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Found 1,181 results

  1. Experts claim Prince William, Prince Harry cannot reconcile unless they breakup with Kate, Meghan Markle
  2. Twitter had initially flagged Mahathir?s tweet as ?glorifying violence? and later removed it from the thread
  3. Order comes into effect immediately and will remain in force for two months to curb spread of coronavirus
  4. The PlayStation 5 is all set to take over our internet feeds, but there was still some clarity needed for the India launch dates. The launch date for the console has not been announced for a variety of reasons, however the biggest reason for a delay was due to the fact someone else owned the PS5 trademark in India. Having said that, the trademark issue has now been resolved as the patent owned by Delhi resident Hitesh Aswani has officially been withdrawn. © ResetEra Forums Sony recently announced the PlayStation 5 prices for India where the Digital Edition would retail for Rs 39,990 whereas the model that supports physical discs would retail for Rs 49,990. The PlayStation 5 trademark in India was trademarked by Aswani in 2019, however it was since opposed by Sony under the Trade Marks Act of 1999. The act provides registration and protection of goods and services in the country which was one of the reasons why Sony has not announced a release date for India yet. Detective Gaming unearthed new information regarding the trademark where it was found that Aswani had indeed withdrawn the trademark under application number 4332863. The application was withdrawn on October 26th, after Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. opposed the application. The new order now reads, "Proceedings have been taken under Section 21 of the Trade Mark Act, 1999, by the above-mentioned opponent (Sony) to oppose the registration of trademark applied for by the above-named applicant (Hitesh Aswani) and whereas the applicant have withdrawn the application vide their letter dated 12/10/2020,” © Detective Gaming Now that the trademark problem has been resolved, Sony is clear to announce the launch date of the console. We speculate the India launch date might be in line with the global release date of November 19th. Having said that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it has caused for global shipments, a slight delay can be expected or at the very least limited units would be available to purchase in the early launch period. © Sony PlayStation Sony will also be launching a range of accessories alongside the PlayStation 5 such as the HD camera, Pulse 3d Headset, Media Remote and the DualSense Charging station. Here are the individual prices of the accessories: HD Camera: Rs 5,190 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: Rs 8590 Media Remote: Rs 2,590 DualSense Charging Station: Rs 2,590 Additionally, here are the pricing details of some of the games launching for the console: Demon’s Souls: Rs 4,999 Destruction All-Stars: Rs 4,999 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Ultimate Edition: Rs 3,999 Sackboy A Big Adventure: Rs 3,999 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Rs 3,999 If you are interested in knowing more about the PlayStation 5 and its hardware capabilities, check out our full overview of the gaming console here. Source: Detective Gaming View the full article
  5. Maniesh Paul and his saga of wearing some zany sneakers to the airport is never-ending. For the uninitiated, our very own super-popular anchor is a massive sneakerhead, who has persistently given us a peek at some of his best off-beat sneakers, some of which we can't even fathom, for example, his Nike Kyrie 6 and a pair of mismatched sneakers. © Viral Bhayani The man has also pushed the sartorial envelope, not just with his sneakers, but also his outfits. From wearing a space-inspired hoodie to making a jaw-dropping statement with his accessory game, Maniesh has dropped some serious style moments and has inspired us from time to time. © Viral Bhayani So, this time when he was seen at the airport, wearing the same Nike Kyrie sneakers, our attention went straight to his outfit, rather than the sneakers. The joggers that Maniesh wore looked like a quirky addition and we couldn't help but notice it. Take a look at the details of his outfit: © NBA Store First, let's talk about his hoodie. Maniesh is wearing a green hoodie called, Youth Boston Celtics Nike Kelly Green Spotlight Performance Hoodie. The hoodie is available on the official NBA store. As for the details, this hoodie is made with Dri-fit technology, that wicks away moisture. The fleece lining and