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Found 13 results

  1. Boardrooms are battlegrounds in disguise, and anyone who has ever attended a meeting in one will agree. Talking about non-verbal elements in a boardroom that can make one appear more powerful, how one dresses definitely plays a huge role. Since the ruthless Indian Summers often don't let one wear formal suits replete with ties that can make one look sharp, seemingly trivial factors like the colour of your shirt or the fit of your pants can be crucial to your demeanour. Keeping that in mind, we have curated 5 boardroom looks for you that will definitely make you look more powerful in a Summer meeting, effortlessly so. 1. Sophisticated patterns © MensXP Unique but sophisticated patterned shirts in muted shades of blue will make you look superbly confident, while not making you compromise on the 'professional dressing' factor. Pair them with trousers that fit you well, and slip into a pair of tan leather Oxfords/Brogues. __ECOMPRODUCT__1__ __ECOMPRODUCT__2__ 2. Fitted Shirts © MensXP A blue-hued grey shirt that fits you like a glove when paired with well-fitted (but not tight) navy trousers will make you look ultra sleek, which translates to fluidity, essentially making you look like you're someone who can get things done. You can experiment with your shoes, as long as they are not from a loud colour palette. __ECOMPRODUCT__3__ 3. Half-sleeved Shirts © MensXP A more playful variation of the previous aesthetic with a half-sleeved powder blue shirt will fetch you equally impressive results. Plus, it's perfect for Summer. __ECOMPRODUCT__4__ 4. Kurta Shirt © MensXP For peak summers, when the setting is a bit informal, wearing a white cotton kurta shirt with a Mandarin collar will give you an artistic edge over everyone else in the room, making you look like someone with vision. You can pair it with formal trousers or linen pants. __ECOMPRODUCT__5__ 5. Polo shirts © MensXP Polo shirts when paired with sharp trousers along with a brown belt and matching Oxfords/Brogues, will make you look like someone who not only is absolutely self-assured, but also likes to be on their toes. Also, what can possibly be a more comfortable outfit for a professional setting? __ECOMPRODUCT__6__ __ECOMPRODUCT__7__ Try these hacks, and thank us later. All the best!
  2. There are a number of reasons why man boobs occur and no matter the cause, the effect of this one is quite dreadful. We get it and we are with you! So, why does this happen? Due to multiple factors like obesity and hormone imbalance known as Gynecomastia, man boobs draw unwanted attention. With certain changes made to your wardrobe, from sturdy woven fabrics to wearing darker colours, our clever fashion hacks pave the path for sartorial style: 1. Look For What Fits You The Best © Getty Images When I say fit, I am trying to convey that avoid choosing extremes sides. Anything which is either too fitted or too loose will draw in attention. Aim at getting the right type of fabric. If need be, get a style that's a size up and customise the shoulders and waist as per your specifications. This fashion hack is your best bet. Try it out! 2. Choosing The Right Style © Getty Images Shirts are a better choice, as they have an undeniable structure that's ideal to conceal man boobs. A denser fabric shirt in twill, oxford and flannelette shirts will add up to your style suaveness. Opt for dark coloured shirts in black, grey or charcoal shade as they eliminate the tell-tale lines. We aren't saying your wardrobe should be filled with darker hues, as you can also experiment with pastel colours as well. 3. White Is A No No © Getty Images White shirts are more likely to draw unnecessary attention than shirts in darker tones. Avoid wearing low necklines, accessories like chains to steer clear of inadvertent looks. Choosing the right fabric and colours in your style statement will do the trick and add a perfect spin to your outfit. 4. It's All In The Details © Getty Images Pockets can either work wonders or fail your look completely. Whatever style you choose, make sure the pockets are not too detailed. We suggest you opt for smaller patterns like darker plaids or black checks instead. Believe us, this could be your new signature look! 5. Pin The Pinstripes © Getty Images Most suits have the charm to lend you a streamlined profile automatically with their sharp silhouette. They create a vertical line which is exactly what you need to deftly distract the attention. To give a new edge to your look, choose narrow pinstripes. Ditch large patterns for a good, fashion etiquette. 6. Accessorising © Getty Images Deck yourself with accent pieces as they can instantly divert the eyes. Put briefcases, stylish eyewear or two-toned shoes to your advantage as they are a great way to spiff up your look.
