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Found 9 results

  1. On March 3, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation, appealed to the people of India to switch off electric lights at 9 pm on Sunday i.e., today for nine minutes, and light candles or diyas, or flash torchlights from their doorsteps or balconies to mark the nationâs fight against the deadly coronavirus. PM Modi had earlier asked Indians to observe a Janata Curfew on March 22. At the time, he had urged people to express their gratitude to the frontline healthcare workers by clapping, clinking plates and spoons or ringing bells at 5 pm for five minutes. It was widely followed by the people across the country. And this diya vigil was no exception either. This time too the Indian populace including Bollywood celebrities came to their balconies with lit candles and diyas to show their solidarity in this fight against the deadly virus. Though celebrities and people of repute carried out the vigil responsibly #ArjunRampal and #GabriellaDemetriades light a candle for 9 minutes in gratitude. pic.twitter.com/ArW2lMl1La â Filmfare (@filmfare) April 5, 2020PM @narendramodi âs mother, Hira ba, also lit a diya in solidarity with the rest of India at the PMâs call for #9minutes9pm . pic.twitter.com/sukWV1TQL4 â Nistula Hebbar (@nistula) April 5, 2020In solidarity with each and every single person who is playing their part. We are all in this together and shall overcome this soon. Om Shantih Shantih Shantih#9बà¤à¥9मिनठpic.twitter.com/Q32a1cZRpa â Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) April 5, 2020Great Leaders are always a source of Inspiration My Thalaivar @rajinikanth and the Hon'ble PM @narendramodi are Nationalists who genuinely care for the People of India Let Unity prevail #9MinutesForIndia #9MIN9PM #Covid19India pic.twitter.com/ff0pL0igru â Dr.Ravi (@imravee) April 5, 2020Skyline in Mumbai before (pic 1) & after (pic 2) the residents turned off the lights of their houses. PM Modi had appealed to India to switch off all lights of houses today at 9 PM for 9 minutes, & just light a candle, 'diya', or flashlight, to mark India's fight against #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/KVmQt1Ngqj â ANI (@ANI) April 5, 2020Pl send me your diya pictures. Here are mine. pic.twitter.com/UW5JifrI8s â Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri (@vivekagnihotri) April 5, 2020So, people lit candles and diyas & also decided on their own to burst crackers! Yet again, that's not what you were asked to do. And where did the crackers come from, weren't they banned this Diwali? #Covid_19 pic.twitter.com/t7sC80aBxH â Maha Siddiqui (@SiddiquiMaha) April 5, 2020Some turned it into Diwali: Bursting crackers. pic.twitter.com/nAEQrPnNDJ â vijaita singh (@vijaita) April 5, 2020okay, so people are dying due to coronavirus and dumbfcuks here are celebrating it by bursting crackers, just fcuking wow!#9बà¤à¥9मिनठ#9Minute9baje pic.twitter.com/wlMN02rlUc â á´ÊÊɪ⡠(@abhipvtx) April 5, 2020People are bursting crackers in delhi! Come on guys its not diwali, its not celebration! pic.twitter.com/N7MQ7JJPyO â Niranjan kumar (@niranjan2428) April 5, 2020Look at this Mini diwali guys! Aab dikhega tum logon ko Dhauladar and clean skies after all this crackers? What idiots man! #9baje9mintues pic.twitter.com/hHVRlQZxrz â Subhashree Das (@Subhashreeds1) April 5, 2020Sonam Kapoor expressed her concern for birds amidst the diya vigil: There was complete peace and quite, and now the birds ,dogs and sirens are freaking out in south Delhi because some morons decided to burst fire crackers tonight. â Sonam K Ahuja (@sonamakapoor) April 5, 2020People are bursting crackers. Just FYI . They dogs are freaking out. Do people think itâs Diwali? Iâm so confused. â Sonam K Ahuja (@sonamakapoor) April 5, 2020 View the full article
  2. One of the best things about being a celebrated sportsman and international celebrity is perhaps the loyal fan following you garner. Sure, there are equal number of pros and cons attached to it, but we can't negate the fact that the pros weigh heavier. Fans going to insane lengths to please their 'idols' and grab their attention is not unheard of. Numerous starstruck fans have literally done some supremely strange things for their celeb crush, but this Mumbai-based artist's way of going about paying tribute to his favourite cricket star is essentially what we're talking about. Virat Kohli has been giving smashing record hit performances, and artist Abaasaheb Shewale found a very interesting way of paying his tributes to Kohli. Shewale has created a huge mosaic art of team India's captain using 4482 colourfully hand-painted earthen lamps. The 9.5 by 14 ft artwork has been put on public display at Seawoods Grand Central Mall in Navi Mumbai, and visitors have real good stuff to say about the detailing that has gone into its creation. Shewale considers it a very opportune moment to have gone public with this idea since 5th November is Kohli's birthday. Speaking to indianexpress.com he said, “Virat [Kohli] is shining like a bright light at the moment and with the Diwali approaching, I thought this would be an apt way to pay tribute”. The artist claimed that this artwork also happens to be his second world record, the first being a mosaic art with maximum push-pins. This passion project took shewale eight hours to put together with the help of five other co-artists. A self-funded personal project, he spent Rs. 10,000 out of his own pocket, and hand-painted all the diyas for this artwork. © BCCL The amount of hard work and dedication that Abaasaheb and co. has put into this wonderful artwork, is highly appreciable. We hope Virat Kohli gets to behold this wonder while it's still on display.
