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Found 30 results

  1. Season 8 of 'Game of Thrones' premiered today and boy, oh boy, has it given new light to a particular theory that we've been speculating for so long. Cersei Lannister was introduced to us as a cruel, conniving Queen who was willing to cross any lines when it came to protecting her kids and lover/ twin brother Jaime. We've hated her initially and then we grew to admire her for her unpredictable moves that would challenge the whole sequence of events (remember the burning of the Sept?) all orchestrated seamlessly. A major motivation and central to her arc is the Prophecy that Cersei was made acquainted to as a little girl. © HBO While going deep into the woods around Casterly Rock, Cersei stumbled upon an old woman called Maggy the Frog, who turned out to be a powerful fortune teller. Cersei asked Maggy three questions about her future, however, the answers weren't hopeful. The first said that she wouldn't marry a Prince, but a King. The second said that she would be cast down by a younger and a more beautiful queen who would take all that she held dear. Further, Maggy told Cersei that the king would have 20 children, but that Cersei would only have three, and “gold will be their crowns, and gold their shrouds.” Now, of all the three predictions, Margaery Tyrell did manage to take away most of what Cersei held dear to her including her son, Tommen but besides these three predictions, in 'A Feast for Crows', the fourth book in the series, Maggy reveals to Cersei one final part of the prophecy: “The valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale throat and choke the life from you.” Now, here the valonqar translates to a younger brother. For Cersei, this has always been Tyrion as someone who could possibly try to kill her. © HBO However, if you notice, there is this other 'younger brother' in Cersei's life. Yes, we're talking about Jaime Lannister. © HBO After watching the first episode, this prediction could come to life, because Cersei has commissioned Bron to assassin Jamie. If this fails, Jamie could possibly come after Cersei because he's clearly repulsed by Cersei's rule, which is like the Mad King in more ways than one. To begin with, Cersei made Tyrion believe at the end of the seventh season that she would send the Iron Fleet to help fight The Army Of the Undead. This obviously, was a lie which Tyrion failed to see through for a change. She couldn't care less about the White Walkers or the impending doom as long as she could save herself from it. In the fifth episode of season 7, Cersei told Jaime that she was pregnant. Now, in the premiere of season 8, she consummated her alliance with Euron Greyjoy because the only way she could keep the Iron Fleet and have her way around with it was if she would sleep with Euron which, to her seemed a small price to pay. © HBO Now, Euron telling Cersei “I'm going to put a prince into your belly” is practically impossible — if, indeed, Cersei is still pregnant. It's unclear, however, if that's the case. If you recall, Cersei nixed drinking last season when she realized that she was pregnant. But in today's episode, she was seen sipping a glass of wine after sleeping with Euron. While the Westerosi doctors probably aren't warning Cersei against fetal alcohol syndrome, the change could signal a change in Cersei's status. Regardless of whether Cersei is pregnant or not, she's likely to lose her baby at some point to that effect taking into account how things are moving. But the question is if a majority of the theory has come to pass, as we are still waiting to see who will be the vanquisher of Cersei. It could still be Tyrion, if Jaime ends up getting executed or killed before or during the battle of Winterfell. It could also be Euron Greyjoy. Technically he is the younger brother of Balon Greyjoy and passes the criterion of a valonqar if he realizes that his relationship with Cersei is not based on trust and she could betray him any time.
  2. If you are big on travelling, you probably already know this, but in case you are not into travelling as much, you might have still heard lots of people say that the best time to visit Japan is during the cherry blossom season. Travellers from far and wide, who have had the chance to behold the country in all its pink glory during this season, will vouch for the fact that no artificially produced images and representations do justice to the beauty of nature's bounty in this sensory form. View this post on Instagram [Español debajo!] If you had to choose only one word to define Japan, what would it be? â£â£ I'd had to go with “Wonder”, the feeling of admiration and beauty , but also unfamiliarity. ⨠Every spring Tokyo seems to get prettier and prettier, and almost 3 years in, I'm still fascinated. ð¤©â£â£ I took this photo at Shinjuku Gyoen, among many others that are ready for you on my latest post- the first of Hanami Season 2019! ð°ð¸ Find out why I had to RUN FOR MY LIFE the first time I visited this park.ððð Link in bio.â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ Si tuvieras que elegir una sola palabra para definir Japón, cuál sería? â£â£ Yo eligiría “maravilla”, tanto por el matiz de belleza como por el de lo inesperado. ⨠Llevo casi 3 años aquí, y todavía me sorprendo! Especialmente en primavera. ð¤©â£â£ Hice esta foto en Shinjuku Gyoen, una de muchas que puedes disfrutar en mi nuevo blog post, el primero de mi serie Hanami Season 2019! ð°ð¸ Descubre por qué tuve que CORRER POR MI VIDA la primera vez que fui a este parque. ðððð Enlace en la bio!â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£ â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£â£ â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£ #hiddenjapan #japanphoto #japan_photo_now #japanesebeauty #realjapan #japan_view â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£ #bunnytokyo #japanlife #japon #lifeintokyo #japaneseculture #asiadiscoveryâ£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£â£ #cherryblossomsâ£â£â£â£ #japan_focus #japan_of_insta #japanð¯ðµ #hanami #sakura #è±è¦ #æ¡ #ð¸ #tokyolifeâ£â£â£â£ #shinjuku #shinjukupark #shinjukugyoen A post shared by BunnyTokyo ð°♥ï¸ Hop into Japan! (@bunnytokyo) on Mar 28, 2019 at 5:00am PDT In all honesty, we couldn't agree more. However, this year's cherry blossom season in Japan came with a unique twist of fate. The intricate pink blossoms bloomed sooner than their usual blooming cycle. Why? It is all thanks to the above average temperature during autumn last year, that is responsible for this change in their blooming clock. A report on 'Travel Leisure' suggests that higher than usual temperatures in 2018 is making the flowers bloom sooner than before in parts of the country. In simpler terms that means that climate change is impacting with the blooming cycle of cherry blossoms. View this post on Instagram Finally æ¡ãéè±ããð¸ Cherry petals covered the ground like snowflakes • • • • #mytravelgram #traveldiary #vacation #travelaroundtheworld #instatravel #wandering #igtravel #travelingram #picoftheday #explorer #travelgram #instapassport #holidayinspo #cityescape #awesomedestinations #travelporn #travelphotograpy #solotravel • #kyoto #sakura #japan #discoverjapan #japon #igerstokyo #æ¡#éè± #è±è¦ #hanami #cherryblossom #fioridiciliegio A post shared by ðº Elena Almici | ã¢ã«ãã•ã¨ã¬ã (@gypsy.elena) on Mar 28, 2019 at 11:19am PDT According to Japan Meteorological Agency Tokyo will see full bloom on 29 March this Hanabi or cherry blossom season. But that does not change the fact that no matter what it is that we care about, it's getting affected by climate change. From warmer summers and colder winters, to melting glaciers, rising seawater levels, sudden flash floods to wildfires, and of course species of flora and fauna getting extinct, the list in a long and disheartening one. This season's cherry blossom blooms are just a little reminder for us to take things a little more seriously and do something about it before it's too late, for our own sake if not anything else. There is still time, there is still hope. For now, take a look at the gorgeous cherry blossoms that have covered Japan in wonderful shades of pink! View this post on Instagram Cherry blossoms in Mount Fuji - Japan ð¸ Photo by: @capkaieda A post shared by Earth - Nature - Travel (@photos) on Mar 28, 2019 at 7:31am PDT View this post on Instagram Sakura in Tokyo, Japan ð¯ðµ • • • • • Follow @ibizadvisor_amazing_places Follow @ibizadvisor_amazing_places Follow @ibizadvisor_amazing_places • • • • #travel #traveller #travelling #travelblog #travelblogger #travelbloggers #photography #Landscape #lanscapephotography #beautifulplaces #beautyoftheworld #beautifulworld #travelgram #touristspot #worldtraveller #luxurylife #wanderlust #globetrotter #sakura #cherryblossom #japan #tokyo #ibizadvisor #ibizadvisoramazingplaces A post shared by Ibizadvisor Amazing Places (@ibizadvisor_amazing_places) on Mar 28, 2019 at 6:40am PDT View this post on Instagram minobu cherryblossom ð¸ ãã¼ãã¨ããã«ã¯å¼·å¼ããªç¬ ã«ã¡ã©å¢ã§ãªã人ã«èãããã®ã§ãã ä»é±æ«ã¿ãªãã㯠ã©ãã«è¡ãã®ã§ããããï¼ðð #ç¦å²¡ #fukuoka #ãã㯠#èº«å»¶æ¡ #æ¡ #cherryblossom #ãã ãæ¡ A post shared by puraten10 (@puraten10) on Mar 28, 2019 at 2:10am PDT View this post on Instagram Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan . #Shibuya #Tokyo #Japan #nikon #street #d5500 #æ¥æ¬ #æ±äº¬ #æ¸è°· #sakura #blossom #cherryblossom #spring #flowers #hanami #ããã #æ¡ #è±è¦ #discoverjapan #explorejapan #instajapan #japantravel #japantrip #japan_vacations #nippon #traveljapan #visitjapan #visitjapanjp #art_of_japan_ #japanawaits A post shared by Trevor Dobson (@inefekt_japan) on Mar 27, 2019 at 5:23pm PDT View this post on Instagram L'abbiamo tanto aspettata, e finalmente è arrivata: la fioritura dei ciliegið¸ conosciuta anche come Hanami in Giappone. La città di #Osaka è stata una delle prime... e per questo abbiamo voluto dedicare un articolo a questo meraviglioso fenomeno! Vai sul sito di #pensagreeen e studia come organizzare il tuo viaggio in Giappone ðper il prossimo anno: potrai assistere dal vivo alla fioritura dei sakura! ðð¸ . . . #cheeryblossom #sakurað¸ #hanami #japanesehanami #fiorituraciliegi #wonderfullandscape #japanstyle #tokyoview #aroundtheworld #beautifultreasures #pinkmood #flowersofblossom #japanesephotography #japanfan #instajapan #tourofjapan #travellings #traveller A post shared by PensaGreen (@pensa_green) on Mar 28, 2019 at 11:08am PDT
