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Found 272 results

  1. Crystal Leary left the engine of her car running and doors unlocked outside meat market with the child inside the car
  2. Japan is the main source of used-car imports to Pakistan; cars imported under baggage rules, gift scheme as commercial imports not allowed
  3. Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association data shows consumer demand normalising because of low interest rates
  4. Sony revealed last year that the company is making an electric vehicle of its own and took everyone with surprise at CES 2020. Now, the company has followed through with its promise and showed off the concept vehicle car being tested on European roads. We didn’t really hear much about Sony’s electric car much of last year but rest assured the company showed off the car at its virtual CES showcase today. © Sony It would be interesting to see if Sony follows through with its own autonomous electric vehicle in the future. As of now, the prototype looks quite impressive and shows that the company is capable of making its own EV cars. It seems like autonomous electric vehicles are going to be the future as companies like Apple are also working with automotive companies to develop their own EV vehicle that we might get to see in the coming years. View the full article
  5. Shoaib Malik's car sustains damages to the front as it hits a truck near a restaurant close to the NHPC in Lahore
  6. Couple got stranded in rainwater after the county in United Kingdom received 50mm worth of showers, causing flash flood
  7. It starts innocently with an iPhone, and before you know it, Apple has taken over your life. Your phone, your laptop, your watch, your earphones, literally almost every single electronic you own is Apple. And, as if Apple hadn't completely taken over our lives already, now they're also planning on launching a car in a few years. © Pexels According to Reuters, Apple is officially getting into self-driving car technology with a plan to produce a passenger vehicle by 2024. Moreover, it could also include its own breakthrough battery technology. Apple actually has been at it since 2014, when they launched Project Titan, but that was put on the back burner. They're coming back strong, it seems, and have plans to distinguish themselves from the competition as well. © Apple Reportedly, the new battery design could "radically" reduce the cost of batteries and increase the vehicle's range. Well, going by the battery of iPhones, it doesn't sound that promising, but we'll just have to wait and see. Of course, when it comes to Apple, the first thing people do is make jokes and memes, and an Apple car is already giving people so much roasting material. Cool name. iMobile. Upgrades every 6 months and the old model slows down when the new one drops — Sean McIntosh (@seaninmcintosh) December 22, 2020 Oh no. Imagine you’re in the middle of driving and your car starts to automatically update. — (@CrownMePhD2) December 22, 2020 Of course. Doors and seats come separate for 350$ each https://t.co/gHRrpdtge6 — Jay-T (@fuxkflvcko) December 22, 2020 In order to be environmentally conscious, of course. Wheels sold separately — S.B. (@shonebrodus1996) December 22, 2020 Car....with more battery. Us: can we please have more phone battery Apple:.....car — cp (@ChristophPerez) December 22, 2020 Yep. Windshield is going to crack on a windy day — Omar (@ogalvez423) December 22, 2020 I can see it. “Wheels must be bought separately so that we can maintain carbon neutrality” https://t.co/TVTSOjwvRk — Adams Keefer (@adams_keefer) December 22, 2020 Don't even want to think about it. Considering its latest headphones cost A$1,000 anyone want to guess what the price of the car will be? https://t.co/rvbHWTYpmr — Shaun R (@ShaunoTweetsOn) December 22, 2020 It's scary. Can’t even get the battery on my phone to hold a long charge and we’re supposed to trust a car? — Taylor Ham (@taylorhamsammy) December 21, 2020 Maybe they'll come up with a new name for windows. how is an apple car gonna have windows https://t.co/bPrPvQxqt4 — dacosta (@Robbie_Dacosta) December 22, 2020 Oops. 2024: The year of Busy, Busy Town https://t.co/fWK8w21hwS pic.twitter.com/kTf2AxRaNi — Anne ️‍ (@captainseeley) December 22, 2020 Sounds fair. Suggestion for @apple: -Maybe figure out battery technology for an 8-ounce iPhone before you move on to a 3,000-lb car? https://t.co/VHai8CZGc1 — Jonah Blank (@JonahBlank) December 22, 2020 It's inevitable. LOL I CAN JUST SEE ALL THE CARS MESSING UP EVERY TIME A NEW ONE IS ABOUT TO COME OUT! https://t.co/302Q6HXEvE — Young Dezòd (@platini954) December 22, 2020 View the full article
