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Found 22 results

  1. It's Father's Day tomorrow and while a social media post doesn't quite suffice for thanking the most important man in our life, it won't hurt to let him know that you love him. Since fathers are the source of our inspiration and the light of guidance for all of us, here are 5 TV characters who played the role of absolute badass fathers and nailed it: 1. Walter White in 'Breaking Bad' A chemistry teacher going through a mid-life crisis and fighting deadly cancer turns into a complete badass when he realises that selling drugs is his only escape to make ends meet for his family to survive. 2. Brad Wolgast in 'The Passage' Brad Wolgast is a federal agent who, even though is not the biological father of Amy, loves and protects her like his own. He saves her from being a pawn in a medical experiment, which is being conducted in a medical facility aided by the government. 3. Logan Roy in 'Succession' He gives his kids a hard time but that is because he believes they need to go through it, as the world is unfair and you have to be strong. Logan makes sure his kids know the value of what they inherit. 4.David Budd in 'Bodyguard' A war veteran suffering from PTSD works in the police protection force as a bodyguard, and he knows how to protect his kin, fiercely. His kind yet strong personality makes him a great onscreen dad. 5.John Winchester in 'Supernatural' John was blinded by revenge and spent most of his time hunting and drinking. He sometimes looks like he's a callous dad but he is very protective of Sam and Dean and even gives up his life for his sons. It's that very tough upbringing that made Sam and Dean one of the finest hunters in the world.
  2. Fans finally got to see the video game adaptation of 'Avengers' when Square Enix revealed the trailer of the upcoming game. While the majority of fans were excited, we got to see a trailer with characters that did not resemble any of the stars from the movies. The game was revealed at E3 this week and the game is set to release on May 15th 2020. © Square Enix While we are quite excited about the game, fans of the franchise weren't too pleased to see their characters having a very generic look. Fans on Twitter reacted with a very disappointed tone and noted that the characters neither sounded or looked like some of their favourite characters. None of the characters in the game share a likeness or even a similar voice to the superheroes we are used to in the big screen. The trailer was met with instant mockery and here are some of the memes that got us cracking up: live look at me watching Square Enix's AVENGERS game trailer at the precise moment where I realized they didn't get likeness rights for any of the actors pic.twitter.com/FMAGpV7c9p — Scott Wampler™ (@ScottWamplerBMD) June 11, 2019 MARVEL: We wanna use ya'll likeness in the new Avenger's game. AVENGERS CAST: Cool. We each need $576,275,592.48 MARVEL: Cool. Lemme hit ya'll right back... pic.twitter.com/hsDeGcsMSL — Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi (@roywoodjr) June 11, 2019 Well, they finally announced the avengers games, oh boy, that announcement was something else, haha#SquareEnixE3 #Avengers pic.twitter.com/JdCw44Bidw — Eriksson (@MedinaEriksson) June 11, 2019 pic.twitter.com/2GS6kW5gxr — Brian (@Protodude) June 11, 2019 the Avengers i ordered vs. the Avengers i got at #e3 pic.twitter.com/V9eY4XRM21 — cait petrakovitz ð (@misscp) June 11, 2019 Marvel's Avengers (Dev. Crystal Dynamics.) pic.twitter.com/VrbnlM4zE1 — Matt Kim (@LawofTD) June 11, 2019 MARVEL: We wanna use ya'll likeness in the new Avenger's game. AVENGERS CAST: Cool. We each need $576,275,592.48 MARVEL: Cool. Lemme hit ya'll right back... pic.twitter.com/hsDeGcsMSL — Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi (@roywoodjr) June 11, 2019 Fixed the new Avengers game #SquareEnixE3 pic.twitter.com/xvmMQbJ7A2 — Superfight (@superfight10) June 11, 2019 The good news is that the game is a live service game that is expected to receive content for years. The other good news is that the game will not have any loot boxes and most of the new characters will be free. New locations to play the game will also come as a part of a free update. Sure, the game does not have the actors we love, however, the game does have voice actors such as Nolan North, Laura Bailey, and Troy Baker. The game is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.
  3. The World Cup fever has gripped everyone and adding a little more excitement to that is the fact the the much awaited sports extravaganza '83', which will trace the journey of India's historic win at the 1983 world cup led by Kapil Dev has begun shooting in full fervour and thanks to social media, we are in tow of what is happening. The entire star cast left for London where they'll be shooting their parts. Needless to say, they look dapper in the official picture that was shared across all channels. View this post on Instagram Kapil's Devils ð @kabirkhankk @saqibsaleem @adinathkothare @iamchiragpatil @harrdysandhu @ammyvirk @thejatinsarna @issahilkhattar @pankajtripathi__ @rbadree @actorjiiva @tahirrajbhasin @dinkersharmaa @dhairya275 #NishantDahhiya @83thefilm #83squad A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on May 27, 2019 at 10:20pm PDT View this post on Instagram One year from today, relive India's greatest story ð®ð³ #Relive83 Releasing on 10th April 2020. @83thefilm @kabirkhankk @mantenamadhu @vishnuinduri @reliance.entertainment @saqibsaleem @adinathkothare @iamchiragpatil @harrdysandhu @ammyvirk @thejatinsarna @issahilkhattar @pankajtripathi__ @rbadree @actorjiiva @tahirrajbhasin @dinkersharmaa @dhairya275 @nishantdahhiya A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Apr 10, 2019 at 6:31am PDT The star cast has some very impressive names in the list and here's what we know about who's playing what in the movie: Ranveer Singh is going to essay the role of Kapil Dev and has been preparing for a long time for it. The movie was initially rumoured to be a biopic on the celebrated cricketer's life but he's going to have a major chunk of the movie focus on his character. View this post on Instagram Becoming the Hurricane ðª #KapilDev @83thefilm @kabirkhankk A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on May 24, 2019 at 9:31pm PDT View this post on Instagram Becoming the Hurricane ðª #KapilDev #Legend #JourneyBegins @83thefilm @kabirkhankk ð A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Apr 5, 2019 at 6:34pm PDT The character of Sandip Patil will be essayed by his own son Chirag Patil. View this post on Instagram 3 , 2 , 1 Sandy Storm Mode ðð¥ðª : : #SandeepPatil #83squadonthemove #sandystormes #cricket #83worldcup #excited #dday #getsetgo #castof83 #gearingup #gettingready #history #repeated #sajidnadiadwala @ranveersingh @saqibsaleem @ammyvirk @harrdysandhu @adinathkothare @dinkersharmaa @issahilkhattar @pankajtripathi__ @dhairya275 @actorjiiva @tahirrajbhasin @thejatinsarna @mantenamadhu A post shared by Chirag Patil (@iamchiragpatil) on May 27, 2019 at 5:47am PDT View this post on Instagram Cast Your Vote ! : : : #voting #vote #politics #election #elections #news #government #youth #currentevents #mumbai #like #votingmatters #votingrights #follow #electionday #yourvotecounts #sandeeppatil #twinning A post shared by Chirag Patil (@iamchiragpatil) on Apr 28, 2019 at 9:31pm PDT Coming to the good looking, absolutely hard working singers and actors from the Punjabi industry, Ammy Virk will be foraying into Bollywood with this movie and will play Balwinder Singh Sandhu. View this post on Instagram Spinning times are coming up!! Real training with my Reel avatar Balwinder Singh Sandhu sir from the Dharamshala boot camp. #Relive83 @ammyvirk #BalwinderSinghSandhu @ranveersingh @kabirkhankk @mantenamadhu @vishnuinduri @reliance.entertainment @83thefilm Waheguru ðð» A post shared by Ammy Virk ( à¨à¨®à© ਵਿਰਠ) (@ammyvirk) on Apr 14, 2019 at 9:24pm PDT Hardy Sandhu will be seen as Madan Lal who had a memorable innings during the 1983 cup. View this post on Instagram It was my Dad's dream for me to play for India. It was my dream to win a World Cup. What I couldn't do in real life because of an unfortunate injury, going to do that in the reel life. ð¬ Doing a film about my first passion - Cricket, is a very emotional feeling for me. I'll be playing Madan Lal Sir, who at the time when I played U-17 india was also the bowling coach at the National Cricket Academy. I am thankful to @kabirkhankk sir for believing in me and a special thanks to @ammyvirk veera . Thank you @castingchhabra bhaaji Super excited to be a part of this squad with @ranveersingh @ammyvirk @saqibsaleem and all others. #MadanLal @Kabirkhankk @reliance.entertainment @mantenamadhu @vishnuinduri @83thefilm @ranveersingh #Relive83 #CastOf83 A post shared by Harrdy sandhu (@harrdysandhu) on Mar 6, 2019 at 7:37am PST View this post on Instagram Learning things from the man himself. #Madanlal Sir #Relive83 @83thefilm @kabirkhankk @ranveersingh @reliance.entertainment @mantenamadhu @vishnuinduri . . . . . . . . #HarrdySandhu #PunjabiStar #Dharamshala #Kangra #BootCamp #Training #83thefilm #Sports #Cricket #Cricketð #1983WorldCup #WorldCup #Pitch #RanveerSingh #KabirKhan #Bollywood #Film #Cinema #Movie #RelianceEntertainment A post shared by Harrdy sandhu (@harrdysandhu) on Apr 20, 2019 at 2:54am PDT Producer and actor Addinath M Kothare will portray the role of Dilip Vengsarakar, who earned the nickname of 'colonel' back in the day. View this post on Instagram One of India's greatest batsmen ! Specially known for his immaculate form and technique ! It's going to be an honour and a challenge to portray this legend, 'Colonel' Dilip Balwant Vengsarkar on the silver screen in @83thefilm !!! ð A post shared by Addinath M Kothare (@adinathkothare) on May 21, 2019 at 3:17am PDT 'Sacred Games' star Jatin Sarna will be seen portraying the role of cricketer Yashpal Sharma. View this post on Instagram When the Reel met the Real #Yashpalsharmacricketer "The guy who played fearlessly, having an eye of eagle and walk of lion..Punished bowlers unconventionally. A strong pillar of world cup 83 squad.An honour to play him in" @83thefilm @reliance.entertainment Direction by one of my favorite @kabirkhankk Casting @castingchhabra love and thanks. A post shared by Jatin Sarna (@thejatinsarna) on Apr 7, 2019 at 7:40am PDT Saqib Saleem will be seen essaying the role of Jimmy Amarnath, who was also awarded the 'man of the match' in the semi-final and the final match. View this post on Instagram Jimmy Rising . . . . #83thefilm #relive83 #jimmyamarnath A post shared by Saqib Saleem (@saqibsaleem) on May 19, 2019 at 2:43am PDT View this post on Instagram Best birthday ever !! Spending time with jimmy sir on my bday what else could I have asked for.Thank you for this @kabirkhankk sir ðâ¤ï¸ @83thefilm @reliance.entertainment #relive83 A post shared by Saqib Saleem (@saqibsaleem) on Apr 7, 2019 at 8:24pm PDT Sahil Khattar will play the role of wicketkeeper Syed Kirmani, who also won the award for the best wicketkeeper during the World Cup of 1983. View this post on Instagram Reliving 83 with Reliving Mirzapur ð @pankajtripathi__ @thejatinsarna @saqibsaleem #relive83 #kiribhai #khattarnaak A post shared by Sahil Khattar (@issahilkhattar) on Apr 9, 2019 at 8:41am PDT One of the most important roles will be played by Pankaj Tripathi who will be seen in the role of Man Singh, who was the coach of the winning team of the 1983 squad and was the driving force for the team. View this post on Instagram The man behind the champions, #ManSingh, will be played by Actor Extraordinaire @pankajtripathi__. #CastOf83 @ranveersingh @kabirkhankk @reliance.entertainment @mantenamadhu @vishnuinduri #Relive83 A post shared by '83 (@83thefilm) on Feb 6, 2019 at 9:32pm PST Dhairya Karwa will be seen as Ravi Shastri and will play a very important role in the movie. View this post on Instagram This is going be a “Tracer Bullet” challenge !! ðð #castof83 #relive83 #83thefilm A post shared by Dhairya Karwa (@dhairya275) on Apr 15, 2019 at 3:15am PDT Tahir Raj Bhasin, who was seen in 'Manto' and 'Kai Po Che' will be seen as Sunil Gavaskar. View this post on Instagram Stepping into the shoes of the Original Little Master, he is ready to give fast bowlers a run for their money! Here's wishing @tahirrajbhasin a very happy birthday. #Relive83 . . . . . . #TahirRajBhasin #SunilGavaskar #Birthday #Wishes #83TheFilm #Cricket #1983WorldCup #83WorldCup A post shared by '83 (@83thefilm) on Apr 21, 2019 at 2:27am PDT South Indian actor Jiiva will be seen as K Srikkanth, the former captain. View this post on Instagram #83film #cricket #team #fun #madness #dharmshala #kabirs11 #workdcup83 A post shared by Actor Jiiva (@actorjiiva) on Apr 3, 2019 at 6:47am PDT Nishant Dahiya will be seen in the shoes of Roger Binny. View this post on Instagram Roger that! @nishantdahhiya will play #RogerBinny, the leading wicket-taker of the '83 World Cup! #CastOf83 #Relive83 @ranveersingh @kabirkhankk @reliance.entertainment @mantenamadhu @vishnuinduri . . . . . . . #NishantDahiya #83thefilm #Announcement #Cricket #Cricketð #1983WorldCup #WorldCup #Pitch #RanveerSingh #KabirKhan #Bollywood #Film #Cinema #Movie A post shared by '83 (@83thefilm) on Apr 27, 2019 at 12:14am PDT With such an interesting line up of stellar talent houses in the movie, this film is bound to become a hit.
