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Found 257 results

  1. The Australia bushfire and the consequences that followed has not only affected the animals and humans living in the continent, but has alarmed the world of what awaits us in terms of climate change and the dire consequences of the same. View this post on Instagram Not all heroes wear capes, volunteer firemen to help with Australia wildfires. Salute to these heroes ! #bushfires #australiaisburning#australiaburns #climatechange#stopadani #climateactionnow#climatecatastrophe#climateemergency#AustralianBushfires #australiafires#bushfiresaustralia #bushfire#australiabushfire#australiabushfires #ScottMorrison A post shared by Kattee (@katteebags) on Jan 14, 2020 at 2:14am PST People and organsations around the world are trying to raise awareness and even donate towards the relief fund for the bushfires. One famous model hit the headlines when she offered to send nudes to her followers who were donating towards the Australia bushfires and managed to raise over a million dollars. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Metallica have donated over a million dollars as well but when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos posted on his social media, informing the world about his donation, he was roasted and trolled for it. View this post on Instagram Our hearts go out to all Australians as they cope with these devastating bushfires. Amazon is donating 1 million AU dollars in needed provisions and services. Find more about it and learn how customers can help as well. Link in bio. A post shared by Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos) on Jan 11, 2020 at 10:17pm PST With his net worth being estimated close to $936 billion, he has offered to donate $690,000 towards the relief funds. People cannot fathom that he makes over $78.5 billion in a year personally and yet he decided to donate only a tiny amount (as per his wealth's estimate). If I had one million dollars and gave 75 cents to Australia, I would have given a bigger portion of my wealth than Jeff Bezos did https://t.co/gjBJ9aAlZL — mel (@MervinMastishin) January 13, 2020 Jeff Bezos gave $690,000 to wild fires in Australia, and has 116.7 billion dollars. To put this into perspective, my boyfriend has $1,500 net savings, and that would be the equivalent to him donating 0.88 cents. — Janet E. McSaxophone (@janeejpg) January 14, 2020 People are also mad that this amount is less than what he makes in 5 minutes, and we cannot even cook instant noodles in that time. Jeff Bezos makes $149,353 a minute. His company's board refused to pass a climate proposal. He just donated LESS THAN 5 MINUTES of work to Australia. This is simply not enough. Tax-the-rich! https://t.co/Sri3Xtkhos — Juliana Castro ð¤ð¼ (@juliacastrov) January 13, 2020 This is how much money #JeffBezos makes in 3 minutes. https://t.co/HL9dYadpVQ — Peter Daou (@peterdaou) January 12, 2020 Australia can have a little of Jeff Bezos' time. 3 minutes exactly. — ðJehoshaphat Bidenð (@CallMeGdubG) January 13, 2020 Over 2 months ago, he was trolled for donating around $98 million for homeless people across 23 states in the US because that was around 0.08% of his net worth. What is happening in Australia is the stark yet sad reality of how real the climate change is. Please contribute and do your bit in not just donating towards a relief fund but also doing whatever you can to contribute in saving our planet. View the full article
  2. 2019 was a pretty decent year for gaming. We got some really good titles, but 2020 is when we're expecting to see some ground-breaking and highly-anticipated games. It's safe to say that 2020 is poised to be a super interesting year for video games. Here's a quick look at the top five video games which we can't wait to check out. 1. The Last Of Us Part 2 The Last Of Us was undoubtedly one of the best video games to be out in the last decade. Naughty Dog's uncompromising world of the game offered an experience to gamers unlike no other. And now, with The Last Of Us Part 2, the players are set to return to the same world to take the story forward. The new game will take place several years after the original title in which Ellie is on a quest for vengeance. The game releases on May 29 and we just can't wait to play it. 2. Ghost Of Tsushima Ghost Of Tsushima was teased a long time back and there's been a lot of hype surrounding it ever since. It's being developed by Sucker Punch, the studio behind the open-world action series Infamous. Ghost Of Tsushima is a fictional game set in the 1274 Japan. You'll be playing as Jin Sakai, who's said to be the last standing samurai in island of Tsushima. We still don't have a release date for the game, but it's said to be coming out sometime in summer this year. 3. Half-Life: Alyx In all fairness, Half-Life: Alyx isn't the Half-Life 3 that Valve had promised us. It's a PC VR title that's said to be coming out in March. Half-Life:Alyx is a new instalment in the series, but unfortunately, we know nothing about the story just yet. So, we'll have to wait for the developers to drop more info. 4. Iron Man VR This is the second and the last VR game in the list, but Iron Man VR is something that we've been wanting to play since the moment it was announced. The idea behind the game is to literally be an Iron Man, which looks just as fascinating as it sounds. We'll get to suit up and be the fallen Avenger himself, and that itself has us all excited. The game comes out on February 28, exclusively on PS4 for PSVR. 5. Cyberpunk 2077 There's no way we can end the list without adding Cyberpunk 2077. A game with a guest appearance by Keanu Reeves, soundtrack by artists including Grimes, Run the Jewels, and A$AP Rocky, and the fact that it's being developed by Witcher studio CD Projekt Red! What else could you possibly need for a game in 2020? The game comes out in April 16, and we'll definitely have more to talk about it when it comes out. View the full article
  3. English wicket-keeper Jos Buttler is facing massive backlash for using cuss words against South African all-rounder Vernon Philander during the second of four Test matches. Buttler was apparently frustrated with the slow pace with which Philander was batting as the Protea went on to score just 8 runs off 51 deliveries and when the batsman blocked the keeper's view while collecting an incoming throw, he decided to voice his feelings. Staring the South African right in the eye, the Englishman called him a “f*cking knobhead” followed by a rant which consisted of a bunch of 'F' words. What made the incident even worse for Buttler was the fact the South African legend had announced that he would be retiring from the game of cricket after the Test series against England. Don't you just love English athletes? They're such a classy bunch ð¤¦‍âï¸#SAvENG pic.twitter.com/R1b6bMg5Yl — JAKE BUCKLEY ð¦ðº (@TheMasterBucks) January 7, 2020 Buttler's captain Joe Root decided to mellow down the situation doubt by calling it “playing hard Test cricket” and said that the incident would not lead to any sort of animosity between the two sides. "I don't think it was anything serious," Root said. "It was just two guys playing hard Test cricket. Emotions were running quite high and I don't think anyone overstepped the mark. You want a bit of spice on the TV anyway, don't you?" However, Indian commentator and cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle called it a “pity” the way Buttler swore at the 34-year-old Philander. What a pity... https://t.co/JV9ni9Vyfy — Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) January 8, 2020 And while Bhogle is the voice of Indian cricket and tries to look at a situation rationally, this time the fans of Indian cricket are calling him biased towards our own cricketers like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. And when Virat does that so many times on the field,no one says anything???Why is that Soo? Sad part is that we Indians are to biased?? isn't it Sir @bhogleharsha — Vaibhav Tripathi (@V_Trips7781) January 8, 2020 you cant say "f" words but our players can abuse in hindi as much as they want. Rohit said to pujara "bhen**od" they took lightly and trended ben stokes. Everyday kholi says it but then we dont criticize and trolls again benstokes. Such level of hypocricy. Dude enjoy game. — Democracyð®ð³ (@hum_leke_rahege) January 8, 2020 Really disappointing that you would say that. As a person who has seen a lot of cricket around the world you would know things are said in the heat of the moment, India players have done so too, and there is no need to go hard on a person for that. — Abhishree Jain (@AbhishreeJ) January 8, 2020 That's all well Harsha, hopefully you'll have the same reaction to Virat mouthing B....d and M.....d! — Mira Viswanathan (@miraviswanathan) January 8, 2020 U need @imVkohli to reply such ppl !!! Anyways, they will not take any chance against Virat...ð — Chetan Jangale (@ChetanJangale) January 8, 2020 Mc, bc is not equal to what buttler uttered????? — K.Raj kumar 45ð®ð³ (@imraj264) January 8, 2020 View the full article
