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  1. Shadab Khan, Asif Ali dropped Bhanuka Rajapaksa’s catch while bumping into each other with a force which became a subject for memes
  2. Indian plane spent 18 hours in Karachi for repairs after it made emergency landing due to technical fault, CAA spokesperson says
  3. "Is this the way you deal with students?" a student can be heard shouting as she is handled by the police and pushed into a van
  4. Delhi's 20 million residents have been sweltering in an early summer heatwave that has hit India
  5. Delhi accounted for more than 30% of the 2,067 new infections that India reported on Wednesday
  6. The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, has won the hearts of a large section of viewers. Despite heavy competition from several other biggies, the film has been able to pull the crowd to the theatres from the first day of its release. Recently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had called it a 'jhoothi film' and slammed the BJP for promoting it. CM @ArvindKejriwal to BJP:#TheKashmirFiles जैसी झूठी Picture के Poster लगाते हुए अच्छे नहीं लगते, शोभा नहीं देता.. pic.twitter.com/F25DddaZlH — AAP (@AamAadmiParty) March 24, 2022 Criticising BJP for demanding that The Kashmir Files be made tax-free in the national capital, Kejriwal had said, "They are saying make The Kashmir Files tax free. Well, put it on YouTube it will be free". However, social media users trolled the Delhi CM and supported the film. Veteran actor Anupam Kher, who is a prominent part of The Kashmir Files, too slammed Kejriwal over his 'crude, insensitive’ remarks on the film. Looks like, the politician has now taken a U-turn. Taking to Twitter, Agnihotri has shared a new video in which Kejriwal is seen appreciating The Kashmir Files stating that the film shows atrocities on the Kashmiri pandits and everyone should watch it. Yes, you read that right! In his tweet, the filmmaker also thanked the CM for finally praising the film stating that even "haters are falling in love" with The Kashmir Files. His post has two different versions of Kejriwal's statements related to the movie. View this post on InstagramHe tweeted, "Even haters are falling in love with #TheKashmirFiles Thank you Shri @ArvindKejriwal for FINALLY appreciating our movie. #TheKashmirFiles Imagine if without seeing he is loving it what will happen once he sees it". Take a look at his post below: Even haters are falling in love with #TheKashmirFiles Thank you Shri @ArvindKejriwal for FINALLY appreciating our movie. #TheKashmirFiles Imagine if without seeing he is loving it what will happen once he sees it. pic.twitter.com/LpkY1dKpZk — Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri (@vivekagnihotri) March 29, 2022 For the unversed, The Kashmir Files tells the story of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits during the Kashmir insurgency in 1990. Also featuring Mithun Chakraborty, Darshan Kumar, Pallavi Joshi among others in important roles, the film is getting acclaim for its heart-wrenching story and strong performances. Even in the third week of its release, the film has been doing steady business at the box office and has turned out to be the biggest post-pandemic hit, as of now. View the full article
  7. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday slammed the latest blockbuster The Kashmir Files directed by Vivek Agnihotri. He went on to call out the BJP for demanding that the film be made tax free in the national capital. He said, “They are saying make The Kashmir Files tax free. Well, put it on YouTube it will be free.” The Delhi CM further added, “Why are you asking us to make it tax free. If you are so keen, ask Vivek Agnihotri to put it on YouTube, it will all be free. Everyone will be able to see it in a day. Where is the need to make it tax free?” RT if you want @vivekagnihotri to upload #TheKashmirFiles on YouTube for FREE pic.twitter.com/gXsxLmIZ09 https://t.co/OCTJs1Bvly — AAP (@AamAadmiParty) March 24, 2022 He also addressed the BJP by saying, “Some people have earned crores in the name of Kashmiri Pandits and you have been given the work of just putting up the posters.” आँखें खोलो BJP वालों !@vivekagnihotri Kashmiri Pandit के नाम पर करोड़ों कमा गया और BJP को Poster लगाने का काम दे दिया! - CM @ArvindKejriwal #TheKashmirFiles pic.twitter.com/rqMNGJAd5k — AAP (@AamAadmiParty) March 24, 2022 Kejriwal also pointed out how a BJP leader from Haryana wanted to screen The Kashmir Files for free inside a park but Vivek Agnihotri tweeted about it to Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar asking to stop the free screening. © Zee Studios He went on to call The Kashmir Files a “jhoothi film”. Watch the video below: CM @ArvindKejriwal to BJP:#TheKashmirFiles जैसी झूठी Picture के Poster लगाते हुए अच्छे नहीं लगते, शोभा नहीं देता.. pic.twitter.com/F25DddaZlH — AAP (@AamAadmiParty) March 24, 2022 Post Kejriwal’s speech, a lot of social media users pointed out how he had in the past made films like 83, Saand Ki Aankh and Nil Battey Sannata tax-free in Delhi. Check out some of the responses below: #KejriwalExposed Arvind Kejriwal calls ‘The #KashmirFiles a “jhoothi” film, refuses to make it tax-free, had earlier made movies like ’83, Saand Ki Aankh tax-free#TheKashmiriFiles #DoctorStrangeIsBack pic.twitter.com/UTdFEsoqlM — प्रिया यादव (@yadav4priya) March 25, 2022Saand Ki Aankh -Tax Free Nil Batta Sanatta-Tax Free Kabir Khan's 83-Tax Free #TheKashmiriFiles - put on youtube know why ? Ammanutullah,Tahir Hussain and ISI will get angry Look at his laughter..he is laughing at the Hindus of the whole country.