  4. Can you believe that there are just a handful of episodes left before 'Game Of Thrones' ends? While I'm sure tonnes of surprises await us before it all goes down, key players like Cersei and her (elephant-less) army, and the shady Iron Islands will definitely be safe next episode which means they get time to plan big surprises. Monday's episode was the last feel-good episode we needed to be ready with before a storm, an impending doom. We're ready now. The Battle Of Winterfell is going to be a long episode, with the longest recording time, this episode is definitely going to see some of the gory deaths that we were promised this season and it's going to be of characters that we adore. So here's our guess list--- all the people who could possibly die in the next episode. Podrick Payne © HBO While The Jenny's Song that he sung last episode contributed a lot to the storyline but in the major scheme of things, it looks like he's not going to matter a lot going forward. He's a minor member of a minor noble house (one subservient to the Lannisters, at that), and if he analyses his character through the seasons, his main function has been to give a pep talk to more important characters which more likely suggests that he'll be gone soon enough. Jorah Mormont © HBO Jorah has always served Danaerys and for obvious reasons was a little taken aback when she made Tyrion the Hand of the Queen. However, in the last episode, he did a little selfless act by convincing Dany that Tyrion despite his rookie mistakes is still a good asset to have. This rids him of any possible twist that he could be a part of. Receiving Sam's house's prized possession: a Valyrian steel sword, Jorah's imminent death in the next episode will only be poetic. Eddison Tollett © HBO Last seen on Monday joining Jon and Samwell to reflect on how they've all made it so far together was an emotional scene. Unfortunately, it looks like Eddison may be the one to fall this week. Beric Dondarrion © HBO Carrying around a rad fire sword doesn't guarantee safety on 'Game Of Thrones'. While it may play a major role in the big battle of fire and ice but the character who possesses it, not so much. Maybe he's here to deliver it to someone. And now, here's a list of people whose fate remains dicey: Gendry © HBO This show, in the first episode, suggested that one of Ned's daughters will wind up with one of Robert's sons. But then again, everything is frivolous, especially lives on this show. Or seeing Gendry die could give a purpose to Arya to assassinate one of the key White Walkers. Or, he could survive and there might be a possible happy ending. Who knows? Ser Davos © HBO He spent the last episode telling everyone how he's terrible at battle but has managed to survive this long, which either means he's going to keep on surviving…or possibly signal that he's definitely not built to survive this one. Brienne of Tarth © HBO The internet is divided over Brienne's imminent death. Being knighted and then dying a death of honour in the battlefield looks like a sad but fitting end for her. But she is in the middle of Westeros' love triangle. That storyline can't just be abandoned, right? Tormund Giantsbane © HBO The internet also thinks that Tormund might end up sacrificing himself to save Brienne which could be plausible. But, Tormund is the only major Wildling left (it's unclear how many others are still around). After the war, the Wildlings will need some representation, or will that not matter anymore? Jaime Lannister © HBO There are tonnes of hints on the show that suggest that the ultimate fate of the house of Lannister is to go completely extinct. But he is also currently separated from the character most important to his storyline. Cersei and Jamie's fates have to be intertwined, right? Theon Greyjoy © HBO He is probably destined to die to excuse his sins, but he has to at least survive to the point where the Iron Islands come back into the picture. Grey Worm © HBO Making post-war plans with Missandei has everyone thinking that Greyworm will definitely die and possibly will be witnessed by Missandei herself. But he might live to die in the later episodes. Characters who're definitely going to live: The major characters... But we can't be too sure, can we?
  5. A lot of spoilers lie ahead, so close this right now if you haven't watched the movie. Just a warning. I'm still trying to process 'Avengers: Endgame' - literally having a very deep conversation about it while writing this - and this will probably continue till the next viewing and the one after that. So much happened, but let's not get into the details of the main plot as of now, I'll save that for another story. Right now, let's focus on all the characters we saw in the movie, other than the ones we knew about, of course. Literally, everyone knew that all the people who disintegrated at the end of 'Avengers: Infinity War' will come back as soon as the movie ended. Marvel is not going to abandon so many million dollar franchises like that, so obviously, that was pretty much expected. What wasn't expected was appearances from a bunch of characters that have appeared in various MCU movies over the course of 11 years. 1. Peggy Carter While everyone basically knew that time travel would be involved in this, no one exactly knew about the specifics and where actually the Avengers would end up going. After having a little problem in 2012 while retrieving the Tesseract, Tony and Steve have no choice but to end up travelling even further back in time to collect the space stone. After ending up in 1970, both of them have an unlikely reunion. We'll talk about the Tony part in a later point, but Cap got a glimpse of a very familiar face there. While hiding in an office, he sees none other than Peggy Carter through the blinds. It's obviously a great moment since the last time he saw her was on her deathbed at the beginning of 'Captain America: Civil War'. But, that wasn't it, Cap also got to live out his life with the love of his life when he travelled back in time again at the end of the movie. He got to grow old with her and even finally have that dance, bringing a very nice end to his Marvel storyline. 2. Jane Foster We haven't seen her since the second Thor instalment, which no one even honestly remembers, but obviously, it's important when we consider the Infinity Stones. To retrieve the Reality Stone from a still intact Asgard, Thor and Rocket travel back in time to the events of 'Thor: The Dark World' where their mission is to extract the Ether from Jane. Even though there's nothing much to it, her cameo was still surprising, since it's been years since her last mention or appearance. 3. The Ancient One Again, because of time travel, Tony, Steve, Scott, and Bruce end up at the battle of New York from the first Avengers movie, since there were three Infinity Stones not just on Earth at the same time but all together in New York as well. Since Doctor Strange is still a brilliant surgeon and five years away from becoming the master of mystic arts back in 2012, the Time Stone is with the Ancient One. After refusing to give up the Time Stone at any cost, she finally relents after learning that Doctor Strange himself gave the stone to Thanos. 4. Harley This is just one of the two appearances not related to time travel whatsoever, but it's a sad cameo though. Remember the little kid from 'Iron Man 3'? Harley Keener? Well, we haven't heard much about him since that movie but it seems like Tony has kept up with him all these years. He makes a blink-and-miss appearance at Tony Stark's funeral towards the end. It's an important cameo but it was missed by a lot of fans. 5. Howard Stark Another major appearance that had a big impact. As I mentioned above, Tony and Steve travel back to 1970 and guess who Tony runs into? His dad, Howard Stark! Obviously not revealing his real identity, Tony still manages to have a very important and impactful conversation with his father about fatherhood. We've seen through the years that both of them did not really have a strong relationship but with just that one conversation, Tony seemed to have had major character development. Moreover, since Tony loses his life soon after that, it was good to see him at least leaving things on a good note with his father. 6. Thanos' Children And no, I'm not talking about Nebula and Gamora. In 'Infinity War', Thanos sent his 'children' to earth to get the two Infinity Stones there - time and mind - and they are faced with the Avengers, of course. Ebony Maw loses his life while on his way to Titan, thanks to Peter Parker's knowledge of 'really really old movies', and Scarlet Witch manages to kill off Proxima Midnight in the battle in Wakanda. These were permanent deaths but they also happened in 2018, so when the Thanos from 2014 makes it to the movie's present time, all of his children and the Black Order is still alive and fighting beside him in the final battle. 7. Gamora Again, Gamora did not come back to life, it's just the Gamora from 2014 who doesn't even know the Guardians of the Galaxy yet. Well, it was still great to see her kick Peter Quill right in his balls. I'm also more interested to know 'where is Gamora' (sorry) because we didn't see her at the end of the movie, nor did she go with the Guardians of the Galaxy. 8. Frigga As mentioned above, Thor travelled back to a still existing Asgard and he saw his mother the day she was supposed to die. In the present timeline, anyone can see that Thor is not really doing that well, and it looks like talking to Frigga helped him more than anything had in the previous five years. It looked like he got some closure and he also got to hug his mom again! A precious moment, tbh.
