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Found 20 results

  1. If you get constant messages and want to stop notifications from popping on your phone, Telegram has an option
  2. Through encryption WhatsApp wants to ensure chat database, media remain protected from 'unauthorised access'
  3. Privacy in chats is no way breached under the new terms of service that are set to kick in on May 15, WhatsApp insists
  4. "If destination chat is new or has less than 1000 messages, everything will be seamlessly sorted by its original date and time," says Telegram
  5. Prince Harry and James Corden were actually shooting for the highly popular Carpool Karaoke segment
  6. Telegram saw a huge surge in the number of new users ever since WhatsApp's new privacy policy was announced. Telegram now wants to make it super easy and seamless to switch. The company is making it relatively easy to import your chats from other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. So if you are a WhatsApp user who is looking to switch to Telegram and wants to import all your chats to the new app, then here's how you can do that - View the full article
  7. Ever since WhatsApp announced its new privacy policies, apps like Telegram and Signal surged in popularity as users were looking to shift. WhatsApp’s privacy debacle has caused a mass exodus to other instant messaging apps and now Telegram has made it easier to import all of your chats from other platforms. © unsplash Telegram now has the ability to import chats from WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk for both group and individual chats. The main reason why users were hesitant to move to a new platform was simply that they would lose their chat history. Telegram has now made it easier for everyone to make that transition without losing all of your chat history. How To Import Chats Importing chats from WhatsApp and other supported platforms is fairly easy. On Android, one needs to open the conversation in WhatsApp, tap the menu button > more > export chat and then select Telegram. For iOS users, the process is similar, however the export function can be found in the Contact Info or Group Info page. ©Telegram Telegram points out that after importing the chats, it will retain the original timestamps and will be visible by all members of a conversation. The app also says that messages can be saved on the cloud as it doesn’t take too much space rather than being forced locally on your smartphone. The new update also brings other new features such as more control for call and chat history, improved audio features, and new animations. In terms of privacy, Telegram pays more emphasis on your personal data where users can now delete messages they send and receive for all parties. Similarly, users can now also delete call history for all sides at any time. Other features include controlling specific volumes of individual participants to manage microphone levels. This is in line with other applications like Discord where users can manage audio levels of each participant to their liking. Now that Telegram offers the ability to move your entire chat history from WhatsApp, would you consider moving to the app for all future instant messaging needs? Let us know in the comments what you think about the new feature and whether it makes it more convenient for you to switch. Source: Telegram Blog View the full article
  8. The feature to import WhatsApp, other app chats is available on Telegram Messenger for iOS, available on the App Store
  9. Photo: © Twitter (Main Image)Republic TV founder, Arnab Goswami, manages to be part of some or the other controversy all the time. Now, his WhatsApp chats have been leaked where he purportedly suggests that he already knew about India’s plans to conduct airstrikes against Pakistan- in retaliation to the February 2019 Pulwama attack, days before the attack took place. © Twitter Times Now His Whatsapp chats are with former Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) chief executive Partho Dasgupta. The chats created havoc when they went viral on social media. Among many other things, the chats also suggest that Goswami had prior knowledge of major government decisions including the Balakot airstrikes and the scrapping of Article 370. Now, social media is flooded with comments suggesting that he should be arrested for treason and #ArrestArnabTraitor is trending on Twitter. A Twitter user wrote, “The issue is very serious that a Journalist made a discussion on national security where he knows all the matters in prior, how this could have happened in a democratic country? I would surprise about how he acknowledged this information by. Arrest such people.” The issue is very serious that a Journalist made a discussion on national security where he knows all the matters in prior, how this could be happened in democratic country? I would surprise about how he acknowledged this information by. Arrest such people. #ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/0FtMcqv1Vc — जय भीम Dr. Prashant Rathor 🇮🇳 (@DrRathor13579) January 21, 2021 Here’s what people have to say about it- Arnab Goswami is a stigma to journalism and to our nation. His sentence "We won like crazy" on 40 Soldiers in pulwama attack and knowing beforehand of Balakot Strike news is 100% sign of Anti-National activities.#ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/d6wLtC2Q3Z — Sandip Gopani 🇮🇳 (@sandipGopani_) January 21, 2021The silence of govt speak thousands words of their involvement in Pulwama attack & leaking military information which could have compromised the security of more soldiers deployed in Jammu & Kashmir. For NIA, this is not security threat. #ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/iHalztE118 — PUNJABI REVIEW (@punjabireview_) January 21, 2021#ArrestTraitorArnab but also initiate a proper investigation in order to find out and fix all those who acted as traitors against the national security in the recently exposed #ArnabGate episode. #ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/jeanBitmX9 — surbhi moury🇪🇺OBC🇪🇺 (@surbhimoury) January 21, 2021Arnab He calls himself Patriot!!!!! Where is the Equality and Justice#ArrestTraitorArnab #ArnabGaddarHai pic.twitter.com/vpjVtpGNlX — Holagunda PFi (@HolagundaP) January 21, 2021Yes the bigger concern is who gave the information to him. Arnab is just the puppet of whom, all know.For what the republic tv is we all know. — Ankit Jain (@AnkitJa81653061) January 21, 2021Seriously bro are you serious It was obvious that something big was going to happen and because these was a large troop movement to the Kashmir and other states people who follow this already knew that something big is on the way. Facts man don't be like congress andbhakt. — Abhishek Verma (@Abhishe99799039) January 21, 2021Gaddar Arnab, How dare you rejoiced martyrdom of our 40 CRPF boys ? You are more brutal and anti Indian than those terrorists.#ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/aurNHsrcoz — Naveen Shahi (@Naveen_Kr_Shahi) January 21, 2021Earlier, he managed to get into a controversy with comedian Kunal Kamra. Kunal Kamra is also known to have quite 'heavy feelings' for Mr Goswami (as we all know), and his sentiments for Arnab Goswami never changed. Kunal made sure that he never failed to express his views about Arnab publically and came up with innovative ideas to insult him and entertain the audience. Kunal and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in Spetember 2020 went to Republic TV’s office to give Arnab Goswami the 'excellence in journalism award'. Both of them went to the studio premises with actual slippers framed and were denied entry inside Republic TV premises. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  10. Users are looking for reassurance their chat's security was not compromised since an outage two days ago
  11. As the trial for Arnab Goswami’s TRP scam is being awaited to be held on 29th January, the nation is still fathoming the amount of information that has surfaced after Arnab Goswami’s Whatsapp chats with ex- CEO of BARC were recently shared on social media. Both these individuals are currently in a soup and are accused of rigging TRP numbers. While the entire document is a very heavy file consisting of some meticulous conversations, some jolting information that has come to light includes Partho Dasgupta asking Arnab about “any progress on PMO?” and Goswami’s euphoria over the high TRP’s around the Pulwama attack. The chats suggest the journalist knew about the post-Pulwama strike plan in advance. #ArnabChatGate | Part 1: Expose suggests how Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami was allegedly aware of India's 'strike plan' post-Pulwama terror strike. Opposition demands internal inquiry into alleged ‘leak’. Military experts question Goswami's 'indiscretion'. Details: Nikunj. pic.twitter.com/GN25D55R8R — TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) January 17, 2021 Other revelations include the two talking about ‘ buying a judge’ , and suggests that the Balakot strike was probably an election campaign. These chats have invited the ire of the ‘aam admi’ who not only is dissing this behaviour but also questioning the credibility of the government and our judiciary system. And, here Arnab Goswami boasts of getting @PMOIndia ministers changed after meeting Modi. Gowswami not a “Dalal” PM? Third tranche of the chats pic.twitter.com/TT70IX5Krf — Swati Chaturvedi (@bainjal) January 17, 2021The economy is screwed... No matter what we tell outside.#ArnabGate #ArnabGoswami #ArnabGoswamiExposed pic.twitter.com/PN0Tp6O7FC — Yash |🇮🇳 (@United_India__) January 16, 2021If BJP Govt is sharing top defense secrets with a dalal like Arnab Goswami, just imagine what all information they must be trading with Ambani & Adani?