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Found 41 results

  1. One of this year's greatest hits, 'Gully Boy' was more than just an entertainment flick. Starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt as the lead pair, the film touched a million hearts through its narration of the journey and struggles of street rappers in Mumbai. But, if there was another thing that caught people's attention in the film, it was Ranveer's sensational performance as a rapper. The track 'Apna Time Aayega' from the film became an anthem of sorts, that not only united underground rappers from across the country, but even those who enjoy and appreciate the art. © Excel Entertainment Given the popularity and the reach of the song, multiple organisations have given the song their own spin in order to send out a number of messages to the public. Most recently, a Delhi traffic cop adapted the famous rap to deliver a message about respecting traffic rules. Check out the awesomeness here: Such a cool cop ..@Nitisha_Kashyap pic.twitter.com/L70pfPHGGP — pallavi ghosh (@_pallavighosh) June 18, 2019 But that isn't even the best part. What's insanely awesome is the way the cop has scripted the lyrics and delivered the rap at a single go with so much finesse, and we can't help but admire this talented man! What a creative way of sending the message across, when you can't help but hear it all out.
  2. One of this year's greatest hits, 'Gully Boy' was more than just an entertainment flick. Starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt as the lead pair, the film touched a million hearts through its narration of the journey and struggles of street rappers in Mumbai. But, if there was another thing that caught people's attention in the film, it was Ranveer's sensational performance as a rapper. The track 'Apna Time Aayega' from the film became an anthem of sorts, that not only united underground rappers from across the country, but even those who enjoy and appreciate the art. © Excel Entertainment Given the popularity and the reach of the song, multiple organisations have given the song their own spin in order to send out a number of messages to the public. Most recently, a Delhi traffic cop adapted the famous rap to deliver a message about respecting traffic rules. Check out the awesomeness here: Such a cool cop ..@Nitisha_Kashyap pic.twitter.com/L70pfPHGGP — pallavi ghosh (@_pallavighosh) June 18, 2019 But that isn't even the best part. What's insanely awesome is the way the cop has scripted the lyrics and delivered the rap at a single go with so much finesse, and we can't help but admire this talented man! What a creative way of sending the message across, when you can't help but hear it all out.
  3. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today announced his proposal on making bus and metro services free for women in Delhi. This plan, if implemented, will cost the government around Rs 700-800 crore in a year. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal: On all DTC buses, cluster buses and metro trains women will be allowed to travel free of cost so that they have a safe travel experience and can access modes of transport which they were not able to, due to high prices. pic.twitter.com/KVqEWDIJAS — ANI (@ANI) June 3, 2019 The AAP chief further explained that this scheme is being put in place but not being imposed on anyone and that women are free to pay for the ticket if they want. The reactions to his announcement have been splashing all over the internet and, of course, the men of this city have a lot of thoughts. Arvind Kejriwal announces free travel for only WOMEN on all DTC buses, cluster buses and metro trains. Meanwhile Delhi men : pic.twitter.com/4bKqM05O0Z — Tweeterað¦ (@DoctorrSays) June 3, 2019 Have you heard this? Is imposition of #FreeRideForWomen in Delhi a gettable task? His handle says "सब à¤à¤¨à¥à¤¸à¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¤ बराबर हà¥à¥¤" But in reality this insane showcases Gender Inequality while PM Modi schemes Nari Shakti for making women equally skilled like men. Shame!#DelhiMetro pic.twitter.com/ywUHz985Vn — Santh Kumar (@santhgogikar) June 3, 2019 Delhi Men - All set for Metro ride. #DelhiMetro pic.twitter.com/l36Mqm2JxP — Kamlesh Dixit ð®ð³ (@kash2312) June 3, 2019 The most obvious question that arises from this proposal is the lack of equality, a feeling that resonates with everyone right now wondering why a gender bias has been put in place here. And Equality goes for the toss... A girl carrying an iPhone, Gucchi bag, posh clothes will travel for free and a handicap will make his efforts to buy tickets and stand in a metro while the girl is chilling and sitting on the chair #DelhiMetro — Sidharth Dash (@Sidharth_dash) June 3, 2019 According to Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal: "Safety of Women is inversely proportional to Travel Cost in #DelhiMetro and Buses" ðððð — Vivek Jaiswal (@vivekjaiswal_93) June 3, 2019 If you feel everyone are equal, so why are you divide humanity in gender. Why every decision is based on gender/caste @ArvindKejriwal #DelhiMetro pic.twitter.com/6zHV9x5zw7 — Manoj kumar (@maankumararena) June 3, 2019 Talking about the strong women of this city, they feel that they can pay for their own ticket and the government should focus on providing them a safer environment instead. #Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal thinks the INDEPENDENT WOMEN of Delhi can't pay their fare. Instead of this they should do something for the safety, of the women, which is in danger in the capital. Best example of vote bank politics.ðð #DelhiMetro — Shraddha singh (@shraddha_singh7) June 3, 2019 @AAP will crush #DelhiMetro eventually....just for votes.#Freebies hinders development. Metro needs money to function to maintain itself. I'm perfectly capable to pay for it and I'll. https://t.co/I0CnFF1Hke — Ankita Singh (@DelhiteAnkita) June 2, 2019 With all due respect, women in Delhi didn't ask for a free pass to ride when they voted for Kejriwal ji, they had voted for the safe environment promised to them. https://t.co/5AtSuFKFzt — Priyanka Chaturvedi (@priyankac19) June 3, 2019 Stop being so regressive @arvindkejriwal. While Women can afford their tickets, what they require is safety. Only exemption made should be for the economically weaker sections without the gender discrimination. #DelhiMetro — Geetika Swami (@SwamiGeetika) June 3, 2019 the AAP government feels that this move is a step and an investment towards women safety, but the majority of the population in Delhi, including the women, refuse to agree. While his intentions might be well, one cannot help but also agree with the people that the women of this city need safety first, not free metro rides.
