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Found 73 results

  1. As Britain prepares to cast off from the EU, fears over the security of Huawei have forced Johnson to take sides
  2. When I heard the price of the Redmi Earbuds S, I literally spat the water out of my mouth. That's because I was testing the earphones for a week prior to its launch and had assumed that it would cost between Rs 4,000 to Rs 7,000. Having tested many TWS earphones over the years, I have a fair idea of what a device should cost due to its sound signature, but the 'Redmi Earbuds S' is literally challenging the status quo. These wireless earphones are not meant for music enthusiasts but for users who don't want to use wired earphones for calls and listen to some music casually while in office or even at home. Here are our thoughts on the 'Redmi Earbuds S' after using them for ten days and what makes it worth the purchase: Design When looking at the design of the Redmi Earbuds S; you will notice that you may have seen something similar before. That's because Redmi sells these wireless earphones in China as the AirDots while in India they are called the Earbuds S. The design of the 'Earbuds S' has no resemblance to Apple's AirPods and instead uses a tried and tested design that many users prefer. It comes in a very cute yet classy pill-shaped charging case which has magnets inside to hold the earphones in place. The earphones are ready to pair with a phone the moment you open the lid of the charging case. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The stalks on the earphones are minimal and they have a rectangle design instead of an elongated design like AirPods. It sits in your ears at a 45-degree angle and comes with two additional tips that suit your Concha or your ear canal. Even the earbuds are fairly simple as it does not come with any gesture controls and instead uses physical buttons on the base of each earphone that has basic controls such as music playback options and calling up Google Assistant. Additionally, there is an indicator light on each bud which shows the status of the earphones. Red means they are charging in the case and a white light indicates that the Earbuds S is ready to pair with a device. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The charging case is also made of plastic and we can't really complain here as these earphones cost less than a fancy meal in Delhi. However, the charging case does come with a micro-USB port which was disappointing to see as most devices have now moved on to the USB-C ecosystem. You will be happy to know that the Redmi Earbuds S has an IPX4 rating which means it is sweat and splash resistant, making it perfect for the hot and humid weather of India. Sound Quality © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The sound on the Redmi Earbuds S is directly dependent on the design of the TWS and the results were quite impressive, keeping the price in mind. Due to tighter seal and the 7.2mm drivers, the bass is more defined, however the earphones do drop the ball when it comes to mid and high frequencies. To be honest, most people like harder bass feedback and the Redmi Earbuds S is delivering quite well on that front. You can, however, adjust your sound levels manually via a music player if you need your mid and high frequencies to be clearer. As these earphones are not really meant for a music enthusiast, there isn't much to talk about the sound as the sound signature stays quite similar when testing the earbuds with different types of genres. The bass or the low frequency tends to overpower other frequencies but it still remains somewhat enjoyable to listen to music casually. If you prefer a clearer sound, you may want to consider the 1More Truly Stylish or the Samsung Galaxy Buds. The most impressive part of the Redmi Earbuds S is the range you can use these earphones up to. In normal mode, we could use the earbuds without any issues in the connection up to 25 feet away from the smartphone. Having said that, we did have to maintain a clear line of sight for it to work that far. If I went to a different room, the audio would cut out from time to time due to the thick walls in between. That said, the range of the earphones is quite impressive and is even better than most of its expensive counterparts. The primary use of the Redmi Earbuds S is supposed to be for making calls and the earphones really do that well. Most TWS have weak earphones that often make your own voice sound muffled. The Redmi Earbuds S have microphones in each bud and we used various apps to make calls for the test. We tested the earbuds on Discord, WhatsApp call and a normal call. The other person on the other end could hear our voice clearly, however it sounded as if we were in a big spacious environment. For gamers who use discord, there is a dedicated low latency mode that reduces lag and helps in faster communication when playing games. It gets reduced to 122ms and can be activated by pressing the physical button on the earbuds three times. Battery Life © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The Redmi Earbuds S packs a punch when it comes to the battery life of the earbuds when in use. We managed to keep the wireless earbuds running for around 4.5 hours, however in low latency mode you can expect it to drop by 45 minutes. The earbuds can be fully charged again with the charging case, but it does take its time to get to full charge. The charging case also does not support any fast charging, so we advise, you charge the case and the buds when you have ample time. Having said that, the charging case can charge the earbuds up to three full charges on a single charge so you can expect the total battery back up to be around 12 hours when using in normal mode. The Final Say When taking the price of Rs 1,799 into consideration, the Redmi Earbuds S is a sound purchase if you are looking to go wireless. These TWS earbuds are great for making calls and can also serve gamers well for games that require constant communication. Even the sound of these earphones matches up to TWS earphones that cost Rs 5,000 or even above which makes this a great deal already. Redmi has truly democratised the wireless audio game with the Redmi Earbuds S and you should not hesitate from buying these wireless earphones. View the full article
