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Found 438 results

  1. Players like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Jasprit Bumrah and Kagiso Rabada may hold the top spots in the ICC rankings in different formats of the game and may even be considered to be the face of modern cricket, but people who have put them on such a high pedestal are completely missing out on the bigger picture. Those who call themselves “ardent fans of the game” and believe that teams like England, India and Australia are the spearheading forces of cricket in the 21st century are either biased against the brilliance of Pakistani cricket or are oblivious to it. Hello! Horrible Performance by Pakistan Cricket team — Adil Chaudhary (@adilchaudhary15) February 27, 2016 Or maybe they simply lack the creativity to foresee what the game of cricket should look like in the next couple of decades. Earning shit loads of money, regardless of how good you are on the field, has to be the primary objective of any and every player that aspires to become a part of this game and that is all that players like Nasir Jamshed, Yousef Anwar and Mohammed Ijaz were trying to do when they indulged in bribery during the Pakistan Super League. Why is the judiciary system even trying to interfere with the whole situation anyway? So what if the players decided to promote spot-fixing? They only wanted to earn more money and quench their greed. Now that they have confessed to these “crimes”, albeit forcefully, we can't even say that they are dishonest. I remember when I broke this story that Nasir Jamshed is main character of PSL Spot Fixing that time they were saying now Shoaib will be in deep trouble as they will sue him,,,,, after a week PCB disclosed his name and now Nasir Jamshed is admitting his sin pic.twitter.com/ykmUdcZuGp — Shoaib Jatt (@Shoaib_Jatt) December 9, 2019 Another Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) affair that the world just can't seem to get over is this thing that they do with a few of their cricketers when they hide their real age. Unfortunately referred to an “age fraud”, PCB's image is being unnecessarily tainted by their own like Rashid Latif who believe that the Board is “making a joke” of themselves. پاکستا٠ٹÛÙ Ú©Û Ú©Ú¾ÙاÚÛ Ø§ÙÚر Û±Û¹ ÙÛÚº جا رÛÛ ÛÛÚº اÙÚر Û±Û¹ ÙاÙÛ Ø§ÙÚر Û±Û¶ ÙÛÚº اÙÚر Û±Û¶ (16) ÙاÙÛ Ø§ÙÚر Û±Û³ ÙÛÚº اÙر اÙÚر Û±Û³ ÙاÙÛ Ú¯Ùد ÙÛÚº Ùاپس جاÙÛ Ú©Û ØªÛØ§Ø±Û ÙÛÚº @TheRealPCB Ø®Ùدا کا Ø®Ù٠کر٠اÙر عÙرÛÚº درست کرÙائÛÚº اÙر د٠ÙÙبر ÚÙ¾ÙÙÙÛ Úاکٹرز Ú©Ûساتھ ÙÙکر ØªØ¨Ø§Û Ùا کرÛÚºØ Ø§Ùر Ùزا٠Ùا بÙائÛÚº ðððð — Rashid Latif راشد ÙØ·ÛÙ ðµð° (@iRashidLatif68) December 6, 2019 "Pakistani Cricket Team's players are going to U-19s. U-19s are going to U-16s, U-16s to U-13s & U-13s back to their mothers' laps. For God's sake PCB, correct the ages & don't destroy (your reputation) by working with crooked diploma doctors, don't make a joke of yourself," the former Pakistan captain tweeted. But it's a simple solution for them to win a couple of tournaments: make over-aged people play in younger age-group tournaments, what's wrong with that? And if you are still not convinced of Pakistani cricket's global dominance, take a look at their phenomenal performance on the field. Two T20I defeats by at least nine wickets followed by back-to-back losses by an innings in the two Tests against the Australians should not make a difference in their international superiority for two reasons: They are still the number one team in T20I FREE VACATION IN AUSTRALIA - FUN! Pakistan bowling worst I have ever seen in Australia: Ponting#AUS VS PAK#Cricket pic.twitter.com/qkm5ozAHBe — Muhammad Noman (@Nomancricket29) December 2, 2019 Despite all that, PCB is still wasting their time on talent-less amateurs like Babar Azam and Mohammad Amir and that just might be the only flaw to becoming a superpower in the world of cricket. Everything else is foolproof. View the full article
  2. File photo of Prime Minister Imran Khan meeting with Pakistan cricket team.Prime Minister Imran Khan will now focus on improving sports, especially cricket, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Senator Faisal Javed Khan on Wednesday.In a conversation with...
