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Found 19 results

  1. Many of us have a number of 'hidden' talents that do not make their way into the outside world for others to see because of a number of reasons. Either we are too shy, or not too confident or too self-critical to even consider it as a talent that can be let out in public. Well it seems that a Karnataka cop called Chandrakant Hutgi, who is a head constable at the Hubli rural police station, is one such person. He has been named as the 'Pied Piper of the Police Department' after he transformed his lathi into a flute and played such melodious tunes, that IPS officer stationed there was inspired to post the video of Hutgi in action online. Chandrakant Hutgi, Head Constable from Hubli Rural Police station has converted his Deadly Fiber Lathi into a Musical Instrument... we are proud of him... pic.twitter.com/gyZWhk1lkb — Bhaskar Rao IPS (@deepolice12) May 28, 2019 IPS officer Bhaskar Rao invited Hutgi to Bangalore and even awarded him with a special cash award. “Rao called me to Bengaluru on Monday with the musical lathi to play for him in his office after he heard from his colleagues that I converted it into a flute. He also rewarded me,” Hutgi told IANS. © Twitter The video has since gained a lot of momentum online and people are thoroughly impressed with head constable Hutgi's talent. As for the man himself, he calls this his hobby. By using simple tools Hutgi made eight holes on his lathi and turned it into a flute on which he loves to play Kannada film songs while he isn't busy working. No wonder he has impressed so many people who cannot stop praising him for his show of unique talent. What innovation we say!
  2. If Hollywood has Marvel Cinematic Universe, then here in Bollywood we have Rohit Shetty and his 'Singham Cinematic Universe', where cops are greater and powerful than any superhero out there. Honestly, cop movies in Bollywood weren't as big a thing until the release of 'Singham'. Post the 100-crore (each) success of 'Singham', 'Singham Returns' and 'Simmba', Rohit Shetty is now coming up with another cop movie 'Sooryavanshi' starring Akshay Kumar. And Ajay Devgn feels that the 'Singham' franchise can be Bollywood's 'Avengers'. In a recent interview to PTI, Ajay said "Universes have a massive scope in Bollywood. 'Singham' is a strong franchise and then 'Simmba' has become another important series, and now if 'Sooryavanshi' goes on to become something like that, which I'm sure it will, it's the same thing as 'Avengers'." He further said that while MCU picked up superheroes, in India cops like "Singham and Simmba" are the superheroes, "So we're trying to make our world. We are taking it into a more realistic zone." © Instagram In fact, Ajay believes that all those people who like the Marvel Cinematic Universe will lap up Rohit Shetty's cop universe in no time. "Either you are an Iron Man fan or any other Avengers', now that all of them came together for a film, one will definitely go. Every superhero's fan would go, it's as simple as that. If these characters also go on to become that strong, then people would wait for something like this." © Instagram Praising 'Avengers: Endgame', Ajay said Bollywood should learn a lesson from the box office performance of the film and also spoke about how competing with Hollywood is not possible due to financial constraints. (Folks, let's not count the number of cars blown up in the entire franchise.) Apart from 'Sooryavanshi', Rohit Shetty is also planning to make a movie on female cops to complete his cop-universe. Can I say Russo Brothers have got nothing on Rohit Shetty and Singham? Of course, I can.
  3. At a time when more and more people constantly complain saying they don't feel “motivated” at work more often than not, we also come across those who show us what the phrase “work is worship” stands for. A traffic cop from Assam is being hailed as a prime example of what real dedication looks like on a person. Constable Mithun Das has quickly turned into an internet sensation after he was seen performing his duty, as he manned the traffic in a heavy rainstorm without a raincoat or even an umbrella to save him from the heavy downpour. (c) Twitter Assam Police shared a post of appreciation on their Twitter handle, praising Das for his devotion and selfless service. Dedication is thy name! We salute AB Constable Mithun Das (Basistha PS) of @GuwahatiPol , for his exceptional devotion towards duty and showing us how dedication can turn a storm into a sprinkle. Kudos! Video Courtesy: Banajeet Deka pic.twitter.com/c6vfHaQBlT — Assam Police (@assampolice) March 31, 2019 Clad in his work uniform, constable Das stood at his post, right in the middle of a busy intersection and ensured that the cars moved smoothly while he is there. “My duty hours were from 7 am to 12 pm. The storm started around 5 minutes before noon, but since my replacement hadn't come, I continued my job in the rain for nearly 20 minutes,” Das told the media. Special DGP (Law & Order) Kuladhar Saikia also praised constable Das' efforts and called him an inspiration. The visuals of the traffic Constable Mithun Das (Basistha PS) are truly inspirational. I personally talked to him and conveyed my appreciations. I also hail all the @assampolice Personnel like him, who stand against such adversities everyday, without being recorded. https://t.co/2IsLHfsXQs — Kula Saikia, IPS (@saikia_kula) March 31, 2019 Das' action is really motivating, and we are sure he has inspired thousands of men and women in the country to perform their duties with similar dedication. We are proud of you Constable Das. Really motivating ! One can do their best in any job he/she has by dedication ! ðârespect ! — Samit Kiran Roy (@KiranSamit) April 1, 2019 He deserves a medal â¤ï¸ Proud of Assam Police â¤ï¸ — Nabajyoti Lahkar (@NabajyotiLahkar) March 31, 2019 Kudos to the constable for his outstanding sincerity towards his duty but on the other hand is it not necessary to keep a rain gear for so called smart police of Guwahati city. — Kumar Kashyap Konwar (@KonwarKashyap) April 1, 2019 My respect to Mr Das. Hope Assam Police will motivate others also to be like him... Assam Police rocks! — Dr Mrinmoy K Sarma (@mrinmoysarma) March 31, 2019
