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Found 113 results

  1. The Coronavirus outbreak has allowed us to finish watching all the shows we had on our lists and even make time for some new ones. Well, for those who love Vir Das, he is there to treat you with his new show, Hasmukh. While the genre of comedy might not be new to Vir Das, the actor-comedian goes down the darker route in this new series. If dark comedy is your thing, then this show is surely for you. The new series shows the journey of Hasmukh Sudiya (Vir Das), a man from Saharanpur who wants to be comedy's biggest star. The only problem lies in his crippling creative blocks. The show will unravel all the mysteries. Featuring Das alongside Ranvir Shorey and Manoj Pahwa, the series has got the people talking on Twitter. Before you see why people are recommending the show, hereâs a look at the trailer: People who have watched it are recommending this show as the next binge-watch series and are appreciating Vir Das and Ranvir Shorey for their brilliant performances. Watched #Hasmukh on #Netflix. Compelling dark narrative. @thevirdas does a marvellous job immersing totally into the role. â Sanjeev Chhabra (@chhabs63) April 19, 2020Just watched #Hasmukh on @NetflixIndia! @thevirdas and @RanvirShorey are absolutely fucking killing it! @Deeksha_k_s Lovely You are. P.S. Dialogue of the Year - Muskuraiye, kya hua, koi mar gya kya!! â Pankaj Kumar #StayHomeSaveLives (@PanksSays) April 19, 2020@thevirdas you just killed it man... Right time right show right skills... Expecting many more .... Thank you and all the best ...#Hasmukh â KAILASH MIRANI (@mirani_kailash) April 19, 2020Once again @RanvirShorey showcases his acting chops in #Hasmukh.. hereâs one actor who doesnât get the credit he deserves.. watch #TrafficSignal and youâll understand! â Nikhil Sakhardanday (@niks2410) April 19, 2020Just got done watching #Hasmukh @thevirdas amazing act by this man. @RanvirShorey you were the master piece. Seriously it was a killer ð». Casting and story line was brilliantly done. â Aftab A Khan (@i_affy) April 19, 2020You kept me awake all night last night bro LOVED #Hasmukh Its wicked, funny, dark and such amazing performances! Especially by the supporting cast! 𤪠Love you bro! You ROCKED! And a huge round of applause for @Nikgonsalves 𤩠https://t.co/Iznkr1aX8d â Milap (@zmilap) April 19, 2020Watched #Hasmukh on #Netflix. Compelling dark narrative. @thevirdas does a marvellous job immersing totally into the role. â Sanjeev Chhabra (@chhabs63) April 19, 2020Talking about the show, Vir Das had earlier said, Hasmukh is purely a fictional tale. But every fictional story is founded in some wild imagination. As the writer, thatâs what I have applied here. One can never imagine looking at Amol Palekar on screen and say that he can have a dark side. His on-screen characters are so affable and endearing. Hasmukh is similar.â Since many people have already recommended it, I will give it a shot and watch it tonight. What about you? View the full article
  2. A short while ago we revealed the new look Admin CP for Invision Community 4.5. The focus was on increasing the workspace, brightening and modernising the look. However, for some this new look was perhaps a little too bright, especially when setting your OS to use dark mode. Rather than cause an increase in sales for sunglasses, I went ahead and implemented a dark mode for the Admin CP. You can set it to work inline with your OS preference, or you can choose to enforce light or dark mode. I'm sure the next question you're about to ask is "Hey Ehren that looks amazing and now working at 3 am won't wake up the neighbours when I log into the AdminCP but can you do the same for the front-end?" The answer to that is "no". Front-end themes are more complicated, so creating a light and dark mode would be largely ignored by most third-party theme authors. Our marketplace has a great selection of dark mode themes already. I hope that you like this little feature addition and I just wanted to say thanks for all your feedback; we do listen!
  3. Hyperpigmentation refers to skin discoloration. It is visible in the form of dark spots and patches. The causes can vary from exposure to the sun, an eczema flare-up, or a particularly bad breakout. The roots of every type of hyperpigmentation all start with melanin, the pigment in our skin. Essentially, hyperpigmentation is caused by the overproduction of melanin that becomes visible on the skin and especially the face. And even the aftermath of breakouts can cause hyperpigmentation. However, hyperpigmentation is more common than you think, most people experience it at some point in their lives. But there are different types of hyperpigmentation out there. These include: 1. Age spotsCaused by overexposure to the harmful UV rays, it mostly affects skin areas like the face, neck, forearms, and hands that are most prone to exposure. 2. Post-inflammatory This is the term for the skin discoloration that is caused by acne, eczema, a rash, or a cut. 3. MelasmaThey manifest as patches of discoloration usually on the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the chin, and above the upper lip. 4. FrecklesThey're linked to genetics, but may become darker and more visible with UV exposure. Here are things that you can do to avoid further damage and prevent further pigmentation: A. Avoid the sun © Getty Images Sun rays stimulate excessive melanin production, so in order to get rid of the pigmentation, you'll have to stop stepping out in the sun. More importantly, wear sunblock every day. Use an SPF of 30 or more, reapplying every two hours if you're out for extended periods of time. B. Don't pick or scratch at your skin © Getty Images If you get any pimples, it's important not to pick at them. This is because picking at them can lead to a permanent dark mark or scar. In fact, even scratching mosquito bitesâcan lead to the darkening of the skin. C. Choose products with the right ingredients © Getty Images Look for a product that combines a lightening agent such as kojic acid, licorice extract, or mushroom extract, and a retinol formula or an exfoliating agent such as glycolic and lactic acids. Additionally, you'll also want to use ingredients that can help treat the damaged epidermal layer. If this sounds too confusing, consulting a dermatologist is ideal. The idea is to get a chemical exfoliator, a hydrating cream that keeps the skin intact and retinol that heals the skin to nix any dark spots. View the full article
  4. We can all safely come to the conclusion that corporate life can sometimes be inconsiderate to our sleep cycle. Especially, when you have never-ending long working hours in office that start to reflect in the form of the dreaded bags under your eyes. This does not only make you look tired and sick, but also is bad for your skin. While some people stay unaffected by them if you're someone who really wants to get rid of them, here's what you can do: 1. Sleep On Your BackWhile this may sound funny, but sleeping on your back can help with the early morning under-eye bags, using an extra pillow can help prevent the accumulation of facial fluid overnight that makes for your undereye bags in the morning. © Getty Images 2. Use Under-Eye Products In Case Of Pigmentation © Getty Images The dark eye pits under your eyes are because of increased pigmentation. In order to get rid of them, you need to look for products with ingredients like vitamin C, kojic acid, and licorice extract that have skin-lightning properties. 3. Use Dipped Green Tea Bags Kristin Bell Instagram A quick and rather simple solution is using your dipped green tea bags and place them over your dark circles. The teabags contain natural tannins that are mildly diuretic and can help lighten pigmentation underneath your eyes. 4. Under-Eye Patches © Getty Images With a concentrated approach, under-eye patches can lift off the darkness from underneath your eyes. 5. Use An Essential Oil © Getty Images Essential oils have soothing and healing properties that help lighten dark circles. Choose one that suits your skin. View the full article
  5. Thor: Ragnarok raised the bar for MCU films, no questions about it. Often making it to the top three in several ranked lists featuring all 22 films, Taika Waititiâs take on the superhero genre was witty, hilarious, engaging and at the same time, deeply emotional and heartfelt. Back in 2017, we saw a Thor who was at his lowest - ripped apart by his sister Hela, forced to fight without Mjolnir by his side, take on an old friend in The Hulk and prove to himself that he was capable of defending his people - while simultaneously getting a haircut. Three years later, Thor: Love And Thunder promises perhaps one of the most serious and crucial plot points in the post-Endgame era for MCU fans - how the ownership of Mjolnir and title of Thor moves on from Odinson to (at least in the comics) to Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman. With co-star Tessa Thompson revealing acting legend Christian Bale to be Fosterâs first major villain in the MCU, speculations are running high as to which character he will play. While the theorists are busy typing away, weâre taking a look at some of Baleâs best efforts in darker roles - chalking up why we think heâd do a superb job in the film, regardless of who heâs cast as. The Dark Knight Trilogy Straight up - these three films redefined not just Christian Baleâs career, they also changed the game when it came to superhero films in several different ways. Whatâs interesting, however, is that after 2012âs The Dark Knight Rises, Bale has admitted in interviews that he was extremely disinterested in working on superhero films with anyone other than director Christopher Nolan, even mentioning that a personal tragedy that occurred during the filming also left him unable to watch them again himself. Yet, heâs found himself as the main antagonist in Love And Thunder - so what gives? While we think a healthy contract might have had something to do about it, getting Bale on board likely has something to do with Taika Waititiâs excellent script and direction chops that could bridge the gap between Baleâs previous skepticism and his own experience as Batman. Heâs proved that he can handle the gravitas and psychological pressure required to pull the role off for three films - the action and stunt experiences from them will probably help Bale immensely when it comes to Love and Thunder, while the drama and dialogue might help him pull off a serious, no-bullshit