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Found 44 results

  1. When humanity stumbled into 2020, most of us, at least those who can read this article, have at some point in our lives, played a video game. Whether youâre casually chucking birds at pigs on your cell phone, enjoying a day off with some FIFA, exploring amazing single-player stories or competing in online tournaments - between 2012 and 2020, the market share of Earthâs most immersive form of entertainment has doubled to over $150 billion, and continues to rise meteorically. It wasnât surprising then, that through the evolution of gaming, Hollywood has been playing close attention to audiences and developers alike. Engaging characters, action sequences just waiting to be shot - and plenty of box office cheques to write. What follows is a list of some of the most popular, engaging and even surprising success stories of video games, adapted to film. 10. Mortal Kombat Okay, we know this one hasnât aged too well, but hear us out for a bit. Back in 1995, teenagers had little to compare their video games to, outside of their television screens and if they were lucky, toy tie-ins. But when it came to seeing the ultraviolence fighting game spectacle take place on the big screen, boy were crowds sold. This film was the first video game adaptation to ditch external plots and for-film narratives, sticking to the source material with extreme care. Several moves featured in the fight scenes are actual combos within the original game, and the old school CGI makes for an amusing, yet enlightening foundation stone for all the films to come in its wake. 9. Silent Hill On paper, Silent Hillâs creepy formula of atmospheric visuals, terrifying survival gameplay and amazing monster designs would have made for a good movie - so why was this one forgotten with time? In a nutshell, the filmmakers only paid attention to the first point. The film is stylistically perfect and takes us back to chilling memories of the video game - but is let down by a muddled plot and unimpressive backstory retellings. On the bright side, we do get to see Sean Bean of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones fame. 8. Final Fantasy: Advent Children Straight up, if you like Final Fantasy, anime or both of the above, youâll love this. While youâll feel completely lost in the filmâs characters and plot without having played the game, it showcases some of developer Square Enixâs most stunning collaborations with Visual Works, the legendary Japanese studio behind their gorgeously detailed cutscenes. The action is pure, unadulterated spectacle - one that was so beloved by fans that PS3 sales back in 2005 skyrocketed after its release. 7. The Angry Birds Movie 2 Like any decent gamer, I approached this one with caution and doubt. Itâs improbable, silly and very much an overt cash grab - yet the quirkiness and simple charm that made the mobile game such a big hit is plastered all over this movie. It knows exactly how seriously to take itself - keeping the early pacing quick and introducing us to a series of characters and well-written gags that could engage both parents and kids alike. 6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time It seems like thereâs two kinds of PoP fans out there - those who fondly remember the old DOS-era platformers, and those who enjoyed the brutal action-adventure thrills of Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. This film was clearly aimed at the latter - with Jake Gyllenhall backflipping through scenes into the titular princeâs role. Thereâs plenty of fun fight choreography, royal schemes and even time travel shenanigans at work here, and despite almost no real connection with the games, Ben Kinglsleyâs performance as the main villain totally makes up for it. 5. Warcraft Thereâs a common misconception with this film that several reviewers fell for - commonly thought of to be based on the titanic World of Warcraft MMORPG series, it actually focuses on the story of a slightly older game - 2002âs Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, which some of you MOBA gamers might remember as the birthplace of DOTA. Warcraft follows the tale of a desperate Orc tribe contending with warring factions, demonic magic and all the fun action set pieces that result from this. While the film is heavy with exposition, the scale and CGI work is fantastic, while Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi sets it all to a fantastic background score. 4. Sonic The Hedgehog Certainly, no one asked for this - but spurred on by longtime rival Nintendoâs success with Detective Pikachu (which weâll get to later), Sega and Paramount Picturesâ 2020 Sonic film dashes through nostalgic throwbacks for fans - referencing several themes and game design features from the 90s classics. Even more dynamic than the surprisingly relatable Sonic is his nemesis Dr. Eggman, played by Jim Carrey. Seriously, if kid me knew this was coming, Iâd have been far more excited for 2020 - serious thumbs up to the filmmakers for taking the time and effort to re-render Sonicâs visuals after major fan backlash in 2019. Segaâs seen better days, but they sure are loyal. 3. Tomb Raider Before Tomb Raider, there was Angelina Jolieâs similarly named Lara Croft: Tomb Raider from 2001. While the Angie films were riotous and enjoyable in perhaps the same way as Pierce Brosnanâs Bond flicks, this reinvention of the character was inspired by the 2013 videogame reboot, which dropped the stale action feel in favour of a gritty, realistic and much more grounded theme, with Alicia Vikanderâs performance bringing it all together. She does defy physics and heal from injuries in a way that detracts from the realism - but itâs all very slick, well made and stands as a good film by itself. 2. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu This 2019 riot came out of nowhere, with a fresh new idea that turned those old Pokemon GO ads into a reality - bringing Pokemon into our contemporary world was a very risky move that Nintendo and Game Freak took for the series. Almost immediately, itâs apparent that this movie is created by the very same people who grew up playing the video games and watching the anime⦠a hilarious, touching and often witty adventure that brings our beloved Pikachu to life - complete with Ryan Reynoldsâ voice and a mystery plot to boot. 1. The Original Pokemon Films Back in the good early 2000s when animation was in its golden age, kids the world over were absolutely brought to their knees with sequel after sequel of Pokemon feature-length animated films. While a staggering 23 of them have been produced to date, the spotlight has always belonged to the original - Mewtwo Strikes Back. With beautiful animation, all the characters we love and a truly memorable and touching plot, this one would also be remembered for having the saddest scene in Pokemon history. Did you ever play or watch any of these series? Tell us in the comments! View the full article
  2. It's established now that Ranveer Singh's OTT fashion sense is what makes him a true fashionista. Give him anything and he will indubitably turn it into something quirky. Even though he is trolled for his outrageous style, he continues to make more and more appearances like its NBD. That's what truly makes him who he is. © Viral Bhayani He recently wrapped up his schedule for '83 and while we cannot wait for him to kickstart the promotions, you need to take a quick glance at his recent fashion experiment. For Deepika Padukone's birthday celebration at the Mumbai airport, he legit took away all the attention. Take a look at his oversized long trench coat and you would see why this one is the most striking piece. © Viral Bhayani We scoured and found that he is wearing a zany reversible wool coat by Gucci. One side has a houndstooth pattern whereas the other side is backed with GG pattern blended with a classic combination of camel and ebony. The logo is continuously incorporated on this wool coat and the new iterations make this one a statement piece. © Gucci © Gucci Furthermore, the gold-toned metal buttons accentuate the look and feel of this long coat even more. The jacket is oversized and is a perfect way to rev up winter fashion game. © Viral Bhayani Gucci being a luxury brand, it can instantly burn a big hole in our pocket. The jacket comes at a whopping price of Rs. 3,27,456. Now, let that sink in first! Speaking of Ranveer's overall outfit, he is sporting the classic denim on denim trend. The Gucci Cap, which is again an overly expensive accessory priced at Rs. 30,960, is truly head-turning. As far as his sneakers are concerned, he is wearing Converse x JW ANDERSON. Probably, this is the only thing out of his outfit that's priced at Rs.10,000. © Viral Bhayani It's just the start of the month and the new year but truly Ranveer's overall outfit can give anyone that 'broke' feels. Must say, Baba, killed it again and how! Well done, Ranveer. View the full article
