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Found 35 results

  1. The popular 'Men In Black' series began in the year 2007, where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones took the franchise by storm playing MIB agents. The two worked under an outfit that fought against aliens who trespassed Earth and protected it from their vile attacks. Besides that, the agents, who're human were tasked to monitor aliens residing on earth. The last franchise was released in 2012 which also starred Josh Brolin the younger version of agent 'K'. Honestly, I absolutely loved the trilogy, especially with K aka Tommy Lee Jones' stoic expressions and dry sense of humour and agent J aka Will Smith's playful antics and, of course, both of them kicking alien asses, all the way back to the moon. © Sony Pictures Releaing Now, we have 'Men In Black- International' the fourth part of the series releasing this year on June 14th and we can't keep it together, because the trailer looks really badass, with some new elements drawn in. The sad part though is that we don't have the regular partners in crime this time, and that's the kinda camaraderie we're really going to miss. But fret not, 'MIB International' promises another alien invasion and two agents looking so kick some alien ass! Check out the trailer here: Here are 5 awesome takeaways from 'Men In Black International': 1. The New Agents Look Swell As Hell Unfortunately, 'MIB International' won't have Will Smith's songs that sample Patrice Rushen songs. In fact, Will and Tommy have stepped back from the franchise and we have Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thomspon as the new London-based agents. They'll be playing agent H and agent M respectively. The two of them are coming together again after 'Thor: Ragnarok' and ironically this time, they're fighting some wicked aliens together. © Sony Pictures Releasing 2. 'MIB International' Has An Absolutely New Spin-Off The film is actually being compared to 'Jurassic World', where after three parts of the franchise, a bigger spin-off was adapted, with stunning CGI and a bigger plot line. 'MIB International' is doing something similar. They're introducing new aliens, weapons, and characters while acknowledging the previous films and the characters in the series. © Sony Pictures Releasing 3. The Plot Seems Unique According to Sony's description, the plot is larger than life, definitely bigger and better than any of the other MIB movies earlier. How? Well, the new recruits tackle their biggest, most global threat to date ever- a mole in the Men In Black organisation. Now that is something to really look forward to! © Sony Pictures Releasing 4. More Extraterritorial MIB Agents! The earlier MIB movies always had a dozen alien species that the MIB used to regularly keep a check on. A few of them were MIB agents themselves. The new movie seems to have a lot more extraterritorial MIB agents according to the trailer. Maybe one of them is a mole, trying to propagate reign of its particular species on earth? © Sony Pictures Releasing 5. MIB 'International' This one's called MIB 'International' for a reason. While the previous movies were pretty much local, where we'd see agent 'K' and agent 'J' tackling aliens found in the United State, this one's based more on a global scale. Of course, there are aliens all over the world and the U.S. doesn't have to save the world all the bloody time! The MIB organisation in the movie is based out of London and they will show MIB bases in other countries. More alien species are likely to be seen, different from what you've seen when the movie was based out of the U.S. © Sony Pictures Releasing Apart from all this, the movie has a stellar cast and crew. It's directed by Felix Gary Gray and written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. We've already told you who's in the lead fighting the damn aliens but we also have Liam Neeson as the head of London MIB base and Rebecca Furguson, whose role is still a mystery, which means it's something important. Emma Thompson will be reprising her role as agent 'O' from MIB 3, which could also mean, MIB International has some connection with MIB 3. Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there? Book your seats for June 14th, 2019!
  2. April 10 will probably go down in history as a huge day for science and for the entire humankind. Discussions on black holes have been going on for ages, but no one ever knew what it looked like. Until yesterday, when astronomers gave the world its first ever image of a black hole found in Galaxy M87 and let's just say we're shook. © Twitter Currently, everyone across the world is talking about the black hole and so is businessman Anand Mahindra, but in his own desi style. When the National Science Foundation shared the image of the black hole on Twitter, Anand Mahindra's 'sweet tooth' wrote, "One of the theories of the origin of our Universe is that it was born out of a black hole... So in the end, we are all inheritors of an intergalactic dunkin donuts franchise." One of the theories of the origin of our Universe is that it was born out of a black hole... So in the end, we are all inheritors of an intergalactic dunkin donuts franchise....ð https://t.co/cpohkKPyJd — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) April 10, 2019 Well, Mahindra is not alone in thinking so. The Internet is flooded with hilarious memes and jokes comparing the black hole to literally anything in the world. However, filmmaker Ram Subramanian wasn't too happy with his interpretation and wrote, "The South Indian in me is upset that you did not consider using Giant Wada to be the genesis of our universe." The South Indian in me is upset that you did not consider using Giant Wada to be the genesis of our universe. — Ram Subramanian (@VORdotcom) April 10, 2019 To which Mahindra then hilariously replied, "A thousand apologies. Wada it is. And the cosmic soup is a giant Sambar bowl." Well, now that the black hole is being called 'Wada in Sambar' can we officially change 'The Milky Way' into 'The Sambar Way'? ðð½ðð½ðð½ A thousand apologies. Wada it is. And the cosmic soup is a giant Sambar bowl. https://t.co/AHZB52IYvZ — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) April 10, 2019 According to some reports, the black hole (which appears to be like a tiny doughnut) actually measures three million times the size of the Earth and is in a Galaxy that is 53 million light-years from the Earth. It was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), using a network of eight radio telescopes located across the world.
