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Found 5 results

  1. Who doesn't love to watch a good ol' game of basketball? 10 humongous (mostly) dudes trying to dunk the ball into each other's net with authority. The testosterone must be off the charts. Sadly, we've never got a chance to go for an NBA game. We're sure no one would notice us even if we did. That's not something we can say about the celebrities on this list. When they're at a game, everyone notices. We mean everyone! They'll most probably have courtside seats too which just makes them that much harder to miss. So, let's take a look at 11 of the biggest celebrities to ever watch an NBA game courtside: Justin Bieber We're starting off this list with someone who knows how to deal with being a celebrity from a very young age. © Getty Images A lot of us hate the man & we're pretty sure it's for no other reason apart from his success. He has already achieved more than most others and he's just 24. Gordon Ramsay Arguably the most popular chef in the world, Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself by maintaining an almost unbelievable standard in the kitchen. © Getty Images He certainly puts his money to good use by attending an NBA game every now and then. David Beckham English football's most recognisable star of the modern day, David Beckham doesn't go unnoticed wherever he is. © Getty Images When David's courtside for NBA games, the camera crew has a tough time figuring out whether to focus on the action or on Beckham. Barack Obama The former President of the United States is a celebrity for numerous reasons. But, the most important one is that he's a people person. © Getty Images Even when he was POTUS, he took out time to watch basketball. If he can find the time, anyone can. Brad Pitt Mr. Popular himself, Brad Pitt is perhaps one of the really famous Hollywood celebrities in the world. He has made a name for himself through his acting as well as the numerous women he has dated over the years. © Getty Images Just imagine how cool it would be if you got to watch a basketball game beside Brad Pitt? Kim Kardashian & Kanye West If you've ever used Instagram, you know who Kim Kardashian is. As for Kanye, he's been in the news for so many reasons that there's no way you can even pretend to not know him. © Getty Images But when the couple is together, their fans go into overdrive. One of the rare occasions when we do get to see them together is at basketball games. Another reason to love the NBA, eh? Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner The highest paid woman on the planet and Travis Scott. Yeah, Travis might lack the star power of some of the other names on this list but Kylie more than makes up for it. © Getty Images Any idea how famous you need to be in order to charge $1 million per Instagram post? Well, if you ever meet Kylie at an NBA game, be sure to ask her. Jay-Z & Beyonce Before Kim and Kanye, Kylie and Travis, Brad and Angelina (no more a couple), we had Jay-Z and Beyonce. Makes sense to end with the OG power couple, right? © Getty Images Yes, they may not make the news as much now as they did a few years ago but there's no denying the fact that all eyes are on them wherever they go. When they're at an NBA game, good luck trying to get the crowd to pay attention to anything else.
  2. When Sonam Kapoor was getting married, we overheard jokes about people feeling bad for her husband because the poor thing would be stuck all day outside trial rooms and boutiques, because of the cutthroat fashionista that Sonam is. Let's just say it never quite panned out (it's directed towards the joke-makers), because do you guys even know Anand Ahuja? The more we observe the man, the more confident we get to put our foot down and declare that he's a bigger fashionista than our Sonam, and rightfully so. Especially, when it comes to his expertise, and more importantly, passion for shoes, it definitely won't be an exaggeration to brand him the biggest sneakerhead in the country right now. Still not convinced? We have compiled 20 images that conclusively prove this. Take a look: 1. What we won't do to own this colourful pair of Air Jordans. They are a staple in Anand's shoe closet. © Instagram 2. He's clearly a firm believer of the fact that pink sneakers are the best sneakers. Same, Anand, same. © Instagram 3. His friends know that sneakers are the best gifts. These Adidas Originals pairs with a twist by Pero is proof. © Instagram 4. These ultra hypebeast animal print sneakers by Nike that can't be tamed by mere mortals. Phew! © Instagram 5. For him, a game of basketball is as much about functionally connecting with a beloved pair of kicks, as much as the game itself. © Instagram 6. The fact that he's obsessed with these golden boys, is just a stamp on his claim as a seasoned sneakerhead. © Instagram 7. He's a fan of these Adidas sneakers made of - wait for it - ocean plastic, and owns the left one (he wants the right one). © Instagram 8. Red Bull might not give him wings, but this pair of Air Jordan 1 'Gold Medal' sure does. © Instagram 9. He owns, and clearly cherishes the Pigalle LeBron 12s, the MVP of basketball shoes. © Instagram 10. Another dope pair of Air Jordans. Love them! © Instagram 11. When he had a heart-to-heart discussion with Virgil Abloh (Artistic