the white background, so while the t-shirt can be paired up nicely with a pair of jeans or chinos, it will also give your outfit a stylish edge. MRP: Rs. 779 Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 2. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Printed T-Shirt © Amazon Keeping with the casual theme, this stylish variant from Tommy Hilfiger once again reinforces the versatility of the t-shirt. Featuring asymmetrical patches of racing red, white, and navy blue, the name of the brand is written boldly across the front of it. It's casual enough to be worn at home or even to the gym, thanks to its comfortable regular fit. However, the design also makes it trendy enough to be worn to an informal party or a fun night out with friends as well. MRP: Rs. 1,559 Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 3. Gucci Iridescent Logo T-Shirt © Nordstrom Going from casual straight into the world of luxury fashion, and it's impossible not to talk about Gucci. If you're in the market for the most fashionable printed t-shirts and money is no object, then your search has to come to an end right here. This inky black cotton t-shirt is slightly oversized, keeping in tune with the latest fashion trends. However, the real highlight is emblazoned right across the chest, in the form of the iridescent colours used to print the logo. The complete package makes for a wonderful rainbow-coloured spectacle that is sure to make heads turn for all the right reasons at any party you choose to attend wearing this tee, which makes it totally worth the splurge! MRP: Rs. 54,036 (including shipping) Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 4. United Colours Of Benetton Men's Printed T-Shirt © Amazon Talking about using colour to make an impact, and we have this incredibly stylish yet pocket-friendly version from Benetton. The fiery red is impossible to miss, and is well set off by the yellow piping around the collar. Two white hoops adorn one sleeve, making for a nice abstract design. In sharp contrast to the bright colours, the printed element on this tee is a black and white photo of the countryside, which also adds a rugged element to the overall effect. MRP: Rs. 467 Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 5. French Connection Men's Printed T-Shirt © Amazon Here's another classic variant that can be worn while lounging at home, pumping iron in the gym or hanging out with friends. Available in a variety of attractive colours such as auburn, jester red and military orange, this stylish yet functional tee has a motorcycle printed across it along with the name of the brand. Given the colour options, it can be paired up admirably with a pair of cargo pants or chinos and stylish sneakers, and the slim fit means that you have yourself a great urban casual outfit. MRP: Rs. 349 Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 6. ALLSAINTS Thorn Men's Printed T-Shirt © Nordstrom When it comes to the best printed t-shirts for men, it's impossible not to include one with an all-over printed pattern. Floral prints are all the rage right now, and this t-shirt offers a twist on the floral print we're all used to. Available in two striking colour options, one that's vintage black and red and the other chalk and washed black, it's covered in a pattern of falling flowers in a way that makes this t-shirt incredibly trendy and contemporary. MRP: Rs. 9,371 (including shipping) Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 7. US Polo Association Men's Printed T-Shirt © Amazon We're more used to their classy polo neck t-shirts, but US Polo Association also has extremely classy and casual printed t-shirts as well. Paying homage to the brand's long standing ties with the sport of polo, this tee bears a dynamic print of polo players in action in the rugged outdoors. It's ideal for a casual gathering or beach party, and the green colour is stylish and simultaneously uncommon which is sure to attract attention from all quarters. MRP: Rs. 359 Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 8. Kenzo Dragon Tiger Men's Printed T-Shirt © Nordstrom Founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada in Paris, Kenzo is a luxury fashion brand that produces articles of clothing with the sophistication of European high fashion that are influenced by the vibrant nature of Asian influences. Kenzo's Tiger collection is already iconic in fashion circles, and its latest offering features colourful dragon scales around the famous Tiger logo on a grey backdrop to create one of the best printed t-shirts for men in terms of pure, fierce style. MRP: Rs. 20,708 (including shipping) Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 9. VERSUS Versace Reflector Men's Printed T-Shirt © Nordstrom Any list of the