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Found 5 results

  1. In football, celebrations are something which every player wants to be unique in order to stand apart from others. And for the same reason, they even get booked with a yellow or even a red card every once in a while. But other than removing shirts or jumping into the crowd for celebrations, it seems like some players constantly try to find new ways to express their joy after a goal or a win. Be it PSG's Edinson Cavani for his sniper celebrations against Lens or Muangthong United's Mario Gjurovski for celebrating with his pants on his head, some celebrations tend to be a bit over the top (pun intended). But for the regular quest for showcasing something new, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang continued his love for superheroes with a stunning celebration by putting on the famous 'Black Panther mask' after his 2nd goal against Rennes last night. Arsenal Vs Rennes 3-0 Goal by aubameyang...The celebrationð#ARSREN pic.twitter.com/dbCpVZsdFi — Yassin (@YassoPlayss) March 14, 2019 The Arsenal Forward pulled off another one of his iconic masked celebrations in Thursday's 3-0 win over Rennes, as he helped the Gunners into the Europa League quarter-finals. Having been foiled in his plans to rock a mask against Manchester United 2-0 win last week, he made sure that he implemented his plan this time. “I had a special celebration planned but couldn't find my mask. I asked a member of the staff to put it in the back of the net but when I scored the penalty I couldn't find it. But no worries. Maybe next time.” he explained after the Man United match. And it didn't take long for 'next time' to come along, as in the very next match, against Rennes, he got the chance. © Reuters Tapping in a perfect cross by Sead Kolasinac in the 72nd minute, the Gabonese star ran to the advertising boards and, after a brief look, found the Black Panther mask he'd hidden for the occasion. Despite knowing that he would get booked for such kind of celebration, he still decided to go on with it. "I needed the mask to represent me," Aubameyang expressed in the post-match interview to BT Sports. He further explained: "... Africa and Gabon we are called the Black Panthers so it represents me - that's it." Trailing 3-1 in the first leg, it was really important for the Gunners to win this clash and they made sure they didn't rely on an 'away-goal-scenario' and sealed both the legs with 4-3 on aggregate. Now with Chelsea and Arsenal both in the quarter-finals of the Europa Cup, let's see what future holds for them.
  2. There were a lot of emotions flowing throughout the WWE Universe during yesterday's episode of RAW. People got extremely emotional when Roman Reigns announced that after battling cancer for more than four months, he is on remission. However, they were shocked and surprised as Batista returned to the ring and attacked the Nature Boy Ric Flair on his 70th Birthday. But probably the strongest emotion the fans of the show felt was that of annoyance and the feeling of cringe, when Jinder Mahal and his minions, the 'Singh Brothers' joined Flair's birthday celebration after RAW went off the air. EXCLUSIVE: @JinderMahal got to come to @RicFlairNatrBoy's birthday party after all when #Raw went off the air... pic.twitter.com/LonJJrXVrs — WWE (@WWE) February 26, 2019 After Ric Flair failed to make it to the ring for his party after Batista's assault, Mahal and the Singhs came in front of the WWE Universe complaining about not being invited to Flair's birthday bash. He then went on to have a “Punjabi Bhangra party” of their own as loud Punjabi music filled the stadium, overpowering the massive boos being growled by the audience. After watching Mahal's antagonising dances moves for a couple of seconds (which honestly felt like hours), Shawn Michaels decided to end the debacle with a well-deserved sweet-chin music superkick to his face followed by Kurt Angle's Angle Slam on top of the birthday cake. Michaels also superkicked the Singh Brothers as well, while Angle rubbed a huge chunk of the cake on one of the two's face. Last night's show was rich in content and with the Batista segment at the end, it did not require anything else to add to the fans' memories as they drove back home. The fact that the last thing the WWE Universe saw before exiting the stadium was Jinder Mahal's face covered in cake, is just one of those things people have to endure and move on in life with. Obviously it wasn't accepted by the fans of the show and they let WWE have it: 2019-2-25 @WWE RAW in Atlanta, post match: Jinder Mahal was still upset after the show went off the air and tried to take over the party with the Singh Brothers. Here, Mahal gets Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels for his efforts. #WWEAtlanta pic.twitter.com/xcb0bBkKse — DaMo (@damoisdamo) February 26, 2019 I really thought the cake was gonna be safe :'( pic.twitter.com/PERhup9Twf — Nate (@EnemyOfKnees) February 26, 2019 The poor people at #Raw dressed as Ric Flair Woooooing all night who had to watch him get beat down backstage and then see Jinder Mahal get cake placed on top of him instead ð¤·ð¼‍âï¸ð­ pic.twitter.com/GBWE0bdsmY — Kim (@kimberlasskick) February 26, 2019 I really like Jinder Mahal and his character but sometimes I feel it's a character better fit for the 80's/90's — SW (@SliceWrestling) February 26, 2019 I mean I wouldn't invite Jinder Mahal to my birthday party either #WWE #Raw — WWE Critics (@WWECritics) February 26, 2019 Jinder Mahal ... Remember when this guy was WWE champion for like a year? #RAW pic.twitter.com/A9R6OzYN8v — Ultimate Expendient (@JobberRobb) February 26, 2019