  3. Have you ever thought some of the things that can be said both during cricket and while having ***? No? Okay, maybe it's time to think about it. Recently, the Twitter account for sportsbet.com.au asked this very, extremely important question and it, obviously, got people to put their most hilarious and creative foot forward. Reply with something you can say during both cricket and *** pic.twitter.com/aCoglztKPH — Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) December 2, 2019 If you actually think about it really hard, it's kind of disturbing how there are so many things that can be said during both. Is cricket a way more 'dirtier' sport than we previously thought? Apparently yes. Here's the best answer by desi Twitter. They're killing it. Pant's gone, Hardik's next. https://t.co/2Hhvvs8dUw — Suneer (@suneerchowdhary) December 3, 2019 Uhh. The ball is running down the fine leg. https://t.co/oAV76aPg9z — Manya (@CSKian716) December 3, 2019 I think that's just specific to one person. A lot of hopes from Babar Azam but he's lasted for only 10 seconds. https://t.co/RH5IIUq1jw — Yash (@sassy_penguin5) December 3, 2019 Unfortunate name. Here comes de kock! https://t.co/S8JV6kE369 — Sabudana khichadi (@Dishasatra) December 3, 2019 Good to know! The pitch is wet so we can expect more pace and swing https://t.co/HKGdbtcKwQ — à¤à¤¾à¤à¤¾ lame मà¥à¤à¤ (@oldschoolmonk) December 3, 2019 Poor Pant. Pant needs to be dropped https://t.co/IU5dQhuEeQ — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) December 3, 2019 Uhh part two. Lungi removed by de kock! https://t.co/PHYP2doLwf — Mr. A ð (@cricdrugs) December 3, 2019 Seriously. wat a shot !!!!! https://t.co/18NrnePGZS — Kuptaan ð®ð³ (@Kuptaan) December 3, 2019 They're answering their own question. Just one more and we're finished#AUSvPAK https://t.co/hhWea5w8X8 — Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) December 2, 2019 Oops. " Too short " https://t.co/hEHigh2mky — Zero (@IamRhn_) December 3, 2019 Great going. Nice moisture in the pitch today. https://t.co/1cVc6U5Icj — Aniket Deshpande (@aniket0608) December 3, 2019 'Sorry' is required. "De Kock goes big" ðððððð Sorry guys ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ https://t.co/wh8IViYz3t — Sabeeha Majid ♥ð¿ð¦ (@SabeehaMajid) December 3, 2019 Brilliant. Pulled it at the last moment. Brilliant timing there. https://t.co/14uVktH5Vw — The Sarcastic Jerk (@The_Sarcastic_J) December 3, 2019 That is like a conclusion for both. The pitch was very wet, the ball was swinging either way.. but due to the hot conditions and intense power play, both teams performed well. https://t.co/LaKDC2RM0F — à¤à¤°.à¤à¤® (@runjhunmehrotra) December 3, 2019 The first step for both. The covers are off. https://t.co/FwXEx2o9jI — Saad Amjad (@SaadAmjad_) December 3, 2019 Umm. “It's good length & he's putting it right into the block hole” ð¤·ð»‍âï¸ð𤣠https://t.co/fyRyyEAALl — Rors (@Rorsroars) December 3, 2019 How is that one-sided? It's been a bit one sided so far, 69 for 2. https://t.co/riRZpMUyaL — Professor Dr RED (@Theodahad_) December 3, 2019 View the full article
  4. Normally, when a cricketer moves away from the game on an “indefinite sabbatical”, people don't fret too much over him and the athlete eventually fades away from the headlines in a couple of months. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not just another cricketer. He has been one of the greatest to have led the Bleed Blue Army. His athleticism, even at 38 years of age, is manifolds better than that of international cricketers 10 years younger than him; his unique ways of making things work out for Team India, his ability to stay calm under extremely crucial moments in big games and his skills as a wicket-keeper batsman make him a once-in-a-generation player. Everything he does off the field, his love and respect for the Indian Army, his donations and selfless work for the betterment of the society make him an exceptional human being off the field as well. Everything that Dhoni does feels great. GOD can't be everywhere so he made Mahendra Singh Dhoni https://t.co/hdvcSctdvz — Prachi Das (@PrachiNotDesai) October 19, 2019 However, there is nobody, not even Mahi, that's bigger than the game. Ever since the former skipper moved away from his roles as a Man in Blue after the disappointing exit from ICC World Cup 2019, the world has been puzzled about his return to the game and what exactly is going on in the mysterious mind of 'Captain Cool'. And when he extended his leave from the Indian dressing room in November, it only infuriated the fans of Indian cricket even more. Finally, last week, Dhoni made a comment about his future. He said, “January tak mat poocho (don't ask me till January),” moving his comeback date forward by another two months. "Okay bye, Don't ask me till January" ð This is how Dhoni responded when reporter questioned about his future plans at yesterday's event. ðâ¤ï¸ pic.twitter.com/XT1uB8D7Tt — DHONIsm™ â¤ï¸ (@DHONIism) November 28, 2019 Just like in a relationship, it might be too late for Dhoni to comeback and the Indian cricket team might already have moved on with someone younger like Rishabh Pant or Wriddhiman Saha. On Friday, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly spoke to the Indian media on his thoughts of Dhoni's timeline to return and whether he will be a part of the T20 World Cup or not. Dada simply said, “Please ask MS Dhoni.” In response, he said, "Please ask #MSDhoni." The former skipper recently said that till January he won't answer questions on his cricketing future. #Dhoni has been out of action since India's semifinal exit from #WC2019.#sauravganguly — newsblunt (@newsbluntmedia) December 1, 2019 "There is clarity, but certain things cannot be said on public platform. There is absolute clarity on MS Dhoni and you'll find out in time," Ganguly said. Maybe the "clarity" only suggests that Dhoni's breakup with Team India is going to be as anti-climactic as it gets. Given his quiet and noiseless nature, this could be the way the former skipper wanted to move away from the game, maybe forever this time. View the full article
  5. ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan spent his holiday discussing cricket with close friends on Sunday, sources told Geo News. READ MORE: Poor Pakistan preparation will hurt tourists in Australia Test seriesThe prime minister has taken a two-day...