  6. With the final movie of phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 'Avengers: Endgame', releasing worldwide tomorrow, and the ICC World Cup 2019 around the corner, the craze for both the movie and the sport is at an all-time high right now. However, there exists some uncanny resemblance in the characteristics of the 'Earth's mightiest heroes' and the leading international cricketers in the modern era. Take a look: 1. Captain America - Mahendra Singh Dhoni: © Marvel, Reuters Calm, professional and well-behaved (well, most of the times). Built on the principles of the older, more classier times, Steve Rogers comes from humble beginnings and knows how it feels fighting an uphill battle. With his talents and skills, Rogers realises the responsibility that lies on his shoulders and stands for his beliefs. He is also the mind behind every move that the Avengers make while dealing with their enemies. Popularly known as 'Captain Cool,' there is no other cricket whose personality fits that of Captain Rogers like a glove. The 'never give up' attitude and the passion that allows him to fight through his pain literally makes him the Captain America of cricket. Dhoni's unique strategies from behind the wicket helps his bowlers like exactly with what goes on in Rogers' head when the Avengers are on the offence against the Chitauri army or Ultron's evil bots. 2. Tony Stark - Virat Kohli © Marvel, Reuters Tony Stark knows what he is doing even though the people around him think that he is losing his 'touch'. Habitual of being great ever since he wore the Iron Man suit, Stark has made a name for himself as a fearless warrior with millions of fans going crazy about his charm. Even though the millionaire is the king of trash talk, he has his achievements to back it up. The current captain of the Indian cricket team is probably the closest of a character to that of Tony Stark. Barking abuses at his opponents while batting or even as a fielder, Kohli too has the tendency of getting under the skin of his opponents. Even then, his brilliance as the world's best Test and ODI batsman, people from all over the world have become his fans. 3. The Hulk - Chris Gayle © Marvel, Reuters Although the Hulk suffered a huge defeat at the hands of Thanos during 'Infinity War' and is now working on his confidence inside of Bruce Banner, he is never the one to shy away from smashing his enemies left, right and centre. On a good day, he looks forward to a battle and if the beast sets his eyes on a target, he is going in for the kill. His brute strength and imposing physique make him an integral part of the Avengers. On the other hand, the big hitter from Jamaica was struggling with his form, especially in One-Day International, so much so that he announced to retire from the game altogether. However, during the ODI series against England and the on-going IPL season, Gayle found his mojo back and has now been selected for the Windies roster for ICC World Cup 2019. 4. Thor - Andre Russell © Marvel, Reuters The mighty 'God of Thunder', Thor Odinson is confident, strong and enigmatic. Having his hammer destroyed, Mjolnir, he left powerless and weak. It was only after wielding himself a new weapon, the Stormbreaker, did he return to the main stage to take on the 'Mad Titan'. Sure, he should have gone for Thanos' head, there still may be time for him to redeem himself in 'Endgame'. A hilarious yet emotional Andre Russell suffered a similar fate as Thor when he suffered from knee injuries and bad form in 2017 and 2018 and was dropped from the West Indies side after they lost to Bangladesh in an ODI last year. For him, the 'Stormbreaker' came in the form of the ongoing IPL season with Kolkata Knight Riders. Finding his form back at the 11th hour allowed him a ticket for the 15-man squad for ICC World Cup starting next month. Russell will be looking forward to the tournament in England and Wales to prove his worth. 5. Rocket Raccoon - Sarfraz Ahmed © Marvel, Reuters One of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket is infamous for his loud mouth and often gets himself into all sorts of trouble for speaking without a thought. Having said that, the smallest of all the Avengers (other than a shrunken Ant-Man) probably has the biggest heart and is not afraid of a challenge when he sees one. The captain of Team Pakistan, Sarfraz Ahmed is exactly the same. The wicket-keeper batsman got himself in hot waters and got banned for five international games after making racist comments towards South African cricketer Andile Phehlukwayo. Nonetheless, the leader of an average Pakistan team is second to none in terms of confidence as he believes his side has an upper hand over Kohli's team heading into the World Cup.
  7. Cersei Lannister's famous dialogue, “when you enter the game of thrones, you either win or you die” rings a bell now more than ever. As we settled down to sit through the viewing of the premiere episode of the final season of a global phenomenon called the 'Game of Thrones', years worth of journey with the main cast relayed before our eyes. © HBO Death and gore happen to be one of the dominant themes in the series, wherein people have been burnt alive, skinned to death, their heads crushed, stabbed in the eye and what not. While the body count at the beginning of the show rested at 26, it has undergone tremendous dips and rises over the last 8 years of its existence with the body count rising to a whopping 58 in season 6 following the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor by wildfire. © HBO So talking of death, we couldn't let go of the nagging feeling that death is indeed waiting to rear its ugly head even in the final season of 'GoT', and just like millions of fans across the world, we would not help but wonder which of our favourite character might end up dead in season 8. © HBO While speculations and memes have already started to fill the internet, we decided to do some digging and got our hands on this survey conducted by Morning Consult, who asked die-hard 'GoT' fans to vote for the character who is most likely to die in the final season of 'Game of Thrones' which premiered earlier today. View this post on Instagram April: the month that kills your favorite charactersâ #gameofthrones #avengers #endgame #9gag A post shared by 9GAG: Go Fun The World (@9gag) on Apr 15, 2019 at 12:00am PDT Now, while that is just a speculation, the survey has shown that, fans believe these 5 characters from the series are mostly likely to die by the end of season 8. *Insert Drumroll* 1. Cersei Lannister © HBO 36 percent of fans believe that Cersei, the cunning and extremely ambitious Queen Mother of the realm of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros will bite the dust this season. Known for her haughty, conniving persona, she is above the feelings of empathy, and bears a tongue laced with poison. Her betrayal of Daenerys and Jon was in keeping with her true nature. How many of you want her dead? 2. Night King © HBO Next up, almost 34 percent of fans feel the Night King will be dead by the end of this season. The supreme master and the first of the White Walkers is all set to lay siege to Winterfell, armed with a terrifying army of White Walkers, wights and an undead Dragon. Will he succeed? Or will he die trying? 3. Euron Greyjoy © HBO Currently the King of the Iron Islands, and uncle to Theon and Yara Greyjoy, Euron is cunning, highly intelligent, barbarous and dangerous in a number of ways. Having a reputation as the worst of all the Greyjoys, Euron fights on Cersei's side and 32 percent fans want him to be the one saying goodbye this season. 4. Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane © HBO With 31 percent fans voting for Sandor in the survey, this original House Lannister ally might just be the one. While fans are also anticipating that the final season will see him kill off his brother Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, we will have to wait and see how that unravels. Having shifted his allegiance over the years, we're still not too sure about believing him even now. 5. Theon Greyjoy © HBO Having grown up with the Stark children like a brother, he is also the prince of the Iron Islands. Theon has been on a quest to save his sister, Yara from the clutches of Euron Greyjoy, their uncle. 30 percent believe that Theon might be the one to warm the grave before the curtains fall this season. That is not all, fans have also voted for 20 other characters from the show, who might end up dead instead of the top 5 listed above. Take a look at the stats here: © HBO Who do you think will be dead this season?
  8. Are you sad because the next season of your favourite series is a long time away and you won't be able to see your favourite character for months together? We get you! 2018 brought a lot of great shows with it. Netflix India's first original series, 'Sacred Games', got viewers hooked with its dark, ominous theme and riveting storyline and broke various records in the streaming service arena. The whole country waited with bated breath for Sartaj Singh to find the true culprit and the secrets they had buried. © Phantom Films/Netflix Many new shows graced the screen, old shows came back starring our adored and abhorred characters; 'Stranger Things' was back for Round 2 and so was Midge Maisel (but on the stage). Unfortunately, Dany didn't return last year to treat us with a dragon sighting, though she will do so this year with Jon by her side. © Netflix /21 Laps Entertainment © Amazon Video/Amazon Studios/Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions We found a few favourites like Bunty from 'Sacred Games' with his omnipresent chhatri and Ganesh Gaitonde who showed us that love should know no bounds. Kukko made a fantastic statement for queer representation on TV. © Phantom Films/Netflix © Phantom Films/Netflix 'Mirzapur', Amazon Prime Video India's answer to 'Sacred Games', with its violent and wicked storyline focusing on arms trafficking, found favor with the audience (but not as much as 'Sacred Games'). With memes galore and unending praise for the characters, 2018 was a surefire year for storytelling and unique characters. I think fictional characters have the best life; they live on in the minds of people long after they have gone away. Talking about characters in these shows, we were provided with a plethora of options which made choosing something to watch extremely difficult and taxing. But the bingers we are, we devoured all these shows like Cersei does with her wine or Ethan did with that chocolate bar on Yom Kippur. 2019 has to carry the legacy of its predecessor and continue the stories of the characters we saw on screen and fell in love with; some good, some bad and some completely mad. With speculations and predictions running high, here are 10 such characters whose life stories we are looking forward to in 2019: Note: Spoilers ahead. This post is chock-block of spoilers. Read at your own risk: 1. Sartaj Singh (Sacred Games): Troubled cop Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) had a major breakthrough in the final episode of Season 1. Sartaj has gone from strength to strength and grown into a more confident person, a departure from his personality in Episode 1. Now that he has unearthed the secret of the arms trade connected to the Home Minister, what other corruption and crime scams will he uncover? Will he be able to find out who Zoya is? © Phantom Films/Netflix Let's hope he finds out the true motive behind his father's softness for Gaitonde. The more important question is: How is he dealing with Katekar's death? :P Now that has a clear idea of what is to come, will he be able to save the city before it's too late? Seeing that he has only 14 days to do the impossible, we hope that Sartaj's newfound self-assurance works well for him and the people who might be in the danger of a nuclear war. 2. Guruji (Sacred Games): Will the elusive Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi) finally get more time screen? Gaitonde's (supposed?) death qualifies Guruji to become the lead villain in the series. What heinous plans does he have in mind for Mumbai now and will his masterplan work? The curious iconography that Sartaj uncovers is a symbol of Guruji. What does the mandala entail? Does it have a more sinister connotation than hinted? Does he have any links to Zoya Mirza? © Phantom Films/Netflix Gaitonde's third father figure is said to have a meatier part in Season 2. Let's wait to see what fresh hell he has planned for us to witness. 3. Midge Maisel and Susie Myerson (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel): The quirky Mrs. Maisel is coming back with a bang! Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) seems to have finally found a break; she will be opening for singer Shy Baldwin. Now that her family has been let on to the secret, will Midge be attuned to spreading her horizons? How is that going to affect her newly-turned, gone “full-on breaking bad” father, Abe Weissman and her delightfully neurotic momzilla, Rose? What about Benjamin? Will he return to Midge's life? We would love to see how that unfurls. The last episode left out a lot of strings to be tied. An important arc to be seen is whether Midge will get back together with Joel. © Amazon Video/Amazon Studios/Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions Like Midge, Susie's life seems to be going to a better place. After her altercation with Sophie Lennon, she gets an offer by Sophie to represent her. The image of Susie (Alex Borstein) in a fur coat walking out of Sophie's house with a bewildered expression is the best part of Season 2. Will she accept the offer, or has she done it already? The dynamic in their relationship seems to be a tad bit bitter and we hope we get to see the drama that it will lead to in Season 3. Will Susie and Midge finally be able to earn some money and become famous? We just hope. 4. Ganesh Gaitonde (Sacred Games): Is he really dead or did he have a sort of resurrection planned with Guruji? What was his bunker really for? © Phantom Films/Netflix Whatever he had planned seems to have gone horribly wrong. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is set to return as the OG underbelly king, whether he will tell his story from behind the grave is still uncertain, though we will like to see more of Gaitonde and the story of his rise to power and the years before he returns, after being kidnapped. Also, what was his relationship with Sartaj's father? In any case, Ganesh Gaitonde is one of the most anticipated characters to return to screen in 2019 and people can hardly wait. 5. Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow and the Lannister siblings (Game of Thrones): The highly anticipated last season of the show is sure to be the best of the lot. There is a myriad of characters whose storylines intersect and make the intense puzzle complete, but it is these five who are hell-bent on conquering the throne. Jon's arc which has been highlighted since the beginning has become more invigorating. Now that he has sought an alliance with Daenerys, it will be interesting to see how the next events pan out. Will he be able to defeat the Night King? © HBO What will happen when he finds out his true origin of being Aegon Targaryen? Daenerys has always wanted to become the Queen, but how will it affect her stature now that there's another Targaryen alive? That too, her nephew and lover! With one of her dragons on the Night King's side, how will she cope with fighting one of her babies? We already know now that Sansa isn't a great fan of Dany. Things look dismal for her. What is up with Tyrion and his odd behaviour? Are his loyalties shifting? Jaime has left the comfort of the Red Keep and is travelling North. Now that Jaime has left his sister's side will he be joining the Starks? Wine connoisseur, Queen Cersei seems to be content with her illegitimate capture of the throne, but distress has found her in the form of her brother and lover, Jaime leaving her. Is it really Jaime's baby that she is carrying or is it a hoax? Will she actually help fight the war against the White Walkers? Well, we can only know in April. 6. The Gang in Stranger Things (Stranger Things): Eleven is back with the nerd gang of Hawkins and everything seems to be going well. Except, everything is going to change. With Will Byers still afraid after his stint with the monster from Upside Down, Jonathan and Nancy starting a relationship, the story is delving deeper into the sleepy town. Michael is happy, so does Lucas with Max. Everyone seems to be calm. But is it the indication of the storm to come? Important question: What about the mother hen of the group, Steve Harrington? And is he going to try to win Nancy back? We love a love triangle a-brewing. © Netflix/21 Laps Entertainment I hope there are a lot of precious scenes which show the camaraderie and bromance between Steve and Dustin grow even more. Perhaps, he'll teach him how to babysit with perfection! :P Will Hopper and Joyce get together finally? Will Will ever be able to defeat the Demogorgon? One of the most exciting series on the list for sure with the quirkiest of characters. 7. Anne Shirley-Cuthbert (Anne with an E): Anne seems to be growing into quite the intelligent young woman, along with the support of her friends and family. Will we finally see Anne breaking off from her terrible past, whose flashbacks still haunt her? We need to see that. The third season is likely to focus on her education and the other perils growing up brings with it. Just imagine how many fancy, grandiose words she must have learnt, and written the most beautiful of stories. Her budding friendship with Gilbert Blythe is also an important storyline which will be pursued. Also, the chemistry between Anne and Diana is a treat to watch; I suspect both will cook up some new mischief in Green Gables, aided by Jerry. We also want Cole to be back! © Netflix/CBC Watching her grow and prosper, from the young, afraid orphan into the apple of the eyes of Avonlea's people, makes you root for her more strongly. With her radical thinking and unbending spirit, we do hope Anne goes on to become the Anne we love from the books. Coming back in 2019, Anne will be 16 and ready to follow her own path; perhaps she will become like Miss Stacy or an author. 8. Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret (The Crown): Claire Foy's farewell (which was sad, and I still can't believe they replaced her and the other actors) from the show has paved way for Olivia Coleman's reign as the Sovereign. We will see Queen Elizabeth II in her middle-age and how far she has come in her role of safeguarding the Crown. A more mature Elizabeth is sure to change a lot of things around (we hope the Corgis make a comeback :P) and must have become mellower, but only in appearance, not in spirit. Interesting to watch will be her dynamic with the new, female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and the unofficial feud which they were rumoured to have. © Netflix/Sony Pictures Television Another intriguing arc will be her growth in her role as Queen and her relationship with her husband which seemed strained in the last season, and her children and their partners, especially Princess Diana. A character who will play a pivotal role hereafter is the willful Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter, previously played by Vanessa Kirby), with her very public divorce to Lord Snowdon. Another blow to the already frail royalty. Carter is sure to play the character with her trademark finesse. © Netflix/Sony Pictures Television 9. Sheila and Joel (Santa Clarita Diet): Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) is still a zombie at the end of Season 2 and there seems to be no cure for it. Joel (Timothy Olyphant) has tried everything in his power to bring her back to her human form but seems to have made peace with the fact that it may not happen. © Netflix So, we hope Sheila remains a zombie for the next season as well and carries on her spirited “criminal hunt-and-eat extravaganza”, with perennial support from the ever-dependable Joel Now that she has a devotee in the form of the police chief Anne, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Will she be able to connect with her daughter Abby, all eccentricities aside? Will Joel ever get his human Sheila back? Wait and watch! 10. Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher): Starring (ex)Superman Henry Cavill, this Netflix original is based on The Witcher book series. Henry looks menacing as Geralt, and rightly so since he plays a monster hunter. The series will chronicle his life as a lonely hunter in the Continent, helping people get rid of monsters, eventually falling in love with the beautiful sorceress, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and adopting Princess Ciri who has a terrible secret which will change his life. © Netflix/Kapital Entertainment We eagerly wait for Cavill, with his charismatic presence to enthral us by portraying a character we love. The amount of time awaiting these characters to grace the screen seems like an eternity. So, which one of them are you waiting for? :D
  9. The biggest movie of the year, decade, the century will obviously inspire a bunch of hilarious memes and it has all begun just a month before the movie releases. With less than a month to go for the release date - 26th April - Avengers month has begun y'all and it started off with a bang with the entire cast sharing their own superhero poster for 'Avengers: Endgame'. #AvengeTheFallen The Avengers (left) The Fallen (right)#AvengersEndgame 4.26.2019 pic.twitter.com/Oz4ec5i1Vb — Fandango (@Fandango) March 26, 2019 There were a lot of surprises, with characters who died before the 'dusting of 2018' getting their posters to learning how some characters got dusted off-screen. The posters kept on coming and coming and the Marvel fandom was literally just like - Now that everyone has calmed down just a little bit and are putting their speculations and theories on the backburner, it's time for some memes, and the tagline of the posters was perfect for that. Avenge The Fallen. Yes, this movie will do just that but it got people thinking about a lot of different pop culture characters and how they also needed to be avenged. Thus, a meme was born. People began making Avenger-type posters for different pop culture characters. It started off well with 'Harry Potter' and 'Game of Thrones', but then obviously went into the hilarious/absurd territory. #AvengeTheFallen The Avengers (left) The Fallen (right)#AvengersEndgame 4.26.2019 pic.twitter.com/Oz4ec5i1Vb — Fandango (@Fandango) March 26, 2019 That's heartbreaking. #AvengeTheFallen pic.twitter.com/DhKV6keRM8 — where's my check, Buzzfeed? (@lukeisamazing) March 27, 2019 Honestly, this fits perfectly. #AvengeTheFallen pic.twitter.com/rI7awo7Vg9 — Benjamin Bailey (@BenHBailey) March 26, 2019 The other Stark. pic.twitter.com/L8Ou3DXVpe — darth™ (@darth) March 26, 2019 Yep. #AvengeTheFallen pic.twitter.com/xPdtid0qaL — Dani (@ctrlalt_d) March 27, 2019 Oh no. pic.twitter.com/icoIOBzDW0 — darth™ (@darth) March 26, 2019 Of course. Some people move on, but not us!#AvengeTheFallen #PSVita pic.twitter.com/GBOOdikilD — Checkpoint (@checkpointcr) March 27, 2019 Okay, then. Bob Newby. Superhero. @Stranger_Things #AvengeTheFallen pic.twitter.com/hjcxCehWtl — patrick (@film_reveller) March 27, 2019 Never had it. Bob Newby. Superhero. @Stranger_Things #AvengeTheFallen pic.twitter.com/hjcxCehWtl — patrick (@film_reveller) March 27, 2019 Good joke, good job. I just wanna be the first to make this joke #AvengeTheFallen pic.twitter.com/VDK73JKiCe — Donovan Morgan Grant (@donoDMG1) March 26, 2019 Oops. #AvengeTheFallen Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Credit: neonxblaze ig) pic.twitter.com/ItEkrDdjCF — popgek (@popgek) March 27, 2019 They deserved to be there. A few others we lost on screen that deserve to be avenged. #AvengersEndgame #AvengeTheFallen pic.twitter.com/S40Yusl7Be — Neophenom (@Neophenom1) March 27, 2019 Okay, I'm crying now. NAH NAH NAH y'all gotta chill now. #AvengeTheFallen pic.twitter.com/tHaFJKnni9 — TASK the Ol' Nerdy Bastard (@UpToTASK) March 26, 2019
  10. Very recently, I was at a bar catching a live music band play and when I turned to my right, and in the corner I could see Zoya Akhtar swaying to the beats. She was effortlessly sophisticated and quite poised and celebrated her drink in her hand, just like all the men in her movies celebrate their emotions openly. © Pinterest It got me thinking though. I haven't seen one Zoya movie where the men don't portray themselves to be flawed emotional beings, who're every inch vulnerable and real. Men who're human and don't play with the stereotypical domain of 'macho', just like most Bollywood movies do. Her men are classy yet sensitive, who admire their insecurities, only to improve upon them. They're timelessly changing and evolving and that's something fairly evident in her movies. © Eros International While I stood there with this thought dangling in my head, I kept thinking how many of us really emulate true hardcore men, who're in touch with their real emotions? I started thinking of all the men who've acted in her movies and how delicate yet firm their character sketch truly is and how real they actually feel. These are the new-age men, who're stable yet bashful, dedicated yet vulnerable, in tune with their vices but know and understand the need of the hour. © Amazon Prime And I believe one must aspire to be like them, because real men who're accountable and flawed while being vulnerable are the actual deal. Here are 6 characters from Zoya Akhtar films all men could aspire to be like while leaving their pressured machismo behind. (1) Ranveer Singh As Kabir Mehra In 'Dil Dhadakne Do' © Eros International Yes, he plays an absolute spoilt brat, like most rich Delhi boys are perhaps, but there is humanness in him and the will to stand up to his family, when the time demands him to. That's what boys, who're slowly evolving in to men, do. Stick together, fight for what is right, cry when they fall weak and agree to play certain games, to win back a plane! But in all seriousness, Kabir's character reflects upon a man who you can count on, in a time of need and who'll go to any degree to help someone out, at the risk of losing his own peace. But he has his flaws, because he's only human, right? (2) Aamir Khan As Surjan Singh Shekawat In 'Talaash' © Reliance Entertainment Even though the role demanded a staunch, serious cop who is trying to dismantle his own frame of mind to revise answers, Shekawat's role is a diminishing portrayal of someone who has let go of life because of his own fears. The role showcases Aamir Khan as a cop who is trying to solve a case after he's lost his own son in an accident and every trial and tribulation a man goes through after a heavy loss, while trying to live up to his responsibilities is beautifully represented in Aamir's character. Something we all can relate to, if we've gone through loss. (3) Farhan Akhtar As Sunny Gill In 'Dil Dhadakne Do' © Eros International This character has almost all the girls wishing he wasn't fictional because he seems so malleable otherwise. Farhan played a grounded and caring boy who'd left the love of his life to pursue his career. He came back to her though but apart from the obvious character traits, there are some underlying qualities Sunny possessed that made him so effortlessly relatable. For instance, calling out the patriarchal toxicity and asking pertinent questions such as: "why is it that women need to 'seek' permission in the first place?". He's the quintessential and actual boy next door, who truly understands warped societal norms and stands up against them. (4) Abhay Deol As Kabir Dewan In 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' © Eros International Abhay aka Kabir plays a confused person who's not very sure of what he wants in the beginning, reminding us of how we were unsure of everything we did and didn't do. From his quest to escape his fiancée because he'd proposed to her by mistake to him having a breakdown about it amidst his friends is definitely us, when things go a little out of control. He didn't hide his emotions, or act macho about 'I can handle my own shit'. He cried about it when he needed help and manned up the courage to finally end things with his fianceé because he didn't love her. Kabir is practically every guy in his late 20s, trying to figure life out. (5) Siddhant Chaturvedi As MC Sher In 'Gully Boy' © AA Films The beautifully sketched out character of MC Sher in 'Gully Boy' is of that friend we have who always has our back, no matter how badly we mess up a situation and she's caricatured the character till a point where we think of that one person who has stuck around, after we see MC Sher on the screen. His character speaks to us in a real and relatable way just like how a friend would, if we ever found ourselves down in the dumps. Now we know somewhere every man has great characteristics to be a good friend like MC Sher was to Murad but because we take these accounts for granted; we only realise it when we see such characters on-screen and relate to them thoroughly. (6) Arjun Mathur As Karan Mehra In 'Made In Heaven' © Amazon Prime Arjun's character as Karan was developed keeping all the sensitivities and nuances of being a homosexual in society, in mind. His struggles in the series feel quite real and honest, while he's trying to piece together his past transgressions and his will to sustain through tough situations, much like any gay man was trying, before section 377 came through. His character like all others is also relatable and quite real. Zoya's heroes are not men rescuing women from the clutches of bad men and normalising the standard of machismo but instead her men deal with insecurities and turn to women to take support, when times are rough, much like most of us today. Mostly, she creates this fictional world using her own experiences with the men in her life and creating real-life men who're pretty much everywhere and all around. So, if you think Bollywood has it right, portraying the wrong kind of manliness, maybe Zoya's movies can put a perspective or two in place for you.
