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Found 126 results

  1. We are living in an age where people hide behind their laptops to pass sly and shady remarks on people as per their own convenience. Especially for celebrities, people think you’re a public figure and they have the full right ridicule you. Taapsee Pannu has time and again been the subject of ‘cheap’ trolls that are abusive and hurtful. We salute her for being so vocal every time and giving back to these nameless-faceless trolls. View this post on Instagram Yesterday night on Instagram, Taapsee gave it back to a troll that called her ‘faltu heroine’ and also said that the actress can’t act in films. Well, the man who was sending her messages didn’t stop here as he also stooped down to the level of character assassination. Yes, you heard it right. There were words like ‘r***i’ used for the actor without understanding how demeaning it could be. She did give it back to him strongly though. She wrote, “Exactly kya utha utha ke? Kyunki uthaya toh hai maine, standard but aapko shayad nahi samajh aaye.” Sharing another screenshot, she wrote, “O hooooo. Very persistent you are. 4-5 baar aur likho please toh shayad maan jau.” Here are the screenshots shared by Taapsee: © Instagram/Taapsee Pannu © Instagram/Taapsee Pannu This is not the first time that Taapsee has dealt with such nasty trolls. Here are a few other instances: 1. A user questioned Taapsee’s nationality after she shared a news article about the arrest of the main accused in the violence at Gurdwara Nankana Sahib, the site of Sikh faith founder Guru Nanak Dev’s birth, in Pakistan. When a Twitter user asked her if she was an Indian, she hit back asking, “Ab tumhaare ko bhi paper dikhaane hai kya? (Do I have to show my documents to you also?).” Ab tumhaare ko bhi paper dikhaane hai kya ? https://t.co/cinxcQ3x7y — taapsee pannu (@taapsee) January 6, 2020 2. In 2019, a Twitter user attacked her saying, "You're a cheap actor. Your mental state is not right.” To which, she responded, "Ok sir. When are you giving me therapy sessions? And in the bargain also tell how to become an 'expensive' actor. Inflation toh mere mein bhi hona chahiye na.” Ok sir. When are you giving me therapy sessions ?? And in the bargain also tell how to become an ‘expensive’ actor. Inflation Toh mere mein bhi hona chahiye na 🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/PpcgHM86r3 — taapsee pannu (@taapsee) July 17, 2019 3. In 2020, Taapsee was targeted for voting in Delhi elections. One of the social media users criticized the actor for not getting her name transferred to the voting list in Mumbai, where she works as an actor. She responded back strongly and tweeted, “I am living in Delhi as much if not more than Mumbai. My income is taxed through Delhi... Kindly don't question my citizenship, worry about yours n your contribution to it.” She added, “And also to add, you can take a girl out of Delhi but you can not take Delhi out of this girl. And you are no one to tell me what I should do and what I should not. I guess this response will be enough to tell u how much of a Delhiite I am.” And also to add, you can take a girl out of Delhi but you can not take Delhi out of this girl. And YOU are no one to tell me what I SHOULD do and what I SHOULD NOT! I guess this response will be enough to tell u how much of a Delhiite I am. — taapsee pannu (@taapsee) February 8, 2020 In one of the interviews with Hindustan Times, Taapsee spoke about if these trolls affect her. She said, “I say these trolls are my closeted well-wishers and even they don’t realize that they’re actually benefiting me instead of actually harming in the long run. I hope they also change their tactics because these current tactics are not working in their favour, they are working in my favour.” She also added, “There are a hundred others who are brainwashed into hating and believing that they are anti you, and then everyone ends up ganging up together to form ‘hatred army’ making fun of the fact that my replies are being tagged as befitting. But they don’t realize it’s not funny. I never thought I have an image of giving a befitting reply; these trolls have given me this image and that has kind of benefited me a lot in a way I never thought it will.” It's really heartwarming to see celebrities making a statement just like Taapsee has been doing. It might be easy to spread negativity and hence people who have nothing to do are experts in doing so. View this post on Instagram It’s time that we appreciate Taapsee for being so vocal and highlighting the fact that nasty trolls should be called out. People should speak up on how trolls can be mentally draining and it can affect your lives deeply. No one’s saying no to the fun trolls or memes but calling someone names and demeaning them is not something that we should allow to be a part of our digital culture. View the full article