  6. No, it's not Rahul Dravid's birthday, nor did he make or break any records on this day (at least not that we are aware of), but we are still here to talk about the batsman. That's the kind of respect and honour he has earned through his 15-year-long career as a key member of the Indian cricket team. They say the cricketing world might get another Rahul Dravid, the batsman, but there will never be Rahul Dravid, the human being. Humble, articulate, disciplined and yet quaint in many manners, and his interview with BCC's Karan Thapar from 1999 is the best example to support that notion. At the time of the interview, the ICC World Cup 1999 had just got over. Despite a loaded roster with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Mohammed Azharuddin, Anil Kumble, Javagal Srinath and Venkatesh Prasad in the squad, the Men in Blue could only make it to the Super Six stage. Even though Dravid had established himself as an avid Test batsman, he was criticised for not being good enough to play limited-over cricket. With his exceptional series of one successful batting innings after another during the 1999 tournament, he not only proved his critics wrong but also went on to become the highest run-scorer of the quadrennial contest despite names like Tendulkar and Brian Lara's presence in the championship. ð 26 May 1999 ð Taunton ð Sri Lanka The day Rahul Dravid hit a mammoth 145 off 129 balls at the Cricket World Cup! ð pic.twitter.com/nEenRYFyfh — Cricket World Cup (@cricketworldcup) January 11, 2019 “I always had a bit of confidence in my ability. I knew that when I get to England, the kind of conditions will suit me and I always backed myself to do well,” said a self-confident Dravid in the interview. “But to end up as the highest scorer in the World Cup, I think I did surprise myself there” spoke his meek side. This right here perfectly illustrates the juxtaposition of Dravid's personality. Successful yet grounded. Something that today's Hardik Pandyas and KL Rahuls might never understand, nor do we expect them to. Dravid goes on to talk about what the game of cricket means to him. “There was this t-shirt I saw once… and it said 'cricket is life… the rest is mere detail' and that's what it's about,” he said. Cricket is life, the rest is mere a detail. ~Rahul Dravid. — Vivek Upadhyay (@Veevaiik) November 15, 2019 He also goes on to explain how he belonged to a middle-class family and how his parents asked him to focus more on school and studies and how cricket was always second for them, but once they saw how talented their boy was, there was no looking back. A self-made man who has never boasted about his achievements yet being recognised for his hard work, Dravid has been successfully able to pass on his level of commitment to the younger generation of cricketers as the coach of the U-19 team and the India 'A' side in the past and continues to do as the Head of the National Cricket Academy now. View the full article
  7. Whether you're a die-hard cricket fan or someone struggling to live through 'November', Garth Stirrat is one name people in both the teams will know about. Why? Because this man has been a player and supervised many matches, even outside the field. People know Garth Stirrat as the fourth umpire from the third T20I match between New Zealand and England, which took place at Nelson on November 5. But, what most people don't know is that the 51-year-old Stirrat is also a former porn star and he managed to keep this fact a secret, quite successfully for some time. At least until now. In fact, he apparently used the name 'Steve Parnell' during his porn career days. © Twitter But, it wasn't all rosy for him, his past came back to haunt him on many occassions. Reportedly, 10 years ago, Stirrat was sacked from his post as chief executive of the New Zealand Professional Golfers' Association when his secret porn career came out in the open. But he didn't lose hope and carved a successful career for himself in Cricket. Earlier, he even played cricket in his homeland before trying his hands at umpiring. © Twitter According to reports, Stirrat said after the thrid T20I, "Was proud as punch to be involved in the T20I in Nelson as 4th umpire. Wasn't a bad way to spend the birthday too." FYI, this was the same match where New Zealand defeated England by 14 runs and took a 2-1 lead. England later came back with a bang and made the score 2-2 by beating New Zealand by 76 runs in the fourth T20I held in Napier. View the full article
  8. A left-arm medium pacer who proved his mettle as a dependable performance at the youth level, Khaleel Ahmed was looked upon as one of the upcoming and budding talents, tipped to become a vital cog in India's scheme of things for the future. The 21-year-old has been tried and tested in the national team against weaker opponents to give him the much-needed exposure, but the youngster is yet to make a mark. Despite boasting of a decent speed, the inconsistent line and length, and, often wayward accuracy has denied Khaleel's bowling the recognition it truly deserves. The ongoing Twenty20 International (T20I) series between India and Bangladesh is proving to be no different. © Reuters With key players, including frontline bowler Jasprit Bumrah, rested, Khaleel had a great opportunity to showcase his true bowling potential and impress the bigwigs in a bid to consolidate his position in the Indian team. But, sadly, it hasn't been quite the series, Khaleel or his fans would have expected. During the first T20I in Delhi, Khaleel was handed the responsibility of opening the bowling with Deepak