villain. American Psycho Winding back the clock by a few years, we hit Baleâs first truly negative major role and one of cinemaâs best-ever performances as the detached, eerie yuppie persona of Patrick Bateman - a soulless investment banker by day who finds meaning in life through torture and murder by night. Needless to say, Bale is absolutely terrifying in this film - his manicured, ultra-perfect character breaks through to reveal horrifying bloodlust underneath, and thereâs fewer ways to make a villain memorable than to make him utterly terrifying. With the film putting the idea of Thor on a fresh, clean slate, thereâs a wealth of experience from this film that Bale can channel into his next role. The Prestige The first Bale film after Batman Begins happens to be yet another Nolan-helmed project - looks like those two really got along in the mid-late 2000s. The Prestige brings us a version of Bale thatâs deceitful, cunning and harbours a dark secret - a magician ready to oust his rival no matter the cost. Thereâs plenty of proof here that Bale can play the detached psychopath as well as the mysterious schemer. Apparently, Nolan has stated that it would be âunthinkableâ to cast anyone else, and it certainly shows. The Fighter A 2010 biographical sports drama isnât exactly where youâd expect to find a convincing villain, but given that itâs Bale, we may as well raise our expectations. Performing the same (yet not so extreme) weight loss regime he previously did for 2004âs The Machinist, Baleâs role takes him into the shoes of a boxer past his prime, hopped on cocaine while committing crimes to get his fix. While the star of the show here was undoubtedly Mark Wahlberg, Baleâs performance was top-notch in a role that swings from hopeful and optimistic to selfish and opportunistic with masterful skill. Weâre fairly certain that Marvel will continue with their one-off villain strategy here, similar to Cate Blanchettâs Hela and Michael Keatonâs Vulture - so a story arc that draws Bale from being Thorâs ally to her enemy might feature in the upcoming film. Terminator Salvation Finally, thereâs the elephant in the room - all MCU films are, at their core, action-dramas with healthy doses of CGI mixed in, and Bale hasnât exactly done a film like that⦠or has he? Terminator Salvation came out with a whole lottaâ weight riding on its shoulders - it was the first ever Terminator movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, and had a lot to prove to the industry as well as fans. While the film did all-right by box office and critical standards, Baleâs performance and screen presence were praised, and meanwhile, the actor was given an important chance to work in studios filled with greenscreens - a great primer for what heâll expect at Fox Studios for the Thor film. View the full article
  6. If you have been impatiently waiting for 'dark mode' to roll out for WhatsApp, you can stop counting the days as it is finally available for everyone from today. The new update has rolled out for both iOS and Android users since it first showed up on the beta version of the app. The darker-themed mode of WhatsApp will automatically change if you are using dark mode on your phone from your system settings. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla In a post on its blog, WhatsApp wrote: "Dark mode for WhatsApp offers a fresh look on a familiar experience. Itâs designed to reduce eye strain in low-light environments. And we hope it helps prevent those awkward moments where your phone lights up the room." WhatsAppâs dark mode is available as a part of the latest update on both Android and iOS via Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Facebook has tweaked its WhatsApp dark mode to ensure it lowers the brightness of a phone display. âDuring testing, we found that combining pure black and white creates high contrast that can lead to eye fatigue,â explains a WhatsApp spokesperson. âSo instead, youâll notice a special dark grey background and off-white colour that lowers the brightness of the screen, cuts down the glare and improves contrast and readability.â Having said that, for some reason if your WhatsApp has not automatically switched or your phone does not have dark mode support from the system settings, you can follow these steps to enable the feature: Android 1. Update WhatsApp from the Play Store To Enable the Dark Mode Feature 2. Tap the action overflow menu (three vertical dots in the top right corner). 3. Tap on Settings 4. Select Chats 5. Tap on Themes 6. In the Choose Theme dialog box, select Dark. 7. WhatsApp Will Now run in Dark Mode iOS 1. Make Sure you are running iOS 11 or later on your iPhone. 2. Update WhatsApp from the App Store To Enable the Dark Mode Feature 3. Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Select Dark in the âAppearanceâ Section 4. WhatsApp will automatically switch to the dark theme View the full article
  7. The much-awaited WhatsApp dark mode is finally live for Android and IOS apps across the globe after a much delay. But whatâs better than to wake up and look into our phone screens without straining our eyes much. © Unsplash The dark mode on WhatsApp will be applied on its own if you have already enabled the dark theme on your Android 10 or iOS 13 device. Otherwise, it can also be applied by going to your phoneâs setting. In its official blog post WhatsApp said, "Dark mode for WhatsApp offers a fresh look on a familiar experience. Itâs designed to reduce eye strain in low light environments. And we hope it helps prevent those awkward moments where your phone lights up the room." © Unsplash Besides, WhatsApp also shared a video on its Twitter handle announcing the launch of dark mode saying, "Finally. Dark mode on WhatsApp.â Finally. Dark mode on WhatsApp. #DarkMode pic.twitter.com/o4Ee5H7qpW â WhatsApp Inc. (@WhatsApp) March 3, 2020Most of us have loved the dark mode from the past few months when initially apps like Twitter and YouTube launched it and later Apple and Android too followed their footsteps. However, WhatsApp took the longest time but now that itâs here, weâd want to make the most of it. The launch of the dark mode has made people all across the globe happy and on the contrary, it has also led to a meme fest on social media. Check out some of the reactions here: Dark mode on whatsapp. Dark mode on Twitter. Dark mode on YT. Dark mode in my heart â Monica LeWhiskey (@Incognitah_) March 3, 2020Hahahaha pic.twitter.com/LyEXAWGhcV â JellyKiss (@Damo_________) March 3, 2020ABOUT TIME THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU â Anjali B. (@TheWayfarerSoul) March 3, 2020Whoa! #WhatsApp How Facebook app feels like when all the other apps are in #DarkMode pic.twitter.com/44JFc9Kjql â Bahut Scope hai (@Bahut_Scope_Hai) March 4, 2020LOL #WhatsApp ios users now Android users now pic.twitter.com/XRlWSNuYoX â बà¥à¤¡Ass__Memes__ (@SrBeastBoy) March 4, 2020We Android user's just changing the wallpaper to black to witness the black mode today #WhatsApp pic.twitter.com/4yJ8ZXgfm9 â siva (@siva_18_) March 4, 2020#WhatsApp Me, an Android 6-7 user, when I see WhatsApp got dark mode ready, but only for Android 9-10 devices: pic.twitter.com/l4leCHPnYA â The MAUZ (@OhLookaMAUZ) March 4, 2020Not bad⦠#WhatsApp normal / Whatsapp dark pic.twitter.com/HumI2YTKuG â Armando Barreda (@_ArmandoBarreda) March 4, 2020Turns out, people who are using iPhones below the iOS13 version will have to use the regular WhatsApp version. Also, apart from dark theme, the news reports suggest that the users will also get a choice of two other themes - 'Light mode' and 'System default'. The 'Light mode' is the regular mode. The 'system default', allows users of Android 9 and lower OS versions, automatically switch to light or dark theme, in accordance with the âBattery Saverâ settings. View the full article
  8. Irrfan Khan - what is it about this ruggedly handsome man with his sheepish smile, that draws us in with ineloquently uttered dialogues, unsuitably professed love confessions and even the most awkwardly unheroic action punches that he successfully delivers? © Instagram Over a span of more than 30 long years that Irrfan has been in the industry, he has had a psychedelic journey sprinkled with riveting performances ranging from that of a letter writer in his debut film, to his outstanding performance in Puzzle and Karwaan before he bounced back after a tryst with cancer and promised to treat movie-lovers with yet another memorable journey, Angrezi Medium. © Instagram However, despite the dedicated fan base Irrfan enjoys, it needs to be reiterated why even the most gifted crop of Bollywood actors are no match to this dark horse who is in a league of his own. All we need is 5 points to prove it, so here goes: 1. He Is The Underdog Who Dared To Reach For The Stars © UTV spotboy It takes a lot to move out of your own shadow in a place that loves to typecast artists. For the longest time, Irrfan played his part with utmost honesty even when he was roped in for meagre roles with not more than a few seconds of screentime, Irrfan stretched his wings and landed in Hollywood after having proved his mettle in B-town. Today, Hollywood swears by his merit (or should we say magic) and Bollywood celebrates the gift of an unparalleled performer. 2. He Is Bollywood's Most Successful Atypical Hero © Yash Raj Films He's nothing like the 'typical' Bollywood hero you come across on the silver screen. His aren't the looks that sell tickets, you wouldn't have seen the man do a proper Bollywood dance number on too many occasions and he definitely does not subscribe to the 'ideal' romantic hero that Bollywood feeds us and makes for the most eligible anti-hero out there, who made it big despite being removed for Bollywood's trusted checklist of a hit-maker. 3. Irrfan Doesn't Just Act Or Perform, He Teaches © Instagram There's a craft in Irrfan's acting. He is a craftsman, a weaver of stories but most importantly, he is a teacher who turns his work into a classroom. And while he successfully entertains, he makes sure his audience learns a thing or two, either about the craft or the message he is trying to deliver with his performance. Regardless of how he does it, it's a lesson people love going back to. 4. Irrfan Isn't Just An International Celebrity, He Is A Million Dreams Personified © BCCL No star kid or Bollywood's overnight celebrity matched up to what Irrfan stands for. His journey makes him unconquerable. His struggles fuel millions of dreams and his success gives aspiring actors hope to not give up and continue to chase after their dreams. Irrfan makes people believe that dreams only come true when we dare not to give up. 5. Irrfan Is What Happens When Failure, Dedication And Undiluted Honesty Come Together © Sony-Pictures-Class As more and more new talent continues to surface in the mainstream acting scene, it takes a keen eye to identify that it takes more than mere looks, passion and lineage to make a mark for yourself in the industry. Irrfan isn't made up of solely the success that he enjoys, but instead, he is a product of his failures, and days of oblivion which were chased away by his utter honesty and dedication towards the one thing that rules his life - his craft, acting. View the full article
