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Found 7 results

  1. Since he called it quits in 1989, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has remained the indisputable top-scorer in terms of career points in the NBA with 44,149. In fact, after almost 30 years, nobody has been able to even come close to breaking his record. Is this a record that can never be broken? Well, one would beg to differ. After all, every record is meant to be broken. Image jabbar So, is there anyone from the current crop of players who can become a top-scorer? Any man who can snatch away Jabbar's title of being the undefeatable? Well, the answer is yes and we say that a few players, who are still active in the NBA, do have a shot at glory. Let's take a look: 1. LeBron James © Getty Images With 38,142 points to his credit, he's the highest scorer among the current lot of players. The man turns 34 in December and there's a good chance that he's going to be around for another 5-6 years. With such a performance, we don't see any reason why he can't break Jabbar's record. In fact there's every possibility that he might even hit the 40,000-mark which would set a new precedent. 2. Dirk Nowitzki © Getty Images He may be 40 right now but with 34,850 points, he is still on track. Even though he's in the twilight of his career, the man is still in a great shape and shows no signs of slowing down. Be as it may, the thought of creating an NBA record may just be the boost that could see him putting in those extra years and get there. 3. Vince Carter © Getty Images At 41, he's the oldest active player in the NBA. With 26,508 points to his name, the man is set to leave behind a legacy. While Jabbar seems to be pretty much beyond his reach, don't count Carter out just yet. He's come this far and there is every possibility that he'll keep going on. 4. Carmelo Anthony © Getty Images At 34, time is on his side in terms of age but the man is a little bit lower on the all-time list with 27,252 points under his belt. However, in the active lot, he is 3rd in line and there's no reason to write him off as a contender. Even if he does not make it to the top spot, by the time he's done playing, he may have reached pretty close.
  2. The easiest way of identifying a millennial is to track down the proudest ones in the group. Add in a whole lot of nostalgia to the mix, along with a strong allegiance to anything that has a '90s' ring to it, and et voila! You've got yourself a millennial.There really can't be any two ways about the fact that millennials happen to be a proud lot. You see, they have their reasons. Theirs is the generation that grew up with the internet, saw the rise of computers and cell phones to become everyday commodities, as well as ushered in some of the greatest socio-politico-economic changes for the following generations to come. © Y-Films Now, the millennials might (claim to) know their shit, okay, some of them might even actually know what they're up to, and if Mary Meeker's 'Internet Trend Report' is to be believed, the millennials are kind of ruling over all the important areas of the world, especially the workforce. But Gen Y ought to get over its preoccupation soon enough, because Gen Z is steadily catching up to them. The current crop of 19-year-olds has started to make their presence felt. Also known as the iGen, this ultra tech-savvy generation is not only over-zealous but also happens to be the generation of doers and achievers. © Dharma Productions Gen Z might soon be taking over the reins from the millennials, as these 8 things prove why we feel they're capable of it. Based on a detailed report by author and speaker Ryan Jenkins providing insights on Gen Z, the following aspects make them different and better than the millennials. 1. Gen Z Is Realistic Unlike the millennials, who are optimistic by nature for having grown up at the juncture of newer opportunities in abundance, Gen Z is more realistic by nature. Having grown up during the recession, 77% of Gen Z is expected to be more hardworking than the previous generations. 2. Gen Z Is Independent iGen believes in going solo in every big or small aspect of their lives. While millennials are more inclined towards a group or collaborative efforts, Gen Z prefers to work independently. 71% of Gen Z swear by the 'Do It Yourself' motto in all aspects of their life, for the best outcomes. © UTV Motion Pictures 3. Gen Z Is Of Digital Origins What that means is that while the millennials saw the rise of WWW and smartphones, Gen Z was born into it. They did not witness these revolutions, but instead landed the legacy. Gen Z is more productive because of the high-speed internet connectivity and curated online content. 4. Gen Z Chooses To Share Selectively Unlike millennials, who are obsessed with sharing the most minute and private details of their life with the online community, Gen Z believes in being more safe and selective about their online presence. 5. Gen Z Digs Interpersonal Interactions © Y-Films Very different to its previous generation, Gen Z finds it easier to find the equilibrium that would allow them to make use of both online and offline mode of communication with others, making them more popular and approachable. This is in great contrast to millennials, who like to avoid face-to-face interactions. 6. Gen Z Is Interested In Alternate Forms Of Learning Another thing about Gen Z that makes them highly interesting, is their aversion to restricting their scope of education to traditional ways of education. Gen Z is instead more interested in hands-on and on-demand learning such as online tutorials and the like. © Twitter 7. Gen Z's Idea Of Success Is Exposure Again, unlike millennials, Gen Z is more concerned about the learning experience and exposure in their field of work, rather than switch jobs like Gen Y simply because they feel “bored”. Gen Z prefers to learn and grow in their own space and pace. 8. Gen Z = Global Citizens With more and more youngsters getting online, it's become much easier for Gen Z to erase international boundaries and interact with their global counterparts much more easily than the millennials. This helps them to move around the globe much more easily. These 8 aspects make Gen Z pretty different and more sorted than the millennials. With such credible characteristics to themselves, Gen Z will take over the reins from the millennials in no time.
