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Found 117 results

  1. As much as we would like to believe and announce that our furry friends are pure bundles of joy and angels, the truth is that sometimes they can be absolute jerks and totally unapologetic about it. Particularly, our feline friends. Living with cats under the same roof is one of the hardest things in the world, and if anyone tells you otherwise, then they've probably never lived with one. On top of it, if your cat has a resting bitch face 24x7, gives you death stares while lurking in some dark corner of the room at 3 in the night, then it's a living nightmare. But, turns out no matter how bad you think your pet is, she or he is clearly not a match in front of the 'world's worst cat', who has recently been put up for adoption and her bio is as savage and honest as it can get. Perdita, a 4-year-old foul-tempered cat, has been labelled as the 'world's worst cat' by the people at Mitchell County Animal Rescue in North Carolina and they have their own reasons to do so. They have been taking care of Perdita, ever since she lost her owner. Initially, they thought she was sick, but turns out she's "just a jerk". And Perdita's vet vouches for that. So they decided to post a brutally honest adoption advertisement on their page, because 'honesty is the best policy'. The advertisement reads, "Perdita, we thought she was sick, turns out sheâs just a jerk" for the world's worst cat who has now become 'world's most loved and famous cat'. The organisation further wrote, "Meet Perdita, not for the faint of heart. LIKES: staring into your soul until you feel as if you may never be cheerful again; the song Cat Scratch Fever, the movie Pet Cemetery (Church is her hero), jump scares (her specialty), lurking in dark corners, being queen of her domicile, fooling shelter staff into thinking she's sick (vet agrees...she's just a jerk)." They even mentioned her dislikes, "the color pink, kittens (yuk they are so chipper), dogs, children, the Dixie Chicks, Disney movies, Christmas and last but NOT least...HUGS. She's single and ready to be socially awkward with a socially awkward human who understands personal space." While, they thought it's better to be honest, even if they don't find any new owners, turns out people not only loved the ad but are also eager to take Perdita home. Ever since the ad was posted, Perdita has now become the world's most loved and famous cat and has already received over 115 applications for adoption. Wow! Looks like there's some tough competition for other cats out there, because almost everyone is now bowing down to Queen Perdita. View the full article
  2. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: FileJERUSALEM: Israel's embattled premier Benjamin Netanyahu faces off against longtime rival Gideon Saar in a Likud party leadership contest Thursday that could threaten his grip on power. A defeat for Netanyahu, 70, would be a shock, but even a relatively close result could weaken his influence over the conservative party he has dominated for 20 years. Whatever the result, "Netanyahu can only lose", said Stephan Miller, a pollster who has worked on multiple Israeli campaigns. No matter how much support Saar receives, "it will be the first time in 10 years that a group of voters on the right explicitly express their desire to get rid of Netanyahu," he said. "If that is more than a third of the party, Netanyahu will be significantly damaged." In power as premier for a decade, Netanyahu is facing a third general election within 12 months as well as an indictment on a series of corruption allegations. Saar and Netanyahu have spent recent days criss-crossing the country, making their case to around 116,000 Likud members eligible to vote, though Netanyahu has not responded to Saar's call for one-on-one debates. More than 100 voting stations were to open across the country at 9:00am (0600 GMT) and close at 11:00pm, with results not expected until early Friday morning. Corruption, electionThe winner of Thursday's vote will lead Likud into Israel's third election within 12 months. Polls in April and September saw Netanyahu deadlocked with centrist challenger Benny Gantz, neither of them able to command a majority in Israel's proportional parliament. Last month, Netanyahu was indicted for fraud, bribery and breach of trust in three corruption cases, allegations he strongly denies. The primaries were called shortly after, the first internal challenge to Netanyahu since 2014. Saar, 53, has been a senior figure in the Likud for a decade and held multiple ministries, but stepped away from politics for several years in 2014 after being politically sidelined by Netanyahu. He is seen as slightly to the right of Netanyahu and has called for an even tougher line with the Palestinians. A series of polls in recent weeks have indicated a Saar-led Likud might win fewer seats in a third election than under Netanyahu, but the overall rightwing bloc might be larger — potentially enabling it to break the impasse and form a majority government. Saar has not attacked Netanyahu personally, even hinting he would support him becoming Israel's president. A source close to Saar insisted they were hopeful of an upset. "More and more, the Likud rank and file are understanding the choice is between Netanyahu and being in opposition versus Saar and being in government," the source said. Facing multiple frontsNetanyahu has sought to paint himself as an irreplaceable leader fighting a "witch hunt" by the police, the legal establishment and the media. He demands fierce loyalty inside Likud and has isolated and ultimately forced out multiple potential rivals. Other party figures seen as potential future leadership candidates — including parliamentary speaker Yuli Edelstein — have so far chosen not to support either candidate, despite pressure. Ofer Zalzberg, an Israeli political analyst at the International Crisis Group think tank, said it would have been unthinkable a few years ago for senior party officials not to publicly back Netanyahu. "They already sense there is a changing of the guard. They are hoping that the contest between Saar and Netanyahu will create the conditions for a third party to take home the spoils," he said. Netanyahu's downfall has been predicted multiple times since he became prime minister for a second time in 2009, but he has defied expectations and outlasted multiple rivals. Backed into a corner on multiple fronts, Netanyahu appears determined to fight his way out. Politics professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Gideon Rahat said he would not step down, even in the event of a narrow victory over Saar. Netanyahu "will continue, even if he gets 50 per cent and one extra vote," he said. Under Israeli law, a prime minister is entitled to remain in office despite indictment. Miller said the very fact there was a primary was indicative of signs of discontent among the rightwing — over which Netanyahu has ruled largely unchallenged for a decade. "In every survey of voters I do, 58-60 per cent of Jewish Israelis self-identify as centre right or right — a built-in rightwing majority," he said. "The way that the Netanyahu era ends is by a challenge from the right — not the left."
  3. KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday announced to challenge an amendment in the National Accountability Ordinance 1999, under which any person accused of Rs50-million embezzlement would be given a C-class in jail.Shah said the...
