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Found 100 results

  1. British-born Mohammed Rafqat, who owns around 100 private hire cars in the Greater Manchester area, wrapped his vehicles with slogans of Kashmiri Lives Matter; India! Stop Genocide in Kashmir;
  2. Ranbir Kapoor is in the league of successful Bollywood actors with a net worth estimated to be over Rs 320 crores. Reportedly, the 38-year-old actor charges around Rs 18 to 20 crores per film and a whopping Rs 5 crores for brand endorsements. Ranbir is also a big-time petrolhead and his larger-than-life car collection is proof of that. Considering his luxurious lifestyle, his garage is such that can make any man go totally green with envy. Here’s a look at Ranbir Kapoor's garage that is home to some of the most expensive, luxurious and kick-ass cars: 1. Audi R8 © Motor1 The major petrolhead that he is, Ranbir Kapoor owns the last-gen model of the supercar Audi R8, according to TOI. In fact, this is one of the oldest and most prized possessions of the actor. The Audi R8 is powered by a 5.2-litre V10 petrol engine and generates a maximum power of 602bhp and peak torque of 560Nm. Approx. ex-showroom price: Rs 2.72 crore onwards 2. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG © Youtube Ranbir is one of the few celebrities in India who owns this powerful SUV that can reach a top speed of 210kms per hour. The beast comes with a 5.5-litre V8 Petrol engine that produces 563bhp and a maximum torque of 760Nm. Other features of this car include 7-speed automatic transmission, AMG ride control sports suspension, temperature-controlled cup holder and panoramic sliding sunroof to name a few. Approx. ex-showroom price: Rs 2.14 crore onwards 3. Audi A8 L © Auid Media Center This one stands out in the list for one particular reason. His love for number 8. From his favourite football jersey to his cars’ number plates, Ranbir Kapoor has had a long-standing affair with the number 8. A report in TOI quoted a source saying, “It’s also because it coincides with Neetu’s birthday – July 8 – and everyone in the family makes sure that the registration number totals up to it.” Looks like his love for number 8 expanded towards car models too when he brought home Audi R8 and Audi A8 L. Audi A8 L comes with a 2995 cc V6 petrol engine with direct fuel injection and turbocharging and can reach a top speed of 250km per hour. Approx. ex-showroom price: Rs 1.56 crore 4. Land Rover Range Rover Vogue © Carwale One of his current favourites is the deep blue Land Rover Range Rover Vogue which is super luxurious. Ranbir bought it in 2017 and the car is powered by a 3.0-litre V6 engine and generates a horsepower of 250bhp and 600Nm torque and can reach a top speed of 209kms per hour. Additionally, the car also comes equipped with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and a full-time AWD system. Who wouldn’t want to own this? Approx. ex-showroom price: Rs 1.6 crore 5. Land Rover Range Rover Sport © Motor Authority Besides a Range Rover Vogue, Ranbir Kapoor also owns a white coloured previous generation Range Rover Sport, according to a report in Cartoq. The SUV is equipped with a 5-litre V8 engine that can generate a maximum power of 510bhp and 625Nm torque. Approx. ex-showroom price: Rs 87 lakh onwards View the full article
  3. Growing up, the early years of school mostly felt like prepping for the ultimate board exams in 10th and eventually in 12th, that were made out to be the deal breakers of our future should we fail to live up to its demands. The only motivation and promise of rewards that were sent our way included getting into the prestigious ‘Science’ stream and then the golden words which haunt millennials even today, “Bas do saal aur mehnat karlo, fir toh araam hi araam hai.” We all know now that was the biggest lie of the century. © Twitter Rabindranathji Anyhow, things seem to have changed over the years and somebody has managed to get the rewards system right for once. Jharkhand education minister Jagarnath Mahto and Assembly speaker Rabindra Nath Mahto recently gifted 2020 class 10th and 12th toppers Alto cars for their great performance in the board exams. © Twitter Rabindranathji The two recipients of the cars were class 10th topper Manish Kumar Katiyar and class 12th topper Amit Kumar. Jharkhand education minister Jagarnath Mahto also announced during the event that starting next year he will also adopt the toppers and bear their education expenses. That’s not all, even the state assembly speaker made a strong point for students about working hard and pursuing their dreams, but not at the cost of sacrificing their morals and ethics. You become a doctor, an engineer, a scientist or anything but always follow ethics and moral values. I appeal to the teachers to inculcate moral values in students. Students going to school on foot or on a bicycle will now ride a car and I hope will achieve their target with speed.” © Twitter Rabindranathji How the times have changed. Students are now getting cars to feel motivated, while all we could look forward to back in the day was a heartfelt congratulations and some extra kaju katlis on our plate. View the full article
  4. We know that Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man drives around in a supremely delectable Audi R8, an Audi e-tron GT & an Acura NSX. In real life though, he is a proper petrolhead, who actually prefers some really cool vintage sports and muscle cars, over the self-driving, electric cars. © AFP We take a look at his current garage, which will leave even the most ardent of car collectors and petrolheads, green with envy. Now, do keep in mind, RDJ loves modifying his cars, and gets some really cool customisations done, like all true petrolheads. So, putting a price on them would be nearly impossible. © AFP 1. 1974 BMW 3.0 CS (Modified) © SpeedKore Robert just recently took possession of this car. He basically took a 40-year-old car, had it modified with a 21st-century engine and drivetrain, updated the interiors and the suspension. This is a cracker of a car and shows just how well Robert knows his cars. 2. 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 (Modified) © SpeedKore Until the BMW rolled in, this was the crown jewel of Robert Downey Jr’s garage. He got it back in 2017, and again, had it customised - a new engine, new wheels, new bodywork, and a touch screen infotainment screen. A little odd if you ask us, but hey, if that’s how he rolls, so be it. 3. 1965 Corvette Stingray Convertible © Reuters This is a dream car for many collectors around the world. Downey did not go bonkers crazy with this car, he just had it restored, the engine tuned a bit, and the wheels replaced. Admit it, it does look super cool, doesn’t it? 4. 2009 Audi R8 © Audi Of course, given how often he has driven the R8 on screen, he was bound to fall in love with the car and buy one. His R8 has one of those original V8 engines that Audi made in partnership with Lamborghini, before upgrading the heck out of it for their newer models. 5. Ferrari California T © AFP As far as we can tell, this is the only Ferrari that Downey has. The California T had become a rage in LA, given that it was the cheapest Ferrari money could buy. Instead of a loud and brash colour that would stand out, Downey went for blue. Not a fan of the Ferrari, it seems. 6. Bentley Continental GT © AFP Apparently, Robert was gifted a matte green coloured Bentley Continental GT as a gift for his performance in Iron Man 3 in 2013. Talk about perks and bonuses. This certainly is a bonus that would put a smile on a face. 7. Audi e-tron GT Concept © AFP Robert Downey Jr has gone on record and said that he often takes things from the set of his films. One such “thing” that he was actually offered to take with him from one of the Avengers films, is one of the Audi e-tron GT Concept that the carmakers gave Marvel Studios for the film. Yup, that’s a concept car, which means that firstly, the car is worth millions, and secondly, that it is an extremely unique car. 8. 2012 Nissan GT-R © Reddit/r/Nissan In case you ever wonder just how amazing the Japanese are in terms of engineering, you’ve got to see, or at least look up the original GT-R. Downey bought his GT-R for about $80,000, and apparently, spent another $90,000 to get it modified, tuned and customised. 9. 2017 Audi R8 Spyder © AFP Finally, there is this, the 2017 Audi R8 spyder. Robert got himself a more hardcore version of the two R8s he already had (yup, he has 3). The red one is a spyder, or in layman’s terms, a convertible. Such an exquisite collection of cars shows that Robert is no slouch when it comes to cars. We just wonder, how much are all these cars worth, and how much did he spend modifying the ones he did. View the full article
