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Found 31 results

  1. Robert Horry was in India recently and we spent some time with the 7-time NBA Champion talking about everything under the sun. But, amidst all the fun and games, we also asked him a few hard hitting questions about the state of affairs of basketball in India. © Getty Images Even though we kind of blindsided him with these questions, Robert had some astute advice on how Indians can become better at the sport. Here's a look at what he had to say: What is the best thing about basketball in India? The best thing is the NBA academy and the way they're trying to implement basketball to the youth at an early age. Once you implement basketball and start a grassroot programme it gets the youth more active in the sport and when the youth is more active in the sport, they start to love the sport. If you don't feed them the sport they don't know about the sport, they don't try the sport. This way you get them young, get them to fall in love, and see how competitive the game can be, how fun the game can be and more importantly how it can bring forth a brotherhood, a sisterhood because it's just not a sport for guys, but also a sport for young ladies also. © Getty Images What's the one thing that surprised you with reference to Basketball during your trip to India? I think the one thing is the love and the athletic ability from watching them practice here at the NBA Academy to see how good these guys were and see how young they were. And that's the whole thing. You catch these guys at a young age and are able to teach them the game so they can end up growing with the game in India and maybe one day someone that I just saw can maybe ascend to the NBA. In a cricket-crazy country like India – how can NBA change the focus to basketball or any other sport? I think the best thing to do is to present it to them. Present it to them, let them watch and the thing is you have to let them watch good basketball because. Just think about it. If a cricket match is not a good cricket match, you're not going to watch that. So present it, have some tape delay NBA games here in India so people can get a taste of it. Once you get a taste of it I think you will love it. You will want to go out and play it and the next thing you know it will probably be your favourite sport. It probably won't take over cricket but it will be up there hopefully. © Getty Images What do you think aspiring Indian players need to do to play in the NBA? I think the most important thing is to learn the game. Learn the game, watch tapes of old guys and go out and play the game. There are so many kids who want to watch the game but don't emulate the guys they need to emulate. You see a guy try to do some trickshots and you're like hey slow down. Learn how to shoot a regular shot before you do a trick shot. There are so many things that come into it. You have to be able to pass, dribble, shoot. Learn the fundamentals first and then expand on it.
  2. Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans really love each other, like really really love each other and they're not afraid to show it. From sharing memes of each other to some old-fashioned trolling, the two OG Avengers know how to keep themselves and their fans entertained, even when they're not on the big screen. RDJ shared a Chris Evans meme! Busted. https://t.co/VtnIJtiTIo — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) August 21, 2018 Chris approves. Chris is showing him some love. Happy birthday to the one and only, @RobertDowneyJr!! (Am I the only one who thinks he's aging in reverse?) I miss you, buddy!! — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) April 4, 2018 What a pun! We all know who the real sheriff in town is @ChrisEvans pic.twitter.com/MiIjOv8kfy — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) October 6, 2018 The perfect emoji for RDJ. This guy....ð https://t.co/rHj3c8Lcdl — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) October 7, 2018 Yes, Chris will make a great mother. Look who I found... And yes, we are expecting... @ChrisEvans @jimmykimmel pic.twitter.com/im7JGysk4u — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) November 25, 2015 It should be a national holiday! Releasing your film on Robert Downey Jr's birthday has to be a good sign. — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) April 6, 2014 Team Cap, all the way! Wink wink... #aprilfoolsday pic.twitter.com/T8XiR1BWqz — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) April 1, 2016 We're already on that team. We want YOU for Team Avengers. #AgeOfUltron #PressTour #Avengerpalooza pic.twitter.com/HFg19j5rvl — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) April 12, 2015 The entire movie. Civil War? #AgeofUltron #PressTour @chrishemsworth @ChrisEvans pic.twitter.com/n6SwkHELor — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) April 11, 2015 So spot on. View this post on Instagram You've got a friend in.....oh, wait. #CivilWar A post shared by Robert Downey Jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on Feb 5, 2016 at 9:25am PST The bromance, tho. Happy Valentine's Day to all the shippers out there! â¤ï¸ð pic.twitter.com/VAVwRLDumo — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) February 14, 2018 I want to know if he made this meme himself. When @ChrisEvans abuses the group text... pic.twitter.com/tOy6Vq07EK — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) January 24, 2016 Chris probably already had that gif saved on his phone. Happy birthday to the legendary @RobertDowneyJr. Mentor. Life-saver. Friend. Hope your birthday is like a giant kiss on the lips! pic.twitter.com/GK60sd8QLK — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) April 4, 2017 This is it. RDJ made the most important declaration. Many thanks for the kind returns. You're my favorite Chris... — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) April 5, 2017 So much love. Hope they don't seat me next to @ChrisEvans at the A2 press conference, as CAP and I aren't getting along... @chrishemsworth @Renner4Real — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) April 11, 2015 Oops. Dammit. @ChrisEvans @chrishemsworth @Renner4Real #AgeOfUltron #PressTour pic.twitter.com/VmKI0zQERj — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) April 11, 2015 They're already expecting so this seems like a logical step. Don't tease me, @ChrisEvans. pic.twitter.com/ewYz6vb0aH — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) September 30, 2015 What an observation. All the way down to the eye color. pic.twitter.com/bUdp70z7bq — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) September 23, 2018 He surely does. What can I say? The man knows me. https://t.co/NLJ7e7B0F8 — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) September 23, 2018 One time, even Ryan Reynolds decided to join in. Also, 'Captain America: Civil War' was a blessing to this world. #TeamCap https://t.co/3Gtc9yqSF6 — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) February 20, 2016 RDJ wasn't impressed. .@VancityReynolds Et tu, D-pool? Gimme a shout when Rogers boots you out for "cussing"! — Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) February 20, 2016 “Language!” was a lie. @RobertDowneyJr @VancityReynolds Bullsh*t!! The cussing was my favorite part! (just don't tell my alter ego....or Kevin Feige....or my mom) — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) February 21, 2016 Never change, you two, keep being your 'extra' selves.
  3. 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4' is already out on the market right now and it has been ruling the sales charts ever since it was released. We reviewed the game in its current state and found it to be the best game in the franchise since 'Modern Warfare 2'. © Activision Black Ops 4 has a new game mode instead of a full single-player campaign, and it has been ruling the Battle Royale genre ever since it was released. Previously, the genre was dominated by 'Fortnite' and 'PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds' (PUBG), however, since COD Blops 4 released, there has been a gradual decrease in peak concurrent players on Steam for PUBG. This may be attributed to many reasons and we wanted to list out our reasons why people are jumping ships: 1. No Hackers © Youtubbe Activision as a publisher and Treyarch as a developer are very proactive when it comes to dealing with hackers. PUBG has a very poor reputation on PC and now on mobile, as the game is plagued with hackers that use aimbots to disfranchise players of quality experience. The lack of hackers in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' is making people jump ship for the better experience they've always wanted. We can't be sure of the future if whether Blops 4 Blackout may also face a similar problem, however, as of now, it stands supreme. 2. Better Gunplay © Youtubbe There's no denying every Call of Duty game has impeccable gunplay that cannot be matched by any other FPS out there. Even Battlefield is now trying to replicate Activision's dated engine for their upcoming game “Battlefield 5” PUBG, on the other hand, always had a very clunky feel to its shooting mechanics which could be a contributing factor to Blackout's success. 3. There Are More Players © Gamesbeat Call Of Duty has been the highest selling game year in and year out and no game has been able to challenge that feat until now. According to VentureBeat, fewer people are logging in to play PUBG on PC and it seems like the trend is not going to slow down any sooner. PUBG is also not available on PlayStation 4 which has a higher player base, as the game is currently exclusive to Xbox One. 4. Better Gameplay © YouTube We've already mentioned that the game has better gunplay, however, Call of Duty games tend to be smooth and refined when it comes to overall gameplay. There are fewer bugs, glitches and the movement is also smoother. The same cannot be said about PUBG as the game is still plagued with glitches that are yet to be fixed. 5. It's More Than Just Shooting People © YouTube Blackout also features one of the most iconic features from the franchise — perks. Special abilities can be added to your character when you pick up perks from the ground. For example, you can equip multiple abilities such as Dead Silence (to suppress your footstep sounds) and Awareness (makes enemy footsteps louder), Outlander (Take less damage and gives faster movement in circle collapse) and many others. This adds more flavour to the overall gameplay and how the game progresses towards the end of the round.
