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Found 194 results

  1. Thanks to novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the world is reaping all possible benefits of living in the age of social media. Amid travel restrictions, quarantine camps and lockdowns, social media has emerged as a desperate attempt for people to keep their sanity and overcome frustration while staying indoors. Ever since the deadly virus brought the world to a standstill, people across the globe have found refuge in social media that continues to throw viral challenges to keep everyone occupied and equally entertained. After the likes of 'Toilet Paper Challenge' and 'Stay-At-Home Challenge', another trend has gripped social media and its users. Enough pressure & public demand. Here's my #MeAt20. 1995, Rawalpindi. pic.twitter.com/f1zXS62JL2 â Shoaib Akhtar (@shoaib100mph) April 18, 2020 Taking social media by storm in the past 24 hours, the new '#MeAt20 Challenge' has already witnessed several celebrities taking it up. The latest social media fad, similar to the '10-year Challenge' in the past, shows the users sharing the pictures of their younger, 20-year-old selves. #MeAt20 pic.twitter.com/LtVB2B2dDG â Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) April 18, 2020 From Bollywood celebrities to even cricket icons, everyone has been having a gala time. But, while people embrace nostalgia on social media, let's go down the memory lane to revist the old cricketing gods we worshipped while growing up. Kumar Sangakkara © Reuters A law student, who broke into the Sri Lankan side at the age of 22, Kumar Sangakkara was destined to achieve greatness in international cricket. Arguably one of the few cricketers who looked graceful in their batting, the left-hander eased into his strokes with elegance which hinted that he was cut from a different cloth. Making his debut in 2000, Sangakkara matured steadily as a batsman and soon emerged as one of the vital cogs in the Sri Lankan batting order. Apart from his batting, Sangakkara's wicket-keeping skills, depite not being one for the purists, also helped him in establishing himself as one of Sri Lanka's greatest cricketers of all-time. Whether it was his batting skills, impressive glovework or ability to lead the side, Sangakkara was one of the few skilled cricketers who managed to become an all-time great. With over 594 international appearances for Sri Lanka, Sangakkara proved his credentials of an all-time great and captured the imagination of fans with 28,016 runs across formats. Brett Lee © Reuters For years, speeding and fiery bowlers from the West Indies ruled the charts for their impeccable fast-bowling skills. But, in the late 90s, Australia gave the world a new fast-bowling hero in Brett Lee. A bowler who could easily reach speeds close to 160kmph, Lee exercised great control over the line and length of his deliveries to make the task even more difficult for opposition batsmen. Arriving on the international circuit in 1999, Lee made an immediate impact by taking five wickets at the MCG against India. Competing with another speedster in that era, Shoaib Akhtar, Lee was probably helped by the former's knack for getting entangled in controversies that eventually denied him the glory he truly deserved. Charging in from a long run-up, bowling at sensational speeds and leaping high in the air to celebrate the dismissals, Lee was an embodiment of everything a fast bowler was expected to be. Adding to the popularity was also his smooth and silky hair, and not to mention, his wide smile. It's needless to say that everytime a kid raced in to bowl in a candid game of gully cricket, we bet he had Lee in his mind. Herschelle Gibbs © Reuters The world of cricket has witnessed numerous batsmen who've captured the imagination of fans on the back of their artistry with the willow. But, there remains some who did so with disdain. At a time, when someone like Chris Gayle was yet to arrive on the international circuit, Herschelle Gibbs was undeniably one of the most destructive batsmen around. Making his debut in 1996, Gibbs went on to become one of the most feared batsmen, batting at the top. But, his striking ability never got affected by his batting position. From cutting fast bowlers for a six, driving fiery bouncers down the ground for fours to effortlessly pulling the ball off the front-foot, Gibbs ensured there was never a dull moment till the time he was on crease. His most memorable knock came at the Wanderers in 2006 when he slammed a sensational 111-ball 175 to help South Africa chase down the unbelievable total of 434 runs and seal the ODI series win against Australia. It was innings like those that saw youngsters idolising Gibbs and cherishing his unique style of batting. And, if it wasn't for his run-ins with controversies later in his career, Gibbs would have probably had a greater fan-following. Daniel Vettori © Reuters In an era, where the likes of Muttiah Muralitharan, Shane Warne and Anil Kumble had already stamped their authority in spin bowling, Daniel Vettori was busy carving his own niche on the international circuit. Making his debut in 1997, Vettori became the youngest man to play Test cricket for New Zealand at the age of just 18. His ability to drift the ball and back it up with subtle variations in flight, speed and length quickly earned him a reputation as New Zealand's most dangerous spinner. It was the mix of his impeccable spin-bowling skills that often confused the batsmen and turned the innocuous deliveries into unplayable rippers. But, Vettori's efficiency and contribution to the New Zealand brigade wasn't just restricted to his spin bowling. Apart from spinning a web around the opposition batsmen, Vettori was