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Found 20 results

  1. No one knows what will happen to Facebook in the next fifty years. But what we do know is that if Facebook manages to stay in business till 2069, then it'll have profiles of more dead people than that of living. According to academics from the University of Oxford, the number of dead people on Facebook could outnumber the living on the social network. It looks like the number of dead users on Facebook is growing at an unstoppable rate. © Reuters Back in 2012, Facebook had 30 million accounts of dead people. But now, the platform has over two billion users and an estimated 8,000 users die every single day. Based on that, it's predicted that the number of dead users could reach at least 1.4 billion or potentially as high as 4.9 billion by the end of the century. And if Facebook's growth rate keeps going down at the current rate, then it'll literally become a digital graveyard at one point with just the 'memorial' profiles of dead people. Seriously, it's damn scary. And yes, in case you didn't know, the platform will keep your account alive in a digital form once you die. It'll preserve your online thoughts, memories, relationships, and more. The company recently added a bunch of features to manage the accounts of dead people too.
  2. Cersei Lannister's famous dialogue, “when you enter the game of thrones, you either win or you die” rings a bell now more than ever. As we settled down to sit through the viewing of the premiere episode of the final season of a global phenomenon called the 'Game of Thrones', years worth of journey with the main cast relayed before our eyes. © HBO Death and gore happen to be one of the dominant themes in the series, wherein people have been burnt alive, skinned to death, their heads crushed, stabbed in the eye and what not. While the body count at the beginning of the show rested at 26, it has undergone tremendous dips and rises over the last 8 years of its existence with the body count rising to a whopping 58 in season 6 following the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor by wildfire. © HBO So talking of death, we couldn't let go of the nagging feeling that death is indeed waiting to rear its ugly head even in the final season of 'GoT', and just like millions of fans across the world, we would not help but wonder which of our favourite character might end up dead in season 8. © HBO While speculations and memes have already started to fill the internet, we decided to do some digging and got our hands on this survey conducted by Morning Consult, who asked die-hard 'GoT' fans to vote for the character who is most likely to die in the final season of 'Game of Thrones' which premiered earlier today. View this post on Instagram April: the month that kills your favorite charactersâ #gameofthrones #avengers #endgame #9gag A post shared by 9GAG: Go Fun The World (@9gag) on Apr 15, 2019 at 12:00am PDT Now, while that is just a speculation, the survey has shown that, fans believe these 5 characters from the series are mostly likely to die by the end of season 8. *Insert Drumroll* 1. Cersei Lannister © HBO 36 percent of fans believe that Cersei, the cunning and extremely ambitious Queen Mother of the realm of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros will bite the dust this season. Known for her haughty, conniving persona, she is above the feelings of empathy, and bears a tongue laced with poison. Her betrayal of Daenerys and Jon was in keeping with her true nature. How many of you want her dead? 2. Night King © HBO Next up, almost 34 percent of fans feel the Night King will be dead by the end of this season. The supreme master and the first of the White Walkers is all set to lay siege to Winterfell, armed with a terrifying army of White Walkers, wights and an undead Dragon. Will he succeed? Or will he die trying? 3. Euron Greyjoy © HBO Currently the King of the Iron Islands, and uncle to Theon and Yara Greyjoy, Euron is cunning, highly intelligent, barbarous and dangerous in a number of ways. Having a reputation as the worst of all the Greyjoys, Euron fights on Cersei's side and 32 percent fans want him to be the one saying goodbye this season. 4. Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane © HBO With 31 percent fans voting for Sandor in the survey, this original House Lannister ally might just be the one. While fans are also anticipating that the final season will see him kill off his brother Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, we will have to wait and see how that unravels. Having shifted his allegiance over the years, we're still not too sure about believing him even now. 5. Theon Greyjoy © HBO Having grown up with the Stark children like a brother, he is also the prince of the Iron Islands. Theon has been on a quest to save his sister, Yara from the clutches of Euron Greyjoy, their uncle. 30 percent believe that Theon might be the one to warm the grave before the curtains fall this season. That is not all, fans have also voted for 20 other characters from the show, who might end up dead instead of the top 5 listed above. Take a look at the stats here: © HBO Who do you think will be dead this season?
