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Found 16 results

  1. United States President Donald Trump Wednesday offered peace to Iran, saying Tehran was "standing down" after missile strikes on US troop bases in Iraq that resulted in no American or Iraqi deaths. Trumps comments came as tensions between Washington and Tehran soared after two military bases housing American troops in Iraq were attacked with missiles from Iran. Will strike 'resounding blow' if Israel is attacked: Netanyahu warns Iran Addressing a press conference at the White House, Trump said the targeted military bases suffered 'minimal damage' owing to "precautions and an early warning system" that helped save lives when the missiles were fired. "The American people should be happy. I am pleased to announce that no US soldiers were hurt in the attack last night by the Iran regime," he said. "Iran seems to be standing down which is good for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world," he said. "No American or Iraqi lives were lost." Can the Iranian army confront the might of the American military? Further sanctions against IranThe US president said Iran has been the leading sponsor of terrorism and their pursuit of nuclear weapons puts the entire world at risk. Trump said the US "will never let that happen" referring to Iran's attempts to secure nuclear warheads. Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani was killed by US drone strike last week that sparked further tensions between the two nations."We are constructing many hypersonic missiles. The fact that we have this great military and equipment, however, does not mean we have to use it. We do not want to use it. As long as I am President, Iran will never be allowed to have nuclear weapon," he said. Trump lashed out at late Iranian commander, Qassem Soleimani, saying that his "hands were drenched with the blood" of thousands of innocents. He accused Soleimani of "fuelling civil wars" and carrying out bloodshed in other countries. "Soleimani's hands were drenched in both American and Iranian blood," he said. "By removing Soleimani, we have sent a powerful message to terrorists--if you value your lives, you will not continue to threaten the lives of our people," he said. "Your campaign of murder and hate will not be tolerated further," he said in a message to the state of Iran. "It will not be allowed to go on further." He called on NATO to increase its role in the Middle East. Trump said Iran will have to forego its nuclear programme at any cost. Saying that the US was considering a wide range of options on how to respond to Iran's aggression, Trump said the US was imposing "punishing economic sanctions until Iran changes its behaviour." US President Donald Trump(C) speaks about the situation with Iran in the Grand Foyer of the White House in Washington, DC, January 8, 2020.—AFP photoHe said Iran was emboldened by the "foolish nuclear deal" through which Tehran received $150 billion out of which $1.8 billion were paid in cash. Trump said that money was used by Iran to carry out terrorist activities in other Middle East countries. "Instead of saying thank you to us, they chanted 'death to America'," he said. US 'ready to embrace peace'The American president said Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was organising ISIS into a real threat. He said it were the US forces that took him out and ensured the world remained a safer place. "Al Baghdadi was trying to rebuild ISIS which failed," he said. "ISIS is a natural enemy of Iran. The destruction of ISIS is good for Iran. We should work on this and other shared priorities together," he said. He gave a message to the "people and leaders of Iran" that the US was "ready to have peace with all those who seek it". Trump said the US wanted Iran to have a "great and prosperous future with other countries of the world".
  2. A natural progression of time in our lives translates into the way our bodies change over the years. This also means spotting whites in your hair before the expected age. You might start to spot the white strands in your teens or even your thirties for that matter. The question although, is what do you choose to do about them? If they're just a few strands interspersed here and there, then you can choose to ignore them (they're not perpetually visible anyway), however, if they are more than a few strands that can be seen by anyone who looks at your face and not just on your head but also in your beard (that is if you keep one), then you'll have two options. Either you can dye them on a monthly basis or you can let them stay as is. Now, you can either choose to dye both your beard and your hair or only dye your hair and let the beard be. One thing that you should know, is the fact that many celebrities have embraced the salt and pepper look in recent times. These include people like Virat Kohli, Jim Sarbh and Idris Elba. These men aren't afraid of letting the maturity of their age reflect on their faces, in fact, they wear it like a badge of experience (in a way that says that "I have seen and done things in my time and I know better") which makes it even more attractive. So, How Can You Embrace The Salt And Pepper Beard Look? 1. Let The Greys Be If you're starting to see more of the grey strands now in a cluster, chances are that you've been seeing them for a while now. Nix the habit of weeding out the whites in the attempts of a fuller, black flawless beard. Let them grow out. Now, that you've decided to let them be, it'll take a while for the greys to balance out across the beard to get the desired look. © Getty Images 2. You Also Need Professional Help A beard stylist is going to make sure that the grey strands are not growing out in an odd manner but blend out with the rest of the beard seamlessly. This can't be done at home with the precision a professional would have. © Instagram/Manav Manglani 3. You'll Require Significantly Less Maintenance Now that you have a salt and pepper beard, you could reap the benefits of not having to maintain your beard as often as you would have to when you were dyeing it regularly. The beard requires a trim once in a while, but that's about it. © Getty Images View the full article