  2. Strong, muscular, tall, macho, suave - we wouldn't blame you if you thought we were describing a man. The image associated with men has always inclined towards the physical aspect of the balance rather than the mental or even emotional one. Words like sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, woke have been used rather modestly when it comes to men. A man has been perceived rather unidimensionally for ages now. To reignite the conversation on International Men's Day and actually understand the nuances of mental health from the horse's mouth, we got in touch with men from various walks of life. It's been commendable to see each of these stars letting us inside their darkest moments and how they overcame them, breaking stereotypes, and proving that it's okay for a man to feel weak and vulnerable. Here's Amit Sadh opening up in a tell-all exclusive interview: The time that we find ourselves in, at present, warrants a much-needed discussion on mental illness, especially among men. Over the years, the dynamic around this subject has changed drastically as more and more people are coming forward to have a dialogue on this topic. And talking about men who are breaking stereotypes in that regard, Amit Sadh is one such actor who has never shied away from talking about his struggles, especially ones related to his mental health, openly in public. © Instagram/theamitsadh I didn’t overcome it all in one day - took me 20 years! I just found one thing for sure - this is not the end. Life is a gift. So, the day I understood this, I started living it. I feel blessed and fortunate that I’m on the other side of the white light. Now I have a lot of compassion, love and empathy for people who become weak. See, we all go through hard times. Everyone fails. We all get disappointed sometimes in ourselves, sometimes in the result of what we do, sometimes with people or relationships. Disappointments will continue, that’s what I've understood in life. But you can’t let it affect you so much that it affects your living, your mental balance or your happiness. Nothing in life is worth taking your happiness. Your motto in life shouldn’t be big cars, to be rich or to own a beach apartment or go holidaying in Barcelona. Your motto in life should be to be happy, to be at peace. I’m saying this from my experience. The day I made this promise to myself, my life started changing. 2. Is it easy for men to openly discuss their mental health issues in today’s world? Do you think there is a fear of being judged? I think men are expected to be strong and there is this stupid notion of being an alpha, In fact, we don’t even know what a real alpha means. People perhaps think we are not supposed to have feelings - there’s that stigma attached by society. I think that has to break. © Instagram/theamitsadh When it comes to friends who we feel need some love or attention, we should give them that. I have learnt one thing in life- that by becoming a society which is kinder, more gentle and accepting, it will instil encouragement and fearlessness in people who are genuinely going through problems, to come forward and talk about their mess and their stress. Till the time we are going to be a judgemental society, mean and harsh and ruthless to people - jitni bhi baat karna hai kar lo, kuch hone wala nahi hai. 5. What advice or suggestion would you give to people who are trying to cope with mental ailments especially at a time like this, during a pandemic? What I can say to people who are struggling in life mentally, emotionally, financially, and in companionship is that- everyone is going through it. The percentage may be different, the order may be different but each one of us in this world is struggling. Most people have learnt to find life, happiness, peace and smile in between these and I hope you can learn too. And I hope and pray to God that whatever your pain is it doesn't last long and for that you should never give up. Don’t give up. 6. There’s a general perception that men should be emotionally strong, they shouldn’t cry. Do you believe in that? What’s your definition of manhood? It’s all BULLSHIT! I believe in humanhood. Back in the day when civilization was evolving, men and women had certain skill sets which have diminished now. Biologically, a man and a woman have certain skill sets from nature. Men were going to hunt, women were taking care of the children. Hence, women’s peripheral vision improved. Meanwhile, men didn’t communicate as they went hunting. That’s why they became tunnel-visioned. But we have evolved. We are changing. We just need to understand that the need of the hour right now is respect and equality. These are basics. First, let’s talk about these then we can talk about other big subjects. 