  3. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro leaks have been making rounds on the internet and prominent leaker Jon Prosser posted a video detailing everything about the upcoming phones. The video reveals the specs, pricing, and other details for Appleâs new phones expected to launch this fall. © Unsplash_Daniel Romero According to Prosser and his sources, Apple will be launching two models i.e, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro where both models will be getting a âMaxâ model. The lineup will include a 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch model where the Pro models will come with OLED displays with 10-bit colour depth made by Samsung. The iPhone 12 will also have OLED displays but will be manufactured by BOE instead. The leaks also say Pro models will come with 6GB of RAM and a triple camera setup that will include a LiDAR sensor. The non-Pro models will feature 4GB RAM and a dual-camera setup instead. The Pro model is expected to have a stainless steel body while the non-Pro model will be made of an aluminium body. © Unsplash_Daniel Romero When it comes to the pricing, Prosser believes the iPhone 12 will cost somewhere around $649 (~ Rs 49,229) for the 128GB model and will go up to $749 (~Rs 56,800) for the 256GB variant. The Max version fo the iPhone 12 will be a bit more expensive and will start at $749 (~Rs 56,800) for the 128GB model and cost $849 for the 256GB (~Rs 64,400) variant. For the Pro models, there are expected to be three variants for each size where it will start at $999, $1,099, and $1,299 for the 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB versions respectively. The Max models of the 12 Pro are expected to be priced at $1,099, $1,199, and $1,399 for the same storage versions respectively. © Unsplash_Daniel Romero Yesterday, it was rumoured that the iPhone 12 Pro would come with a 120Hz ProMotions display however Prosser says there is an internal conflict at Apple. The phones might ship with the features but will not be enabled depending on the battery performance of the two devices. It is worthy to note that Prosser is quite new to the Apple leaks scene, however, he has accurately predicted the launch of Apple products in the recent past. His track record has been on point so far which adds more weight to these leaks. Having said that, the information above is still based on leaks and it is still quite early to determine Appleâs plans. Features could change before the launch of the iPhone 12 series later this year or these leaks could just be untrue. We can only know for sure when Apple launches the new iPhone later this fall. Source: Front Page Tech View the full article
  4. Just a few days ago, OnePlus announced new phones - the 8 and 8 Pro with prices that were not really up to everyoneâs expectations. OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro retail in the US starting at $699 and $899, respectively. However, the company also announced the smartphone in China today and the prices for the phone are very different from the global prices. © Twitter_MKBHD In China, the OnePlus 8 launched for RMB 3,999 which roughly translates to Rs 43,160 and the OnePlus 8 Pro launched for RMB 5,399 which converts to Rs 58,270. These prices are considerably less than prices of the OnePlus 8 Series in other regions which could give a hint at how the phone will be priced in India. © Youtube_INSPIRATION While China prices are considerably lower than North America and Europe, it can give us a big hint at the India pricing as well. India and China are the most important markets for OnePlus where the two countries make up most of their sales when considering the total number of sales. India accounts for almost 33% of the total sales for OnePlus, which means the company is expected to follow a similar strategy in India. With a lower price margin, OnePlus may want to sell more in volume and recover margins from other regions. It is a similar strategy they adopted for the OnePlus 7 Series as well and we can see Indian prices to be similar to what OnePlus is offering in China. If we go by OnePlusâ China prices, we can expect the OnePlus 8 to priced at Rs 45,000 considering import duty and the new GST rules as well. For the OnePlus 8 Pro, we can expect the phone to be priced at Rs 60,000. It is worthy to note that these prices are not set in stone and OnePlus may make the final pricing even cheaper or costlier than expected. View the full article