  3. It won't be an exaggeration if we say that Arijit Singh is one of the greatest singers of our time. He has one of the most recognizable and distinct voices ever and has obviously created a huge fan base for himself after giving us all incredible songs, one after another. While it seems like the whole country is a part of his fanbase, but one very important person is not a part of that, and even had a very public fallout with him. If you don't know who I'm referring to, then you haven't been on the internet long enough. It's Salman Khan, obviously. The whole fight was about an Awards Function and 'chappals'. Twitter But, looks like Arijit is ready to put it behind. Yesterday, during his concert, he even sang Salman's song Dil Diya Gallan from his latest movie Tiger Zinda Hai, despite their public fallout. Maybe, this will be the thing that solves all the problems. After all, music can solve anything. Coming back to the concert, people in Mumbai for getting to experience Arjit Singh's Live Concert, and before even watching the videos, I'm already jealous, because a concert like that honestly shouldn't be missed. Twitter But, thanks to Twitter, we can all have that amazing experience while sitting at home. There's many videos of him from yesterday, it's almost as if you can attend the whole concert from the comfort of your home. Before getting into all the videos, I would just like to say that all of the fan accounts on Twitter and Instagram are the backbone of this society. How else would we be able to witness the concert like this? Well, we've already mentioned 'Dil Diya Gallan' so let's start with that only. "Galti maaf krna only fan moment".#ArijitSingh #Aadeez #AtifASLAM @raiisonai @itsaadee pic.twitter.com/lBAnBhghrD — Bilal Aadeez. (@1BilalAhmed593) March 24, 2018 Wonder what Salman Khan has to say about this. 'Zaalima' live sounds so good. #Zaalima #ArijitSingh #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitInMumbai pic.twitter.com/fkrxTP0087 — Arijit Singh™ (@ARIJIT__SINGH) March 25, 2018 Same goes for 'Janam Janam'. #JanamJanam #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitSingh #ArijitInMumbai pic.twitter.com/IhI9yleX68 — Arijit Singh™ (@ARIJIT__SINGH) March 25, 2018 If you say you didn't get goosebumps while listening to Main 'Tenu Samjhawan Ki' live, then you're lying. Samjhawan #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitSingh #ArijitInMumbai pic.twitter.com/5VPQtGAqgv — Arijit Singh™ (@ARIJIT__SINGH) March 25, 2018 Bad quality but his voice makes it up for it. #Raabta #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitSingh #ArijitInMumbai pic.twitter.com/SleYHwN5i2 — Arijit Singh™ (@ARIJIT__SINGH) March 25, 2018 Someone got our 'Bheji Hui Dua' because this song is a blessing. (Sorry for the bad pun) #Duaa #ArijitSingh #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitInMumbai #arijitsinghliveconcert pic.twitter.com/Vw5FLdk89e — Arijit Singh™ (@ARIJIT__SINGH) March 25, 2018 Koi concert bhi na ho 'Tum Hi Ho' ke bina. The show is incomplete without `Tum Hi Ho` Right Mumbai?