7. If given an opportunity, what would be the one thing that you would like to change in society - in terms of how mental health is usually perceived? I don’t want to change anything in anyone. I want to keep changing for the good in me and if that inspires people, great. I only know one thing in life - there’s a lot of goodness in the world and the country. It just needs a channel or a pathway to come up. I believe people want to change, I believe in this beautiful country where people have love and acceptance for each other - my belief is strong. View the full article
  3. 'I faced some really weird things in the beginning like she isn?t pretty enough,' said Taapee Pannu
  4. Wapda asks Sindh govt to allot land for Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme (K-IV)
  5. Johnny Depp on Monday lost his libel battle with a British tabloid that labelled him a ?wife beater?,
  6. It's great to get creative when naming your restaurant because well, everyone appreciates a pun and it makes it stand out. But, how far is too far? After seeing countless plays on PornHub, from using wordplay on the name or simply taking a similar logo, a new restaurant is being noticed by people online and its hilarity lies in its simplicity. © Facebook/Eat Cock A restaurant in Hyderabad may be pushing it too far with their extremely NSFW name but at least it's making them stand out. I don't know if it helped increase the business or not. © Facebook/Eat Cock Yep, eating at a restaurant called 'Eat Cock' doesn't sound that appetizing to me, but to each their own I guess. The really out-there restaurant name was spotted by someone on Reddit and after sharing the picture, people can't help but guess if it was a complete accident or actually intentional. At this point, I don't know what option is better, though. © Facebook/Eat Cock On second thought, looking at the logo, it definitely has to be intentional. I mean, you can't get more phallic than this. Spotted in Hyderabad from r/indiaThe general consensus is - they knew, for sure. © Reddit Is it just me or is it getting too much? © Reddit Uhh. © Reddit The logo will haunt us for a long time. © Reddit Oh no. © Reddit View the full article
  7. With the Indian cricket team finally making a return to international games after spending the better half of the year keeping away from the coronavirus pandemic, the BCCI has somehow managed to enrage a lot of fans by not including Rohit Sharma in the rosters for any of the three formats of the game against Australia. This may very well be because of the hamstring injury Sharma suffered during the ongoing Indian Premier League tournament in the United Arab Emirates. However, the reports that came in during the last two Mumbai Indian matches, it was believed that his injury wasn’t that severe and that he should be back on the field in no time. ICYMI - #TeamIndia squads for three T20Is, three ODIs & four Test matches against Australia.#AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/HVloKk5mw0 — BCCI (@BCCI) October 26, 2020 But judging by the fact that his name is not even mentioned in the squad list for a tour that is more than a month away, many cricket experts including Harsha Bhogle and Sunil Gavaskar have raised concerns about Rohit Sharma’s health. And as if the absence of Sharma’s name from the list wasn’t enough, the Indian cricket board took no buffer time before announcing opening batsman and wicket-keeper KL Rahul as their new vice captain for limited overs cricket, a role Sharma had played for a couple of years ahead of the Australia tour. Its not that important whether he will be part of squad or not, important is kl Rahul is vice captain and he will continue for complete series. — Arvind Nikam (@nikam_arvind) October 28, 2020 Former Indian cricketer Deep Dasgupta in an interaction with Star Sports talked about how the BCCI could have allowed the dust to settle a little on Sharma’s injury reports before announcing Rahul as their second in command next to Virat Kohli. He said: “Rohit still hasn’t played any game in a while now, but I guess if he is fit to play for the Mumbai Indians then he will be part of the national team. But what I know is that he is still 50:50, although he has just started to bat in the nets. “I guess it is just a matter of time. As soon as he is fit to play a game or a few games, then he will be ready. It