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Found 21 results

  1. Yesterday, on February 14, the nation was painted red with blood as more than 40 CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel were martyred in one of the worst terrorist attacks ever, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The death toll is on a constant rise as the injured soldiers continue battling for life. © AP From Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bollywood celebrities to commoners; the nation is mourning the death of these bravehearts. The families of martyrs have sunk in deep shock and no amount of words can ever console those hearts that are weeping for their loved ones, who were killed in Pulwama. Attack on CRPF personnel in Pulwama is despicable. I strongly condemn this dastardly attack. The sacrifices of our brave security personnel shall not go in vain. The entire nation stands shoulder to shoulder with the families of the brave martyrs. May the injured recover quickly. — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) February 14, 2019 However, no matter how tough the times have been, people from across the country have always stood in solidarity with each other and this time too, they are paying their tributes to the martyrs by coming forward to provide financial help to the families of the soldiers who lost their lives. In 2017, actor Akshay Kumar along with the Central Government launched 'Bharat Ke Veer', an initiative to pay homage to the bravehearts who lost their lives in the line of duty. In this initiative, one can help the families financially, by donating either using the app or the website bharatkeveer.gov.in. © YouTube Apart from 'Bharat Ke Veer', the organisation 'Milaap' has also started a fundraiser to help the families affected by the terror attack. Actor Kunal Kapoor too posted on social media about his campaign 'Ketto', urging people to come forward and support the martyrs' kin. My heartfelt appeal to people, to come forward & support @ketto for their campaign to rehabilitate the families of @crpfindia martyrs. India, lets stand up for those who gave their lives for our safety. Jai Hind ð®ð³ — kunal kapoor (@kapoorkkunal) February 15, 2019 You too can contribute to these fundraisers and prove that nothing can break the nation's spirit in these dark times.
  2. We're all waiting for the release of 'Avengers: Endgame' and are also preparing for probably, permanently, losing a bunch of our favourite characters. But did you know there's another thing we need to prepare for? Our bladder-control, apparently. The runtime of the movie is 3 hours, which is not at all surprising considering that it's a culmination of 22 incredible movies and the final instalment of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So basically, the movie has to tackle a lot of things, take care of a lot of different characters and storylines, especially when we think about how they also have to somehow manage to bring back a lot of people (and then kill a lot of them again). But, don't worry, the movie is going to be so awesome that we will end up fighting a battle with our bladder, at least that's what the people who have already watched the movie experienced. Yes, some lucky bastards have already seen the movie while we have to wait till the end of April, but let's ignore that for now. While speaking to Collider about the test screenings, the Russo Brothers said, “I think the studio is down with what the best story is. Right now, we think the movie is playing well and we've had great responses from our test audiences and we're feeling very good about where it is. We're still doing work to it. We're not done with it. Again, this is a culmination film of 22 movies, it's a lot of storytelling to work into it. Emotion is an intrinsic part of that to us. When you have to tell a really complicated story and you want strong emotional moments with the characters, it just requires a certain amount of real estate. This one, in particular, feels like three hours worth of real estate.” Well, that sounds exciting, doesn't it? While talking about the audience's reactions and the possibility of an interval, they said, “We have screened the movie four times for audiences now. For the first three screenings, not a single person got up to go to the bathroom.” So, I just have to say one thing - Excitement? Check. Bladder? Double check. Come at me, Marvel!
  3. Last seen in 2018's blockbuster 'Simmba' alongside Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood has always succeeded in leaving a mark behind with his on-screen appearances. Apart from making an impression with his skills before the camera, Sonu Sood has also managed to grab people's attention with his ripped physique and the way he maintains it. He was recently in the news for opening up about his exit from Kangana Ranaut starrer 'Manikarnika'. However, today he has caught everyone's attention for a completely different reason. Earlier this morning, Sood took to Twitter and Instagram to share a heartfelt message on his father's second death anniversary. pic.twitter.com/QIl9yJAw5e — sonu sood (@SonuSood) February 7, 2019 Sonu's father, Shakti Sood, passed away at the age of 77 on 7th February 2016 due to a cardiac arrest at their Punjab residence. Sonu had shared at the time that he was “shattered” and incapable of saying anything more at the moment. View this post on Instagram 7th feb.. The date I don't wanna remember but the date I will never forget ! It's been 2 years dad.. life has never been the same. The vacuum that you left in our lives will never be filled . We miss you everyday, every minute ,every second. My hands shiver when i write this, my heart sinks when I realise I will never see you again. Just wanna thank u dad for teaching us the lessons of our lives, for inspiring us to be helpful to others. We can never be like you but will try to follow your foot steps. Stay happy where ever you are papa. Will miss u always...till I see u someday. Love u dad â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sonu Sood (@sonu_sood) on Feb 6, 2019 at 6:00pm PST Today, on his father's second death anniversary, the 'Dabangg' actor put his feelings into words. The message seems to be etched in pain that the actor doesn't seem to have gotten over yet. The words also hit right in the feels when it comes to our feelings towards our parents. It reminds us to be grateful for the biggest blessing of our lives in the form of our parents, who are our biggest inspiration and cheerleaders. More strength to Sonu on this day.