the midweight of the hoodie can be worn for moderate temperatures. The front pouch pocket adds to the comfort level. Overall, this is a functional style at its best. © Superdry Sport Coming to his joggers, Maniesh has coupled it with Superdry Sport's Camo International Joggers. These joggers are perfect for lounging and leisure, as they feature an elasticated drawstring waistband and ribbed cuffs, with front pockets and one back pocket. These slim-fit joggers are probably the best choice to wear in flights as the comfort level is unmatched. © Superdry Sport As for its price, these joggers aren't very expensive. While on the official website, you'll find them for Rs 7,300, they are currently available on several e-commerce websites for as low as Rs 3,000. Talking about striking a balance between comfort and fashion, we must say this one is a good choice. © Viral Bhayani We also like his choice of accessories, for example, his black wayfarers and mask are pretty impressive. Add to that, his fanny pack from Gucci and backpack ties really well with his outfit. His sneakers, here, don't need much of an explanation. Given that he is a big sneakerhead himself, a pair with an unusual silhouette was pretty much expected. © Viral Bhayani Basically, Maniesh's sense of style leaves no stone unturned, which only makes us talk about his bold fashion choices more and more. View the full article
  6. WhatsApp says its role in US politics is small, but misinformation in Brazil, India, and elsewhere prompted it to limit recipients when forwarding messages
  7. WhatsApp Business feature allows small, medium businesses to chat with customers, provide support, sell products
  8. Actors and movies have often influenced how we style ourselves in India. That is the reason, people who are the least bit interested in fashion, style and grooming, watch films with a very keen eye, paying very close attention to detail. But just how closely do people observe? Can you identify these films from the lead actor’s beard style? View the full article
  9. With the release dates for all movies and series other than Wandavision (scheduled to release in December 2020) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moved to 2021, the fans of the comic book-based films are on a rewatch spree. © Marvel Studios As a member of the same brotherhood, here I am setting up a quiz for all the fans. Can you guess all 10 movies from the MCU purely based on the iconic dialogues? View the full article
  10. A smartwatch is no longer an accessory you get for your smartphone but has now become a necessity. At least in the case of the Apple Watch, it has been found to save countless lives, thanks to some of its features. We recently talked about all of the instances the Apple Watch has saved lives in the past, but in this article, we would like to talk about all the life-saving features the Apple Watch has. From features like ECG to Blood Oxygen level detection to fall detection, the Apple Watch is now the most comprehensive mainstream health product you can buy right now. Here are some of the features the Apple Watch can detect that most people can’t themselves. 1. Atrial fibrillation © Reddit_Glitchy911 Commonly known as A-Fib, the Apple Watch has been known in the past to detect this heart condition via its ECG app. Atrial fibrillation occurs when someone suffers irregular heart rate i.e. the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently. A-Fib can cause heart strokes and coronary failure which can be diagnosed. The Apple Watch has the capability to detect symptoms of A-Fib in its early stages, thanks to the ECG function. 2. Respiratory Problems © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Probably the most relevant feature to be included on the Apple Watch Series 6, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Apple Watch Series 6 has a SpO2 sensor which can detect signs of lung disease and other respiratory problem. We tested the Apple Watch Series 6 alongside a Pulse Oximeter and compared the result. In almost every case, the Apple Watch was only 1-2% off in accuracy, making it one of the most accurate SpO2 sensors you can carry with you on your wrist. Unlike a Pulse Oximeter, the Apple Watch Series 6 keeps taking SpO2 readings in the background and will automatically notify if your blood oxygen levels go below the recommended levels. If you are curious, blood levels anywhere between 95% -100% are normal and anything lower means you should check in with your local doctor. 