  5. Motorola has been slacking with its presence, at least in India. The company is nowhere to be seen in front of the Chinese brands that are dominating the market left and right. But it looks like Motorola wants to hit a home run and make a comeback this year. It's planning on doing that with the launch of the Moto Razr. Yes, the foldable phone will finally be made available in India soon. Honestly, the Moto Razr isn't just a revival of the original Razr phone. This one is a full-fledged foldable device that's going head-to-head with Samsung's Galaxy Flip as one of the first few foldable phones you can buy right now. But this isn't a phone that you buy for its specs. The Moto Razr isn't going to entertain with the latest specs on the market. Motorola thinks it can win the consumers with the phone's stylish looks and nostalgia factor. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 710 chipset which is quite old now. It only has up to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The battery inside the phone is also very small i.e. just 2,150 mAh. © YouTube/ Motorola The highlight of the phone is its 6.2-inch flexible OLED display. Motorola is using a unique hinge to help the display fold in half to turn the phone into a compact and pocketable device. When the phone is folded, you get to look at a smaller 2.6-inch Quick View OLED display on the top to see all the notifications. As for the camera, there's a 16MP shooter that can be used as both the rear-main camera as well as the selfie shooter. And that's about it when it comes to the specs. Not really that powerful, huh? As I said, Motorola isn't trying to win anybody with the specs here. The company is going after the people who fancy the original Moto Razr and its crazy good flip mechanism. That being said, we haven't had the chance to use the phone extensively to test the phone, so we can't comment on the performance and usability. But what we do know is the price of the phone for now. Pricing & AvailabilityMotorola has launched the Moto Razr in India for Rs 1,24,999. Only one variant of the phone will be available here in India and you'll be able to pick it up from Flipkart starting April 2nd. It's even more expensive than the Galaxy Z Flip in India, making it one of the most expensive phones you can buy in the market today. View the full article
  6. We have often seen Rajkummar Rao wearing some really interesting footwear. From a pair of sneakers that looked like they were legit space boots, to one of the classiest pairs of high top boots, clearly, when it comes to shoes, the man doesnât mess about. One can always count on him to lay down some serious footwear goals, whether it is a zany pair of sneaker that youâre looking for, or for something else. © Instagram/rajkummar_rao Well, Rajkummar, it seems to have outdone his own zany footwear choices, by wearing one of quirkiest pairs of sneakers we have seen. What makes his sneakers quirky, you ask? Well, they come with their own jewellery and embellishments. © Viral Bhayani But first, letâs get to his outfit. Rajkummar is wearing a seemingly basic t-shirt from Dsquared2. Although the t-shirt may seem basic, it actually has a few nifty touches here and there that make it a little quirky. The shoulders, for example, are very subtly distressed. The rest of the torso as well has those distress marks. Just to get an idea of how exquisite the t-shirt exactly is, consider this - they are listed for about $145 or just under Rs 11,000. Yup; Rs 11,000 for a t-shirt. © Viral Bhayani The denims too are quirky. They are ripped from the knees and have a very aggressive wash. On top of the aggressive wash, they also have a very light bleaching as well. The denim jeans do look good on Rajkummar, we must say. © Viral Bhayani Coming to the highlight of the ensemble, the sneakers that Rajkummar is wearing. They are the #54 LV Trainer Sneakers from the Paris based luxury retailers, Louis Vuitton. The sneakers are based on your run of the mill, vintage baseball sneakers, and have a flat construction. © Louis Vuitton As far as the materials and construction is concerned, the Virgil Abloh designed piece ticks all the boxes that come with high fashion item - exquisite materials all around, a rich heritage to call back one, and the name of a designer that has a cult following. © Hypebeast So exquisite are the pieces, that they have embellishments of their own. Around the heel of the outsole, youâll see three micro-inserts, that add a very distinct characteristic to the sneakers. © Louis Vuitton Such an exquisite pair of sneakers will surely be expensive. Just how expensive, you ask? Well, they are listed for $1,200, or just under Rs 90,000. Add to that your regular set of import duties and customs, and youâre looking at a figure thatâs well over Rs 1.20 Lakhs. © Viral Bhayani Rajkummar surely does know how to pick some really exquisite sneakers, doesnât he? View the full article
  7. Pakistani authorities confident that the multi billion project will be on ground from next fiscal year
  8. It's that time of the year! The Super Bowl LIV is right around the corner and it's going to be a huge event tomorrow. The Super Bowl is special for various reasons, and each Super Bowl game is remarkable and memorable. If you want to be a part of the Super Bowl XLVI history though, then you now have an option for that by spending over Rs 5 crore on a pair of headphones. It's not an ordinary headphones we're talking about here. It's one-of-a-kind Diamond & Ruby Beats Pro headphones. Just look at it - © 1stdibs It was created in collaboration with London-based jeweler, Graff, to mark the Halftime Show of the game that saw the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots. Alright, even if you're not into Super Bowl, you simply can't ignore this piece of tech. Beats Pro By DrDre is a really popular pair of headphones money can buy. But when you top it off with some crazy diamonds and ruby stones, you're talking about a pair of headphones that's close to a million dollars. The headphones, as you can see, feature 126.76 carats of Graff diamonds and rubies set in pure platinum. © Pinterest It comes signed by both Graff and Dre, of course, and also comes complete with a certificate noting the use of genuine Graff stones. The headphones were worn by some of the iconic people in the industry like Madonna, Lil Wayne and the group LMFAO. So not only you're buying something that's part of the history of a game, but you're also taking over something that really not that easy to come by. But how much does it cost exactly? Well, you're looking at a price tag of $750,000 which roughly translates to about Rs 5 crore. That's obviously a lot of money, so it's not for an average man. But it's not always about money or owning something, right? Sometimes you just gotta check out something for what it's worth. Check out the headphones right here. View the full article
