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Found 82 results

  1. The next set of AirPods have been long rumoured to launch and some sources speculate that it may launch sooner than expected. We've seen some leaked images before, but those images looked like they were shot using a potato. A new leak has finally surfaced that shows us a clearer picture of the charging case and what it will store inside. © Slashleaks Previous rumours have suggested that the new AirPods will have noise cancellation feature and will be called AirPods Pro. The new leak from Slashleaks shows the charging case that will come with the AirPods Pro. It is larger and wider than what you get with the AirPods that are currently on sale. The charging case is larger than before, probably because the new design of the AirPods Pro will require the additional space. The AirPods Pro case is also probably going to support wireless charging like the new case on the refreshed traditional AirPods. The case also comes with the markings “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China” that is also see on iPhones and other Apple products. © Slashleaks The launch of the new AirPods is imminent and some retailers have already started selling protective cases for the charging case. The new AirPods are probably going to be a little bit more expensive than the current generation due to the new noise cancellation feature. Will you be getting the new AirPods? Also, how important is noise cancellation for you and when will you use it the most? Let us know in the comments what you think about the AirPods Pro. Source: Slashleaks
  2. Ahead of its highly-anticipated finale, popular TV show 'Game of Thrones' had fans at the edge of their seats, clearing their schedule to catch the pilot episode. However, amid all the excitement and, contrary to popular perception, Season 8 has undeniably failed to live up to what its past instalments had managed to accomplish. The unpredictability of the show, that had once captured the imagination of the viewers is long gone, making way for predictable and obvious content. But, that's not all. There have been editing errors and the script writing has proved to be so poor, that it makes us wonder what 'GoT' would've been like if it wasn't for George RR Martin's books. Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame have both been on our screens in the last month. They still have nothing on the Champions League. ð pic.twitter.com/IBvNFZnDHF — Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) May 8, 2019 While one of the biggest TV shows continues to fall short on the expectations of fans, a spectacular show by the football clubs in the UEFA Champions League has proved to be a much-needed saviour. The Champions League season gave us the spirited Ajax side that gunned down European heavyweights including the likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Juventus. Then, we saw Tottenham Hotspur eliminating Premier League champions Manchester City in the quarterfinals. But, just when we thought we'd seen it all. The Champions League football surprised us again with memorable semifinal ties. How's champions league got more plot twists than Game of Thrones and Endgame combined. — MUUSE (@MuuseAbas) May 8, 2019 The first leg of the semifinals restored some sanity with Barcelona securing a 3-0 win over Liverpool and Ajax coming out on top again to register a 1-0 triumph over Spurs. But, if you didn't see the second-leg ties, we reckon you should pick up a chair and hit yourself in the face with it (pun intended). ððð Inside the dressing room at full-time with our Reds... pic.twitter.com/n8BePcDHfY — Liverpool FC (@LFC) May 7, 2019 ð @Alissonbecker ð pic.twitter.com/vRogUSl13r — Liverpool FC (@LFC) May 8, 2019 In a series of epic comebacks and crazy emotional goals, Liverpool stunned Lionel Messi-led Barcelona after thumping four goals at home (without Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah at their disposal). A day later, Spurs emulated Liverpool's effort as Lucas Moura's sensational hat-trick washed away young Ajax's hopes of reaching the Champions League final. ABSOLUTE SCENES after the final whistle. The emotion from Mauricio Pochettino–a manager who hasn't had the luxury of any player transfers in two windows–says it all (via @btsportfootball) pic.twitter.com/EzldZHhjar — Planet Fútbol (@si_soccer) May 8, 2019 For some, it might seem ordinary to watch a football team winning on the back of a good performance, but for the crazy football enthusiasts like us, this was bigger, better and more entertaining than the abrupt the demise of the 'Night King'. The sheer emotions of the footballers and managers from both the winning and losing sides highlighted what football means to us. It's interesting that Champions League is turning out to be more interesting than Game of Thrones. That shit took 2 years to write. — Mayank Agarwal (@mayankquitenow) May 9, 2019 To put things in perspective, for the first time since 2013, the Champions League final will be without Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Also, this season's final will be played between two teams who haven't won the title for over 29 years. So, thank you Champions League for the unbelievable season and mind-numbing semifinals, for what it's worth, our life wouldn't have been the same without it.
  3. The last episode of 'Game Of Thrones' was full of darkness and terror, just like the cinematography of the battle of Winterfell. With the Night King meeting his destined death at the hands of the newly crowned hero Arya Stark, today's episode had a lot riding on it in terms of content and key checkpoints for the finale. Now many feel it was boring but then they have so many story lines to end and very little time left, so therefore it was all about building up for the upcoming war. © HBO Now with one dragon presumably dead or gone out of the two and Missandei dying at Cersei's hand, Khaleesi is only burning in rage. The preview of the next episode is interesting in parts and while it does not give out a lot, it still gives out enough to fathom what is coming. It shows a glimpse of fear on Cersei's face, nervousness on Tyrion's face and a "WTF just happened" look on Euron Greyjoy's face. The only sound we hear properly is the screeching arrival of the dragon. Now will Drogon spit fire and burn this dude? Who knows! © HBO Now Dany is vengeful at the moment and she might just kill for the catch and Cersei's head. Varys and Tyrion are at loggerheads because of the options available in front of them and with Tyrion swearing his loyalty to Khaleesi, Varys is exploring options. 12th May is when we get to witness the crazy war so until then, let the assumptions flow.
  4. Yes, the crossover joke is back and no, I'm not taking any criticism for it right now. But, in my defense, 'a bigger crossover than Infinity War' was perfect for this particular story. Basically, someone was watching the first episode of the first season of 'Game Of Thrones', which is normal, everyone is catching up or rewatching with the new season right around the corner. What's not normal is an extra in a scene looking like he's from the future. Apparently, the guy was wearing a Patagonia jacket, blue jeans, and boots, which doesn't really goes with the GOT vibe. Watching the Game Of Thrones first episode and there a guy in the background with a straight up Patagonia jacket, blue jeans and boots pic.twitter.com/YAFTF4hnIN — kevinbiegel (@kbiegel) April 3, 2019 Someone had an interesting input, tho. That is Bucky Barnes. Now we know where the snap'd ended up. — TimmyTime (@tim_cw57) April 3, 2019 We found Bucky! Good old days. Ah, yes. Back in the days when HBO didn't have such a large budget. Simpler times. — Bob Werley (@bobwerley) April 3, 2019 Yes, he is. Also amusing that he looks kinda like The Winter Soldier. HE'S THERE TO KILL SOMEONE. — Gray Whitten (@el_gray) April 3, 2019 This is so creative. He's Ser Levi of House Denim! — couldntcarebear (@couldntcarebear) April 3, 2019 Oops, GOT spoiler. spoiler for the big time travel twist — Ferris & his new Goodfellas book (@dxferris) April 3, 2019 Could be, but the Bucky take is funnier. As I keep watching it, it looks like he's just in normal "medieval clothes". Pants look kinda like jeans but doesn't look too out of place. — Lisa Weichman (@youlovedogs) April 3, 2019 Yes, it's him. Bucky is that you? pic.twitter.com/ZwRTh7qEns — Kait ð¨ð¦â¤ï¸ (@1Band1D1Dream) April 3, 2019 A lot. I'm wondering how much Google searches for "patagonia jacket" will rise after this goes viral, hahaha! — Mark Hughes (@markhughesfilms) April 3, 2019 A worse dimension? Instead of being killed during the snap the winter soldier apparently went to a different dimension. — Monster king97 (@Monsterking97) April 3, 2019 The entire world's population. Back when Game of Thrones directors were like " Ehhh, how many people are gonna watch this show anyway?" — Lexor Clegane ð¬ð· (@LexPnyc) April 3, 2019 Bucky is a time traveller, confirmed. I mean when "Winter is Coming " The Winter Soldier Must be there! Bucky Barnes the infinite time traveler. — The Last Unicorn YouKnow (@Scorpio1080) April 3, 2019 Same. I cannot stop rewatching this and laughing. https://t.co/FkNeLsU1Wh — Mark Hughes (@markhughesfilms) April 3, 2019 He will be there! Just wait until this guy comes back in the finale. https://t.co/Y4tRvmPfQe — Eric Goldman (@TheEricGoldman) April 3, 2019
  5. Religious lifters are always looking to get big. It's not just their bench and deadlift numbers that will give them the content of getting good results. They will always chase that size in their muscles as well. via GIPHY If you are one such lifter and are looking to grow some size and look more muscular than before, here are a few strategies that you should implement to achieve that look: 1. Up Your Carb Intake via GIPHY If you've spoken to a competitive bodybuilder, you would know that they all play around with their carb intake near their competition date. They do this to look their absolute best on stage when they are competing. When you eat enough carbs, your muscles get enough glycogen and they are able to bind more water molecule in them to look bigger and bulkier. This strategy works best when you are already carb depleted. However, even if presently you were not consuming enough carb in your diet, try to increase it a bit and see the difference by yourself. Carb sources should be a combination of simple and complex carbs in which complex carbs like sweet potato and oats should be dominant. 2. Stay Hydrated via GIPHY Majority of us think that we drink enough water during our normal routine; however, the truth is that only 15% of the total population actually drinks enough water according to their hydration needs. People who workout need to consume more water as they lose water during their workout. If you do not replenish your hydration level, your muscles will look flat. Try consuming more water even for a day than what you are consuming right now and you would start seeing the difference. Your muscles will look round and full. 3. Take The Right Supplements via GIPHY Though its generally the pre-workouts that promise you that insane pumps and big muscles, but it's creatine monohydrate that can deliver this for you. Creatine Monohydrate is the supplement that every 'natty' guy out there should include in his supplement arsenal. In fact, if you can afford even a single supplement out there; creatine monohydrate should be your choice. The results of creatine monohydrate are totally visible. Though it won't show you the results in a couple of days, yes, a few weeks on creatine and it will be a game changer for you. Creatine Monohydrate will give you that full muscular look that you have always been looking for. 4. Ample Rest via GIPHY Another way to look bigger in a very short period is to give proper rest to your body. Majority of the time people only concentrate on their workouts and compromise on their rest period which includes getting less sleep time. When you sleep less, your muscles don't recover properly and they look flat. Get good sleep of around 8 to 9 hours and you'll notice the difference in your muscles. Fully recovered muscles look more round and full. Anuj Tyagi, author of this article, is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist from American Council on Exercise (ACE). Now an Online Health Coach, he is also a Chartered Accountant by education. You can connect with him through Instagram on:- https://www.instagram.com/sixpacktummy_anuj/
  6. If the world has the likes of Superman, Spiderman and Thor; India has Baahubali who isn't exactly a superhero (in literal terms), but definitely nothing less than that. SS Rajamouli's magnum opus aka the 'Baahubali' franchise is hands down the best thing to happen to the Indian film industry. This was one movie that skyrocketed Prabhas' career, but also put Indian cinema on par with some of the leading film industries across the world. © arka media works Among the millions of Baahubali fans, one name happens to be that of Avengers' Nick Fury aka Samuel L Jackson. In fact, he is such a big fan that he wants to act in 'Baahubali 3'. Jackson revealed this to a popular YouTube channel, during the promotions of 'Captain Marvel' featuring Brie Larson, in Singapore. © Marvel Studios When asked if he has heard about Bollywood and which movie he would like to work in, he jokingly said "I want to be in 'Baahubali 3'. No, I am just kidding. I would come into a movie...yeah...I would love to come to Bollywood." Further, when asked about his plans to visit India, he said that he will come, "Only, if they give me a job." SS Rajamouli, are you listening? Can we see a face-off between Baahubali and Nick Fury?