  5. As much as we like Bollywood, it aches to see just how bad the industry is when it comes to making a film about cars. And then, people from the industry say that Bollywood can easily make a better version of the Fast & Furious movies. Not that they are the benchmark of movies that are based on cars, not anymore. © Universal Pictures But honestly, Bollywood is downright terrible. The closest thing we had to a decent, watchable movie for that era, where a car was the hero, was Taarzan. The DC modified Maruti Esteem was pretty cool, especially for a generation who hadnât been exposed to names like Pagani, Lamborghini, & Alfa Romeo. However, the rest of the film was sordid. © All Car Index And it is not as if Bollywood is not capable of making a decent, watchable film with great cars. We did with bikes, in Dhoom, didnât we? © Yash Raj Films Here are 5 films that prove Bollywood just doesnât know how to make a good movie with cars and instead is ruining the very concept of it. Players, 2012 First of all, how on earth was the film approved? Not only did they decimate the notion of cars as something sexy and awe-inspiring, it also ruined the classic that The Italian Job was. Seriously, this one was a disaster of a film. Had they made an exact copy of The Italian Job, it still would have been better, at least it would have been watchable. But no, they just had to add their own masala to it and ruin a script with proven potential. The Entire Race Franchise If you found any of the Race films superb, there is something seriously wrong with you. With each passing iteration, it just got cringier and cringier, and then it finally culminated in the disaster that Race 3 was. Race 1 & Race 2 could have been so, so much better. They had some amazing cars. There could have been some really awesome racing or chasing sequences. But all of them fizzled out. Drive, 2019 Sushant Singh Rajput is a very capable actor, and we genuinely like most of his films. However, Drive was a colossal mistake. It was just badly made. The CGI race sequences looked like they had been lifted from 2004âs Need For Speed: Underground 2. It was that bad. For a movie that has been named âDriveâ you would expect that they would at least get their cars to look right. But no. Honestly guys, no matter how bored you get, please, do not watch this one. Machine, 2017 We seriously havenât been able to wrap our heads around why would anyone make a movie as bad as this. We bet you wonât be able to sit through the trailer of the film without shaking your head in dismay. Honestly, this is a disgrace to every petrolhead out there. Dilwale 2015 Of course, Dilwale made the list. Dilwale had some really great people working on it, especially people who work behind the scenes. Apparently, the people who worked in Daniel Craig starer Casino Royale, were hired for the chase sequences. And yet, we ended up with something that was comical at best. And can I just say, that some of the modded cars were just hideous? © Viral Bhayani This is just one of the cars that they used in the film. It was very disappointing in every way one can think of. View the full article
  6. Recently in Indore, a man driving a high-end Porsche convertible car was made to do sit-ups as punishment for violating lockdown rules. The nationwide lockdown has extended till May 3 owing to the increase in the number of coronavirus cases and sadly, many people are still flouting the rules without understanding the gravity of the situation. He was stopped by Municipal Security Committee personnel for cruising in the yellow two-seater car on the open roads, which are free of traffic due to the lockdown. Members of the city Security Council soon spotted and stopped him. The city Security Council has retired personnel from the Army, paramilitary and the police as volunteers who are attached with police stations across Indore. Madhya Pradesh: In a viral video (in picture - a screengrab from the viral video), a man was seen being made to do squats, by Indore's security committee personnel after he was flagged down by them yesterday while he was driving his luxury car Porsche amid lockdown. pic.twitter.com/qRXCmIwZHX â ANI (@ANI) April 26, 2020 The man identified as Sanskar Daryani told the news agency that the incident happened when he was âreturning home from companyâ. As per the reports, the 20-year-old Sanskar Daryani is the son of Indore businessman Deepak Daryani, who owns Asha Confectionery. His family said Sanskar Daryani has a curfew pass and driving license, but the city Security Council officials allegedly misbehaved with him. âI was returning home from work when I was stopped. I showed them my pass but they verbally abused me and asked me to do sit-ups. I tried to talk to them but they didn't listen. I then followed their orders. They filmed it, cracked jokes and then asked me to leave. I wish Indore police took action against this,â he said. I was returning home from company when I was stopped. I showed them my pass but they verbally abused me and asked me to do sit-ups. I tried to talk to them but they didn't listen. I then followed their orders. They filmed it,cracked jokes & then asked me to leave: Sanskar Daryani pic.twitter.com/9Dby04mPPx â ANI (@ANI) April 26, 2020 The incident garnered mixed reactions on Twitter. Look at this clown who is roaming around the city in his Porsche in Indore.#lockdownindia #Indorelockdown #Covid_19india pic.twitter.com/T6YYzsjDSp â Heisenberg (@urgoddamnright_) April 25, 2020बà¤à¤¦à¤¾ à¤à¤¨ लà¥à¤à¥à¤ सॠतॠफिर भॠसहॠहॠà¤à¥ पà¥à¤²à¤¿à¤¸ à¤à¤° नरà¥à¤¸à¥à¤ à¤à¥ à¤à¤¬à¥à¤¯à¥à¤ à¤à¤°à¤¤à¥ हॠà¤à¤° à¤à¤¨à¤à¥ à¤à¤ªà¤° थà¥à¤à¤¤à¥ हॠ! â Jagdish Ahirð®ð³ (@IJagdish_Ahir) April 26, 2020Sanskar Daryani I like it bro you followed order without any abusive words or behaviour.Ameer hone ke saath tmhare sanskaar bhi wade acche hain. â NO ONEð®ð³ (@aayush__jainn) April 26, 2020However, what's interesting about Daryani is that he lives a quintessential luxury lifestyle and has an impressive collection of luxe cars. Here, check them out: View this post on InstagramI know that rides are important but not more than anyoneâs life! So be safe guys take necessary precautions, donât go out at crowed places & spend time with family â¤ï¸ #DD1GARAGE - - - - - - - #covid_19 #stayhome #covid #washyourhands #letsfighttogether #staysafe #DD1GARAGEA post shared by (@sanskardaryani01) View this post on InstagramIn a world where you can be anything....ðâ ï¸ - - - Be kind. !⤠#DD1GARAGE - - - - - - #MercedesBenz #GLA #Benz #Red ##Cargasm #Indore #India #DD1GARAGEA post shared by (@sanskardaryani01) View this post on InstagramExpect Nothing 'Appreciate Everything'.ð¥ #DD1GARAGE - - - - - - #Lamborghinihuracan #Lamborghini #Indore #StaySafe #Covid_19 #StayHomeA post shared by (@sanskardaryani01) View this post on InstagramThere's a lot of stress in life , but once you get in the car, all of that goes out of the window." Here i am Quarantining with my babies â¤ï¸ - what about you all? How your quarantine is going ..ð - #DD1GARAGE- - - - - - - - #StaySafe #Stayhome #Bepositive #Covid_19 #Indore #IndiaA post shared by (@sanskardaryani01) View this post on InstagramChoose your WEEKEND Ride..ðâ­ - - Should I do "DRIVE A LAMBORGHINI " GIVEAWAY ?ðð #DD1GARAGE #only0001 @dd1garage - - - - - - - - - #porsche #718boxster #Boxter #BMW #bmwz4 #audi #a3cabriolet #MercedesBenz #gls #Rangerover #evoque #convertibles #Cars #sportscar #suvworld #colors #lifestyles #blacklist #enthuastic #only0001 #indore #india #DD1garageA post shared by (@sanskardaryani01) View this post on InstagramA dream without ambition is like a car without gas... you're not going anywhere. â¤â ï¸ #dd1garageA post shared by (@sanskardaryani01) The pandemic situation has halted life for everyone in the country and it is imperative that we adhere to the strict guidelines laid down for us. Our safety is in our own hands. Source: Mensxp Hindi View the full article