  4. If Dhoni belonged to an older time, when the game of cricket was not equipped with the kind of technology that it is today, he would have been considered just an average wicket-keeper who loved to appeal on useless stumpings. Not because he would have been terrible at his job but because his timing and quickness aren't meant for the naked eye to judge. After missing the games against SunRisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians, Mahendra Singh Dhoni returned to the field in the yellow jersey and instantly contributed immensely towards the winning ways of Chennai Super Kings in every manner he possibly could. While playing an unbeaten innings during which he scored 44 off just 22 deliveries while hitting four 4s and three 6s, Mahi helped his side make a 179-run total, and it was his behind-the-wicket skills that stunned the audience, umpires and opponents, alike. Do not mess with MSD's gloves https://t.co/MKb12I658q via @ipl — gujjubhai (@gujjubhai17) May 1, 2019 The action took place in the 12th over when Chris Morris came to the aide of a struggling Delhi Capitals but then Dhoni had other plans for the Proteas all-rounder. With Ravinder Jadeja delivering the first ball to the South African, he missed it by a tad bit, while lifting his back foot for a tiny fraction of a second and that's all Dhoni needed. It took Dhoni all of 0.16 seconds to collect the ball and smash the bails off the stumps followed by a confident appeal to the leg umpire who went to the third umpire without hesitation. After going through the moment frame by frame, the final result was that Morris was indeed out. Two deliveries later, it was MS Dhoni time once again when Capitals skipper, Shreyas Iyer lifted his foot for even a tinier fraction and Dhoni dismissed him in 0.11 seconds. Watching Dhoni put to work his unbelievable reflexes, his fans took to Twitter to show pity towards speed: Speed to Dhoni : pic.twitter.com/MYfbMz64MX — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) May 1, 2019 24 frames per second and one and only frame in which the batsman has his leg in air, MS Dhoni stumps. SKILL BEYOND QUANTUM PHYSICS. pic.twitter.com/W2oZ9Gv6Xl — Neeche Se Topper (@NeecheSeTopper) May 1, 2019 Everyone else : Love is in the air. Dhoni: Foot is in the air ð» #CSKvDC pic.twitter.com/gyfWPV3Uul — D. (@d1ksha_) May 1, 2019 *After 20 years* *A wicket keeper stumps* Dhoni fans: pic.twitter.com/FrXGAMhEg6 — Silly Point (@FarziCricketer) May 1, 2019 When the batsman lifts his leg for a fraction of a second. 1. Bowler 2. Dhoni pic.twitter.com/h1cvz8mYGP — Sagar (@sagarcasm) May 1, 2019 Dhoni can even stump the almighty God. #CSKvDC pic.twitter.com/uc6qpHmo84 — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) May 1, 2019 #CSKvDC #Dhoni Thunder God Lightning God pic.twitter.com/EzS5iePRo1 — Sá´É´á´á´á´ (@Sanket_HR) May 1, 2019
  5. In what initially felt like a show completely run by the home team, Rajasthan Royals, the young guns of Delhi Capitals were successful in snatching the win from right under their noses as opener Prithvi Shaw and keeper-batsman Rishabh Pant along with veteran Shikhar Dhawan shine in the second innings of the match. The Capitals looked in the winning attitude ever since the beginning and an impressive to of 191 felt like a rather comfortable chase, especially with the kind of opening partnership established by two of the more talented batsmen who have represented Team India in the past. With Shaw's strategic yet powerful batting and Dhawan's brutal beating, the duo was able to post a 50-run partnership in less than six overs. .@SDhawan25 REACHES HIS FOURTH FIFTY OF THIS @IPL SEASON! ðª GABBAR, WE LOVE YOU! ð#RRvDC #ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals pic.twitter.com/43h5MaIgyV — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) April 22, 2019 Once Gabbar was dismissed by keeper Sanju Samson in a cheeky stumping and Delhi skipper Shreyas Iyer was forced to leave the pitch early, it was Rishabh Pant's time to hold the fort with his buddy, Shaw. The 19-year-old continued to stick to the crease for enough time for Pant to comfortably settle in, while also scoring at his own pace to keep the contest at hand. Scoring 78 off just 36 balls, Pant played a brilliant match-winning knock and was rewarded for his performance with the 'Man of the Match' award as the two went on to establish a 53-run-partnership in 31 balls. The camaraderie was seen yet again when the duo was asked to interview one another after the match. “I was really confident because you (Prithvi) were also playing by my side. I thought we would finish the game together,” Pant told his teammate. Pant also described the winning moment when he finished the game with a six and the team's special advisor, Sourav Ganguly lifted him in celebration. Rishabh pant â¦@RishabPant777â© â¦@ParthJindal11â© u deserve this .. u r wow pic.twitter.com/tTYgWrZZpH — Sourav Ganguly (@SGanguly99) April 22, 2019 “He (Ganguly) wanted me to finish a good match for the team and when it finally happened, it was a great experience, especially when Sourav sir lifted me up,” Pant told Shaw. With the heroic display of “showing up in the crunch”, the young duo helped their franchise reach atop the IPL Points Table, going two points ahead of the reigning champions, Chennai Super Kings. The same team that ranked last in the league a year ago, are at the top now. Maybe changing their name did bring them good luck, huh?
