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  1. An intricately carved rock showing an ancient ladder is what makes experts hint towards the ancient royal city of Natounia
  2. Understanding new cells could help understand CFTR gene better, maybe leading to finding cure for cystic fibrosis
  3. MGMT gene can develop proteins in women that can block or disrupt brain activity, leading to cognitive decline
  4. Bacteria are single-celled organisms that reside nearly everywhere on the planet, vital to its ecosystems and most living things
  5. Fossils of three ichthyosaurs have been discovered and include largest ever tooth found for species
  6. Directorate of Archeology and Museums discovers a record number of antiquities of 400 Buddhist monuments
  7. There’s one reality show that has got everyone hooked to the screens and chances are that majority of the people will say Bigg Boss. Yeah, well, BB is evergreen, with 15 seasons running and how! However, we are talking about Shark Tank India and well, the two seem to have a remote connection, or that is what the fans have suddenly realised. With social media being filled with information on the Shark Tank judges and their personal life is piquing everyone’s interest, so many fans have dug up old wedding videos and pictures of judge Anupam Mittal, who is also the man behind Shaadi.com. He is married to Anchal Kumar, and while she is known as a famous model, true fans have recognised her from her stint on Bigg Boss season 4. She was in the same season which saw many controversies like Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik’s affair and the arguments between Dolly Bindra and the housemates, especially Manoj Tiwari. Anchal was also seen in a cameo in Bluffmaster and Fashion. The couple got married in 2013 in Jaipur and their wedding video has suddenly gone viral. The two absolutely look in love and Anupam’s fans are going crazy over this newfound realization. © YouTube © YouTube Not many people know but besides his entrepreneurial skills, Anupam also tried his hand at producing movies and had produced two films, Flavours and 99. The couple also has a daughter named Alyssa Mittal. View the full article
  8. With advanced digital 3D imagery, the pharaoh, whose rule dates back more than 1,500 BC, got digitally unwrapped
  9. Winner of five Emmy Awards, three Grammy Awards and the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour - Dave Chappelle is a big name in the American comedy-verse. A stand-up comedian and actor par excellence, Dave Chapelle gained a lot of popularity after his satirical comedy sketch series “Chappelle’s Show”. What’s more? He teamed up with his close friends Talib Kweli and yasiin bey and now runs an insightful podcast on Luminary, it’s called “The Midnight Miracles”. First things first, it’s a delight to listen to a podcast hosted by three close friends - they totally get each other, throwback to the good-old-days they’ve spent together and make the content easy to grasp! Luminary But that’s not even the best part - we’re in love with the guest list! With every episode, we witness new names come on board and share their experiences with us. Some of our favourite guests from the podcast series include Kevin Hart, Questlove, Mo Amer, Michelle Wolf, Jon Stewart and Radio Rahim. The series follows a conversational format where every episode is drastically different from the other. View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Midnight Miracle (@midnightmiracle) For instance, the first episode (and my favourite), “How To Inspire”, deals with some heavy but important topics like mental health, drugs, expressing ourselves not just when we’re at our chirpiest, but also when we hit rock bottom. In the course of the episode, Dave Chappelle asks - “How do you keep a despondent person alive? How do you make somebody want to live? Is there a thing that you can ever do for someone like that? Seriously.” The podcast then rolls towards Amy Winehouse’s death due to drug overdose, conversations about Robin Williams, and Roots founding member Malik B. View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Midnight Miracle (@midnightmiracle) This episode makes a solid statement without riding on “serious” tonality. We love how the conversations just flow, people share their deepest, darkest stories, and there are on filters. It feels like a sneak peek into an intimate interaction among old friends. What’s not to like! Another episode, drastically different from the one we just discussed, features the comeback of “Black Star” after 20 years. Hang on, wondering what’s Black Star? The co-hosts of the show, Talib Kweli and yasiin bey together form the hip-hop duo “Black Star” and dropped their first album titled “Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star” back in 1998. They’re back, and what better place than their own podcast to announce their comeback with their latest single “TMT”. If you’re someone who is looking to dip his/her feet into the inspiring world of podcasts, this one will be a good start. “The Midnight Miracle” conveys a solid message while keeping the tonality fun! To explore other podcasts on Luminary, click here. View the full article
  10. Microsoft, Google push "urgent" update, users advised to check for update, install it, and restart browsers to stay safe from attackers