  9. Kartik Aaryan has never shied away from sartorial experiments, and he can legit claim that he has almost never failed at pulling off anything he has tried. Be it statement jackets or strange sneakers, he has always maintained a playful aesthetic when it comes to his wardrobe. While it may be a popular perception that whatever celebs wear can't be worn by us because they are extremely expensive, Kartik just proved it wrong by wearing a pair of sneakers which are actually affordable. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Kartik Aaryan wore a pair of sneakers that are inspired by the black adder snake. We love how playfully wild they are, thanks to the black and yellow snake-patterned sole. Also, what caught our focus was the price point of the shoes. © Hummel Kartik is wearing the Marathona Black Adder sneakers by Hummel, that costs somewhere around 60 Euros post discount. When converted to INR, it costs about Rs. 4,700. © Hummel The wild soles of the sneakers coupled with the black scaly surface clearly show us the inspiration behind the sneakers, and it doesn't get better when it comes to inspired pieces. © Hummel We're just glad this is one pair we can actually afford. View the full article
  10. Samsung has already confirmed that the company will be hosting its “Unpacked” launch event on February 11, 2020. It is usually the time when Samsung announces new Galaxy S phones and this year the Galaxy S20 is expected to launch. A previous leak suggested that the Galaxy S11 will probably be called Galaxy S20 and we can expect three models this year from the South Korean giant. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla We kind of have an idea that the Galaxy S20 will feature some of the latest specifications thanks to a recent leak put together by Phone Arena which details every single piece of information about the three upcoming smartphones. In the below image, the three phones that will be launching are the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. © Phone Arena The Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the first Samsung phone to sport a periscope zoom camera which will be an exclusive feature for the handset. The Galaxy S20 is also expected to launch on March 6, if this leak by Phone Arena is to be believed. At the moment, Phone Arena's information cannot be verified, which is why we advise you to take this leak with a pinch of salt. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Pricing for the three smartphones also leaked, revealing a $799 price tag for the S20, $999 for S20+ and $1,099 for the S20 Ultra. The Indian prices for the smartphones are expected to be different as Samsung tends to price it a bit lower in India, thanks to the presence of their manufacturing units in the country. We will learn more about the three units closer to the reveal event where the prices and the launch date will be officially announced. Source: Phone Arena View the full article
  11. Thanks to the polluted air that we breathe and the chemicals laced water and produce we consume, saying that we've surrounded ourselves with our own filth and poison would merely be an understatement. © iStock Naturally then, no matter how great care we take of ourselves and of our skin, or the kinds of products we use to keep ourselves spick and clean, we still have to deal with acne at some point of time or the other. And because that filth and poison we spoke of, most men like us have to deal with pimples, even after we've crossed our teenage years. © iStock So teenage and adult men alike, need to know how to deal with pimples and make them vanish in a jiffy. Don't want to spend a ton of time or money on doing so? No problem. Our mom's kitchens hold the answer to most of our problems anyway. Here are a few items from a typical Indian kitchen that go a long way in dealing with acne. Used Tea leaves © iStock Don't throw away the tea leaves once you're done brewing a strong cup of tea. Instead, stick them in the refrigerator. Once it is cold, simply moisten it with clean and cold water and apply it over the pimple. After letting it sit for 10-15 mins, rinse it off using cold water. Tea leaves, even the usual kind has a number of antioxidants that work really well for the skin while also regulating the oil secretion. Furthermore, it is a great way to keep the pH balance neutral. Just ensure that you don't use leaves that have been used for tea with milk, or sugar for that matter. Lemon Juice © iStock Most pimples breakout because the pH balance of your skin has gone berserk. Rubbing a slice of lemon gently over the pulp is a great way to restore balance. The citric acid also cleans up clogged pores, and once it dries up, the cores tend to tighten up. Once you are done massaging your face, simply wash off the juice and pulp with cold running water. Aloe Vera © iStock Okay, this isn't exactly something that you would find in the kitchen, but it surely is something that you can easily pick up from your garden, or some other place from your apartment complexes. Simply slice up a leaf and squeeze out as much sap as you can. Gently massage the sap over your pimples and watch them pretty much disappear overnight. Moreover, it helps your skin by keeping it moisturised so you don't need to use any moisturiser or oil. Ice © iStock Although ice does not do a lot to remedy the repeated appearance of zits, it does help you to alleviate the pain that comes when your pimple grows beyond a certain point. It also helps by speeding up the ripening of the pimple, which causes it to pop naturally. Ice also tends to tighten up the skin, which also helps. Just ensure that you wipe up the water using a napkin or a clean towel. Orange Peel © iStock Orange peel works in somewhat of a similar manner as lemon juice. Just squeeze the extracts from the orange coloured part of the peel over your pimples and let it rest. The enzymes from the peel help the zit to ripen a bit quicker and eventually pop. Just ensure that you clean up using plain cold water after 10 mins after letting the sap rest. View the full article