  4. Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar welcomed 2020 with an extraordinary video of a little boy named Madda Ram. A boy who has unbounded love for the game of cricket and is willing to take the most difficult of ways to stay in touch with that inner passion of his. But what sets Madda Ram apart from the millions of cricket fanatics in the country is the fact that he is differently-abled and can't walk or stand on his feet. But when you look at him bat at the crease, it simply astounds you as to how he doesn't let his problems come in the way of playing the sport he loves so much. Start your 2020 with the inspirational video of this kid Madda Ram playing cricket ðwith his friends. It warmed my heart and I am sure it will warm yours too. pic.twitter.com/Wgwh1kLegS — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) January 1, 2020 “Start your 2020 with the inspirational video of this kid Madda Ram playing cricket with his friends,” Tendulkar tweeted. “It warmed my heart and I am sure it will warm yours too.” In the video, Ram can be seen standing on his knees as he waits for his friend to bowl. As soon as he connects with the ball, the boy quickly crawls across the pitch to complete his run. After his single, he crawls halfway across the pitch again to give his partner the bat and then returns to his end. Even since the Indian master blaster shared this video, Madda Ram has become an instant hit and a figure of inspiration for scores of people: I seen him as a soldier, how loves and passionate on this game.. Also should appreciate other kids, they accept him as ordinary player.. Spirit of game called cricket.. — J G Pandian (@JGP_OSSI) January 1, 2020 Madda Ram is great but he has best people around him, his friends. — Gobinda Thakur (@Gobinda_Thakur) January 1, 2020 I am overwhelmed by the spirit of the boy and his teammates I wish people in position like you the Hero could help him get a wheelchair. Happy new year to all. — Atanazio Bwongyererwa (@AtanazioBwongy1) January 1, 2020 Physically handicapped is not a hurdle for any success, only when ur thoughts and moves were handicapped!! — Manikandan (@manarm1234) January 1, 2020 This will warm anyone's heart. Thanks for sharing this today. Happy beginnings. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, Master Blaster! — Anushtup (@Anushtup2K) January 1, 2020 Never seen anything like this,oh!God,So beautiful,other boyes r good to play with him,@Sachin-rt — Swapan Kumar Saha (@SwapanK80261297) January 1, 2020 Amazing..!! Kudos to that brave kid.. — Bittu kumar (@Bittu11990) January 1, 2020 This short 55-second video shows how people like Madda Ram, who have problems that are so much bigger than us, the “normal” kind, are living the best life that they can. Everything is more difficult for them by default and he knows that but despite all of that, he is just another kid doing what he loves. And kudos to his friends for letting him be and not behaving any differently with him just because of his physical problems. One of the kids could have become his runner. His partner could have walked across the pitch to get the bat. But the fact that they did not do any of that is probably what makes Ram feel like a regular cricket-loving kid. View the full article
  5. Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas are leaving no stone unturned to make the most of this festive season. The duo recently celebrated Christmas with Priyanka's family amidst snow-clad mountains. Now, according to their latest pictures shared on social media, they are headed towards a beautiful beachside location to ring in the New Year. Today, the couple shared an amazing picture from their vacation in which they were sitting next to each other while posing by the ocean. The 37-year-old actor captioned the picture as, "Life as it should be” and Nick wrote, "From the snow to the ocean. Life as it should be.” The couple, however, did not reveal the name of the picturesque destination in their posts but we anyway love it. Check out the pictures here: View this post on Instagram Life as it should be. ð â¤ï¸ð¸ @divya_jyoti A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on Dec 29, 2019 at 9:00am PST Besides, the star couple also shared post-card worthy pictures from their vacation amidst snow-clad mountains. View this post on Instagram Bye winter wonderland.. you will be missed. See you in 2020 #twinning #twinningiswinning ð¸ @stardust_moonshine A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on Dec 27, 2019 at 9:15pm PST PeeCee captioned one of the pictures as, “Santa drove in on my bat mobile!! Aaaah! My husband knows me so well! Thank you baby. I love you!” View this post on Instagram Santa drove in on my bat mobile!! Aaaah! My husband knows me so well! Thank you baby. I love you! #christmas âï¸ðâ¤ï¸ A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on Dec 25, 2019 at 9:00pm PST On the work front, Nick was last seen in Jumanji: The Next Level and Priyanka was seen in The Sky is Pink. She will be next seen in Netflix's The White Tiger alongside Rajkummar Rao. View the full article
  6. Some parts of India received unexpected snow as a gift from nature. Nagaland witnessed snowfall for the first time in several years and the Indian state is enjoying the snow by sharing multiple video clips. The videos are going viral on the internet and the state looks nothing short of a wonderland. Recently, an MLA from Suruhoto Constituency in the Zunheboto district, Nagaland took to Twitter saying, “What a wonderful gift for the people of Luvishe Village under Aghunato sub-division of Zunheboto district to experience snowfall after 37 years. Indeed, Mother Nature has showered her blessings upon Nagaland this Christmas.@MyGovNagaland @tournagaland17 @incredibleindia” Watch the full video here- What a wonderful gift for the people of Luvishe Village under Aghunato sub-division of Zunheboto district to experience snowfall after 37 years. Indeed, Mother Nature have showered her blessings upon Nagaland this Christmas.@MyGovNagaland @tournagaland17 @incredibleindia pic.twitter.com/X4bLB1APo1 — H. Khehovi (@Hkhehoviy) December 28, 2019 In fact, the Department of Information & Public Relations, Nagaland also shared videos and pictures from the village on Facebook in which villagers can be seen enjoying in the snow. The video showed the village fully covered in snow and it looked nothing less than a scene from a Hollywood film. The Department of Information & Public Relations, Nagaland also shared videos on Facebook in which locals can be seen enjoying the fresh snow. Isn't this just so pretty? Many people also took to their Twitter along with sharing videos and pictures of snowfall. A lot of people also pointed out how unusual snowfall can be a sign of climate change and how real it is. Here's what the people on Twitter are saying- A village of Shamator, Tuensang has been experiencing a snowfall this year, unusually. And many places in Nagaland have been experiencing it as well. It's beautiful & celebration but on the contrary suddenly its a sign of global warming which we must be aware of. #NAGALAND pic.twitter.com/aw3tMgD1bY — MUZUNGCHIM (@muzungchimyim23) December 27, 2019 Nagaland witnessing snowfall after nearly four decades! #ClimateChange pic.twitter.com/AzRKQlBFge — Mmhonlumo Kikon (@MmhonlumoKikon) December 27, 2019 AFTER 37 YEARS! Luvishe village in #Nagaland is experiencing snowfall for the first time in nearly four decades. The village has a population of 364 people, as per the 2011 census.#WinterTales #NorthEast pic.twitter.com/12vqkNwkvH — Anupam Bordoloi (@asomputra) December 27, 2019 The chilly weather is likely to stay in the North for a while and rain is likely to hit parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh and Uttar Pradesh. View the full article