  3. Apple announced a bunch of services for its customers this past week and in our opinion, the two services that stole the show was Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. Primarily because both these services will be making its way to India sometime later this year. Apple Arcade will be the company's new service that will work similar to the Xbox Game Pass and give users access to console-level games for a fraction of every game's total worth. It will revolutionise gaming as we know it as every game includes access to the full experience, including all game features, content and future updates, no additional purchases will be required. Apple will be offering over 100+ games with more coming to its service that will be bundled with the service and give access to users who would normally have to purchase games individually. Currently, the App Store is the biggest gaming platform in the world that attracts casual and hardcore mobile gamers. The App Store has more than 1 billion gaming customers and Apple Arcade will offer high-quality games that previously would have to compete with free-to-play games. The concept was a no-brainer for Apple and here are all the details and features we love about the new gaming subscription service It Will Be Available On All Apple Devices © Apple The new gaming service will be available on every Apple device that you probably already own. The service will come to Mac, iPhones, iPads and Apple TV which enables users to play games on their preferred platform. What's cool is that the service has been integrated for users to play games seamlessly when you switch devices. For example, if you are playing a game on your iPhone and want to continue your progress on a different device, the game will play right from where you left off seamlessly. Over 100+ Games © Apple Similar to the Xbox Game Pass, Apple will be offering over 100+ games at launch from developers such as Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Finji, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, Mistwalker Corporation, SEGA, Snowman, ustwo games and dozens more. Some of the more popular titles include 'Oceanhorn 2: Knights Of The Lost Realm', an RPG game that plays almost identical to the new 'Zelda' series. Other games like 'Yaga', is an upcoming title currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A sci-fi first-person shooter called 'Enter The Construct' is also under development for the platform. Apple Is Helping Developers © Apple Apart from handpicking games for the service, the Cupertino giant is also contributing towards the development of some games that will be exclusive to the platform. Apple may not be making first-party games in the traditional sense, but these games will be fine-tuned for Apple devices and take advantage of Apple's hardware just like you would expect from traditional gaming consoles. Many of these games will have compelling narratives and have unique features such as privacy, no in-game advertisements and no additional in-game purchases. Every Game Is Playable Offline © Apple The most crucial feature of the Apple Arcade service is that every game will be playable offline. In fact, it's one of its core features. Every game on the service does not require an internet connection to play games which means you can play Arcade games in flights or low-network areas. Even multiplayer games are expected to have some sort of local-multiplayer attribute that will let you play games when your device is not connected to the internet. Apple Devices Are More Powerful Than a Nintendo Switch © YouTube Gaming-on-the-go has been primarily been dominated by Nintendo that offers console-level games. Having said that, devices like the iPad Pro are more powerful than Nintendo's offering because of the new A12x Bionic chip under the hood. The new iPad Pro is capable of rendering 4K video and run graphics-intensive games like NBA 2K with better performance than the Nintendo Switch. In fact, Apple claims that the performance is similar to the Xbox One S which makes it leagues ahead of Nintendo's offering. The iPad Pro and future models make us excited about the future of gaming on the platform, especially since Apple Arcade is expected to offer a range of console level games for cheaper. Controller Support © Youtube/Apple Insider Apple currently supports third-party controllers like Steelseries Nimbus and Stratus that can let users play games just like you would with a PlayStation and Xbox. These controllers are compatible with the iPad Pro, iPhones, and Apple TV. There are a few other controllers that Apple supports for its devices however we can expect Apple to add support for more controllers in the near future. Apple did not comment on whether we can expect the company to support new and existing controllers soon, however it seems like a logical step towards this direction to make Apple Arcade even more attractive for gamers. Apple Arcade will launch in fall 2019 in more than 150 countries from a new tab on the App Store across iOS, macOS and tvOS. Will you be subscribing to Apple's gaming service? Let us know in the comments what you think about Apple Arcade.
  4. Arguably one of the highly-rated young talent in the country, KL Rahul climbed up the ladder in Indian cricket on the basis of consistent performances. Making full use of the opportunities, his breakthrough 2013-14 season laid the foundation of Karnataka's Ranji Trophy triumph, proving his credentials as a first-class cricketer. Then, a profitable 2016 IPL season saw him earning his cap for the national team. His appetite for runs further gave India an opportunity to boast of an extra option at the top of the order. But, as all good things come to an end, Rahul hit a lean patch that saw him getting dropped from the side. And, just when things couldn't get any worse for him, the Karnataka cricketer found himself in the middle of a controversy following his appearance on popular chat show 'Koffee With Karan' alongside teammate Hardik Pandya. And, what followed later had a great impact on the young cricketer. Slammed by a billion fans and suspended by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Rahul endured the worst possible nightmare a cricketer can be exposed to. But, rather than letting the incident affect his mindset, Rahul used it as an opportunity to channelise his frustration into fruitful results. © AP "It has been a hard time, no doubt. As a player, as a person, everyone has to go through difficult times and it was my time to go through that. It gave me the time to reflect on my game, on myself. I have always been somebody who takes things as it comes and I am just happy to be back here now," Rahul told the International Cricket Council (ICC). Before his suspension, Rahul was subject to immense criticism following his below-average performances in Australia. His frailties, especially against incoming deliveries which first appeared on the England tour, were exposed and exploited by the Australian seamers. And, the result was quite obvious for the right-hander. Using the suspension for his own good, the right-handed batsman bolstered the chinks in his armour through hard work in the nets and by spending time with Rahul Dravid. Given an opportunity to regain his form, the 26-year-old was roped in for India A's home series against England Lions that brought a more focussed and responsible Rahul to the fore. Leading from the front, Rahul scored 81 runs in India A's first innings. The right-hander stitched a 178-run stand with fellow opener and centurion Abhimanyu Easwaran to box the visitors out of the contest in Mysore. Apart from that, the elegant batsman also scored 89 runs in the first unofficial Test in Wayanad. © AP "I got some time off from international cricket, so I could come back to India and reflect on what was not going right for me. Fortunately, I got to play some India A games where the pressure is a bit less and where I could focus on my skill and my technique. Got to spend a lot of time with Rahul Dravid, working on my game and chatting about cricket. He helped a lot in the five games I played for India A. The time I have spent in the middle has helped," Rahul said. Showing signs of improvement, Rahul was then called back into the national side for Australia's tour of India - a moment that he had been patiently waiting for to right his wrongs. The first T20I saw a rampant Rahul hammering his way to a 36-ball 50 in a match where the popular batsmen failed to deliver. Continuing his fine form, the Indian opener began his innings in the second T20I in the same 'slambang' manner before getting dismissed for a 26-ball 47 that was decorated with four sixes. While India lost both the matches and eventually the T20I series, it was great to see Rahul return to form and emerging as the second-highest run-getter. © AP "It's nice to be back with the boys and be back in blue. Just happy that I have tasted a bit of success in the last two games and my batting has come out pretty well," he said. But, individual success means nothing to this dashing batsman as he expressed his disappointment after failing to guide his team to victory. "But the other side is that I could have carried on in both innings, got a big score and won the game for my team. I'll take the two knocks but there is a lot that I have learnt from the two knocks and I want to improve," Rahul concluded. For a man who became 'Public Enemy No 1' and was left to fend for himself in abyss following his controversy and, thereon, suspension, Rahul's grit and perseverance as a cricketer has undeniably allowed him to win back the fans and impress the Indian selectors with his renewed form. Going into the five-match ODI series, Rahul would be eager to carry his blistering form to help India peg back the Aussies and bolster his chances of securing a spot in Virat Kohli-led side's playing XI for the ICC World Cup in England & Wales.