  4. Arguably the most prestigious club competition in the footballing world, the UEFA Champions League, over the years, has lived up to its hype by offering some of the most exciting clashes and sublime performances in the sport. With some of the world's biggest football clubs fighting for European domination, the tournament often brings unexpected results to the fore. And, the second week of this year's UEFA Champions League groupstage has proved to be no different. The group games on Matchday 2 witnessed surprising results, where some of the prominent campaigners stuttered to get over the line. The likes of Bayern Munich and Manchester United were held to a draw by Ajax and Valencia respectively. On the other hand, last season's finalists Real Madrid and Liverpool were stunned (0-1) by CSKA Moscow and Napoli respectively. While the unexpected results last night surprised everyone, there were also some brilliant goals that elated the football fans. From Ivan Rakitic's stunning volley for Barcelona to Arnaut Danjuma's screamer for Club Brugge, here's a look at the top 5 goals from the UEFA Champions League last night: Ivan Rakitic (Barcelona vs Tottenham Hotspur) Ivan Rakitic Goal (2-0) - Barcelona vs Tottenham (2018) @FCBarcelona @SpursOfficial @ChampionsLeague pic.twitter.com/K4mnCHbJ64 — GOLAZO (@GOLAZOHDTV) October 3, 2018 Pablo Rosario (PSV Eindhoven vs Inter Milan) ¡GOOOOOOOOOL Y ASISTENCIA DEL "CHUCKY" LOZANO!â½ï¸â½ï¸â½ï¸ Con un pase preciso de Lozano, Pablo Rosario pone a la cabeza al #PSV en el minuto 28´.#ChampionsLeague #PSVInter #ChuckyLozano pic.twitter.com/eUhE4G4Mar — MEDIO DE CONTENCIÓN (@MedioDC) October 3, 2018 Arnaut Danjuma (Club Brugge vs Atletico Madrid) Thanks to Nigerian born Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld's stunner of a goal, both teams to score did come through on @Atleti vs Club Brugge #UCL game. It was very good odds on @Betway_Ng .https://t.co/qsjFEJhqme#UCL #ATLCLU#BetwayDaily pic.twitter.com/hAsFoFSaDO — Chris Chidi (@IamCC94) October 4, 2018 Lionel Messi (Barcelona vs Tottenham Hotspur) Lionel Messi Goal (3-1) - Barcelona vs Tottenham (2018) @imessi @FCBarcelona @SpursOfficial @ChampionsLeague pic.twitter.com/AbcLKdfGzs — GOLAZO (@GOLAZOHDTV) October 3, 2018 Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid vs Club Brugge) Antoine Griezmann Goal vs Club Brugge - Atletico Madrid vs Club Brugge 1-0 @dailymotion - https://t.co/n4JR8yBf4m — zenithTv (@tv_zenith) October 4, 2018
  5. Last year, Apple completely redesigned its flagship phone with the iPhone X and this year, the company double downed on the design. Apple introduced three new phones with the same design ethos but one has the largest screen on an iPhone ever. The new smartphones are powered by Apple's A12 Bionic Chipset and have better photography than ever before. All of which come with a premium price tag that may not sit well with everyone. We got the iPhone XS and XS Max to review and here's what we think about Apple's latest offerings: Design Language © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, every smartphone company simply copied the design and started offering it on every smartphone. Apple has continued to implement the same design on the iPhone XS and XS Max. The larger smartphone carries more weight and offers a distinct took as the design has more or less remained unchanged. Apple did, however, introduce a new Gold colour that isn't jarring and easy on the eye. I'm not a big fan of Gold smartphones, but Apple outdid themselves this time and made the Gold version look sexy. Apart from the aesthetics, there are a few upgrades that are a first on an iPhone. The iPhone XS and XS Max are now IP68 water and dust resistant. It can stay submerged under water up to two meters in depth for a period of 30 minutes. It can also withstand accidental spills such as coffee, beer and other harmful liquids. The iPhone XS and XS Max also have extremely good stereo speakers. Its crisper, louder and can also pan sound from left to right effectively. You can notice the difference in sound when you watch an HDR video as we did during our briefing session. It's needless to say that you would be better off to purchase a smartphone case to protect your smartphone. Even though Apple is using a tougher Gorilla Glass, it is still prone to micro scratches that you may want to avoid. Display © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla This year the iPhone comes in two sizes i.e. with a 5.8-inch display while the XS Max sports a 6.5-inch display. If you are a fan of a smaller form factor like the classic iPhones, the XS will be the perfect smartphone for you. Having said that, we prefer the iPhone XS Max thanks to its massive screen and better viewing experience. Earlier, users would opt for the bigger iPhone because of the dual camera setup, however, the iPhone XS Max offers the same specifications as the iPhone XS apart from a larger battery. The 6.5-inch display on the iPhone XS is noticeably larger and can sometimes be difficult to access the control centre and notification panel from the top. However, the display itself is extremely vivid and bright which makes viewing videos and playing games an absolute delight. In fact, the iPhone XS Max even beat the Galaxy Note 9's screen in almost every parameter. The screen has HDR10 support and Dolby Vision which makes it even more worthy of an investment. The iPhone XS Max is almost the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus but offers more real estate on the screen thanks to the notch design. Apart from having a larger screen, the iPhone XS Max also offers some software tweaks to make it a more fluid experience. The new UI features make it easier for users to see more on the screen when you switch to landscape mode. It is quite reminiscent of the iPad iOS version, as once you switch the orientation, you can see more details in apps like Calendar, Safari and Mail. It's not all rosy though, as some caveats were noticed in the larger iPhone. For example, even though there is more screen space, you can only arrange the same number of apps on the home screen as the iPhone X/XS. Apple could have also shown the actual battery percentage on the top right corner due to the fact we have more room. Other issues involve with apps not being optimised for the larger iPhone XS Max. There aren't many apps that have an issue with the new resolution, however, there are some that need more fine-tuning. Performance The iPhone XS and XS Max are both powered by Apple's proprietary A12 Bionic chip clocked at 2.5 GHz. It has a noticeable performance upgrade from its predecessors and has double the improvement in the GPU. Both smartphones load up apps faster than before and are also faster when it comes to multitasking. You can swipe between apps without any glitches and performs better than the A11 Chip on the iPhone X. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Talking about Face ID, the iPhone XS and XS Max work the same way when setting up as the iPhone X. It scans your entire face and head so that it can accurately track every inch of your face. FaceID is now faster and more accurate than the iPhone X as we don't have to adjust our face any more. It unlocks fast even in low-low-light conditions which are a great feat, considering you don't have a fingerprint sensor anymore. Face ID also assists when you switch phones from an older iPhone. If you've stored your passwords in the iCloud password keychain, you will be able to login to each and every app without even typing your details. It has made switching to the new iPhone a breeze and is probably one of the most underrated features you will come across. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Coming to the processor's performance, the iPhone XS Max and XS more or less performed the same. During the course of our review, the iPhone XS Max and XS scored an impressive 4817 in the single-core test while it scored 11453 on the multi-core test on Geekbench 4. That's faster than the current fastest Android smartphone i.e. OnePlus 6. What's impressive is that iPhone XS/XS Max was able to achieve this score with half the RAM. This proves that it's not only about the specifications but also about how the software is fine-tuned with the goods under the hood. The A12 bionic chips' neural engine is where it all makes the difference, the new chipset can conduct 5 trillion operations per second, while its predecessor could only do 600 billion per second. Battery Life When it comes to battery life, iPhones generally tend to have smaller batteries when you compare it its competition. That's because it doesn't need a bigger battery thanks to the operating system and the efficiency of the A12 Bionic chip. The iPhone XS has a 2658 mAh battery while the XS Max has 3174 mAh battery. Both support fast charging, however, you will need to buy it separately. It is essential in 2018 as both smartphones take a considerable time to get fully charged. Both iPhones do have smaller batteries compared to the last generation but they do last longer than the previous iPhones, at least by 40 minutes. The smartphones would last up to 16 hours on a full charge where it involved us using the smartphone for heavy messaging, navigation, photography and gaming. The XS and XS Max both support Qi wireless charging so you can use any QI certified wireless charger to juice up your phone. Camera Performance © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The iPhone XS and XS Max have an identical vertical dual camera setup as the iPhone X but Apple has made some upgrades inside. The primary 12-MP sensor is larger i.e. 1.4-micron pixels to be specific, while the secondary 12-MP telephoto sensor remains the same. The fact that the sensor on the primary lens is bigger, it can let in more light when capturing images. This results in better and clearer low light images. Apple also introduces Smart HDR which is available exclusively on the new iPhones. This feature basically takes multiple shots and combines both underexposed and overexposed images to give you the best result. This is all possible because of the new A12 Bionic chip. The feature is enabled by default in the camera app which you can turn off if you want to take pictures manually. Portrait mode has also improved as it is capable of taking better bokeh sots. This time, however, you can also adjust the degree of the blur after you've taken a portrait image. It's not the first time we've seen this, as Samsung offered this feature on the Galaxy S8 last year. What's cool with Apple's Portrait mode is that you can change the blur from f/4.5 lens all the way to f/1.4 Here are a few samples of the images we took with the iPhone XS and XS Max in both low light and well lit scenarios: View this post on Instagram Shots using the #iPhoneXSMax and #iPhoneXS A post shared by Akshay Bhalla (@editorinchief) on Oct 1, 2018 at 1:18am PDT The Final Say © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Apple's new smartphones feel, look and perform great. The company has delivered a flagship phone that actually delivers what it promises. We would have liked to see a longer lasting battery and an actual bundled fast charger. The screen on both XS and XS Max are amongst the best and are coupled with outstanding stereo speakers. Having said that, the iPhone XS and XS Max do have a hefty price tag in India that may not be in everybody's reach. However, if you are looking for a worthy investment, we feel you should invest in the iPhone XS Max.
  6. Do you know what's worse than a cockroach sitting on your bed? A flying cockroach that disappears the moment you try to shoo it away. The fear of knowing that there is a cockroach in your room that you can't see and sleeping on that bed where it was last seen, is inexplicable. Also, did you know there is something called 'Katsaridaphobia'? Well, it's the fear of cockroaches. via GIPHY The first thing that most of us do when we see a dead cockroach is stay as far as possible, but this man went a step ahead and held a funeral, after solving its murder case. Confused? While walking out of his office using the fire stairwell, Imgur user called The Disney Dad, would daily notice this lonely dead cockroach. Instead of walking past him, he decides to turn his life and that of the cockroach interesting by giving its death a mysterious turn. So, here's how it unfolds. Over a month's time, he creates hilarious dioramas. The story begins with the lonely cockroach celebrating its birthday with a cake and a gift, which the guy leaves next to it. Imgur Imgur Looks like the cockroach partied a little too hard, "but he drank too much at the party and vomited...He was there so long that the paramedics came." Imgur But turns out the cockroach was dead so police were called and it soon became a crime scene. Imgur Things aren't over yet. While the investigation was underway, the guy held a funeral (a good one) for the cockroach. Imgur Imgur "The stairwell was finally cleaned, and it was all taken away, but undeterred a scene appeared from the offices of the SVU." Imgur Finally, after a lot of interrogation, the culprit was finally found. And the culprit is none other than Louie the Fly from the Mortein ads. Why Louie, why did you take the life of that innocent cockroach? Imgur This hilarious story finally came to an end and just like the guy, we all had fun. The HR and his bos should just give this man a raise, solely for coming up with this amazing story.
  7. When it comes to superheroes, most of us have our favourites from either Marvel or DC. This is a rivalry that was created long back and will always be open to debate. When it comes to movies, Marvel is the clear winner, if we consider box office performances, while DC is struggling with scripts. The last movies of a DC superhero that I truly loved was the Batman Trilogy, although they weren't the part of DC cinematic universe. Despite the below par performance of DC movies, I still enjoy them more than I enjoy the ones by Marvel, though. Following are the reasons which strengthen my argument that DC is better than Marvel: 1. Character Depth It was a delight to see the transformation of Bruce Wayne from the 'Batman Trilogy to 'Batman vs. Superman'. Where Nolan's Bruce was younger and more optimistic, DCEU's Bruce was mature and slightly darker. This transformation was brilliantly scripted because usually when we see a superhero, there's hardly any change in the character. But the character development here was astonishing and overwhelming. © Warner Bros. This is where Marvel lacks. Except for suits & the beard of Captain America, Marvel has barely changed anything in its superheroes. The cocky-ness of Iron Man is great but eventually, it gets boring seeing it again and again. 2. Toughness I would like to blame Disney for this one. Remember 'The Incredible Hulk'? He was scary! One would think twice before messing with him. Then Disney came into the picture & suddenly the Hulk turned into a PG-13 version of his former self. © Universal Pictures What we saw after that was a soft Hulk and a series of 'childish' movies. Apart from Logan, no other movie of a Marvel superhero is good enough for an adult fan. They are soft, the storyline is not deep, and they barely scratch the surface when it comes to dark villains. Against the entire MCU, just one guy from DC is enough – Superman. 3. Posters Posters from Marvel movies are, well, boring! They are clean, quiet & again, lack the depth. On the other hand, posters from DC movies are stirring and dark, like the franchise itself. © Marvel From the Marvel posters, we get the feel of a family film which we should watch with kids. And that is certainly not a compliment if you're a diehard superhero fan. 4. Embracing The Dark Side Marvel is all about fighting against villains and saving the world. DC is much more than that. DC openly shows the struggles of superheroes. Remember 'Justice League'? Batman knew he was old now. Contrary to his popular belief, he accepted he can't work alone. © Warner Bros. Remember 'Wonder Woman'? The movie was more about her internal struggle to stay home or to be set free in the outside world and less about defeating the villain. You don't see such depths in Marvel movies. Maybe in 'Infinity War', but it was still an 'Ohh, there's a bad guy. Let's defeat him' kinda movie. Marvel needs to grow up! 5. TV Series If we compare the first season of 'Arrow' and 'Daredevil', the former was way better. I'll tell you why! 'Arrow' developed the character from scratch. There was a background associated with each and every move that he learned. A flashback where we got to see how our superhero learned various techniques and his struggles to survive torturous conditions. © The CW When I watched 'Daredevil', all I found was some blind guy who trained some blind kid. That's it! There was no 'how.' That's why I found Season 1 of 'Daredevil' to be one of the most overrated seasons. To sum it up, Marvel lacks maturity. It is no longer the world where superheroes are just for kids. I can't say that I could ever find Iron Man better than Batman, but at least Marvel can try to make films keeping the adult audience in mind.