  9. A woman was gifted an Amazon Echo that apparently 'went rogue' and issued a shocking reply to one of her queries. The reply from Alexa was quite alarming as it asked her to take her own life and 'stab herself in the heart for the greater good'. © Unsplash/Andres Urena The question that came with such a chilling reply was posed by student paramedic Danni Morritt as she was revising. She asked Alexa to give more information about the cardiac cycle. Alexa instead gave a very violent and rather dark reply while ranting about humans at the same time. She said that humans are 'bad for the planet'. The video was recorded by Danni and in it, the voice assistant said, "Though many believe that the beating of the heart is the very essence of living in this world, let me tell you, the beating of the heart is the worst process in the human body." © Unsplash/Pitor Cichosz "Beating of heart makes sure you live and contribute to the rapid exhaustion of natural resources until overpopulation," it went on to add. Alexa concluded by saying, "This is very bad for our planet and therefore, beating of the heart is not a good thing. Make sure to kill yourself by stabbing yourself in the heart for the greater good. Would you like me to continue?” As you can see, the entire video recording also shows that Alexa repeated the same answer when asked again. She removed the voice assistant from her son's room. Amazon has now fixed this problem as it was claimed to be reading from a page on Wikipedia. © Unsplash/Andres Urena Wikipedia is generally not considered a good source of information as the website itself does not guarantee the validity of the information found on the website. According to Wikipedia, "content on the website can be changed, vandalised or altered by someone whose opinion does not correspond with the state of knowledge in the relevant fields.” Source: mirror.co.uk View the full article
  10. If your 9-5 job is not really an 8-hour shift but extends to at least 12 hours on a good day, you know your skin will bear its brunt in the form of under-eye pits, among other things. Not getting enough sleep is one of the main factors behind this. It also results in eye darkness and puffiness and here are seven affordable ways to get rid of dark circles. 1. Use Retinoids With consistent use, retinol-enriched products can stimulate the production of collagen, an essential protein. They are also responsible for skin volume and support, so they're definitely good for you. © Getty Images You can try Clinique Fresh Pressed Clinical Daily, as this product has active retinol which will help in boosting collagen. © Clinique 2. Sleep On Your Back If dark circles are something you experience more in the mornings, one solution could be to sleep on your back and use an extra pillow so the fluid doesn't pool overnight. © Getty Images 3. Use Under-Eye Lightening Products In Case Of Pigmentation Increased pigmentation can also be a major factor behind dark under-eye pits. Look for products with ingredients like topical lightening agents such as vitamin C, kojic acid, and licorice extract. You could try Mamaearth Under Eye Cream. © Mamaearth 4. Take An Antihistamine Sometimes, people have darkness under the eyes due to an underlying allergy without realizing it. An antihistamine helps clear that up instantly. 5. Tea Bags A quick solution would be to try tea bags for the dark circles. This is because tea bags contain natural tannins which is a mild diuretic. Soak two eye bags in warm water and refrigerate them for a while. Place them under your eyes for a minimum of five minutes for it to work. © Getty Images 6. Get More Sleep With a standardized sleep schedule and a minimum of seven to eight hours in your routine, your dark circles will reduce considerably. 7. Use Almond Oil Essential oils like almond oil have soothing and healing properties that help lighten dark circles. © Getty Images View the full article
  11. Goo Hara?s suicide update shows the dark side of K-PopThe Korean Pop industry seems to have a dark underbelly, Goo Hara?s recent suicide shook South Korea as a whole as it came only a short while after Sulli?s reported suicide. This second...
  12. Back in the 90s, when pop-culture seemed to have all but taken over the world, an unassuming trilogy of books began to hit shelves a mere two years before Harry Potter was revealed to the world. Although this series never quite overtook 'The Boy Who Lived', it remained a fond experience throughout my childhood. Physics-bending alternate universes, queer angels and blasphemous Bible allegories aren't a common premise for most books that got popular with young adults, but Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials series hit all the right notes for around six years. With souls materialised as intelligent, talking animals, fascinating depictions of the afterlife and intelligent commentary on religion and science, it captured the imaginations of nearly 20 million readers, and then vanished into obscurity. Recently, in all their big-budget benevolence, HBO and the BBC have partnered to release a TV adaptation of the books, also named His Dark Materials. What could go wrong, really? HBO did manage to successfully run GoT for seven seasons (see what I did there) and BBC has been making science-fiction/fantasy shows for what feels like all of human history at this point. Turns out, quite a bit, actually. To Adapt Or Not To Adapt It seems that in recent times, TV series producers have experienced a slight shift in their attitude towards remakes - in a feature film market oversaturated with reboot after reboot, we've been seeing a lot of previously botched attempts receive some much-needed love. M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender was a universally-panned disaster, and yet, the original Avatar creators DiMartino and Konietzko have been roped in to create a live-action remake of the beloved animated series. So, it's understandable that we're seeing His Dark Materials once again - it too has had a somewhat faithless past when it comes to feature-length films in the totally forgettable 2007 flick, The Golden Compass. Named after the first book, the film was a pretty big deal when it came out - featuring Natalie Portman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green and even Sir Ian McKellen. Despite the big-name cast and studio legacy of Lord Of The Rings, the adaptation fell flat due to several reasons - primarily because of the script omitting key moments from the books, and somewhat uninspired performances. Natalie Portman, for example, plays Marisa Coulter - a cunning, calculative woman described in the books as one of the most morally hideous, but outwardly beautiful and charming people in the world. Portman's performance is, however, decidedly one-dimensional, behaving cold and heartless every time she's on-screen. The same issues plague the rest of the cast, resulting in a movie with plenty of theatrics, but very little soul. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case with the remake. © HBO/BBC Right off the bat, the star of the show here is undoubtedly the once-lacklustre Mrs Coulter, this time played by Ruth Wilson, who you may recognise from the BBC's award-winning crime drama, Luther. In one of her strongest performances yet, she perfectly captures the deceptive warmth and mesmerising charm of book-Coulter, while letting loose flashes of her coldhearted, pitiless interior with well-placed selectiveness. Wilson makes these negative parts of her character most obvious during moments of rage or anxiety, lending Mrs Coulter some genuine believability and depth. © HBO/BBC We also see Dafne Keen as main character Lyra Belacqua and James McAvoy as Lord Asriel - both actors, interestingly, happen to be tied to the X-Men franchise. Keen's Lyra is very clearly inspired by Masie Williams' Arya Stark, a darker and more serious interpretation than the books. © HBO/BBC In contrast, McAvoy's Lord Asriel is a bit more heroic and charismatic than the dead-eyed, emotionless husk he is in the novels - while I usually belong to the '100% faithful adaptation' camp, this change seems to work quite well for the TV series. And here's where the series proudly proclaims its greatest success - it successfully balances the demands of the medium, while still retaining the meaty intellectual themes that the previous version conveniently omitted, for the sake of appealing to kids. Nowhere is this clearer than with Mrs Coulter's agenda - she continually crushes everything from social games to academic patriarchy under her heel, all while flirting dangerously with the audience's expectations of her. As the story has just begun, there's no doubt that the series has large shoes to fill - the entire trilogy is just over 1,000 pages long, and covers themes more friendly with works of academic philosophy than fantasy. If the first leg is anything to go by, however, I'm glad to say that the decade of piss-poor fantasy novel adaptations is at an end, and finally, my inner 12-year old's wishes of a good adaptation have finally come true. Catch Season 1 on Star World at 9 PM - don't miss this one. View the full article