  3. The Pakistan Cricket Board has been under the radar ever since former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar spoke about the kind of religious bias Hindu cricketer Danish Kaneria had to face during his time with the team. Akhtar said that the team would refuse to sit with the spinner and never wanted to eat with him back in the day. VIDEO: Shoaib Akhtar makes a sensational revelation. He says Pakistan players refused to eat food with Danish Kaneria because he was a Hindu. He was never given any credit for his performances and was constantly humiliated because of his religion. pic.twitter.com/zinGtzcvym — Navneet Mundhra (@navneet_mundhra) December 26, 2019 Admitting to have faced such discrimination from his teammates, Kaneria himself spoke about the mistreatment he had to face on a regular basis when he used to play cricket as one of the Men in Green. Amidst such allegations, an old video of the former all-rounder of the team, Shahid Afridi surfaced on the internet which could not have come forward in a worse time. In the video, Afridi can be seen speaking to a talk show host about his aggression and anger. When the interviewer asks him if he had broken his television or anything else in rage, Afridi began to share the story of that one time that he did. This is reality of secularism in Pakistan, TVs are broken for showing Hindu rituals & people applaud it pic.twitter.com/PXKcs5wcyf — Amit Kumar Sindhi ð®ð³ (@AMIT_GUJJU) December 28, 2019 He explains that he had asked his wife, who loved to watch Indian television shows, to watch them when she was alone and not let their daughters watch them. He then goes on to talk about that one time when he saw one of his daughters perform 'arti' in front of the television. “I looked at what was going on and I slammed the TV into the wall,” he said. “That was the only time I broke my television,” he adds. The camera then pans towards an elated audience, applauding Afridi's story with a smile on their faces. I listen to the call for prayer from 5 am in the morning till night, whether at home or in office. It is not even a choice, but we take it in our stride. — Shrinivas Mahale ð®ð³ (@ShrinivasMahale) December 28, 2019 Hadd hai yaar, bc does he realise its a freaking drama, not even a real ritual. This is his hatred for Hindus, nothing else — Aniket (@yobhrata) December 28, 2019 Which is more irritating Afridi's comment or anchor's fake laugh and reaction.. — Shiva (@siva1302) December 28, 2019 Being a nationalist is great, but people like Afridi & many in that cricket team are open bigots. Let them bloody come forward & lecture us on secularism now! — Nikhil (@red_devil22) December 28, 2019 @DrNaumanNiaz what about this sir?? And forced conversions? And minority population down from 10% to 1%! Stop this hypocrisy — Anant Tandon ð®ð³ (@AnantTandon5) December 28, 2019 View the full article
  4. Some movies continue holding a special place in everyone's heart for various reasons. Sometimes it's the leading pair's chemistry, sometimes it's the storyline and some movies are magical because of the love you can witness on screen between the actors. However, some movies also end up being a catalyst for breaking up relationships off-screen for these actors. After all they, too, are human. Here are 5 movies which broke more relationships than box office records: 1. Jab We Met One of the best works of Shahid and Kareena mixed with the brilliance of Imtiaz Ali's epic story telling, this movie continues to be everyone's favourite love story thanks to how 'real' it is. Sadly, the sparkling chemistry between the real life lovers back then turned sour as it was rumoured that during the final lap of the shoot, they broke up. Soon after the release, Kareena was known to be dating Saif, which was not a rumour. View this post on Instagram Geet and Aditya ð¹I really liked them together | movie: Jab we Met | All Rights Reserved To T-Series A post shared by ð¡ ð® ð« ð« ð¸ ð¶ ð® ð® ð£ (@bollywoodvv) on Oct 27, 2019 at 5:02am PDT View this post on Instagram #kareenakapoorkhan #kareenakapoor #kareena_kapoor_khan #kareena_kapoor #saifalikhan #saif_ali_khan #Taimur #familygoals #royalfamily #saifeena #husbandwife #kareenasaif #saifkareena #kareenataimursaif #saiftaimurkareena #tourgoals #vacations #lovebirds #loveoflife #royalty #loveeachother #bestcouple #couplegoals A post shared by KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN (@pataudikareenakapoorkhan) on Jun 3, 2019 at 2:46am PDT 2. Mr & Mrs. Smith One movie which made people feel a lot of crazy things! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's love/hate camaraderie sure set the screen on fire but Brad's marriage to Jennifer Aniston hit the rocks during this movie's filming. The entire fan brigade of the stars were divided and until today, Jen fans have not forgiven Brad for breaking her heart. View this post on Instagram Best couple in the world ð¤ #anjelinajolie #bradpitt #bradjolie #mrandmrssmith #joliepitt #movie #mondobongo ð A post shared by Welcome to Young Blog ð¤ (@young_blog) on Sep 17, 2017 at 9:56am PDT View this post on Instagram “The first time I kissed Brad my knees went weak- I literally lost my breath” J•Að I honestly love Jen and Brad so much they were so cute and so In loveð« #jenniferaniston #bradpitt #friends #rachelgreen #faniston #90s #jenandbrad A post shared by â¡ðððððððð£ ð¸ððð¤ð¥ð ð â¡ (@jenaniston_love) on Jun 8, 2019 at 2:31pm PDT 3. Green Lantern This is the movie which got one of the most iconic Hollywood couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively together. The two met during the filming of this shoot. While Ryan was married to Scarlett Johansson, Blake was reportedly dating her 'Gossip Girl' co star, Penn Badgely. The two broke off their respective relationships and in less than a year, were married to each other. View this post on Instagram What a birthday! I just smoked a huge bowl of early voting. #JustVoted @whenweallvote A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Oct 23, 2018 at 7:30am PDT © Instagram 4. Snowhite & The Huntsman Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson became instant teenage heartthrobs and everyone's favourite cute couple courtesy their love story in the 'Twilight' series which translated into a real life romance as well. However, Kristen Stewart reportedly cheated on Pattinson with her director, Rupert Sanders. The couple eventually broke up. View this post on Instagram Ðам нÑавилаÑÑ ÑÑа паÑа ???â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by put on a happy face (@moviebooom) on Jan 4, 2019 at 1:04pm PST © Instagram 5. Lagaan This movie created history and was in the news for various reasons. The brilliantly made movie not only made it to the 'Oscars', but also turned out to be the saturation point of Aamir Khan's marriage with his wife Reena. It was reported that he was warming up to Kiran Rao who was an assistant director back then. The couple eventually got married. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aamir Khan Kiran Rao (@kiranraoaamirkhan) on Aug 13, 2018 at 11:21pm PDT © Instagram View the full article
  5. Taylor Swift broke down after Selena Gomez played her latest song for her. Photo: E OnlineSelena Gomez has become one of the hottest subjects as she took over the globe following the release of her track that marked her comeback to music after a...
  6. Yeah, you read that right. But of course, there are conditions attached, my friend! So calm your horses down. Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world which originally has over 1 million residents but hosts over 19 million tourists every year. In a new initiative to allow tourists to have a more authentic taste of the city and boost tourist economy, 'Untourist Guide to Amsterdam', a website that was launched recently has launched a campaign called 'Marry an Amsterdammer for a day'. View this post on Instagram Who's up for a boat tour? ๠Tag your friends! | â¡ Stay tuned @freecityguide ð¸: @chiukiamsterdam A post shared by Amsterdam City Guide (@freecityguide) on Jun 6, 2019 at 6:00am PDT Under this campaign, tourists will now be able to sign up for marrying a local listed as a resident for a day. The fake wedding will be a ceremony of 35 minutes and post that, you can enjoy a full day celebrating your honeymoon where your fake bride/groom will help you escape monotony and explore the gorgeous city. Well, the wedding is fake, so obviously the 'honeymoon' is also an umbrella term for the experience, so please don't run your imagination. The bid for the 'spouse' will begin from around 100 Euros and the tourist will be allowed to have family and friends at the wedding. View this post on Instagram “You are my love story, and I write you into everything I do, everything I see, everything I touch, and everything I dream, you are the words that fill my pages.” - a. r. asher A post shared by Alex Wysocki Photography (@alexwysockiphotography) on Jun 5, 2019 at 1:06am PDT The whole idea behind this fun concept is that people should feel connected with the city and not just visit the city for the sake of it. Seems like a crazy idea which will obviously drive so many 'desi' tourists there but damn, we're broke right now bro.