Director, Menswear, Louis Vuitton) about the collaboration of #purevnv with Nike. © Instagram 12. Just look at these pastel ultra high-tops. We are speechless. © Instagram 13. Who won't lust after this sick pair of Safari Foams? © Instagram 14. His passion for Basketball is etched deeply in his choice of shoes. Just take a look at this dope pair here. © Instagram 15. This blush pink pair of Air Max is one of his favourites. We want to steal them. © Instagram 16. The result of the collaboration of VegNonVeg (his sneaker outlet brand) with Nike. © Instagram 17. Anand is so possessive about this pair, that he keeps them in a safe (that's what he said on his Insta post when someone commented saying they want to steal them). Good move, Anand. © Instagram 18. He's the proud owner of these rare Yeezys, that Masaba Gupta and Sonam Kapoor have no clue where to get. © Instagram 19. These matte black fishnet beauties by Adidas are straight out of a ramp. They look weatherproof, too. Are they, Anand? © Instagram 20. These Flyknits are definitely an apt symbolic representation of his gutsy sense of style when it comes to sneakers, just like he so eloquently phrases in his Insta post: "F*ck fear, choose love." © Instagram
  3. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan. Photo: AFPPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairperson Imran Khan has revealed that he did not see Bushra Maneka?s face till after they were married and that his earlier marriage to Reham Khan was...
  4. A still from Teefa in Trouble.Audiences cannot get enough of Teefa in Trouble as the Ali Zafar and Maya Ali starrer broke the opening day box office record for a Pakistan film.The film raked in Rs22.5 million breaking the record previously held by...
  5. The 2018 FIFA World Cup drew its curtains on the watching world for the last time, as France and Croatia played out an exciting Final in front of a jam-packed crowd in Moscow and millions of television viewers all throughout the world. France beat Croatia, in what is regarded one of the best World Cup final games in history, to take home only their second title after winning their first back in 1998. As the curtains drew to a blank, we had some of the best performers in this tournament presented with individual honours. There were notably four honours up for grabs, with the Golden Glove (Best goalkeeper), Golden Boot (Top goal-scorer), Golden Ball (Best player in the Tournament) and Young Player (Best young star in the tourney). Here Are The Four Individuals Who Claimed Top Honours At The FIFA World Cup In Russia: 1. Golden Glove © Reuters Belgium's golden generation did stumble at the semi-final stage against France, but their star goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois kept his concentration even during the game for the third-place finish against England, to register a clean sheet and win the Golden Glove. It has been a terrific tournament for Courtois personally, after helping Belgium reach the semi-finals of the competition. His performances against Brazil, England, and Japan were worthy enough for him to win this accolade, but against England in the game for the third place, he kept his third clean sheet of the tournament to become the clear-cut winner of the Golden Glove. 2. Best Young Player © Reuters A 19-year-old, with two French Ligue titles to his name, a World Cup title as well as the scalps of the many defenders he tormented all throughout the tournament in Russia. If there was one player who excited all of us during the World Cup, it was undoubtedly Kylian Mbappe. Kylian Mbappe was awarded the Best Young Player at the World Cup. Mbappe scored four goals at the tournament, and his goal against Croatia in the Final proved to be the nail in the coffin. Mbappe will, however, be remembered for his emphatic performance against Argentina in the round-of-16 stage, where he won a penalty, scored two goals and was the Man of the Match, as the French sent the Argentines packing. 3. Golden Boot © Reuters Harry Kane and England had the best World Cup campaign in decades, reaching the semi-final stages. Harry Kane was very much responsible for taking England this far with his six-goals proving crucial. Majority of his goals came in the group stages, as he scored five of his six during the first three games. While his form waned as the tournament progressed, no other player could catch up to his tally of six goals. In the end, he deservedly took the Golden Boot honour, as the next competitors were Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, and Romelu Lukaku. 4. Golden Ball © Reuters Croatia's dream run finally came to an end, and they deserve to be a proud bunch for their heroics in Russia. The team made history to reach their first ever World Cup final, but the taste turned bitter with the loss. During their excellent run, they had many star performers in all departments on the field. But orchestrating this performance was one man, Luka Modric. Modric was deservedly awarded the Golden Ball, which is given to the best player of the tournament. He was the heart and soul of this team and guided his side to the Final. This award to Modric now means that five of the last six Golden Ball winners have come from a losing hand, a list that includes the likes of Zidane, Ronaldo, Kahn, and Messi.