  4. AMD announced a new chipset at Computex in Taipei today which is said to challenge Intel's top of the line Core i9 9920X chipset. It's called the Ryzen 9 3900x chip that has 24 threads and 12 cores making it one of the top gaming processors today. Another impressive feat about the new processor is its price, AMD announced the Ryzen 9 3900x chipset will sell for $499, which is half the price of Intel's offering. © YouTube Currently, Intel's Core i9 9920X chipset costs t $1,189 and upwards. Even when adding import duties for Indian customers, AMD's offering is very much more affordable and may just become the preferred choice amongst gamers. Here's an exclusive #COMPUTEX2019 look at the newest edition to the Ryzen family, the 12 core/24 thread 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor. https://t.co/OgLHoqWv9T pic.twitter.com/75FzfpdiKx — AMD Ryzen (@AMDRyzen) May 27, 2019 The 3900x is clocked at 4.6 GHz boost speed and has a total cache of 70 MB. In fact, it even uses less power than Intel's i9 9920 x as it has a 105 watts of thermal design power whereas the i9 uses 165 watts. AMD claims that in a Blender demo the 3900x is 18 per cent faster than Intel's offering. To say the least, AMD has also launched more affordable chips from the same family i.e. a 6-core, 12-thread 3600 for $329 and an 8-core, 16-thread Ryzen 3700x (with 4.4 GHz boost, 36 MB of total cache and a 65-watt TDP); for $329 and an 8-core, 16-thread Ryzen 3800X (4.5 GHz, 32MB cache, 105w) for $399. The pricing on the new AMD processors are not only aggressive but makes it more affordable for PC gaming markets such as India. © AMD AMD also announced the next foundational gaming architecture i.e. RDNA. RDNA will power the upcoming 7nm Radeon RX 5700-series graphics cards, which feature high-speed GDDR6 memory and support for the PCIe 4.0 interface. Currently, the pricing has not been revealed yet but we expect it to be cheaper than Nvidia's offering.
  5. The internet can truly be a weird place at times. No seriously, it's true. A few months ago, people were getting out of their moving cars and even planes to dance to a song. Now, youngsters are uploading selfies with cockroaches as a part of the ongoing #CockroachChallenge. What? Yes, it is just as messed up as it sounds. People are literally taking selfies with the creepy crawlers on their faces. That's right, ON THEIR FACES! This messed up obsession started when a Facebook user named Alex Aung from Myanmar posted a picture with a cockroach on his face last month. He captioned it asking if others can do it? Well, there you go. That's how you start a new trend, folks. Alex posted the picture on Facebook on April 20, and it now has close to 6,000 likes and close to 20,000 people have shared it. Even if it wasn't intentional, his post clearly went viral on social media and it literally started a new trend. Soon after he posted the picture, people are started commenting with their entries for the challenge in the comments. In fact, some people took it upon themselves to find creative ways to get attention. Like this picture of a girl who's swallowing a cockroach instead of putting it on her face. Like, what even? What started off as a trend on Facebook, now seems to have extended to Twitter as well. Youngsters from Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia are the ones who seem to be taking a lot of interest in taking up the challenge. Did somebody told them how stupid they look in the pictures? #cockroachchallenge #kecoachallenge ð» pic.twitter.com/qzORVWKyYt — hugable! ð» (@yourxhxxxn) April 28, 2019 We're not even going to share anymore pictures of the challenge. They're very creepy. Just look up #CockroachChallenge on Facebook or Twitter if you want to see them for some weird reason. That being said, it's worth pointing out that Cockroach challenge is just as dangerous as Kiki challenge, if not more. PestWorld.org noted that the cockroach feces, saliva, etc. contains certain proteins that can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma-related symptoms. So, besides looking like an idoit, you're also putting yourself in some serious danger by taking up this challenge.
  6. After some rather disturbing and bizarre online challenges like the 'Momo Challenge, 'Kiki Challenge' or even the 'Tide-Pod' Challenge, we finally have a challenge that makes a lot of sense and is good for the world! The '#Trashtag Challenge' initiates a good Samaritan scenario and it's catching up quite steadfastly. © Instagram The challenge includes taking photos of dirty spaces/areas and then cleaning the entire area up and photographing the clean spot again. The ultimate goal is to post a 'before' and 'after' shot of a once dirty area to an absolutely spotless one, which will pose as an example of great civic sense. The psychology behind such challenges is that it follows a herd mentality. If an open platform such as social media is used to post such challenges, 90% of the time, chances are people are going to follow through and ape a particular trending act. So, needless to say, the #Trashtag Challenge has proven to be rather successful and people in a lot of countries are posting pictures of areas they have cleaned, on the internet. The challenge has somewhat made its way through India but not as aggressively as we had hoped. Currently, only Bangalore and Nagaland have seen this trend unfold. We do wish it comes to other states soon enough because dozens of places need that kind of intervention in this country, since the 'Swach Bharat Mission' has taken its own sweet time to deliver. © Twitter The #Trashtag Challenge has been around for a while now. It was first promoted by a company back in 2015 but it was revisited again this year with this initiative post on Instagram: Double TAP for more amazing facts&quotes ð . -ð¥ TAG a friend to show thisð¡ -ðTURN ON POST NOTIFICATION -âFOLLOW for more... - . . . . . #fact #facts #didyouknow #instafacts #factsdaily #trashtag #dailyfacts #factsð¯ #factz A post shared by TheScientistð (@thescientistfacts) on Mar 10, 2019 at 8:54am PDT Twitter, Reddit and Instagram users all around the world have willfully taken up the challenge and are producing some rather amazing transformational results, with cleaning up garbage-stacked areas around them. Take a look: I don't have a before-and-after picture, but here's a couple of pictures of me with my family picking up trash from the road side whenever we made a rest stop. #trashtag pic.twitter.com/TygYf2dM13 — Adhiti (@frizhbee) 10 March 2019 Students from @tetsocollege, Dimapur, accepted the #Trashtag challenge. Are you up for the challenge to keep your environment clean? Tag us if you accept the challenge. Follow @east.mojo for more news from NorthEast India and around the ð #EastStory #NortheastIndia #trashtagchallenge #trash #Trashchallenge #challenge #ChallengeAccepted #dimapur #tetsocollege #cleanliness #trendingchallenge #environmentfriendly #students #collegestudents #cleancity #garbage #assam #arunachalpradesh #manipur #mizoram#meghalaya #nagaland #sikkim #tripura A post shared by EastMojo (@east.mojo) on Mar 11, 2019 at 4:16am PDT #trashtag We went around this small lake in our community (Bangalore, India) some time back and cleared the trash in biodegradable trash bags from r/pics Over 8000 cigarettes picked off the street to be recycled ð³ #trashtag lives on! - Tag a friend who needs some happiness ð¤ - Follow @themostwholesomememes for more posts like this ððð A post shared by #1 Feel Good Meme Page ð» (@themostwholesomememes) on Mar 11, 2019 at 3:33pm PDT I am blown away with the response I got with my other post encouraging people to take part in this new #trashtag challenge! My inbox is full of photos like this! Will be sure to jeep sharing them!ððð - Tag a friend who needs some happiness ð¤ - Follow @themostwholesomememes for more posts like this ððð A post shared by #1 Feel Good Meme Page ð» (@themostwholesomememes) on Mar 11, 2019 at 4:07am PDT Did our part today for #trashtag while offroading in the mountains of California. via /r/pics https://t.co/1duo3B8pnJ created by: https://t.co/HP3Iew3S7L pic.twitter.com/WRD5sAsiwz — Steben Stupid (@steben316) 11 March 2019 Standup Paddle boarding and cleaning up trash in the ocean off Kata Beach in Phuket, Thailand. #trashtag #leavenotrace #phuket #katabeach #thailand #galileolife A post shared by Adam Mack (@a.mack10) on Mar 10, 2019 at 10:45pm PDT #trashtag is really gaining in popularity, let's keep it going! pic.twitter.com/UpuHcWSTk1 — Kelllvvviiinnn (@kelllvvviiinnn) 10 March 2019 Another #trashtag challenge accepted! Help keep our streets clean. pic.twitter.com/0bh7oEEcTN — TO112 (@to112life) 10 March 2019 Hey kids. Remember the Harlem shake..the water bottle flip challenge..the mannequin challenge..? At last, something meaningful is about to drop globally - #trashtag - take a before and after shot of major tidying efforts. You heard it here first, kids. @CognitaSchools #CognitaWay pic.twitter.com/pp873OGNP2 — Andy Perryer (@andyperryer) 10 March 2019 This is just a work of an hour! #trashtag from r/pics #trashtag #TrashChallenge Picking up around Clifton with UCMC! pic.twitter.com/IjTVSzk7BN — Fred Schroeder (@fred_schroeder) 10 March 2019 Hey @camerondallas the community in my home town in Mexico got together and cleaned up garbage #TrashChallenge #TrashChallenge #trashtag pic.twitter.com/hk9kNTVmSZ — GermanG (@ger__mann) 11 March 2019 Although a lot of spaces are looking spic-and-span, the concern about where this garbage is ending up is doing rounds. A need for good waste disposal systems is in place and we're sure with this very intelligent initiative, other things will seemingly fall in to place.
