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Found 877 results

  1. When it comes to picking the best sunglasses for men, face shapes play a very important role. In most cases, it's easy to find out what your face shape is. Once you know you can easily go for the best sunglasses for your face shape. But when it comes to round faces and oval faces, picking out sunglasses can be a little hard. These face shapes are very similar to each other and can get confusing. Not to worry, we are here to solve your problems! Whether you are looking for the best sunglasses for round faces or sunglasses for men with oval faces, you will find a sure shot answer here. How To Know Your Face Shape?Even though we are only discussing two of the most common face shapes, there are many others that you should know about. From square, oblong, triangles and many more. Your face shape can also be a mixture of two shapes. To know your face shape, you need to consider four major factors. These are your forehead width, cheekbonesâ width, your jawline and the length of your face. Best Sunglasses For Round FaceRound faces have a rounder jawline and cheekbones that aren't very sharp. They have a chubby appeal, with the jawline and cheekbones falling almost perpendicular to each other. The best sunglasses for round faces would be the ones that are in contrast to the shape. In other words, sharper and more structured shapes like squares and rectangles are best suited for round faces. Here are the best sunglasses for round faces. __ECOMLOOKS__839__ __ECOMLOOKS__840__ __ECOMLOOKS__841__ Best Sunglasses For Oval FaceBoth round and oval faces are very common and have a circular shape. This is why they can get easily confused. The only differentiating factor is the length of your face. If the length of your face is more than the breadth, your face shape is oval. Luckily, oval faces can pull off any style. If you are looking for the best sunglasses for men with oval faces, you can just stop, tbh. You can literally pick any shape and it will work for you! Lucky right? Just make sure that you pick the right size. Anything too big might not suit your face. Even though most shapes suit oval faces, there are certain sunglasses that are better. Letâs go through them! __ECOMLOOKS__842__ __ECOMLOOKS__843__ __ECOMLOOKS__844__ Choose Wisely! Now that you know all about the best sunglasses for your face shape, making a choice shouldnât be that hard! Explore More: View the full article
  2. If it werenât for the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine (UDM), working from home would have been way harder than ever since the Coronavirus outbreak and lockdown happened. While it may seem fitting to review a router during these times, I got the router a few weeks before the lockdown. Now that Ubiquiti finally operates in India, I can finally talk about the best router I have used in years. Sure, you can invest in a fancy gaming router by ASUS, but in terms of functionality, it may not match the UniFi Dream Machine in most cases. The UniFi Dream Machine is the first consumer product by Ubiquiti that is perfect for homes that require a stable connection for various purposes. The Dream Machine does make networking easier for newbies but is also a great router to consider for networking enthusiasts. It costs the same as any 4x4 MIMO routers from the competition but offers more customisations and solutions for its users. While using the router given by your ISP serves the purpose if you are using a wired connection, WiFi, on the other hand, is a different ball game altogether. Design © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla When you first look at the router, you will normally assume that it is a digital voice assistant speaker simply because it has a similar design. The cylindrical shape looks way better than a generic router with antennas as it blends in well with the overall aesthetic of modern homes. It has a light on the top; a speaker and an in-built fan to keep all the components nice and cool. The WiFi router uses the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard which is currently more reliable than the newly launched WiFi 6 routers you can find on Amazon. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla While the UniFi Dream Machine did miss out on the WiFi 6 bandwagon; real-world tests show that it doesnât matter. The UDM also has its security gateway with advanced firewall policies and a dedicated threat management system which you cannot find on most routers today. At the back, there are four dedicated gigabit ethernet ports which are an integrated gigabit switch for network enthusiasts who want to add network storage or wired client devices. The blue light at the top indicates the network health which can be dimmed or even turned off from the backend settings. We did mention that there is a fan in the router; however, it only kicks in during the initial setup of the router. The speaker makes a noise when your setup is complete and the router is ready to use. We donât think this router has any microphones so a possibility of the UDM becoming a smart speaker in the future remains impossible. Performance Many routers donât even bother to mention whatâs inside it but the UDM is powered by an ARM 1.7 Hz quad-core processor with 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM. These specifications are necessary for the router as it powered the switch and the controller found inside. To set up the device; you need to download the Unifi Network application or use it via Google Chrome on your desktop. The app or the desktop interface can be used to manage devices; set up guest networks and add in additional settings like setting up custom VPN services. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Setting up the router is also straight forward where you need to simply insert the LAN cable to the WAN port and the router will do everything else automatically. You can then assign a network name, password and adjust other settings if need be. However, you do need to sign up for a Ubiquiti account before you can get started. Once everything is set up, there are numerous settings for network enthusiasts who want to take advantage of features like port forwarding, manual channel selection or simply look at a detailed breakdown of the connected devices and usage statistics. Having said that, the router does have its AI-assisted feature where the router selects the least congested channel automatically. You can even control and manage the router even when you are not home from the app making it super convenient to use for newcomers. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla On the desktop interface, there are some more features that you can look into if you plan to use this router for enterprise solutions. Many of these features were new to even me and we suggest you do your research before messing with the settings. In the same settings, you can set up four additional virtual Wi-Fi networks. You can even use the integrated cloud key to create a captive portal similar to hotel networks. Here you can set up your terms of service and even issue coupons and make money from your home network. You can charge guests for using your internet connection and issue coupons for a custom price. If you are looking for more customisations, you can even assign specific purposes for each of the four ethernet ports. You can set up an L2TP VPN server and configure DNS, DHCP, QoS, UPnP, and RADIUS servers. Ubiquiti gives you so many customisation options that make the UDM an awesome purchase for home or small offices. Connectivity When you are talking about WiFi routers, connectivity is the most important feature to consider and the UDM exceeded our expectations here. It managed to work well at long distances and deliver