  7. 'Game of Thrones' series finale aired yesterday, and well, it got a lot of mixed reactions from viewers across the globe. But despite the backlash, the final episode of the series titled, “The Iron Throne,” melted its previous viewership record. The final episode broke all the viewership records by drawing 19.3 million viewers across HBO's platforms, overtaking the previous series high of 18.4 million viewers set by the previous episode. © HBO The final episode of the series has been receiving a lot of flak on the internet. Fans across the globe think that the showrunners 'rushed' to finish the series. Heck, people have been signed a petition asking the producers to remake the final season with better writers. Despite all the backlash, almost all episodes of the final series had record-breaking numbers when it comes to the viewership. The first episode drew over 17 million viewers. The number dipped a little for the second episode as it drew 15.9 million viewers. Since then, all the episodes have had over 17 million people watching the show across all HBO's platforms. © HBO Here's a quick look at the viewership numbers for the season 8- Episode 1/ Season premiere: 17.4 million Episode 2: 15.9 million Episode 3: 17.8 million Episode 4: 17.2 million Episode 5: 18.4 million Episode 6/ Series finale: 19.3 million
  8. Season 12 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) will come to an end today when two of the most successful teams of the league, Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings and Rohit Sharma's Mumbai Indians will lock horns for either of their fourth championship, tonight. However, while IPL 2019 will be remembered for the action-pact games on a nightly basis along with some of the most entertaining television commercials to promote them, it will also be remembered for something a lot more peculiar. Ever since the beginning of the contest, the relationship between players and the umpires has only gotten worse. Some of the most infamous incidents included Indian captain Virat Kohli trying to barge inside the umpire's room, after a no-call cost Kohli and the Royal Challengers Bangalore a game against MI. Then we had 'Captain Cool' losing his temper and march out of the dug-out and into the field to show his disagreement with the officials. Things got out of hand, played were abused and looked down at and cricketers like Dhoni even had to pay half their match fee for “breaching the code of conduct”, which is great, by the way. It is important to maintain decorum, especially for a game like cricket that attracts millions of eyeballs, daily. The whole perspective changes when the heat comes from the other side of the altercation. Umpires and match referees are known for keeping their calm under crucial moments of the game and are expected to handle a situation with care if something seems to be getting out of hand. However, when almost a week ago, when English umpire Nigel Llong was bombarded by Virat Kohli and Umesh Yadav with questions over the incorrect no-ball decision given by him, Llong's anger got the better of him and he ended up breaking a door of the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. "It was an unfortunate incident. As a state association, we are writing to the COA today," Sudhakar Rao, Secretary, Karnataka State Cricket Association, told The Times of India. Indeed, it was an unfortunate incident, but to let Llong go unscathed and without punishment for such a display of anger has to be an example of the Council's double standards. To add insult to injury, Nigel Llong is also the umpire who will be officiating the IPL final, later today.
  9. Last evening's Indian Premier League match between Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings and Virat Kohli's Royal Challengers Bangalore produced some really incredible moments of the 2019 season of the league. The thrilling last-minute drama with the brilliant direct hit by the RCB wicket-keeper Parthiv Patel allowed his side to win the third game of the season in a nail-biter. However, the innings played by the former Indian skipper has to be the talk of the town. While scoring his career best in the IPL (83 not out), Dhoni looked and played like his old self when he was challenging the age-old techniques of some of the greatest batsmen of the game with his unorthodox style and brute power. Mahi came to play and was focused from the first delivery, scoring a boundary at the deep point. We also got to see the finesse and creativity of the batter that he gathered and evolved through the years and years of playing international cricket as he smoothly directed a wide ball towards the deep fine leg. This career best performance consisted of five fours and a barrage of sixes, one of which was the longest any cricketer had hit this season at 111 metres, with the ball going out of the M. Chinnaswamy stadium onto the busy roads of Bangalore. Out of the Park SIX ðªðªðª Biggest Six(111m) of #IPL2019 #Dhoni the Powerhouse ð¥ð¥ð¥ pic.twitter.com/trRqoUc6kM — Serendipity ⤠(@PoornaPradeep4) April 21, 2019 The seven sixes that came off Dhoni's bat is the most number of sixes scored by anyone during the ongoing season and led him to score a total of 203 maximums in the 12 years since IPL began, making him the first Indian cricketer to hit 200+ sixes in IPL. What looked like an out-of-hand game for the 'Whistle Podu' franchise, came to the final delivery thanks to the superhuman game played by Dhoni. However, with a dot ball and a failed single, his efforts did not lead to a win. Nonetheless, Dhoni's efforts were recognised by the world: Dhoni for PM. Or have I said that before a dozen times ð — Prannoy Roy (@PrannoyRoyNDTV) April 21, 2019 Dhoni for PM. Or have I said that before a dozen times ð — Prannoy Roy (@PrannoyRoyNDTV) April 21, 2019 Is there anyone better than MS Dhoni in world cricket when it comes to being there & finish off games ? It's not just about striking, it's about backing himself & being calculative. Top innings from him. Unfortunate to have lost by 1 run but Bloody Brilliant @ChennaiIPL #RCBvCSK — Hemang Badani (@hemangkbadani) April 21, 2019 84* off 48, 5x4s, 7x6s. Are #Dhoni haters still alive or have they retired from planet earth? ð¥ð¦ #RCBvCSK #CSKvRCB pic.twitter.com/MRpCkuphCx — Sir Jadeja fan (@SirJadeja) April 21, 2019 I am not a fan of winning Dhoni, I am Proud fan of MS Dhoni ðªâ¤ï¸ pic.twitter.com/IIegM1cAre — DHONIsm™ â¤ï¸ (@DHONIism) April 21, 2019
  10. One can only look for so many arguments to debate how the Portuguese megastar Cristiano Ronaldo is not the greatest footballer of this generation and most certainly one of the top elites in the history of the game. But when he does something as massive and impressive as this, the haters must dig deep into their 'bag of excuses' to bring down the man's brilliance and still won't be able to come out with a solid case. The UEFA Champions League Round of 16 saw what was probably the best individual performance this season when Ronaldo scored a brilliant and a very crucial hat-trick in order to surpass Diego Simeone's Atletico Madrid and take his Juventus to the UCL quarter finals. It's all over! A @Cristiano hat-trick against Atlético Madrid sends Juventus through to the #UCL quarterfinals. https://t.co/h8fnqHE1ZG — Twitter Moments (@TwitterMoments) March 12, 2019 While two absolutely stunning headers brought Juve to a 2-0 lead in the game, it was the penalty kick which followed left-winger Federico Bernardeschi being clumsily pushed from behind by Atletico substitute Angel Correa that propelled the Italian club by a goal on aggregate making them win the rivalry 3-2 overall. first goal by ronaldo pic.twitter.com/q2sUjbOCFw — Khoirul Umam (@AmbonezYowmann) March 12, 2019 Ronaldo's 123rd Goal in the Champions league to bring back Juve in the tie. Most clutch player of all time.pic.twitter.com/500mFD9UZz — Hamza (@Ronaldoversesx) March 12, 2019 A beauty of a shot placed well into the bottom right corner of the net while Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak dived to the left, preceded the iconic 'Ronaldo' celebration with his teammates running behind in pursuit to celebrate the achievement with the star. Cristiano Ronaldo ice-cold Hattrick Penalty Goal to turn the deficit over Atletico Madrid. Greatest of all time. Ice in his veins.pic.twitter.com/6rXrW5b1VM — Hamza (@Ronaldoversesx) March 12, 2019 "The risk was to play a hysterical match, the comeback was there to be had, and we had 95 minutes to do it,” said Juventus' manager Massimiliano Allegri after the match. “The players played with brilliance and intelligence… [Ronaldo] was good and the rest of the players were also good.” Ronaldo's heroic hat-trick got his fans yet another reason to celebrate their love and passion for football and that for the player himself as they showered the man with gratitude online: i'm convinced ronaldo invented soccer at this pointððð pic.twitter.com/ekBo31DK0n — nick foles fan acc (@Mauger32) March 13, 2019 Ronaldo in the tunnel before the game pic.twitter.com/Ufxh01DFAe — ð° (@Reece43671363) March 13, 2019 ALL OF THE CRISTIANO RONALDO HATERSðððððððð pic.twitter.com/fxbAFx0mHT — peppers.11â½ï¸ð²ð½ (@wichoo98) March 13, 2019 Cristiano Ronaldo fans right now ðð pic.twitter.com/W2WM8LYbow — Fine_wine ð· (@LuwizDarko) March 13, 2019 Even Arsenal midfielder and Ronaldo's former teammate from his Real Madrid days, Mesut Ozil congratulated him on the show the Portuguese put on today: Amazing @Cristiano show ð¥ð #UCL — Mesut Özil (@MesutOzil1088) March 12, 2019