  7. Varun Dhawan is currently in London shooting for his upcoming film, 'Street Dancer', and so are Shraddha Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and the other cast and crew members of the film. And we all know by now that when there's Nora Fatehi, dance-offs are bound to happen especially when the entire movie is all about dancing. View this post on Instagram 𥶠#sd3 A post shared by Varun Dhawan (@varundvn) on Feb 12, 2019 at 9:16am PST Recently, Varun Dhawan competed with his co-stars Nora Fatehi and Sheetal Pery in a twerking challenge and won it like a pro. Nora Fatehi is a brilliant dancer and twerking is child's play for her. But, we're sure no one expected Varun Dhawan to give Nora a run for her own money, with his epic twerk on 'Taki Taki'. © Instagram Varun captioned the post, "I often get challenged to twerk competitions on 'Street Dancer' and I will do anything to win." Not just us, Varun's fans are equally impressed with his moves. View this post on Instagram I often get challenged to twerk competitions on #streerdancer3d and I will do anything to win @norafatehi @pery_sheetal17 #takitaki A post shared by Varun Dhawan (@varundvn) on Mar 4, 2019 at 1:57am PST Directed by Remo D'Souza, 'Street Dancer' is said to be India's biggest dance film that will be made in 3D format. Apart from Varun, Shraddha and Nora, 'Street Dancer' also stars Prabhu Deva, Raghav Juyal, Punit Pathak, Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan and Aparshakti Khurana. Apart from 'Street Dancer', Varun will also be seen in 'Kalank'. Shraddha Kapoor is working on 'Saaho' opposite Prabhas and on a biopic on Saina Nehwal. It has been raining Bollywood projects for Nora Fatehi, who belly danced her way into our hearts with 'Dilbar' version 2.0 from 'Satyameva Jayate'.
  8. It seems like Samsung is all set to take on the iPhone XR with its own affordable version of the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S10E boasts flagship level specifications but costs less than its bigger brother. It has almost every feature as the Galaxy S10/S10+ but with a few features stripped out. The Galaxy S10E is priced at $750 which is the same price as the iPhone XR and will naturally compete with Apple's affordable version of the iPhone. Having said that, there are some noticeable differences between the two smartphones such as the processor, camera setups and display size/quality. An affordable flagship smartphone is what makes a smartphone a huge success in India. It's a formula that has been working for OnePlus and Poco Phone for now and it seems like Samsung wants a slice of the pie. The Galaxy S10E will be the more affordable variant in the entire Galaxy series of 2019 and here are some of the key areas where it will challenge the iPhone XR. Cameras © Twitter The Galaxy S10E has a slight advantage over the iPhone XR in this department as it has a dual camera setup where one of the lenses is an ultra-wide lens. The primary sensor has dual aperture f1.5/f2.4 whereas the iPhone XR has a single 12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide) sensor. The Galaxy S10E will be able to do everything the iPhone XR can with the additional ability to take wide angle pictures. In terms of picture quality, that remains to be seen when we get to take it for a spin ourselves. However, the iPhone XR is capable of taking some awesome pictures which you can have a look in our review here. The Processor © Samsung The Galaxy S10E is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 chipset in the US whereas the Indian variant will come with Samsung's own Exynos 9820 chipset. Apple has an advantage here as the iPhone XR is powered by the A12 Bionic chip which blows Qualcomm's 855 chipsets out of the water. Even though Qualcomm is catching up with Apple's A12's performance, it's still slower in performance. The story remains the same with Samsung's Exynos 9820 chipset. Apple's A12 Bionic Chipset is the first chip that uses the 7nm architecture and has three important components. It has the CPU, GPU and Apple's own Neural Engine. The Exynos 9820 uses the 8nm architecture which is not quite up to the mark when it comes to battery life and performance when compared to the A12 Bionic SoC. Display © BCCL Samsung is known for its displays and the Galaxy S10E has a 5.8-inch AMOLED; 2,280x1,080 pixels panel. The iPhone XR, on the other hand, has a 6.1-inch LCD Retina Display; 1,792x828 pixels which are not in the same league as the S10E. Even though the iPhone XR has one of the most beautiful LCD screens we've ever seen, it still cannot beat Samsung's AMOLED display with higher pixels and resolution. The S10E's display even has a higher pixel density at 522ppi. It Has Reverse Charging © Samsung Both smartphones have wireless charging support but the Galaxy S10E takes it a step further. Then new Galaxy smartphones have a new feature called PowerShare. It lets the smartphone charge other devices wirelessly. We've already seen this feature on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro; however, Samsung has brought this feature to a more affordable device.
  9. How good is your millennial slang? Think you're up to the challenge? We put Jim Sarbh through the test and he had some hilarious answers. Check it out...
