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Found 13 results

  1. So far this year, there have been more than 16,000 cases of monkeypox in more than 75 countries and five deaths in Africa
  2. EAC to seek advice on short-term macroeconomic stabilisation, structural reforms to achieve sustained progress
  3. Captain (retired) Safdar and other PML-N leaders have been booked for using threatening, provocative language against state institutions
  4. Director-General NAB Rawalpindi, Irfan Naeem Mangi, will supervise the investigations
  5. Margot Robbie says she didn't know what constitutes sexual harassment before working "Bombshell", her upcoming film. The movie that also features Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron is based on real-life accounts of sexual harassment from women working at Fox News. According to UK's Metro, the actress said she was unaware of what it truly meant to be sexually harassed. "One of the lines that shocked me when I first read the script was that sexual harassment includes any unwelcome sexual advances. I didn't know what sexual harassment was," the "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood"actor said in an interview. The 29-year-old said she thought physical contact was required for sexual harassment to be "considered illegal or wrong". "That really shocked me," said she. "Bombshell" is about Fox News boss Roger Ailes who was accused of sexual harassment and the women who brought him down. Margot features as the fictional character Kayla Pospisil in "Bombshell". Charlize essays the role of real-life Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and Nicole plays Gretchen Carlson.
  6. The #MeToo uproar has shaken the country over the past two weeks with a deluge of accounts of sexual harassment and misconduct pouring in from all over the country. This has helped to unify survivors and women in general, to open up about the ways in which they have been harassed by men. However, it has left quite a few men feeling stranded and unsure about the possibilities of when and in how many ways they could go wrong with their actions and interactions with women. Innumerable accounts narrating various levels of discomfort women have experienced have surfaced, pushing some men to reconsider even their “friendly moves”. © Unsplash Whether causing that discomfort is intentional or unintentional is a question that takes a backseat in this regard, and at this moment of the uprising. Hence, to put all the “confusions” and “assumptions” to rest, we have compiled a list of all the laws laid down in the Indian Penal Code for sexual harassment, so you know what you can get penalised for by the law. 1. Section S. 354 A Sexual harassment is defined as a man committing any of the following acts: (i) physical contact and advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures; or (ii) a demand or request for sexual favours; or (iii) showing pornography against the will of a woman; or (iv) making sexually coloured remarks What It Means: In very simple terms, what it means is that don't indulge in any actions or interactions that are sexual in nature without the consent of a woman. Take her discomfort, protests and “NO” very, very seriously. Committing the first three offences may land you in jail for a period extending up to 3 years, or get you fined, or both. On the other hand, the last offence would get you a jail term of up to 1 year, or fine, or both. © Next Gen Films 2. Section 354 Assault or criminal force to a woman with intent to outrage her modesty.—Whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any woman, intending to outrage or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby outrage her modesty, shall be punished with impris­onment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both. What It Means: Anybody who assaults or uses criminal force against a woman with an intention to dishonour her modesty shall be punished with imprisonment spanning up to two years, or shall be fined, or both. © Viacom 18 3. Section 354 B Assault or use of criminal force to a woman with intent to disrobe. - Any man who assaults or uses criminal force to any woman or abets such act with the intention of disrobing or compelling her to be naked, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than three years but which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine. What It Means: Any man who assaults or uses criminal force against a woman with an intention to disrobe her can be punished by law. The minimum punishment is up to 3 years, which can extend up to 7 years or an imposition of fine or both. 4. Section 354 C Any man who watches, or captures the image of a woman engaging in a private act in circumstances where she would usually have the expectation of not being observed either by the perpetrator or by any other person at the behest of the