  6. The 2019 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is already proving to be a scintillating affair. The 39 games in the tournament so far, have been full of exciting duels that have managed to capture the imagination of cricket fans. But, apart from catching all the cricketing action through various mediums, the fans have also relished numerous fantasy sports platforms that continue to garner engagement. While a bit of cash and some bragging rights continue to entice the fans, the rise of fantasy sports platforms has also allowed individuals to test their knowledge of the game and players involved. But, picking the winning team is far more than difficult than it seems. Anyone can pick players on their star value, but those who've found themselves addicted to the fantasy leagues would agree that it requires a careful deliberation of facts, figures and performances of the cricketers before one drafts them in what can potentially become a winning team. With Match 40 of the season pitting Delhi Capitals (DC) against Rajasthan Royals (RR) at the Sawai Mansingh stadium in Jaipur tonight, here's a look at the Dream XI you can pick that to trump your mates and earn some cash in the fantasy sports leagues: Captain & His Deputy © Twitter/@IPL Arguably one of the most difficult decisions to make in the fantasy sports league, picking the right captain and his deputy can undoubtedly make or break your chances. Going into tonight's clash, it will be a big mistake if you appoint anyone other than Kagiso Rabada as captain and Steve Smith as the vice-captain of the team. Undeniably one of the most effective bowlers across formats in international cricket, Rabada has been the bowling spearhead of Delhi this season. The South African has immense knowledge of the game which allows him to read the situations well and, thereon, act accordingly. His consistency will the ball can be ascertained from the fact that he currently leads the list of leading wicket-takers with 21 scalps in 10 games. While Rabada has been pivotal for Delhi, Smith, after a bit of hiccup, seems to have found his form to establish himself as a vital cog in Rajasthan's batting line-up. The Australian batting sensation has amassed 245 runs in eight games so far in the tournament. And, his unbeaten knock of 59 runs in the last game paved way for Rajasthan's five-wicket triumph over Mumbai Indians (MI). The Man Behind The Stumps © Twitter/@IPL When it comes to the wicket-keeping duties in India, none comes close to the stature of MS Dhoni. But, in today's game, the choice of selecting a wicket-keeper between Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson is quite obvious. There is little doubt over the capabilities of Pant behind the stumps. Dhoni's pupil has been the first-choice keeper for Delhi and continues to prove his worth with the gloves. His lightning-quick glovework led to the end of dangerous KL Rahul and Mandeep Singh in the last game against Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). And, the fact that he is a prolific batsman, further makes him a great addition to your Dream XI. The World Cup snub might have dampened his mood, but make no mistake, Pant will leave no stone unturned to use the ongoing IPL season as a platform to question the Indian selectors over their surprise decision. Jack Of All Trades © Twitter/@IPL Deriving a right mix of all-rounders is another crucial task that can help you rake in the points, and in turn, the moolah. Their ability to make their presence felt in almost all facets of the game make the all-rounders a vital cog in any dream team. So, for tonight's game, a winning dream team must include the likes of Riyan Parag and Axar Patel. The belligerence of 17-year-old Parag turned out to be Rajasthan's mantra of success when he overshadowed Smith during the course of their match-winning partnership against Mumbai in the last match. When it comes to the bowling department, the U-19 World Cup winner's leg-break can also do the trick. While he might not have taken a single wicket in the two games he has played so far, the third youngest player to feature in the IPL should still be a valuable pick for any dream team. If Parag has come into his own for Rajasthan, Patel has been quietly doing the job for Delhi this season. The left-arm spinner has taken six wickets in eight games this season. And, his impressive figures of 2-22 in the last game also contributed in Delhi's five-wicket win over Punjab. Batting down the order, Patel hasn't had many opportunities, but the fact that his strike-rate is 135 and he has slammed six fours and three sixes, proves that he can come in handy with the willow. The Bat-Wielding Warriors © Twitter/@IPL The likes of Smith and Shikhar Dhawan forge a formidable opening pair for any dream team. While Smith looks to build on his form for Rajasthan, Dhawan's rediscovery with the willow has eased the burden on Delhi's middle-order. The Indian opener is currently the leading run-getter for Delhi with 347 runs in 10 games to his name. And, his 41-ball 56 against Punjab proved to be a key contribution for Delhi in the last match. In a bid to bolster the batting line-up, Shreyas Iyer can also prove to be a valuable addition to your dream team, surely boosting the chances of raking in key points. The Delhi skipper possesses all the shots in his armoury and has the capability of taking on any bowling attack. He has amassed 327 runs in 10 games and his unbeaten 58 in the last game against Punjab was pivotal in Delhi's five-wicket triumph. Last, but not the least, Sherfane Rutherford (a wild pick) is the final batsman in our dream team for tonight's game. Often labelled as Guyana's Andre Russell, the 20-year-old might be an unknown commodity in the IPL, but that shouldn't overshadow his ability to hit the ball far and long. The swashbuckling left-hander is an exciting young talent who is rapidly rising through the ranks. Apart from that, Rutherford's medium pace can also help you grab some points. The Bowling Demons © Twitter/@IPL Fire-breathing Rabada leads the bowling attack for our dream team. The South African has made the most of the new ball and has the ability to strike in the middle overs to give Delhi vital breakthroughs. He would be well assisted by Jofra Archer, another bowler who has managed to make the tournament his own with impressive performances. Archer was dealt with a heavy blow after he was snubbed by the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for the ICC World Cup. But, just like Pant, Archer would be eager to take in a positive stride and make the most of his time in the IPL this season. In the spin-bowling department, the likes of Sandeep Lamichhane and Shreyas Gopal should have you covered. Both the spinners have done well for their respective sides this season and could help you extract key points in tonight's game. Dream XI: Kagiso Rabada (c), Steve Smith (vc), Rishabh Pant (wk), Riyan Parag, Axar Patel, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer, Sherfane Rutherford, Sandeep Lamichhane, Jofra Archer and Shreyas Gopal.
  7. Currently sitting at the fourth place on the Indian Premier League's points table, the Shreyas Iyer-led Delhi Capitals announced the inception of their very first season of 'gully cricket' championship which will take place between 13th April and 5th May 2019. In what is expected to be one of Delhi NCR's biggest tennis ball cricket tournaments, the Delhi Capitals Gully Cricket Championship is scheduled across 127 matches through the month and will be spread across eight zones and will be played in eight different venues across the city. With a total of 96 teams and more than 860 cricketing fans from in and around the capital taking part in the contest, each team must go through at least 11 games in the Zonal Round in order to then qualify for the City Finals. Dilliwalon, thank you for such an amazing response to the ultimate open tennis ball tournament! *Registrations are now closed* Kaun banega @DaikinIndia Gully Cricket ka asli champion? Ho jaao taiyyaar, ab aayega mazza!#ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals pic.twitter.com/kCybeC6NMi — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) April 10, 2019 "Delhi Capitals is proud to bring back the concept of gully cricket to the streets of the city. Gully cricket is something that all cricket fans and players enjoy participating in, and with this initiative, Delhi Capitals wants to bring back the gully cricket culture to the streets of New Delhi,” said Dhiraj Malhotra, CEO, Delhi Capitals. The total number of players per squad is 9 which includes seven active players and two substitutes who are allowed to replace players only as fielders but not as a batsman or a bowler. One player from every team is allowed to bowl three overs, upon the discretion of the team while all the others can deliver only two overs per innings. However, the most exciting aspect of the game is that of a 'Power-Over' during which the batting team is allowed to double the runs scored. The twist is that if a wicket falls during the Power-Over, it will also lead to five runs being deducted from the batting side's total. Intezaar hua khatam â Let the games begin Here's the complete schedule of our @DaikinIndia Gully Cricket Championship. Stay tuned with us for all the updates! Note - All teams are requested to report 45 minutes before their match timings.#ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals pic.twitter.com/WJN4Quynu1 — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) April 12, 2019 While the idea of a franchise as big as Delhi Capitals organising a grassroot-level competition is commendable in itself, these small alterations to the rules of the game make it that much more exciting and fun.