  11. France health ministry confirms new coronavirus variant found in Brittany
  12. Koo, India’s alternative to Twitter that is offered in multiple regional languages has been accused of exposing users’ personal data. The apparent problem was discovered by French security researcher Robert Baptiste who revealed his findings on Twitter. According to Baptiste, he spent 30 minutes on Koo at the request of his followers and found the app was exposing sensitive information of its users. Details such as names, gender, email addresses and more were revealed to be left vulnerable by the application. You asked so I did it. I spent 30 min on this new Koo app. The app is leaking of the personal data of his users: email, dob, name, marital status, gender, ... https://t.co/87Et18MrOg pic.twitter.com/qzrXeFBW0L — Elliot Alderson (@fs0c131y) February 10, 2021Baptiste shared screenshots on Twitter which shows that it was fairly easy for him to get personal information of Koo users. He said the app leaks personal data of its users with other information such as DOB, marital status and email details. Koo’s domain is also not registered in India but instead in the US with the registrant based in China. © KooApp Koo currently is being touted as the alternative to Twitter as the app offers features almost identical to Twitter. Koo’s unique selling point is having support for regional languages which gives it an advantage over Twitter. However, in our usage, the app is not as intuitive to use as basic sections such as ‘Trending’ take a very long time to load. Koo describes itself as an app "built for Indians to share their views in their mother tongue and have meaningful discussions. Discussions are around interesting topics. It empowers people to express their thoughts in Indian languages with a strong-knit local Indian community.” View the full article
  13. The experts of the archaeological department will kickstart a restoration process in the coming weeks
  14. Pompeii, a city buried in a volcanic eruption in 79 AD, is one of Italy?s most popular attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  15. We've heard a lot of weird and unexpected things happen in 2020. Now, we just learned about the discovery of new organs in the human skull. Yes, a team of doctors from the Netherlands stumbled upon a set of previously undiscovered organs. The doctors were said to be studying high-resolution brain scans when they found it. They say the organ was hiding inside the base of the human skull, which they say is the fourth pair of salivary glands. The glands are tucked away up where the top of the throat meets the nasal cavity. This hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but it'll be a huge discovery that would mark the first pair of new salivary glands discovered in about 300 years. This particular research is being led by the doctors at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and it looks like they're working with fairly limited data right now. It could really change the way we study the salivary glands. The other three salivary glands are right beneath our skin but this new one, which the doctors claim to have found, is tucked underneath. So they may go unnoticed unless someone's specifically looking for them. This also possibly explains why the potentially damaged glands went undiscovered all this time. © Reuters It looks like the gland is not very accessible inside the skull. Study author Dr. Wouter Vougel, a radiation oncologist at the Netherlands Cancer Center, said, "The location is not very accessible, and you need very sensitive imaging to detect it.” Source: The New York Times View the full article
  16. The three were honoured for their 'decisive contribution to the fight against blood-borne hepatitis', the jury said
  17. It seems like 2020 has even more bad news in store for us, as a new strain of flu that has the potential to become a global pandemic has been discovered by scientists in China. The virus is being carried by pigs and can infect humans, according to scientists. Researchers have expressed concern that the virus can further mutate and will easily spread from person to person, which could result in yet another global outbreak. The virus is not as big of a concern as COVID-19, however, scientists say it has all the necessary attributes required for it to mutate to infect humans and requires close monitoring. © Reuters It possesses âall the essential hallmarks of being highly adapted to infect humansâ, said the authors, scientists at Chinese universities and Chinaâs Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The findings of the virus were posted in a journal on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It is worth to note that more than one in 10 swine workers have already been infected and tests indicate as many as 4.4% of the general population have already been exposed to the new virus. The virus has been given the name âG4â by the researchers. The researchers added in their report, âIt is of concern that human infection of G4 virus will further human adaptation and increase the risk of a human pandemic,â the researchers wrote. As the news broke, people on social media were clearly not happy about the new virus and shared their concerns: What is wrong with #China ? As if