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Found 2 results

  1. Winter is here. And no, we don't mean that Game of Thrones' final season is on the horizon (although we cannot wait for that as well), we are talking about the season of winter being upon us. And with this winter season comes an over-dependence on hot chocolate, cosy blankets, and parka jackets. But the one thing that most Indian men actually need to be depending and stocking up on the most, especially since the dropping temperatures tend to have a direct impact on your skin and facial scruff, are grooming essentials. Thankfully for all men out there, Bombay Shaving Company perfectly understands the importance of curating grooming essentials for men that will help them get by the winter season. And so to help you (and more importantly, your beard and your skin) get by these chilly winters, here is a list of the ten best winter care essentials for Indian men, all of which will make for a worthy addition to your grooming regimen. 1) 6-Part Shaving System © Bombay Shaving Company As the name suggests itself, this 6-part shaving system is pretty much equipped with everything you need to take care of your facial hair. It comes equipped with a scrub, a razor, a shaving cream, a shaving brush, some extra blades and even a post-shave balm, all of which will help you get that perfect shave you've always desired. Simply put, investing in this 6-Part Shaving System is just what you need to get by the winter season looking absolutely dapper. Pro tip: If you were looking for premium grooming essentials but didn't want to splurge a fortune, then today's your lucky day! Bombay Shaving Company's special Deal of the Day will get you a whopping 50% off on their 6-Part Shaving System if you order on 24th December! MRP: Rs. 2,995 Buy it here 2) Exfoliating Bath Soaps © Bombay Shaving Company Not only are these Exfoliating Bath Soaps from Bombay Shaving Company 100% natural, but they are also entirely handmade. Considering just how harsh winters can be to your skin, investing in these organic and handmade soaps is advisable, especially since they will help repair and soften your skin, while also providing it with the nutrition that it needs. MRP: Rs. 745 Buy it here 3) Precision Safety Razor © Bombay Shaving Company Finally, there is this badass Precision Safety Razor from Bombay Shaving Company. Made using premium metal and implementing a chrome finish, this razor is sharp, durable and just what you wanted to get that perfect shave this winter season. That isn't all that surprising since this razor comes equipped with 10 feather blades that are engineered using Japanese technology. MRP: Rs. 1,845 Buy it here 4) Beard Growth Oil © Bombay Shaving Company Have you been facing some trouble growing the type of beard you've always desired? Well then we have some good news for you! This Beard Growth Oil is a great tool to rely on to grow and maintain a luscious mane. After all, it comes infused with the richness of jojoba seed oil, amla oil, and coconut oil, making it a great addition to any Indian man's grooming kit. It also infuses aromatic notes of musk, amber and vetiver, ensuring your beard smells as good as it feels. MRP: Rs. 345 Buy it here 5) Beard Care Starter Kit © Bombay Shaving Company If growing and maintaining a luscious mane is all you care about this winter season, then look no further than this Beard Care Starter Kit. It's pretty much got everything you need to sport a mane that will help you impress all the ladies, while also making all other men go green with envy. It comes equipped with a beard growth oil, a beard shampoo and conditioner, a stubble oil, a beard butter, a moustache wax and even a beard serum. And the best part? These products are available in two different scents - mint and wood - for you to choose from. MRP: Rs. 995 Buy it here 6) Face Moisturiser © Bombay Shaving Company Winters can be incredibly harsh on your skin, especially if you don't take the necessary precautions. As such, investing in this face moisturiser from Bombay Shaving Company makes a lot of sense, especially since it is infused with a unique blend of five essential oils (including jojoba oil, argan oil, and avocado oil), as well as the richness of aloe vera and shea butter. MRP: Rs. 295 Buy it here 7) Face Cleanser © Bombay Shaving Company If you harbour oily or acne prone skin, then you absolutely need to add this Face Cleanser from Bombay Shaving Company to your grooming kit. After all, not only is it infused with a deep cleansing formula that is rich in anti-bacterial properties, but it will also help remove any dust and dirt particles, as well as harmful pollutants that may have accumulated on your skin. It also happens to be a paraben and sulphate free product and is further infused with the rich properties of Vitamin C, and wheat protein. MRP: Rs. 295 Buy it here 8) U-Shaped Beard Comb © Bombay Shaving Company Most men often end up making the amateur mistake of not combing their beard and mooch, not realizing that, just like the hair on their scalp, their facial scruff too requires help to be kept in shape. So why not opt for this Sheesham beard comb from Bombay Shaving Company? Fine-toothed for immaculate beard styling, this comb will help you keep your beard and mooch in shape, while also helping you remove any dirt and dust particles that might have accumulated there. MRP: Rs. 295 Buy it here 9) Complete Beard Care Kit © Bombay Shaving Company They say a dog is a man's best friend. Well, whoever coined that term clearly didn't experience this amazing Complete Beard Care Kit from Bombay Shaving Company. Equipped with everything you would want in your grooming regimen, this beard care kit should pretty much be in the possession of every Indian man who wants to grow and maintain a badass beard. After all, it has a beard growth oil, a beard shampoo and conditioner (wood scented), stubble oil (infused with cedarwood), beard butter (wood scented), moustache wax (wood scented), beard serum and even a U-shaped beard comb made out of Sheesham wood. MRP: Rs. 2,995 Buy it here 10) Shaving Brush © Bombay Shaving Company A shaving brush usually tends to be the unsung hero of a shaving kit. While you can't get that perfect shave without using a premium shaving brush, it doesn't necessarily get the credit that it deserves. Well, Bombay Shaving Company understands the importance of using an A-grade shaving brush, and so they have come out with this imitation badger hair variant that implements soft bristles that generate excellent lather. It's also available in three different colours (satin grey, Indian rosewood and polished black), so that you could opt for the colour of your choice. MRP: Rs. 795 Buy it here Pro tip: If you order from Bombay Shaving Company on the 25th of December, you are going to get a 30% discount store-wide.
  2. The stray dogs of any city live a life of grave difficulties. Pushed around, starving, looking for food and shelter is their daily routine and while many volunteers do everything that they can for the furry babies, it is never enough. representational image The iconic Tata 'Bombay House' opened after a restoration period of nine months to mark the occasion of 144th birth anniversary of JRD Tata and along with it's re-opening, it is also now the new residence for the street dogs on Mumbai city. The heritage building has a dedicated kennel area for the younglings to sleep and eat. © BCCL The building was inaugurated by none other that Ratan Tata himself. The pictures of the canines having a good time together at their new home was shared by a Mumbai NGO. Mr. Tata is not only one of the richest men in the world in terms of wealth, but he is super rich in his heart as well!