  11. The real winters might have gone, but the virtual, more important winter is around the corner and we are already hyperventilating because we don't think we can't deal with it. Yes, 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 is almost here, and the dread of finality has taken over because the trailer has already dropped. Let's not even get into 'why we can't wait for it', but just the fact that the look and feel of season 8 is so edgy, that it is giving us goosebumps. If the trailer wasn't enough, here are 18 pictures of the characters from season 8 - all deadly, and much, much more fashionable than ever before. This season, they are all ready to slay us with their style game, before indulging in the great battle. Take a look. 1. Tyrion and Jaime © Entertainment 2. Arya and Sansa © Entertainment 3. Jon and Daenerys © Entertainment 4. Cersei © Entertainment 5. Samwell Tarly © Entertainment 6. Theon Greyjoy © Entertainment 7. Melisandre © Entertainment 8. Varys © Entertainment 9. Brienne Of Tarth © Entertainment 10. The Hound © Entertainment 11. Missandei © Entertainment 12. Grey Worm © Entertainment 13. The Mountain © Entertainment 14. Euron Greyjoy © Entertainment 15. Gilly © Entertainment 16. Bran Stark © Entertainment 17. Jorah Mormont © Entertainment 18. Davos Seaworth © Entertainment We. Can't. Wait.
  12. Ever since its launch on Amazon Prime Video on November 16, 'Mirzapur' has been the talk of the town for reasons even we cannot deny. From a stellar cast to sharp dialogues and a thrilling story line, this web series has our stamp of approval for a binge-worthy watch during a lazy weekend. While the web series revolve around Pankaj Tripathi, Divyenndu Sharma, Vikrant Massey and Ali Fazal's characters, we couldn't help but notice other characters that a massive contribution in shaping the plot of the show. 1. Kulbhushan Kharbanda As Bauji Okay, we got to be honest here! We have been eagerly waiting to see Kulbhushan Kharbanda on our screens for quite sometime and this comeback of his was long due. His role as bauji in 'Mirzapur' may be short albeit his performance is beyond perfection. The veteran actor plays Akhandanand's father in the show. Bauji is an ex-con and despite being wheelchair-bound plots a series of underhand dealings and plans to tackle various problems. Besides, Kharbanda's one-liners are a treat to listen if you are into dark, dry humour. 2. Amit Sial As Ram Sharan Maurya Amit Sial plays IPS RS Maurya in Mirzapur; a character that will bring you some hope amidst all that bloodthirsty power struggle and violence. Maurya saab is bold, valiant, righteous and unapologetic. Portrayed as one of the few good guys in the series, he is determined to put an end to the crimes that happen in Mirzapur. 3. Sheeba Chaddha As Vasudha Pandit Sheeba Chaddha is a terrific actor and her role in 'Mirzapur' adds yet another feather in her hat. She plays Vasudha Pandit, wife of Ramkant Pandit played by Rajesh Tailang. She is a strong woman and a stronger woman who takes pride in her sons' newfound money and status and she doesn't shy away from flaunting it. 4. Subhrajyoti Barat As Rati Shankar Shukla Subrajyoti Barat's character as Rati Shankar Shukla in 'Mirzapur' is a small one yet it sets the tone for the overall story line. Rati Shankar is the crime lord of Jaunpur and a flashback towards the start of the series reveals a deadly rivalry between Kaleen Bhaiya (played by Pankaj Tripathi) and him that marks the trigger point for the endless murders, betrayals and illegal weapon trade in Mirzapur. 5. Harshita Gaur As Dimpy Pandit The internet can't seem to get enough of Harshita Gaur's character Dimpy Pandit in Mirzapur and we get it why. She is Guddu's (played by Ali Fazal) and Bablu's (played by Vikrant Massey) sister and at first shown as extremely docile. But as the story progresses, she grows into a stronger character who fights for her own individuality. Directed by Karan Anshuman and Puneet Krishna, the series is a gangster drama set in the little-known lawless town of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. The town is functions around the whims and fancies of underworld boss Akhandanand Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya. He is feared and respected by his people but despite his reputation, he has his own vulnerable point - his son, Munna who cannot wait to inherit his father's legacy. Sounds interesting, right? Go ahead and watch 'Mirzapur' on Amazon Prime Video. Trust us, you'll get hooked!
  13. Some of our most fond memories in life are related to our childhood, as those were the most carefree and fun-filled days of our lives. Sure, the adult “fun” is all good, but we all know how long-lasting that can be, so let's not go there and hurt our feelings any further. View this post on Instagram Lazy Sunday A post shared by Aamir Khan (@_aamirkhan) on Sep 1, 2018 at 9:30pm PDT However, apart from all the fun and games that we lived through back in the day, there are a few very intricate aspects of our childhood that we categorically miss - the most entertaining cartoon shows and the greatest comic binges we got to enjoy as children. Fine, some of us have not let THAT kid in us die yet. © Instagram But talking of comics, one of the most popular series we laid our hands on has to be 'Asterix'! One of the most engaging comic characters, we could never have enough of Asterix with Obelix by his side, and Dogmatix keeping up his antics besides a lot more. But imagine two of the most important people in your life coming together to bring your favourite characters to life, that would be so cool and fun, to say the least. Well, Aamir Khan and wife Kiran Rao did exactly that for their son's pre-birthday bash - the family dressed up like the characters from 'Asterix' and boy, did they nail it or what! © Instagram With Azad dressed up as Asterix, Aamir as Obelix and Kiran as Getafix, the family was more than perfect to look at - and managed to bring back so many happy memories from our childhood. © Instagram The images were shared on Instagram by Aamir Khan, and does the party seem lit and happening! We totally love our parents, and are more than grateful for everything they have done for us and blessed us with, yet, wouldn't it be cool to have your parents dress-up as your favourite comic characters and host a themed party? Guess we are too old for that, but one can always wish. No?
  14. TV series have become all the rage over the last couple of years, more so with more and more of good quality shows hitting the tube constantly. The Indian web entertainment consumption has also upped its game with some real good stuff surfacing on the internet, be it in terms of the plot or the character sketches. So while we have turned into veterans when it comes to consuming gazillion tv series on multiple platforms, the experience has allowed us to discover some real good characters that have stayed with us over the years. © Television 360 All of us can think of this one (or fifteen) tv characters we can totally picture as the perfect version of the ideal girlfriend we have been seeking all this time! What's more, if we could have things our way, we would love to date them in real life, just the way they are. Since this seems to be a thing many of us share in common, but hardly get a chance to talk about openly, we decided to ask 6 TV series junkies to talk about that one female TV character they would totally want to date in real life. Here's what they said: 1. Phoebe - 'Friends' © Bright Kauffman Crane Productions “Many may have come and many may have gone, but no matter how many wonderful characters I discover on TV, there remains a constant in my life. Ever since I first laid my eyes on Phoebe! She is always so positive and totally knows how to have fun! She's a hustler but she also reminds you not to take life too seriously. She's so full of life, honest and confident, I could just go on and on. She's perfect!” - Joy, 26. 2. Gloria - 'Modern Family' © 20th Century Fox Television “I have always fancied Gloria from 'Modern Family'. It's been years but I always seem to go back to thinking about her when it comes to picking that one woman who would make life complete in some sense. This smart, feisty, loving, hot, happy woman who simply isn't scared to speak her mind is. She would definitely be the one for me.” - Samish, 28. 3. Penny - 'Big Bang Theory' © Chuck Lorre Productions “Penny for Big Bang Theory, any day. I love this easy going woman who isn't ashamed of who she is and her personal struggles. I mean, she might not be the smartest woman around but she has a good heart to make up for it. Her easy-going nature and social skills are two of my most fave qualities about her.” - Kartikey, 23. 4. Robin - 'How I Met Your Mother' © Television 360 “How can I ever pick anyone else over good ol' Robin Scherbatsky? She will make for a perfect date. She likes to drink and smoke and she's also into sports! Her beauty is only matched by her wit and brains. I've been crushing on the fiercely independent Robin since the very beginning." - Kunal, 27. 5. Daenerys Targaryen - 'Game of Thrones' © television 360 “Khaleesi all the way! She's totally kick ass. She knows how to make her way in a man's world, and come out fighting! She can take down anyone who tries to put her down, and speaks up not only for herself but others too. And when she rides those dragons, ultimate!” - Kaustav, 25. 6. Rosa Diaz - 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' © Fremulon “I have a major crush on Rosa Diaz, but one can get terrified by her too. She's amazing on so many levels – her love for action, her insatiable lust, and her distance from everyone else at the precinct. But she also bears this strong sense of loyalty and warmth, it hits you right in the feels.” - Prabhash, 26.
