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  1. High-level investigation launched to see whether situation occurred due to air traffic control's negligence or pilot
  2. Both Pakistani flag carriers flew at same altitude near UAE airspace due to alleged negligence of Iranian air traffic control
  3. BA.4 and BA.5 can escape antibody responses among those who had contracted COVID-19 and those who are vaccinated, boosted
  4. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are gearing up to spend the season away from East Coast's harsh weather
  5. In the event that Russia drops a bomb on the UK, a possible plan for the Queen and the royal family?s escape has already been drafted
  6. Accused used a private car to buy shoes from Tariq road, escaped from there due to negligence of head constable.
  7. Ever since India suffered a humiliating ODI series whitewash, most of us are finding it hard to wrap our head around the fact that the team, which was described by many as the favourites, could not even present any challenge (barring the third ODI) to a relatively inexperienced South Africa squad. What’s more astonishing is the fact that not many people are talking about the team’s horrendous performance, despite being deeply hurt by the result. View this post on InstagramIt’s not very often that we see an Indian outfit getting completely outplayed in a bi-lateral limited-overs series. We are not habitual of getting beaten so comprehensively no matter which format we play. Obviously, it has happened in one game but the same thing to continue throughout the series is very rare. What’s more rare is that we are not a side that suffers a series clean sweep. To put into context, since the inception of ODI cricket, we have suffered only five whitewashes. View this post on InstagramPeople might not be reacting too much but deep down we all know they are disappointed. The reason why we can say that with utmost surety is because of the passion with which the Indian audience follows the game. But still, for some reason, people don’t seem to be that bothered about this humiliating loss. © Reuters Most of us deep down know that had these set of players performed in the same manner during Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli’s tenure, all hell would have broken loose, with fans and experts criticising them left, right and centre. There would have been tons of posts on social media where everybody would have blamed the captain-coach duo for the team’s miserable performance and would have raised questions on their leadership qualities. Some would have even demanded their resignations. View this post on Instagram Not just that, by now both of them would have faced personal attacks on the internet. People would have flooded the social networking sites with hundreds of memes making fun of Shastri’s drinking habits, while Kohli would have been subjected to all sorts of online hatred. It’s not a mere assumption, we have seen both of them getting treated like this online on many occasions in the past. © Twitter BCCI Don’t get me wrong, I am against all kinds of trolling. My intention is not to encourage people to go and target Dravid and stand-in skipper, KL Rahul, for the side’s disappointing series loss and troll them. All I am trying to understand is why people aren’t that concerned about these losses or if they are, why aren’t they talking about it. View this post on InstagramIt’s not only me, there are several people on the internet who are finding it hard to digest this silence. They also want to know why more people aren’t holding this team accountable for their poor performance and aren’t asking them enough questions. Dravid’s been handed a reputation risk. Unless he’s sure he has the freedom, and selections he needs, he should cut his losses & let Ganguly deal with the wreck. A Rahul Dravid should never be a mere pawn in other people’s power games. — Shekhar Gupta (@ShekharGupta) January 23, 2022agree Till now Dravid has been poor. There has been some favouritism too — Cricdeep (@cricdeeps) January 19, 2022Not blaming dravid but Shastri coach hota to overconfident vale bhut sare articles aate Will that come for dravid https://t.co/HCOVKOvvdH — . (@finehaihum) January 23, 2022People would have trolled Ravi Shastri if he was the coach now...Why aren't people trolling Rahul dravid? Human psychology: Easy to troll the backbencher, not the front bench student/good body. — Avs Sridhar (@AvsSridhar2) January 23, 2022If it was shastri all the bewda memes would have been floating till now, as simple as that Dravid isn't a coach material to International team — Yashasvi (@girlwithwingss) January 21, 