  5. Ranveer Singh's prime weapon in promoting a film is the way he dresses for promotions. These outfits are out of the ordinary and no one can imagine wearing these outfits in the restricting space of Bollywood. The fact that someone mainstream like himself goes ahead and wears these outfits makes all the more flutters in the mainstream media. So, when he wears something even slightly mainstream, it is indeed shocking. Recently, Ranveer Singh wore a super wearable (IRL) gorgeous gold and black shibori sherwani with straight pencil pants by Rohit Bal in Abu Dabi, Dubai. Take a look © Instagram/Nitasha Gaurav © Instagram/Nitasha Gaurav Firstly, nothing outlandish there. There's nothing in here that you would possibly shrug off as not your league clothing. And here's the thing, he's also teaching us (or rather Nitasha Gaurav's styling is) how to pair accessories with shaadi lewks. He's wearing a Franck Muller Geneve watch and really smart Carrea shades and embellished heeled footwear that we adore.
  6. STOP THE PRESSES! There is a new fabric that is slowly but surely taking over the world of fashion. Harvested from cotton farms in the United States, supima cotton is an incredibly exciting fabric that actually represents only 1% of all of the cotton that is grown in the world. Simply put, here is a premium wonder fabric that all Indian men absolutely need to know about. Whether you were looking for the best trousers for men, the best round neck t shirts for men, or the best thumbhole t shirts, here is why you should ABSOLUTELY make sure that they are made using supima cotton to get the absolute most bang for your buck! 1. It's Almost Twice Softer Than Regular Cotton © The March Tee As T shirts primarily tend to be a summer outfit, your level of comfort when you put them on should ideally be of paramount importance. In fact, just how comfortable your t-shirt is going to be becomes even more important when you realise that, by and large, you are also going to be using them to layer up your outfits and create different looks. As such, investing in supima cotton, that happens to be twice softer than regular cotton, pretty much acts as a no-brainer. 2. All The While Being Four Times Stronger As Well © The March Tee Now in normal cases, when a fabric tends to be incredibly soft, it normally isn't able to make any tall claims about its strength. Well, the reason why many people consider supima cotton to be the wonder fabric is because you pretty much get the best of both worlds. Despite being a lot softer than regular cotton, it is also FOUR TIMES stronger than it. This also means that you don't have to fret over the durability of supima cotton. As such, if you want to wear the best t shirts for men out there, you should make sure that their fabric composition comprises of supima cotton. 3. The Length Of Its Fibers Is Longer Too © The March Tee Unlike regular cotton fibres, the fibres of supima cotton are actually 1.5x longer. This ends up causing two immense benefits. Firstly, the longer fiber resists pulling, breaking and tearing, making it a better investment on your end. And secondly, the longer fiber makes for a smoother and softer surface, ensuring that your comfortability is greatly enhanced. 4. The Colours Look Bolder © The March Tee Another largely underrated property of supima cotton? It actually absorbs colour better than regular cotton. Which effectively means that the best plain black t shirts for men, the best white t shirts, and more importantly, t shirts of solid colours need to be made of supima cotton if you want their colours to be long-lasting and not fade away after just a few washes.
  7. Love is said to be the biggest joy that two individuals share between each other during their lifetime. It is also said to be the strongest force that there is (next only to the force of gravity perhaps), capable of bringing someone to their knees, quite literally. It is also known to make us strong, pumping us with such strength and fervour, that the biggest of hurdles seem conquerable when the love of our life is standing beside us. Yet, nowhere does the universal ideology of love dictate who is to love whom, how or how much. © Vinod Chopra Films However, today, at a time and age when enlightenment and liberty have finally come to almost everyone around the world, and that too at the cost of so many lives who fought for what they believed in, the question of whom to love hangs heavily in the air. The premise of love has been dismantled and compartmentalised into such airtight brackets by a select few to such an extent, that until not so long ago, one had to fear for their lives in India because their love didn't “follow the natural order” of feeling and expressing the heartfelt affection towards another individual. © Vinod Chopra Films This brings me to the big news of the day. 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga' which boasts of a loaded star cast comprising of names such as Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla amongst others, has finally hit the screens today. Expected to be a coming-of-age story that revolves around a woman's journey of identifying as a lesbian, struggling with society's reigning notions of gender identity, love and marriage, to coming out and eventually fighting for the #RightToLove, this movie has got me pinning my hopes high when it comes to witnessing such a mainstream, commercial film with a starry cast, doing justice to the depiction of the harsh realities and struggles of the LGBTQ community. © Vinod Chopra Films The concept and possibility of same-*** or homosexual romantic relationships is such a taboo in our society, that currently the only hope the community and its allies can count on, is perhaps some sort of sensitisation, that would lead to acceptance and respect at the very least. And this is exactly what I wish the film would succeed in presenting, without being condescending or giving in to popular public demands of stereotyping homosexuality or what the struggle means to those who identify as one. Yes, I agree that this isn't the first Hindi film of its kind which deals with the subject, so one might say that my expectations from the film do not add up. But whether it was 'Fire' (1996), which was way ahead of its time, or 'My Brother Nikhil' (2005) and more recently 'Aligarh' (2015), each of these films, tackled the subject differently and touched upon a different aspect of homosexuality. Yes, the pathos was there and often the injustice meted out to this segment of our society was also made evident, but none of them seemed to have explored the nature of such relationships and its intricacies at length or in as much depth. © Vinod Chopra Films Whereas, this film with its distinct plot, popular casting and possible outreach might be able to do things differently and pull it off too. But most of all I hope that 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga' is able to stir things up, initiate a open and healthy discourse around the subject, as well as succeeds in elevating the misconceptions and judgements our society holds about the LGBTQ community, thereby bringing everyone closer - to a place that accepts, respects, and protects their rights, like any other deserving human being. So here is hoping 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga' does not turn out to be a disappointing and distasteful joke on same-*** romantic relationships, as was the case in 'Dostana'. And for those of you who wish to come at me for having high hopes from a film on homosexual relationship, and spew hate and rain me with half-gathered “facts” in the garb of religion, culture or morals, I will leave you all with an adage to take into consideration before you @ me and hit that send button. © Vinod Chopra Films So as the saying goes, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and therefore it might do all of us some good to first educate ourselves with hard and complete facts. And you might be surprised to know that homosexuality was as much a part of Indian history, culture and religion centuries ago, as it is today, be it as part of temple architecture, epic literature or the scriptures. Let's talk once you've read up on it. Do leave me your thoughts below.
  8. Imagine a condom that changes colours when it comes in contact with an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection). Yes, you read that right, just like a chameleon. Not only does it protect you from getting the said infection, but also gives a great heads up in advance. Three kids, Musaz Nawaz (13), Daanyaal Ali (14) and Chirag Shah (14) from London's Isaac Newton Academy wanted to tackle these high rates of STIs. For the annual TeenTech Awards in London which aims to inspire 11- to-16-year olds to realize their true potential in a STEM workplace, they presented the S.T.EYE condom. The S.T.EYE, in concept, will have molecules in the rubber-surface that'll glow when it comes in contact with different pathogens. The condom would say, glow green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, purple for human papillomavirus (HPV) and blue for syphilis. Yes, I know, 'chameleon condoms' don't sound sexy at all, because who wants to put *** and a chameleon in the same sentence? Gross. But trust me, this particular chameleon is not gross and it'll save your life. Surely, you might have to have an awkward conversation if the condom changes colour. But, hey it's better than getting affected by an STI. “We created the S.T.EYE as a new way for STI detection to help the future of the next generation,” the kids told a leading publication. “We wanted to make something that made detecting harmful STIs safer than ever before, so that people can take immediate action in the privacy of their own homes without the often-scary procedures at the doctors.” The great idea won them the first position in the U.K.'s TeenTech Awards, and reportedly they have already been approached by condom companies. So, expect chameleon condoms soon in the market. The idea, of course, is not without loopholes. Like what if the condom comes in contact with two or more STIs and if both partners can be detected or just one. However, it's safe to assume that with the assistance of STEM labs they can work out the nitty-gritty.