  3. All social media platforms are designed for the living, so that we can connect and interact with other people online. But a platform like Facebook, which has been around for decades, has a lot of users who're no longer alive. So the social media giant rolled out some features like the ability to assign a legacy contact to be charge of one's account after they die. Now, Facebook has announced that it's rolling out more features for dead people and how these legacy contacts have more control over the deceased person's account. It's a really nice gesture, and we're glad that Facebook is offering these new features. However, we would have loved to see Facebook fixing its platform for the living first. You know, the privacy issues that are giving nightmares and keeping us away from the platform. © Reuters Anyway, Facebook has rolled out some meaningful features, so let's check them out. First off, Facebook has added the ability to manage a new 'Tribute' section where the loved ones can remember the deceased person and pay their respects. Facebook also noted that it's addressing some pressing complaints against how a dead person's account is handled. Now, for instance, before an account is 'memorialized', Facebook will verify whether the person is actually dead. Only after a successful verification will the legacy contact be able to control the account. Also, only a friend or a family member can request to have an account memorialized. Lastly, the company also said they will use AI tools to prevent sending birthday reminders and friend recommendations for deceased users. Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said, “We know the loss of a friend or family member can be devastating - and we want Facebook to be a place where people can support each other while honouring the memory of their loved ones.” © Facebook Yeah, all these features, as we said, are really useful for the legacy contact, but we'd rather have the company focusing on fixing privacy issues for the living. Really, we all have some serious doubts on Facebook and how it handles our account and private information. If things keep escalating at the same rate and if people keep quitting the platform due to privacy reasons, then there will be no dead people's account or legacy contacts in the first place.
  4. It's pretty fascinating to imagine what goes inside the mind of a person who can possibly think of killing off a person, for the sake of cheap fake news thrills. Under what circumstances does a man take the decision to declare someone deceased without any proof or evidence, no one knows. Is the materialistic desire of becoming 'internet-famous' so powerful that it triumphs the caring and loving nature of a human being? It seems as if the answer to that question is a very strong but sad 'yes'. In another classic occurrence of fake news creating social media buzz, Indian cricketer Suresh Raina mysteriously found himself surrounded by his fans mourning over his apparent death in a car crash last week. Numerous videos have surfaced on YouTube over the past couple of days claiming that the Chennai Super Kings batsman met with an unfortunate car accident and eventually succumbed to his injuries last week. One of these 'YouTubers' even narrated the entire story of how Suresh Raina was involved in a horrific accident while he was on his way back home after the New Zealand T20I match. The fact that this man didn't even take the pains to check if Raina was on the roster that played against the Kiwis (which he wasn't), makes this a lot more annoying. Unable to handle the situation under the radar, the cricketer had no option but to make an official statement on Twitter, assuring his good health to his fans and all those who were fretting over the false news. Past few days there has been fake news of me being hurt in a car accident.The hoax has my family & friends deeply disturbed. Please ignore any such news; with god's grace I'm doing absolutely fine.Those @youtube channels have been reported & hope strict actions will be taken soon — Suresh Rainað®ð³ (@ImRaina) February 11, 2019 “Past few days there has been fake news of me being hurt in a car accident. The hoax has my family & friends deeply disturbed. Please ignore any such news; with God's grace I'm doing absolutely fine,” tweeted the annoyed athlete. The trend of making sensitive and sensational news out of thin air has led to some of the biggest names of our country such as Paresh Rawal into believing absolutely bizarre conspiracies in the past, and now has engulfed Suresh Raina into its dark abyss as well. When will this end? We have absolutely no idea.