  3. You may have heard that scientists finally unveiled the first picture of a black hole yesterday, unless you were inside a black hole yourself. The image is groundbreaking news for mankind but of course, we came across some hilarious memes that stole the thunder. A team of astronomers revealed the image yesterday in a press conference and the image was captured using radio telescoped called the “Event Horizon Telescope.” The black hole measures 40 billion km across and is three million times the size of our planet. Having said that, anything that breaks the internet has to be fodder to memes and hilarious tweets that's now become a norm. If you want to know more about the black hole image, you can read about it in detail here. As for now, it's time to glance over some of the funniest memes and jokes we could find on the internet: Me: mum take a nice picture of us Mum: how does it work Me: just press the button fgs Mum: pic.twitter.com/iEePmsxv5N — Rosie Percy (@rosiepercy) April 10, 2019 All my relationships ... in one picture.#BlackHole pic.twitter.com/twH1AvQxTc — Ananya Bhattacharya (@ananya116) April 10, 2019 I am sure the spatial resolution of the #blackhole images will get better in future. pic.twitter.com/uN9lmN9fGe — Fakhar Khalid (@FakharKhalid) April 10, 2019 Oh look a photo of a black hole.....wait a damn minute....middle earth ?!?! #BlackHole pic.twitter.com/TOXZlPrxJc — Rick (@KickAssTakeNaps) April 10, 2019 © Twitter © Twitter The third eye ðï¸ looks so similar to Black Hole discovered today ð pic.twitter.com/ITVDN2EcLt — Navroop Singh (@NavroopSingh_) April 10, 2019 Profile picture vs tagged #EHTBlackHole https://t.co/YK5gGqX694 pic.twitter.com/GyX6CSV8nd — Evening Standard (@EveningStandard) April 10, 2019 The photo of the black hole is blurry, but if you zoom and enhance then you can see its full destructive power pic.twitter.com/c1wPV0vmrC — Mark Doherty (@dohertymark) April 10, 2019 The internet is busy transforming the first picture of a black hole into jokes and memes. This one is the best I've seen so far. pic.twitter.com/YvD4kANtPr — Mathieu Bernier (@mathbernier) April 10, 2019 Do you expect the internet not to meme the first picture of a black hole? pic.twitter.com/50F6CWkzlo — Faris (@palacetinebaba) April 10, 2019
  4. Yesterday was a huge day for people who celebrate science. It'll go down in history as a day when the first ever real image of black hole was revealed. But you know what? It's an even bigger day for female scientists across the globe because our first direct look at a black hole, though a bit blurry, is courtesy of a young lady named Katie Bouman. That's right, we earthlings got to see an image of the black hole as seen through the eyes of the Event Horizon Telescope, which is essentially an array of eight radio telescopes around the world working together. Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data. Right: MIT computer scientist Margaret Hamilton w/the code she wrote that helped put a man on the moon. (image credit @floragraham)#EHTblackhole #BlackHoleDay #BlackHole pic.twitter.com/Iv5PIc8IYd — MIT CSAIL (@MIT_CSAIL) April 10, 2019 The MIT Grad, Katie, was still in school when she helped develop a computer program that created the image of the black hole. She was also the one who led testing to verify the images, which by itself is a huge task. The data from eight of those telescopes were collected on hundreds of hard drives and flown in to a central processing center. It was apparently set across manually because there was too much of it to send over the internet. It was in June last year, when all the data had arrived at the center. While speaking to Time, Katie said, “We all watched as the images appeared on our computers“. The ring came so easily. It was unbelievable.” © Event Horizon Telescope Six years ago when Katie had joined the team, she apparently didn't know a thing about black holes. After all, her background was from computer science and electrical engineering. That, however, didn't keep her away from “coming up with ways to see or measure things that are invisible,” she said. As soon as the first image of black hole was revealed, an image showing Katie next to a stack of hard drives went viral, and rightfully so. This woman deserves all the recognition. Bouman hasn't spoken to anyone else, but she CNN that “No one of us could've done it alone. It came together because of lots of different people from many backgrounds.” Congratulations to Katie Bouman to whom we owe the first photograph of a black hole ever. Not seeing her name circulate nearly enough in the press. Amazing work. And here's to more women in science (getting their credit and being remembered in history) ð¥ð¥âï¸ pic.twitter.com/wcPhB6E5qK — Tamy Emma Pepin (@TamyEmmaPepin) April 10, 2019 Interestingly, Bouman delivered a TED Talk back in 2016 called “How to take a picture of a black hole”, where she noted that the first ever picture of a black hole will come down to an international team of scientists, an Earth-sized telescope and an algorithm to put all the data together and reveal the final image.
  5. We finally have the first image of a black hole that was captured by astronomers located in a very distant galaxy. The black hole measures 40 billion km across and is three million times the size of our planet. It truly is monstrous in size, which is the main reason why Astronomers were able to capture the image. © NSF The black hole is 500 million trillion kilometres away. Yes, you read that right; millions of trillions of miles away. The image was captured by a network of eight radio telescopes spread across the world. The black hole was found in a galaxy called M8 and is bigger than our entire solar system. Prof Heino Falcke, of Radboud University in the Netherlands, said "It has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the Sun. And it is one of the heaviest black holes that we think exists. It is an absolute monster, the heavyweight champion of black holes in the Universe.” The image itself shows a bright ring of fire that surrounds a perfectly circular dark hole. The ring of fire is caused by a superheated gas falling into the hole. The light itself is brighter than all of the stars in our galaxy combined. © NASA- Black Hole This image is a final confirmation of a century old theory that surprised even Albert Einstein. The Event Horizon Telescope will let scientists test the predictions of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity around massive black holes that are in the centre of a galaxy. Project Scientist Dimitrios Psaltis said, "The predicted size and shape of the shadow theory match our observations remarkably well, increasing our confidence in this century-old theory.” The image is the first proper evidence that event horizons are real and not just a figment of our imagination. These images are important when scientists need to test general relativity, that basically governs the behaviour of gravity and large objects.
  6. Even though we've studied about black holes and scientists know quite a bit about the phenomenon, mankind has never really seen one. We've never witnessed one and everything we know about the phenomenon is based on inference. However, this is all about to change today. © YouTube For the first time in mankind's history, we will be able to see a proper black hole thanks to the Event Horizon Telescope project. We will be able to see it for ourselves today at 6:30 PM IST and we suggest you don't miss this monumental event. It will be our generation's “Moon Landing” moment and we may finally learn more about the mysterious phenomenon. © Paramount Pictures_Interstellar The Event Horizon Telescope will be using a network of eight radio observatories and all of them have pointed at two black holes, i.e. Sagittarius A, the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, and an even bigger black hole 53.5 million light-years away in Galaxy M87. Black holes are the most extreme environments for gravitational activity and are the best environment to test modern theories of gravity. It can be used to test general relativity and scientists expect the black hole to have a shadow in the form of a ring. This is based on Einstein's theory of relativity and if his theory does not hold, we can expect a different kind of shadow. How Can We Watch It? The live-stream of the event and the press conference is going to start at 6:30 PM IST and will be hosted on the National Science Foundation's official YouTube Channel. You can watch the live-stream below when it goes live. *Images for representational purposes only.
  7. Of all the people who have jumped on the fashion roller-coaster this year and managed to hang on, Aparshakti Khurana perhaps is the one person who seems to have got the grip the strongest. From rocking the most unusual accessories to pulling off rare combinations, this man has got it all right, every time he tried to experiment with fashion. Keeping the record steady, he pulled off one more out-of-the-box ensemble, and this time, an elite, super high fashion brand came together with a traditional, desi staple. © Instagram/Aparshakti_khurana Aparshakti just wore an exquisite jacket by Alexander McQueen, that has a fiery orange pattern on a black base. However, what took it to a whole new level was what he paired it with. Take a look. © Instagram/Aparshakti_khurana He went ahead and unapologetically paired the statement jacket with a perfectly draped desi black dhoti. Who could even come up with it? (Well that question was hypothetical because stylist Jay Samuel did, and how.) © Instagram/Aparshakti_khurana What we love about the look is that it's a perfect melange of Indian and western aesthetics - two very distinctive styles that managed to co-exist here without having to clash. That bowtie and the leather brogue-jootis are everything! © Instagram/Aparshakti_khurana Talking about unusual sartorial combinations, this one definitely takes the cake, at least from whatever we have seen this year. Bravo, Aparshakti, for bringing the dhoti back, the right way.