  7. 2020 truly marks the end of an era. Among other things, this is the year when we see two of the most iconic car manufacturers shut their operations in India. Both Mitsubishi and Fiat are bowing out of the fiercely competitive automotive market that India is. Even though both of these car manufacturers are engineering and commercial powerhouses when it comes to cars, the uncertainty and paradoxical nature of the Indian automotive market has dealt the final blow to these manufacturers. © Fiat This is the year when all new cars that will start plying on Indian roads have to comply with BS-VI. Both, Fiat's as well as Mitsubishi's automotive departments had been ailing with slipping sales and the churn that the Indian automobile industry was going through. © iStock Both of these manufacturers have given us some of the most iconic, and aspirational cars for the petrolheads of this generation. The Premier Padmini, or Fiat Premiere as it was also known, taught us how great and cool cars could be, in the 1960s. The Mitsubishi Pajero was instrumental in developing the notion that off-roading cars could be luxurious and fairly affordable. © Wiki Commons Here are five cars, from both of these manufacturers that proved to be iconic for the Indian petrolhead. Mitsubishi Lancer © Wiki Commons We have to start with the Mitsubishi Lancer, simply because of how iconic the car was. In India, you could only get your hands on the top variant, which came with that iconic spoiler. Furthermore, you could only get your hands on one if you were really well off, and had some really good connections. Depending on the year you bought the car, you would get a slightly different front grill; although we loved how understated the car was, some of the styling aspects were ahead of its time. As for the performance, it does look dated today, but for the early 2000s, this was a rocket ship on wheels. Fiat Punto Evo © Fiat There were a number of variants of the Punto that we got to see over the years. Be it the first, original, unadulterated one, or the most recent one, the Avventura, all of them were actually good cars. However, the Evo was a little bit special. It had marginally better handling than the closest competitor, it certainly was a thing to behold. For city roads, it was the perfect car - light, nimble and quick to accelerate. On the highways, it was stable at high speeds and powerful enough for some spirited driving. The only reason it did not sell that well, because of its pricing, and the fact that by the time it was launched, Fiat was already in a downward economic spiral. Mitsubishi Pajero © Mitsubishi There was no way this one did not make it to the list. Simply put, this was the most iconic car from the bunch. There was no mountain high enough, neither a valley deep enough that the Pajero couldn't drive over if it was paired with a skilful driver. Although the refreshed version did not impress even the most ardent fans of the Pajero, people will still recall this one, when asked about the most iconic SUV that was seen on Indian roads. Fiat Abarth 595 © Fiat The Abarth 595 was limited to a very few numbers in India and for good reasons. At almost Rs 30 Lakhs a piece, this was by no means a car that made fiscal sense. However, from purely a driver's and an enthusiast's perspective, this was a bargain. You would get a sportscar like performance and handling, in the size of a small hatchback and the price of a luxury sedan. The Abarth 595 was powerful, nimble, and could accelerate like a stabbed rabbit. This was a car that India was simply not ready for. Fiat Linea © Fiat The Linea was an unlucky car in a number of ways. It was sporty enough, handled well, was spacious and well equipped, and in its segment, was one of the most luxurious offerings. However, it was way more expensive than it should have been, and because of Fiat's issues with after-sales services, the car never really got the chance it deserved. Although Mitsubishi is completely out of the automotive market in India for now, Fiat's parent company, FCA, or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles India will continue to operate and will continue with the Jeep brand of cars. View the full article
  8. Before you all bring up the story of the infamous Tata Nano explosion, take a step back. Especially along the last few years, Indian carmakers have made massive progress in developing cars that stand up to stringent international safety standards such as the British NCAP crash tests - a much needed safety regulation when Indiaâs roads see a staggering 400 accidents happen every single day, according to the Road Transport Ministry. Letâs take a look at some of the sturdiest, well-built and safest machines to roll out of our local factories. Mahindra XUV300 © Mahindra Group NCAP Rating: 5 Stars Currently the highest-scoring Indian vehicle on NCAP, the Mahindra XUV300 also became the first Indian car to hit 4 stars for children's safety on the test. It comes with a massive bevy of safety features, such as seven airbags, disc brakes on all four wheels, front parking sensors and heated ORVMs, on the top-spec variants. Tata Nexon © Reviewstories/Tata Motors NCAP Rating: 5 Stars Not only did the Tata Nexon score 4 stars on its debut test - the engineers behind it went back to the drawing board, improved their designs and returned to win Indiaâs first-ever 5-star rating from NCAP. The Nexon comes with a fortified steel frame for the cabin, ABS with EDB, dual front airbags, ISOFIX seat mounts and adjustable seatbelts. Tata Altroz © Drivetribe/Tata Motors NCAP Rating: 5 Stars Engineered on Tataâs new ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advanced) architecture, the Altroz is Indiaâs first hatchback to win 5 NCAP stars - featuring dual front airbags, ABS with EBD and CSC, reverse parking sensors, ISOFIX, driver and co-driver seatbelt reminder, high-speed alert system and impact-sensing auto door unlock. Mahindra Marazzo © Drivetribe/Tata Motors NCAP Rating: 4 Stars Noted for its good performance during crash tests, the Marazzo performed quite decently with a score of 4 stars at the Munich NCAP tests and was noted for having particularly strong A-pillars up front. It comes standard with dual front airbags, ISOFIX anchors, ABS, front seatbelt pretensioners and a seatbelt reminder for the driver. Maruti Vitara Brezza © India.com/Maruti-Suzuki NCAP Rating: 4 Stars Finally, the Brezza. While Maruti isnât particularly known for exceptionally safe cars, this model performed surprisingly well at the NCAP tests, scoring an impressive 4 star rating - higher than any other offering from the brand. It comes with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, ISOFIX anchorages, front seat belts with pretensioners and a driver seatbelt reminder. View the full article