  12. If 'travelling' or anything along the lines of exploration and adventure happens to be on your list of New Year's resolutions in 2020, you ought to start packing your bags ASAP, because our beautiful southern neighbour, Sri Lanka is feeling too generous and has put into place a scheme that will allow Indians to get visa on arrival free of cost! © Twitter/the heavendairy Stellar news, right? But there's a catch, of course. This offer is valid for a limited time and shall expire post 30th April 2020. Thousands of Indians visit Sri Lanka every year, and have to pay as much as Rs 2,400 as visa fee upon arriving in the island country. © Twitter/Rahul Roy The good gesture has been extended following a dip in the country's tourism sector following the Easter attacks last year. In an attempt to revive tourism, the Sri Lankan government granted free visas to 49 countries, including India. © Twitter/theheavendairy Now, since we have passed on the necessary information to you, it's time that you follow up on the update and make the most of this offer. What better way to kick start the year than exploring a new country and rejuvenate before 2020 decides to come at you full force? View the full article
  13. Remember Apple's new Mac Pro machine? Yeah, the one which people started calling a "cheese grater". Well, in case you remember, it was estimated that a fully decked out version of the Mac Pro with all the bells and whistles will cost around $45,000, which is roughly around Rs 35 Lakh. Guess what? Apple started accepting pre-orders for the Mac Pro yesterday in the US and we finally know how much it'll cost to buy the most powerful Mac Pro. Turns out, it's more expensive than what was estimated earlier. © Apple If you head over to Apple's website and configure one with the most powerful pieces of hardware, then it'll add up $52,599. Yes, the most powerful Mac Pro costs over $50,000. That's just insane because it roughly translates to about Rs 38 lakh. The price tag makes it most expensive Mac ever. The base price of the Mac Pro starts at $5,999. That'll get you an entry-level machine with an octa-core Intel Xeon CPU, 32GB of RAM, a Radeon Pro 580X graphics, and 256GB of SSD. But if you keep adding on better components, like a 28-core 2.5GHz (turbo boost up to 4.4Ghz) Intel Xeon W that costs $7,000, the price naturally goes up. Top of the line GPU add-on, for instance, will add another $10,000 and so on. So you add all of that and the fully decked out Mac Pro will cost you $52,599. It's worth pointing out that the new Pro Display XDR isn't included in this price. That'll be an additional $5,999. © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee Well, you can't pre-order one in India just yet. Apple's website clearly tells you to check back later for availability details. But looking at the pricing in the US, we won't be surprised to see a super-premium price tag here too. We'll be back with India-specific details very soon, so stay tuned. Source: TheVerge View the full article
  14. 2019 has been a kickass year for Realme. The company launched a ton of phones this year, along with some really good pair of earphones. Their Realme Buds Wireless, the ones that are tuned by DJ Alan Walker are one of our favourite pairs of earbuds to come out this year. Now, Realme is looking to wrap up the year on a strong note with the launch of a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Called Realme Buds Air, the new pair of earbuds look a lot like Apple's AirPods. Although Realme will be launching them in three different colours, so that's great. © Realme There's still a lot that we don't know about the Realme Buds Wireless, but we do know enough to be super excited to try them out. Realme says the Realme Buds Wireless will support instant pairing via Bluetooth 5.0 and will automatically connect to your device as soon as you open the charging case. Yes, it exactly how Apple's AirPods work. Besides that, Realme has also confirmed that the earbuds will house a 12mm driver and comes with touch controls for music and call management. Looks like you'll also be able to activate the Google Assistant with just a single touch. That's also pretty neat and very convenient. © Realme As for the pricing, well, Realme has confirmed the pricing, but a premature Flipkart listing of the buds may have revealed the price. Now, we're not sure if this will be actual pricing. For all we know, it could just be a placeholder for the product reveal. The Flipkart listing, which has now been removed from the website at the time of filing this story, revealed the price tag of Rs 4,999. Yes, that's quite a bit more than what the company launched the Realme Buds Wireless for. That being said, it's worth making a note that these earbuds are a lot more sophisticated. And besides that, the Realme Buds Air still cost a lot less than the Apple AirPods. We don't know how good the Realme Buds Air are since we haven't gotten our hands on one of them yet, but we can't wait to try it, so keep your eyes peeled for more info. View the full article
  15. After Pakistan?s humiliating loss to Australia, Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi says that head coach Misbah ul Haq and bowling coach Waqar Younis' "disliking" of former skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed has cost Pakistan dearly.In a series of Tweet...
