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  1. Benedict Cumberbatch shares what ?Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? has in store for its audience
  2. We know that Hollywood star and English actor Tom Hardy has a crazy fan following in India as well. And why not? Hardy has left fans stunned with his performances in so many movies over the years. The actor has starred in movies like Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, Dunkirk, Legend, Inception, and even Marvel and Sony's Venom series. © Sony Pictures Not just that, it's also heard that Hardy, despite working in English and American cinema, has an eye out for Bollywood like so many other stars. In recent times, we've known that Bollywood and Hollywood might actually be closely integrated in the future with stars like Hrithik Roshan, Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Ali Fazal, and Deepika Padukone working in Hollywood films. It was also once noted that Leonardo DiCaprio and Shah Rukh Khan were supposed to work together. © Twitter/Faridoon Shahryar So, one can only wonder whether Hardy would jump at the opportunity of working in a Hindi film. Well, while he's yet to speak on it, we can bring you something as close as him working in a Bollywood movie. Back in 2018, Hardy and Sound Of Metal actor Riz Ahmed had been promoting their film Venom when they decided to channelize their inner Bollywood fan. They did that by recreating the iconic dialogue of Amrish Puri's Mogambo character from the film Mr. India (1987). © Zee5 The movie revolved around the story of Arun (Anil Kapoor), who lived with orphaned children, and how he fights against the evil Mogambo (Amrish Puri) using an invisibility watch. Well, in the video, Riz can be heard asking Hardy to give his best Mogambo take. “Tom Hardy gives us his best Mogambo – what’s the verdict? Think you can do better? Post yours here with #mogambo before the single drops October 3,” said Ahmed. Tom Hardy gives us his best #mogambo - what’s the verdict? Think u can do better? Post urs here with #mogambo before the single drops Oct 3rd... pic.twitter.com/TEkyvi9vdt — Riz Ahmed (@rizwanahmed) September 30, 2018 As seen in the video, his take on Mogambo is quite impressive. Maybe, he should be brought in as a master villain in one of the big banner Bollywood movies. Hardy should now star in the Venom 3 film that is also reported to have Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man. Source: Koimoi View the full article
  3. Thinking of upgrading your deo or finding a new fragrance from your favourite deo brand? You might want to look at some good perfumes instead. © Instagram/chrishemsworth Don’t get us wrong, deos have been a life saver, especially for us young men. They help you smell great, they don’t break the bank, and during winters, they allow you to skip a shower or two. However, they have their limitations. Some of the most popular deos in the market have too strong an essence, and literally induce headaches. © iStock Moreover, the essence of even the best of deodorants will hardly last you 7 to 8 hours, tops. We take a look at a few solid reasons why it might be time for you to switch over to a perfume instead. 1. Long Lasting Fragrance © iStock Pick any decent perfume from a reputed label, and the most popular deodorants around you, and use them for a week. You will see that the fragrance of perfumes last really long, provided you apply it properly and keep yourself clean. Because most perfumes are based on natural oils, they have a longer staying power or a long-lasting fragrance like this one. __ECOMPRODUCT__3164__ 2. The Rarity Of The Fragrances © iStock When it comes to your signature essence, you want to stand out. No matter which variant of a deodorant you pick from a particular brand, there will be a comparable deo from a different brand. And because most deodorants are dirt cheap when compared to good perfumes, they have flooded the market. As a result, you will see 6-7 guys out of 10 with the same basic fragrance. Using a good perfume will definitely help you stand out in the crowd. 3. Cost-Effective In The Longer Run © iStock Because perfumes have a more potent smell and they stay on for longer, you don’t need to use them as much as you would have to use a deo. A bottle of decent perfume will easily last you over 6-7 months, especially if you use and store them properly. If you are willing to expand your budget and go for a little more expensive perfume, a single bottle can last you for about a year. 4. Better For Your Skin © iStock Most deodorant brands use alcohol and other chemicals to reduce cost as well as to make their essence last longer. Perfumes on the other hand are mostly based on natural oils, with very few chemicals. Good perfumes will hardly have any synthetic chemicals in them, and they especially won’t have any alcohol. That is also why most people with very sensitive skin prefer to use perfumes over deos. 5. The Environmental Impact © iStock The problem with most popular deos is that they come in aerosol form, which has been proven to be disastrous for the environment. Using perfumes on the other hand is not nearly as damaging to the environment. Plus, it is very difficult to reuse an aluminium deodorant can without having to recycle it. Perfumes on the other hand come in glass bottles, which are fairly easier to reuse. 