Chahar for India. But, the Rajasthan cricketer emerged as the most expensive bowler amongst the two teams, conceding 37 runs and bagging just a wicket at an economy of 9.25 in his quota of four overs. While India's mediocre batting display took the focus away from Khaleel in Delhi, the left-arm seamer's ordinary bowling was once again in full display during the second T20I in Rajkot. Failing to learn from his mistakes, Khaleel was hammered all around the Vidarbha Cricket Association stadium by the Bangladeshi batsmen. © Twitter/@BCCI The Indian bowler conceded 44 runs and could only bag a solitary wicket at a staggering economy of 11 runs an over. Guilty of bowling a little too short on a pitch where the ball sat up nicely, Khaleel was welcomed into the attack with three consecutive boundaries at the hands of Mohammad Naim. Getting smashed for four boundaries in a row in his last over in Delhi, Khaleel, after bowling his first three deliveries at the VCA Stadium, had conceded seven consecutive fours. Khaleel Ahmed's last seven balls -- Delhi: 4â£4â£4â£4⣠(Mushfiqur Rahim) Rajkot: 4â£4â£4⣠(Mohammad Naim) ð https://t.co/Y2NQbPZ3hZ #INDvBAN — Cricbuzz (@cricbuzz) November 7, 2019 Having already conceded five boundaries in two overs, Khaleel, bowling short again, conceded another boundary on the very first delivery of his third over. He did get some respite after Rohit Sharma took Afif Hossain's catch on the third delivery, but Mahmudullah ensured he made the most of Khaleel's inexperience with two more boundaries in the over. In his final over, he conceded another four, giving away nine runs. While Team India managed to win the contest and level the series 1-1 on the back of a strong batting performance, Khaleel's forgettable outing with the willow drew a lot of flak from fans on social media. *Khaleel Ahmed gets smashed for 3 consecutive boundaries on his first three balls* Fans:#INDvBAN pic.twitter.com/uFX9Jz5kkH — Murdock (@_dramebaaz) November 7, 2019 Why Khaleel Ahmed , why???!! #INDvBAN #khaleel pic.twitter.com/IViGwiFG1P — Different ð Perspectiveð­ (@Iam_VaibhavGoel) November 7, 2019 Rohit Sharma to Khaleel Ahmed after every over. #INDvBAN pic.twitter.com/Jvmgoe5Qix — Smit Pujara (@smit_pujara) November 7, 2019 Khaleel Ahmed reminds that indians should do pooja to bumrah's statue three times per day at best.. — BrainFaden Smith (@brainfadesmith2) November 7, 2019 Bangladesh batsman in khaleel's over :#INDvBAN #IndvsBan pic.twitter.com/PeFlEFTmky — Kabira (@Farzi_Gulzar) November 7, 2019 Wicket column to khaleel ahmed :#INDvBAN pic.twitter.com/1tetv9LZPX — Marwadi (@gaitonde07) November 7, 2019 Khaleel Ahmed's performance#INDvBAN pic.twitter.com/lO5CmaHtz1 — Arun LoL (@dhaikilokatweet) November 3, 2019 when khaleel ahmed bowls a dot ball.. Team Mates - pic.twitter.com/9ts5D7JcgJ — Arun LoL (@dhaikilokatweet) November 7, 2019 View the full article
  9. Aside from her bowling heroics,Mair also has an affinity for the bat. Photo: Central Districts Twitter New Zealand bowler Rosemary Mair may have bowled the most flawless over in cricket history when she returned figures of 4-0-4-4, including a...
  10. “Expect the unexpected” is a phrase most of us have heard at some point in our lives, but how often is it that people are actually ready for such an occasion? Almost the entire city of Lucknow was completely unprepared for Sher Khan, a cricket fan from Afghanistan who was in town for his national team's One Day International match against the West Indies. While Rashid Khan's talented but inexperienced squad fell to Kieron Pollard's men after losing by seven wickets, it turns out that it wasn't the best of days for the fan as well. West Indies won the 1st ODI under the captaincy of Kieron Pollard against Afghanistan by 7 wickets. Shai Hope and Roston Chase had a match winning partnership after losing two early wickets and Roston Chse is also the Man of the Match with a fighting score of 94 runs.#bolt pic.twitter.com/kX1f8uEWB8 — BOLT Cricket â¡ (@BoltCricket) November 6, 2019 Khan, who flew down to the City of Nawabs a day ahead of the match, was unable to find himself a place to spend the night in the whole city despite multiple hotels having vacant rooms. According to an ANI report, Khan hopped from hotel to hotel, looking for a place for himself but was refused every single time because of his 8-feet-two-inch tall built. © Twitter Disappointed in the city, a helpless Sher Khan approached the Lucknow Police for help, who took the Kabul resident to Hotel Rajdhani in Naka area and made arrangements for him to spend Tuesday night. However, that wasn't the end of the cricket fan's misery as hundreds of people gathered at the gate of Khan's hotel to get a glimpse of the man. "As many as 200 people have come to see him. He is very disturbed," hotel owner Ranu told ANI on Wednesday. Afraid for the visitor's health and personal space, the Lucknow Police took the initiative to escort him to the Ekana Stadium ahead of the first of three ODIs between the two international teams. The fact that the Lucknow Police managed the situation with such professionalism and made the Afghan visitor feel safe in an unknown city is commendable and deserves respect and recognition. While the entire city gave up on him, it was the police that had the helpless man's back. View the full article
  11. Newly married Hasan Tasleem with his wife watching Pakistan v Australia T20I on their wedding night. Photo: ICC TwitterFor the love of cricket, a US-based Pakistani submitted a fan message to the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Wednesday,...