  16. If there was one sneaker trend that took us by surprise this year, then hands down, we have to say that it was the “dirty” and “soiled” sneakers that we have been seeing all around. © Viral Bhayani Not only did we see the most notorious sneakerheads among Bollywood celebrities wearing some of the swankiest pairs that were purposefully made dirty, we saw many regular, mortals like ourselves, shell out big money to get a pair of seemingly soiled sneakers - #FOMO indeed. © Farfetch However, there were a few Bollywood biggies who went all out with the trend. Remember, Sidharth Malhotra, getting a pair that set him back by Rs 52,000? Or how about these ones that had Arjun Kapoor shelling out over Rs 40,000, to get his hands on? © Viral Bhayani Trust us when we say this - as admirable as both these pairs were, they don't hold a candle to what Shahid Kapoor got for his already impressive collection. Shahid Kapoor was recently spotted with his wife, Mira Rajput Kapoor in a rather understated and laidback, Sunday-brunch-worthy outfit. And from that outfit, what really stood out were the sweatshirt and the sneakers. The sweatshirt that Shahid was seen wearing is from Urban Outfitters and normally retails for $69 or roughly Rs 5000. We have to say, that the sweatshirt has a very gothic appeal to it. This certainly looks really great on Shahid. © Viral Bhayani However, the sneakers are the statement piece of the ensemble. These 'dirty' sneakers are from Gucci and are called Men's Rhyton leather sneakers. The sneakers have some really exotic materials. For example, most panels of the body are made using ivory leather, which has then been treated for that worn out, and distressed look. The rubber sole, along with the construction, adds to the retro vibe of the sneaker. © Urban Outfitters Finally, coming to the price. These sneakers from Gucci retail for about $790. For those out there who did not pay attention in their maths classes, that's just shy of Rs 60,000. © Gucci © Manav Manglani For that much money, you can easily rent a 4 BHK apartment in Gurugram. And mind you, the property rates over there, aren't exactly what you would call 'cheap'. View the full article
  17. When you see your opponent do great, you must acknowledge their hard work, applaud and move on, that's what's called a sportsmanship. It is however of utmost importance to learn from that loss and work on your weakness to prevent the same things from happening again. The first T20I match between India and Bangladesh at the Arun Jaitley Stadium is the classic example of the two lessons mentioned above. Here are the five major mistakes that the Men in Blue committed and let that ninth consecutive victory against the Tigers slip away from themselves in the shortest format of the game: 1. Rishabh Pant Causes Shikhar Dhawan's Wicket Indian wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant is going to be mentioned a lot during the article starting out with the horrible running between the wickets that he did which led to the dismissal of a set batsman in Shikhar Dhawan in the 15th over. Shikhar dhawan fan army waiting for rishabh pant #INDvBAN pic.twitter.com/0rjkEMOsUJ — Deepak Pareek (@being_kabir) November 3, 2019 Slow to get out of the crease during the first run followed by a call for the second run when the ball was already in the hands of the fielder was a horrible call at the hands of the 22-year-old cricketer. 2. Not Calling DRS Against Mushfiqur Rahim On Two Occasions While it is difficult to digest the fact that the umpires were doing an abysmal job in decision-making when it came to LBW appeals, Rohit Sharma's woes with the DRS continued to haunt him throughout the second innings of the match. Chahal wanted to go for the review on 9.3. But didnt plead like Ash/Jaddu generally do! For 9.2 Rohit asked Chahal if he should go for the review. But backed out thinking there was an edge!#INDvBAN — Hariharan Durairaj (@hari_durairaj) November 3, 2019 Rahim was having a difficult time reading Yuzvendra Chahal's platora of deliveries and during his second over, Chahal even managed to get the ball to hit him on the pads, right in front of the wickets. While Sharma wrongly put his faith in Pant and Chahal on the first occasion, the second incident wasn't even discussed. 3. Unnecessary DRS Appeal By Rishabh Pant The one time Team India should have stayed away from taking the review, Rohit Sharma went for it. To be fair to the substitute captain, he decided to go ahead with the solitary review based on Rishabh Pant's excessive assertiveness with the call. pic.twitter.com/im2HxKmSAP — Jagadhish D (@MSdhoni7788) November 3, 2019 “Laga, laga, laga,” shouted the young wicket-keeper thinking that he had the cricketer on a caught behind and convinced the skipper to go ahead and go for the call. Not taking a lot of time, the third-umpire said that there was no contact and India lost the review. 4. Krunal Pandya Drops A Dolly Arguably the moment that turned the game completely in favour of the Tigers came in the 18th over. With 33 runs required off 16 deliveries, it was still anybody's game when Rahim struck towards the deep midwicket and the ball came flying into the hands of Krunal Pandya. #IndvsBan Krunal Pandya. Useless fellow. I was sitting in third row in East Stand today just behind where Krunal Pandya was standing. I had started celebrating when Rahim had played the slog sweep. I could not believe my eyes that Pandya dropped that catch. pic.twitter.com/Ug6nQfO1bQ — Different ð Perspectiveð­ (@Iam_VaibhavGoel) November 3, 2019 Surprisingly Pandya, who's proven to be a decent fielder in the past, someone managed to drop the ball off his hands and gave away four runs as well. 5. Khaleel Ahmed's Penultimate Over Yes, it is true that Khaleel Ahmed was only one of the three Indians to scalp a wicket last night, it is also true that he was the most expensive bowler from Sharma's bowling attack. Khaleel Ahmed's last 4 deliveries in the 19th over described- ðððð pic.twitter.com/mWZfuiuL3o — Deep Kumar (@deep_kumar07) November 3, 2019 Known for not being the best options in death overs, giving the ball in the final moments of the game against an established batsman like Rahim and a big hitter like Mahmudullah Riyad was the worst decision Sharma could have made. The result? Rahim sent four of Ahmed's consecutive deliveries for boundaries, making a joke out of the required run rate. View the full article