2022If an Indian team under Ravi Shastri had Ravi Ashwin batting at #7, all hell would've broken loose on this platform. I expect the same treatment to be given to Dravid today. — Aaditya Narayan (@AadityaN_28) January 19, 2022agree Till now Dravid has been poor. There has been some favouritism too — Cricdeep (@cricdeeps) January 19, 2022One possible reason why people are not being too critical of this side’s performance could be that KL Rahul was leading the ODI side for the first time while Dravid took charge in November last year and both were pretty new to their jobs. First of all, Dravid is not new to the coaching role. He has been working in a, more or less, similar role for the last three years. As far as the Indian team is concerned, he has already spent nearly three months with the players. © Twitter BCCI Some fans believe that the reason why no one is criticising Dravid is because he has this ‘good boy’ image in Indian cricket and that’s why people are afraid of saying anything against him. But unlike Dravid, both Kohli and Shastri were known for being the ‘spoilt brats’ hence people didn’t twice before coming hard at them. © Twitter BCCI It’s a long enough time to get a clear idea of how to manage various things inside the dressing room and how to come up with different game plans to give the side an advantage over the opposition. But given how India performed, one could tell neither Dravid nor KL Rahul had any idea of what the team’s game plan was and what template they needed to follow. Had there been any other captain-coach pair, they would have been ripped to shreds by now. View the full article
  8. Comedy of errors – there is no better word to describe the incident that transpired between KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant during India’s innings in the second ODI against South Africa at Boland Park, Paarl. With the series on the line, everyone expected the visitors to bounce back in style and put up a strong performance in order to keep the series alive. Getting into the groove A big knock on the cards for captain @klrahul11 #TeamIndia #SAvIND pic.twitter.com/at8FUtZnzd — BCCI (@BCCI) January 21, 2022 But the touring party almost shot itself in the foot when a huge mix-up between Rahul and Pant provided South Africa with a golden opportunity to tighten their grip on the proceedings. India had already lost two in-form batters in Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli within a span of seven balls and would have lost their skipper as well, had the South African fielders not decided to be too generous to come to their rescue. pic.twitter.com/XbiOphDTar — Hardik (@Hardik_Sedani) January 21, 2022 In the 15th over of the innings, the two Indian batters had a horrible mix-up and were left stranded at the same end. After pushing the ball to the on-side, Pant immediately called for a quick single but rather than looking at his partner he took his eyes off him and almost led to his dismissal. By the time the wicketkeeper-batter could relay his message, Rahul had already reached the striker’s end. Eleven out of 10 times, it would have been out but the Indian captain had the rub of the green and that saved his wicket. There was no other way to explain that. Comedy of errors #INDvsSA #kholi #runout #comedy #SAvsIND pic.twitter.com/qpeh0RhnFr — Professionalsportsfans (@PROFSPOFANS) January 21, 2022 What could have been the simplest of run outs, turned out to be one of the greatest escapes of all-time, all thanks to two Proteas players’ brain-fade moments within a couple of seconds. The Proteas skipper collected the ball fair and square and threw it towards Keshav Maharaj at the bowler’s end, who had all the time in his life to clip the bails. All he had to do was collect the ball cleanly but guess what -- he failed to do just that. What was that ??? Remembered our school days !!#INDvsSA pic.twitter.com/sTnKELUOp5 — Ayaskant (@magnetic1ce) January 21, 2022 The ball then went towards the mid-off region where Andile Phehlukwayo made a complete hash of it which allowed the Indian captain to return back to the bowler’s end. Think that's the easiest run out missed of all-time? — Saurabh Malhotra (@MalhotraSaurabh) January 21, 2022Two batsman at one end, but the Proteas aren't able to pull off a run-out#SAvIND pic.twitter.com/HpNwUHU5CE — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) January 21, 2022After the lucky escape, Rahul, who is otherwise known for his calm demeanor, was so pissed at Pant that he gave him a cold stare and even said a few words. If we start compiling a list of the luckiest escapes of all-time, it would be hard to ignore this incident which proves what we witnessed was such a rare sight. Escapes like these happen only once in a blue moon and Rahul was lucky to be the beneficiary. View the full article