  8. Thanks to contemporary fashion, polo t shirts have undeniably become an essential part of a man's wardrobe. Whether you are getting prepped up for a formal occasion or an informal gathering, a polo t shirt makes for the best answer to your dilemmas. Near two centuries old, this style is still viewed as one of the most established mainstream options for menswear, something that is only reinforced when high end brands like Gucci, Versace, and Armani are ceaselessly experimenting on redefining the style quotient of the classic polo t shirt. Since winter is finally ready to take a back seat, and with summers peeping in, it's time to upgrade your wardrobe with the some polo t-shirts. And to begin with, we have compiled a list of contenders that can vye for the title of being the best black polo t shirt for men out there. And, why black? Well, as Riccardo Tisci once said, “Black is always elegant. It is the most complete colour in the whole world, made of all the colours in the palette.” So make some space in your wardrobe, it's time to go back to black! The Best Classic Polo T Shirts For Men To Possess 1. Zara's Jacquard Polka Dot Polo T Shirt © Zara Polka dots is that one style which both traditional and contemporary fashion gurus swear by. And this jacquard variant by Zara only reinforces that sentiment. This collared polo t shirt, with short ribbed sleeves and a buttoned up front, is elegant and classy, while still exuding a casual vibe, which makes it perfect for any occasion. Apart from scoring high on the style factor, you can also be rest assured about Zara's product quality, as well as the relatively affordable price tag. Fabric Composition: 93% cotton and 7% polyester MRP: Rs. 1,590 Buy it here 2. Zara's Polo T Shirt With Contrast Collar © ZARA Here's another modish t shirt for men from Zara's catalogue, one which must rank high on every fashion-forward man's priority list. The unconventional design with an animal print contrast collar, short sleeves, and buttoned placket, is sure to make heads turn without making you look too outlandish. It's the perfect choice for those men who prefer keeping things sober yet fashionable. So this summer, take your fashion game to another level and look dapper in this super comfortable, animal print collared black polo t shirt. Fabric Composition: 50% cotton and 50% polyester MRP: Rs. 1,890 Buy it here 3. Van Heusen Black T Shirt © Van Heusen It's a fact that no man's wardrobe can be complete without a plain black polo t shirt and a pair of denims to layer it up with. Considered to be one of the most effortlessly stylish fashion staples for men, solid coloured polo t shirts tend to be the best bet for any occasion (also a great option for a first date!), with this black polo variant by Van Heusen being no exception. As such, there's no doubt that this no fuss, easy to wear t shirt can make you look suave and stylish in no time. Pro tip: Team it up with a washed pair of denims for a cool, casual, and stylish summer look. Fabric Composition: 60% cotton and 40% polyester MRP: Rs. 1,599 Buy it here 4. U.S Polo Assn. Appliqued Slim Fit Polo T Shirt © U.S Polo Assn. Of all the classic polo t shirts out there, this black variant by U.S .Polo Assn. has definitely earned a place in your wardrobe. This pure cotton, slim fit t-shirt, with a brand applique on the chest and a numeric applique on the sleeve, is the ideal choice for outdoor meetings or a classy Sunday brunch. Simple yet stylish, it can safely be labelled as being the best black polo t shirt for men to own. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,499 Buy it here 5. Lacoste's Sports Contrast Band Technical Pique Golf Polo T Shirt © Lacoste Lacoste is one of the pioneering brands when it comes to polo t shirts, and this contrast band polo t shirt from their collection demonstrates why that is the case. It is the perfect product to compliment the sportsman in you. Made out of a breathable, ultra-dry petit pique fabric (cotton textile made out of finely woven mesh invented by Rene Lacoste), this tee combines comfort, elegance, and style. Ideal for the summer season, add this to your collection of activewear and stay fashionably fit. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 5,750 Buy it here 6. Adidas Black Polo T Shirt © Myntra In case you are not in the mood to splurge a lot and want to stick to a budget, then here's another option which you can opt for. This classy activewear by Adidas will make you look smart and edgy without burning a hole in your pocket. While sweating is a common problem during summers, this t shirt is made out of Adidas's climalite technology that does not let perspiration become a hindrance during your training sessions. This is definitely a must have in your summer wardrobe, unless you are willing to splurge on antiperspirant deodorants. Fabric Composition: 100% polyester MRP: Rs. 879 Buy it here 7. Flying Machine's Printed Polo T Shirt © Ajio Breaking away from the plain black polo t shirts that we have listed for you so far, here's an edgy and funky printed variant which you must check out, especially if you are in the mood to make a cool style statement without going over the top. This slim fit, graphic printed tee is sure to take your fashion game to the next level, and that too without having you burn any holes in your wallet. Pro Tip: Pair it up with black joggers to enhance your ensemble. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton and 5% spandex MRP: Rs. 850 Buy it here 8. Shein's Botanical And Striped Polo T Shirt © Shein Bohemian or Boho clothing has been the latest fad among fashion enthusiasts. The key concept behind it being comfort, as you'll notice a lot of loosely fit, easy, and flowy clothes often being worn in layers. This latest trend, inspired by hippie influences, is a must try this summer. In fact, if you don't want to experience a fashion FOMO, you ought to check out this floral printed, raglan sleeved polo t shirt (apt for summers!) which will definitely put you on the radar of fashion conscious people around you. Fabric Composition: 100% polyester MRP: Rs. 1,117 Buy it here 9. Jack & Jones Black Slim Fit Polo Neck T Shirt © Jack & Jones This slim fit black polo t shirt, with contrast coloured tape details on the sleeves, helps accentuate your physique (perfect for gym rats!) and define your body type. If cool and trendy is your fashion style, then this black polo t shirt should definitely be on your list of summer must haves. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,699 Buy it here 10. Superdry's Black Embroidered Polo © The Collective If you were looking for the best black polo t shirt for men, then this variant from Superdry makes for a great choice. Boasting of a structured design, this t shirt exudes a classic appeal. The premium quality of the blended fabric further assures a comfortable and relaxed fit. With the brand name embroidered on the top left, this t shirt is perfect for today's no-nonsense modern man. Pro tip: Best teamed with brown/beige chinos, and lace ups. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 4,999 Buy it here
  9. In football, celebrations are something which every player wants to be unique in order to stand apart from others. And for the same reason, they even get booked with a yellow or even a red card every once in a while. But other than removing shirts or jumping into the crowd for celebrations, it seems like some players constantly try to find new ways to express their joy after a goal or a win. Be it PSG's Edinson Cavani for his sniper celebrations against Lens or Muangthong United's Mario Gjurovski for celebrating with his pants on his head, some celebrations tend to be a bit over the top (pun intended). But for the regular quest for showcasing something new, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang continued his love for superheroes with a stunning celebration by putting on the famous 'Black Panther mask' after his 2nd goal against Rennes last night. Arsenal Vs Rennes 3-0 Goal by aubameyang...The celebrationð#ARSREN pic.twitter.com/dbCpVZsdFi — Yassin (@YassoPlayss) March 14, 2019 The Arsenal Forward pulled off another one of his iconic masked celebrations in Thursday's 3-0 win over Rennes, as he helped the Gunners into the Europa League quarter-finals. Having been foiled in his plans to rock a mask against Manchester United 2-0 win last week, he made sure that he implemented his plan this time. “I had a special celebration planned but couldn't find my mask. I asked a member of the staff to put it in the back of the net but when I scored the penalty I couldn't find it. But no worries. Maybe next time.” he explained after the Man United match. And it didn't take long for 'next time' to come along, as in the very next match, against Rennes, he got the chance. © Reuters Tapping in a perfect cross by Sead Kolasinac in the 72nd minute, the Gabonese star ran to the advertising boards and, after a brief look, found the Black Panther mask he'd hidden for the occasion. Despite knowing that he would get booked for such kind of celebration, he still decided to go on with it. "I needed the mask to represent me," Aubameyang expressed in the post-match interview to BT Sports. He further explained: "... Africa and Gabon we are called the Black Panthers so it represents me - that's it." Trailing 3-1 in the first leg, it was really important for the Gunners to win this clash and they made sure they didn't rely on an 'away-goal-scenario' and sealed both the legs with 4-3 on aggregate. Now with Chelsea and Arsenal both in the quarter-finals of the Europa Cup, let's see what future holds for them.
