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Found 34 results

  1. Days after the Indian crew members stranded on Diamond Princess, a luxury cruise ship quarantined near Japan's Yokohama port, sent an SOS to the Indian government seeking immediate help, an Indian couple has now reached out to the government pleading for help. Ashish Yadav and his wife Neha, originally from Uttar Pradesh, are stuck in China's Wuhan city, the epicentre of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak that has killed over 1700 people so far. And the numbers continue to increase with each passing day. © Reuters Ashish is an Associate Professor at the Wuhan Textile University while Neha is a PhD scholar. According to a report in NDTV , the couple couldn't evacuate earlier when the government sent Air India flights to Wuhan because of Neha's surgery. So now they are appealing to the government to rescue them. The media outlet quoted Ashish as saying, "Namaste, my name is Ashish Yadav and this is my wife Neha Yadav. I am an associate professor in the Wuhan Textile University. I appeal to the Prime Minister to evacuate us from here soonest." His wife Neha said, "Our parents are very worried I would request that we should be evacuated soonest." They sent a video in which they are explaining how Wuhan has turned into a 'ghost town', the situation is getting worse day by day and that they are running out of supplies. Asish said, "You can see the weather is very bad today. There has been heavy rain and light snowfall since yesterday afternoon. There is no one in our building. Yesterday, I had just a few empty bottles of water (he shows the bottles) and I had appealed for some water to be given and so today (camera pans to new water bottles), I have been sent some water and this food by the authorities here. We have rations only for a few days so I again appeal to the Indian government to evacuate us soonest." GoI will send a consignment of medical supplies on a relief flight to Wuhan later this week to support China to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. On its return, the flight will have limited capacity to take on board Indians wishing to return to India from Wuhan/Hubei.(1/3) @MEAIndia â India in China (@EOIBeijing) February 17, 2020Meanwhile, the Embassy of India in Beijing, China has been tweeting to the Indians stuck in Wuhan, sharing helpline numbers so that people who wish to return can do so by contacting the officials. We urge all Indian nationals from Wuhan/Hubei who intend to avail this flight and have not yet contacted us, to urgently call our hotlines +8618610952903 and +8618612083629 or send email to helpdesk.beijing@mea.gov.in before 1900 hours today (17 February 2020) (3/3) @MEAIndia â India in China (@EOIBeijing) February 17, 2020 View the full article
  2. The novel coronavirus has claimed many lives and created havoc across the world. While the scientists are finding it extremely difficult to find an antidote to it, the Hindu Mahasabha recently stirred a controversy by claiming that the epidemic is not a virus but an âavatarâ to punish non-vegetarians. According to IANS, Swami Chakrapani, the National President of All India Hindu Mahasabha said, âCorona is not a virus, but avatar for the protection of poor creatures. They have come to give the message of death and punishment to the one who eats them.â © BCCL/Virus As bizarre as it may sound, the National President also drew analogy of Lord Narsingh and said he has taken an avatar to kill people who torture innocent creatures and teach âChinese a lessonâ to not do this anymore. Besides, Swami Chakrapani went on to claim that there is a way out of this epidemic, for the Chinese. He said they need to make an idol of Corona and apologize for harming and killing the innocent animals and and all non-vegetarian Chinese populace "pledge of not harming any innocent creatures in future, then the anger of Corona will come down". © BCCL/Virus However, the Hindu Mahasabha Chief thinks that Hindu shouldnât fear the deadly virus as people who worship God and Gau Raksha believers are immune to the novel coronavirus. National President of All India Hindu Mahasabha says #coronavirus is not a virus but an angry avatar to kiIl all non-vegetarians! There is a competition over buffoonery among Hindutva buffoons.https://t.co/OqGZCXXAKO â Ashok Swain (@ashoswai) February 16, 2020 This bizarre theory has left many shocked and hereâs what people on social media have to say about the Hindu Mahasabha Chiefâs statement. Hahaha. Isko Chicken tangdi kabab with chicken biryani