  4. "He has the best taste in clothes, and he is the only man I know who knows the difference between mauve, pink, purple, berry etc. I am so proud of how confident he is, and that he doesn't give a shit about gender norms" Stuti While society does its best to mould gender norms, there are some people who define their own standards of what gender truly means to them. They come from an open-ended perspective of changing things that are too normative in nature, in order to derive a way of living most suited to them. And why not? Isn't that life's first rule? To live under no rules? (c)Facebook Meet Stuti and Arnav, a couple defying every stereotype in sight, living a happy and fulfilling long-term relationship. What makes their relationship an inspiration to the millennial generation? They're will to never succumb under textbook knowledge of how things are perceived by people but to create a tangible wavelength of what they feel is comfortable for them. (c)Facebook The Beginning Stuti and Arnav met through common friends but they mostly chatted online till they decided to finally meet. Our first date ever was at this fantastic little cafe called Le Bistro Du Parc, where it was all about steak, sangria and conversation. She looked stunning in a red dress. I was already a little tipsy on sangria, which in hindsight, was a good thing, considering I am usually a nervous wreck. We started talking even before she sat down, and it she made me feel extremely comfortable from the very first moment- Arnav (c)Facebook Stuti, a student of gender studies had her firm notions intact where feminism was concerned. She knew the black's from white and was an ideal yet staunch feminist. Well, before she met Arnav. As someone who studied gender and feminism in college, I considered myself really woke about gender fluidity. I cut my own hair, wore pants, and did not shy away from owning the masculine side to my personality. I thought that was all I had to do to maintain my status quo as someone intellectual and liberal. But I was wrong, because I was given an actual chance to prove my beliefs - Stuti The couple got along like a house on fire and by the second date, they'd already deliberated enough about how they felt for each other. But for Stuti, Arnav wasn't just another Delhi boy, who had an alpha male syndrome looming though his ego. He wasn't the heterosexual male, who would come out for a date dressed in black and shy away from the mention of pink. He was very aware of his likes from his dislikes and Stuti instantly realised she was dating the millennial 'metrosexual man'. A term born from heterosexual males, who actually love taking care of themselves, meticulously might I add. (c)iDiva A Metrosexual Man In Love The advent of the new technological era has brought a lot of significant changes into our lives. Our lifestyles have enhanced from simple caveman times to grooming every inch of ourselves just to look aptly presentable. So, when men took to doing that for themselves, a lot of questions were raised in society. Although it's an urban phenomena still, a man paying close attention to his looks and aesthetics, knowing how to dress well, performing beauty rituals on himself, isn't brandishing or tarnishing the 'manly' image. In fact, it's strengthening the unity that gender needs today. (c)Facebook Arnav, a man very comfortable in his skin, loves wearing all shades of pink, performing beauty routines on his skin and still being that 'emotionally available' guy every girl dreams of dating, is an unfortunate misunderstanding amongst the population today. Here's the thing. Many don't realise that calling someone “gay” due to anything but their sexual orientation is very problematic. For instance, if my boyfriend knows the difference between mauve and pink, that means he has great vision and not that he likes men- Stuti Even within the social constructs of such an unpleasant misunderstanding, Stuti and Arnav have the best relationship and they don't shy away from talking about it! Be it mutual skin care routine's or shopping trips, both enjoy each other's company because they bond with each other over mutual interests, that don't suffocate how one gender is suppose to be with the other. (c)Facebook I have never met a more loving and caring human being, and for that, I feel like the luckiest person alive. One of the most important, and least talked about aspects of a relationship is learning from each other, and I can very easily say that she's taught me so much about love -Arnav What She Fell In Love With The Most Stuti took some time to get to know Arnav. That's a given. But when she did, she found peace and love in him. He helped her deal with mental health issues by always staying by her side, in her time of need and never giving her a reason to question her worth again. But besides that, Stuti fell in love with the fact that her man was so comfortable with his sexuality, that he was indeed confident about how he demonstrated his sexuality. Of how he was open to things that a lot of men usually shy away from and that made her faith in the relationship stronger. (c)Facebook He likes his clothes fitted. He wears pink much better than I do. The strong sweet floral scent of Daisy by Marc Jacobs smells better on him than it smells on me. Does this take away from the fact that he identifies as a man, and is very much straight? It doesn't -Stuti But it took a while for Stuti to accept Arnav as who he was at first. The fact that his choices in life didn't eliminate the doubt that he might have 'gay' tendencies was something Stuti was struggling with initially. We're all moulded in a patriarchal structure. No matter how over-exposed we are to stimulus that redefines gender roles for us, we still go back to our conditioning every now and then and that's what Stuti did too. I struggled to accept the fact that my boyfriend is indeed a straight man who identifies as male. I wore the pants, I used Axe deodorant, and I shouted about equality, yet I was hypocritical enough to not accept his individual take on gender several times. -Stuti But in time, she realised that he was a man who loved taking care of himself and took a keen interest in his aesthetics. She didn't understand his love for lip balms, lotions, face masks or every shade of pink but she garnered an interest over her love for the fact that they both shared a similar interest. (c)Facebook Each man's process to survive is different. Some men like living a rugged and robust life, while some are keen on entertaining the way they look and appear and because we have such pronounced gender dynamics and roles, everything has to fall under a 'straight' line. But honestly, a 'metrosexual' man is as macho, as romantic, as arbit or as good in bed as any other man and we know that because we see Stuti' and Arnva's relationship blossom into something indestructible, everyday! This relationship has shown love to me in a totally different light. It's taught me how easy life is when you have someone who is actually there by your side, through every move. It's taught me to truly appreciate things, it's taught me the meaning of empathy and understanding. It's taught me to explore, to experiment, that there's so much that the world has to offer, when you have someone by your side to experience it with - Arnav
  5. The title of this article might have stumped you and got you thinking like 'who does that?' but trust us, it did actually happen! Now, how far are you willing to go to ensure that when your team calls you, your presence is ensured? Turns out Ridvan a player of FIFA Manjeri, which is a team in Kerala's Malappuram 7s league, was ready to give it all and probably thought he could get Hermione Granger's time turner when he decided to get married and play football for his team on the same day! © talksport So, when duty called and Ridvan had to choose between getting married and playing for FIFA Manjeri, he decided to take a short 5-minute break, excused himself from the ceremony and went ahead to play for his team and even won the match. Well, not much is known about the consequences that he had to endure once he returned to his fuming bride and in-laws but his action has won him some love on social media at least. Ridvan asked 5 minutes from his bride on his wedding day to play football! What passion! I want to meet him! #5MinuteAur #KheloIndiahttps://t.co/BLLvpPr715 — Rajyavardhan Rathore (@Ra_THORe) January 25, 2019 Proud of himð. Keep the spirit and let the passion growð»ð¤ — Amer Akbar Antony (@araf06) January 25, 2019 A true sportsperson... — Umesh (@Umesh89053246) January 26, 2019 Let's just hope his call of duty was answered with love and his wedding went on smoothly! That is some insane dedication there.
  6. It's Day 3 of the 3rd Test between the two titans and the Australian run-getters are done and dusted with in their first innings, thanks to the Indian bowlers who put up a show and dismissed the entire Aussie roster for 151. India led by 292 runs and came out to bat as skipper Virat Kohli did not take any chances with a 'follow-on' in the second innings. Fact: Australia have not been given a 'follow-on' at home in the last 20 years. And if there was a chance for team India to break that record and create history, it was taken away by the captain as Kohli decided against the risk. Oh what a feeling! BOOOOM!#AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/LncsUe0jGq — BCCI (@BCCI) December 28, 2018 The star performer of the first innings, Jasprit Bumrah (6 wickets) has been on fire during this trip Down Under and just secured his second Test-career 5-wicket haul. He even turned out to be one of the most economical bowlers, only third to Vihari (0.33) and Jadeja (1.80) giving away just 33 runs in 15.5 overs. Kohli's decision to bat again probably comes with the rational thought to give his bowlers a quick breather while the batsmen increase the gap in order to ensure a win and lead the series 2-1. STAT ALERT ð¨ With 82 runs today, @imVkohli has surpassed Rahul Dravid (1137) to register most number of runs in a calendar year in overseas Tests #KingKohli pic.twitter.com/HyiYtuBtgJ — BCCI (@BCCI) December 27, 2018 With the captain creating an all-time record with 1,138 runs in away tests this year, and the in-form bowlers like Bumrah and Jadeja out there looking for blood, a win is almost certain for the Men in Blue.