  9. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's wedding became national news last year, and even a glimpse of their wedding photographs sent the entire nation into a frenzy. And now, 2019 seems to have started no differently for the couple, what with Ranveer's mega success making the transition to 2019 utterly memorable for the newly-weds. The pair doesn't seem to be able to stay away from the limelight for long, and lately, they made headlines for coming forward and declaring loud and proud, that neither of them will be changing their surnames post marriage. © Instagram In this case, the newly-wed couple was met with the same fate as any other Indian couple. That is, as soon as two people decide to tie the knot, the raging question that arises is, whether the woman will change her surname post marriage. Deepika shared a similar fate, and ever since her wedding in November last year, gossip columns were populated with artfully written pieces speculating if Deepika Padukone will thenceforth be known as Deepika Padukone Singh, Deepika Padukone Bhavnani or some such other variant. © Instagram But as we have already gathered from an HT report, neither Deepika nor Ranveer have any plans of changing their surnames, much against popular buzz doing the rounds. Calling her own comment in an interview, about Ranveer changing his surname pose marriage, a “candid joke”, Deepika further added that, “It's not true. In fact, after that interview, I realised that it's a conversation Ranveer and I've never even had. So, we haven't been like, 'oh, do you think you should change your surname?'” © Instagram She went on to explain that the question about changing her surname came as a surprise since she and Ranveer had never considered it important enough to discuss it. “It has never crossed either of our minds. When I was asked about it, I was like, 'oh, we haven't even thought about it'. Maybe because it's not important. Also, I've worked extremely hard to create my own identity and so has he. So, my question is, why would he have to do that?”, said the 'Padmaavat' star. At this point, I would prompt you to re-read that last statement by Deepika once more. I would have preferred to highlight that bit with a highlighting pen for you, if it was possible. But you get the point. I simply wish to draw your attention to the keywords here - “not important”, “own identity” and “why”. © Instagram And I have the same question, why is it expected from a woman to change her surname once she becomes someone's legally wedded wife? Also, why is it so that a man is seen as a submissive or less powerful when his wife decides to stick to her maiden name after getting married? Why do we as a society wish to meddle with others' personal choice to change or not change their surnames, so as to just carry forward medieval societal “norms and traditions” that secure patriarchal egos and position? © Instagram Changing the surname is often seen as a symbol equivalent of belonging to a community, family or household. Needless to say, the 9th-century 'Doctrine of Coverture' played a role in altering people's mindset in this regard, since such a practice was unheard of before then. But again, this is the 21st century and surely, we ought to leave behind such malpractices in our past and look at women as an independent, fully-functioning individual who is more than someone's wife, mother and daughter-in-law. © Instagram Why do we want to work ourselves up with this need to maintain that a woman must always “belong” to someone? That she needs to be labelled, which would then act as her marker should she get mixed up/misplaced in a country with a population spilling onto the 2 billion mark? Why do we as a society treat it as our birthright to overlook the identity a woman creates and maintains before she decides to get married and share the same with another human being, who also happens to have a 'unique identity' of his own? This is not to say that women who 'choose' to take on their husband's surname after getting married are bartering their identity, or furthering senseless patriarchal norms. Like anybody else, even they have the right to consciously and freely choose for themselves, regardless of the motivation behind it. So my point is, just like Deepika pointed out in her comments, that all of us, both men and women work very hard all our lives to create our own identities that are attached to our personal achievements and histories. And I believe it is utterly unfair for anyone to expect that a woman or a man should change that identity attached to their names, for any reason whatsoever. What do you guys have to say about this? Let us know in the comments section below!
  10. Two years ago I did a story on how video games are much larger than movies/TV shows because of its flexibility in storytelling. I've been playing choice-based games ever since it was introduced to video games and the popular storytelling style was taken mainstream thanks to games from studios like “Telltale Games”. You would have to make choices that would change the plot of the story drastically and it seems like Netflix took my challenge seriously. © Mensxp Netflix is now taking the interactive-based storytelling style to mainstreams shows like “Black Mirror” and it works like a charm. The streaming giant already introduced the interactive feature to kids content like 'Puss In Boots'. I was invited to Los Gatos to check out 'Bandersnatch' - a brand new Black Mirror movie where I could choose my own story by clicking on multiple-choice questions that would affect the plot. It's Netflix's first interactive content for adults and is now available to stream/play on various devices. 'Bandersnatch' is a story about a game developer who is looking to make a video based on a “create-your-own fantasy” book of the same name. The game he sets out to develop also happens to have a series of choices for players. We learn during the early chapter that the author of the original 'Bandersnatch' went completely nuts while he was writing his book and ended up killing his wife. You will face a similar dilemma when you make choices for “Stefan” in Bandersnatch. © Netflix One of the key moments in 'Bandersnatch' is when Stefan is offered a job and it's up to you whether you want to accept or decline the offer. While exchanging notes with my peers at the conference, it was quite cool to notice that 90% of the people answered “Yes” while I declined the job offer. This is where the interactive storytelling feature makes things exciting. Not only did I experience a completely different story from my counterparts, I even experienced a very different ending. Apparently, there are five different endings in 'Bandersnatch' and I happened to experience three of them. © Netflix What's cool about the interactive feature is the ability to go back and change your choices. In fact, I ended up spending more time retracing my choices simply because I wanted to see if I could break the plot — I couldn't. That's probably because they're over a million if not a trillion unique permutations of the story. There are a plethora of choices you will need to make that can impact the story or sometimes just change certain details. The overall plot of 'Bandersnatch' also responds and adapts to your choices just like you would experience it in video games. For instance, in the very beginning, you will choose what cereal to eat for breakfast. You will notice later in the movie how the plot responded to your choice. How Did Netflix Make It Happen Choice-based video games are easier to make as these games are coded from the ground up to provide an ecosystem for such a feature to flourish. The same cannot be said about a live-action movie as it's way more complicated. You need to shoot multiple scenes from different angles, shoot different reactions to choices and make sure you follow every permutation with utmost accuracy. Netflix engineers built their very own script-writing tool that enables them to tell choice-based narratives. Netflix calls it a Branch Manager where there were able to track every choice and the flow of the narrative based on each choice. Netflix also pre-caches content so that users can stream the content even with poor internet and the app now pre-caches two paths every time you are faced with a choice. Due to this very reason, the interactive episode can be experienced only on supported devices such as Android smartphones, iOS devices, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and certified Smart TVs. Is It Still Black Mirror? © Netflix Hell yes! Just like every other Black Mirror episode — 'Bandersnatch' ends up f*cking with your head as well. However, since you are making the choices for the protagonist, the head-f*cking is a lot more amplified. This is precisely why the interactive feature was a perfect fit for a Black Mirror movie. I have to confess, when I was introduced to the feature at the conference, I quickly dismissed it as a Telltale rip-off/gimmick. However, after experiencing the interactive movie for myself, I could not keep the remote down and make every choice possible to f*ck up Stefan's life. I soon realised what went behind in the making of 'Bandersnatch' and simply left the room with endless questions in my head. So yes, 'Bandersnatch' is a typical Black Mirror episode where you will be left in a state of shock and maybe even remorse. Is This The Future Of Entertainment? Streaming has already taken over our lives and Netflix is going in the right direction by involving its viewers in the plot of 'Bandersnatch'. It's a feature I always wanted on live-action content and Netflix has yet again proved me wrong. Sure, there's still room for traditional linear story-telling on Netflix, but the future of story-telling sure has taken a turn, thanks to 'Bandersnatch'. Just make sure you don't lose your remote while watching/experiencing the latest Black Mirror movie.