perpetrator or disseminates such image shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than one year, but which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine, and be punished on a second or subsequent conviction, with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than three years, but which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine. What It Means: Any man who violates a woman's privacy by engaging in the act of voyeurism, that is, by watching or capturing her images in her intimate or private moments, when she is not expecting an audience. The offence comprises of a punishment of 1-3 years of imprisonment and a fine. However, a repeated conviction will land you in jail for a minimum of 3 years and payment of a fine. © Colour Yellow Productions 5. Section 345 D (1) Any man who— (i) follows a woman and contacts, or attempts to contact such woman to foster personal interaction repeatedly despite a clear indication of disinterest by such woman; or (ii) monitors the use by a woman of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication, commits the offence of stalking. (2) Whoever commits the offence of stalking shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine; and be punished on a second or subsequent conviction, with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, and shall also be liable to fine. What It Means: You don't stalk any woman, under any circumstances. Period. Unless, of course, it's to do with matters of law and you are following State orders. The first conviction will land you in jail for up to 3 years and make you liable to pay a fine, while a repeated offence can land you in jail for up to 5 years, and make you liable to pay a fine. © Dharma Productions 6. The Sexual Harassment at The Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013: Under the Act, sexual harassment includes: a) Physical contact and advances. (You can't touch someone inappropriately, at any time, or for any reason) b) A demand or request for sexual favours. (Need we say more?) c) Making sexually coloured remarks. (Never make those sexist jokes) d) Showing pornography (You know that's wrong by default) e) Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature. (No unwelcome hugs, physically touching someone that makes them uncomfortable. Also, no talking with sexual overtures.) Under the Act, the below five also count as sexual harassment: a) Implied or explicit promise of preferential treatment in her employment. (If you're guilty, change your ways already.) b) Implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment in her employment (Threats can land you in jail too.) c) Implied or explicit threat about her present or future employment status. (Like we said.) d) Interference with her work or creating an intimidating or offensive work environment for her. (Goes without saying, nobody wants to work in such an atmosphere.) e) Humiliating treatment likely to affect her health or safety. (We rest our case.) So, these are some of the basic laws you must be aware of regarding sexual harassment, and now you know that you must watch your moves at all times.
  7. The Election Commission of Pakistan's premises in Islamabad. Photo: FileISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has constituted 20 tribunals to hear appeals on nomination papers submitted by candidates for the forthcoming General...
  8. KARACHI: Inspector General of Police Sindh AD Khawaja constituted on Friday a new investigation committee in the Naqeebullah murder case. According to a notification, the new committee was formed under Additional IG Aftab Pathan. Other members of the committee include SSP Javed Riaz and SSP Adeel Chandio, whereas, Abid Qaimkhani has been appointed the investigation officer of the case. The notification further said that the committee will carry out an impartial investigation of the case and lead it to its logical conclusion. Earlier in the day, the inquiry committee probing the Naqeebullah extrajudicial killing case submitted its report to the Supreme Court, which will hear the suo motu case at its Karachi Registry tomorrow. In the 15-page report, the inquiry committee headed Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD)Additional IG Sanaullah Abbasi, says that Naqeebullah was picked up from Sohrab Goth on January 3 along with two others. The two people picked up with him were let go after giving bribes, the report states, adding that their statements have been recorded and made part of the investigation. Naqeebullah?s friends share harrowing details of ?police brutality? Ali and Qasim were picked up alongside Naqeebullah on January 3, they claim Naqeebullah Mehsud, a 27-year-old native of Waziristan, was among four suspected terrorists killed in an ?exchange of fire? with a police team led by the then Malir SSP Rao Anwar on January 13 in Shah Latif Town, Karachi.