  10. Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha- Omnipresent Security of the Highest Level. Bharat Mata Ki Jai!- Hail Mother India. With this motto and war-cry as the primary ideal and an ethos that includes pursuit for excellence, leading from the front, zero-error and launching surprise attacks on intruders with speed, stealth and precision, the National Security Guard (NSG) Commandos or the Black Cats (named after their black uniform and gear) of the Indian Special Forces, are one of the most fierce warriors. Not only are these men great warriors, but they are also fine tactical athletes of their own kind. The NSG was officially established in 1986, in an effort to create an elite force to counter any terrorist activities within the boundaries of our country. Like every branch of our Special Forces, the NSG has also developed gradually and their physical and mental fitness requirements have evolved from the time it got established. I am fortunate enough to be good friends with a few individuals who have been and are still serving in the Special Forces; and hence by writing this piece, I hope fellow Indians realize how gruelling the NSG training can be in order to stand a chance to protect our beloved country from within. Due to reasons pertaining to national security, not everything can be revealed but I have tried my best to portray the fitness requirements of the Black Cats after interviewing a few Black Cat Commandos. © Defencelover “The NSG is a volunteer arm and it has two parts: The Special Action Group consists of commandos selected from the Army and the Special Ranger Group consists of commandos from the Central and State Police Forces. Out of thousands of candidates, only 0.3% get selected to serve in the NSG. It is a very competitive procedure”, said Commando A (Name undisclosed). But why is the selection process so aggressive? It is mainly because the candidates are expected to change and transform themselves from soldiers or police personnel to Commandos in a very short time, and this procedure is physically and mentally taxing. “Candidates are not only expected to attain a minimum of “excellent” fitness performance as per the regular army standards (these include running, long jump, chin-ups, pushups, rope climbing and sit-ups; with and without combat gear), but also expected to become independent leaders by demonstrating excellent personality development and soft-skills.”, Commando A added. © Defencelover “The roles of the NSG include security of VIPs, room intervention and combating any and every sorts of terrorist activities within the country. During the counter-terror operation of 26/11 at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, the commandos had to perform room intervention and make a quick decision as to when to shoot or when to hold fire after breaking open every room-door. There could have been terrorists or only innocent guests or both in the room and decision making was crucial.”, said Commando B. “During the initial three-month training, commandos are not given more than 2-3 hours of sleep. I was made to stand for hours while wearing heavy loads on my back” said Commando C. We all know how important sleep is to us and how it helps us perform daily activities with ease. But we can't even imagine how much willpower it would require to ace physical tests, to learn martial arts and to be precise with target shooting while being sleep deprived! The NSG commandos are also well-trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (A Filipino martial art) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by qualified martial arts trainers. © YouTube If you thought that this was the end of their training, then let me add that after being a member of the NSG, commandos are tested either monthly or quarterly to make sure their skills and fitness levels remain up to the mark. Besides, they undergo multiple simulations for preparation and real-life projects that civilians never hear of. In 2018, the US Special Forces (Green Berets) conducted a joint drill with the NSG in Kolkata and were very impressed with the drills carried out in the Metro Railways by the Black Cats. There is no doubt that India is in safe and strong hands indeed.
  11. Chris Hemsworth is ripped, and there's no other way to put it. The dude is shredded and, of course, he has to be, after all, he's Thor, the god of thunder. When you work so hard and put in so much in your workouts, it's nice to share and show off a little bit online, and he does indulge in that from time to time. A couple of weeks ago, he posted a video on his Instagram flawlessly doing an intense dumbbell floor workout. Pretty standard, we know it's probably a piece of cake for him to finish. Oh, btw, he posted this on Valentine's Day so we know what his true love really is. View this post on Instagram Mixing it up. Get creative. Keep moving. Variety is key! ðªðª@centrfit A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Feb 13, 2019 at 4:48pm PST While this seems a little too intense for Thor himself, going by the number of grunts in the video, Jack Black took it upon himself to recreate it, but in the most hilarious, Jack Black way, of course. Taking much lighter weights, he did complete this intense workout and I feel like his version is way better because of how relatable it is. The video obviously can't be complete without a bunch of Thor references, in probably the worst fake Australian accent ever. View this post on Instagram Mixing it up. Get creative. Keep moving. Variety is key! ðªðªWho did it better? #ThorWorkout @chrishemsworth Link in bio. âï¸ - @mrtaylorstephens A post shared by Jack Black (@jackblack) on Feb 26, 2019 at 9:18am PST But, the main question is, who did it better? My vote goes to Jack. Sorry, Thor, I still love you. Actually, even Chris agrees, though. Reposting Jack's video on his Instagram, he wrote, “The student has become the master.” He even left a comment on Jack's video. This was great, I agree. How to troll Chris Hemsworth in the best way- a hilarious guide by Jack Black.
  12. Anyone who follows Jim Sarbh on social media, knows very well that this man has his very own, special brand of aesthetic that only he can carry off. His outfits are wonderfully weird, and strangely artistic. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it sure does exude confidence, charm, and most importantly, originality. He just proved it once again by attending an award ceremony wearing a very special black suit, that we think is the best red carpet outfit we have seen this year. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Here is why we think that this outfit is special. 1. It takes skill to wear a suit without a tie or a bow-tie, and making it look equally fancy. Jim's black Mandarin collar shirt, buttoned all the way up, is doing that effortlessly. © Viral Bhayani 2. When was the last time you saw someone rock high-waisted pants on the red carpet, that too as a part of a suit? The high waist, along with the belt extension from the jacket, is making it look like a runway-ready piece. © Viral Bhayani 3. Usually, tapered pants are always preferred on a red carpet, because it makes you look sharper. But Jim isn't one to follow the beaten track, of course. He chose a super relaxed pair of pants with a magnificent fall, that makes him look like the fashion royalty. © Viral Bhayani 4. Look at the jacket. The collar lapel is one of the most unusual lapels we have ever seen, and there is a belt extension that goes around in layers, and then falls on the side, making it look like a tie-up belt. Surreal, we say. © Viral Bhayani This is what we call effortlessly innovative styling, while keeping it subtle yet classy.