#AntiNationalBJPArnab — Gaurav Pandhi (@GauravPandhi) January 17, 2021#ArnabGate exposed that BJP govt told #ArnabGoswami about the Balakot strike 3 days before it happened.Leaking top secret details about defence strategies to a private citizen is not only a massive security breach but TREASON by GOI . Government of India must be held accountable! — Shama Mohamed (@drshamamohd) January 17, 2021The bigger question that this revelation paints for us is that where are we heading as a nation? What is the state of our national security, what is indeed happening if confidential information is being leaked out and being peddled for TRP’s ? Just how safe is our nation now, since everyone, from the political leaders, our journalists and even the security stakeholders of this country are under the radar. While Arnab Goswami deserves a proper trial and he will surely get it, one cannot help but look at the dwelling darker picture which poses a bigger threat to us. We need to move on from trolling individuals and actually educating ourselves on what is happening. The nation wants to know the truth after all, right? View the full article
  12. Seems like the nation constantly wants to know what’s happening with journalist and newsmaker Arnab Goswami. Every time one spots him trending on social media, a meme fest takes over as viewers continue to lose their ability to take his words seriously. © Republic Recently, advocate Prashant Bhushan, who is a public interest lawyer and activist shared leaked screenshots of WhatAapp conversations between Arnab and ex-CEO of BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) Partho Dasgupta, who is also currently swimming in the TRP scam case. These are a few snapshots of the damning leaked WhatsApp chats between BARC CEO & #ArnabGoswami. They show many conspiracies&unprecedented access to power in this govt; gross abuse of his media&his position as power broker. In any Rule of law country, he would be in jail for long pic.twitter.com/6aGOR6BRQJ — Prashant Bhushan (@pbhushan1) January 15, 2021 The TRP scam, in question, began last year in October when the BARC filed a complaint against a few TV channels (including Republic TV) and accused them of rigging their TRP numbers. The former CEO Partho Dasgupta and Arnab Goswami are being accused of rigging numbers. When the question of actress Rhea Chakraborty’s chats being leaked arose in the past, many claimed it was being done in national interest, ergo some are pointing out the hypocrisy over the hue and cry around Arnab’s chats being leaked now. As soon as the tweet became viral on the internet, people couldn’t help but joke about this whole situation. #ArnabGoswami Error! Filename not specified.Suddenness, the sheer suddenness of the moveError! Filename not specified.. So finally it is proved that Whatsapp is no more secure, neither end to end encrypted. Installing Signal. — Carbonated (@saqibhafix) January 15, 2021The whole situation explained in a video #ArnabGoswami pic.twitter.com/HR7rFSICCk — Manoj Tiwari(Parody) (@ManojMujra) January 15, 2021#ArnabGoswami :- What is this behaviour Zuckerberg ? Zuckerberg :- I am sorry Babu. Rhea & Karma smiling while reading this 73+ MB chat. pic.twitter.com/1au0vZNYnD — Ahmed Bilal Chowdhary ( احمد بلال چوہدری ) (@AhmedBilal_JK) January 15, 2021This is How Arnab's Chat leaked. Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.#See_Full_Image.#ArnabGoswami and #WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy pic.twitter.com/LrZq4Ip4XJ — बाबूराव गणपतराव आप्टे (@baburao__aapte) January 15, 2021 While people cant help but make memes about this situation, many others are exhibiting their angst towards the horrendous misuse of power that these chats reveal. The sheer power of #ArnabGoswami, a News Editor. Reminding me of Dileep Padgaonkar's infamous comment: I am the most powerful man after the PM. A man with zero accountability discussing scrapping of Art 370 with NSA Doval a day before the formal announcement @pbhushan1 pic.twitter.com/lbjyjZEee6 — Poonam punekar (@PunekarPoonam1) January 15, 2021Whats the point of you higher education and degree plus your experience and age if you wasting on such issues which has no value addition to it?!! Just asking! What kind of example are you setting for your future generations? So sad to read venomous negativity from you always. — 🇮🇳 Kavita Damle 🇮🇳🦋Error! Filename not specified. (@KavitaDamle) January 15, 2021 A lot of people on social media are questioning the authenticity of these screenshots but turns out, that the Mumbai Police extracted data from BARC CEO's phone and these are apparently a part of that. Mumbai Police releases 500 pages WhatsApp chat between Arnab Goswami and Partho Das Gupta ( Ex CEO of BARC) pic.twitter.com/C3wnxjRi0N — Abhijeet