  8. Remember PewDiePie's 'Bitch Lasagna' and the more recent 'Congratulations' diss tracks against T-Series? Yeah, those videos have now been taken down from YouTube. Why? Well, T-Series filed a petition with the Delhi High Court against those music videos. The court reviewed the videos and found them to be offensive, following which it asked YouTube to pull them down. (c) Youtube According to a Bar&Bench report, the Delhi High Court gave strict orders to YouTube, directing them to remove the two songs published by Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie from its platform. “The interim order was granted by a Single Judge Bench of Justice Jayant Nath in a suit preferred by T-Series owner Super Cassettes Pvt Ltd., seeking to permanently restrain Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, from uploading the songs titled 'T-Series Diss Track/Bitch Lasagna' and 'Congratulations'," said the report. The High Court apparently found the content of the video and even the comments on the video abusive, vulgar, and also racist in nature. Hence, the court decided that it would be best if those videos were taken down.
  9. Born in the locality of Behala in Kolkata, Sourav Chandidas Ganguly has been one of the most successful Indian cricketers, period. His aggressive batting style along with his eventually developed bowling and his relentless methods of leading a team as prestigious as the Men in Blue has left no doubt in the minds of the cricket-mad people of the country and those abroad. However, when 'Dada' decided to take up the role of a 'Special Advisor' to the Ricky Ponting-coached Delhi Capitals ahead of the 2019 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) little did he realise that his secondary role of being the president of the Cricket Association of Bengal might become somewhat of a hurdle of him being actively involved in the biggest cricketing league within India. Concerned about the possibility of 'conflict-of-interest' given the former Indian skipper's dual-role within the cricket fraternity of India, three fans of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) had written to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Ombudsman and Ethics Officer, DK Jain. The trio demanded a convincing justification from the former KKR captain with regards to the move he made in March. © Twitter/@IPL According to the Press Trust of India (PTI) , this is how the cricketer responded: "In my respectful submission there is no direct or indirect interest, compromising roles, commercial conflict, prior relationship or position of influence within the meaning of the BCCI Constitution which may deter my involvement with the Delhi Capitals." Having said that, ever since Ganguly has assumed the role of the 'Special Advisor' to the Delhi-based franchise, no one has been able to articulate what exactly is the legend going to be doing in his new journey with the Capitals. When Dada has first joined the team, Times of India reported that he would be working closely with the head-coach Ricky Poting. And recently when TOI asked the Australian about his relationship with his former rival, Ponting said that the two think in a similar fashion. "We have got very similar ideas and views on the game which has made us work well together. I love working with him." Even then, not even the head-coach himself, could describe Ganguly's role with the team. The closest to what felt like an actual contribution by the Bengali cricketer, according to Poting, was that Ganguly was spending time with all the southpaw batsmen of the team such as Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant, getting them ready for the Eden pitch, but is that it? © Twitter/@IPL What's worse is that not even the official website for the franchise acknowledges him as a member of the team, neither as one of the coaches nor as a staff member. Jeopardising an honourable role, one that of the president of a cricket board of a region, therefore doesn't quite settle in with the lack of recognition Dada is getting in return.
  10. While Sara Ali Khan maybe the new talk of the town when it comes to Bollywod, she's certainly an old timer where traffic rules are concerned. We say that because a few days ago Sara was spotted in Delhi, with Kartik Aaryan during the 'Love Aaj Kal 2' shoot. They both were seen on a bike and while Sara was riding pillion, she didn't have a helmet on, breaking an absolute important traffic rule. © Instagram A video of the two on a bike, without Sara wearing a helmet, went viral as well. @dtptraffic @DelhiPolice @CPDelhi pL note that Sara Ali khan having instagram account https://t.co/UdynVSlm8A has been riding pillion on a 2 wheeler on the streets of Delhi Without a Head Protective Helmethttps://t.co/YlijE0PodR https://t.co/ctrOxxs7gX reg No DL 35 CK O215 pic.twitter.com/cT7hPcyqop — Stinger Bee #NyayForIndia (@joerave) 17 March 2019 Now, according to reports, a complaint has been filed against Sara for disobeying basic traffic rules and not wearing a helmet, and Delhi Police is reportedly looking in to the matter closely. The police have sent her a notice and have said they wouldn't excuse her and take action against her callousness, under the Motors Vehicle Acts, after facts pertaining to the incident are received, perused and verified. Koki &Sara ðð ð from the set of #loveajkal2 خب بÙاخر٠بعد از اÛÙ ÙÙ٠حاشÛ٠دÙÙÛÙ ÙÛÙ٠از پرÙÚÙ Û Ø§ÙتÛاز عÙÛ Ø¨Ø§ سارا ٠کارتÛÚ© ÙÙتشر شد Ø ÙÙØ· ÙبخÙد سارا ر٠باشÛد ðððÚرا اÙÙدر اÛÙا عشÙ٠با ÙÙ ØØØ . . .follow @kartikaaryan_iranianfc for more update . . . . . #filmfare #sartik #salmankhan #karanjohar #ranveersingh #sushantsinghrajput #kedarnath #deepikapadukone #rohitshetty #katrinakaif #ranbirkapoor #aceofspace #sonuketitukisweety #bollywood #zero #actors #gameofthrones #simmba #gullyboy #toodles #blockbuster #lukachuppi #kritisanon #queen #khan #shahrukhkhan #bollywood @kartikaaryan @saraalikhan95 ð«ð . A post shared by KAð®ð·(f4f) (@kartikaaryan_iranianfc) on Mar 17, 2019 at 4:34am PDT When this video came out, Sara was heavily trolled on social media for not wearing a helmet, while Kartik wore one; and hence now she will face the consequences according to Delhi Police. Well, all we can say is better luck next time Sara and we hope the repercussions aren't all that bad for you. For now, we'll just wish you luck for 'Love Aaj Kal 2'.