best t-shirts is incomplete without a sleek and stylish all black option, so why not go for the best in high fashion? This variant from Versace features the brand's signature lion head logo branded on the front of a black pure cotton t-shirt. If you're planning to hit up an exclusive party or strut your stuff at the hottest clubs wearing a casual ensemble, this is an ideal pick because it goes well with anything. If you want to rock urban streetwear, pair it up with ripped jeans and sneakers, and if you're going for a more sophisticated look then trousers and loafers is the way to go. MRP: Rs. 31,581 (including shipping) Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here 10. Levi's Men's Printed T-Shirt © Amazon A classic black t-shirt with white print exudes a natural elegance and style that customised printed t-shirts struggle to match, a point that this tee from Levi's proves. We're more used to their quality denims, but their t-shirts compliment them perfectly to create great casual outfits. This particular variant features a distinctive white graphic that depicts the world famous Levi's logo on a black background, and is an understated fashion accessory that should be a part of every wardrobe. MRP: Rs. 399 Fabric Composition: Pure cotton Buy It Here
  22. Ever since his triumphant return to international cricket after a severe lower-back injury and a suspension levied by the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI), Hardik Pandya has been responding to his haters in the best way possible, i.e; by performing at an exceptional level with the bat and the ball. As a crucial member of the Indian batting order, Pandya, who has been known for his explosive big hits and mounting up big individual totals in very short periods of time, just hit a hat-trick of sixes against New Zealand's Todd Astle in the fifth and final ODI of the series. Pandya achieved this feat for the fifth time in his career. On the other hand, taking at least one wicket in almost every match he has played ever since his comeback against the Kiwis in the third ODI, Pandya has been one of India's ace bowlers through the last couple of weeks. However, the New Zealand team that lost to the Men in Blue 1-4 in the ODI series, looks completely different as the other series in the T20I format began today. Skipper Kane Williamson 's decision to replace opener Martin Guptill with Tim Seifert turned out to be a hit as the righty thrashed the Indian bowling side left, right and centre. The rest of the Kiwi batters followed suit and dominated bowlers like Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Khaleel Ahmed. Having said that, the bowler who got absolutely dismantled by Seifert and Co. was Indian allrounder, Hardik Pandya. With an absolutely horrible economy rate of 12.75, Pandya turned out to be the most expensive bowler for skipper Rohit Sharma, conceding 51 runs in just 4 overs! Pandya's half a ton with the ball is the worst performance by any Indian bowler against the Kiwis. whenever nz batsmen see hardik pandya#INDvNZ pic.twitter.com/vVz8PrmYux — 㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠ã¤ã¤ 㤠㤠㤠(@firkiii) February 6, 2019 * Hardik Pandya in First T/20 against NZ * #INDvNZ pic.twitter.com/82U9IwMzKX — Hunà¤à¤°à¤° â (@nickhunterr) February 6, 2019 Brilliant innings from Hardik Pandya ( 50 runs) and Khaleel(48) 2 short of 50 hard luck . #NZvIND — #FAN (@Sarcastic__Raj) February 6, 2019 Glad to see Hardik Pandya scored 50.. #INDVSNZ #NZvIND #INDvNZ — Silly me (@Sathish03577169) February 6, 2019
  23. With Valentine's Day just a few days away, most men out there are going to be hard-pressed to find a good gift for their girlfriends. If they aren't outright forgetting their girlfriend's birthday, their anniversary or Valentine's Day itself, then they are often giving them gifts that are, to put it mildly, pretty basic. Women tend to be better at getting the right gifts for the men in their lives, but they are plagued with a different type of problem - the sheer lack of good and varied gifting options (particularly grooming essentials!) for men out there. Considering neither of those reasons should stop anyone from making their valentine feel incredibly special, we at MensXP have compiled a list of the best gifting boxes you can give your bae this Valentine's Day. You can thank us later! 