khila deo non veg ka supporter ban jayega. â Satish Kapur (@SatishKapur4) February 16, 2020 Should we try? If this buffoon is so confident, let him go to China and preach the message. â Thomas_Paine (@SpockSpeaks) February 16, 2020 Oh no! they are protected by pic.twitter.com/zj48asyf2w â amjad khan (@amjadal62590898) February 16, 2020 Oh my god! Oh my God! I never seen such an ignorent approach. â Asif Khan Turk (@AsifTurk1015) February 16, 2020 I think soâ¦. Oh my God! I never seen such an ignorent approach. â Asif Khan Turk (@AsifTurk1015) February 16, 2020 Now, this one is really funny. Will Vegetables take Happy Avtar to protect the world?? â Idazaa (@Idazaa2) February 16, 2020 Savage. Trump is a non vegetarian....will this Corona virus punish him while he is visiting india....? â mahesh kumar bajaj (@mave_rick) February 16, 2020 Got me thinking⦠except the entire world has been eating meat forever and avatar just got mad now.. in a place near a chemical lab. â MatsuyamaShinobu (@mrrmoosh111) February 16, 2020 Screaming out loud. pic.twitter.com/QRYZGaKTUg â Khari (@Kel_Hari) February 16, 2020 Hainah. Inki ek alag hi duniya h â мr ÑÑarĸ (@iamafzal27) February 16, 2020 As on Monday morning, according to news reports, 70,548 confirmed coronavirus cases have claimed over 1,660 lives worldwide already and it isnât getting any better. View the full article
  3. More than 70,500 have now been infected nationwide by the virus, which first emerged in December in central Hubei province before spreading across the country.
  4. Taiwan health minister said Sunday the deceased person was a 61-year-old man who had diabetes and hepatitis B
  5. The novel coronavirus has claimed over 1,600 lives so far and the number of infected people has reached around 69,000 as of today morning, according to news reports. The disease, which is officially now called COVID-19, originated in Wuhan, China and now many cities around the area have been locked down. The residents have been asked to stay indoors as a precautionary measure. Therefore people are engaging in different ways to keep themselves entertained during the lockdown. Recently, a video of a man running inside his apartment to stay fit has surfaced on the internet. © BCCL Pan Shancu, a 44-year old massage therapist and marathon runner from Hangzhou China, as per the reports, ran 6,250 laps inside his apartment. Check out the video here How "spectacular" does a live running broadcast have to attract 250,000 views? Pan Shancu, a marathon runner from Hangzhou , China, achieved it while on lockdown during the #coronavirus outbreak. https://t.co/CTRFQkQMrj pic.twitter.com/JOIMyIMWNh â CGTN (@CGTNOfficial) February 15, 2020According to Business Insider, he said, âI have not been outside for many days, today I cannot bear sitting down anymore! Letâs run laps around the two massage tables in the room, then! One lap is about 8 meters â I ran 50km, did it in 4:48:44, sweated all over, feels great!â âI felt a little dizzy at first, but you get used to it after you circle many times. Running is like an addiction. If you donât run for a long time, you get itchy feet,â he added. Check out some of the reactions here: Thatâs true too! ⦠while his neighbours are driven insane by the thumping. â HJ Blease (@Jay_Blease) February 15, 2020Whatâs your excuse? A crisp 9:19 per mile.. He passed through the marathon in circa: four hours, four minutes, six seconds. â Tom Cuffe (@TomCuffe13) February 15, 2020Thatâs the key. Way to stay positive! I hope the apartment floors in China are better than in America for the sake of his downstairs neighbor. We hear everything over here. â Anon (@Anoncomment1) February 13, 2020So true. The dedication â COOOLANTO // Anthony Nguyen (@OFFICIALLYCOOOL) February 13, 2020A lot of dedication. Thatâs dedication â Yellow Brick Road West End (@YBRWestEnd) February 13, 2020Indeed. King â nude rat fan acct (@daleyclimax2) February 13, 2020All we need is a lot of motivation and little baby steps to accomplish our goals in life. This man is a living example of achieving his aims and not giving up easily. Just a little bit of consistency every day and youâll get there too! View the full article
  6. Beijing?s latest figures on Saturday showed 66,492 cases and 1,523 deaths, mostly in central Hubei province
  7. The Chinese Super League (CSL) was supposed to start later this month but the campaign was indefinitely postponed by the coronavirus outbreak
  8. The virus has so far claimed 1,367 lives and infected nearly 60,000 people, the vast majority in China, as it has spread around the globe.