a consistent speed even with thick walls between the device and the router. With the UDM, you will not face random network drops even on devices with weak WiFi adapters. We managed to use the UDMâs network at great distances with a stable connection that even some of the best gaming routers canât deliver right now. For example, using a phone some 20 meters away from the router resulted in giving us a speed of 120 MBPS on a 150 MBPS connection. If we went further, the speed would drop a bit but it always remained consistent. At a time when everyone is working from home, the UDM delivers performance that gives everybody the freedom to move around the house. Weak WiFi signals often force users to stay close to the WiFi router. However, with the UDM you can go up to 50 feet and still enjoy a healthy network. This alone makes the UDM a worthy investment for professionals who are working from home. Apart from work from home professionals, this router is also perfect for users with a lot of smart devices. Now that smart lights, voice assistants, air purifiers and smart TVs have become a part of many households, you need a good WiFI router that can support all of those devices all at once. The Final Say Backed with awesome hardware and great connectivity, the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine is the perfect router for homes and small business. If youâve been wanting to get a router that is reliable and offers enough customisations for your networking needs, the Dream Machine is that reliable router that offers both. Buying this router is a valid investment as it will not only let you work freely from anywhere in your home, it will also last longer than your ISPâs router. If you are interested in buying this router, it is now available in India via the official store. View the full article
  3. When it comes to picking the right wireless speakers, we all want only the best! On one hand we have huge technological improvements happening and on the other hand we have the prices reaching sky high limits too! With all this happening simultaneously, can you really find the best speakers in India that fit your budget? The answer is - yes, you can! Taking the liberty of finding the best speakers available in India, we have enlisted them down according to your budget! Oh and donât donât worry about the quality, we picked out only the best reviewed speakers! Best Speakers Under 2000We know how difficult a task is to find the best speakers under 2000 Rs. only. However, if that is your budget, we are ready with the best quality wireless speakers for you! __ECOMLOOKS__796__ __ECOMLOOKS__797__ __ECOMLOOKS__798__ Best Speakers Under 3000With an increase in price, comes better quality. If you are willing to stretch your budget just a little bit, here is a list of the best speakers under 3000. __ECOMLOOKS__799__ __ECOMLOOKS__800__ BottomlineTo conclude, we hope that you found this list of the best speakers in India helpful! Let us know in the comments what your best picks of speakers in India are. Explore More View the full article
  4. While it's been a couple of months since we all started working from home due to the COVID-19 lockdown restriction, a lot of you are probably still trying to figure out how to work from home. Either you're not used to the WFH setup or you don't have a setup in the first place. If you are one of those people, then we think you should start off by getting a computer that'll give you the most bang for your buck. Let's take a look at a few laptops that we think are best to add to your work from home setup: 1. MacBook Air © YouTube/Marques Brownlee For most people, there's no other laptop that's as good as the MacBook Air. It's a lightweight portable device with enough power and battery life to get your job done without any hassle. It also helps if you're in the Apple eco-system as it seamlessly integrates with your iPhone, iPad, etc. 2. Dell XPS © Dell xps What a MacBook is for macOS, the Dell XPS is for people who prefer using a Windows machine. There's no other way to put it. These laptops combine a slim form-factor with just the right amount of power you need to get your work done. You get to choose between a 13-inch and a 15-inch variant, both of which are packed with powerful internals including a 10-gen processor, up to 8GB RAM, an InfinityEdge display and more. 3. Latitude 9510 2-in-1 © Dell latitude There's nothing more versatile than a 2-in-1 notebook, and we think the Latitude 9510 offers a really good value for money. It looks really sleek and it offers powerful internals to power through the tasks you throw at it. 2-in-1 notebooks are very convenient to use, so you might want to take a look at this one. 4. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3If you want to buy something directly from Microsoft, then we suggest taking a look at the Surface Laptop 3. You get to choose between a 13.5-inch and a 15-inch display and they both are packed with powerful internals. They also look incredibly cool in the Platinum and Matte Black variant. You can learn more about them here. 5. 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic KeyboardAlright, the iPad Pro isn't exactly a laptop, but it's worth mentioning here because of just how powerful and portable it is to use. The new iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard offers the best of both worlds. It's also worth mentioning that the iPad probably has the best front-facing camera than pretty much everything else on the list. So, you know it's perfect for those zoom calls. View the full article
  5. Year 2020 has been extremely difficult for all of us in more ways than one, especially for Bollywood as it has lost so many renowned faces back to back leaving the fans completely shocked. After actors Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoorâs untimely demise, now the film industry has lost another young talent, singer and music composer Wajid Khan of Sajid-Wajid fame. He was just 42 years old and the reason for his sudden death, reports say, is that he was ailing from kidney-related issues. He had earlier gone through Kidney transplant. Besides, Wajidâs brother Sajid Khan told PTI, âHe died of a cardiac arrest." He also confirmed that the musician had also tested positive for Covid-19. They both come from a rich musical lineage. Over the last several years, music composer duo,who are sons of the legendary tabla player, Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan, gave several popular hits that people would cherish for years to come. The music composer duo forayed into the Bollywood industry with Salman Khanâs 1998 hit Hindi-drama film Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. There has been no turning back since then. Here, letâs take a look at some of the most-hit compositions of the terrific duo, Sajid-Wajid brothers: 1. Soni De Nakhre from PartnerThis most-liked party number is from the 2007 comedy film Partner that was helmed by David Dhawan. The music was scored by Sajid-Wajid and it was sung by Labh Janjua, Sneha Pant, and Wajid himself. The song went on to become a super hit for its catchy music, choreography and catchy lyrics, that gave them the recognition they truly deserved. In fact, the soundtrack of the film was considered to be one of the best soundtracks of the year. 2. Surili Akhiyon Wale from VeerA romantic track from the epic-action film Veer, the song struck the right chord with the fans. The composition garnered a lot of appreciation for its soft melody. It was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Suzanne DâMello. The lyrics of the song were penned down by the legendary writer Gulzar. This song from the Anil Sharma directorial is one of the most loved tracks and still continues to be popular among fans. 3. Munni Badnaam Hui from DabanggThere would hardly be anyone who wouldnât have heard this peppy number. Music composed by Sajid-Wajid and sung by Mamta Sharma and Aishwarya Nigam, this is one of the most popular item songs to date. The lyrics were penned down by Lalit Pandit. The song featured Malaika Arora and she was at her elegant and sensuous best. It also received a lot of praise for its choreography, wherein the hook step got really popular. 