  9. People say, love is blind, and as someone who has lost sight of a lot of things (and red flags) while in love, I wholeheartedly agree. However, even in that short or no sightedness, there are a few things that must never be overlooked. Someone’s marital status, for that matter. You see, polygamy is good. To each his own, after all. But what makes it better is transparency. Because in the absence of that and in the presence of multiple partners, your ‘love’ is reduced to ‘cheating’ and the consequences to that are never pretty. © iStock As was the case recently in Jaipur when a man had to jump from the balcony of a fifth floor in order to avoid getting caught by his partner’s husband. Now, most people at this point would either think back to a time they’ve done the same to avoid parents of a lover or even partner for that matter, but what they mustn’t have anticipated is that sometimes things can go terribly wrong. Like in this case, where the alleged man who jumped, died after making that jump. The deceased, 29-year-old and identified as one Mohsin was in a live-in relationship with a married woman and her minor daughter, however, the circumstances of this relationship were a tad bit unconventional. © iStock Turns out, the woman had eloped with her lover from Nainital to Jaipur 2 years ago and was living in a rented flat in a building under Pratap Nagar police station. The husband, all this while, was still looking for his wife and traced her to Jaipur. Upon visiting the wife, as the husband noticed Mohsin, things got intense and an intimidated Mohsin panicked and jumped from the balcony to escape his wrath. And while his wrath he did escape, what he couldn’t was his own misfortune. © iStock Having been seriously injured, the man was taken to the SMS Government Hospital by his lover, where he died on Monday. After the incident, both the woman in question and her husband have been missing, as police are searching for them. The body of the deceased was handed over to his family members after a post-mortem examination on Tuesday. View the full article
  10. Total of 166 prisoners, from two prisons, were brought to Model Town Court's judicial lockup, where the altercation occurred
  11. "We will keep fighting till the government drowns in the sea," Fazl says, as he reiterates resolve to march towards capital
  12. The man "was no longer able to cope with the forced cohabitation with his wife," Carabinieri police say
  13. From a scale of Hrithik and Kareena Kapoor in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham to the duo in Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, with the latter (obviously) being their worst and OTT film, Mujhse Dosti Karoge falls somewhere in the middle of the two films. Which, for you, can loosely translate into the fact that while you may be at the risk of going completely deaf by watching Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, your eardrums might just survive this movie we are going to review today. © Yash Raj Films First things first, the title of the movie that translates into ‘Will you be my friend’ is actually about anything but friendship. In fact, the movie takes the concept of friendship and throws it right out of the window to make some space for lying, conspiracy and catfishing. © Yash Raj Films The movie begins with a rather stereotypical scene at a train station where we find out that Raj (Hrithik Roshan), Tina (Kareena Kapoor) and Pooja (Rani Mukherjee) are all childhood friends and Raj is smitten with Tina as she’s been made to seem like the obvious choice owing to her looks. While Pooja is just...there. © Yash Raj Films It also doesn’t help that for feeding into this rather cringy stereotype, Tina is played by a comparatively fair actress (Kareena) while the role of Pooja is being essayed by a dusky actress (Rani). Talk about the origin of racism... © Yash Raj Films Raj along with his family is moving to London and while the kids are bidding adieu, Raj asks Tina to stay in touch with him through email. Tina doesn’t give two flying fu*ks because is it even a Kareena Kapoor character if she cares about anyone but herself? Meanwhile, Pooja is eavesdropping on everything considering she has this huge crush on Raj who practically sees through her...you know...because she is pretty much invisible to him! © Yash Raj Films The moment Raj lands in London, he starts emailing Tina. To which, rather sneakily, Pooja starts to reply all the while pretending to be Tina. And safe to say, she