  4. It's mostly said that one can never escape the long arms of the law, but if you ever try and run away from policeman Jadeep Singh, you won't be able to escape his long legs either! Yes, you read that right. Jagdeep Singh is the tallest policeman in the world and he stands tall at 7ft 6 inches! © Daily Mail Jagdeep is a traffic cop in Amritsar and also a little bit of a local celebrity. Well, of course you'll be a celebrity if you're in a town where you're literally looking down upon people. Jagdeep is so tall, that he got his uniform personally stitched for him and his shoes imported from outside India, as he wears 19 as his shoe size and of course Indian men have average sized feet, ahem. © BCCL Jagdeep has been in the police force for about two decades now and enjoys the attention he gets but also faces a lot of difficulties every now and then due to his height. © BCCL He was quoted by a popular publication saying: “I am very proud of being the tallest policeman in India. I am 7 feet 6 inches tall, I weigh around 190 kilograms and I feel very happy about it. I can't find shoes in my size in India. I have to order them from a different country". He also talked about other difficulties he faces with his clothing and basic life functions: “'There are a lot of problems in my life. I am not able to buy clothes of my size, I can't use a normal washroom. And I have to travel in my own car, I can't take a local bus or cab. They are too small for me. There were also problems in his love life while growing up. I wasn't able to find a girl of my height. Nobody was willing to marry me. People thought I was too tall.” © Pinterest Well, after longing for a partner Jagdeep finally found the love of his life, his wife Sukhbir Singh who is 5 ft 11 inches tall and trust me, that's tall enough to match her 7 ft 6 inches husband! Sukbhir was also quoted by a popular publication saying: “People come and take photos with us, it's great. I don't think there's anyone that's taller than him in India or the entire world,” © Indiatimes I am sure it's a moment of pride for Sukhbir who stands 'tall' by her husband's side, encouraging him to lead a normal yet fascinating life in Amritsar. The couple surely make a great pair and enjoy the celebrity status bestowed upon them in their town. © Pinterest While we think a 7ft 6 inch tall cop is what we need manning our city from crime and other bad things, we're more hopeful about the crime rate in Amrritsar dropping way down because of him. Jagdeep wishes to see his name in the Guinness Book of World Records so that he gains more popularity and we really hope his dream comes true someday!
  5. Over the years we have come to think of Ajay Devgn as being synonymous to Bollywood's most sought-after action hero. Sure, Akshay Kumar is also a leading name in the category, but when it comes to someone who has been acing each and every role in this category, we can only think of Devgn. Ajay made the entire country eat out of his hands when he first graced the screen as Bajirao Singham, the righteous and daring cop who would go to the end of this world to bring the culprits to justice. View this post on Instagram What do you think are they telling each other? A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on Jan 19, 2019 at 8:57am PST We have loved him and his daredevilry in the 'Singham' series, and feel that no one could have done it better than the man himself, but as per latest reports, it seems Ajay is all set to explore other aspects and roles in the action category and he will next be seen portraying the role of an IAF Wing Commander in the film titled 'Bhuj: The Pride Of India'. The film is reportedly based on true incidents, wherein Ajay will be seen essaying the role of Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik who was in charge of the Bhuj airport during the Indo-Pak war in 1971. The airstrip was destroyed by Pakistani air strikes and Karnik mobilised 300 local women to rebuild it for the Indian Air Force aircrafts to make a safe landing. Karnik played a pivotal role in helping keep the airstrip operational amidst heavy bombing from Pakistan. View this post on Instagram mood A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on Jul 7, 2016 at 9:57am PDT The film has been written, and will be directed by Abhishek Dudhaiya and talking about Vijay Karnik and the feat he achieved during the war, producer Bhushan Kumar told the media, “This courageous tale needs to be told because we want the current and the coming generation to know about this brave soldier, Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik, who played a significant role in India's victory in the 1971 war. He was heroic enough to take this bold step of involving civilians in a war. Also, who better than Ajay Devgn for the role of Vijay Karnik?” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on Jun 6, 2016 at 7:26am PDT Karnik recalled the events from the eventful incident and he is glad that Ajay has agreed to play his character in the film. Talking to the media he said, “We were fighting a war and if there had been any casualties of any of these women, it would have been a great loss. But I took the decision and it worked out. I had briefed them where they could take shelter if attacked and they followed it bravely. Also, I could only see Ajay Devgn essaying my character and I'm glad that he's on board.” We can't wait for this one.