Dipke (@abhijeet_dipke) January 15, 2021 The alleged leaked chats reveal some crucial information, including how Arnab Goswami met National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval two days just before the abrogation of Article 370, especially the fact that he knew all about the Article 370 abrogation discussion. Some of the messages also suggest that the former BARC CEO allegedly sent a confidential note to Arnab explaining that he had jammed the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) and Goswami allegedly replied that he may meet the Prime Minister in this matter. The court hearing is scheduled for 29th January 2021. Until then, the High Court has withheld any coercive action against all accused. View the full article
  13. WhatsApp is now rolling out an update on iOS which lets users further protect their chats with the help of iPhone's onboard biometric authentication. WhatsApp already has end-to-end encryption making it one of the more secure instant messaging apps. However, the new update is set to make it even more secure. WhatsApp has now started to roll out an update where users can protect the app with either Touch ID or FaceID authentication depending on the iPhone model you use. Your facial data and fingerprint data will remain encrypted in the phone and WhatsApp will not be getting access to your personal biometric data. © MensXP-Akshay Bhalla Setting up this feature is fairly simple as you need to open WhatsApp, head to setting > account > privacy and select “screen lock”. You can then select the option “Require Face ID” or “Require Touch ID”. Select the preferred time you want the feature to kick in. When replying to messages or answering calls from the lock screen, WhatsApp does not require additional authentication. © YouTube However, if someone knows your PIN, then they will be able to access your WhatsApp the same way you will be able to. It's needless to say that you should be keeping your PIN safe to prevent people from accessing your WhatsApp chats and in-app purchases from other applications that provide micro-transactions. As of now, this feature is only available to iPhone users; however, Android users will be getting a similar feature in the near future. The system that enables Android devices for protecting apps is mostly the same as Apple's and Android users will be able to take advantage of the feature very soon. Will you be protecting your WhatsApp with the new feature? What would be your primary purpose? Let us know in the comments if you love the newly added security on WhatsApp or not.
  14. Nobody likes to be snooped upon, and with chatting becoming our primary medium of communication, it's always best to safeguard these apps. Up till now, you'd have to depend on third-party app lockers or ROM support to lock them using a PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint. But thanks to a new oncoming update, you won't need external help anymore. © Reuters WhatsApp is currently working on adding fingerprint authentication on Android, according to a report by WABetaInfo. In a separate report, WhatsApp was said to be working on a similar feature for iOS with support for two biometric authentication methods – Face ID and Touch ID. © Apple These in-app locking mechanisms aren't new and a plethora of apps have been locking themselves in a similar way. While a lot of IMs are trying to incorporate this, financial apps have long depended on these sources of authentication. The report notes that the feature currently has no timeline for when it will be released to users, but it is definitely in the works. The feature will allow users to unlock WhatsApp and all the chats inside it using the same fingerprint scanner that you will use to unlock the phone. WhatsApp hasn't officially announced the feature yet. But it has already been spotted in recent beta versions of the application. © Reuters It is worth pointing out here that WhatsApp does not have any in-app lock feature. Last year, Alan Kao, a Software Engineer at WhatsApp, had acknowledged that the company had received a lot of request for such a feature. Currently, the WhatsApp app supports two-step authentication with a code. Once users turn on this feature, the code is required to log in to the app, though not always. The code is asked once in a week to continue encryption of chats. © MensXP While you always have the option of using a third party locker, an inbuilt functionality is always prefered as you don't have to mess with pesky ads, and the number of background processes is reduced. The outlet notes that the functionality is still at the alpha stage of development, suggesting it'll be months before it actually launches. Additionally, the report also stated that the new WhatsApp beta version will also get a new and improved Audio picker where users will be able to preview the audio files before sending them. Source: WABetaInfo
