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Found 157 results

  1. TikTok is one of the Chinese apps banned in India and even though âdesiâ users supported the government's decision to ban the app, we were looking for a substitute all along and it looks like we have already found one- Instagram Reels. Facebook confirmed that they are coming up with Instagram Reels in India. The 15-second video format platform is a saviour for people who were active on TikTok and enjoyed the app. This video format is going to fill the space vacated by the ban and now people can put similar content on Instagram. Instagram Reels is all about its users sharing short format videos on their feed for their followers. Also, Instagram Reels is on a test in India right now, which means that now everyone can access it and will be rolled out in planned phases. In Brazil, Germany, and France, Instagram Reels is already live for testing and India has now joined the league. As the feature went live on peopleâs phones- the users noticed the similarity between TikTok and Instagram Reels and soon the social media was flooded with memes. Not to forget, Mark Zuckerbergâs smart timing to launch Instagram Reels. Checkout the memes here- #instagramreels First too much tiktok videos on insta and now reels. Le Instagram: pic.twitter.com/mGVlPt9Sul â 2G_user. (@ManhasRomika) July 8, 2020Instagram after reels#instagramreels pic.twitter.com/pHZlgBtNl3 â Mannat (@thandrakhleyar) July 8, 2020*Instagram releases a feature called Reels where you can create & upload short videos like tiktok * #instagramreels Meanwhile tiktokers to Instagram: pic.twitter.com/8maMXcVN05 â शà¥à¤°à¥à¤·à¥à¤ à¤à¤£à¥à¤¡à¥à¤²à¤µà¤¾à¤² (@oyenikku) July 8, 2020Mark Zuckerberg launching "Reels" for instagram after tik-tok ban!#Reels #instagramreels pic.twitter.com/iZVTyWcpr8 â Harshvardhan Agrawal (@Harsh_humour) July 8, 2020*Instagram introduces a new feature #Reels Le tiktokers: pic.twitter.com/ogIffgJ6xF â Sheenu (@Sheenu61598447) July 8, 2020instagram has launched feature of 15 sec viedo. (reels) meanwhile tiktokers to insta:- pic.twitter.com/Zf4df2rqhn â à¤à¤à¤à¤¿à¤¤ (@shaktbhakt) July 8, 2020#instagramreels When everyone ask why r you create #Reels on Instagram after tiktok ban Le zuccu pic.twitter.com/M5ZvgAiLeh â Astitwa Mohanta (@The_bekar_manus) July 9, 2020*Le TikTok to the new Instagram Reels feature pic.twitter.com/0sLZ28sLcw â hoes mad (@Chey_anne18) July 8, 2020#Reels #instagramreels Me while watching tik tokiya videos on Instagram reels pic.twitter.com/TwFsa4lmj6 â SOMIL SACHAN (@meme_jong_unn) July 8, 2020 Reels can be accessed from the camera link in the Instagram app on your phone. The same way you post your Instagram stories on the app. You have a lot of music tracks, filters, and AR effects to make your 15-second videos entertaining and up to the mark. Also, with time Instagram will innovate with more and more features. View the full article
  2. In a surprising move, the Indian government decided to ban the use of 59 Chinese apps in India last night. The list included some really popular apps like TikTok, Cam Scanner, and more. Luckily, there are a ton of alternatives out there for almost every app on the list. And if there wasn't an alternative, a lot of Indian developers decided to step up their game overnight to come up with something new. On the same lines, there's now a new desi TikTok rival called 'Chingari'. © MensXP/Karthik Iyer Yes, the app is indeed called 'Chingari' and it's essentially a short video platform just like TikTok. Pretty sure most of you guys are hearing this name for the first time. Well, that's because this app was nowhere to be seen on the radar until yesterday. Now, it has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It literally registered 100,000 downloads per hour, which is absolutely insane. This was revealed by Sumit Ghosh, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Chingari app on Twitter. 100,000 downloads per hour, guys please be patient! we are working on the servers and getting things up and running asap! pic.twitter.com/h3lGCbe4yl â Sumit Ghosh (@sumitgh85) June 29, 2020 So, what do we know about this app? Sadly, there's not a lot that we know, so far, because the app was completely unusable at the time of writing this story. We downloaded the app to check it out, but we were mostly stuck on a white loading screen. We think the devs were not ready for an overwhelming response overnight. While most people are on the lookout for a TikTok alternative in India, we're not sure if 'Chingari' is the right one to go for. It seems like a relatively new app made to attract users just in time for the Chinese ban. We suggest you wait a bit longer till we get some more clarity on the app. View the full article
  3. Last night, the government decided to take an unprecedented step and ban the use of 59 Chinese apps in the country. The list includes some really popular apps like TikTok, Cam Scanner, Mi Community app, and a whole lot more. While a lot of Indians were surprised by this decision, it's safe to say that it was received well by most people on the internet. A lot of supporters who were against the use of Chinese apps and products are extremely excited. Twitter also witnessed some of the funniest memes from these supporters yesterday. For some reason, people seem to be really happy about TikTok getting banned, in particular. #ChineseAppsBlocked #TikTok has banned when the #PUBG will be banned then I will be like pic.twitter.com/hy2PIrhM2t â Indrakash yadav (@indrakashyadav) June 30, 2020 'Aatma Nirbhar' sarkar! Every Indian rn #TikTok #ChineseAppsBlocked pic.twitter.com/H5Kw10SX93 â Censored (@comical_bnda) June 30, 2020 Wannabe 'Influencers' didn't see this one coming. I can feel my heart crack #sheinbanned #ChineseAppsBlocked pic.twitter.com/862GH4jwGh â Megha Pandya (@MeghaPandya19) June 30, 2020 Meanwhile, Bluetooth users are like: #ChineseAppsBlocked Shareit & xender banned in india Le bluetooth : pic.twitter.com/W1pHoaOO9j â Mahesh Khatik (@MaheshK29739216) June 30, 2020 Ache din aa gaye! Modi ji after banning 59 Chinese Apps #ChineseAppsBlocked pic.twitter.com/nyRHuYbbZB â meme_wala07 (@Devil80005317) June 29, 2020 Digital Airstrike. Wait, what? When you can't retaliate to China, so you just Ban 59 Chinese Apps : #DigitalAirStrike #ChineseAppsBlocked pic.twitter.com/RQTTExrRkV â साà¤à¤¦à¤°à¥à¤¶à¤¨ (@saidarshan) June 29, 2020 Rise n Shine, Indian apps! #TikTok #ChineseAppsBlocked #59Chineseapps #59Chinese 𤣠When India blocked 59 Chinese apps. Meanwhile Chinese apps:- pic.twitter.com/sF0DA3PaUz â Subodh Shridhar Naikade (@sub_naikade) June 29, 2020While most people are happy about the removal of TikTok from both the Google Play Store and App Store, there are some mixed reactions for other utility apps like Cam Scanner. Anyway, a majority of these apps have now been removed from the marketplace and it remains to be seen for how long this ban is in place. For now, our best bet is to find alternatives that we can use. Stay tuned for more on that. View the full article
  4. Watching movies with your parents that are more like Hum Saath Saath Hai or a bit more advanced like Rockstar, still seems okay because, well, less awkward scenes. But if a movie is stirred with a lot of adult content, then you are bound to get those stern glances with a lot of embarrassing moments. These prospects do change as we grow up but some movies still need to be watched all alone or just with your friends and without parental presence. So, here's a list of movies that are just for you to watch! 1. Masti (Series) Masti as a series became a sleaze-fest. Even though the first instalment was hilarious, the next ones just had deteriorated to include vulgar scenes which were just uncalled for. While the plot is quite funny, the movie is a gamut of adult scenes with double meaning dialogues, which you should just avoid watching with your parents. 2. MatrubhoomiA movie that talks explicitly on the subject of sexual atrocities that are faced by the women of rural India, Matrubhoomi is definitely a must-watch. This non-commercial movie is the first feature film based on female infanticide, which is quite noteworthy and real. You should watch this now, just not with parents around. © Wikipedia 3. Ragini MMS (Series)A horror movie mixed with a lot of adult content seems like a good idea, right? There is Ragini MMS for that which is not just the scariest movie made but is also a combination of a lot of steamy scenes, which will definitely make you feel all awkward if your parents are around. 4. Below Her MouthThe title, Below Her Mouth, in itself, is provocative and gives a good idea about the concept of the film. But just in case you want to know a tad bit more about it then it's a movie based on erotic romance, which is about a lesbian couple who embark on a steamy love affair. Watch the trailer, before you decide to take the plunge! 5. 365 DNIA recent movie that went live on a digital platform, 365 dni or 365 days, has left the audience all bothered with so many steamy scenes. This erotic, romantic drama is about a relationship that goes way beyond love and you would witness multiple, ***-filled plots in it, which makes even Fifty Shades Of Grey a tamed version in front of this one. 6. LoveLove is a French film, an erotic drama, which you should not even dare watch in front of your desi parents. This movie has *** scenes recorded on a camera, and hence it's best to steer clear of making this one a public affair. 7. Aastha: In The Prison Of SpringImagining a movie based on explicit raunchy scenes back in time is just a little hard to digest but Aastha made waves, being one of the most unanticipated films of Bollywood. Portraying the role of a married woman who then becomes a prostitute, this movie was severely criticised and yet became a huge success. Kudos to Rekha, for pulling this off so well! © Wikipedia 8. GirlfriendWhen a movie includes a lot of adult scenes, it hardly takes time for it to become a controversial fare. So when a Bollywood movie called Girlfriend was made, there was no doubt, it would all stir up again. Starring Isha Kopikar and Amrita Arora, even this movie has fiery romance which you should not try watching with your parents. © Shemaroo View the full article