  3. Over the years, Premier League has taught us many things. But, the most important lesson is: big-spending clubs don't like to lose. And, why would they? These giants, with less patience and more money, are doing everything. They're splurging big bucks on the managers, dishing out astronomical weekly wages to the players and then, there is some business aspect that needs to be taken care of as well. For these clubs, not winning or deriving favourable results, often leads to the sacking of the manager. Sans the sacking part, everything listed above has happened at the hallowed Old Trafford. But, their fortunes haven't improved (at least not as of now). You see, big clubs can buy mega-buck players and they can rope in shrewd tacticians as managers, but money will never teach them how to play together as a team, as a unit - a problem that has plagued United this season. For a team that has won 11 Premier League titles, Manchester United currently find themselves languishing at the seventh spot (14 points below their city rivals). And, the fact that Everton, a club much smaller in size and stature than United, is trailing the Red Devils by a point in the table sums up their season so far. © Reuters The United fans are bewildered with the team's ever-frustrating slump. The players are bemused with the coach's questionable tactics. And, the coach is entangled in a cold war with the club's top brass. For United, victories seem like a far-fetched dream - one that is capable of not only enticing the fans, but, as it turns out, the manager too. The frustrating 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace over the last weekend did push Man Utd and their fans over the edge, with Jose Mourinho publicly claiming that the clash against Young Boys in the UEFA Champions League was the last chance for their star players. With their reputation and last 16 berth on the line, Mourinho's men had a point to prove at the Old Trafford. But, there was a lot of frustration before the eventual relief. Lacking creativity in the midfield, and, belief and togetherness they need to challenge for titles and trophies, United rarely looked in control of the game. After Marcus Rashford and Marouane Fellaini wasted good chances and the hosts appeared to have run out of ideas, Mourinho and a packed Old Trafford finally had a sigh of relief when the Belgian struck in the injury time - United's 21st effort at goal. © Reuters Fellaini's goal allowed United to secure a much-needed 1-0 win and their berth for the Round of 16 stage in Europe. For those who haven't followed United this season or are unaware of their troubles, Mourinho's reaction to Fellaini's last-gasp winner should sum up what it meant for the Red Devils and the Portuguese himself. 27.11.16: Jose Mourinho sent off for kicking an innocent water bottle 27.11.18: ðpic.twitter.com/vVqN75NTdQ — Full Time DEVILS (@FullTimeDEVILS) November 28, 2018 At the touchline, Mourinho resembled Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain who famously marked the end of particularly satisfying gigs, at times, just individual songs, by reducing his guitar to splinters against the nearest amp. While the United manager didn't have a guitar to dispose of, he perfectly channelled his inner rock god as he took out his emotion on a basket of bottles. Well, who needs a guitar when you can pull off a Nirvana moment with some water bottles. There hasn't been this much disdain for a watercarrier at Old Trafford since the great Eric Cantona meltdown when he was asked for his opinion on international teammate Didier Deschamps. While Rio Ferdinand claimed that it was an attempt to grab the limelight, Mourinho couldn't disagree more. "The ones who comment on football, not a lot of them have been on the touchline. For those who speak about expressing frustration on the bench I would invite them to come and sit there as a manager," he said. Jose Mourinho with a message for his 'lovers' ð pic.twitter.com/49dHmgWsDB — Okafor Uchenna Oluwafemi ð³ð¬ (@Uchekush_) November 28, 2018 While the United manager took the opportunity to straighten out his critics, the Portuguese's animated celebration at Old Trafford set the social media on fire with football fanatics trying to make sense of it. If Jose Mourinho was a band member... pic.twitter.com/VCzU6Zqip1 — Kristof Terreur ð°ð¥ (@HLNinEngeland) November 28, 2018 Next appearance WWE, Mourinho v Brock Lesnar! — Paul G Drums (@PaulGillDrums) November 28, 2018 What would have happened if they lost da game !? — Duncan Gatuna (@GatunaDuncan) November 28, 2018 3 match ban for each bottle ð — ðJS Sekhonð (@JS3khon) November 28, 2018 He was just mad that Fellini saved him his job and stopped his 26 million — UmerAfzaal (@umerafzaal12) November 28, 2018 As much as I slagged off Wenger Im actually going to defend him a little bit (I knowð±) Wenger got a touchline ban for kicking a water bottle at old Trafford Meanwhile jose mourinho gets away Scott free with throwing a bottle holder with no punishment @UEFAcom @ChampionsLeague pic.twitter.com/JaeXsmCi8e — Gooner Adam (@AdzCampbell91) November 28, 2018 I just can't help it but the more arrogant and bottle smashing #JoséMourinho gets the more he turns me on ð©ððð #thespecialone #ManUtd — booboo (@beckyboohowells) November 27, 2018