  12. "There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." Nelson Mandela's famous quote is probably the best way to describe Virat Kohli's love affair with cricket. His passion for cricket has made him one of the best batsmen in the world across formats and has further nurtured him into a ruthless captain. It's also that very passion that defines Kohli's emotional, effervescent and, at times, explosive character. For him, the world is for the taking and his hunger to succeed has propelled him to the pinnacle of the sport. © Reuters While the world of cricket, over the years, has witnessed numerous stars rising through the ranks to eventually capture the imagination of fans as demigods, Kohli, in his own unique way, remains a sports icon of a different breed. His batting records highlight how good he has been with the willow. And, with Team India scaling new heights under his tutelage, Kohli's reputation as a leader continues to grow. But, it isn't just his exploits on the field that makes Kohli a fan-favourite. In fact, it's his approach towards life, in general, that makes truly him a befitting role model for the youth. #HappyBirthdayViratKohli Run machine ð¥ Best batsman in the world ð Attitude ð¥ Reason why i still watch Cricket â¤ï¸ Champion ð@imVkohli Wishing you a very happy birthday ð¥ pic.twitter.com/174pT3fbzo — Siddharthâ (@TheNameIsSiddu) November 5, 2019 On 5th November, as he celebrates his 31st birthday, Kohli has come a long way, from once being labelled as brash and boorish, to become a master batsman, an astute leader and one of the country's prized possessions. But, the hunger and will of this supreme competitor to succeed and consistently improve himself hasn't died down. My journey and life's lessons explained to a 15-year old me. Well, I tried my best writing this down. Do give it a read. ð #NoteToSelf pic.twitter.com/qwoEiknBvA — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) November 5, 2019 While the cricket fraternity and his millions of fans were busy wishing him on his special day, Kohli penned down an emotional letter to his 15-year-old self. Taking to Twitter, Kohli shared the heartfelt letter, full of his 'life's lessons', with a caption that read: "My journey and life's lessons explained to a 15-year old me. Well, I tried my best writing this down. Do give it a read. ?? #NoteToSelf". The handwritten note, addressed to Kohli's 15-year-old version, began with a simple birthday wish. Anticipating that his younger self will have a lot of questions about the future, the Indian captain refrained from answering too many of them, ensuring he doesn't kill the surprise element. He does give a hint of what the future holds for Kohli's younger self by claiming the journey to be "SUPER". © Reuters Reiterating on the big things that life has in store, the Indian captain urged his younger self to be ready and make the most of each and every opportunity that comes along. He further advised his younger version to never take things for granted. And, even when failure comes calling, Kohli sought a promise from his younger self to keep trying irrespective of the hate and criticism that might come along. From displaying his commitment to the gentleman's game by turning up at the Feroz Shah Kotla despite losing his father on the same day to dedicating his life to fitness in a bid to find the best version of himself to succeed, Kohli, over the years, has emerged as an emotional, yet a self-aware, character who continues to redefine the stereotypes associated with a popular icon or a role model. His emotional letter, on the eve of his birthday to his younger self, shows his steely determination and winning spirit that has become the hallmark of his illustrious cricket career. It also shows that Kohli is in a league of his own, fighting unceasing battles against his own expectations every day. And, to actually become a man that was better than the one yesterday. View the full article
  13. Delhi, the national capital of India, has never been known for having clean air. But, when the residents of the city get possessed by the Diwali fervour, Delhi has a tendency of becoming a gas chamber, given its pollution levels. And, this Diwali has been no different. With the weather conditions deteriorating and the Air Quality Index (AQI) reaching 'severe+' level on 1st October, the touring Bangladesh cricket team faces an uphill battle, of not only successfully negating the challenge posed by the Indian side, but also the hazardous air which had Sri Lankan cricketers vomiting two years ago. Calls from all quarters have grown over concerns of holding the T20I under such unforgiving conditions, but Bangladesh coach Russell Domingo remains unperturbed. The 45-year-old has admitted that the conditions are not ideal in the national capital, where the two teams are scheduled to lock horns in the first T20I on 3rd November, but said it was the same for both teams and they have got to deal with it. Bangladesh Tour of India 2019 Bangladesh Squad for T20I series#BCB#RiseOfTheTigerspic.twitter.com/PVJ1i1YZyv — Bangladesh Cricket (@BCBtigers) November 1, 2019 "The weather has been magnificent. It's not too hot. There's no breeze. But not obviously perfect with the smog. But it's the same for both the teams. It's not perfect, not ideal. But we are not really complaining about it," Domingo told reporters at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, the venue for the first T20I of the three-match series," Domingo told reporters at the venue for 1st T20I. "We have got to make sure that we prepare as well as possible. We obviously have some scratchy eyes, some sore throats but it's been okay. Nobody is sick or dying. We don't want to be in such weather outside in the field for six or seven hours. Three hours a game we are playing and three hours of practice session," he added. Anti-pollution face masks on in Delhi, where Bangladesh are training ahead of the first #INDvBAN T20I ð·https://t.co/mQizUVbflWpic.twitter.com/tEjH6mgQu8 — ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) November 1, 2019 While the Bangladeshi cricketers were spotted wearing anti-pollution masks during their recent training sessions, coach Domingo said that no special plans or arrangements have been made by them for the players to tackle the troubling weather conditions in Delhi. On 31st October, stand-in skipper Rohit Sharma said that he didn't face any problems with the weather conditions in the national capital. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly had also made it clear that the match cannot be shifted to another venue at the eleventh hour. However, he did mention that in the future, the board will consider the weather conditions before hosting a match in the North in winters. While Bangladesh will be missing their star allrounder Shakib Al Hasan, owing to an ICC suspension, the Indian selectors have rested regular skipper Virat Kohli for the limited-overs series. In the absence of Kohli, Rohit will be seen marshalling the troops on the field as they gear up for the three-match T20I series. View the full article
  14. Days after he lit up the Adelaide Oval with his action-packed innings against the visiting Sri Lankan side during the first of three T20I matches, Glenn Maxwell requested to be granted an indefinite break from playing international cricket due to mental health struggles. Even though the cricketer was performing against Lasith Malinga's men like he used to in his early 20s, Maxwell came out and let Cricket Australia know about the things that were bothering him and was “proactive in identifying these issues and engaging with the support staff,” according to Michael Lloyd, the team's psychologist. Not taking this situation lightly and understanding where the 31-year-old was coming from, the team showed their utmost support for the cricketer and granted him the leave without making a big fuss about it. © Reuters "The well-being of our players and staff is paramount. Glenn has our full support," said Ben Oliver, CA's general manager of national teams. "Cricket Australia will work collaboratively with Cricket Victoria's support staff to ensure Glenn's well-being and his reintegration into the game. "We ask that everyone gives Glenn and his family and friends space; and respects their privacy at this time. He's a special player and an important part of the Australian cricket family. We hope to see him back in the team during the summer. It's important we look after Glenn and all our players." The Head Coach of the Australian side, Justin Langer commended Maxwell for his ability to come forward and let the world know that “he wasn't OK”. © Reuters "It took great courage for him to tell us he wasn't OK," Langer told the reporters in Melbourne. "In one way, it's really good for him to do that. Behind the mask of the great entertainer and the great talent and the great team man and everything we see publicly, a lot of these guys are human and they're hurting a bit. Hopefully, he's going to be fine." This is where the Australian cricket team managed to win hearts of not only their fans but of their own players as well. Ever since the sandpaper gate that led to the suspension of Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameroon Bancroft, the “win at all cost” atmosphere of the dressing room was heavily slammed. © Twitter This transition to becoming such a player-friendly side is worth the praise. The Indian cricket team, better yet the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) must learn a thing or two about the necessity to give importance to the athletes' mental health. The Indian women's cricket team have been requesting the Indian cricket board for months to have a psychologist added to the Indian support staff who can travel with them but the BCCI have been constantly ignoring them. © Reuters Mental health and its impact is real as well as serious. If you expect your athletes to perform at the highest level, the focus on mental fitness should be equal to physical fitness. View the full article
  15. Australia's Glenn Maxwell. Photo: ReutersMELBOURNE: Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell is taking a break from cricket to deal with mental health ?difficulties?, governing body Cricket Australia said on Thursday.?Glenn Maxwell has been...