  3. If you're looking to add a little spice to your wardrobe, you should definitely add a few pairs of quirky socks in your ensemble. Before you brush this off as a joke, read further. Adding bright colours to your wardrobe do not just brighten up your look alone, but also brightens up your mood. Now, we understand that you can't just wear a bright red shirt to work, as that'll be awkward. But you can add hints of red without it dominating your corporate lewk. Think fruit-themed socks, or pop culture-inspired socks or socks of your favourite character or favourite food. Soxytoes have introduced a great range of quirky socks that we love. The best part about quirky socks is the fact that you can cherry-pick them to express your personality effortlessly. And, styling socks is not something everyone thinks about, so you can easily get your crush to notice you for your socks. 1. Netflix And Chill A pair of socks that represents what you could do all day every day, if not for your day job. © Instagram/ Soxytoes 2. For The Groom Socks for the big day in your life or for the night before when you have your bachelor party. © Instagram/ Soxytoes 3. Pizza Sticks Socks that reflect your love for food that you wouldn't give up for the world. © Instagram/ Soxytoes 4. Bright Yellow A pair of socks that are going to stand out effortlessly at work. © Instagram/ Soxytoes 5. The Hustle Socks The hustle socks represent the everyday grind that you're proud of. © Instagram/ Soxytoes
  4. It's no shame that so many people see relationships as the best part of their lives. Finding a boo for yourself and swinging to the tunes of romance is magical and mesmerising. You must have friends who are obsessed with crawling bars and clubs in search of their significant other stating that everything will be alright when they have one. But certainly, being single has its own significant identity to treasure. MensXP brings to you five reasons to acknowledge singlehood and embrace it: © Pinterest 1. You Are 100% Yourself Being single provides you with a great opportunity to be and feel yourself as you are. You save yourself from an identity crisis, which is mostly seen in a relationship in order to make the other person happy or satisfied or modifying yourself so that your partner can easily accept you. You can expose your weaknesses, strengths, insecurities that help you to find who you really are. © Twitter 2. You Breathe Freedom Being single doesn't mean no one wants you; it's about loving and finding yourself enough for you. It can be a choice to give yourself time to decide who you really want to be with. Singlehood is about having the freedom to explore what you really want and expect from your life. In singlehood, you are accountable to just yourself and you need no permissions or think of the repercussions before leading the journey of self-discovery. © Twitter 3. You Are Your Own Master Your single years can be the most liberating and productive days of your life. You are the boss of your own life, the whole and sole commander of your own actions. You need not to answer anyone where you were, why you were late, not to worry about what the other person will think about you, your outfits, the mistakes you make, the food you eat, the way you sit, blah blah... You are your own boss! © Twitter 4. No Bars On Your Friendships To your significant other, your friends are mostly the 'snakes' and you are the ' innocent admirer'. According to them, they are behind all your fights, silly arguments, parallel decisions etc. to your girlfriend your female friends are the troublemakers and vice-versa. Hence, in singlehood, you can do what your heart desires and be friends with anyone whom you like without always being conscious about the boundaries drawn by your bae. © Pinterest 5. Less Of Silly Quarrels/ Disagreements While most people around the world feel that they are strong enough to take on anything, when it comes to conversations or the dreaded “we-need-to-talk”, they are the foremost customer of escapism. Those silly arguments presented in a PDF file by your partner, including facts and figures like the exact date, time and dialogues you spoke, are no less than mental torture, as half of the time it's illogical. Being single saves you from all those emotional traumas and additional baggage. Singlehood has perks exotic enough to applaud your decision or condition of not being in a relationship or be under any emotional commitments and attachments. Hope the above-mentioned list helps you to make better decisions in life and be happy with what you are surrounded with.
  5. Ever since Apple announced the iPhone X with a notch, smartphone companies have rushed to copy the design and even use the same tactic to hide its presence. Apple cleverly uses dark wallpapers by default which basically hides the notch when viewed from far. Samsung also uses similar wallpapers to hide the punch-hole gamer at the front of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. © Twitter_Matt B However, not everyone needs to hide the cameras, especially when other wallpapers can embrace Samsung's design choice. Twitter users Matt B (@mattcabb) posted a series of wallpapers that basically flaunt the front-facing cameras with unique characters from Futurama and even Jonny 5 from 'Short Circuit'. Other wallpapers include the NASA Mars Rover and a very cute R2-D2 for the Galaxy S10. © Twitter_Matt B You can have a look at the entire thread of Tweets that feature different wallpapers for the Galaxy S10/S10+. Not so sure about #bender from #futurama. Too much emotions in his original eyes. pic.twitter.com/I5F4kqLlQ3 — Matt B (@Mattcabb) February 27, 2019 The wallpapers are not currently available to download since the Galaxy S10 is not available to the general public yet. However, we do expect these wallpapers to pop up on social media very soon once the smartphone is in the hand of customers. For now, we're just hoping Matt B makes a 'Wall-E' version as well. The wallpapers are not currently available to download since the Galaxy S10 is not available to the general public yet. However, we do expect these wallpapers to pop up on social media very soon once the smartphone is in the hand of customers. For now, we're just hoping Matt B makes a 'Wall-E' version as well.