also more than handy with the willow lower down the order. In fact, he is one of only eight players to have managed the double of 300 Test wickets and 3000 runs in the longest format. And, his bearded look paired with elegant spectacles further made him one of the highly sought after cricketers amongst fans in those days. Sachin Tendulkar © Reuters Over the years, the world of cricket has witnessed numerous stars who've managed to capture the imagination of fans and etch their respective names in the history books, owing to their success on the field. But, no one comes close to the stature or popularity of great Sachin Tendulkar. His perfect balance and precision in stroke-making didn't just help the 'Master Blaster' to terrorise the opposition bowlers, but also allowed him to be looked upon as a case study for budding talents across the globe. But, his greatness wasn't derived from his exploits on the field alone. The right-hander's batting genius was backed by a calm and composed demeanour, both on and off the field, which is why he continues to be an adept role model, seven years after his retirement. View the full article
  2. People will do anything to secure a win in their favourite battle Royale game and Modern Warfare Warzone is facing problems due to hackers on PC. While this problem would only affect PC gamers in other games, Warzone comes with a cross-play feature that lets console gamers play with PC players as well. However, the game is now flooded with hackers that use aimbots and wallhacks to know the position of every player in the map and automatically aim to get over 50 kills in games. Hackers are able to automatically hit enemy heads, shoot through walls and play without recoil and are not getting any ban in return. © Reddit In our session, out of 6 games, three of them had multiple hackers that ruined the experience for us. Thatâs 50% of our sessions that involved hackers in the game. The problem is that there is no way to report players from within the game and Infinity Ward, the developer behind the game is not actively banning hackers. Even though the developer has banned 70,000 accounts that were using these hacks, the numbers are increasing exponentially. © Activision This form of hacking is only possible on PC due to which console players are now turning off the cross-play feature to avoid these hackers. However, due to the feature turned off, console players are finding fewer sessions as they are now confined to their platform (Xbox or PS4) only and there arenât enough players in every region to fill up these sessions. Hereâs a good example of how these cheats and hacks work in Call of Duty Warzone: Another Day, Another Game with Cheaters. IW, You NEED to disable cross-play with PC until you fix this. from r/CODWarzone Call of Duty fans are now urging developers to implement a better anti-cheat system that actually works and disables cross-play functionality with PC gamers. Since the game is free for everyone, hackers can simply make a new account and continue to cheat in the game. View the full article
  3. The Coronavirus outbreak has allowed us to finish watching all the shows we had on our lists and even make time for some new ones. Well, for those who love Vir Das, he is there to treat you with his new show, Hasmukh. While the genre of comedy might not be new to Vir Das, the actor-comedian goes down the darker route in this new series. If dark comedy is your thing, then this show is surely for you. The new series shows the journey of Hasmukh Sudiya (Vir Das), a man from Saharanpur who wants to be comedy's biggest star. The only problem lies in his crippling creative blocks. The show will unravel all the mysteries. Featuring Das alongside Ranvir Shorey and Manoj Pahwa, the series has got the people talking on Twitter. Before you see why people are recommending the show, hereâs a look at the trailer: People who have watched it are recommending this show as the next binge-watch series and are appreciating Vir Das and Ranvir Shorey for their brilliant performances. Watched #Hasmukh on #Netflix. Compelling dark narrative. @thevirdas does a marvellous job immersing totally into the role. â Sanjeev Chhabra (@chhabs63) April 19, 2020Just watched #Hasmukh on @NetflixIndia! @thevirdas and @RanvirShorey are absolutely fucking killing it! @Deeksha_k_s Lovely You are. P.S. Dialogue of the Year - Muskuraiye, kya hua, koi mar gya kya!! â Pankaj Kumar #StayHomeSaveLives (@PanksSays) April 19, 2020@thevirdas you just killed it man... Right time right show right skills... Expecting many more .... Thank you and all the best ...#Hasmukh â KAILASH MIRANI (@mirani_kailash) April 19, 2020Once again @RanvirShorey showcases his acting chops in #Hasmukh.. hereâs one actor who doesnât get the credit he deserves.. watch #TrafficSignal and youâll understand! â Nikhil Sakhardanday (@niks2410) April 19, 2020Just got done watching #Hasmukh @thevirdas amazing act by this man. @RanvirShorey you were the master piece. Seriously it was a killer ð». Casting and story line was brilliantly done. â Aftab A Khan (@i_affy) April 19, 2020You kept me awake all night last night bro LOVED #Hasmukh Its wicked, funny, dark and such amazing performances! Especially by the supporting cast! 𤪠Love you bro! You ROCKED! And a huge round of applause for @Nikgonsalves 𤩠https://t.co/Iznkr1aX8d â Milap (@zmilap) April 19, 2020Watched #Hasmukh on #Netflix. Compelling dark narrative. @thevirdas does a marvellous job immersing totally into the role. â Sanjeev Chhabra (@chhabs63) April 19, 2020Talking about the show, Vir Das had earlier said, Hasmukh is purely a fictional tale. But every fictional story is founded in some wild imagination. As the writer, thatâs what I have applied here. One can never imagine looking at Amol Palekar on screen and say that he can have a dark side. His on-screen characters are so affable and endearing. Hasmukh is similar.â Since many people have already recommended it, I will give it a shot and watch it tonight. What about you? View the full article