  16. Lisa Keightley became the first woman appointed full-time coach of women's cricket World Cup champions England. Photo: AFPFormer Australian international Lisa Keightley became the first woman to be appointed full-time coach of the England women´s...
  17. Media reports included Corrie van Zyl as one of the people suspended. Photo: OrissaPostCricket South Africa said Wednesday it had placed three top officials on "precautionary suspension".No names were given but South African media reported that...
  18. "I'm super proud to represent my country and the sport of cricket,' says Sana Mir. Photo: AFPLeading cricketer Sana Mir and six other trailblazing women from Asian countries on Thursday were honoured with the 2019 Asia Society Game Changers award...
  19. KARACHI: Two-time winners Pakistan will play Scotland in their opening match of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2020 at the University Oval, Potchefstroom on January 19, according to the tournament schedule announced on Thursday by the International...
  20. Over the years, we've seen some of the biggest names in cricket swapping their high-profile roles with the duties of the twelfth man on the field. From Virat Kohli to Steve Smith, cricketers, when not included in the playing XI, are often seen bringing drinks and other necessary refreshments to those sweating it out on the field. But, in what appears to be a first, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison happily became the waterboy during a practice game between the Prime Minister's XI and Sri Lanka at the Manuka Oval. How cool that the Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP comes out with the drinks at the Prime Minister's XI game in Canberra pic.twitter.com/tZzobUqivr — Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) October 24, 2019 The 51-year-old was probably the first twelfth man who was serving drinks to the on-field players sporting a tie and dressed in formals. The pictures of him carrying drinks for the Prime Minister's XI were met with applause and praise on social media. @bhogleharsha So leadership doesn't come with any 'title'!!!!! Awesome :) — Pankaj Pardhi (@admiredravid) October 24, 2019 That's the spirit. — Mohitt Chaturvedi (@A11_Rounder) October 24, 2019 The love and passion for this sport in Australia ð¦ðº is just beyond everyone thinksð — Varun Chinnathimma (@cvarunz) October 24, 2019 Wow it's awesome — Chandan Chaudhary (@Chandan50213199) October 24, 2019 #AUSPMX1vSL This water boy is actually... AUSTRALIA PM giving water to team ð Kia baat hai ð pic.twitter.com/yyozgaBRk5 — Mishi (@Mishi827) October 24, 2019 Australia's PM working as waterboy during match between Australia and Sri Lanka pic.twitter.com/9RvztczmZW — MahNoOR (@die_plzz) October 24, 2019 Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on duty as WATER BOY during the T20I game between Australia PM XI and Sri Lanka at Manuka Oval, Canberra today. Nice gesture from the Australian PM! ð pic.twitter.com/nLRqUr1tDA — ZEE. ðµð° (@iBleedGreenZEE) October 24, 2019 Batting first, the Sri Lankan team struggled to get going before eventually posting a mediocre total of 130 runs for the loss of eight wickets in 20 overs. In reply, the Prime Minister's XI were aided by Harry Nielsen's batting masterclass, scoring a 50-ball 79. But, a batting collapse did get the hosts in a spot of bother before Fawad Ahmed guided them to a narrow one-wicket win with a ball to spare.
  21. The world of cricket has witnessed numerous stars over the years. But, there remain a few who, despite calling time on their respective careers, continue to live in the hearts of cricket fans across the globe. While Sachin Tendulkar reigns supreme as the 'god of cricket', Brian Lara continues to enjoy the reputation as one of the batting greats. While both the legends have moved on to life away from cricket, the fans, who once cherished their exploits on the field, often re-live the golden memories through archived footages. But, not for long. © Twitter Cricket fans will now have an opportunity to watch Tendulkar and Lara amongst other greats in action as they are set to mark a return to the field in the much-anticipated Road Safety World Series. The T20 tournament, which is slated to begin from 2nd February next year in Mumbai and Pune to promote road safety, will feature 110 retired cricketers which also includes the likes of Zaheer Khan, Brett Lee and Tillakaratne Dilshan. With the Professional Management Group and the Road Safety Cell of the Maharashtra government as the organisers, the league will feature six teams — India Legends, Australia Legends, South Africa Legends, Sri Lanka Legends and West Indies Legends. © Twitter On one hand, where Tendulkar will be seen leading the Indian side, Lara will be calling the shots as captain of the West Indies brigade. And, the likes of Dilshan, Lee and Jonty Rhodes will be seen leading the Sri Lanka, Australian and the South African teams respectively. The tournament will witness 10 league games where each team will play each other before the all-important final. The proceeds of the tournament, which will be based on the franchise model, would be utilised by the Road Safety Cell to promote the cause in addition to highlighting how India ranks the highest in the world in terms of deaths caused on roads. "When the legends participate in the league, they will carry the messages of road safety," former India captain, Sunil Gavaskar, who is also the commissioner of the league, said. The unique tournament will mark the return of Tendulkar on the playing field for the third time since his retirement in 2013. He was part of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) side that locked horns against the Rest of the World XI at Lord's in 2014. A year later, the 'Master Blaster' also featured in three exhibition T20s in the United States.