  6. Apparently Bollywood looked at the incredible Marvel Cinematic Universe and said, “I want some of that”. But, who needs superheroes when you have cops? Rohit Shetty is obviously THE guy who makes cop movies in Bollywood and has made three box office hits and 100 crore club movies with 'Singham', 'Singham Returns', and 'Simmba'. Now, he wants to tie all of the movies together in one Cinematic Universe and he has already started that process with Akshay Kumar's cameo in 'Simmba' as a way to introduce his character Veer Sooryavanshi for his own upcoming movie. Much like MCU's 'Captain Marvel', Rohit Shetty now also wants to have a female cop added to his 'Singham Cinematic Universe' after the release of 'Sooryanvanshi' starring Akshay Kumar. During a panel discussion at the FICCI Frames 2019, he said, “Soon we will be making it. We have a story in mind. We will do it definitely. We will take a year or so but we plan to do that to complete the universe.” He went on to explain his inspiration behind this cinematic universe, which was obviously Marvel. He also added that big-budget superhero movies are not really a possibility in the Hindi film industry at the moment. “Whatever happens in America, Hollywood, happens here ten years down the line. That's been the theory always. When I was watching the Avengers series I got an idea that why don't we create a universe. Obviously we don't have the kind of budget to make many super heroes movies year after year. Then I thought to make a cop universe from Simmba onwards.” He added, “I was a bit scared before the release of Simmba because this was happening for the first time in our country. I knew that youngsters and kids will know, because they have seen Avengers, but our mature audience hasn't seen that. I had doubts merging two worlds, but it worked big time.” Well, good for you, Mr Shetty! Let's just hope this doesn't really ruin MCU for us.image4
  7. While Ranveer Singh's 'Simmba' is still on a roll at the box-office, Rohit Shetty is already back to set the screens on fire, with another cop drama starring Akshay Kumar. In case you missed it, Rohit Shetty introduced the movie in the post-credit scene of 'Simmba'. View this post on Instagram From #RohitShetty's Police universe, get ready for the fire-packed #Sooryavanshi ð¥, releasing on Eid 2020! @itsrohitshetty @karanjohar @reliance.entertainment @rohitshettypicturez @dharmamovies #CapeOfGoodFilms A post shared by Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) on Mar 4, 2019 at 7:29pm PST In fact, Bollywood's OG Khiladi even took to social media to share his first look from 'Sooryavanshi', another fire-packed movie from Rohit Shetty's Police Universe. Akshay Kumar will play ATS cheif Veer Sooryavanshi in this cop drama, which is expected to release on Eid 2020. View this post on Instagram A bullet for a bullet! Get ready for #RohitShetty's #Sooryavanshi ð¥ on Eid 2020. Action-packed, masala intact! @itsrohitshetty @karanjohar @reliance.entertainment @rohitshettypicturez @dharmamovies #CapeOfGoodFilms A post shared by Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) on Mar 4, 2019 at 7:32pm PST "A bullet for a bullet! Get ready for #RohitShetty's #Sooryavanshi ð¥ on Eid 2020. Action-packed, masala intact!," Akshay wrote while sharing the second poster. Bollywood has already gone crazy over the first look and Karan Johar even called him the "Khiladi of all time" (does that make him KOAT?) Eid 2020 will be about a bullet for a bullet. #Sooryavanshi stars the khiladi of all time, @akshaykumar & directed by the blockbuster machine, #RohitShetty!@akshaykumar #RohitShetty @apoorvamehta18 @RelianceEnt @RSPicturez @DharmaMovies #CapeOfGoodFilms pic.twitter.com/b6GulNsjpV — Karan Johar (@karanjohar) March 5, 2019 Bollywood's other cops, Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh too shared the posters of the film. Akshay's fans are equally impressed with his avatar. A Bullet for a Bullet...He's not alone...#Sooryavanshi@akshaykumar #RohitShetty @karanjohar @RelianceEnt @RSPicturez @DharmaMovies #CapeOfGoodFilms pic.twitter.com/6zKXBsWyAX — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) March 5, 2019 A Bullet for a Bullet... He's not alone... #Sooryavanshi@akshaykumar #RohitShetty @karanjohar @RelianceEnt @RSPicturez @DharmaMovies #CapeOfGoodFilms pic.twitter.com/DSjiwNMbbk — Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) March 5, 2019 #Sooryavanshi One & Only @akshaykumar â@karanjohar #RohitShetty @DharmaMovies A BULLET FOR A BULLET ð pic.twitter.com/z8d8OZDzlX — DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) March 5, 2019 Baap of all cop movies is here . .