6. Making Your Own Signature Essence © iStock People who have some experience of using a perfume will tell you that you can mix and match different perfumes to make your own signature essence. Heck, you can even ask an expert perfumer to recreate any fragrance in the world, including the ones that you find in deos. When you mix up deodorants, they may smell good for a few hours, but after you sweat a bit, it starts to stink really bad. 7. The “Make In India” Connection © iStock Finally, there is the Indian connection with perfumes. Starting from the most basic perfumes that are made in India, to the most expensive ones coming out from reputed labels in Europe, almost every one of these brands uses some of the attars and Indian perfumes that come out of Kannauj. Even a basic bottle of perfume from a decent label will have some Indian ingredients in them. TL:DR - Perfumes are clearly betterUnless you’re on an extremely tight budget, and cannot afford to buy perfumes, there’s really no reason why you should be choosing a deo over a decent perfume. And if you have money to spare and want to smell awesome, the sky is your limit when it comes to perfumes. View the full article
  4. Today, the counting of votes is taking place and the results of the Assembly Elections in five states of India are going to be declared. These states are Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur. People from these states, whether they are BJP supporters or AAP supporters, or want Congress to win or the Samajwadi Party, have all come together for the single purpose on the internet- making memes on the elections. © iStock Whatever the results would be, the people on Twitter are sure channelling their stress and making predictions through hilarious memes. The anticipation and excitement started last night with people getting curious about who will win in each state. #ExitPoll2022#ElectionResults Is anyone else feeling this way? pic.twitter.com/quSyPpxjhF — Mr. T - Turtle (@cloudy2222) March 9, 2022 With the BJP already having crossed the halfway mark in UP and AAP leading in Punjab, people are expressing their happiness and mocking political parties (all in good humour) through memes. Here are the best ones. BJP Supporters Hoping Congress To Win In Punjab Over AAP Be Like...#ElectionResults https://t.co/ds63w13nKw pic.twitter.com/48P2aCNmn2 — Babu Bhaiya (@Shahrcasm) March 10, 2022Indian dads when you change the channel on #ElectionResults day pic.twitter.com/nRTy0WJUGW — Varad Ralegaonkar (@varadr_tistic) March 10, 2022Upite today #UttarPradeshElections pic.twitter.com/d3UDird5gF — 𝑸𝒂𝒔𝒊𝒎 𝑯𝒖𝒔𝒂𝒊𝒏 (@qasim_says_) March 10, 2022Many of the BJP supporters are hailing UP’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as he inches towards his return in power for another term, a first for any CM in UP. Here is how they are congratulating the party. #ElectionResults BJP in UP be like: pic.twitter.com/YxJ3QF5Bt7 — Gυjjυ Boy⁷ |ᵃʳᵐʸ (@imGujjuboi) March 10, 2022#ElectionResults in up :- pic.twitter.com/LhTafEmbLq — Avïnash Tiwari (@avinaash_ft) March 10, 2022Situation right now:#ElectionResults pic.twitter.com/Mh734rBzEp — mohit maheshwari (@mohitra07491114) March 10, 2022Flower nhi Fire hai ! #YogiAdityanath | #BJPWinningUP #UPElections #UPVotesBJP #YogiJiOnceAgain pic.twitter.com/UjBWwoLrng — Pranay Palei (@Pranaypalei02) March 10, 2022While some took a dig at the politician Rahul Gandhi, his political party, Congress and its supporters. Congress supporters on every result day since 2014 : #ElectionResults pic.twitter.com/0EMhyC6kBE — A.J. (@beingabhi2712) March 10, 2022He said this for real#ElectionResults pic.twitter.com/YGcXRKHsMj — आकृति शाह (@aaku84) March 10, 2022This is how Congress checks #ElectionResults #BJPWinningUP pic.twitter.com/cIAYPRvpUK — देशी छोरा (@Deshi_Indian01) March 10, 2022#ElectionResults Congress supporter watching result pic.twitter.com/l0ybRlTpxg — Amit (@wear_mask_) March 10, 2022Some also made memes out of the claims by Samajwadi Party (SP)’s leader Akhilesh Yadav that the electronic voting machines (EVM) were hacked and moved illegally at many polling stations in UP. He accused the BJP for tampering with the EVMs. #ElectionResults #YogiAdityanath *Le EVM hacked, whenever BJP wins: pic.twitter.com/XQE7LBliA2 — Krishna Chandra (@ikrshna) March 10, 2022Kya se kya ho gye akhilesh or siddhu ji.. Now everyone will blame bjp about evm: pic.twitter.com/lsYYZkdyhy — proudindian (@AkshatJ40862363) March 10, 2022Early trends give BJP the majority in UP, EVM's in future: #BJPWinningUP #AkhileshYadav #UPElections pic.twitter.com/3eu6bvKYmb — Abhishek Tripathi (@abhithecomic) March 10, 2022No matter who wins the seats in these states, these memesters totally won today on the internet for taking our minds off the stress of the election results and making us laugh a bit. View the full article