4. Dagabaaz re from Dabangg 2 This song is a hit romantic number from the movie Dabangg 2 which is a sequel to Salman Khanâs 2010 action-comedy film Dabangg. The song features Salman and Sonakshi Sinha and was a massive hit at the time of its release for its melody. It has crossed 25 million views on Youtube. The song is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Goshal and Shadab Faridi. The lyrics were penned down by Sameer. The film's ensemble cast includes Salman, Arbaaz Khan, and Sonakshi among others in pivotal roles. Wajid breathed his last on Monday leaving his friends in the industry and fans across the country completely devastated. Even during his last few difficult days, the music composer duo composed music for Salman Khanâs latest Eid-single, Bhai Bhai. Salman was deeply affected by Wajid's untimely demise and he took his Twitter account to pay tribute to him and wrote yesterday, âWajid Vil always love, respect, remember n miss u as a person n ur talent, Love u n may your beautiful soul rest in peace.â Wajid Vil always love, respect, remember n miss u as a person n ur talent, Love u n may your beautiful soul rest in peace ... â Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) June 1, 2020 Meanwhile, latest news reports suggest that Wajidâs mother Razina has also tested positive for COVID-19. She has been taken to Surana Sethia hospital in Mumbai and is being treated currently. We pray for her speedy recovery. View the full article
  6. Keeping yourself secure online is more of a necessity these days ever since half the world is working from home, currently and ergo, the needs for VPNs. However, VPNs are also used to access blocked websites that are being blocked by ISPs and mobile operators. Some ISPs also throttle torrent downloading, which can be excruciatingly annoying. © Unsplash We tested many VPNs to find out which work the best in India to access the US version of Netflix and other websites that are not available on Indian networks. While a basic VPN can also do the job, you need servers that offer fast connections so that it doesnât hamper your overall internet speed when running a VPN on your machine. Here are the top 5 VPN services to use in India for accessing blocked content: 1. ExpressVPN © Express VPN ExpressVPN is by far the only VPN that offers everything you need from a single service. It is the best all-round VPN service for speed, privacy and unblocking. You get access to 3,000 servers in 160 locations across 94 nations. It even has support for Android and iOS with its official apps. ExpressVPN even comes with custom firmware that can be installed on compatible routers and unblock content that is restricted on the DNS level. With each account, you can use the service on five separate devices simultaneously which basically covers every device in your home. 2. IPVanish © IP Vanish Best used for torrenting, IPVanish does exactly what its namesake implies. The service as 40,000+ shared IPs, 300+ VPN servers in 70+ countries, unlimited P2P traffic, ten simultaneous connections and 24/7 customer support. Phew, thatâs a lot from a service that isnât as popular as ExpressVPN, which ideally works in its favour due to fewer users. It's available to use on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, even Fire TV which not many services tend to offer natively. Connecting to servers is a breeze and download speeds are also quite decent. However, if you are a power-user, the ten simultaneous connections are hard to ignore. 3. Private Internet Access (PIA) © PIA Private Internet Access is a relatively small service compared to the other services mentioned on this list, however, its reliability is what we like about the service. The network covers more than 50 locations across 32 countries and has P2P support as well. If you like to use port-forwarding and SOCKS5 for your clients, the service provides this feature for free as well. The service has native apps on every platform and even offers browser extensions for quick access. It is still a good value for people who are looking for something that offers above-average download speeds on VPN services. 4. Surfshark © Unsplash_Dan Nelson If speed is your game then the Surfshark VPN should be your go-to service. It is by far the fastest VPN service you can use and is best used for accessing Netflix in other regions. The interface is easy to use and does not look too complicated for first-time users. The best part about Surfshark is that it supports unlimited devices to use this service simultaneously. No other service offers these many connections on one account. For advance users, this service offers OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2 security protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a kill switch for extra privacy. 5. VyprVPN © VyprVPN Based in Switzerland, the VyprVPN service is one of the more comprehensive services out there. Their proprietary Chameleon protocol can even let you access blocked websites in countries like Iran and China. Other services tend to be flaky when trying to use them in China but this service never fails. Apps are available on every platform and even for smart TVs. Download speeds are higher than normal which is perfect for Netflix and BBC Player. The Windows client does look quite dated but it gets the job done. We havenât faced any downtime during our testing or no instances of logging. View the full article
  7. Being in a self-imposed quarantine and in isolation takes a toll on the psyche of an individual. This isnât exactly a new revelation, but the fact that even the best among us are susceptible to it is something that most of us hadnât realised before. We have come to realise this today after a video surfaced online of a doctor in Mathura tried to flee from the quarantine centre set up in a government hospital, on Thursday. © Twitter/timesofindia The doctor we see in the video is Dr Piyush Chatturvedi, who, as a report by Times Of India, was under a precautionary, âself-imposedâ quarantine after he came in contact with a coronavirus positive patient. The doctor says that he was stepping out of the facility to get a few things for consumption, and can be seen breaking into a sprint as the police try and stop him. © Twitter/timesofindia This shouldnât come as a surprise. Doctors, no matter where they are in the county are in a rather precarious position. On one hand, they are at the forefront of this ongoing war against the virus, and are facing the situation without proper equipment and basic PPEs or personal protective equipment. On the other, they are facing some appalling situations and discrimination, while spending days away from their families and loved ones. © Reuters The Mathura chapter of the Indian Medical Association put out a statement condemning the actions of Dr Chatturvedi and all medical professionals in the area who are putting public health at risk in a time like this. © Twitter/timesofindia While we agree with the opinions of the IMA, we cannot help but feel sorry for people like Dr Chatturvedi. With that being said, blaming just the doctor cannot be justified. Dr Chatturvedi, and a total of 13 other people at the District Combined Hospital of Vrindavan, came in contact with a COVID-19 patient, who later died. The medical professionals have been put in a precautionary quarantine for days now, and havenât been tested as of writing this article. #Covid_19: UP doctor flees from quarantine, cops chase him down Watch pic.twitter.com/f3PjFPz2i2 â The Times Of India (@timesofindia) May 1, 2020 Clearly, the situation is so grim that even the brightest among us are behaving in a rather sorry manner. This just goes on to show the psychological cost we as a civilisation may have to bear, once this pandemic is dealt with. View the full article