  3. Hickeys are the best and worst at the same time. This innocent-looking bruise can get you in trouble with your mum or can be rather embarrassing at work, but boy, are they fun to get! © Getty Images Before you learn to hide them, it's important to understand what they really are. While making out, kissing for a longer duration can sometimes create a vacuum, which if has a stronghold, breaks capillaries. The broken capillaries cause 'ecchymosis', which is a medical term for what is commonly known as a 'bruise.' If you find yourself in a situation with visible 'bruises' inflicted with a well-meant intention, that you don't want your co-workers or friends, or more importantly, your mother/family to notice, there are a few hacks like rubbing a cold spoon around the purple area or toothbrush bristles, but those tools are not always accessible or guarantee results each time. Regardless, excuses like a 'mosquito bite' or a 'spider bite' or a 'fight bruise' or any other random excuse might not work each time if people ask you what's up with your bruise. Especially your family. But hey, a scarf is not the only solution for hickeys and refraining from hickey action doesn't help either. But the overall health of a person and whether your skin is moisturized or not can play a huge role in determining how long a hickey stays put. So, remember to always moisturize and eat a balanced diet which is great for you either way. If you have a hickey that isn't going away, the following tips can help: 1. Headphones © Getty Images Headphones work really well if you want to hide your hickeys from your family. Just wear your headphones around your neck and voila! Say, you've to meet someone for ten minutes and step out. 2. Collared Shirts © Getty Images Shirts usually have a collar high enough to hide that bruise. Just make sure you're buttoning-up high so there is no scope for exposure. 3. Concealers © Getty Images Don't shy away from using this cosmetic. The formula works like magic in blending your bruise with your skin. 4. Aloe Vera © Getty Images Aloe Vera gel calms the blood clot and helps to nix the redness. 5. Vitamin K © Getty Images Vitamin K rich creams are good for minimizing redness instantly. A great remedy for major hickeys. These hacks should save you from all the awkward situations that hickeys land you in.
  4. Summer months are always exhausting as the heat makes everything all the more tiring. A list of tasks that are hard to process includes washing clothes or taking a shower because getting up and taking a shower can sometimes be so exhausting, even just in theory. So, if you want to figure out a quick and easy regime to get away from the tiresome process of taking a shower, you should consider these: 1. Have You Heard Of Dry Shampoo? © Getty Images Dry shampoo is a Godsend product, quite literally. If your hair is not on point and you need a quick fix, you should consider dry shampoos. Two-three puffs of this product will make your oily/ dirty hair look fresh again. 2. Face Wipes Are Great For A 10-Second Fix © Getty Images If you have to wake up and rush out, face wipes are a good replacement for a face wash. Scented ones will leave a lingering fragrance which makes them completely worth the money they come for. 3. Don't Forget The Deodorant © Getty Images If you're heading out and possibly don't have time for anything at all. There's one thing you should always keep handy to keep yourself stink-proof: a deodorant. 4. When In Doubt, Moisturize © Getty Images Our skin tends to dry up very easily. A good moisturizer helps hydrate skin which makes it look healthier than an unmoisturized dry face. 5. A Mouthwash Can Save Your Life © Getty Images Trust us. You don't want people to not like you just because you smell bad. A mouthwash makes that difference. Just use some before you step out.