  11. Delhi Capitals (DC), the team which has seen a different side of themselves after the change in their name, have given a decent performance in the 2019 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Winning three games out of the six they have played so far, Delhi have managed to maintain the fifth spot in the league table, courtesy the skipper; Shreyas Iyer. Always leading the team from the front, Iyer has been a crucial part of the DC in all the matches they have played till now. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Delhi Capitals (@delhicapitals) on Apr 7, 2019 at 7:23am PDT Starting off by scoring decent 30's and 40's in the first few matches, the DC captain managed to score a mind-boggling 67 against the wounded Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in their home ground on Sunday. Handing RCB their sixth consecutive loss by defeating them by four wickets, Iyer did not only win the match but also earned the third place in the race for 'The Orange Cap' by scoring 215 runs in all the six matches he has played. Now, settling with the perfect combination of his team, the Mumbai lad is at least expected to take his team, Delhi Capitals to the top four by the end of the season, if not winning the trophy.
  12. The new era of Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League has proven to be a better one than their previous seasons so far. Winning three matches out of six, they have managed to grab the fifth position in the points table as of now. The joint forces of the coach, Ricky Ponting and the mentor Sourav Ganguly, have helped them improve as a team in every match they have played till now. Despite having a decent batting side, inclusive of Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant and Shikhar Dhawan, their bowling department is the one which has won all the games for them till now. And leading that department from the front is none other than the South African star bowler, Kagiso Rabada. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Delhi Capitals (@delhicapitals) on Apr 7, 2019 at 5:24am PDT Being retained by the team for this season also, Rabada has proven his worth time and again. From bowling the crucial yorker to the Ruthless Andre Russell in the super-over against Kolkata Knight Riders, to taking out the dangerous duo of Virat Kohli and Ab De Villiers in the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rabada has not only won the games for his team but has also become the rightful owner of “the Purple cap,” with 11 wickets in the bag. With eight games still to go, let's hope Rabada continues his epic run for the Delhi Capitals.
  13. Making a name for himself during the Under-19 World Cup in 2014, the South African international cricketer, Kagiso Rabada has been one of the greatest wildcards in the twelfth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Drafted by the Delhi Daredevils in 2017 for his impressive pace attack the kid has come a long way from warming benches during the peak season. After missing out on the entire 2018 year with a terrible back injury, the youngster is back to the field looking for blood. Having played all five matches with the newly named Delhi Capitals, the 23-year-old has taken the responsibility of becoming his franchise's best bowler. Delivering a total of 19.1 overs throughout the tournament, Rabada has given away a total of 154 runs with an economy of 8.03 and 22.00 average. While not one of the most economical bowlers in the league, his ability to take wickets (7) has provided him with the third spot in the race for the extremely desirable Purple Cap. Kagiso Rabada.....unbelievable stuff. Execution of high quality skill under extreme pressure. #DCvKKR #IPL — Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) March 30, 2019 With still a couple of years in his hand to reach his prime, Rabada has only shown massive improvement in international cricket in the last year. His blazing fast bowling combined with the finesse of Trent Boult and Ishant Sharma makes for a great bowling lineup for Delhi.
  14. Diljit Dosanjh's wax statue was just unveiled at the Madame Tussauds museum in New Delhi. While the statue was all set to be unveiled on February 28th, Diljit waited for a month as a mark of respect for the Pulwama terror attack victims. © Instagram/diljitdosanjh The statue features an ultra fashionable avatar of Diljit, Gucci-ed up top to bottom, but what we simply can't help but fixate on, is the accuracy with which they have fashioned his favourite accessory - an indispensable part of the outfit. © Instagram/diljitdosanjh We are talking about the Gucci Dapper Dan necklace, worth a whopping Rs 2.4 lakhs, that Diljit wears all the time. © Instagram/diljitdosanjh © Instagram/diljitdosanjh © Lyst He has worn the necklace with a number of outfits and carries it off like there's no tomorrow. Clearly, he is just as enamoured by the apt addition as we are. © Instagram/diljitdosanjh This is one of the best renditions of a Bollywood celebrity when it comes to a wax statue, tbh. Congratulations, Diljit. To many more for the future!
  15. Defending Indian Premier League champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) seem to have a tight command on the tournament right from the very beginning. After winning the first match quite comfortably against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), CSK stepped into Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium on Tuesday, to play Delhi Capitals (DC) in their first away match of IPL 2019. Too late experienced to be fazed by away conditions, CSK once again restricted Delhi to the score of 147, courtesy DJ Bravo, who took crucial wickets of the dangerous Rishabh Pant and Colin Ingram in the 16th over and then took the opener Shikhar Dhawan by surprising him in his next over itself. View this post on Instagram Moves from ð¹ð¹, brought to ð®ð³ by @djbravo47 ð Celebrating 3 huuuge wickets with a jig the #VIVOIPL has grown to love ð #DCvCSK A post shared by IPL (@iplt20) on Mar 26, 2019 at 8:57am PDT Being backed by Shardal Thakur and Imran Tahir under the Delhi skies gave Bravo an advantage to take wickets while the pressure was built at the other end. Bagging three wickets in this match and already having a wicket from the last match, took Bravo's total wicket count to four, which places him on the second position for the Purple Cap run, right after his teammate Imran Tahir who bags the first spot on the basis of better economy rate. It was the cherry on the cake for the 35-year-old allrounder as apart from getting the wickets, he also got to score the winning runs for his team to take them to victory with two balls to spare.
  16. The twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) began with a promise of a scintillating contest between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) which pitted iconic stars MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli against each other. But, thanks to a raging turner at the MA Chidambaram stadium, the match turned out to be a hunting ground for spinners as CSK romped to a seven-wicket win. It was definitely not the kind of contest fans were hoping for, but it did the job for Chennai in attaining two crucial points. But, the two matches on 24th March had no shortage in terms of blistering knocks and towering hits. While Andre Russel's blazing 19-ball 49 powered Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) to a six-wicket win over Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), the third match of the season saw Rishabh Pant going hammer and tongs in his blitzkrieg of 27-ball 78 to pave way for Delhi Capitals' 37-run triumph over Mumbai Indians (MI). © Twitter/@IPL During the third match, the likes of Pant, Colin Ingram (47) and Shikhar Dhawan (43) hogged the limelight for their respective knocks, one Delhi Capitals player quietly etched his name in the history books for a unique feat. The 25-year-old took four catches against Mumbai and became the fourth fielder to do so in the history of the IPL. In the process, he joined the elite list of cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar, David Warner and Jacques Kallis who also took four catches in the IPL seasons earlier. Rahul Tewatia now joins Sachin Tendulkar, David Warner and Jacques Kallis to become the 4th fielder in #IPL history to claim 4 catches in a match.#IPL2019 #IPL12 #MIvDC — Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) March 24, 2019 While his teammates upped the ante in batting and bowling departments, Tewatia made his presence felt in the field by with his safe pair of hands. His catches resulted in the dismissals of Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Kieron Pollard and Krunal Pandya - all capable of taking the game away from Delhi. Following their emphatic triumph, Delhi - tournament's perennial underachievers - romped to the No. 1 spot in the points table with two points and a stunning Net Run-Rate (NRR) of +1.850. Having defeated three-time champions Mumbai, Delhi will be eager to carry on their winning momentum when they take on mighty Chennai in their second match at the Feroz Shah Kotla on 26th March.