1) This Enigmatic Endearment Gift Box From Raw Nature For Your Girlfriend © Raw Nature Now of all things you can give as a potential gift, this Enigmatic Endearment gift box from Raw Nature is probably going to make her the happiest. After all, just one look at all of the incredible grooming essentials for women that it comes stocked with, and you'll know precisely why we've included it in our list. Featuring a Volcanic Gold Clay body wash, a fast absorbing and indulgent night cream, and a radiance restoring Red Clay face wash (this one is specially formulated for dry skin), this gift box makes for the perfect Valentine's gift. MRP: Rs. 2877 Buy it here 2) This 'The Lovely Couple' Gift Box From Raw Nature For Your Girlfriend © Raw Nature As the name suggests itself, 'The Lovely Couple' gift box makes for another treasure trove of grooming essentials that your girlfriend is absolutely going to love. There are two primary reasons for this. Firstly, it features Raw Nature's best selling Caramel & Cedarwood Moisturiser, that will ensure your girlfriend's skin always stays nourished and hydrated. And secondly, it comes equipped with the Malt & Pepper Vanilla body wash that comes enriched with antioxidants, absorbs all skin impurities, and will also help your bae protect her skin against environmental aggressors. MRP: Rs. 1442 Buy it here 3) This 'Grooming For Love' Gift Box From Raw Nature For Your Boyfriend © Raw Nature Ladies, now it's time for you to get something a little extra special for your man. This 'Grooming For Love' gift box is where you can start, as it comes equipped with some of the best grooming products for men out there. The Volcanic Gold Clay body wash will deeply cleanse and reinvigorate his skin, whereas the Volcanic Green Clay face wash will make sure his face doesn't get bogged down by dust and dirt particles. This face wash is particularly helpful if your boyfriend harbours oily skin. Finally, it also comes equipped with a Macadamia Oil & Cedarwood shampoo that isn't just SLS and paraben free, but will also nourish his dry and brittle hair, all the while reducing his likelihood of having to deal with hair loss. MRP: Rs. 2435 Buy it here 4) This 'Expression Of Eternal Love' Grooming Box For Your Boyfriend © Raw Nature While this one is priced a tad bit on the higher side, it gives you more than enough bang for your buck to not only warrant a place on our list, but also make for an amazing Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend. It comes equipped with five (yes, five!) premium grooming essentials that warrant a place in any Indian man's grooming kit. These include the Volcanic Gold Clay body wash, the Volcanic Green Clay face wash, the Helichrysum & Sage Oil Night Cream, the Macadamia Oil & Cedarwood shampoo , and even a Caramel & Cedarwood moisturiser. What else could you possibly ask for from a potential gift? MRP: Rs. 4548 Buy it here 5) This 'Gift Of Love' Grooming Box For Your Boyfriend © Raw Nature Finally, all the ladies out there looking for a gift for their valentine need not look any further than this 'Gift Of Love' grooming box from Raw Nature's catalogue. Yet again, Raw Nature has come out with a treasure trove of grooming essentials, the likes of which you rarely get to see in the market. From their Activated Charcoal & Quinoa face wash and Volcanic Green Clay & Acai Oil, to their Caramel & Cedarwood moisturiser, your valentine will keep singing your praises when you get him this grooming box. MRP: Rs. 1947 Buy it here
  24. T-shirts make for an indispensable component of any man's wardrobe, and for a huge chunk of men around the globe, they qualify as the ultimate go-to garment for any possible occasion. This piece of clothing is just as essential and dear to a man, as Taimur Ali Khan has been to the paparazzi since the day he set foot on this planet. Given the scads of t-shirt variants that the markets are wall-to-wall with, it goes without saying that it is the versatility of this garment which has contributed to the extensive fame that it has garnered since its very inception. Available in a plethora of styles, this quintessential garm is most commonly distinguished on the basis of its neck style- Crew/Round neck, V-neck, Polo, Scoop, and Henley/ Y-neck! Out of the many variants, most men would nod along when we say that Crew or Round neck t-shirts make for the most omnipresent ones, with a myriad of men having their wardrobe stocked with piles of these comfy possessions! Round neck t-shirts can be paired with anything from a sportif jacket and denims, to a dapper pair of pants and blazer, making for a godsend when you are too lazy to button up a shirt! The e-market of today has no dearth of places which sell natty round neck t-shirts for men, but the task begins when you have to narrow down to the best of the lot! Well, so you do not have to scour around, we have compiled this list of the best round neck t-shirts for men, that you need to add to your wardrobe! 