  8. The new OnePlus 8 Pro is probably the best OnePlus phone we've seen till date. It's got a really smooth display, a great design, and a powerful set of internals along with support for 5G. There's hardly anything to complain about, at least by looking at the specs sheet. And now that we know exactly how much it costs here in India, we think it's a good time to compare it with last year's OnePlus 7T Pro and see if it's worth upgrading. Let's take a look. Note: This comparison is purely based on the specs of both devices. We'll dive deep into a detailed comparison once we get our hands on the new OnePlus 8 series phones. Design © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee The OnePlus 8 Pro looks more or less the same as the OnePlus 7T Pro, however, there are some key differences. First off, it's worth pointing out that OnePlus has ditched the pop-up camera module for a punch-hole cutout on the front for the selfie camera. And now that there are fewer moving parts on the phone, it comes with IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. Great move. At the back, you'll also notice that the phone now comes with an additional camera sensor. Overall, the OnePlus 8 Pro is noticeably larger in size than the OnePlus 7T Pro, but it's both thinner and lighter, so we'll see how it feels in the hand. DisplayOnePlus had a lot to say about the new display on the OnePlus 8 Pro. It's apparently the best display they've ever put on an OnePlus phone. Experts say that it's currently among the best displays on the market too. It's a 6.78-inch panel with a resolution of 3168 x 1440 pixels on the 8 Pro as compared to the 6.67-inch panel on the 7T Pro. © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee Both panels are AMOLED, so you should be able to see rich colors and deep blacks. The OnePlus 8 Pro's panel, however, is a bit more advanced, so you might see a noticeable difference when compared side-by-side. It's also worth noting that the 8 Pro's display supports a 120Hz refresh rate compared to the 7T Pro's 90Hz refresh rate. Both panels also have an in-display fingerprint scanner. Overall, the OnePlus 8 Pro seems to have a better panel here, but we'll reserve our judgments for now. CameraCameras have been a huge talking point when it comes to OnePlus phones as they haven't had the best optics in the game. The 8 Pro, however, aims to change that with its quad-camera setup which includes two 48MP sensors, an 8MP telephoto lens, and a 5MP color filter camera. It certainly sounds like an upgrade from last year's OnePlus 7T Pro, but we'll do a detailed comparison later when we have both the devices. As for the selfie shooter, we're looking at the same 16MP sensor with fixed focus and 1.0µm pixels. Internal HardwareAs is the case with every other new OnePlus phone, the OnePlus 8 Pro also comes with the latest and the greatest set of hardware. It is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 SoC and comes with up to 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. The OnePlus 7T Pro, in comparison, is powered by the Snapdragon 855+ SoC. © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee On top of that, the OnePlus 8 Pro is 5G enabled, which the OnePlus 7T Pro isn't. The OnePlus 8 Pro also has a bigger battery coming at 4,510mAh compared to OnePlus 7T Pro's 4,085mAh unit. Both phones support the 30W Warp charge, but the OnePlus 8 Pro also supports wireless charging, which is great. The Final SayAs you would've already guessed, the OnePlus 8 Pro offers a lot of upgrades over last year's OnePlus 7T Pro. We're looking at a better display, upgraded internals as well as a new camera setup. Other things like 5G support and a larger battery with wireless charging make its case even stronger. The OnePlus 8 Pro is clearly a superior device, at least on paper. That being said, the OnePlus 7T Pro is still an exceptional phone and we think it's worth holding on to if you already have one. But if you're planning on upgrading from an older device, then clearly the new OnePlus 8 Pro is the way to go. View the full article
  9. Every time you think of Kartik Aaryan, you cannot forget the iconic monologue delivery he gave in the Pyaar Ka Punchnama series which shot his to epic fame and became every dudeâs personal favourite. Owing to the lockdown, Doordarshan decided to telecast Ramayan again and now, people are glued to it. While fans are rejoicing watching their favourite show again, some of them could not help but compare it with the millennial world. In todayâs episode, Laxman gave an epic monologue defending Sita and her character after Lord Rama said Sita would have to go through âangniparikshaâ to come to him. This angered Laxman and then came the epic monologue where he questioned the whole idea of making Sita go through all this when she made all the sacrifices against her will, even though she was a daughter of a king. Laxman even went to say that he should be punished because he left Sita alone to follow Ram. Hereâs the telecast of the episode aired today morning and you can witness the brilliance Laxman has shown while giving the monologue. After the episode, Laxman started to trend on Twitter and people appreciated him for his monologue, dialogue and standing up for Sita. People even went on to compare Kartik Aaryan with the character of Laxman. They gave the crown to Laxman for the best monologue. Kartik Aaryan : I own the best monologue! Lakshman Ji : Hold my dhanush!#Ramayan#Ramayana#रामायण What a rant by @LahriSunil in today's episode! Truly proved himself as the best actor of the entire series! pic.twitter.com/TABa6utEN9 â VK Salmaniac (@VK_Payne19) April 18, 2020#Laxman proved as a best actor with best dialogue in today's episode, a deep relationship of BHABHI-DEVAR love which is not less than a mother- son love. Headsoff Jay Shree Ram #रामायण â Tejas (@tejas2436) April 18, 2020Laxman ji's expressions, dialogue delivery Angry and in pain , perfectly portrayed by @LahriSunil . No amount of appreciation is enough for his acting. #Ramayan â Quarantined सà¤à¤à¥ à¤à¥à¤¡à¤¼à¥ð®ð³ (@Adizamybaee) April 18, 2020The way #Laxman Ji @LahriSunil ji changes his facial expressions from being in anger to that little brother's smile is damn good. What an Actor #Ramayan #RamayanOnDDNational â Lockdown Thoughts (@Va1bhav_sharma) April 17, 2020Sir, I am a huge fan of your acting. I wait for your scenes dialogues and reactions. You r my favourite in entire series. Nobody could have done justice to #Laxman 's character but you rocked â Archika Singh (@archika_singh) April 17, 2020#KartikAaryan: I'm the best in monologue, no one can beat me in my own-way monologues. .#LaxmanJi (@LahriSunil) : Hold my dhanush! . . .#रामायण #Ramayana #RamayanOnDDNational #Ramayan #शà¥à¤°à¥à¤°à¤¾à¤® â Dhaval Balai (@DhavalBalai) April 18, 2020Thank you #Laxman for defending #Sita against #Agnipariksha after staying in custody of #Ravana for long time. #Sita was handed to #Agnidev, so that #Ravana should not kidnap real #Sita. #Ravana kidnapped imaginary shadow #Sita. This is not known to most of people. pic.twitter.com/5bH9VBBxyp â newIndia (@1Abhijeet2) April 18, 2020Twitterati has been obsessing over Lord Laxman's character from the show, played by Sunil Lahri. Well, people flooded Twitter with several hilarious memes on Laxman as well. In an interview with an entertainment website, Laxman was asked about his reaction to the memes. Responding to it, he had said, âI have seen many memes that a lot of people have sent. Even my brother's children in the house send me the memes. I like it. I am enjoying it. It's said that you are popular and that's why they make these memes. I am honoured. I feel honoured to be a part of the memes." Doordarshan has brought back iconic shows such as Mahabharat, Ramayan, Byomkesh Bakshi, and others on public demand amid the coronavirus lockdown. Because of the re-telecast of Ramayan and Mahabharat, Doordarshan topped the TRP charts after decades recently. View the full article