#KejriwalExposed#Shameless https://t.co/iXxKZmabY3 — Yuvraj Singh (@singhh_yuvraj) March 25, 2022Arvind Kejriwal calls ‘The Kashmir Files’ a “jhoothi” film, makes fun of Kashmiri Pandits Genocide, refuses to make it tax-free, had earlier made movies like ’83, Saand Ki Aankh tax-free. #TheKashmiriFiles #ArvindKejriwal pic.twitter.com/cpUQ9aSSaD — Organiser Weekly (@eOrganiser) March 25, 2022Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal asks @vivekagnihotri to upload #KashmirFiles on YouTube .. Why tax concessions ..? That doesn’t applies for other films .. Shame on you Ad CM .... Shame . pic.twitter.com/AgJFkh8orx — B L Santhosh (@blsanthosh) March 24, 2022Meanwhile, The Kashmir Files collected Rs 207.33 crore in 14 days of its release. View the full article
  8. Sources say Airbus 150 from New Delhi to Doha was at an altitude of 40,000ft near Karachi when a fault triggered fire alarm
  9. I have a pet dog and I am absolutely unafraid to say that dogs have been by far the most loyal and loving companions one can ever find. Yes, they’re different from us, they care more about food and sleep than stressing about their tomorrow. For them, love is as pure as sticking around with their humans for better or worse. And there are times when they would bark unnecessarily (or so it would seem to us) into the night, but not like humans don’t ever do the same. © iStock Except, the difference between humans and dogs is that, dogs won’t get up one day in the wee hours of the night to stab a human to death. Unlike this man who allegedly stabbed a poor dog to death all because he was ‘irritated’ with a stray dog’s barking. A stray dog was stabbed to death by a man in Delhi's Kalyanpuri area. The accused has told the police that the dog used to bark often due to which he committed this incident after getting irritated. Police registered a case under sections of cruelty on animals, police said — ANI (@ANI) March 15, 2022 The horrific incident took place in the Kalyanpuri area of Delhi and the police told ANI that, “The dog used to bark often due to which he committed this incident after getting irritated. Now, I get that barking can be frustrating. You’re tired, maybe you need a goodnight’s sleep and when you’re constantly irked by a dog barking in the distance, it makes you furious. However, there could’ve been plenty of ways to go about it, than to kill someone in cold blood. You can always call PETA, animal welfare organizations, animal dedicated NGOs and several other such organizations who are happy to step in and find a solution that would never involve killing them. And if nothing works, there are always earplugs. Today it was a dog tomorrow it could be a human. — Bandit (@No1legalbeagle) March 15, 2022And we call them Animals. Saale kaisa log hai yaar. — Er. Ujwal Rajput (@usual_engineer) March 15, 2022Bilkul sahi kiya. Animal cruelty pe bhi 302 ki dhara lagaani chahiye. — Anand Magan (@Magan__Anand) March 15, 2022 People on the internet, after coming across this incident, are calling the man a ‘psychopath’, and I wouldn’t disagree. After all, you need to be dead inside to be capable of taking someone’s life without flinching. One user even wrote, “Today it was a dog, tomorrow it could be a human.” Another one commented, “And we call them animals. Kaise log hai yaar.” There were so many humans barking from pedestals before elections, didn’t do anything to them? — incogni (@incogni_2307) March 15, 2022Humans are most horrible n dangerous creatures!! Om shanti — NITIN JAIN (@LOCKDOW10886123) March 15, 2022 There is no reason that can justify killing another, especially in this case where this pathetic excuse of a man, who probably had anger issues, chose to take it out on a being who couldn’t say anything back to him. Police have filed a case against the accused under sections of cruelty on animals, reported news agency ANI. View the full article