  9. For almost a century, the car as we know it did not change much. It was powered by the same principles of internal combustion that had powered the first mass-produced car, the Ford Model T, was driven around in the same manner for almost 100 years, and had basically the same problems and issues that cars had, a hundred years ago. © Wiki Commons Sure, there were attempts to change the dynamics a little here and there, but they were purely experimental, and far from any sort of homologation, or becoming mainstream. However, as we approached the 2010s, things started to look a little different, and how. There's no denying that Tesla has been the most influential carmaker of the decade, with reasons that go beyond the manner in which they popularised the electric car. This was the decade that we petrolheads got a glimpse, of what the future holds for us, thanks to these cars: 2012 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric © Daimler The 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Electric is the first true GT roadster that combined the prowess of electric power with practical everyday usage, at least as far as a sportscar is concerned. Even though it was shockingly expensive and obviously beyond the reach of the masses, irrespective of the fact that whether people could afford it or not, in many senses, it was largely responsible for people (mainly pedantic purists) to even consider adopting electric cars. This was the first sign that cars that excite and appeal to the nine-year-olds in adult men would not die when the planet finally runs out of petroleum. Porsche Taycan 4S © Porsche The Porsche Taycan 4S solidified what the SLS AMG & Tesla had been doing and really brought it home for the masses. As revolutionary and pathbreaking as Tesla and their cars were, there was no denying the fact that their cars had some serious quality control issues. As a car, the Taycan was not groundbreaking; however, what it signalled was the arrival of legacy and reputable brands in the market for the masses, in a manner that was easily accessible, and more importantly practical. In other words, although Tesla showed us the path to the future, it was Porsche who showed us how to get there, collectively. Tesla Model S © Tesla No other car had as much on carmakers and the zeitgeist around cars as much as the Model S. Sure, it has its share of problems, and has for long been the controversy's child, but make no mistake, the Model S reimagined how cars would be. Not only was it the first car to have a practical and reliable range that made it usable in the real world, it was fast, and had features that made it very futuristic. The ones made after 2017 even had the capability of complete autonomous driving, at SAE Level 5, the highest level of automation. However, due to regulations, the feature had to be implemented in a very constricted manner. The Tesla Model S was truly ahead of its time and helped usher in what the car from the future might be like. Tesla Cybertruck © Tesla Even though it was the butt end of a number of jokes, the Cybertruck is monumental when it comes to envisioning SUVs and performance vehicles in the future. If ever we are to colonise Mars, this is how cars will be. Yes, there are a few kinks here and there that Tesla really needs to iron out, but the fact that we have a car as capable as this one, means that in case we ever have to face a post-apocalyptic armageddon, we will survive. Ferrari LaFerrari © Ferrari SpA Finally, we have the LaFerrari. Considering that it is the final Ferrari to have a mid-mounted V12 engine, and quite possibly, the final iteration of the V12 engine, it is truly a poignant car. In that sense, it truly is the definitive Ferrari, or as LaFerrari translates into, The Ferrari. Although Ferrari had stated that they would never go all-electric, and that petrol engines will always find a way in their roster, we know that one day, eventually, they will have to phase out the internal combustion engine. Still, it is a nice touch how, for what may be the swansong of their V12s, they came up with a car that harnesses the best that electric power has to offer, with the prowess of a powerful, naturally aspirated V12. View the full article
  10. October has been a good month for the Indian cricket team who dominated the visiting South African side in Test cricket and won every match they played against and Faf du Plessis' side. Having already won the three-match red-ball series against the Proteas with a 2-0 lead in Pune in a dominating fashion, they outdid themselves during the third and final Test in Ranchi. They executed yet another brilliant performance with the batting lineup led by Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane followed by a bowling clinic by the pacers. Wrapping up the entire South African batting order twice in two days and winning the match with two days to spare, Virat Kohli's men made their winning streak in the longest format of the game at home even better, and are leading the ICC World Test Championship with a massive 240 points. The brutal display of cricketing prowess by the team led their Head Coach Ravi Shastri to compare them to a Ferrari. “Once you take 20 wickets, with the batsmen we have, if that clicks, it's like a Ferrari,” he said after the third Test. If India are like a Ferrari, what types of car are other teams like? ð pic.twitter.com/QlOJZunbM3 — ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) October 22, 2019 India's comparison to the supercar led to the Twitter users using this opportunity to compare some of the other ICC teams to different cars. Pakistan is ALTO 800 — Neel Sharmað (@iNeel_Sharma) October 22, 2019 Any team ðð¼ðð¼ after it goes through Test Series against Team India ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ðªð¼ðªð¼ðªð¼ð¥ð¥ðð pic.twitter.com/hjrjjbA28F — Rahul D / राहà¥à¤² / ‎راÛÙ (@rdalwale) October 22, 2019 South Africa: pic.twitter.com/cnBnngaNni — Gertrude O. Douglas (@Gertrude_O_D) October 22, 2019 South Africa is like the Old Ambassador — Ajai Kumar Mittal (@ajai_mittal) October 22, 2019 Well this South African team performed no better than an Alto 800. — Akash Pahari (@AkashPahari1) October 22, 2019 Pakistan could be a Lamborghini .. flashy and fast on its day but can go up in smoke parked out in front for no apparent reasons ð𤣠— Nadeem Shahzad (@nadeemshahzad07) October 23, 2019 I'd say England are currently a TVR. Looks good, can be amazing. But often breaks down — Freddie Collier (@FreddieCollier) October 22, 2019 South Africa ... #INDvSA pic.twitter.com/zeuAVCHFYA — abc (@ind414) October 22, 2019 Having dominated the South Africans in every way possible, Team India now look to take on Bangladesh for a three-match T20I series followed by a two-match Test series, provided the Bengal tigers reach an agreement with Bangladesh Cricket Board and lift their boycott from playing cricket in time.
  11. Here's something that may drastically steal focus from the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. While currently in England for the World Cup, Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper, is in a wee bit of a soup back home, with the Gurugram Municipal Corporation! Obviously, while the team is working hard to bring home the cup, we hear Kohli isn't doing his bit to play the perfect citizen, who can set examples with some great civic sense, along with showcasing great skills on the field, of course. So, here's what Kohli is in trouble for. The GMC (Gurugram Municipal Corporation) has issued a challan against Kohli for wasting drinking water, while washing his car, outside his house, which is located in DLF Phase 1 of Gurugram. © Pintrest The fine was imposed when Kohli's domestic help was seen washing his car(s) with drinking water and he was fined INR 500 for doing so. According to a news report, it was Kohli's neighbours who actually lodged a complaint against thousands of litres of water going to waste, as Kohli's domestic help would wash half a dozen cars, including two SUVs, with plain drinking water. While the temperatures continue to across all of Northern India, there is an ongoing water crisis in most parts, as water bodies are drying up due to the temperature being close to 45-degrees Celsius. And obviously, Gurugram isn't free of the water crisis, just like most parts around Delhi and NCR. Along with Kohli's residence, ten other houses were fined for wasting water while washing their cars. The Gurugram Corporation Commissioner has now warned people for wasting drinking water further and has said stricter action will be taken if the regulations are violated by any more people around the neighbourhood. © Pintrest As for the ICC World Cup, seems like team India got to a good start by defeating South Africa in its opener. Rohit Sharma bagged a century to set his targets right for the remainder of the campaign. After successfully beating the Proteas, the Indian Cricket team has a solid task ahead of them, with their upcoming match with Australia on Sunday. Here's wishing the team boatloads of luck and Virat some common civic sense!