  6. February seems like a dreaded month. The month of love. Dreaded, if you have no one to share it with, and the most fabulous one if you are in love. Being single is never a piece of cake, is it? Especially around Valentine's Day which seems to be growing grander, as if on steroids, with each passing year. via GIPHY Somehow, with each year that goes by, the definition of being single is changing and evolving. It is no longer that sequestered thing, a fact to be hidden away, a status to shy away from, a shameful condition. But is it as good as it looks? We are in the 21st century, the world is constantly altering, yet people still seem to have a terrible problem with someone who is single. via GIPHY If we look closely, being single in 2019 is better than doing so in say 2009, but the stigma attached to it is still a long way from being completely eliminated. According to popular perception, being in a relationship has always been the celebrated goal of one's life. © Fox Searchlight Pictures In today's whirlwind world fueled by social media, the relationships that people have seem to be just for the sake of Instagram and Facebook. It doesn't matter how much love there is, the more important factor is the number of likes and comments it gets. Apparently, in today's era, the number of likes decides your compatibility and the length of your relationship. Being in a relationship has become a fad, a status symbol, something to be flaunted or people won't believe you. It is a world where you put up a mushy, cheesy, romantic message for your current S.O. which garners a lot of social media validation and then changes once the relationship comes to an end; either the message gets erased or the name of the person in it changes. via GIPHY Has the meaning of love changed in 2019? Look around you. People hook up and break up in an instant, their relationships change more frequently than Katy Perry's hair colour. Relationships today seem to have lost their meaning; we flit from one to another like a bee collecting honey. Maybe, we just don't want to be alone. via GIPHY Today, two people know that there's a certain expiry date to the relationship. Everything does. It is a deal; you get someone to hang around with for a few days and they do the same. No matter how short or bad it might be, we are jumping from one relationship to another. Just for the sake of it. But aren't we selling ourselves short? It feels realistic to start a romance knowing that nothing lasts forever but not giving ourselves the benefit of the doubt is what is making us unhappier. © Focus Features Why can't we let ourselves be? Maybe breathe a bit before launching ourselves into a new relationship just for the sake of it. Are we really that lonely that we need constant attention from others or someone to give us a sense of approval all the time? The constant pressure to be seen with someone, to seek love from someone is enveloping our lives; when was the last time you had a conversation with yourself? via GIPHY Yes, I get it, it is one's own life, we can live it any way we want but shouldn't we stop and ponder a bit on whether that is how we are living it or is it the way someone else wants us to live it? A “Couple” Thoughts! “How are you still single?” Heard it somewhere, haven't you? © Pinterest Being single is a choice. It is as simple as that. By your own choice. © Universal Pictures Chances are that if you have been single for a long time, you must have heard whispers all around you; mellow ones which hush when you appear, louder ones which are blatant and acerbic and are mostly from people you know. Sometimes, the people closest to you can hurt you; your relatives with their constant hankering and hounding about your personal life, that best friend who unintentionally judges you, or that friend who changed once they got into a relationship. You must have observed it in your friends. Once a person begins to lead a “couple” life, their opinion about single people completely changes. We all know “that couple” who believes that marriage and kids put them on a pedestal; a higher one than people who are not engaged with someone. via GIPHY There are all sorts of people out there. Over the years, I have come across a lot of people and I, being the organizer that I am, have categorized the couples into three groups: 1. The Power Couple: I have a lot of friends who are in a relationship; some slyly let that fact rub into other people's faces. via GIPHY If one is happy being a couple, it's fantastic but it is hardly veracious for anyone to force one's happiness on other people who are not as fortunate as they believe they are. These “power couples” constantly crop up in your social networking feed with their numerous (way too many posts than normal) mushy romantic photos and articulate posts or just can't seem to keep their hands off each other in someone else's presence as well. My advice: a) Get a room; b) tell me the name of your Internet service provider ( because posting cutesy stuff from remote areas is a feat in itself) Love, like air, is a feeling; not seen or heard but felt with the heart. 2. The No-Nonsense Couple: Just like everything else, people also come in good and bad. I know a lot of couples who are the best people I have ever met. Unlike the prior set, they do not judge you for not having a significant other and are not coercing other single people to get married or rush into a relationship just for the sake of it. The goodness of their hearts doesn't need the constant validation of other people or social media. Nor does their love. via GIPHY 3. The Do-Gooder Couple: Which brings me to those couples who think it to be their personal Hercules' Labor to find someone for their single friend. They keep on telling you how fabulous and marvellous it is to be in a relationship; to be able to share your life with someone you love. via GIPHY Guess what? We'll figure it out. Whether one needs to be in a relationship or not is a decision only one can make, so thank you for all the help and all your good intentions but we would love it if you channelled your goodwill somewhere where it is actually needed like saving the rain-forests or conserving water. :P This patronizing just makes you annoying. If these couples did this out of the fondness for a single person, it wouldn't be a problem, but they do it to feel good about themselves. The Present Dear Single People, When was the last time you received a present from someone? Just like that, out of the blue. Still thinking, right? Other than your birthday, a person who is single never gets any presents or gifts. What about the money you spend on the gifts for other people: on someone's bridal shower, bachelor party, birthday, wedding, engagement, the list goes on? What does a person who is single get from other people? Quick math. Just do a round-up of the gifts you have bought for a friend; a friend who you won't meet often or one who won't return the gesture by being gracious enough to apologize for a mistake. Surprised? via GIPHY We all spend a lot of money just to be cordial and be in tune with the societal norms. We don't get a gift for celebrating all the right choices we have made, do we? No one gives you a present for being a good friend or a wise advisor or not falling for the wrong person. (And you shouldn't expect it as well.) I know, calculating