  10. Arguably one of the most feared openers of his time, Virender Sehwag continues to be a fan-favourite in India. If his explosive batting performances enticed fans, Sehwag's wit and pun have equally allowed him to rule the charts on social media. Ever since his retirement from the gentleman's game, the 'Nawab of Najafgarh' has become one of the most iconic social media influencers from the cricketing world. More recently, his humour was highlighted in the television commercial created to promote the upcoming Australia's tour of India wherein he was seen babysitting, what was meant to be, the Oz brigade in the dressing room. The promo instigated a response from Matthew Hayden and even Rishabh Pant who was labelled as the 'babysitter' by Australian Test captain Tim Paine during the Test series against India. Caption this pic.twitter.com/xZzTlS49z2 — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) February 12, 2019 Making full use of his popularity, Sehwag went on to share a photo of himself from his playing days on social media. Taking to Twitter, Sehwag asked the cricket fans to caption his picture. And, the responses from Indian cricket fans were hilarious. "Kuch bhi bolo lekin Sunny Leone Hain Ek number " ð — ð¿ (@Iam__Shubham_) February 12, 2019 Chai mein chini come dalna — Devendra Pandey (@pdevendra) February 12, 2019 Bowler : Sehwag bhai kuchh raham Sehwag : Itta sa bhi nahi — Ashok Kumar (@AshokKry11) February 12, 2019 ek chhutki Sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu — DAMANI (@bdhaps) February 12, 2019 Filmon ke sare hero..mere aage hai zero ð𺠗 Manoj Burje (@manukibaat) February 12, 2019 Namak swad anusaar... — Ankit Jain (@ankitjain237) February 12, 2019 Tinch maal hai baba — à¤à¤¨à¤¨à¥à¤¦ शरà¥à¤®à¤¾ (@Pandit2050) February 12, 2019 Chota chota milate jao large banate jao #jaiBholeKi — Vishal Mishra (@vishalM84) February 12, 2019 Ek Ek ko kah raha hun......... ONLY MODI !! — Troll Tax (@Vishupedia) February 12, 2019 “Congress ko iss baar ki Lok Sabha chunaav mein kitne seatein milne wale hain”? — Accidental Gandhi بÛÙÙÙ٠گاÙدھÛ" ÚÙر ÛÛ" (@ClownPrinceG) February 12, 2019 Tere wali kya lag rahi hai yaar..mast hai — Jobee Randhawa (@JobeeRandhawa) February 12, 2019
  11. Arguably one of the most feared openers of his time, Virender Sehwag continues to be a fan-favourite in India. If his explosive batting performances enticed fans, Sehwag's wit and pun have equally allowed him to rule the charts on social media. Ever since his retirement from the gentleman's game, the 'Nawab of Najafgarh' has become one of the most iconic social media influencers from the cricketing world. More recently, his humour was highlighted in the television commercial created to promote the upcoming Australia's tour of India wherein he was seen babysitting, what was meant to be, the Oz brigade in the dressing room. The promo instigated a response from Matthew Hayden and even Rishabh Pant who was labelled as the 'babysitter' by Australian Test captain Tim Paine during the Test series against India. Caption this pic.twitter.com/xZzTlS49z2 — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) February 12, 2019 Making full use of his popularity, Sehwag went on to share a photo of himself from his playing days on social media. Taking to Twitter, Sehwag asked the cricket fans to caption his picture. And, the responses from Indian cricket fans were hilarious. "Kuch bhi bolo lekin Sunny Leone Hain Ek number " ð — ð¿ (@Iam__Shubham_) February 12, 2019 Chai mein chini come dalna — Devendra Pandey (@pdevendra) February 12, 2019 Bowler : Sehwag bhai kuchh raham Sehwag : Itta sa bhi nahi — Ashok Kumar (@AshokKry11) February 12, 2019 ek chhutki Sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu — DAMANI (@bdhaps) February 12, 2019 Filmon ke sare hero..mere aage hai zero ð𺠗 Manoj Burje (@manukibaat) February 12, 2019 Namak swad anusaar... — Ankit Jain (@ankitjain237) February 12, 2019 Tinch maal hai baba — à¤à¤¨à¤¨à¥à¤¦ शरà¥à¤®à¤¾ (@Pandit2050) February 12, 2019 Chota chota milate jao large banate jao #jaiBholeKi — Vishal Mishra (@vishalM84) February 12, 2019 Ek Ek ko kah raha hun......... ONLY MODI !! — Troll Tax (@Vishupedia) February 12, 2019 “Congress ko iss baar ki Lok Sabha chunaav mein kitne seatein milne wale hain”? — Accidental Gandhi بÛÙÙÙ٠گاÙدھÛ" ÚÙر ÛÛ" (@ClownPrinceG) February 12, 2019 Tere wali kya lag rahi hai yaar..mast hai — Jobee Randhawa (@JobeeRandhawa) February 12, 2019
  12. As the viral '10 Year Challenge' continues to take the world by storm, more and more celebrities are coming forward and sharing their then-and-now pictures from 2009 and how they today in 2019. Actor Akshay Kumar is the recent addition in the list of people to take this #10YearChallenge. He also took this opportunity to share an exciting 'Good News' with his fans. Wondering what the news is? Well, it's 'Good News'. Confused? Actor Akshay Kumar has a lot of interesting projects lined up and 'Good News' is one of them, which also stars actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. Eros International Akshay Kumar and Kareena were last seen together in 2009 in 'Kambakkht Ishq' (technically 'Gabbar Is Back' but only for a few scenes) and now they are coming together once again for 'Good News' and there couldn't have been a better way than the #10YearChallange to announce the same. View this post on Instagram 2009 to 2019, the #GoodNews is that not much has changed, or so we hope ð First day of shoot it is, do send in your best wishes ðð» #10YearChallenge #KareenaKapoorKhan @karanjohar @apoorva1972 @raj_a_mehta @dharmamovies #CapeOfGoodFilms @shashankkhaitan A post shared by Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) on Jan 22, 2019 at 11:07pm PST He shared the picture on social media with the caption, "2009 to 2019, the #GoodNews is that not much has changed, or so we hope. The first day of the shoot it is, do send in your best wishes. #10YearChallenge." Kareena's friend and make-up artist Mickey Contractor too shared a picture and wrote, "Good News!!!! The star and her ENTOURAGE." View this post on Instagram Good News!!!! The star and her ENTOURAGE â¤ï¸ A post shared by Mickey Contractor (@mickeycontractor) on Jan 22, 2019 at 7:50pm PST Directed by Raj Mehta and produced by Karan Johar, 'Good News' also stars Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh. The movie is expected to release on September 6.