  9. Shahzeb Khan (left) and Shahrukh Jatoi. Photo: File ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar has constituted a larger bench to hear appeals filed by members of civil society in the Shahzeb Khan murder case. The case will be heard on Saturday (January 13) by a three-member bench headed by the chief justice and comprising Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Justice Faisal Arab at the Karachi Registry. Members of civil society had approached the Supreme Court against the Sindh High Court ruling which set aside the death penalty for Shahrukh Jatoi and others convicted for the 2012 murder of Shahzeb and ordered their retrial by a sessions court. Ten civil society activists ? including Jibran Nasir, Jamshed Raza Mahmood, Afiya Shehrbano Zia, Naeem Sadiq, Nazim Fida Hussain Haji, Zulfiqar Shah, Aquila Ismail, Fahim Zaman Khan, and Naziha Syed Ali ? have filed a criminal petition in the Supreme Court's Karachi Registry challenging the SHC?s November 28, 2017 ruling which stated that the murder case does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997. In their petition, the civil society members have stated that they have the legal standing to file the petition for leave to appeal as they are citizens of Karachi and reside in the same locality ? Defence Housing Authority ? where the murder took place. They have stated in the petition that the incident was not just of an individual nature, but carried serious repercussions for the society at large. Civil activists approach Supreme Court against SHC ruling in Shahzeb murder case Activists have filed a petition in SC Karachi registry against SHC ruling which set aside death penalty for Shahrukh Jatoi and others convicted in Shahzeb Khan murder case The incident created fear and panic among residents of the area, which the members say they consider as enough grounds to file the case as a public interest appeal on behalf of the people of Karachi. On December 23, 2017, Jatoi, the son of an influential feudal, and other defendants in the Shahzeb Khan murder case, were released from custody on bail after Shahzeb?s father submitted an affidavit in support of the defendant's bail application. Shahzeb was gunned down by Jatoi in a posh locality of Karachi on December 25, 2012. An ATC in 2013 had awarded death sentences to Jatoi and Siraj Talpur for the murder of Shahzeb, while life sentences were awarded to Sajjad Ali Talpur and Ghulam Murtaza Lashari.
  10. ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Tuesday announced to constitute a three-member special bench in view of the implementation of order in the Panama Papers case, according to a notification. The three-member bench headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan would include Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and Justice Ijazul Ahsan. The bench would commence the hearing of the case at 1:30 pm tomorrow. Meanwhile, the SC has also established a special section to help constitute the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to conduct a probe into the Panama leaks case. Additional registrar Mohammad Ali has been appointed as the coordinator and would be responsible for facilitating all communication between the JIT and the Supreme Court bench. Deputy registrar and assistant registrar would assist the coordinator. The JIT would submit its report on the progress in the probe to the coordinator every 15 days. The Supreme Court has received names of the six officers who would comprise the JIT. All the relevant institutions have submitted names of the officers who would be part of the JIT, to the apex court as per the stipulated deadline. According to the Supreme Court verdict on the Panama case, the JIT has been tasked to investigate into funds used by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's children to buy properties in London through offshore businesses. The JIT would consist of an FIA officer, a NAB representative, an SECP officer, a State Bank of Pakistan nominee, and an officer from the ISI and MI. The team would begin the investigation as soon as it is constituted. The Supreme Court has tasked the team to submit a report every two weeks to a special bench of the apex court. The Pakistan Army has pledged to play its role in a legal and transparent manner in the Joint Investigation Team for the Panama Leaks probe, and to fulfill the confidence reposed in the institution by the Supreme Court. The Panama case decision, announced by the Supreme Court last week, and the JIT ordered by the apex court were discussed by the Army's top commanders during the 202nd Corps Commander's conference held at the General Headquarters here on Monday. In a statement released by the DG ISPR Maj-General Asif Ghafoor, the forum pledged that the "institution through its members in JIT shall play its due role in a legal and transparent manner fulfilling confidence reposed by the Apex Court of Pakistan". In its ruling, the Supreme Court had ordered the formation of a six-member JIT to probe corruption allegations by opposition parties against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the Panama Leaks case. The top court had ordered the inclusion of one member each from the Military Intelligence and the Inter-Services Intelligence in the six-member team, which will carry out an investigation into funds used by the prime minister's children to buy properties in London through offshore businesses. The investigation team will also comprise of one senior officer each from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The apex court has ordered the heads of the six departments and institutions, including the ISI and MI, to recommend names of their nominees for the JIT within seven days. Names of the six nominated officers will be placed before the apex court bench for their approval before they can begin their probe into the allegations. "The JIT shall investigate the case and collect evidence, if any, showing that respondent No.1 [Nawaz Sharif] or any of his dependents or benamidars owns, possesses or has acquired assets or any interest therein disproportionate to his known means of income," read the order of the apex court. The court has also ordered Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and his two sons Hasan and Hussein Nawaz to "appear and associate themselves with the JIT as and when required". The investigation team has to complete its report and submit it to the apex court within 60 days of its formation.
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