the amount of money you spent on gifts is an abomination. Ah, so materialistic! No one asks you to pay a certain amount for giving away presents but still, gifting being the social convention, we adhere to it. And to be completely honest, who doesn't like receiving presents? But isn't it being pragmatic, to see how much you have spent on a person and will that person return the favour? We all do this, don't we? We gift people things but hardly ever do we estimate the cost of the gift. I do not say that we need to give over-the-top gifts to everyone, but we should factor in the relationship we have with the person. It may sound wrong, but in the long run, it helps. Why be disheartened by giving a person something of value and get nothing in return? Would you give away a part of your body to someone for free? Judge-y Judgerson! For a society which takes years together to give out a fair verdict on cases, we don't take more than a jiffy to judge someone and the choices they make. We all judge other people, all the time. I do, you do, we all do. It is human nature. The people who say that they don't judge anyone are lying (because they judge you for judging someone else :P). People will judge you no matter what you do. Single? Judging you! via GIPHY Committed? Judging you! via GIPHY Married? Judging you! via GIPHY Marriage or getting into a relationship doesn't mean getting tied down. It just means that you have found another person whom you have chosen, who understands you and respects you for the fact that you are your own person. Just like being single, having kids; getting married; being in a relationship are individual choices. None of it makes you better if you choose to do one of these. Yes, demeaning someone because of the choices they have made does make you an atrocious human being. via GIPHY Being single is completely normal. It doesn't make you desperate, nor does it make you a loser. It is just you, being you. It means you are comfortable with who you are, you do not need another person for it. The people who judge you for taking time and trying to find someone who will understand you are the ones who are driving on the wrong side of the road. Why should we have to explain and defend ourselves for not being a relationship? Single And Fabulous! I believe a fortunate few are meant to be single because they are enough for themselves. Single, after all, is just a term; a word. It depends on you how to view it: crying behind closed doors because of it or indulging yourself with happiness just because you can. via GIPHY It's surprising that the society makes you think that being single is an appalling thing, popular culture doesn't do justice to the thrill of getting to know yourself and working on yourself. Apparently, according to them, single people can only be two things: sad or desperate. © Focus Features Hardly ever are there any fictional characters which are shown to be single and content with it. Romance is mandatory. Why? Because that is what brings in the audience. © New Line Cinema The freedom which being single gives is hardly comparable to other experiences. You can sleep as long as you want, have as many crushes you want, eat what you want without guilt, and you are not answerable to anyone for the choices you make. via GIPHY What is wrong with being single? The Sun does not need anyone else to shine. The biggest challenges in your life are faced by one person; you. Celebrate who you are. No one will be around for you forever, except you. © 20th Century Fox Television We need to break the stigma of self-love. Why should someone be judged for loving themselves more than another person? Don't we have better things to look out for? via GIPHY Maybe, you will find a person who completes you later in life, but for the time being, enjoy your own company, because only we can know ourselves the best. No one is asking you to be a hermit; know yourself better before letting someone else into your life. Don't let other factors bully you into feeling guilty for being single. © Focus Features Everything takes time; breathe. The best thing about being single? No one to judge you as you proceed to eat that tub of ice-cream, chocolate sauce all slathered across your face as you watch your favorite show on Netflix. :P via GIPHY Do not fall prey to the social convention or someone else's judgement. Elizabeth Bennet did not, nor did Sheldon Cooper. And who needs another person, as long as you have got pizza. Just saying. via GIPHY P.S.: Will most certainly be judged for writing this! :P
  7. In 2019, you should focus on being the best version of yourself. This means aggressively chasing your goals, asking out that crush of yours and most importantly, taking care of yourself. Here's the thing, looking good directly factors in feeling good. This means you should put significant effort into taking care of yourself. This will also help you stand out in a group of people who don't care for themselves. 1. Not Dismissing Manicure & Pedicure Sessions Traditionally, seen as something that only women care for. However, if you have nails that often end up looking like this. © Instagram They will not only drive away your crush but also come off as dirty to your fellow colleagues and boss, and the worst case scenario is that no one will be willing to share food with you during lunch. Now, before that happens, go for a manicure/pedicure session. You'll be surprised to discover the wonderful packages that exist out there. Some of them include massages and a completely calming session. You could even turn this into a date. © Instagram 2. Making The Concealer A Part Of Your Everyday Routine © Instagram The concealer is not a gendered product. Repeat this after me. A concealer is a blessing. We're talking about the racoon eyes that you get from partying all night, acne scars, huge pimples and the hickeys that you don't want to show to anyone else. It conceals everything with one stroke. You can easily steal it from your girlfriend's beauty kit or just simply ask her for it. Additionally, here's a list of other super helpful products you could steal from your girlfriend. © Instagram 3. Investing In A Skincare Routine © Instagram Try to consciously try to look after your skin. Now lathering a skin cream every now and then is not taking care of your skin. You need a regular and fixed routine in place with products curated that suit your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, choose moisturizing cleansers and creams or if you have acne-prone skin go for anti-acne products. Also, you could make the whole routine fun with face sheet masks and that is literally no effort at all. © Instagram Even celebrities like Ansel Elgort vouch by fun face masks. For a good skin care routine, you ideally need a cleanser, a good moisturizer, essential oil and a weekly face mask and a scrub. 4. Always Carry A Pocket Mouth Wash Or Mints © Instagram Bad breath is imminent if you don't take care of your oral hygiene. Bad breath can be a big turn off at a date or off-putting at an office meeting. It's best to always have mints or a pocket mouth face wash handy. 5. Make Sure To Use A Roll-On After Shower © Instagram While taking regular showers is a good thing, it's also important to supplement it with a roll-on to make sure you don't have a case of body odour throughout the day.