  9. Whatever happens in the world, especially if it's something tragic, you can always trust some assholes to use it as a way to turn it into shitty pranks. And, it's just sad to see that people can be so unempathetic just for a few likes online. This is, of course, what's happening with the coronavirus outbreak as well. People are playing pranks by pretending to have caught the virus, or 'spilling' the virus on public transportation. There are three incidents that I know of right now, but I'm pretty sure there are a lot more that didn't get publicised. First, we have two 'Instagram Comedians' (side note - can we stop with these dumb terms), 17-year-old David Flores and 19-year-old Morris Cordewell who were dressed in hazmat suits and were carrying a container with an orange liquid that was labelled with 'WARNING' and hazard symbols. They were apparently telling people that they were carrying the deadly virus, and then, very conveniently, spilt it in a train full of people. View this post on InstagramCorona Virus in the train protect yourself @worldstar #coronavirus #explorepage #2020 #viral #subway #virus #prank #funny #skits #manhattan #daquan #newyork #suit #protection #funnyvideo #worldstar #boxA post shared by (@soy.floeres)First of all, I don't even have to explain how stupid it is and even though a lot of people caught on to the prank and were laughing while it was going down, the teenagers still managed to create panic in the train. Obviously, no one got hurt because of this particular prank, but it's still incredibly insensitive considering how many people have lost their lives because of the actual virus. The second one is pretty similar but at least it has a happier ending since the guy behind the prank has been arrested. Basically, the guy, identified as Karomatullo Dzhaborov, pretended to fall and faked a seizure on the Russian metro. At first, people started to go towards him to help, but everyone panicked when he started twitching. It resulted in a stampede. He can now face up to five years in jail for his little stunt and I just hope he learned his lesson. Lastly, we have the worst one - a guy literally made a plane have an emergency landing because he thought it would be funny to claim that he has the virus. The flight, going from Toronto, Canada to Montego Bay, Jamaica, was forced to return back to Canada because YouTuber James Potok got up in the plane and said to everyone that he had just returned from China and wasn't feeling well. Well, he had hoped to get a viral video out of it but got criminal charges instead. That honestly makes me really happy. Pranks Gone Wrong He should be ashamed of himself ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬ð¤¬#coronavirus pic.twitter.com/8OwWxOd9Oe â Frank Jofo (@frankjofo) February 6, 2020I'm sure there are so many more incidents like these and I just have one question for people like these - do you even have an ounce of empathy in your entire body? Thousands of people are infected, over a thousand people have lost their lives because of this. It's a deadly virus that is spreading everywhere, not content for your shitty videos. To quote Kourtney Kardashian, "Kim, there's people that are dying." I didn't know it needed to be said but stop making jokes about something that has killed so many people, it's not funny. View the full article
  10. The mobile fair is one of the biggest events worldwide to be cancelled so far owing to the virus that has killed more than 1,100 people to date
  11. Financial boost is aimed at helping companies at both national and local level, says PBOC deputy governor
  12. Test results are still coming in as passengers on Diamond Princess face a two-week quarantine
  13. New virus has spread rapidly since emerging late last year in China, killing more than 800 people in the mainland
  14. Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and has already claimed the lives of hundreds of people. Chinese doctors and nurses are working selflessly to treat all the patients and save as many lives as they can. But, that would mean that they themselves would have to stay away from their loved ones to keep them safe. That's why a video of a nurse treating Coronavirus patients talking to her crying daughter is going around, it's just that emotional and heartbreaking. In the video, the nurse is giving her young daughter an 'air hug' since she actually can't give her a proper one, and tells her that she is 'fighting monsters'. A Chinese nurse in a coronavirus-hit hospital in Henan Province gives her sobbing daughter an "air