  17. One of the original eight franchises of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Delhi Capitals recently changed their name from 'Delhi Daredevils' after a rather forgettable season. According to Co-Owner and Chairman of the team, Parth Jindal, the reason behind changing the name was that Delhi is the power centre of the country and also the capital, hence the name 'Delhi Capitals'. Classic. Having never been able to make it to the Indian Premier League final, the last time Delhi Capitals made it to the Playoffs was all the way back in 2012 when the former Indian opener, Virender Sehwag stepped down from the position of the captain of the team following one of the worst seasons in the history of IPL in 2011. Having made significant changes to the team's name and roster ahead of the 2019 IPL season, the ownership hopes to bring success to the city and these five players will be crucial in doing so: 1. Shikhar Dhawan Bina Gabbar ke Holi bhi koi Holi hai? #HappyHoli #ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals pic.twitter.com/EewQPoc51G — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) March 21, 2019 Making his return to the team with which he made his IPL debut in 2008, Shikhar Dhawan has wreaked havoc against his opponents in the league. Although he has been struggling with the bat for the Indian cricket team for quite some time now, Delhi Capitals has sent a lot of talent including the rising allrounder Vijay Shankar, spinner Shahbaz Nadeem and the young Abhishek Sharma to SunRisers Hyderabad in the trade to bring back Dhawan. We look forward to seeing the veteran use his experience along with the young batting line-up consisting of Rishabh Pant and Prithvi Shaw to bring back the glory days to the city. 2. Rishabh Pant When @RishabPant777 hits it, it stays hit Describe kijiye inki batting ek word mein... #ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals #QilaKotla pic.twitter.com/HdcuT9BCLh — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) March 20, 2019 After getting accused of being one of the major reasons for India's ODI series loss against Australia, the 21-year-old athlete will be on a mission to redeem his worth and prove his abilities not only as a batsman but behind the wicket as well. This will be Pant's fourth season with his hometown team ever since he made his debut in 2016 and the franchise clearly has high hopes from him as he was one of the first stars to be retained by the owners. Although Ravi Shastri has made it clear that the IPL will have zero effect on the decision-making for squad selection for the upcoming ICC World Cup, the 2019 IPL may be Pant's final opportunity to convince the selectors of why he should be on the roster. 3. Prithvi Shaw SHER hai tu SHER Roarrrrrrrrrrrrr pic.twitter.com/HJm3uRtQTn — Prithvi Shaw (@PrithviShaw) March 21, 2019 The 19-year-old powerhouse that Prithvi Shaw is, he is certain to go for big hits throughout the tournament while it is highly likely for him to open the Delhi batting-lineup with the veteran Shikhar Dhawan on the other end. After being out of action for nearly three months suffering an ankle injury during India's tour of Australia, Shaw returned to the game in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy but failed to do well with the exception of a 71-run innings against Goa. Ever since Shaw came into the limelight, he has been referred to as a talent as good as any. Being great at such a young age has earned him comparisons to Sachin Tendulkar and if there is even the smallest truth in that, people better watch out for him. 4. Amit Mishra 3⣠hat-tricks. 1⣠and only Mishi bhai. Sunday se aayega mazaa Mumbai mein kitne wickets lenge hamare DC legend?@MishiAmit#ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals pic.twitter.com/lo8xIHO1oe — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) March 21, 2019 One of the cornerstones of the Delhi team since the last four years, Mishra was retained by the team for the 2019 season. He has been consistent in collecting wickets and also boasts the record of becoming the first player to take three hat-tricks in IPL. He has been the most successful bowler in the history of Delhi Daredevils/Capitals history bagging 132 wickets for his side in the past four seasons. His ability to stick to the crease in dire situations makes him an essential player too. 5. Trent Boult Boult's name on the roster cost DC approximately Rs. 2.8 crores at the time of the 2018 auction which justifies his number two position on ICC ODI rankings for bowlers. In the recent ODI and T20 series against the visiting Indian cricket team, Boult's 12 wickets in five matches were crucial for the Kiwis, even though their side lost the series 4-1.
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    Delhi Capitals

    If the likes of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI) are deemed as the most successful teams in the tournament, then Delhi Capitals would arguably be termed as the most inconsistent team in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL). In the last 11 years of the IPL, the fact that Delhi is the only team to never reach the final, shows how poor they've been in the competition. Their best result in the IPL came 2009 and 2012 where they managed to finish third in the points table. And, the next couple of years saw them going through the worst phase in the league as they finished last in team standings consecutively. The last season proved to be no different for Delhi who, once again, finished last with just five wins to their name. Owing to their history of forgettable performances, Delhi underwent a major overhaul that also saw them shedding 'Daredevils' to 'Capitals' in their franchise name. In a bid to change their fortunes, Delhi splashed out a whopping Rs 17.80 crore at the 2019 IPL Auctions to restructure their squad for the new season. © BCCL Having retained the key players from last season, Delhi secured the services of Colin Ingram (Rs 6.4 cr), Axar Patel (Rs 5 cr), Hanuma Vihari (Rs 2 cr), Sherfane Rutherford (Rs 2 cr), Ishant Sharma (Rs 1.1 cr), Keemo Paul (Rs 50 lakh), Jalaj Saxena (Rs 20 lakh), Ankush Bains (Rs 20 lakh), Nathu Singh (Rs 20 lakh) and Bandaru Ayyappa (Rs 20 lakh). The top-order will surely be bolstered with the arrival of Shikhar Dhawan in the Delhi camp. But, the inexperience of Prithvi Shaw and Colin Ingram's lack of exposure in the IPL make their top-order a little unconvincing. But, despite a shaky top-order, a strong and potent middle-order could do the trick for Delhi this season. © BCCL The likes of Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, Hanuma Vihari and Chris Morris are more than capable of stabilising the innings for their side in the middle. Delhi also have enough fire-power in the pace attack with Trent Boult, Kagiso Rabada and Ishant Sharma forging a deadly trio. But, the chances of playing Boult and Rabada together are unlikely, which could bring Avesh Khan and Harshal Patel into play. The spin-bowling department is adequately taken care of with young Sandeep Lamichhane, experienced Amit Mishra and dynamic Axar Patel in the fold. Overall, Delhi certainly have variety in their bowling attack but the batting line-up doesn't seem to have enough confidence. And, in case of an injury, Delhi might end up struggling as their bench strength is yet to be tested. Squad: Shreyas Iyer (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant (wk), Prithvi Shaw, Colin Munro, Kagiso Rabada, Chris Morris, Bandaru Ayyappa, Sandeep Lamichhane, Ishant Sharma, Colin Ingram, Trent Boult, Manjot Kalra, Nathu Singh, Sherfane Rutherford, Rahul Tewatia, Ankush Bains, Avesh Khan, Axar Patel, Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra, Hanuma Vihari, Keemo Paul, Jalaj Saxena.