  7. DJ Marshmello has a big fan following across the world and even enjoys a stellar fan base here in India. The man, known for the gigantic face that he puts over his head, was recently in news when he announced a collaboration with Indian composer Pritam and singer Shirley Setia for a song called 'Biba'.When the song finally dropped, it instantly became a hit and soon all his fans started asking for a video as well. The video finally released two days ago and boy, it's probably one of the best tributes to none other than the King Khan himself! Who knew that Marshmello was a fan? SRK makes a brief appearance in the end and shakes a leg with the DJ himself. We see a hybrid version of SRK & Marshmello dancing on different Shah Rukh songs through the video. ð¤ @iamsrk pic.twitter.com/ayCctGaHvp — marshmello (@marshmellomusic) February 15, 2019 His Indian fans are of course loving the video! Obsessed with the #BIBA video @marshmellomusic ⥠It was such a beautiful surprise for us @iamsrk fans! The smile on my face at the 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' part...my all time favourite movie! #BIBA #Marshmello pic.twitter.com/zzfH1dbkW2 — Samina ⨠(@SRKsSamina) February 16, 2019 @marshmellomusic... Boi gots moooovvveeess... This video makes me happier ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ðhttps://t.co/jbiiHUNiXo — CJ (@akacjgunn) February 16, 2019 ð±ð± https://t.co/rcpuaelKi6 — Ehsan Hayat {HT} (@ehsan_taz) February 17, 2019 It's like the perfect EDM blend with Bollywood music. Marshmello is currently in India for the Supersonic festival and looks like he'll continue entertaining his Indian fans for a long time.
  8. Akshay Kumar is the undisputed and unconquered Khiladi of Bollywood, who enjoys some insane levels of fame and popularity. His crazy fanbase can do anything, literally anything for him or to meet him and this guy from Haryana just proved the same. How far can you go for your idol? Stalk them on social media, wait outside their house for hours just to get a glimpse, build a temple just like Amitabh and Rajinikanth's fans did for them, or tattoo their idols' names on their wrists. © Instagram But this 20-year-old from Haryana just went a little too far in expressing his love for 'Kesari' actor Akshay Kumar. In a typical filmy drama, Ankit Goswami from Sonipat, Haryana was arrested for allegedly trespassing into Akshay Kumar's house in Juhu. Reportedly, in his quest to meet Akshay, Ankit searched for the actor's address on Google and then travelled to Mumbai to meet him. When he was denied entry by the guards, he tried to break into his house post midnight, by jumping over the boundary wall. An officer said, "He climbed the wall at 1.30 am and entered. He was spotted by the guards, who got a hold of him and alerted the police." © Instagram However, he couldn't break in as he was caught by a security guard. Ankit is now in judicial custody and was charged under IPC for trespassing. Guys, not everything you see in Bollywood movies is meant to be tried and tested in real-life. Source: Hindustan Times
  9. No matter how rich and famous they are, sometimes celebrities need to find their roots and beckon their grounded side, every chance they get. If they don't do that, here's a possibility they might never go back to their roots at all. Jason Momoa just proved that very point to us and did something so heart-warming, we're trying to figure how to un-melt our hearts back. The 'Aquaman' star, recently took some time off to visit the main woman in his life- his grandma and trust us, his effort really makes us wish all celebrities have such warmth and compassion within them. Subscribe to our ON THE ROAM YouTube episode IOWA going home to see my grams Love u Mabel Link in bio. Aloha j A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on Jan 14, 2019 at 8:20am PST After this, we're sure the internet won't just recognise him as the man with muscles, but as a man with both muscles and a big godamn heart! The man did a beautiful photo shoot when he went to visit his grandma Mabel in Iowa, where she lives. The actor was born in Hawaii but spent a considerable part of his childhood in Iowa with her. Here are some endearing pictures from the shoot: © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam Jason has never shied away from the fact that he's a grandma's boy and he often refers to her fondly as the 'matriarch' © On the roam © On the roam “I loved where and how I grew up because both places were rooted in family “They are really very similar, except there's more ocean one spot and more corn in the other.” Jason told a popular publication. © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam © On the roam The actor even created a cute little home video while on his visit! Take a look! While most of us wish for fame and stardom and some of us have it, it's not everyone's cup of tea to keep it as real as possible and we're glad men like Jason Momoa are grounded AF, so we can relate to them better! We wish more celebrities come off as kind-hearted and humble as him.
  10. India won the 2018-19 Border-Gavaskar Trophy with a 2-1 lead which makes this series victory the first by any Asian country on Australian soil. After Day 5 of the fourth and final Test match saw no gameplay due to rain and bad light at the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Men in Blue were presented with the trophy at the award ceremony and one could see how much the victory meant to the squad. Loud roars and hugs surrounded the team as Virat Kohli lifted the cup in front of a rather supportive Australian crowd. Jai Hind #TeamIndia ð®ð³ð®ð³ pic.twitter.com/meUaiPq2YJ — BCCI (@BCCI) January 7, 2019 “By far, this is my biggest achievement. Has to be on the top of the pile. When we won the World Cup (in 2011), I was a young player. I saw the others get emotional. This series has given us a different identity as a team. What we've been able to achieve is something really to be proud of,” Kohli expressed to the media in the post-match session. Understandably, when you are not one of the key players of a roster, you do not appreciate enough, the gravity of winning a tournament, let alone a World Cup. Kohli's comments can therefore be overlooked. What cannot be overlooked is the Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri comparing this victory to the 1983 World Cup victory in England which was the first time ever India as a team lifted the World Cup ever since it came into existence. 'This is bigger than World Cup 1983 win,' an ecstatic Ravi Shastri reacts to India's maiden Test series win in Australia - https://t.co/2IYMtYadxq #AUSvsIND #INDvsAUS pic.twitter.com/feuii9v3jb — DNA (@dna) January 7, 2019 So, was Team India's recent success in Australia bigger than the 1983 win? Here are some facts that will help you figure it out yourself: As mentioned above, it was for the very first time that Team India lifted a World Cup trophy since its inception. It was a win at the biggest stage of them all against the reigning two-time World Cup champions, the Windies which included some of the biggest, most worrisome names of the time like Sir Viv Richards and Andy Roberts. Team India's journey to the final was not exactly made up of cotton candy as they faced elimination just before the semi finals began and had lost two straight games to Australia and the West Indies. The tournament completely transformed Kapil Dev into a legend, whose 175-run innings against Zimbabwe, to prevent India's exit from the tournament, is considered to be one of the performances by any Indian till date. #OnThisDay in 1983, India won the @cricketworldcup! ð®ð³ð pic.twitter.com/sksXdNeghT — Cricket World Cup (@cricketworldcup) June 25, 2018 On the other hand, Virat Kohli's team went against what is considered to be one of the weakest Australian sides without the like of Steve Smith and David Warner (banned for ball-tampering) included in the roster. That is not to say that Team India didn't deserve the Test series victory. With Cheteshwar Pujara and Rishabh Pant coming up big during the series and Jasprit Bumrah's heroics completely justifying the accolades, Team India must relish this historical win. However, when compared to the 1983, this win is nowhere as big as the World Cup.