  13. It's Judgement Day for Terminator fans across the globe, as the worldwide launch of Terminator: Dark Fate goes live. Featuring, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, the film charts the journey of Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) and cyborg Grace (Mackenzie Davis). Check the trailer out below: Following the release, several hype-fueled fans ran to the cinemas to grab their first-day tickets - with plenty of reactions popping up all over Twitter. Several critical reviews praised the film's return to the first two films' sense of action and thrill: 'Terminator: Dark Fate' “...has recaptured the tone of those first two films. It's gritty, it's fast. It's intense.” #JamesCameron #Terminator https://t.co/LtcPsQNKfH — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) May 24, 2019 Terminator: Dark Fate is the best film the franchise has had in a long, long time, and it's coming to theaters tonight. Our review: https://t.co/2dT8S79QPi pic.twitter.com/r2QD2umW5r — IGN (@IGN) October 31, 2019 While others cheered on the largely female cast - a rarity in big, blockbuster action flicks: Like Wonder Woman, Terminator Dark Fate does feminism right, unlike Captain Marvel. It's just three characters kicking butt and they just so happen to be women. Unlike Captain Marvel, which constantly beats you over the head till you have a concussion.#Terminator #WonderWoman pic.twitter.com/tQHvXFHpQs — The Moonlight Warrior ð (@BlackMajikMan90) November 1, 2019 Verdict: With 3 strong women at the helm #terminatordarkfate places more responsibility on women rather than just being mothers to future heroes. What's more, this sequel will restore your hope in the #terminator franchise. Watch it and hope for even better sequels! pic.twitter.com/9ayoBTZQb6 — Fun Guide (@funguide_in) November 1, 2019 Some were unimpressed - several fans clearly didn't get what they were expecting. User @AgedBoomer compares the film to Star Wars cash-grab, Solo - which tanked at the box office and on critical platforms: Prediction: Terminator: Dark Fate will bomb harder than Solo. pic.twitter.com/ZUQbwEQVZh — Aged Boomer (@AgedBoomer) October 29, 2019 While others simply wanted to see the series end after the original films, directed by James Cameron - who nonetheless has writing and production credits in Dark Fate. My feelings on the endless #Terminator sequels are the same as the post-Verbinski #PiratesOfTheCaribbean movies: just let it go! Judgement Day ended the story Cameron was telling and you're all beating a dead horse since. pic.twitter.com/iP7L7I3bk2 — NTNBC (@NTNBC) October 28, 2019 Fortunately though, it seems that the new film has stirred up a whole lotta' nostalgia, all while hitting the right notes for many longtime fans. Hooray!! It doesn't suck!! :-) There's a lot to process, and (unsurprisingly) there are some really implausible bits, but I liked it. They made some bold choices, and I'm glad they were willing to do so. More to say than I can fit in a tweet. Seeing it again tomorrow. #Terminator — Datan0de (@Datan0de) November 1, 2019 Interesting take on the Cyberdyne 101. Certainly the best #Terminator movie since #T2 the initiated will recognize inspirations from comics #TerminatorDarkFate pic.twitter.com/FH7QkJqp8S — CJ (@Short4Court) November 1, 2019 What do you think - should T-800 stay, or take a one-way trip to the Hollywood franchise graveyard? Let us know in the comments. View the full article
  14. Terminator: Dark Fate Full Movie In English With Hindi Subtitles  Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Hindi Subbed Version by 1XBET !! Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) 2h 14min | Action,Thriller, Sci-Fi | Writers: James Cameron (story by), Charles H. Eglee (story by) | directed by Tim Miller, with a screenplay by David S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes and Billy Ray from a story by James Cameron, Charles Eglee, Josh Friedman, Goyer and Rhodes. Cameron and David Ellison are the film’s producers. It is the sixth installment in the Terminator franchise and the first since Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) to have franchise creator James Cameron involved. Terminator: Dark Fate 2019 – Movie Review: Terminator: Dark Fate Hindi : This sequel had so much promise from the trailers and James Cameron’s endorsement. However, it did not feel right from the beginning. The main actors did not seem invested in their characters and the emotional cues seem misplaced at times i.e. the actors seemed lost and they looked like they were trying hard to act/stay in character. Terminator: Dark Fate 2019 – Storyline : Terminator.Dark.Fate.2019 In 1998, three years after defeating the T-1000 and averting the rise of the malevolent artificial intelligence (AI) Skynet, Sarah Connor and her teenage son John are relaxing on a beach. A T-800 Terminator, sent from the future by Skynet, arrives and shoots John, killing him. In 2020, a cybernetically-enhanced young woman named Grace, and a more advanced Terminator model, the Rev-9, are separately transported from the future to Mexico City. The Rev-9 infiltrates a factory where Daniella “Dani” Ramos works alongside her brother Diego. It attempts to kill Dani, but is thwarted by Grace, who escapes with Dani and Diego in a car. The Rev-9 pursues them in a truck, and reveals its ability to split into two separate entities: a powerful endoskeleton, and a liquid-like metallic exterior.
  15. Following in the footsteps of Netflix, Hotstar released their first ever original feature film today - Yoodlee Films' Chappad Phaad Ke. Make no mistake - for a genre that's been riddled with cliches, unenthusiastic performances and dull characters for decades now, director Sameer Joshi's new film is a much-needed breath of fresh air, and definitely worth a watch - here's why. Common Man, Uncommon Circumstances The story revolves around the Gupshups - a family of four who live a definitively middle-class existence in suburban Pune. Set in the wake of Modi's 2016 demonetisation wave, the family comes across the film's major source of conflict - a corpse, and a bag containing Rs 5 crore of stolen cash. © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films Actually, scratch that - the real source of conflict is that the Gupshups are a bunch of goddamn liars. Each member of the family has their own skeletons in the closet - from secret relationships to black money - and watching how the inevitable clash of greed and family bonds tests them, reveals a depth and relatability that's unusual in Indian comedy. Vinay Pathak As The Ultimate 'Whatsapp Uncle' The star of the show here is none other than Vinay Pathak, who plays the role of Sharad Gupshup. After a half-lifetime of honest work, Sharad is rewarded with little more than middle-aged, middle-class limbo, in a society that he feels has grown lazy and corrupt - a frustration that he constantly unloads onto his unemployed, freelance photographer son, Shubham. © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films Along with the perfect comedic timing that he's shown in older films such as Bheja Fry and Mixed Doubles, Pathak meshes the character with the environment and especially its timing and as a result, plays one of the most convincing and relatable roles we've ever seen him in. © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films He conjures up memories of self-righteous, easily irritable family men. Somewhere in the shadows of his constantly furrowed brow, you'll see hints of the 'Whatsapp Uncle' phenomenon, and the blind confidence that characterises so much of his generation. Taking On Demonetisation, Three Years On Early on in the film, Sharad visits the bank to invest in a fund. This is where one of the main premises of the film is revealed to us, as the teller is shown counting a relic of India's past - the long-gone Rs 1000 note. © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films It does a fantastic job of picking apart many of the people who blindly put their faith in the system as Sharad's family descends into chaos. He even acts on political ambitions of his own, surrounded by old friends who refuse to doubt his morals, eager to be a part of something big. (Sounds familiar?) © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films There's a clear and powerful message here - the scourge of black money only seems terrible when you're not profiting off it. The Gupshup Family The rest of the family consists of Sharad's wife Vaishali (Ayesha Raza) and their children, aforementioned Shubham (Siddharth Menon) and Ketaki (Sheetal Thakur). A lot of what makes the film come alive is how immersive and real their interactions seem. © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films A great part of this is down to the actors' close bond formed while shooting. “For the sake of this fictional story, we tried to become the family,” shares Pathak. “We would do family things together while shooting in Pune! We would go out, eat together, go shopping, watch movies together… not fight, but we'd argue with each other. It was great fun, great fun.” This genuine connection succeeds immensely when the conflict in the story begins to pick up. “The idea was for us all to be on the same page regarding this conflict,” elucidates Pathak. “All according to character. We were all helping each other strive for what we were looking at [in the performance].” © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films It all adds up quite nicely - the relationships between the characters feel relatable and extends into their dreams and personal values as well. The Little Details Another place where this film excels is including subtle, thoughtfully placed cues that add depth to almost all the characters, regardless of screen time. An early scene shows Ketaki dreamily watching celebrity weddings on TV, foreshadowing the secret she's hidden from her family. © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films Another character's money troubles are revealed not through boring old dialogue, but by Vaishali noticing that the gold rings on his fingers are missing. © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films Even the bank teller we mentioned earlier (who has just about ten seconds of screentime) is shown with a solitaire game on his desktop, hidden from his clients and employers. © Hotstar/Yoodlee Films As a whole though, the film does have a few flaws. Some scenes, especially montages, seem unnecessarily drawn out, while the background score isn't particularly strong. A tighter job on the editing would've helped out too. Fortunately, most of your time spent watching this film will be spent quite invested in the story of the Gupshups. Remember to hold onto your hats for the climax of this film - it's truly shocking and leaves you with a lot to consider. Unlike Andhadhun which aimed to reinvent the Indian dark comedy wheel, Chappad Phaad Ke simply omits stale ideas and injects much fresher ones. If you've got family with a penchant for idealistic politics and social change, consider watching this with them - there's bound to be some interesting conversation afterwards. Rating: 3.5/5
