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Found 13 results

  1. Gold price settles at Rs154,700 per tola, local market is expected to trade sideways during the week
  2. Amber Heard herself revealed that even her pals knew that romancing her could be a handful for her lovers
  3. US says it plans to announce new sanctions on Russia in response to its decision to deploy troops in two separatist areas of Ukraine
  4. "We clearly told them that trying to destabilise the government in Afghanistan is good for no one," says Amir Khan Muttaqi
  5. Bullion prices settle at Rs112,700 per tola and Rs96,622 per 10 grams on Thursday
  6. Coronavirus has killed thousands of people across the world and continues to wreak havoc in many countries
  7. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivers the semi-annual Monetary Policy Report to the House Financial Services Committee hearing in Washington, US, on February 27, 2018. Photo: REUTERS/file WASHINGTON: Jerome Powell heads for his first interest rate increase as Federal Reserve Chairman this week with an unanswered question looming above others: could his optimism about the US economy lead to more hikes than markets have prepared for? Powell?s public comments and Reuters conversations with his Fed colleagues since January, when he was confirmed as chairman, suggest such fears are overblown: Powell, the consensus-builder, may make some tweaks to reflect changing economic conditions but is as committed to gradual, moderate rate increases as his predecessor Janet Yellen who adopted that approach. The new chairman?s overriding concern will be to sustain one of the longest US recoveries for as long as possible, according to conversations with Fed officials and analysts. But given signs that the economy?s potential has strengthened, that might mean a policy-tightening cycle that lasts longer, with rates going a bit higher than earlier thought. Powell was widely seen as a choice of continuity when President Donald Trump picked him. He served as one of the Fed governors during the central bank?s transition from crisis-era stimulus to a more balanced approach that led to three rate increases last year in response to steady growth and falling unemployment. Yet uncertainty over how the 65-year old lawyer and former investment banker would steer the Fed was on full display last month when global stocks sold off briefly after Powell?s first congressional testimony. Investors initially took his upbeat assessment of the US economy as a sign he was more of a policy ?hawk? than Yellen, and that four rate hikes might be in store for this year rather than the three previously telegraphed by the Fed. This might still turn out to be the case. Even the dovish Fed Governor Lael Brainard noted recently that the economy?s ?headwinds are shifting to tailwinds.? But a stronger economy does not necessarily mean the Fed is abandoning its balanced assessment of risks to growth and price stability. Rather, it can give Powell wiggle room in balancing nudging inflation up after more than five years below target, and guard against the risk of runaway prices as some $1.8 trillion in tax cuts and new government spending take hold. Under Yellen, the central bank was still more guarded about the economic impact of such fiscal stimulus that could overheat an economy already near full capacity, but also boost business confidence and productivity, giving the rates more room to rise. One hint whether the Powell Fed now sees more policy leeway will come on Wednesday when the central bank will publish its new median estimate of the so-called neutral rate of interest - the level that neither stimulates nor chills the economy. This rate has drifted down to a 2.75 percent median, from 4 percent in 2013. A rise to, say 3 percent, could signal the fiscal stimulus and recent data like the blockbuster February jobs report have begun convincing Powell and others that the gradual rate-hike cycle could go on for another couple years or more, allowing extra room to cut rates in the next recession. IF IT AIN?T BROKE The Fed is expected to lift its policy rate to a range of 1.5 to 1.75 percent at the end of its two-day meeting on Wednesday and also update its assessment of the economy. Months of synchronised global growth, some signs of US price pressures and fears Trump's protectionist steps could escalate into a trade war have fanned concerns within the Fed that inflation, now a bit below its 2-percent target, could accelerate. Some policymakers also worry the tax cuts could stoke risky investments that could tip the economy into another downturn. But the Powell Fed is likely to take extreme care not to over-react to stronger economic data, according to a series of public statements by policymakers and minutes of their January meeting. Investors can also take comfort from what those who have worked with Powell describe as his ?if it ain?t broke, don?t fix it,? approach, which ultimately helped him land his job. While Powell has shown little appetite for sweeping changes, such as revamping an inflation-targeting regime as advocated by some of his colleagues, the new Fed chief has already begun setting his own tone. He is ?careful and practical but definitely open to new approaches,? said Narayana Kocherlakota, former Minneapolis Fed president who worked with the then-Fed Governor Powell between 2013 and 2015. For one, Powell, a Republican former Treasury official who enjoys his regular private meetings with lawmakers of both parties, emphasises a warmer relationship with Congress and avoids venturing outside of the Fed?s strict policy remit. During his first appearance on Capitol Hill as Fed chief, when asked what he was willing to do to ensure economic growth benefits all Americans and not just elites, Powell stuck to the script saying the Fed simply lacked the tools to do that. That marks a contrast to the era when Yellen and her predecessor Ben Bernanke were in charge. Their years in office were dominated by innovation and experimentation in the face of crisis, an overhaul of how the Fed sets and communicates policy, and sometimes free-form public discussions about social issues like inequality that put Yellen in particular at odds with the Republicans who control Congress. So far Powell has dropped no hints of immediate changes to press conferences or other means of communication. His reluctance to take unnecessary risks may convince him that any change could confuse the public, do little to improve policy, and draw unnecessary political fire.