one #pandemic wasn't enough? #SwineFlu â Sharmishtha Sahu (@mesme_rising) June 30, 2020Rest of the world to China :#SwineFlu pic.twitter.com/OYLtVWOzxp â Mr. Stark (@Mr_Stark_) June 30, 2020#SwineFlu all set to take charge 𥺠pic.twitter.com/g83lnlUmZB â Vijay Jaiswal (@puntasticVU) June 30, 2020#SwineFlu People : This year can't get any worse July : pic.twitter.com/4V79VC46QQ â ÊÖÓÖÔµÖѵ (@Faltu_username) June 30, 2020#SwineFlu Whenever something good is happening China be like - : pic.twitter.com/oJcvykOUa3 â THE | Epic Blogger | (@Kush_official_) June 30, 2020#SwineFlu is trending again People : pic.twitter.com/UWxzbdTe0o â Salman Hussain (@Salman_sinn) June 30, 2020#SwineFlu Seeing one more disease trending, People calling the Life insurance policy agents : pic.twitter.com/FfMWB6qtws â The Young Monk (@ayush_k_u_m_a_r) June 30, 2020A new virus like #SwineFlu having pandemic potential found in China. Whole world to China: pic.twitter.com/1DP1l075op â You're annoying but still I (@ProteinBabaa) June 30, 2020 View the full article
  18. Yesterday, a FaceTime bug that would let users eavesdrop on call recipients went viral for all the wrong reasons and since then the company has disabled the feature for the time being. What people don't know is how the bug was discovered in the first place. Now you can answer for yourself on FaceTime even if they don't answerð¤#Apple explain this.. pic.twitter.com/gr8llRKZxJ — Benji Mobb™ (@BmManski) January 28, 2019 A teenager discovered the bug when he was trying to organise his friends to play the popular battle royale game 'Fortnite'. Grant Thompson, a 14-year-old high school student managed to discover the bug accidentally and has now become the hot topic of discussion. After already being in a call with his friend, Thompson tried to add another friend to the same call and discovered that he could hear his friend even though the phone call was unanswered. © Apple “We were pretty shocked at first because it was still ringing on his phone,” he told NBC News on Tuesday. “After that, we tested it for about half an hour to see if it worked every time.” My teen found a major security flaw in Apple's new iOS. He can listen in to your iPhone/iPad without your approval. I have video. Submitted bug report to @AppleSupport...waiting to hear back to provide details. Scary stuff! #apple #bugreport @foxnews — MGT7 (@MGT7500) January 21, 2019 Since the discovery, the teenager and his mother tried to alert Apple of the problem but did not get noticed by the company. The mother even tried to use a law firm's letterhead in a letter to get Apple's attention. When those efforts were met with no response, they then turned to the Apple bounty program where users are paid to find bugs in iOS. However, that didn't work out either as it required them to be registered as a developer and have the technical knowledge to file the bug report. Finally, they made a YouTube video which was later picked up by media outlets and went viral. Source: NBC News
  19. The fact that Shah Rukh Khan continues to be the Baadshah of Bollywood to this day, even though it has been a few years since we last saw the best of him on-screen, comes as no surprise to most of us. Over the years, SRK has created a name for himself and a space in our hearts, which is rather difficult to do away with, all courtesy to his great performances. While we have often heard and witnessed crazy fan stories and a gazillion tales of SRK's admirers pulling out fun antics to get the actor's attention, nothing quite beats what Senior Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor witnessed during his recent visit to the hill station of Munnar in Kerala. © Red Chillies Entertainment It so happened that when the politician checked into his hotel room, he was surprised to find out that it looked much more like a “shrine” devoted to SRK and 'Chennai Express' than an upscale hotel room. By his own admission, the room came covered with Shah Rukh's posters and cut-outs all over. Apparently, when SRK was shooting for 'Chennai Express', he stayed in the said room, which was later converted into a shrine. Being surrounded by many reminders of the actor, Tharoor took to Twitter to talk about his experience. He even tagged SRK on the post and shared some pictures of the room, which definitely works as too good of a reminder of Shah Rukh and his hit film 'Chennai Express'. Check out the post and images here: Dear @iamsrk, when on a brief visit to Munnar yesterday I took rest in the room you occupied in 2013, which has been converted into a shrine for you & #ChennaiExpress! Every wall is decorated w/posters of the film &the suite is dominated by this cut-out of you. No place for rest! pic.twitter.com/hFUYCgXLEc — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) January 21, 2019 Frankly, we aren't very shocked to see the staff of the hotel turning this room into a shrine, given the kind of devoted fan-following SRK enjoys to this day. Though SRK's latest film 'Zero' didn't perform too well at the box office, he has decided to move on and focus on other projects. As per recent reports, King Khan is all set to start shooting for the last instalment of Farhan Akhtar's Don series with 'Don: The Final Chapter', which will hit the floors in mid-2019.
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