  19. While revamping utility and public structures has been the need of the hour, the New Delhi Railway Station can't be left untouched for long. Just a month ago, Mathura Railway Station got an absolutely new look and now it's time for Delhi to literally shine. The station was given an artsy feel, rich in culture and heritage and now every time we're catching a train from there, we'd be afraid to miss it, because it's done up quite elaborately and beautifully. The station building looks quite vibrant with some colourful patterns strewn across, with wall art and geometrical designs all over the ceilings. It really looks like we're amidst a colourful little cultural village. The station has also upgraded its public facilities like LED lights, escalators and LCD displays, all over. © Twitter The station will be equipped with solar panels for deriving energy from them and it'll be kept clean throughout. Well, Delhi isn't the only station that has been revamped. Apart from Mathura, there is also Haridwar, Jaipur and Lonavla. They've all been beatified and upgraded just as Delhi and Mathura. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted about the development of the station: बदलता भारत, बदलतॠरà¥à¤²à¤µà¥à¤ सà¥à¤µà¤¿à¤§à¤¾à¤¯à¥à¤, सà¥à¤µà¤à¥à¤à¤¤à¤¾ à¤à¤° सà¥à¤à¤¦à¤°à¥à¤¯ सॠभरा नठदिलà¥à¤²à¥ रà¥à¤²à¤µà¥ सà¥à¤à¥à¤¶à¤¨ à¤à¤¾ नया à¤à¤à¤°à¥à¤·à¤ रà¥à¤ª यातà¥à¤°à¤¿à¤¯à¥à¤ à¤à¥ à¤à¤ विशà¥à¤µà¤¸à¥à¤¤à¤°à¥à¤¯ रà¥à¤²à¤µà¥ सà¥à¤à¥à¤¶à¤¨ à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤¹à¤¸à¤¾à¤¸ à¤à¤°à¤¾ रहा हà¥à¥¤ pic.twitter.com/rUiirbwjDj — Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) 14 March 2019 The new look of the Railway station went down pretty well with most people and they took to Twitter to praise the efforts made by the Ministry of Railways and the Indian Railway Station Development Corporation. The feeling!!! New Delhi Railway Station Today.#shotoniphone @IRCTCofficial pic.twitter.com/wYBlAKdoFu — raghav.kohli (@ragstereon) 8 March 2019 Lovely going, need to keep the same pace — Varun Tohan (@VarunTohan) 14 March 2019 Beautiful congratulations ðð¾ indian Railway — Ranvir Singh (@RanvirS41881243) 14 March 2019 Yes sir i agree. I have been travelling from 10 days in railways i have seen drastic development.... — abhijeet gundu (@RickyGundu14) 14 March 2019 बदलता भारत बदलतॠरà¥à¤²à¤µà¥ सà¥à¤µà¤¿à¤§à¤¾à¤ — ð®ð³ð¹SANJAY KUMAR CHOUDHARYð®ð³ð¹ (@SANJAYK52449216) 14 March 2019 Developing and changing Bharat Beautiful l, amazing. — Rohit N Raghuwanshi (@rohitra88892536) 14 March 2019 Wonderful — Ramyavaran (@Ramyavaran) 14 March 2019 Going by these tweets, we believe it's mandatory to go check out the revamped station, if you haven't already. Or you can just check out these pictures here: © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter The Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC), which is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for revamping and developing such structures, will invest about Rs 7,500 crore, for redeveloping close to 50 railway stations across India. Simultaneously with that, they will also have a beatification drive alongside, which will entail paintings and art along the premises of the station. We're glad the Indian Railways are making an effort to revamp old stations and after airports, this was pretty much the need of the hour.
  20. Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, since his return back to Indian soil was promised by the Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan. The peace gesture has made a big impact on the current situation between the two countries and we hope the tension slowly dies away with the very kind and amicable step taken by Pakistan towards solidifying positive ties between India and Pakistan. (c)Twitter In the wake of the current tensions, while I write this, Wing Commander Abhinandan would have already reached the Wagah Border, ready to come back home to his parents who're frantically waiting to see him. But before his parents made their way to Amritsar to receive their son, they were on an Indigo flight from Chennai to Delhi and something wonderful happened in-flight! Abhinandan's parents were recognised by the passengers who'd boarded the flight with them and there was nothing less than ecstatic cheering and benevolent greetings throughout the trip, for them. (c)Twitter A video on social media has gone viral showing the passengers cheering and clapping for the parents. विà¤à¤ à¤à¤®à¤¾à¤à¤¡à¤° à¤à¤­à¤¿à¤¨à¤à¤¦à¤¨ à¤à¥ माता पिता à¤à¤¬ दिलà¥à¤²à¥ पहà¥à¤à¤à¥ तॠफà¥à¤²à¤¾à¤à¤ मà¥à¤ मà¥à¤à¥à¤¦ यातà¥à¤°à¤¿à¤¯à¥à¤ नà¥à¤à¤¿à¤¯à¤¾ तालियà¥à¤ सॠसà¥à¤µà¤¾à¤à¤¤...ðð pic.twitter.com/N9j8EskACs — Ravi Bhadoria रवि भदà¥à¤°à¤¿à¤¯à¤¾(@ravibhadoria) 1 March 2019 (c)Twitter The parents made their way to Amritsar from Delhi, once the flight landed. The Wing Commander's father Retd Air Marshal S Varthaman is a well-respected officer and his mother Shobha Varthaman is a doctor. This is surely a day of relief and pride for the parents of a courageous and valorous Wing Commander.