is a hamstring issue and you don’t want to include someone who is not 100 percent fit.” View this post on Instagram Official Statement: Rohit Sharma has suffered left leg hamstring strain during Mumbai Indians’ last outing. Rohit has made good progress over last four days, while the management is taking one day at a time monitoring the recovery process in consultancy with BCCI. . Rohit has been advised rest for the match against CSK today. Kieron Pollard will lead the team tonight. . #OneFamily #MumbaiIndians #MI #Dream11IPL @rohitsharma45 A post shared by Mumbai Indians (@mumbaiindians) on Oct 23, 2020 at 6:29am PDT Dasgutpa added: “If Rohit is fit, he has to be there. There is no doubt about it. Maybe Mayank Agarwal’s injury is not as serious and therefore his name is included. But a fit Rohit Sharma has to be included in the team,” he said. “Maybe announcing the vice-captain could have been on hold. They could have waited for Rohit’s injury details for another week, and then gone ahead with it [declaring the vice-captain].”While Rohit Sharma fans were venting their frustrations on social media, and cricket analysts busy making sense of the whole situation, the cricketer himself decided to have a nice walk on the beach, spend some quality time with his family. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rohit Sharma (@rohitsharma45) on Oct 27, 2020 at 9:55am PDT That’s the kind of confidence we need in our lives. To be carefree of the predicament he is in right now, believing and knowing that once things are better, he’d be right where we were, winning games for the country. View the full article
  8. Disrespecting any kind of Indian food is just asking for trouble. Especially when a white guy does it. Come on, man, there are millions of us here and will roast you to death. And, that's why British professor Edward Anderson had to face the wrath of desi people recently after taking a controversial stance about idlis. © Twitter When Zomato asked about unpopular food opinions, Edward decided to piss off a majority of the population of India. Idli are the most boring things in the world. https://t.co/2RgHm6zpm4 — Edward Anderson (@edanderson101) October 6, 2020 Oh no, don't say that. He did give some more context, though. pic.twitter.com/i1jGBnEYE8 — Edward Anderson (@edanderson101) October 6, 2020 Oops. One problem with pissing off south Indian twitter is that they are in literally every timezone - even when India sleeps, the irate replies keep coming! — Edward Anderson (@edanderson101) October 6, 2020 As his previous tweet said, too late. pic.twitter.com/Z4pwVNE79w — Edward Anderson (@edanderson101) October 6, 2020 Just imagine if he had said something about biryani instead of idlis, it would've been even worse. One of the people to actually get really upset with this food take was Ishaan Tharoor. I think I've encountered the most offensive take on Twitter. https://t.co/jRb2xI3mX1 — Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) October 6, 2020 And then, of course, even senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor swooped in to roast this man alive in the nicest possible way. Yes, my son, there are some who are truly challenged in this world. Civilisation is hard to acquire: the taste & refinement to appreciate idlis, enjoy cricket, or watch ottamthullal is not given to every mortal. Take pity on this poor man, for he may never know what Life can be. https://t.co/M0rEfAU3V3 — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) October 7, 2020 Everyone after that tweet - © Among Us While Shashi Tharoor's tweet was sassy as well, it was all in good fun and it even led to a wholesome conversation between the two. Try it with a plate of steaming idlis, accompanied by coconut chutney with a garnish of mustard seeds, a red-chilli-and-onion samandi & some molagapodi w/melted ghee. If the idli batter has been fermented right, it’s the closest thing to heaven on this earth! Class will be better — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) October 7, 2020 And then there's Ishaan Tharoor, following his dad's footsteps. Apologies, you don’t deserve all this for objecting to idlis... or maybe you do 🧐 — Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) October 7, 2020 But, he's not your average desi dad. Ok Shashi or you could’ve just said “that’s just his opinion Ishaan, focus on your studies” — Raunaq Rajani (@SirRaunaqRajani) October 8, 2020 Victory! This may be the first time, I have understood each and every word of his without referring to a dictionary...(brb, adding English under languages known) https://t.co/UppmaqWnMk — sai (@Pandakahubby) October 8, 2020 The most interesting of the wars. The Idli wars. https://t.co/rNQhanTp4M — Prabhakar Singh (@OolongTeaCher) October 8, 2020 Ooh. Mr Tharoor, the offender is in fact a son in law of your constituency. The next time he’s visiting you must get someone there to remedy his misgivings. @edanderson101 — SK (@sruthijith) October 7, 2020 View the full article