  11. The infamous 'King Of Cringe', Deepak Kalal, is making headlines once again for reasons that are not related to Rakhi Sawant. In case, you don't follow him on social media, Deepak Kalal was recently in Delhi-NCR and he even posted about his visit on Instagram. Here's Deepak Kalal dancing on the streets of Noida, like no one's watching. Well, that's how everyone should dance, right? Freely and confidently! View this post on Instagram Koka @sukhemuziicaldoctorz A post shared by Deepak Kalal (@deepakkalalofficial) on Jan 11, 2019 at 10:09am PST Here's him shopping in a mall in Noida. View this post on Instagram Today...Im in Noida city Centre....Meet me at 6 PM....Plz dont get Gifts for me.... Respect My Bodyguards.... A post shared by Deepak Kalal (@deepakkalalofficial) on Jan 17, 2019 at 12:44am PST And here's Deepak Kalal getting brutally beaten up on the streets of Gurugram. Hello @DelhiPolice Deepak kalal Beaten by @deepaknandal58 He is a on the road Guagaon Please take some Action Some video on you tube to just see there.@CPDelhi pic.twitter.com/DmY2tKZbe8 — Bhootnathð (@Bhootnath18) January 15, 2019 Deepak Kalal, who is known for his viral (but questionable) content on social media, was recently beaten up and the entire incident was live streamed on Instagram. The man, beating him has been identified as Deepak Nandal, who is said to be the manager of Rapper Fazilpuria. Reportedly, the reason behind Deepak hitting Deepak is the latter's videos on social media. The video also shows Kalal crying and begging the man to show some mercy and not hit him. The man even asked Kalal to apologise to his fans and to promise that he won't post such videos on social media. While, Kalal has often been trolled and slammed for his videos, we don't think it's a reason enough to beat him up mercilessly. View this post on Instagram @deepaknandal21 Sorry sir..... Link in bio A post shared by Deepak Kalal (@deepakkalalofficial) on Jan 15, 2019 at 8:31am PST Talking about Deepak Nandal, his profile says that he is a music producer and has earlier worked on songs like Badshah's 'Chull' and 'Jimmy Choo'. Some people on social media tried to bring this incident to the attention of Delhi Police. On Thursday, Police said that it will reach out to YouTube to verify the authenticity of this video. Apparently, the incident took place near Delhi-Gurgaon toll plaza. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Deepak Nandal (@deepaknandal21) on Dec 24, 2018 at 5:24am PST According to a report in News18, Gurgaon Police PRO said, "We have not received any complaint from Kalal in this matter. We are in a process of taking statement of toll plaza employees and will watch CCTV footage to verify facts." He further added, "The police will reach out to YouTube to ascertain the authenticity of the video." Last year, Kalal went viral after he announced his wedding to Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi too shared the wedding invite and said that Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have already confirmed their attendance. However, later in a series of events and posts, it turned out that the two have broken up.
  12. The most liked picture on Instagram is something that doesn't really matter. I mean, it's not that important to anyone on a personal level, but when that picture is of an egg, the entire world cannot stop talking about it. Especially when the egg dethroned the richest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to get the record. Till a few hours ago, the record for the most liked picture on Instagram was held by Kylie Jenner for the first picture she ever shared of her daughter Stormi. I feel like the main reason that she got so much more attention after having a baby was because she kept her pregnancy a secret and that's why everyone was even more excited for her. View this post on Instagram stormi webster ð¼ð½ A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 6, 2018 at 1:14pm PST 18.2 million likes, that's a lot. It seemed like it would take something even bigger than Kylie Jenner's secret pregnancy to take over the record but nope, a single egg did what no other celebrity in the world was able to do. Someone made an account called '@world_record_egg' just to dethrone Kylie and then it became one of those rare and beautiful moments when everyone came together to achieve one really important goal. So many people supported the egg - even Kylie as she herself has like the picture - and it happened, it finally happened. At the time of writing this, the egg picture stands at 24,628,701 likes and it's already over 6 million more than Kylie's picture. View this post on Instagram Let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this ð #LikeTheEgg #EggSoldiers #EggGang A post shared by EGG GANG ð (@world_record_egg) on Jan 4, 2019 at 9:05am PST While the egg is still going strong and it doesn't seem like it will stop anytime soon, Kylie is apparently a little salty about losing this very important record. In fact, she even posted her response on her Instagram and took her revenge on the egg. View this post on Instagram Take that little egg A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jan 13, 2019 at 6:04pm PST Yes, you take that little egg. Never thought I would see online beef between Kylie and a tiny harmless egg, but here we are! Moreover, everyone is in disbelief that an egg was able to do what no one has ever done - unite everyone. Human race: *can't agree on literally anything and will NOT meet in the middle* Also the human race: *comes together to like a picture of an egg to break Kylie Jenner's world record of most liked instagram photo* — Grace (@TheGee232) January 14, 2019 Instagram egg for the win! That Instagram egg might unite the world before the UN can think of a way — Jesse (@jesseds19) January 13, 2019 We all won't be. i will never be as successful as that egg on instagram ð — Antonio Garza (@antoniiogarza21) January 14, 2019 It's going to happen soon. so who's gonna dig up the instagram egg's racist tweets from 2012 — James (@CaucasianJames) January 14, 2019 You shouldn't. I don't trust anyone who hasn't liked the world record egg on instagram :/ — hannah (@hannahspencerrr) January 13, 2019 But, it really is the funniest thing ever. the internet has destroyed my sense of humor so much to the point where i genuinely think it's hysterical that a picture of an egg is about to replace Kylie Jenner's baby post as the most liked picture on instagram — caitlyn raeð¤ (@xc8lyn) January 13, 2019 So proud. that egg instagram post is incredible look at us as a society working together to defeat the kardashian jenner evil i'm so proud of us guys — miað¶ (@miaxmon) January 13, 2019 Me too. we started off 2019 by breaking the world record of instagram likes with an egg this is how the year's about to be and i ain't mad about it — jordan (@VALNTYNESAUCE) January 14, 2019 The best start. The most liked Instagram post is now a photo of an egg. Kylie Jenner has been dethroned by an egg. 2019 off to a great start. pic.twitter.com/JL7FiZIb5Z — Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF) January 14, 2019 24 now. me: the egg on instagram with 18 million likes: ð — Antonio Garza (@antoniiogarza21) January 14, 2019
  13. The 44-year-old record for taking the most number of wickets during a single Ranji Trophy season, which resided in the name of former Delhi captain and Indian cricketer, Bishan Singh Bedi, was broken by Bihar's Ashutosh Aman when he sent Manipur's Sagatpam Singh packing to the locker room with an lbw. This wicket was Aman's 65th, which was one more than Bedi's record of 64 outs that he had achieved during the 1974-74 season after moving to Delhi in 1968. Bihar's left arm spinner Ashutosh Aman now has 65 wickets this #RanjiTrophy season. This is now the most by any bowler in a season surpassing the previous record of 64 wickets of Bishan Singh Bedi in 1974-75. — Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) January 9, 2019 But, who is Ashutosh Aman? Born in 1986, Aman is an Air Force employee hailing from the holy city of Gaya, Bihar. The 32-year-old made a bold decision to begin playing domestic cricket for his home state before the 2018-19 season. After making his List A debut in the Vijay Hazare Trophy in 2018, Aman made his first first-class cricket appearance in 2018-19 Ranji Trophy season against Uttarakhand in Dehradun on 1st November 2018 with a brilliant 4-wicket performance and being the most economical bowler for Bihar with a 1.62 average. While tallying impressive 5-wicket hauls in both the innings against Sikkim in only his third Ranji match, he put the critics on notice with yet another quality performance against Nagaland with seven and five scalps in the first and second innings respectively. Aman eventually became one of the fastest bowlers to bag 50 wickets in the history of domestic cricket. "When I had around 50 wickets, that's when my teammates told me that there's a record that's there to be broken," Aman told ESPNcricinfo. "That's when I pushed myself. I told myself that since I've come so close, then if I put some extra effort, then I could perhaps break the record." Playing since he was a teenager, Aman had been struggling to get opportunities to participate in first-class cricket which was something he dreamt since forever. After a very successful Vijay Hazare Trophy run, Aman finally got a call to play for Bihar in Ranji under the captaincy of Pragyan Ojha, who just like Aman, is a left-arm spinner and guided the debutant throughout the season. "Pragyan Ojha bhaiya is a simple and reachable man," Aman expressed to ESPNcricinfo. "He's an India player, such a big name, so we remained slightly shy. But he's a professional, talks to everyone daily, and now we've come together very well. Despite Bihar not making it to the quarter-finals, Ashutosh Aman's record of 68 wickets is one of the greatest individual achievements anyone could attain in domestic cricket and will be a highlight for the state's 2018-19 journey.