  13. If you belong to the “I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour clan”, then you have landed at the right spot, my friend! Black is the rescue colour for most which come to our mighty aid when we just can't decide on what shade to go for. Every man has at least one plain black t shirt in his wardrobe which he completely lives by. The reason? Black as a colour is as versatile in the clothing industry, as Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been in Bollywood i.e. put it in any situation or role, and it would not only fit but would steal the show! A black tee gives you the liberty to experiment for it can be donned in a plethora of ways, and no matter how you wear, pair, or layer it, it manages to lend you an unmatched and classic appeal. However, the markets of today are thronged with innumerable variants of these plain black t shirts, which can leave you absolutely muddled as to which one to go for. Distinguishing between this sea of identical variants can be just as bemusing as trying to discern the difference between Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel- WHO IS WHO? So, to help you find the best black t shirts, we at MensXP have curated this list of the best plain black t shirts, which would pave their way into your closet right away! 1. March Tee's Classic Black T shirt © March Tee “Quality matters, not quantity”- March Tee is a brand that lives by this very idea, something that is apparent in its garment composition. A classic, this black tee from March Tee personifies perfection for it features a 100% Supima cotton make, which is the finest type of Cotton that is there. Twice as softer, and four times as stronger than regular cotton fabric, this tee boasts of an unparalleled make. Team up your March Tee with your tattered jeans, or a pair of taupe or blue-grey trousers, and head out in vogue! if you are heading out for a casual outing with your pals. Stop scouring around, and gift yourself this March Tee which is the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort. Fabric Composition: Pure Supima Cotton MRP: Rs. 1500 Buy Here 2. Nicobar's Black T shirt With Pocket © Nicobar A brand which is devoted to extending garments which are crafted out of 100% organic cotton, Nicobar puts your comfort at the utmost priority. All of Nicobar's clothes are foundation pieces, and you would agree once the fabric of this tee comes in contact with your torso. Featuring a chest pocket, and Nicobar's distinguishing red star insignia, this otherwise plain tee can be teamed up with a pair of grey, or brown trousers for a chic ensemble. Fabric Composition: Pure Organic Cotton MRP: 1600 Buy Here 3. PUMA's Black Solid Round Neck T Shirt © Myntra Are you a runner, or a regular gym goer? If yes, then you need to add this black T shirt from PUMA has to be the next essential addition to your wardrobe. Puma has outdone its superlative fabric quality with this t shirt, for it is extremely comfortable on the skin, and allows it to breathe. This t shirt which exudes a minimalist appeal can also be worn outside of the gym and would make for a perfect ensemble when paired with dark wash jeans, and a trendy pair of sneakers. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 999 Buy Here 4. Polo Ralph Lauren's Slim Fit Polo T shirt © Myntra A brand which recently became the talk of the town after the stunning Priyanka Chopra became the first ever celebrity to walk down the aisle sporting a customised Ralph Lauren wedding gown, this brand has been a popular name in the fashion industry for as long as we can recall. This polo t shirt from Ralph Lauren has everything that you look for in a classic plain black Tee. Since we are talking about one of the leading brands in the market, you can rest assured when it comes to the quality of the fabric. The 100% cotton mesh fabric allows your skin to breathe through this t shirt. This T features a ribbed polo collar and ribbed armbands. Team it up with a pair of white shorts, or pants, and you are good to go! Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 8,290 Buy here 5. Armani Exchange's Classic Crew Neck T shirt © Tatacliq If you are all in for luxury brands, and CAN NOT compromise on quality, even if it requires you to spend a fortune, then you would love this black t shirt from Armani Exchange. Since this is a slim fit tee, with half sleeves, you can easily flaunt those biceps and triceps that you have toiled hard for! A simple Tee, which features an Armani Exchange logo on the left side, this piece of clothing is a foundation piece, which can be called near-to-perfect when it comes to its comfortable fabric, and classic style, which conjointly make for a worthy buy. Fabric Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane MRP: Rs, 2,999 Buy Here 6. Zara's Basic Black T Shirt © Zara Boasting of a basic design, and a superb finish, this t shirt from ZARA ensures a comfortable fit, and simple appeal. Crafted out of ecologically grown cotton fabric, this t shirt is highly skin friendly, and keeps you at ease all day long. If you like the all black look, wear this t shirt with a pair of black trousers, and accentuate your look with a contrasting belt and shoes for a dapper appeal. This tee with a crew neck, and short sleeves is one of the, if not THE best, t shirts in this this list curating the best plain black t shirts for men, and makes for the most budget friendly options. Fabric Composition: MRP: Rs. 599 Buy Here 7. GAP's Classic V Neck T Shirt © Myntra Not-so-hefty on the pocket, and packed with a minimalist appeal, this black V-neck t shirt is perfect for that day out in the sun or could be used as a base for layering up a denim jacket, or a shirt. A budget buy. 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Calvin Klein's Black Solid Polo T-Shirt © Jabong Polo t shirts can never go out of style, and we bet you to find us a single person who would refute this statement. Polo tees exude a classy appeal, such which is envied by all. Boasting of a staple black polo style, this black t shirt from Calvin Klein is chock-a-block with style, and makes for a must-have for every man who like to be in vogue. Clubbed with joggers and sneakers, this t shirt would amp up your everyday look to a whole new level! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 2,099 Buy Here 13. United Colors of Benetton's Black Polo © Amazon Finding a plain black t shirt, which features fine quality fabric is a task in itself, which gets even more exasperating when you have budget restrictions. So, for all of you who are tired hunting for a budget black tee, which oozes out a dapper appeal, and is crafted out of fine quality fabric, we have dug up something really cool! 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  14. The runway is the breeding ground for the quirkiest fashion trends that could either provide a good laugh for their artistic aesthetic or end up in a Zara store near you the next week. The next thing you know, everyone's living, breathing that trend. But sometimes the trends introduced on the runway transition into normalcy so quickly that you could never imagine if that was the trend you laughed at. Case in point: a pair of jeans. There is another accessory trend that is bizarrely becoming popular, which is the male harness or as some high fashion brands have clarified: the embroidered bib. See, how actors have worn it: Michael B. Jordan at the Screen Actors' Guild Awards in a purple harness over a classic double breasted tux. © Instagram Chadwick Boseman was also seen wearing one over his ecru suit. © Instagram Timothee Chalamet was seen wearing a black shiny version too. © Instagram And, we cannot forget Virgil Abloh who is speculated to have started this trend. © Instagram Given that most celebrities end up wearing the boring tuxedo, this trend is a great way to dip your toes in the world of accessories for a little something extra, what do you think?