  7. Yes, it's a music festival and the number one reason to visit Sunburn is for the music. But sometimes, just sometimes, it can get a little too much, right? Don't worry, you won't have to leave the festival if you want a little break. There is a bunch of other stuff you can do there too. Here are a few of the activities you can partake in if you're looking for a break from the music: The Monster Remember how much fun we used to have jumping around a bouncy castle when we were kids? Too bad we grew up and aren't allowed to get on the bouncy castle anymore. Luckily for us though Sunburn is introducing us to the Monster. Source: Sunburn Festival A 300-meter castle with 40 obstacles that would be every kid's and even every adults dream. If you ever wanted to feel like a kid again, this is the perfect opportunity. Aqua Roller So what if it's winter. There's never a bad time for a quick dip in the pool. The days are quite pleasant even in December in Pune and you may come across multiple opportunities to enjoy a quick dip. Source: Sunburn Festival Not just any dip, a dip in the Aqua roller. The inflatable rollers make this pool all the more better. Kick Consider yourself to be as good as David Beckham? Think you have the precision to score a free kick from anywhere in the attacking third? Well, with Kick, you get a chance to prove your mettle. Source: Sunburn Festival This amazing game combines darts with football for a unique opportunity to have some fun. If your legs haven't started shaking to the music yet, perhaps you could get them moving here? Hot Air Baloon How many of us have actually been in a hot air balloon? We've certainly seen people flying in hot air balloons on the television. But, being in one yourself is a completely different experience we're sure. There's nothing like seeing the entire Sunburn Festival from high up in the sky. If you are an adventure seeker, be sure to give this one a shot. Twin Cycle There will eventually come a point when you're tired of walking. This is where the twin cycle comes into play. If everyone got regular cycles, it would have been fun too. But, with the twin cycle you and a friend get to cycle around together. Source: Sunburn Festival And if you're worried about looking good while cycling around the festival, don't. The LED lights have got you covered. It will be a ride to remember. We promise.
  8. 2018 is on the verge of ending and if we look back, we can find some good and some bad memories collected in some corner of our mind. From breakups to getting a new job, from being single to getting hitched, from being sad to having the greatest day of our lives, there was something for everyone. via GIPHY Good or bad, the end of this year and the starting of the next should be celebrated no matter what. And when it comes to the New Year welcoming celebrations, the first place that pops in our mind is Goa. There's something about this place that makes people go wild! Sadly though, Goa has become a cliché. via GIPHY You can find every Tom-Dick-Harry making plans to go crazy and celebrate New Year's Eve in Goa. Consequently, the place has become too crowded. You won't be able to find a decent place to party where the crowd is limited and decent. To put it bluntly, Goa feels like Kumbh Mela on New Year's Eve. via GIPHY To solve your problem, here are five places which would kind of give you the feel of Goa but would be relatively less crowded: 1. Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram Situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Varkala has one of the most beautiful beaches of India. It is clean, the water is blue, and not many tourists know about it, so it is less crowded. © GoIbibo This is the place for you if you want to get out of the hustle bustle of the city and just unwind. Plus, there are cliffs adjacent to beaches and a climb to the top would give you a mesmerising view! 2. Gokarna, Karnataka You can call this the mini Goa. Gokarna is around 190 km from Goa (to the South) and easily accessible by train or by road. If you need a quiet beach where you can enjoy with your friends, then this is the place for you. © Reddit It's a perfect destination for a solo-trip as well. It has quite a few beaches, so you would have options to set a bonfire and welcome the New Year. 3. Pondicherry As the French said, it's the paradise of India and it's probably what made the French East India Company set its headquarters here in 1674. Pondicherry is rife with beautiful French architecture and beaches that you would just love. © GoIbibo The food is amazing, beer is cheap, and the view is mesmerising. Pondicherry offers both, nature and feel of the city. It's the perfect place for people who are suffering from 'wanderlust.' 4. Tarkarli, Maharashtra This is the place for you if you want to party on 31st night and do water sports on 1st morning. Tarkarli has everything that Goa has, minus the crowd. You can drink chilled beer at shacks, watch the sunset on clean beaches, and can go for scuba diving or parasailing. © Wikipedia The place is a perfect weekend getaway when you're in the mood for some adventure. Just make sure you have some company, as it doesn't offer much to solo travellers. 5. Diu If you already don't know, then let me tell you. You can either plan for Daman or for Diu in a single trip. Because they're around 650 km apart. Of the two, Diu is a much better option. © Pinterest The beaches of Diu are comparatively cleaner and the city has more sightseeing to offer. There are the Nadia caves, churches, forts, and temples. And of course, beaches and cheap beer. You can spend your 31st December by exploring the city during the day and enjoying at the beach during the night. The place worth a visit at least once. So, which place will you be heading to?