  3. Ever since taking over the reins from MS Dhoni as captain, Virat Kohli has set new standards in terms of fitness in the Indian cricket team. The Indian skipper is currently the fittest player in international cricket and has ensured fitness is one of the key parameters for a cricketer to make the Team India cut. And, the result is quite clear. Today, the Indian cricket team is considered one of the best fielding sides in the world. The Indian players are a livewire in the field, they run hard between the wickets and the improved levels of fitness have allowed them to add more value to the team. But, despite the improvement in their fitness, none of the Indian cricketers have been able match the levels of captain Kohli. © Reuters Thanks to his dedication in the gym and strict diet, the Delhi lad has managed to leave the other cricketers behind with his fitness. The right-hander might be turning 30 next month, but he is still in the best shape of his life. However, while many feel he is the fittest amongst the current crop of Indian players, Kohli is actually not. In a recent interview, Karun Nair claimed that he is the fittest member of the Indian cricket team. “I've been spending a lot of time with (Shanker) Basu Sir, our trainer, and Sanjay Bangar sir as well, our batting coach. Obviously a lot of throwdowns and a lot of net sessions. But mainly I have been spending time with Basu Sir. According to him, I am the fittest person in the team right now. I am very proud of that and I just want to keep improving on that,” he was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz. The right-handed batsman was one of the contenders to bat in India's middle-order, but he was restricted to the bench during their tour of England earlier this year. He had made his Test comeback during the historic match against Afghanistan in June and was expected to retain his place in Team India for the Test series in England. © Reuters Many expected Nair to be included in the Indian team for the fifth Test against England, but skipper Kohli surprised everyone by opting for Hanuma Vihari instead. In the upcoming two-match Test series against West Indies, Nair was once again excluded from the Indian side as Vihari retained his place owing to his fifty and three-wicket spell in the final Test against England. Team India will host West Indies for two Tests, five One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and three Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) in a month-long tour. The two teams will lock horns in the first Test at Rajkot on 4th October.
  4. Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui. Photo: FileRAWALPINDI: Islamabad High Court's (IHC) Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui on Saturday stated that the judiciary is 50 per cent responsible for the current situation of the country.?The court is 50 per cent...
  5. Starting my day with the red-hot Realme 1 is a treat in itself. The first word that pops into my mind every time I see my OPPO Realme, is definitely 'AWESOME'. Especially because the kind of support it gives me in a price of Rs. 13,990 is immense! And that's a great way to start the day! Anyway, getting ready for work is quite a speedy affair, where I am mostly running around to get stuff done as soon as I can. In that small window of 30-40 minutes, I let my 'awesome' Realme charge, and that's almost all it needs to last for the entire day. I get to work as soon as I reach office. Due to a somewhat weird habit, that I developed back in school, I just can't concentrate without listening to music. I listen to some Damien Rice early on, on my phone, which boasts that a single speaker is loud enough, and is certainly better than most of its competition in the market. Sahil Kedia/MensXP Now, you might think that I am a diligent worker because I start working as soon as I reach, but let's be honest, we all take breaks and I am no different. But I spend most of my breaks taking selfies. I have no shame. Sue me! Sahil Kedia/MensXP MensXP And I simply love the Realme 1's cameras: both front and rear, because irrespective of what my condition is, I look awesome in the pictures. The AI Shot included in the phone acts as a personal beauty artist, which gives me customised options to look picture-perfect. The camera works, if not better, as good as a dual camera, which is great for the kind of money I've spent. Sahil Kedia/MensXP The phone also comes with its own AR Sticker function, which is supported in both front and back photography, as well as video recording, offering the most convenient and fun photography experience! The 13MP rear camera also features the AI Scene Recognition which can intelligently and accurately identify different scenes and objects in real-time to tune the perfect balance of brightness, exposure, color, and contrast. It's wonderful to have so many new features in a price-range so affordable. Sahil Kedia/MensXP Sahil Kedia/MensXP On days that are light on work, I spend some time catching up on my favourite series and movies. With a 6-inch FHD+ Full Screen and a screen-body ratio of almost 85%, the Realme 1 provides a great experience with clearer and more colourful videos. And if you're wondering, yes, I keep the downloaded shows and movies on my phone. How else do you think I will use my 128 GB ROM storage effectively? Sahil Kedia/MensXP And unlike many of its competitors, the phone doesn't freeze when overused. In fact, there's no such thing as overusing my Realme 1. I have run up to 20 apps in one go and my phone hasn't hung on me even once. It has the most powerful CPU- Helop P60- in the present segment. It is the same chipset as that present in OPPO flagship F7 available in half the price of the latter! Isn't that a great deal? Sahil Kedia/MensXP Sahil Kedia/MensXP I take a cab back home and usually spend hours in the dreadful traffic. That's when I normally speak to my friends to kill the time. The phone's 3410mAh battery + AI battery management promise + the sharp AI processor ensures that a long and high usage doesn't affect its performance or heat up the phone. So, talking on the phone for 2 hours at a stretch is not a biggie for my Realme 1. Sahil Kedia/MensXP Priced at Rs 13,990, this phone definitely puts all others to shame. Along with the Solar Red body that I own, there's another variant which is much more elegant, in my honest opinion: Diamond Black. The phone's rear panel stands out and gives it a premium look. Seeing the thought and detail given to a budget smartphone is almost refreshing. Sahil Kedia/MensXP With the phone offering the best specifications, one of the best selfie and rear cameras, the most unique designs in the market... Don't you think you're missing out on something if you don't have a Realme 1? But hey, if even Rs. 13,990 seems out of budget, OPPO's got you covered with an even more affordable variant of the phone! The price of the new Oppo Realme 1 Moonlight Silver variant with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage has been set at Rs. 10,990! Sahil Kedia/MensXP Thinking of buying a new phone now, are you? Disclaimer: Marketed by ILN Brand Solutions.
  6. ????? ?????: ??????? ????? ????? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ???????Posted by Geo News Urdu on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 ISLAMABAD:...
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