  15. A leather jacket should be a staple in every man's wardrobe. Not only are they great for biker dudes, but work great for a casual date in the day. A leather jacket adds an added charm, structure and ruggedness to your outfit. It also acts as a a great layering agent and adding dimensions to your outfit. © YouTube You could use trends like athleisure and animal print to add a little funk to your outfit. Think joggers, striped pants to begin. Or you could just monochrome it by colour coordinating an all black everything ensemble. You could even wear a sweater underneath for a chilled out look. © Viral Bhayani Here are some leather jackets that we like and we recommend for your closet. 1. Panelled Faux Leather Jacket By Arrow Sports With a standing collar and ribbed hems this leather jacket is perfect for a brunch date. © Nnow Price: 3,000 Buy It Here 2. Biker Panel PU Leather Jacket By Fort Collins This one has cool stick-on patches to break the colour with groovy elements. © Koovs Price:2,373 Buy it here 3. Men Black Solid Leather Jacket by French Connection A leather jacket with huge pockets on the chest is both utilitarian and keeps it high-key fashionable. © Myntra Price: 3,499 Buy it here 4. Lapelled leather biker jacket by Mango With crisp details like biker design and camp collar, this is one of the finer jackets you could own. © Mango Price: 22,990 Buy it here 5. Faux Leather Biker Jacket By Zara © Zara Price: 6,490 Buy it here 6. Biker jacket By H&M A jacket with a slanting zip that gives structure to your body. Buy it if you don't have time to go to the gym. © H&M Price: 4,499 Buy it here 7. Men Black Solid Leather Jacket By Justtanned A basic leather jacket that would work really well with a pair of cool white sneakers. © Jabong Price: 8998 Buy it here
  16. With Pakistani cricketer Haris Sohail's rant about being under the spell of black magic during the Test series against South Africa, and blaming an incantation for his knee injury and the poor performance making the headlines, we got the idea to list down some of the weirdest superstitions that have influenced some of the greatest cricketers of India for years during their impressive careers. 1. Virat Kohli's Uncanny Obsession With Handwear: © Reuters In his 10 years of playing for the Indian cricket team, the skipper has had a good number of records tallied under his name. While the entire nation and the rest of the world are in awe of the man's expertise at the pitch, Kohli credits something a lot more strange for his success i.e; his favourite pair of gloves. During his early stint of success with the Men in Blue, Kohli used to wear the same pair of gloves in every match. But, that's a thing of the past. Kohli is now completely over his fallacious superstition. Now, he only obsesses over wearing a black wristband every time he comes down to bat. 2. Sachin Tendulkar's 'Left Pad First' Rule: © Reuters Imagine doing the same things; following the same routine every day for 24 years. During his active years with Team India, our very own Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar had an extremely peculiar pre-game routine that bothered his teammates for a really long time. Be it a mere practice session or the World Cup final, Tendulkar always began to suit up for the event by padding up his left foot first. Apparently, this unusual practice helped him calm his nerves before going in front of the large audience that came to see him and helped him “win matches.” 3. Virender Sehwag's Numberless Jersey: © Reuters Ever wondered if the Indian cricket team's staff was playing a prank on Sehwag by not printing a number on his jersey? When Sehwag began his cricketing career, he used to proudly wear a jersey with number 04 printed on his back. As the rumour goes, Viru changed his number several times before a numerologist guru, whom Sehwag and his family really had faith in, declared that the former opener must wear a numberless jersey in order to find his lost glory. Sehwag's beliefs were so strong that despite the International Cricket Council (ICC) showing their displeasure with the numberless jersey, he continued to wear them. Ballsy move. 4. Anil Kumble's 'Sorcery' With Sachin Tendulkar: © Reuters In a short two-game Test series between India and Pakistan in 1999, Anil Kumble became only the second player to bag all 10 wickets in a single innings after England's Jim Laker did the same in 1956. While there's no second-guessing Kumble's ability to create magic with the ball, we are certain that a higher power was at work behind Jumbo's unbelievable feat. After the match, word got out that every time Kumble passed his sweater and cap to Sachin Tendulkar, before heading over to bowl, he'd score a wicket and Kumble has agreed to this on numerous occasions. In an interview with The Times of India, Kumble believed that he was superstitious by nature. “I think all of us are (superstitious). At least the cricketers are. It gives you comfort. At times it helps you perform better,” the former skipper had. Superstitions are extremely common in sports and we are nobody to judge one's personal beliefs but when it begins to come in the way of the players' performance, maybe it's time to get a reality check?
  17. While we thought India's obsession with black magic was a little stifling, here we have Pakistani batsman Haris Sohail claiming he'd been under the spell of the dark arts, after the first test in South Africa. Yes, this sounds exactly how you've read it! Indiatimes Sohail said black magic was the cause behind his knee injury, which he succumbed to during Pakistan's tour in South Africa, after which he was forced to return to his hometown in Pakistan. The batsman has been suffering with a knee injury and he was unable to perform after the first test match of the series. The country is anyway getting flak for losing the series after the first two matches and now to add more insult to injury (injury being the operative word here), their batsman fled the scene while believing unnatural forces were ruining his game and his knee. After returning from South Africa, the batsman did not go to a rehabilitation camp, to take care of the 'issue' but went straight to his hometown, Sialkot, in Pakistan. It has been alleged though that the batsman has been undergoing some amount of mental stress and that could be the reason behind this absurd irrationality. © Twitter The management did not reveal the real reason behind him quitting the series, to the public, as Sohail seemed very anxious about it. In fact, this isn't the first time Sohail has left a match citing superstitious reasons. Back in 2015, while touring New Zealand, Sohail changed rooms in the hotel he was staying at, saying there were supernatural forces present there and was later ruled out due to an injury. Maybe, just maybe Sohail is clairvoyant? Let's not judge him too quickly, shall we? © Twitter Well, he may think someone is using black magic on him at his dreary expense but at the end of the day we suppose he should keep it more real and maybe get the someone to check his injured knee out.
  18. By now if you've already watched/experienced Black Mirror's interactive movie “Bandersnatch”, you would have wanted to play the game in the movie. So, if you haven't watched the interactive movie yet, this is your last chance to avoid any spoilers below. If you want to know more about the new Black Mirror movie, you can read all about it here (spoiler free). © MensXP In the interactive movie, there's an easter egg that was discovered by Reddit users where you can actually discover two separate versions of the game. Tuckersoft's website can be found via scanning a QR code in the show and it will land on a page that advertises both Nohzdyve and Bandersnatch. The site notes: “While Colin Ritman was Tuckersoft's leading man, it was Stefan Butler's 1984 release, Bandersnatch, that catapulted the company to new heights. The innovative narrative and gameplay transformed interactive entertainment forever.” © Netflix The website follows a very distinct 1990s vibe in terms of design and is a nod to the Black Mirror movie. However, if you've seen the movie you will know that “Bandersnatch” was never released due to a series of unfortunate events. What was unexpected was that the Tuckersoft website also has “Nohzdyve”, a game that was also featured in the movie. The cool thing is that Nohzdyve is available to play but can only run on a ZX Spectrum emulator. Since the game in the movie was only compatible with the Spectrum, a computer in the 80s and 90s. However, you can play this game on your Windows computer or your Android phone since the emulator is very light and can run easily. © MensXP You need to download, Speccy, on your computer or your Android phone in order to play the game. Head over to this version of Tuckersoft's website (there are two), go to Nohzdve's page and hit download. You will download a file called 'nohzdyve.tap.' Once the game has been downloaded, open Speccy and open the 'nohzdyve.tap.' file to run the game. The game will now start and will take some time to open the title screen.