  11. Now that 2018 is ending, everyone is in a party mood, and naturally, wants to end the year with a bang. The plans for the New Year parties are on, and every man wants to look his best for that. New Year dance parties, irrespective of wherever they are, have one thing in common. They get wild. The warm layers come off, and everyone wants to show off their 'guns' - no pun intended. If you have been hitting the weights in the gym like an animal, it's easy for you, but some of us have been wallowing a little too much in the holiday spirit, and haven't been able to hit the gym as much as we usually do. What's the solution then, to look fit for the big night? If you somehow can manage to make your arms look bigger than they actually are, along with making your waist look smaller, it makes you look super fit. Keeping that in mind, we have devised three clever hacks that will help you out. Karan Tacker seems to know how to read our mind, and he wore an outfit exactly like that. Read on. © Viral Bhayani 1. To make your waist look slimmer, you need to create an illusion of elongation. Wear co-ords. By that, we mean wear the same colour on your upper body, as well as your lower body. That way, even if you have a little bit of flab around the tummy or your waist, that will be inconspicuous. © Viral Bhayani 2. Go for dark colours. Dark colours are slimming. They will make you look skinnier than you actually are. That, along with the co-ord situation, will make you look taller as well. It's a win-win! © Viral Bhayani 3. Wear a fitted T-shirt that cups your shoulders and chest nicely. The arms need to be fitted as well, and can't be hanging around loose. Along with that, wear a pair of pants that fit you nicely around the waist and the glutes, but isn't essentially a pair of super skinny trousers. The fitted T-shirt will make sure that your arms look well-defined and big, and the pants will give your bottom a natural lift that will make it look bigger, thereby making your physique look super fit. © Viral Bhayani Pro-tip: Before you head out for the party, do some push-ups and squats at home for that extra party pump. They will add some temporary, but optimum volume to your triceps, chest, and glutes. There is no substitute for that and you know it. Follow these tips and you'll be all set. Good luck!
  12. The biceps are considered to be the most important muscle for an aesthetic physique. It gives you the bragging rights, makes you out-angle people's faces in pictures and surprisingly, even makes you lose bodybuilding shows by a couple of points. Fun Fact: It was claimed that Chris Bumstead lost the first place by just 3 points in his debut Mr. Olympia due to bad arms. Read more about Chris aka the bodybuilding prodigy here. The biceps give your arms a fuller look and are considered the epitome of an aesthetic physique. But again, even on training biceps endlessly in the gym, guys fail to grow this muscle group and seem to be always struggling. That's because you may be doing one of these mistakes while training the biceps. Fix them and see your arms growing like a balloon: 1. Other Muscles Are Taking Over Most guys are guilty of doing swinging biceps where the front delts, upper traps, and the forearms take over the movement. It can easily be spotted if a person is swinging and their shoulders and elbows are coming forward. Or they shrug with every rep or curl their wrists at the top half of the movement. The fix: Keep your elbows tucked to your sides, depress your scapulae (do not shrug) and keep your wrists in the same neutral position on the top half of the movement. The weight you will move will be slightly lower here and that is perfectly alright if your goal is to grow your biceps. © infinitelabs 2. Partial Range Of Motion A lot of guys are guilty of doing the half reps either following the 21 reps technique or due to the sheer ego lifting they do in the gym. Partial range of motion is one of the biggest mistakes you can do in your quest to get jacked, not just for the biceps, simply for any body part. Read this if your goal is to get jacked. If your goal is maximal muscle growth in the biceps region, do a full range of motion while doing curls. 3. Establish A Mind-Muscle Connection This is one of the strategies that the bros got right. Failing to establish a mind-muscle connection could be a probable reason you are not seeing growth. This is because you may not be contracting the muscle properly when moving the weight. A study by Schoenfeld et. al. in 2018 showed that establishing a mind-muscle connection almost doubled the muscle growth in the bicep region who squeezed the bicep at the top vs. the group who just moved the weight. © Pixabay 4. Work Both The Short Head And The Long Head Of The Bicep For overall development, you should focus on both the heads of the bicep i.e. the short head and the long head. Exercises for the short head: - Spider curls - Preacher curls - Chin-ups Exercises for the long head: - Incline dumbbell curls - Cable curls behind the body - Drag curls Fix these mistakes and start seeing your biceps grow right away! Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  13. Arguably one of the greatest spinners in the history of the game, Anil Kumble won India more Test matches than any other bowler till date. Following in the footsteps of the great tall wrist-spinners Bill O'Reilly and his own idol BS Chandrasekhar, Kumble made the ball hack through the air rather than hanging in it, coming off the pitch with a kick rather than a kink. The unorthodox method provided him with stunning success, even if majority of his scalps came on Indian soil. Needless to say, that there was no more difficult challenge in cricket than negating Kumble on a wearing surface. But, if his artistry with the ball wasn't enough, Kumble continued to contribute towards the betterment of Indian cricket even after his retirement. Trading the bowling cap for a coach's hat, the 47-year-old took Team India to new heights in what was arguably the pivotal phase of Virat Kohli's new-age side. Ever since his appointment as India's head coach in June 2016, Kumble has witnessed India winning a dozen out of 17 Tests alongside four draws and just one loss that came against Steve Smith's men earlier in 2017. And, more importantly, India also retained their World No. 1 ranking in the longest version of the game. © BCCL But, despite the glorious and undeniably effective stint as India's coach, the veteran spinner, didn't just fail to get a worthy automatic contract extension, but he was humiliated to the core before being forced to resign from his post. In a heartfelt post on Twitter in June 2017, Kumble has stepped down as Team India's coach citing his untenable differences with skipper Kohli as the main reason. There were reports that Kohli even abused Kumble during one of the team meetings and played a pivotal role in his ouster. Thank you! pic.twitter.com/eF5qVzdBRj — Anil Kumble (@anilkumble1074) June 20, 2017 Since then, we've seen Ravi Shastri overshadowing many potential suitors to bag the lucrative role of India's head coach, Kohli deleting the welcome tweet for Kumble on his appointment as coach in 2016 and the sordid saga between Kumble and Kohli being deemed as probably the darkest hour for Indian cricket in recent times. But, no one really got to know if Kumble was actually at fault, or was it Kohli who forced the Indian cricket board to ask him to leave? After almost 18 months from Kumble unceremonious ouster, Diana Edulji, a member of BCCI's Committee of Administrators (CoA), has opened the can of worms amid the ongoing controversy in the Indian women's cricket. "Mr Kumble a legend in his own right was subjected to loss of face and made to look like a villain. He was gracious enough to move on for which I respect him. There also, rules were broken and I had raised objections back then," Edulji, a senior administrator, claimed. © BCCL Following his year-long contract as coach, Kumble, as claimed by the BCCI, was believed to be a "direct entry" into the pool of six applicants vying for the top job. The entire process was overseen by the CoA and the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) - which was comprised of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman. At the behest of the CoA, the CAC met Kohli to patch up the differences amicably, but failed. Nonetheless, the CAC informed the Indian cricket board that Kumble was its preferred choice. But, the BCCI extended its deadline to accommodate Shastri's application before finalising him as India's head coach. Edulji, who recently broke her silence, claimed that the entire selection process was fraught and it was, indeed, Kohli who had arm-twisted BCCI into breaking rules and hiring Shastri for the top job. Edulji's revelations come as part of her disagreement with Vinod Rai over the appointment of an ad-hoc committee to pick the Indian women's team head coach. While senior players like the T20I captain Harmanpreet Kaur and vice-captain Smriti Mandhana requested the CoA and BCCI to continue with the interim coach Ramesh Powar, Rai opined that players cannot pick coaching staff through votes. © BCCL Irked by the comments of CoA head, Edulji, then, pointed to the example of Kohli playing the role of the decision-maker during Kumble's ouster. "Virat did not accede to Kumble continuing in spite of CAC saying so then why not these two players get what they feel is best for the team," Edulji wrote to Rai in an email. "I see nothing wrong in women cricketers writing emails reg the coach. "They were truthful in expressing their views unlike Virat who frequently sent SMS-es to the CEO on which you acted and there was a change in the Coach. There also I had objected and my dissent is recorded when the timelines were extended for someone to apply as he didn't apply in time," Edulji wrote. In response, Rai, too, admitted Kohli's hand in Kumble's ouster. "Yes- there were differences between Virat and Kumble. As a consequence of that Kumble stepped back," Rai replied. © BCCL Powar, who saw India reaching to the women's ICC World T20 semifinal last month, was expected to get a contract extension as coach. However, a bitter fallout with senior cricketer Mithali Raj, who accused the women's coach of humiliating her, spoiled his chances of getting an automatic contract extension. But, Edulji has raised a valid point in her emails. If Kohli can force the BCCI to get rid of Kumble, despite the former Indian cricketer taking the team to new heights, and hire Shastri, often labelled as a 'yes man', the women's cricketers, too, should have their say in appears to be a similar situation. There is no doubt over Kohli's achievements as one of the world's best batsmen and all that he has done to make the nation proud, but no cricketer is, or should be considered, above Indian cricket. And, Edulji's shocking revelations, sadly, highlight who's actually calling the shots in the men's team.