#Sooryavanshi ð£ð£ pic.twitter.com/egeywuNIYk — ÉηÑαη (@J_RKF) March 5, 2019 Guys I found it Ranveer and Ajay In Sooryavanshi zoom it u will see ð¤©ð¤ð¤ð¤ððð @RanveerOfficial @ajaydevgn @akshaykumar pic.twitter.com/9Lh9Iw0Dn0 — Mr.Stark Gully Boy ðªðªðª (@HarshJani19) March 5, 2019 I watched #Simmba because of Akshay only Crazy of Moroccan Akkians after seeing khiladi Waiting #SOORYAVANSHI We Want kesari in Morocco pic.twitter.com/kjguDqyiXH — Akshay kumar Arab FC (@AkshaykumarAFC) March 5, 2019 Ekdum zabardast @akshaykumar ðAll the best for this action packed film #rohitshetty @karanjohar #Sooryavanshi https://t.co/Eo7YwXJ0Mq — Anees Bazmee (@BazmeeAnees) March 5, 2019 #Eid2020 will be huge with #Sooryavanshi. #AkshayKumar, #RohitShetty and #KaranJohar. @akshaykumar #RohitShetty @apoorvamehta18 @RelianceEnt @RSPicturez @DharmaMovies #CapeOfGoodFilms @karanjohar pic.twitter.com/pgv68fUpZd — salil arunkumar sand (@isalilsand) March 5, 2019 We like Akshay Kumar in 'Sooryavanshi', but deep down in our hearts, we still love Hira Thakur and 'Sooryavansham' more than anything else in the world.
  8. While we're happy for Ranbir Kapoor when he gave us 'Sanju', the biggest hit of 2018, there are some movies he perhaps inadvertently didn't give his all too, which plummeted at the box office. Why're we telling you this? Well, because when he was giving us back-to-back flops films like 'Besharam' (2014), 'Roy' (2015), 'Tamasha' (2015) and 'Jagga Jasoos' (2017), he was actually trolled by a cop and asked to stop doing so! © Fox Star Studios Well, not literally trolled but recently the actor attended the Umang Police Show 2019 and narrated an incident when a cop asked him to stop one night and upon recognising him, gave him a lecture about his career and how he shouldn't give any more flops and instead, suggested he does a film where he plays a policeman! © Eros International Ranbir went onto stage and narrated the incident to Shah Rukh Khan who was also on stage with him and other prominent guests who were amidst the audience. The cop first stopped his car and upon recognising him, he took a picture with Ranbir, only to sit and give him some detailed career advice on how his next film should be a one where he plays a cop. © Viral Bhayani I mean I wish it was so easy to stop most Bollywood actors and and give them some unsolicited advice on some things they probably shouldn't have done! But I guess the Mumbai policeman was lucky enough to encounter one of the biggest stars in Bollywood and sit him down over some serious talk. © Instagram Watch the video of Ranbir narrating this during the Umang Police Show 2019! Video: Ranbir Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan and Manish Paul on stage. #Umang2019 #umangpoliceshow2019 #RanbirKapoor #Ranbir #ShahRukhKhan #ManishPaul #Bollywood A post shared by Ranbir Kapoor Universe (@ranbirkapooruniverse) on Jan 27, 2019 at 10:00am PST But on an endearing note, I believe it was quite sweet of the cop to suggest something like that to Ranbir, since the policeman would actually want a fine actor to emulate the role of a policeman in a film. If directors do have any good scripts or ideas for a cop-based film, they should definitely get in touch with Ranbir, as he's told the cop he'd be open to doing it, but hasn't had a chance yet. Well, here's hoping Ranbir!
  9. The internet is a wonderful place where anyone and everyone can be glorified and go viral with a tap on the 'share' button. The recent internet celebrity is a UP cop named Manoj Kumar, who is now known as the 'Thain Thain' cop, after he tried replicating the sound of a gun in order to scare off criminals (yeah, no jokes here). #WATCH: Police personnel shouts 'thain thain' to scare criminals during an encounter in Sambhal after his revolver got jammed. ASP says, 'words like 'maaro & ghero' are said to create mental pressure on criminals. Cartridges being stuck in revolver is a technical fault'. (12.10) pic.twitter.com/NKyEnPZukh — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) October 13, 2018 While chasing criminals, the gun got jammed owing to some glitch and the cop apparently improvised by making 'thain thain' sounds. All said and done, they were able to catch the criminal in the end, so one can't even question this innovative method. Now, the UP government wants to recognise his 'heroic' effort and reward the cop. In fact, his name has even been sent for a commendation disc and a certificate from the Director-General. © Twitter A hero with immense creativity, it's not every day that you witness stuff like this.