  5. Every month, Indian Twitter seems to find something to laugh at - and with Pakistani news churning out a stream of gaffes at a regular pace, thereâs always something new to poke fun at. This weekâs blunder came in from the countryâs national radio broadcaster Radio Pakistan, which released a weather report that made Twitter users chuckle before even finishing the first sentence. 'RIP common sense': Twitter schools Pakistan on Ladakh weather update gaffe Read @ANI story | https://t.co/P0LBHwJd4T pic.twitter.com/Z1T15pZCjo â ANI Digital (@ani_digital) May 10, 2020 Twitter users quickly spotted a rather alarming discrepancy in the report. Showing a complete lack of knowledge of basic physics principles, the report referred to -4 degree centigrade as the maximum temperature and -1 degree centigrade as the minimum temperature, an error that Indians jumped up to correct, right on cue. 'RIP common sense': Twitter schools Pakistan on Ladakh weather update gaffe Read @ANI story | https://t.co/P0LBHwJd4T pic.twitter.com/Z1T15pZCjo â ANI Digital (@ani_digital) May 10, 2020 Others even brought up CarryMinatiâs roast comments, which went viral this weekend: Thoda toh rehem karo maths par pic.twitter.com/e3kQi0827b â Tonald Drump ð (@Sexyano_Donaldo) May 10, 2020 Others made fun of how even schoolchildren wouldnât make such a basic error. My children canât stop laughing reading this @ImaranKhanPTI ð pic.twitter.com/vD4VaVCPZn â CyberSipahi (@CyberSipahi) May 10, 2020 Indian 3rd class students after this. Hat bencho.....de baje de baje ð pic.twitter.com/wLQz6MoBJG â Anil sharma(Bral)ð®ð³ (@renyanil47) May 10, 2020 Even the Avengers werenât spared when it came to memes. pic.twitter.com/wkeljzbkrb â Dr. Bewda Rick (@SavageRaptor7) May 10, 2020 The report came as a response to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), which has begun referring to the subdivision of Jammu and Kashmir as Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan and Muzaffarabad - the latter two considered as âillegally occupiedâ by Pakistan, according to the Indian government. Despite the jokes, it seems like Pakistanâs education system does indeed have a lot to answer for - especially on the higher education front. According to global education publication WENR: "In comparison with academic institutions in other Asian countries, Pakistani universities are not very well-represented in standard international university rankings. While there are six Indian institutions included among the top 500 in the current 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, for instance, Quaid-i-Azam University is the only Pakistani institution featured in this group (at position 401â500). Six Pakistani institutions are among the top 1,000, with COMSATS the highest ranked (601â800)." Seems like political messages are important even to climate scientists, but when it comes to the Indo-Pak border - perhaps they ought to stick to their books instead? View the full article
  6. Chris Hemsworthâs Netflix original Extraction is ready to release soon and so the actor has been giving his fans a sneak peak into the behind the scenes of the film. Now, Chris Hemsworth is known for essaying the role of âThorâ, the god of thunder in the Marvel Universe but in real life, he never takes unwanted risks. Recently, he shared another behind the scene video of his upcoming Netflix original and itâs entertaining to another level. © AGBO Hemsworth took to his Twitter and shared a video along with a caption saying, âQuite happy to let the completely insane experts handle this particular shot! Our stunt team risked their lives and pushed their bodies to get some of these shots, and itâs truly incredible to see. The movie wouldnât have been possible without these guys Folded handsFlexed bicepsThumbs up.â Checkout the video here- Quite happy to let the completely insane experts handle this particular shot! Our stunt team risked their lives and pushed their bodies to get some of these shots, and itâs truly incredible to see. The movie wouldnât have been possible without these guys �� pic.twitter.com/E79rnkXm1T â Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) April 18, 2020 In the video, you can see multiple men falling of the roof for a sequence that was shot in India. Earlier, Hemsworth told the Sunday Telegraph, âI think if I added up every action film that Iâd ever done or every piece of action Iâve ever done in a movie, it wouldnât even come close to what weâve done in the last nine weeks on this movie.â He also expressed how he went home limping everyday due to the action scenes in the film. © AGBO Now, the fans are excited as this project is also directed by the makers of the Avengers Endgame and hereâs what people have to say about the video- Oh, Blessed Thor.... Yep, leave them to the pros, MiLord~! pic.twitter.com/Uoo9QQ8uYb â [ Moppi ] Serran Beefcake Taskmage (@vor_inquisition) April 18, 2020Oufff that one guy hitting the truck with his head first... â Sandra (@llsand) April 18, 2020Wow ! Looks like some heavy shit , hope everyone was ok !!! â KEVIN E M CLARK (@KevinClark57) April 18, 2020Ouch that hada hurt â tammy braddock (@tammybraddock1) April 19, 2020Did your family not get a horse recently? You'll soon be (involuntarily) doing these sorts of stunts 𤣠â HeatherBell (@Heather87352596) April 18, 2020Extraction is the movie, it premiers on Netflix this Friday! â College Distraction Account #2 (@TheBetterOfMe1) April 18, 2020The video has already garnered over 559.6K views and around 43K likes on Twitter. The movie will release this Friday on Netflix and all his fans are excited to get some action amid quarantine. View the full article
  7. There is no dearth of high-profile love stories out there. We see enough of them from time to time. With their share of mushiness and PDA added to the mix, these often sell like hot cakes. Fans lap up every bit of these publicly-private moments with much enthusiasm, and never seem to get tired. But there is one power-couple thatâs been in a league of its own. Touted to be the âClassiest Hollywood Coupleâ, David and Victoria Beckhamâs love story is one for the books. The two started going out as Beck and Posh back in 1997, and have continued to stay in vogue throughout their 23 years together. © Twitter Today, the world swears by âbrandâ Beckham and hails the family of six as one perfect picture of love and togetherness. But âbrandâ Beckham had to survive its own share of rough waters before finding their calm, and both Victoria and David Beckham played their part to keep the ship afloat. Ever since they started dating, Victoria and David did some very ordinary things which turned them into a strong unit. Here are the 5 such filmy things Victoria and David Beckham did while dating that Indian couples will also relate to: 1. Posh & Beckham Kept Their Affair A Secret © Twitter Victoria Adams and David Beckham first met in 1997 at a charity football match. When sparks flew at âfirst sightâ, they exchanged numbers and secretly began dating each other. The world didnât find out about their relationship for months. Talking about that phase, David Beckham once told Hello magazine, "For the first three months it was amazing because no one found out about us being together.â 2. Victoria & Davidâs Very Own âDhadakâ Moment © Twitter When Victoria, then better known as Posh Spice, and Beckham first interacted at the Manchester United playersâ lounge bar during a charity football match, Beckham was not even a part of the first team yet. But Posh was famous. However, that didnât stop Beckham from seeking Posh Spice out and take her number. © Twitter Describing the events of that memorable evening, Victoria wrote a letter to herself in 2016 and said, âWhile the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family. (Heâs not even in the first team at this stageâyou are the famous one). Heâs going to ask for your number. (He still has the London-to-Manchester plane ticket on which you wrote it). And yes, love, at first sight does exist.