  5. Emiliano Sala's sister Romina Sala shared this image on Facebook of the 28-year-old footballer's dog quietly waiting for her master to come back home weeks after his disappearance. “Nala is waiting for you, too …” she captioned the heart-wrenching image. Emiliano shared a deep relationship with his dog who was one of the primary reasons for the Cardiff striker to return to France before leaving for his new English Premier League club in order to complete the paperwork to take Nala along with him to Wales where she could live with him. During his time with the French team, Nantes FC, Sala reportedly lived alone and had adopted Nala soon after he joined the Ligue 1 team back in 2015. A couple of days ago, a private underwater search party finally found the wreckage of the plane in which the striker was travelling surrounding a body which is yet to be confirmed as that of Emiliano Sala himself. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) is trying to recover the body out of the wreckage. However due to the strong tidal conditions in the area, a manual salvage operation is impossible to carry out and the AAIB are instead taking the help of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in the process. "There's a much greater chance they (the Sala family) will get answers if (the plane is) recovered," said shipwreck hunter David Mearns as reported by BBC. "It's going to take a long time for them to come to terms with the loss,” added the expert. Sala's new EPL team, Cardiff City FC played their first home game on 2nd February against Bournemouth, which they won 2-0. After the match was over, manager Neil Warnock entered the field to thank the audience who continued to cheer for the team. Warnock was trying to hold back his tears while paying his gratitude to the fans.
  6. The leopard print has an undeniably important niche in world fashion, and some would argue, that it's been overdone. In fact, memes like 'Guess who's the only one who can carry off the leopard print without looking stupid? A leopard' has been doing the rounds for the longest time. Some love it, some loathe its existence. Of late, designers all over have been trying to go a little easy on the print, unless they are into hardcore maximalism. No wonder we haven't had a lot of it in men's fashion for the longest time. However, who's the one person you'd trust to bring back a dead aesthetic, other than the quirky tiger of fashion himself? Ranveer Singh did not cut corners while reviving it, and went for it full on, just like one would expect him to. He wore a head-to-toe leopard print outfit at Umang 2019. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Designed by Varoin Marwah, this killer ensemble is fierceness personified. While the blazer and the pants encapsulate the smaller dots, the shirt is composed of the layered brown spots found on a full-grown leopard. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani There was no holding back on Ranveer's part even in terms of footwear or accessories. He went for a pair of gutsy gold boots, and statement eyewear that complements the feline aesthetic. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani There's no holding back this tiger. Keep roaring, Baba!
  7. After the 28-year-old football star Emiliano Sala signed the deal of his life with Cardiff City worth £15 million (S$26.4 million), he was on his to the be one of the Bluebirds in a single-engine jet from France to the Welsh capital when the air traffic control lost contact with the plane. ICYMI | Yesterday, we announced the Club-record signing of @EmilianoSala1 from @FCNantes. ð https://t.co/sSVGMBncRo#CityAsOne ðµâ½ï¸ðµâ½ï¸ — Cardiff City FC (@CardiffCityFC) January 20, 2019 After a couple of hours, Emiliano sent a Whatsapp voicemail to his father that would send a chill down anyone's spine. Constantly complaining about the condition of the Sala said: “I'm here on a plane that looks like it's about to fall apart...” Terrified and unaware of his whereabouts, the nervous footballer said: "If in an hour and a half you have no news from me, I don't know if they are going to send someone to look for me because they cannot find me. But you know… Dad, I am so scared!" It's been more than two days since the aircraft went off-radar and British and French search parties have been working closely to find the athlete but other than finding some objects floating in the English Channel that potentially belonged to the jet, they have not