  8. A Iranian precision-guided ballistic missile is launched as it is tested at an undisclosed location on October 11, 2015. ? Reuters FILE PARIS: France said on Wednesday it wanted an ?uncompromising? dialogue with Iran about its ballistic missile program and a possible negotiation over the issue separate from Tehran?s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. Paris has already suggested that new European sanctions against Iran could be discussed over its missile tests, something EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini seemed to dismiss on Tuesday, keen not to raise risks to the hard-won deal that curbed Iran?s disputed nuclear activity. On Sunday, Iran rejected a call by French President Emmanuel Macron for talks on its missiles, saying they were defensive in nature and had nothing to do with its nuclear energy work. ?France is concerned about the continued pace of the Iranian missile program, which does not conform with (UN) Security Council Resolution 2231 and which is a source of destabilisation and insecurity for the region,? Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes Romatet-Espagne told reporters in a daily briefing. Resolution 2231, which enshrined the nuclear deal, calls on Iran not to undertake activities related to missiles capable of delivering nuclear bombs, including launches using such technology. It stops short of explicitly barring such activity. ?France wishes to examine all the diplomatic options: a frank and uncompromising political dialogue with Iran; investigations by the UN General Secretariat; if necessary, new European sanctions against Iranian entities or individuals involved in the ballistic program; and finally opening a negotiation on the subject,? she said. President Donald Trump, who has resumed a confrontational US approach to Iran in contrast with predecessor Barack Obama?s policy of detente, has said Iranian missile activity should be curbed and wants to punish Tehran over its role in Yemen and Syria. Trump has also dealt a blow to Iran?s nuclear deal - agreed with Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States under Obama - by decertifying Iranian compliance with its terms, contradicting the findings of UN nuclear inspectors. The US Congress now has until mid-December to decide whether to reimpose economic sanctions on Iran that had been lifted in exchange for limiting its nuclear program in ways meant to prevent it from developing an atomic bomb. But the EU, which normally coordinates closely with Washington on international sanctions, has been lobbying hard to keep the nuclear pact alive, saying it should be kept separate from missile and regional security matters. France?s tougher line on the missile issue appears to reflect a concern that Iran might eventually try to arm a missile cone with a nuclear bomb, should it ever build one. Tehran has repeatedly denied any intent to do so. Romatet-Espagne reiterated the view that the nuclear deal should be kept separate, but said the ballistic missile issue was being discussed with fellow EU governments and Mogherini?s foreign service. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian had been due to visit Tehran before the end of the month, although that has now been pushed back to later in the year due to a busy schedule, a diplomatic source said. Any EU-wide sanctions action requires the unanimity of all 28 member states but there is no consensus on new punitive steps against Iran, a fact made clear by Mogherini on Monday. ?We didn?t discuss, not today, not last week [and] I don?t foresee any discussion also in the future, further sanctions from the EU side on Iran,? she said, alluding to Macron?s remarks, after a meeting of EU foreign ministers.