  22. In 2018, a depleted Indian cricket team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the Nidahas Trophy final in Sri Lanka. The thrilling victory against Bangladesh will be remembered for two things; Dinesh Karthik's match-winning knock and Vijay Shankar's struggles. While the former turned the tide in India's favour with a stunning batting display, the latter's sluggish innings almost cost his side the game and trophy. Following India's emphatic triumph, while Karthik was being hailed for his batting prowess, Shankar became the subject of immense criticism on social media. Since that match, a lot has changed, for one, Shankar has improved in his role as a potent all-rounder. But cricket fans still won't let poor Shankar catch a break. © Reuters Every time he comes on to bat or sprints in to bowl, social media trolls patiently wait for the Indian all-rounder to stutter in a bid to take a dig at him. More recently, something similar came to the fore when the 28-year-old shared a picture of his body transformation on social media. The sweat, the time, the devotion. It pays off! #TransformationTuesday pic.twitter.com/oSyNWvMmVJ — Vijay Shankar (@vijayshankar260) October 15, 2019 Taking to Twitter, Shankar tweeted a collage of his before and after photos, with his chiselled physique in full display. "The sweat, the time, the devotion. It pays off!," he captioned the tweet. In a team led by captain Virat Kohli, the focus on fitness has become an important aspect which has allowed Team India to improve their efficiency on the field. While the body transformation of Shankar should've met with praise and respect, social media trolls, once again, used it as an opportunity to fire pot-shots at the Indian all-rounder. Bhai tune cricket me talent dikhana hai bollywood me nahi — Swagshankð¥ (@zZoker) October 16, 2019 get a tattoo you will be in the Captain's radar!! — reddy (@reddy_rf) October 15, 2019 So much efforts for removing the zipper? ð¤·ð»‍âï¸ — Pranav. (@pranavkudav) October 16, 2019 World cup mein mushkil se 30 run banaye honge aur Chala body dikhane. — unknown (@unknownentity73) October 15, 2019 Bhai cricketing stats badhe ki nahi wo important hai — Hritik Pawar (@hritikpawar123) October 16, 2019 Ok but what about the batting skills? You were India's no 4 batsman once upon a time — spidey (@Parsho33) October 15, 2019 Bodybuilding kar bhai. Cricket tere jaise mindless logo ke liye nahi hai. — Piyush Sharma (@PiyushS24196569) October 16, 2019 Still you can't hit huge sixes ðð — à¤à¤¯ ð¨ï¸ (@i_am_jaypaul) October 15, 2019
  23. In the light of Sourav Ganguly becoming the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India or the BCCI, the nation is finally celebrating the appointment of someone who truly deserves the position not because of his name or the family he belongs to but his contribution towards his country, and the game of cricket itself. However, ESPNcricinfo recently shared a post on Twitter revealing how some of the relatives of former cricket administrators were appointed to assume offices both at national and state levels. In the recent state board elections in ð®ð³, several relatives of former administrators were elected to posts. These are just some of the names. pic.twitter.com/LmKFhJy1dv — ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) October 15, 2019 Case in point Anurag Thakur, the man who is being credited for the selection of Ganguly as BCCI president after Brijesh Patel was considered to be the front-runner for the position until a day before the final call. A former BCCI president himself, Thakur's younger brother, Arun Dhumal has been elected as the president of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) and the treasurer of the Indian cricket board. What makes this appointment a lot more questionable is the fact that no other candidate stood for the position of the HPCA president and Dhumal won unopposed. Former Gujarat Chief Minister Amit Shah's son, Jay Shah is now the secretary of the Indian cricket board. What is his connection to the game of cricket? Well, Shah Jr. was coached by Gujarat's Jayendra Sehgal according to a 2015 Ahmedabad Mirror report which was published after he was appointed as the joint secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association in 2013, but that's about it. In October 2017, a report by The Wire said that both Amit Shah and Jay Shah flouted Supreme Court's orders of maintaining a mandatory “cooling-off period,” something even Ganguly himself will have to follow and step down as the BCCI president in July 2020. “Jay Shah has “ridden the wave of his father's dominance”, and his elevation to GCA in 2013 was smooth and the decision unchallenged,” the report says. Jay Shah was also part of the seven-member committee to analyse some contentious Lodha panel reforms which the state units were opposed to in 2017. “Jay Shah's place in the panel is a result of the Shah dynasty's dominance in the Gujarat cricket scene,” The Wire writes. Twitter users are asking these questions loud and clear and are calling out the unfortunate dynasty politics that overtook the game of cricket Indians love with all their heart. Amit Shah in every Election rally "We are here to destroy Dynasty Politics" After Election : Appoints Jay Shah as Secretary of BCCI — Nенr_wно™ (@Nehr_who) October 14, 2019 That is how it happens in India.. #veryfair ð — wasim (@Ohwasim) October 15, 2019 Gali cricket khela hoga. Nepotism to nhi keh sakte. — Chewy Suarez Kumar (@Chewy_Suarez_) October 15, 2019 Ironically enough, the allegations of favoritism towards family members and nepotism come just seven months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi denounced Congress' 'dynasty politics' in his blog. "Indians were tired of our beloved nation being in the Fragile Five, where corruption, cronyism, and nepotism made headlines instead of anything positive," he wrote. While on the one hand, Ganguly's appointment brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to the fans of Indian cricket, the appointment of some close relatives of former officials and that too without a lot of transparency can't help but make us ask the question -- when did a game of bat and ball become a family business?