â Now isnât that so much like Madhu and Parvathiâs love-story from Dhadak? 3. Beck & Posh Snuck Out For Dates © Twitter Keeping their relationship hush-hush wasnât the only desi thing David and Victoria did while dating. They also snuck out for dates, away from the mediaâs prying eyes, and spent much quiet time exclusively with each other. Calling it one of the best times of their relationship, Beckham said, "We loved that because we could sneak around. Our first kiss was in the car park of a restaurant. We used to drive to places and just spend as much time together as possible. That was an amazing time in our relationship." 4. David & Victoria Matched Their Outfits & More © Twitter This trend of matching outfits with our partner that many desi couples are known to be fans of, is a trademark of Victoria and David Beckham. David and Victoria would often be seen sporting similar designs and colours for public events, whether big or small. Whatâs more, the couple once also went for identical bleach-blond hair colour during the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain in 2007. 5. David & Victoria Always âAppreciatedâ Each Other © Twitter Public boyfriend/girlfriend âappreciation postsâ on social media account in a very 2019 trend for couples, but Victoria and David Beckham were one of the very first ones to make it popular way back when social media didnât even exist. They did it by supporting each other in their respective careers and new endeavours, staying above rumours and openly expressing their love and gratitude towards one another on record. For instance when on the Today Show, Victoria said, âHe's my soulmate. He's the most incredible husband. We complement each other. He inspires me every day, with the children, with the way he treats me; it just works. We are lucky to have each other." © Twitter Or today when hours ago, David Beckham took to his Instagram account to wish Victoria Beckham a happy 46th birthday and said, âHappy birthday mama we love you so much and hope you have the most amazing day.â View this post on InstagramHappy birthday mama we love you so much and hope you have the most amazing day â¥ï¸â¥ï¸â¥ï¸â¥ï¸â¥ï¸ @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven ðA post shared by (@davidbeckham) Yes, they are a power couple, indeed. But at the end of the day, they are just two people in love surrounded by the family. View the full article
  8. Welcome to Twitter, where everyone thinks they're an expert at literally everything and will give you second-hand embarrassment while trying to prove their pointless points. A beautiful Twitter exchange like that happened yesterday when a few âdesiâ people tried to argue about how Wikipedia works, with, wait for it, the founder of Wikipedia. It all started with some questioning why a Wikipedia page was deleted and I mean asking questions are fine but the entire bribing narrative? Oof. Just googled and found this,@Wikipedia how much were you paid for this? How much will our media and woke intellectuals hide their wrong doings? pic.twitter.com/jnMUIYkram â Nicki minach (@nickiminachhh) April 16, 2020 Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, decided to resolve the matter but that would be in vain. Hi Nicki, Wikipedia doesn't work that way. We don't accept payment to include things, nor to delete them. The relevant discussion is here:https://t.co/xwMuxEccjq â Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) April 16, 2020 The argument continued with Jimmy again telling how it works on HIS site. Wikipedia doesn't work like that. We engage in serious rational discussion. It's very different from the madhouse of twitter. â Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) April 16, 2020 He's not even talking about religion, he's talking about how Wikipedia works and well, I would think that he's somewhat of an expert on it. I don't recommend that you do that - it is important to join the discussion. In actual fact, the article was incredibly poorly written and has zero sources. https://t.co/W19OXEBwFY This isn't about religious sentiments, it's about not putting junk into Wikipedia. â Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) April 16, 2020 The man is just trying to tell them the quality of whatever is written on different pages matters and they're still not listening. Did you look at the article? Please do so and then try to tell me with a straight face that it was quality. Wikipedia is not about "lefts propaganda" - that's just a slur by people who haven't bothered to actually look into it. â Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) April 16, 2020 He's still trying to politely diffuse the situation and is even open to a discussion. Reliable sources are required by people; it's not that hard of a concept to grasp. Reliable sources for a start. You have zero references, much less references to quality sources. The fact that this probably belongs as a part of another article (I can't say for sure) would also be a valid question to discuss. â Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) April 16, 2020 Just to fill the gaps since the tweet Jimmy is replying to below has been deleted but the person basically said that almost every article on Wikipedia doesn't have sources. Yep, people are that thick. Almost every article on Wikipedia has sources. Are you on drugs? â Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) April 16, 2020 One would think it can't get worse than this, but just wait for it. Someone thought this was actually a valid argument to put forward. © Twitter I can feel his frustration through the screen. Poor guy is getting brain damage because of a stupid ass chick who canât even cite her sources https://t.co/jaHlyyThrq â Gaytri (@kantatabatata) April 16, 2020 Same. I'm never leaving this app. Never. Where else do you get to see the Wikipedia founder take down stupid trolls in his free time. ï¸ https://t.co/p2ApXzvQQv â A (@_khwabida) April 16, 2020 The quality content we need. Jimmy Wales giving it back to trolls is genuinely the highest point of quarantine this week. https://t.co/Xdj5OU7XEw â Floyd (@floydian_sleep) April 16, 2020 I would personally like to say thank you to everyone involved, this was way too hilarious. View the full article
  9. It's just officially the second day of lockdown in India and it already feels like it's been forever. The days are merging into each other and seems like time doesn't exist anymore. People are getting extremely creative when it comes to keeping themselves occupied, and there's so much hilarious quarantine content on the internet right now. Contributing to this, a desi uncle is flaunting how 'prepared' he is for the lockdown. Showing off his alcohol collection, he literally has a bottle kept aside for every day of the lockdown. While the video in itself is pretty funny, it's also a little alarming. The undisputed winner of the #21daylockdownchallenge pic.twitter.com/Vfml6Jkug7 â Rofl Republic (@i_theindian) March 25, 2020I have so many questions - is he planning on drinking a bottle a day by himself? Is it even humanly possible for one person to consume so much alcohol? Is he following the example of that one British guy who claimed to have cured his Coronavirus by drinking whiskey? My guess is that uncle ji wants to go out on his own terms and alcohol poisoning is a better option than a virus that caused a pandemic. I mean, I don't disagree. Yes, I know it's a joke but there's a chance he's actually drinking a bottle of hard liquor every day. What can I say? Desi uncles are way too hardcore. At least people seem to enjoy his video and for now, that's good enough. A very healthy schedule. Schedule fix in advance.. â Bharat Gaur (@im_bharatgaur) March 25, 2020 Oops. To ye khatam !!!! â A_Bey_S (@MAB_Sabri) March 25, 2020 Khatam. "corona virus katham" https://t.co/Tof0Kyu5vA â CÊɪɴɴᴠ|SÊá´ |Bá´É´É´Ê |18 |â (@itschinna18) March 26, 2020 Just stay home, people! Not everyone has the plan. â LoneWolf⢠(@UrsLoneWolf) March 26, 2020 View the full article