doesn’t do a good job. © Yash Raj Films Years pass by and Pooja keeps falling for her friend who is simultaneously falling for Pooja’s version of Tina. And Tina, on the other hand, has completely forgotten about the boy. That is up until Raj and his family decide to fly down home and make a visit to their friends. Raj promises Tina (secretly Pooja) that he will recognise her instantly despite not having seen each other in years and deep down Pooja hopes he will pick her. © Yash Raj Films At the same time, Pooja has a mini-meltdown thinking her lie would be caught and tells Tina everything. But, hardly anything gets through her thick brain. And considering she calls Raj “Mr America” throughout the movie when he actually came back from Britain, is pretty self-explanatory. © Yash Raj Films When Raj arrives, he automatically makes his way to Tina and not Pooja, because the horny f*cker is still all about looks and beauty which pretty demeaningly have been reflected through a fair and long-haired and short-clothed Tina and not through a conservative, dusky-skinned Pooja. Shame, Bollywood. Shame! As the three hang out more and more, Raj realises that something about Tina doesn’t add up. While she seemed intellectual and honestly - sane in her emails, she was pretty dense in reality. © Yash Raj Films But because she was ‘pretty’, she was able to keep the charade going for a bit. © Yash Raj Films Pooja is still falling in love from the sidelines but is also being kept just there - on the side. Raj and Tina’s parents soon announce their engagement and Pooja gets her heartbroken. © Yash Raj Films Raj returns to London but Pooja, who probably didn’t want to give up on her chance at love, chases him there. Well, not exactly because she has an interview, but at this point, we know better than to believe it was just a coincidence. © Yash Raj Films Raj is delighted to host Pooja but finds out the truth when he hears her humming the same tune in a church that he apparently only sent to Tina through his emails. He finally figures it out and suddenly snaps out of love from Tina in a second to now fall for Pooja, who had been the one catfishing him all along. © Yash Raj Films Pooja being the conniving little minx she is, doesn’t back down and the two decide to travel back to India to tell everyone the truth and get married. © Yash Raj Films However, when they arrive, tragedy has struck as Tina’s father passed away and seeing this, Pooja can’t get herself to break another bad news to her best friend. © Yash Raj Films From the looks of it, it might look honourable of Pooja to step on her own happiness for her best friend, but in actuality, she was simply ruining three lives all because she and Raj couldn’t invest in a damn webcam when they had the chance. © Yash Raj Films By this point, we realise that Pooja and Raj operate on the same level of crazy, for Raj reluctantly agrees to marry Tina on the condition that she also marries someone else so that both their lives are equally ruined. What in the actual f*ck? © Yash Raj Films When the families travel to London for Raj and Tina’s wedding, Raj is busy stealing moments with Pooja and things get even more f*cked up when Raj’s friend Rohan (Aditya Chopra) falls for Pooja. © Yash Raj Films Raj keeps her pushing for him and literally forces her to marry him. © Yash Raj Films In the meantime, Raj and Pooja manage to creep everyone out by dancing very intimately at Tina and Raj’s sangeet function. © Yash Raj Films But Tina doesn’t suspect anything because besides being conveniently thick-skinned, she is also the only one who understood the meaning of friendship (unlike Pooja, of course). © Yash Raj Films Finally, towards the climax of the film, Tina finds out that Raj and Pooja were sneaking behind her back the entire time - all because a Kangan doesn’t fit her wrist, but fits Pooja. Instead of throwing a shit fit and calling out Pooja for being the horrible friend she was, Tina (rather uncharacteristically) happily gives her blessing to Mr America and Pooja get married instead. © Yash Raj Films Surprisingly, the family (or the guests) do not mind the last-minute revelation and all's well that ends well - for Pooja of course. Rohan and Tina, on the other hand, simply stand on the side throwing flowers at them and possibly crying inside for getting friendzoned on their own wedding day. The End. View the full article
  14. Janhvi Kapoor gets candid about the moment she ?barely? escaped a harrowing paparazzi encounter
  15. "Your first instinct when you sense danger is to do whatever you can to save yourself," say a forest official
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