  24. Last Sunday was an epic day for all Indian cricket fans, as Team India emerged victorious after defeating Pakistan at Old Trafford in England in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2019. The whole country was celebrating the win but it was Ranveer Singh who stood out, because the excitement he showed after India won the match, was on some other level. Ranveer has basically gotten into the shoes of Kapil Dev for his upcoming film, '83, and is all set to entice the fans with his performance in the movie. Just like every 'desi' cricket fan, Ranveer has also been gripped by the World Cup fever and earlier today, he shared a string of images with cricketers and videos from Old Trafford. In one of the videos, he is seen cheering for India and well, it was BFF Arjun Kapoor's comment that caught our attention. “Baba u were the best player off the pitch... what a playa !!! The fashion mafioso the cricket gangster the nuanced celebrator the power hitter !!! #subtltythynameranveersingh.” Here's the video: View this post on Instagram COME ON INDIA, COME ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ð®ð³ @starsportsindia @icc @cricketworldcup A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jun 17, 2019 at 2:39pm PDT Ranveer also replied to Arjun and wrote, “hahahahahahahahah @arjunkapoor baba please yaar.” It's no secret that Arjun and Ranveer are the best of friends and never fail to appreciate each other in front of the public's eyes. Check out their conversation here: They always give the perfect bromance goals to all men and the industry talks about their friendship constantly. They are a crazy duo when they are together. On the work front, Ranveer is gearing up for Kabir Khan's '83. Arjun, on the other hand, is leaving no stone unturned for the preparation of his upcoming movie, 'Panipat'. Stay tuned in for more such updates.
  25. The past two days have been tormenting for the cricketing fans of Pakistan. First, the Men in Green faced a rather disappointing loss at the hands of Virat Kohli's Indian cricket team at Old Trafford, Manchester and were blasted online by their own supporters. The Sarfaraz Ahmed-led side were criticised on a lot of levels from the lack of strategic management to poor captaincy by Ahmed to even eating junk food a few hours before the match began. Former legendary cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar went on an 11 minute+ rant of himself, criticising everything bad about Pakistan's performance during the game and did not spare even the finest, more experienced athletes on the roster including Shoaib Malik. On the other hand, their South Asian rivals in Team Bangladesh came out strong against the West Indies successfully chasing a huge total of 321 in less than 42 overs thanks to monstrous innings played by Shakib Al Hasan (124*) and Liton Das (94*), further increasing the points difference against Pakistan. The Tigers have been performing deceptively well during the ongoing ICC World Cup 2019. While not a lot of people expected them to be a front runner for the World Cup trophy this year, the Mashrafe Mortaza-led side is currently fifth on the points table, just one point away from making it to the top four with four matches still to be played two of which are against Afghanistan and Pakistan themselves. Keeping in mind the way in which Team Bangladesh have emerged as the ultimate underdogs of the tournament, Pakistani fans are thinking of switching sides to Bangladesh, recalling the history the two countries have shared and calling them 'East Pakistan': Supporting east pakistan from now on.... ðððð#BANvsWI pic.twitter.com/NhBNdz06Ua — pukhtoon (@beingpukhtun) June 17, 2019 That's how you play for your nation and chase 321 target like a champion . Well played East Pakistan( Bangladesh)â¤ï¸#CWC19 #BANvWI pic.twitter.com/t5VUoSM5V3 — Usama Saleem (@OsamaSa29419818) June 17, 2019 No one, Our own #EastPakistan♥ :-D https://t.co/knRTLavOuh — Asghar ALi Waris (@AasyLakho) June 17, 2019 #WorldCup2019#Bangladesh #5 Pakistan #9 Lankans #6 India & New Zealand at 3 and 2 coz of rain, they shared a point each East Pakistan trended in Pakistan today, but not only have @BCBTigers left history behind, they have written new history by defeating #WIndies#WIvBAN pic.twitter.com/XtNVnwSRts — @akashtv1soni (@Akashtv1Soni) June 18, 2019 Congrats Team Bangladesh, I wish to see you in Pakistani shirts soon. East Pakistan :)#BANvsWI — Shaheer Sialvi (PAK) (@ShaheerSialvi) June 17, 2019 East pakistan tm hi world cup utha lo .... they ll beat india #WIvBAN — Lone wolf (@kurrdd) June 17, 2019 The thing is that the Bangladeshis have absolutely no intention of sharing the glory with the Pakistanis what so ever: Keep wishing and dreaming. We don't even give a damn & Bangladesh is not east Pakistan. Mind it ðð https://t.co/V9gS5lZMYJ — RIR ð§ð© (@RirRohan) June 18, 2019 It's our Bangladesh not your East Pakistanð #frustrated_people𸠗 Tanjina Afrin Tinni (@TanjinaAfrin16) June 17, 2019 Pakistanis can call us East Pakistan, it's just a constant reminder to them we beat them at war when they had a better military and more troops ð¤·ð½‍âï¸ð¤·ð½‍âï¸ð¤·ð½‍âï¸ — M.N.M ð§ð© (@dr_doffy) June 10, 2019
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