  9. Forget DeepVeer, Priyanka and Nick or even Isha Ambani's wedding, because the wedding of the century is HERE. A wedding that we didn't know we desperately needed to know about, until it was announced. 'Queen of controversy' Rakhi Sawant is all set to break a billion hearts as she announces her wedding to 'King of cringe' Deepak Kalal and in all honesty, this is a match made in heaven. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rakhi Sawant (@rakhisawant2511) on Oct 26, 2018 at 10:43am PDT Had someone randomly told us about it, we probably wouldn't have believed it (just like my colleagues when I broke this news to them). But, looks like it's actually happening guys, as both Rakhi and Deepak have posted the wedding invites on their social media. View this post on Instagram ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ððððððð°ð½ð¤µð»ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ððð¥°ð¥°ð¥° A post shared by Rakhi Sawant (@rakhisawant2511) on Nov 28, 2018 at 12:23am PST According to the invite, Rakhi and Deepak are getting married in Los Angeles on December 31. We guess, there can't be a better way to end this year, right? Deepak earlier wished Rakhi on her birthday as well. View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday My Love.... My future wife @rakhisawant2511 ...Moww...( See My instagram live with ma love Rakhi Baby.... It will disappear after 12 P.M..... A post shared by Deepak Kalal (@deepakkalalofficial) on Nov 25, 2018 at 3:45am PST As per a report in the Times Of India, when Rakhi was asked about the wedding destination, preparations and the guest list, Rakhi shared, "Wedding will take place in Los Angeles on 31st of December this year. There might be some functions that will take place here in India. I am going to invite everyone from Bollywood but I don't know who all will come there. But, Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar and Khali are going to attend my marriage as I have got a confirmation from them and they are going to come." View this post on Instagram Good morning sweetheart Friends @shilpsaxena Suummaayaa boutique A post shared by Rakhi Sawant (@rakhisawant2511) on Nov 22, 2018 at 11:17pm PST We don't know if there's any truth in this news, or if Rakhi and Deepak are just goofing around or their accounts are hacked. But whatever it is, this has to be the best news of the day, hands down.
  10. Whether it's his knack to find the gaps or the extra half a second he manages to find while playing his shots, Rohit Sharma oozes batting talent like no other in Indian cricket. While Virat Kohli continues to hog the limelight, Rohit has carved his own niche as one of the most destructive opening batsmen in the modern era of the sport. The Mumbai batsmen might have endured a disappointing start to the calendar year when India toured South Africa, but since that slump, there has been no turning back to the 'Hitman'. The Indian opener has enjoyed a brilliant batting run this year and he even showcased his leadership skills by leading his side (sans Kohli) to the Nidahas Trophy and Asia Cup titles. BCCL More recently, Rohit was seen going hammer and tongs at West Indies on their forgettable tour of India. The 31-year-old began the five-match ODI series against the Windies with a blistering knock of 152 runs before adding 162 and 63* in the last two matches. After missing out in the first T20I, Rohit marked a sensational comeback with an unbeaten knock of 111 runs before being cheaply dismissed in the third and final game. For a man who has been busy cutting a sorry figure for the opposition bowlers, Rohit now faces a sterner test as Kohli readies his battalion to establish their dominance Down Under. While the absence of Steve Smith and David Warner surely makes the Australian side a bit depleted, the hosts can still not be taken for granted amid the presence of potential match-winners in their side. And, that's exactly why India will once again need Rohit to give them a solid start at the top to boost their chances. But, apart from aiding his side, Rohit is also on the verge of the notching up some individual milestones in the shortest format. The right-handed batsman will be expected to achieve the following records in the ongoing first T20I at the Gabba: First Indian To Hit 100 T20I Sixes BCCL For someone who usually takes his time to get going, Rohit is more than capable of making amends later in the innings on the back of his ability to clear the boundary ropes at will. Once in his rhythm, the Indian opener can accelerate the innings through quick boundaries. The right-hander has already slammed 96 sixes and 200 fours in the 80 innings he has played in the shortest format. Going into the first T20I in Brisbane, Rohit will be just four big hits away from bringing up 100 sixes in T20Is - a feat that has not been achieved by an Indian so far. Highest T20I Run-Getter In A Single Calendar Year BCCL The year 2018 has already seen the Indian opener raking in plethora of runs in limited-overs cricket. The right-handed batsman has amassed 560 runs in the shortest format this year. And, he is now on the verge of overtaking his captain Kohli who currently holds the record for most T20I runs in a single calendar year. Kohli had notched up the record back in 2016 when he scored 641 runs that year. Given his batting prowess, the first T20I at the Gabba can very well witness Rohit surpassing Kohli as the Mumbai batsman needs just 81 runs to claim the record of most T20I runs in a calendar year. Highest Run-Scorer in T20Is BCCL The shortest version of the game has already witnessed Rohit carving his own niche on the back of some breath-taking strokes. His batting at the top has not only aided India in crunch games, but it has also allowed Rohit to amass so many runs. In 80 T20I innings, Rohit has scored 2,207 runs at a strike-rate of over 135. And, the fact that he is only behind New Zealand's Martin Guptill - who has 2,271 runs to his name - goes on to show how good this lad has been in the shortest version of the game. Coming out to bat in the first T20I in Brisbane, Rohit will need just 65 runs to overtake Guptill and become the highest run-getter in T20Is. While the Indian fans will hope Rohit shatters Guptill's record today, the Mumbai batsman will still have two more games to upstage the Kiwi.
  11. When was the last time you spoke to your father as you would to your buddies? Did you ever think about sitting across from him and just asking, “Wassup dude, how's life?”. For most of us, the answer is probably no, and that's the one thing we need to change this Diwali. Breaking from the mold of formal relations and tearing down the walls that we have built around us, we need to turn to each other and break the barriers of hesitation. Take a risk, ask a question you've always been afraid to and watch the walls crumble down. This beautiful short film by Honor sums up the relationship between most fathers and sons. But, the most beautiful moment is when you realize how easy it is to break the walls you've been building around yourself, afraid of letting people in. Watch the video here Your father can be your buddy, or whatever you want him to be in your life – a friend, mentor, guide, anything! All you have to do is talk to him without hesitation. This Diwali, be brave – go big or go home (literally!). And while you are at it, make sure you don't go home empty-handed. Celebrate #YehDiwaliHonorWali and take home the Honor 8X, a small Diwali gift for your father that will break any awkwardness and wrap you in the festive mood, leaving you teaching your dad how to ace that selfie. And oh, there are multiple offers on Honor 9N too. During the Big Diwali Sale, Flipkart is giving out the Honor 9N that has 3GB RAM with 32GB storage for Rs. 9,999/- and a 4+64GB variant for Rs. 11,999/- till 5th Nov only! So, celebrate #YehDiwaliHonorWali and watch the video here And Amazon too is giving out great offers on Honor on Diwali. You can get your hands on the performance beast Honor Play as the 4+64 GB Variant is available at a discounted price of INR 17,999 and Honor Play 6+ 64 GB variant at an exchange offer of 3K exclusively from 2nd November to 5th November at Great Indian Festival on Amazon. So without wasting any more time, head online and get your favourite Honor phone this Diwali!