  4. Whether it's cricket or football, the world of sports is not immune to crazy and vivacious celebrations. Throughout the annals of history, the sporting world has given some of the best celebrations known to mankind. While Pakistan seamer Hasan Ali's 'bomb-blast celebration' is quite unique in cricket, French footballer Antoine Griezmann's 'fortnite dance' after scoring a goal in the recently-concluded FIFA World Cup elated the football fans. Similarly, the 3rd One-Day International (ODI) between India and England on 17th July witnessed another celebration - something that was definitely not seen in cricket before. Beaten in the T20 International (T20) series, England pegged India back following an astounding eight-wicket win in the series-deciding ODI at Leeds to eventually clinch the three-match duel 2-1. Joe Root (100*) and Eoin Morgan (88*) stitched a match-winning 186-run partnership for the third wicket to ensure England chased down the total of 256 runs with 33 balls and eight wickets to spare. More importantly, it was an individual triumph for Root who was earlier criticised for his poor run with the willow. Reuters For a man who drew a lot of flak for his inconsistency earlier, Root silenced his critics with back-to-back hundreds (having scored an unbeaten 113 in 2nd ODI). But, that wasn't enough, surely not for Root. The right-hander - who needed four runs to clinch his ton, while England needed just one to win the game - romped to his 13th ODI century after swatting Hardik Pandya through midwicket for a four. It was undoubtedly a special knock which understandably instigated a special celebration - one that sent England fans into delirium and Indian cricketers into a state of mourning. After reaching his ton and securing a deserving win for his side, Root imitated the iconic 'mic drop' celebration with his bat. Root out. ð pic.twitter.com/VTv3KkUdJT — England Cricket (@englandcricket) July 17, 2018 While many enjoyed his unique celebration, others including his skipper Eoin Morgan felt that "he made a fool of himself". The 'mic drop' is a gesture that signals the end of a statement, so definitive it cannot be followed. From rappers to stand-up comedians, the gesture has been popularised by many famous figures including Barack Obama who uttered 'Obama out' during his famous 'mic drop' incident at his final White House correspondents' dinner as US President. Root was probably trying to assert his authority when he introduced the 'mic drop' celebration in international cricket. We can always argue he made a fool of himself or not, but the interesting point is whether his unique celebration will come back to haunt him or his team as they gear up for the much-anticipated five-match Test series against India? Going purely by history, the answer is probably yes. The modern-day cricketers are not afraid to express themselves - whether it's on the field, or off it. These guys don't forget when their ego has been bruised and, needless to say, they are really good at returning favours. Back in 2015, West Indies cricketer Marlon Samuels gave England's Ben Stokes a send-off by saluting him as took the long walk back into the hut. Twitter That moment might have been erased from the memories of fans, but neither Stokes, nor England forgot the antics of the Windies batsman. And, that's exactly why, a month later, when Stokes smashed the fastest Test century at Lord's against New Zealand, England dressing room including Root emulated Samuels' salute to hail the heroics of their teammate. And, who can forget Andrew Flintoff's chest-baring celebration at the hallowed Wankhede stadium where he took off his jersey and swung it over his head after England's gripping five-run win in Mumbai in 2002 that helped England draw the six-match ODI series 3-3 against India. Then, five months later, Sourav Ganguly returned the favour with his own shirtless celebration from the Lord's balcony after India's triangular ODI series win. Now, that was the old crop of Indian cricketers who weren't generally associated with such explosive and animated antics. But, that doesn't mean their ego didn't get bruised every time they were taunted. The culture in the Indian team, back in the day, was quite different. It was more about adhering to the spirit of the gentleman's game. But, the new breed of Indian cricketers is quite the opposite. Reuters It's not that they don't believe in maintaining the spirit of cricket, but the ever-increasing level of competition saw the Indian cricket team undergoing a massive change. Under the tutelage of Virat Kohli, the new-age Team India adopted and has, thereon, thrived on the aggressive brand of cricket. Today's Team India, just like their mercurial skipper, thrives on criticism and knows how to use it for the greater good. They are neither afraid to express their emotions, nor they believe in backing down from a fight. And, if the rise of the Indian cricket team in the recent years is anything to go by, this lot doesn't tend to forget when their ego has been bruised. Twitter/@ICC While Root might have given the world of cricket it's very first 'bat drop' celebration and, for a team that was tipped to sweep the ODI series, there's no denying that the Englishman's antics and his team's triumph would've stung the visitors a little more, but knowing Kohli and his men, the subcontinent giants are more than capable of taking it in their stride to script a spirited show in the upcoming Test series. Root might be cherishing his 'bat drop' now, but Kohli-led Team India is well-equipped to use it as a source of inspiration to better their performance in the much-anticipated Test series. So, don't be surprised if you see Kohli or any of his teammate emulating Root's celebration to rub it in during the gruelling Test duels.
  5. Mario Mandzukic celebrates his winning goal for Croatia after he and his teammates fell on top of AFP photographer Yuri Cortez. Photo: AFP MOSCOW: When Croatia scored the goal that took them into the World Cup final on Wednesday, an AFP...