  10. Delhi Capitals is one franchise that has performed beyond everybody’s expectations in the last couple of seasons of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and earned countless fans. Last year, the Delhi-based outfit finished on top of the points table after the league stage and the year before that they had reached the final, only to be pipped by Mumbai Indians in the summit clash. © Twitter/IPL Their resurgence in the last few editions has made them one of the most exciting teams to watch in the whole league, and having assembled a solid squad they were expected to continue on the same path in the upcoming edition as well. Some had even hoped that they would perhaps challenge for the coveted trophy that has eluded them all these years. But it seems like they might have to wait a little longer to lay their hands on the IPL trophy. It’s because their pace spearched Anrich Nortje hasn’t yet recovered from his injury and is in a race to be fit for the lucrative league, which gets underway in less than three weeks from now. © Reuters The speedster, who hasn't been out of action since last year’s T20 World Cup, hasn’t been named in the Proteas squad for the upcoming ODI series against Bangladesh. Looking at his injury issues, Cricket South Africa’s selection convenor Victor Mpitsang doesn’t see him recovering for the world’s biggest cricket league, which begins on March 26. © Twitter/IPL Speaking to ESPNCricinfo, Mpitsang said: “It’s probably going to be difficult [for Nortje to go to the IPL]. He has not really been bowling much since November. We don’t have any timeframe on his return. It’s been a long one. The medical team will give advice on whether he will be cleared for the IPL.” Highlighting the issues that are troubling the pacer the most, CSA’s chief medical officer Dr. Shuaib Manjra said that they have identified three different problems between his back and hip but have no idea which one is the primary cause of concern. © Twitter/IPL “He is currently being investigated. He has been seen by three different orthopedic surgeons. He is struggling with loading and doing most of the other rehab work. He is not ready for the Bangladesh series. We don’t know about the IPL. I guess it’s frustrating. He keeps fit, he works extremely hard. All goes fine, except for when he picks up his bowling loads. He has got discomfort. We have identified three different problems between back and hip and we don’t know which is primary,” Munjra said. © Twitter/IPL Owing to his performances in the last couple of years, Nortje had become a key part of the DC set-up. The fact that the franchise retained him ahead of the mega auction over Kagiso Rabada is enough to tell you how much the DC ownership valued his services. While he has still not been officially ruled out of IPL 2022 but the statements from the CSA officials have already created a huge panic among the Delhi Capitals supporters. Having lost Rabada already, missing Nortje was the last thing the DC supporters wanted and their reactions on the micro-blogging site reflected their disappointment. Yessss Delhi ke lag gayeee — Predictior gawd (@gamexpr75149459) March 8, 2022Nah,tbf it's going to be difficult. Last year ur bowling attack consists of avesh,rabada,nortje. But without these guys u have lord,lungi,khaleel which is gonna be difficult. Hope nortje recovers — Faded Jani (@FadedJani) March 8, 2022Rabada gone Nortje Doubt Avesh gone ...................wow DC! — मंगलू (@imArpanP) March 8, 2022DC waale Archer ko leke has rhe the ki he'll not play, abhi Nortje ka bhi wohi haal hai — ° (@anubhav__tweets) March 8, 2022we're so screwed....... probably gonna have to pick up one of Tye or Richardson as a replacement ffs — L. (@lakshcfc) March 8, 2022Already depleted pace attack compared to last 2/3 years for DC It might be a body blow for them — jayanth avula (@jayanthavula) March 8, 2022No doubt, losing Nortje would be a huge setback to the Rishabh Pant-led side but it would open up a window of opportunity for other overseas pacers like Lungi Ngidi and Mutafizur Rahman to rise and shine. For the sake of an exciting tournament, we just hope that they rise to the occasion. View the full article
  11. Virat Kohli is the epitome of fitness and not even his critics can deny the fact that he is the fittest Indian cricketer in the current team. Kohli takes extreme care of his diet and workout regime to stay in the best possible shape in a bid to perform to the best of his abilities day in and day out. However, being a West Delhi boy, Kohli was always fond of food and was not too serious about his diet from the beginning of his professional career and only started taking his fitness seriously when he had an ordinary season in the Indian Premier League (IPL) back in 2012. It was then the former India captain decided to take his fitness to another level and he has not looked back since. "In 2012 IPL, I was my eating, Sleeping and everything habit was very bad and I was in total horrible shape and one day I just looked myself & felt this is not the example I should be setting as a sportsman and from that day onwards I changed everything in myself." - Virat Kohli pic.twitter.com/tmvqEHvzpK — CricketMAN2 (@ImTanujSingh) December 26, 2020 The 33-year-old used to gorge on a lot of street food and has expressed his love for Chole Bhature on a number of occasions. Before turning vegetarian and cutting on meat in his diet due to a cervical spine issue, Kohli used to be fond of chicken and mutton rolls. His