hug." #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/mNZ5SFcPYk â China Xinhua News (@XHNews) February 4, 2020 It's making everyone very emotional, quite understandably so. People are crying and praying for not just the patients, but also everyone who is treating this horrible virus. Kudos. This is so painful. May God help Chinese win this monster. Kudos to the nurse â John Ohagah (@JojohnJohn1) February 4, 2020 Yep. If this doesn't break your heart, I don't know what will! https://t.co/5uJTzPK8Os â Dhira Deka (@Dhira_Deka) February 7, 2020 She is! Really heart touching!! Your mother is superhero https://t.co/HFbtTPLmDG â aveen (@aveen_hamad) February 7, 2020 It's very sad. I know. I saw it a few times and teared up each time. â OllyOllyinFree (@OllyOllyInFree) February 5, 2020 Same. My heart is crushed into a million pieces https://t.co/byqAxuaZ8M â Bnar (@bnarzebarii) February 7, 2020 Hopefully. Let's hope this epidemic will pass soon â Evvita (@EwaEdyta) February 4, 2020 Yes. This kid has broken my heart..God be merciful to those suffering...prayers https://t.co/kYl7sznRvY â Beautiful World (@Beautif98478301) February 6, 2020 All the power! More power to all doctors, nurses, medical staff and health workers #nCoV https://t.co/gtuoHxCCf8 â Jyoti Singh (@ashajyoti11) February 8, 2020 Superhero stuff. Going away from your Loved ones to participate with your own efforts to save the world is huge, inspiring and commendable. https://t.co/xVDWIpDTNo â ï¸nuï¸ï¸âï¸ (@anuanupam) February 8, 2020 Hopefully soon. Let us pray that we will fight #caronavirus and unite many families like this https://t.co/HPM2EE7lST â Raghavendra Bathula (@rbathula) February 7, 2020 Yes, please. Watching this video brought tears to my eyes.All these families have a hard time. But this is not permanent.I hope everything goes well soon. â Muhammad Zaheer Khan (@rosenakyal) February 4, 2020 Exactly. This is why I hate those corona virus dark jokes. https://t.co/L3WuGy5NyY â íì¼ð¦ (@pilkke) February 5, 2020 Yes! #china be strong and win the fight! https://t.co/MsZMlobnvX â Babero Bat (@Bodonguud) February 4, 2020 Stay strong. Kudos to docs and Nurses who are helping all the families effected by the #coronavirus #Staystrong â Kiran Namburi (@knamburi) February 7, 2020 View the full article
  15. A deadly virus was all it took to bring a part of China to a standstill. The sky is gloomy, the air is weighted with infection and the last breaths taken by hundreds who succumbed to the virus invasion. The streets are empty with not a soul to whisper to. © ABC News Wuhan, the epicentre of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak looks nothing short of the deserted ghost towns we have witnessed so many times in those zombie movies. Streets are empty in Wuhan, city of 11 million people and the epicenter of the #CoronavirusOutbreak, as Chinese officials enforce a lockdown to try to contain the virusâs spread. All flights, trains and buses leaving the city have been canceled; public transit is suspended#virus pic.twitter.com/RjVZRfAtDG â Wuhan Corona Virus News (@famous9_vlogs) February 3, 2020 As the death toll due to the outbreak continues to rise steadily in China, the lockdown in Wuhan seems all the more heavy. Drone videos and pictures from the city have surfaced online since and they are so eerie, it will give you chills once you understand the extent of the quarantine. Itâs Friday in Wuhan and Iâm stepping out for a while. Weâre a week into the lockdown, and in some ways the city â at least this part of it â feels more sci-fi deserted than ever. Thereâs much more actual news on the Timesâ live briefing. https://t.co/r1surJCdNR pic.twitter.com/y4xuN2JCWL â Chris Buckley å¨ç¾äº® (@ChuBailiang) January 31, 2020 As the cityâs 11 million inhabitants live in quarantine, the pictures reek of isolation and fear that so many are living under in order to protect themselves from contracting the illness. © ABC News It has been more than two weeks since the Chinese government called for a lockdown in Wuhan on January 23rd. With even public transportation brought to a stop, it is being called the biggest quarantine in human history. Drone footage shows almost empty streets in typically bustling Wuhan, China, amid a citywide lockdown over the deadly coronavirus outbreak. The viral outbreak has infected more than 20,600 people globally. https://t.co/K9g7lCir38 pic.twitter.com/ZctumKNM1Q â ABC News (@ABC) February 4, 2020 © ABC News China Tightens Wuhan Lockdown in âWartimeâ Battle With Coronavirus - The New York Times https://t.co/pTigLrDaw1 #wuhanpneumonia #coronavirus #nCoV2019 pic.twitter.com/0xHk8FQCCw â Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV (@PneumoniaWuhan) February 7, 2020China Tightens Wuhan Lockdown in âWartimeâ Battle With Coronavirus - The New York Times https://t.co/pTigLrDaw1 #wuhanpneumonia #coronavirus #nCoV2019 pic.twitter.com/0xHk8FQCCw â Novel Coronavirus - 2019-nCoV (@PneumoniaWuhan) February 7, 2020 View the full article