  10. In a career spanning across almost 4 decades now, Irrfan Khan has been a part of some of the finest films that India has ever produced. And in those films, we have seen how, time and again, the man has sort of redefined what Indian actors are actually capable of. Make no mistake, there is no one in Bollywood that can hold a candle to the manâs raw talent and the manner in which he has honed his craft over the years. © Instagram/irrfan Whether they are big-ticket films, with a spectacular star cast or a small indie film, where the legend of an actor is surrounded by relatively unknown names, Irrfan has gone on to cultivate an on-screen persona that is simply mesmerising. Youâre welcome Hollywood. Here are 6 indie films that show why we simply canât have enough of the man: 1. The Namesake © Fox Searchlight Pictures The Namesake is based on a novel by the same name, written by Jhumpa Lahiri. The film revolves around the struggles of an immigrant family that is trying to find its place in a post 9/11 America. The film beautifully depicts the tussle between appropriating new cultures and trying to hold on to oneâs heritage. And of course, there is Irrfanâs performance to go all gaga over. 2. Life in a... Metro © UTV Motion Pictures A film that is actually quite well made and well written, Life in a... Metro actually has a lot of things going on in its plot. With that being said, the entire film, which for some reason is listed as a musical, is very cohesively put together. Because of the nature of the storytelling, and the way it had to be filmed, Irrfan cannot be considered to be the lead of the film - in fact, there are no lead roles. However, the moments when he is on the screen, are simply a joy to watch. His dialogues, especially in spite of being very simple and mundane, are another reason to watch the film. 3. Slumdog Millionaire © Fox Star Studios Yes, Slumdog Millionaire is actually, an indie film. Although it had Danny Boyle at the helm, who was a fairly reputable director back then, the film had no solid backers. Although Dev Patel was the lead of the film, and Anil Kapoor, simply stole the show with his menacing performance, it was actually Irrfan, who in spite of a very limited role, added a very distinct, Irrfan-esque characteristic to the film. 4. Maqbool © Kaleidoscope Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Of course, we have to talk about Maqbool. Even though the film had pretty strong and notable names associated with it, it failed to attract big-ticket production houses. Luckily, it did find some really great distributors who gave it the release that it deserved. Written and directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, Maqbool is based on Shakespeareâs Macbeth and has power-packed performances by Tabu, Pankaj Kapur, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah and of course, Irrfan Khan. Need we say more? 5. The Song of Scorpions © Agora Films A film that somehow managed to slip under the radar, The Song of Scorpions is a film that only the most ardent of cinephiles, who regularly keep a track of film festivals around the globe, will know about. The film did exceptionally well in every film festival where it was shown; the foreign press, including some of the most credible film critics, were all praises for the film. Beautifully shot, the film shows the Thar desert and the city of Jaisalmer in a light that very few of us have seen. 6. The Lunchbox © UTV Motion Pictures Okay, we just had to include The Lunchbox in the list. The film was poignant, to say the least, and to this day, is considered to be the film that could have won us an Academy Award, had we entered this, rather than The Good Road. The Lunchbox was beautifully shot, had a very solidly written plot, and was a visual masterpiece to watch. And of course, how can we not mention the performances of Nimrat Kaur and Nawazuddin Siddiqui? This should sort your binge-watching list for the weekend, right? View the full article
  11. Pets make everything better, it's a fact. Having a buddy who loves you unconditionally and is always there to make everything better is probably the greatest thing ever. And, a companionship is even more important than ever right now while we're going through a global pandemic.The entire world is basically under quarantine because of coronavirus and some people are having a better lockdown than others. One person who seems to be enjoying - and raising awareness about the situation - is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has such a diverse bunch of pets that are always by his side, more so during this quarantine. © Instagram Let's meet his adorable furry family, a donkey named Lulu, the tiny doggo Cherry, and Whiskey the pony. Never eat alone. pic.twitter.com/ijCz97N0qN â Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) January 13, 2020They look so happy together, so wholesome. Every pet parent knows the struggle of eating. View this post on InstagramAfter my home workout, fueling up with Whiskey and Lulu.A post shared by (@schwarzenegger) He's giving us the best quarantine content and I'm so here for it. I know itâs not easy being home, but we all have to get along. Be like Lulu, not Cherry. Use this time to spread kindness, check in on your family and friends, and of course, no biting. pic.twitter.com/7DfhmYz3lo â Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) March 19, 2020And, he's even making coronavirus PSAs with their help! I tried to do a hand-washing tutorial for Cherry but I think you guys will pay more attention. Be safe. Wash your hands. Listen to scientists and experts, not foreheads. Together, we can slow this down and protect each other. #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/evDxVu6Etb â Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) March 13, 2020It's very important to remain active during this time. Whiskey and Lulu need exercise too. pic.twitter.com/PWVfHkv6B4 â Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) March 27, 2020And, there's also plenty of time to teach your pets chess as well. Hereâs your daily Lulu update - sheâs not the best chess partner but sheâs getting there. If youâve been putting off something like learning chess with your family, use the time youâd normally be out and about. pic.twitter.com/S3QoBJtO7q â Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) March 30, 2020But of course, social distancing is very important. Trying to teach Lulu social distancing. pic.twitter.com/5k2sqpsIhh â Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) April 1, 2020Sharing is caring. PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN pic.twitter.com/Tr9isgHj6g â Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) April 2, 2020I would like to personally thank Arnold Schwarzenegger for giving us the most wholesome content with his adorable little family. It was much needed. View the full article
  12. Meghan Markle's 'Elephant' has received mixed reviews from critics as the Duchess of Sussex starred the sole narrator for the feature-length film.Meghan recorded the voiceover for Disney Plus documentary 'Elephant', which saw mixed reviews from critics.The filmmakers reportedly requested...