  9. If people keep trolling Abhishek Bachchan on a daily basis by calling him jobless, then who really is the jobless one out of them? *insert thinking emoji* Abhishek Bachchan gets way too much hate for someone who always stays in his lane, without being problematic, and always staying a true gentleman. Aren't people tired of coming after him when they've not managed to rile him up with their hateful comments even once? The only thing he should be trolled for is this picture and this picture alone. © Twitter He genuinely seems like a chill dude who loves his family, works on his movies and TV shows, and always stays humble even though he's one of the biggest names in the industry. Now, that actually might be the bare minimum, but going by the amount of trolling he gets, his humour and self-restraint in such situations is actually commendable. View the full article
  10. If you arenât new to the world of fitness, you would already know what intermittent fasting is. Before committing to a diet plan or in this case, an intermittent fasting meal plan, itâs crucial that you know what youâre getting yourself into. This drastic change in lifestyle needs wholesome knowledge and research beforehand. To start off small, we have narrowed down the top 7 intermittent fasting facts that you should know before starting. What Is Intermittent Fasting?In case you donât know what intermittent fasting is, itâs a meal plan that allows you to alternate between fasting and eating periods. For example, you fast for 12 hours at a go and then you eat all that you need to within the next 12 hours. There are many different methods and types of intermittent fasting. You can choose a meal plan as per your requirements and as per your nutritionistâs recommendations. Overall, it's a good method for losing fat but if strength training and muscle gain is your goal, this is probably not the best diet for you. Here are 7 intermittent fasting facts that will clarify it further more for you. __ECOMLOOKS__942__ __ECOMLOOKS__943__ __ECOMLOOKS__944__ __ECOMLOOKS__945__ __ECOMLOOKS__946__ __ECOMLOOKS__947__ __ECOMLOOKS__948__ Go Ahead And Try It Out! Now that you know these basic intermittent fasting facts, you can go ahead and try out this method for yourself. You can surely read more about intermittent fasting and weight loss on our page for a more in depth knowledge. If you have tried intermittent fasting, do let us know in the comments how your experience was! Explore More View the full article
  11. If you see around, thereâs this angst around in people wherein they are pointing out whatâs happening in the film industry. Not long ago, Abhay Deol sparked controversy when he opened about how he felt neglected post Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and pointed to the fact how he was sidelined by Bollywood lobby culture and Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif were promoted as the main lead. Abhay said he had issues with the tag of the âsupporting actorâ for him and Farhan Akhtar. In an interaction with India Today, Farhan Akhtar said he was okay with the nominations of the awards and he didnât join the film industry to be featured on magazine covers or treated like a star. âYou are constantly hearing about some rat race and everybody is fighting each other to some kind of spot which does not exist. I mean the fact is you have to believe in yourself, you have to work sincerely, work hard, how many magazines covers you will do, whether you came on the front page of a magazine, or the front page of a newspaper,â he said. He added, âIf that is your larger interest, I really feel that you are in the wrong profession. Youâre not here for that. Have you come here to be an actor, director, singer, music composer, or have you come here to be a reality star? Have you come here to be just, I donât know, a star?â © Excel Movies For the unversed, in his Instagram post a few days ago, Abhay wrote, âI would like to mention that almost all the award functions demoted me and Farhan from main leads and nominated us as "supporting actors". Hrithik and Katrina were nominated as "actors in a leading role". So by the industry's own logic, this was a film about a man and a woman falling in love, with the man supported by his friends for whatever decisions he takes.â Thereâs a lot that has been said about the Bollywood lobby culture. While Abhay chose to call out, Farhan has taken a rather different approach to see things and focusing on his art. View the full article