  15. “Women! Can't live with them, can't live without them.” Well, it is true! It's not easy to understand women. You can almost never figure out what is going on in a woman's mind. If you happen to be in a relationship, then I'm sure you would understand. How many times a day do you tell her she's being overdramatic? How many times a week you really can't figure out why she's upset? I'm sure many! That's because women are complicated. And there's only one way you can make them happy: by being the best version of yourself. They don't need much, just keep reminding them that you're there for them and you will always be. If you can't figure out what you can do better to make your relationship work, here are 5 TV characters which were (almost) perfect boyfriends (or husbands). You can surely learn a thing or two from them: 1. Chandler Bing – 'FRIENDS' Over the years, I think it was Chandler's character that matured the most among all. From being an under-confident and commitment-phobic person to a married and settled guy, his journey was full of lessons and experiences. Remember the time when he rejected the advances of a beautiful colleague and flew to his wife on Christmas? Or when he requested the surrogate to choose them and told her that it kills him he can't give Monica a baby as she is already a mother without a baby? That is what we can call a true love! On top of that, he was funny too! Things to pick up: Sense of humour, loyalty, and caring nature. 2. Ted Mosby - 'How I Met Your Mother' Our 'lover boy' here had some great boyfriend qualities. Apart from being hopelessly romantic, which most girls dig, he actually showed that it is possible to love someone selflessly. Ted was always in love with Robin and still, he not only let her go but was also okay when she decided to marry Barney, Ted's best friend. Ted always saw Robin's happiness first, ahead of his own. He understood Robin as no one else could. “You said 'nah, it's stupid', which is Robin's version of 'it's important.' – Ted to Robin Who wouldn't want such compatibility? Besides this, he always accepted people for who they are, and never wanted to change anyone, be it his girlfriends or friends. Things to pick: Selfless love & understanding. 3. Hank Moody – 'Californication' “At the end of the day, it's all about her. It has always been about her.” – Hank Moody. Those of you who have watched the series must be wondering how a man-whore can come under the 'near-perfect boyfriend' category. Well, under his casanova and drunk lifestyle, there's a hopeless romantic lover. No matter how many girls he has slept with, the man never cheated when he was in a relationship with Karen, the love of his life. If you notice closely, whatever he did in his life, everything always revolved around her. Despite being in countless relationships, we don't even hear once the 'L' word from his mouth except when it came to Karen. He always tried to make himself a better man just for her. Hank Moody; a writer, a drunk, and a lover! Things to pick: If you love someone, never give up; or don't love at all. 4. Derek Shepherd – 'Grey's Anatomy' The McDreamy here is one of the most dedicated on-screen boyfriends. He was shown to have a serious relationship with two women and he did his best to make both of them work. The guy never cheated, he was always there for his partners (in sickness and in health), and his commitment was always rock-solid. Remember when in S02E17, Derek visits Meredith after the bomb incident and they're standing at her door talking like exes who are sort of friends? Meredith tells him she can't remember their last kiss, to which Derek turns to leave but then stops and says “You kissed me, soft. It was quick. Kind of like a habit. You know, like we would do it every day for the rest of our lives.” If that isn't romantic, I don't know what is. Things to pick: Patience, forgiveness, and the 'I'm always there for you' part. 5. Cameron Tucker – Modern Family Cam is one of the most supportive boyfriends ever seen in TV shows. He's emotional, would do everything he can to help out his boyfriend Mitch, and is full of entertainment. Be it Mitch's conservative-ish dad, or Mitch's not-so-smooth professional life, or the tantrums of Mitch when he's upset; Cam always stood by him through thick and thin. He never worried about making himself a fool just to see Mitch smile. If a relationship that can be called rock solid, it's theirs. Things to pick: Supportive behaviour, entertaining & fun loving attitude.
  16. The 'King of Romance', 'Badshaah' and 'King Of Bollywood', who has been sitting on the throne as the uncontested ruler of Bollywood, turned 53 today. It is needless to introduce him, but just to clarify we're talking about Shah Rukh Khan. SRK has been ruling our hearts for more than 25 years now and with each movie, the actor has proved why he is loved by billions of people. So on his birthday, let's take a look at some of his iconic characters that were loved and hated by his fans. 1. Rahul - Darr You're not a Shah Rukh Khan fan if you don't remember Rahul and his iconic dialogue "Hi I'm Rahul, naam to suna hi hoga!" But, there was a time when Rahul was considered a creepy stalker who just wouldn't leave his 'K-K-K-Kiran' alone. SRK was brilliant as an antagonist, and it was his grey character that brought him stardom. © Yash Raj Films 2. Kabir Khan - Chak De! India The pain of being called a traitor, the struggle of clearing your name and making people believe in you again, to making the women's hockey team win the World Cup at a time when everyone was against them. Coach Kabir Khan was one robust character that left a deep imprint on our minds. © Yash Raj Films 3. Raees Alam - Raees We've seen SRK play Don in several movies, but his character of Raees was different and in a way better and more intense than the previous ones. Set between mid-1960s to late 1980s, Raees is a man who climbs up the ladder of success as an illegal alcohol dealer. © Red Chillies Entertainment 4. Mohan - Swades 'Swades' is based on the true story of a Non-resident Indian man who returns to his homeland. The self-realisation that Mohan Bhargava goes through and the groundbreaking decisions he takes for the ones he love and for the love of his country, is something that every Indian staying outside could connect with back then. © UTV Motion Pictures 5. Devdas - Devdas 'Devdas' is probably one of SRK's best performances in his entire lifetime. The character was so legendary that despite being more than a decade, people still remember his dialogues and antics thoroughly. © Red Chillies Entertainment 6. Surinder - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 'Darr' portrayed SRK as a creepy stalker, but 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' depicted him as a man, who is willing to do anything it takes just to bring a smile on his wife's face, even if it means changing his own identity in order to make her believe in love again. © Yash Raj Films 7. Dev - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna From falling out of love, failing to express the frustration, feeling guilty about cheating to eventually choosing the one you truly love; this movie taught us about the complexities of a relationship like no one else. And SRK's Dev Saran was at the centre of everything that was happening in the lives of Rani Mukherjee, Abhishek Bachchan and Preity Zinta. Dev Saran took us through an emotional ride, where one can't help but relate to him. © Dharma Productions 8. Rizwan Khan - My Name Is Khan SRK plays Rizwan Khan, an autistic man who, in the wake of 9/11 attacks on the twin tower, sets out on a journey to prove his innocence and tell the people and the President of the United States that his name is Khan and he's not a terrorist. One of the most moving characters and an equally brilliant movie, SRK won many a hearts with the conviction with which he performed. © Dharma Productions 9. Gaurav - Fan 'Fan' is a psychological thriller, where SRK plays a double role - one of superstar Aryan Khanna and the other role is of his obsessive fan Gaurav Chandna. Right from the makeup to the portrayal of the obsessive fan, who not only tarnishes his idol's image, but also dies for him in the end; SRK convinced us that he is the most versatile actor in Bollywood and not just a romantic hero like everyone believes him to be. © Yash Raj Films 10. Vijay Anjaam Another movie where SRK plays a obsessive lover, who can go to extreme lengths to get the girl he loves. SRK plays Vijay Agnihotri, a wealthy industrialist who falls in love with an air-hostess and ends up killing her loved ones, just to get closer to her. We don't know what was the agreement between SRK and the 90s directors that in every movie, he was made to play an obsessive lover/murderer. © Shiv-Bharat Films
  17. For the longest time, LGBT characters just didn't exist in Bollywood. And even if they were depicted in a film, they were simply relegated to the sidelines. Notwithstanding those few rare exceptions (Deepa Mehta's 'Fire' and Hansal Mehta's 'Aligarh' come to mind), most Bollywood portrayals of LGBT folks have either been meaningless supporting roles, or they've been laced with offensive stereotypes. Recently, however, there have been a few shining examples of positive representation that have stood out. While these characters may not have been the protagonists of their films, they were able to leave a significant impression on us. If they had more screen time, or if their sexuality was given more prominence, each of them had the potential to become one of the best depictions of LGBT representation in Indian films and television. So, on that note, and in light of the recent landmark Supreme Court verdict that scrapped Section 377, here are five Indian LGBT characters that deserve their own movie: 1) Cuckoo, 'Sacred Games' © Official Instagram/ Kubbra Sait Cuckoo was, without question, one of the best things about the first season of 'Sacred Games', so much so, that the actress who portrayed her so effortlessly on the screen (the amazing Kubra Sait) has developed a major fan-following of her own. It's rare enough to see transgender characters being depicted on our screens, but to have one depicted in such a positive light, and to see her being accepted by Nawazuddin Siddiqui's character, not in spite of, but because of her gender identity was an absolute highlight of the first season. It would have been even better, however, if Cuckoo wasn't relegated to just a few episodes and wasn't, spoiler alert, killed off so quickly. As such, seeing an entire movie on Cuckoo is something that I'm sure most of us would love to watch. 2) Rahul Kapoor, 'Kapoor & Sons' © Official Facebook Page/Kapoor & Sons Yes, Fawad Khan's portrayal of Rahul was sensitive, poignant and not laced with offensive stereotypes (something which Bollywood happens to be a habitual offender of). But the problem with this characterization was simple - Rahul's sexuality was solely used as a 'shocking plot twist' and not as a substantial character trait. In fact, we hardly got to hear ANYTHING about Rahul's boyfriend or his relationship. Just ask yourself, was Rahul's boyfriend even given a name? So needless to say, seeing a movie entirely based on Rahul's character - one that preferably depicts his relationship in all its glory - is warranted. 3) Dev, 'Bombay Talkies' It's often said that some of the most homophobic men out there happen to be ones who themselves are in the closet. Karan Johar's heartbreaking and brilliant short in Bombay Talkies depicted this perfectly, and happens to be one of those rare portrayals of LGBT characters that wasn't offensive or substandard. Unfortunately, this was just a 20-minute short film and we hardly got to spend any time with these wonderfully written and acted characters. 4) Muniya (And Begum Para), 'Dedh Ishqiya' © Official Facebook Page/ Dedh Ishqiya Spoiler Alert - if you haven't seen 'Dedh Ishqiya' yet, stop reading this. The ending of 'Dedh Ishqiya' gave the viewers a pleasant surprise - the revelation of Muniya and Begum Para's sexual orientation. While it's not said out loud, it's heavily implied that the two of them are either lesbians or bisexuals. As great as that decision was, it was yet another example of LGBT characters having to either undermine or hide their sexualities for the entire running time of a film. After all, here was a film that featured not one, but two main characters who happened to be queer, and yet again, the only time their sexuality was depicted was at the end of the movie. As such, won't it be great if there was a sequel that depicted the relationship between Muniya and Begum Para in all its glory? 5) Rahul Arora, 'Fashion' © Filmfare It's hard to remember now, but 'Fashion' actually came out at a time when Section 377 hadn't even been scrapped by the Delhi High Court (that landmark judgement actually came a year later in 2009). As such, Samir Soni's subtle and poignant portrayal of Rahul Arora - a gay man living in the closet - was one of the bright spots of that film. What made Rahul so real and memorable was his decision to settle down with a woman (Mugdha Godse's character) due to societal pressure. Sadly, this is too common a phenomenon that's rarely, if at all, depicted in our movies and so to see an entire film revolving around Rahul's character would shed some much-needed spotlight on this issue.
