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Found 7 results

  1. When you meet someone you really like spending time with, there's only one thing left to address-is the attraction mutual? While some are really good at telling, more often than not, most other people aren't very good with it. That's when they need to study certain signs to figure when to make the right move, if the attraction is from both the ends. (c)T Series Motion Films Mutual attraction can be seen from specific behaviours and patterns you observe when you're spending time with the other person. But there are 5 prominent signs you can't miss if the other person is attracted to you to. Here are 5 signs that will tell you if the attraction is indeed mutual or not (1) They Pay Attention To Every Detail If you're spending time with a friend, there might be things she may miss in your conversations and gestures but if you're spending time with a probable love interest and if you think the attraction is mutual, she will pay attention to every minute detail you give away. Such is the law of attraction. If you notice her noticing everything, you know how she feels. (c)Zee Films (2) There Will Be Constant Eye Contact Eye contact is a definitive sign if the person is interested in you or not. Long lasting eye contact coming from a stranger can be creepy but if there is ample eye contact with the person you like, it means they like you back. Or else they won't make eye contact just as much. (c)AA Films (3) They Will Maintain A Particular Physical Proximity Just like eye contact people who are interested in each other will not mind either of the breaching their space with physical contact every now and then. It's them subconsciously establishing a level of comfort between the two. You will notice they'll always want to walk close by or sit next to you, wherever you're sitting. (c)Fox Star Studios (4) There Is A Lot Of Suggestive Teasing People who share mutual attraction have a unique way to communicate with each other and sometimes only they can get inside jokes, body language and some amount of teasing here and there. When two people are attracted to one another, they find comfort in teasing each other and poking fun in order to let the awkwardness go. It's a given! (c)Eros International (5) The Obvious: Your Presence Makes Them Smile People obviously look forward to the company of people they really like and a smile is the most obvious sign to determine that! So, if you're around someone you really like and both of you are smiling at each other like there's a hanger stuck in your mouth, then the attraction is mutual for sure! (c)AA Films So, if you see, mutual attraction can be figured out by specific behaviours, gestures, body language and said words. It's no rocket science to know for sure if the other person likes you back. You just need to pay close attention to know for sure, is all.
  2. I have recently seen the terms food allergies and intolerance used interchangeably a lot when they actually are two different things. Not only are these two different things, but there are a lot of myths thrown around about them as well. The most stupid myth that I have come across numerous times is that an allergy can be created if you eat the same food again and again. Another one doing rounds is that you can cure an allergy by not eating the food that you are allergic to for 6 weeks. While in reality, if someone has a true allergy to a food, they can't ever eat that food again. © Thinkstock Images A food allergy is not a joke and people have died because of it. Compare this to someone who has lactose intolerance, drinks a glass of milk, gets gas and thinks he is allergic to milk. Allergies and intolerances are not the same thing but people confuse them all the time. Add to this the fact that food intolerances are reported almost ten times their actual rate of occurrence. Most times, when people do not feel good after eating a certain food, they assume that they are intolerant to that food. What Are Food Allergies and Intolerances Food Intolerances Generally occurs when a person's gut lacks appropriate digestive enzymes. Symptoms are repetitive gas, bloating or diarrhea. Intolerance can only cause some gastric discomfort to an individual but it poses no real danger to a person's life. Food Allergy This generates an immune reaction in the body. The consequences of a food allergy are much more severe and can cause respiratory, stomach, skin cardiovascular symptoms and anaphylactic shock. Allergies have been the cause of a few deaths in extreme cases. What Causes Food Allergy Food allergy is caused when small amount of protein enters your bloodstream. This usually happens during childhood when the gut lining is not fully developed. Some allergens can also enter the body through the respiratory system. Most of the known food allergies are caused by protein foods with milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, some fish and shellfish being the culprits in most cases. Gluten is another major contributor of allergy and intolerance for most people who suffer from these ailments. Gluten is a type of protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. © Thinkstock Images Tests There are tests available to determine whether you are suffering from a food allergy or intolerance. From a practical standpoint, if eating certain foods causes you the problems listed above, you should stop eating them, simple. If you are suffering from a true food allergy, there is no treatment for it and avoiding the food that triggers the allergy is the best solution. Around 3-4% of the adult population is thought to be suffering from food allergies. So, if you are unsure if you have an allergy or you are intolerant to a food/food group, go get a test done rather than playing the guessing game. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. He has coached individuals from all forms of life, right from people looking to get in shape in general to national level bodybuilding and physique athletes. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness or his Instagram handle if you are looking for professional help with your fitness goals.
  3. After innumerable delays and testing our patience for months, the teaser of '2.0' finally dropped today and so did our jaws when we saw how epic the video is. When you spend as much as Rs. 545 crore (approx) on VFX and CGI crew, with over 3000 technicians from across the world investing their skills in the movie, you can expect nothing but the best and this 1 minute 30 seconds video proves the same. © lyca productions The teaser begins with birds flying around a body hanging from an electricity tower. Before we could register what's happening, people's phones begin disappearing mysteriously and we see a glimpse of Akshay Kumar, who plays the role of a scientist named Dr. Richard, the man behind this destruction and chaos. Honestly, we don't know what Akshay will do with so many smartphones, but we hope he gets our Aadhar linked though or pay the phone bills maybe. © lyca productions Akshay then wreaks havoc in the city by transforming into a giant monster bird and if there's anyone who can stop him, it's Chitti. Is it just me or this 'bird chasing people' scene reminds you of 'Jurassic Park' as well? To fight this evil bird, Chitti is summoned by his creator Dr. Vaseegaran. Rajinikanth is introduced as Dr. Vaseegaran and as the robot Chitti who will have a face-off with Dr. Richard. Here's our takeaway from the teaser - just release the movie already because this kickass video has made our wait harder than before. Directed by S. Shankar, the movie is slated to release on November 29 and also stars Amy Jackson, Adil Hussain and Sudhanshu Pandey.
  4. KARACHI: Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Monday that the rulers failed to deliver despite being in power for 70 years.Speaking in a public rally at Bagh-e-Jinnah, he said that there will be a positive change in the...
  5. rance?s Antoine Griezmann celebrates scoring their first goal with Kylian Mbappe and teammates. Photo: Reuters MOSCOW: A month on and 63 games later, the 2018 World Cup reaches its climax on Sunday as a young France side spearheaded by Kylian...
  6. The allure of a free-trade agreement with Washington has propped up much rhetoric by Brexiteers, but a US-UK trade deal would be easier said than done. Photo: AFP LONDON: US President Donald Trump?s unique brand of disruptive diplomacy appears...
  7. Representational image. Photo: ReutersTelevision industry watchers are expecting past winners to relive old glories Thursday as Hollywood's awards season kicks into high gear with the announcement of the Emmy nominations.The Television Academy's...