3. Dealing With Stress © Apple Hypertension is the number one cause of stress and in order to battle that, the Apple Watch has a nifty feature called ‘Breathe’. You can find it on every model of the Apple Watch which lets users calm down their stress levels by encouraging deep breathing and meditation. The Apple Watch can detect prolonged periods of high heart rate and using the Breathe app is a great way to calm yourself down. The Breathe app doesn’t give a reading like EDA sensor devices, however it is still a great feature to have on hand when you need it most. 4. Sleep Apnea © Unsplash Sleep Apnea is a very dangerous health condition that often goes unnoticed. It’s a condition that affects millions of people and most people don’t even know about it. It happens when an affected person stops breathing in their sleep and can even die due to this condition. The Apple Watch has a new sleep tracking feature that also uses the heart rate monitor to collect data. You can use third-party apps like ‘Cardiogram’ on the Apple Watch which uses data collected by the Health app and detect problems such as sleep apnea and hypertension. Since the Apple Watch uses the same technology built inside, it’s a great wearable to have while sleeping and detect problems that you necessarily wouldn’t be able to. View the full article
  11. The first renders of the upcoming Galaxy S21 have now surfaced online and it looks like the phone we’ve been speculating about. The leak comes from Twitter user Ice Universe who is known for accurate Samsung leaks way before it becomes official by the South Korean giant. This is the first time we’ve seen the Galaxy S21 in detail which shows off a few of the features that weren’t leaked before. © Twitter_Ice Universe The most controversial design choice has been the camera module that wraps around the body of the smartphone and blends in with the device. Since this is a leak based on the CAD drawings of the Galaxy S21+, it is safe to assume the smaller Galaxy S21 might also use the same design albeit smaller in size. The renders also show that the smartphone will come with a triple-camera setup at the back, however no other detail about the sensors were revealed. View the full article
  12. Spam calls and robo calls are one thing, but we all have been in a situation where we regret picking up a call and wished we knew why the particular person had called beforehand, right? Well, Truecaller's new feature is just that. It's called 'Call Reason' and it will essentially tell you the reason behind an incoming call. The call reason will flash on your screen as you recieve the call and you can choose to pick up or ignore it. You asked for it, and we made it. Introducing Call Reason, the new way to tell people why you're calling. https://t.co/sWrRXGdvIw — Truecaller (@Truecaller) October 21, 2020 This feature sounds very useful and we're certain this will make a lot of people download Truecaller. So, here's how it works - Before you initiate a call, Truecaller will ask you to specify the purpose of the call. This is the message which will flash on the person's phone as the reason for your call. Truecaller says that this will be useful for both parties and it'll increase pick-up rates too. Imagine getting the Call ID for an unknown number and also knowing why they're calling! Now that's what we call a smart feature. Truecaller also noted that the messages are encrypted and they won't be able to read the reason. View the full article
  13. Bollywood celebrities have been trying out several sneaker trends quite successfully. Dad sneakers, high top basketball sneakers, Plimsoll sneakers and whatnot. But if there's one trend that found its place among the shoe collection of our tinsel town stars, it was a pair of 'dirty' shoes. From Sidharth Malhotra to Arjun Kapoor, most celebrities have to spend a lot of dough on buying a pair of worn-out sneakers. © Viral Bhayani Bobby Deol's sartorial decisions are quite comfortable. The man hardly experiments with his style but when he does, he doesn't forget to dress for the job. Take a look at his outfit for example. Even though the ensemble is casual and relaxed, his washed-out grey shorts have a stylish, sartorial route. Add to that, the white mask with a batman motif, makes the overall garb stand out. © Viral Bhayani But, say what you may, looks like Bobby looks set to embrace contemporary and unconventional sneaker trends, as he was earlier seen in Ultrapace sneakers by Gucci, which was also quite dope. View the full article