  19. Two years ago I did a story on how video games are much larger than movies/TV shows because of its flexibility in storytelling. I've been playing choice-based games ever since it was introduced to video games and the popular storytelling style was taken mainstream thanks to games from studios like “Telltale Games”. You would have to make choices that would change the plot of the story drastically and it seems like Netflix took my challenge seriously. © Mensxp Netflix is now taking the interactive-based storytelling style to mainstreams shows like “Black Mirror” and it works like a charm. The streaming giant already introduced the interactive feature to kids content like 'Puss In Boots'. I was invited to Los Gatos to check out 'Bandersnatch' - a brand new Black Mirror movie where I could choose my own story by clicking on multiple-choice questions that would affect the plot. It's Netflix's first interactive content for adults and is now available to stream/play on various devices. 'Bandersnatch' is a story about a game developer who is looking to make a video based on a “create-your-own fantasy” book of the same name. The game he sets out to develop also happens to have a series of choices for players. We learn during the early chapter that the author of the original 'Bandersnatch' went completely nuts while he was writing his book and ended up killing his wife. You will face a similar dilemma when you make choices for “Stefan” in Bandersnatch. © Netflix One of the key moments in 'Bandersnatch' is when Stefan is offered a job and it's up to you whether you want to accept or decline the offer. While exchanging notes with my peers at the conference, it was quite cool to notice that 90% of the people answered “Yes” while I declined the job offer. This is where the interactive storytelling feature makes things exciting. Not only did I experience a completely different story from my counterparts, I even experienced a very different ending. Apparently, there are five different endings in 'Bandersnatch' and I happened to experience three of them. © Netflix What's cool about the interactive feature is the ability to go back and change your choices. In fact, I ended up spending more time retracing my choices simply because I wanted to see if I could break the plot — I couldn't. That's probably because they're over a million if not a trillion unique permutations of the story. There are a plethora of choices you will need to make that can impact the story or sometimes just change certain details. The overall plot of 'Bandersnatch' also responds and adapts to your choices just like you would experience it in video games. For instance, in the very beginning, you will choose what cereal to eat for breakfast. You will notice later in the movie how the plot responded to your choice. How Did Netflix Make It Happen Choice-based video games are easier to make as these games are coded from the ground up to provide an ecosystem for such a feature to flourish. The same cannot be said about a live-action movie as it's way more complicated. You need to shoot multiple scenes from different angles, shoot different reactions to choices and make sure you follow every permutation with utmost accuracy. Netflix engineers built their very own script-writing tool that enables them to tell choice-based narratives. Netflix calls it a Branch Manager where there were able to track every choice and the flow of the narrative based on each choice. Netflix also pre-caches content so that users can stream the content even with poor internet and the app now pre-caches two paths every time you are faced with a choice. Due to this very reason, the interactive episode can be experienced only on supported devices such as Android smartphones, iOS devices, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and certified Smart TVs. Is It Still Black Mirror? © Netflix Hell yes! Just like every other Black Mirror episode — 'Bandersnatch' ends up f*cking with your head as well. However, since you are making the choices for the protagonist, the head-f*cking is a lot more amplified. This is precisely why the interactive feature was a perfect fit for a Black Mirror movie. I have to confess, when I was introduced to the feature at the conference, I quickly dismissed it as a Telltale rip-off/gimmick. However, after experiencing the interactive movie for myself, I could not keep the remote down and make every choice possible to f*ck up Stefan's life. I soon realised what went behind in the making of 'Bandersnatch' and simply left the room with endless questions in my head. So yes, 'Bandersnatch' is a typical Black Mirror episode where you will be left in a state of shock and maybe even remorse. Is This The Future Of Entertainment? Streaming has already taken over our lives and Netflix is going in the right direction by involving its viewers in the plot of 'Bandersnatch'. It's a feature I always wanted on live-action content and Netflix has yet again proved me wrong. Sure, there's still room for traditional linear story-telling on Netflix, but the future of story-telling sure has taken a turn, thanks to 'Bandersnatch'. Just make sure you don't lose your remote while watching/experiencing the latest Black Mirror movie.
  20. This year is going to close with a bang for all 'Black Mirror' fans as Netflix just dropped the much-awaited trailer of the film 'Bandersnatch' and needless to say, we are shook! 'Bandersnatch' is being called a 'Black Mirror' event and is set in the 1980s. It follows the story of a programmer called Stefan who is trying to build a game of his own. His fate is dictated and is not in control of what we see as he flushes out his medicines and continues enduring the madness around him. This insane movie is being helmed by David Slade. © Netflix Fans are going crazy over the trailer right now. Me trying to figure out how to watch all 312 minutes at once... #BlackMirrorBandersnatch pic.twitter.com/6utZawNMYK — Jeremiah Zanders (@JustCallMeNOLE) December 25, 2018 #BlackMirrorBandersnatch Yes yes yes ! pic.twitter.com/POLlnvQeMz — Amal (@Ph_Amool) December 27, 2018 It is dropping tomorrow on Netflix and we are waiting for the madness to unleash upon us.
  21. 'Black Mirror' is one of the best shows to have ever existed and I'm not even exaggerating. It's so brilliant and every episode is so well-made and very memorable. All the fans of the show always get a great Christmas present a few days after 25th in the form of new 'Black Mirror' episodes every year and it seems like we won't be disappointed this year as well. Just last week, I was looking up the season 5 release date and finally got an answer today. Netflix is finally giving up something related to the new season and the excitement is at an all-time high. There's one problem though, as instead of an entire season, we might just be getting one Black Mirror Netflix Original movie called 'Bandersnatch', at least according to the easter egg on Netflix right now. If you search for 'Black Mirror' on the site right now, the results look something like this - © Netflix I like how they used 'Be right back' instead of 'Coming soon' because the first one is the title of an old episode. We see you, 'Black Mirror', we see you. Just a week till 28th - the tentative release date - and we'll know for sure what all we're getting and what the episode will be about. It's not yet clear if it will be a standalone episode like 'White Christmas' or a part of the fifth season and include the 'choose your own adventure' narrative. Upon closer look, it's titled as 'A Netflix Film: Black Mirror - Bandersnatch' With the image consisting of other Black Mirror episodes, is this a feature film? Or something to do with those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' reports. pic.twitter.com/3k0MDYyJAf — Scott Bryan (@scottygb) December 20, 2018 Someone found the synopsis as well! finally! the synopsis of the black mirror movie (taken from a korea rating website) can we fast forward to next friday, please? pic.twitter.com/ZGMIG3txgq — ana (@bluesgrady) December 20, 2018 And, here's some more information about 'Bandersnatch'. Turns out there was an ill-fated game named 'Bandersnatch' developed by a UK studio back in 1984, which is the year 'Bandersnatch' the Black Mirror episode takes place (we know this because a set photo shows Bob Marley's 'Legend' at #1 on the charts in a record store). pic.twitter.com/rytyTl22sP — Ebejeevezner Scrooge âðððâï¸ (@jeeveswilliams) November 21, 2018
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  23. Sushant Singh Rajput is all set to be back on the big screen with 'Kedarnath' - and even though all the eyeballs are focusing mostly on Sara Ali Khan, Sushant clearly knows the craft of how to garner attention, the good kind. He went to promote the movie wearing an all-black layered outfit - one that we think is Indo-Western goals. © Viral Bhayani Sushant is wearing an ensemble by Kunal Rawal, that consists of a long black kurta with black lowers, with a smart, structured jacket to boot. © Viral Bhayani What we absolutely love, apart from the outfit, are his shoes. The black leather shoes with beige soles, and lined with minuscule crystals placed on a red lining, look straight out of a runway catalogue, and does complete justice to the outfit. © Viral Bhayani The cleverly constructed jacket gives the ensemble an element of glamour as well, because of the way it folds outwards, exposing the shiny black lining. © Viral Bhayani The outfit was beautifully complementing Sara's black floral lehenga, which, by the way, looked divine in its own right. © Instagram/thevainglorious Clearly, stylists Kazim and Priyanka are on top of their game. Good going, Sushant!