  18. 'The MCU has a CGI problem' and 'why is Marvel overusing CGI?' – this is something I've come across online a few times and I totally agree. Yes, why doesn't Marvel just build huge spaceships and just make new planets to shoot their movies? Why do they use CGI when it's so easy to spend millions of dollars to make sets and destroy them? And surely, they can easily get actors to play different characters? Stop taking roles away from talking trees and raccoons, Marvel. Okay, keeping all the sarcasm aside, Marvel relies on CGI for obvious reasons. While we love all the cool effects and everything in the movies, seeing some of the characters without any CGI probably has the potential to ruin anyone's day. It's so expected and unexpected at the same time and not to mention, hilarious. But, before that, everyone needs to watch this on loop. Hollywood jumps without CGI Okay, not that we've see Benedict Cumberbatch's awkward jump, let's come back to the characters with CGI. I think this is the most common picture. I can't believe Chris Hemsworth managed to keep a straight face while shooting this, now this is called real talent. © Marvel The secret behind Rocket Raccoon. © Marvel Ultron, for real. © Marvel 'Am I Groot?' © Marvel It gets weirder the longer you look at it. © Marvel I just feel uncomfortable looking at this. © Marvel No suit. © Marvel It's not really a portal? My life is a lie! © Marvel Okay, then. © Marvel Cursed image. © Marvel Pre-serum Steve Rogers is a lie. © Marvel
  19. We have loved watching these characters play out their roles to near perfection on-screen and at times, have also been left baffled (and intrigued) by their quirks and nuances, as the show moved from one captivating season to the next. We loved the plots and how the characters seemed to develop over the course of the story, the rising action kept pulling us deeper and deeper into the show's mystery and the season finale always left us hanging (and desperately yearning) for more and much more! © Facebook While we may have figured how that some of our beloved characters suffer from mental disorders, it would not be wrong to say that a lot has already been said and written over that aspect of the characters. However, what hasn't been spoken in details is that some of those characters may have more of themselves tucked away within layers of fact and fiction. We picked up 5 such iconic tv characters that suffer from personality disorders. 1.Sheldon Cooper- Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder © Facebook Many of you might say you expected it, but here is what someone suffering from OCPD usually behaves like. They are obsessed with order and rules, they work best with lists and schedules to guide them. They verge on perfectionism, can be pretty rigid and need to be in control in every situation. Does that sound like a “bazinga” to you? 'Cause it surely does to us. Be it the “thing” he has for his seat or the weekly dinner routines, this is Sheldon through and through. 2. Dexter Morgan - Schizoid Personality Disorder © Facebook Well, this guy here is in a different league altogether. Fans and critics alike have gone on and on, trying to piece out this character but well, no perfect results have surfaced yet. While a major chunk of followers believe that Dexter suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder, we feel he aligns more accurately with SPD and here's why. A person suffering from SPD usually exhibits detachment and coldness in temperament along with an absolute lack of interest in normal human interaction. Sounds like Dexter to us. 3. Betty Cooper- Borderline Personality Disorder © Facebook A Netflix series based on the iconic 'Archie Comics', 'Riverdale' is based on a murder investigation following the death of the Blossom Twins. Betty Cooper plays one of the main characters on the show and it is believed that she displays some traits of BPD, such as the use of an alternative persona during emotional outbursts, signs of anxiety, isolation as a combating tool, perfectionism and the likes. Though she has not been diagnosed as someone suffering from the said disorder, many people with BPD have identified with her character. 4. Walter White/ Heisenberg - Narcissistic Personality Disorder © Facebook Heisenberg is one complicated character with many layers to himself, that makes him interesting and dangerous all at once. He also happens to display some key traits of a person suffering from NPD, such as preoccupation with unlimited success, power, brilliance, etc., like Walter White, who only wishes to be bigger and better. They consider themselves unique or special, even Walter only considers Gus Fring to be at par with him. They can be interpersonally exploitative and lacking empathy because they only care for their personal goals. Heisenberg, is that you? 5. Dr. Gregory House - Antisocial Personality Disorder © Facebook A beloved character who made medical diagnosis look fancy on screen, Dr. House is believed to be suffering from ASPD because of a number of reasons, but the most notable ones are not being able to manage long-term relationships, persistent irritability, getting angry at others who question his methods or blocking people out altogether. That's Dr. House for sure. There you go. Did you know about these disorders they suffered from?
  20. Amongst all the flak 'nepotism' has got in this day and age with all the debates and arguments doing the rounds about it, one thing is for certain. It really doesn't matter if you're a star kid being served on a silver platter, or a commoner who came to Mumbai with INR 500 in his or her pocket, as long as you have the talent and the determination, nothing can deter your spirit to make it big. Such is the case with Bollywood's newest sensation, who has done more versatile roles than Salman Khan's bare chest, on camera! Of course, I am talking about Rajkummar Rao and he's here to stay! © Pinterest You don't have fill in the standards for being 'perfect' or 'hot' or even 'good looking'. Not that I am saying Rao isn't a good-looking lad, but if you come with a plethora of talent and can fit into any role easily, you really don't have to depend on your looks as much. He's won awards for some fabulous roles and dialogue deliveries in films like 'Shahid' and 'Newton' and we can never wait too long to find out what he's churning out next. © Pinterest Now, he's done a role befitting every shade and genre of a typical Indian man. Some of his roles get too real for an assumption, but they're well executed and bring out the realism that life wants us to deal with. Yes, we love Rajkummar Rao and there's a little bit of every Indian man, in each one of his roles, he's ever portrayed. Here are 7 prominent roles Rajkummar Rao has ever portrayed. Which one do you identify with the most? (1) Shaurya From 'Trapped' Shaurya is a city dweller, who like most men struggling in Mumbai, is living on the hope that things will finally fall back to place in his life. He's ambitious and a non-quitter and he does get 'trapped' in a situation he can barely make his way out from. And why? Only because he goes all out for love and wants to keep it fresh and alive in his life. That's what the story is all about. Shaurya wants to get an apartment so that he can move in with his girlfriend, but the only one he can afford is on the 35th floor of a secluded building, which is still under construction. © Reliance Entertainment He gets locked in the house for several days without food and water and that's where you see the real character come out. He maintains his grit to come out as a survivor and a real hero who has patience and an 'I don't give up that easy' attitude. Are you a non-quitter too, who will go to any length to solve a daunting problem in your life? If yes, then this is the character for you. (2) Newton Kumar From 'Newton' Newton is a character full of idealism and hope who always sticks out for what is right! Rajkummar Rao plays a government clerk who's steadfastly doing what is always right and sticking up for the wrong in society. He's sincere and sometimes gets confused for a simpleton who doesn't understand the ways of the world. So, if you're an idealist stuck in a world where you stand up for what's wrong because you feel it's your responsibility, this is the character for you! © Eros International (3) Pritam Vidrohi From 'Bareilly Ki Barfi' So his last name in the movie is 'Vidrohi' which explains his character well. Pritam Vidrohi is a rebel without a cause, an outspoken fearless man who will even don a sari to make a sale! You see his character shift from a sombre, mild-mannered man to a Vidrohi (rebel) because he's been bullied all his life! But even so, he takes life with a pinch of salt and stands up to take on a fight whenever someone treats him like a pushover! Which is what happened all his life. Relate much? © AA Films (4) Shahid Azmi From 'Shahid' It's unfair to compare anyone to Shahid Azmi because the movie is based on the late advocate's life but there are some character traits that can match your personality too. Rajkummar Rao plays the 33-year-old criminal defence lawyer, who was criticised for representing people accused in terror cases. Standing up for your own self is one thing but fighting for someone else who needs a good fight is another. That was what Shahid Azmi did when he stood up for the Muslim men who were wrongly accused of terrorism. Have you been the kinda guy who's stood up and fought for someone else's right? © UTV Motion Picture (5) Vicky From 'Stree' Vicky, who is a very talented tailor is also fearless. When the whole village believes that it's haunted by a vengeful witch, Vicky is the only one who believes that her reason for haunting the villagers is that she's had a traumatising death, and no one gave her the respect she truly deserved when she was alive. Which is also a great metaphor for a man standing up for a woman, when he knows she's being disrespected in society! He's also the one who ends her tireless quest to find answers in the village, by being fearless and facing her, to help her end her misery! A lot of men need to be Vicky today! © AA films (6) Vijay From 'Queen' Okay, maybe very few of you will identify with this character only because he's not the ideal man, but there are men like Vijay, who shy away from responsibility when it doesn't suit them but do come around! Vijay is set to marry Rani but he then ditches her because he feels she doesn't have a modern outlook towards life, only to realise later on that she's the real queen of his life. Why? Because she sends him a picture by mistake which shows off her cleavage a little bit. He flies halfway across the world to apologise and win her back. Would you do that for someone when you know you've truly messed up? Then you're this guy! © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures (7) Gattu From 'Behen Hogi Teri' Gattu is one lovesick puppy who doesn't give up on love. He's been in love with the same woman since he was a kid and even though she treats him like a brother, he can't change the way he feels. That's a little disturbing but are you the guy who never gives up on true love? Then you're Gattu! © AA Films It doesn't matter which Rajkummar Rao character you resonate with the most since all of them are brilliant. What matters is, if you do relate to a character, you're a good human being because all his characters are about never giving up on anything, standing up for yourself, or for someone else and lastly standing up for love, always!