  7. In other news, about two Indian Army Officers are going to make you believe more in the existence of humanity and will make you proud at the same time. Recently, two women Indian Army captains are being hailed with praises for helping a woman deliver her premature baby. Both Captain Lalitha and Captain Amandeep of 172 Military Hospital were recently travelling on the Howrah Express, and a co-passenger needed their help for her delivery. Both the officers facilitated the premature delivery of the passenger and both the baby and the mother were healthy after the delivery. Captain Lalitha & Captain Amandeep, #IndianArmy 172 Military Hospital, facilitated in premature delivery of a passenger while traveling on Howrah Express. Both mother & baby are hale & hearty.#NationFirst#WeCare pic.twitter.com/AFQGybwJJ6 — ADG PI - INDIAN ARMY (@adgpi) December 28, 2019 The news was shared on Twitter by Additional Directorate General of Public Information, Indian Army's official account along with a caption saying, “Captain Lalitha & Captain Amandeep, #IndianArmy 172 Military Hospital, facilitated in premature delivery of a passenger while traveling on Howrah Express. Both mother & baby are hale & hearty.#NationFirst#WeCare” After the post was shared on the internet, it has been doing the rounds and the post has been flooded with heartfelt comments by netizens who are proud of the two women. Here's what people have to say- Bravo Captains. You are perfect blend and example of strength and kindness. Our Army always comes as savior at all times and situations. Respectful bow Jai Hind ð®ð³ — sangeeta nair (@CharuvillyNair) December 28, 2019 Multi talented and always on the move ..that's the speciality of our supreme forces ... — Nirvana©ï¸ (@iamdecipherable) December 28, 2019 a soldier is never off duty, so true! #WomenInArmy ð®ð³ — celestiallight (@dcemeterygirl) December 28, 2019 Salute Armed Forces. They are trained for any eventuality emergencies. This is what Gen Bipin RAWAT articulated. As Indian 99% are proud of bravery of Indian Armed Forces. From Baby care to border protection. A new slogan. Jai Jawan. — R. RAJAGOPALAN (@RAJAGOPALAN1951) December 28, 2019 More power to the Captains. Solved two problems for very fortunate parents of the baby.. They have the baby, AND two excellent options for it's name! ð — Raghu Raman (@captraman) December 28, 2019 Hurray ...best wishes and more power. — Umesh (@bol2bolna) December 28, 2019 This story made our day! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  8. Rahul Bose is an exceptionally gifted actor who has charmed the audience with some great performances over the years. However, while the actor hasn't been too active in the industry over the last couple of years, he has been busy checking his personal fitness goals and spreading awareness about its benefits. View this post on Instagram I love fruits. ð are my go to snack during and after my work out sessions. Washington Apples hit the spot. Juicy, tasty and always have a crunch. #WashingtonApplesIndia #TheCrunchIndiaLoves A post shared by Rahul Bose (@rahulbose7) on Apr 13, 2019 at 10:27pm PDT And now, the former national level rugby player is once again back in the news for some amazing details related to his health and fitness that the actor himself shared on social media. Rahul bose took to his Instagram account and shared a video of his body checkup report. And what's caught everyone's attention is Rahul's metabolic age mentioned in the report. As per the report, Rahul's metabolic age is just 27, which is almost half his real age! Talk about being physically fit and this should definitely top the chart for every fitness enthusiast out there. View this post on Instagram Thought I'd take stock of the body (as a change from taking stock of the body politic) and see what's up. Metabolic age is 27. Looking to bring that down to 24 in 2020. Fitness = cosmetic surgery for your insides. #whatsyourgoal #metabolicageismorethananumber Happy new year. A post shared by Rahul Bose (@rahulbose7) on Dec 26, 2019 at 9:25pm PST But Rahul being himself, isn't quite satisfied with the results still. The actor who weighs a solid 64.2kg, has set higher fitness goals for the upcoming year and captioned the video thus: “Thought I'd take stock of the body (as a change from taking stock of the body politic) and see what's up. Metabolic age is 27. Looking to bring that down to 24 in 2020. Fitness = cosmetic surgery for your insides. #whatsyourgoal #metabolicageismorethananumber Happy new year.” Might we add that we are thoroughly impressed with your dedication Mr Bose! More power to you! View the full article
  9. The capital is ready to host a marvellous weekend filled with all things geek and pop culture. Comic Con India, India's greatest pop culture experience, is back with its premier edition of the Delhi Comic Con convention. Biggest among all, the ninth edition of Delhi Comic Con will be held from December 20th to December 22nd 2019 between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm at NSIC Exhibition Ground, Okhla – powered by an awesome line-up of Indian & International creators, performances, meet & greet sessions, and gaming and experiential zones from the world's leading studios. © Comic Con Tickets for the ninth Maruti Suzuki Delhi Comic Con 2019 are available on the Delhi Comic Con Website and will be available on-ground at the venue as well. Here are the different types of passes you can grab: . The Single Day Pass: Priced at an online-only price of INR 599, this pass will come with a limited-edition Archie Comic, a Marvel Avengers Bag and an exclusive poster. . The SuperFan Three-Day Pass: At an online-only price of INR 1999, this pass will enable entry on both days and will have a specially crafted SuperFan Box, loaded with a Thanos Funko-Pop, Iron Man tee, Avengers bag, a Captain America badge, a limited-edition Archie Comic Book, and an exclusive poster. © Comic Con Not a bad set of goodies, huh? This year, the popular international artists marking their presence are America-based artist and storyteller of Archie Comics, Bill Golliher; Illustrator Chad Hardin who works for DC Comics and Harley Quinn series; and Asian American artist/designer Bernard Chang, who has illustrated books for Marvel and DC Comics © Comic Con/Luigi Novi Joining them at the show will be the leading Indian comic book publishers, illustrators and writers such as Abhijeet Kini (Abhijeet Kini Studios): View this post on Instagram Posing happily with my art on display and was even happier to see 2 of them being sold at the auction for charity :) Feels good to do good! At #bombayoldfashioned @sbowindia @palladiummumbai @lightoflifetrust_lolt #mumbai #bombay #rhymefighters #abhijeetkiniart #sketches #art #artistsoninstagram #artwork #instaart A post shared by Abhijeet Kini (@abhikini) on Apr 27, 2018 at 11:25am PDT Gaurav Basu (Acid Toad): View this post on Instagram Super stoked to see this print being featured. #art #illustrationnow #illustration #comicconindia #comiccon #comicart #comicconmumbai A post shared by Gaurav Basu (@acid_toad) on Dec 6, 2019 at 9:57pm PST They'll also be joined by newer webcomic sensations, Sailesh Gopalan (Brown Paperbag Comics): View this post on Instagram Cot in the act. A post shared by Saigo (@saileshgopalan) on Nov 27, 2018 at 6:13am PST As well as Bhagya Mathew (Awkwerrrd): View this post on Instagram *insert long sentimental caption about how much I appreciate you all which took me 20mins to type but ended up deleting cause too awkward to actual post about it* @comicconindia #comiccon A post shared by Awkwerrrd (@awkwerrrrrd) on Oct 16, 2019 at 1:58am PDT Along with several other artists, this year's event promises several live events, such as performances by Beatboxer Ish, dance performing crew MISBA, mentalist Karan Singh & comedians Abish Mathew, Rahul Dua and Sumiara Sheikh. “Organising Comic Con in Delhi will always be close to my heart as we did our inaugural show in the city nine years ago,” said Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India. The city has the most enthusiastic comic book fans and cosplayers, who take this celebration of their beloved fandoms very seriously. This year we have some special guests, new launches, and experiential zones.” “This year,” continued Varma, ”we wanted to align our Cosplay competitions to international formats and we have introduced two new formats of cosplaying, which will certainly delight the city's fans.” The first category, Indian Championship of Cosplay 2019 Delhi Qualifier, will see participants compete online, thereafter, pre-selected participants will go through a stage display session and compete on 3 parameters – needlework, FX and Armor. © Comic Con The registrations for ICC 2019 Delhi Qualifier will be done online only. Each day, the winners of the Delhi qualifier round will not only win awards but also qualify to participate in the Indian Championship of Cosplay 2020. © Comic Con The second contest format, namely the Delhi Comic Con Cosplay Contest 2019 is a celebration of all pop culture. For which the participants can register on-ground at the venue each day, and then compete on the Arena stage to eventually, win the grand prize for the contest. © Comic Con The Delhi Comic Con will offer fans a chance to enjoy real-world exhibits of their favourite comics, TV shows, games, anime and movies. The New Delhi edition will be finally followed by the Ahmedabad city's debut edition of Comic Con at the Gujarat University Convention and Exhibition Centre on February 1st and 2nd 2020. View the full article