1. March Tee's Classic Round Neck T Shirt © marchtee Boasting of a classic crew neck, tapered waist, fitted sleeves, and just the right length, March Tee t-shirts are nothing short of a masterpiece. This caramel brown t-shirt is crafted in supima cotton, a superior type of cotton which is distinguished by its extra long staple fibre, which gives this cotton its high-end quality. This classic, plane round neck Tee, which comes without any logos is the epitome of comfort, which is owed to its superb fabric composition. A perfect blend of fine craftsmanship, and nonpareil style, this round neck T-shirt is certain to become your ever favourite garm. Fabric composition: Supima cotton MRP: Rs, 1500 Buy it here 2. Nicobar Red Round Neck T Shirt © Nicobar In the contemporary times, where everything from food to fabric is far from being authentic, Nicobar ensures that it brings to you t-shirts which feature a 100% organic cotton composition, and we can not be more thankful! A true blue example of their skilled craftsmanship, this textured round neck t-shirt defines trend and comfort in its own classic way. The chest pocket on the left side adds to the vogue of this foundation piece. You can throw it over a pair of jeans, or vintage trousers, and head out in style! Fabric composition: 100% organic cotton MRP: Rs. 1,600 Buy it here 3. Zara T Shirt With Faux Leather Stripes © Zara Do you like your t-shirts simple, but with a tad bit of a stand-out factor? Well, then this round neck T from Zara has to be the perfect bet for you! A white Tee, with striped appliques in the front, this t-shirt will take your fashion game to another level altogether. Be it a movie night, a Sunday outing, or a casual date, this Zara T-shirt is the stylish solution for every occasion, this t-shirt will make a perfect pair-up for leather, or a bomber jacket, and would grab eyeballs wherever you go! Fabric composition: Cotton and polyester MRP: Rs. 1,599 Buy it here 4. Calvin Klein Slim Fit Tee © Amazon A little bit of flaunting never hurts, especially when you have have been pretty generous in your spending! Known around the globe for their haute couture garments, Calvin Klein extends a fashion-forward collection of t-shirts, which is designed to revitalise your wardrobe! This round-neck t shirt from Calvin Klein, which features a CK logo on the front, is an example of this brand's nonpareil works, and a piece worth showing off! Featuring a slim fit, and a subtle print, this t-shirt has to be the next essential addition to your closet. Fabric composition: 93% cotton and 7% elastane MRP: Rs. 2,219 Buy it here 5. H&M's Long Sleeve Jersey T Shirt © H&M Exude an ultra-modern appeal, such which is envied by all sporting this grey marl Tee from H&M. Simple yet packed with an up-to-the-minute vibe, this round neck t shirt is perfect to be paired and layered with almost anything and everything. One of the most modish round neck full sleeve t-shirts in the market, this t-shirt will lend you all the style, while maintaining the most simplest of the look. Chock-a-block with style, this basic round neck t-shirt will keep you in vogue at all times. Fabric composition: 56% cotton; 39% polyester; and 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 799 Buy it here 6. Adidas Originals Black & White Printed Tee © adidas Whether you are a footballer, a gym buff, or someone who has resolved to get in shape this year, you have got to spare some space in your closet for this trendy Adidas Original round neck tee! Adidas has been one of the leading names when it comes to sportswear, so you can put your worries at bay when it comes to quality and comfort! Boasting of overall archival graphics, this tee is certain to turn you into the trendsetter of your group! You can also wear this t-shirt on your next casual outing. Fabric composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,499 Buy it here 7. Game Of Thrones Printed Round Neck T-Shirt © Amazon With 'Game of Thrones' season 8 around the corner, it's time that we get over the cliched “Winter is here” quotes and prints, and divert our attention to something more magnificent. Whether you are a GOT buff or not, this round neck t-shirt which features a map of Westeros, and a depiction of all the houses, is certain to appeal to you, and you would end up wearing it everywhere you go! Perfect for an outing with your pals, this t-shirt is certain to amp up your look, when paired with black fitted trousers, or a pair of shorts! Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 500 Buy it here 8. Armani Exchange Men's Supima Cotton Round Neck T shirt © Amazon Another piece of fine craft, this round neck t-shirt from Armani exchange may be a little hefty on the pocket but makes for an absolute must-buy. Crafted from Supima cotton, the finest quality cotton that is there, this t-shirt is so comfy and snug that you would never want to separate it from your torso, and trust us when we say, that this is not even an exaggeration. This t-shirt in its chocolate truffle variant would bestow you with a classy and irresistible appeal, such which any man would kill to encompass. Fabric composition: Supima cotton MRP: Rs. 3,643 Buy it here 9. Tommy Hilfiger's Colourblock Round Neck T Shirt © Flipkart Hold your head up high, and walk out in pride as you don this 3 coloured t-shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. Crafted from fine quality cotton fabric, this t-shirt redefines style as well as comfort in its own unique way. This round neck t-shirt which boasts of a chic pattern will grab you attention from pretty much everyone in the room, and holds the potential to fetch you plenty of compliments. So, placed an order yet? Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,749 Buy it here 10. United Colors Of Benetton Men's Printed T-Shirt © Amazon One of the most affordable variants in this list compiling the best round neck t-shirts for men, this black printed tee from Benetton has to be one of the best as well! The subtle print on the front adds to this t-shirts modish appeal. Available at an incredibly pocket friendly price, this t-shirt is cost-effective, and makes for a perfect fit for a day out with your friends. Fabric composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 1079 Buy it here 11. Marvel Captain America Round Neck T Shirt © Myntra Marvel comics and movies have been all-time favourites for an array of us mortals, and if you are a Marvel nut like us, you would love to own this classic tee. This Captain America tee, which is one of the leading players in this list of the best round neck t shirts for men, is packed with a casual yet stylish appeal. Navy Blue in colour, this t shirt can be teamed up with a pair of blue jeans, or shorts, when you are heading out to take a stroll in the garden, or rushing to the movie theaters to watch the next Marvel flick! Fabric composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 899 Buy it here 12. Diesel Bosphorous T Shirt © Tata Cliq Luxury Do you have a relatively simple taste in clothing? Well, then you have landed at the right spot! Upgrade your wardrobe, as well as your style game as you don this basic round-neck t shirt from Diesel. This classic piece of clothing in a blue or Bosphorous shade has a nonpareil sense of class attached to it which you wouldn't want to miss out on. Diesel has been a leading name in retail clothing for a long time now, and you can rest assured when it comes to the quality of this t shirt, which features a fine cotton fabric composition. Fabric composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 2,995 Buy it here 13. Ralph Lauren's Custom Slim Fit Cotton T-Shirt © Myntra A brand which does not require an introduction, Ralph Lauren has been one of the key players in the fashion industry for long, and continues to keep up its reputation with its excellent collection of couture. To pay homage to the brand's exceptional craftsmanship, we have listed for you this beige coloured round-neck tee, which though simple, exudes an unparalleled appeal. Perfect to be teamed up with a pair of cargo shorts, or an aptly ripped pair of denims, this cotton t shirt will pave its way into your closet, as soon as you catch a glance of it. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 3,990 Buy it here 14. Nike's Dri-FIT Men's Basketball T Shirt © Nike Ideal for workouts, and those exciting tennis or basketball sessions with your pals, this Nike round neck t shirt would boost you to “get your sh*t together” and get going! Featuring a soft, wicking fabric, which will absorb your sweat to the very T, this T shirt is perfect for all the fitness buffs, and sports enthusiasts out there, for it is rugged, yet laden with style. Boasting of trendy appeal, this t shirt is worth every penny, making it one of the best round neck t shirts for men in this list! Fabric Composition: Cotton and polyester MRP: Rs. 1,495 Buy it here 15. Aeropostale's Men Black Striped Round Neck T-shirt © Myntra Who said that everything natty has to be expensive? This black striped round neck t shirt from Aeropostale is not only smart, but also affordable. A perfect pick for college students, who are barely able to manage their everyday expenses with their near to negligible pocket money, this t shirt is ideal for everyday wear, and would stand out when paired with a pair of complimenting lowers and shoes. The not-to-loud striped design on the chest area amplifies the voguish appeal of this otherwise plain tee! Featuring a pure cotton composition, this t shirt is comfy to carry all day long, and can be teamed up with denim, or chinos! Fabric composition: Pure cotton. MRP: Rs. 714 Buy it here