  14. Some people have taken the phrase 'if you've got it, flaunt it' a little too seriously and have turned it into a new internet challenge. Almost every crazy, over the top challenge originates in either China, Japan or South Korea and this time was no different. The 'flaunt your wealth' challenge is the biggest thing in China right now and no, it's not for broke bitches like me. But, this cheesy challenge is everywhere and well, I can just look at it and feel bad about my life. The challenge is basically posting a picture of yourself falling out of a luxury car surrounded by a bunch of expensive stuff. Yeah, so something everyone has and everyone can participate in, right? Twitter Well, sometimes it's done with lipsticks. Twitter I don't even know what this is. Twitter That is a lot of expensive stuff. Twitter Apparently, there's another name for it. Kiki challenge is long gone! There is a new challenge in town. It's called the #FallingStars challenge. You have to flaunt your wealth by lying face down (preferably on the road) surrounded by all your fancy expensive stuff..Insane..ð³ðµð what do you think? pic.twitter.com/qtSy9Nb0Sw — Krithiga Narayanan (@Krithiganarayan) October 20, 2018 But, it's okay, I think I've found my people. Travel's @SamYork83 has had a go at the 'Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge'... pic.twitter.com/qGGSGBkh1e — Heart Wiltshire (@HeartWilts) October 24, 2018 A little too relatable. This is my flaunt your wealth challenge pic: pic.twitter.com/kW0G8CZe4z — Katie JoPHANTgen (idk i did my best ð») (@katiejoyofosho) October 24, 2018 People are cringing at this as well. RIP Humanity.https://t.co/9vonVorLOC — Kumi Taguchi | ç°å£ä¹å® (@kumitaguchi) October 24, 2018 Okay then. Just out here flaunting my wealth like snapchat told me to do #flauntYourWealthpic.twitter.com/kDQGpFybyt — Jason Werth (@JasonWerth54) October 25, 2018 This is too extra. who will be the first youtuber to do the 'flaunt your wealth' challenge? i honestly just want the balloon people ðpic.twitter.com/1eGYzS9ewB — ð­ððððð¸ðððð (@grav3yardgirl) October 24, 2018 Wait, did I tweet that? flaunt your wealth challenge pic.twitter.com/xT4HSzpxSj — a woman (@realgirl999) October 24, 2018 Perfect. #flauntYourWealth challenge. #mocktheflaunt by me. pic.twitter.com/BKqmBDheWw — Lana Kaylor (@ArtKaylor) October 24, 2018
  15. The sale season is here, and never have we ever been more thankful. Let's face it, clothes are expensive, and everyday we get to realize it in ways that are rather, well, unexpected. For example, SRK and Kartik Aaryan just stepped out in outfits that reminded us of our deflated wallets and made us glad about the fact that discount filters exist. Who knew seemingly 'regular' hoodies and T-shirts can cost as much? But that's the magic of branding. Just take a look at their outfits, to satisfy that part of you that is governed by that weird morbid fascination. © Viral Bhayani Shah Rukh Khan wore the Europa! print hoodie by Balenciaga, that is a simple grey hoodie with red graphics in the front. However, it costs about INR 70,514/- © Balenciaga Maintaining the brand's sanctity, SRK went for the Balenciaga black speed trainers with black and white textured sole, that cost INR 55,670/- © Balenciaga Kartik Aaryan wasn't far behind, either. © Viral Bhayani Kartik wore the #Balmain Fever T-shirt by Balmain, that is rather in demand and is sold out everywhere right now. The seemingly simple plain black T-shirt costs somewhere around INR 17,500/- © Balmain Coming to Kartik's shoes, he's wearing the Adidas Y-3 Kusari II, a pair of white sneakers we are in love with. The pair boasts of a smooth neoprene upper and is cushioned with 'boost', which Adidas Y-3 claims is the most responsive cushioning they have used. They cost INR 41,257/- © store.y-3 Aren't you glad the sales are on? We sure are!
  16. Seems like the entertaining 'jodi' of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu in the 'Bigg Boss' house has hit a rocky patch. After Jasleen refused to give up her clothes, makeup and even cut her hair to save her partner from elimination, things started going sour between the lovebirds. Trouble started with Romil igniting the fire between the two, by ranting on how she could have given up on those things to save her Anup ji. Kya @anupjalota ka #JasleenMatharu ke liye pyaar jhootha pad gaya? Catch all the hungama tonight at 9 PM! #BB12 #BiggBoss12 pic.twitter.com/O518fHRKf5 — COLORS (@ColorsTV) October 2, 2018 While Jasleen felt bad about how the matter was blown out of proportion, things went from bad to worse after Anup openly called it off with her, which left her shook, obviously. #JasleenMatharu ka kapdon ke taraf pyaar dekh kar @anupjalota ne tod diya unka anokha rishta! Aage kya hoga, janne ke liye dekhiye #BB12 aaj raat 9 baje. #BiggBoss12 pic.twitter.com/JH40oJiSws — COLORS (@ColorsTV) October 2, 2018 The other contestants obviously tried to intervene and explain to the couple that it was too petty an issue for breaking up, but the new wild card entry, Surbhi Rana apparently fuelled the fire when she irked Anup by telling him how one's self-respect cannot be traded for love on national television. People on social media are already joking about this first major development from the 'Bigg Boss' house. #AnupJalota right now. #BB12 pic.twitter.com/AlYGgDuc9m — Bigg Boss Critic (@Critic_BB12) October 1, 2018 Today's episode in a single picture!ð#AnupJalota #JasleenMatharu #SurbhiRana #bb12 #BiggBuzz #BB12onVoot pic.twitter.com/H930hbCMag — ð»ð (@Leonotcaprio) October 2, 2018 Also, people are asking some hilarious, yet legit questions. #AnupJalota ... u still think she loves you more than her Makeup ? ð .#BiggBoss12 #BB12 pic.twitter.com/5uQX2nN7cL — Pewdendra pie (@halfpsych) October 1, 2018 Isnt it weird #JasleenMatharu gets "saasu maa" wali feeling from #DipikaKakarIbrahim but she doesn't get "dadaji" wali feeling from her bf #AnupJalota — Satyajit Ulka Kotwal (@HRHSatyajit) October 1, 2018 Well, pyaar ek dhoka hai, but we thought this couple was trying to prove to the world what true love meant to them, and that they were ready to fight against all odds. Will they get back together or not? Only time will tell.