  8. Elon Musk visited the Ashton Martin manufacturing unit in the year 2008 and at that time he was treated as an ‘amateur car builder’. However, he is at the moment the owner of the world’s best automobile corporations. The CEO of Aston Martin had acted quite grumpy with him over the years as and when Elon Musk toured its manufacturing units. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO took to Twitter to respond to the incident in a funny tweet. Checkout the tweet here- He was indeed quite grumpy, but we did not actually know what we were doing, so he had a point — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 17, 2020 The same incident was described in 2015 in an e-book named Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance. However, the incident went viral after the tweet that was posted recently. Tesla Owners Silicon Valley took to Twitter saying, “Hey @elonmusk how did your visit in 2008 to @astonmartin change what you did with @tesla? when Musk visited Aston Martin to see a tour of its factory, the CEO treated @elonmusk ‘like an amateur car builder.” To which Elon Musk responded saying, “He was indeed quite grumpy, but we did not actually know what we were doing, so he had a point.” Here’s what people on the internet have to say about this- Powerful! Just image in 15 years when we post side by sides of starship prototypes being stacked ring by ring vs the starship factory cranking them out for the Mars fleet. I can’t wait! — Robben4days (@Robben4days) December 17, 2020Given that Aston Marton apparently has zero plans to go electric, I doubt he has any regret. It's more likely that he still thinks Tesla is an aberration that will go bankrupt any day now and AM will be able to continue making ICE cars without worrying about this whole EV "fad." — paulee 🧢 (@paulee) December 17, 2020September 28, 2008 ️ pic.twitter.com/TbXXX2LXcu — Eva Fox 🦊 狐 (@EvaFoxU) December 17, 2020Phenomenal 12 years. Grumpiness definitely forgiven. — Tesla Owners Austin (@AustinTeslaClub) December 17, 2020What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  9. One of the best things you can do in Cyberpunk 2077 is grabbing the fastest cars and bikes in the game and go for a ride in Night City. The map, even with its fair share of bugs, looks amazing and feels very realistic. We've already shown you how to get the fastest bike in the game which is the Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X. Now, we'll be checking out how to get the fastest car in the game. It's called the Rayfield Caliburn. Believe it or not, the fastest car in the game is also actually the easiest one to get. In fact, you don't even have to spend any money on this or go through any tough enemies. © CD Projekt Red You can simply walk up to it, and grab it for free. That's right. You can simply head over to this location on the map and walk up to it and acquire the vehicle. It's the same spot you visit for a quest called 'The Ghost Town' with Panam. In case you missed that car during that mission, just get back to the same spot and grab it now. Remember, this is the only way to get this car as there's no option to buy it like you'd buy other cars. So don't miss this one as you'll be able to enjoy it for the rest of your playthrough. For more such useful tips and tricks, be sure to keep an eye on our dedicated Cyberpunk 2077 page. View the full article
  10. Apple is still reportedly working on its self-driving car, however, we haven’t heard much of it until today. According to sources, Apple has been recruiting senior executives from the automotive industry and poaching talents from companies like Tesla. Apple has also started talks with major suppliers of vehicle electronics to gear up for production in the U.S. © Reuters Apple has partnered with their trusted chip supplier TSMC to develop self-driving chips for Apple cars. TSMC is already Apple’s partner for procuring semiconductors for most of their products such as the iPhone, iPad and now, even the Macbook. While we haven’t heard much about when the self-driving cars would be available for launch, sources say Apple may unveil its vehicles in 2024-2025. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has also shifted its leadership to John Giannandrea who is the company’s head of artificial intelligence. He also oversees the voice-based digital assistant Siri. Not much is known about Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ as the company has been extremely tight-lipped about the project and its testing in California. © Macrumors Project Titan has also seen its fair share of drama as in 2019, an Apple employee of Chinese nationality was accused by the FBI for stealing trade secrets. These secrets were related to Apple’s self-driving project. Apple also acquired a self-driving startup called Drive.ai in June 2019 and hired many of its engineers for Project Titan. What do you think about Apple’s self-driving project? Do you think it will be better than the other players in the market? It would be interesting to see if Apple brings something new to the table with its autonomous cars as we’ve already seen iterations from other automobile manufacturers. Source: Bloomberg View the full article