  10. The big fat Indian weddings are only getting bigger and fatter, not just in India but also across the globe. Indian brides and grooms try different ways to make their wedding grand and unique. Recently, a groom made a stunning entrance to his wedding leaving all the guests astonished to another level. According to News18, the groom-to-be Akash Yadav entered his wedding venue by diving from an aircraft at Mexico's Los Cabos. While his guests cheered for him, he made his way into the baraat by gliding down in a parachute. A video of Yadav's entry has surfaced on the internet that shows his entry and guests were reacting to it saying, “How crazy is this?” to which one of the other guests replies, “Look at that,” and that's when he points the camera towards the parachute in the clear blue sky. View this post on Instagram Groom @akaashyadav made a sky diving entry into his wedding and this entry is as crazy as they come ! How are you planning your entry for the wedding? Share with us in the comments. . . . Download the @wedmegood app to find more such grand entry ideas for your wedding. Link in bio. . . . Video via @zohaibali.co.uk . . . #groomentry #grandentry #wedding #groomentryideas #wedmegood A post shared by WedMeGood (@wedmegood) on Nov 26, 2019 at 7:31am PST The video, that has now gone viral, has around 10,772 likes so far and is flooded with comments with some of them even writing that they want to try such grand entry for their weddings as well. According to Indian Express, Yadav initially planned to come by boat along with his friends at the wedding venue but then he had to turn down the plan due to some legal issues. View this post on Instagram **** with us, you know we got it. ⣠⣠#rickross #dubai #dubailife #wedding #luxurywedding #dubaiwedding #psiloveu2019 #photoshoot #photography #moodygrams #theportraitculture #portrait #photographer #portraitcentral #portraitmood #instagood #instafashion #hinfluencercollective #igportraits #artofvisuals #fashion #desi #bollywood #photooftheday #losangeles #photograph #actor #dancer #hollywood #arab A post shared by Akaash Yadav (@akaashyadav) on Nov 14, 2019 at 9:55am PST Yadav said, "I smiled and looked at my planners and said 'if I can't come by sea then I'll come by sky'. They laughed and when it quieted down, I said, 'No, I'm serious'. And the rest is history.” The wedding was filmed by UK-based photographer Zohaib Ali who said, “The groom's entry was 'crazy', and it was the first time I saw something like this. It became very difficult for us to shoot the groom's entry but we managed.” "I had no idea people would freak out the way they did. I told my brother that morning as he was waking up that I was skydiving into my baraat and he said 'shut up, no you're not' and went back to sleep. I did it 100 percent for me and the fact that it's gone viral is just icing on the cake,” Yadav added. Both the groom and the bride are professional actors and dancers in the US and got married in a traditional Hindu ceremony in Mexico. View the full article
  11. Imagine this situation - a man is married to a woman who loves someone else. For his wife's happiness, the man decides to file for divorce and help her reunite with her lover. Wow, now that's a story of selfless love that we don't get to see often. I know what you guys are thinking. The last time it happened was in 1999 with Ajay Devgn, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Salman Khan in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Well, you're right, but something similar happened recently in Bhopal too where a man agreed to divorce his wife so she can marry her lover and we guess it's time someone thought of a sequel to the movie on these lines. Mahesh (name changed) is a software engineer by profession who has been married to Sangeeta (name changed), a fashion designer for seven years now and have two kids. They were living happily or so the people around them thought, until one day Mahesh found out about the man his wife was in love with before their wedding. She wanted to marry him but her father was, reportedly, against their relationship and married her off to Mahesh instead. After her wedding, she found out that the guy was so heartbroken that he decided not to marry anyone else. So, they started talking and she fell for him again. This led to arguments between Mahesh and Sangeeta as she realised that she wanted to live with her lover. So, Mahesh approached a family court to file for divorce from his wife to help her reunite with the man she loves. For his wife's happiness, Mahesh was willing to let her go and live with her lover. However, Mahesh also said that he doesn't want any of these developments to affect their kids, so he filed for divorce and sought custody of the children. He further said that the wife can visit the children whenever she wants. Now, that's a really brave thing Mahesh did there. View the full article
  12. After the successful launch of the Redmi Note 8 series, Xiaomi is now gearing up to launch a new smartphone in the country. It Looks like the company is looking to finish the year strong with yet another kickass phone, which is why it's bringing a phone with a 108MP camera. Yes, a 108MP smartphone camera. The company recently launched the Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro) in China along with the Mi Watch, and we think this new phone that's coming to India is the Mi Note 10. We don't have an official confirmation, but we're quite positive that it's the Mi Note 10 since it's the only Xiaomi phone with a 108MP sensor. © MI The company posted a tweet saying "It's Coming #108" with a bunch of camera emojis. The same tweet was also posted by Xiaomi India's head Manu Kumar Jain and a bunch of Xiaomi employees in India. They're definitely looking to create a hype leading up to the big release. Talking about the Mi Note 10, it's a premium handset with a glass and metal design. It sports a 6.47-inch AMOLED panel on the front and it's powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor with up to 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. It runs on MIUI and has a massive 5,260 mAh battery. Coming to the highlight of the phone, which is the optics, the Mi Note 10 has a penta-camera setup at the back. One of the five cameras is a 108MP sensor and it's accompanied by a 12MP portrait lens, a 20MP ultra-wide lens, and a 5MP telephoto camera. There's also a 2MP macro lens. It's a super versatile setup and we just can't wait to play around with all the cameras and see how it fairs against the competition. Here's a sample image taken from the phone with the 108MP camera - © MI Xiaomi is clearly eyeing to one-up the competition here. Realme, which is one of the closest competitors in the country, recently launched the X2 Pro with a 64MP sensor. More megapixels doesn't mean the camera is going to be good, but the versatile setup has definitely grabbed our attention. We'll learn more about the phone's release date and other info very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Source: Xiaomi View the full article
  13. Apple has revolutionised wireless audio ever since the company removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and instead started offering AirPods. The most common issue with wireless Bluetooth earphones is that they are unreliable and pairing can be a tedious process. Apple made it easier for iPhone, iPad and MacBook users as we can connect AirPods seamlessly with Apple products. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla However, it was launched in December 2016 and needed a much-required redesign for users who wanted more from their wireless audio devices. Apple recently launched the AirPods Pro that comes with active noise cancellation (ANC); a feature that has been a staple on headphones but only a handful offer them on earbuds. Even though Apple introduced a newer version of the classic AirPods, the new AirPods Pro is the real upgrade everyone has been wanting. I've been using the AirPods Pro in various scenarios to test its sound quality and noise cancellation abilities. Here's what we think about the new AirPods Pro and why I can't go anywhere without them for a single day. Design The biggest difference one will notice is the major difference in design when compared to the AirPods. It now comes with a silicon tip that makes the fit in the ear canal much more tighter and gives a better seal than the regular AirPods. The overall shape of the earbud is now more oval than before and the stem is now shorter as well. The stem of the earbuds now also comes with a sensor that is also flat and can be used to control playback, switch between ANC, transparency and ANC off modes. The new AirPods Pro's design is a bit more subtle than the regular AirPods but is still quite distinctive. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla For people who didn't know, the regular AirPods aren't meant for use while working out, will love the fact that the AirPods Pro is sweat and water-resistant and make a great gym accessory. It comes with an IPX4 rating which means you can use them without worrying about damaging them in the gym. The AirPods Pro are also perfect for runners who want the better sound quality and want a tighter seal so that it doesn't fall off while running. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The AirPods Pro also come with a different charging case; i.e. larger, wider and shorter than the AirPods' charging case. Like the newer version of the AirPods, the Pro variant also supports wireless charging. The case itself may be bigger than the original AirPods, it is still small enough to fit in your pocket. I personally own the new Sony WF-1000XM3 and in comparison, it is much smaller in size. When comparing the two earbuds sizes, the AirPods Pro are less bulkier than its Sony counterpart. How It Works Like the AirPods, the Pro variant also connects and pairs with your phone as soon as you open the lid of the charging case. As soon as you are paired and connected, you can find additional features in the Bluetooth settings of the iPhone. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The AirPods Pro comes with three different silicone tip sizes and in order to find the right size for your ear canal, you need to do an ear tip test. The AirPods Pro has two microphones to adjust the ANC level for the earbuds. It uses the one microphone on the outside to detect ambient noise and the other microphone detects any other remaining noise to calibrate the optimum noise cancellation level using the on-board software. This way, the AirPods Pro can always monitor your environment and adapt the noise-cancellation level. Apple says that the AirPods pro scans and adapts the ANC level 200 times per second. The AirPods Pro also comes with the H1 Chip that uses 10 audio cores to make the adjustment in real time. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Using these techniques, the ear tip test scans and tells you if your seal is good enough to use ANC on the AirPods Pro. If the seal isn't good enough, the test will ask you to adjust the earbuds or change the tip altogether. The test is carried out by playing a small portion of Tycho's “Awake" track. However, what we would have liked to see is a prompt of this test as soon as you connect the AirPods Pro to your iPhone for the first time. If you don't know what you are doing, you may completely miss the ear-fit test if you don't go digging into the Bluetooth settings. Performance and Sound Quality © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla I used the AirPods Pro in various scenarios to test the noise-cancellation ability. I tested them in our office where it can get very loud especially during heated debates. I tested the AirPods Pro in one of the busiest markets in Delhi, India surrounded by traffic, street vendors and loud music blasting from speakers in stores. I even tested the AirPods Pro at a busy Delhi Metro station to test out the noise cancellation features. In all scenarios, we can confidently say that the AirPods Pro can block out most of the sound in each of these scenarios. The AirPods Pro cannot block everything and I think that is by design so that you have at least some sense of your surroundings. Having the ANC work like advertised and also helped us in keeping the volume lower. This is, in turn, reduces the risk of ear damage in the long run and you can still enjoy your music by blocking out nearby noise. What we found impressive about the ANC feature was that it was also effective for Podcasts. While music can generally block out a lot of sounds, when listening to the spoken word, the AirPods Pro did a really good job in blocking out the ambient noise as well. You can still hear some ambient noise, but we were quite surprised to see them perform well even when hearing radio shows. I mentioned earlier, one of the modes that can be controlled by the Force sensor on the AirPods Pro is the Transparency Mode. This mode basically lets you switch off the ANC mode and let the ambient noise come through the earbuds. It is a very handy feature to have if you want to talk to someone face-to-face or just want to get a sense of your surroundings. I would recommend people to use this feature when running on the street so that you are aware of oncoming traffic. This mode can be activated by simply holding the force sensor on the stem to switch between the different modes. When it comes to sound quality, you will instantly notice the difference from the regular AirPods the moment you hear the first track. The vocals sound punchier while the sound stage makes you feel closer to the music than ever before. The AirPods Pro mid-range frequency is probably the star here as the lower frequencies (bass) also sound a lot clearer and more impactful. This is partly because Apple employs Adaptive EQ which tunes these frequencies according to your ear. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla While sound quality preference can be subjective, the AirPod Pro probably offer the most balanced sound you can get from wireless earbuds. The kick drums on any Hip-Hop track sound much more defined and you can even visualise it if you've ever seen a music producer's arrangement window or a mastering mixer. For electronica, the synths, panning automation and different filter effects feel very much lively. To test the AirPods Pro, I listened to Synkro's “Images” and “Realize” tracks that have all the elements an electronica track needs. The soundscape is way more layered when listening to a proper mastered track. Most new-age Hip-Hop tracks are shabbily mastered due to which the sound experience can differ on differ headphones. However, Synkro is known for making tracks that are generally better mastered and have enough room in the layers for you to notice every instrument and effects. After listening to the two Synkro tracks, I can confidently say that the AirPods Pro is the current king of mid- and low-range frequencies in the wireless earbud segment. The last thing we need to mention is the average battery life on the AirPods Pro. With ANC turned on, you can expect it to last around 4 to 4.5 hours, however, when turned off it can last up to 5 hours. When using the AirPods Pro for making calls, you can expect the battery to dip down to 3.5 hours. With a fully charged case, you can use the AirPods Pro for up to 24 hours in total listening time. The Final Say If you are looking for wireless earbuds that can block out outside noise, deliver great sound quality and aren't very bulky, the AirPods Pro is the best ANC device you can get right now. It may not be perfect but it sure comes close. If you are an iPhone user, this is a must-have accessory that will probably come in handy more than you can imagine. After using the AirPods Pro, I can confidently say I cannot go a day without using these wireless earbuds no matter where I am. View the full article
  14. 2019 was a crucial year for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) because of Chandrayaan 2 mission. Although we lost both the lander and the orbiter this year, the mission was still a success since the orbiter survived and it even sent some valuable info. Now, it looks like 2020 is going to be even more special for ISRO and our country because the agency has confirmed that it intends to send a second mission to soft-land on the moon by November 2020. © Reuters Dubbed as the Chandrayaan 3 mission, the engineers and scientists at ISRO are planning to design and build an entirely new lander and rover. And since Chandrayaan 2 mission already left an orbiter that's currently orbiting the Moon, the next mission will not feature an orbiter of its own. Instead of that, the lander and the rover will be accompanied by an additional "detachable module" that packs the engine and fuel needed for the journey. According to reports, this module will be called the "propulsion module" The Chandrayaan 3 mission will also feature fewer orbital maneuvers than Chandrayaan 2. © Reuters By the time the next moon mission is ready to go, it would have been a year and a few weeks since the last attempt. It'll be interesting to see how the next mission will pan out. We hope everything goes as per the plan next year and we successfully land on the moon. We believe the preparations for the next mission have already started, and we wish all the engineers and scientists at ISRO very good luck. Source: The Times Of India View the full article