  5. 1. Exfoliation Is Key © Getty Images © Getty Images There are exclusive face scrubs in the market for men in any departmental store or even online. Form a habit of using the scrub right before you shave every time. Dab some on your fingers and gently work it on your face. This not only helps with making the shave smooth and removes tan as well. 2. Witch Hazel As A Toner © Getty Images Witch hazel as a toner comforts the skin after a close shave and prevents nicks. You'll be surprised by realizing how the number of nicks you usually get begin going down once you start using this. 3. Moisturizing Is Key © Getty Images Sometimes, your daily moisturizer can be your best aftershave if you don't want to spend extra money on an aftershave. Dab it on your fingers and work it gently with your fingertips and see the difference. 4. The Cold Water Hack © Getty Images Here's a secret: post-shave, never wash your face with the same hot/lukewarm water you used while taking a shower. Instead, wash your face with cold water as it will close your pores and immediately tighten your facial skin. This means fewer wrinkles so you don't have to worry about ageing. 5. Keep The Strokes Short © Getty Images One hack that you might be aware of already is that you should always keep your strokes short. Instead of going for long-drawn-out strokes, go for short sharp strokes for a clean cut. 6. Substitute Baby Oil For Shaving Cream © Getty Images If you've run out of both shaving cream and hair conditioner, do it in the shower while using lukewarm water. That will open up your pores, soften the tough bristles of your whiskers and give a close shave. 7. For Nicks And Cuts Use Fitkaris © Getty Images Fitkari is extremely handy for nicks and cuts, better than using a tissue paper! You can even use a pinch of lip balm. Just dab some on the cut and you're good to go. 8. Wear The Shaving Cream For At Least Five Minutes © Getty Images A good hack to avoid razor burns is to let the shaving cream sit for at least five minutes. This prevents the red spots from coming back. It works better if you use a quality shaving cream as opposed to foam.
  6. If you've ever found yourself in a situation where no matter how hard you try, your pictures end up looking greasy and oily, here's how you can fix it. Being excessively oily or greasy in the Summer heat is super normal however: 1. Have You Heard About A Mattifying Moisturizer? © Getty Images Moisturizers can sometimes make you sweat like if the product is dense, heavy, and oily, it's going to make the greasy situation worse. Instead, a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer allows the pores to breathe easily. 2. Or Switch To A Face Oil Instead Of A Moisturizer © Getty Images A face oil might absorb the skin residue lightly and quickly and your skin in turn produces less oil because it registers the oily levels of the skin as sufficient. Essential oils like squalene, rose hip oil and sea buckthorn oil help moisturize the face. 3. Get Acquainted With A Toner © Getty Images Skin toners have ingredients like witch hazel that attempt to reduce oil production in the skin without drying it out (avoid alcohol-based astringents). 4. Keep A Few Face Wipes Handy © Getty Images Oil builds up throughout the day but if you're in a situation where you're in no position to wash your face, it's always helpful to stock up on refreshing, skin-toning face wipes that absorb excess grime and oil, while invigorating the face at the same time. 5. Do A Weekly Mud Mask © Getty Images The clay or mud in any mask will soak all impurities and gunk from the pores, preventing breakouts and reducing shine. Blue Lagoon's Silica Mud Mask takes ingredients from the famed geothermal waters of Iceland to shrink pores, absorb grease, and give you a reset. Don't do it more than once a week, though, because your skin can in turn dry out. You need some oil in there to keep yourself hydrated. A weekly deep clean will do you go, so long as you follow with a cleanser and moisturizer.
  7. Going to parties becomes a constant after a certain age in every guy's life. And especially after you start working, drowning away the sorrows of work life with alcohol becomes a necessity more than a leisure activity. © Getty Images However, for those of us who still live with our families, walking home smelling like ten bottles of alcohol (even when you haven't had ten bottles of alcohol) can be incredibly embarrassing. And yet, sometimes you might've noticed that no matter what food you have after or the number of hours that have passed since the alcohol consumption, your mum will still find out that you have an alcohol breath. So here are a couple of hacks that you can take cue from so that the next time you smell like flowers and not the stingy alcohol that might get you in trouble. Let's start with the basics: 1. Never Forget Your Munchies © Getty Images Make sure you're eating before or after having alcohol or while having it. Food helps balance out retention in your body and prevents puking if done correctly. The last thing you want is going home stinking of alcohol and puking. That'll get you grounded in no time. 2. Hydration Is Key © Getty Images Alcohol dehydrates your body. You need a hydrating agent to bring back the lost water. This not only helps with hangovers for the next day but also lessens the chances of the alcohol breath. 3. Carry Handy Mouthwash And Mints © Getty Images If the party-life chose you, in return you've to choose to carry a handy mouthwash and mints. Ten minutes before reaching home, use these so that your breath doesn't smell off at all. This is a prime fighter in driving away the stench that can get you in trouble. 4. Never Mix If You Have To Go Home Right After © Getty Images If you're not sleeping over at someone's place at night, definitely, do not mix your drinks. Different drinks have different odours. If you mix alcohol, for example, whiskey with rum or beer with whiskey, it can make the overall odour worse, you'll definitely get caught. Stick to one type of alcohol you like for the night as this can lessen alcohol breath. 5. Try Onion And Garlic Based Food © Getty Images Foods which are aromatic can help overpower alcohol breath. Red onion and garlic both cling to your breath for a long time, reducing the smell of alcohol. You can order bar foods that contain onion or garlic. Garlic-infused items, such as garlic fries or garlic bread, are often popular bar items.