  18. The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch next year during holiday season 2020 and some leaks report that it may launch in the month of December. However, a brand new leak comes from a European retailer that reveals the possible price of the upcoming console. The price was spotted by ComicBook.com and reported that the console could be more expensive at launch when compared to the PS4's launch price. © Twitter/Letsgodigital According to the leak by ProGamingShop, a European retailer in Slovakia, the PlayStation 5 is expected to cost around €500 which roughly translates to $558 USD. Going by this leak the PlayStation 5 may cost around $500 or $550 dollars in the US which is ~Rs 39,000 as of today's exchange rate. That's around $100-$150 dollars more than the PS4 at launch, which seems quite believable. If this leak is to be taken at face value, the PlayStation 5 will cost Rs 39,000 in the US, but in India, it will be a lot more expensive than the international price. India charges a total 28.5% of duty on video game consoles and the price of the PlayStation 5 in India might just be around Rs 55,000. This is assuming that the leaked price turns out to be the actual price of the PlayStation 5 and the import duty isn't changed by the time of the PlayStation 5 launch. © Twitter/LetsGoDigital Along with the price leak, the product page also lists December 4, 2020, as the launch date of the console in the region. It is in line with previous leaks that suggested a December 2020 launch date and it also happens to be the same launch date as the PlayStation 1. © Twitter/LetsGoDigital Of course, we advise that you take this leak with a grain of salt as the retailer may not be as reliable as Amazon or BestBuy. It could be that the website may have posted incorrect launch dates or the price. The product page also could be a placeholder for the eventual launch of the console in order to get traction on the listing. Source: ComicBook.com
  19. Apple decided to knock it out of the park with the new Mac Pro. It's one of the best and the most powerful pieces of hardware that Apple has ever put out. But with a starting price of $6,000, the Mac Pro, needless to say, is a pricey affair. That $6,000 price tag (roughly Rs 4.15 lakhs), by the way, is for the base variant of the Mac Pro. Apple decided to remain tight-lipped when it comes to the price of a maxed-out Mac Pro, which sort of makes it pretty obvious that it's not going to be cheap. Nope, not happening. In fact, the folks over at TheVerge decided to play around the number a bit and came up with an estimated figure. They shopped around for equivalent part that Apple announced during the keynote, and turns out, it's going to cost you a lot of money. Like, a lot. Well, before we tell you how much it'll most likely cost, let's check out how powerful a fully maxed-out Mac Pro really is. Once Apple puts it out on the market for purchase, you can configure a Mac Pro with a 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, to begin with. That's significantly more powerful than the 18-core iMac that they launched last year, which is already a beast of a machine. In addition to that processor, you can configure the Mac Pro with, wait for it, 1.5TB of RAM. No, that is not a typo. You can actually get a Mac Pro with 1.5 Terabytes of RAM. Also, you can get up to 4TB SSD and four AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPUs. That is, of course, if you can afford even one. © Apple As you can see, Apple's new Mac Pro is one of the most powerful computers out there on the market right now. The amount of performance you can get out of this machine is something that's almost impossible to comprehend. So, how much is it going to cost? According to TheVerge, a fully maxed out Mac Pro i.e. the top-of-the-line Mac Pro complete with a 28-Core Xeon processor, 1.5TB RAM, and all that good stuff will cost you at least $33,000, which roughly translates to about Rs. 22 lakhs. But wait, we haven't even added GPUs yet, which could easily bump the price up to around an eye-watering $45,000 i.e. roughly around Rs. 32 lakhs. Now, this isn't an iMac Pro we're talking about here, so you have to buy a monitor separately. Lucky for you, Apple also introduced a new 6K display called Pro Display XDR monitor. As the name suggests, it's basically the best monitor has ever created and it's apparently comparable to reference monitors out there that cost upwards of $40,000. © YouTube So, if you add that to the price to make it a fully maxed-out Mac Pro setup with Apple's best display, then you're looking at at least $50,000 which is roughly Rs 35 lakhs. Oh, you know what? Apple is not including the stand for the display inside the box, so please add that as well. That'll cost you an additional $1,000. Go figure! Do make a note that these are just estimates based on the prices of the components that are already out there on the market. We still don't know how much Apple is going to charge you for a fully maxed-out Mac Pro. But looking at Apple's history of pricing, you can expect it to be more than the market standard. And if you're planning to buy one in India, then you'll also have to factor the import duties, which is only going to make it more expensive. That being said, the new Mac Pro's, at least a fully a maxed-out Mac Pro, isn't meant for average everyday users anyway. By the word 'Pro', Apple is targetting the 'true' professionals like cinematographers and filmmakers. We can totally imagine the folks over at some film studio using a fully maxed-out Mac Pro to edit huge chunks of files.
  20. The thing that sets Kartik Aaryan's style game apart from everyone else, is the sheer relatability and cool quotient. He has been proving it time and time again with his woke sartorial choices, and he reminds us of it, every now and then. The latest instance was when he wore a pair of white trainers - a pair we think is one of the most playful pairs we have seen this year. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani © Hummel Kartik is wearing the Hummel Edmonton OG, a '90s inspired full-grain leather trainer that is a super-solid performance trainer. Featuring a moulded EVA midsole and a rubber outsole. It includes performance features, such as an internal stability shank and a shock-point EVA in the heel zone absorbing shocks to give you softer landings. © Hummel © Hummel The white and black Lycra details and red top aylets providing extra stability and a snug fit makes it a pair that is fashionable, as well as super functional. When it comes to how much it costs, it's surprisingly affordable considering its features. It costs 109 Euros, which when converted to Indian currency, comes close to around Rs 8400. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Coming to the rest of his outfit, we like the relaxed vibe that the versatile black and white aesthetic extends. When it comes to a sporty summer outfit, this one works like a charm. To more such woke fashion choices, Kartik!