  11. The use of Cryptocurrency has been on the rise in the last few years and we've already witnessed a massive trend wherein people are considering it to be an easy source of quick earnings. While enthusiasts are envisioning it to be the future of trade, critics and government authorities haven't been very accepting of it. While people expect it to solve issues of mankind ranging from poverty to financial crisis, a study finds that if bitcoin continues to become more widely adopted, the huge amount of electricity used to trade and mine the cryptocurrency could push global temperatures above 2 degrees Celsius by 2033. © Reuters Firstly, the mining process consumes a humungous amount of energy. Bitcoins are “mined” in a process that is computationally demanding, with heavy hardware requirements that suck electricity. Everything's fine if the electricity grid is connected to a renewable source of energy like a hydroelectric dam or wind turbine, but becomes worrisome if fossil fuels are being consumed instead. The study by researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa found that the cumulative emissions from bitcoin would be enough to push global warming beyond 2C in 22 years. If the average rate of technology uptake is used instead, this number is closer to 16 years. © Medium The researchers have clearly stated that their intention isn't to predict the usability of Bitcoin's but to measure and evaluate the side-effects. Randi Rollins, a PhD student who studies the impacts of climate change said, “This type of analysis should be performed when any new technology is under development. Being aware of the consequences of future technology development could go a long way in reducing emissions and preventing further damage to the environment.” The 2015 Paris Agreement commits 195 nations to stop global temperatures rising more than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. A 2-degree rise in temperature could reduce water availability in some areas by up to 30 percent according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). © Medium To come down with this conclusion, the scientists analysed the power efficiency of computers used in bitcoin mining, the location of miners around the world and the CO2 emissions from electricity in those countries. Even though the relation between Bitcoin mining and climate change sounds too far-fetched, we can't ignore the resources it takes up even in the shorter term. Not only is high-end hardware required to process mining, but an equivalent amount of power goes into cooling down the system. In 2017 alone, the use of bitcoin produced 69 million metric tons of carbon dioxide - about the same as the state of Arkansas. © Reuters "Clearly, any further development of cryptocurrencies should critically aim to reduce electricity demand, if the potentially devastating consequences of 2C of global warming are to be avoided,” said Professor Camilo Mora, who led the study. Source: Nature.com
  12. Over a year has gone by since Hollywood biggie Harvey Weinstein was exposed by The New York Times, a monumental day that marked the real beginning of the #MeToo movement. All these women, these survivors have been raising their voices loud and clear - they are ready to be heard. The #MeToo movement's arrival in India earlier this October, has followed in the same footsteps. The uprising has since shaken up our nonchalant society, that has long subdued and ignored the protests of sexual abuse and harassment survivors. The voices are finally being heard in our homeland. © Twitter Don't believe us? You think the movement hasn't caused a stir worth acknowledging and looking out for? Well, to such naysayers, we bring these proofs. A recent report published by The Indian Express shows that the #MeToo tweets in India in the month of October has exceeded US' monthly high. That is, between September 20th and October 19th, 1.2 million #MeToo tweets have come out of India. The report also states that “Twitter saw more #MeToo tweets from India at the month ending October 19 than any single month in the US over the past year”. With India's October #MeToo tweets exceeding US' monthly high, it evidently seems that Indian women have finally launched a movement that will not die anytime soon, and surely not without bringing about a change. © Twitter The uproar has already managed to cause a seismic shift in the country's gender politics and altered the status-quo across the nation in varying degrees. Showing her support towards Tanushree, and placing her faith in the movement's inherent power, Freida Pinto wrote in a Instagram post, "What you have done is monumental and important and it has to shake the very core of a nation and an ideology that for too long has gotten away with heinous crimes against women and where the ugliness of misogyny has dominated the rights and suppressed any voice that has dared to speak up." It seems this time women have sworn to not stop until the culprits are brought to justice, until the power structures are dismantled, and the laws that are meant to protect the wellbeing of the country's citizens, are not bent to serve the powerful and mighty. Actor Richa Chadha seems to be highlighting this aspect of the movement when she told PTI that, "The #MeToo movement isn't going away any time soon. It is here to stay. It is time to make men accountable for their actions and the trauma that is caused to the victims, men or women”. © Twitter Regardless of what the naysayers and fake male feminists try to believe, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever amidst #MeToo solidarity. The pushback has forced prominent accused such as MJ Akbar, Prashant Jha, Sajid Khan and many others to step down from their positions of power, and step away from their projects and positions, under the public glare. Numerous celebrities, journalists and politicians have also come forward to support the survivors who have spoken up and condemned the culprits. Be it Farhan Akhtar, Hansal Mehta, Priyanka Chopra, or Sandhya Menon and Maneka Gandhi, they have all come in support of the movement. Anurag Kashyap and Akshay Kumar have also condemned and stepped away from projects they had undertaken with Vikas Bahl and Sajid Khan respectively. However, socio-political activist Chanda Asani feels that the movement needs to turn more inclusive, where it can move beyond social media and include the voices of people working on the ground. She further says that "On sexual harassment, I think we are trying to put ourselves in the same rut patriarchy has put us in. It's not just about the body - woman or man's. The power structures need to change”. We hope the tides of #MeToo leave behind a better tomorrow in its wake, not only for the survivors to heal, but for the future generations to live freely in.
  13. John Lennon- the man whose songs and ideologies have ruled a millennial's life at some point in time, be it through the meaningful lyrics that touched a million chords with his audience or his active pacifism and rebellion against the society, that inspired an entire generation of young men and women of his time and after. © johnlennon John Lennon continues to live on, not only through his classic compositions but also through his distinguished way with words, which have served to make many of us make sense of this world and our lives a little better. The following quotes by the legend, will not only guide your experiences in the ever mind-boggling 20s, but will also help you take on life with a pinch of salt: 1. “Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.” The 20s of one's life is a kind of a mixed bag of goodies, you never know what tomorrow might bring your way, yet you never stop making plans. But as Lennon said, life will happen in the moments that you never get to plan in the first place. © johnlennon 2. “I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people.” If you're in your 20s, you know the constant push one faces to conform to the notion of the “ideals” present in every society, be it with regards to your career choices, relationships or even your food habits. Well, you don't have to live your life on anybody else's terms. 3. “If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create.” Very, very poignant even in today's time. No individual is spared from the scrutiny and judgement that our society has come to understand as its birthright, but regardless of how they try to label you, you gotta love yourself first for every other thing to work out. © johnlennon 4. “We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practised in broad daylight.” We need not say much on this one. We have been witness to numerous incidents that follow this statement to the T in India, yet the message lies in the fact that we must not participate or encourage violence in any of its forms. Make love, not war remember? 5. “Trying to please everybody is impossible – if you did that, you'd end up in the middle with nobody liking you. You've just got to make the decision about what you think is your best, and do it.” Another one, not even one of us can deny having given in to at some point in time. But sooner or later, we come to realise the worthlessness of it all. We can't please everyone, so it's better we do more of what pleases us (without hurting/offending anyone, of course). © johnlennon 6. “There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.” Remember these words by heart. Over the next couple of years, you'll find yourself in situations that don't make sense to you at all, and you will want to scream “why is this happening to me?”. That is when you remember this quote and keep pushing through it all. 7. “A mistake is only an error, it becomes a mistake when you fail to correct it.” Well, our 20s is THE time when we make the most stupid, most hilarious and at times, the most tragic mistakes of our lives, but you know what, we can decide whether to learn from it and correct ourselves, or let it decide who we are as a person. © johnlennon 8. “Produce your own dream. If you want to save Peru, go save Peru. It's quite possible to do anything, but not if you put it on the leaders and the parking meters. Don't expect Carter or Reagan or John Lennon or Yoko Ono or Bob Dylan or Jesus Christ to come and do it for you. You have to do it yourself.” Well, if it's that degree you're after, or that dream job you've been itching to apply for, just go and do it. Don't wait for that internship or your exams to guide your fate. You do you, and live that dream! 9. “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” Oh yeah! All those mass bunks, parties and vacays with friends is worth it all. This one will help keep the guilt at bay. © johnlennon 10. “When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun, every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.” Well, if the man means anything to you, take his word for it. Even the Gita approves of this ideology. Keep doing good even when no one's watching. That's where all the satisfaction lies. 11. “Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it'll always get you the right ones.” These words are pure gold and be sure you have them by heart, 'cause in the years to come, this will hold true for you on a LOT of occasions. © johnlennon 12. “What we've got to do is keep hope alive. Because without it we'll sink.” Lastly, when the 20s and the adulting that finally comes with it seems like a hopeless, uphill battle, this quote is exactly what you need to do. These are gems, right? And pretty relatable.