  8. Ever since Apple announced the iPhone X with a notch, smartphone companies have rushed to copy the design and even use the same tactic to hide its presence. Apple cleverly uses dark wallpapers by default which basically hides the notch when viewed from far. Samsung also uses similar wallpapers to hide the punch-hole gamer at the front of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. © Twitter_Matt B However, not everyone needs to hide the cameras, especially when other wallpapers can embrace Samsung's design choice. Twitter users Matt B (@mattcabb) posted a series of wallpapers that basically flaunt the front-facing cameras with unique characters from Futurama and even Jonny 5 from 'Short Circuit'. Other wallpapers include the NASA Mars Rover and a very cute R2-D2 for the Galaxy S10. © Twitter_Matt B You can have a look at the entire thread of Tweets that feature different wallpapers for the Galaxy S10/S10+. Not so sure about #bender from #futurama. Too much emotions in his original eyes. pic.twitter.com/I5F4kqLlQ3 — Matt B (@Mattcabb) February 27, 2019 The wallpapers are not currently available to download since the Galaxy S10 is not available to the general public yet. However, we do expect these wallpapers to pop up on social media very soon once the smartphone is in the hand of customers. For now, we're just hoping Matt B makes a 'Wall-E' version as well. The wallpapers are not currently available to download since the Galaxy S10 is not available to the general public yet. However, we do expect these wallpapers to pop up on social media very soon once the smartphone is in the hand of customers. For now, we're just hoping Matt B makes a 'Wall-E' version as well.
  9. Contrary to common belief, man boobs, a.k.a moobs are fairly common. You might feel embarrassed to have them, but you're not alone. There is an end number of reasons as to why you could have man boobs. From having more flesh on the chest because of being overweight, to suffering from a medical condition called gynecomastia, which is an excess amount of breast tissue to the side effect of taking in steroids, or being born with them, to name a few reasons. Ideally, first, you should try to understand why you have them and then possibly set a treatment plan in place to fix it, after consulting a doctor, of course, which would possibly involve medication and minor lifestyle changes. But meanwhile, there are ways to hide it completely if you get a few hacks right in terms of styling your clothes. These can save you from having people discover the two bumps on your chest: 1. A Compression Shirt A snug fitted compression tee is great for your chest area and works as a great base layer for starters. You can even get them with short sleeves for Summer. © Instagram Price: 1,499 Buy it here 2. Thick Fabrics & Layering Layering is a great way to hide uneven bumps, as the different layers of fabrics grab the attention. Try to experiment with different silhouettes, and weaves to get a well put together outfit. This works especially well in the Summer. © Instagram 3. The Fit One tends to choose loose fitted, baggy clothes under the impression that these clothes hide fat. Far from it, baggy clothes exaggerate fat and make it seem even worse. So contrary to instinct, choose clothes that will fit you well. But at the same time, you shouldn't choose clothes that are too tight at the same time. You need to find a middle ground in finding a fit which is neither too tight or too loose. © Instagram 4. Shirts & Fitted Garments Shirts and fitted garments give a better fit than say, t-shirts and light silhouettes. In terms of the structure of the neck, V-necks work better than round necks. Try to add statement pieces like a watch or boots, a necktie. These always help hide the bumps in your outfits created by man boobs. © threadsnetwork 5. Pastels & Whites Are A Huge No These hues enhance the bumpy regions, instead, go for darker hues that submerge any unevenness. Here are a few examples of you can style some of your looks to avoid the exposure of man boobs: © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram
  10. On the face of it, 'the hickey', might look like a seemingly innocent bruise. But far from that, hickeys can be unsightly and embarrassing, especially if spotted by your colleagues or teachers or worse, your boss. But, there's no denying, there is a forbidden pleasure that comes out of receiving and giving hickeys, it's a rush you don't want to trade for anything else. But, if caught red-handed with the scarlet bruise on your neck, it can be equally humiliating. The obvious solution for some people is to simply refrain from the hickey-giving-and-receiving-action. But that's just a disheartening and sad option, because why should you stop indulging in something which is so harmless and fun and an important part of foreplay? But don't worry, we've got your back. Here are some quick remedies that are also practical (unlike random advice like using a banana peel, who has the time for that?). So, go ahead and easily hide those sly bruises so you can continue engaging in this so-called 'treacherous' action guilt-free. For The Night Before: If you find out that you have a huge hickey that you need to hide the night before a rendezvous, where you simply can't afford to display your hickeys, we have some quick hacks for you. Keep in mind that a hickey, at the end of the day, is the residue of blood vessels bruised from all the sucking on the neck. These clots typically might take 5-12 days to leave if left alone, but for instant results to get rid of the bruise, try these remedies: 1. Aloe vera gel has calming properties that soothe the surface layer of the skin giving and calming the blood vessels inside that help you get rid of the redness. © herbaltherapy 2. Ice cubes can calm the bruise and help you get rid of the swollen red bumps that are visible from afar. © dryice In Winters: 3. For the morning-afters that you wake up to find your neck covered in bruises that are more than one and are also visible in the front, an optimal solution would be to choose a turtleneck in the Winter. © siddarth roy kapur wallpapers 4. Scarves - If you have small distinct bruises on the sides of your neck that need a cover-up, scarfs are a good option. Just wear them around your neck and no one has to know why you were up till late last night. In any case, scarfs lift your outfit and add an extra layer which makes your outfit well put together. © siddarth roy kapur wallpapers In Summers: 5. Headphones: This works really well if you want to hide your hickeys from your family. Just wear your headphones around your neck and voila! Say, you've to meet someone for ten minutes and step out. © TOI 6. Collared shirts- Shirts usually have a collar high enough to hide that bruise. Just make sure you're buttoning-up high so there is no scope for exposure. © street style 7. If everything fails, a concealer stick is the magic wand you need in your life. It helps conceal the hickey almost entirely to make your neck seem blemish-proof so you don't have to give away any secrets. © Amazon Price: 675 Buy it here
  11. Now that 2018 is ending, everyone is in a party mood, and naturally, wants to end the year with a bang. The plans for the New Year parties are on, and every man wants to look his best for that. New Year dance parties, irrespective of wherever they are, have one thing in common. They get wild. The warm layers come off, and everyone wants to show off their 'guns' - no pun intended. If you have been hitting the weights in the gym like an animal, it's easy for you, but some of us have been wallowing a little too much in the holiday spirit, and haven't been able to hit the gym as much as we usually do. What's the solution then, to look fit for the big night? If you somehow can manage to make your arms look bigger than they actually are, along with making your waist look smaller, it makes you look super fit. Keeping that in mind, we have devised three clever hacks that will help you out. Karan Tacker seems to know how to read our mind, and he wore an outfit exactly like that. Read on. © Viral Bhayani 1. To make your waist look slimmer, you need to create an illusion of elongation. Wear co-ords. By that, we mean wear the same colour on your upper body, as well as your lower body. That way, even if you have a little bit of flab around the tummy or your waist, that will be inconspicuous. © Viral Bhayani 2. Go for dark colours. Dark colours are slimming. They will make you look skinnier than you actually are. That, along with the co-ord situation, will make you look taller as well. It's a win-win! © Viral Bhayani 3. Wear a fitted T-shirt that cups your shoulders and chest nicely. The arms need to be fitted as well, and can't be hanging around loose. Along with that, wear a pair of pants that fit you nicely around the waist and the glutes, but isn't essentially a pair of super skinny trousers. The fitted T-shirt will make sure that your arms look well-defined and big, and the pants will give your bottom a natural lift that will make it look bigger, thereby making your physique look super fit. © Viral Bhayani Pro-tip: Before you head out for the party, do some push-ups and squats at home for that extra party pump. They will add some temporary, but optimum volume to your triceps, chest, and glutes. There is no substitute for that and you know it. Follow these tips and you'll be all set. Good luck!