  10. Not all heroes wear capes, some shout 'Thain Thain' to scare the criminals when their pistol gets jammed. We're not talking about a Rajinikanth movie, this actually happened in Uttar Pradesh's Sambhal district. A team of UP cops were out on an encounter and chasing goons, when they realised their pistols were jammed. Now, this is a major problem and definitely a serious concern. But, fear not when the UP police is here. They had the perfect solution to this problem - shout 'thain thain' instead to scare the criminals. #WATCH: Police personnel shouts 'thain thain' to scare criminals during an encounter in Sambhal after his revolver got jammed. ASP says, 'words like 'maaro & ghero' are said to create mental pressure on criminals. Cartridges being stuck in revolver is a technical fault'. (12.10) pic.twitter.com/NKyEnPZukh — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) October 13, 2018 Well, who said you need guns for gunshots when you can do the job by making the sound from your mouth? Speaking to ANI, the ASP said the pistol got jammed due to a technical glitch. He further said, words like 'maaro, maaro, ghero, ghero' create mental pressure on the criminals. Reportedly, a policeman was injured and the team managed to arrest one of the criminals after shooting him in his leg. While their mission was successful as they managed to catch the criminal, Twitter had a field day, tripping over the UP cops shouting 'thain thain'. Up police:- thain thain Salman khan :- pic.twitter.com/hrkIyhwH3u — niku (@soopervox) October 15, 2018 Thain thain ft. UP police pic.twitter.com/i3S3RpvJg9 — ADI (@kutta_kahika) October 15, 2018 UP Police: Alexa thok do. Alexa: OK.... "Thain thain". pic.twitter.com/ONAtkDae6j — Ankit Sagar (@SagarOriginal) October 15, 2018 Foreigners- Indians lack presence of mind. UP Police- Hold my beer.#uppolice #thain pic.twitter.com/SYHILoaF2d — Kishan Jhunjhunwala (@Jjworiginal) October 14, 2018 He shot me down, thain thain! I hit the ground, thain thain! That awful sound, thain thain! UP police shot me down! — Ripper (@Ace_Of_Pace) October 15, 2018 Up police:Thain Thain Thief: *running away* aaaaa lag gayi! — Anant Bhardwaj (@Frustratedladka) October 15, 2018 Ye.. hat ja re chokre Bheja na thok re Aa rela hai apun Panga nahi karna Danga nahi karna Kar dunga main warna Teri THAIN THAIN phish - UP POLICE — thewickedsunny (@pizzzzawithbeer) October 15, 2018 Kim Jong-un: I have a Nuclear button on my desk Donald Trump: I have a bigger button UP Police : Thaaye Thaaye — SAGAR (@sagarcasm) October 15, 2018 Up Police the best ðð pic.twitter.com/whiWlhUkFj — Himanshu Rawat (@Savagely_Single) October 13, 2018 Life of UP police :- pic.twitter.com/pnvJXLQkby — Dev Anandð¥ (@Devismm) October 15, 2018 Looks like the UP cops got the idea of using 'thain thain' from 'Gangland' - 'Raati 12-12 baje tak hundi than than'.
  11. The southern state of Telangana has seen better days. Of late, the state has been marred with a series of tragic murders, and the State Police Department has been facing constant pressure and criticism over the matter, from the media and citizens alike. Amidst numerous speculations about the inefficiency of the Telangana Police, a viral photograph of a Telangana constable's kind gesture has been nudging viewers to reconsider their judgements, and acknowledge the “human face of cops”. Head Constable Officer Mujeeb-ur-Rehman (of Moosapet PS) who was on duty for conducting SCTPC exam in Boys Junior College, Mahbubnagar trying to console a crying baby, whose mother was writing exam inside the hall. #HumanFaceOfCops#Empathy pic.twitter.com/QudRZbAADu — Rema Rajeshwari IPS (@rama_rajeswari) September 30, 2018 The picture shared by IPS officer Rema Rajeshwari on Twitter yesterday, shows Head Constable Mujeeb-ur-Rehman attempting to pacify a 4-year-old baby sitting on his lap, while the toddler's mother wrote her exam in the premises of the centre. Rehman was put on law and order duty at the Boys Junior College, Mahabubnagar, which was an exam centre for the SCTPC exams, on Sunday. Rehman was quoted as saying to TNM, that this was the first time he had witnessed a candidate bring their infant to an exam centre. This should be the real face of the Indian Police ðð¼ðð¼ðð¼ — Swaroop Charmling (@GurkhaSwaroop) September 30, 2018 It was when Rehman was patrolling outside the school premises, after the commencement of the exams, that he noticed that the baby was getting impatient without its mother. The child had been left in the care of its teenaged aunt, who found it difficult to console the baby with every passing minute. After noticing the young girl struggling with the inconsolable baby for a little longer, Rehman couldn't help but step in. After the cop cradled the toddler, the baby not only stopped crying soon enough but fell asleep within thirty minutes of being held in Rehman's arms. He then proceeded to hand over the child to its aunt. The incident was captured in a picture-perfect frame by IPS officer Rema Rajeshwari, who then shared it on her personal Twitter handle. Man with a golden heartðLook at their expressions ð — Shashi Menon (@cherukote) September 30, 2018 The photograph has since gone viral, and people from all parts of the country have joined in to praise the kind cop for his thoughtful gesture. It is believed that this was much needed at a time like this, when the public seems pretty upset with the state police's lack of timely intervention in previous cases.