  11. Assailants 'cut my hair and snatched my mobile phone [and] also raped me' in the car, the transgender woman says
  12. ?The accused also threatened the victim not to tell anything about the incident to anyone," say police
  13. There are car accidents everywhere but then there are a few that could have been avoided and only took place due to the driver’s negligence. Recently, comedian and actor Sunil Grover took to his Instagram and shared an example of a car accident that could have been avoided if the driver paid a little attention. The video shows a driver ramming a brand new Kia Carnival minivan into a showroom wall just after buying the car. The video has been going viral on the internet ever since and but this isn’t the first time this video has surfaced on the internet. Earlier, this video went viral in June and was then uploaded on YouTube. Sunil Grover wrote while sharing the video, "New car, directly from showroom to service station.” Checkout the video here- View this post on Instagram In the video that was uploaded on YouTube, a showroom employee can be seen explaining something to the driver and the car has a few people sitting inside along with the driver. Next thing we see is that the car starts moving but the driver loses control in seconds and rams the car straight into the wall. This is not it, the car hits the wall many times when the driver is trying to reverse the car and that’s how people started speculating that the driver didn’t know how to drive an automatic car. Now, this is really weird and none of us can empathize with the pain of ramming a brand new car. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  14. The match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders turned out to be quite the entertainer regardless of the fact that the latter lost by a massive 82 runs. This victory turned out to be the biggest for the Virat Kohli side against the two time IPL champions and helped RCB climb to the third spot in the league’s points table as well with 10 points in seven games. On the other hand, KKR are seated at the four spot with eight points and very much in contention for a playoff berth. After Match 28 of #Dream11IPL, @RCBTweets are now 3rd on the Points Table. pic.twitter.com/7i8hcUGUp6 — IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) October 12, 2020 However, the highlight of the match came through the bat of a legend named AB de Villiers, the former South African skipper who just can’t seem to realise that he is 36 years old, and continues to bat like a cricketer in his early 20s. Batting first after winning the toss, RCB came out with a lot of firepower and shared a 67-run opening partnership between Aaron Finch and Devdutt Paddikal. It was at the 94-run mark when de Villiers was required to approach the pitch and help his captain create a respectable total for Kolkata to chase. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@royalchallengersbangalore) In just 33 deliveries, the run-machine Protea smashed a ‘Man of the Match’ worthy 73-run-innings. During his unbeaten time at the pitch, he struck five 4s and six maximums, that had the hapless Sharjah citizens worried for their rides. In the 16th over of RCB’s batting, de Villiers hit a second six of his innings, a 85 metre beauty that’d zoom past the boundary rope, the stands, the roof of the stadium and onto the highway adjacent to the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Abd sixes out of the ground hitting the cars #ABDevilliers #RCBvsKKR @cricketaakash pic.twitter.com/xviSCbhDTu — Bimal Kumar Mahato (@BimalKumarMah20) October 13, 2020Upon looking at the reply it becomes evident that the ball does end up hitting a moving car before the clueless driver slows it down. He’d hit another six in the same direction in the same over which also looked like a ‘car window breaker’ but was thankfully disrupted by one of the metal structures of the stadium and prevented the car owners any further loss. Fans watching the match live had some pretty hilarious comments on AB de Villiers’ injustice towards the Sharjah car owners: Instead of a car sponsorship, there should be a scar sponsorship here.#ABDevilliers #Bowlers — Gaurav Sethi (@BoredCricket) October 12, 2020#ABDevilliers has led to increase in Car Insurance premium in Sharjah! @ABdeVilliers17 #RCB @RCBTweets @IPL #IPL #RCBvsKKR — Manish Batavia (@manishbatavia) October 12, 2020It seems, tomorrow there will be a queue in #Sharjah for special car insurance with 'hitting with cricket ball' clause!!#ABDevilliers you beauty....!! #PlayBold@RCBTweets @ABdeVilliers17 #Dream11IPL pic.twitter.com/20QH1qzZL1 — Jagdish R Chandra (@JagdishRChandra) October 12, 2020Poor Car owner #ABDevilliers #RCBvKKR #RCB pic.twitter.com/dB4FsR4arY — Youlackhatred12 (@youlackhatred12) October 12, 2020Car owner while passing through Sharjah Stadium #RCBvKKR #ABDevilliers #ViratKohli pic.twitter.com/LArxcK04Oc — 🇮🇳HE_MANT mali (@GoyalHEMANT1) October 12, 2020 View the full article