  5. Sports fans love to compare players from different generations. Rather than admiring the greatness of all the top players while we can, for some reason, fans always enjoy pitting one great player against the other. The same holds true for cricket as well. Earlier, the debate used to be between Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar and now, the pendulum has shifted to Virat Kohli. © Reuters Who is a better batter among Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli? Although their international careers overlapped, both the players belonged to different generations, which makes it an extremely difficult question to answer. In a career spanning nearly a quarter of a century, Tendulkar shattered all kinds of batting records and entered the record books. For many, he is the greatest player to have played the game. © Reuters His achievements are enough to make anyone feel small in front of him but not Kohli. The former India skipper is one of the best players of the modern generation and his stellar records explain why people love comparing him to the player who is regarded as the ‘God Of Cricket’. No other batter has dominated the world of cricket like Kohli in the last decade. What sets him apart from his counterparts is that he has scored runs all over the globe, across all three formats of the game. © Reuters If there is one player who is expected to overhaul or get anywhere near Tendulkar’s record, it’s Kohli, which makes him an automatic choice for the comparison. During an interview with Australian journalist Graham Bensinger, on his YouTube channel, the world’s leading-run scorer was posed the same age-old question – Who is a better cricketer, Sachin or Virat? The ‘Master Blaster’ gave a simple one-line answer which clearly expressed what he thought about this whole comparison thing. He replied: “How about having both of us in one team?”. Both the players have an enviable record. But there are several reasons why we shouldn’t compare them. First and foremost, while Tendulkar has retired, Kohli is still playing. © Twitter/BCCI Secondly, they both played in different eras with different sets of rules and regulations and faced different bowling attacks. Us fans should at least wait for Kohli’s career to end and only then we can have a clear idea of where he stands against the world’s most prolific run-scorer. View the full article
  6. First dates are special but have high stakes too. It’s not alway what you do and the circumstances that don’t work in your favour (happens to all of us), but sometimes it’s the little things like picking the wrong place that can kill your chances to score a second date. © iStock While a dinner at an expensive restaurant or a coffee date might be too cliche for some people, make sure to not go too overboard to make it unique and one-of-a-kind because date ideas that might sound perfect in theory (or movies, damn you, SRK and your irresistible charm), these could actually end up in a disaster. © iStock Here are five places that sound romantic but are not good for a first date and why they could be an epic fail. 1. To The Movies © iStock For two reasons, this is a bad date idea. First, you are not in high school. And, secondly, you don’t get to see each other, hear each other and know since you’d spend the time all staring at a screen in the dark. 2. A Sport Or Anything Adventurous © iStock Ice skating, river rafting, camping or trekking with no network in phone, sure are fun and exciting but are also dangerous and not fit for the first date since it’s too soon for both of you to trust each other if anything goes wrong. Plus, on the first date, you hesitate to say no to anything spontaneous to look cool and not a wuss, which can make things uncomfortable even if one of you isn't up for anything. 3. A Stand-Up © iStock Sure you could see what makes this person laugh and offends them but it would hardly give you any time to have a chat. What’s worse than taking a girl to a stand-up when you are meeting her for the first time? Sitting with her in the first rows. There are high chances you two would be picked up and roasted baaddd! While it could be fun, the smart thing is to play safe and save it for a later date. 4. Anything With Your/Their Friends © iStock A group activity like bowling, video games at someone’s place, getting drinks at a bar with the squad is a really bad idea. It can put a lot of pressure on them to impress your friends and there can be expectations, judgments from either party even if they don’t say it out loud. Plus, your date also might feel left out and the same goes otherwise for you. 5. A Music Concert © iStock Yeah, you could groove, be sweaty and things can get really romantic when your song or your jam is played. However, it rules out any chances of conversation between you two. Expect a lot of yelling “WHAT!?” and “Yeah, sure” (even when you aren’t sure of what they said) which you don’t really want to hear on the first date. View the full article