love for non-vegetarian food nearly got him and his Under-19 teammate from Delhi Pradeep Sangwan in trouble when the duo was in South Africa. Kohli heard about a place from someone that used to serve mouth-watering mutton rolls but the area was considered dangerous by the locals. View this post on Instagram That warning didn't affect Kohli who took Sangwan with him to that place and ate but they were chased by random people. However, the duo safely reached back to their place. "He (Kohli) had been my room partner for seven-eight years in junior cricket. He used to love food, street food especially. He was a foodie, korma roll, chicken roll were his favourite. We were in South Africa with the India under 19 team, and someone told him that you get nice mutton roll at some place, but it’s not in a secure neighbourhood. Our driver too told us that food is nice but recently some fight took place around there and someone chopped someone’s hand there. I got scared, but he said, ‘chal yaar, wahan chalenge’ (no biggie, dude, let’s go) and he took me there too," Sangwan wrote in his column for the Indian Express. "We ate and few random guys chased us, but we just drove our car back and only stopped after reaching our place," he added. © Twitter Virat Kohli The Delhi pacer also said that they used to tease Kohli for his chubbiness but he took his fitness to another level and went on to become one of the best match-winners for India in international cricket. View the full article
  12. After a succession of weird and bizarre comments from the batter's social media account, Indian captain Rohit Sharma's Twitter account has gained the attention of fans. Fans of the 34-year-old hitter even speculated that his account had been hacked by nefarious characters. View this post on Instagram For the uninitiated, the prolific Indian hitter will lead the squad for the first time as the Team India captain against Sri Lanka, which is set to start on March 4. Due to an injury, the batsman missed the Test series against South Africa and spent a long time at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru getting fit to play. He will now lead his team in a two-match Test series against the Lankan Lions. Meanwhile, Rohit's Twitter account has been sending out bizarre posts since March 1st morning. At first a tweet from his account read: “I love coin tosses…especially when they end up in my belly!” I love coin tosses…especially when they end up in my belly! — Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) March 1, 2022Bzz….! Did you know? Buzzing beehives make for great boxing bags! — Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) March 1, 2022Cricket balls are edible…right? — Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) March 1, 2022Fans from all over the country started responding to the series of unusual tweets that were coming from Sharma’s account with some funny posts of their own, even though they were potentially aware that it wasn’t in fact the cricketer who was writing all those messages. Even his teammate, Yuzvendra Chahal was stunned and curious: Bhaiya? What’s happening, Sab theek hai na? https://t.co/yXDLithw6f — Yuzvendra Chahal (@yuzi_chahal) March 1, 2022Ask Afridi He has eaten cricket ball pic.twitter.com/cygWbrNtSl — Praveen (@Ungenius_Indian) March 1, 2022Today..., Everyone to rohit sharma... pic.twitter.com/2xjHPfZfyz — Sajal Singhal (@sajal593) March 1, 2022Bodied idol Thala pic.twitter.com/s19pbKFZXP — Surya (@Surya_One8) March 1, 2022Bhai chokli password rkhoge to hacked hi hoga na — Nayak (@nayakjayas45) March 1, 2022However, one of the most innovative and interesting Twitter accounts in India, the Delhi Police made the most out of this opportunity to share a few laughs with the commonfolk: SAFETY ADVISORY: No-ball is edible! If you try, you will surely get a (free) hit! https://t.co/Q9HCjxcEVL — Delhi Police (@DelhiPolice) March 1, 2022 Surprisingly, Rohit has been winning a lot of tosses since becoming the leader of the Men in Blue in all three formats of the game. Fans on social media became interested as a result of a series of weird tweets from the skipper account, and they responded with some hilarious responses. In reality, the majority of fans predicted that Rohit's account would be hacked. View this post on Instagram On the field, Rohit Sharma will captain India in the next two-match Test series against Sri Lanka. In his maiden series as Test captain, Rohit Sharma will have a lot to prove with the bat and as a leader of an elite team in the game's longest format. So far, the 34-year-old hitter has appeared in 43 matches in the format, scoring 3047 runs at a 46.88 average. In addition, the hitter has 14 half-centuries, eight hundreds, and a double-hundred under his belt. Meanwhile, India's Virat Kohli, who last struck an international century in Test cricket in November 2019, will be hoping to break his long drought. On March 4, the former captain will play his 100th Test match against Sri Lanka. View the full article