  12. When most eyes were glued to the convoy of celebrities and other prominent personalities attenting PM Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony, there was one man who ditched the car and chose to ride his bicycle to the Rashtrapati Bhawan. © Twitter The man we're talking about is the 47-year-old Mansukh Lal Mandaviya, the former minister of State in charge of Road Transport, Highways, Shipping, Chemicals and Fertilisers. Mandaviya, who is a Rajya Sabha member from Gujarat, was sworn in as a union minister in the new cabinet for the second time. © Twitter Apparently, riding a bicycle to Parliament is an unfamiliar sight for people around Mandaviya. In the past five years too, he has always cycled his way to the Parliament and calls it his "passion, not fashion." Reportedly, Mandaviya said "For me it is not a fashion to go on a bicycle, it is my passion. I had always gone to the Parliament on a bicycle." And @mansukhmandviya entered the Rashtrapati Bhawan riding a bicycle. Took oath into PM @narendramodi Government. pic.twitter.com/NqmLEypJOR — Aditya Raj Kaul (@AdityaRajKaul) May 30, 2019 He further said, "It is eco-friendly, it saves fuel and keeps you physically healthy." People are super impressed with Mandaviya's eco-friendly ways. I remember seeing his bicycle parked in Parliament and that day my faith was restored in our leaders. ð — Sanya Dhillon (@DhillonSanya) May 30, 2019 That's really awesome! — ããã¡ãã Rawat ð± (@TrueGodKakarot) May 31, 2019 Green MP ðâï¸ð — Satyam Dubey (@satyam5797) May 30, 2019 Awesome! Much RESPECT to this man! ððð — Tony Sahajlain ð§ (@TonySahajlain) May 31, 2019 Wow.. mera desh badal raha haiðð»ðð» — shruti sharma (@MsShrutiSharma) May 30, 2019 He's a trendsetter for sure. May he succeed in his given portfolio. An example worth emulating. — Ramesh Shivadekar (@Race_Ramesh) May 31, 2019 Now, that's an environment-loving MP right here, folks!
  13. If there exists one fetish that is common to every celebrity all around the world, it is the one to do with owning swanky, top-of-the-line rides. Most celebrities in India and abroad love to flash their fanciest cars every now and then, and there is no guessing why that might be. Last night, Bollywood rapper-singer Badshah, aka Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, took to his Instagram account and shared that after a long journey, he has been able to bring his dream car, a Rolls Royce Wraith, home. Welcoming the car to the family, quite literally, the picture showed his parents and sister beaming at the camera, standing beside (and err..sitting on top of) the car. View this post on Instagram Its been a long journey. Welcome to the family :) @rollsroycecars @rollsroyceindia @rollsroycewraith A post shared by BADSHAH (@badboyshah) on Apr 30, 2019 at 2:43am PDT Various Bollywood celebrities congratulated Badshah on the new addition to his family which is reportedly priced at Rs. 6.4 crores in India. Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Neha Kakkar, Ronit Roy, rapper Naezy, Raftaar, Sophie Chowdhary and many others sent their best wishes to the rapper. However, Badshah isn't the only one with one of the swankiest cars in B-town, here are 5 other Bollywood celebrities and their most expensive joy-rides. 1. Shah Rukh Khan © BCCL Shah Rukh Khan owns one of the world's fastest cars, a Bugatti Veyron which is worth a whopping Rs 12 crore! SRK is known in the industry for owning an array of luxurious cars. 2. Aamir Khan © Twitter Aamir Khan owns a sleek Mercedes Benz S600 worth Rs 10 crore. Reportedly, he is amongst the only three people in the country to own this car, the other two being Mukesh Ambani and Manmohan Singh. 3. Hrithik Roshan © Twitter Back in 2016, Hrithik Roshan bought a customised Rolls Royce Ghost for himself on his birthday which is priced at a mammoth Rs 7 crore. 4. Sanjay Dutt © Cartoq Sanjay Dutt owns a Ferrari 599 GTB which is priced at Rs 5.5 crores. A self-confessed car lover, Dutt owns a Lexus SUV, Mercedes-Benz M-class, a Porsche SUV and a Toyota Land Cruiser besides the Ferrari. 5. Amitabh Bachchan © Twitter Superstar Amitabh Bachchan owns a Rolls Royce Phantom which is priced at Rs 4.5 crores. AB Sr. also owns a Bentley Continental GT, a Mercedes SL500, a Range Rover, a Lexus LX470, a Mercedes E 240, a BMW X5, a BMW 7 Series and a Mercedes S320 among others.
  14. Anand Mahindra is one of those few multi-million business conglomerates who are active on social media, engage with their followers and make it a point to post about things that are not just related to their industry and work. Anand Mahindra's Twitter account is flooded with hundreds of inspiring posts, and including letters, tweets and emails that people write to him. And obviously his followers love him for keeping it real as well as giving a damn about things at all times. © Reuters Last evening happened to be one such day when a letter from an 11-year-old girl would make Anand Mahindra's weariness from a tiring day vanish within minutes. He shared a letter from an 11-year-old girl called Mahika Mishra, who asked him to consider her suggestions and ideas for Mahindra Group's cars. At the end of a tiring day, when you see something like this in the mail..the weariness vanishes...I know I'm working for people like her, who want a better—and quieter world! ð pic.twitter.com/lXsGLcrqlf — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) April 3, 2019 In the picture shared by Mahindra, the girl has written, "I've a suggestion that you can only honk 5 times in 10 minutes and the honk will last only for 3 seconds. In this way noise will be minimised, and our roads will be quieter." The letter struck a chord with Mahindra and he wrote, "I know I'm working for people like her, who want a better—and quieter world!" Honking on the roads, often unnecessary, is a nuisance we all are accustomed to. However, this little girl decided to do something about it and reach out to someone who could make a difference to this situation. Whether her ideas are feasible or not is debatable, however we would love to see if Mahindra mamanges to come up with a solid solution to this problem. Twitter is loving the man for taking up Mahika's concern and considering her ideas publicly. This is a fantastic idea and thought. I think changemakers like you need to seriously consider implementing this — Saji Kumar Krishnan (@sajik_krishnan) April 3, 2019 Aapki to baat hi alag he sir..ð — Chowkidar Dheeraj sharma (@dheeraj8959) April 4, 2019 Depending on the initiative of Industry, we are fully equipped to make this kind of Horn which supports #NoHonking We can even make a Pre-Paid Horn filled with limited no. of blows.We at Hella will be proud to do so on your direction @anandmahindra , being your supplier partner. — Ramashankar Pandey (@pandeyrs) April 4, 2019 More than an idea the concern if the kid must be applauded. Electric cars as efficient as the fuel cars must become reality soon. M&M @anandmahindra striving for it — chowkidar Bharath kashetty (@bharathkashetty) April 4, 2019 This letter shows how much connected u r with people irrespective of their age. Congrats! I also congrats young girl for such deep thought at this age. — Chowkidar Ajay Kr Rathi (@rathi_ajay) April 4, 2019 Touched by the letter !! Well said and explained the point on honking unnecessarily — mayank lunawat (@LunawatMayank) April 4, 2019
