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  1. Sources say Pakistani mission in UK has requested action from British govt against PTI UK leaders via two ?note verbale?
  2. Gunman resorts to firing when people try stopping him from entering a private university in Lahore
  3. Kate Middleton has been lavished with praise over stepping up in place of the Queen who has recently been sparking concern over her frail health
  4. It's not just Bollywood movies that have all the drama, but there is plenty of fireworks between the big actors all the time, mostly due to ego tussles or just mutual dislike for one another. Now, actor Ajay Devgn is known to be one such actor who doesn't take nonsense from anybody, be it Bollywood people or anyone else in real life. © Twitter Renowned to be someone who calls a spade a spade, he has spoken openly about his relationships with other stars, his reluctance to be part of Bollywood award functions, and other such parties. As we know, Ajay and his wife Kajol have been happily married for the longest time, and as families go, if you have a fight with one family member, you pick up a fight with the others as well. © Twitter This is what happened with Karan Johar, a very close friend of Kajol's back when Ajay's film Shivaay and Karan's film Ae Dil Hai Mushil clashed at the box office. © Twitter It was reported that things were so bad that Kajol apparently severed all ties with Karan, with Karan later stating in his book An Unsuitable Boy, "I wouldn’t like to give a piece of myself to her at all because she’s killed every bit of emotion I had for her for twenty-five years. I don’t think she deserves me. I feel nothing for her anymore." Wow! Pretty intense, right? However, things ended up being okay between the two after both of them called off their fight, with Kajol and Ajay both even appearing on Karan's show Koffee With Karan. But did you know that Kajol once actually banned Karan from entering her and Ajay's house? Yep! While speaking in an interview with novelist and former Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna, Kajol revealed that she banned Karan along with some of her other Bollywood friends that included celebrity fashion designer Manish Malhotra. Was it due to Ajay though? Turns out it wasn't. It actually was her daughter. Kajol, while speaking about the time her daughter was born, said, "I went mad. I have to say that the first six months of my life when I had my daughter, I first messaged all my friends that you know ... I message Karan and Manish and everybody, all my friends like if you really love me, you all will leave me alone for the next six months. Do not come and visit me, do not come and say hello to me. I don't want to see you, because I was like, I have to concentrate, I have to get this right. I can't afford to screw this up. This is just too bloody important in my life. I don't have the time and patience to cater to friends." © Twitter Wow! Blood does run thicker than anything. We understand it, however. I think almost all of us know how mothers can be so protective. View the full article
  5. Rakhi Sawant’s much hyped-up wedding became a debatable subject for gossipmongers who thought it’s probably a publicity stunt and no one actually believed that her husband named Ritesh even exists. Later on, Rakhi Sawant was targeted for 'spreading lies' about her marriage as her alleged husband never came before in public and there were reports that he wasn’t comfortable in owning up to the fact that he is married to her, considering her controversial onscreen persona. She entered Bigg Boss 15 house as a wildcard contestant and this time, her 'husband' Ritesh has accompanied her. According to reports, the actress and dancer had tied the knot with Ritesh, a UK-based NRI businessman, in 2019. View this post on Instagram The pictures of Ritesh have gone viral on social media. Here are a few pictures and videos from yesterday’s episode: View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram However, his presence on the show has made people question if he is real or fake. A few people believe it’s nothing more than a TRP stunt and even went on to say that he is a 'fake NRI'. But there were also others who went on to say that he has a well-rounded personality and he is ‘India’s Jiju’. Here are some of the reactions: © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter Do you think he is real or fake? Let us know in the comments section below. In yesterday’s episode, Shamita Shetty asked Rakhi about her wedding, and she replied, “We have been married for two years. But soon after the wedding, lockdown happened. After that, Bigg Boss started and I went there.” Sharing about how they first met, Rakhi shared, “We met on WhatsApp.” When Shamita Shetty and Rashami Desai asked them to clarify who approached first, Ritesh revealed that his PA had given him Rakhi’s number when they were organizing some event. Ritesh told everyone, “Some things were not going well in my life and I was very depressed. I wanted to speak to someone who is not from my profession. Scrolled and found her number and I sent a ‘Hi’ to her and then she blocked me. I then messaged her from a different number.” View this post on Instagram “That day, she was also depressed,” he added. Rakhi then said that at the time she had a boyfriend and wanted to end things with him. She said, “I then got to know that he is a don, and he wanted loans. My mom then asked me to never talk to him and I stopped talking to him. That is when Ritesh messaged and I was not feeling like talking to any boys at the time. I was looking for ways to escape from that guy. That don used filmy dialogues and told me he’d kidnap me and all. That was the time when Ritesh was messaging me, saying he is a fan.” Ritesh added, “Then we started talking. Rakhi told me she wanted to get married ‘urgently’.” Ritesh then sent a marriage proposal to Rakhi. View the full article