  15. Stand-in Captain Rohit Sharma and the Indian cricket team managed to win the three-match T20I series against Mahmudullah Riyad's Bangladesh side after a rocky start with a loss in the first match at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. CHAMPIONS#TeamIndia ð®ð³ pic.twitter.com/V9L4yNA7Um — BCCI (@BCCI) November 10, 2019 The series full of young and raw talent saw some heroic performances from players from either teams and also gave way to brilliant comebacks by players who were struggling with their form. Names like Bangladesh's Mohammad Naim and India's Deepak Chahar ventured out and displayed the kind of finesse nobody in the world thought they possessed. What an amazing spell by @deepak_chahar9, 6 wickets for just 7 runs, he became the first Indian bowler to take a Hat-trick in T20I. Many congratulations for this remarkable achievement. Kudos to the entire team for winning the T20 series against Bangladesh. #INDvsBAN pic.twitter.com/4SCg6d74z5 — Jay Shah (@JayShah) November 10, 2019 However, that one player who continues to go through an all-time low is the Indian wicket-keeper batsman, Rishabh Pant. The 22-year-old found himself to be in the middle of a personal crisis once again during the third and final match of the series. Walking towards the pitch after the dismissal of opener Shikhar Dhawan, “fear” was written all over the cricketer's face which could be seen from a mile despite the grills of his helmet. There was no confidence in his shots, no conviction in his hits and surely enough, when a Soumya Sarkar delivery knocked off his stumps, the disappointment was clearly visible in his body-language. Shaking his head in disapproval, the southpaw headed towards the dressing room. Yes, the wicket was disappointing but the frustration on #RishabhPant's face afterwards is heartbreaking. He looks defeated. Nothing but sympathy for him. #BANvIND #INDvBAN pic.twitter.com/6VzQ7ZDWBr — Aditya Pandey (@adityapandey148) November 10, 2019 What might have felt like a long day for the young cricketer only went on to be a drag during the second innings when Pant asked Rohit Sharma for a review and the decision was in favour of the opponents. The entire Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium roared “Dhoni, Dhoni, Dhoni” as Pant smiled helplessly on his misfortune. Rishabh pant should take retirement ahead of thala Ms dhoni #INDvBAN — ......no nut november (@TweetsByAnurag) November 10, 2019 The comparison to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, someone who is considered to be the best stumper to wear the blue jersey, has to be one of the most dreadful predicaments that Pant has had to go through in the recent past and the criticism of the way he bats has him second-guessing his instincts. Finding his edge for more a better half of the year now, the 22-year-old looks defeated. If you have ever been an athlete, we request you to put yourself in Pant's shoes and imagine facing an entire nation that has turned on you, especially just months after they chanted your name and followed you like blind devotees. Yes, we have been angry, yes we have been disappointed and yes we have criticised his poor decision-making skills on the field before. Now however, there is nothing but sympathy for the struggling cricketer who just wants to play the game of cricket for his country. View the full article
  16. Gulab jamun is delicious, pizza is delicious, but both of them on their own? I don't know why someone would ever think, "oh hey, what would happen if we put these two together?" But, unfortunately, someone not only thought that, but also made it a reality and now we all have to suffer the consequences. Just look at this monstrosity! © Twitter Why would you do that? Just, why? This is so unnecessary. Even if it's not actually a regular pizza as a base, it's just not needed. You don't need a sweet base and then put lots of gulab jamuns on top to make a dish. People can just eat the gulab jamun, like you know, individually, normally. The most surprising part of this is the fact that there are some people who actually think it looks delicious and want to try it. I just have one question for them - who hurt you? But, mostly, people are reacting like how they should - they are disgusted by it. pic.twitter.com/qx969UQhWp — VedVyazz (@vedvyazz) November 8, 2019 Wait, people eat Nutella parathas? I blame Nutella paratha for all of this bullshit! That's where it all started https://t.co/pP6Xf0sEPK — Ali Gul Pir (@Aligulpir) November 8, 2019 No one would even mind. It is totally legitimate for Italy to attack us now! https://t.co/faqDxDcfs9 — Maida Farid (@maidaFarid_) November 7, 2019 A heavy price. My hairdresser is an Italian, hope he doesn't see this. My hairstyle will pay a heavy price if he doesðð½‍âï¸ — Saffina Ellahi (@SaffinaEllahi1) November 7, 2019 And pizza. Stop disrespecting gulab jaman https://t.co/jmJsY3LXJh — Aliya (@aliyabeee) November 9, 2019 Oh, for sure. This crime against humanity needs to be tried under the Geneva convention. — Hasnain Haider (@langahwhotweets) November 8, 2019 I don't even know. What fresh hell is this? https://t.co/l7Ef2E7MtO — Aditya Raj Kaul (@AdityaRajKaul) November 8, 2019 This is a conspiracy by pineapple on pizza lovers. .... And just like that pineapple pizza isn't the most hated pizza on planet — Aditya Thakkar (@aadi106) November 8, 2019 Tried to make the best of both worlds? When a halwai opens a fast food shop. https://t.co/oXL9H1OrDY — Ali`ð¬ (@phuck_ouff) November 7, 2019 Send help. I can't unsee this monstrosity. Please help. https://t.co/EDDpFjyE70 — Dr.Kuldeep Gadkari, MS( Ortho) (@doc_kul) November 9, 2019 Nope. what's not to like? gulab jaamun GOOD! pizza GOOD! https://t.co/LQRz56inC7 — ð (@____siddhartha) November 9, 2019 To everyone who wants to try it. If u defend this food blasphemy, pls get the f**k outta from my following. https://t.co/i99Bylp3Yl — Ahsan (@daguywhocooks) November 8, 2019 View the full article
  17. What is a man? No, we're not talking about masculinity or going into any deep subject like that, we're going very literal. So, what is a man? Turns out it's a Malayali guy, at least according to Wikipedia. Confused? So are we, and basically everyone else. If you go to the Wikipedia page for 'man', they have put up a picture of a Mallu guy as the example of 'a man'. Here's the link, see for yourself. © Wikipedia This is so random that it's become superbly hilarious and rather one of the funniest things people have seen lately. What do they mean? Is this how a typical man looks like? Is he the universal average for a man? Is this how a man should look like? What is it? How did this particular guy's picture end up there, instead of maybe someone famous? We were all blessed with this cursed knowledge, thanks to Twitter user @amyoosed, who happened upon the Wikipedia page on man and decided to share the newfound knowledge on Twitter. the wikipedia entry for 'man' has a mallu dude posing as a man I CANNOT pic.twitter.com/A4gnZv2UhE — twitr breath (@amyoosed) November 4, 2019 Desi people are obviously loving this development. Mallu men are the best, so I approve of this. https://t.co/SuwLwvDheI — Asmita (@asmitaghosh18) November 4, 2019 Oops. But you misspelled mon. — MSP (@Elevenseur) November 5, 2019 You learn something new every day. That haircut is pretty much an identity for Malayali men. — Rohith Nayak (@broadieAC) November 5, 2019 Always Google weird and random stuff, you might just go viral. i wanted more info on "men" — twitr breath (@amyoosed) November 4, 2019 Most of the replies are just this emoji. ð­ð­ððððð — Harsh (@harshxb) November 5, 2019 So funny. 1st thing that made me laugh today...gets funnier as you stare at it — Bhavik (@ItsBhavikJoshi) November 4, 2019 Just a clarification. I can't even... And the title of the photo? 'A Man' to remove any doubts. — V K RAMASWAMY (@vkrama01) November 5, 2019 Vibe check? Mustache- check Beard - check Plaid shirt - check Curls - check Chest hair display- check Rayban glasses - NO. Sorry, not mallu. — India ke Papa® (@Giveanid_) November 6, 2019 Lastly, the man has been found! People found his Pixabay account, where Wikipedia probably took his picture from - abhiputhenpurackal143. View the full article
  18. Salman Khan recently announced his Eid release for the year 2020, which is 'Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai' and the fans are really excited for the same. The superstar has started shooting for the film and here's how he entered the sets with full swag on day one. #RadheEid2020 . . . Day 1 pic.twitter.com/o9GLYTjMtt — Chulbul Pandey (@BeingSalmanKhan) November 4, 2019 Radhe will be directed by Prabhudeva and Salman Khan plays a cop in the film. In the video, Salman can be seen entering the sets on the first day of shoot in slow motion. The video is exactly what fans expect from Sallu Bhai and the actor walks in playing with his jacket while everyone in the background is stunned with his charm and aura. The film also stars Randeep Hooda, Disha Patani and Jackie Shroff in important roles. Also, Prabhudeva and Salman Khan are collaborating for the third time together. They also worked together in Wanted in the year 2009. Recently, Salman Khan had announced the commencement of the shoot and shared a picture of the complete team on social media. View this post on Instagram And the journey begins . . . #RadheEid2020 @sohailkhanofficial @apnabhidu @dishapatani @randeephooda @prabhudheva @atulreellife @nikhilnamit @skfilmsofficial @reellifeproduction A post shared by Chulbul Pandey (@beingsalmankhan) on Nov 1, 2019 at 2:14am PDT Salman is also busy with the release of Dabangg 3 which is also directed by Prabhudeva and stars Sonakshi Sinha in the lead role. The film is set to release on December 20 this year. View the full article