  14. Putting their England debacle to rest, the Indian cricket team has undoubtedly been in sublime form in the 2018 Asia Cup. The fact that Team India became the first team to secure their berth in the final with one Super Four match still left to play, goes on to show how convincing they have been in the tournament. Thus, when it came to their last Super Four clash against Afghanistan on 25th September, there was no surprise to see India resting as many as five of their regular players which included last game's centurions Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. The game was full surprises, quite literally. © BCCL First up, was the sight of MS Dhoni at the toss as he came out to lead the Indian side for the 200th time in ODIs. Then, there was Mohammad Shahzad's sparkling knock of 124 runs, which was brilliantly followed up with Mohammad Nabi's gritty fifty. Later, it was KL Rahul and Ambati Rayudu's classy fifty to give India a flying start. And finally, Rashid Khan's brilliance to defend six runs in the final over to snatch a tie for Afghanistan. But, amidst all that, there was a rare moment of Dhoni's typical inimitable style that was captured on the stump mic. During Afghanistan's innings, Kuldeep Yadav was getting ready for his run-up when he took a glance at the field. Not happy with the field setting, the Indian chinaman pressed for a change but to no avail. "Bowling karega ya bowler change karein" MS Dhoni to Kuldeep Yadav pic.twitter.com/Sb7mKOporI — Khurram Siddiquee (@iamkhurrum12) September 25, 2018 The left-arm spinner persisted for a change in the field but Dhoni not only turned a blind eye to his request but also gave him a cheeky reply. Not happy with the field, Kuldeep was asking a fielder to move from his current position, when Dhoni was caught on the stump mic saying: "Bowling karega, ya bowler change karein? (Are you going to bowl, or should we change the bowler?)". While Dhoni has often been heard chirping from behind the stumps during his captaincy days, his comments during yesterday's clash against Afghanistan quickly went viral on social media. Indian cricket fans were seen revelling in Dhoni's sarcasm, as they took to social media to express their views. ð#ThugLife @msdhoni never try to mess with him@imkuldeep18 wants #dhoni to change field#Dhoni replies-Bowling karega aur bowler change kare (Will u bowl or shall i change the bowler) ððð#INDvAFG #AsiaCup2018 #MSDhoni pic.twitter.com/JJb8mEgNbk — Pathan Usif (@Pathan4141) September 26, 2018 𤣠he is known for his sarcastic / guiding one liners a senior who is vastly experienced and juniors need to trust his instincts which will help them. Batting may not be as sharp as it used to be, but dhoni speed behind stumps and sharp thinking even at this age - unmatchable — Nairs (@Nairs20) September 26, 2018 #7 , still is the BOSS. yadav keep that in your spinning mind. ðð — Nitin Desai (@e9065ba5bed8401) September 26, 2018 @imkuldeep18 Beta pehle kuch cricket khel lo fir @msdhoni ko cricket sikhane jana. This Kohli style of arrogance doesn't always work. Especially when you are up against a GOAT like MSD — Big Bong Theory ð®ð³ (@BigBongTheory) September 25, 2018 That's what captain supposed to doð bowler can have his field but experience counts — Koparli Jitu (@Koparliwala) September 25, 2018 That is what Management is all about... decision is mine, the reason for failure is mine but the reason for success is ours.. thats MS for us. — Shuddha Satwa Ghosh (@ShuddhaSatwa) September 26, 2018 Epic ððð — Gunjan Mehta (@iamgunjanmehta) September 25, 2018
  15. We've been through that phase you know, the one where as young adults all our moves were judged and every statement that we uttered was clipped before we could even complete it. A lot of times we were not taken seriously, even when we wanted to speak about issues that were close to our heart. © Facebook Our society, being the skewed version of itself that it is, never bothers to pay heed to what troubles the young minds of our nation. Heck, half the time they don't care about the concerns the 'adults' are dealing with let alone the needs of the youth. However, with the elections drawing closer we do see the expected rise of politicians who often 'appear' to be earnestly interested to hear us out and lend a helping hand. But let's face it, what has been done about even the most pressing issues that are of importance to us right now? From substance abuse to unemployment to lack of higher education opportunities and what not, a LOT of our needs are falling on deaf ears. Times Are Changing © Facebook The International Youth Day this year brought with itself a welcome wind of change, and we as youngsters must seize this opportunity to make the most of it. Naga Sravan Kilaru, a young bloke from Andhra Pradesh has taken it upon himself to stir up the state's young minds, help them speak up and ensure that they get heard by those who can make a difference to their lives. With the belief that the youth must be thought of as the present of a country and not the future, Kilaru launched Yuvagalam on International Youth Day (12th August) that promises to maximise the impact of Indian youth on our nation's future and aims to capture and channel their aspirations by creating a unified voice. © Facebook What Yuvagalam wishes to achieve through this movement is accountability of people in positions of power, as well as political empowerment for the young generation of our country. He wants to ensure that no political party takes the young voters of this country for granted and pays heed to their immediate issues. Here Is How This Works Kilaru plans to read the pulse of youngsters through one-on-one interaction with students, both online and offline, by the means of a 3000-kilometre walk across 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh over a course of 100 days and visiting at least 120 colleges to take inputs from at least 1,00,000 youngsters by the end of the campaign. © Facebook Post this move, they would compile all the collected data and form a 'youth manifesto' which they want the political parties in the state to adopt and make it a part of their election manifesto before the state elections early next year. They want young people to come together, fight for their rights such as political representation. What Is The End Goal © Facebook Apart from lending a voice to the youth through the 'youth manifesto', they also wish to identify passionate and accountable youngsters who wish to bring about a change in the society and help them participate in existing community projects, as well as set up new initiatives for the development of our society and the nation at large. Naga Sravan Kilaru has a lot of gems on his crowns. He is an Industrial Engineering and Management graduate and was awarded the National Youth Award by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India in January this year for his active citizenship. He also represented India as a 'Young Delegate' at the Summer Youth Assembly of the United Nations in 2016. © Facebook This young lad has passion and the willingness to make an impact at a personal level, so that India can rise and shine in the days to come. We love this initiative he has undertaken and can't wait to see what this movement creates for the youth of the nation.
  16. We were at Gamescom earlier this week to check out Nvidia's latest graphics cards and in case you missed all the details, you can read all the details here. There are a lot of details we can't talk about as of now, however, there is some information we can share with you. Nvidia's latest graphics cards have more to offer than just better visuals, thanks to Ray-Tracing technology. The architecture of the new GPUs has been changed from the group up. The GTX 1080 and even the entry-level GPUs use the Pascal architecture, however, the new line-up will now be using new the new Turing architecture. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Thanks to the new architecture, the RTX series can be twice as fast as its predecessors and some games will also use a new feature called Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS). The Tensor cores in every RTX graphic cards are also capable of performing fast deep learning neural network processing. This translates to better game performance and image processing DLSS technology on the new GPUs are capable of offering high fidelity visuals at significantly high frame rates. © Nvidia When it comes to CUDA cores, the new RTX lineup has improved on the counts across the board, that also results in better graphics work. The 2080 Ti has 21 per cent more cores than its predecessor, while the RTX 2080 has 15% more than the GTX 2080. In the worst case scenario, theoretically, this results in at least 15 per cent improvement when it comes to TFLOPS. Even when we are being sceptical, we can confidently say that the new RTX series will be substantially faster than the current 10-series. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The new Turing architecture also ramps up the bandwidth capabilities. It will use 14 GT/s GDDR6 memory that will give the new GPU a slight advantage over its predecessor. The RTX 2080Ti will offer 27 per cent improvement in bandwidth while the RTX 2080 will offer a 40% performance improvement over the GTX 1080. How Will It Affect Games? © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla I may have bored you with all the specifications up until now, however, it will only make sense once we determine how it will affect games. While everything above mentions how the performance of the GPU will significantly improve, it will also change how we look at games. The new RTX GPUs will be utilising something called ray-tracing. It will work in tandem with all the specifications listed above and will effectively simulate better lighting in games. Ray-Tracing will be able to make games look close to real-life with reflections, accurate shadows and overall, better visuals. What's cool is that the GPUs do not require extra processing power to achieve this as it is capable of doing this in real-time. Ray-Tracing may not sound like a big deal to you right now, however, once you compare games with RTX turned on and without it, you will be able to noticeably spot the difference. © Nvidia For example, check out this screenshot above from Battlefield V with RTX turned on. You can clearly see the reflection of the explosion on the car door. This is happening in real-time gameplay with RTX enabled. In order to show reflections, the process requires a very processor-intense technique which could only be achieved earlier in cutscenes. With the RTX GPUs, you can now see all the action and great visuals in real-time during your gameplay. What About Frame Rates? We had a hands-on demo of the games that were running up to 60 FPS on 4K resolution. Obviously, the sync speed was turned on during the demos for us to see and we can confidently say that it can achieve what you're hoping for. Having said that, you can expect a small effect on performance if you max out the settings. It all depends on developers and how they incorporate the new features into their games. It is quite likely that developers will give you the option to turn off the effects in case you need every available frame per second. What Will It Cost? The Nvidia RTX 2070 FE will cost Rs 51,200 while the Nvidia RTX 2080 FE will cost Rs 65,800 and will be available (start shipping from) 27th of September 2018. Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti FE will cost Rs 1,02,500 and will be available from 27th of September 2018.