  13. For a man who was heavily criticised and consistently bashed for his slump in form in 2018, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made the naysayers eat their own words on the back of a prolific showing in the new year. The ever-reliable cricketer had a brilliant outing in Australia where he produced clinical batting performances that had eluded him the previous year. The 37-year-old smashed three consecutive fifties, wherein two of those paved the way for India's triumph, further helping the visitors to secure a historic bilateral ODI series win. In the three matches he played, Dhoni emerged as the leading run-scorer for India, amassing 193 runs at an average of over 190. Such was his performance with the willow that it eventually earned him the 'Man of the Series' award following India's 2-1 triumph in the series. © AP While his weren't exactly the slambang innings we once associated with Dhoni, his calculated knocks, produced on the back of great composure and temperament, gave us all a glimpse of his new role in the team. With over 10,000 ODI runs to his name, Dhoni is the kind of player that a side needs to bolster their middle-order. And, adapting himself to his new role, Dhoni continues to add value to the Indian team. Following his prolific showing Down Under, the Indian cricketer now gears up for the five-match ODI series against New Zealand. Owing to his return to form, Dhoni is likely to play a pivotal role if India intend to upset the Kiwis in their own backyard. And, ahead of the first ODI at McLean Park, the right-hander has found a new challenge - thanks to Mike Hesson. Preparing to halt India's marauding run, the Kiwis would have surely kept close tabs on Dhoni in a bid to prepare themselves for the Indian middle-order batsman. Thus, there was no surprise to see Hesson being overwhelmed by Dhoni's heroics in Australia. "Runs just shows the value of experience. Most players in the world would have panicked considering the situation Dhoni was in, but he looked calmer than anybody else. It suggests that he has been in this situation many times before and knows how to pace a chase," the New Zealand coach told Cricket Next. © Reuters "Challenge for Dhoni is going to be when the side is batting first, how hard he needs to go. In terms of chasing a total, which is still the hardest thing in cricket, he is a genius," the New Zealand coach added. Dismissed due to an umpiring error in the first ODI, Dhoni took the matters in his own hands with a much-improved showing in Sydney and Melbourne. His unbeaten knock of 54 helped his side in levelling the proceedings in Sydney, while an 87-run innings in Melbourne sealed the game and series for India. With India chasing in all the three ODIs Down Under, Dhoni was seen adapting to the ever-changing match situations and pacing his innings accordingly - something that he has mastered over the years. During a run-chase, cricketers are generally in a better frame of mind as far as their approach is concerned. But, what happens when India are batting first? How would Dhoni go about his business then? He surely doesn't have the luxury of pacing his innings according to the asking-rate. That's the challenge Hesson has pointed out. © Reuters If India bats first, Virat Kohli and his teammates will have to combine together to post a total which they feel is a competitive one. And, that is where Dhoni's presence of mind and experience will come into play as, like Hesson, the fans back home, too, would be eager to see how this old warhorse goes about his business then. It's the test of assumptions and, then, playing accordingly to aid the team's cause. A tricky, but a crucial test nonetheless. Will he take his time, again, to build the innings? Or, we'd see the explosive side of Dhoni that has eluded him in recent times? All those questions might get answered when Team India locks horns with New Zealand in the first ODI at the McLean Park in Napier on 23rd January.
  14. Surely, you have heard of 2019's first internet trend - the 10 Year Challenge, in which people compare their present self to what they used to be or how they used to look ten years ago. It's simple, interesting and can bring a smile to your face. Add to that your favourite sportspersons, whom you have grown up watching and idolising, and you've got yourself a hit! Here are the best of the #10YearChallenge from the ever-evolving world of Indian cricket: 1. Virat Kohli Getting along with the #10yearchallenge! Our skipper, @imVkohli has aged just like fine wine. ð#PlayBold pic.twitter.com/cQYd6baUCb — Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) January 16, 2019 Keeping aside the apparent transformation, Kohli has worked hard on his skills as a batsman but more importantly, as the leader of the Indian cricket team. From getting in trouble for 'flipping the bird' to the Australian crowd to gracefully and with a great sense of humour, dealing with their racist comments with a gentle bow, Kohli has come to realise the responsibility, as India's representative to the world, which lies on the skipper's shoulders. From winning the Under 19 World Cup to becoming the best batsman in the world, this cub has found his roar and matured into a lion, the king of his jungle. 2. MS Dhoni @msdhoni â¤ï¸#2009vs2019 credit :- @ICC#2009vs2019challenge Years are temporary, Sixes are permanent.ð#Dhoni â¤ï¸#10yearchallenge pic.twitter.com/Kcgde3VKCY — Aditya DHONI (@_aditya_dhoni) January 16, 2019 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Despite being a decade older, Dhoni continues to be an essential part of Team India. Even though he has given up his captaincy, Kohli had openly acknowledged the fact that he continues to seek Dhoni's advice when it comes to crucial decision making. His ability to deliver in the clutch and win games for his team is still consolidated and has him finish matches for the Men in Blue even now. It is not a must for a person to change if they are already ingenious. Humble in person and an absolute beast with his bat, the former Indian skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is dominating the 10 Year Challenge without changing a single thing about himself. 3. Prithvi Shaw .@PrithviShaw's #10YearChallenge is the only motivation you need.#ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals Picture courtesy: Mumbai Mirror, NewsClick pic.twitter.com/fJ7T0AcZqo — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) January 16, 2019 Another young prodigy, Prithvi Shaw was only nine-years-old a decade ago when he picked up the bat for the first time and sealed his destiny to become one of the finest batsmen the country will produce in the future. The 19-year-old is the newest member of the family that the Indian cricket team is, and has become the apple of the eye for the Indian fans ever since his show last year, during the Test series between India and West Indies, during which he became the youngest Indian to score a century in a Test debut. Shaw is considered to be the 'Next Big Thing' for the squad and who knows, by the time the 10 Year Challenge comes back in trend, he'd have many more records and titles under his belt to brag about. 4. Rohit Sharma #10YearChallenge #RohitSharma 1. Maggie Man on the left in 2009 2. Hitman on the right in 2019 pic.twitter.com/eZooB8HnW9 — Umashankar_Solanki_ð¥ð¥ ðð(@UmashankarSol10) January 16, 2019 There is a stark difference between who Rohit Sharma is today, and who he used to be ten years ago. Back then, struggling to be in form, Sharma had not scored a single century since his debut in June 2007 and used to play as a backup for some of the greatest players of the era. This meant that Sharma would constantly miss out on opportunities to play against big countries and was even dropped for the World Cup roster due to his inconsistency. Who knew the guy would eventually become one of the most successful batsmen in Indian history with the most number of 150s in the history of ODI cricket and would be able to outscore the entire opposition team on two different occasions. Sharma, who recently became a father, played an important role in India's historic Test series win against Australia and is irreplaceable in the squad during the ongoing ODI series. 5. Ravindra Jadeja #10yearChallenge Sir Ravindra Jadeja and Dhoni. ðpic.twitter.com/yQjEU0mclu — Direct Hit (@bevdashastri) January 16, 2019 Sir Jadeja made his International debut after an impressive Ranji season during which he scored 700+ runs and picked up 42 wickets. The selectors realised how useful the addition of Jadeja to the Indian roster would be and signed him up for an ODI against Sri Lanka. Despite having a journey of several ups and downs, Jadeja played his best cricket in 2013 and 2016 and was named as one of ICC's World ODI XI twice. He has finally made it to the inner circle and remains an integral part of the Indian squad. In 2018, Jaddu was also ranked 2nd in ICC's 10-top list of Test all-rounders.
