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Found 5 results

  1. Today Guneet Monga's 'Period. End of Sentence' created history by winning the Best Documentary Short Subject at the Oscars 2019 aka the 91st Academy Awards. The 26-minute documentary is set in Hapur, a village in Uttar Pradesh and deals with the taboo around menstruation and how the women come together to create sanitary pads of their own, when a machine is installed in the village. © sikhya entertainment The whole world is talking about this documentary and so is Mumbai Police, but for a totally different yet equally important cause. Mumbai Police's social media team is known and lauded for coming up with creative and witty messages, on things that are going viral on the internet. This time too they did not disappoint us at all. Mumbai Police referred to the Oscar-winning documentary and wrote, "If cities were given an Oscar, Mumbai would have bagged some of the trophies definitely!" If cities were given an Oscar, Mumbai would have bagged some of the trophies definitely ! #LoveTheCityWeServe #IfCitiesWonOscars pic.twitter.com/V9Zr5tDfTZ — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) February 25, 2019 As expected, people were once again left impressed with Mumbai Police's creativity and ingenuity. Both 'Whoever is managing this account' and Mumbai Police has great skills in making observations and connecting the dots. Great work ! ð — PickupDaddy (@pritalking) February 25, 2019 I agree. As a woman from Bombay and travelled across I believe mumbai police is prompt to help women and anyone in distress. Kudos to you champions — Shaheena Attarwala (@RuthlessUx) February 25, 2019 Fab @MumbaiPolice , we totally do https://t.co/BJg66qShmP — Rucha Bhalekar (@ruchaapte) February 25, 2019 Don't worry @MumbaiPolice People of Mumbai appreciate your service n feel safe in the city. Love n Respect from the people , biggest trophy you can have #Mumbai #MumbaiPolice #Respect https://t.co/x2yFrMVhCN — Alhad Apte (@Alhad009) February 25, 2019 Kudos to your social media team for coming out with cheeky, topical messages. https://t.co/HUphLaOAKu — Prasanna (@prasannapahade) February 25, 2019 Well, we don't know about Mumbai or other cities, but Mumbai Police surely deserves an Oscar for coming up with such an amazing message.
  2. The announcement of the 91st Academy Awards on Tuesday evening happened to be big news for the country. 'Period. End of Sentence', a film set in India is now in contention for an Oscar for Best Documentary (Short Subject). The 25-minute long film is based on the subject of menstrual hygiene in India and has been directed by Iranian-American filmmaker Rayka Zehtabchi. via GIPHY We exclusively got into a conversation with the film's co-producer Guneet Monga (Monga's Sikhya Entertainment has backed films like The Lunchbox and Masaan). Guneet discussed various aspects of being a producer and the filming process. © Guneet Monga How does it feel like to be amongst the top five nominees of the Documentary Short Subject? It's a massive honour. It's a huge honour to be acknowledged by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. I don't know how to express it in words. It feels very humbling and I am very grateful that our friend has reached this level and I hope the whole world can watch it. I am very excited, happy and gratified more than anything. Just when a mainstream Bollywood film titled 'Padman' was made, what inspired you and your team to chose the film's theme based on menstrual hygiene? The more we speak about it, it is less. This topic should have a hundred more movies on it. Periods are a taboo. I think 'Padman' did a big thing about making the conversation normal. More power to more people doing this and I think a lot more needs to be done. When you will see the film you will get to know that people still don't freely talk about it and there is shame attached to it. This is a normal process for any woman. © Columbia Pictures This was a story that was moving and was chosen by the girls in LA who wanted to bring it forth. A few schoolgirls in LA aged 12 to 14, read an article that in India, girls don't get to go to school because of periods and also drop out of schools. They started with Yogathon and other campaigns to raise money for buying a pad machine. They then raised $40,000 to be able to make a movie. They hired Rayka to direct the movie. The whole team got ready to shoot this in India. And it was through one of their parents, who got in touch with me. That's how I became a producer on the film. I feel that there should be a hundred more movies on this subject. We are in no comparison with 'Padman', as the film did a great job in lifting the taboo. We are a small film, a 25 minute documentary with girls and their point of view. What's your take on creating and putting out stories with women in the centre? There should be more films/ documentaries to put girls up in the centre of the storytelling. We need to get acknowledged across the world through every storytelling medium. Given that we are half the world and we also run the world. You have also remained a BAFTA nominee and became one of the first Indian producers to join the producer branch of the Academy. Would you foster and root for more roles/ work opportunities for the Indians? Indians/Asians would love to have their stories told to the rest of the world. We tell our stories to the rest of the world. That's the world we come from and these are the stories we are capable of telling in hope to resonate with other people. What is the most challenging part when it comes to connecting Indian films with international buyers? The challenge comes with the way the deals are structured within India. This kind of limits the international buyers to be a part of it. Any upcoming projects you are working on? I am doing a lot of cool stuff, especially women stories. I am also starting my own YouTube channel by women for women, it is called ReDo. 'Period. End of Sentence' is a short film, which follows girls and women in Hapur in Uttar Pradesh and their experience with the installation of a pad machine in the village. via GIPHY The documentary highlights the fight by the rural women against the deeply rooted stigma of menstruation.