  8. We usually have a lot to say to the ones we love and the most obvious way to begin, seems to be with an “I love you”, which is only fair 'cause that's just how the matters of the heart have been dealt with, since time immemorial. This is the universal 'Step 1' of confessing your love to your beloved and we wouldn't dare to challenge it. However, we felt that since times are changing and our generation relates better to puns and catchphrases, isn't it time that we figured out other witty yet effective ways of expressing our feelings around such themes, that are more than just those 'three special words'? Read on to find out about 15 other witty alternatives to 'I love you' and still express your feelings in the most genuine and heartfelt way: © Mensxp Can you say it any better than that? You will love to be that person who lights them up from within and so much so, that they lose sight of the reality. Sounds like love no? © Mensxp Well, that should be impactful coming from you, especially if this is the best you can manage in the kitchen, apart from that hard boiled egg you get right occasionally? © Mensxp You know it right? You would rather not move out of the house and not bother the stubble that is not going to meet a razor for another few weeks if possible. But for her, you are more than willing to look presentable and suave. © Mensxp Yes, that is something any girl would love to hear, and be sure to let her know whenever it happens with this line, and that is sure to be the highlight of her day. Because who doesn't love to know they can make another person happy? © Mensxp If you can't figure out the right words to express your feelings, this witty line will surely come to your rescue. © Mensxp Ah, this one is a good way to let her know you are in it for the long haul. But be sure to say this only if you really mean it. What's the point in hurting someone's feelings? © Mensxp Yes, there are girls who are into such movies and if you are with someone who shares this passion, then this might just be the perfect way of confessing to her! © Mensxp At times when you really want to tell her how beautiful she has made your life by being in it, and simple words fail you, this is the line to go with. © Mensxp She will be around for you through thick and thin, so what could be a better way of expressing your appreciation than this line? © Mensxp Yes, the couple that drinks together stays together. So tell her that with this line and you're sure to get a great big hug and all the rest that follows too hopefully. *winks* © Mensxp Nerd/studious girlfriends exist. So what could be a nicer way of expressing yourself to them than in a language they are accustomed to? © Mensxp When she looks uber hot, that is what you've gotta say to her, instead of whatever is actually running through your mind! © Mensxp She's got crazy cooking skills? Well, this one is surely a win-win to compliment both all at once. © Mensxp When you are in too deep and staying apart is a pain, this is how you convey that without sounding creepy. © Mensxp Again, only say this if you mean it. Both these things are matters of life and death, so if you really mean that you'll hit pause during a movie/match to take her call, this is just what you need. Nice right? Use 'em!
  9. Anil Kapoor keeps on making never-before-seen, savage appearances so often, that now it's become a staple for us to look forward to the newest instance of his inimitable style game every week. He didn't disappoint us this week, and appeared with a beard style that made us go 'Woah'. Take a look. (c) Viral Bhayani Mr Kapoor is sporting a beard that's the definition of a 'statement beard'. We're sure it started out as 'Salt-n-Pepper', but he went ahead and gave it a twist only he could have pulled off. (c) Viral Bhayani The black, sharp handlebar moustache compliments the white beard beautifully, while the whole structure rests on a bed of scruffy salt-n-pepper awesomeness. Facial hair goals, you say? Look right here we say. (c) Viral Bhayani Coming to his outfit, we can't get over how classy he can make a regular blue suit look. Like a true-blue gentleman with all the sartorial know-how, he made sure he buttoned up only the top button of his blazer, and paired it up with an elegant grey tie. (c) Viral Bhayani Now, why we think his beard kicks all the other beards' butt: 1. If you're planning on sporting a beard style that will make your handlebar moustache look better than ever, just go for this one. The contrast of the black on top of the white will give you that raw, but classy edge. 2. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, this is one style that will do the trick in a heartbeat. Noticeable? Hell yeah! 3. White hair beard is in. It has nothing to do with how old you are. If you really want to, go for a white dye to steal everyone's thunder. Also, if you naturally have white facial hair, it's a win-win!
  10. SRK isn't your regular dad. He's a savage dad. Well, he sure keeps on proving it every now and then. From being wittier than his kids on social media to dressing better than them, he knows how to remind them time and again about who's the boss. The latest instance was his appearance with daughter Suhana at the airport, where he wore a black overcoat - which we are tempted to call - wait for it - the 'Baap of all Overcoats'. © Viral Bhayani The jet black, futuristic looking overcoat with bold silver buttons is pretty much the prototype for what an alpha dad should wear to keep potential suitors in check (not that he needs to, it's Shah Rukh Khan we're talking about, duh.) © Viral Bhayani The super relaxed silhouette composed of a pair of comfortable black trousers and a grey T-shirt underneath is perfect to be paired with a statement overcoat on top. Talk about functional style! © Viral Bhayani Suhana might have been on the cover of 'Vogue', but Shah Rukh here sure knows what's in vogue. Look at the all-too-conspicuous swag with those black sunnies - how matrix meets alpha dad is that? © Viral Bhayani We like how he has chosen to wear a pair of grey sneakers to break free from the possible monotony the all-black would have brought forth. Good call there, SRK! © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that we feel for Suhana and Aryan (AbRam is too young to care, tbh). After all, having your dad dress better than you can be a lot of pressure!
  11. It's been 19 years since Sushmita Sen gave us the iconic 'Dilbar Dilbar' and well, she's here to revisit it again and prove once and for all that she's the real OG. But, before we proceed, here's the original version, not just because you just gotta watch it for old school feels, but the extremely hot Sushmita. As everyone knows that almost all new hit songs in Bollywood these days are mostly just remakes of old and legendary songs and obviously, 'Dilbar' didn't escape that 'remix' treatment. The new 'Dilbar' is a big hit, of course it was bound to be one, and it's the only song we've heard on the radio for the last couple of months. It's everywhere, literally. The video is also really cool, with Nora Fatehi totally living up to all the expectations anyone could have. But, as good as this was, no one can beat Sush and I mean no one. Sorry, Nora. Just a few minutes ago Sushmita posted a video of herself dancing to the new version of her song and well, she's also indirectly saying that she's here to reclaim her crown. View this post on Instagram #dilbar was always a #feeling ððµð #groovy #coreworkout #lastnight ððð Don't miss my friend Sreejaya's absolute focus in shooting this video!!!ðâ¤ï¸ I missed you @farahkhankunder ð#lovereloaded #dilbardilbar “Tell me you guys saw the wink”ððâ¤ï¸ #naughtyme love you guys!!! #keepgrooving ðµð A post shared by Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47) on Sep 7, 2018 at 6:52am PDT The queen has arrived and has already dethroned Nora in just 37 seconds. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.
  12. The power of organic produce seems to have caught up with every other person we meet today and believe us, as much as we love our pizzas, Kathi rolls and monster shakes, the need of the hour is a switch from all the refined and adulterated eating habits to a more balanced and organic one. Use of green manure and natural pest control is the only way for us to get past the imminent threat that chemically produced foods pose to mankind. Numerous lifestyle diseases seem to have surfaced over the past decade or so, that have been unheard of until now. Most of those diseases stem from the kind of food we put into our system. © MensXP This is the dominant reason why more and more people are making a conscious effort to go organic both in terms of produce as well as their personal food habits. The same concerns and lack of easy access to fresh, organic produce propelled Ashmeet Kapoor to take matters into his own hands. Back in 2011 Ashmeet began to look for 'genuine' organic produce to incorporate into his regular diet but wasn't satisfied with whatever was on offer in the local markets. He also realised how the lives of most Indian farmers had become stagnant with no growth in the sector to support them and better their products. © MensXP This made him start his own venture 'I Say Organic', a delivery and retail outlet that's a product of a year-long research and learning organic farming in rural India. Ashmeet's aim was to make organic food more accessible to the common man. Ashmeet is a Brown University post-graduate in Entrepreneurship who realised that it is, in fact, socio-environmental impact and development where his true calling lay. Hence, after completing his graduation he visited thousands of farmers in rural India, joined hands with them and decided to make all of our lives better by bringing genuine organic produce to our doorstep. © MensXP The aim of 'I Say Organic' is to make organic food a norm in India while ensuring that consumers come to believe in it and trust the produce delivered to them. However, when Ashmeet started out, the challenge was to convince the consumers that the non-organic food making its way into their system is truly harmful. Price, availability and accessibility of good organic food also played a role in subsisting this sentiment. © MensXP However, once he located organic farmer groups across UP, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana, he slowly began to chart out the way forward. With tremendous research and personal investments on the line, Ashmeet finally launched the 'I Say Organic' website in 2012. He started out by sourcing from the farmers and delivering pulses, spices, rice and oil to the consumers besides vegetables and fruits. The company has since expanded to open a retail outlet complete with a cafe in Gurgaon's South Point Mall. © MensXP This has not only brought him closer to his aim to make organic food more accessible but has also helped better the lives of thousands of farmers by giving them an opportunity to sustain on organic farming. The venture even converted Ashmeet to go vegan merely 6 months into the business because he realised how adulterated most available veggies and fruits are. From delivering 10 orders in a day when they started out to averaging on 100 orders today, they have come a long way. © MensXP Ashmeet's story elucidates how you can set out on a journey that's close to your heart and change the lives(and hearts) of millions of people in the process. Organic is the way to go, and we hope to see the big change being ushered in by Ashmeet Kapoor's 'I Say Organic'.