  15. When you reach the level at which cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are right now, you are allowed to have expensive hobbies like collecting extremely luxurious and limited edition rides. These cricketers not only have the craving for some of the finest cars in the world by also the money to fulfil their dreams. Here are some of the fanciest rides owned by star Indian cricketers: 1. MS Dhoni © Ferrari Mahendra Singh Dhoni's love for superbikes is unparalleled. But the cricketer is also a sucker for SUVs, American Muscle and Italian stallions. Having owned Hummer H2 and the GMC Sierra 3500HD, Dhoni's car collection is massive. But the ride he really fawns over is the extremely powerful Ferrari 599 GTO with a top speed of 335 kph and a V12 engine roaring under the hood. What's unique about Dhoni's GTO is that the car may be a gift for the skipper who led the team to the 2011 World Cup victory. There were only 599 pieces of the Italian beauty that were made by Ferrari and Dhoni's was even more special as it had the Indian tricolour painted in the front. Price In India: N/A 2. Sachin Tendulkar © Reuters Truly passionate about his rides, Sachin Tendulkar's garage has been home to almost all the iconic rides, be it a Maruti or the Nissan GT-R. However, the fanciest ride owned by the God of cricket has to be equally divine. We are talking about the 1499cc beast you might have seen in the Tom Cruise starrer 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol'. The BMW i8 is Sachin's favourite ride and we can see why. In an interview with Hormazd Sorabjee, Tendulkar says that he loves to drive the car, especially early in the morning when there aren't a lot of people on the road because the car is a “traffic stopper”. Price In India: Rs. 2.25 - 3.3 Cr* 3. Virat Kohli View this post on Instagram The new audi R8 . Its a BEAUTY. Iam blown away. What a brilliant machine. And so stunning as well. ðððð»#audi#beauty#beast. A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Feb 3, 2016 at 4:46am PST Ever since his childhood, Indian captain Virat Kohli has shown a lot of interest and passion towards Audi, the German automobile manufacturing company. With an already vast collection of extremely (extremely) expensive cars, Kohli boasts an 'all-Audi' collection which includes SUVs like Audi Q7, Audi S6, Audi A8L W12 Quattro and Audi R8 V10. However, the ride that Kohli would claim to be his show-stopper is the Audi R8 LMX which the star bought in 2015. With a top speed of 320 kph and 570 horsepower and torque of 398 lb-ft. Price In India: Rs. 2.97 Cr. Onwards 4. Suresh Raina © Instagram/Suresh Raina From small cars like Mini Coopers to literal giants like Range Rovers, Suresh Raina is a man of many tastes. Like an ideal son, Raina also gifted a blue Mercedes-Benz GLE 350D for his parents in November 2017. Having said that, Raina has admitted that the Porsche Boxster Limited Edition that he bought in 2013, on the occasion of his father's birthday, is the car he is most fond of. The got the car painted yellow as it represented his IPL team, Chennai Super Kings. The Porsche Boxster is a two-seater which consists of a 3436cc engine with maximum power noted at 315bhp@6700rpm. Price In India: Rs. 1.1 Cr.* 5. Yuvraj Singh © Bentley Nothing short of going nuclear on the field, Yuvraj Singh has been an absolute beast when it came to hitting the ball out of the park during his prime. His love for automobiles has been well documented and he has, on numerous occasions, said that collecting expensive cars has been his true passion. The fact that his mother has forbidden him from riding bikes made him focus only on cars. Not specific to a particular brand, Singh owns a BMW X6 M, a BMW M3 Convertible, an Audi Q5 and a Land Rover Discovery Sport for casual outings to the beach or maybe even the barbershop. But when Yuvi is really feeling it, the big guns come out. Reported to have bought a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640-4, powered by a 6.5-litre V12 petrol engine and 640 horsepower. For more classier times, Singh brings out his Bentley Continental Flying Spur, the epitome of luxury. With a shiny black exterior and blood-red interiors, Singh's Bentley is nothing short of royalty in its own and is the most expensive car in his backyard. It is believed that former Indian opener Virender Sehwag also owns the same ride. Price In India: Rs. 3.22 - 3.8 Cr*
  16. Last year, around the same time, Reueben Singh, the Sikh billionaire from UK who is also known as the British Bill Gates, was making headlines across the globe when his pictures went viral on the internet. The context was that someone made fun of his turban and Reuben answered back by matching his turban to his Rolls Royce for an entire week! He not only won that challenge but won many accolades on the internet. Recently some one disrespected my Turban by calling it a "bandage". The Turban is my Crown & my pride thank you for the mention @SinghLions proud of what you have achieved with a such a huge following Harjinder — Reuben Singh (@ReubenSingh) January 19, 2018 © Insatgram Reuben is in the news again because he recently added 6 more Rolls Royces to his fleet of cars. He calls it the 'Jewels Collection' and he spent a whopping Rs 50 crore on them! View this post on Instagram The Jewels Collection. Rubies, Sapphires & Emeralds. It's ok to be a little obsessed with jewellery as jewellery is like ice cream “there is always a little room for more”. . #turban #singh #matchingoutfits #matchingturbans #turbanchallenge #rollsroyce #sikh #sardar #charity #desi #punjabi #india #indian #ootd #religiouslife#hypebeast#picoftheday #photooftheday #christianlouboutin #tomford #gucci #berluti #louisvuitton #billionairecouture #billionaire @rollsroycecars #london #reubensingh #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneur @rollsroyceedinburgh @rollsroycecars #cullinan A post shared by Reuben Singh (@singhreuben) on Jan 29, 2019 at 11:38am PST The cars include the Cullinan, which costs approximately £250000 and the Phantom, which costs about £360,000. In fact, last year when he splurged on the SUV, the CEO of Rolls Royce, Torsten Müller-Ötvös personally delivered him the set of wheels. Entrepreneurs are Visionaries who dare to be different, bringing game changing ideas to market. The CEO of @rollsroycecars Torsten Müller-Ötvös is truly one. Thank you RR for special invite yesterday for the global launch of the #Cullinan the new RR SUV #EffortlessEverywhere. pic.twitter.com/yQEBQAu3kM — Reuben Singh (@ReubenSingh) May 11, 2018 View this post on Instagram You don't take a photo You make it! Every photo has a story to tell, a memory to cherish, or a milestone accomplished. In life so many things we do for ourselves are then irrelevantly questioned by others. People ask why? For what? Because of? What's the point? So long as no one is hurt, no one is betrayed or no one is cheated; Smile ð and do whatever you want. There doesn't need to be an answer for everyone's question. We all have aspirations fuelled by inspirations found in our own life's or seen in others. Surround yourself with people that inspire you to dream, motivate you to achieve, and fuel you to break though your barrier of fear. You either succeed or learn but you only fail if you give up. Believe in God and trust in your own ability & let the ones who want to watch, watch; the ones who want to talk, talk. And the the ones who want to celebrate with you, celebrate (even if you have a few of these your luckier than most ð). Rise each morning ready to write your history as everyday is a new beginning . . . . . . #brightenyourday #RR #RollsRoyce #RollsRoycePhantom #India #Indian #Desi #Sikh #Singh #Swag #style #OOTD #pictureoftheday #pictureperfect #style #Forbes #Entrepreneur #business #pictureoftheday #supercars #passion #petrolhead #reubensingh #carstagram @rvcjinsta @chaai_garam #london #bling #highsnobiety #punjabi #punjab @urban_melange #hypebeast @rollsroycecars #balleralert A post shared by Reuben Singh (@singhreuben) on Jan 30, 2019 at 12:48pm PST Reuben's car collection also includes a host of other hot wheels including the Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 918 Spyder, Pagani Huayara, Lamborghini Huracan and a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta limited edition. You might wonder what is up with this obsession? Well, it's his hard-earned money at the end of the day. So if you got it, you flaunt it, I guess?