  16. Death toll from coronavirus jumps past 700 after 86 more deaths were reported in China
  17. Ophthalmologist Li's social media warnings of a new 'SARS-like' coronavirus had angered police
  18. Mike Pompeo said his country encourages the rest of the world to match our commitment to contain this growing threat
  19. For as long as we can remember, we have grown up with the 'Amul girl' taking us through some of the worldâs most significant events in her iconic polka-dotted costume and endearing smile. From being there to slam dunk a dribbling goodbye to the legendary Kobe Bryant to rooting for a safe passage for thousands who were living the Australian bushfire nightmare, the bubbly mascot has been there every time. #Amul Topical: Tribute to one of basketballâs greatest legends... pic.twitter.com/YcZpihhgQY â Amul.coop (@Amul_Coop) January 27, 2020 Through the good and the bad, the Amul Butter Girl has continued to charm the nation with her wit, sarcasm and, at times, well-deserved criticism. So, recently when the Indian government decided to evacuate Indian nationals from Coronavirus-hit mainland China, as tradition would have it, the Amul girl decided to welcome them back with a âhomecoming snackâ. #Amul Topical: Coronavirus outbreak - Indians evacuated from China! pic.twitter.com/KM6RH35AAS â Amul.coop (@Amul_Coop) February 4, 2020 However, the latest cartoon, which has received mixed reactions from the audience, depicts Indians being brought back from China in an Air India aircraft with the caption, âWuhan Se Yahan Le Aayeâ. Wuhan, referring to the place from where the Coronavirus was originally detected. While the caption must have been a pure reference to the evacuation incident and appreciation to go with it, some people have read it as a below-the-belt remark which conveys that the evacuated individuals have now brought the deadly virus to India along with them. While Amul hasnât released any official statement regarding the issue, people on social media are divided over what exactly was Amul trying to convey with this word-play. One of the comments against the cartoon that gained a lot of momentum online was singer Sona Mohapatraâs âIn bad tasteâ remark on the post that she tweeted from her personal account. Though many have called her out on her ânegative outlookâ, some have also agreed with her. in bad taste. pic.twitter.com/nw4WA7lBGd â ShutUpSona (@sonamohapatra) February 5, 2020Why in bad taste ? Itâs about Indians evacuated out of China â Deepanjan Ghosh (@deepmech) February 5, 2020Just to add.. of you carefully observe the emotions represented in the cartoon it is sad and not sarcastic ! â NG (@Nami4India) February 6, 2020Ms.Sona, Thatâs you personal POV. I found it to be a great way to applaud Indiaâs effort to bring back its citizens stuck abroad â biddut (@twittbk) February 7, 2020Amul... Har cheez mein taang adaaye ! â Farooq Ahmad Mir (@mfjanwari) February 5, 2020@Amul_Coop in bad taste indeed. â SHASHANK JAIN (@J_Shasha) February 5, 2020 View the full article
  20. WHO chief said the WHO had received complete case report forms for only 38 percent of the cases outside China
  21. When did cows become these superbeings? The list of cows' super abilities keeps on increasing day by day. First, it was said that cows are the only animals that exhale oxygen, and then it was said that cows' milk actually contains gold. All of this applies to only desi cows or our 'gau mata', of course, since the foreign cows are our aunties. The latest thing that cows can do is cure coronavirus, obviously. I mean, at this point, are we even surprised by any claim that is made regarding cows? I sure am not. So, this hilariously bizarre claim was made by Hindu Mahasabha president Swami Chakrapani Maharaj who said that cow urine and cow dung can be used to cure the deadly virus that is rapidly becoming a global epidemic. He said, "Consuming cow urine and cow dung will stop the effect of infectious coronavirus. A person who chants Om Namah Shivay and applies cow dung on the body will be saved. A special yagna ritual will soon be performed to kill coronavirus." View the full article
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