  14. With the release of 'Thugs of Hindostan' this morning, Aamir Khan's much-anticipated movie of the year has finally opened to the audience. When the film announcement was made two years ago in September 2016, people began to pin high hopes on this one, given that not only was the movie being launched under the YRF banner, but was also said to star two of Bollywood's most renowned names - Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. © Yash raj films Move to 2018, and the movie has already hit the screens this morning to a mixed bag of reactions. The audience hasn't been able to fully accept Aamir as the “bad guy” and Sr. Bachchan seems to be the only saving grace of the movie, as per latest online reviews. However, while the movie's fate still remains undecided, Aamir's thoughtful gesture towards the entire cast and crew of 'Thugs of Hindostan' is already being hailed as a major hit. Last evening, Aamir posted a letter addressing every member of TOH, and expressed his gratitude for their earnest efforts, that collectively helped them to put the movie out for the audience to enjoy. Look at the transcript here: What a touching letter by @aamir_khan as #ThugsOfHindostan releases today. The best part about Aamir is that he acknowledges each n every one in the team irrespective of their role.Thats the sign of a great leader...No shoshebaazi...pure simplicity! Wah! pic.twitter.com/SBTubVn4Zy — Faridoon Shahryar (@iFaridoon) November 8, 2018 As is already evident, Aamir made sure that no one from the entire production team was left out of this 'letter of gratitude' as we'd like to call it. Aamir took out the time to mention people by their names and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their time and efforts over the last two years. Sure, some might say this is another one of Aamir's 'quirky' film promotion ideas after the tie-up with Google maps, and yes it does seem like it to some extent too. However, one can't deny that to name people on a personal post and giving them credit for their work, holds a lot more value and sentimental connection than the credit roll at the end of film showcase (which honestly no one cares to sit through). © Yash raj films It's also great to see how the film promotions have changed over the years, and more celebs have taken to social media to promote films on a personal level. These tactics not only make a greater connection with the audience like in this case, but the publicity only adds to the overall experience of the movie too.
  15. It is absolutely okay to have your secret guilty pleasures, but it is not okay to feel really bad about them. For some of us, it's gadgets (there are people buying iPhone X out there), for the others, it could be food, but there is a huge number of men who like to invest in shoes. Shoes, by the virtue of their utility and longevity, are bound to be expensive; add to that, a passion for trying the latest launches by the most high-end brands, and you have pictured a sneakerhead in your head. So if you are someone who has been nodding while reading the graphic description of men who absolutely LOVE sneakers, we are here to help you feel better about the fortune you have spent on those Air Jordans and Stan Smiths. Take a look at these B-town men who share the same interest as you, and just feel better about not being the only one. These Celebrities Are All About Shoes That We Can Only Dream About Karan Johar View this post on Instagram Calling Karan! Styled by @nikitajaisinghani A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Oct 2, 2018 at 1:15am PDT View this post on Instagram At my childhood buddies book launch! #pyjamasareforgiving @twinklerkhanna styled by @nikitajaisinghani A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Sep 7, 2018 at 6:59am PDT View this post on Instagram Corporate evenings!!!! Styled by @nikitajaisinghani A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Jul 27, 2018 at 6:50am PDT From the stark revelations and gossip he gets for us on Koffee With Karan to turning actors into stars, there is so much that Karan Johar does better than everyone else. And if you think movies and entertainment is all that he has mastered, think again, think of his public appearances - appearances that show what Fashion would look like, if he walked the earth. Be it his quirky suits teamed with crisp white shirts, or those super-expensive bags he is seen carrying at airports, KJo is all about making a statement. And it is this fervour to dress that makes him wear shoes that do all the talking. You might have spotted this star wear blingy moccasins or velvet slip-ons, but there's more than that. He is also quite a sneakerhead, who likes investing in bulky, bright trainers and running shoes, and loves to flaunt them on Instagram. 2. Anand Ahuja View this post on Instagram @sonamkapoor & I would like to thank everyone who made our wedding so magical!⨠There are a few people behind the scenes who must be mentioned: @ranipinklove - for creating! @jomalonelondon - for scenting! @reelsandframes - for capturing! @signe_vilstrup , @taras84 ,@theHouseofPixels - for documenting! @Bellezajewels @fizzygoblet @isharya @andmystories_in @teacultureoftheworld - for gifting! @namratasoni @Artinayar @bbHiral @alpakhimani @mallika_bhat @rohit_bhatkar - for transforming! @raghavendra.rathore @abujanisandeepkhosla @anamikakhanna.in @anuradhavakil @masabagupta @rajeshpratapsinghworks @jimmychoo @shehlaakhan - for dreaming! @sunitakapoor and @amrapalijewels for embellishing! @vanimalhotra @Chandiniw @manishamelwani @abhilashatd - for styling! @marut_sikka , @poojadhingra and @indianaccent - for feeding! @Wedniksha and @vandan_weddingplanner - for storytelling! To @theleela @sunteckrealty - for hosting! @Anaitashroffadajania, @priyanka86 & Divya @vogueindia - for supporting! @theweddingbartenders - for boozing! @ravishkapoorinvitations - for inviting! @media.raindrop - for guiding! The Indian Media - for celebrating! @Mumbai.Police - for allowing! @DomeSecurity - for protecting! A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on May 11, 2018 at 10:23am PDT View this post on Instagram @giorgioarmani thanks for sharing your day with @sonamkapoor and I today! ••• cc @genesis_luxury @gqindia @abhilashatd @thehouseofpixels A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on Sep 23, 2018 at 1:13pm PDT View this post on Instagram . . . PS how cool must it be to wear a shoe you designed for Nike!? ðâ¡ï¸âï¸ PSS notice the other OGs in the background A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on Jul 8, 2018 at 8:34am PDT It's not everyday that a celebrity couple, known for being the trailblazers of the hottest trends, shows up at their reception, clad in stunning ethnic wear outfits, teamed with sneakers. We are talking about the grand wedding celebration of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja, that set the fashionazis in frenzy, typing words of honour and bewilderment, thanks to their bold choice of wearing sneakers. Right in that moment, we knew and so the did the world, Bollywood had chanced upon a a new sneakerhead, Anand Ahuja; this one, far more enthusiastic than everyone else. Anand Ahuja's love for sneakers is nothing new, but it's fascinating how thrilled he is with them, and how vocal about it on social media. From the costliest basketball shoes to white sneakers (every possible design you can think of), Mr. Ahuja's collection will have it. No wonder his infectious love for sneakers has sort of taken over wife Sonam Kapoor, too, who is mostly spotted wearing comfy kurtas with fancy shoes these days. 3. Diljit Dosanjh View this post on Instagram JIND MAHI ð A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh P J D (@diljitdosanjh) on Oct 1, 2018 at 7:55am PDT View this post on Instagram Eh Munda Koi Sup ð Kaduga... Hatt Ja Dosanjhanwaleya ð¦ A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh P J D (@diljitdosanjh) on Oct 21, 2018 at 8:09am PDT View this post on Instagram ð¸ A post shared by Diljit Dosanjh P J D (@diljitdosanjh) on Sep 21, 2018 at 4:23am PDT Be it his acting or just his soothing voice, Diljit Dosanjh knows how to garner attention and love, and rightly so. Well, there have been times when the star has made headlines for reasons we couldn't have thought of (his not-so-private crush on Kylie Jenner), one cannot really understate the effect his presence leaves behind. And one of the reasons for that is definitely the way he chooses to dress - loud, unabashed and fancy - just the words that describe Dosanjh's sartorial preferences. From quirky suits to blingy bomber jackets, the singer has made a number of head-turning choices, but there is one thing that has been just so constant - his love for sneakers, especially high-tops. Picking the most dominant and luminous colours, with combinations no ordinary man would dare to wear, Diljit has been leaving us stunned and impressed with his “high-end” sneaker choices, and he doesn't seem to stop anytime soon. 4. Abhishek Bachchan View this post on Instagram So I met this "little" guy today! He's gonna be a game changer for Basketball in India... Mark my words. @SimBhullar2 @nbaindia #simsanity @vivek A post shared by Abhishek Bachchan (@bachchan) on May 2, 2015 at 8:27am PDT View this post on Instagram And they're here!!!! #Nike #protro #Kobe #undefeated #mamba #sneakerhead @nike A post shared by Abhishek Bachchan (@bachchan) on Apr 23, 2018 at 4:52am PDT View this post on Instagram #sneakersaturday #nikeid #airmax A post shared by Abhishek Bachchan (@bachchan) on Apr 28, 2017 at 10:41pm PDT Long before Anand Ahuja became the sneaker-guru of tinsel town, there was Abhishek Bachchan silently bombarding his Instagram handle with some really cool sneaker pictures. Often spotted in formal or semi-formal appearances, Junior Bachchan's ensembles might not be all about sneakers, but that doesn't nullify his passion for the same, or the value of his mind-numbing collection. If you don't believe us, check out his social media handle and be ready to lose your mind. 5. Ranveer Singh View this post on Instagram Get Money ð°â­ï¸ #JioFilmfareAwards A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 20, 2018 at 10:04am PST View this post on Instagram ð¤â£ï¸ A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jun 22, 2018 at 1:18pm PDT View this post on Instagram High in the afternoon #lavauxvineyards #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND @myswitzerlandin @myvaud A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Apr 30, 2018 at 11:53pm PDT There is nothing much to write about Ranveer Singh and his outfits; because the actor makes headlines every time he steps out of the house. He is the connoisseur of androgynous dressing; he is all for experimentation - and this is what makes him who he is, also referred to as the Lady Gaga of Bollywood. And thus it makes complete sense for this talented actor to own a shoe collection we didn't know existed. He likes all things in-vogue and he gets all things in vogue. Remember the time he posed in a formal suit, teamed with velvet slip-ons, and looked just so cool? The actor has quite a number of bold and bulky sneakers in his closet, and it only makes us wonder if we will ever be able to see all the shoes he owns?