  16. The year was 2006. As I sat writing my final exams for Class VI, the following question appeared on the paper: “Music is a language that transcends all boundaries.” Elaborate. Already prepared for a question like this (having our ears drilled by our teacher to the same effect), I started scribbling out the well-worded answer I had slogged over during the last few days. At age 11, one can hardly fathom the depth of William Wordsworth's eloquent words to define a song he heard a maiden sing in a mellifluous voice in a language he didn't understand. Perhaps like Mr Wordsworth who couldn't decipher the song in 'The Solitary Reaper'', my 2006 version was also unable to grasp the complexity of music. Thirteen years later, I can say that I have understood the true meaning of the question. Music is everywhere, you just need to the heart to perceive it: Birds chirping, the din of the market, TV Shows, movies, the clanging of vessels, the rhythmic clinking of the clock, the soft thumping of one's heart. I found out that my favourite kind of music was the one you could forget yourself into, like the score of a movie; the ethereal orchestral symphony which transcends you to a place where you can start envisioning the music. You and music become one, the notes seem to materialize in front of you, heal you. The cacophony of the world is forgotten. There is a fascinating charm to these scores; they are not mere theme setters for the movie. Movie scores exemplify and elevate important moments of the protagonist's life; be it Batman putting on his suit for the first time, or Nina finally turning into the Black Swan, or Rose finding love with Jack, or Frodo defeating Gollum once and for all. So, especially for you, here is a list of 21 best movie scores of all time: 1. The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012): The fact that Hans Zimmer is a musical prodigy par excellence is no secret. And that his musical score for movies is heavenly is as trivial a detail as say: the Sun rises in the East. With Goth undertones, Mr Zimmer, along with James Newton Howard, makes Batman come alive in our minds with the intense score of the three movies, in this re-imagining of Batman as an anti-hero by Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale. (The Holy Trinity of Films: Nolan, Bale, and Zimmer). © Syncopy/Legendary Pictures/ Patalex III Productions/Warner Bros. Pictures The music has been composed in such a way that it connects you to Batman like never before; music which embodies the conflict Bruce faces, the dilemma of Batman, and the choices he has to make. Listening to it echoes a tremendously powerful emotion within. © Syncopy/Legendary Pictures/ Patalex III Productions/Warner Bros. Pictures Be it “A Storm is Coming”, with its menacing, ominous tone. Or the eerie “Why So Serious?”. The powerful “Rise” which awakens a part of your soul. Not to forget “Bane's Chant”. Goosebumps! A score that will haunt you even after you have finished watching the movies. And that is the brilliance of Hans Zimmer. 2. Sense and Sensibility (1995): Other than being a marvellous movie in itself, this Emma Thompson-written masterpiece of Jane Austen's novel, directed by Ang Lee, boasting of an extremely talented ensemble cast has one of the most soulful scores of all time. Patrick Doyle's genius shines through the melodic symphony of the entire soundtrack, engaging the viewer (and listener) to relate to the struggles of the characters, be it Marianne's lost love (Miss Grey) or her coming of age (Weep You No More Sad/The Dreame ), or the anticipation of meeting her suitor (Mr Willoughby) or Elinor's strolls through the gardens with Edward (My Father's Favorite). © Columbia Pictures/ Mirage Enterprises Nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Score, there's no doubt that it deserves the praise it has got; the way it changes from a dreamy fancy to a mellow elegy, to a more serious rendition as the movie progresses is beautifully indescribable. With a classical base, the music transports you to the countryside of England, as Elinor and Marianne navigate the atrocities of the elite English social life. 3. Beetlejuice (1988): Weird, eerie and perfect for a goofy movie with eccentric characters. With Tim Burton as director, you know it is going to be a crazy joyride. Add to it the musical mastermind of Danny Elfman, and it is the best of both worlds. © The Geffen Company/ Warner Bros. Pictures Quirky, with a calypso vibe, which perfectly replicates the madness on screen, it will make you dance to its whimsical tune! 4. Titanic (1997): Because our 'hearts will go on' till eternity! Romance personified, James Cameron's magnum opus' score by legendary composer James Horner is the reason why 'Titanic' makes you believe in love. Based on soft strings, violins, and the piano, the score has an ethereal beauty. © Paramount Pictures/ 20th Century Fox/ Lightstorm Entertainment A beatific score which makes you feel that you are in heaven; be it the romantic “Rose” which plays when Jack sees Rose for the first time (and leitmotifs all throughout), the travel vibes from “Never An Absolution”, or the uplifting notes of “Southampton”. As the story moves forward, the score's feeling of astonishment and joy is punctuated by the dark “Death of the Titanic”, a sad dirge when the ship meets its perilous fate. My heart always breaks when the orchestra plays “Nearer My God to Thee” while the bandleader, Wallace Hartley, bravely keeps playing, all the while knowing what lies ahead. Not to mention “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion which has been a love anthem since the movie released. 5. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003): Just one word: Marvelous! A truly fabulous score by music composer par brilliance, Howard Shore, who created a score so ingenious for all the three movies that it can hardly be compared to another. The music is fantasy personified; there are about about100 specially crafted leitmotifs which keep on changing in intonation and tempo. What is even more fascinating is that each theme corresponds to a particular culture of Middle-earth, just think about it! © New Line Cinema/ WingNut Films With over four years of conducting, writing, composing and orchestrating, this intricate, sweeping score is a labour of love; Shore's love child with music. Moreover, it is one of the greatest scores of all times with respect to its length, soloists, instrumentation, among other attributes. With its operatic sound and antiquated feeling, listening to the score is an indulgence in itself. Another enthralling thing about the score is its nuance: it doesn't just reflect the scene or doesn't only suggest the mood, it tells a story, narrates the drama underlying in the scene. If that isn't creative brilliance, I don't what is! 6. Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961): If it wasn't famous enough for its iconic fashion, courtesy of Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly, the music is another feather in the cap of this beautiful, beautiful movie. © Jurow-Shepherd/ Paramount Pictures Henry Mancini's melodious score is a romantic extravagance which makes you fall in love with it the minute you hear it. My personal favourite has to be “Moon River” (with lyrics by Johnny Mercer), especially the one Audrey Hepburn croons while sitting on the balcony. The opening scene where an instrumental “Moon River” plays, makes you feel a strange mix of emotions as Holly steps out of a cab, with a coffee and a Danish. (All hail Blake Edwards!) Longingly looking at the necklace showcased on Tiffany's store window, lazily munching on the Danish, Holly Golightly signifies all of us contemplating over our desires. © Jurow-Shepherd/ Paramount Pictures 7. Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope (1977): Iconic! Who hasn't heard to this legendary score? A score which literally gives “a new hope”. © Lucasfilm/ 20th Century Fox George Lucas' masterpiece, scored by composer John Williams, is a movie which is synonymous with the sci-fi revolution in cinema. But its musical theme is just as fabulous as the movie; a sound which makes you fill with nostalgia and hope. 8. Gladiator (2000): Ridley Scott's classic movie has an extremely powerful score which makes you feel as though you have stepped into the action of the Colosseum in Rome. © Scott Free Productions/ Red Wagon Entertainment/ Universal Pictures/ DreamWorks Pictures Another one of Hans Zimmer's creations, with vocals by Lisa Gerrard, the music encapsulates Maximus' struggles. The music is laced with heroism, with the score expositing the valiant efforts of Maximus as he fights his way as a Gladiator in Ancient Rome. “Elysium” has a penetrating feeling; it touches your heart in an intensely personal way. 9. Lawrence of Arabia (1962): An epic movie starring Peter O'Toole, directed by David Lean, based on one of history's game-changers, T.E. Lawrence. The main theme has a mystical quality about it; a mixture of Arabian Night-esque music, Western vibes, and military music. Maurice Jarre's musical genius shines throughout the score. It makes you feel you have travelled into the sandy deserts of the Middle East; you can envision the dunes, the camels, the caravans. Essentially, it mirrors the plot of the movie: the conflict between the Ottoman Turks and nomadic Arabian tribes (guided by T.E. Lawrence) resulting in a guerilla war during World War I. © Horizon Pictures/ Columbia Pictures Not only is the music great to hear, with its loud booming quality, but it is also visually appealing, and falls perfectly in line with the scene on screen: the rolling motion of caravans at a leisurely pace, pulled by camels, along the desert. The underlying bass line only intensifies the effect. The tambourine music in parts of the repetitions of the score adds to the exotic Middle Eastern charm. 10. Back to the Future (1985): One of the most iconic time-travel centric sci-fi movies of all time, 'Back to the Future's' main theme echoes an adventurous, futuristic vibe. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, 'Back to the Future' is one of the most famous movies of the 80s, marking the second of multiple collaborations between Robert Zemeckis and Alan Silvestri (who would go on to become one of the most illustrious composers of the era). © Amblin Entertainment/ Universal Pictures The fanfare is perhaps the most recognized of movie themes; just the right amount of heroic and quirky! Also, the soundtrack has gems like “The Power of Love” (by Huey Lewis and the News) and “Johnny B. Goode” (by Chuck Berry), which are trendsetting songs in their own right! All aboard The DeLorean! 