  17. Bose is exceedingly popular for its QuietComfort headphones that offer best-in-class noise cancellation. The technology is far superior to the competition and many airlines even provide these to premium passengers to vacuum out cabin noise. Today, the manufacturer has announced a new noise cancellation solution called QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC) as part of its active sound management technology. This technology is designed to reduce road noise, and make your travelling experience smoother. © MensXP According to Bose, its new sound-cancelling system utilizes a combination of accelerometers, proprietary signal-processing software, microphones and the vehicle's audio system to electronically combat unwanted sounds. The new system joins Bose's existing Engine Harmonic Enhancement and Engine Harmonic Cancellation. The system is able to minimize “unwanted sounds” in the car's cabin caused by driving over rough roads, grooved concrete and uneven pavement. The system adapts to road noise levels throughout the trip, adjusting as necessary for changes that result from different road surfaces, speeds, and similar things. For external detection, the car is fitted with various accelerometers that measure vibrations caused by the road or terrain. For internals, a set of microphones constantly monitor noise levels for future optimizations. The whole process of noise identification and cancellation is continuous and adjusts over a period of time. Bose says the RNC system will be available with or without the company's premium audio systems, and they will be collaborating with manufacturers during the development process. © Bose The brand already offers a sound management solution called Engine Harmonic Cancellation (EHC), but it is limited to reducing the leakage of engine noise into the main cabin. RNC solution is expected to start appearing in cars starting from 2021 and will work with cars that don't even have Bose's own audio system. © Reuters Thanks to electric vehicles, the amount of noise generated while moving is minimal. Even internal combustion engines have been getting more silent thanks to hybrid setups. Electronically controlled noise cancellation comes handy because the conventional method requires insulation and isolation, adding more weight to the vehicle. "But we know it's much more difficult to control noise in a large space like a car cabin compared to the relatively small area around your ears. However, through research advances and our relentless efforts to solve tough problems, we've achieved a level of road noise reduction that sets Bose apart from competitive offerings,” said John Feng, manager, Bose Automotive, Active Sound Management Solutions.
  18. When most of us were cribbing about our respective jobs, there were some people who were enjoying a long drive in their brand new car which they got from their boss as a Diwali gift. If you are one of those people, congratulations, you have the best boss in the world and the boss in question is none other than the Surat-based diamond merchant, Savji Dholakia. Facebook Just like every other year, Dholakia has decided to make this Diwali the happiest one for his employees, by doing something that will make every other person hate their boss. Earlier this year, Dholakia gifted three of his senior employees Mercedes cars worth Rs. 1 crore each. On Thursday, he distributed 600 cars to his employees, at an event that was attended by PM Modi. Facebook In fact, some employees even received car keys from PM Modi. Apart from cars, the employees also received flats and FDs as Diwali gifts. Facebook The billionaire businessman posted his picture with PM Modi on social media and wrote, "As a part of the company's loyalty bonus program, the #HKGroup gave incentives to approximately 1,700 diamond artists and diamond engineers in the form of cars and fixed deposits." Reportedly, the employees got Renault KWID and Maruti Suzuki Celerio cars as gifts. In 2016, Savji Dholakia, who owns Hari Krishna Exports, gifted his employees 400 flats and 1260 cars. Dholakia is gifting his employees such lavish gifts for the fourth year in a row, while we are waiting here to receive a box of Soan Papdi and microwave-safe bowls.
  19. Cristiano Ronaldo is as big a name off the field as he is on it, because of the fashion goals he keeps on scoring. Right from the latest trends in terms of outfits to accessories to even inner-wear, the man powers through like a trailblazer. Keeping the streak of badassery on, he just attended a press conference wearing a watch that has 424 white diamonds encrusted on it. Take a look. © AFP The Juventus star wore an extremely rare watch from Franck Muller, the estimated value of which is about £1.2 million. This amount, when converted to INR, is more than Rs 11.32 crores. © Reuters Just for comparison, a Rolls Royce Ghost basic model in India costs around INR 5.25 crores. © Getty Images Ronaldo sported this match on the eve of Juventus' clash with his former club Manchester United at Old Trafford, which the Italian club went on to narrowly win 1-0.
  20. Sunny Leone is known for a lot of things. But, there is one facet of her life which has been largely overlooked. Who knew that Bollywood's very own Sunny Leone even had enough time to talk about fast cars, cool gadgets, and video games, let alone actually indulge in some of these teenage fantasies. © MensXP While Sunny now has three beautiful kids who are probably taking up all her time she's a huge fan of all things fast, cool and geeky. We sat with her for an exclusive interview and here's how it went: MXP: What's the fastest car you've got a chance to sit in? How fast did it go? Sunny: A Lamborghini. We weren't driving that fast because I was headed to an event, though. MXP: Everyone knows Sunny Leone - the actress and model, can you tell us more about Sunny - the speed junkie? Sunny: Well I like extreme sports and I also like really nice cars. I love the sound a car makes when you hit the gas. © MensXP MXP: What do you think of the iPhone X? Is it worth its price? Sunny: I like a lot of the features it has. A phone is something that we all use all day long so why not have one that is among the most advanced gadgets to date? I am not sure how many people will be able to afford it but for those who can i think they will enjoy it very much. I definitely want to upgrade my phone every year. MXP: Would you prefer going off-road or speeding down the highway? Sunny: Highway so that I can drive as fast as I want. I like fast smooth rides over bumpy ones. MXP: How important should grooming be for your ideal man? Sunny: Extremely. No ones likes to date someone who doesn't care about hygiene. I like to meet men who dress nice and are well groomed. MXP: If you could own any car in the world right now, what would you buy? Sunny: 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Convertible. © YouTube - CanAm Motorsports MXP: What about video games? Are you every geek's dream come true? A hot gamer girl? Sunny: Yes I like video games very much. I love nerds and geeks. They are the ones that run this world and I love men who are really smart. I guess if you saw me at home playing games you might not think I was so hot. Gamers will understand.