  13. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is offering free FDA-approved ventilators to countries that need it most for patients affected by COVID-19. Musk will be sending the ventilators free of cost to hospitals in regions where the electric car manufacturer operates and delivers. The ventilator will also be sent without any delivery charges. © Reuters "Device & shipping cost are free. Only requirement is that the vents are needed immediately for patients, not stored in a warehouse. Please (let) me or @Tesla know," Musk said in a tweet. It is currently not clear how many ventilators are on offer and how the company plans to prioritise which hospital needs it most. Previously, Musk promised to give hundreds of ventilators to hospitals in New York City which happens to be badly hit by the outbreak in the United States. We have extra FDA-approved ventilators. Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. Device & shipping cost are free. Only requirement is that the vents are needed immediately for patients, not stored in a warehouse. Please me or @Tesla know. â Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 31, 2020 There have been more than 8,25,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world and has resulted in more than 40,000 confirmed deaths. At a time when the world is facing tough times, Musk has come to the rescue by committing to getting ventilator to the people who need them most. © Reuters However, Musk does have one condition that the ventilators be used for the recovery of patients rather than have it stored in a warehouse. Ventilators have proven to be crucial medical equipment as the novel virus attacks the lungs and causes severe difficulty in breathing. American car company Ford also plans to make 50,000 ventilators for COVID-19 patients within the next 100 days. View the full article
  14. Social distancing, working from home and self-isolating can be really hard and they can take a toll on your mental health. This pandemic is hitting everyone differently, but if there's one thing that's common to all, then it has got to be stress and anxiety. And therefore, we think it's the perfect time to develop the habit of taking some time off for mindfulness and meditation. In case you need some help with that, we have curated a list of the best meditation apps to help you stay calm and keep the anxiety away. Calm © App Store Calm is probably one of the most popular mindfulness and meditation app there is. It has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, which is what we all want right now. From mindfulness exercises and guided meditations to stretching exercises, there's a lot to check out here. And in case you don't want to download the app on your phone, you can even head over to their dedicated page to get a glimpse of all the available resources. Download: iOS, Play Store Ten Percent © Play Store Ten Percent is an app that's great for both who are willing to pay a premium or simply use a free tier. Ten Percent has a lot of really good explanatory videos and guided sessions. We're talking about short sessions that are no longer than a minute or so, making them perfect for people who don't have a lot of time. They also have a dedicated COVID-19 section with daily live "sanity break" videos. Download: iOS, Play Store Smiling Mind © App Store Smiling Mind is a free app that's designed for kids and young adults. It has a ton of videos and sessions across a lot of modules that can be very useful during these tough times. This particular app is also very well designed and it's very simple to use. Also, Smiling Mind is one of the very few apps offering the premium tier membership for free for those who can't afford to pay, so be sure to check it out and give it a try. Download: iOS, Play Store Insight TimerThis is a free-to-use app with a library of over 30,000 guided meditations. This is a very basic app that's not going to offer you anything out of the ordinary. Just pick a meditation routine, set a timer and you're good to go. There's a premium tier with a very generous 30-day free trial, so it's a really good option. Download: iOS If meditation isn't for you and you just like to kill some time by playing games, then be sure to check our recommendations for the best relaxing games you can play. View the full article
  15. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak all over the world, fashion brands are facing some major issues. The effects of the virus, that originated in China, has now gone beyond creating health crisis all over the world. The Chinese fashion market, also known as one of the fastest-growing markets for luxury brands with their plans to expand globally, has also faced the repercussions due to the Covid-19 outbreak. © Getty Images However, in order to do their best and contribute as much as they can, several global fashion brands stepped up and donated funds to fight this contagious virus. © Getty Images LVMH, the French luxury conglomerate that operates major luxury brands like Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior has gone beyond money and is now prepping to produce hand sanitiser instead of the usual perfumes and cosmetic products this week. As we all know that there's a shortage of hand sanitisers due to short supply and high demand. But brands like LVMH are taking an initiative to produce disinfectant gel in large quantities and donate the same to the French Health Authorities and the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris which is the largest hospital system in Europe. © Getty Images It is anticipated that LVMH will be making around 12 tons of hand sanitisers and would continue the same as long as it is required. The company made a statement and clearly said that this initiative will help address the lack of products available in the market currently and it shall enable a greater number of people to take right actions against Covid-19. Speaking of France's current position, around 3,600 cases of people getting affected by coronavirus have been registered. © Getty Images This global crisis seems to be escalating at a faster pace. To help mitigate the spread of this virus, an initiative like this one was much needed. Given how quickly it is escalating, it is affecting the health system and also the supply of essential items in the market. It is good to see that luxury fashion brands are invested in helping during such dreadful times. Not just LVMH, even other brands from the fashion industry are coming forward to combat the spread of this outbreak in whatever way they can. We are looking forward to more such great initiatives! View the full article
  16. The novel coronavirus has claimed over 4,000 lives globally, so far, and it is only getting worse. On a daily basis, we come across instances of shortage of face masks and hand sanitizers in the market. Unfortunately, many people, not caring about others, are hoarding masks and sanitizers, forgetting that other people need to be protected too in order to contain the virus outbreak. We have now seen the bad and good side of many people during this difficult time that we are all going through. Having said that, football superstar Christiano Ronaldo has turned out to be a real hero and is doing his bit to fight against the outbreak of Covid-19. View this post on InstagramOur best it's guaranteed ðªð» #finoallafine #forzajuveA post shared by (@cristiano) India Today reported, according to a Spanish newspaper MARCA, all the CR7 hotels are set to be converted into hospitals for the coronavirus patients. As per the report, the facility can be used free of charge during this time frame. Reportedly, the footballer will also pay the doctors and the workers at the facility. The virus has jolted the global sports calendar and many sports events have been postponed. Despite the report in a leading Spanish News Daily, a Portugal journalist, Filipe Caetano, said the information is ânot trueâ. View this post on InstagramAlways on my mind...see you tommorrow ðªð¼ #UCL #forzajuveA post shared by (@cristiano) Earlier, Ronaldo also took to his social media and posted an emotional message asking his fans to adhere to the guidelines of WHO when it comes to precautions against this deadly virus. He also said that he will support the "amazing" health professionals who are risking their lives to save others. He said, "I speak to you not as a football player, but as a son, father, a human being concerned with the latest developments that is affecting the world.â View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@cristiano) "Protecting human life must come above any other interests, Ronaldo added in his post. I would like to send my thoughts to everyone who has lost someone close to them, my solidarity to those who are fighting the virus, like my teammate Daniele Rugani, and my continued support to the amazing health professionals putting their own lives at risk to help save others,â he added. At the moment he is quarantined in Madeira, after finding out that one of his teammates, Daniele Rugani tested positive for the virus. The members who came in contact with Rugani are in voluntary quarantine at the moment. © Reuters The novel coronavirus has led to the suspension of many global sporting events such as NBA, ATP and WTA tournaments, and many top-tier football tournaments across Europe and many major cricket sports events including Indian Premier League. View the full article