  19. Funerals are usually an emotional experience for most of us and though some of us might have a funny story to tell, it is nothing as compared to this one. Recently, mourners at a funeral were accidentally served 'hash cake' in northern Germany. The cake was laced with marijuana and towards the end of the wake, attendees began to complain that they are feeling uneasy. © Unsplash Now that's funny as well as sad at the same time. According to The Guardian, the widow was rushed to hospital as people were concerned that she was suffering a stroke. Twelve other attendees also requested medical treatment and tests were run. Police were also called to investigate the whole situation. It was revealed that the cake was baked by the 18-year-old daughter of an employee and had a secret ingredient. It was later found that the secret ingredient was 'hash'! It's okay if you're laughing, right now! Cops found out that the cake was baked for a teenager's use and was stored alongside several other cakes baked for the funeral. © Unsplash According to Independent, police spokesperson Christopher Hahn said, “The teenager's mother had taken the wrong brownie cake without consulting her.” He also said, “Some attendees were left with serious health problems and a number forced to stay in hospital as a result of the contaminant.” The teenager is now being investigated for all thirteen cases of negligence and bodily injury, creating chaos and menace at a funeral and violation of the Narcotics Act. This 18-year-old was expecting to have some fun with her friends and it turned out to be the worst nightmare of every kid doing marijuana. View the full article
  20. The fact that Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Leela Bhansali will be teaming up after almost 20 years is in itself a very big news as fans have been waiting to see this collaboration happen for a long time. According to a report in Bollywood Hungama, Ajay has been roped in for the biopic Gangubai Kathiawadi. Gangubai Kathiawadi was a *** worker, who later emerged as an underworld don in Mumbai and Alia Bhatt would be seen stepping into her shoes. The story is said to be loosely adapted from one of the chapters of Hussain Zaidi's Mafia Queens Of Mumbai. A name you've heard, a story you haven't. Directed by #SanjayLeelaBhansali starring @aliaa08 in and as #GangubaiKathiawadi Bhansali Productions and @PenMovies bring you this powerful story on 11th Sept, 2020! All India distribution by #PenMarudhar@prerna982 @jayantilalgada — BhansaliProductions (@bhansali_produc) October 16, 2019 Talking about the film's development, a source revealed to the publication, “Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Leela Bhansali met at Anand Pandit's Diwali party last week and chatted for hours. They caught up on a lot of stuff and that's when Sanjay Leela Bhansali invited him over to his office. Ajay dropped in a couple of days after that and they had a meeting for more than a couple of hours." "Sanjay Leela Bhansali offered him two scripts - a biopic and a fictional love story, which is said to be Baiju Bawra. In Baiju Bawra, the actor was offered the role of Tansen (a musical maestro). Ajay liked his role in Gangubai Kathiawadi as it's an intense character - a mobster with a golden heart, who teaches Gangubai the tricks of the trade and falls in love with her," added the source. It will be interesting to see Alia and Ajay share screen space together. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  21. Everyone else: *arguing over who's the best Joker* Me, an intellectual: PM Modi has both Heath Ledger & Joaquin Phoenix beat. © Twitter This picture definitely belongs in the huge collection of PM Narendra Modi's best pictures. What is even happening here? How did just a few rose petals manage to turn him into Joker or Pennywise (can't decide who he looks likes more here)? So, this picture is of PM Modi arriving at BJP headquarters after the election results came in. And as soon as it ended up on Twitter, people couldn't ignore the eerie similarities with a few iconic characters. Rose petals showered on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vehicle as he arrives at BJP headquarters in Delhi.#ResultsWithNDTV #MaharashtraAssemblyPolls #HaryanaAssemblyPolls #ElectionResults2019 More on https://t.co/Fbzw6n8LeF pic.twitter.com/hcNStYVGLY — NDTV (@ndtv) October 24, 2019 Honestly, Joaquin Phoenix walked so PM Modi could run. Holy shit, I thought it was a still from Joker before I read the caption lmfao — Dalrymple (@allthoseblues) October 24, 2019 Maybe he's already over Diwali and has jumped straight to Halloween? Digging the costume, nonetheless. i don't know what we all are looking at but all i'm seeing is pennywise. — zay ðµð¸ð¾ðªð´ó ©ó ®ó ªó «ó ¿ (@zaysyed) October 24, 2019 The gif is so creepy, though. okay but pic.twitter.com/j7QOIE342v — virgin corporate hoeð (@Zee_e_) October 24, 2019 We've embraced it. Indians celebrating Halloween — Alishba (@waveygrave) October 24, 2019 Yep. Umm .... He would have been better joker — Sakriya Neupane (@Sakriya) October 24, 2019 Oh, okay. oh okay...ð pic.twitter.com/W8s12dQhNL — farheen (@farheensaleem18) October 25, 2019 He's an actor on the side, who knew? Is Narendra Modi, the real Pennywise??? He surely looks like one here....𤡠— Manish Ahire (@manishahire) October 24, 2019 He would be perfect. Sorry Joaquin, but you had a good run. #Joker 2 pic.twitter.com/wge3ktBU2r — Setapa-i (@iWitchHunter) October 24, 2019
  22. Hardik Pandya sure knows how to turn heads with his eccentricities and the aberrant sartorial choices he makes. From a pyjama set that's worth over one and half lakh rupees, to wearing a watch worth Rs 80 lakh, while recuperating from a surgery, still being in the hospital, the man has done it all. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 However, he is not really known for pulling off an outfit that people would consider “classy” or elegant. Sure, he was something beyond this world when he walked the ramp for designer Amit Aggarwal, but that's a different case altogether. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 Subtlety is clearly not Hardik's strong suit - that distinction goes to his elder brother, Krunal. However, this time around, Hardik changed the tune, and stepped out in one of the most elegant outfits that we have seen this year on a cricketer. In fact, we have to say, one of the classiest outfits this year, period. © Viral Bhayani Hardik attended Mukesh Ambani's Mumbai Indians' Diwali bash in a masterfully crafted bandi from Shantanu and Nikhil, and boy oh boy, did he look good. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 The bandi is masterfully designed and crafted, using an embroidered fabric with floral motifs and design. The appeal of the bandi is further accentuated with the two sets of riveted leather strips that run horizontally across the front. © Viral Bhayani The cherry on top of the sartorial cake that this ensemble is the intricately designed chained brooch that Hardik is wearing as an accessory. © Instagram/hardikpandya93 Speaking of accessories, he is again seen wearing his Patek Phillipe Nautilus Chronograph, worth Rs 80 lakh to the party. The watch, coupled with the tinted sunglasses, completed the look. © Viral Bhayani Hardik's decision to pair the bandi with a fairly simple kurta shirt, brown linen trousers and a pair of tan monk straps was a wise one. When you already have a statement piece such as the bandi, you don't really need much else to make one cracker of an ensemble. © Viral Bhayani Plus, given the eccentric manner in which Hardik usually accessorises, in this instance his watch, his jewellery and sunglasses, anything else that could potentially draw attention, would have been a tad bit too much. © Viral Bhayani All we can really say is that we're actually kind of digging this outfit. Spot on, Hardik! A great ensemble indeed.
  23. Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have been one of the most adored couples in the industry and rumours of their wedding in 2020 have always been floating around, minus any official statement. © Twitter However, yesterday, a wedding invitation went viral on the internet claiming that the date of their wedding has been set to January 22, 2020, and needless to say, fans went berserk after seeing the news. The wedding invitation reads, "Mrs. Neetu & Mr. Rishi Kapoor cordially invite you for the Sagan Ceremony of their son Ranbir with Aliya (D/o Mrs. Soni & Mr. Mukesh Bhatt on Wednesday, 22nd January 2020 5:00 pm onwards." The ceremony is allegedly supposed to take place at the Umaid Bhawan Palace, which is in Jodhpur. Check out the wedding invitation here: © Twitter Excited much? Well, hold your horses! Turns out, the wedding invitation is completely fake. If you look closely, even Alia's spelling has been printed incorrectly. Earlier today, Alia was spotted at the airport where she was asked by the paparazzi if the news of her 'wedding' to Ranbir is true. On this, Alia just kept laughing and gave the sanest possible response. Check out the video here: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Oct 21, 2019 at 9:32pm PDT This is not the first time that rumours around their wedding have been making the rounds. While we do wish to see them getting married at some point, such fake invites are nothing but cheap stunts. On the work front, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor will be next seen in the 2020 fantasy adventure movie Brahmastra. The movie is being directed by Ayan Mukerji and will be produced by Dharma Productions and Fox Star Studio.
