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Found 371 results

  1. 'Together, we will overcome this pandemic,' James Barry Daly, a Conservative member of the UK Parliament from Bury, said
  2. Public is requested to follow guidelines issued by the govt and ensure they don't leave home unless necessary: notification
  3. With close to nine lakh active coronavirus cases across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is not showing significant signs of slowing down any time soon. The virus is slowly spreading to new territories and adding more and more casualties to its list. At a time like this, when itâs become imperative to bring the death toll down, mankindâs only hope to get out of this alive lies in the creation of effective cures and vaccines that can neutralise the fatal coronavirus, and save millions of lives. © BCCL As the world continues to fight this invisible enemy, numerous organisations, researchers and scientists have been working tirelessly to come up with potential vaccines that can help the human race win this battle. Check out these 5 possible vaccine researches that are a silver lining for the human race right now. 1. Bill Gates Funds Setting Up Of 7 Potential Vaccine FactoriesKnown for their expertise in dealing with infectious diseases, The Gates Foundation is said to have invested huge amounts of money in setting up factories which will work to develop vaccines for coronavirus. The news came to light when The Daily Show host Trevor Noah recently released the preview clip of his upcoming episode featuring Bill Gates where the Microsoft co-founder can be heard saying, "We did fund some things to be more prepared like a vaccine effort, our early money can accelerate things.â © BCCL Gates also shared that the Foundation has picked top seven vaccine candidates and is helping them with the manufacturing. He also said, "Even though we'll end up picking at most two of them, we're going to fund factories for all seven just so we don't waste time in serially saying 'okay which vaccine works' and then building the factory.â Reportedly, Gates approved of simultaneously testing and building manufacturing units because thatâs the fastest way of developing a vaccine at this stage. 2. The Pittsburgh Coronavirus VaccineResearchers and scientists at the University of Pittsburgh recently conducted a study and tested a potential coronavirus vaccine on mice which showed a positive immune response to COVID-19. The response quantity is said to be enough to neutralize the coronavirus. The study has been published in the EBioMedicine journal which called the vaccine the PittCoVacc. © BCCL Reportedly, the fingertip-sized, sugar and protein-based 400 microneedle vaccine patch was able to create a surge of coronavirus-fighting antibodies within two weeks of delivering it. Speaking about how the vaccineâs core component was chosen, senior co-author Andrea Gambotto said, "We had previous experience on SARS-CoV in 2003 and MERS-CoV in 2014. These two viruses, which are closely related to SARS-CoV-2, teach us that a particular protein, called a spike protein, is important for inducing immunity against the virus." 3. Adenovirus Type 5 Candidate Vaccine © BCCL Recently, the World Health Organisation (WHO) shared that two candidate vaccines for COVID-19 have progressed into phase one of human clinical trials. Reportedly, the vaccine candidate is being jointly developed by CanSino Biological Inc and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. It also needs to be noted that CanSino had earlier developed an Ebola vaccine in 2017 in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Science's Bioengineering Institute. Apparently, this vaccine uses a Adenovirus Type 5 candidate composed of adenoviruses which âcause pneumonia and deliver potential antigens to stimulate the production of antibodies that work against the disease.â 4. Oxford University & Inovio Pharmaceutical Vaccine © BCCL As per reports, it is being said that scientists in Australia have started testing two potential coronavirus vaccines in its lab trials. The vaccines are being jointly developed by Oxford University and Inovio Pharmaceutical, and the the WHO has cleared them for animal testing. Reportedly, Australia's national science agency will decide if the vaccines work, and can be used as human vaccinations. 5. TB Vaccine As Potential COVID-19 Vaccine © BCCL Recently it was announced that scientists in Melbourne, Australia have been trying to utilise the 100-year-old tuberculosis vaccine Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) to test if it is effective against the coronavirus infection. The decision was made based on the observation that the BCG is effective in preventing fatalities in infants from a number of causes, and highly reduces the occurrence of respiratory infections. According to experts, the vaccine basically trains our immune system to recognize and respond to various bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. So clinical trials are being undertaken to ascertain if it will work against the coronavirus. View the full article