  3. If you are an iron head, you know who Ronnie Coleman is. Heck, even people who live in the cardio section know who the King of bodybuilding is. Eight times Mr. Olympia and arguably the biggest and the most conditioned bodybuilder to ever grace the stage, Ronnie was a freak of nature put on steroids. I recently watched his latest documentary called 'The King'. Rightly named, the movie chronicles Big Ron's life and times even before he started professional bodybuilding. Mind you, it's not a spectacle of any kind to watch. If anything, it's a journey through the mindset and most importantly, the pain of being the best in the world. It's just as painful as it's inspiring. Ronnie Was A Freak Of Nature © YouTube Whichever sport Ronnie took part in during his school and college days, he came up as a champion. His naturally athletic demeanor made him stand out in American football, track and field and what not. He was built for sports. At 18, he first stepped on the stage and won his very first amateur bodybuilding competition. This win changed the course of this entire life and the Ronnie Coleman that the world now knows, was born. Hustle And Flow © YouTube Ronnie never came from a 'provided-for' background. He hustled his way through daily life. Despite of being brilliant at accounting, circumstances led him to serve pizzas at Dominos. Soon after he joined the police force as rookie and it was here where a fellow officer of his, introduced him to Brian Dobson. Impressed by the size Ronnie was already carrying and knowing the fact that Ronnie can't pay the gym fee, Dobson offered him a free lifetime membership. From here on- Ronnie started aiming for the Olympia. The world of bodybuilding was about to witness something that it had never seen before. Ronnie Trained Hard. But Did He Train Smart? – Jay Cutler © YouTube 800 pound squat, 2,300 pound leg press, 200 pound dumbbell chest press. Ronnie, despite being a bodybuilder, trained a lot like power-lifters. The weight he lifted on a regular basis astounded all his peers and raised eyebrows about his health. A brief look at his training videos and you will realize how he guzzled weight. All this heavy lifting had to have consequences and it did. Injuries And An Absolutely Ruined Old Age © YouTube At 46 years old, Ronnie's spine is in a complete mess. So much so, that he can't even stand for minutes in a row, let alone standing with a straight spine. He walks with crutches and around the time of his surgeries resorts to a wheel chair. His low back disks were fitted with screws so as to avoid them from compressing on top of each other. He somehow broke those screws and along with the screws broke his disks where the screws were drilled. At this point, he literally has a broken back. Both of his hips too are preplaced. He recently came about the internet and told his fans that he might never be able to walk again. If all this isn't saddening, I don't know what it is. The Pain Of Seeing A Champ Go Down In Misery Ronnie has the money (10 million + net worth). He has kids and a loving wife. He can pay off for his treatment but all this isn't enough. It's pretty sure that he will never be able to stand up straight again, ever. Soon, he won't be walking too. Once the strongest bodybuilder is now is extreme physical misery simply because of how he trained for years. Through the 1.5 hours of the documentary, I felt the pain. Ronnie never thought this would happen and it's only getting worse.
  4. Dogs are too pure for this world and if you're a dog parent, you know that things like separation anxiety, having your doggo's picture as your wallpaper and having animated conversations with them is a legit, real thing. Turns out that Netflix is dropping a new documentary next month and it needs to be on your watch list. Titled as 'Dogs', it tells 6 heart warming tales of 6 dogs in different situations. The documentary gives you an insight of just how a dog is more than a pet for any dog parent. One story follows a pet parent trying to get his trapped dog from Syria, another story presents a family which explains how their pet is their differently- abled child's best friend, the stories will make tears of love fall down your cheeks. © Netflix © Netflix The documentary premieres on November 16th so just set an alarm already because you know you will be watching it. Now you can go back to thanking your dog for being in your life because you know it's true, only the lucky ones get loved by a dog.
  5. Paul Walker's tragic death is something, which many have not been able to come to terms with even today. The fatal car accident that claimed his life on November 30, 2013, in California is still a fresh wound for many. His death sent a wave of shock across the planet, as even those who were not big fans of the 'Fast And The Furious' franchise, could not believe the news that was flashing on the TV screens and across the internet. Countless tributes and homage have been paid through the years, as people remember the life and works of the wonderful and talented actor, who was snatched so early and so cruelly from the world. How can anyone forget Vin Diesel singing 'It's been a long day without you my friend', at the MTV Movie Awards? There was not one dry eye among the audience, as Walker's co-star from the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise, tried to put his feelings into the lyrics of the emotional song from the movie. November 2018 will mark five years since we lost Paul. I know, it's been so long, but it feels like only yesterday, right? We may have slowly made our peace with his loss, but the trailer for his documentary titled 'I Am Paul Walker' which just dropped, is bound to rake up all the memories and gut-wrenching emotions. Here's how Paramount Network, for whom the documentary was made for, has described the film in the description box on YouTube, “Father. Humanitarian. Friend. Paul Walker's was a life fully lived, and his legacy of kindness and compassion continues to inspire others.” Here's the trailer: Oh, my God. I was not ready for that. Yup. I can already feel my lower lip trembling. This documentary is no joke guys, and you better prepare yourself for the avalanche of feels that's gonna hit you so goddamn hard! From his childhood to how he entered movies, the documentary will take you through Paul's life, all the while reminding us that the actor wanted to live his life to the fullest. So, instead of coming across as a cheap, sensational way to cash in on the death of Paul Walker, the documentary seems like a beautiful celebration of his life, which I am sure the fans are going to love. Wow, I can already feel myself mentally preparing for a 'Fast And The Furious' marathon this weekend. Okay, need to go grab some popcorn…and tissues!