  12. What's the first thing that comes to your mind the moment you hear someone say 'traffic cop'? If you stay in Delhi or Gurugram, chances are you won't have any fond memories of your meeting with a traffic cop. You will either remember getting a challan, paying a hefty fine or being stopped for overspeeding. But if you stay in Odisha's Bhubaneswar or have ever travelled there, then you will have a totally different story to narrate, which is of a cop who clears traffic by dancing. © Twitter/ANI Meet Pratap Chandra Khandwal, one of the coolest traffic cops in the country, who uses his dance moves to make people obey traffic rules and convey traffic directions. This 33-year-old home guard is already a celebrity and famous among commuters and we can clearly see why people love him so much. Pratap told ANI about this unique method of his, "I convey my message through dance moves. Initially, people didn't obey rules, but with my style people got attracted and started obeying rules." #WATCH: Pratap Chandra Khandwal, a 33-year-old home guard who is currently deployed as traffic police personnel in #Odisha's Bhubaneswar controls traffic by his dance moves. pic.twitter.com/BniV7svk6M — ANI (@ANI) September 11, 2018 He has been working with the traffic police for four years now and has mastered his moves through experience and practice. We don't about you guys, but I definitely want to see a dance face-off between his and the moonwalking traffic cop from Indore.
  13. This is Tom Hardy. He is one of the hottest and finest actors in Hollywood and the whole world knows that. © Instagram But, did you know that this super hot actor has an equally handsome look-alike, for whom women are willing to get arrested without committing any crime? If you are in Britain or active on social media, chances are that you will know who we are talking about. © Facebook The internet is in a meltdown ever since the video of a British Transport Police cop dancing with a cup went viral. What's so special about a cop's funny dance? Well, it's his unbelievable and uncanny resemblance to English heartthrob Tom Hardy. Thanks to this video, people around the world, especially women, are now ready to get arrested or tasered by him. This video was uploaded by UK Cop Humour on Facebook with the caption, "What are they putting in the station's water?" This muscular guy, with cool AF tattoos and sporting a haircut similar to Tom Hardy has now become an internet celebrity, with people going crazy in the comment section. Some users commented, "When did Tom hardy jon BTP?", "When did Tom Hardy join BTP? Bazinga", "They say everyone has a twin. This officer is definitely Tom Hardy's twin", and "He can Taser me any day." Others wrote, "Yummy", "Looks like Tom Hardy has joined the police", "Oh damn. I must be arrested and searched by this man" and "He can taser me any day." Well, now we know the next time Tom Hardy gets an offer to play a cop, who is going to be his body-double and do the action scenes for him.
  14. Do you ever feel like a 40-year-old stuck inside the body of a 25-year-old? Getting tired and exhausted easily, prefer chilling at home with a can of Red Bull and cancelling trekking plans with friends and only settling for Goa (because beach)? Well, that's the story for most of us of this generation. While some of us feel that even picking up a needle is a difficult task, people twice our age are setting life goals for us. One of the greatest examples is Milind Soman. © Instagram Recently, the model-actor ran 72 kms in Delhi to mark the 72 years of Independence. He is also someone who finished in 2015, the toughest and the most brutal race on this planet - the 'Ironman Triathlon'. But, looks like Milind Soman has found a tough competition in 53-year-old Nashik Police Commissioner Ravinderkumar Singhal, who successfully completed this difficult 'Ironman Triathlon', in France on Sunday. #NashikPolice congratulate Respected Dr. Ravinder Singal sir #CommissionerofPolice, #Nashik on becoming the #IronMan at #France #Triathlon@ravindersingal @IGPNashikRange @IPS_Association @SpRural @NashikNews @dionashik @CollectorNashik @Dev_Fadnavis @CMOMaharashtra @deshdoot pic.twitter.com/IcGQuEiien — Nashik City Police (@nashikpolice) August 27, 2018 For those who don't know about this event, it includes non-stop cycling for 180 km, followed by swimming for 4 km and 42-km marathon and one has to finish this race under 17 hours. Reportedly, Singhal's training Dr. Mustafa Topiwala said that he finished the triathlon in 15 hours and 13 minutes. © Ironman triathlon Singhal, who is from the Maharashtra-cadre, underwent extensive training before heading to France to participate in what is said to be the world's toughest competition. Can we say, that with this achievement, he has surpassed Milind Soman's 2015 record? Milind Soman completed the race in 15 hours and 19 minutes. We are really proud of you, Sir. Well done! Source: NDTV
  15. Imagine going about your day and driving along the usual roads you generally prefer, only to spot a real, life-size Batmobile whizzing ahead of you amidst a steady flow of traffic. That would be one highlight of our day we surely would not take for granted and well, there seem to be others who feel the same way and made the most of this terrific situation they found themselves in. © Facebook An Ontario Provincial Police officer recently had the good luck to spot a real Batmobile plying on the road she was patrolling and she did just what you expect. The officer made use of the escorting lights and signalled the driver of the Batmobile to pull over. Once done, she stepped out of her car and moved over to greet the driver, Stephen Lawrence, dressed in actual Batman costume and looking like the man himself to the hilt. However, while it might have seem to a passerby that the officer was about to give him a warning, what actually transpired between the two was more than interesting. Soon after hitting the brakes on the beast, Lawrence jumped out of it to ask the officer if all was okay and the reply