  8. The festive season is here, and you should probably start arranging your outfits accordingly if you haven't already started it yet. The tricky thing about the festive season in India is that, most men are clueless about what to wear. Ethnic Indian wear is pretty much your best bet, but most men don't go beyond the regular, tried and tested white kurta pyjamas or black Pathanis. This needs to change, and this is where Kunal Kapoor's recent appearance in a delightful Tuscany yellow comes in. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Kunal Kapoor was recently spotted wearing a Tuscany sherwani, paired with a black churidar and a classy black and gold stole. The subtle golden zari work on the sherwani is giving it that subtle, sophisticated element of festive glamour, without making it garish in the slightest. © Viral Bhayani We love the fact that Kunal has worn a smart pair of black leather Oxfords with the outfit, which gives it a royal, yet cosmopolitan edge. © Viral Bhayani In fact, what Kunal is wearing inside is a well-fitted black kurta, that is acting as the base for the sherwani. We recommend, this should be the standard way of wearing a sherwani or even a bandhgala. The black and gold pocket square is the only accessory - a wise move, as this outfit doesn't need any. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that we are in love with the bold but contained aesthetic here, and that colour, of course, as it is one of those rare colours that are extremely demure, yet bright, and will perfectly complement the Indian skin tone. Well done, Kunal!
  9. In Saudi Arabia, a sports-friendly version of the abaya gown is becoming the new normal and being seen less as a symbol of cultural rebellion. Photo: AFPColourful and oozing defiance, a sports-friendly version of the abaya gown was once considered...
  10. In this picture taken on February 28, 2018, Sumanth Madhav, campaign manager for wildlife for animal welfare charity Humane Society International (HSI), looks at a dead Olive Ridley sea turtle on Daluakani beach, around 80km from Bhubaneswar in India´s eastern Odisha state. Photo: AFP DALUAKANI: Since he was a boy, Soumyaranjan Biswal has kept a night vigil at the beach near his coastal Indian village where tens of thousands of tiny olive ridley turtles gather to lay their eggs. Fishing communities in Odisha protect this threatened species from harm as they return year after year to nest, a unique ritual for both turtles and their custodians that stretches back decades. Olive ridley turtles navigate thousands of miles of open ocean to reach the eastern state, where they come ashore in numbers not seen anywhere else in the world. It is familiar territory for the females, who hatched on these same sands many years ago. "We have seen them coming to these beaches right from our childhood," Biswal told AFP on a moonlit night, as tiny white ocean crabs wriggled across his feet. "The turtles are just like our friends now." The turtles arrive under the cover of darkness, trudging ashore to dig shallow pits with their flippers where they deposit dozens of eggs. In this file photo taken on February 23, 2018, an Olive Ridley sea turtle lays eggs on Rushikulya Beach, some 140 kilometres (88 miles) southwest of Bhubaneswar in India´s eastern Odisha state. Photo: AFP Their work done, they return to the ocean. But their eggs are vulnerable to predators like dogs and vultures during the 50-odd day incubation period beneath the sand, and high tides can wash away an entire nest. Unpaid job Fishermen along this stretch of east Indian coastline have been intervening to give the unborn turtles a shot at life. Biswal, equipped with a flashlight and a bamboo pole, identifies nests at risk and carefully digs up the spongy eggs. They are relocated to freshly dug hatcheries a safe distance away, ringed with fencing and marked with a flag -- an arduous process that can be repeated hundreds of times in a single nesting season. In this file photo taken on April 11, 2013, newly-hatched Olive Ridley turtles make their way to the ocean at the Rushikulya river mouth in Ganjam district, 140km south of the eastern Indian city of Bhubaneswar. Photo: AFP Keeping a watchful eye over the brood is no easy task. The job is unpaid, usually following a long day at work. There is the added danger of scorpion bites and nipping crabs in the sand. But Biswal knows safe passage for the turtle hatchlings to the sea is crucial for their survival. "Their journey back to the sea is very important. The females come back to this same beach to lay eggs, helped by the alignment of moon and stars," he said. There was a time when two million turtles would emerge from the sea at Odisha for the mass nesting phenomenon known as "arribada", or arrival. But their numbers have sharply declined, with environmental pressures, coastal development and overfishing meaning many do not survive the journey to their ancestral nesting ground. Hundreds can wash ashore dead every year. In 2014 and 2016, for reasons still unknown, no turtles arrived at all, spooking villagers who consider their fate intertwined with their ocean visitors. "For us, turtles are an incarnation of (Hindu God) Vishnu. If they die or don´t come we feel we have missed out on their blessing," said one volunteer, Bichitranal Biswal. In this picture taken on February 28, 2018, volunteers for the group Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA) demonstrate how to look for turtle eggs in the nest and how rescue vulnerable turtles on Daluakani beach, around 80km from Bhubaneswar in India´s eastern Odisha state. Photo: AFP Turtle love However, the union between fishermen and turtles has not always been peaceful. In 1997, the coastal regions off Odisha were declared a marine wildlife sanctuary and fishing was barred in shallow waters for more than half the year -- slashing incomes in one of India´s poorest regions. "For seven months a year the fishermen are left jobless," said Sumanth Bindumadhav, wildlife campaign manager with Humane Society International, an NGO. "It´s natural for them to feel that it´s because of the turtles." Bindumadhav said it had been a "Herculean task" motivating fishermen to protect the turtles during lean times when other work was scarce. One approach is to remind them that the turtles eat jellyfish, which prey on the sealife the villagers eat and sell. In this picture taken on February 28, 2018, an Olive Ridley sea turtle hatchery is seen on Daluakani beach, around 80km from Bhubaneswar in India´s eastern Odisha state. Photo: AFP Ultimately, conservation efforts have succeeded in Odisha in large part due to the special relationship between turtles and locals. "People here feel a personal connection with the turtles and have developed a sense of ownership. This has helped in our conservation effort," Bindumadhav said. The state government provides 25 kilos (55 pounds) of subsidised rice every month to families affected by fishing laws under the World Bank-funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management Programme. But the villagers say they would rather learn new skills than depend on handouts. Bijaya Kumar Kavi is director of the local Action for Protection of Wild Animals, which has been helping women set up self-help groups where each member contributes 60 rupees (90 cents) a month. "We teach them how each olive ridley lays around 100 eggs, but of more than 10 million eggs laid in an arribada, only around 0.2 percent survive," he said. "We also tell them how to handle eggs. If done the wrong way the embryo will drown in its own yolk. "When the fishermen learn about these fascinating characteristics, their attitude changes and they become turtle-friendly."