#ArijitSinghLive #ArijitInMumbai #MTVIndiaTour #GiMAConcerts #MakeItLarge pic.twitter.com/uGfOUwP9kt — GiMA (@GIMA) March 24, 2018 This song is making the whole concert 'Enna Sona'. #EnnaSona #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitSingh #ArijitInMumbai pic.twitter.com/BLz99bE6ow — Arijit Singh™ (@ARIJIT__SINGH) March 25, 2018 First time in concert, exciting stuff. #TeraYaarHoonMain First Time In Concert #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitSingh pic.twitter.com/4iFst5pXqu — Arijit Singh™ (@ARIJIT__SINGH) March 25, 2018 'Har Kisi Ko Nahi Milta' a concert like this, but thanks Twitter! #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitSingh #ArijitInMumbai pic.twitter.com/x3l9jkuZzy — Arijit Singh™ (@ARIJIT__SINGH) March 25, 2018 Wow, I loved this concert! It's almost as if I was there. Accha chalta hu #Mumbai, duaaon mein yaad rakhna! You guys were amazing! #ArijitSinghLive #ArijitInMumbai #MTVIndiaTour #MakeItLarge #GiMAConcerts pic.twitter.com/ue7sdKLluX — GiMA (@GIMA) March 24, 2018
  4. ••غزلِ•• دُشواریوں نے راہ کو آساں‌ بنا دیا ہر مرحَلے کو منزلِ جاناں بنا دیا کتنی تھی تابِ حُسْن کہ، اُس کی نگاہ نے ہر آرزو کو شعلہ بداماں بنا دیا چارہ گروں کی شعبدہ بازی پہ دل نِثار درماں کو درد، درد کو درماں بنا دیا محدودِ آرزوئے مُسرّت تھا دل مِرا وُسعَت نے غم کی، اِس کو بیاباں بنا دیا اک ذرۂ حقِیر کی قُوَّت تو دیکھئے تسخِیر کائِنات کو آساں بنا دیا رُخ پر تِرے ٹھہر کے مِری چشمِ شوق نے آرائشِ جمال کو آساں بنا دیا اک جُنْبِشِ نِگاہ بڑا کام کر گئی تارِ نظر کو جُزوِ رگِ جاں بنا دیا آیا ہے وہ بھی وقت، کہ اکثر بہار نے ہرچاکِ گُل کو میرا گریباں بنا دیا اخگر نِقاب اُلٹ کے، کِسی خوش جمال نے کارِ دِل و نِگاہ کو آساں بنا دیا
  5. IK DIYA DIL MAI JALANA BHI, BUJHA BHI DENA اک دیا دل میں جلانا بھی، بجھا بھی دینا یاد کرنا بھی اسے روز، بھلا بھی دینا کیا کہوں میری چاہت ہے یا نفرت اس کی نام لکھنا بھی میرا، لکھ کے مٹا بھی دینا پھر نہ ملنے کو بچھڑتا ہوں تجھ سے لیکن مڑ کے دیکھوں تو پلٹنے کی دعا بھی دینا خط بھی لکھنا اسے مایوس بھی رہنا اس سے جرم کرنا بھی مگر خود کو سزا بھی دینا مجھ کو رسموں کا تکلف بھی گوارا لیکن جی میں آئے تو یہ دیوار گرا بھی دینا اس سے منسوب بھی کر لینا پرانے قصے اس کے بالوں میں نیا پھول سجا بھی دینا صورتِ نقش ِ قدم، دشت میں رہنا محسن اپنے ہونے سے نہ ہونے کا پتہ بھی دینا
  6. Ye Tumse Keh Diya Kisne, K Tum Bin Reh Nahi Sakte, Ye Dukh Hum Seh Nahi Sakte, Chalo Hum Maan Lete Hain, K Tum Bin Hum Bohat Roye, K Raaton Ko Nahi Soye, Magar Afsos Hai Jaana, K Ab Ke Tum Jo Lotogay, Humen Tabdeel Paogay, Bohat Mayos Hogay Tum, Agar Tum Janna Chaho, K Aisa Kyun Kiya Humne, To Sunlo Ghor Se Jaana, Purani Ehd-e-Rafta Ki, Rivayat Tordi Humne, '''MOHABBAT CHOR DI HUMNE'''
  7. Tum ne bhi thukraa hi diya duniya se bhi duur huye, Apni anaa ke saaray sheeshe akhir chikna-chuur huye, Hum ne jin pr ghazlen sochin un ko chaaha logon ne, Hum kitne badnaam huye thay, woh kitne mashoor huye, Tark-e-wafaa ki saari qasmen un ko dekh ke toot gayin, Un ka naaz salaamat thehra, hum hi zara majboor huye, Aik gharri ko ruk kr pucha us ne to ehwaal magar, Baaqi umar na murr kar dekha, hum aese maghroor huye, Ab ke un ki bazm main jaye ga gar mohsin azn mile, Zakham hi un ki nazar guzaaren, ashk to na-manzoor huye..
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