made him more than happy to comply to the request. © Facebook The officer requested that “I would like to not miss my opportunity and get a photograph with you,” tells Lawrence who was quoted by Global News. Sure enough he agreed to it and he shared that it makes him more than happy to get clicked with fans and bring smiles to their faces but what worries him are the phone cameras people take out to click the Batmobile's photo while they are still behind the wheels. © Facebook Lawrence adopted the role of the comic book hero years ago because of some personal connections that he'd been able to build up with the character and loves to entertain people's wish to get clicked with him but he has urged people to be careful on the road and not put lives at risk when they spot his Batmobile and get all excited to click pictures. We say what a great guy and what an innovative concept to bring the much loved hero to life.
  16. We've been told time and again that courage and bravery are virtues we must all strive to imbibe in our lives in order to stand up for ourselves and for those who can't. However, of late, India has seen its people turn a blind eye to situations and incidents that require us to intervene and make a noise, the fear of life or getting consumed in a never-ending matter of law, isn't something they're looking forward to, they say. © Twitter But do you recall the Sikh cop in the image above? Earlier in May, this Uttarakhand cop became an internet sensation after he stopped a lynch mob from “punishing” and taking away a Muslim youth's life based on foolish trepidations that “provoked” the Hindu mob to take the matter in their own hands. Total Recall For those of you who aren't aware, Uttarakhand cop Gagandeep Singh showed commendable courage when he single-handedly prevented a lynch mob from harming a Muslim youth in a Hindu temple in May earlier this year. © Twitter The story goes that the Muslim young man was present in the temple to meet up with his Hindu girlfriend and he caught the eyes of some other visitors present in the temple who charged at him with slaps and blows. The situation worsened within minutes and a mob gathered to “bring the youngman to justice”. © Twitter It was at this point that Gagandeep intervened and stopped the mob from taking away the boy's life - all by the power of sheer will and determination to not make a man suffer for his choice to love someone who didn't belong to the same religion as his. Recognition And Rewarding An Act Of Goodwill © Twitter Yesterday the state police rewarded Gagandeep Singh with a medallion for his bravery and act of selflessness that not only upheld the oath he took as a Policeman on duty but also help the pillars of humanity high, by exhibiting thoughtfulness and prompt action in a time of crisis. Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh awarded with a medal for his bravery in stopping a mob lynching. Truly a well deserved medal! India is honored to have police officers like him ð pic.twitter.com/iuv9nuRxSM — Dhruv Rathee (@dhruv_rathee) August 20, 2018 Gagandeep Singh has come through as a ray of hope for the dying sense of humanity in our society and this award is well-deserved for his act of extending support and protection to a fellow citizen who has the right to follow his heart and not be punished for it.
  17. Ranveer Singh is Bollywood's powerhouse performer and millions love this man. From making us curious about his upcoming movies to signing great projects, Singh is ruling Bollywood right now. TBH there is no filmmaker at present who wouldn't want to work with him. After teasing his fans for so long, the actor has finally given us a sneak-peak of him as the quirky cop we all wanted to see. The #Simmba journey begins... @ranveersingh #SaraAliKhan @karanjohar @reliance.entertainment @dharmamovies @rohitshettypicturez @simmbathefilm A post shared by Rohit Shetty (@itsrohitshetty) on Jun 6, 2018 at 4:26am PDT All set to play a police inspector named Sangram Bhalerao in Rohit Shetty's next, Ranveer finally shared a 40-second clip showcasing his killer moves. #Repost @itsrohitshetty . . . . Straight. Simple. Honest. Hard Working and Pure at Heart. Be the way you are. God bless you with loads and loads of Success, Good Health and Happiness. Lots of Love to you my little Brother. Happy Birthday @ranveersingh â¤ï¸ A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jul 12, 2018 at 8:25am PDT The clip delivers a strong and clear message to people to stand up and fight against the crimes being committed against women, because it is the need of the hour. In the short clip, we get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes shoot, packed with a lot of action sequences. The actor had earlier revealed, during a media interaction, that 'Simmba' is his biggest film to date. “It is my first bona fide 'in and as'. It is with a director who has such a great, vast and sparkling equity. And he is really not holding back this time, with the way he is mounting the film and everything that he is pumping into the film. It really is my biggest outing and I am doing my best to perform my level best in this film and keeping my fingers crossed. I am excited about it and I hope people watch the film and love it. It has been a mind, soul-enhancing experience. Rohit sir is the king of the genre. I am growing as an artist. It is not easy to be performing, acting in mainstream films as there is comedy, drama, action, etc. It is my biggest film and I am very excited about it,” he said. Check out the video that is creating a buzz all around: A sneak peek into the #POWEROFSIMMBA ... Releasing 28th December !!! @ranveersingh #SaraAliKhan @karanjohar @reliance.entertainment @dharmamovies @rohitshettypicturez @simmbathefilm A post shared by Rohit Shetty (@itsrohitshetty) on Aug 14, 2018 at 9:29pm PDT 'Simmba' is a remake of the 2015 Telugu blockbuster 'Temper' and also stars Sara Ali Khan and Sonu Sood. The movie is set to hit the screens on December 28 and it is showing all the signs of being a blockbuster.