  13. Anushka Sharma appreciates a Delhi man for protecting an injured stray dog despite being called 'mad?
  14. There are only a few people who go out of their way to help a poor, stray animal without caring about their convenience or what other people might think about them. They are, in the true sense, animal lovers. In a dingy lane of old Delhi, people witnessed a wonderful act of kindness when a man treated an injured dog on the streets. © iStock An Instagram account called Humans of Delhi shared a heartwarming video of a man who was cradling a dog in his arms and blowing on his paw (which was presumably injured). An onlooker who was seeing this from a distance is heard calling him ‘crazy’. However, this man quickly shut and schooled him on how to treat animals. © Instagram/Humans Of Delhi He asks him, “Am I crazy to help this dog? We should all take care of voiceless animals like him, feed them biscuits and milk. You are blessed with hands and legs and can feed yourself so you should help these animals who can’t. He might not say anything but he loves a lot.” Watch the video here: View this post on Instagram The man in the video won many hearts. People on social media loved his heartwarming gesture and the way he schooled the man who called him crazy. While some said ‘huge respect’, others said, ‘We need more such people’. © Instagram/Humans Of Delhi Soon, the development seemed to have reached Bollywood actress and animal lover, Anushka Sharma. She posted the video on her Insta story applauding the man and wrote, "pagal toh woh hain jo insaniyat nahi samjhein. Aap toh .. (clapping emoji)” © Instagram/Anushka Sharma This made our day and restored our faith in humanity. We certainly need more people like him. View the full article
  15. There was a time, probably still is, when just the thought of being able to live with your partner would get you going…hard. Of course, raised as Indian as we are, in the beginning, that only meant marriage. But as and when we grew up, we realized that just beyond a relationship and before marriage, there is a small (rather grey) window that people call a ‘live-in’. Most people in Indian society have looked at the idea of a live-in relationship (after drugs, maybe) more or less like a stick of dynamite - explosive, and with maximum impact on both sides. And trying to neuter that explosion has been Bollywood, which has often painted the idea of living with your partner before marriage in the most idealistic and romantic way possible. © Maddock Films So, at a point, where on one end of the spectrum, people call a live-in relationship a stain on the social fabric of our culture and on another, where it is the most cherished experience of one’s life, here is a guy who is ready to call a spade, a spade and a live-in relationship exactly what it is - hard. Arnav Sahni, 29-years-old, a lawyer and a loyal boyfriend of 10 years recently started living with his partner with the thought to ‘take the relationship to the next level, but not get riddled with the complexities of the big-Indian wedding, yet’. © Arnav Sahni Talking about how he decided on moving in with his partner, Arnav said, “I had never stayed away from my family till now, no boarding, no hostel, never moved away for work. So, the idea of moving out was all the more exciting, however, marriage was not the option we were looking for, because that comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of changes. From attending functions to tending to families on each side, which isn’t really mandatory when you’re just dating, we figured that we were not ready to take that kind of responsibility upon us yet.” And just in case you think it was easy on the parents, Arnav shares that it wasn't the case. He elaborated saying, “Of course, our parents went through a culture shock. My parents took it harder than her parents and that was surprising in itself. To turn around the Indian parents’ mentality of ‘itne time se date kar rahe ho, toh shaadi karlo (If you’ve been dating for so long, might as well get married)’ was a little tricky but we somehow managed to get there,” shared Arnav. © Arnav Sahni But what came next wasn’t straight out of a Bollywood movie or a novel. “Before we had moved in together, a live-in relationship was like a fantasy. It was the stuff of dreams. But when you actually get down to it and practical nuances are added, you realize that your dreams don’t always translate into a similar-looking reality.” “Yes, there are a lot of things that are just wonderful and make you feel secure and in love all over again. But there are also a lot of challenges that we didn’t anticipate facing as a couple." © Arnav Sahni And highlighting one of the most overlooked problems, Arnav says, "Take