  10. Prime Minister Narendra Modi,on Tuesday night, announced that the entire nation is going to go on a 21-day lockdown until April 15th in order to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. For many people, the news came as a surprise, but wasn't this the most expected thing to happen? However, many of us expected a prolonged lockdownas the cases of the pandemic is dismally increasing across the globe. As soon as PM Modi made the announcement of a lockdown, Twitter started getting flooded with memes. And during such times, we think a little humour will not hurt anyone. So, get ready for a laugh riot! Here you go- Makes sense to us right now! lockdown expanded form 31st march to 15 April : Modi Ji : #21daylockdown #Coronaviruslockdown pic.twitter.com/Vu0k8vHYHW — Prince Pandeyðð¦ (@princepandey_) March 24, 2020 Now, staying indoors is the only way out. #21daylockdown Corona has reached its third stage, Indians Right now: pic.twitter.com/7x7WaheEJ2 — Sachin Singh Baghel (@sachinn_07) March 24, 2020 Time for a lot of Netflix and chill! Pubg, Netflix during 21 days of lockdown:#21daylockdown pic.twitter.com/6eE8jKSQ6D — Mayur ð¦ (@Mayur_Somsole) March 24, 2020 Ohho. Netflix during #21daylockdown be like pic.twitter.com/TJ0pw8Jmw3 — Akash (@vaderakash) March 24, 2020 I am going to sleep all day long. #21daylockdown My 21days plan pic.twitter.com/9xBWOT7WkW — Your Passion (@ApunHizBhagwanH) March 25, 2020 Ummm… Day 1 of lockdown vs day 21#StayAtHomeSaveLives #21daylockdown #21DaysChallenge pic.twitter.com/4jB1yelX8D — odin putra THOR (@thor_odin_putra) March 25, 2020 This is so true. It's like panic is in our blood! Modi ji announces 21 days #lockdown Le Indians:- pic.twitter.com/QjDz2nfV8d — neeraj (@VenomNeeraj) March 25, 2020 All of us after 21 days! *lockdown* 1st day after 21 days pic.twitter.com/nXyreCD88J — kaptaanð®ð³ (@adarsh_gurjarr) March 24, 2020 Ghar rahega toh zinda rahega… Modiji announced a lockdown for 21 days. Le me:- pic.twitter.com/MgSDF6yb0W — Aman Shrivastava (@Shrivastava_ji_) March 24, 2020 Okay… After #21daylockdown Every policemans be like ð¤£ð¤£ pic.twitter.com/LXs5ocBj5A — Maroof (@Maroof_khaan) March 24, 2020 Hahahahha. Legends, Who will be remembered for their 21 Days Scheme.#21daylockdown pic.twitter.com/4dAc5zuJhb — Anubhav Chaurasia (@theMrFlame) March 24, 2020 Also, Kartik Aaryan recently posted a meme about the 21-day lockdown and you can't miss this one. View this post on Instagram 21 din mein Paisa Double A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Mar 24, 2020 at 11:11am PDT The cases of positive Coronavirus patients in India have reached 562 so far, and to contain the outbreak, it is necessary for all of us to stay indoors and practise social distancing as much as possible. However, all essential commodities will be available during the 21-day lockdown including groceries, vegetables and medicines, etc. All we hope is for the pandemic to end soon and till then stay indoors and keep washing your hands. View the full article
  11. Not to make a general and sweeping statement, but it seems that all Punjabis are hardcore foodies. Take Vicky Kaushal, for example. A hardcore Mumbaikar at heart who grew up in a quintessentially Punjabi household, Vicky is simply in awe of everything that the culinary world has to offer. © Zomato When asked what his favourite cuisine was, Vicky listed out over three different culinary traditions, each of them as varying as cuisines can possibly get. The true hallmark of someone who loves to eat, if you ask us. © Zomato Commemorating this love for food, and foodies in India, Zomato invited a few ardent food lovers across the country for a small brunch with Vicky. The gentleman that he is, Vicky was earnestly humbled when he met his fans, and chatted with them about their food stories. This was a somewhat even more special event, with him sharing a meal with them. © Zomato We caught up with the actor after his brunch, and sat down for a chat, on all things around food, his inability to put on weight, and what it was like for a young Punjabi boy to grow up in Mumbai. Here are some of the edited excerpts. © Zomato Growing up as a Punjabi in Mumbai, what was your childhood like in terms of food? Although I did grow up in Mumbai, my parents are originally from Hoshiarpur. My mom went to great lengths to make a mini Hoshiarpur within our home. Everything that we did was what a typical Punjabi family would do, whether it was our language or our eating habits. Even today, when someone visits my home, they feel like they have stepped inside a typical household in Punjab. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 Strictly in terms of food, it was again what one would think of homecooked Punjabi food - daal with lots of ghee, some really delectable chicken curry, and lots of chapatis. For breakfast, we would often have aloo paranthas and homemade butter. We were never that gung ho about rice, and honestly, I do not think that my meal is a meal, if it does not have wheat. It was basic but healthy and hearty. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 In your earlier films you were very skinny, whereas now, youâre a little muscular and lean. For Uri, you had to buff up a lot. What changes did you make to your diet? I have a very fast metabolism. When I was struggling to land my first role, I thought that I would never be cast as an actor because of how skinny I was, or my inability to buff up. For Uri, I had to gain 15 kilograms that too in a very short time, which was quite a stressful thing for me. I had to increase my food intake by a lot. The food I was eating would mainly consist of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. There was a point when my calorie intake would be around 6000 calories a day. That was offset by the physical training and military exercises that I was doing. Having said that, eating so much, and having a meal after every two hours is actually exhausting. As blah as it may sound, it actually is very off-putting. There comes a point where you just canât look at food anymore, and yet, you have to eat. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 Luckily, I did not have to take my shirt off, so getting a chiselled set of abs was not the focus. The focus instead was on looking buff. For my next film, Takht, I am needed to go shirtless, so thatâs a different challenge altogether. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 As an actor, there must be times when you donât get the time to sit down for a proper meal. What do you do in such times? What is your go-to meal in such situations? I always try to carry small tiffins with me. If that is not possible, I rely heavily on smoothies. I usually take my plated meals and make smoothies using them. That way, I can have them in my car, or in between shots. Smoothies also allow me to pack in more calories than a conventional plate of food would. I also add a ton of vegetables in my smoothies to take care of the fibre part of the diet. There is this perception that smoothies arenât that tasty. I donât agree with that. I believe that you can make your smoothies much tastier than your regular meals if you go about it in a smart way. I, for example, add a ton of nuts, avocados and vegetables to make it tasty. Of course, it is not butter chicken or anything, but it is indeed tasty © Instagram/vickykaushal09 What is your priceless food moment? By Godâs grace, things are going really good, professionally. But because of my busy schedule, I rarely get to eat food thatâs cooked at home, and I miss that terribly. I really miss the aloo paranthas that my mom makes. So whenever I get the chance to eat at home, thatâs my priceless food moment. I am visibly happy on those days, as is my mom because she feels that finally, her son is having a great and fulfilling meal after a long time. Which is true, actually. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 Any specific diet that youâre on, as of now? Right now, I am on a bulking spree and consequently, back to 6000 calories a day. In Takht, I will have to go shirtless and have to look chiselled, so the workout will be a bit different. What is your ideal cheat day? I usually donât think of cheat days. I also donât have a set day as my cheat day. Whenever my body asks for it, Iâll have a cheat meal. That can come up once in every three days, or once in every 15 days, it really depends on how I feel, and what my body is demanding of me. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 What sort of food do you like to have on a regular basis? Whatâs your favourite cuisine when you go out to eat? I am a big fan of Mexican food, and Maharashtrian food when I am going out to eat, things that are easy to make, are healthy and taste really great. Having said that, I am not a big fan of going out to eat. I usually spend my days between shooting and promotion schedules by just sitting at home, catching up on films, ordering something on Zomato, and just relaxing. I am also in love with Lebanese food, and often frequent Bayroute. Otherwise, on a regular basis, I really like having simple, home-cooked South Indian dishes. View the full article