  17. The cases of novel coronavirus are dismally increasing in the country and the count of patients has reached 73, so far. Amid the chaos, there is a shortage of face masks, hand sanitizers and even toilet paper in our country. While people are trying to be extremely cautious about their sanitization, the shortage of these basic products has left everyone devastated. But, not anymore! © BCCL Recently, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra shared a DIY (Do It Yourself) video of making facemasks at home and thatâs all we need today. He took to his Twitter handle and wrote, âNo more shortage of masks?? And I thought Indians were the masters of jugaad!â Checkout the video here- Voila. No more shortage of masks?? And I thought Indians were the masters of jugaad! pic.twitter.com/67mLgSo0Od â anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) March 11, 2020 In the video, a woman showcases how to make a mask on our own by using simple items that we have at home. The woman takes a piece of single tissue paper and folds it to achieve a paper made fan. She then uses two rubber-bands on both sides and staples them. Voila!! You now have a home-made mask which is very similar to the ones available in the market. Image 2 The video has already garnered around 1.6K views and 1.7K retweets. However, people have still found ways to leave funny comments on social media. Check out some of the reactions here pic.twitter.com/BoDUsyjVbb â Suraj (@Imsurajbl) March 11, 2020 Hahahaha Only available in Indian market 𤣠pic.twitter.com/L4dMWn7FBG â PAVITAR SINGHÂ©ï¸ *iptechtalks.com* (@PAVITARSINGH1A) March 11, 2020 OMG! Another way to do it pic.twitter.com/loxXyDUo36 â Armaan Younis (@armaanyounis) March 11, 2020 We were expecting this all along! U think u can beat us?? pic.twitter.com/Mrxb3aT4Cn â ChahalPahal (@ChahalPahal2) March 11, 2020 Agreed. pic.twitter.com/QBkVjVVvOq â Mogili Varun Kumar (@MogiliVarun) March 12, 2020 On point. @anandmahindra, sir kaisa hai "Made in India" Mask? pic.twitter.com/XHN90nfBvO â Gaurav Kumar (@GauravK11265888) March 11, 2020 Okay? Okay! pic.twitter.com/2GKl4smkWv â preeti dogra (@pdogra2001) March 11, 2020 The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has claimed more than 4,000 lives across the world, so far. The world scientists are still trying hard to find a cure. Meanwhile, we can take preventive measures to keep ourselves safe from the virus. View the full article
  18. Storage technology has come a long way from the bulky HDD (hard disk drive) we used to carry with us for storing all our data. Portable SSDs are the next big thing in storage technology as they are much smaller, lightweight and way faster in transferring data than traditional hard drives. Portable SSDs are considerably more expensive but they do tend to save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Portable SSDs are less susceptible to damages as they don't not use a rotating disk and some even have comprehensive security features to keep all of your data safe. Hereâs a list of the top portable SSDs you can buy in India: 1. Samsung T5 Portable SSD © BCCL Samsung makes some of the best SSDs in the world and the same can be said about their portable SSDs too. This particular model comes in storage options of up to 2TB and delivers data transfer speeds of 540 MB/s. It is at par with some internal SATA SSDs and is considerably faster than traditional HDDs. It also comes with added security where you can set your own password to access the contents of the SSD. 2. SanDisk Extreme © YouTube If you are always on the move or like to use an SSD in environments other than an office, this portable SSD by SanDisk is your best best. It has a shockproof housing and is also IP55 rated for water resistance In terms of data transfer speeds, it can reach speeds of up to 550MB/S and also comes with a ring so that you can attach it to your backpack. 3. Samsung T7 Touch © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Samsungâs latest portable SSD T7 Touch comes with an in-built fingerprint reader for better security and double the transfer speeds of the T5 portable. It is capable of reaching transfer speeds of 1GB/S and is thinner than the T5 SSD. It is also shock resistant where the internal frame lets the T7 Touch withstand falls from up to 2 meters. 4. ADATA SD600Q © ADATA The ADATA SD 600Q comes with a military-grade frame that protects the SSD from major drops higher than 2 meters. It weighs only 60g as the casing is made out of shock-absorbing silicone. It has transfer speeds of up to 440 MB/s and is perfect for photographers who are always out in the field. 5. Seagate Fast SSD © BCCL Seagateâs portable SSD doesnât really look much portable because of its size but it can deliver transfer speeds of up to 540MB/s. It comes in storage options of up to 2TB and comes with all the necessary cables in the box. The portable SSD also comes with a folder syncing software where it can mirror your files and folders onto your computer, provided you have an internet connection. View the full article
  19. Realme has been doing some amazing work behind the scenes to bring some of the phones in the market. Last year, the Realme 5 series was a hit for the company, and now they're back with the Realme 6 series, with major upgrades across the board. Today, I'll be talking about the Realme 6 Pro and tell you why I love this phone. I've been using the Realme 6 Pro as my primary phone for quite some time now and I think it's currently the best phone to buy in the market if your budget is under Rs. 20,000. 1. Design & Build Quality I've said this in the past and I'll say it again - Realme makes some of the most beautiful looking phones in the market right now. The Realme 6 Pro doesn't have a glass back, but it looks absolutely stunning. It's a mixture of glass and plastic. So it's not the most premium-feeling material in the world, but it'll definitely attract some eyeballs. © MensXP/ Karthik Iyer As you can see, I've been using the "Lightning Blue" variant of the phone and it's got this crazy lighting design at the back. The orange variant also looks equally stunning in my opinion. The phone has got a decent weight to it and it has all the necessary features that you'd expect from a phone like a USB Type C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and more. There's a quad-camera setup at the back with minimal Realme branding. The fingerprint scanner has been moved to the side of the phone, and I think it's a great move. The Realme 6 Pro has a single firing speaker at the bottom and it supports Dolby Atmos hi-res audio quality. You can also add a micro SD card to expand the storage, which is great. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about the Realme 6 Pro's design and build quality. Good job, Realme! 