been able to get solid evidence. A visibly upset Mehmet Dalman, Cardiff City FC's chairman, came forward and said that Sala had declined the club's travel arrangements as he had dispositions of his own and would be joining the club the next day to practice with the rest of the roster for the very first time. Emiliano's 27-year-old ex-girlfriend Berenice Schkair is heartbroken. In an emotional post, she wrote: “I want to wake up and all of this to be a lie. Please investigate because I cannot believe this accident. Don't suspend the search for bad weather when you only just found objects floating. I need to read that you have shown up.” Plz Godðð¼ð¹. I hope they're still out there somewhere alive waiting to be rescuedðð¼ Plz go n check the Island burhou on foot, that's all I'm begging you to do. Thanksðð¼ I'm going to prayðð¼ #burhou #Emilianosala @GuernseyPolice pic.twitter.com/DGGKlK8o3R — P.Tawies (@pim51088079) January 24, 2019 In another post, Schkair also claimed that the disappearing of her ex was the work of the “football mafia” and that the officials in Nantes should look into it. Fans of both Nantes and Cardiff City are shaken to the core and have come out in huge numbers to show support and condolences towards the soccer sensation and his father, Horacio Sala, who is in absolute shock. “He was so happy that he was going there (Cardiff), to an even bigger club… He was doing too well, he was playing so well, and then this news… There are no words to describe the feeling,” he said. © Reuters However, after two days of a relentless rescue operation, the police are prepared for the worst and have presumed Sala and the pilot to be dead. However, the search has not yet been called off. Sala worked hard to reach where he was. Making his professional debut for Bordeaux, one of France's Ligue 1 clubs in 2012, where he struggled to score goals but found his form in Niort, a Ligue 2 club. He eventually signed a five-year contract with Nantes where he was also the leading scorer for the year. In 2019, Sala was about to realise his dream of playing in the Premier League with Cardiff City before disappearing on 22nd January 2019.
  8. Just like every other Rockstar game, you can input a bunch of Cheat Codes or locate artefacts spread across the game to give you god-like skills. In RDR 2, some Cheat Codes are located in newspapers while some need to be found via exploration. You can find Cheat Codes in obscure locations such as drawers, in structures and secret locations. These cheats can spawn you awesome weapons, spawn new horse, give you infinite ammo and other helpful cheats. After finding these hints, you need to enter them in the menu to unlock features. Having said that, we've compiled a list of Cheat Codes so that you don't have to go looking for them. The code entry screen can be found in the settings menu. All you need to do is press pause, head to settings and press Y (Xbox) Triangle (PlayStation) and then enter the Cheat Code exactly how it appears below. However, we have to warn you that turning on the cheats will result in you losing the ability to save your game. You will also not be able to earn any achievements or trophies. If by any chance you turn of the game, you will spawn at the same exact spot before you entered the Cheat Code Here are the cheats you've been looking for: Infinite Ammo Cheat Name: Infinite Ammunition Cheat Code: Abundance is the Dullest Desire Activating the Infinite Ammunition cheat will grant access to Infinite Ammunition for all Weapons and Ammunition types. Spawn Basic Weapons Name: Basic Weapons Cheat Code: A simple life, a beautiful death Activating the Basic Weapons cheat will grant access to a loadout of Basic Weapons. Spawn Heavy Weapons Name: Heavy Weapons Cheat Code: Greed is American Virtue Activating the Heavy Weapons cheat will grant access to a loadout of Heavy Weapons. Spawn Stealth Weapons Name: Stealth Weapons Cheat Code: Death is silence Activating the Stealth Weapons cheat will grant access to a loadout of Stealth Weapons Spawn Gunslinger Weapons Name: Gunslinger Weapons Cheat Code: History is written by fools Activating the Gunslinger Weapons cheat will grant access to a loadout of Gunslinger Weapons Unlock All Outfits Name: Own all outfits Cheat Code: Vanity. All is Vanity Activating the Own All Outfits cheat will grant access to all outfits. Reveal Map Name: Fog of War Cheat Code: You long for sight and see nothing Activating the Fog of War cheat will reveal the full