  12. When it comes to turning heads with casual ensembles, Aditya Roy Kapur hardly makes a wrong move. His sartorial choices are simple and effortless which make it easier for us to take notes from his zany style. But, recently, instead of going the mainstream way, we saw Kapur making an avant-garde statement, as he walked down the ramp for Chola, at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2020. © Viral Bhayani The brand recently came together with Reebok to create high impact and add more oomph factor to the street style aesthetics of the ensembles. With Chola's silhouettes and Reebok's transformative Zig Kinetica, the overall show was minimal and had a hint of mystery to it with its colour palette. © Viral Bhayani Chola's recent collection included extraordinary silhouettes with Ninja theme. It's reflective of the brand's aesthetics which speaks about easy and contemporary fashion. Moreover, the styles showed the subtlety of tribal prints which stays true to the label's signature style. That's not it. To bring in more drama to these ensembles, the collaboration with Reebok's Zig Kinetica raised the style stakes even higher. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Chola as a label has, time and again, spoken out loud about gender-neutral fashion, featuring deconstructed tailoring, versatile jacket styles and oversized silhouettes and has proved that there's no inherence of gender when it comes to clothing. Even for the recent collection, we saw flowy silhouettes further revolutionised with baggy drop-crotch pants and right sort of layering. All the garbs were experientially amplified with Reebok's shoes. © Viral Bhayani Coming to collaboration, the ZigTech technology of this collection was originally introduced back in 2010 with innovative and disruptive design. The recent styles are high on functionality and can seamlessly transition into all sorts of wardrobe which makes it a worthy choice. The overall aesthetics of this edit blended well with Chola's immaculately made contemporary designs. © Viral Bhayani As far as Aditya's ensemble goes, this monochrome, desi look steered clear of normcore fashion. The black shirt teamed with baggy drop-crotch pants, featuring a loose belt is a true masterpiece due to its modern structure and light fabric. What's more, the shoes with vibrant orange outsole rounded off this ensemble with total suaveness. All in all, this is perhaps the zaniest way to rock an all-black ensemble. Keep up the game, Aditya! View the full article
  13. More often than not, your life changes when you're least expecting it. No, I'm not trying to go all emo here, but just talk about a guy who recently received a life-changing phone call. Netraprasad Sharma is a tour guide and a class tenth drop out from Pampu Basti in West Bengalâs Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest. Oh, and now, he's also possibly the main character in an upcoming novel by JK Rowling. This is the kind of representation we've all been waiting for! View the full article
  14. Lives of people in Delhi is pretty much sorted when it comes to using electricity, thanks to Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party. Not just Kejriwal, Delhi's CM for the third time, Arvind Kejriwal. In case you didn't know, people in Delhi get free electricity in their power consumption doesn't exeed 200 units. But, that is only for people in Delhi and we can only wish for this perk to be extended to the neighbours Gurugram, Noida and Uttar Pradesh. Sadly Mayawati, the president of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), cannot enjoy free electricity because her house is in Badalpur, Greater Noida, which recently faced a power outage because she didn't pay the electricity bills. View the full article
  15. In October 2019, Vishal Dadlani of the hit musical duo Vishal-Shekhar took to Twitter to warn people that he WILL sue anyone who made remixes of Vishal & Shekhar songs. He wrote, "Warning: I WILL sue anyone making remixes of Vishal & Shekhar songs. I'll even move court against the films & musicians. After Saaki Saaki, I hear upcoming bastardisations include Dus Bahaane, Deedaar De, Sajnaji Vaari Vaari, Desi Girl & more. Make your own songs, vultures!" Warning: I WILL sue anyone making remixes of Vishal & Shekhar songs. I'll even move court against the films & musicians. After Saaki Saaki, I hear upcoming bastardisations include Dus Bahaane, Deedaar De, Sajnaji Vaari Vaari, Desi Girl & more. Make your own songs, vultures! â VISHAL DADLANI (@VishalDadlani) October 30, 2019 Well, that's probably because he wanted to make sure that no one except him ruins his own songs. In case you were busy listening to 'bastardised' versions of original songs, this remix version featuring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor from their upcoming film Baaghi 3 dropped today. The song is called 'Dus Bahane 2.0'. Can we take a moment to appreciate the creativity here? Like, who could have come up with such an original name for a remix of 'Dus Bahane'? In 2005, 'Dus Bahane' starring Abhishek Bachchan and Zayed Khan was a huge hit among people. Everyone loved it back then and even after 15 years of its release, people still remember the hook step of the song. In 2020, people are once again talking about the song, not because a remix was dropped, but because where else can you find such premium quality fodder for memes. While team Tiger and team Shraddha are rooting for the song, other people are busy doing what they do best - turn everything into memes. Things that are common in the old and new #DusBahane songs: 1. Lyrics 2. Singers 3. Nepotism â Sagar (@sagarcasm) February 12, 202090s kid after watching one more song getting ruined by bollywood remake factory#DusBahane pic.twitter.com/BEItr8O7Cl â Sarcastic Patriotic Indians (@SARCASTIC_PI) February 12, 2020Dus bahane 2.0 creaters#DusBahane pic.twitter.com/0JstnSyq7Y â Professor (@_Kalpesh_lohar_) February 12, 2020Not a single person involved in the making of this song realised that Tiger Shroff is showing 5 fingers for a song called #DusBahane? 𤦠pic.twitter.com/i1TNgSdu8w â Anuradha (@anuradha_kush) February 12, 2020Dear Bollywood: Having to hear re-created songs is such a pain! #DusBahane pic.twitter.com/x51Pudwp01 â Ayaan (@ayaan_mhmd) February 12, 2020#DusBahane #Baaghi3 1-old songs 2-new remakes of the old songs pic.twitter.com/2CAuSsUDY2 â Saurabh (@saurabhkumar361) February 12, 2020Music lovers to #DusBahane makers. pic.twitter.com/kAmBTX3Nwg â à¤à¤¨à¤µà¤° 'सिà¤à¤¹' डिसà¥à¤à¤¼à¤¾ (@kiroriwalanuj) February 12, 2020#Baaghi3#DusBahane #DusBahane 2.0 pic.twitter.com/kCqLlDBmED â Amit (@AmitLipunkumar) February 12, 2020Old Original songs..... vs Their remix/remakes.... #DusBahane #DusBahane2 #Baaghi3 pic.twitter.com/nguhuyDYKx â Vishal Saini (@vishal_saini_vs) February 12, 2020Indians right now. #DusBahane pic.twitter.com/Bv1h2R7jKY â Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) February 12, 2020Directed by Ahmed Khan, Baaghi 3 also stars Riteish Deshmukh and is releasing on March 6, 2020. View the full article
  16. In the year 2009, AR Rahman became the first Indian composer to win two Oscars for his original score in Danny Boyleâs Slumdog Millionaire. The film, which was based on the life of a young man on a journey to find love and competing for money on the television show âKaun Banega Crorepatiâ or âWho Wants To Be A Millionaireâ, bagged eight Oscars including the best motion picture. Check out the iconic song Jai Ho- The iconic song, âJai Hoâ, made it to Oscars ceremony this year for which Rahman had won gold for original score and original song in Danny Boyleâs âSlumdog Millionaireâ. According to IANS, American composer-lyricist-actor Lin-Manuel Miranda presented the Montage that included songs from âSlumdog Millionnaireâ, âTitanicâ and âWayneâs Worldâ. Desi people are especially deligted as it's a very proud moment for all Indians all over the world. Hereâs what people on social media have to say- Yes, it just did! Did #JaiHo just play alongside #MyHeartWillGoOn and others as Hollywoodâs most iconic songs? @arrahman ð¼ #Oscars2020 â Jamal Shaikh (@JamalShaikh) February 10, 2020 Proud moment⦠#Jaiho played at the #Oscars2020 ... Wow.. what a moment @arrahman Sir... â HARDEEP SINGH DANG (@rojajimmy) February 10, 2020 We agree. Just saw glimpse of #JaiHo, oh my god, fetus #DevPatel was cute #Oscars2020 â Ritz (@RitzisAFan) February 10, 2020 Too happy. Nice hearing the original #JaiHo from #SlumdogMillionaire.#Oscars â SLPhotos@Katsucon2020 (@Two_Cams25) February 10, 2020 Donât we all love this? Love Jai Ho! #slumdogmillionaire #Oscar â Adnan Virk (@adnansvirk) February 10, 2020 A.R. Rahman is known for his versatile music and has created some of the best-known music for almost two decades now. The clip ended with Eminemâs 2002 film â8Mileâ and then he himself performed âLose yourselfâ to which he got a much-deserved standing ovation. He also tweeted, âLook, if you had another shot, another opportunity⦠Thanks for having me @TheAcademy. Sorry it took me 18 years to get here.â Hereâs the Tweet- Look, if you had another shot, another opportunity... Thanks for having me @TheAcademy. Sorry it took me 18 years to get here. pic.twitter.com/CmSw2hmcZo â Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) February 10, 2020 View the full article