  14. Rajkummar Rao definitely knows how to dress to impress, we have seen him do this a million times. However, if you think that his quirky outfits and zany choices in footwear have stopped grabbing our attention, then, boy, are you wrong. © Viral Bhayani We have seen Rajkummar wear some of the classiest and elegant boots over the years. In fact, he is one of the few celebrities whose wardrobe consists of some cool and dapper looking boots. Most celebrities, you see, stick to the comfort that sneakers provide. © Viral Bhayani There was this one time when he wore a pair of suede boots, that were aristocratic and princely, to say the least. And then there was this one instance where he wore a pair of boots from Dior, that legit looked like they were a part of a spacesuit. © Instagram/rajkummar_rao Well, very recently, Rajkummar wore a pair of leather boots, that looked just like a pair of those rubber gum-boots that one would wear during the monsoon, or in the snow. To say they were interesting would be an understatement actually. The boots, which seem to be from the Italian ateliers of Tod’s -- an Italian luxury leather goods maker, have a rather unique silhouette. © Viral Bhayani They have a rubber lip-sort of a panel, that doubles up like a striped toe guard. But by far, the piece that grabbed the most number of eyeballs would be his orange jacket. Saying that it can literally bring traffic to a halt would be an understatement. © Viral Bhayani It legit looks like one of those traffic cones or bollards, and in a very kitschy, cool way. The bright orange colour of the jacket makes it look like a high-visibility jacket. The silver stripes around the jacket, also add to this illusion. This makes the jacket look very technical, and very street worthy, if you ask us. © Viral Bhayani That is not to say that Rajkummar doesn’t look dope. Rather, he looks rather swell in this orange Wind Breaker from a homegrown brand, Nought One, by Abhishek Patni. The jacket retails for about Rs 15,000 but is currently listed for Rs 7,500. © Nought One All in all, that’s a dope outfit. Keep ‘em coming, Rajkummar! View the full article
  15. The match between the reigning champions Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab was arguably the most nerve-wracking game of all time in the history of the Indian Premier League tournament. Not only were KXIP able to chase down an above-average score of 176 runs in 20 overs but even managed to score a win in the second Super Over of the evening, even after the first Super Over got tied. After 40 overs: scores tied After one Super Over: scores still tied After two Super Overs: King's XI Punjab win with two balls to spare Wow 🤯 pic.twitter.com/ECN02E0fnQ — ICC (@ICC) October 18, 2020 It was for the very first time in the league that the teams had to play two Super Overs in one match and by the looks on the faces of whoever was present at the venue, every moment of the 24 deliveries was rife with tension. The first super over contest came to a staggering halt on a tie thanks to KL Rahul’s heroics behind the stumps that prevented the Mumbai arsenal of batsmen from chasing a nominal 5-run total in one over. #MIvKXIP Match changing moment take a bow kl rahul you're leading this team single Handley - pic.twitter.com/TMOxGSfOoA — Trollented ditya (@Talentedaditya) October 18, 2020 However, it was Mayank Agarwal who was hailed as the saviour of his side with a superman human effort in the second Super Over contest by the fans on social media. On the final ball of MI’s Super Over, Pollard smashed the towards deep midwicket and even the commentators were convinced that the ball was going for a maximum but Mayank Agarwal timed his jump perfectly, caught the ball while falling back over the boundary rope. Agarwal then quickly catapulted the ball back onto the field before taking the fall, thereby saving four crucial runs which would end up being the match-saving save by the opening batsman for his team, as the announcers rightly predicted. Fans on Twitter went berserk after watching the absolutely fantastic fielding by the 29-year-old: Mayank Agarwal you absolute gun. What a save, this could've easily gone for SIX, but look at those efforts from Agarwal. pic.twitter.com/d48bJAlc3H — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) October 18, 2020The save of the #IPL2020 - Mayank Agarwal. pic.twitter.com/ktVOb7CFO5 — Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) October 18, 2020Mayank Agarwal! This guy deserves a place in the white ball squad! #IPL2020 #MIvKXIP pic.twitter.com/MyAloPVZYC — V I P E R™ (@Offl_TheViper) October 18, 2020What was this? What an effort by Mayank Agarwal! This is only getting intense. #MIvsKXIP • #SuperOver • #IPL2020 pic.twitter.com/zP1X3OYTt3 — UrMiL07™ (@urmilpatel21) October 18, 2020Don’t care who wins tonight, Mayank Agarwal has won the match for me.#KXIPvsMI pic.twitter.com/rLRyaAjllH — Life Of Arjun In Home (@looserboihere) October 18, 2020Restricting Mumbai to just 11, Agarwal once again stepped onto the field with veteran Chris Gayle to lead his team home to victory. On the very first delivery, ‘Universe Boss’ Gayle made the most of a full-toss and aimed for the ropes, getting a six, followed by a quick single. Mayank then struck two powerful fours for Punjab to pick their second consecutive win and helping them climb to the sixth spot in the IPL Points Table. View the full article