map before discovery. Unlock All Recipes Name: Learn all Recipes Cheat Code: Eat of Knowledge Activating the Learn All Recipes cheat will grant access to all crafting Recipes. Unlock All Camp Upgrades Name: Purchase All Camp Upgrades Cheat Code: Share Activating the Purchase All Camp Upgrades cheat will give all ledger upgrades and increase max supply levels Max Honor Name: Increase Honor Cheat Code: Virtue unearned is not virtue Activating the Increase Honor cheat will increase your Honor to the maximum Minimum Honor Name: Decrease Honor Cheat Code: You revel in your disgrace, I see Activating the Decrease Honor cheat will decrease your Honor to the minimum amount. Reset Honor Meter Name: Reset Honor Cheat Code: Balance. All is balance Activating the Reset Honor cheat will reset your Honor to neutral Infinite Stamina Name: Infinite Stamina Cheat Code: The Lucky Be Strong Evermore Activating the Infinite Stamina Cheat will grant Infinite Stamina for you and your horse. Automatic Dead Eye Level 2 Name: Set Dead Eye to Level 2 Cheat Code: Make Me Better Select Dead Eye Level to use. Activating Dead Eye Level 2 will allow you to manually mark targets with Dead Eye. Automatic Dead Eye Level 3 Name: Set Dead Eye to Level Cheat Code: I shall be better Select the Dead Eye Level to use. Activating Dead Eye Level 3 will allow you to remain in Dead Eye after firing your weapon. Automatic Dead Eye Level 4 Name: Set Dead Eye Level 4 Cheat Code: I still seek more Select the Dead Eye Leve to use. Activating Dead Eye Level 4 will highlight fatal areas while in Dead Eye. Automatic Dead Eye Level 5 Name: Set Dead Eye Level 5 Cheat Code: I seek and I find Select the Dead Eye Level to use. Activating Dead Eye Level 5 will highlight critical areas in addition to fatal areas while in Dead Eye. Refill All Bars Name: Set Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars to Full Cheat Code: You flourish before you die Activating the Set Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars to Full will refill all your bars. Increase Bar Levels Name: Increase Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bar Levels Cheat Code: Seek all the bounty of this place Activating the Increase Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bar Levels cheat will increase the level of all your bars. Refill All Bars and Fortify Name: Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars Cheat Code: You Seek More Than The World Offers Activating the Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars cheat will refill and Fortify all of your bars. Increase Horse Bonding Name: Increase Horse Bonding Cheat Code: My kingdom is a horse Activating the Increase Horse Bonding cheat will increase your bonding with all your owned Horses. Increase Whistle Range Name: Increase Whistle Range For Horse Cheat Code: Better than my dog Activating the Increase Whistle Range For Horse cheat will allow your Horse to find you regardless of distance. Instant Drunk Name: Drunk Cheat Code: A fool on command Activating the Drunk cheat will force you to become Drunk. Spawn Superior Horse Name Create Superior Horse Cheat Code: You want more than you have Activating the Create Superior Horse cheat will create a Superior Horse for use. Spawn Race Horse Name: Create a Race Horse Cheat Code: Run! Run! Run! Activating the Create Race Horse cheat will create a Race Horse for use. Spawn War Horse Name: Create a War Horse Cheat Code: You are a beast built for war Activating the Create War Horse cheat will create a War Horse for use. Spawn Random Horse Name: Create Random Horse Cheat Code: You Want Something New Location: Found in broken building north of Clemens Point Activating the Create Random Horse cheat will create a Random Horse for use. Spawn Wagon Name: Create Wagon Cheat Code: Keep your dreams simple Activating the Create Wagon cheat will create a Wagon for use. Spawn Buggy Name: Create Buggy Cheat Code: Keep your dreams light Activating the Create Buggy cheat will create a Buggy for use. Spawn Circus Wagon Name: Create a circus wagon Cheat Code: Would you be happier as a clown Activating the Create Circus Wagon cheat will create a Circus Wagon for use. Increase Wanted Level Name: Increase Wanted Level Cheat Code: You want punishment Activating the Increase Wanted Level cheat will increase your Wanted level. Decrease Wanted Level Name: Decrease Wanted Level Cheat Code: You want freedom Activating the Decrease Wanted Level cheat will decrease your Wanted Level.