  24. It's summer and Peter Parker has decided to go on vacation, telling us that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely far from being over. The social media embargo on reviews of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' has been lifted and the feedback is as bright as a positive ray of light. Disney is definitely confident about what about the film director, Jon Watts has made and the reactions talk about its humour, action and a few major twists. Although the movie is set to release on July 5, the press screenings have started and we can't wait to catch the new Spidey flick. © Sony Pictures Releasing Marvel and Disney have always made it a point to lift embargos on movies way before their release to get a positive word of mouth in advance and this time was no different. According to the trailer, this one has Peter Parker aka Spider-Man taking a vacation in Europe with his classmates. However, he runs into Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) or rather he's hunted down by Fury and the mysterious Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) aka Quentin Beck to help defeat some apolyptic 'Elemental' monster! © Sony Pictures Releasing Some are calling the film a perfect 'Avengers: Endgame' epilogue where the MCU goes on an emotionally fulfilling ride, while some say it's the best Spidey movie yet. Let's see what the critics have to say about 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' FAR FROM HOME has dethroned Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 & is now favorite Spider-Man film. What's insane is that I can't even tell u why I'm so in love with this film because it would be a spoiler. Gyllenhaal is incredible. Holland re-confirms as the best Spidey to date. Amazing. pic.twitter.com/pbynxYIEyQ — Kevin McCarthy (@KevinMcCarthyTV) 19 June 2019 I didn't expect to laugh so hard at a movie that deals with the emotional and global fallout of Avengers: Endgame. I really, really enjoyed #SpiderManFarFromeHome (liked it a smidge more than Homecoming), and thought it absolutely succeeded when it dealt with human-scale stories. pic.twitter.com/Cy985w2NeV — Terri Schwartz (@Terri_Schwartz) 19 June 2019 I had a big dumb smile on my face through all of #SpiderManFarFromHome. It makes for a lovely companion piece to Endgame, but it's also a top-notch Peter story. Oh, and Jake Gyllenhaal is clearly having the time of his LIFE. — Devan Coggan (@devancoggan) 19 June 2019 #SpiderManFarFromHome isn't quite as wonderful as Homecoming, but it's a really strong, endearing sequel that delivers some excellent moments in its second half in particular. It commendably furthers Peter's story while laying groundwork for what's next in a notably deft way. — Eric Goldman (@TheEricGoldman) 19 June 2019 I saw Spider-Man: Far From Home last night - it's pretty much the perfect Avengers: Endgame epilogue - reminding us that the MCU goes on in a joyous, emotionally fulfilling ride. #SpiderManFarFromHome — Sean Keane (@SpectacularSean) 19 June 2019 #SpiderMan #FarFromHome is an absolute home run. It's SO much fun. It's huge in itself and for the future of the MCU in the most surprising ways. Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, just a lethal, awesome combo!! I cannot wait to see this movie again. And again. pic.twitter.com/0hYJvKkdjN — Brandon Davis (@BrandonDavisBD) 19 June 2019 I can't stress this enough: stay all the way through the credits for #FarFromHome!!! There's a couple of brilliant sequences waiting for you! Dodge #SpiderMan spoilers as best you can!! pic.twitter.com/vhiJcMwzF1 — Brandon Davis (@BrandonDavisBD) 19 June 2019 Absolutely loved SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. I'm a huge Mysterio fan and Gyllenhaal nails him. Also the movie is very clever (and funny) how it handles the fallout post ENDGAME in explaining how this world works now. — Mike Ryan (@mikeryan) 19 June 2019 Didn't LOVE #SpiderManFarFromHome as much as Homecoming but it's still a rad take on bearing the weight of great expectations and a fun ode to teen romance. Tom Holland continues to be amazing, Zendaya's MJ is just as cool as Shuri and Jake G's an inspired choice for Mysterio. pic.twitter.com/nnu7BPjcFO — Brian Truitt (@briantruitt) 19 June 2019 #FarFromHome non spoiler thoughts: most comic booky movie marvel has put out. Second and third acts are outstanding. The two post credit sequences are going to stick in my brain for a L O N G time. I cannot wait to see this movie at least three more times. — Preeti Chhibber (@runwithskizzers) 19 June 2019 #Spiderman #FarFromHome is SUCH a good movie! Jake Gyllenhaal suits up & completely embraces his role in its entirety & he's clearly having a blast. This is such a refreshing film after the heaviness of #EndGame. The post-credit scenes are a MUST WATCH & will blow your dang mind! pic.twitter.com/wcTh9iHaYq — Maude Garrett (@maudegarrett) 19 June 2019 Spider-Man: Far from Home is an extremely fun, cleverly executed, and frequently hilarious culmination of the MCU's wall-crawler's journey so far. Some very sweet moments, sly commentary and deft action set-pieces throughout #SpiderManFarFromHome pic.twitter.com/5sAmxh4E3p — Jim Vejvoda (@JimVejvoda) 19 June 2019 #SpiderManFarFromHome had the difficult task of following two epic Avengers movies AND Spider-Verse and succeeds by telling a smaller, classical story about Peter Parker caught between what he wants and what responsibility demands. Pure cat(spider)nip for Spidey fans like me. pic.twitter.com/G2a4p6YhAr — Matt Singer (@mattsinger) 19 June 2019 I love that #SpiderManFarFromHome is all sleight-of-hand. It begs to be seen multiple times. pic.twitter.com/nwIX24L8WH — Jason Guerrasio (@JasonGuerrasio) 19 June 2019 absolutely loved #SpiderManFarFromHome. Captures the spirit of the comics and mixes in some amazing movie magic. The second the film ended I wanted to watch it again. #JakeGyllenhaal is fantastic as Mysterio. pic.twitter.com/4ZYaS0L8mf — Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) 19 June 2019 #SpiderManFarFromHome is the coda we needed after Endgame, a glimpse of how the world looks now that the dust has settled. Could maybe have gone a bit harder on P's emotional arc, but bursting with warmth and humor and awkward teen romance. ð Also: Jake G = perfect casting. — Angie J. Han (@ajhan) 19 June 2019 #SpiderManFarFromHome: B-/C+. If you loved the teen-centric stuff in Homecoming, there's more where that came from. Some of the comedy falls flat, but this film has A LOT going on – ultimately beneficial because it mostly distracts from stuff that doesn't land quite as well. pic.twitter.com/1wVMyT5bv9 — Ben Pearson (@benpears) 19 June 2019 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' is a refreshingly light-hearted adventure after the somber intensity of Avengers: Endgame, delivering exactly the kind of wise-cracking antics we've come to expect from Tom Holland's Peter Parker. - @jacobkleinman pic.twitter.com/EWik8F9VUr — Inverse (@inversedotcom) 19 June 2019 A lot of critics praised the film, saying it didn't disappoint them at all, as you can see above from the reactions. They all concurred that MCU has the most amazing ways to surprise their fans. There were also praises for how the film carved it's story post 'Avengers: Endgame' ending, and how the characters react to Iron Man aka Tony Starks death. There's a lot of mention of that towards the film's climactic action scene and several critics have mentioned that one may want to watch it over and over, just for that remarkable twist, towards the end. The film will conclude the third phase of the MCU, post which new characters will be introduced into the series, in all probability. So, get your Spidey game on and get ready to witness an excellent movie (as told by the critics) on July 5.
  25. Over the last decade, Chris Gayle has established himself as the most dangerous batsman of this generation, if not of all time. A big part of his journey towards becoming the feared powerhouse that he is, has been plying his trade in franchise tournaments in the Indian subcontinent. He has featured for Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab in the Indian Premier League and teams from Lahore and Karachi in the Pakistan Super League. The love he has received from the subcontinent has been unparalleled. So, it comes as no surprise to see Chris Gayle show his support in creating the spectacle that is India vs Pakistan. In the run-up to the game to be played between the two rivals in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, he showed off his 'special outfit' for the game on social media. View this post on Instagram Yup! I'm rocking my india ð®ð³ Pakistan ðµð° Suit, all love and respect!ð âð¿... I really love it and this will be one of my outfit at my birthday party September 20th ð...its lit ð¥ ðð¿ðºð¾ð¥ #FashionOverStyle #UniverseBoss #KingGayle #45 #333 #Suit @sidbafna #Attiitude #CWC19 A post shared by KingGayle ð (@chrisgayle333) on Jun 15, 2019 at 5:16am PDT Safe to say that fans appreciated the tweet, as fans from both countries weighed in with some brilliant reactions- Hope this Sunday is SUN DAY in England — Kashir Ali (@KashirAli17) June 15, 2019 pic.twitter.com/46VFqgLl0y — Yogita (@momo_7862) June 15, 2019 Make it All green because Pakistan is going to win tomorrow #PAKvIND — Umair (@Pakistan354) June 15, 2019 We need to respect Cricket. India for indians and Pakistan for Pakitaniz but I hope it's going to be good game. Both countries needs to show sportsmanship. Gayle Gandsta ♠ï¸ — Salman khalid (@Awesomesalman1) June 15, 2019 The 'Universe Boss' is prepared for the big festival today and with an expected viewership of 1 billion people across the planet, so are fans of both teams. Team India may be favourites but Pakistan will post a fair fight with an explosive batting lineup and unpredictable bowling. If rain does not play spoilsport, it is set to be an epic encounter.
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