getting distracted for instance. While people tell you all about how wonderful it is to be in your partner’s presence all day, try working from home with them, with ongoing arguments. It’s a do or die situation with a shotgun on the table, complaining about slow wi-fi.” He went on to share that a live-in isn’t the piece of cake most people take it to be. It is a continuous process that he describes by saying, “People escape marriage and pick a live-in because they think it is not as much work. But a live-in is just as much work. The expenses, the chores, and having to do your own work because now you’re in a house of equals where no one is there to coddle you anymore, is all just the tip of the iceberg.” © Arnav Sahni Stressing on one of the most crucial parts of a live-in, Arnav said, “The real challenge is to navigate some ‘me time’. When you’re living with your partner in the same house, in the same vicinity, it’s difficult to get the time you need to process your own thoughts and challenges as an individual. Me-time even in today’s world is rather underrated in a relationship, much like the health benefits of masturbating. Communication is the key to a relationship but the catch is to be able to comprehend your own thoughts and opinions when you need to.” He also opened up about the kind of insecurities that die down when you’re living with your partner. “There is a paradigm shift when you start living with your partner. Sometimes you tend to go to a dark side and get insecure in a relationship, wondering where they are, what they’re doing, but when you start living together, that gets taken care of. There is a certain level of intimacy and security that you ascend to, as a couple. But at the same time, there is a boon and bane. While you don’t worry about being insecure, you do worry about getting complacent.” points out Arnav. © Arnav Sahni Talking more about it, he said, “There are ‘fewer’ so-called date nights because your concept of date night changes to staying home in sweats and ordering in. And that thrill of dressing up, going out, booking a stay-cation is all subdued under the blanket of comfort. That’s when the concept of ‘taking for granted’ starts sneaking up on you.” Perhaps, just like anything and everything in life, a live-in too comes with many strings attached. Ultimately, it may not be as romantic as Karan Johar may make it seem, but not as bad (or even at all) as the dated society may have you believe. And at the end of the day, you need to keep your rose-tinted glasses aside to decide whether or not it’s worth it. Because as far as Arnav is concerned, he is all game! And the good thing is, he won’t be alone at winning, or at losing it! View the full article
  16. Ashneer Grover has been one of the biggest highlights of Shark Tank India. The BharatPe co-founder, who has been swimming in some sort of controversy for a while, has also been making headlines for his sprawling home and his luxurious car collection, which is absolutely enviable. View this post on Instagram Ashneer resides in the posh locality of Panchshila Park in New Delhi with his family and his house has been designed very tastefully by him and his wife Madhuri Grover. The walls are adorned with beautiful pieces of art, including some Mughal paintings and the sitting area looks well lit. © instagram © instagram I mean this bed and the room is probably bigger than our backyard! View this post on Instagram The sprawling hall to cater to guests is warm and welcoming, even if you’d believe he was a tough shark on the show, his abode is super welcoming! © instagram If we had that kind of ‘walking’ space in our house, we’d also do this all day long. View this post on Instagram Paisa hai to kuch bhi hai yaar! Jokes apart, this is no ‘dogalapan’ but a result of pure hard work. View the full article
  17. 'Cricket is a funny game'. You must have heard this saying quite often while watching the game on your Television set. There have been many instances when the play had to be stopped due to a pitch intruder or sometimes even a dog has caused the game to be stopped. But what transpired on a chilly November day in Delhi back in 2017 is something that was never heard before not just in cricket but in any sport. A cricket match between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh was halted for a brief moment after a man drove his car onto the pitch. #Delhi:Man drove car onto pitch during 3rd day's play of Delhi-UP Ranji Trophy round 4 match at Airforce grnd, Palam(Pic courtesy-The Hindu) pic.twitter.com/ExyS287wwK — ANI (@ANI) November 3, 2017 The incident took place at Delhi's Air Force Sports Complex in Palam during a Ranji Trophy match between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The