  17. It was one of the most exciting matches in the Asia Cup 2018, played between India and Afghanistan on Tuesday. Against the expectations of every cricket fan, the match ended in a tie between both the teams. While there was jubilation and cheering on one side of the stadium, there were some who were crushed by the results of the match, and this young kid was one of them. © Twitter Honestly, be it making some of the most gorgeous female fans trend on social media or capturing rare reactions of fans, the cameramen have delivered better performances than all the teams combined. This was one such moment, where a young kid broke down and started crying after the match ended in a tie. Despite his father consoling him, he couldn't control his tears. pic.twitter.com/DPRx8ju7yi — Kabali of Cricket (@KabaliOf) September 25, 2018 Within no time, the kid's tears took social media by storm and several cricketers took notice of it. Harbhajan Singh took to Twitter to cheer the young fan up and assured him that the Indian team will win the finals. Koi na putt Rona Nahi hai final aapa jittange ð®ð³ð®ð³ð pic.twitter.com/fjI0DWeBoy — Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) September 25, 2018 While Harbhajan consoled him on Twitter, it was Bhuvneshwar Kumar who made the young fan's day by giving him a call to cheer him up. Bhuvneshwar, who was rested for the match, spoke to him on the phone and his kind gesture was appreciated by the kid's father. His father wrote, "@harbhajan_singh Paaji he is happy now and looking forward to the final on Friday… Really kind of @BhuviOfficial as well to call and console him… We will surely bounce back and it will be our “Fateh” on Friday ?????? Go Team India @BCCI." @harbhajan_singh Paaji he is happy now and looking forward to the final on Friday... Really kind of @BhuviOfficial as well to call and console him... We will surely bounce back and it will be our "Fateh" on Friday ðð®ð³ Go Team India @BCCI pic.twitter.com/BPkBXO2hIv — Amarpreet Singh (@itsamarpreet) September 25, 2018 @BhuviOfficial 's call ð Special moment for Arjan... Thank you Team India ð®ð³ pic.twitter.com/Z5S6GgrrRQ — Amarpreet Singh (@itsamarpreet) September 26, 2018 Not just the Indian team, but Afghanistan players Rashid Khan and Mohammad Shahzad also made the kid's day by clicking selfies with him. These Pics making India - Afghanistan Cricket Friendship bond even Stronger #INDvAFG #AsiaCup2018 pic.twitter.com/x84r2z8ziZ — Abhijeet (@TheYorkerBall) September 26, 2018 Truly, kudos to both India and Afghanistan, for not only for putting forward a spirited performance but also for taking care of their fans and trying to bring a smile on their faces. India will now take on Bangladesh in the final of the Asia Cup on Friday, September 27.
  18. Probably the biggest fashion event of the year - Lakme Fashion Week - was just held in Mumbai. Apart from the glitz and glam that inevitably blows up every time Bollywood comes together with fashion, this year was also about breaking stereotypes. The 'idea' people have about menswear, is anyway getting a gradual but solid makeover every passing day, but LFW - Winter Festive '18 just put a stamp to it, and how! Here are 9 showstoppers from LFW that challenged, and managed to break every stereotype related to men's fashion. 1. Varun Dhawan © Viral Bhayani Varun Dhawan was the showstopper for designer Kunal Rawal. After impressing everyone with his stylish but extremely wearable collection during #SonamKiShaadi (come on, he was a favourite, admit it), Kunal just proved that his prowess when it comes to edgy, inventively layered menswear is unparalleled. Layers are manly and he just proved it. © Viral Bhayani Plus, the fact that men can wear makeup, do up their faces, and also wear nail paint, while looking super masculine, was proven during his show. Look at Varun killing it with the black nail polish! 2. Shahid Kapoor © Viral Bhayani Shahid Kapoor looked like a glam-God while walking as the showstopper for designer Amit Aggarwal. Did you say glitter and menswear don't really go together? Well you couldn't be more wrong. Shahid's all black outfit was all about glittery embellishments and he has never looked better. © Viral Bhayani His smoulder matched his outfit to the T, and let's just say he owned the ramp. 3. Rajkummar Rao © Viral Bhayani Were you under the impression that royal Indian silhouettes don't go with sneakers? Enter Rajkummar Rao, gracefully breaking that myth. © Viral Bhayani Rajkummar walked the ramp for designer Rajesh Pratap Singh in a ghost-white layered outfit, which was frankly, as lit as his acting. The fact that the outfit was paired with white sneakers gave it the extra edge it deserved. 4. Angad Bedi & Neha Dhupia © Viral Bhayani Has there ever been a more gorgeous, yet feel good outfit for a couple? To be parents Angad and Neha walked the ramp for designer Payal Singhal, looking heavenly in shades of beige and blue. © Viral Bhayani The heavily embellished, matching outfits made the couple look straight out of an Indian fairy tale. Let's just say the sight made us all excited about the little one on his/her way. 5. Sonu Sood © Viral Bhayani Ever imagined Indianwear inspired by Samurai clothing and its angular silhouettes? We just got to see the fabulous result of these two elements coming together - as presented by Sonu Sood on the runway for designer Siddhesh Chauhan. © Viral Bhayani The all-black ensemble boasted of eclectic elements playing around, with multiple textures to boot. The grace of the long textured front was beautifully complemented by the savagery of the sheer arms, that showed off the perfectly sculpted arms of Sonu. 6. Prateik Babbar © Viral Bhayani Prateik Babbar's appearance on the runway for the label 'Chola' by Sohaya Misra was perhaps the highlight of the Fashion Week, when it comes to the changing face of fashion in India. Walking next to a male model dressed as a bride, Prateik's presence on the ramp created a moment that will be spoken about for a long, long time. © Viral Bhayani While the entire show was based on the concept of 'gender bender', with models in drag bringing their A-game, Prateik's never-before-seen dual faced avatar got us shook. 7. Gurmeet Choudhary © Viral Bhayani Gurmeet Choudhary walked the ramp for designer Soumodeep Dutta in a delightful black ensemble that reminded us of the quintessential Bengali groom, minus the predictability usually associated with it. © Viral Bhayani While Gurmeet was essentially wearing the good old dhoti kurta, the irregular, drape-y silhouette made it look like something every fashion conscious man would kill to own. 8. Saqib Saleem © Viral Bhayani Saqib Saleem's outfit as a showstopper for designer Anvita Sharma's label 'Two Point Two' was a beautiful melange of layering, contrasting colours, as well as silhouettes. © Viral Bhayani Who'd have thought that retro and futuristic vibes and come together and give rise to something as stylish? 9. Jim Sarbh © Viral Bhayani Jim Sarbh walked the ramp for designer Punit Balana, wearing a statement grey relaxed outfit, adding his own quirky twist to it. © Viral Bhayani The fact that simplicity can look stunning, was proved by Jim's outfit - with its simple cuts and easy-to-wear functionality. Also, unkempt beard and hair FTW!