  15. How good is Robert Horry's hindi? Let's find out.
  16. The #KikiChallenge took the world by storm when Drake dropped the hit number and people couldn't stop making videos of the challenge. However, trends come and go in the blink of an eye, after all, given how quickly the internet gets bored, everything seems replaceable online right? Move over 'Kiki', the internet is currently obsessed with the 'Skibidi' challenge, which in fact, has been started by a Russian band called 'Little Big' in their music video 'SKIBIDI'. The good fellas on the internet have found a new thing to do and needless to say, the dance challenge is already catching up. View this post on Instagram ÐдоÑновилиÑÑ ÐºÐ»Ð¸Ð¿Ð¾Ð¼ @littlebigband Рподжига-дÑÑгали на ÑлиÑÐ°Ñ Ð³Ð¾Ñода)) ÐÑли ÑоÑеÑÑ Ð¿Ð¾Ð¼Ð¾ÑÑ Ð¼Ð½Ðµ ÑбежаÑÑ Ð¾Ñ Ð¡Ð°Ð½ÑоÑÑа ÑÑÐ°Ð²Ñ - ð ÐÑли ÑоÑеÑÑ, ÑÑÐ¾Ð±Ñ Ð¡Ð°Ð½ÑоÑÑ Ð½Ð°Ð²Ð°Ð»Ñл мне ÑÑÐ°Ð²Ñ - ðð½ РеÑÐ¿ÐµÐºÑ ÑоздаÑелÑм и ÑÑаÑÑникам ÑÑой видео пÑÑки: @alina_pasok @iliyaprusikin @sonyatayurskaya @lissoff @morgen_shtern СовмеÑÑно Ñ @makashenets ÐпеÑаÑÐ¾Ñ @nkt075 #кÑÑажкÑÑÑÑ #skibidi #skibidichallenge #littlebig #littlebigband #илÑÑпÑÑÑикин #лиÑлбиг #roypurdy A post shared by ÐÑÑÑÑ ÐлÑÑ (@kuruchbro) on Oct 9, 2018 at 6:29am PDT View this post on Instagram ð¥ÐоÑÑаÑÑвовали в #skibidichallenge Ð¾Ñ ÐºÑÑÑой гÑÑÐ¿Ð¿Ñ @littlebigband ( @sonyatayurskaya , @iliyaprusikin ) ÐдÑм ÑебÑÑ Ð² ХабаÑовÑке 5 ноÑбÑÑð¤ A post shared by Школа ТанÑа "ШÑÐ°Ñ 27" (@state27) on Oct 8, 2018 at 7:43pm PDT To be honest, looks like its pretty fun! View this post on Instagram ð¤¯ÐÑли Ð±Ñ Ð²Ñе в ÑеалÑной жизни болели не ÐÐ ÐÐÐÐÐ, а ÐÐСÐЯÐÐ ð¤ªÐ£ÑаÑÑвÑем в диком Ñеллендже, лÑÑÑÐ¸Ñ Ð²ÑÐ»Ð¾Ð¶Ð°Ñ Ð² поÑÑÑ, ÐÐÐÐÐÐ ÐÐ Ð½Ð°Ñ Ð¿Ð¾ макÑимÑÐ¼Ñ ð¥Ð комменÑаÑиÑÑ Ð¿Ð¾ÑÑÐ°Ð²Ñ : #skibidichallenge ð¥Ð обÑзаÑелÑно оÑмеÑÑ : @iliyaprusikin @littlebigband ð¤ð»ð¤ð»ð¤ð»ð¤ð»ÐÑем заÑанее ÑпаÑибоð¤ð»ð¤ð»ð¤ð»ð¤ð» #ÑаÑкбой #skibidi #skibi #Ñабиб #ÐºÐ¾Ð½Ð¾Ñ #ÑÐ°Ð±Ð¸Ð±ÐºÐ¾Ð½Ð¾Ñ #поÑÑнÑгин #кÑид #бÑзова #моÑгенÑÑеÑн #моÑква #Ñпб #littlebig #джаÑаÑов @dlgreez @alina_pasok @morgen_shtern #ÑÑÐµÑ A post shared by ÐгоÑÑ Ð¨Ð»ÑнÑкий СÑенаÑиÑÑСпбÐÑк (@igor_shlensky_) on Oct 11, 2018 at 4:00am PDT View this post on Instagram ÐÑинÑли ÑÑаÑÑие в #skibidichallenge ХоÑео: @lara.kildyushkina СÑемка: @zinkinz @kireev_kir ÐÑзÑка: @iliyaprusikin @littlebigband A post shared by @ 15_anikina_15 on Oct 14, 2018 at 11:13am PDT It has even made its way to weddings! View this post on Instagram #skibidichallenge ÐÑÑппа @littlebigband запÑÑÑили ÑлÑÑмоб, подÑаÑили и мÑ. ÐоддеÑжим, ÑоваÑиÑи, лайками и ÑепоÑÑами. Ðидео @gorokhoviktor ÐÑганизаÑÐ¸Ñ @zhenyakulinich â¤ï¸ð СпаÑибо @vecherniy_urgant @gudokgudok @iliyaprusikin @urgantcom @fastfoxes #skibidi #Ñкибидипапа #Ñкибиди #лиÑлбиг #LITTLEBIG #веÑеÑнийÑÑÐ³Ð°Ð½Ñ #urgantshow #УÑÐ³Ð°Ð½Ñ #ÑелеÑенÑÑ #пÑÑÑÑговоÑÑÑ #ÐлÑÐ¸Ñ #ÐлекÑандÑÐÑдков #Ð¥ÑÑÑÑалÑв A post shared by ðð§ðð ⤠ðð¤ð¦ðððð (@ivan_zasukhin) on Oct 13, 2018 at 8:52pm PDT We are now awaiting for some cool Indian videos to flood the internet with their own version of the challenge and, of course, they will.
  17. Unless you were too busy looking for a safe spot and a car to do the viral Kiki challenge, you will have noticed another challenge slowly picking up the pace on social media - the Dele Alli challenge. For those who don't know about this challenge, it is professional English footballer and Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli's signature hand salute, which has now become a viral sensation for being extremely tricky. We guess even Dele Alli wouldn't have thought that one day his signature style will become a viral challenge on social media. © Twitter When Dele Alli does that hand salute it looks so easy, but when I tried doing it, I almost twisted my hands. But, there are people who have mastered this move and actor Ranbir Kapoor happens to be one of them. Spotting celebrities at the airport is nothing new, nor is watching paparazzi click their pictures. However, when Ranbir Kapoor was at the Mumbai airport getting clicked by his fans and the media, his fans and everyone watching the video was surprised to see reel-life 'Sanju' pull off the hand salute with such ease and perfection. #ranbirkapoor poses with our photographer last nite at the airport #airportdiaries @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Aug 30, 2018 at 9:48pm PDT So what if he's a Barcelona fan! Can't he take the Dele Alli challenge? On the work front, after the phenomenal success of 'Sanju', Ranbir is currently busy with his upcoming project 'Brahmastra' starring Alia Bhatt and Amitabh Bachchan.