  9. We know our review is a little late but that's because we wanted to play the game comprehensively and give you our honest opinion of the game. 'Red Dead Redemption 2' (RDR 2) is probably the most shocking and extraordinary game we've played this year. Its world is full of surprises while you traverse the old American wilderness. The game is a bit slower paced when compared to GTA V, but that's what adds charm to the game. There's a lot of action where you will be chased by bandits, there are train robberies and bank heists. Of course, the game is not all about crime as you strive to survive in the new environment by hunting, fishing and cooking your food in campfires. © Rockstar The game is about a gang of outlaws who want a fresh start and is trying to outrun the law and America's new frontier — modern civilisation. We play as the character Arthur Morgan, who follows the gang leader Dutch Van Der Linde, a character who thinks he is righteous but is nothing more than an outlaw —with principles. The game itself is based around many premises that were part of society in the late 1800s. We would encounter racism, women's suffrage and everything America was facing as a society at the time. Every character, including our own, is caught up in the middle of it and the narrative is focused on our relationships within this atmosphere. The world itself is very enticing to keep you distracted with numerous missions and activities. To be honest, we still haven't finished the game in its entirety because we want to explore every corner of the map. Despite spending hours, we still get captivated with side missions that feel like a part of the main quest. While roaming around the world, you will make connections and encounters to keep you busy with a range of activities. While playing RDR 2, you will feel like as if you are doing things just to live in the moment. © Rockstar The beautiful vistas of the game facilitate exactly what we mentioned above. The perfect white mountains populated with Bears and the greenery of the forest was probably our favourite environment. The weather too shifts dramatically where you will come across snowfall, thunderstorms and bright sunshine. Rockstar has built an open world environment credible of their stature. It isn't as vivid and populated as GTA V but it feels as if more heart and soul has gone into it. It's not all about how pretty the world is, you can call out a greeting to anyone in the world — especially in small towns and villages. You can either be rude or give a polite nod to people. There are shops where you can buy basic necessities such as food, guns and horses. The beautiful world is complemented by some amazing acting and voice-overs by actors for various characters you come across. Each character has been brought to life where these characters give you missions and tasks to protect and grow your gang. These missions are where the game excels as it is the core experience of the game. The tasks you undertake introduces you to many elements of the game which are essential to survive in the later stages of the game. © Mensxp Our favourite missions involved us getting drunk with fellow gang members and teaching Marston's son how to fish. These missions and moments make you genuinely care for you gang and what happens to them. Amongst all of this action though, you will have to maintain the health of Arthur and his horse. You will need to wash, eat, and rest and you'll also need to brush, feed and give your horse time to chill out. If you don't pay attention to these factors, it results in a negative effect on you and your four-legged friend's stamina. You will also need to wear the collect clothing according to the weather as it could get either too hot or cold for Arthur which in turn affects his health. The weapons we use in this game are obviously from a generation when guns were still rudimentary. Having said that, these guns were very satisfying to use as it felt like they had real weight, recoil and power. When using the shotgun, your enemies would punch through the air which made it very enjoyable to use. However, you will often find yourself encountering enemies when you are in cover. The NPCs don't really bother to give you any challenge by flanking you which makes it a tad bit boring. Sure, this ended up making us feel like a total badass, however, we would have loved to see some sort of challenge while killing our foes. The Final Say It's not an easy task, to sum up a game of this size. Especially when we are still playing the game and still haven't finished it as we keep getting lost in the world. Rockstar has crafted a game that is beautiful giving a lot of importance to details. Even though the game after eight years since the original, RDR 2 will keep players busy and satisfied for the next eight.