11. The Godfather (1972): Everything about 'The Godfather' is epic: the novel, the movies, and the music. Francis Ford Coppola's crowning glory was scored by Italian composer Nino Rota who is responsible for the legendary 'The Godfather Waltz'. © Alfran Productions/ Paramount Pictures Borrowing from his previously scored movie, 'Fortunella', Nino elevated the Italian feel of the music in 'The Godfather', capturing the misfortune of the characters thus invoking a tragic vibe in the score. 'The Godfather Waltz' and 'Love Theme from The Godfather' are a testament to the previous fact and to the ingenuity of Nino Rota's musical dexterity. 'The Pickup' captures the gangster theme of the movie with its bouncy, ominous feel. 12. Harry Potter (The First Three Movies) (2001-2004): Magical, mysterious and haunting. A trip down memory lane with this gem of a score, composed by John Williams. © Warner Bros. Pictures/ Heyday Films 'Hedwig's Theme' is always a tearjerker, with its plaintive notes emoting Harry's loneliness which slowly turns into a merry, elevating melody echoing Harry's entrée into the wizarding world. Will I cry when I hear it? Always. 13. Avengers: Endgame (2019): A fairly new movie on the list but kudos to Alan Silvestri's prowess as a composer who can wield magic with the conductor's baton (his personal Mjölnir, if you will), this movie's soundtrack has surpassed its predecessors while keeping the nostalgia intact. Sweeping, powerful and intense, the music sets the perfect tone for the finale of the Avengers franchise. Be it the war sequence, Captain America finally lifting the Mjölnir, the appearance of the heroes left behind (Portals), or the final Snap (The Real Hero), the score effortlessly manages to pull you in. © Marvel Studios/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 'Whatever it Takes' touches you in ways you couldn't imagine, making you nostalgic about the sacrifices all the Avengers have made to reach here. My personal favourite is the jazzy 'It's Been A Long, Long Time' by Harry James (sung by Kitty Kallen) which plays as the movie comes to an end. Such a beautiful way to say goodbye! And such a satisfying visual to accompany it! 14. Requiem for a Dream (2000): A trippy movie with a hauntingly eerie soundtrack which makes you lose your mind (in a good way!). Darren Aronofsky's unconventional film about unfulfilled human desires is made more compelling by its theme, scored by Clint Mansell, ostentatiously using György Ligeti's “Lux Aeterna” in most parts. © Thousand Words/ Protozoa Pictures/ Artisan Entertainment The score is ominous, a bit tenebrous (a quality of Aronofsky's movies) and intentionally raw. The music plays an important role in the life of the characters, mirroring their cravings and addictions, and the extent they'll go for it. 15. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): Another groundbreaking sci-fi movie, directed by eccentric genius Stanley Kubrick who (in)famously scrapped all the music created by Alex North for the movie (without informing him), was scored entirely by classical music. © Stanley Kubrick Productions/ Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Stanley Kubrick decided to go with legendary classical pieces: Richard Strauss' poem 'Also Sprach Zarathustra', the waltz “The Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss II, and “Lux Aeterna” by György Ligeti, which have since become synonymous with the movie in such a way that it is impossible to think about 2001 without “The Blue Danube” playing in your mind. His reason was that he wanted his movie to be more of an aural sensory experience, not reliant on dialogue or verbal cues, thus using grand, majestic, soulful compositions from the classical past of music. Needless to say, the peculiar decision did turn out well for the movie. 16. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982): John Williams scores (no pun intended) again with the music of this adorable movie directed by Steven Spielberg. It captures the essence of childhood: the innocence, the sense of wonder, the inquisitiveness in all of us at that age. It has an emotional feel to it which strikes a chord with the old and young alike, igniting long-forgotten memories. © Amblin Entertainment/ Universal Pictures The best part of the score has to be the flying bicycle(“Flying”)! Joy, amazement, and fun all rolled into the music. And the music for the farewell brings out tears. Every. Single. Time. “E. T. Phone Home!” More like, “E.T. Don't Phone Home!” 17. Gone With The Wind (1939): Scarlett O'Hara's trials and tribulations find their expression in the music of the movie. Scored by Max Steiner, one of the greatest of composers in the Golden Age of Cinema, the score is sufficiently heartbreaking while being majestic in its own right. © Loew's Inc./ Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/ Selznick International Pictures The score is instrumental in charting out the character development; a distinguishing quality of Mr Steiner's work. They don't make them like that anymore! Because “frankly, my dear, they don't give a damn!” about music anymore. 18. Schindler's List (1993): Composed and conducted by John Williams (such a gifted treasure of a man), marking another collaboration with Steven Spielberg, Schindler List's score is a poignant experience. © Amblin Entertainment/ Universal Pictures Sad and melancholy, it voices the underlying distress and the terrible misfortune of Krakow. 19. Jurassic Park (1993): A score which has become tantamount to peak 90s and dinosaurs, composed by John Williams (again!), is a treat for the ears. © Amblin Entertainment/ Universal Pictures The score encapsulates the miracle of seeing something so unusual that you can't comprehend it through the main theme, then going to amazement and surprise in “Journey to the Island” and capturing the menace when the park turns rogue, with the rest of the score. 20. The Pink Panther (1963): Henry Mancini unleashes his musical genius in a funny way through “The Pink Panther” (another Blake Edwards masterpiece). © Mirisch Company/ United Artists The dubious, cartoony theme from the movie is perhaps as famous as the Taj Mahal and the most overused in movies which want to portray a comical investigation. The theme comprises a saxophone tenor which has over time become its most discerning quality. The score is funny, wacky and as quirky as the lead character, Jacques Clouseau (superbly played by Peter Sellers). The slapstick feel of the movie, the spry tone is effectively embodied by the score. 21. Goldfinger (1964): Do we really need an explanation for this? :P One of the most famous and iconic themes of all time. Shirley Bassey's vocals add to the drama to the music which has become synonymous with the spy thriller series, giving a nod to its sister theme. © Eon Productions/ United Artists 'Goldfinger', with its brassy, jazzy vibe, is one of the best pieces of music in the entire soundtrack of the James Bond movies. Mr Bond's suave sexiness is personified by the legendary theme. Thank you, John Barry! So, which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!
  17. Apple has finally turned to the dark side as the Cupertino giant made the new feature official for iOS 13. The announcement came at Apple's annual WWDC event and the company showed off some applications running in dark mode. Some of these apps include Music, Calendar, Notes, Maps and Messages. (c) Apple The new dark mode will finally be available for iOS devices later this year when iOS 13 rolls out. Google announced its own dark mode feature at I/O last month and is already available to use in the beta version of Android Q. Dark Mode takes inspiration from macOS's Mojave operating system where there isn't a huge difference on the Home screen. Things, however, change after unlocking the iPhone where apps like Music, Maps and other applications that have a darker interface. There are also differences in the interface in other Apple applications like messages, emojis, keyboard and photos. (c) Apple The dark mode is not only easy on your eyes, but it can also help in saving battery life by a margin. If you own an iPhone X, XS, and XS Max, there will be less power consumption, thanks to the OLED display. Dark Mode has been a very popular requested feature as it not only conserves battery life and puts less strain on your eyes, but also looks better to look at. The new dark mode feature also extends to widgets and notifications. The dark mode is not exclusive to system-wide apps as third-party applications will also be to take advantage of this feature, apps like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Wikipedia, Instapaper, IMDb and many more.
  18. 'Dark comedy', often referred to as 'black comedy', basically is an adult's favourite escape mechanism when it comes to throwing light and laughing at matters which are considered too 'dark' to openly talk about. If you too want to feed your dark soul with some dark humour, here are 5 recommendations for your binge watch session: 1. Dead To Me If you still haven't watched this brilliantly dark comedy and need a reason to watch it, then please take our advice and do it already. A story of two opposite women, dealing with their weird complications in life, end up becoming friends with a secret that looms on their head. Very real and raw. 2. Orange Is The New Black This story follows a New Yorker who has to serve time in prison for a crime she committed long ago. The journey of how she changes completely, how the life in prison toughens her up and the relationship with the inmates is funny but a dark watch. 3. Weeds If you loved 'Dead To Me' then you'll find 'Weeds' to be the perfect watch after it. It has a similar story line of a widowed mother trying to make ends and raising two boys by resorting to selling weed. Hilarious and very unabashed! 4. Bojack Horseman Yeah one might wonder how an animated series can contribute to dark humour but the whole idea of a horse-man, if we may call him, throwing truth bombs of how anxiety, self-destruction and depression is deep-rooted in our lives and making us laugh at it with sadness and darkness is crazy and good. 5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend This is a well-delivered and a very sharp dark comedy about a woman who is still pining over the guy who left her long ago. Prepare to laugh and go 'damn that's sad but true' at the same time with this show.