  18. "Good afternoon passengers. It is your pilot...err...autopilot system speaking because the pilot is busy performing the Kiki challenge outside this moving plane..." Had there been any passengers inside, this would have probably been the message announced on the plane piloted by Alejandra Manriquez. After multiple fails, broken bones and risky accidents, most of us thought that the viral 'Kiki Challenge' is finally over. Yes, the same challenge where people get out of their moving cars to confess their love for a mysterious woman named Kiki. Actually, she isn't mysterious anymore, this is Kiki. © YouTube But, the point is I was wrong. People haven't gotten over the Kiki challenge yet and the latest entry is from Alejandra, a pilot by profession who took a break from her flight duties and jumped off a moving plane to take this viral dance challenge. Alejandra, who was joined by her flight attendant, pushed one of the levers in the cockpit and then stepped out of the plane as it started moving slowly. Reportedly, Alejandra's love for aviation began after she graduated from high school. She started her career as a flight attendant and then got into a flight school at 22. She has already flown to more than 40 countries and now flies private jets across the Atlantic Ocean. #kiki dance in pilots way ðð pic.twitter.com/62zKlz58fx — Aviationdailyâï¸Ø§ÙØ·Ùرا٠ÙÙÙÙØ¢ (@Aviationdailyy) August 28, 2018 Is it just me or the Kiki challenge has really taken the world by storm. Thanks to Drake, I am sure people won't name their kids Kiki anymore or will they to go viral? But, I am sure Drake must be proud of Alejandra for taking the Kiki challenge to 'flight mode'. Since, we're talking about Drake and Kiki, let's take a look at Drake's official version.
  19. Xiaomi has been ruling the midrange segment this year with the Redmi Note 5 Pro and the recently launched Mi A2. After conquering the budget and midrange markets, the company now aims to take on the mighty flagships. Today marks the global debut of Xiaomi's new sub-brand, POCO, which will focus on making premium phones. Xiaomi has tried to establish itself in the flagship segment a few years ago with the launch of the Mi 5 and the Mi 6. Unfortunately, the two never gained traction and since then the company has stopped launching its global flagships in India. With POCO, the company intends to start off fresh and has been teasing the POCO F1 for a few weeks now. The POCO F1 definitely looks and feels very premium, thanks to the full metal construction. While the Redmi phones have a very young and trendy design, the Pocophone F1 is all about being subtle. © MensXP The phone sports a 6.2-inch Full HD+ display with an aspect ratio of 18.7:9. The display has a wide notch on the top that houses the front camera, sensors, and an infrared sensor for accurate authentication via Facial Recognition. The POCO F1 is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor along with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal memory in the base variant. It also has liquid cooling technology for higher processor efficiency and the company claims the addition makes the processor perform 30 percent faster than the competition. Xiaomi has marketed the phone to be the fastest we've seen, and they've focused majorly on making this phone a workhorse flagship. The phone houses a dual camera setup on the rear consisting of 12-megapixel primary sensor and a 5-megapixel secondary sensor while the front houses a 20-megapixel shooter. It comes with AI-powered automatic scene recognition, portrait mode as well as auto enhancements. © MensXP It is backed by a massive 4000mAh battery that charges via a Type-C connection. It also supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology. The company has also launched a special POCO F1 Armour Edition that features Kevlar backing. The POCO F1 is currently available in three variants, 6GB RAM / 64GB storage costing Rs 20,999, 6GB RAM / 128GB costing Rs 23,999 and the 8GB / 256GB storage costing Rs 28,999. And finally the Armour Edition is priced at Rs 29,999. Sales start from 12PM, August 29 via Mi.com and Flipkart. India is the first country to receive this phone and will be coming to more international markets in the coming weeks.
  20. The age of the internet can lead to a zillion debacles within seconds. It's become a place where rumours and fake updates travel like wildfire and threaten to destroy the peace and sanity we possess as a society, thanks to a handful of tech-savvy, active internet operatives, who never fail to cease the chance to have a few jesting moments. © pixabay-free to use What they don't realise, however, is that such misrepresentations and sarcastic pieces have the power to whip up abundant trouble online, while the repercussions dribble slowly onto the offline space. Since we got a taste of our share of having to deal with the fakes, here's giving you an update on the ones that you must steer clear of ASAP. To Give You A Better Idea © pixabay-free to use While you must have already figured it out for yourself, this story gives you a quick heads up on some of the fake news that is steadily surfacing on the internet and social media around the Kerala floods. All you need to do is identify them and nip in the bud before it turns into a pain in the arse for unassuming folks like many of us. Fake News Alert 1 The most recent piece of information, or rather misleading information, that's surfaced across a number of social media channels is this rant by someone who goes by the name of Suresh Kochattil, who has now also been identified as an aspiring politician. As can be seen from the post above, Kochattil is seen claiming that the elites of Kerala would not care for people's handouts and one must check with proper authorities before sending across materials, since as per his personal research, more than 200 truck-loads of material are waiting at Coimbatore and Mysore. Thus, what people need is manpower and skilled labourers, plumbers, electricians and the likes, instead of money and materials since most Malayalis are rich people with ample money. Naturally, he has been bashed for his statements by the public for his uninvited claims and statements. Fake News Alert 2 Imposter wearing Army combat uniform in video spreading disinformation about rescue & relief efforts. Every effort by all & #IndianArmy aimed to overcome this terrifying human tragedy.Forward disinformation about #IndianArmy on WhatsApp +917290028579. We are at it #KeralaFloods pic.twitter.com/ncUR7tCkZW — ADG PI - INDIAN ARMY (@adgpi) August 19, 2018 The Indian Army took to Twitter in a measure to prevent the fake news formulated by a man identified as Unni Nair, who is also an ex-serviceman, in the form of a video message spreading false information about the relief work being carried out by the paramilitary and the government in the flood-hit areas of Kerala. The Indian Army as well as Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan have condemned such acts and have warned that stringent action will be taken against the culprits. Which is why we say, cross-check before you send that forward. Fake News Alert 3 © Twitter Though this story might have been put together as a satirical piece, it has backfired big time! A “satirical news portal” published a fake story on the floods claiming that a man lost his life after he refused to wear a saffron coloured life jacket that was offered to him during rescue operations because the colour is affiliated with Hindutva. Perhaps this was meant to be a critique of what our nation has come to of late. But that aspect of our society could have been mirrored in a different manner and not by playing on people's sentiments in a time of crisis, and surely not by adding political colour to it in order to invigorate people's political differences. © pixabay-free to use There might just be more of such fake news lurking in the shadows to pounce upon unassuming people and we must be wary of them. This menace is only hurting those who are actually trying to do some good in the flood-ravaged state.