  16. Coronavirus and the flu virus, are inactivated within 15 seconds by applying ethanol, used in hand sanitisers
  17. Islamabad High Court (IHC) chief justice issues remarks during the hearing of a case concerning journalist Fakhar Durrani
  18. Pakistan's embassy in Rome, with its repeated efforts, has brought the country into the Decreto-Flussi list after a delay of two years
  19. Romcom or Action? Bollywood or Hollywood? Superhero or Classics? This is a debate that has happened between every couple since time immemorial and since the inception of smart TV’s and endless viewing options, the arguments have only gotten longer! Welcome to movie nights, a part of our dating culture which is never getting old. And with Netflix and endless streaming options, the movie lover in us is spoilt for choice. And hey, if you have the new LG OLED TV which lets you connect to all your streaming platforms in one go, the decision making is in for trouble! But if you think only people like us have this problem, then you are wrong! Even power couple Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan get truly stuck when it comes to choosing a movie. In this new video, we can see how the gorgeous couple gets excited for their movie night but hey, men are from mars and women are from venus, eh. So naturally, one wants romance and the other action. But, who wins at the end? Well, you have to watch the video to find that out. No matter what you choose, the one thing that will never change is the superior technology of the LG OLED AI ThinQ TV. This smart TV is a way of life. It comes with a Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos & Magic remote support which not only provide you best cinematic experience at home but at the same time it can help you control & Organize your smart home Gadgets & Appliances with your voice command & Unique LG Routine feature. Just imagine, cuddling on the couch with your partner, watching a romantic movie and you don’t even have to get up to set mood lighting or lower the AC temperature! Now, that sounds like a good life! LG OLED TV LG OLED TV has the power of self-lit pixels that can illuminate one by one & each individual pixel can be controlled unlike normal LED TV’s. This creates a completely black sky, and sharper, clearer stars which in turn leads to crystal clear image. This TV comes with Built-in Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2, and Home Kit, which makes it more unique for modern usage. Latest technology supports as HDMI 2.1 NVIDIA, G-SYNC, free Sync, low input lag and the HGiG mode provides a flawless PC gaming experience without screen tearing or distracting. This TV is also safer to watch/play for longer duration because of the Eye Comfort Display certification, from the trusted international testing lab TÜV Rheinland that verifies that LG OLED TVs offer adjustability for blue light content, are flicker-free, and provide exceptional image quality from any angle So, whether you end up watching a chick-flick or a thrilling action drama, if you have LG OLED AI ThinQ TV every movie night will be a success. View the full article
  20. Virat Kohli and his Royal Challengers Bangalore were on a two game winning streak ahead of their clash against KL Rahul and Kings XI Punjab. After a really long time, the franchise was finally looking like the team they are supposed to, based on the kind of talent they have onboard and are placed at the third spot in the points table of the Indian Premier League. #IPL2020 | #IPLPOINTSTABLE | #sports pic.twitter.com/Sel0gOEAJh — Captain News (@captainnewstv) October 16, 2020 So obviously, it makes sense for the skipper to feel a little better than how he usually felt around this time in the tournament in the past couple of seasons and could finally have some fun on the field. Before RCB took on KXIP on Thursday night at Sharjah, Kohli bursted out some moves during the warm up session and as soon as they reached the internet, they instantly went viral. ffs Kohli 😭😂 pic.twitter.com/rrdP48e8Tv — Jatin (@LogicalBakwaas) October 