  21. When elegant design is combined with exceptional driving dynamics, the result is automotive brilliance. That's KL Rahul's philosophy on cars. Rahul started off this discussion with a car from his garage. The Mercedes AMG C 43 is the kind of car most of us would aspire to own one day. But for Rahul, it's one of the first cars he owned. Not a bad start. Not a bad start at all. © Mercedes The C 43 offers incredible performance at an affordable price. It can go from 0-100 in 4.7 seconds and has a top speed of 250 kmph. The twin-turbo V6 deserves a special mention too. The only thing Rahul didn't let us know is whether he preferred sitting in the back or behind the wheel of this one. It's a tough choice. But, nobody cares about what's already in their garage. Here's what Rahul's garage could look like in the future: Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Every 20-something kid in India would love to own a Lamborghini. The only question is, which one? For Rahul, the answer is the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. Makes sense. We all love convertibles, right? © Lamborghini Can you picture it? A bright yellow or a startling red Lamborghini barreling down the street with the top down. We bet that's what Rahul dreams of every time he scores a century. If you ask us, we'd go with the yellow. Aston Martin DB11 Bond, James Bond. What does he drive? An Aston Martin. Now, imagine getting behind the wheel of James Bond's car. The strong curves on the DB11 would make anyone agree to sell their soul to the devil. © Aston Martin For Rahul, this is not just a dream, it's only a matter of time. A matter of time before we see him in this magnificent car. Range Rover Velar Every Indian guy's wish list needs to have an SUV on it. Yes, Rahul's list has one too but not just any SUV, it's the Range Rover Velar. The Velar features the latest in terms of technology, innovation and design from Land Rover. © Land Rover Creating an SUV that looks spectacular and can hit 230 kmph is something only a brand like Land Rover could do. It's kind of like Rahul's career, built to last long. Batmobile Who would have imagined the Batmobile would make it on to this list? Then again, who wouldn't want the Batmobile on their list of favourite cars? If you ask us, nothing describes Rahul better than this car. It can go anywhere, it can do anything and when you see it barreling down a street, you better move out of the way. © Warner Bros. Pictures Is Rahul hinting at being the Batman of the Indian cricket team? He seems to think so. What Batman is to the Justice League, KL Rahul is to Team India. Believe it!
  22. Dyson unveiled a high-powered cord-free vacuum cleaner in India, which has been designed to clean cars, homes and indoor environments. It features Dyson's own digital motor V10, which helps in linear airflow and improved suction to capture hidden particles. Sir James Dyson, Chief Engineer and Founder, Dyson, said: “A strong performing machine starts with an efficient motor. The Dyson digital motor V10 is Dyson's most advanced. It has enabled us to entirely change the format of a vacuum cleaner and to achieve Dyson's best ever cord-free machine performance. The Dyson Cyclone V10™ vacuum is so light, so powerful, it can deep clean anywhere in your home, across various surfaces and floor types.” © Dyson The motor in the Cyclone V10 can continually adjust to give maximum performance, while the vacuum cleaner has an array of pressure sensors to ensure better cleaning. It is capable to identify its elevation, altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and even the weather. It is capable of identifying the altitude difference between the floor and a table. Here's the Cyclone V10 in action: Dyson makes me want to spend money I don't have. #DysonIndia #Dyson #cyclonev10 A post shared by Akshay Bhalla / Høax (@editorinchief) on Jul 25, 2018 at 1:43am PDT Dyson claims that the Cyclone V10 is capable of lasting up to 60 minutes on a single charge and has a new and improved battery management system. The machine also has a responsive trigger which translates to the vacuum cleaner firing instantly when the trigger is fired. © Dyson The Cyclone V10 comes with two motorized cleaner heads, one for carpets the other for hard floors, while 7 additional tools for cleaning various surfaces can be bought separately. These different heads cater to various surfaces such as sofas, upholstery, mattress and more. © Dyson This is where it will hurt the average consumer, the Dyson Cyclone V10 is not something you can buy without thinking twice. The Dyson Cyclone V10 will cost Rs 44,900 in India and will be available to purchase from Dyson.in, Amazon and offline stores in Delhi and Bengaluru. All Dyson machines come with a two-year warranty on parts and labour. Dyson has also tied up with various banks to offer zero cost EMI options to consumers across all its channels. What do you think about the Dyson Cyclone V10? Would you buy one for your car/home? Let us know in the comments section.
  23. German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: fileBERLIN: German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday warned US President Donald Trump against unleashing an all-out trade war after he threatened to impose steep tariffs on cars from the European Union.In...
  24. Rohit Shetty is primarily known for two things – 'Golmaal' franchise and blowing up cars in the air. In all honesty, the latter is loved by the audience more than the former, but let us keep it for some other discussion. Currently, Rohit Shetty is busy with his upcoming movie 'Simmba', and so are the actors Sara Ali Khan and Ranveer Singh. While not much is known about Sara's debut role, Ranveer Singh's social media is flooded with pictures and videos from the sets. © Instagram Ranveer Singh, who floored us with his brilliant performance in 'Padmaavat', will now be seen as a cop whose moustache will probably grab more eyeballs than the entire cast of the movie. The only thing that can come closer to his moustache in this competition is probably his ripped body. © Instagram Ranveer Singh can be legit called a transformation guru or a shape-shifter for the insane amounts of transformations he undergoes for every movie he takes up and 'Simmba' is no different. If you ever needed motivation to work out or one reason to hit the gym, don't look around and head straight to Ranveer Singh's instagram. For a man who turned from this… #padmaavat —> #gullyboy A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 19, 2018 at 12:01am PST To this… Aaya tha CUB Sher Bana Ab... ROHIT SHETTY Ka HERO #simmba A post shared by Rohit Shetty (@itsrohitshetty) on Jul 1, 2018 at 11:54pm PDT His insane transformation pictures are proof that he is probably one of the hardest working actors in Bollywood – be it physically or in terms of acting. In fact Rohit Shetty shared his workout picture with the caption, “Aaya tha CUB Sher Bana Ab…Rohit Shetty ka HERO.” 'Simmba' is expected to hit the theatres on December 28 and after looking at Ranveer Singh's latest picture; we're confirmed that this time the lead role won't go to those blown up cars.
  25. Even if you don't really understand or follow football, you obviously know who and what Ronaldo is! He enjoys a cult fan following and is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. So it won't really come off as a surprise to you if we tell you that this football star has a fleet of insane, expensive beasts in his garage which we can probably only drive in our dreams! Let's have a look at some of his favourite cars: 1. Rolls Royce Phantom- Everyone who has the money for this car, owns it. So Ronaldo is no different. © Instagram 2. Ferrari F99 GTO- Ronaldo apparently has two of these! It comes with a luxurious leather interior and the driver's seat is also in a slightly different angled position for a better view and more comfort. Sunshine dayð A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Oct 22, 2015 at 6:11am PDT 3. Ferrari F12TDF- Yes , he got this one delivered just last year which is a limited edition and was sold for around close to 3 crores. Arrived ððð A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Sep 6, 2017 at 3:50am PDT 4. Lambhorgini Aventador LP 700-4- Ronaldo has a this gorgeous beauty in a matte black shade. You can touch 100 kph in less than 3.2 seconds with this, and he had to shell out close to 260,000 pounds for this one. Bom dia ð A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Oct 16, 2016 at 12:38am PDT 5. Bugatti Veyron- He added this to his overflowing fleet last year and it came with a price tag of over 16 crore rupees and is one of the fastest cars in the world. ð¡ðâï¸ A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Feb 21, 2017 at 4:48am PST 6. Bugatti Chiron- The predecessor of the Veyron also finds its home in Ronaldo's garage and costs over 4 crores. âï¸ A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Sep 28, 2017 at 12:24pm PDT New animal in the building Bugatti Chiron ðððâï¸ðâï¸ A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Sep 28, 2017 at 10:32am PDT
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