  17. A few days ago, Vir Das cracked a joke on Chyawanprash, a horror that almost every Indian kid lived through in their growing years. Call it developing a taste for what looks like shit or a desi mom's fear, some of us are eating it even today. While everyone went home after having a good laugh and Vir Das got what looks like a lifelong subscription of Chyawanprash; his joke gave birth to a disgusting recipe that he has to take responsibility for - a Chyawanprash smoothie. In what can be aptly called a crime, a woman posted this picture of a Chyawanprash smoothie, along with the recipe. In fact, she even dedicated that smoothie to Vir Das. She wrote, "Dedicated to @thevirdas the Chyawanprash smoothie. It won't make you go." Dedicated to @thevirdas the Chyawanprash smoothie. It wonât make you go pic.twitter.com/KD4Ab6lIGn â Tarika Singh (@tarikasingh) February 8, 2020 Seriously, it's high time people should know when and where to stop. We agree cooking is all about experimenting with ingredients and turn it into a finger-licking recipe. Adding an extra pack of masala in Maggi is fine. Putting peanut butter or nutella on apples or bananas is fine. But, adding oranges in Maggi or kiwi on pizza is NOT fine. It's a food crime. So is making a Chyawanprash smoothie. 200 ml milk of choice, half an apple, 1 tbs peanut butter, 2 tsp flax seeds, 1 tsp Chyawanprash + lil bit honey! â Tarika Singh (@tarikasingh) February 8, 2020 Vir Das too was dumbfounded by this smoothie. When someone responded to Vir Das saying, "Nobody needs a Chyawanprash smoothie what have you done Vir Das", he reacted to it saying, "yo...I just do the jokes...I ain't in charge of the aftermath." Yo...i just do the jokes....i ain't in charge of the aftermath. https://t.co/LUUqtVers9 â Vir Das (@thevirdas) February 8, 2020 People are not at all excited about this new invention that should not exist. Where is a gun when you need it 𤯠â Ankit Desai (@ankitrajdesai) February 8, 2020NOBODY NEEDS A CHAWANPRASH SMOOTHIE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE @thevirdas https://t.co/PSiSiwcAsn â Dead Ant (@DeadAntCo) February 8, 2020We hope Desi moms don't get inspired by this recipe because if that happens, then god bless those kids who will have to drink this horror. View the full article
  18. Bollywood celebrities and controversies go hand in hand. For some celebs, who often speak up their mind and use social media to voice their opinions, it can be a tricky and a messy affair, especially when they are called out and put in a perplexing situation to explain something. Actress Sonam Kapoor became controversyâs favourite child recently when a journalist dug out an old picture of her father Anil Kapoor hanging out with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim at a cricket match and asked her if it was a part of his âdharmaâ or âkarmaâ that he did it. This was the social media userâs response to a previous tweet by Sonam, about how divisive politics fuels hate. This is something that I never imagined would happen in India. Stop this divisive dangerous politics. It fuels HATE. If you believe yourself to be a Hindu then understand that the religion is about Karma and dharma and this is not either of those. https://t.co/nAZcUX6p7o â Sonam K Ahuja (@sonamakapoor) February 1, 2020 The journailist tweeted the picture as a response to this opinion posted by Sonam. @AsYouNotWish à¤à¥ à¤à¤ª बहà¥à¤¤ पà¥à¤°à¤à¤°à¤¤à¤¾ सॠà¤à¤ªà¤¨à¥ à¤à¤µà¤¾à¤à¤¼ à¤à¤ ातॠहà¥à¤à¥¤ à¤à¥à¤ªà¤¯à¤¾ दà¥à¤¶ à¤à¥ बताà¤à¤à¤à¥ à¤à¤¿ à¤à¤¤à¤à¤à¥ दाà¤à¤¦ à¤à¥ साथ à¤à¤ªà¤à¥ पिता à¤à¥ तसà¥à¤µà¥à¤° à¤à¤¾ सà¤à¤¬à¤à¤§ à¤à¤¨à¤à¥ à¤à¤°à¥à¤® सॠहॠया à¤à¤¨à¤à¥ धरà¥à¤® सॠ? https://t.co/87lgaNQk6N â Ashok Shrivastav (@ashokshrivasta6) February 3, 2020 Sonam decided to clear the air and explained that the only connection her father had with the don, was cricket and that Anil was there just to watch a cricket match. However, this did not seem to pacify people who only got more enraged on Twitter and some users called her out yet again, saying they were not convinced with this reply. Achchha matlab wo bollywood actor Dawood ke sath milkar Sattebaji karata tha kya. Aneel Musarrar se kya rishta hai â Siddharth Mishra (@Mr_Siddharth) February 3, 2020The contribution of u r father and ur tau Dawood Ibrahim is immense in Indian cricket and it will be talked abt in cricketing folklore in times to come What a playa â Marwadichoro (@Marwadi25) February 3, 2020Some even decided to convert this conversation into a meme fest. Dawood after Meeting Majnu Bhai pic.twitter.com/af4EJEVG2C â The Name Is RK (@AskAnything_RK) February 3, 2020Indian cricket will always remember Anil Kapoor and Dawood Ibrahim as two greatest cricketers of all time who played together for India.. â Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) February 3, 2020Because of Dawood incredible innings today India has the second World Cup pic.twitter.com/Mt1kun1noX â ð®ï¿½ï¿½sir-kid (@ooobhaishab) February 3, 2020One of the greatest moment in Indian sports history. Indian captain Anil Kapoor and Man of the series Dawood Ibrahim posing with the Cricket World Cup, 1983 at Lord's. @LEG3NDRY@Brat_R_P pic.twitter.com/bUkwQ5UuZu â 㤠㤠㤠(@INDYEAH_) February 3, 2020Well, they say it is tough being a Bollywood celebrity and we kinda agree! View the full article
  19. A banker with a seven-figure annual salary, working in the capital of England and living the luxurious lifestyle that London has to offer - let's accept it, is a dream job for anyone in the world. And if it's an Indian guy, then God bless his cousins and save them from relatives. But imagine, if the guy who was once his family's 'ankhon ka taara' suddenly loses that job for a reason that's really 'chindi'? And by 'chindi' we mean stealing food, in this situation. © NBC 31-year-old Paras Shah, a banker with Citigroup, was recently suspended from his 'high paying job' for stealing food, sandwiches to be specific, from his office's staff canteen. Reportedly, Paras who is said to be earning a seven-figure salary was removed last month from his role as the company's head of high-yield bond trading for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. While no one knows his exact salary, but according to an employee review website and sources someone in such a senior role can earn somewhere around £1million (over Rs. 9.2 crore approximately) or even more. And his role was said to be one of Europe's highest-profile credit traders. © Reuters According to reports, there were allegations against him of stealing food from the company headquarters at Canary Wharf, East London. Although, no one really knows how many sandwiches he stole and between which period. The poor guy was suspended weeks before he was due to get his bonus. Both the parties i.e. Citi and Paras are yet to comment on the situation, but both the 'crime' and the 'punishment' are really bizarre. We can already hear his family scream, "Haye haye, chaar log kya kahenge?" View the full article
  20. India's following protocol quite swiftly, with regard to the onset of coronavirus in China and some parts of the world, including India. The first Air India flight that left for China brought back 324 Indian nationals from coronavirus-hit Wuhan on February 1, 2020 at 7:30 in the morning. 220 citizens were sent to the Army quarantine facility in Manesar and the rest 104 were sent to ITBP facility at Chawla camp. © Twitter A second flight took off for China to bring back more Indian nationals stranded there, on Sunday, February 2. 323 Indians were brought back and along with them came 7 nationals from the island of Maldives. We're not sure how the protocol was handled but the flight came back with 7 citizens from the tiny island, and the Maldives Foreign Minister, Abdulla Rashid, took to Twitter to express his gratitude to India and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The gesture certainly didn't go unnoticed. The Maldives Prime Minister said that the seven Maldivian nationals will be housed in Delhi for a few days before they make their way home. His tweet said the following: â7 Maldivians in #Wuhan are on their way to Delhi on a special #AirIndia flight. Upon arrival they will be housed in Delhi for a period of quarantine. Deep gratitude to PM @narendramodi and EM @DrSJaishankar. Special thanks to Ambassadorsâ. 7 Maldivians in #Wuhan are on their way to Delhi on a special #AirIndia flight. Upon arrival they will be housed in Delhi for a period of quarantine. Deep gratitude to PM @narendramodi and EM @DrSJaishankar. Special thanks to Ambassadors @VikramMisri @sunjaysudhir and their teams â Abdulla Shahid (@abdulla_shahid) February 2, 2020 Rashid called India's gesture 'an action that reflects historic ties of kinship between the two countries and synergy between the Neighbourhood First and India First policyâ. Not only did he extend his gratitude towards India, Rashid also thanked China for all their help for taking care of the citizens. Grateful to @MFA_China, @AmbassadorZhang and local authorities in #Hubei for the assistance. A very special thanks to our Ambassador in China Ms Azeema and Ambassador in Delhi @aishamdidi and their team. Thank everyone at @MoFAmv for the hard workâ. 