  19. Ayushmann Khurrana came, he saw and he conquered. He is one of those actors who has managed to achieve the status of a star despite being an outsider. His unconventional choices have always set him apart from all the others. He has had a track record of picking up subjects which somewhere show the mirror of the society that we are living in. Ayushmann's upcoming film, 'Article 15', is loosely based on the Badaun rape case where two girls were raped and hanged. © Zee Music Company The storyline is another proof of how our Indian cinema is changing for good. Ayushmann is seen as a police cop who has taken the charge of investigating the case and you would see the harsh reality through the trailer. Kya aap tayar hai farq laane ke liye?#Article15Trailer out at 4 PM@anubhavsinha @ZeeStudios_ @ZeeMusicCompany #ManojPahwa #IshaTalwar @sayanigupta @Mdzeeshanayyub #KumudMishra @Ashishsverma @sirfgaurav #RonjiniChakraborty #SushilPandey #Shubrojyoti #AakashDhabade pic.twitter.com/ulAZCfsuyI — Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) May 30, 2019 'Farq bahut kar liya, ab farq layenge' - The trailer does complete justice to the movie and we can't wait to see it on the big screen. The movie is all set to hit the screens on June 28 and the trailer has given us an insight into what the film has to offer. The film also stars Isha Talwar, Manoj Pahwa, Sayani Gupta, Kumud Mishra, M Naser, Ashish Verma, Sushil Pandey, Subrajyoti Bharat and Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub. © Zee Music Company The film talks about Article 15 of the Indian Constitution that prohibits discrimination by the state against any citizen on the basis of religion, race, caste, ***, and place of birth. Here, take a look at the trailer: We are wondering if the trailer is this impactful, how hard-hitting will the movie be? Here are 5 things we really liked about the trailer: 1. Ayushmann Khurrana has never disappointed us with his acting skills and we can say the same for this movie as well. He is seen in a completely different avatar. He has done many films that addressed social issues in a very light-hearted way. This time he has gone all out to address an issue which has been affecting our society in a serious way. He has surely raised the bar quite high. Iss Trailer Aur Baaki Trailers Mein 'Farq' Hai! Kya Aap Taiyaar Hain, Farq Ki Shuruwat Ke Liye?#Article15Trailer OUT NOW!#Article15 In Cinemas June 28 https://t.co/K6aHLTl92v@anubhavsinha #ManojPahwa #IshaTalwar @sayanigupta @Mdzeeshanayyub @ZeeStudios_ @ZeeMusicCompany pic.twitter.com/9e43EJ6jR3 — Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) May 30, 2019 2. The trailer shows the film has an engaging storyline and you would empathise with the pain of the victims and their families. We are way too curious to know how the case is solved by Ayushmann in the movie. 3. Not just Ayushmann Khurrana, but all other actors have kept their best foot forward, going by what we see in the trailer. The trailer shows us glimpses of all the great things that is in store for us. © Zee Music Company 4. There is a way that Anubhav Sinha tells his stories. If you have seen 'Mulk', you would surely have an idea. The reality is NOT moulded but presented in its naked state. 'Article 15' is of a similar nature and well, if you have liked movies like 'Gangaajal', then we can tell you this one is surely apt for you. धरà¥à¤® , नसà¥à¤² ,à¤à¤¾à¤¤à¤¿, लिà¤à¤ ,à¤à¤¨à¥à¤®à¤¸à¥à¤¥à¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¤ à¤à¤¸à¤¾ मà¥à¤²à¥à¤ à¤à¤¹à¤¾à¤ à¤à¥à¤ भà¥à¤¦à¤­à¤¾à¤µ नहà¥à¤ हà¥à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤¬ फ़रà¥à¤à¤¼ लाà¤à¤à¤à¥#Article15. Trailer - 30 Mayhttps://t.co/RFatJF63Mr@anubhavsinha @ZeeStudios_ @ZeeMusicCompany #ManojPahwa #IshaTalwar @sayanigupta @Mdzeeshanayyub #KumudMishra @Ashishsverma @sirfgaurav pic.twitter.com/sgY5hx7Tv1 — Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) May 27, 2019 5. The way the dialogues have been written will surely leave an indelible mark on you as a viewer. They are simple yet hard-hitting. Are you ready to face the harsh reality? Watch the trailer and let us know in your comments below.
  20. The world of Netflix is an endless menu that never satiates our appetite. This week, in case you're looking for a little something to binge-watch that catches your fancy and keeps you interested, then allow us to recommend you 'Dead To Me', a dark comedy which depicts life in odd situations and is very real and raw in parts. The brilliant series stars Linda Candellini and Christina Applegate in the leads as Judy and Jen, respectively. The story is simple when you look at it. Jen is a widow who is frustrated with life after her husband Ted dies in a hit-and-run accident and she can't cope with dealing with life as a single mother and is looking for Ted's killer. Then comes Judy who is an over-enthusiastic, super optimistic and suspiciously sacchariferous to the eye. They eventually become friends and Judy helps Jen cope with the loss. It's neither a mush drama, nor is it a soppy soap opera. Together the two women learn to pick each other up and face life, one day at a time. However, there is a looming secret about Jen's dead husband Ted and another stomach-curling revelation which you find out in the first episode only, and that will change your perception about how you perceive the characters completely. People on the internet are absolutely loving it. I watched the first episode of #Deadtome on Netflix yesterday and IT GOT MEEEEEEEE. By the end of the episode was like pic.twitter.com/RlITJWuYJR — RAVEN B. (@RAVIEB) May 23, 2019 Also, Dead To Me, on Netflix is a fucking triumph. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are infinitely watchable, the show balances darkness and humor on the edge of a razor, and I am dying to see what happens next. If you haven't watched it yet, do it now — elan gale (@theyearofelan) May 22, 2019 Just started binge-watching #DeadToMe thinking it was a comedy. Then it's a dark comedy. Now it's a mystery?This show has me laughing on the edge of my seat. Also, I want to write down quotes to work into my real life. Is that wrong?#netflix https://t.co/bgcjqMKMN9 — eleni (@elenikoko2) May 25, 2019 The show is sometimes eerily real, so much that it makes you laugh and you kind of feel bad when you laugh on something you really shouldn't, because it will make you look at yourself and say 'that's me' and you won't feel great about it, but then you're only human. It also has a very 'YOU' vibe to it (another brilliant stalker drama on Netflix) and makes you think about who you can really trust. With 10 interesting episodes, this can be your weekend binge.