  13. Let's just accept it once and for all, our bank accounts just can't live up to our travel expectations. They are not meant to be together and a long overdue break-up is on the cards. But while there is little we can do about this unsatisfactory fit in our life, we've decided to calm ourselves down with things that are a far better fit than anything you've ever seen. Maybe, just maybe, our bank account might decide to take some inspiration (yeah, right!). Anyway, get ready for 6 oddly satisfying fits that'll give you the much-needed kick: 1. This Is What We Call A Perfect Fit Collegehumor.com 2. Her Shoes Fitting Perfectly Into His Tumblr 3. He Has Found His Spot! Collegehumor.com 4. Nothing Can Fit Better Than This Thebuddy.me 5. Now This Is What We Call A Perfect Fit Collegehumor.com 6. Because The Right Fit Is So Important There's nothing odd about this fit, except how satisfying it is! . . . . . . . . . #NothingFitsBetter #JockeyIndia #oddlysatisfyingvideo #oddlysatisfying #underwear #fit A post shared by Jockey India (@jockeyindia) on Aug 3, 2018 at 12:47am PDT Now, we know these had little to do with making your wallet and travel ambition go hand-in-hand, but hey, a soothing listicle of things perfectly falling in place is always a good distraction. And if you are ever looking for alternative options of a perfect fit in your life, we have a suggestion that might be even more satisfying for you – switching to Jockey. It is a perfect fit of comfort and style. It's time that things fall in place (literally!) and we start a conversation around the right fit for men's innerwear. Because nothing is more satisfying than a good fit and Jockey promises just that - #NothingFitsBetter.
  14. The process of digestion is important, as this is where the breaking down of food into nutrients happen, which then the body uses for energy, growth, and cell repair. Food and drink that we consume pre or post workout must be changed into smaller molecules of nutrients before the blood can absorb them and carry them to the various cells throughout the body. The three storage places are muscle glycogen, liver glycogen and fat cells. The body breaks down these nutrients that we consume into macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, and micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. © Thinkstock Digestion And Weight Loss Not many people are aware but the impact of digestion on weight loss is significant. Digestion is the process of breaking down food so that the body can use it for energy for various activities throughout the day, apart from giving you the energy to lift those heavy weights. Without proper digestion, the body would find it difficult to absorb the nutrients it needs for health functioning for your whole body. Improper digestion will keep you constantly hungry, storing fuel in the form of adipose tissue (fat) instead of using it immediately for its required purposes. How To Improve The Process Of Digestion For Fat Loss? More Fiber If you have a healthy digestive system, this will ensure your weight-loss plan will be successful. One way to improve your digestion to accelerate fat loss would be to make sure to consume enough fibre and fluids. Increasing your physical activity in any way will contribute to the calorie expenditure. Remember, any physical activity done for the body will burn calories. Even digestion burns calories; although you cannot compare it to the calorie burn from physical activity, doing anything healthy to ensure calorie expenditure would be great. Thermogenic effects of food needs to be taken into consideration, foods that take longer to break down will help with the calorie expenditure. © Thinkstock What Fiber Does Fibrous food has a higher Thermogenic effect, which means it takes time to digest. It challenges your digestive enzymes. Since it is not broken down completely but stays intact partially it passes through your digestive tract. As it travels, it forms a gel and absorbs some excess fat, cholesterol and sugar, which is passed through your stool. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seed, beans and legumes provide fibre. Also vegetables such as greens, tomatoes, broccoli and eggplant are good low-calorie options for weight loss. High-fibre foods are more nutritious than their low-fibre alternatives; whole grains offer more nutrients than refined white grains. High-fibre foods contain more vitamins and minerals important for your metabolism. Fluids Fluid consumption is important for weight loss and proper digestion because you need fluids for a lot of body functions. In terms of convenience, moving food through your digestive tract and clearing out the waste from your body. Drinking insufficient water will cause dehydration and dehydration can cause constipation, which can lead to weight gain from bloating. You need to drink at least 1 glass of water every 1 hour. Not many people know this but thirst is already an indication that the body is dehydrated. Drinking less water will also cause problems such as fatigue. Consulting with your sports nutritionist about your fluid needs, especially if you tend to retain water under the skin is very important. How much water one needs to drink is a question and will depend on many factors, including current health status, weight and activity level, weather and geographical locations. Conclusion The process of human excreting is very simple if enough fiber and fluids are present in the body. If they aren't, problems like bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome show up. This can and will in longer runs mess with your fat loss or muscle building goals. Helius is one of Mumbai's most promising fitness professionals and part time kettle bell lecturer. His knowledge on nutrition and trainer soft skills management is well recognized. To know more about him CLICK HERE, and mail your queries about fitness to heliusd@hotmail.com.
  15. The struggle of surviving yet another semester in the college hostel is real, as is the fact that the mere thought itself can be pretty soul-crushing. Those of us who have gotten a taste of 'life in a hostel' can attest to the fact that times in a hostel room can be pretty testing more often than not. via GIPHY Sure, we may often end up meeting some “friends like family” in our dorms and make many-a-lasting memories in their company but let's face it, none of it seems to help in real moments of struggle when the independence you craved so much for, looks more like living on your own with limited means and dreary bouts of homesickness, every time things come a little undone. via GIPHY While all the hostel fun and games are here to stay and so are the difficult times that end up making us more skilful individuals in the long run, we bring to you these awesomely quick and pocket-friendly hacks to help you breeze through a few of the hiccups you might face during your time of 'life in a hostel'. 1. Save Up On Extra Wash Load via GIPHY Doing laundry is perhaps one of the biggest put-offs of your hostel life but here's how you can get away with using the same bed sheet four times before washing it and save that extra wash load. Simply use a double bed sheet folded in half for your single bed by simply flipping the sides! 2. Anytime Maggi Using An Electric Kettle Love it or hate it, you still can't deny it that on most days we survive on Maggi noodles after the measly and bland mess of a food our hostel mess provides. But this hack here will be your saviour when you want to fill up on something that's a classic and tasty too. 3. Save Up On Constantly Washing Dishes Washing the dishes and other utensils we might need to use, can be quite a hassle and nobody wants to constantly wash up after every meal. So all you gotta do, is cover your plate with cling film before you put your food and simply take it off once you're done. Clean plate, without any washing! © YouTube 4. Midnight Snacks Using An Iron We've all been there, right? Midnight hunger pangs are real deal breakers and we've all spent many sleepless nights over it. Well, not anymore because now you can quickly grill a cheese sandwich in your room using an iron and a few other supplies. Here's how: 5. More Closet Space With No Extra Cost This one is a total lifesaver for those of you who like to own a few “extra” pieces of clothing. The limited amount of closet space available to us isn't always enough to hang all our (once worn) ironed clothes that we'd want to use again. So, all you need to do it save those metal tabs on your soft drink cans and use them as shown to hang more clothes in your closet! © YouTube 6. Emergency Ironing Hack If you happen to find yourself in an emergency which involves ironing your shirt and no electricity, fear not, because we have the perfect jugaad for you! Simply fill a saucepan with water, boil it and use the saucepan to iron your clothes with. You'll be amazed by how wonderfully it works. © YouTube 7. Keep The Buttons On Your Shirt From Falling Off Admit it, we've all been in situations when we are getting ready for class in a hurry and suddenly notice that one of the buttons is this close to coming off. So, when sewing is not an option in such situations, a quick hack is to keep a clear nail polish handy and apply it over the loosened threads of the button to keep it from unravelling. Now, you can go about your day with a worry. © Pxhere 8. Save Up On Muscle Power While Cleaning The Toilet A lot of you might know about this already, but we figured there still remains a bunch of you who are unaware of the fact that this actually works! So if hygiene is one of your concerns, simply splash some Coke inside the toilet pot, let it sit for a while and flush it off for a cleaner-looking toilet with no extra hard work! 9. 2-Second Shirt Folding Method No one needs to explain to you why we absolutely avoid folding our shirts/t-shirts after every wash! Why? Because it's a LOT of work to fold the shirts neatly when we can simply throw them in the cupboard. But the wrinkles after that can be pretty awful too. So, try this 2-second shirt/t-shirt folding method to save yourself some pain. 10. Lengthen The Life Of Your Razor With This Hack This hack has been an absolute game-changer for us because it allowed us to sharpen the dull blades of our razors and give them a second lease of life. So, now we can use our razors for a longer period of time with no added cost! Here's how to do it: There you go. Hope you find these hacks useful. Let us know how these work out for you.