  19. Imagine going about your day and driving along the usual roads you generally prefer, only to spot a real, life-size Batmobile whizzing ahead of you amidst a steady flow of traffic. That would be one highlight of our day we surely would not take for granted and well, there seem to be others who feel the same way and made the most of this terrific situation they found themselves in. © Facebook An Ontario Provincial Police officer recently had the good luck to spot a real Batmobile plying on the road she was patrolling and she did just what you expect. The officer made use of the escorting lights and signalled the driver of the Batmobile to pull over. Once done, she stepped out of her car and moved over to greet the driver, Stephen Lawrence, dressed in actual Batman costume and looking like the man himself to the hilt. However, while it might have seem to a passerby that the officer was about to give him a warning, what actually transpired between the two was more than interesting. Soon after hitting the brakes on the beast, Lawrence jumped out of it to ask the officer if all was okay and the reply made him more than happy to comply to the request. © Facebook The officer requested that “I would like to not miss my opportunity and get a photograph with you,” tells Lawrence who was quoted by Global News. Sure enough he agreed to it and he shared that it makes him more than happy to get clicked with fans and bring smiles to their faces but what worries him are the phone cameras people take out to click the Batmobile's photo while they are still behind the wheels. © Facebook Lawrence adopted the role of the comic book hero years ago because of some personal connections that he'd been able to build up with the character and loves to entertain people's wish to get clicked with him but he has urged people to be careful on the road and not put lives at risk when they spot his Batmobile and get all excited to click pictures. We say what a great guy and what an innovative concept to bring the much loved hero to life.
  20. Being a celebrity in Bollywood always keeps you under the scanner. Everything you do is talked about, and sometimes, even what you DON'T do makes the headlines. Yay! Well, no matter how fancy this job might look like from the outside, being a celeb is certainly no walk in the park! With fame, money, and accolades flooding one's way, there are chances that it can all go to a person's head. And when that happens, they sometimes do things that might be in crossroads with the law. We have certain stars in our industry, who thought they could play with the law but completely forgot that 'kanoon ke haath lambe hote hain'. So, here we have a list of 10 celebs who either faced jail time or were arrested for breaking the law: 1. Sanjay Dutt © Twitter With 'Sanju' ruling the box office, it's important that this list starts with Sanjay Dutt's name. The actor was arrested for illegal arms possession in 1993, and the case continued for a very long time. But it was in 2013 when things got pretty intense, as he was sentenced to 5 years in prison in Yerwada Central Jail, Pune. He is one of those few actors who actually went to jail for the crimes they committed. 2. Salman Khan © Twitter Well, how can this list not have Bhaijaan? From the hit-and-run case to the black buck killing, the man has been involved in a string of crimes. Though he got a clean chit for the first one, he was held guilty by the Jodhpur court in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The actor did spend a couple of days in jail, however, was finally out on bail as expected. 3. Shiney Ahuja © Twitter The talented actor who was making his place in Bollywood, lost everything after he was accused of raping his house help. Things got pretty intense when the trial began, leading to his arrest and then an acquittal. While he was eventually found not guilty, the damage was already done and he lost his career in the process. 4. John Abraham © BCCL The dashing hero who made men burn with jealousy over his enviable Hayabusa, actually crashed his bike into a cycle, crushing two people in the process in 2006. The case went on for 6 years and finally, he was sentenced to jail for 15 days, however, his celebrity status got him a bail quickly. Well, unlike many, he at least took the victims to the hospital instantly after the accident. 5. Rajpal Yadav © Twitter The man who has often made us laugh was once under judicial custody as he was charged with misleading the court. Yes, that's a pretty serious offense, as you simply can't misbehave with the court. He was accused of misleading the court in a Rs. 5 crore recovery suit filed against him by a businessman. He was in jail for 10 days and later was out on bail. 6. Akshay Kumar © Twitter Remember the famous 'jeans unbuttoning' incident that caused an uproar? Well, the actor actually ended up getting arrested but was instantly out on bail. 7. Fardeen Khan © Twitter Fardeen was arrested in 2001 after he was accused of taking cocaine. "It was only for private consumption," he said, which turns out, was not such a wise thing to say out loud. He came out of jail in 5 days and was later granted immunity from prosecution. 8. Saif Ali Khan © Twitter Saif has been involved in a couple of controversies. First, he was charged in the 1998 blackbuck killing case but was later acquitted by the court. And then in 2012, he was out having dinner at the Wasabi hotel in Taj, where he got into a fight and ended up fracturing a person's nose. He was soon arrested and then granted bail. 9. Aditya Pancholi © Twitter Often landing in controversies for one reason or the other, Aditya once assaulted a bouncer and was arrested for the same. And why did this happen? Because the DJ simply turned down his request to play a Hindi track, making him lose his cool. He was then sent to judicial custody and was later out on bail. 10. Sooraj Pancholi © Twitter Like father, like son. Suraj became part of a huge controversy when his girlfriend Jiah Khan committed suicide and he was being held responsible for it. He was arrested but was later released on bail.
  21. Virat Kohli is living up to the true meaning of his name. He is 'virat' and too big in his game now, is one of the finest batsmen the world has witnessed and can lead a pack with sheer determination at a young age. Of course, and when he is not on the field, he still manages to hit headlines with lady love Anushka Sharma. © Twitter Virat Kohli has now managed to make a new world record yesterday while playing against England in Old Trafford, Manchester. He is now the fastest batsman to hit 2000 runs in T20Is and has broken the record of New Zealand's Brendon McCullum. He is also the first Indian player to make this record. The other three players who touched this pedestal include New Zealand's Martin Guptill (2271), McCullum (2140) and Pakistan's Shoaib Malik (2039). It took Kohli just 56 innings to make this record while it tool Brendon over 66 innings to make the same record. The next in line is Rohit Sharma who is now just 19 runs short of making the same record. Our men in blue continue making us super proud!
  22. Will it be an exaggeration if I say that breaking records runs in the Dhoni clan? Ok, I accept, maybe it is! But I don't really know how else to explain the fact, that every time MS Dhoni, his wife Sakshi or their daughter Ziva do something, it instantly breaks the internet. Be it Dhoni turning into a hairstylist for Ziva, crawling around with her when she was a toddler, Ziva cheering for her 'Papa' from the stands or simply posting videos of her playing; each time the father-daughter duo do something, it goes viral on the social media and last night's match wasn't any different. © BCCI On one hand, where MS Dhoni was busy breaking, or should we say setting a new record for the world, his daughter Ziva broke the internet in less than a minute, 42 seconds to be precise. What started as Indian Premier League has now turned into a battlefield, with every team putting their lives on stake (not literally) to bring home the coveted trophy. And last night saw another nail-biting match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab. No offence, but there are no points for guessing who won the match last night. © Twitter Dhoni led CSK to defeat KXIP by five wickets and while the entire Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune was filled with cheers for CSK, his daughter Ziva concluded the celebrations in the cutest way possible. @msdhoni Thala having some fun with ziva #WhistlePodu pic.twitter.com/ze2MwEQoM0 — Chennai Super Kings (@ChennaiIPL) May 20, 2018 After the victorious match, Ziva was seen playing with Dhoni's cap and dancing on the field and we can say it was one of the best highlights from last night's match. Having 'Captain Cool' as a father comes with a lot of added pressure, but Ziva is already a diva in her own right and in all honesty, is more popular than we can ever be. In other news, now the fight for the IPL trophy will be between SunRisers Hyderabad, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals.