  12. I remember that growing up, I was crushing hard over those deadly dimples that mark his face. Watching the 'King of Bollywood' bring stories alive on-screen with his immaculate acting skills was more than just entertainment; it was a promise of a pleasure ride that would span over 3 hours. That was enough to lure me back again and again, over the years. Every character Shah Rukh portrayed left an indelible mark on our memories, and we found ourselves making our way through the dark aisles of the cinema hall over and over again. © Facebook We wanted to witness more of his impeccable acting, stellar moves and the possibility of finding glimpses ourselves or our stories in his renditions. Over the years, we came to agree full well with him when he said, “Rahul, naam toh suna hoga.” His career graph has been so loaded since the very beginning, naming just a few of his films here would be a grave injustice to the 'King of Romance'. However, I feel haven't seen enough of the 'Badshah of Bollywood' in recent times. © Facebook No, I am not talking amount the number of his films that have released over the past two years (those are four in number, barring the voiceovers, cameos and special appearances). I am talking about the SRK who has the potential to knock every movie off the charts. Of late, his movie choices seemed to have overshadowed those better deliveries in the past. The recent past has witnessed SRK trying his hands at a little bit of everything. 2016 opened with 'Fan' which promised to present him in a new avatar, and I must admit that he played to all his strengths in the movie. SRK's portrayal of Gaurav Chandna was hailed as a nuanced piece of acting by the entire film industry. Yet, the following movies over 2016 and 2017 seemed to have done little for his fans like me, or his international stardom too for that matter. © Red Chillies Entertainment Yes, 'Dear Zindagi' and 'Raees' were good films, and his performance was entertaining, but they lacked the impact his movies are otherwise capable of eliciting. 'Jab Harry Met Sejal' was such a shoddy piece of art, it hurts my brain to call it a movie. None of his recent movies over the past few years have managed to win critical acclaim for him. 'Chak De! India' had been the last movie that became a major hit globally, with worldwide Box Office collections skyrocketing to 102 crores! Kabir Khan didn't only win a Hockey World Cup for India in the movie, he won the heart of millions of movie-goers too. We haven't quite seen another box office success like that one anytime recently. © Yash Raj Films This ambivalence was palpable even in his last appearance on 'Koffee With Karan' when SRK admitted to be going through an existential crisis of sorts, where he had been really mulling over the movies he did, and the kind of characters he portrayed. SRK's upcoming movie 'Zero' that is set to release in December later this year, could be an outcome of all the soul-searching and introspection courtesy the said crisis, since this would be his first and only movie to hit the screens in 2018. However, with latest reports pouring in, I hope Rakesh Sharma's biopic which has been titled as 'Saare Jahaan Se Achcha' would be the saving grace for King Khan. The character tropes seem similar to that of Mohan Bhargav (Swades) and Kabir Khan (Chak De! India), which makes me more than hopeful for a groundbreaking performance. © Twitter Rakesh Sharma, Hero of the Soviet Union, was the first Indian citizen who went to space, and a biopic of this man is in the making. The shooting is said to go on the floor latest by March next year, confirmed co-producer Ronnie Screwvala in an interview with PTI. To have such a title to his name could be the crowning glory SRK's career needs right now. So till the movie hit the screens, you will find me in the wait to behold SRK's next global success.
  13. Every year, a solitary bylane in Delhi's South Moti Bagh lights up with the flicker of several diyas and candles that dot the many flat surfaces along the lonely path. Nobody can be seen in the immediate vicinity, nobody you can credit for the cheerful act, and yet the glowing street manages to fill your heart with the happy spirit of the season. Diwali is here, and we have the entire city to show for it! Diwali - the festival of lights, also happens to be India's most favourite festival. The entire nation comes together to celebrate the occasion as one; regardless of the boundaries, languages and cultures that might separate them on other days. © Flickr For most of us, Diwali evokes glad memories of colourful Chinese lights gracing every inch of the verandah at home, wearing sparkling new clothes, gobbling up a hell lot of mithai and namkeen, and of course, the deafening sounds of crackers and glittering sparklers that filled our silly, childish heart with endless mirth. However, this year, the aforementioned tradition, and the nostalgia it welcomes year after year, might undergo a major change. After Supreme Court's order pushing for a 'green' Diwali, only those fireworks falling under permissible noise and smoke levels shall be allowed for use this Diwali, and that too only between 8 - 10 pm. © wikipedia SC's verdict comes as a welcome news for Delhiites, who are literally struggling to breathe post-Dussehra celebrations. With the city's Air Quality Index (AQI) recorded at season's highest at 337 on Saturday as per CPCB records, it would do all of us great good to break away from our age-old traditions and conform to the ban on crackers. Agreed that traditions are fun and emblematic of our cultural heritage, but ancient traditions that don't leave room to accommodate change, and move forward with the changing times only prohibits socio-cultural growth. To establish a more sensitive and progressive society, we need to break away from the shackles of ancient, unjust and harmful traditions. Traditions that not only threaten to squash our fundamental rights, but also prevent a holistic development of the society and its people. © AP The verdict on firecrackers is just one of the latest moves that challenge such regressive traditions. This year, the SC has shown us time and again that we must stand up against laws and traditions that are harmful to society. Be it Section 377 or the Sabarimala Temple verdict, we have seen how moves have been made to discard laws that are harmful to the society. Yet, with each of these decisions that came our way, a certain segment of men in our society stood up against them. They somehow keep overlooking the entitlement they enjoy in our society merely by the virtue of being men. Men are almost never questioned or judged, and the concept of victim-blaming in the case of men is simply non-existent. Remember Mulayam Singh Yadav's outrageous comment in 2015, when he said “boys will be boys...they make mistakes”, expressing his dissent against capital punishment for rape? That's really an honest reflection of the prevailing mindset of the Indian society. © Twitter More recently, with the #MeToo movement's furore gripping the nation, and with the endless accounts of harassment and assault pouring in from women across the country, men have yet again failed to play their part in stepping up, and making a positive impact to the situation by wielding their authority and power to aid women's concerns and voices be heard, and taken seriously. A Facebook user by the name of Bhandari Pb was seen commenting, “A dog at my frnds place licked my toe 5years back...I felt so uncomfortable...Me Too” on a #MeToo post listing the names of the accused. Another user commented on MJ Akbar's resignation with this, “justice has been without court order ... who served justice? feminist court of India?”. Such reactions only go to show how men have taken to trivialising the matter, or defacing the movement by giving it a political colour. In this entire man-made ruckus, what they seemed to have forgotten is that women, who are constantly fighting gazillion other personal and professional battles within the society, have finally decided to break out of the tradition of 'silence'. The tradition that dictates them to stay mum about injustice and assault, who glorify the notion of playing victim instead of rising as a survivor. © Instagram It's time men realised that the onus lies with them to bring about a change and leave behind such practices that harm us, and stubs our growth. Yet, perhaps, there is still hope for us because of men such as retired officer Mr. Datta, who believes that “the #MeToo movement might usher a safer future for my granddaughter." Maybe now men will also learn to think twice before making every single move like the women of our country have done of centuries at a stretch. Or if nothing else they might learn to mind their own business at the very least. The young generation isn't lagging behind either. The unrest around the Sabarimala verdict unsettled CAT aspirant Uday, who believes that, “when the women in our society are expected to further our religious and cultural traditions on all other occasions, when they are the ones following every religious tradition and ritual to the T in our society, then why should they be stopped from seeking God Ayyappan's blessings? They deserve it just as much as anybody else. Young or old.” © BCCL Will more please rise and dare to break the traditions, or at least come out in support of the ones who are fighting to bring about a change? Let's remember the efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy who stood up against Sati, the tireless efforts of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar who fought to legalise widow remarriage, and hail the terrific move of Savitri Bai Phule who went against an orthodox society to open a school for women and untouchables. It's about time the men of our generation stood up to similar challenges in our society today, just like they did.