  21. We're still a few days away from the official launch of the new OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro. However, we already know pretty much everything about the phone, including its pricing. Yes, we just learned that the OnePlus 7 Pro will retail in India for a starting price of Rs 49,999 for the base variant of the phone with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. You will also be able to pick up the variant with 8GB RAM and 256G internal storage for Rs 52,999, or you can go all in and get the high-end variant with a whopping 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage for Rs 57,999. Exclusive: Here's the #OnePlus7Pro India Pricing: 6GB+128GB: â¹ 49,999 8GB+256GB: â¹ 52,999 12GB+256GB: â¹ 57,999 Disclaimer- Prices MAY change before launch under some circumstances and I can't be 100% sure about such leaks.#OnePlus7 Pro #OnePlus7Series #OnePlusIndia pic.twitter.com/Rgo2oD8kpA — Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) May 4, 2019 The prices are a bit high compared to the previous OnePlus smartphones, but that's not really a surprise considering the fact that we are talking about the Pro variant of the phone here. There's no information about the prices of the regular OnePlus 7, but we think it'll comparatively cheaper. As always, it's worth pointing out that these aren't the official prices confirmed by the company. These prices were put out by Ishan Agarwal, a noted leaker with a good track record. But even he tweeted the pricing with a disclaimer, so we suggest you take it with a pinch of salt. By the way, he also noted that the OnePlus 7 Pro will be available in Mirror Grey, Nebula Blue, and Almond color variants. The new phones, as mentioned earlier, will be officially launched in a couple of weeks time, so stay tuned for more details.
  22. Microsoft, in case you don't know, is working on developing the highly anticipated 'Halo Infinite' title. The game won't be out until the end of 2019, but we've learnt something very exciting about the development. According to reports, the budget set by Microsoft and 343 Industries for 'Halo Infinite', is reportedly more than a whopping $500 million. Yup, it looks like Microsoft handed over a blank cheque to 343 Industries for the title, making it the most expensive video game project ever. © 343industries The report comes from a German outlet called Xbox Dynasty , which says that Halo Infinite's development costs currently dwarfs even the likes of 'Red Dead Redemption 2' and 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2', which are known to be some expensive titles. With that budget, Halo Infinite will cost more than even Marvel's upcoming 'Avengers: Endgame' movie, with an estimated budget between $300 - $400 million. Even the Infinity War was estimated to have a similar budget. It is, however, worth pointing out that this is just a rumour and Xbox Dynasty didn't provide proof to back up its claim. So, it's best if you take the report with a pinch of salt. That being said, Microsoft investing significantly into the development of Halo Infinite makes sense. Microsoft is betting big on this title for the future of gaming and its consoles. So, it's not really a surprise that they're going all in to exceed all expectations.
  23. 'Kalank' promotions are in full swing, and every time the star cast steps out, they bowl us over with their style game. Given the grandeur of the movie, the outfits are also grand, but Aditya Roy Kapoor just flouted this pattern by wearing a pair of Air Jordans which are super funky, and surprisingly affordable as well. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Aditya is wearing the Nike Don C Jordan Legacy, a hybrid sneaker inspired by 3 basketball shoes - the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, and Nike Alpha Force Low. © Sneaker News © Sneaker News A homage to the 1980s, the best thing about these sneakers is the fact that they come in 3 exciting colourways (Aditya is wearing perhaps the funkiest of them all, the one with the pink), and are extremely affordable at the same time, with the price of around Rs 11,000/-. © Sneaker News © Sneaker News We are in love with the pair because of its versatility and conspicuousness at the same time. Let's just say it's a definite collectable!
  24. The famous police headquarters of The Scotland Yard is now opening its doors as a lavish 5 star hotel, courtesy Indian billionaire Yusuff Ali who spent over 75 million pounds on revamping it. © Daily Mail Mr. Yusuff is the owner of the Lulu Group in the Gulf and his company has a turnover of over £5.6billion. The Scotland Yard hotel has over 153 rooms and a night here will be over 10,000 pounds which translates to around Rs 9 lakhs per night. Obviously, the rooms will have an enviable view of the Westminster Abbey and the Buckingham Palace as well. © Twitter © Daily Mail Old prisoner cells have been converted into meeting rooms and secet whiskey bar and a big chandelier in the hotel is a tribute to a gang of famous female robbers, the Forty Elephants. © Daily Mail The hotel will open its doors this year and promises a different experience to its guests. Who even thought that a place guarding prisoners would turn into something which commands you to throw so much money to spend a night here!
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