15, 2020 From cradling like a baby to popping out some of the classic Bollywood style moves, Kohli was vibing and felt in a mood completely different from what we usually see on any other given day. His dance moves created some hilarious memes on social media every Indian can relate to: Mummy: beta aunty ko dance karke dikhao 5 yo me: pic.twitter.com/CvZwvdmhSC — Pro.Fool buddy🌈 (@ColFool_) October 15, 2020 Kohli’s solo dance that never made it to his sangeet https://t.co/wrXBQBUBaE — Sonali Thakker Desai (@SonaliThakker) October 16, 2020 Mummy: beta aunty ko dance karke dikhao 5 yo me: pic.twitter.com/CvZwvdmhSC — Pro.Fool buddy🌈 (@ColFool_) October 15, 2020 When backbenchers got 30 out of 100 pic.twitter.com/pMb9dRyHNa — Asif IQ Hn (@ImAsifIQHn1) October 16, 2020 pic.twitter.com/4WHyuLIQuO — MemerSoul (@MujheYaadKiya) October 15, 2020 He ended up scoring 48 runs off 39 deliveries and was the best player to play for the Bangalore franchise and even managed to put up a decent total for Punjab to chase with minimal help from Aaron Finch, Shivam Dube and Chris Morris in the first half. It was their bowlers, especially Mohammad Siraj (44 runs in 3 overs) and Washington Sunder (38 runs in 4 overs) that led to their fall against the struggling KXIP team. My Pre Match Request to Mohammed Siraj. Siraj bhai... Yorker bahale hi math dalo...par please please no Full Toss🙏🙏🙏#IPL2020 #PlayBold #WeAreChallengers #RCBvskkr #KKRvRCB #RCBvKKr pic.twitter.com/RC7C6CrTgV — NSR (@Nandan_) October 12, 2020 The fact that ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle also got to debut for the season against them and hit a crucial half century with one four and five sixes, to lead Punjab for the victory also played a big role in their defeat. May the Boss be with us 😎#SaddaPunjab #IPL2020 #KXIP #RCBvKXIP @henrygayle pic.twitter.com/DEvbnsLZel — Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) October 16, 2020 In the 2020 season of the league, KXIP have won only two matches and both of them have been against RCB which is to say that KL Rahul’s boys are a definite kryptonite to the Challengers. One positive outtake from this loss was how Kohli simply took it in good stride and is already looking forward to their next game against yet another struggling roster in Rajasthan Royals on Saturday at the Dubai International Stadium. View the full article
  21. If you’ve been thinking of getting a new controller and play FIFA 21 on the PlayStation 4, then we’ve spotted an incredible deal that you simply cannot ignore. For PlayStation 4 players, Sony PlayStation India will be offering a bundle offer that includes the DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller + FIFA 21 and other benefits that may give you the extra edge in the game. © EA Sports The deal comes in time for the festive season and if one were to buy the game and the controller separately; it would cost around Rs 8,500 for both the controller and the game. However, this new deal will let you get both for Rs INR 6,990 and it comes with a Fifa Ultimate Team 21 voucher and a 14-day PS Plus trial as well so that you can play online against friends and compete in online tournaments hosted by Electronic Arts. © Sony PlayStation India The extra FUT points will give you extra points in-game that can be used for purchasing player cards in the Ultimate Team mode. A PlayStation 4 controller retails for anywhere between Rs 4,500 and Rs 4,700 in offline and online stores which already makes this an incredible deal you cannot pass. However, there is a catch, the bundle-offer will be available across all online and offline stores from October 20, 2020, only until stocks last which means you need to be quick about it if you are planning to get the bundle. If you’ve been planning to purchase a PlayStation 4, Flipkart is selling the 1TB model with Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank, and Gran Turismo for Rs 27,990 as a part of its Big Billion Days sale. © Unsplash/jeshoots-com-eCktzGjC-iU FIFA 21 is out now for the PlayStation 4 and will be getting a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5. Your progress, FUT points and teams will also carry over, provided you are using an EA account. We’re currently reviewing the game on the PlayStation 4 as we speak and our initial impressions of the game include some significant improvements in the overall gameplay. Ultimate Team has also seen new modes where you and your friends can play co-op and have your individual teams while also earning experience at the same time. View the full article
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