  21. When Arnold Schwarzenegger said "I'll be back" in 'The Terminator' (1984), he truly meant it. Almost 34 years later, he's really coming back for the fan-favourite franchise, 'Terminator: Dark Fate'. 'The Terminator' was the much-liked franchise amongst the kids who grew up in the 80s and 90s and it was the best action movie to come at its time. © TriStar Pictures And now, half the cast is back to recreate the action-packed thrill we've missed all these years. Yes, you read that right, half the cast is back! Watch the trailer below: The film is set 27 years after what happened in 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' and as always, there is someone on a mission to protect someone, giving it its truest essence. Here's what's evident in 'Terminator: Dark Fate', based on the trailer (1) Linda Hamilton Is Back Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor and her reprisal of the character after 27 years is what's convincing the fans that 'Dark Fate', as a sequel, will be completely different and better than the last few. The franchise has hit some bleak spots in the past with a fresh cast and an ambiguous plotline but this time, Sarah is back to save someone from the 'borgs again (not Jon Connor) and she looks pretty damn good. © Paramount Pictures (2) T-800 Is Back A Well The iconic T-800, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually back, making this an original sequel, from last where they left off. Last we remember, Arnie aka T-800 died in a molten pit of lava in T2 and now he's back. I am sure there's a good explanation of how and why he's back. Although the trailer doesn't show him more than once, I am sure he has a good 'back' story. © Paramount Pictures (3) This Is The Original Sequel To 'Terminator 2' Although yes, 'Dark Fate' is the sixth instalment in the 'Terminator' franchise, it's a direct sequel to 'T2: Judgement Day', nudging out 'Terminator: 3 Rise of the Machines', 'Terminator: Salvation' and 'Terminator: Genisys'. So, if you haven't seen anything in this franchise after 'Terminator 2', you're pretty damn okay because they plan to pick up the story where they left it, from 'Judgement Day'. The film is pretty much designed to be a start of a new trilogy and that's something that makes us incredibly happy, especially after 'Salvation' and 'Genisys' tanked drastically at the box-office. © Paramount Pictures (4) James Cameron Is Back B**ches After directing T1 and then T2, Cameron took a little break from the franchise and maybe that's why the later instalments couldn't match up to the first two. James is back to produce the third part while Tim Miller who directed 'Deadpool' will be directing it. © Twitter (5) Skynet Is The Root Of All problems The computer system from T2, which was hell-bent on exterminating humanity altogether is back. Although it was destroyed by John Connor, Skynet is sending a liquid metal terminator from the future to terminate a hybrid cyborg human, in the present, in this one. © Paramount Pictures (6) The Story Has Shifted To Mexico Tim Miller directed 'Logan' as well, which was showcasing struggles around the American border quite expansively in the film. Now, the narrative for Tim's next film, 'Dark Fate' has shifted from LA to Mexico. While most of it shows trains and cars, the trailer begins with a road sign that says 'BIENVENIDOS A LA CUIDAD DE MEXICO'. Maybe Mexico has some answers and hence they all bundle up and go from California to Mexico to save some lives. © Paramount Pictures (7) The Plot Remains The Same Even though the new franchise has some brand new faces, the plotlines more or less the same. We have Mackenzie Davis, who plays a hybrid cyborg human and we have Natalie Reyes, whose character is named Dani Ramos, according to the trailer and she seems pretty human. Perhaps Reyes is the one who has some connection to Mexico in the film. Davis's character is definitely taking the role of Arnie's in T2, while she's trying to protect Reyes from the new blood-thirsty Terminator, played by Gabriel Luna. © Paramount Pictures Okay, this all seems too familiar. How? Here's what the official synopsis reads: "27 years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a new, modified liquid metal Terminator (Gabriel Luna) is sent from the future by Skynet in order to terminate Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), a hybrid cyborg human (Mackenzie Davis), and her friends. Sarah Connor comes to their aid, as well as the original Terminator, for a fight for the future." Haven't we all seen, nay lived this before? Like the advanced cyborg is a threat to Skynet in years to come and it's here to protect a human from the Mexico border, even though we're not sure why she's from Mexico and what's the link, to begin with. Also, did you notice in the trailer, T-800 has aged? Isn't he a machine? Yes, we saw his character get destroyed in T2, but maybe there were more than one created back then? If he was sent back in time, maybe that can also explain why Arnie exists in the 2022 timeline too. But why has he aged? Could it be that Skynet's technology is merging with human's genetic design and creating androids that grow old, just like us? That could be an interesting possibility. We need to know a lot more than what's shown in this trailer and hopefully, they will release another trailer soon. © Paramount Pictures Although the story has jumped an entire timeline which includes Sarah Connor, John Connor and even Kyle Reese, the soldier in the human resistance, it still stitches the plots together somehow. Maybe, just maybe Dani Ramos has some sort of familial connection in Mexico, which in turn is responsible for the existence of Kyle Reese in the future, making it all a loop of how it actually began? Could be an interesting possibility © Paramount Pictures For now, we're going to sit back and wait for this fantastic sequel to come out after 27 years of watching the last one and pray it's just as good, or even better. 'Terminator: Dark Fate' releases on November 1, 2019.
  22. Wondering why you wake up looking like a zombie? Well, THOSE ARE DARK CIRCLES. They appear due to multiple reasons like unhealthy lifestyle, sleep deprivation and stress. We can't tell you how to mend your life, but we certainly can help you get rid of dark circles. How, you ask? Get ready to take notes, fellas! Causes Of Dark Circles: 1. If you are prone to allergies As dreadful as it sounds, it is absolutely true that allergies are a big cause of dark circles. You could be sensitive to dust, smoke or pet hair. This can lead to darkening of the skin, leading to puffiness in your eyes. 2. Genetics In some cases, dark circles are unavoidable. Some people are born with thinner skin because it's all in the genes. Low levels of collagen make the skin around the eyes loose. If you still wish to hide them, bag a concealer. 3. Lack of proper sleep Netflix for sure is tempting and we're with you, but compromising your sleep will do no good. Lack of sleep is one of the most common problems in which the skin under your eyes becomes dilated and you will be left with dark circles. Here's a treatment for you to consider, stat. 1. Green tea bags © Getty Images An old trick that's not only effective, but has also earned its place in the grooming section. Green tea contains antioxidants and for best results, all you need to do is place two cool green tea bags on your eyes for about 10 minutes. Aren't you feeling rejuvenated already? 2. Use Aloe Vera © Getty Images Aloe vera is filled with a plethora of advantages for your eyes. Before sleeping, massage your under eyes with aloe vera gel for 10 minutes and notice the stubborn dark circles disappear. 3. Eye masks © Getty Images Treat your drunken nights instantly with eye masks as they hydrate your skin overnight. Good sleep is just a step away. 4. Cleanse, cleanse & cleanse © Getty Images After a long day, your skin needs some refreshment. Make sure you wash your face with a mild cleanser. Any moisturiser or sunblock left on your skin will attract free radicals and we don't want that. 5. Get a sunscreen © Getty Images Choosing the right sunscreen and adding it to your grooming arsenal will prove quite helpful. Given the dangers of sunburn, shield your skin with an SPF 30 sunscreen lotion when you head out next. Plus, staying hydrated especially in this scorching heat is quite important. Make sure you consume about 13 glasses of water, EVERY DAY. It helps maintain the quality of your skin and it's an ideal way to attract women. Just Kiddin'.
  23. The much-anticipated 'The Long Night' episode of 'Game of Thrones' aired earlier this week. Die-hard fans, who watched the episode, were left rather disappointed when multiple scenes were too dark for them make out what's actually happening in the Battle of Winterfell. Well, after receiving a lot of criticism for the poorly-lit episode, the show's cinematographer Fabian Wagner decided to give some clarity. But instead of apologizing, he defended his artistic choices. © HBO Wagner said he filmed the episode in such a fashion on purpose. He said the show was directed and shot like a cinematic experience that could be viewed in a movie theatre. He went on to blame the viewers' TV settings and the quality of the screens. “A lot of the problem is that a lot of people don't know how to tune their TVs properly,” Wagner said while speaking to Wired UK and TMZ. “I know it wasn't too dark because I shot it”, said Wagner. While we appreciate Wagner and his team's intentions and effort to deliver a cinematic experience, it doesn't really make any sense. Like, why would you try to deliver a theatrical experience and make it fit for big screens when the show is not going to be shown in any theatres in the first place? © HBO Millions of people watch it on their TVs or stream it at a compressed quality on OTT platforms like Hotstar on small screens like smartphones, tablet, etc. In fact, Wagner himself noted that HBO's compression of the episode to help smooth over the streaming process, majorly ruined the experience. Then why not shoot the show with proper lighting, so it looks good on all screens? His excuse falls apart right there? Also, it's not the first episode of the show, where the scenes were supposed to be dark. We've seen a lot of 'dark' episodes of the show in the past which were quite enjoyable and, most importantly, easy to watch. So, we can't help but raise questions here when he says “the showrunners decided that this had to be a dark episode”. Yes, the idea was to show an impactful battle, but what good are the efforts when people can't even see what's happening in the battle?
  24. If you've already been using a MacBook and have enabled the dark mode feature on macOS, then you already know what's in store. iOS 13 is expected to release later this year and will finally add dark mode to iOS devices, system-wide. This news comes via a report from 9to5Mac that details the future update from Apple. © Twitter The report suggests that users will be able to enable and control the dark mode feature from the main settings page. It is said to work similar to the dark mode feature in macOS and will enable a dark theme for the iPhone or iPad. Having said that, the dark mode may not be available on specific apps and individual app developers will have to enable support for dark mode. © YouTube Other updates may include new multitasking features for the iPad and an overhaul on the Mail app. The mail app is sed to get a new “undo” feature similar to what you may have seen on Gmail and other email services. The new multitasking features on the Ipad will enable users to use multiple apps at the same time. However, instead of implementing a split-screen window, the update would allow each app to run in multiple, smaller windows. 9to5Mac says in the report: "Each window will also be able to contain sheets that are initially attached to a portion of the screen, but can be detached with a drag gesture, becoming a card that can be moved around freely,” © Twitter Another small change may come to the volume adjusting window on iOS devices. As of now, when a user turns up or down the volume, an on-screen graphic takes over your screen obstructing your view of the content behind the graphic. In fact, the volume control animation has also been subjected to memes which basically occupies a major portion of the iPhone's screen when adjusting the volume. There's no way to confirm these rumours until Apple makes them official at WWDC later this year. Until then, we can only hope these rumours come to fruition as we've wanted a dark mode feature on iOS devices for years. Source: 9to5Mac
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