  7. Tollywood superstar Vijay Deverakonda is already perceived as a major actor and celebrity for those familiar with his work in Tamil cinema. Not only is he regarded as one of the best at what he does, but the way he performs his craft in films and the overall charisma he adds to it is why he has such a crazy fan following. Now, while we know how the Arjun Reddy star absolutely loves to have a private life with his beautiful family at his lavish home in Hyderabad, it looks like he wants a certain worldly celebrity to give him some company. Yep! In an amazing development, Vijay has apparently reached out to none other than Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to come and visit his home country. © Reuters Reportedly, this was an extension of an invite that was first made by K. T. Rama Rao, Commerce Minister of Telangana, who had invited Elon to set up a unit in his state. This prompted Vijay to join as well and invite the crypto-shaking god to the country. While Elon is yet to reply to the invitation, it is really no secret how many Indians want Elon's Tesla to have its cars in the country. And now that Vijay has joined the cause as well, many can hope that things can maybe escalate further. Vijay has been making waves across the Indian film industry for quite some time now. While he was no stranger to the concept of popularity, it was his film Arjun Reddy which amplified his reach even further. View the full article
  8. From fans to experts, whenever someone talks about Virat Kohli’s impact on the team, more often than not, the discussion starts and finishes on his individual batting performance. And it’s quite understandable, after all, the Delhi batter is one of the pillars of the Indian team around whom our batting line-up revolves. © Twitter Virat Kohli However, there is one more aspect of his game that is often overlooked – leadership quality. Apart from being a world-class batter, Kohli has, time and again, proven how good a leader he is. He has a brilliant understanding of the game and has shown that he knows how to change the outcome of the game through his street-smart decisions. There is one more aspect to his leadership that benefits the team, especially when their chips are down and the opposition is on the ascendancy. © Reuters Despite all their hard work, sometimes, the bowlers don’t get the desired result and when that happens, it’s quite natural to feel disappointed. But as a leader, Kohli never allows his players to slip into that zone. There are moments when the game plan implemented by him doesn’t work but instead of thinking too much about it, Kohli keeps the intensity high and always motivates his teammates to keep following the process. © Reuters Whenever he is on the field, there is a different energy in the whole unit and it’s quite noticeable. We witnessed the same thing on Day 2 of the Cape Town Test. There was a period where the hosts were looking in complete control of the game. They had halved India’s first innings lead that too with six wickets in hand. India’s first innings total wasn’t that big and one under normal circumstances the bowlers might have felt the pressure but not with Kohli on the ground. With the Proteas in the driver’s seat, it was difficult to keep the intensity high, especially when there were no spectators in the stands. But Kohli kept telling his bowlers it was a matter of one wicket. If they could get that one breakthrough, it could open the floodgates for the home side. And that’s what exactly happened. © Reuters Mohammed Shami provided the much-needed breakthrough in the 56th over of South Africa’s first innings. One wicket led to another and India bowled the hosts 13 short of their first innings score. When Shami got Temba Bevuma’s wicket, Kohli knew this was their chance to seize the opportunity and push towards the first innings lead. At this moment, he signalled towards the Indian dugout and asked the reserve players to start clapping in order to motivate the bowlers. “Keep clapping boys,” Kohli shouted towards his teammates sitting on the bench. Kohli celebrates the wickets.. looks towards his team dug out and shouts 'Keep Clapping Boys.. Keep Clapping' and this follows.. This guy just creates an amazing atmosphere in the match.. pic.twitter.com/ens77zqg3M — Kanav Bali (@Concussion__Sub) January 12, 2022 Responding to their skipper’s call, all the Indian players started clapping in a synchronised manner to cheer on their teammates who were giving their all in the middle. The visuals of the incident went viral on the internet and fans started praising Kohli’s inspiring leadership. Most of the fans felt that it was Kohli’s energy that prompted Team India to make a comeback in the game. Need a stat-o-meter on how Kohli impacts the energy of the team, then maybe many will accept it.. — Sarah Waris (@swaris16) January 12, 2022The energy that Virat Kohli brings in Test cricket is absolutely different. It is unmatchable! This guy truly rules the longest format of the game.