  14. Diwali is just around the corner and with the constant supply of delicious food, most dieters will succumb to cravings. And why shouldn't you? After all, this is the time of year everyone gets together. Though it's okay to drift from your diet a little, it's still better to have an idea about how much food you are eating. Keeping this in mind, here are some tasty Indian food items that are vastly consumed during 'Navratras' and 'Diwali' alike with their macro breakdown. 1) Sabudana Khichdi © carveyourcravings Sabudana (tapioca balls) is consumed by people who generally practice fasting during Navratras. Though people prepare various dishes with sabudana, sabudana khichdi is amongst the most common of all the dishes. Some people cook it without any garnish, while some prefer to add coriander leaves, cumin seeds, sago, potato, grated coconut, roasted peanuts, lemon juice, green chillies for flavour. It's easy to cook and scores well on satiety factor. A bowl of sabudana khichdi has almost 450 to 500 calories. It has 20gms of fat and 70gms of total carbs in a single bowl of serving. Protein per serving is just around 10 grams. Since its really high in calories, you might want to take this into notice while including it into your diet. 2) Amaranth Ladoo © YouTube Amaranth, which is commonly known as Rajgira in Hindi, is consumed in Navratras. Majorly, it is consumed in the form of 'ladoos' which are prepared with amaranth and sugar syrup. To prepare ladoos, amaranth is heated and then mixed with either jaggery or sugar syrup. Then it is served in an oval shape and consumed either with milk or in its original form. A 100 gram of serving of amaranth will serve you with around 350 calories, a majority of which are carbs. A total of around 70gm of carbs and around 15gms of protein is what you get from one serving of 100 gms of amaranth. 3) Buckwheat Chapatti © YouTube Buckwheat commonly known as 'Kuttu ka aata' in Hindi, is widely used in all the fasts in India. During Navratri also, people use buckwheat flour to prepare chapatti's which are generally consumed with either vegetable or potatoes. A medium sized buckwheat chapatti will serve you around 100 calories which would majorly come from carbohydrates. If you consume them after frying them in cooking oil, the calories per chapatti go up depending upon how deep fried the chapatti is. 4) Kaju Barfi & Other Sweets © YouTube Kaju barfi and all the other forms of sweets are generally exchanged between friends and family members during Diwali. This goes without saying that you should limit your intake of sweets, as it is only going to increase the total number of calories and will not provide you with any form of nutritional benefits. Even a single piece of Kaju burfi will serve you around 100 calories, all of which will come from carbs and fat. Needless to say, that majority of the carbs are from simple sugar which is not good for your fitness goals as well as general health. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  15. The air is buzzing with excitement, as all of us in the Bengali community gear up for the grandest event on our calendars. Durga Pujo is just around the corner, and the festive fervour in our homes, and even outside of it, is in full swing. Pujo is not just about Maa Durga, prayers and bhog, to be honest, that's just the tip of the iceberg. While all the feverish hullabaloo of the bangalis rubs off on our obangali (non-Bengali) friends, there's an entire aspect of Pujo that most people are still unaware of. While your Bengali friend might pass on every bit of pandal gossip in translation, he/she might have never told you about a matter of great interest - 'pujor prem'. © Instagram The phrase loosely translates to “love during Pujo”, and quite frankly, I am not even sure if all of us tried to hide it from you on purpose, or if it just never came up for discussion. But, don't worry, this is where I step in to save your day. Pujor prem is the greatest attraction during Durga Puja for every young Bengali man and woman. I totally understand if you are wondering what's so special about this kind of “love”, and truth be told, that curiosity is justified. Basically, pujor prem is a five-day love affair (kickstarter) that works like a charm in 99.01% cases. © Rising Sun Films All You Need To Know About Love In The Time Of Pujo So it all begins on the fifth day or Ponchomi of Durga Puja, with the 'first glimpse'. On Shashti, it's 'the beginning', when you exchange smiles from across the pandal. On Saptami, you finally 'approach' her to strike a conversation. Oshtomi marks your 'first move', and Nobomi is the game changer, when the two of you really get to hang out. And by the time it's Doshomi you may have already gotten what you're looking for. Though pujor prem is mostly known for the innocent love affairs that youngsters end up having during the course of the five days, this generation is steadily changing things up. Though love may still bloom, the excitement and freedom that Pujo brings, has steadily given way to quick flings and one night stands in recent times, which both the parties enjoy. © Twitter Now that you have the basic scoop, let me tell you how to score a date with that Bong beauty you've had the hots for all this time, which might end up with getting you laid too. All you need are some real smooth conversation starters, with 10 ml of confidence and 20 ml of persona to go with it. Caution: Don't forget to keep it real at all times. You don't wanna mess with a hot-blooded Bong. Trivia 1: Always start with eye contact. Hold her gaze and give a genuine smile. If you get a smile back, you may move up to her the next chance you get and introduce yourself. Next up, begin the conversation with a neutral subject and tell her how much you like the decorations of her community pandal. Then slowly carry on from there. Trivia 2: Day 2 would be great to just stop by and share a few pleasantries. You might want to ask her about the day's cultural events line-up and if she is looking forward to anything special on the schedule. Play along, and you might just get to enjoy the performance together! © Balaji Motion Pictures Trivia 3: The next day, you might just want to get a few friends along, for a change you know, and introduce them to her as well. Let it rest at hello(s) and how are you(s). She might also reciprocate by introducing her own squad to you all. How's that going to help, you ask? Well, not only will she be more comfortable to chat with you with her friends around, but it'll literally be “more the merrier”. This move also brings in trust. Trivia 4: Oshtomi is really special for everyone, and she would most probably drape a saree for the day's festivities. Well, you won't need much of my help there. Just give her a genuine (non-creepy) compliment on her look. By this time, the conversation would automatically start to roll. Trivia 5: The last day is your chance to ask her out on a 'pandal-hopping date'. At least that is how it'll start. Your group of friends may also tag along, and by the end of the day, you two can figure out what the evening should be like. Don't rush it. Getting laid shouldn't be your only motivation if this happens to be a girl you really like. But if you keep it real and treat her right, you should not have much trouble with 'that' part either. Make all the memories you can during these five days, when she has her guard down and is in the mood to enjoy herself. Who knows, you might even actually end up finding someone special for the long run.