  10. 'Red Dead Redemption 2' (RDR 2) had the largest opening weekend for any form of entertainment media in history. The brand new game by Rockstar was able to beat every movie, TV, book and video game opening in history as it managed to sell copies worth $725 million. © Rockstar It is the second highest grossing entertainment launch right behind Rockstar's other property “Grand Theft Auto 5”. The only reason why RDR2 falls behind GTA V is that the latter was released on a Tuesday giving it more time for sales. Time and time again video games have beaten other forms of entertainment media reasserting our opinion about games being bigger than movies. © Rockstar Rockstar Games has not detailed the exact number of copies sold for RDR 2; however, from sheer numbers we can assure it is more than 10 million units. RDR 2 was also the most pre-ordered game of all time on the PlayStation Network and also saw the largest launch sales ever on the platform. RDR 2 is expected to cross the $1billion mark pretty soon and be one of the biggest launches for games in 2018. We are currently under the process of our review of the game and will let you know our thoughts on the game shortly. For more news on RDR 2, stay tuned to MensXP Technology. Source: IGN
  11. Do you know what's worse than a cockroach sitting on your bed? A flying cockroach that disappears the moment you try to shoo it away. The fear of knowing that there is a cockroach in your room that you can't see and sleeping on that bed where it was last seen, is inexplicable. Also, did you know there is something called 'Katsaridaphobia'? Well, it's the fear of cockroaches. via GIPHY The first thing that most of us do when we see a dead cockroach is stay as far as possible, but this man went a step ahead and held a funeral, after solving its murder case. Confused? While walking out of his office using the fire stairwell, Imgur user called The Disney Dad, would daily notice this lonely dead cockroach. Instead of walking past him, he decides to turn his life and that of the cockroach interesting by giving its death a mysterious turn. So, here's how it unfolds. Over a month's time, he creates hilarious dioramas. The story begins with the lonely cockroach celebrating its birthday with a cake and a gift, which the guy leaves next to it. Imgur Imgur Looks like the cockroach partied a little too hard, "but he drank too much at the party and vomited...He was there so long that the paramedics came." Imgur But turns out the cockroach was dead so police were called and it soon became a crime scene. Imgur Things aren't over yet. While the investigation was underway, the guy held a funeral (a good one) for the cockroach. Imgur Imgur "The stairwell was finally cleaned, and it was all taken away, but undeterred a scene appeared from the offices of the SVU." Imgur Finally, after a lot of interrogation, the culprit was finally found. And the culprit is none other than Louie the Fly from the Mortein ads. Why Louie, why did you take the life of that innocent cockroach? Imgur This hilarious story finally came to an end and just like the guy, we all had fun. The HR and his bos should just give this man a raise, solely for coming up with this amazing story.
  12. Geo.tv/FilesKARACHI: At least one person was killed and another wounded during two separate incidents Sunday night here in the metropolis, Geo News reported, citing rescue officials.One man died late last night in a traffic accident near the city's...
  13. This picture taken on October 11, 2017, shows a man (R) walking with his motorcycle through a flooded area in the central province of Nghe An, in Vietnam. Photo: AFPAt least 10 people have died after floods spurred by Typhoon rains struck central...
  14. The transgender community protesting the killing. Photo: Geo NewsHAFIZABAD: A transgender person was shot dead in the city on Thursday night at a wedding ceremony, Geo News reported.According to the police, the incident occurred at a wedding when...
  15. Rescue personnel work after an amphibious "duck boat" capsized and sank, at Table Rock Lake near Branson, Stone County, Missouri, US July 19, 2018 in this still image obtained from a video on social media. SOUTHERN STONE COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION...
  16. Image Source: INDIA TVAt least two people were killed and more are feared trapped after an under-construction building collapsed onto a residential complex outside Delhi, officials said Wednesday.Emergency workers sifting through piles of iron and...
  17. The parents argue the contents of their daughter's Facebook account are legally identical to a private diary or letters. Photo: Online BERLIN: German judges will rule Thursday on Facebook users? "digital legacy", or the fate of their private...
  18. Zsa Zsa, an English bulldog, drools while competing in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California on June 23, 2018. Photo: AFP WASHINGTON: Zsa Zsa?s 15 minutes in the limelight are over: the copiously drooling English bulldog named...
  19. At least 11 people, and possibly many more, were killed in a crash of a tanker and passenger bus in Iran. Photo: IRNATEHRAN: At least 11 people died Wednesday when a fuel tanker collided with a bus in western Iran, state media reported.The vehicles...
  20. Geo.tv/FilesLAHORE: At least one person died and three others wounded Tuesday night during a firing incident between two groups here in the city's Allama Iqbal Town, Geo News reported, citing rescue and security authorities.According to police,...