#SAvIND — Prajakta (@18prajakta) January 12, 2022Kohli isn't human, guy got out yesterday on 79 broken and today as captain , as fielder he is most energetic from rest and 200% commitment. Unbelievable — . (@Chasemaster_18) January 12, 2022No crowd at the stadium? No problem! Talk about #Kohli the captain.#INDvsSA #SAvsIND#Tests #TestCricket#CricketTwitter pic.twitter.com/yi1vNyP3Ez — Criconomy (@criconomy) January 12, 2022Kohli's consistent energy throughout the day has really helped in India's cause. They needed a player this noisy in the last game. It would have helped the team a lot. There hasn't been a single flat moment today. #SAvIND — Born Sinner (@justkholii__) January 12, 2022The presence of Kohli wouldn't have upskilled the likes of Bumrah and Shami in Johannesburg. But if you would have played any sport at any competitive level, you'll understand the impact of "energy" and that it does make a difference, and that it is not nonsense. — Naman Agarwal (@CoverDrivenFor4) January 12, 2022Idk how effective Kohli's on-field energy is to the actual outcomes of the game but it makes up for some very watchable TV and I honestly love him for that. — Divyanshu (@MSDivyanshu) January 12, 2022I'd agree with this. Whether that 'energy' translates into something that determines the result of the match or not can be debated but the team does look a far more threatening bunch with Kohli around. Of course, everyone has their own style of leading but Kohli's energy is https://t.co/607JSfRMun — TheRandomCricketPhotosGuy (@RandomCricketP1) January 12, 2022Not just fans, even star fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah feels that the skipper “brings a lot of energy” to the side and his motivation certainly helps the bowlers to give their best. Jasprit Bumrah said, "Virat Kohli is always there to back us and he always gives all the bowlers alot of motivation. He brings alot of energy to the side. It's always good to play under him". (To Press). — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) January 12, 2022 “I made my Test debut under him. It's always wonderful that he is there to back us. He always gives lot of motivation to all the bowlers. He brings a lot of energy to the side. It's always good to play under him,” Bumrah said at the post-match press conference after stumps on Day 2. Kohli has been simply brilliant in this game thus far and we hope that he continues on the same path and guides India to a historic Test series win. View the full article
  9. That it takes very little to irk anyone over social media these days, is a fact, but that people now get offended or make fun of the simplistic of things is almost as cringey as their comments sometimes. Like this one troll, who thought it was funny to troll actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh over refueling his car himself. You see, when actors achieve celebrity status, people think they are constantly living a life of luxury and privilege. And most of the time, they are. However, there will always be moments where they’re running errands just like us, reminding us that there isn’t as much of a difference between them and us, and that is okay. Somewhere On Planet Earth pic.twitter.com/bywZ85XnTl — DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) January 7, 2022 Singer Diljit Dosanjh who is often putting up videos of him cooking in the kitchen or driving around is big on taking responsibility for certain things on himself as he lives abroad, and was recently called out for refuelling his own car. He had put up a picture of himself on a gas station with a caption reading, 'Somewhere On Planet Earth.' Meanwhile, an unimpressed troll commented on that picture saying, “There (overseas), you have to fill your car's gas tank yourself. What's the use if there is so much shortage of people there. You should have 2-4 guys at your service for such things. Rest, don't take offence of what I said." Mama.. Gal Soch Di aa Eh Hee Soch Aa Jehdi Kam Nu VADDA Shota Bana Dendi aa.. Soch Badal Mama.. Eh Oh Hee Soch Aa Jehdi Na Aap Kush Kardi aa Te Na Kisey Nu Kush Karn dendi Aa.. Tere Vargeya bare hee Kiha Janda..Dunia Ki KAHU Gi.. “Gussa Na Kari Veer” https://t.co/geMWqowObh — DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) January 11, 2022 Diljit, who didn't take offence to the comment but also didn’t let it slide, wrote back in Punjabi, “Mama.. Gal Soch Di aa Eh Hee Soch Aa Jehdi Kam Nu VADDA Shota Bana Dendi aa..Soch Badal Mama.. Eh Oh Hee Soch Aa Jehdi Na Aap Kush Kardi aa Te Na Kisey Nu Kush Karn dendi Aa.. Tere Vargeya bare hee Kiha Janda..Dunia Ki KAHU Gi.. “Gussa Na Kari Veer.” This loosely translated into him saying, “It's about the mindset. This mindset makes a task big or small. Change your mindset brother. This is the same mindset which