  16. So, you finally gathered all the courage to confess to your crush (or are you about to?), and ask her out on a date. Well, congrats! Since you're reading this, it means that either she has agreed to go out with you or you're optimistic that she'll probably say yes. Good for you, mate. But be aware that first dates can often be tricky and more than a little awkward. So, you gotta be prepared for it when the time comes. But did you really think we'd abandon you at such a moment of need, without arming you with just the right tools to not only make your date perfect, but also ensure that you get the best deal for the least amount? © Dharma Productions Listed below are 10 such interesting and cheap AF first dates ideas, that will not only give a perfect start to your relationship, but also keep the awkwardness of your first meeting away, so conversations and confessions are shared in abundance. 1. Visit A Park Where You Can Feed Ducks/Deers We know how most people feel about parks, but you see, the idea is to keep it casual and informal. A park such as this one is not only open and gives both of you space, it also allows you to look at and do something other than awkwardly gazing at each other's faces. Besides, you can have a great conversation while at it too! 2. Take A Boat Ride This one may not be totally free, but then it won't cost you a bomb either. By shelling out a very small sum of money, you two get to ride a ferry in each other's company. And as you paddle sitting across from each other, conversation and fun anecdotes will come easy on such a fun journey. © T-Series Films 3. Explore A Used Bookstore Ah, for those of you whose girlfriends enjoy a good read, this one would be a perfect option. Visit one of those old, used bookstores in your part of town and make a game out of who finds the weirdest or hilarious titles from amongst the books. In no time, you'll find her loosening up with every shared laugh and the rest of the date would play out smoothly. 4. Head To The Zoo Another interesting option is to visit the local zoo and spend time admiring old and new creatures. It might have been a long time since either of you visited the place, and it would be a great idea to revisit the place again in each other's company. It's a great way to relive old memories and make new ones, without burning a hole in your pocket! © Red Chillies Entertainment 5. Visit A Botanical Garden This might seem a little too cliche, but beautiful botanical gardens brimming with blossoms in full bloom will never cease to amaze and please girls. Initiate a light-hearted conversation and get to know each other better, as you set out on a leisurely stroll along the brick pathways, moving amidst the plush greens and floral scents. 6. Watch The Sunset Together It might seem very filmy but this one also has the potential to do wonders for you. Kick start your date by watching the sunset together from a good viewing spot and perhaps head out for a long drive after, which can then end with ice cream and some fun conversation on the side. Sweet and simple - that's something girls always appreciate. © Dharma Productions 7. Go Hiking If she happens to be one of those girls who are into fun activities and adventures, this will be the perfect way to start your journey together. Literally. Every town or city will have at least one good spot that's perfect for a hike. Simply decide the place and head out together to explore the trail. You'll be happily surprised by how it fares. 8. Pack A Picnic Never estimate the classic moves because they can never go out of fashion. Most men are not aware of how wonderfully these classics work. Choose a nice and quiet (and safe of course) place, pack a few easy snacks, munchies and/or games and head out to the venue. The very mood and feel of the concept will woo her enough to make the date perfect. © Sunshine Pictures 9. Check Out A Tourist Spot Either Of You Haven't Explored This one might seem very normal but wait until you try it. You'll easily find a number of such touristy places that either of you haven't been to. Well, good news 'cause now you can check one out together, and get lost in the many fascinating details about the place, in your shared company. Try it and you'll come back to tell us how nicely that works. 10. Visit A Planetarium We know this doesn't sound like an obvious choice, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great idea. It's not like going for a 3-hour-long movie and yet, it has a very similar feel. It gives you something to talk about after the show is over, which then opens up the channels for other discussions. It no time, you'll see how the visit has done the trick. Try these out and let us know which one you picked for yourself. All the best!
  17. You know why you clicked on this story, don't you? If you are not sure, then let's just say that perhaps something about this article's headline resonated with you. Or maybe you came here to confirm your notions on the subject or even to critique it. All the same, for a major percentage of you reading this, the most pressing reason would have been the four words written in quotes in the headline - which is something every other Indian guy has grown up listening to, a number of times, from a number of people. © Vinod Chopra Films Frankly, no one's to blame for this passion that plagues most of the middle-class households in the country, regardless of where you are located. This statement is a loose translation for middle-class aspirations, to climb up the social ladder based on the “pride, respect and financial independence” this career offers/ed and promises/ed. However, when we look around at our engineer friends and acquaintances, or even the job market for that matter, each of them paint a very different picture. Yet, our elders somehow always manage to overlook these realities or rather manage to “look at the brighter side of things”, as they say. © Vinod Chopra Films But we are not here to discuss the pros and cons of this career choice, rather we are here to set a premise as to why our society needs to move beyond its obsession with scientific intelligence and instead, give equal encouragement to a healthy philosophical and literary bend of mind amongst the youth. While there's no denying the fact that scientists and engineers may be one of the major building blocks of the society, it also needs to be acknowledged that civilisations would cease to exist if creative fields are to be disregarded and the expressions curbed. © Thinkstock So, when we say that parents should take a break from “humara beta toh engineer banega”, what we are also trying to say is that, it's time they stopped saying things like, “arts toh below average students lete hain”, “actor banke nautanki karoge?”, “baker matlab halwai banna chahte ho?”, yada yada. What this implies is that anybody who is more inclined towards science will somehow be more successful in life, while any other alternative choice of career cannot be trusted to stand the test of time and help build a life of comfort and abundance. © Pexels Yes, times are changing. Yes, we have come a long way and yes, it is true that lots of parents have now become more accepting of alternative career choices, but the majority of them are still not convinced. So while they continue to overlook the perpetual need and the growth prospects of the creative fields, let's consider taking a look at the facts that might convince the likes of them. It is no news that the creative fields expand people's horizon. They allow us to look beyond the obvious, dig deeper and not go by the face value of things. People in these fields like to question everything and build strong instincts by expanding their knowledge. © Pexels Moreover, every society needs people who can think clearly, accommodate multiple perspectives and rise above the differences to reach a consensus that suits them all. Creative fields encourage critical thinking and equip people to unearth the layers of meaning hidden behind an obvious looking artefact and prove their point too. Not just that, people in such fields are also more welcoming of other cultures and beliefs, because they wish to know more and take all the positive aspects of different cultures to share with the world. © Pexels A lot of poignant pieces of literature, cinema, paintings, culinary explorations and the likes have constantly opened gates for interactions and exchange of ideas across borders and even continents, stepping over language barriers and cultural differences. These are other forms of discoveries which help the society to grow and evolve into a wholesome and compassionate entity. So, perhaps it wouldn't be wrong to say it's high time the break was announced, and we witnessed more transformations like Viru Sahastrabudhhe's character underwent in '3 Idiots'. © UTV Motion Pictures This would not only save hundreds of lives burdened by societal (at times parental too) expectations and from eventually crumbling under it, but also prevent the ruthless murder of thousands of dreams, something that is so prevalent in many households in the name of job security and future prospects.