breach at the venue that left security dumbfounded was shocking for the fans as well the players present on the field. India regulars at that time like Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma and Suresh Raina were playing that game. After that incident, Ishant took to Twitter to share a picture of the incident and raised concerns over players' safety. Drive in theater just progressed to #DriveIn match. Shocking scene in between #RanjiTrophy match today witnessed with @GautamGambhir I:NDTV pic.twitter.com/fNq44TlZBZ — Ishant Sharma (@ImIshant) November 3, 2017 "Drive in theater just progressed to #DriveIn match. Shocking scene in between #RanjiTrophy match today witnessed with @GautamGambhir," Ishant tweeted. Raina, who was captaining Uttar Pradesh in that match, too bashed the security breach. "Very disturbing to see our Ranji Trophy game being interrupted in this fashion today! Thankfully all players are safe," Raina wrote in his tweet. Very disturbing to see our Ranji Trophy game being interrupted in this fashion today! Thankfully all players are safe pic.twitter.com/OuErA8O6aI — Suresh Raina (@ImRaina) November 3, 2017 Fans, just like every time, had a field day watching crazy scenes on a cricket field and reacted to the whole controversy on social media. May be his coach told him - 'Reach to the pitch to drive' pic.twitter.com/mAnA1s76Xu — Shaitaan Khopdi™ (@shaitaankhopdi) November 3, 2017And here is a potential wild card entry for #BiggBoss11 — Dr. Virgo Supercluster (@SavageRaptor7) November 4, 2017Aj kal google map wale bahot shortcuts road guide kar rahe haicool — jainish Darbar(YP) (@MoriJainish) November 4, 2017fast And furious 9 Believe in My Wegenar — Himan P. (@himan_45) November 3, 2017Fortunately, there was no injury in this incident. The man drove his car onto the pitch 20 minutes before stumps. After the man was taken into custody, the match referee had a good look at the 22 yards and allowed the game to resume, extending the day's play by 20 minutes to cover up for the lost time. While the incident was not something to be proud of for Delhi, the Ishant Sharma-led outfit did manage to get the better of Raina's team. Delhi won that match by four wickets. View the full article
  18. With a net worth of approximately $400 million, Amitabh Bachchan can surely be considered one of the richest actors of the Bollywood industry. He has given multiple hits in his career and he is continuing to work till date. He is not just an exceptional actor but also a great businessman who has invested in multiple properties. View this post on InstagramHaving said that, he has managed to sell his parental bungalow in Delhi. The house named Sopaan, located in Delhi's Gulmohar Park, is said to have been sold for Rs 23 crore. Yes, you heard it right. Amitabh's late parents, Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Teji Bachchan, used to reside in the Delhi property. A report in The Economic Times stated that the house has been purchased by the CEO of Nezone group of companies, Avni Bader, who has known the Bachchan family for more than 35 years. According to the data obtained by Zapkey, the registry of Amitabh's 418.05 square-metre home was completed on December 7, 2021. Here’s the picture of the house: © Economic Times “It’s an old construction, so we will demolish the structure and construct as per our requirements. We have been living in the area for many years and were looking for an additional property. When this offer came, we immediately said yes and acquired the asset,” Avni told the publication. “Teji Bachchan, who was a freelance journalist, became a member of the Gulmohar Park Housing Society. Amitabh lived here before moving to Mumbai, and later his parents also moved. No one has lived in the house for years. The transaction is in line with the market rates,” said Pradeep Prajapati, a real estate agent from South Delhi. View this post on InstagramAmitabh recently rented out his apartment in Mumbai to actress Kriti Sanon. According to a report by Money Control, the rent for the duplex unit is Rs 10 lakh per month for two years. The apartment, which is on the 27th and 28th floor, is located at the Atlantis building on Lokhandwala Road in Andheri West. The house comes with four car parking lots. View this post on InstagramAmitabh bought the 5,184 sq ft property in Atlantis for Rs 31 crore in December 2020 but the apartment got registered in April 2021. Kriti has paid an amount of Rs 60 lakh as the security deposit. The report also states that after looking at several properties, Sanon fell in love with that one and chose to move there. Amitabh surely knows how to use his money well! View the full article
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