  11. This year's Android update is reportedly codenamed Pistachio Ice Cream internally, though Google may choose to go with another moniker when it launches. Making Android work with phones that look like the iPhone X is one way to woo iPhone users into switching to Android, according to a report by Bloomberg. Google is also said to be designing the updated operating system to better integrate camera notches, such as the ones found on the Essential Phone and iPhone X, as more and more hardware manufacturers embrace reduced-bezel designs. © Essential Phone PH-1 The feature allows those companies to offer bigger screens with slimmer bezels but still keep key features like the earpiece and front-facing camera in place. By developing an improved Android OS that will offer software features that utilize the notch instead of moving away from it. When the iPhone X was first unveiled, it was mocked for its front-facing camera cutout. However, the Android-based Essential Phone's has one too, and several other phone makers have mimicked the notch. © BCCL To further enhance Android's appeal, Google is also working on features that would improve the software's effects on smartphone battery life, according to the report. Google also wants to ensure the operating system will work with new smartphone designs, including those that come with foldable screens. Report sources claim there will be a "dramatic redesign" of the OS with Android P. Android hasn't seen any major changes since Material Design was introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop, so a new look for the home screen is arguably overdue. It also says Google Assistant will assume a greater role in Android P, integrating more tightly with apps and the OS to help it stay ahead of rivals Alexa and Siri. Android P is expected to be more closed than Android 8.0 Oreo, according to previous reports, with Google supposedly working on limiting third-party access to some APIs in order to reduce the overall fragmentation of the OS.
  12. Angela Merkel ? the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) ? arrives at the German Parliamentary Society offices before the start of exploratory talks about forming a new coalition government in Berlin, Germany, October 20, 2017. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt BERLIN: German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened what promised to be marathon coalition talks on Friday, hoping to bring three opposing political camps into a stable government despite signs there would be less money to paper over differences. Merkel said she was optimistic as she entered talks between her conservative bloc, the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), and the Greens, despite an assessment by her own party that the next government would have less fiscal room than expected. The outcome of the talks is keenly awaited both at home and across Europe, with many fretting that the European Union could be rudderless with the bloc?s longest-serving leader too busy to grapple with crucial issues like eurozone governance reform. Highlighting the challenge, a report by Merkel?s Christian Democrats (CDU) found that there would be only 30 billion euros free for new projects over the next four years if parties stuck to their commitment to taking on no new debts. The shortfall will make all the more difficult the tricky three-way pact, dubbed a ?Jamaica? coalition because the three parties? colours ? black, yellow, and green ? match those of the Jamaican flag, which is untried at a national level. Higher EU contributions as a result of Brexit and lower central bank profits might reduce spending room by some 15 billion euros, according to calculations seen by Reuters, an obstacle to the FDP?s demands for tax cuts or the Greens? hope for environmental and infrastructure spending. The talks between Merkel?s conservative bloc, the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), and the Greens are styled as ?exploratory?, but negotiators aim to get down to details of tax and budget policy in their first full meeting together. ?There will be many differences,? she said on her arrival at the Berlin talks, adding: ?There is readiness on my side to think about this creatively.? Party delegations each made five-minute presentations before breaking ahead of further discussions due on Tuesday. FDP chief Christian Lindner had earlier said that no matter how good the ?atmosphere and seriousness? the parties were far apart on 85 percent of the material to be discussed. After, FDP secretary-general Nicola Beer said she continued to believe there was a ?50:50? chance of a Jamaica coalition resulting. Merkel, weakened by a surging far-right in last month?s national election, needs to make the awkward alliance fly as her previous ?grand coalition? partners ? the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) ? say they want to rebuild in opposition after their worst election result in more than half a century. 'Strangers' Merkel has been able to steer Europe through its eurozone and refugee crises in part due to her dominance at home. Now that dominance is waning ? her conservatives last month had their weakest election showing since 1949. ?Voters have given these parties the task of governing,? wrote newspaper Die Welt. ?These possible partners should not be giving the impression that they are inching warily toward each other like strangers in a crammed lift.? An Infratest Dimap poll for ARD showed 83 percent of Germans wanted the parties to find a compromise deal. Merkel, 63, has suffered two further setbacks since the national election: the CDU was defeated in a regional election in Lower Saxony on Sunday, and the party?s premier in the eastern state of Saxony resigned on Wednesday, saying younger, fresher leadership was needed to revitalize the conservatives. Should the three party groups fail to form a coalition, some in their ranks fear this could lead to public disenchantment and fuel further support for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), which entered parliament for the first time last month. If she cannot clinch a three-way coalition pact, Merkel could try to form a minority government, or else call fresh elections ? an unprecedented scenario. Alternatively, she could try to team up again with the SPD. The Social Democrats reject that option, though senior party official Thomas Oppermann has indicated they could reconsider on one condition: Merkel steps aside.