  9. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (L) sits beside US President Donald Trump during a cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, US, November 1, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files WASHINGTON: Despite President Donald Trump?s full-throated support for Saudi Arabia, the United States appears to be signalling a desire for Riyadh to take a more cautious approach in its regional power struggle with Iran, experts say. The Trump administration ? which shares Saudi Arabia?s view of Iran as a regional menace ? has strongly backed the Kingdom in the wake of a failed missile attack from Iran-aligned forces in Yemeni territory that demonstrated an ability to strike the Saudi capital. Trump has cultivated much warmer ties with the Saudis after a fraught relationship with the Obama administration ? the president made Riyadh his first stop on his maiden international trip ? and has vowed to take strong action to confront Iran. Nevertheless, Washington ? which has US forces in Syria and Iraq ? is telegraphing a more tempered stance toward the confrontation in a region beset with turmoil. On Thursday, the State Department called for ?unimpeded access? for humanitarian aid to Yemen, after Saudi Arabia imposed a blockade on the country to stem the flow of arms to Iran-aligned Houthi fighters. A day later, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made clear he still recognized as Lebanon?s prime minister Saad al-Hariri, who unexpectedly announced his resignation on November 4 from Riyadh. In announcing his decision on television, Hariri said he feared assassination and accused Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah of sowing strife in the Arab world, thrusting Lebanon into the front line of the competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Two US officials said the Saudis ? led by Crown Prince Mohammed ? had ?encouraged? Hariri to leave office and Lebanese officials say he is being held in Saudi Arabia, a charge Riyadh denies. Hariri has not commented publicly on whether he is free to come and go as he pleases. 'That's significant' In a statement on Saturday, the White House said it ?rejects any efforts by militias within Lebanon or by any foreign forces to threaten Lebanon?s stability...or use Lebanon as a base from which to threaten others in the region?. When asked to comment on whether the United States was pushing for a more cautious Saudi response, both the White House and State Department referred to Saturday?s statement on Lebanon. Tillerson was ?not going along with the Saudi position in describing the Lebanese state as under capture by Hezbollah,? Paul Salem ? the senior vice president of the Washington-based Middle East Institute? said. ?That?s significant.? Tillerson was also ?signaling to the Israelis ... that now is not the time to go after Lebanon,? said Salem, referring to long-standing Israeli concerns about Hezbollah?s growing military prowess. Ray Takeyh ? a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations ? said he believed the Trump administration was still seeking to help the Saudis advance their interests against Iran without destabilizing the region. ?This is a delicate balancing act. It involves supporting allies in a policy that the administration agrees with while trying to mitigate aspects of it that it (sees as) overstated,? Takeyh said. Tillerson?s statement also urged ?all parties both within Lebanon and outside? to respect Lebanon?s independence and said there was no role for any foreign forces. The United States regularly criticizes Iran and Hezbollah for their role in Lebanon. Tillerson?s backing of Hariri and the Lebanese government contrasted sharply with the approach taken by Saudi Arabia, which has lumped Lebanon with Hezbollah as parties hostile to it. ?I see Rex Tillerson as being an old-fashioned American diplomat and old-fashioned American diplomacy in the Middle East is all about stability,? said F. Gregory Gause ? the chairman of the International Affairs Department at Texas A&M University. ?I?m not entirely sure that that is the position of the chief executive of the United States,? Gause added. Concerns with Saudi purge The Saudi actions coincide with an anti-corruption purge by the country?s future king that tightened his grip on power. Trump tweeted on Monday that he had ?great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia? following the mass arrests ? the biggest such purge of the kingdom?s affluent elite in its modern history. Trump also tweeted that ?they know exactly what they are doing.? Former and current US officials with deep knowledge of Saudi Arabia say Trump?s enthusiastic support for Prince Mohammed has emboldened the youthful Saudi leader. Tillerson told reporters the purge appeared ?well intended? but the mass arrests, which have swept up officials long known in Washington, also fueled US concerns. ?It raises a few concerns until we see more clearly how these particular individuals are dealt with,? Tillerson added. Trump?s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the president?s senior adviser, who has cultivated a close relationship with Prince Mohammed, recently returned from Saudi Arabia, fueling speculation on whether he may have had wind of the Crown Prince?s plans. A senior administration official said they had no advance knowledge.
  10. If you ever wondered what perfection looks like, it is Renee Sommerfield. With a body as perfect as the ocean and a face as radiant as the summer, she sure can set hearts aflutter. The Australian model, who has worked for many international brands and even featured in the 2014 film ‘San Andreas’ starring Dwayne Johnson, is setting Instagram on fire with her breathtaking shots. The kind of beauty that inspires poets A morning date with the ocean ? A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Oct 14, 2014 at 9:13pm PDT When beauty is as delicate as a lily Sundown in @somerfieldswim ☀️ A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Jul 5, 2016 at 2:28am PDT The answer my friend is blowin in the wind Waking up to views like this ??? Wearing @windsorstore A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Jun 19, 2016 at 3:11am PDT A thousand hearts could bleed on that curve Once an island girl, always an island girl ♡ @somerfieldswim x @bonniecee A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Apr 19, 2016 at 2:55am PDT You are a song in the sky Beach life ?⚓️ @ramonbryce A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Feb 3, 2014 at 1:26am PST That porcelain skin could burn your hand My kinda breakfast ☀️? A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Feb 10, 2016 at 1:11am PST The classic beauty AHOY. Today's adventures ☀️⚓️ Watch @kaptenandson A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Dec 6, 2015 at 1:31am PST Beauty that can take your breath away Work --> Swim. Long live day light savings. A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Mar 4, 2015 at 2:04am PST What all I’d do to be a fish in that water #TGIF A photo posted by RENEE SOMERFIELD (@reneesomerfield) on Nov 6, 2014 at 7:38pm PST
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