  21. Panjaz was invited to a South Delhi wedding and after all the comments he passed there is no way he's going to be invited to another one. After all, Dullapura ki shaadi is very different.
  22. If you're the kind of person who loves to pose and show off your #IWokeUpLikeThis face to the rest of the world, or the kind of person who just loves pouting #ForTheGram, you definitely need to hear this. Tyra Banks is all set to open Modelland, a 21,000-square-foot ticketed theme park at the Santa Monica shopping mall in 2019. The theme park comes straight out of her 2010 novel, 'Modelland' about her experiences in the modelling industry. Now she wants to share those experiences and make them accessible to everyone in a more tangible way. "Now with Modelland, I'm taking it 10 steps forward, giving people the opportunity to engage with the elusive world by opening it up to everyone, Men, women, families, all generations can come and enter this modelworld for a day, have a fun shopping experience, and an eventful meal. This will be the first of many.” Banks said in an interview with WWD. According to the WWD interview, this park is going to have: interactive entertainment around the modelling experience, curated retail which means a lot to shop, user-generated content that can be shared like new ways to pose, a place where visitors can “be the dream version of themselves” and clothing designed by Hollywood costume designers that you can wear. Sounds like a dream right?
  23. There's no end to the wedding season of the entertainment world and after Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal's larger-than-life weddings, we have someone from the television world following suit. © Twitter Kapil Sharma too tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend Ginni Chatrath and the wedding and receptions(s) were quite beautifully curtailed in Jalandhar and Mumbai. They're now planning to host their third wedding reception in the capital on the 2nd of February and the preparations are on-going as you read this; you know, because all the cities in the country need a taste of their extravaganza! © Instagram The reception is hosted by both Kapil and Ginni and it's mostly for their family members and closest friends, this time. While we wonder if PM Modi will attend the function, since he was there for both Anushka-Virat and Nick-Priyanka's respective functions, we do know that Kapil has also invited some of his politician and bureaucrat friends, the function is said to be a close knit affair and not as elaborate as the earlier functions they've hosted. © Twitter Here's a look at the invitation for the Delhi reception, on the 2nd of February. One more wedding reception for #kapilsharma and his wife in delhi ð A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Jan 31, 2019 at 2:33am PST Kapil and Ginni tied the knot on the 12th of December 2018 and had two receptions post the wedding celebrations. One was for their family members and the other one, which was hosted in Mumbai was for the entire film and television fraternity. The crème de la crème of Bollywood and the television industry was there, including Deepika and Ranvir. © Instagram While we're not sure why Kapil is having the third reception, we're truly happy for the newly-weds and wish them good faith and happiness throughout. Kapil, will continue working on his TV- show 'The Kapil Sharma Show' post the celebrations and here's hoping the show is funnier than before. Who knows, maybe the marriage will induce a special batch of humour within him. Here's hoping!
  24. Ranveer Singh pioneers 'lewks'. Now, some might say that he's OTT, but more often than not, his aesthetic packs a major punch of functionality, apart from being conspicuous. His recent all-black outfit just proved that. He stepped out wearing a mask, that legit reminded us of every Delhi guy right now struggling with the pollution and smog, but 'making it fashion' nonetheless. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Baba has always managed to kill with athleisure and his hoodie game has always been top-notch. The black sweatpants with the hoodie just delivered the right mix of 'runway-ready' and 'ready-to-chill' - something that's absolutely in right now in the hypebeast arena. Plus, who can ever go wrong with black anyway? © Viral Bhayani Coming to his shoes, we couldn't be more jealous. Those Yeezy 500 Boost Desert Rats are a pair to marvel at, and they just seem to have a design personality that mimics Ranveer's infectious, explosive energy. They cost a whopping 806 Dollars, which when converted to Indian currency comes around Rs 56,000. © Viral Bhayani © Reddit Coming to how he has accessorized, we love the simple yet classy inclusion of the statement black sunnies. Nothing else can do justice to a super cool outfit like this one here. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is, functionality FTW.
  25. That time of the year is finally here, when someone around you will suddenly start showing interest in you. People who haven't called you in months, will now want to talk to you and know how you're doing. This is not a horoscope and I am not predicting your love life. I am talking about those nosy relatives and neighbours, who don't bother about your existence the whole year, but will now call you to know your CAT percentile. The results of CAT (Common Admission Test) 2018 were announced yesterday and as many as 11 candidates have scored 100 percentile. Twitter (For Representation) While, the first position is acquired by 22-year-old IIT Kanpur graduate Rounak Majumdar, the second spot has reportedly been acquired by Abhishek Garg from Delhi who scored 99.99 percentile. Abhishek and his twin brother Anubhav garg, both cracked CAT 2018 and scored over 99 percentile; but Anubhav is 0.2 percentile behind Abhishek, making him the topper from Delhi. Abhishek and Anubhav have always been toppers in their school, the kind of students our parents want us to be friends with. Twitter (For Representation) They cracked engineering exam JEE together, joined IIT-Delhi together and now both of them have cracked CAT 2018 too. Explaining the mantra behind his success to The Indian Express, Abhishek Garg said "Repetitive mock tests is the key to success. Apart from it, hard work throughout the year with special focus to Quant section helped me a lot." The Garg brothers draw inspiration from their father, Tarun Garg, who himself is an alumnus of IIM-Lucknow and working as an executive director, marketing in Maruti Suzuki India. "The success of my father in the management field inspired us to choose the path," Abhishek added. Wikimedia Apart from their parents, they also credit their success to TIME Delhi. Anubhav, the younger brother said "I am younger by two minutes and coincidentally was just 0.2 percentile behind my brother in the CAT results. Apart from my parents, teachers in TIME Delhi helped us a lot in preparing for the examinations." Both Abhishek and Anubhav dream of pursuing MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad and suggest other aspirants to believe in self-study and sit for mock-tests.