  12. All of us have been in situations in our life, at some point, where we wanted to take a shower, but couldn't. It can be because of a number of reasons - water ran out, the boss called early, the geyser isn't working - you get the drift. Isn't that the worst feeling ever? That weird, icky vibe ruins the rest of your day, and it doesn't get better till you actually can shower again - unless of course, you're one of those who are quite comfortable for days without taking a shower. Let's just say there's a way around for emergencies like these, or for days in winter when you'd rather do anything but take a shower. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of 6 things you can do to look clean and smell great, without actually having to take a shower. 1. Use a washcloth, some warm water, and a little bit of bodywash © The Cheat Sheet Mix a tiny amount of body wash in warm water and soak the washcloth / towel in that. Squeeze the water out, and use it to clean your armpits and privates. Wipe your body all over in the same way. Dry off once done. Quick and easy! 2. Wet wipes FTW! © Twitter Get a box of wet wipes, and use them just like point number 1. You can also wipe your face, for that squeaky clean feeling. Once you're done using wet wipes, you can use some dry wipes to get rid of the excess moisture in case you're in a hurry. 3. Anti-microbial & anti-fungal body powder © Freepik Once you're done with either of the above steps, dust your pits and privates with some body powder. It will keep you smelling fresh, keep rashes away by getting rid of moisture, and prevent microbial infections. 4. Dry shampoo is super useful © Cinthol What do you do about your unwashed, greasy hair? You can't use any of the above on your hair. Well, in case you haven't yet heard of this amazing invention yet, 'Dry Shampoos' are there for situations exactly like these. Get one and you don't have to wash your hair to get rid of the grime and dirt. 5. Mouthwash © Livescience You clearly can't brush your teeth because presumably there is no water. Just use a mouthwash and you're all set! You can also keep some chewing gum handy for fresh breath. 6. Deodorants/Perfumes © Mensjournal You already know why they are essential.
  13. Anil Kapoor is ageing in reverse. His transformation over the years legit has the potential to give rise to a full-fledged conspiracy theory, involving anti-ageing potions or pills that have already been discovered, but being hidden from the public, and him being the probable test subject. That perhaps is a long shot, so we'll settle for the fact that this man here really knows how to take care of himself, and has managed to not let old age touch his well-being. Son-in-law Anand Ahuja posted a comparison picture on Instagram a few days ago that showed the Anil Kapoor from 1984 Vs. AK from 2018. © Instagram It looks like he hasn't aged a day! Right? The reason? Along with the diet and fitness bit, superficially, he does know the fashion bit as well (that probably is Rhea and Sonam, but he carries it off like a pro). What we're trying to say here, is that he doesn't dress like a 61-year-old, and applies certain dressing hacks that do in fact, make him look like a 25-year-old at times. Let's take a look. 1. He wears the latest silhouettes that are super popular among youngsters, like long-line shirts. © Instagram 2. His accessory game is on point. His staples are statement sunnies and watches, which look dope AF, with that light-hearted and charming personality. © Viral Bhayani 3. He understands the complicated game of fitting and length. He has moved away from the typical, safe space that every Indian man finds comfort in - and dabbles in unconventional fits and lengths. The result is here for everyone to see. © Instagram 4. He doesn't do 'dad-shoes'. His son-in-law might be a renowned sneakerhead, but he knows how to play the game equally well. © Instagram 5. He has not skipped a beat when it comes to embracing 'new-age grooming'. Look at that sick fade he's sporting here. © Instagram We bow down before you, Sir.