  21. A welcome change has come over the television arena; a revolution. The characters being portrayed on screen have started becoming more earthy, real and relatable. The best thing is that the LGBTQ characters have also started featuring in recent shows; which shows that there is hope for humanity and that TV can serve as a medium to educate individuals and bring about positivity. The recent hearing for the Section 377 in the Supreme Court is a step in the right direction. Our government acknowledging the LGBTQ presence is a departure from the archaic criminalization of homosexuality, and will hopefully bring the required change. Talking about TV shows, unlike the crass and unreal portrayal in the past, where they were mostly used for low-class humour or as a comic prop, recent shows have turned it around and given them the recognition they deserve. The inclusivity is a thing to be celebrated and we hope more positive steps are taken in the future to give equality to the community, which has been denied all along. Indian movies are rapidly introducing complex LGBT characters who tell a story and have done away with their stereotypical portrayal; case in point would be Fawad Khan as Rahul Kapoor in 'Kapoor and Sons' and Sanjay Suri as Nikhil in 'My Brother Nikhil'. Indian shows, on the other hand, have a long way to go when coming to show the same in a good light; I still remember Bobby Darling from 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi' and Maddy from 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin', who were both extremely stereotyped, not well-written and used for comic relief. This was such an under-representation of the community, that it was borderline offensive. “Maryada… Lekin Kab Tak?” which had a subplot of a gay romance was beautifully executed, and unlike its other counterparts, didn't demean the character to caricature or vileness. So, here are eleven such LGBT characters which have been superbly portrayed on screen and have struck a chord with the audience with their uniqueness: 1. Cole Mackenzie (Anne With An E): © Netflix A relatively new character in the show, Cole, is a shy, silent and creative boy, introduced in the second season of the series. His love for art is what makes him special, but it is this talent which makes his peers hate on him and bully him. He is the outcast in the school and the boys pick on him for he isn't interested in typical boyish pursuits. Anne befriends him and brings out the best in him and he pushes her to try her better herself; both being alone and disliked because of their uniqueness. Exceptional acting by Cory Gruter-Andrew makes this character adorable; his vulnerability and helplessness make your heart go out to him; his struggle with being different and the journey to his realization of his uniqueness is worth watching. 2. Poussey Washington (Orange Is The New Black): © Netflix The novel-loving convict is a bad-ass with a penchant for hooch. Easy-going and funny, she makes Litchfield Penitentiary look cool. Glib and kind, she is always seen laughing with her best friend, Taystee, who she loves, but her love is unrequited. Her previously failed lesbian romance and search for love is a major plot point of the show, which leads her to depression and alcoholism and how she finally finds the peace she always wanted is beautifully showcased (though short-lived). The best thing about her is that she is comfortable with her sexuality and is a good friend. Samira Wiley brings a rawness to the character and her scenes with Taystee (Danielle Brooks) provide the much-needed levity. 3. David Rose (Schitt's Creek): © CBC Brought to life by Dan Levy, David Rose is a not your typical gay guy, he is one of the first pansexual characters on screen. He does not believe in branding a person or their sexuality; as he says, it is the wine that matters, not its colour. His level of sass is legendary and his repartee with his sister Alexis is fun to watch; it will remind you of the fights with your siblings. With his quirky fashion sense and constant banter with Stevie, David is a hoot and you will find yourself laughing at his hilarious antics. A true friend, a great brother and a “dutiful” son, he reiterates that you don't need to be of a certain sexuality to be the best version of yourself and that it is wonderful to be different; you just need to love yourself. 4. Sophia Burset (Orange Is The New Black): © Netflix 'Orange Is The New Black' is known for presenting strong characters, one of its main protagonists is the transgender woman, Sophia Burset (played by Laverne Cox), a black man who underwent a *** change operation to become a woman. Sophia's storyline is extremely poignant; the struggle and ridicule she faced in society, her unacceptance by her own son, and the humiliation does not leave her even when she lands up in prison. What is exemplary is the endurance and patience of the character; she faces all the backlash with a brave face and does not care about people's perspective. She stands up for the people of her community and does not take shit from anyone; a fashionista with a salon for the prison inmates, she tries to live her dream, however macabre the reality may be. 5. Will Truman (Will & Grace): © NBC One of the first gay characters on TV, Will Truman is a realist by nature; with his trademark perfectionist persona and dry humour, he is also very mature as a person. Though the character has stereotypes attached to it, he does not come across as a typical gay guy, he is portrayed as the gay best friend. The show was iconic in changing the stigma attached to the gay community and Eric McCormack's brilliant acting served as icing on the cake. His friendship with Grace (Debra Messing) is the most interesting and heart-warming part of the series; the way he sticks with her through thick or thin and protects her, is what makes the character adorable and realistic. 6. Susan Bunch (Friends): © Warner Bros. Television Ross Geller's ex-wife's current wife, Susan Bunch, is a fiery and sarcastic woman who doesn't suffer fools. She is always at horns with Ross regarding some issue or the other; be it raising Ben or hanging out with Ross's girlfriend. The way she combats Ross' homophobic insults is spot on and she puts him in his place. Her humorous way of dealing with Ross is hilarious; all thanks to Jessica Hecht's impeccable comic timing. Her most redeeming quality is her love for Carol. A feminist, she is a force to be reckoned with. 7. Titus Andromedon (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt): © Netflix One of the most relatable characters in 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt', Titus is an openly gay man pursuing his dream to become a theatre artist. A no-nonsense person, he eventually becomes friends with Kimmy and her roommate. The performance by Tituss Burgess is extraordinary, he makes a compelling Titus; a once popular boy in school, forced to be in the closet and finally accepting himself as he is. He is a complex character; he does not make friends easily and is innately shy but comes across as boastful; he knows that he can do better but just can't seem to have the conviction to do so. 8. Kurt Hummel (Glee): © 20th Century Fox Television The first ever openly gay character on the show, Kurt is a musically inclined, theatre-pursuing and ballet-loving teenager who realizes that he does not need to depend on other people to be himself. His unrequited love for Finn makes your heart pine for them to get together, and his complex relationship with his dad is one of the best-written plotlines. With a unique fashion sense, he is a talented performer and was a gay icon for teens back in the day. His perseverance and dedication to his art are commendable. Unlike stereotypical gay characters, Kurt was a breath of fresh air for Fox and broke the network. Chris Colfer's portrayal of the now iconic Kurt is spell-binding and will get you hooked to the show. 9. Lord Varys (Game of Thrones): © HBO The one who is the supreme omniscient resident of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, Lord Varys is one of the most well-written characters on the show. He is always aware of what is going on around him and is way ahead of his peers. Intelligent, sly and sassy, he is the perfect person to live in a kingdom filled with secrets and malice and doesn't shy away to save himself first. His loyalty can never be guessed, which shows how good he is at what he does and is mostly the man behind major plot twists. A terrible childhood which turned him into a eunuch, Varys made the best of his situation; gaining information and using it for the greater good, but also for his own preservation. 10. Tony Padilla (13 Reasons Why): © Netflix Tony is a hot-headed gay guy (especially if you touch his car :P), who is susceptible to anger which doesn't always end up nicely for him. He is a dedicated friend who can go to any lengths to complete his promise to a friend, which is one of his best qualities. The unique thing about the character is that it doesn't fall in a redundant trope. Unlucky in love, he falls for his boxing coach who helps him with his anger issues. He helps Hannah carry out her last wish and helps Clay come to terms with losing her; he is always there for him (sometimes bordering on stalking :P) and is ready to help anyone, anytime. Charming, sweet and intensely loyal, Tony is one of the best characters on the show, convincingly played by Christian Navarro. 11. Courtney Crimson (13 Reasons Why): © Netflix Adopted by two gay men, life has always been difficult for Courtney (Michele Selene Ang); trying to maintain her straight-A persona while ignoring her natural instincts. Afraid of her own sexuality and to stay away from others stereotyping her, she goes down a path she later regrets. Although mean at first, she finally comes out of the closet for defending Hannah Baker; which is a brave gesture on her part, redeeming herself. Mean girl-turned good, she is the character which shows the maximum growth in the series and you will love her for it.
  22. This year's football World Cup was undoubtedly the most unpredictable sports event the world has ever seen. This was one tournament where even the fans couldn't figure out who will win the finals, until the last minute of the game. If there is anything that comes close to the twists and turns in the World Cup, it is the season 7 of 'Game of Thrones'. © HBO Talking about 'Game of Thrones', the eighth season is still a year away from its release, but the fans have started missing it already. Or should we say they never forgot the show or its characters in the first place. One such genius fan is Twitter user Abdullah Al-Mamun from Bangladesh. While fans around the world will remember the FIFA World Cup for various reasons, teams and players; nothing can beat this guy's GOT analogy, which makes all the sense in the world now that the World Cup is over. © Reuters Abdullah re-imagined this year's World Cup teams as the characters from 'Game of Thrones' and things only turn interesting with every explanation he gives. So much so that you can't help but believe him and relate with every character and team. © HBO In a series of tweets he explains, “If this World Cup was 'Game of Thrones', which team would be which character?” He begins with Germany and Belgium. He compares Germany to the Lord of Winterfell and head of House Stark, Ned Stark. He wrote, “Nobody thought he would die, but his head got chopped off in the first round.” For him Belgium would be Olenna Tyrell who, “Kills off key players before dying just before the final battle.” If this World cup was Game of Thrones, Which team would be which character: 1. Germany - Ned Stark: Nobody thought he would die, but his head got chopped off in the first round. 2. Belgium - Olenna Tyrell: Kills off key players before dying just before the final battle. — Abdullah Al-Mamun (@MamunKhan41st) 14 July 2018 Relatable much? Wait for the rest of the characters! Brazil would be Joffrey Baratheon – “Makes a lot of tantrum before being poisoned by Olenna Tyrell.” Argentina would be Oberyn Martell – “Was not in the equation at the start. Suddenly got into the play, danced a lot. Then got killed off brutally.” 3. Brazil - Joffrey Baratheon: Makes a lot of tantrum before being poisoned by Olenna Tyrell 4. Argentina - Oberyn Martell: Was not in the equation at the start. Suddenly got into the play, danced a lot. Then got killed off brutally. — Abdullah Al-Mamun (@MamunKhan41st) 14 July 2018 Honestly, I can't stop laughing at this guy's ingenuity and his spot-on GOT analogy. Wonder where Jon Snow gets a mention? Well, he's Croatia—one of the World Cup finalists and definitely one of the strongest contenders in the entire tournament. Calling him the ultimate underdog, he wrote “Croatia - Jon Snow: The ultimate underdog. Fell behind in multiple situations. Everyone thought they were dead only to rise from the Ashes.” England is Hodor and I can't even… 5. Croatia - John Snow: The ultimate underdog. Fell behind in multiple situations. Everyone thought they were dead only to rise from the Ashes. 6. England - Hodor: Repeats the same line over and over again and dies trying to defend a lead. — Abdullah Al-Mamun (@MamunKhan41st) 14 July 2018 Russia: Sansa Stark - “Everyone thought she was screwed from Day 1. But somehow wiggled through to a fairly formidable finish. Somewhat related to Jon Snow and ultimately submitted to his will.” Spain: Petyr Baelish – “Does a lot of passing only to get caught by Sansa who was supposed to be under his control.” 7.Russia:Sansa Strk-Every1 thght she was screwd frm Day 1. But, smhow wiggled through to a fairly frmidable finish. Smwhat relatd to Jn Snow and ultmtly sbmts to his will 8.Spain-Ptr Baelish:Does a lot of passing only to get caught by Sansa who was supposed to be under his cntrl. — Abdullah Al-Mamun (@MamunKhan41st) 14 July 2018 And lastly, talking about this year's champion France, he compared the team to Night King - “Was an ominous presence that no one really talked about at the beginning. Gradually become quite scary. Haven't lost ground in all of the tournament. Breaks down really strong defenses. Just converts people from different places to create the team.” We guess now France's victory completely makes sense. 9. France - Night King: Was an ominous presence that no one really talked about at the beginning. Gradually become quite scary. Haven't lost ground in all of the tournament. Breaks down really strong defenses. Just converts people from different places to create the team. — Abdullah Al-Mamun (@MamunKhan41st) 14 July 2018 Wow! This man deserves a World Cup solely for coming up with such a brilliant analogy.