  13. t has been almost three and a half years since Satya Nadella took the reins at Microsoft and during this period, a lot has changed both inside and outside Microsoft. Under his leadership, Microsoft stopped trying to go head-to-head with Apple and Android devices. It narrowed down its focus on areas where it could shine, like cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Then there have been clashes between governments and tech giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others over users privacy laws. Three days ago, Facebook acquired WhatsApp was completely blocked in China and if you remember, not so long ago, Google had to pay a hefty fine of $2.7 billion posed by the European Union for abusing its search-engine dominance. In short, it is a tough time for all tech giants. Amid all this mayhem, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was recently quoted saying, “We will regret sacrificing privacy for national security” On all shores, Nadella has proved his mettle and Bill Gates' decision of handing him the driving seat at Microsoft was a smart and tactical one. In his recent talk with Bloomberg accompanied with the launch of his new business-book-slash-memoir, Hit Refresh, he recounts how, as a new CEO, he came to realize that the company's recent stumbles weren't due to failures of intellect, but of cultural cohesion. ©books.google.com In a recent blog post on LinkedIn, he emphasized on the power of empathy quoting, "I hope readers see the book's main takeaway as the power of taking everyday action driven by empathy.” According to the Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, there are very beautiful lessons which could be learned from practicing empathy at your workplace and in your life as well. As Nadella writes, "Hitting refresh is required for any person and organization looking to make a sustained impact over a long period of time." He further added, "Ideas excite me. Empathy grounds and centers me" His lessons on empathy ©ThinkstockPhotos 1. Empathy improves teamwork. When he became CEO in 2014 he saw, "Teamwork was being replaced by internal politics. We were falling behind, While I admired every member of our team, I felt that we needed to deepen our understanding of one another—to delve into what really makes each of us tick—and to connect our personal philosophies to our jobs." He emphasized on knowing each other a little bit more, then only can empathy exist. 2. Empathy helps open your mind. Nadella says empathy does far more than just motivating you to volunteer or donate, as it primarily opens your mind up to think more about other people's perspectives. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview he said, "The business we are in is to meet the unmet, unarticulated needs of customers, and there's no way you're going to do that well without having empathy and curiosity." He also acknowledged that he didn't realize just how important empathy was until his son was born with cerebral palsy. It was an experience that led him to better understand why being able to see things from somebody else's perspective is so important. 3. Empathy helps you admit mistakes and move on. If you remember he took over Microsoft right after it bought Nokia's phone business for more than $7 billion. It was an investment plenty of tech analysts have argued was a bad idea. Under Nadella, Microsoft stopped repeating that mistake and shifted its focus in areas like cloud computing and AI. That one of the perfect example of learning to admit your mistakes even after being counted as one of the leading tech giants. With the help of empathy, they carved their own new path to success. Nadella remembering legendary computer scientist Alan Kay ©Famous People During the event, Nadella also cited the comment of legendary computer scientist Alan Kay. Alan kay pioneered many of the key concepts in the world of personal computing Nadella remembered saying, “It's Alan Kay who said ‘if you're serious about your software, you make your own hardware.' I think there's some truth to it. Without that, you can't create new categories of devices, which is why Microsoft built its own HoloLens augmented reality goggles and the processors that run them. Bill Gates Foreword in Hit Refresh ©Instagram/economictimes Gates said, “It was no surprise to me that once Nadella became Microsoft's CEO, he immediately put his mark on the company. As the title of this book implies, he didn't completely break with the past when you hit refresh on your browser, some of what's on the page stays the same.”
  14. Nikki Haley ? the US Ambassador to the UN ? attends the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, US, September 15, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump will pummel foes and embrace friends in his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly next week, keeping the pressure on Washington?s adversaries North Korea and Iran, US Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Friday. Briefing reporters ahead of the annual UN meeting, Haley and H.R. McMaster ? the White House national security adviser ? took a tough line on North Korea, warning that a military option to deal with its nuclear threats was available. Trump will meet with leaders from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America throughout the week, but his remarks ? scheduled for Tuesday morning ? will be the president?s highest-profile opportunity to explain his foreign policy vision couched in his ?America first? agenda. ?I personally think he slaps the right people, he hugs the right people, and he comes out with (the) US being very strong, in the end,? Haley, speaking at the White House, said of Trump?s speech. Haley declined to say whether Trump would commit Washington to maintaining its current level of funding for the 193-nation body. Trump has complained that the United States funds 22 percent of the UN budget and nearly 30 percent of UN peacekeeping duties. Trump will kick off the week with a meeting about UN reform on Monday. He will then have meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli Prime Minister Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that will focus on Iran, McMaster said. Trump has dinner scheduled with Latin American leaders. On Tuesday, he will meet Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani ? Qatar?s emir. Trump said last week he would be willing to mediate the worst dispute in decades between Qatar and US-allied Arab states. On Wednesday, he will meet with leaders from Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Britain, and Egypt, and on Thursday, there are talks scheduled with leaders from Turkey, Afghanistan, and Ukraine before holding a lunch with the leaders of South Korea and Japan. McMaster said it was unlikely that Trump would speak to Venezuela?s President Nicolas Maduro, whom the White House has sanctioned and called a dictator.