7 Maldivians in #Wuhan are on their way to Delhi on a special #AirIndia flight. Upon arrival they will be housed in Delhi for a period of quarantine. Deep gratitude to PM @narendramodi and EM @DrSJaishankar. Special thanks to Ambassadors @VikramMisri @sunjaysudhir and their teams â Abdulla Shahid (@abdulla_shahid) February 2, 2020 While India has already sent two flights and brought back close to 700 people, including 7 Maldivians, a lot of Pakistani nationals are still stranded in China, running pillar to post, to figure how to go back home as soon as possible, since their country isn't making too many efforts to bring their citizens back home. Indian citizens, on the other hand, are urging the government to help bring back the stranded Pakistanis on a humanitarian level. After External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar put out a tweet about the Maldivians being brought back, a number of people talked about the Pakistanis as well. 7 Maldivians brought back with 323 Indians from Wuhan on the second @airindiain flight today. #NeighbourhoodFirst at work again. @ibusolih @MohamedNasheed @abdulla_shahid â Dr. S. Jaishankar (@DrSJaishankar) February 2, 2020Sir we request you to bring the Pakistanis too on humanitarian ground, after all they r actually our brothers n sisters...Desh ka partition hua toh kia hua...relationship ka toh partition nehi hua nah...ð»ð» â Abhijit (@Road_Engg) February 2, 2020A master stroke would have been bringing down Paxtani students as well, brings great goodwill within Paxtan. â M Merchant (@kluzener) February 2, 2020I urge u to evacuate the pakistani students as well...... As they are completely helpless now, and we must set an example,,, as we believe in सरà¥à¤µà¥ भवनà¥à¤¤à¥ सà¥à¤à¤¿à¤¨à¤ सरà¥à¤µà¥ सनà¥à¤¤à¥ निरामया। @PMOIndia @MEAIndia @narendramodi @AmitShah @AmitShahOffice â Kundan Kunal (@KundanK96192092) February 2, 2020Salute to You @DrSJaishankar . India always stands with her friends. â Suhasini R (@R_Suhasini) February 2, 2020letâs bring Pakistani as well.. that would be great initiative â Rajiv Karambalkar (@icon_rajiv) February 2, 2020Great job sir There is a big debate raging on SM about Pakistani students who are pleading to be evacuated. What is the stand of the Indian govt? â OmShantiOmð®ð³ (@OmShant07338068) February 2, 2020Pls also consider the fate of the Pakistani students left behind by their government.. â Sameer Goyal (@sameergoyal) February 2, 2020If India can, then we should help Pakistanis students too. In any way possible. #HumanityFirst â Rohan Sharma (@chunnusharma) February 2, 2020Can we bring Pakistanis too to save the students from sure death . â Alok Kumar Chaudhury (@ChaudhuryAlok) February 2, 2020Sir we should help Pakistani students too.. LET'S TRY TO WIN THE WAR WITH LOVE ï¸ â Shivansh pandey (@Im_shivansh) February 2, 2020Can't you help the 300 Pakistani students also!? Their foreign policies may be against India's but why can't we rise above and get those children to their border!? â Danny Loyall (@dannijon75) February 2, 2020The government should actually consider these pleas made by the Indians to free their Pakistani brethren. In these troubled times, humanity should come before religion, economic policies or political struggle between the two countries. We should help each other out, in a global health crisis such as this and we hope the government can see through this and aids Pakistan in this issue. We really hope that this crisis is averted and no more casualties occur due to this deadly virus. View the full article
  21. Foodies in the city of lights have started to come together in the ongoing chilly Karachi weather to tantalise their taste buds at the Karachi Eat 2020. The seventh edition of the festival which kicks off today (January 10 till Sunday, January 12) will have numerous eateries competing with each other. Just like every year, this year will also have many new and aspiring chefs making their debut. But what does Karachi Eat have to offer desi food lovers this time around? Here's a look: The Incr-Edible HulkNaans are a staple diet with almost every desi food. However, Cloud Naan has come up with a unique take on the flatbread. At this year's festival, Cloud Naan is set to introduce Karachi to "Incr-Edible Hulk". Go to stall 83 and tantalise your taste buds with a naan filled with green chicken tikka. Geelawat KababLucknow is famous for it's connection with the Nawabs, but the city also introduced a fresh new take on kebabs. If your'e looking for some Gelawat Kabab's head to Saniya's Kitchen at stall 36 to get a taste of Lucknow. Nulli Chapli Kebab with NaanYou may have heard of nulli nehari but have you heard of Nulli Chpli Kebab's? Stop by at stall 10 of Chapli Kebab House and get a new take on chapli kebabs. Fry KebabsAfter having so many kebabs, if your stomach is still not filled, then head over to Shaheen's Kitchenette's Fry Kebabs at stall 6. Taco ChaatChaat's always come to one's mind whenever we are in mood for a light snack. But a Taco Chaat is a fusion that must not be missed. The Social Hub at stall 11 is ready to give Karachi a fusion of Mexico and South Asia with its Taco Chaat. Khichdi Thaal Khichdi is a simple food, yet sometimes its the simplicity that melts your heart. Stop by at stall 96 and get a taste of a Khichdi Thaal by Khichdi Express. Lettuce Chicken rollRolls and Karachi just go together. One can spot eateries selling rolls in almost every street corner. But, this year, A-one Snacks is set to introduce a healthy take on rolls. All the fitness freaks must give a try to the lettuce chicken roll at stall 82. Biryani's at Karachi EatBriyani is what defines desi food. So, here's a look at the biryanis available at Karachi Eat. Ice Gola After all the savouries if you're up for some dessert and ready to brace the cold. Then go to stall 25 of Fade Bhook and try their Ice Gola Rabri MilkRabri is a delicacy that can be found at wedding and family dinners. But if you are brave enough to have it with some more milk. Then drink Ye Lo's Rabri Milk at stall 48.
  22. Looks like, the people of the current generation either do not take their lives seriously or consider themselves the OG 'Khatron Ke Khiladi' who can survive literally anything. Which they do actually, in most cases. Anyway, I don't see any other way to justify the viral challenges like the Tide Pod challenge, Kiki challenge or the Ice Bucket challenge that took the world by storm in the last few months. But, just when we thought that people will stop doing crazy things in the name of a challenge, the 'Cereal Challenge' came around and proved us wrong. What is the first thought that came to your mind when you heard of this challenge? Eating as much cereal as possible? Or eating cereal with hands? Whatever it is, this is none of that. This cereal challenge is basically people eating cereal out of each others' mouths. Yes, you read it right and there's nothing NSFW about it. It's actually gross and disgusting. So, in this challenge, one person is the bowl whose mouth is filled with cereal and milk (in whichever order you want) and then the other person takes a spoon and scoops the cereal out from the mouth of that person. WHY? Seriously, WHY will anyone do that? x1 cannot disband they still havent done the cereal challenge. we need to see seungyul do this pic.twitter.com/PqZ1hsPuVc — ð¨ð§ð ð¢ð­ ðð¢ on vacay (@2seungyul) January 15, 2020 As expected, there are more fails in the challenge as people hold it in for a long time and end up choking on it and spitting it out. I am sure these are the same people who like kiwis or bananas on their pizzas. @joshgancas xvibeats #pov you have no bowls at your house so you use your friend as oneð±ð±ð! That laugh at the end ð¥´#tiktok ⬠No Idea - Don Toliver @mommac_ Ran out of bowls, so I did what any wife would do. ð¥´â ï¸ð¤£ #cerealchallenge #mouthbowl #fyp ⬠original sound - brentrivera The #cerealchallenge is harder then you think bitch. I love this video. pic.twitter.com/vWCrhcvvrz — Patty (@EncycloPattyia) January 16, 2020 @user171772282 make this go viral he yakked in the bathroom after thisð¤¢ð¤¢ #cerealchallenge #TalkToAnimals #fyp #foryou ⬠Yummy - Justin Bieber @kim_benshimon BREAKFAST TIME 𥣠kevinrubin1 #cerealchallenge #foryou #foryoupage ⬠Yummy - Justin Bieber Although, after watching all these attempts at cereal challenge, you're not up for a joke, but is this how it feels when our moms hide all the expensive plates and bowls for the guests, so we don't have anything to eat in? View the full article