  16. Just like learning the basics of mathematics can take you a long way, it's imperative to learn the fundamentals of exercising. Once well brushed with, you cannot only get better with doing less but also can do various exercises wherever you want with minimum equipment. With this piece I'll be chopping up a killer resistance band- triceps workout that I recently tried while on a trip where I had no access to a gym. What Will You Need The only equipment you need here is a resistance band. How much resistance? Well, that entirely depends upon you. If you are accustomed to lifting heavy on a regular basis, pick the highest resistance. It's usually color coded black. For intermediates, the red one with medium resistance would do. For beginner, picking up the one with the least resistance would work. Usually color coded purple. Getting It Done 1) The Push-Downs © YouTube You already know how triceps push-downs are done on a pulley machine. This isn't any different. Find a spot where you can tie up the band and hold the band from the hanging end like you hold the push-down bar. Make it a point to maintain tension on the band throughout the movement. Here's a video: Try 50-75 repetitions. 2) Reverse Grip Pull-Downs © YouTube Now like a no-brainer, when you are done with the above exercise, reverse your grip and start pulling the band straight down. Again, make it a point to maintain the tension throughout the motion. The point of these exercises is to get a workout done when you really don't have access to equipment. This is also good for a warm-up before hitting heavy weights for triceps. Now next time you are out, don't forget your bands!
  17. Calves, the muscle group that every guy seems to be struggling to grow. Everyone seems to think that there's something mysterious about them. This leads to them making calves training too complicated than it should be or playing the card of bad genetics and completely overlooking them. But just like any other muscle, you train them with resistance, progressive overload it and voila, you will grow your calves. © YouTube Now, there are three categories of people you will see who have badass calves and they apparently do not even lift: 1. Cyclists 2. Fat guys 3. People who live in the hills That tells us a bit of a secret about training calves, it all comes down to VOLUME. Cyclists train day in and day out for their events, invariably training their calves. Fat dudes who do not look like they lift, invariably end up training their calves whenever they climb the stairs or walk on inclines due to the sheer amount of load they are required to carry just to move their body. Those living on the hills, they do incline walking most of the time and a shit ton of it. So How Do You Get Massive Calves? Do not worry, you do not have to go cycling 6 hours a day, eat cake and get fat or even live in the hills. You just need to take the common denominator from these conditions and replicate it in your training routine, which is to do more volume. To add more volume, understand this simple formula: Volume = Load x Sets x Reps Now, let's look at it with an example. Say you do standing calf raises on one day and seated calf raises on another in a week. Tuesday (Standing calf raises) - 3 sets of 10 with 70 kilos Volume = 3x10x70 = 2100 kilos Friday (Seated calf raises) - 3 sets of 10 with 50 kilos Volume = 3x10x50 = 1500 kilos Total weekly volume = 2100 + 1500 = 3600 kilos How do you push this up by manipulating the variables of volume? 1. Increase Load: Increase the kilos to 75 for standing calf raises and 55 for seated calf raises, keeping all else the same. Standing calf raise volume = 3x10x75 = 2250 kilos Seated calf raise volume = 3x10x55 = 1650 kilos Total weekly volume = 2250 + 1650 = 3900 kilos 2. Increase Sets: Increase sets in both seated and standing calf raise to 4 sets, keeping all else the same. Standing calf raise volume = 4x10x70 = 2800 kilos Seated calf raise volume = 4x10x50 = 2000 kilos Total weekly volume = 2800 + 2000 = 4800 kilos © YouTube 3. Increase Reps: Increase reps to 12 reps per set in both seated and standing calf raise, keeping all else the same. Standing calf raise volume = 3x12x70 = 2520 kilos Seated calf raise volume = 3x12x50 = 1800 kilos Total weekly volume = 2520 + 1800 = 4320 kilos Two other ways you can still add volume is: 1. Increased frequency - Train 3 times per week as opposed to 2 times and later, push it to 4 times per week. 2. Add different exercises - Adding more exercises on top of it will simply add more volume. The exercises you can pick from: 1. Leg press calf raises 2. Leg press calf jumps 3. Donkey calf raises 4. Smith machine calf raises 5. Single leg dumbbell calf raises The last thing would be to pay some attention to the tempo. Blast on your way up, squeeze the muscle and have a controlled rep down. There is no real need to complicate it further. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  18. Last year, Apple completely redesigned its flagship phone with the iPhone X and this year, the company double downed on the design. Apple introduced three new phones with the same design ethos but one has the largest screen on an iPhone ever. The new smartphones are powered by Apple's A12 Bionic Chipset and have better photography than ever before. All of which come with a premium price tag that may not sit well with everyone. We got the iPhone XS and XS Max to review and here's what we think about Apple's latest offerings: Design Language © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, every smartphone company simply copied the design and started offering it on every smartphone. Apple has continued to implement the same design on the iPhone XS and XS Max. The larger smartphone carries more weight and offers a distinct took as the design has more or less remained unchanged. Apple did, however, introduce a new Gold colour that isn't jarring and easy on the eye. I'm not a big fan of Gold smartphones, but Apple outdid themselves this time and made the Gold version look sexy. Apart from the aesthetics, there are a few upgrades that are a first on an iPhone. The iPhone XS and XS Max are now IP68 water and dust resistant. It can stay submerged under water up to two meters in depth for a period of 30 minutes. It can also withstand accidental spills such as coffee, beer and other harmful liquids. The iPhone XS and XS Max also have extremely good stereo speakers. Its crisper, louder and can also pan sound from left to right effectively. You can notice the difference in sound when you watch an HDR video as we did during our briefing session. It's needless to say that you would be better off to purchase a smartphone case to protect your smartphone. Even though Apple is using a tougher Gorilla Glass, it is still prone to micro scratches that you may want to avoid. Display © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla This year the iPhone comes in two sizes i.e. with a 5.8-inch display while the XS Max sports a 6.5-inch display. If you are a fan of a smaller form factor like the classic iPhones, the XS will be the perfect smartphone for you. Having said that, we prefer the iPhone XS Max thanks to its massive screen and better viewing experience. Earlier, users would opt for the bigger iPhone because of the dual camera setup, however, the iPhone XS Max offers the same specifications as the iPhone XS apart from a larger battery. The 6.5-inch display on the iPhone XS is noticeably larger and can sometimes be difficult to access the control centre and notification panel from the top. However, the display itself is extremely vivid and bright which makes viewing videos and playing games an absolute delight. In fact, the iPhone XS Max even beat the Galaxy Note 9's screen in almost every parameter. The screen has HDR10 support and Dolby Vision which makes it even more worthy of an investment. The iPhone XS Max is almost the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus but offers more real estate on the screen thanks to the notch design. Apart from having a larger screen, the iPhone XS Max also offers some software tweaks to make it a more fluid experience. The new UI features make it easier for users to see more on the screen when you switch to landscape mode. It is quite reminiscent of the iPad iOS version, as once you switch the orientation, you can see more details in apps like Calendar, Safari and Mail. It's not all rosy though, as some caveats were noticed in the larger iPhone. For example, even though there is more screen space, you can only arrange the same number of apps on the home screen as the iPhone X/XS. Apple could have also shown the actual battery percentage on the top right corner due to the fact we have more room. Other issues involve with apps not being optimised for the larger iPhone XS Max. There aren't many apps that have an issue with the new resolution, however, there are some that need more fine-tuning. Performance The iPhone XS and XS Max are both powered by Apple's proprietary A12 Bionic chip clocked at 2.5 GHz. It has a noticeable performance upgrade from its predecessors and has double the improvement in the GPU. Both smartphones load up apps faster than before and are also faster when it comes to multitasking. You can swipe between apps without any glitches and performs better than the A11 Chip on the iPhone X. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Talking about Face ID, the iPhone XS and XS Max work the same way when setting up as the iPhone X. It scans your entire face and head so that it can accurately track every inch of your face. FaceID is now faster and more accurate than the iPhone X as we don't have to adjust our face any more. It unlocks fast even in low-low-light conditions which are a great feat, considering you don't have a fingerprint sensor anymore. Face ID also assists when you switch phones from an older iPhone. If you've stored your passwords in the iCloud password keychain, you will be able to login to each and every app without even typing your details. It has made switching to the new iPhone a breeze and is probably one of the most underrated features you will come across. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Coming to the processor's performance, the iPhone XS Max and XS more or less performed the same. During the course of our review, the iPhone XS Max and XS scored an impressive 4817 in the single-core test while it scored 11453 on the multi-core test on Geekbench 4. That's faster than the current fastest Android smartphone i.e. OnePlus 6. What's impressive is that iPhone XS/XS Max was able to achieve this score with half the RAM. This proves that it's not only about the specifications but also about how the software is fine-tuned with the goods under the hood. The A12 bionic chips' neural engine is where it all makes the difference, the new chipset can conduct 5 trillion operations per second, while its predecessor could only do 600 billion per second. Battery Life When it comes to battery life, iPhones generally tend to have smaller batteries when you compare it its competition. That's because it doesn't need a bigger battery thanks to the operating system and the efficiency of the A12 Bionic chip. The iPhone XS has a 2658 mAh battery while the XS Max has 3174 mAh battery. Both support fast charging, however, you will need to buy it separately. It is essential in 2018 as both smartphones take a considerable time to get fully charged. Both iPhones do have smaller batteries compared to the last generation but they do last longer than the previous iPhones, at least by 40 minutes. The smartphones would last up to 16 hours on a full charge where it involved us using the smartphone for heavy messaging, navigation, photography and gaming. The XS and XS Max both support Qi wireless charging so you can use any QI certified wireless charger to juice up your phone. Camera Performance © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The iPhone XS and XS Max have an identical vertical dual camera setup as the iPhone X but Apple has made some upgrades inside. The primary 12-MP sensor is larger i.e. 1.4-micron pixels to be specific, while the secondary 12-MP telephoto sensor remains the same. The fact that the sensor on the primary lens is bigger, it can let in more light when capturing images. This results in better and clearer low light images. Apple also introduces Smart HDR which is available exclusively on the new iPhones. This feature basically takes multiple shots and combines both underexposed and overexposed images to give you the best result. This is all possible because of the new A12 Bionic chip. The feature is enabled by default in the camera app which you can turn off if you want to take pictures manually. Portrait mode has also improved as it is capable of taking better bokeh sots. This time, however, you can also adjust the degree of the blur after you've taken a portrait image. It's not the first time we've seen this, as Samsung offered this feature on the Galaxy S8 last year. What's cool with Apple's Portrait mode is that you can change the blur from f/4.5 lens all the way to f/1.4 Here are a few samples of the images we took with the iPhone XS and XS Max in both low light and well lit scenarios: View this post on Instagram Shots using the #iPhoneXSMax and #iPhoneXS A post shared by Akshay Bhalla (@editorinchief) on Oct 1, 2018 at 1:18am PDT The Final Say © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Apple's new smartphones feel, look and perform great. The company has delivered a flagship phone that actually delivers what it promises. We would have liked to see a longer lasting battery and an actual bundled fast charger. The screen on both XS and XS Max are amongst the best and are coupled with outstanding stereo speakers. Having said that, the iPhone XS and XS Max do have a hefty price tag in India that may not be in everybody's reach. However, if you are looking for a worthy investment, we feel you should invest in the iPhone XS Max.
  19. Irrespective of the sport, the journey of an athlete is usually governed by hard work, dedication and the sheer will to succeed. But, while many helplessly chase success, only a handful manage to reach their true potential and make a mark in their respective fields. So, what really separates the ones trying to be successful than those who actually are? The answer is pretty simple: they dream. Big, boisterous dreams. No matter how ludicrous they may seem at first, having dreams is an irreplaceable gift and a rare luxury every human being is born with, but not many are able to make full use of it. It doesn't matter how small or big they are, dreams can act as sheer motivation to push one to their limits. And, they are addictive too. Once you've realised a dream, you just can't stop yourself from being obsessed with another. It's a chain reaction you see, one feeds the other. And, the cycle never stops. It shouldn't stop. You will get frustrated, lose hope and even contemplate the idea of making amends with what you have, but such is the addiction of dreaming that, no matter how hard you run away from it, once you've dreamt of attaining something or reaching somewhere in life, it will keep running at the back of your mind till it's taken care of. The story of India's rising shooting star - Saurabh Chaudhary - is quite similar. Hailing from the unheard village of Kalina where farming is the main occupation on the banks of the Hindon river in UP's Meerut tehsil, Saurabh never really dreamt of making a career in professional shooting, let alone win a gold medal for India at the 2018 Asian Games in the 10m air pistol category. GOLD!!! 16 year old Saurabh Chaudhary in men's 10m AP. He is not even an adult and beat a pool of olympic and world championship medal winners. So proud to support u for well over a year now young man ?@OGQ_India? congrats ?@OfficialNRAI? ?@Media_SAI? pic.twitter.com/bRSjXOrFqM — Viren Rasquinha (@virenrasquinha) August 21, 2018 From a young age, he began helping his father in the farming chores on their ancestral land. It didn't matter whether he liked it or not, farming was the reason his family could afford the basic amenities. But, deep down, Saurabh knew that farming - which allowed his family to sustain themselves all this while - was not something he wanted to do for life. And, he found his calling in professional shooting. At the age of 13, Saurabh began honing his skills in shooting after embracing it as a hobby. But he knew, if his dreams of making it big in the sport were to come true, he had to seek professional help. This was the time when he turned to Amit Sheoran's famed academy at Benoli near Baghpat, 53 km away from Meerut. It's one heck of an achievement to compete at the Asian Games when you are a teenager.But to win a Gold @asiangames2018 is what dreams are made of .. congratulations to Saurabh Chaudhary .. Proud!! ?????? — Sania Mirza (@MirzaSania) August 21, 2018 Hard training and practise for countless hours forced him to stay away from his home and family, but whenever he got some spare time, Saurabh would rush back to his residence and help his father in the daily chores on their farmlands. "I like farming. We don't get much time off from training but whenever I do, I go back to my village and help my father," the youngster told PTI. Despite picking the sport just three years back, Saurabh's shooting skills, including his consistency to hit the mark, soon saw him representing India at the world stage. And, Saurabh didn't disappoint there either. In December 2017, the youngster stunned everyone with a brilliant showing at the Asian Youth Olympics Games qualification. He notched up a sensational shooting total of 243.1 - a then-junior world record - and secured a gold medal finish at the tournament. Thanks to his prolific performance, Saurabh also secured qualification for the 2018 Youth Olympics, slated to be held in Buenos Aires in October this year. 16-year old Saurabh Chaudhary illustrates the potential and prowess our youth is blessed with. This exceptional youngster brings home a Gold in the Men's 10m Air Pistol event at the @asiangames2018. Congratulations to him! #AsianGames2018 pic.twitter.com/FHmF6TM8tK — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) August 21, 2018 The year 2017 saw him being a part of the Indian shooting team that grabbed the bronze at the 2017 World Juniors, where he finished fourth in the individual event. It was also the same year where a 15-year-old Saurabh was seen beating the celebrated Jitu Rai in the 10m air pistol, after bagging silver medals in both the Junior and Youth events on that very day. A year later, Saurabh set the hearts of Indian fans racing with another record-breaking performance at the world stage. The Indian wunderkind set a new junior world record on the way to winning a gold medal at the ISSF Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany earlier in June. He shot a total of 243.7 in the eight-man final of the 10m air pistol event. His consistent performances were the prime reason why he was considered a big medal prospect for India at the 2018 Asian Games by his coaching staff, if not by fans. Ahead of the Games, no one had any doubt over Saurabh's capabilities, but there were some questions over his temperament since he was making his debut on the senior shooting circuit. A great achievement by Saurabh Chaudhary to win the Gold medal at the Asian Games at just 16 years of age. Wishing all the athletes competing at thd games a very fruitful games #AsianGame2018 — VVS Laxman (@VVSLaxman281) August 21, 2018 But, when the competition began, the 16-year-old turned into a man and delivered arguably the best performance of his short, yet already illustrious, career. Unfazed by the star status or experience of his opponents, Saurabh remained amongst the top two from almost the beginning of his event till it finished. The youngster made his intentions pretty clear in the qualification round where, in six sets, he shot 99 thrice and 98 twice to ensure his total of 586 propelled him to the top spot ahead of seasoned campaigners like 38-year-old Jin Jong-oh (famed South Korean who has won three gold medals at the Asian Games) and 42-year-old Tomoyuki Matsuda (Japanese sharp-shooter decorated with two World Championships gold). In Stage I of the finals, Matsuda managed to assert a two-shot lead over Saurabh as eight finalists finished the round after taking 10 shots apiece. The Stage II, elimination round of the final, proved to be a nail-biter where Saurabh - despite trailing Matsuda for the most part - did exceptionally well to emerge as the winner. 16 years. Very first Asian Games. AND A ?? MEDAL. The INCREDIBLY talented #SaurabhChaudhary has truly arrived! WELL DONE, young man! Proud of you! #AsianGames2018 #IndiaAtAsianGames pic.twitter.com/JTyBz1QgiG — Rajyavardhan Rathore (@Ra_THORe) August 21, 2018 The final set, where the two remaining shooters were subjected to take two shots, saw Saurabh shooting a 10.2 against Matsuda's mediocre 8.9 - his worst shot of the day. The rare error allowed the Indian to take lead for the first time in the final round. Showing no signs of nerves and maintaining perfect composure, Saurabh scored a brilliant 10.4 in his final shot to edge past Matsuda (who scored 10.3) to run away with the Asian Games gold on debut. Young Saurabh ended the final round with a total score of 240.7 - a new Asian Games record, while Matsuda had to make merry with the silver with the second-best score of 239.7. If his shooting prowess elated the Indian fans, Saurabh's comments after his gold-medal finish earned him the respect of the shooting fraternity. "I did not feel any pressure. I just came to compete and do my best. I have been in good form and given good results and trained hard," the 16-year-old said. For a young boy who took the sport just three years ago, Saurabh - standing tall at the podium with a gold medal around his neck - didn't just emulate the golden feat achieved by the likes of famed Jaspal Rana, Randhir Singh, Jitu Rai and Ronjan Sodhi, he appeared as the perfect embodiment of a sportsperson who dreamt big and won bigger.