  15. Maulana Adil's murder a conspiracy to instigate sectarian tensions across the country, says CTD in-charge
  16. For a country that is still finding its feet in international cricket, Afghanistan has come a long way, not only when it comes to rising in stature, but also striking a chord with cricket fans across the globe on the back of their impressive performances in recent years. They might still lack the world-class facilities, but that hasn't stopped Afghanistan from giving the world proven match-winners like Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi. Both cricketers have not only aided their national team in dire situations, but the duo is also well-recognised as performers who continue to be chased by numerous franchises in private leagues. Currently, both the Afghanistan cricketers are plying their trade at Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). © Twitter/@IPL While Rashid has taken five wickets in as many games for Hyderabad in the tournament so far, Nabi hasn't got enough opportunities to prove his mettle this season. But, as they prepare for their next game against Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) on 8th October, both Rashid and Nabi were handed the devastating news of the sudden demise of their teammate Najeeb Tarakai. On 6th October, the Afghanistan batsman succumbed to the injuries he sustained in a road accident. The 29-year-old had undergone surgery after getting severely injured in a car accident on 2nd October. He was being treated in a hospital located in the Nangarhar province. But, despite the efforts of the medical staff, Tarakai passed away today. انا لله واناليه راجعون الحکم لله RIP @Najibtaraki78 pic.twitter.com/Q29FWSr2dD — Mirwais Ashraf (@MirwaisAshraf16) October 6, 2020 The right-handed batsman had featured in the Shpageeza Premier League, a T20 tournament organised by the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), last month. Making his international debut in the 2014 World T20, Tarakai played 12 T20Is and an ODI for Afghanistan. His highest international score of 90 runs had come during the T20I series against Ireland in 2017. He had also played 24 first-class games, amassing 2030 runs at an average of over 47. ACB and Afghanistan Cricket Loving Nation mourns the heart breaking & grievous loss of its aggressive opening batsman & a very fine human being Najeeb Tarakai (29) who lost his life to tragic traffic accident leaving us all shocked! May Allah Shower His Mercy on him pic.twitter.com/Ne1EWtymnO — Afghanistan Cricket Board (@ACBofficials) October 6, 2020 The news of his sad demise was shared by the ACB on social media as they mourned the loss of one of their cricketing heroes. "ACB and Afghanistan Cricket Loving Nation mourns the heart breaking & grievous loss of its aggressive opening batsman & a very fine human being Najeeb Tarakai (29) who lost his life to tragic traffic accident leaving us all shocked! May Allah Shower His Mercy on him," the ACB tweeted. اناالله وانالیه راجعون.#RIP Najeeb Jan pic.twitter.com/LYNkIjz7l6 — Rashid Khan (@rashidkhan_19) October 6, 2020It’s very sad to learn Our Friend and Very Fine Cricketer Najeeb Tarakai lost his life to the injuries he was suffering from the recent accident. His loss kept us all stunned and speechless. My deepest condolences to his family and all friends. May his Soul Rest in Peace. pic.twitter.com/OwnQiRWrRV — Mohammad Nabi (@MohammadNabi007) October 6, 2020As soon as the news of Tarakai broke, the likes of Rashid and Nabi were seen leading tributes for their fallen teammate. "It's very sad to learn Our Friend and Very Fine Cricketer Najeeb Tarakai lost his life to the injuries he was suffering from the recent accident. His loss kept us all stunned and speechless. My deepest condolences to his family and all friends. May his Soul Rest in Peace," Nabi tweeted. Really sad news. My condolences to his family and friends. May Allah grant him high rank in jannah Ameen. — Umar Gul (@mdk_gul) October 6, 2020It’s really sad and tragic May Allah Pak bless his soul eternal peace & give patience to his family Ameen إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ — Kamran Akmal (@KamiAkmal23) October 6, 2020There were also tributes pouring in from Pakistani cricketers. While Pakistani speedster Umar Gul extended his condolences to Tarakai's family and friends, wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal deemed it a tragic and sad day. View the full article
  17. The 29-year old cricketer had played in one T20I and 12 ODIs for Afghanistan, primarily as an opening batsman
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