neither makes you happy nor let anyone else be happy. It's said about people like you - that what will people think. Don't be angry brother." In the Duniya of Negativity .. Be A " @diljitdosanjh " & Spread Positivity And Love ! #DiljitDosanjh — Sumana_369 (@SM_Dosanjhian) January 11, 2022Enu kehnde aa jawab Bahot Vadia jawab Ditta Tusi Diljit Veere mama nu — @ArshBhatia_Diljit_Da_Bigfan (@arsh_diljit) January 11, 2022Good soch brother — Harjinder k Judge (@harjind66859698) January 11, 2022 Fans immediately reacted to Diljit’s reply and supported him in his argument, dropping comments like, “In the duniya (world) of negativity ..Be a @diljitdosanjh and spread positivity and love! #DiljitDosanjh Sparkles." As far as work is concerned, the Punjabi singer and actor was recently seen in the movie Honsla Rakh alongside Shehnaaz Gill and Sonam Bajwa. View the full article
  10. Come to think of it, we’ve all done embarrassing things in our lives, right? For some that might be peeing in bed ever after they were older, for others, it could be making a fool out of themselves in front of their crush. For me, however, it was something slightly different. Just like any other average Indian kid who has been raised on an unhealthy diet of Bollywood movies, I too was a major movie buff, to the point that I had movie dialogues memorized like the back of my hand. And one of my most favourite things to do was (and still is) to enact scenes with my brother from the hit film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. © Twitter And turns out, I may not be the only one because sharing an equal love for Bollywood, acting and Kareena Kapoor is actress Alia Bhatt who recently recreated a famous scene from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and nailed it! In a spontaneous video where actress Alia was seen celebrating 20 years of this iconic Dharma Production released in 2001, Alia started essaying the role of Poo aka Kareena Kapoor from the film, where she was rating men out of 10, qualifying them for prom night. View this post on Instagram Apart from nailing every dialogue with near-perfect expression, what also surprised us was the addition of a few known faces in the queue of men. The trail of men included actor Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan (who is assisting Karan Johar at the shoot of Rocky And Rani Ki Prem Kahaani) as well as Ranveer Singh who substituted for Hrithik Roshan’s part as Rohan. While Ibrahim was rated in ‘minusss’, Ranveer swooned Alia as he beat her to the punch and rated her instead. We’d be lying if we said this didn’t make us want to watch the movie once again. via GIPHY Alia Bhatt had shared the candid clip on her own Instagram page and captioned it, “My favourite scene and my favourite people. Congratulations to the entire team of K3G on completing 20 years. P.S - love you bebooooooo my eternal favourite @kareenakapoorkhan #20YearsOfK3G." Meanwhile, the OG Poo took to her social media and shared the video on her story as she wrote, “No one better than Poo. Only of course the bestest actor of our times... my darling Alia.” View the full article
  11. Swara Bhaskar is one of the few celebrities in Bollywood who speaks her mind and doesn’t shy away from calling a spade a spade. However, because of this very special trait that she possesses, she also often becomes the target of trolls, needlessly. © Instagram/Swara Bhaskar Even a humble selfie she posts on her social media, that people willingly follow, somehow invites hate. She recently shared a picture of herself sitting in a park and wrote in the caption, “A sari, a park, a walk, a book... ‘at peace’ must feel like this #smalljoys #gratitude #feelingwise.” © Instagram/Swara Bhaskar Well, the tweet or the picture doesn’t include an opinion, a political view or anything that requires a strong reaction, however, someone clearly did not get the memo. A user commented, “My maid looks much better than you in saree. Much more graceful than you” on her picture. © Instagram/Swara Bhaskar Well, if we know one thing about Swara it's that she knows how to hit back and so, she responded to the person in the most generous way. She replied, “I’m sure your household help is beautiful. I hope you respect her labour and her dignity & don’t act like a creep with her.” © Instagram/Swara Bhaskar This is not the first time Swara has been trolled and certainly won’t be the last. Before this too, she was compared to 'people from a low-income area in Mumbai, Nalasopara'. To which she said, Why the hell not you pretentious half-wit pretending to be ‘elite’... You live off the labour of those who live in the areas whose names you use like slur... #loser.” © Instagram/Swara Bhaskar Celebrities are no strangers to online trolls and they get the weirdest things said to them all the time. However, she has mastered the art of hitting back at the trolls in the most badass way. And, that is commendable. View the full article
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