  17. So here i am with great new tutorial for you! get started> Goto AdminCP > Themes > EDIT HTML/CSS and search for custom.css in CSS Tab And add the below line of code /** * Chatbox Mention Color */ .ipsApp .ipsDataItem_new, .ipsApp .ipsDataItem_success { background-color: #336fe8; } you can change the color > background-color: #hexcolor; Enjoy the tuto!
  18. Disclaimer: With this article, I, as a writer, do not promote or endorse the usage of PEDs or AAS for muscle building or any specific goal. If you wish to use it, it is as per your discretion. This piece is purely for information. The debate of 'is this bodybuilder or physique model natty?' seems to be going on since forever. And it won't stop anytime soon. In this article though, I am not going to spark another debate on that topic (at least not for now) and rather talk about how the performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs)/androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) work and change things for people who take them and thus, what edge do they have over someone who is not taking these drugs. A Tell-All Research © YouTube An interesting study done by Bhasin et. al. in 1996 compared muscle gain rates among four groups. The study lasted for 10 weeks where the testosterone groups were given 600 mg of testosterone. The groups were: A - Placebo with no exercise B - Testosterone with no exercise C - Placebo with exercise D - Testosterone with exercise The results of the group were: A - No significant change in fat-free mass B - An average gain of 3.5 kilos of fat-free mass C - An average gain of 1.7 kilos of fat-free mass D - An average gain of 5.8 kilos of fat-free mass This means the group which did not even exercise and took testosterone gained twice the lean body mass compared to the group who did not take testosterone and exercised for 10 weeks. Basically, PEDs/AAS = better gains. © YouTube Let's Now Understand What Happens When You Work Out When you work out and lift weights, your muscles undergo trauma or damage and then muscle protein strands repair the damage caused to the fibers. Over time, these strands grow both in terms of number and size. Along with this, if your muscle protein synthesis (MPS) aka the rate at which your body stimulates/creates new muscle protein is higher than muscle protein breakdown (MPB) aka the rate at which the muscle protein is broken down, you gain net muscle. The degree of the muscle protein synthesis is largely regulated by the hormone testosterone and is a major reason that men have more muscle mass compared to women. What Happens When You Take Steroids © YouTube PEDs or AAS mimic natural testosterone, thus elevating the muscle protein synthesis and it is estimated that globally, 15% of gym goers use these substances. When you inject these drugs, your gene expression begins to change and that too from day 1 of injecting them. Steroids enter your cells and bind to the androgen receptors. Once they are bound to the androgen receptors, they can easily move into the nucleus and attach to your DNA. This, in turn, activates hundreds of genes in your body to increase muscle protein synthesis and reduce muscle protein breakdown. Because of this, people on PEDs can have 3 to 5x more nuclei than a normal individual. And more nuclei meaning more muscle cells. PEDs can also reduce a person's fat cells meaning gaining muscle and losing fat. Furthermore, this increase in nuclei also has a protective effect against muscle damage meaning that you do not induce damage to your muscle fibers with even intense bouts of exercise and you can work out for longer hours without being exhausted. Add to this, the speedy recovery time (partly due to lesser damage in the first place) allows you to exercise more and hit the gym more frequently without any dip in the intensity of your sessions. All in all, the usage of PEDs or AAS results in the following: 1. Increased muscle size 2. Increase in strength 3. Protection of muscle fibers against damage 4. Increased exercise tolerance 5. Increased recovery Note- This article is just scratching the surface and only looking at the benefits or upsides of AAS/PEDs usage. As every coin has two sides, these drugs have a lot of documented downsides as well which is a topic for another article altogether. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  19. The Pixel 3 has been rumoured to launch this fall, however, we have not seen a proper leak about the smartphone until today. The picture was taken by a Ukrainian Telegram user, which has now been floating all over the internet. © Amazon India Android Police reports that the Telegram user @LuchkovCH posted detailed pictures of the upcoming smartphone and an unboxing video of the apparent Pixel 3 XL. He claims that it is the final production unit, which cannot be confirmed of now. So, we will have to just take his word until Google officially unveils the phone in October this year. © Twitter The leaked photos show that the Pixel 3 XL will come in a white variant that will also have an iPhone X-style notch on the display. Previous leaks of the display panel corroborated this leak and today, we can finally see it on a full production unit. Other details we could pick up from the leaked images show a wired power adapter and a separate charging cable. However, the most surprising thing to see in the leak was an inclusion of a USB C headphone. Google removed the headphone jack on the Pixel 2 and provided a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter. That remains the same according to this new leak, however, it is surprising to see a USB-C headphone included in the retail box. © Twitter The leaker also showed off the operating system and specs under the hood of the Pixel 3 XL. The phone is powered by Android 9 and has an octa-core Qualcomm processor. The SoC is coupled with an Adreno 630 GPU and has a display with a resolution of 2,960x1,440-pixel. © Twitter Even though this leak is in line with previous rumours, the information has to be taken with a pinch of salt, as Google has neither confirmed or denied these leaks. Google is expected to launch the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in October later this year and we will only know for sure if these rumours are true, once the smartphone is unveiled.
  20. It's that time of the month when Gamescom is right around the corner and Nvidia is looking to announce new hardware on August 20th. It is rumoured that Nvidia is planning to launch the GeForce GTX 1180 and GTX 1170 at an event called “GeForce gaming Celebration”. © YouTube According to the invitation, the company has promised “spectacular surprises” at its booth and we're already excited what the company has in store for us. Previously, it was leaked in an email that Nvidia will release the GeForce GTX 1180 on Aug. 30 and it seems like Gamescom would be the perfect place for it to launch. The company is also going to announce additional hardware such as the Turing-based 11 series of GPUs. It is rumoured that the GTX 1170 and GTX 1180 will be launched at a later date at one-month intervals. In terms of specifications, rumours suggest that the GTX 1170 is already faster than the GTX 1080 Ti. Benchmarks for the upcoming GPU was leaked online and according to the results, the GTX 1170 is supposed to have 256-bit memory interface and as much as 16 GB of GDDR6 VRAM running at 2.5 GHz frequency. The GPU managed to score 29,752 points in the 3DMark FireStrike test, and outperformed the GTX 1080 Ti by 65%. © WCCFTech If these leaks are true, that's more than anybody could have hoped for and it is destined to change the gaming experience on PC forever. Having said that, these numbers should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it could be fake test results as well. The results were posted by WCCFTech, so there is no way of corroborating the leak as of now. © Twitter In terms of pricing, the new GPUs are expected to cost anywhere between $999 and $1499 and prices for India would be known closer to the launch date. If you're interested in upgrading your PC, we suggest you start saving some moolah now. Source: WCCFTech
  21. Every year all of us wait patiently to see what's new in Android's latest update. The cycle is pretty clear by now, Google shows off upcoming features at I/O in June, Android Beta starts rolling out for those who just can't wait and the package is released OTA to supported devices in August. To start off, Android P has been named Pie and it's officially called Android 9.0 Pie. Since its inception, Google has named Android's updates after appetizing treats like Oreo, Marshmallow, Lollipop and more. With Android Pie, the focus has been on artificial intelligence, which will power the user experience on the OS. The update is approximately 1.2GB in size and already available for download on the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. Now, here's why Android Pie is so exciting: 1. New Gesture-Based Navigation With this update, you now have the option to ditch Android's traditional three-button navigation and go with gestures instead. A pill can be your only home button, tap it to go home, swipe right on it to go back and swipe left to see recent apps. This is pretty similar to what we've seen on the iPhone X and many other Android devices have been shipping with this feature as well. Yes, you obviously also have the option to retain the older navigation buttons, but a choice is always appreciated. 2. Notch Support © MensXP While the addition of a notch will forever be a controversial debate, Google has embraced the notch and understood that it's better to natively support it and improve the user experience than letting OEMs dig through the UI and add the functionality in their skin. This way, apps are also built keeping in mind the proper scaling norms and notifications can be more easily incorporated throughout the UI. Even the Pixel 3 is rumoured to sport a notch. On the other hand, Google doesn't want OEMs to go overboard with the notch and is limiting it to only 3 per display. You can also simulate a notch by enabling the option in Developer Mode. 3. Wellbeing Program © Google It is a universal fact that every one of us is almost or even actually addicted to our phone, and Google doesn't want it to be that way. The program isn't actually ready yet but Pixel users can sign up in Beta. Android Pie brings in a Dashboard that lets you set time limits on apps and grays out the icon on your home screen when you have exhausted the minutes. You can also keep a track of how much you've used the phone throughout the day along with separate counters of every app. This way, you know which apps are taking up most of your time. The onboard AI will also suggest you a few steps to curb usage. 4. Artifical Intelligence Everywhere © Google AI is at the heart of Android Pie and is active in almost every process of the phone. Starting with Adaptive Battery, which tracks your most frequently used apps and saves battery for them to Adaptive Brightness that learns how you like the display colours and brightness and automatically shifts the output accordingly over time. Google is also working on a program called Slices that show you relevant information from your top apps. This way, apps like Google Maps will automatically learn your movements and suggest traffic alerts and faster routes. 5. New Screenshot Tool © Android Police Taking a screenshot has always been pretty straightforward, but the functionality was never actually natively supported by Android and every OEM had a different way of dealing with it. With Android Pie, Google is making this uniform across all devices. Obviously, the old method of taking one still works. Android Pie also brings in a new edit feature that lets you draw, crop, or highlight the screenshot before sharing it. This has been standard in the iPhone since iOS 11, and we're glad it's finally coming to Android.