  15. A growing number of US cable operators are forming alliances with Netflix Inc NFLX.O, a shift that is helping the streaming pioneer add customers as its largest single market matures. No. 3 distributor Charter Communications Inc CHTR.O is expected to make Netflix available through its set-top boxes, joining more than a dozen top US pay television operators adopting a model first rolled out in Europe. Some US providers could start selling the streaming service as part of their Internet and video packages. Altice NV ATCA.AS is trying that approach in France, and the company aims to extend the deal to the United States, two sources with knowledge of the matter said during the past three weeks. They requested anonymity because the discussions are private. "Our whole model is about cooperation with many of the (streaming) providers," Altice USA ATUS.N Chief Executive Dexter Goei told reporters in May. Netflix also indicated it wants to take the arrangement elsewhere, though the timing of any new deals is uncertain. "We're now looking at proposals for including Netflix in some services and beginning to learn the bundling part of the business," Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said during a post-earnings webcast in July. "We're interested in expanding that." Additional tie-ups could help Netflix hook new users in the United States, a market analysts have said is nearing saturation while growth in foreign markets is booming. The number of subscribers is the key metric for Netflix investors, and the breakneck growth has made the company a Wall Street darling. Netflix reported 51.92 million US streaming customers as of June 30, and 52.03 million in international territories, handily beating analysts' forecasts. The addition of Netflix to set-top boxes helped the company top expectations for the US market, Cowen & Co analyst John Blackledge said. The closer ties with pay TV providers represent an about-face from the early days of Netflix streaming, which started in 2007. Many in the pay TV industry viewed the digital upstart as a challenge to their longtime business of selling bundles of channels delivered via cable wires or satellites. But as Netflix soared in popularity, distributors began concluding it was more beneficial to welcome Netflix because their customers were using the service anyway. Cable executives see the partnerships as a way to help fight cord cutting, the dropping of pay TV service, and to promote higher-speed Internet service. In some cases, distributors receive a cut of subscription revenue when they sign up new Netflix users. The set-top integrations began in 2013 with Virgin Media in Britain. US partnerships started in 2014 with a few smaller distributors including RCN Telecom Services. For RCN customers with TiVo TIVO.O boxes, Netflix is listed as a channel in the on-screen lineup, requiring just a press of a button to switch from a cable network. RCN viewers who have not subscribed to Netflix can do so on the spot, starting with a one-month free trial. More than 80 percent become paying Netflix customers, RCN Chief Operating Officer Chris Fenger said in an interview. "There is a very high conversion rate." By the end of 2016, 13 of the top 25 US pay TV distributors had similar arrangements with Netflix, according to Blackledge. US market leader Comcast Corp CMCSA.O in November embedded Netflix into its Xfinity X1 set-top box, which is used by 55 percent of its 21.5 million residential video customers. Thirty percent of X1 users have logged into Netflix, either with an existing account or by signing up for a new one, the company said in May. Charter also plans to integrate Netflix, CEO Tom Rutledge has said. A launch date has not been set.
  16. Cosplayers prepare for a cosplay event at a mall in Petaling Jaya, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 8, 2017. REUTERS/Lai Seng Sin JAKARTA: After donning a blue Cinderella dress, Sind Yanti carefully arranges her pale yellow "hijab", or traditional headscarf, into folds that resemble hair. "Wearing a hijab should not be a barrier for anything. We are free to be creative," said the 24-year-old Indonesian designer after posting selfies of her latest "cosplay" outfit. She is among a growing number of young Muslim women in Southeast Asia who are taking part in "hijab" costume play, finding creative ways to incorporate the head covering into colourful fantasy costumes. Yanti's fashions are inspired by Disney and Japanese anime characters, with artful hijab designs that resemble wigs or hoods. She can express herself while preserving the Islamic requirement of modest dress for women, Yanti said. Her made-to-order designs cost between 250,000 rupiah ($18.79) and 500,000 rupiah each. The fashion play is also popular in neighbouring Muslim-majority Malaysia, where young people dressed as superheroes, warriors, and princesses flocked to a cosplay show in Kuala Lumpur, the capital. Among them was 20-year-old film student Nursyamimi Minhalia, who wore a black hijab cut to form a fringe with two buns on either side. She did not include the hijab when she began cosplaying in 2012 but was later inspired by others wearing the headscarf. "It's quite challenging. Usually, I pick a character that covers most of my body, so it's easier for me to wear it in the 'Muslimah' style," Minhalia said, employing the Arabic term for Muslim women. Costumed roleplay, which can feature revealing outfits and elaborate hair styles, has long been part of the fan culture linked to anime and comics. Hijab cosplay is a new phenomenon that appears to be growing in appeal among the wider Muslim community. Sharifah Maznah Syed Mohd, 48, whose son is an avid cosplayer, said the role-playing hobby was acceptable as long as participants stuck within religious boundaries. Yanti says hijab cosplay has helped her stay true to her faith even while enjoying the cosplay experience. "If I took off my hijab just because of cosplay, I'd feel sorry for myself," she added. "It would feel like there is a conflict inside my heart."
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