  16. You may fight, wreak havoc or bicker over the most useless things but if you have a sister, younger or older, there's a lot you can learn from her. Besides the fact that she's your kin and you share the same blood, she's also someone who will constantly challenge and love you at the same time and help you grow as an individual. So, this Raakhi maybe reflect upon what all you've learnt from having a woman or a girl in your life as a constant and thank her for everything that you can, including the name-calling and the ass-kicking you may have indulged in, with each other. Here are a few things only a sister can teach her brother, to make him a better man! How To Share Ever heard the phrase 'sharing is caring'? Well, it's truly applicable if you have a sister for a sibling because what I am about to say next is the least bit sexist. Girls are inherently more compromising when it comes to sharing something. So be it the toys you both have custody over or space, she will teach you how to share and you will carry that lesson with you for life! I mean, you will be sharing a lot more with someone in the future, so it's best to learn how to share from your sister! How To Get Over A Breakup Again, having a sister by your side while going through a heart break is an added bonus. Chances are she's already gone through a heartbreak so there is no one better to empathise and be there for you than your own sister. Girls are also in tune with emotions, so if you can't express your emotions elsewhere, you can definitely express them to your sister, who'll probably make fun of you for crying later but for that moment, she'll be there for you. How To Deal With Not Getting What You Want, Always Your sister could be your parents' favourite or your dad's favourite and she probably gets something more than you do, including their love. And that's okay! Your parents love you equally I am sure but that's what it teaches you that you can't always have what you want and that's life for you and also one of the most important lesson while growing up with a sister. How To Handle 'Women Problems' Well, I learnt they aren't really problems but a part and parcel of life. Living with a sister, you'll get accustomed to living with PMS (which is a real thing and I learnt it the hard way), period cramps, puberty, hormonal changes women go through and times you really shouldn't mess with her! It helped me understand women to a great deal and I'm glad that I asked her all the right questions! How To Flirt With Someone If you've ever crushed on someone while you were kids, I am sure you went and told your sister about it. Like the cute neighbour you couldn't take your eyes off. Your sister would be the best person to relay that information to her because she would always help you in a 101 of flirting with girls or asking them out! If you're confident in asking girls out today, it's only because you have a sister! How To Show Unconditional Love Unconditional love is something you can't learn but experience and if you've had a sister, younger or older, she'll always show you unconditional love and protect you no matter what. In fact, showing love to people in your life, especially unconditional love, becomes easier because your sister has shown you that kind of love, always. So, if you have a sister and have never thanked her enough for teaching you these importa nt and valid life lessons, it's time to go meet her or call her and thank her in abundance!
  17. Gaining muscles naturally is not easy. It takes a lot of diet and plenty of workout strategies to find out what exactly works the best for you. I am sure you would already be trying a lot of workout and diet strategies if you're serious about your gains. Now let's talk about the real deal for your gains, the supplements. There are so many varieties of various supplements to choose from, but not all of them are effective. But yes, one of the most effective and researched is whey protein, which should be your first priority when you go out to buy your supplement stack. Once you have your whey protein, you can try these two strategies that I am about to tell you, that will give you the gains that you have been looking for a long time. Read on: Tip 1: Mix Your Whey Protein With Casein And Other Proteins © Thinkstock Images Whey protein has the property of being rapidly absorbed and is therefore consumed post workout. Studies say that whey protein is absorbed as fast as 10g per hour and therefore gets completely absorbed in around two hours of consumption. On the other hand proteins like micellar casein and calcium caseinate gets absorbed gradually and slowly. Micellar casein can even take 8 hours to get completely absorbed. In the case of whey protein, there is a steep incline of amino acids in your blood supply once you consume it, however, that steep inclination comes down quickly as the whey protein is absorbed rapidly. What happens next? Your muscles are hungry for amino acids but there isn't sufficient amino acid in your blood as the whey protein has already been absorbed. This is where a blend of whey and other proteins can help you build better muscles. If you take whey along with casein, your blood will get an immediate boost of amino acids as well as a gradual supply for later on. With this strategy, you can satisfy your body's needs for amino acids throughout the day that will help you build more muscles. Thus, instead of buying two different flavors of whey protein , buy a tub of casein along with whey and take them in combination to see best results. Tip 2: Protein + Carbs For Better Recovery And Building Muscles © Pixabay This has been a subject of various studies that carbs, when taken with protein after your workout, helps your body to recover better and faster. Carbohydrates are the fuel that your body uses when you work out at high intensities, especially above 65 per cent of your maximum efforts. This is the reason that your body gets carb depleted when you weight train. A review published by the Texas Christian University concluded that consuming carbs after intense exercise, particularly in combination with protein promoted recovery to a greater extent. This combination of carbs and protein helps you in restoring the body's fuel source and provides the raw material for muscle protein synthesis and glycogen replenishment. Therefore you should add some clean carbs like oats with your protein to help your body replenish its glycogen stores and ignite the muscle building process. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  18. Consider this: you're in a double-breasted suit, with your mane in the best form and are greeting your next, big potential client. But while you're shaking his hands, his eyes wander and he notices that very unpleasant-looking — or rather, yellow — collar of your white dress shirt. Now, chances are, he's either actually going to cite it to you (which is very rare, unless he's a work-friend) or well, just make a face and keep it to himself. Whatever may be the case, the baseline remains: your grooming habits can creep into your sartorial ways of living, easily. So, keep a close watch, boy. Here, we list down 5 grooming habits that'll ensure your style-skills are always on point and come what your way, no one's going to notice anything amiss. © Instagram/Kartik Aaryan 1. To Avoid: Yellow Shirt Collars Maintain: Neck Hygiene It's a rather simple task, so to say, but neck hygiene is ignored by one and all. But starting today, begin with wiping the dirt off it with attention daily. Exfoliate the area every two days and trim any unwanted strands in/around the neck region and avoid too much hair product trickling down your neck (use a bare-minimum amount at the back of your hair). © Hex Performance 2. To Avoid: The Absence Of Sandals In Your Wardrobe Maintain: Foot Hygiene (Or Get A Pedicure Regularly) Sandals are lovely. Even more, when the mercury rises and keeping your skin exposed is the best way to live. But what if you have disgusting feet? Well, you shouldn't have disgusting feet. Opt for a frequent pedicure or indulge in the little things at home: scrub your feet well, ensure you kick the dead skin cells off, trim your toenails regularly, apply a foot cream before hitting the bed daily and using a filer, always shape your nails. © Instagram/Best Sandals For Men 3. To Avoid: Not Wearing Tank Tops (Because Of Back Hair) Maintain: A Well-Planned, Hair-Trimming Regime Strands of hair as natural entities, grow almost everywhere on the body. But well, on the back? Now, that's an unpleasant sight (but hey, it's a natural process too). But since you want to look your best in a tank top, turn to shaving/waxing your back hair. And while that's important, it's equally vital for you to maintain the skin on your back too. While shaving the hair, always use a pre-shave oil, fresh blades, and invest in post-shave care as well. And in general, don't forget to scrub and moisturise the skin on your back as well.