  6. Kingdom says children under the age of 12 do not meet the criteria to be granted Umrah and prayer permits
  7. Earlier on Sunday NRFA spokesman Fahim Dashti claimed Parian district has been cleared and thousands of Taliban captured
  8. The decision was taken by the management of a park in India in the wake of increasing women harassment incidents
  9. The Ashfaq group of the PFF had earlier this week announced that they?ve entered a partnership with Global Soccer Venture to kick off a franchise-based football league
  10. Claims PTI will secure "performance-based victory" in AJK polls after govt "doubled funds" for valley's development projects
  11. If either of India or Pakistan had two bullets and were locked in a room with one another along with the duo of Hitler and Bin Laden, we know exactly who'd be shot twice. (America loses anyhow.) We know India and Pakistan, despite being neighbors, haven't really the best of friends and their relationship isn't going to get any better with China continuing to maintain a weird relationship with Islamabad. © iStock Well, as if things hadn't really been hard enough for us Indians, with COVID and last year's long India-China stand-off in eastern Ladakh, now Pakistan is trying to fire cheap shots at our nation. In what is the latest occurrence of Pakistani drone activity within India, a small hexacopter drone belonging to Pakistan was seen trying to cross over to the Indian border on Friday (July 02). © iStock As per reports, the surveillance drone was marauding around the Arnia sector in Jammu in the wee mornings before it was spotted by the Indian troops. Well, obviously, like all of us, the Indian troops sure had it enough with these 'Nadaan Parindas' trying to sneak into our territory, and they gave it a perfect welcome. By firing right at it. "A drone from Pakistan entered the Indian territory at the International Border (IB) in the Arnia area of Jammu district on Friday morning, said the Border Security Force (BSF). After BSF jawans opened fire, they flew back into Pakistani territory," said officials. The drone, which was probably on its usual stroll miles into the neighboring country's border, resorted by flying for its life and by now, must be gasping for some breath on the desk of a Pakistani tech official. "Due to the firing, it returned immediately. It was meant for carrying out surveillance of the area," the BSF officials said. Since the last week, there have been at least five drone activities that have been reported across Jammu. On the night of June 27, two drone activities were successfully thwarted by Indian troops near the Ratnuchak-Kaluchak Military Station along the Jammu-Pathankot national highway. Last Sunday, there had been two blasts that had been carried out by drones in the technical area of Jammu Air Force Station. © Reuters Well, with the recent showing, it looks like India has had enough of Pakistani drones and their flying bull****. View the full article
  12. In relationships, we sure do talk about doing everything for the other person. © Istock © Istock Ranging from Chaand Taare Todh Launga to Apni Jaan Bhi Dedunga, there are numerous clichéd promises made to one another that often leads to the question, exactly how far would you go for someone you love? Well, there are a few aashiqs, who actually know no boundaries in love, not even the actual geographic ones. In 2017, Prashanth Vadinam, an IT professional from Telangana had risked it all by crossing over to Pakistan without any papers or authorized documents, with just a dream of reaching Switzerland via Pakistan, to meet his girlfriend. © ETV Bharat However, unlike in movies, where you meet a Nawazuddin Siddiqui-like person to navigate you through Pakistan, Prashanth, unfortunately, was met by the country's police who then escorted him to the prison to serve his term for illegal entry. © Disney Plus Hotstar Thankfully, his four-year term has now come to an end and after a continuous period of efforts from his family, the Telangana Government, and the Indian government, Pakistan finally decided to hand over Prashanth back to his homeland after completing his four-year prison term. "After serving his sentence in Pakistan, he was handed over to Indian Immigration Authorities at Attari border yesterday. Today we brought him to Hyderabad. We handed over Prashant to his family members," said Cyberabad Commissioner VC Sajjanar, while speaking with PTI. © Twitter/CyberabadPolice After being reunited with his family, Prashanth thanked the Telangana government and Indian Foreign Ministry for bringing him back and also spoke on how he was treated well in the Lahore prison by Jail authorities as well as his inmates. View the full article
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