  4. The doctor's husband, who also works at the Civil Hospital Karachi, tested positive for the coronavirus earlier
  5. He could not return to Pakistan as international flight operations were suspended in the country due to the lockdown.
  6. With over one million people being tested positive with the Coronavirus, the need for boosting your immune system and staying healthy for yourself and the people around you, has become of utmost importance. We, therefore, reached out to Sheryl Salis, a registered dietician, certified diabetes educator and wellness coach with a career spanning across 19 years in order to provide you with some simple and basic steps to make your immunity stronger, which can help you survive the pandemic more efficiently: 1. Add Virgin Coconut Oil To Your Diet © Pexels Include Cold Pressed Virgin coconut oil in the diet. The important medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) present in coconut oil are lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid. These acids in coconut oil principally destroy microbial organisms by disturbing their membranes, thus interfering with virus assembly and maturation. Coconut oil also has monolaurin which is a potent antiviral agent. It kills the virus by dissolving the protective lipids surrounding it. Consuming two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every day will help keep the virus at bay by building a stronger immune system along with additional health benefits such as, aid in weight management, support cognition and help in digestion as well. 2. A Colorful Plate © Pexels Include coloured fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, papaya that add flavor to your palate. These are essentially rich in antioxidants and help you build a stronger immune system. 3. Vitamin C - The Major Player © Pexels Include foods rich in vitamin C like orange, sweet lime, lemon, gooseberry, bell pepper, berries, tomato, dark leafy vegetables, cashew fruit, kiwi, strawberry, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc. which boost your immune system. Did you know Amla has the highest vitamin C content which is almost equal to that of two oranges? Amla has potent anti-viral and antioxidant properties as well. Dried amla is as good as fresh amla as it contains substances which partially protect the vitamin C from destruction on heating or drying. 4. Add Zinc To Your Diet © Pexels Foods rich in zinc such as nuts, whole grains, legumes, yeast, dairy products also help boost immune function and are highly recommended to be incorporated in the diet. 5. Switch To Green Tea (Preferably With Moringa) And Green Coffee © Pexels Sip on moringa green tea which is formulated to give you all the benefits of green tea combined with the power of the superfood moringa. It is packed with vitamins and minerals (specifically vitamin C) and has antioxidants which help boost immunity. Additionally, it helps maintain bone and joint health, helps regulate metabolism and aids in weight management. Similarly, unlike regular coffee, green coffee is unroasted and hence has three times more antioxidant potential which is otherwise lost during the roasting process. It is a health booster that is high in antioxidants which helps boost immunity and aids in weight control and management. 6. Enhance Digestion and Stay Hydrated © Pexels It surely helps if you use garlic, pepper, ginger, asafetida (hing), cumin seeds/powder, turmeric, moringa, lemongrass, basil, and coriander in cooking as they help enhance digestion and improve immunity. Did you know that adding black pepper to the turmeric helps in the absorption of active ingredients in turmeric? You can mix and add it to food, especially soups. 7. Spice Up Your Meals © Pexels Pepper rasam and sambhar have all the essential spices and are just right to boost your immune system. Spices tend to be very helpful in building a strong defence mechanism against viral infections. Ensure to include sambhar and rasam to your meals. 8. Kill The Virus With Antiviral Foods © Pexels Garlic, fennel, basil, cloves and tulsi have antiviral properties that help you maintain and boost your immune system whilst you stay prepared to fight the viral infections and flu. 9. Drink Healthy Juices © Pexels Try these healthy juice combinations like: a. Beetroot + Carrot + Spinach + Amla + Ginger b. Apple + Beetroot + Carrot + Ginger + Lemon + Celery. These juices not only energize you and help you maintain youthfulness but also help boost your immune system in an efficient manner. We can boost our immune systems by adding the above-mentioned foods easily available in our kitchen to build a stronger immune system without letting us compromise on our favourite meals. It is extremely important to build a strong immune system which will work in our defence during times of distress. 10. Vitamin D © Pexels Studies have shown that vitamin D helps boost immunity. Ensure that you go to your terrace for at least 15 mins in the day (without applying sunscreen) and get vitamin D. You can set a time with your neighbours to ensure you maintain physical distancing. View the full article
  7. A drop in demand amid the coronavirus pandemic and a plunge in global oil prices contributed to decline in rates
  8. ?In the next few days, we will reach 1 million confirmed cases and 50,000 deaths worldwide,? says WHO DG on coronavirus spread
  9. At a time when govts around the world are calling on masses to practice social distancing to ensure disease does not spread, brands are doing the same
  10. Parent company Bodysphere Inc said it was working with government to deliver test ? for emergency use ? to frontlines
  11. Seven Pakistani doctors working in an East London hospital are now in quarantine after testing positive with coronavirus
  12. Taking to Instagram, the Split star said she developed 'mild flu-like symptoms' 18 days ago.
  13. "The decision on grades to be awarded to students will be made by Cambridge, using our own evidence combined with evidence from schools," says the educational body amid the coronavirus outbreak
  14. McEnroe said he and his family had been self-quarantined for more than two weeks and advised others to do the same as a safety measure
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