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  1. Geo.tv talks to Dr Sardar Sarfaraz at Pakistan Meteorological Department to understand how heatwaves are formed
  2. Average apartment in Seoul costs estimated 19 years of South Korea's median annual household income, up from 11 years in 2017
  3. The 2022 Grammys decision to snub BTS causes major uproar on Twitter with ?Scammys? trend
  4. Inter-Services Public Relations says inferno contained successfully; no loss of life or property reported
  5. Omicron's high transmissibility will make it dominant within weeks in many places, WHO says
  6. From rubbing lemons on your skin to avoiding the sun, we’ve tried whatnot to prevent tanning. However, the truth is that tanning isn’t always a bad sign. As Indians, we naturally have more melanin in our skin than others. It’s the compound that gives colour to our skin and protects it from the dangers of the sun. In other words, tanning is good for your skin. However, pigmentation, which can be often mistaken for tanning, is something that you should be worried about. Pigmentation occurs when one area of the skin is darker than the other area. This makes the skin look patchy, uneven and is a sign of poor skin care. Today, we’ll be talking about one of the most common areas to develop pigmentation - your neck. What causes pigmentation around the neck? How to get rid of it, permanently? Let’s find out! Causes Of Pigmentation Around The Neck From sun exposure to underlying skin conditions, there are many causes that could be behind your dark neck. -Acanthosis Nigrican This skin condition causes darkness around the areas with skin folds, like your neck and armpits. If you think this could be the reason behind it, visiting a dermatologist would be the best solution for you. -Dermatitis Neglect This skin condition causes a change in skin colour when the area hasn’t been washed properly. You can visit a professional in this case too, but we suggest you keep a strict check on your hygiene habits if this is the case. __ECOMPRODUCT__57__ -Sun Exposure Apart from causing tanning, sun exposure can also cause hyperpigmentation, especially neglected regions like the neck. The best way to get rid of it is to exfoliate regularly and apply SPF. __ECOMPRODUCT__1341__ -High Insulin Levels High insulin levels cause cells to reproduce at a faster rate, including melanin cells. This is why clinically high blood insulin can also put you at risk of developing a dark neck. __ECOMPRODUCT__2621__ How To Get Rid Of It Now that you know the possible causes behind pigmentation around your neck, let’s find out how you can get rid of it. -Exfoliation Exfoliation helps in removing the accumulated dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Use AHAs (like Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid) and BHAs (like Salicylic Acid for exfoliation. These acids help in removing pigmentation as well as smoothen the texture of the skin. __ECOMPRODUCT__2622__ -Vitamin C & E While purchasing products like body lotions, make sure to look for ingredients like Vitamin C and E. Like AHAs and BHAs, these antioxidants help in reducing pigmentation. Go for light water-based formulation to reduce oil build up in the region. __ECOMPRODUCT__2030__ -Use Apple Cider Vinegar The Acetic Acid in the vinegar helps in reducing pigmentation, when used regularly. Dilute ACV with equal parts of water and apply the mixture to your neck. Leave it on for about 2-3 minutes and then rinse off. Use this remedy every 1-2 days and you are sure to see visible results. __ECOMPRODUCT__2623__ -Diet All these nutrients are available in foods naturally. If the topical application is not suitable for you, you can get the Vitamin C, E, B and Omega 3 fatty acids through your diet as well. They help in cell regeneration and help in improving the texture of the skin. __ECOMPRODUCT__2624__ -Wear SPF Start applying SPF on your neck as well, if it is exposed to the sun. It will help in improving the texture of your skin and protect it against sun damage, which often causes long term pigmentation. __ECOMPRODUCT__2625__ The Bottomline There you go, now you can get rid of all that pigmentation, once and for all. As long as you stick to the right skin care habits, pigmentation will hardly be a cause for concern. Make sure to follow these tips and flaunt your smooth, even-toned skin. Explore More View the full article
  7. Malir, North Nazimabad, Shah Faisal and Liaquatabad reported to be without power as rain intensifies in the afternoon
  8. If you’ve ever struggled with losing weight, you know that belly fat can be extremely stubborn at times. You could be getting fitter overall but that pot belly is simply not going anywhere. From having a job that requires long hours of sitting to having unhealthy eating patterns, the reasons for your belly fat could be many. However, you need not worry. With the right exercise, nutrition and tips, you can get rid of that stubborn belly fat. Types Of Belly Fat & Why Is It Harmful © iStock Belly fat refers to the collective fat in your abdominal region. However, did you know that there are two types of belly fat? Subcutaneous fat is the fat that is stored right underneath your skin and visceral fat is the fat stored around your organs. What makes the belly fat so stubborn is the amount of visceral fat held in your abdominal region. Regardless of your overall weight, a large amount of belly fat poses a serious risk to your health. It increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes and blood pressure problems. Causes Of Belly FatBelly fat has many different causes which may or may not be under our control. 1. Poor Diet Unhealthy eating habits, like eating a lot of junk food and sugary food, can cause weight gain. If this is coupled with little to no physical activity or exercise, it can also lead to slow metabolism. __ECOMPRODUCT__749__ 2. Too Much Alcohol Alcohol is unhealthy for the liver but it also contributes to weight gain, especially around the belly. This is why the term “beer belly” is often used to describe belly fat. __ECOMPRODUCT__2206__ 3. Stress Emotional stress and increased levels of cortisol can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. This includes developing unhealthy eating patterns and getting little to no exercise. Stress also affects your metabolism and may contribute to your weight gain. __ECOMPRODUCT__1538__ 4. Genetics There’s enough evidence to support the fact that sometimes it’s all because of the genes. If a lot of the men in your family have stubborn belly fat, chances are that you may develop it too. 5. Poor Sleep Studies suggest that poor sleep quality and quantity is linked with unhealthy weight gain. It can increase your calorie intake and stress levels, which is directly linked with weight gain. __ECOMPRODUCT__1209__ How To Get Rid Of Belly FatNo matter what the reason behind your stubborn belly is, you can definitely get rid of it. All that you need to do is make some lifestyle changes and follow these tips: 1. Eat Healthy Start by making some necessary dietary changes. Avoid sugary, fatty foods and refined carbohydrates. Go for nutrient dense, whole foods instead. A high protein and high fiber diet is generally considered good for weight loss but you can always consult a professional nutritionist as well. __ECOMPRODUCT__741__ You don’t have to go for restrictive diets but improving it is definitely a must if you want to get rid of belly fat. __ECOMPRODUCT__2207__ 2. Increase Exercise The second most important thing is getting enough exercise, especially if you have a desk job. Start small and focus on being consistent. Exercise and diet are two of the most effective solutions that can help you remove belly fat, once and for all. __ECOMPRODUCT__2208__ 3. Manage Your Stress Levels Reducing stress will help you improve your metabolic health and hormonal function. These are two of the most important factors to consider for weight loss. You can try journaling, meditating, engaging in your favourite sports activity, amongst other things, to cope with the stress. __ECOMPRODUCT__1899__ 4. Celebrate Small Wins Any kind of drastic lifestyle change can be difficult to cope with and losing weight is no exception to the rule. Make sure that you set achievable targets and reward yourself for the small victories. This technique will help you stay motivated and keep that belly fat off. __ECOMPRODUCT__2209__ The Bottomline Belly fat may be stubborn but there’s nothing that a good diet and exercise routine cannot fix. Regardless of your body weight or body type, abdominal fat (mostly visceral) is bad for your organ health. So go on and start your journey the right way! Explore More View the full article
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