  23. Whoever said you needed to be filthy rich to take girl out, on a nice date, was so wrong! There are times you feel like going out for a one of a kind outing but your pockets probably would end up with burnt holes. This happens especially when you're in college and you're dating the girl of your dreams. You really want to spoil her silly and give her the best dates, you can possibly imagine. But your struggle is the same. You think you're just too broke to take her out, wine and dine her to her heart's content and make yourself feel special! © NBCUniversal Television Distribution The best thing to keep in mind, while you're broke and dating is to keep it as real as you can. Even if you aren't dating and want to take a girl out on a date, just be yourself and be real and honest about things. It's a common disbelief that women are gold-diggers and that they like to see a wallet full of cash and cards. But that's not entirely the case and it's usually some archetype of women created mostly by the media. I mean, if she is a gold-digger, I'd judge you if you ever asked her out on a date! © Thinkstock So, be creative, be imaginative and remember, money can't buy you everything. At least not a second date or her company, for that matter. Here's a complete guide to still go on perfect dates, despite being broke. Lesson1: Be Confident I know this has been put forth to you many times and it's way too clichéd a pointer but it is still important. Confidence tells your woman that no matter what the problem or the situation is at hand, you will sail through it smoothly and you'll always come out with some solution or the other. So in case you're having a bad day with no dough on you, and need to take your lady out, think of other things you can do and don't give up on the idea. © Thinkstock Lesson2: Let Your Imagination Run Wild Being broke doesn't necessarily mean you can't do anything to make your date happy. This is the time to let your imagination run wild and do things a little out of the box. We're not saying, sit and make her a greeting card (although, she wouldn't mind that at all) but there are things you can do, which money honestly can't buy. Being an imaginative and a creative guy, makes a girl see how spontaneous and exciting you really are. You don't need a fancy car or a fabulous dinner plan to be the imaginative guy. Here are some great date ideas, you could work around? Uber Deals If you're taking an Uber to pick her up, go for some discounted cash back offers. Uber has a great package for INR 49, where you get 10 rides for INR 129. Just figure out a way to get that package and your ride is sorted! If you think that's too much to pay, then just make your way solo and ask her to meet you wherever you've planned the rest of the day/evening. Win A Couple Movie Pass If you want to take her out for a movie, then perhaps check out different radio stations. They give away a lot of free couple movie passes for the latest movies, every week. Answer the right questions, asked on air and you may just get very lucky. Most people get lucky because radio stations give away lots of movie passes throughout the day! © Thinkstock Create A Movie Experience At Home If it's not too forward for her then maybe invite her for a pure unadulterated night of a movie marathon? If she's a movie buff, she'll love the idea. If you don't have Netflix or a subscription to any of the entertainment websites, you can always buffer movies online. Maybe play a trilogy, so you have a nice long run and throw in some buttered popcorn in the microwave. This is always cheaper than taking her out for a movie. If you're a series person, then cue a season of your favourite series and make her watch it with you. © Thinkstock A Fabulous Dinner Date So maybe don't take her out for dinner? Do you happen to have a friend who cooks well? Everyone has that one friend who's a Nigella or a Ramsay in the kitchen. Or tries to be. Catch hold of that friend and ask them to really do you a solid and cook a nice meal for two! I am sure they'll keep up with the friendship and whip up a nice romantic meal for you two. You can either have the dinner date at your place or maybe ask someone who has a beautiful terrace, to loan it to you for a night! This way you save up on taking her out for an expensive meal and she gets some home cooked delights to feast on! © Thinkstock Date To An Animal Shelter You know how she reacts when she sees a bunch of puppies or kitten. Visit a nice shelter with her? If you're both animal lovers, it's an added bonus! You can buy some supplies for the animals at the shelter and head out there with her. She'll love you for the idea and the compassion you carry within you. You can perhaps pack a lunch basket and eat lunch with her there. All you need to do is make some sandwiches before you set out. © Thinkstock Picnic, Perhaps? This one's another great date idea. You can either have a nice sombre picnic during the day if the weather permits, or do one right around sundown. Where? There are so many places that can be ideal for a picnic. Your local stretched out park and gardens or an old university campus, amidst some lush greens or someplace quant, where you can actually spend a lot of time talking to each other. Carry some essentials with you though. Pack a Frisbee. if she's a sporty girl, you guys can play some Frisbee. A deck of cards or Uno is ideal too, in case you're getting bored. Other board games are also great boredom killers. You can actually make a game date out of the picnic, if you run out of things to talk! © Thinkstock Ladies Night FTW If you really want your date night to have copious amounts of alcohol, you should probably head to a bar that has ladies night. Free drink for the lady and I am sure you can sneak in a couple of drinks from her as well. Maybe after the night is over, you can head to a local bread-omelette wala and have an awesome, local meal together. Lesson3: Be Spontaneous Cheap dates are actually spontaneous decisions and the more spontaneous they are, the more fun they turn out to be. If you plan an extensive evening, you know you'll end up spending money. So think of ways to be quick about your planning skills and have the most creative and unconventional ideas to toy around with. She will love you for your spontaneity and creativity. © Thinkstock Student life is tough with all the loans and rents you have to pay. So maybe try and keep the girl in your life happy, or try and win over a date by doing these spirited low budget things, that she will definitely adore you for!
  24. Recently, Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput appeared on BFFs With Vogue and both of them were at their candid best. Well, Mira is already known for speaking her mind, which mostly backfires, but even Shahid had some revelations during this interview. Let's start small. When Neha Dhupia asked about the most boring celebrity at a party, Mira took the opportunity to pull Shahid's leg and took his name without any hesitation. This was all in good fun, and now we're coming to the more important questions. © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor Shahid was asked if he's ever been cheated on, but with Mira's help, the question was altered to how many women have cheated on him. Are you saying there are multiple women, Mira? Shahid answered, “I am sure about one, I have major doubts about another one.” That must have hurt, Shahid, getting cheated on is the worst, isn't it? Then, he was obviously asked who that one person was, but before coming to his answer, let's conduct a bit of an investigation, and see if we can guess who it was. After a quick Google search for 'Shahid Kapoor dating history', I have a lot of contenders. Okay, I feel like we need to start with Kareena Kapoor, because for years she was the only person Shahid Kapoor was associated with. They broke up after dating for 5 years, because apparently she started getting 'close to Saif Ali Khan'. Sorry, Shahid. His list of 'official girlfriends' starts and ends just there. There are a lot of other famous women he's been linked to but they were all rumours. Another big contender is Priyanka Chopra. Though they never publicly confirmed their relationship, everyone was convinced that both of them were dating because of their 'actions'. Rumours about him and Amrita Rao also started after their movie 'Ishq Vishq', but again no confirmation. Same thing happened after his movie 'Kismat Konnection' with Vidya Balan. There is definitely a pattern here. Okay, maybe there's some bad blood here because in the same interview, Neha asked Mira who needed a new stylist and she immediately took Vidya's name. But, I don't think anyone would be that petty. History repeats itself, doesn't it? Then came 'R Rajkumar' and so did rumours about him and Sonakshi Sinha. Wow, if all of that is true, then that is like John Mayer or Taylor Swift level dating. Okay, now we know about everyone, do you have your guesses ready? Shahid's highly anticipated answer to the question 'who cheated on him' is “I cannot name them.” If the guy never even confirmed most of his rumoured relationships, what makes you think he would easily give an answer to a question like that? Only Shahid and the other person know about it and no, we'll probably never know about it, but thank you for your time, nonetheless.
  25. Warning – This video and article are not for the faint-hearted, and it might cause a lot of pain. Imagine watching one of your most prized possessions being destroyed, and there's nothing you can do about it. Whatever it may be, it always hurts. Now think about the guy who had to see his beautiful Ferrari 458 Spider supercar get crushed by a bulldozer. I can honestly feel his pain, especially considering that the car is worth almost Rs. 2 crore. If it was my car, I would have literally climbed on top of it, and if getting crushed along with my baby was the way to go, then fine. So basically, the car belonged to Zahid Khan, a millionaire from UK, before the poor car was taken away by the police. Apparently, Zahid had parked his 458 Spider on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court during a trial he was taking part in. The car was seized by the police because they suspected it was stolen. They claimed that since there was no valid insurance, it was a Category B vehicle, meaning it suffered serious damage in the past, thus making it unroadworthy. But, Zahid insists he was the rightful owner. Sharing the footage of his car being destroyed on YouTube, he wrote, “I was the owner. They went behind my back and removed a court order that was imposed on the car without notifying my self or my legal team.” He also said, “I saved my ass off to buy this car and it was a sentimental car to me and my family. The police had no right to do what they did. It is very sad, as this money could have gone to a good cause, as a Ferrari broken in parts is worth more than the car itself. We pay our taxes for officers who act like this in a public office.” While we don't know exactly what will happen to him, just watch this video because it honestly is quite painful.
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