  19. Google has been nailing it when it comes to launching complimentary hardware for their ecosystem. When it was first announced, I bought the Google Home and the Home mini from the United States, before it was even launched in India. I got to use it extensively for a few months before the official Indian launch and today, it has become an integral part of my life — I simply can't live without it. I'm deeply embedded in the Google and Apple ecosystem, however, Google Home is my go-to smart speaker. I use the smart assistant speaker for various purposes and here's how it changed my life: 1. It Helps Me Wake Up On Time © Akshay Bhalla I'm a very heavy sleeper and due to that fact, I don't wake up to my traditional alarms on my smartphone. I usually end up putting 35 alarms to help me wake up in the morning, however, I found a new way to make it easier for me to wake up. I tried waking up with the default alarm sounds on the Google Home but that didn't work either. I ended up telling my Google Home to wake me up in the morning with some music and now it works like a charm. In order to make this work in India, you have to subscribe to Google Play Music (which I'm not a fan of). You simply have to say “Hey Google, wake me up at 7:00 AM every weekday with Hip-Hop music” and Google Home takes care of the rest. I'm also a big fan of snoozing my alarm and there have been countless times where I've told Google Home (in my sleep) to “wake me up in 20 minutes”. It's probably my most used feature up until now. 2. I Can Control My Entertainment System © YouTube I use the Chromecast audio and Chromecast ultra extensively every day in order to listen to music/podcasts or watch TV shows on Netflix. The Google Home can control the two connected devices as long as you are on the same Wi-Fi network. I can simply play/pause music on the chrome cast audio or my TV shows on Netflix by simply saying the relevant command. Another handy feature on the Google Home is that it will automatically pause your content if you get a phone call. You will no longer have to hunt down your remote as Google Home will take care of it automatically. 3. It Helps Me Navigate Lately, I've been using this feature more often than anything else because of the current weather condition in Delhi or when there are some goons on the road disrupting traffic. Before I leave my house, I always ask my Google Home for the shortest route to my destination. Google Home takes weather and the current traffic situation into consideration and sends me the directions on my phone. 4. It's My Constant Reminder As I Tend To Forget Everything © Google I have a very bad habit of forgetting appointments, shopping lists or even things I need to do at work and home. I use the Google Home to remind me things at a later time such as paying bills. I even use it to make notes when I'm reviewing a phone or formulating story ideas (that's how this story came about). Google Home has officially replaced my notepad on the bedside table. 5. It Makes Me Laugh Google Home is funny at times. A post shared by Akshay Bhalla / Høax (@editorinchief) on Aug 10, 2018 at 12:48am PDT When I'm totally bored out of my mind and not watching anything on Netflix, I tend to ask my Google Home some weird or funny questions. It's probably my favourite pastime and I often find myself laughing hard, thanks to some ridiculous answers by Google Assistant. Just ask “Tell me a joke”. You can even say “Ok Google, I'm Bored” and Google Assistant will reply, “You think you're bored, I came out of a cardboard box. But I learned a lot of jokes in there.” There are plenty of other rudimentary things you can do with Google Home such as get a weather update or set a timer when you are cooking something. You can even play games on the Google Home if you want to kill some boredom. Google Home is not only for the tech fanatics, it's for people who want to manage their life better or use it for productivity. It's a smart speaker for everyone.
  20. In case you didn't know, Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones this month which will comprise one iPhone X successor with an OLED screen, a larger 6.5-inch model with an OLED display and another 6.1-inch LCD variant. We've known this for a while; however, the names of the next iPhone may have also been leaked on the interwebs. New reports suggest that the three iPhones will be called iPhone XS, iPhone 9 and iPhone XS Plus, respectively. © YouTube If you're wondering how the devices will look and feel like, we've included two hands-on videos of the three devices that were acquired by YouTubers. From the videos, we can derive that all three models will have a glass sandwich design while the iPhone 9 will have an LCD display and single camera setup. One can also notice that the flash module has been moved to the bottom of the camera sensor to give it a unique look. The 5.8-inch iPhone XS will sport an OLED display and have a vertical dual camera set up at the back. The iPhone XS Plus will have the same design albeit a larger 6.5-inch screen. All three models are said to support wireless charging just like the current generation. © YouTube One should also note that the hands-on video below is of three high-quality replicas of the actual phone that will launch in September. The videos showcase everything we have mentioned above and the only notable difference is the large lock screen button on the iPhone 9. Here are the two videos if you want to get a closer look: There aren't any pricing details known for the new iPhones; however, we can draw a conclusion from reports published by top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to Kuo, the 6.1-inch LCD model will be priced at $600-$700 while the 5.8-inch iPhone XS will cost between $700-800. The more expensive iPhone XS Plus will be the costliest model of them all and is touted to start at $999.
  21. When they said your body is your temple, they actually referred to a temple with good maintenance, not an ancient structure that will fall apart and is only dependent on your prayers. You need to take care of your body and do your best to make it reach its best version, because honestly, that is the only thing you really own, and the only thing money can't buy you. A well-built body, and the efforts you have put in to achieve that, legit count as your best investment. In MXP Body Love, we will ask people with amazing bodies the key questions, and seek their guidance on the same. Our Body Love expert here, is actor Tushar Khanna, who answers 7 questions on how to look good without clothes. © Instagram © Tushar Khanna 1. One Food You Should Never, Ever Eat? For me, it has got to be sugar. Sugar is one of the most dangerous food items because it's the hardest to get rid of from your diet, and causes the most damage. I have read that getting rid of a sugar addiction is as hard as quitting drugs, because they impact the same part of your brain. I try avoiding it as much as I can, but I give in a little bit on my cheat days. A man's gotta survive! © Instagram © Instagram 2. The One Body Part You Should Never Ignore When It Comes To Workout? Legs. When it comes to Indian gyms, I have noticed most people are just obsessed with their upper bodies, mainly chest and arms, and end up ignoring their lower body. The result? A weak core, and a weird, misshapen body. Chicken legs are not sexy, homies! Also, your upper body strength increases when your legs are equally strong. © Instagram 3. Natural Fuzz vs. Waxed/Trimmed Body Hair? I am more of a natural or neatly trimmed person. I anyway don't have an excessive growth, plus waxing is just not my thing. I don't think I can ever get waxing done, because it hurts even while thinking about it, haha! © Tushar Khanna © Instagram 4. Grooming Essentials - What Are The Products You Can't Do Without? Face wash, sun block and a moisturiser. I also think it's extremely important to scrub once a week, to get rid of dead skin. I only use products by Kiehl's, as they suit my skin type. © Instagram 5. Shave Down There Or Trim It? Trim, always. © Tushar Khanna 6. Best Lighting For Clicking Nudes (Or Just For The Boudoir)? If you're in good shape, the lighting doesn't matter! *winks* © Instagram 7. Any Last-Minute Tip? If you ask me, I'd just say that confidence is the key to looking good, with or without clothes. Just be proud of who you are, and be confident, and you'll automatically look good.