  20. The age of the internet can lead to a zillion debacles within seconds. It's become a place where rumours and fake updates travel like wildfire and threaten to destroy the peace and sanity we possess as a society, thanks to a handful of tech-savvy, active internet operatives, who never fail to cease the chance to have a few jesting moments. © pixabay-free to use What they don't realise, however, is that such misrepresentations and sarcastic pieces have the power to whip up abundant trouble online, while the repercussions dribble slowly onto the offline space. Since we got a taste of our share of having to deal with the fakes, here's giving you an update on the ones that you must steer clear of ASAP. To Give You A Better Idea © pixabay-free to use While you must have already figured it out for yourself, this story gives you a quick heads up on some of the fake news that is steadily surfacing on the internet and social media around the Kerala floods. All you need to do is identify them and nip in the bud before it turns into a pain in the arse for unassuming folks like many of us. Fake News Alert 1 The most recent piece of information, or rather misleading information, that's surfaced across a number of social media channels is this rant by someone who goes by the name of Suresh Kochattil, who has now also been identified as an aspiring politician. As can be seen from the post above, Kochattil is seen claiming that the elites of Kerala would not care for people's handouts and one must check with proper authorities before sending across materials, since as per his personal research, more than 200 truck-loads of material are waiting at Coimbatore and Mysore. Thus, what people need is manpower and skilled labourers, plumbers, electricians and the likes, instead of money and materials since most Malayalis are rich people with ample money. Naturally, he has been bashed for his statements by the public for his uninvited claims and statements. Fake News Alert 2 Imposter wearing Army combat uniform in video spreading disinformation about rescue & relief efforts. Every effort by all & #IndianArmy aimed to overcome this terrifying human tragedy.Forward disinformation about #IndianArmy on WhatsApp +917290028579. We are at it #KeralaFloods pic.twitter.com/ncUR7tCkZW — ADG PI - INDIAN ARMY (@adgpi) August 19, 2018 The Indian Army took to Twitter in a measure to prevent the fake news formulated by a man identified as Unni Nair, who is also an ex-serviceman, in the form of a video message spreading false information about the relief work being carried out by the paramilitary and the government in the flood-hit areas of Kerala. The Indian Army as well as Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan have condemned such acts and have warned that stringent action will be taken against the culprits. Which is why we say, cross-check before you send that forward. Fake News Alert 3 © Twitter Though this story might have been put together as a satirical piece, it has backfired big time! A “satirical news portal” published a fake story on the floods claiming that a man lost his life after he refused to wear a saffron coloured life jacket that was offered to him during rescue operations because the colour is affiliated with Hindutva. Perhaps this was meant to be a critique of what our nation has come to of late. But that aspect of our society could have been mirrored in a different manner and not by playing on people's sentiments in a time of crisis, and surely not by adding political colour to it in order to invigorate people's political differences. © pixabay-free to use There might just be more of such fake news lurking in the shadows to pounce upon unassuming people and we must be wary of them. This menace is only hurting those who are actually trying to do some good in the flood-ravaged state.
  21. Disclaimer: With this article, I, as a writer, do not promote or endorse the usage of PEDs or AAS for muscle building or any specific goal. If you wish to use it, it is as per your discretion. This piece is purely for information. The debate of 'is this bodybuilder or physique model natty?' seems to be going on since forever. And it won't stop anytime soon. In this article though, I am not going to spark another debate on that topic (at least not for now) and rather talk about how the performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs)/androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) work and change things for people who take them and thus, what edge do they have over someone who is not taking these drugs. A Tell-All Research © YouTube An interesting study done by Bhasin et. al. in 1996 compared muscle gain rates among four groups. The study lasted for 10 weeks where the testosterone groups were given 600 mg of testosterone. The groups were: A - Placebo with no exercise B - Testosterone with no exercise C - Placebo with exercise D - Testosterone with exercise The results of the group were: A - No significant change in fat-free mass B - An average gain of 3.5 kilos of fat-free mass C - An average gain of 1.7 kilos of fat-free mass D - An average gain of 5.8 kilos of fat-free mass This means the group which did not even exercise and took testosterone gained twice the lean body mass compared to the group who did not take testosterone and exercised for 10 weeks. Basically, PEDs/AAS = better gains. © YouTube Let's Now Understand What Happens When You Work Out When you work out and lift weights, your muscles undergo trauma or damage and then muscle protein strands repair the damage caused to the fibers. Over time, these strands grow both in terms of number and size. Along with this, if your muscle protein synthesis (MPS) aka the rate at which your body stimulates/creates new muscle protein is higher than muscle protein breakdown (MPB) aka the rate at which the muscle protein is broken down, you gain net muscle. The degree of the muscle protein synthesis is largely regulated by the hormone testosterone and is a major reason that men have more muscle mass compared to women. What Happens When You Take Steroids © YouTube PEDs or AAS mimic natural testosterone, thus elevating the muscle protein synthesis and it is estimated that globally, 15% of gym goers use these substances. When you inject these drugs, your gene expression begins to change and that too from day 1 of injecting them. Steroids enter your cells and bind to the androgen receptors. Once they are bound to the androgen receptors, they can easily move into the nucleus and attach to your DNA. This, in turn, activates hundreds of genes in your body to increase muscle protein synthesis and reduce muscle protein breakdown. Because of this, people on PEDs can have 3 to 5x more nuclei than a normal individual. And more nuclei meaning more muscle cells. PEDs can also reduce a person's fat cells meaning gaining muscle and losing fat. Furthermore, this increase in nuclei also has a protective effect against muscle damage meaning that you do not induce damage to your muscle fibers with even intense bouts of exercise and you can work out for longer hours without being exhausted. Add to this, the speedy recovery time (partly due to lesser damage in the first place) allows you to exercise more and hit the gym more frequently without any dip in the intensity of your sessions. All in all, the usage of PEDs or AAS results in the following: 1. Increased muscle size 2. Increase in strength 3. Protection of muscle fibers against damage 4. Increased exercise tolerance 5. Increased recovery Note- This article is just scratching the surface and only looking at the benefits or upsides of AAS/PEDs usage. As every coin has two sides, these drugs have a lot of documented downsides as well which is a topic for another article altogether. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  22. While this has nothing to do with self-esteem (or for some, it probably is), bigger-looking biceps is something that men are obsessed with. But as they say that every human isn't blessed with everything, not all of us have muscular biceps in life. But fortunately, gyms exist, that allow you to to achieve muscular arms. But in the rare occasion, if you're working out consistently and yet your biceps aren't appearing as big as you desire, simple style hacks can be put into use to accentuate that for you. These style hacks below will ensure your biceps look big (if not a hell lot bigger than usual) every time you slip into your apparel of choice: © Instagram 1. It all lies in how you roll up the sleeves While rolling up your sleeves right is almost like doing yourself a service, doing it a certain way can also enhance the ability of your guns looking big. Roll them up to just an inch/two below your elbow and notice how the cuff will add more weight to your biceps and offer an illusion of bigger arms. 2. Wear the right size (or slightly smaller lol) Though, a lot of women hate the sight of a-size-smaller apparel on men, if you're wanting to do it anyway, just know that while you're at it, you'll also end up making your biceps look bigger. If you're able to grab a lot of fabric in your hand, you're probably not doing the right thing. But all in all, our suggestion: buy the perfect fit for yourself. And, visit a tailor for any alterations. © Instagram 3. Stretch cotton is for you While entering a mall and selecting a T-shirt, remember to read the info on the label well. Most importantly, if your pick is made of stretchable cotton, buy it right away. But ensure it fits you well in all the right corners. In general, stretchable cotton will stick to your body and of course, fit you like second skin on the biceps too. That's all you need! 4. Tailor your shirts We may not be able to help you in driving and parking your car outside the tailor's, but we can sure help you in what to instruct. Ask your masterji to tailor you a shirt that's slightly skinny-fitted through your chest, sides and armholes and slim-fitted otherwise. By doing so, though, the shirt will fit you well throughout anyway, it will stick a lot more to the area around your arms, making your biceps look bigger. © Instagram 5. Heard of muscle fits? If not many, but a lot of apparel brands offer a fit called 'Muscle fit'. The idea is simple: apparel tailored in a muscle fit tend to have a slightly shorter/tighter sleeves to enhance the appearance of your biceps. By slipping into this, your biceps will automatically stick to the fabric, making themselves appear larger in size.