  23. After watching videos of journalists reporting from knee-deep water, fighting on national television, sitting on a donkey while reporting about animal trade, confusing Apple company for the fruit, and giving retakes live just to get everything right, I think it's safe to say that Pakistani media is a global treasure. You can love them, hate them, even laugh at them, but you can never ignore them - that's Pakistani media for you. And journalists like Chand Nawab are 'gems' of reporting who are teaching us something new every single day. While Chand Nawab is still an all-time-favourite for people on both sides of the border, there is another journalist who is now catching up with Nawab's hilarious dedication - Amin Hafeez. Amin Hafeez is the same guy who earlier went viral for interviewing the cattle and then sitting on a donkey while reporting about animal trade. This time around, he took his dedication a notch higher by dressing up as an emperor and giving PTC (Piece To Camera) for Geo News, Lahore. #Pakistan Famous reporter amin hafeez in action #PTC pic.twitter.com/VJe7VQPJWA — Ghulam Abbas Shah (@ghulamabbasshah) January 14, 2020 If you thought this video was funny, here's the final cut and please keep your water or tea/coffee aside because chances are you'll spit it out while watching this. He wasn't just dressed as an emperor, but he even spoke like a king (or so he thought) to make the reporting look more genuine. Here is the final cut... as received from my friend Amin Hafeez himself. This is Cool ð https://t.co/WmNQItByQS pic.twitter.com/DAepMjiS0U — Umashankar Singh à¤à¤®à¤¾à¤¶à¤à¤à¤° सिà¤à¤¹ (@umashankarsingh) January 15, 2020 As expected, people can't stop laughing over this video. In fact, there are a few tweets from Indian journalists who were contemplating about doing something like this. Yes, please! We need such enthusiasm and passion on Indian television. This is going to happen on Indian tv news soon. I can't believe we haven't done it yet https://t.co/M3FWAIKw2h — Nidhi Razdan (@Nidhi) January 14, 2020 Such innovative & brilliant news TV. Shape of things to come for us too, I suppose. On news TV nuttiness, what Pakistan thinks today India thinks tomorrow. https://t.co/IX7Z9e38xt — Shekhar Gupta (@ShekharGupta) January 15, 2020 Our Sudarshan News has already played out a similar script. India is clearly ahead here too!;) https://t.co/a75R6ybRtK — Rohini Singh (@rohini_sgh) January 14, 2020 Reminding me of Indian journalists in space suits, police and army uniforms. A neck to neck race in the news world of the bizarre. https://t.co/XKVUndc1e5 — Storywallah (@neeleshmisra) January 15, 2020 Arrey bhai..how can the Pakistanis beat us at this.. and our anchors have only put on army lookalike clothes.. It's a matter of national honour ...pls go for this... https://t.co/MVi8tMuLzi — Saba Naqvi (@_sabanaqvi) January 15, 2020 pic.twitter.com/7iKsdKb8e2 — Adwait Kulkarni (@ErAdwait) January 15, 2020 This is how...Media Industry is going to beat Film Industry (Amin hafeez is India's deepak chaurasiya) https://t.co/HToES1Ajhb — Mukesh Bora (@mukeshbora4) January 15, 2020 View the full article
  24. With all eyes on ISRO's upcoming 'Gaganyaan' mission, it seems that preparations for the space mission are in full swing. Recently, it was announced that special food packets have been prepared for the astronauts that are part of 'Gaganyaan'. The menu includes Idli-Sambar, Upma, Coconut Chutney and much more. A Mysuru lab has prepared special food packets for the astronauts who'll be travelling to space. The Astronauts will also have special food heaters to warm up their food. Here's what the food packets looks like- For the Indian astronauts scheduled to go into Space in Mission Gaganyan, food items including Egg rolls, Veg rolls, Idli, Moong dal halwa and Veg pulav have been prepared by the Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore. Food heaters would also be provided to them. pic.twitter.com/gDgt9BJpb2 — ANI (@ANI) January 7, 2020 ANI took to Twitter shared the above post along with a caption saying, “For the Indian astronauts scheduled to go into Space in Mission Gaganyan, food items including Egg rolls, Veg rolls, Idli, Moong dal halwa and Veg pulav have been prepared by the Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore. Food heaters would also be provided to them.” The Twitter post has more than 1.2K retweets and a string of funny comments that are a downright laugh riot: Why not biryani and sevaiyyan? This is discrimination towards minorites. This calls for another nationwide protests. — THE SKIN DOCTOR (@theskindoctor13) January 7, 2020 Leave everything aside.. It's a great achievement for our country. We should learn from this that if need arises this country can produce anything from astronauts food to bulletproof jackets. We have that ability just we lacks in confidence..kudos.. — Ranjit Jaiswara (@ranjitjaiswara) January 7, 2020 Waiting for outrage by leftist.. Why only Veg Pulav and not Beef Biryani. Food Impositions on Astronauts ð — King in the North ðº (@skywalker8901) January 7, 2020 Now that the difficult question of food is solved, let us focus on the easy part, how to go into the space? — HypocrisyUnlimited (@HypocrisyUnlim1) January 7, 2020 Just out of curiosity . Arent they suppose to have liquid diet ? . Becoz they cant poop in space . — . (@xyz_varun) January 7, 2020 Great!! It's tigh slap on the face of @Harvard who says Indian food is worst in the world. #ProudISRO #ISRO — BraveBanda (@SatishKoaan) January 7, 2020 According to India Today, ISRO Chief, K Sivan said, “ISRO has identified four astronauts for the mission and their training will kickstart in the third week of January in Russia.” The 'Gaganyaan' programme will enable the astronauts to go on a seven-day space flight in low Earth Orbit and will safely recover the crew members after the completion of the mission. View the full article
  25. The whole time people kept cribbing why is Bollywood not speaking up on the current national scenario but when a Bollywood celeb shares his or her opinions, all they receive is severe backlash. And that's exactly what happened in Deepika Padukone's case. Where many A-listers kept silent on CAA or JNU attack, Deepika chose to visit the JNU campus in a show of solidarity with the students. Deepika didn't speak on the issue but her images that are going viral have created a divide in the opinions of people on social media platforms. A certain section of people feels that Deepika's move to meet JNU students was nothing but a cheap publicity stunt and have started to trend #BoycottChhapaak. There are people who feel with Deepika supporting JNU students, she has increased her fan base in Pakistan. Never Seen #DeepikaPadukone Visit URI Martyr's family Never Seen Her Visit Pulwama Martyrs Never Seen Her Visit Kashmiri Pandit family Yesterday's Visit Was A Cheap Publicity Stunt. #boycottchhapaak pic.twitter.com/t6OXWm6cZs — Vinita Hindustanið®ð³ (@Being_Vinita) January 8, 2020 789 universities in India .. She @deepikapadukone didn't choose an IIT to discuss any innovation to help girls' safety She didn't choose a medical university to gain better treatments for acid-throw victims...#boycottChhapaak#वनà¥à¤¦à¥à¤®à¤¾à¤¤à¤°à¤®à¥ ð®ð³ pic.twitter.com/BZ6sQzWzih — Manish Ashok Mishrað®ð³ (@Manish1949) January 8, 2020 #boycottchhapaak Congrats @deepikapadukone .. all anti nationals and Pak supporters are now with you. U may have made new fans across border and India haters here but u lost many honest fans. Every 1 r angry for u standing with leftists in JNU who actually started the violence. pic.twitter.com/UBLE19w5np — CA Vikram Sharma (@thesharmavikram) January 8, 2020 #boycottchhapaak#boycottChhapaak Cheap Publicity Stunt. #boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapaak#boycottchhapak pic.twitter.com/HQ9b8GrMam — Hulash Sharma (@sharma_hulash) January 8, 2020 There's no limit of hypocrisy in Bollywood it goes side by side.#boycottchhapaak — Anuj Kumar Jha (@AnujKum63835433) January 8, 2020 She thinks that by supporting these handful of protesters she can make her movie a blockbuster?? @deepikapadukone majority of people who are your fans, support the government. We all know that these were fake attacks. I'm disappointed in you. #boycottchhapaak — Deepak Sharma (@DeepakS62575205) January 8, 2020 However, there are people who are supporting Deepika for making it a point to meet the JNU students and understanding the pain they might have gone through. They have been trending #RespectDeepika, #IStandWithDeepika and #ISupportDeepika on Twitter, appreciating the courage that she has shown by visiting the campus. Thank you @deepikapadukone for standing with suffering students in JNU. #ISupportDeepika #RespectDeepika — Timir Bhowmik (@I_am_timir) January 7, 2020 If You Can't See The Pain In Her Eyes ð Ur Dumb!@IYCChhattisgarh#ISupportDeepika #IStandwithDeepika pic.twitter.com/WIgFIsnUuj — Nitin Batra #CGYCSM (@nitinbatra88000) January 8, 2020 Let's make this movie first blockbuster of 2020.#ISupportDeepika pic.twitter.com/L3LuqUYQDK — Rajkumar Yadav (@Rajkumar_yadav) January 8, 2020 Thank you @deepikapadukone for standing by the future of India. #IStandwithDeepika pic.twitter.com/qiKp1pMPLy — ðððð¡ððð ð¡ððð¦ðð ðð ðð ð ð¡ð¤ (@LoopsPadukone) January 8, 2020 Thank you @deepikapadukone for showing your spine!!!#StandWithJNU #IStandwithDeepika pic.twitter.com/3xvnonFxQF — Comrade from Kerala (@ComradeMallu) January 8, 2020 #ChhapakDekhoTapaakSe It takes a lot of courage to stand against fascist government#ChhapakDekhoTapaakSe #IStandwithDeepika pic.twitter.com/9I9Ez2sm3b — SONIA MEENA (@sonia94meena) January 8, 2020 She got emotional ⤠#IStandwithDeepika pic.twitter.com/iVRQoQ5f55 — i make sense (@DPkaChamcha) January 7, 2020 Deepika was one of the first A-listers who came out with her opinion in the form of visiting the campus. Celebrities like Anurag Kashyap, Swara Bhasker, Vishal Bhardwaj, Taapsee Pannu and Richa Chadha joined protests in Mumbai against the JNU violence while the biggies were missing. What's your take on the whole fiasco? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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