  15. WhatsApp has announced the launch of its first revenue-generating channel and it's not as simple as just serving ads. The instant messenger was acquired by Facebook, and since then it was always expected that ads will be coming to the app sometime in future. For now, a WhatsApp spokesperson has confirmed TechCrunch that the chat app is planning to run ads inside the Status tab of the app. The ads will be powered by Facebook's native advertising system and will "help familiarise users with business" on WhatsApp. Starting from 2019, WhatsApp will start showing ads in the Status tab. © Reuters Currently, Facebook is also using the same technique on Instagram to push ads. While they are natively shown in the feed as well as stories, when it comes to WhatsApp, there are concerns surrounding the use of chat history for ad targeting. Thankfully, WhatsApp has firmly always said that all chat content is encrypted and cannot be viewed by the company itself. On the other hand, the company is also launching new Business APIs that will let businesses respond to messages from users for free for up to 24 hours. After the 24 hour period, companies will be charged for sending messages to the users. © WhatsApp What this means is, you can soon expect companies to start contacting you via WhatsApp Messenger instead of normal text SMS. BookMyShow has been running a pilot for quite a few months in India wherein it sends the booked ticket details over WhatsApp. In the same way, even Myntra has been trying to send out order confirmations and updates via the instant messenger. According to the company, there is a fixed rate per country for messages delivered via WhatsApp and that price vary significantly per country: “In general, the range for these messages is roughly half of $0.01 to $0.09 per message delivered.” © Reuters WhatsApp has been free to use since its inception, while the company did charge a nominal fee in the early stage, it soon stopped the subscription model and has been completely free to use since then. The app has 2.23 billion active users worldwide and is the top instant messaging choice for everyone. Source: TechCrunch
  16. 'Black Panther' is going to hit the theatres soon, but our excitement is already hitting outer space, because the sky is too small a limit for this superhero movie. When the Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to give a chance to Black Panther to find his own identity as the new king of Wakanda, little did anyone know that it will gradually shape up to become one of the biggest superhero movies to release this year. © mensxp priyadarshini patwa Despite gorging on the numerous teasers and trailers of 'Black Panther', we still feel that our hunger is not satiated and director Ryan Coogler deserves all the credit to take our excitement to the pinnacle. Unless you have been living under a rock or haven't been following this space to know what we've been up to, you will know that MensXP attended the Black Panther red carpet at Seoul, South Korea, where we caught up with the cast of 'Black Panther' and got some exclusive deets from our beloved stars. © marvel studios While, Ryan Coogler was basking in the popularity and the hype this movie is enjoying; we got in touch with another pivotal character from the movie, without whom the movie wouldn't have managed to create that much of an impact. If you're thinking about Michael B Jordan's Eric Killmonger, we love him too but it's not him. We're talking about the Nakia, one of the strongest characters who finds herself torn between her duty towards the government and her friendship with T'Challa. © marvel studios Lupita Nyong'o who plays the beautiful spy got candid with us and spoke about her character, “I think what makes her unique is she has a very quiet sense of power. The fact that she's a spy means she has to be subtle and to have an impact without necessarily pulling attention.” Lupita even hinted at a special relationship between her character and T'Challa. Earlier, Chadwick Boseman shared his experience about the movie and now the proud director Ryan Coogler gave us an insight on his experience working on 'Black Panther'. In a video interview with MensXP, Coogler said, “It was extremely thrilling to make 'Black Panther'. We've put in a lot of hard work. We got a chance to take a lot and strengthen ourselves and be proud of this film.” Here's what he said. Here's what #RyanCoogler has to say about making @TheBlackPanther. pic.twitter.com/nDRaOkaFT9 — MensXP (@MensXP) February 6, 2018 Thanks to the killer line up of teasers, TV spots and trailers; we are confirmed that this Black Panther is all set to take a giant leap and leave everyone behind at the box office. 'Black Panther' is expected to hit the theatres on February 16.
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