  23. “Who am I to say no to Hollywood? You know, everybody wants to be a movie star,” Shaq told Hollywood Reporter in an interview recently. The man who is often referred to as the most powerful center in the history of the NBA is quite the opposite off-court. He loves interacting with the fans and there's no better way of giving it back, than Hollywood. © Getty Images Big Shaq has had quite an illustrious tryst with Hollywood, to say the least, and while his prime playing days are past him, it doesn't look like he's giving up on Hollywood any time soon. Being called the 'Wilt Chamberlain of the modern game' is no mean feat. O'Neal demanded respect on the courts and boy, did he get it. With 4 NBA Championships to his name, you can't deny that he deserved it either. But, what's all this popularity if you don't put it to use, right? The only logical way forward would be to turn to Hollywood. The Rock managed to carve a niche out for himself and is one of the biggest names in show business today. So, why can't Shaq? © Getty Images While Shaq certainly wasn't the first NBA star to work in Hollywood, he's one of the only few to have had lead roles in multiple movies. With 23.7 ppg and 10.9 rpg, Shaq is undoubtedly a legend of the game. But, will he become a legend in Hollywood? Here's a look at what he's been a part of so far, and what we can expect from him in the future: Appears As Himself We're going to get this out of the way up front. Shaq has appeared in countless movies and TV shows as himself. He was a popular guy. You can't blame producers for wanting to add one of the most bankable stars in the NBA to their shows/movies. © Buena Vista International He has appeared as himself in 'The Lego Movie,' 'Scary Movie 4,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'My Wife & Kids,' 'Fresh Off The Boat' and 'The Simpsons' to name a few. But, you don't get to show off your acting skills while playing yourself, right? So, let's move past these appearances and look at the times when Shaq was acting. Blue Chips (1994) A proper basketball movie that deals with the illegal practice of paying “blue-chip” prospects to entice them to join a college. It's a pretty serious film and was Shaq's first major role in a movie. © Paramount Pictures There were cameos by a number of other prominent basketball stars too and with Nick Nolte at the helm, the movie looked promising. Unfortunately, the movie failed to recover its budget of $35 million falling short by $12 million. Kazaam (1996) This was Shaq's first starring role in a Hollywood production. He played the genie Kazaam and helps a boy by the name of Max sort out his life. There are some hilarious scenes in this movie and even though the audience might not have been laughing at the movie, but at Shaq himself, it was a fun movie from our youth which is worth reminiscing. It fared a lot better at the box office almost earning its budget of $20 million back. The movie even had a rap song from the 7ft 1in center. If that doesn't sell movie tickets, we don't know what will. Steel (1997) Before there was 'Iron-Man', we had 'Steel'. Yes, Shaquille O'Neal was way ahead of the curve in terms of superhero movies. He played the DC character John Henry Irons and was slammed by critics and fans alike for being too cheesy. © Warner Bros. It was certainly a new low for Shaq and it looked like he could never recover from it. The movie earned just $1.7 million on a $16 million budget. Shaq lent his voice to the soundtrack of this one too but it was already evident that audiences liked him more for his dunks than his acting. Grown Ups 2 (2013) Okay, you aren't going to get an Oscar-winning movie when Adam Sandler is involved. But, that doesn't mean we don't get a few laughs out of it. © Sony Pictures Releasing We finally got to see Shaq in a high budget Hollywood production in this one and even though he only has a few minutes of screen time it's enough to prove he can act. His scenes are hilarious and 'Grown Ups 2' was enough to convince us that we needed to see more of him on the big screen. Uncle Drew (2018) The movie only recently released and looks like one of Shaq's best. In less than a week, it's already earned almost double of its $17 million budget and that's a pretty good sign of how good it is. © Lionsgate 'Uncle Drew' is proof that Shaq can also entertain a movie audience. All he needs to do is focus on making the movie, instead of trying to plug in his basketball days. Well, this movie is about basketball anyway so we can't say it would be difficult. But, there's absolutely no world in which we would want to see a 7ft+ genie folding a man into a ball and then dunking him down an air shaft in the finale of a movie. Big Shaq will always be a basketball star for us and all his fans. But, as long as he can keep his basketball career separate from his Hollywood career, there's no reason why Shaq can't make a name for himself in Hollywood or, to say it right, make an even bigger name for himself in Hollywood.
  24. Karan Johar is known to make pompous fashion statements every time he walks out of his house, and even better if it's an occasion. His IIFA wardrobe is proof, after all! After hosting the IIFA 2018 main event along with Riteish Deshmukh, Karan is back to the base. But when our cameras spotted Karan at the airport, it was almost like someone had walked right out of the future giving us major style goals. See for yourself. © Viral Bhayani Karan was caught at the airport wearing a dark grey, round neck, full sleeve T-shirt along with a pair of black jeans ripped at the knees. He wore a complementing grey long shirt style jacket with a type in front along with black daddy style sneakers. The highlight of the look though were those monster sunglasses and a shining red suitcase that Karan carried with absolute panache. © Viral Bhayani As long as we can remember, Karan has been an avid preacher of oversized sunglasses. Whatever the occasion maybe, whether a wedding, promotional event or airport look, Karan has the perfect pair of statement oversized sunnies. For his recent airport adventure, Karan can be seen wearing a pair of green tinted angular sunglasses with a golden dotted temple frame on the sides. If you are a fan of his sunglasses, Karan is loyal to a South Korean brand called Irresistor. But mind you the price of a pair of sunglasses is worth everything in your pocket and more! © Viral Bhayani Coming to the stylish red trolley bag, it is from the one brand that our celebrities are loyal to when it comes to airport carriers; it's none other than Supreme. What we love about the bag (even though we can't afford it) is that it is in stark contrast to what Karan is wearing and looks very sturdy which makes it perfect for a turbulent journey. © Viral Bhayani While other celebrities' expensive airport looks make us laugh at our salaries, Karan's airport look even though expensive does give us an insight into what the future may look like. Takeaway: A red trolley bag and oversized sunglasses are a must have airport gear for every fashion conscious guy out there.
  25. Putting on size is just not as simple as most people think. Going in and pointlessly blasting a muscle group hardly makes any sense. When chasing mass, things have to be taken rather slowly and gradually. Yes, you might just have to rest more and work out less, in fact. Reps on reps will not get you anywhere closer to your goal size. Paying attention and prioritizing these four things will. 1) Progressive Overload You only get as big as your loads get heavier. If you look the same as you looked 6 months back, it's because you are still moving the same weights. I'll keep things simple: to lift an unaccustomed load, your muscles have to adjust by getting bigger. Heavier weights translate into more muscle cell damage. To recoup with this damage, the cells will have to repair and get back bigger. Pay attention to your loads. Progress can come weekly or even monthly but the weights need to get heavier if you want to add on mass. © Thnkstock 2) Intensity Now there are two schools of thought on this: rest lesser between sets and rest more between sets. While for guys on steroids, shorter rest periods can be beneficial but for natural dudes, very high intensity doesn't make much sense. That's because when you try to lift heavier weights and try to give your best with every set, rest in between the sets becomes essential. If you won't rest as much as needed to recover from one heavy set, your next heavy (or heavier) set will be compromised. Now this does not mean that you will chat out for 5 minutes between sets. Judge your set to set recovery time and apply the interval. Since we are chasing size, more rest means heavier loads lifted with proper form which of course means more mass. 3) Volume, Frequency And Rest Volume means the number of sets and reps per workout. Frequency means the number of times you train a muscle group in a week. Rest is, well, rest. The reason I have taken these 3 into one is because they are closely interlinked. When chasing mass, keep the volume low, frequency moderately high and rest high. By this, I mean: a) Volume You have no business doing 4-6 sets of 12 or more reps per muscle group when chasing mass. Stick to 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps. © Thnkstock b) Frequency Train each muscle group at least 2 times a week. c) Rest Heavier loads moved and training each muscle group at least twice a week calls for a lot of rest. Take at least 3-4 days of rest. Find your own weekly work-off split. 4) Consistent Caloric Surplus Now even if you have the above things already on point, if you fail at this, best believe that you aren't going to grow. Chasing mass calls for eating, and that too, a lot. Moreover, this caloric surplus needs to be consistent. Don't think that eating in a surplus for a month or two will get you big. Don't jump from cutting to massing in a month. Putting on impressive mass naturally can take years of bulking with minimum mini cuts in the picture. These 4 things are the pillars of getting bigger naturally and yes of course, be PATIENT.
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