  12. Twitter has rolled out a new feature that lets users add stories similar to Instagram and Facebook. However, Twitter calls it Fleets. Twitter introduced the new feature after testing it in other markets like Brazil and has finally made its way to India. Twitter introduced this new feature for users who donât like to tweet as they feel tweets are more permanent, public and reveal other data such as likes and retweets. © Twitter âIndia is important for Twitter since it is one of our largest and fastest-growing audience markets globally. We are excited to bring the Fleets experiment to India and make it one of the first three countries in the world to experience this new product. From the test in India, weâll learn how adding a new mode of conversation changes the way Indians engage on Twitter. Itâll also be interesting to see if it further amplifies the diversity of usage by allowing people to share what theyâre thinking in a way that is light-touch and light-heartedâ said Manish Maheshwari, MD, Twitter India. © Twitter Fleets work very similar to stories on other platforms where you will be able to see updates of account you follow on Twitter. It will appear at the top of the timeline and one can see updates by tapping on the avatar of an account. If you post a fleet, you can see who has seen your post by looking underneath a specific post. How To Post Fleets - Tap the avatar on the top left of your profile to create a new Fleet â Start typing or tap a media icon to add photo/s or video/s â Tap âFleetâ to post Users can also interact with fleets of people they are viewing with buttons to reply and direct messages if they are open. Followers can reply with emojis, or text direct messages and will only appear in the direct messages page similar to Instagram stories. © Twitter âTwitter is where people go to see and talk about whatâs happening. We want people to be able to have conversations on Twitter in different ways, with less pressure and more control. Thatâs why weâre testing a way to share their fleeting thoughtsâ said Mo Al Adham, Twitter Group Product Manager. Twitter has now rolled out the feature for iOS and Android devices; however, you need to update the app from the App Store/Play Store to get access to the feature. View the full article
  13. Itâs true that love finds its way, no matter what the situation is. While the world is quarantining away and our country is in a lockdown, for this âmadly in loveâ couple, social distancing could not create any distance. A guy from Mumbai and a girl from Delhi tied the knot in a virtual wedding with full family in tow (virtually). In a unique ceremony, according to TOI,a Mumbai-based 29 years old merchant navy officer, Preet Singh and Delhi girl Neet Kaur tied the knot virtually through a video calling app. © TOI Proving that love defies all odds, the loving duo, who had been in a year-long, long distance relationship, finally got married on April 4 through the video app. It was the day their big-fat-Indian wedding was initially scheduled. They had been planning their wedding for six months and didnât let COVID-19 get in the way of their official union. © mumbai mirror To make this special day the most memorable day in their lives, the bride and the groom dressed up for the occasion and their friends and family logged in from as far as Dubai, Australia and Canada to join the unconventional ceremony. After the ceremony was over, they even broke into a dance to celebrate the occasion and congratulatory speeches lasted for two hours. TOI quoted Preet as saying, âWe were heartbroken because we had been planning the wedding for six months. But every cloud has a silver lining and we found ours too.â Besides, their honeymoon to Sri Lanka might be postponed, but at least Preet and Neet will be virtually together as a married couple. Neet will move in with him when the lockdown ends. Isnât this an amazingly heart warming story? Instances like these prove that there is goodness in every situation; all you need to have is a perspective. Share with us your thoughts on this in the comments section below. View the full article
  14. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, many cities are going on lockdown and when this happens people usually stock up all the essentials. In most cities, people have flooded the supermarkets and from buying groceries to stocking up toilet paper and condoms, people are not leaving anything behind. View the full article
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