  22. If science weren't as advanced and we didn't know about the chemistry involved in things related to perfumes, we would have called it magic. What other explanation does it have - where you can feel ecstatic, mournful, hungry, disgusted, or even magnetically attracted to someone, only because of a whiff in the air? The faintest smell can make you feel things for which there are no explanation - except now there is, which is the complex chemical composition of fragrances that can manipulate your brain in ways unimaginable. Naturally, before going to a party or a club, this should be one of the key things you should keep in mind, perhaps even before figuring your outfit out. After the lights are dim and the dance floor is lit, how you smell is the one thing that will set you apart in the 'dangerously close quarters', if you know what I mean. Keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of 6 of the classiest perfumes for men out there, that will attract everyone in your vicinity like moths to a flame. 1. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme Eau De Toilette © Twitter If you want to go for an amazingly fresh smelling, ocean-inspired perfume, this is your best bet. With a refreshing aquatic base, notes of jasmine petals, rosemary, fruity persimmon and warm Indonesian patchouli come together to make it a deeply masculine perfume. Price: INR 8500/- Buy it here 2. Les Cayes from Bombay Perfumery © Instagram You know the mystical notes of cedar and lemon, that makes you go inexplicably nostalgic, throwing you back into the half-real, half imagined memories full of summer lemonades served on wooden tables? This is that perfume. Only, stronger. Price: INR 3900/- Buy it here 3. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette © Nykaa Think about the ultimate seductive elements - peppermint, gold, leather, vibrant woody textures - elements that are not only seductive, but mysteriously powerful as well, one whiff of which is enough to wrap you into an alluring spell, that is tough to let go of. 1 Million Eau De Toilette is all about that. Price: INR 4100/- Buy it here 4. Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense Eau de Parfum © Nykaa This perfume can give you the feel of getting intoxicated and sucked into the dark, mysterious, yet irresistible spell composed of the notes of orange blossom and bay leaf, enriched with the aroma of hot black pepper and amber. Want to feel dark, mysterious and sensuous? This is the perfume for you. Price: INR 6150/- Buy it here 5. L'Occitane Eau De Toilette © Nykaa This one is for those who have an affinity for complex aromas. Composed of the rich notes of lavender, nutmeg, pepper, and burnt wood, this is the ultimate fragrance for those who crave depth and hidden symbolism in a perfume. Price: INR 3950/- Buy it here 6. Moschino Forever For Men Eau De Toilette © Nykaa If you're one of those who crave the intensely woody base of rich spices, go for this one. It is composed of vetiver, sandalwood, and musk as the base, along with fresh notes of bergamot and star anise. It makes you think of everything refined and classy. Price: INR 3450/- Buy it here
  23. If there's anyone who synthesizes his personal-swagger into his style, it's Ishaan Khatter. Whenever he's out in the sun, grabbing a meal at Farmer's Cafe (with JBL speakers in his hand) or just, doing his thang with Jhanvi Kapoor — he's always spotted in a few staple, signature Ishaan Khatter pieces. Namely, his paisley-printed shirts from Anokhi, Nike sneakers, chukka boots, ankle-length socks, dark-washed jeans, cargo pants and sometimes, even just the classic checks. And this is like summing up the lad's style, that's a complete reflection of how he wishes to live his life: easy, without any effs to give and devoid of any unnecessary glamour. While that's how he likes to dress in life, for anything to do with a bridal/couture runway showcase (whether he's walking or just attending), the tale is a hell lot different for him. Every single time he's walked for a designer (Falguni and Shane Peacock in April'2018) or attended a showcase (Manish Malhotra just yesterday), the guy has stuck to seven-point perfection, but without the addition of a try-hard vibe. While the last time, he chose a white embellished sherwani (walking alongside Malvika Mohanan): © Viral Bhayani ...this time around, to attend Manish Malhotra's Zween Couture Collection 2018/19, the recently-turned actor opted for another stellar example of Indian wear: © Viral Bhayani Let's talk of his recent outfit in detail — the one that managed to stand out, despite having two gorgeous women (AKA star kids) in tow. Broken down, Khatter is wearing a white kurta + jodhpuri trousers topped with a maroon ethnic jacket, with a gigantic handcrafted detail on the pocket area. And if focused further, there's a slight diamond-like detail in the tailoring on the sides, that literally anyone, would be quick to notice at the first glance. As for the bottoms, though, they're ideally a modernised version of jodhpuri pants, they also feature a buttoning system right at the bottom and a stitch going across the center. Clearly, the smallest details matter for the designer maverick, Manish Malhotra. © Viral Bhayani All thanks to the sole button on the jacket (which Ishaan has kept buttoned), the over-all appearance of the outfit is quite sharp. Even sharper, because of the low-heeled embroidered slip-ons on the feet, that are bringing this outfit to a terrific close. But, as it is with the guy every single time, Ishaan decided to keep his signature curls, ear studs intact, to instill his personal signature into this outfit. Are we complaining? Absolutely not. © Viral Bhayani Clearly, if you're looking at being the best-dressed man or, wanting to appear better-dressed than the groom itself, this needs to be your next menswear win at a wedding.
  24. The 2018 FIFA World Cup is over, but I am sure most of us are still reeling from the shock that this football tournament left us with. In the beginning, the battles of the fans were clear and our biases were more or less figured out - Ronaldo vs Messi. But, after the unexpected exit of Portugal and Argentina in the round of 16, all our hopes and cheers got divided between the remaining teams. © Instagram Post the World Cup exit, Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus and Lionel Messi is currently busy spending some quality time practicing football with Hulk, his giant Dogue de Bordeaux. People say a dog is a man's best friend, but if you have one of the greatest footballers in the world by your side, chances are that the dog will be better in the sport than most of us. And this 30-second video, right here, is proof of the same. © Insatgram While you feel proud and enroll yourself for the post of President of the 'Dogs' BFF' society when your dog fetches the ball; Messi isn't your regular dog owner, so clearly, Hulk has to go through this kind of training. ð¦â½ï¸ A post shared by AntoRoccuzzo88 (@antoroccuzzo88) on Jul 30, 2018 at 4:29am PDT In fact, Hulk even found a fan in one of Messi's kids (Mateo and Thiago). While one was heard saying, "He (Hulk) is very good at playing football"; the other one said, "Yeah, but dad is better." This video was shared by Messi's wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, on her Instagram.
  25. Mumbai Police's Twitter account, the only place you need to be to keep up with everything pop-culture. This is something they have proved time and again. From making the most of the current memes to making hilarious movie and TV show references, Mumbai Police knows how to keep up with the millennials. After making hilarious jokes using 'Friends' and even '13 Reasons Why', they've decided to use their keen 'meme eye' and raise awareness using none other than Tom Cruise. While the newly released movie may have a lot of 'impossible' looking stunts, but if you try to imitate that in real life, Mumbai Police wanted to warn everyone it will be very possible for them to catch those people. They shared a hilarious video on Instagram, accompanied by an even better caption: “Not an impossible mission for us to penalise you if you are spotted trying these stunts on the roads of Mumbai! That's the job. No hard feelings. #SafetyIsPossible #WearAHelmet #SayNoToRashDriving” Not an impossible mission for us to penalise you if you are spotted trying these stunts on the roads of Mumbai! That's the job. No hard feelings. #SafetyIsPossible #WearAHelmet #SayNoToRashDriving pic.twitter.com/BRKx8at7Rl — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) July 30, 2018 Just like every single tweet on this hilarious meme account, this tweet also got a lot of reactions. This person has a great point. Can't ride like this in mumbai #potholes makes this "Mission Impossible" — Harshal (@1harshal) July 30, 2018 People are very concerned about the potholes. Lol @MumbaiPolice Tom curise still survives that, because there are no manholes unlike India, because the government dont take the initiative to fix them. That's why people dont pay tax ð — Tanishq Desai (@TanishqDesai777) July 30, 2018 See? Its unsafe to drive like this. Potholes will get you to your deathbed. — Sachin Agarwal (@isachinagarwal) July 30, 2018 Just great. Great sense of humor @MumbaiPolice ðâ¤ï¸ #RoadSafety #SafetyFirst pic.twitter.com/50AZDlL64y — Annabel Dsouza (@annabel_dsouza2) July 30, 2018