  25. Women have the special distinction of being blessed with a myriad of options when it comes to apparel. Men, on the other hand, often remain confined to the staple t-shirts, shirts, and trousers, except for of course our very own Baba, Ranveer Singh, who can wear anything and everything and look dapper. Since most men are too lazy to experiment with their clothes, designers have come up with distinct ways to add hints of vogue to the simplest of the attire. One such fad is that of thumbhole t shirts. If you don't already know, these t-shirts feature a slight detail on the thumb area, i.e. a peeping hole for your thumb. This thumbhole accentuates a simple tee, without overpowering the basic t-shirt look. The markets today are packed with variants of these tees, giving you plenty of options to choose from. So give your wardrobe a fashion upgrade with these best thumbhole t-shirts for men! 1. SKULT by Shahid Kapoor Men White T-shirt with Thumb Hole © Myntra Flaunt that minimalist charm as you don this white thumbhole t-shirt from Skult, Shahid Kapoor's exclusive athleisure collection. This classic white thumbhole tee is packed with a casual appeal, and can be paired with anything from a pair of blue jeans, caramel trousers, to that casual pair of shorts which you hurriedly put on for those frequent trips to the market. Featuring a comfortable cotton make and full sleeves, this tee is ideal for those days when you want to look your casual best. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 699 Buy Here 2. Nike Solid Men's High Neck Black T-Shirt © Flipkart Looking for the best thumbhole t-shirt for men? Well, this solid high neck variant from Nike's collection makes for a worthy contender for that title. Featuring a Polyester lycra blend fabric, this tee is super duper comfy. Casual yet trendy, this t-shirt can be worn during an intense workout session at the gym, a casual jog in the park, or even on a day out with your pals! While you may find the cost a little on the higher side, this is an investment that you won't regret making. Fabric composition: Polyester and lycra MRP: Rs. 2,699 Buy here 3. Maniac Men's Checked Thumbhole T shirt © Amazon While checks are time and again associated with shirts, Maniac here proves that they can work just as good on t-shirts. Check prints can never go out of style, and this thumbhole t-shirt with a check print is here to establish it for all. Since this t-shirt is crafted out of fine quality cotton fabric, it feels extremely comfortable on the skin and allows your skin to breathe. One of the trendiest variants in this curation of the best thumbhole t-shirts for men, this tee legit deserves a space in your wardrobe! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 430 Buy Here 4. U.S. Polo Assn. Navy Blue Solid Thumb Hole T-shirt © Myntra This thumbhole t-shirt from U.S. Polo Assn. is perfect to set a style statement, such which would make you stand out. An example of fine craftsmanship, this t-shirt is a must-have for every man, who likes to be in vogue. It also feels absolutely amazing on the skin, all hail to its polyester fabric composition, which also adds to the durability of this tee. The mock neck with a zipper makes for another stand-out factor. Team it up with a pair of slim pants, and your favourite shoes, and you are good to go! Fabric Composition: 92% polyester, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,249 Buy Here 5. GRITSTONES Black Thumbhole T Shirt © Amazon Is your wardrobe missing something? We are pretty sure that it is this black thumbhole tee from Gritstone! This t-shirt will make you look effortlessly cool, and you can head out sporting this tee on your next date, or on a casual day out with your friends. This t-shirt features a round neck with drawstring, which adds to its already dashing appeal. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 344 Buy Here 6. KOOVS Thumbhole T Shirt © Koovs Undoubtedly one of the most fashion forward variants in this list of best thumbhole t-shirts for men, this tee redefines style and comfort. Boasting of chic tier sleeves, this thumbhole tee can be perfectly teamed up with a pair of joggers for an outdoorsy appeal, and exude a stylish yet laid-back vibe. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 955 Buy Here 7. SCATCHITE Printed Thumbhole T shirt © Amazon Are you all for prints? Well, we are too, and so we have listed for you this printed thumbhole tee in this list of the best thumbhole t-shirts for men. With a black base colour, and soft solid texture, this t-shirt is jazzed up with a red and white print which absolutely compliments its base. The cost-effective price, and the print makes this t-shirt suitable for college students. The breathable cotton fabric, on the other hand makes it an ideal everyday wear. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 395 Buy Here