  22. Apple has the ultra-premium brand image not only in India, but everywhere around the world. The brand is known for its simplistic marketing and has managed to create a fan base like no other. The iPhone makes up 8 out of the 10 best-selling smartphones in Q2 2018 and the company has 38.7 percent share in the US smartphone market. While Apple has been performing positively in the USA, Europe, and other south-east Asian markets, the brand hasn't been able to make a mark in India. According to Counterpoint Research, iPhone's market share in India has come down to just 1 percent in Q2 2018. Keep in mind, India is the world's second largest smartphone market and companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus have been posting double-digit growth in the country. Why Is Apple Unable To Perform In India? © Reuters It's the price. India is a very price sensitive market; the budget and the midrange segment account for a majority of the sales. Xiaomi and Samsung have massively expanded their portfolio in the country. Even smaller players like OPPO's Realme and ASUS have been shipping lakhs of units. Anything above Rs 30,000 is considered premium in India. OnePlus has established itself as a pocket-friendly premium vendor. Samsung sits at the top with its flagships and Google's Pixel is trying to make a dent in this segment as well. Apple, on the other hand, sits at the peak of this pyramid. While Samsung's S9 costs Rs 60,000, the iPhone X starts at Rs 89,000. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus try to compete with the S9, Note8 and Pixel 2, but often fail. Even the iPhone 6S (32GB) that was launched way back in 2015 costs Rs 35,000. Will you buy the latest OnePlus 6 for that price or the iPhone 6S? © BCCL A few years ago, it made sense to invest in an older iPhone because of iOS and its long-term stability. But, Android has come a long way now and you are assured that a Rs 30,000+ phone will receive software updates at least for the next two years. Apple had been piggybacking on the iPhone SE for quite some time, but the phone simply cannot take the load now. It's old and far inferior to its Android counterparts. Why Is Apple Not Able To Maintain Competitive Pricing? © Reuters This is where things get interesting. A few years ago, smartphones in India were super expensive when their price was compared to other markets. This international price gap has reduced drastically and now we often see prices in India being cheaper than other markets. Vendors or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) started taking the country seriously and established local manufacturing plants to avoid import duty. Majority of the smartphones that are now sold in India are assembled locally. Spare parts often get imported, but the duty on spares is still lower than on finished mobile phones. Samsung recently opened the largest manufacturing facility in Noida, Xiaomi has set up three factories and Vivo and OPPO have sourcing units as well. © Twitter/MEAIndia Currently, the government imposes 20 percent import duty on mobile phones. In the last one year, the government has increased the rate from 10 percent to 20 percent and this is killing Apple. Apple via its contractor Wistron is currently assembling the iPhone SE in India while the 6S is being made in smaller batches. All other models are being imported. The company has been trying to expand its facilities and production units in the country, but hardly anything has materialized. © BCCL The company is currently undergoing strategy turnaround and restructuring in the country. Reports have also emerged that Wistron would invest close to Rs 3,000 crore in two phases to set up a greenfield smartphone manufacturing plant in Karnataka. The company is expected to make the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus here, depending on Apple's requirements. There has been no word on sourcing the flagships devices right now.
  23. All of us want to look our absolute best, don't we? But looking our absolute best requires time and effort. And most of that time and effort goes into finding the right grooming products for men - a task that can be singularly frustrating and amusing at the same time. After all, there is a serious dearth of quality grooming products (especially those catering to beard care) for Indian men. So to help our bros avoid an unkempt and dishevelled beard, we've compiled a list of the best Philips trimmers for men in India, all of which can help transform you into a grooming pro. Here are 7 Philips trimmers for men in India that'll make you look sexy AF! 1. Philips QT4001/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer © Amazon India An absolutely hassle-free trimmer that is ideal for most men, this QT4001/15 variant comes with a longer battery life (almost 4x more than regular trimmers), is durable and super smooth on your skin, giving you that perfect salon-quality trim you've always aspired for. MRP: Rs 1,319 Buy it here 2. Philips BT1210 Cordless Beard Trimmer © Amazon India Equipped with DuraPower technology and USB charging, this Philips BT1210 cordless beard trimmer is just what you were looking for. Implementing an ergonomic design, stainless steel blades and detachable heads, your grooming game is certain to get an update with this Philips trimmer. MRP: Rs 850 Buy it here 3. Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15 © Amazon India If you have any plans of bringing your best game to that Tinder date you've got scheduled for the weekend, then you need to use an A-grade trimmer. As it turns out, this QT4011/15 variant from Philips fits the bill completely. Equipped with DuraPower technology, skin-friendly rounded tips for smoother trimming, 27 lock-in length settings ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm and self-sharpening titanium blades, your grooming artillery will get a much-needed boost with this trimmer. MRP: Rs 2,099 Buy it here 4. Philips DuraPower Beard Trimmer BT3211/15 - Corded & Cordless © Amazon India If you were looking for a strong rechargeable trimmer that could be used both with and without a cord, then look no further than this BT3211/15 variant. Perfect for those situations when you need a quick trim, it comes equipped with a power-packed battery that can give you up to 60 minutes of cordless use. Incredibly easy to use owing to the 20 different length settings that can give you anything from a 3-day shadow look to a full beard, you also get a complimentary travel and storage pouch with this trimmer. MRP: Rs 1,649 Buy it here 5. Philips DuraPower Beard Trimmer BT3221/15 - Corded & Cordless - Titanium Blades © Amazon India Equipped with Titanium coated blades, DuraPower technology, a lift-and-trim system and twenty different lock-in settings, this BT3221/15 variant from Philips is good a trimmer as you can currently purchase in the market. Though a bit on the higher side, it'll prove to be worth every single penny when it helps you score more right swipes on Tinder than ever before. MRP: Rs 2,099 Buy it here 6. Philips BT1215/15 USB Cordless Beard Trimmer © Amazon India There is a reason why this is considered to be one of the best Philips trimmers for men in India. Featuring four different stubble and beard combs, up to 60 minutes of cordless usage, DuraPower technology and blades made of stainless steel, at a mere Rs 1,104 it also gives you incredible value for money. MRP: Rs 1,104 Buy it here 7. Philips MG7715/15 13-in -1 Multigroom Trimmer © Amazon India As the name suggests itself, this 13-in-1 multigroom trimmer is an absolute all-rounder. Providing users with up to 2 hours of wireless usage on a single charge, equipped with 8 different combs for trimming your facial and body hair and manufactured using a no-slip rubber grip that'll give you improved comfort and control, this trimmer from Philips is simply the best of the best. It also happens to be waterproof, ensuring that you can use it in the shower without any hassles. MRP: Rs 3,899 Buy it here
  24. Marine measurecounter USS Ardent (MCM -12) cruises in the Arabian Sea May 13, 2013. Photo: AFPABU DHABI: In the waters of the Arabian Sea, a vast "dead zone" the size of Scotland is expanding and scientists say climate change may be to blame.In his...
  25. Amber Shahzada is contesting from Na-125 Lahore as an independent candidate/ Geo News screen grabIn a time when a three-time elected prime minister can be ousted on the basis of corruption allegations, a daring candidate has come forth with a...