  24. Earlier this year, Xiaomi joined the gaming-centric club with the launch of Black Shark phone. We've seen many other phone makers get in this niche segment, thanks to the growing mobile phone industry. While handheld consoles have been around for decades, our phones are now taking over all the responsibilities. For years, brands have concentrated on the camera, display, and connectivity of phones. Now, it's time to bring in mobile gaming. In an effort to strengthen its foothold in the niche, Xiaomi has now launched a successor, called the Black Shark Helo. © Xiaomi To start with, it brings loads of optimisations under-the-hood to handle graphics intensive games and other resource draining applications. This includes a dual liquid cooling system for heat dissipation. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 845 SoC along with a whopping 10GB of RAM. In terms of software, the phone has a dedicated hub called Gamer Studio that allows users to adjust the performance and other key elements of the phone. The Black Shark logo on the rear and the two side streaks boast of RGB LEDs, which are dependent on an AI to show different colours when the player is taking damage or winning. © Xiaomi It also has dual Smart PA chips drive speakers near the display edges, along with a three-mic array for in-game communication. Yes, the phone skips the 3.5mm headphone jack and compensates it with a USB-C port. Back to the basics of every phone today, the front has a 6-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The display supports DCI-P3 colour gamut and SRGB mode for better colour accuracy. The fingerprint scanner is now on the back, near the camera setup. © Xiaomi On the rear, it sports a 12-megapixel primary sensor, aided by a 20-megapixel secondary. The front has a 24-megapixel selfie camera. Backing these internals is a 4000mAh battery, that supports Quick Charge 3.0. The phone boots Android 9.0 Pie-based MIUI ROM out of the box. The phone is available in China at the moment, and priced at CNY 3,199 (Rs 34,000) for the 6GB+128GB variant, CNY 3,499 (Rs 37,000) for 8GB+128GB variant and finally CNY 4,199 (Rs 41,600) for the Sports Edition with 10GB+256GB configuration. At the beginning of this month, Xiaomi opened Black Shark's global website, indicating that the brand will soon go international. Though, it still remains unclear when the sub-brand will come to India.
  25. Blackout is a new Battle Royale mode for 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' and is full of strange, hidden little secrets most of us won't discover on our own. The community forums and fan sites have been buzzing about all the little things one can find and achieve while fighting for their lives across the biggest map in the franchise. If you aren't aware of what Battle Royale means: a large group of players will be dropped onto the Blackout map, forced to scavenge for weapons as a circle encloses the combatants and forces them together. Last player standing wins. Blackout's launch numbers are hitting a quarter million on Twitch, as prospective buyers and fans tune in to see how Blackout fares against the Fornite and PUBG community. Here's our list of the top tips and tricks one should know to play the game like a pro! 1. Use A Sensor Dart: © YouTube A Sensor Dart comes in extremely handy when you're driving or flying around and need to keep an eye on enemy combatants. The Sensor Dart will stay active as you drive around, and mark any nearby opponents on your map. Just drive by houses, and you can instantly see if there's anyone inside. You can also attach it on a drone and then scout the area for enemies. This way, you can remain camouflaged in a safe place while the drone and the sensor dart will do all the work for you. 2. Create A Trap: © Activision In the Battle Royale format, everyone is looking for a stash of weapons to choose from. Once you have a good enough loadout, create a trap for other players. While the majority of your gear will be found inside locations as the game automatically places it in the centre of rooms, you can drop a few weapons from your inventory in the open, and camp at a nearby place. You simply use your own weapons to lure other players and then take em out from your concealed location. You get your kill, and the weapon continues as a trap. 3. Shoot Down The Supply Drop Plane: © YouTube Something unique to Blackout, you can use the rocket launcher's lock-on to destroy the Supply Drop plane. There's a cool animation, and the Supply Drop will appear at the plane crash site. The perfect way to grab all the loot for yourself and be the first to grab it when a plane is flying overhead. Also, while all the loot is randomly dropped in the map, a few of these drops are well calculated. Meaning, you'll find a sniper rifle easily on rooftops and terrain or watchtowers, while SMGs and rifles are laid across the city. 4. Kill And Loot Zombies: © Digital Trends The Blackout map is peppered with locations from Call of Duty's zombified history. Not only are they packed full of zombie hordes that will counter other players, but defeating a location's horde will spawn a "Mystery Box" that contains a bonus 'Zombies' weapon. At the Graveyard, south-East of the Asylum, finish off the horde out in the open and the Mystery Box will appear in the middle. Another location is Shadows of Evil Boxing Gym, east of Fracking Tower, a Mystery Box is in the centre of the ring. 5. Store Your Loot In A Truck: © Twitch Not only can you drop a Sensor Dart / Trophy System onto a vehicle, but you can also load down vehicles with loot items. If you can't carry everything, dump your items onto the truck bed. The truck can hold at least 10 items and can act as your own portable inventory option. Also, keep your inventory neat and uncluttered. Don't just go on collecting everything you find. The problem starts to arise when you rack up on all kinds of scopes, magazines, and barrels for guns that you don't have in hopes of finding the weapon they belong to. 6. Boost Your Health: © Twitch Bandages, Med Kits, and Trauma Kits are the three available health boosters in the game. Each one is more powerful than the last, but the trauma kit is the best because it can boost your health up to 200 — or +50 over the standard cap. Use a Trauma Kit as soon as you have it, even before joining a fight. Also, if you have enough med kits, being out of the circle for some time is perfect, as other players will be more focused on finding you inside the circle. This gives you an edge, and can quickly scout and kill other players inside the circle. 7. Use Tools And Perks: © Vox Blackout has some special equipment that includes items such as barricades and mines that you can deploy as traps. The grappling hook gun will help zip past short distances quickly and provide a significant advantage in the middle of a firefight. You will also find perks scattered all across the place just like weapons, and the capability includes allowing you to see an enemy's planted equipment, helping you move faster while crouched or prone, and cutting the time it takes to use healing items. Use perks when the time is right and you need to have the edge.