  18. 'Tu jaanta hai ki mera baap kaun hai' and 'baap pe mat jaa' – the two lines have been spoken so much for years, that they've honestly become a joke now. Every person in Delhi is associated with these lines and it's quite hilarious. But, there's another 'baap'-related line to join the ones above – 'tere baap ki sadak hai kya?' and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is making the most of it. We all know how passionate Akshay Kumar is about social causes and has always tried his best to do his part in bringing about a change, both with his movies and in real-life. The universally loved actor was the obvious and perfect choice to convey the message of road safety to the masses and he did it brilliantly. Better late than never. Follow traffic rules for your own and others safety, kyunki road kisi ke baap ki nahi hai. #SadakSurakshaJeevanRaksha pic.twitter.com/N8mh675BRv — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) August 14, 2018 He has posted three small videos which work as PSAs and is using humour to warn people who believe 'yeh unke baap ka road hai'. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Follow traffic rules for your own and others safety kyunki road kisi ke baap ki nahi hai. #SadakSurakshaJeevanRaksha pic.twitter.com/tGILVR1cGR — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) August 14, 2018 As the brand ambassador for the Government of India's road safety campaign, he donned a traffic cop uniform and targeted people's behaviour on the road in the three one-minute videos. Follow traffic rules for your own and others safety kyunki road kisi ke baap ki nahi hai. #SadakSurakshaJeevanRaksha pic.twitter.com/XhuPsm4Uij — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) August 14, 2018 Apparently, he didn't waste any time to join the road safety campaign when he got to know the “shocking facts and figures related to road accidents which can be prevented.” Well, that's true, though. I mean traffic rules are there for a reason. If you think you won't get caught and think you're an exception, you're just risking becoming the rule yourself.
  19. Lucknow is one of the most beautiful cities in India. More than its beauty, it's the cuisine there that rules every foodie's heart. From the delectable Tunday Kebab and Galauti Kebab to the succulent Mutton Rogan Josh, the city of Nawabs is home to some of the delicious and mouth-watering dishes ever made. But now, Lucknow will also be known as the place where Bollywood's legendary Jackie Shroff cleared the jammed roads once as a traffic cop on a busy weekend. © wikimedia For those who aren't aware of Jackie Shroff's upcoming projects, he is currently busy shooting for the Hindi remake of 'Prassthanam'; which also stars Sanjay Dutt, Ali Fazal, Satyajeet Dubey and Amyra Dastur. In fact, last Saturday, the public saw the actors shooting near the Clock Tower. © BCCL (Aditya Yadav) Usually, when we meet or come across a celebrity or an actor, there is someone or something hovering around them. Either it is their over-excited fans, 4 to 5 bulked-up bodyguards or a certain aura around them that makes them appear special. © BCCL (Aditya Yadav) Probably, this is the reason why most of us couldn't come to terms with the fact, that no one could recognize Salman Khan when he was spotted inside a shopping mall in Dubai. © BCCL (Aditya Yadav) Anyway, coming back to our Traffic 'Bhidu' cop, Jackie Shroff is different. He did not have any celebrity-ish (for the lack of a better word) air around him when he got out of his car to help clear a traffic jam on the streets of Lucknow. Lucknow Traffic Control... pic.twitter.com/axCnD3DYQy — Jackie Shroff (@bindasbhidu) 22 July 2018 He recently shared this video on his Twitter page and since then, neither us nor his fans can keep calm. DO TEEN vehicles KA challan BHI PHAD DETHE BHIDU..... KHARCHA PANI NIKAL JATA — Nk kataria (@24nareshkataria) 22 July 2018 pic.twitter.com/IBMURHWTPz — Gaurav Arora (@_Gaurav_Arora) 22 July 2018