2. Display The display is one of my favourite features of the Realme 6 Pro and I think that's what kept me from switching to a different device even after my testing period. You're looking at a 6.6-inch FHD+ IPS panel with support for a 90Hz refresh rate. © MensXP/ Karthik Iyer Yes, it's not an AMOLED panel like the one found on the Galaxy M31. So you're probably going to miss seeing deep blacks and punchy colors on the screen. That being said, the high-refresh rate, especially in this price range, will definitely make up for it. The display is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and it also has a punch-hole cutout for the dual selfie cameras. The display looks modern thanks to the punch-hole cutout and low bezels, and the high refresh rate is just icing on the cake. During my usage, I found that the panel manages to hold a high refresh rate without any issues. It also gets decently bright to use outdoors. If you've never used a high-refresh-rate panel before, then you must check this out. It's a feature that we don't see often in mid-range phones, and it's a great way to make more people experience the 90Hz refresh rate. I am sure you'll love interacting with the phone using this display. 3. Performance The Realme 6 Pro is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 720G processor which is specifically built for phones in this price range. I am not going to throw in some crazy numbers and specs of the processor, but I'll just say that it's a great processor. The processor is coupled with up to 12GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. I've been using the high-end variant of the phone for testing and the performance is pretty impressive. You absolutely don't need to worry about the performance. This is one of those phones that can handle anything you throw at it. © MensXP/ Karthik Iyer Mid-range phones have gotten a lot better over the years and the Realme 6 Pro with the Snapdragon 720G is pushing it further at this point. This is currently the phone powered by this particular processor, so we'll have more comparisons when other phones drop in the market. Realme has also optimized the software on this phone very well. Together, both the hardware and the software manages to give you a solid performance while using the phone. The Realme 6 Pro runs Realme UI out of the box that's based on Android 10. This is the latest version of Andriod out there on the market, so it's good that you're getting the best in the business. I did notice some glitches from time to time while the phone though. For instance, the software would just freeze on me while using a particular, forcing me to close the app altogether and start over again. I think this is something that they can fix with future updates, but I think I should mention that in the review. © MensXP/ Karthik Iyer As for gaming, I did play a couple of games of PUBG Mobile and Call OF Duty Mobile on the Realme 6 Pro and it was pretty good. The 90Hz display definitely helps with gaming on supported titles. But it's safe to say that the phone can handle almost all the titles without any stutters. 4. Camera The Realme 6 Pro sports a quad-camera setup at the back which includes a 64MP primary sensor made by Samsung. It's coupled with an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 12MP telephoto lens, and a 2MP macro lens. On the front, there are two cameras for selfies. One is a normal 16MP wide-angle lens, whereas the other one is an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens. As you can see, the phone has a pretty versatile set of cameras. So how's the performance? Well, here are some samples that I managed to shoot while testing the phone over a few days- I'd say the images shot during the day with enough light turned out pretty well. There's a lot of details to zoom into thanks to that 64MP sensor and the dynamic range is also good. You can also use the ultra-wide lens to get more of the scene into the frame, but it's not as good as the other sensors. Thanks to the new 2X and 5X zoom modes, you can close in on the subject like never before on a Realme phone. It comes handy but I won't recommend using the 5x zoom mode unless you have a tripod. As for the nigh mode pictures, they're pretty decent. The images will definitely come out better at night while using a tripod, but I managed to get some sweet shots even without one. © MensXP/ Karthik Iyer Overall, I think the Realme 6 Pro has really good cameras. Obviously, it's not competing with the flagships out there, but I think it's one of the best sets of cameras that you can get in this price range. 5. Battery Life The Realme 6 Pro packs a 4,300 mAh battery under the hood that keeps the lights on. The battery also comes with 30W Flash Charge support, which is great. During my usage, believe it or not, I was getting over 7 hours on screen-on time on a single charge, which insane. © MensXP/ Karthik Iyer Even if moderate to heavy usage, I think this phone will last easily for a day. And as I said, it comes with fast charge support, so you don't have to worry about charging times too. I was able to charge the phone for just an hour and get a lot of juice. 6. The Final Say The Realme 6 Pro starts at Rs 16,999 for the base variant and goes all the way up to Rs 18,999 for the high-end variant. So even if you're going for the high-end variant of the phone with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, you'll be shelling out less than Rs 20,000. At that price, you're essentially getting a beautiful-looking device with great features like a 90Hz panel, good performance (thanks to Snapdragon 720G SoC), impressive battery life, and a versatile set of cameras. It's crazy how you can get so many cool features on a phone that costs less than Rs. 20,000. © MensXP/ Karthik Iyer Realme 6 Pro is directly competing with the Poco X2. While there are a lot of good things to say about the Poco X2 as well, we like what Realme has done with the Realme 6 Pro to make a well-rounded phone. I am just going to wrap this up by saying that the Realme 6 Pro is one of the best mid-range phones I've used in a while, which is why I am not going to hesitate to recommend it to anybody who's looking to buy a phone under Rs. 20,000. View the full article
  20. While Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India, it brings with it a lot of the do's and don'ts especially contextually of what's relevant today. Holi is all about colours and fun as a festival but we should also be more conscious about a few things that come along with it, especially in the current climate. © Twitter Here are a few don'ts for Holi you should keep in mind, for health and safety of you and others around you and of course for some major environmental concerns as well. (1) Avoid Crowded AreasThe coronavirus scare is becoming more real than ever and it's best to avoid crowded areas as much as you possibly can. We're not saying it's openly prevalent yet but it's better to be safe than sorry! Maybe meet a few close friends and do a Holi celebration at home or someone's terrace but going to a big festival with a lot of people around could be a little doubtful right now. © Twitter (2) Avoid Putting Colours On PetsStreet dogs or pet dogs should not be exposed to colour at all, especially to colour that stays longer, or even wet colours for that matter. The colours contain chemicals that can harm their coat and skin, or even blind them temporarily. It's best to keep distance from any animal, pet or otherwise before deciding to play Holi. © Twitter (3) Avoid Forcefully Putting Colour On SomeoneConsent is important even here. Just because someone has joined in on the celebration does not mean they want to be forced to play Holi or have colour out on them. Respect their wishes and if they say no, adhere to their consent. © Eros International (4) Avoid Wasting WaterAccording to a NITI Aayog report, Delhi is among 21 major cities that will run out of groundwater by 2020. Another study by the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) from earlier this year found out that groundwater levels in the city are depleting at an astonishing rate of 10 cm per year. Which also means we do not have spare water to waste while playing Holi and if we can consciously remember that, it's going to be good for us. © TOI (5) Avoid Playing With FilthWhile most of us love splashing water balloons and water at each other, many also love muck, kerosene oil and eggs. Why don't we keep Holi simple, for what it actually stands for and how it's played? Ideally Gulal should be our favoured choice but a lot of people indulge in water colours and balloons too. Avoiding any sort of filth keeps the sanctity of the festival intact. © TOI These are some don'ts that should be applicable for the festival today. It's best to adhere to these to avoid health and environmental hazards! Happy Holi folks! View the full article
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