  21. While most people today are busy looking for the safest spot where they can do the 'Kiki Challenge' without getting injured or arrested by cops, a few months back, our celebrities were busy taking a challenge that made sense and brought about a healthier change in the society. Twitter From Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Hrithik Roshan, Anand Mahindra, Deepika Padukone to even our PM Modi (although the social media brutally turned him into a meme later), this challenge was being accepted left right and centre by celebrities and prominent personalities. We are talking about the famous Fitness Challenge that was introduced by Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Seriously, how often do you see a minister dropping to the ground and doing 19 push-ups in his office? But, Rathore did just that and soon, his social media followers, celebrities and politicians started following him, and a trend was born. Twitter While the fitness challenge gradually died down, it is now going viral once again thanks to Salman Khan. Why? Because although he's late in following the trend, he FINALLY took the Fitness Challenge, which was thrown to him by Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, and shared his workout video with his fans today. We guess he was still recovering from the shocking response that 'Race 3' got which is why it took him so long to take the challenge. Instagram Appreciating Rathore's campaign, he wrote, “Fabulous campaign by sports minister #RajyavardhanRathore on #HumFitTohIndiaFit. I accept #FitnessChallenge of #KirenRijiju. Here is my video…” 52-year-old Salman Khan, who is known for his ripped body and making women go in their knees with his shirtless avatar for decades (Remember 'Oh Oh Jaane Jaana'?), shared this video, where he is seen cycling and flaunting his biceps. Fabulous campaign by sports minister #RajyavardhanRathore on #HumFitTohIndiaFit. I accept #FitnessChallenge of #KirenRijiju ð. Here is my video ... A post shared by Salman Khan (@beingsalmankhan) on Aug 10, 2018 at 10:30pm PDT After Salman shared the video, Kiren Rijiju too replied on Twitter saying, “Great @BeingSalmanKhan bhai. You inspire millions to stay fit & healthy. Thanks for accepting my challenge.” Great @BeingSalmanKhan bhaið You inspire millions to stay fit & healthy. Thanks for accepting my challenge. #HumFitTohIndiaFit https://t.co/nx2EraTA1l — Kiren Rijiju (@KirenRijiju) August 11, 2018 On the work front, Salman Khan is currently in Malta shooting for his upcoming movie 'Bharat', the same movie that Priyanka Chopra recently made an exit from and Katrina Kaif was roped in.
  22. These are the times of the internet where being online and going viral is every netizen's waking dream. While we get the fascination behind the WWW, given that it is home to some of the most awesomesauce, exotic and enlightening content from around the world and across the board, yet we fail to fathom the unrestrained dependence people exhibit towards all things “trending” or “viral”. How acceptable are such forms of validations, be it in the form of likes or views? It wasn't long ago since the trend of undertaking viral social media challenges began, with some of the extremely popular ones being the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Mannequin Challenge and more recently the Kiki Challenge made popular by numerous celebs. While these “challenges” started out as means of harmless entertainment, the ungoverned cyber world has allowed other freaky challenges to make their way into our lives via phones and laptops. The 'Fatal' Momo Challenge © YouTube One such challenge that has surfaced most recently is called the Momo Challenge and it will remind you of the Blue Whale Challenge that troubled the nation not so long ago. Targeted at unsuspecting young minds, this challenge came into the limelight after a 12-year old Argentinian girl allegedly killed herself over the 'challenge'. It works pretty similarly to the Blue Whale Challenge as well - people are lured and given instructions to follow, failing which they are blackmailed and threatened with dire consequences. How It Works © YouTube Mexican Computer Crime Investigation Unit has reported that the challenge started in a Facebook group wherein members were 'challenged' to contact a particular number. Once the contact was established they were ordered to follow instructions and if they refused, they were threatened and sent violent and disturbing images. With Japanese artist Midori Hayashi's artwork 'Mother Bird' as its avatar, the Momo accounts have been found to be connected to three numbers in Mexico, Columbia and Japan. A number of alleged Momo cases have been reported from France, the US, Germany and Mexico. Though there haven't been any reports of the challenge having reached the Indian subcontinent, but with a growing number of Indians subscribing to mobile data services and getting online, the possibility of the challenge reaching India might not be too far into the future. Here Is What You Should Do © Twitter Though the challenge is targeted at teens but there is no denying that a lot of 'adventurous' souls out there might also feel the urge to give this a go, even if simply for the “kicks”. What we need to do as a society is to accept that the challenge might hit the screens in India any day now and we need to be prepared. Talking about it and cautioning the youngsters around us is a no brainer but the next best thing is to have open conversations around cyber bullying and mindlessly giving in to every other online challenge that surfaces, either for the likes or the kicks you might expect to get out of them. This Momo Challenge surely isn't as fun as the name might suggest and it will do us a great deal of good to give this one a miss.
  23. When most of us were stuck in traffic and cribbing about travelling from Delhi to Gurugram, some people were busy confessing their love to Kiki. Yes, you guessed it right! We're talking about the viral Kiki challenge that has been doing rounds on the social media. A few months ago, if you jumped out of a moving car to sing 'Kiki do you love me', people would have probably called cops on you or thought that you are a retard for risking your life and that of others. Today, people are trending globally for doing exactly that. It also goes without saying that this is one of the most dangerous challenges, where people are willingly risking their lives to get a few minutes of thrill and fame. © Instagram Now, while most people were busy finding the safest spot to do this challenge without getting arrested by cops; Baba Sehgal changed the whole challenge for us with his desi Kiki. We all know that Baba Sehgal does not need any logic to create music. Toss some words (which don't make sense) to make it rhyme with some random music playing in the background, and his song is ready. His 'Kiki Challenge' version wasn't any different either. When you have lyrics like, "Kiki kyun pilai, tune shaam ko, woh chai pheeki", how can anyone not fall in love with his version? Honestly, 'Chai Pilo Aunty' has got nothing on this Indian Kiki who loves to offer pheeki chai to people. When Drake went inside með INDIAN KIKI ð #babasehgal #kikichallenge #scorpion #drake #rapper #rap #rnb #hindikiki A post shared by Baba Sehgal (@babasehgal) on Aug 6, 2018 at 2:38am PDT We are in love with Baba Sehgal's 'Indian Kiki' and I am sure you will love it too when you watch the video.
  24. Microsoft launched the Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop in India today, the company's premium offering that will compete with Apple's MacBook. The Surface Laptop will retail for a starting price of Rs 86,999 and will go up to Rs 233,999. The Surface Book 2 will be the costlier of the two where it will start Rs 1,37,999 (Core i5 version), prices will go up to Rs 295,999. © Microsoft The Surface Book 2 has a touchscreen and is powered by the Intel Core i7 8th generation processor. According to Microsoft, it will last for17 hours on a single charge. Microsoft says the Surface Book 2, the premium laptop out of the two, comes in the 13.5-inch and 15-inch variants with up to 16GB RAM and 1TBB of storage space. In terms of GPU, the Surface Book 2 has Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1050/1060 GPU on Core i7 models. The Surface Book 2 will be available in seven variants: four versions with a 13.5-inch and three of the 15-inch variant. The 13.5-inch variant will have a minimum of 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. © Microsoft The Surface Laptop, on the other hand, has a thinner design and runs Windows 10 S. It is the lighter version of the full-blown Windows 10 and can run apps from the Windows store. The Surface laptop will be available in five variants where the cheapest model will be powered by Intel Core i5 version along with Intel HD Graphics 620. Here are the full pricing details for the Surface Book 2 from different SKUs: -13.5″ Intel Core i5, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 620: Rs. 137,999 -13.5″ Intel Core i7, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050: Rs. 155,999 -13.5″ Intel Core i7, 51268 SSD, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050: Rs. 222,999 -13.5″ Intel Core i7, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050: Rs. 257,999 -15 Intel Core i7, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060: Rs. 222,499 -15 Intel Core i7, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060: Rs. 258,999 -15 Intel Core i7, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060: Rs. 295,999
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