  18. Fakhar Zaman has scored 220 runs from three games in the series. Photo: ICCBULAWAYO: Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first in the fourth ODI against Zimbabwe.Pakistan is eyeing its fourth straight ODI win as they take on a depleted...
  19. Sanjay Dutt's biopic 'Sanju' has changed the box-office game in Bollywood in a short span of time. While everyone expected this movie to do wonders, no one thought it would be a complete game-changer as well. From the impeccable acting, crisp dialogues and script to the extraordinary cast, Rajkumar Hirani's movie has become one of the most entertaining films of the year. © Twitter Within 19 days, the movie has broken many records. In fact, Ranbir Kapoor's film has already smashed one of Salman Khan's records and will soon surpass another. © FoxStarHindi Since its release, the movie has earned Rs. 321.57 crore, becoming the fourth highest grossing film in Bollywood, leaving Salman's 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' behind. Now Ranbir's movie is heading for the third position and is set to beat Bhaijaan's record of 'Tiger Zinda Hai' (Rs. 339.16 crores) as well. © SKF Well, rumours have it that Salman Khan already isn't very pleased with Ranbir for reasons that we know (*cough* Katrina). So now, the rivalry between the two actors might get more intense, as Ranbir looks poised to break all of Salman's records. © Twitter 'Sanju' has become the No.1 film of 2018 and has also crossed the 100 crore mark within the first week of its release. The movie has left many impressed and even Ranbir's lady love, Alia Bhatt, can't stop praising it. Talking about the movie she said, “I really liked it. It is a fantastic, fabulous and an outstanding film. I think in my top 10 best film list, 'Sanju' is high up there. Ranbir is outstanding in it. Vicky Kaushal and Paresh Ji (Rawal) also did a fantastic job. Everyone including Anushka (Sharma) and Sonam (Kapoor) did a really good job. It's a full package.” © FoxStarHindi People can't stop raving about Ranbir's performance in 'Sanju' and the movie is indeed turning the box-office game. Salman's apparent displeasure does not come as a surprise, but then again, this is what happens when you do films like 'Race 3'.
  20. As 'Mission: Impossible Fallout' inches closer to its release date, every new development in the movie, teasers, trailers and BTS videos are compelling us to ask this important question: were Tom Cruise and the other actors forced to sign for this movie at gunpoint? How else can we justify all the death-defying stunts and fight scenes, that the actors are willingly taking up to complete this impossible mission? © Paramount Pictures We have already seen all the dangerous stunts that Tom Cruise is capable of performing, but it seems we've only reached the tip of the iceberg. Honestly, Tom Cruise is one of the world's greatest and fittest actors, for whom we can use this statement even after 10 years – “Check out this actor who is giving actors half his age a run for their money.” © Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures recently released a jaw-dropping video of a fight scene between Tom Cruise, stuntman-turned-actor Liang Yang and Henry Cavill and his $25 million moustache. This 44-second 'bathroom fight' clip shows Ethan Hunt, August Walker, and Lark Decoy engaged in a brutal fight, and the audience has no idea whatsoever, about who is in whose team now. If this video and all the other teasers and trailers we've seen so far do not make you mark the dates of the movie, we wonder what will. Ahead of its release, Director Christopher McQuarrie's 'Mission: Impossible Fallout' has already earned great reviews from the critics and viewers. We now can't wait for July 27, when the movie will hit the theatres, which also stars Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan, Alec Baldwin, Sean Harris and Rebecca Ferguson.
  21. Researchers have discovered that criminals can steal your password and other sensitive details, buy simply analysing the residual heat left by fingertips on a computer keyboard. According to the research, it is possible for criminals to use a thermal camera to record heat signatures left by your hands. Criminals can detect the residual heat up to a minute after someone has touched the keys. The researches claim, that the hackers can wait for someone to step away from their computer before stealing sensitive data such as passwords, banking details and other data. The cyber attack has been branded as the 'thermanator'. © University of California The cyber attack was discovered by the scientists at the University of California, and have warned users to protect themselves from a possible 'thermanator' attack. Study lead author Professor Gene Tsudik told Bleeping Computer (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/thermanator-attack-steals-passwords-by-reading-thermal-residue-on-keyboards/), "It's a new attack that allows someone with a mid-range thermal camera to capture keys pressed on a normal keyboard, up to one minute after the victim enters them. If you type your password and walk or step away, someone can learn a lot about it after-the-fact.” In order for such an attack to work, hackers will need to place a thermal camera within the vicinity of your laptop or computer keyboard. Footage from these cameras can be analysed to find your passwords and other information. © Pexels During the study, a total of 31 participants were asked to enter their passwords on four types of keyboards. Eight non-experts were asked to analyse the footage and work out the keys that were pressed based on the heat signatures. The thermal recordings were clear enough for non-experts to identify and decipher user's passwords. So, the next time when you are working in a cafe or in a public place, make sure of your surroundings and never leave your laptop unattended. Source: Bleeping Computer