  4. Given how we are stuck in our homes and bored out of our minds, a lot of us have found a weird and convoluted refuge in social media. And we are not just talking about mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds, and sending unsolicited DMs - we are more active than ever before on social media, posting stuff, tweeting out and participating in challenges. © iStock During such a time, it is imperative that you bring your A-Game on social media, and sound intellectual. And what better way to do that than to sprinkle some really dope and cool-sounding words in your captions and tweets? And the best thing of all, these words are already becoming viral, so expect to get a lot of traction using these. Covidiot © iStock Etymology: Covid + Idiot A covidiot is a moron who just doesnât take the quarantine and the lockdown measures seriously and is, therefore, risking getting infected, and then infecting others with the novel coronavirus. They should be officially declared Public Enemy Number 1. Usage in a sentence: Nitin went out today to buy cigarettes and some alcohol, that too without wearing a mask, proving that he is a total covidiot. Quarantigue © iStock Etymology: Quarantine + Fatigue The mental exhaustion and fatigue that sets in after spending what seems to be an eternity in lockdown. Can also refer to the actual, physical exhaustion, and fatigue people experience, due to working from home, all the while having to do household chores, all by themselves, with no help whatsoever. Usage in a sentence: I had to clean up my room, wipe the floor for the entire house, cook my meals, and wash my clothes, all the while attending numerous conference and video calls for the office. My quarantigue knows no bounds. Covidcation © iStock Etymology: Covid + Vacation The false sense of vacation that some people get, given that all classes and work in some offices have been cancelled. What these people do not realise is the mountain of work awaiting them, when the lockdown is finally lifted. Usage in a sentence: Enjoy your covidcation as much as you can now; be ready to pull a number of all-nighters, when we start working on the project again after the lockdown. Covidanoid/Covinoid © iStock Etymology: Covid + Paranoid Someone who is extremely paranoid about everything when it comes to the coronavirus, and COVID-19. Easily susceptible to rumours that they get through forwarded messages, these are the people whose WhatsApp and Twitter apps should be deactivated for some time. Covidanoids can be a pain to deal with at times. Usage in a sentence: Nilesh looks very suspiciously because a distant cousin of mine, whom I havenât met in over three years has contracted the virus. He fears that I will infect him with the virus if I get close. He is such a covidanoid. Covidcrazy © iStock Etymology: Covid + Crazy These are the panic mongers and conspiracy theorists who believe that everything that is taking place has an ulterior and convoluted reason behind it. Not only do they believe in and forward those ridiculous WhatsApp forwarded messages, they also create messages which are absolutely bonkers. These are also the people who question everything that the government and medical bodies tell us to do because apparently, they are in cahoots with big pharmaceutical companies to make us sick. These are the people who should be labelled Public Enemy Number 2. Usage in a sentence: Atul just sent me a message saying that if we take a hot shower, and clean everything with hard liquor like vodka and whiskey, the coronavirus will die, before infecting us. He truly is covidcrazy. Covismart © iStock Etymology: Covid + Smart Rarest of the bunch, a covismart is someone who, well, is smart. They follow the rules of social distancing, are smart about managing things, do not spread rumours and false news, keep proper hygiene and take all measures to ensure that the contagion is contained, seriously. Usage in a sentence: Varun does not step out of his house unless it is absolutely necessary, and he washes his hands thoroughly every hour. He is being covismart about the situation in hand. View the full article
  5. There's so much going on in the world right now - a pandemic, basically the entire world under lockdown, all of us trying to work and survive while the anxiety of being part of a historical event is trying to take over us. In short, it's been a shitty year so far. So sometimes, it's nice to take a break and watch something very calming and aesthetically pleasing so that we can take our minds away from stuff, even if for a little while. Here comes in Studio Ghibli and their wholesome movies. The Japanese animation studio has some of the best movies that will make you feel like you're part of that universe. Here are some of our top picks that can be streamed online right now. 1. Howl's Moving Castle Based in a fictional kingdom where both magic and early 20th-century technology are prevalent with a backdrop of a war with another kingdom, the movie has a very strong anti-war message. Actually, the director - Hayao Miyazaki - made the movie after being outraged about the United States' invasion of Iraq in 2003. There are witches, there's a magical curse, there's a freaking castle that walks, and a talking fire. And, the English dubbed version has Christian Bale voicing the character of Howl. 2. Spirited Away The Oscar-winning movie is about a 10-year-old girl who, while moving to a new neighbourhood, ends up trapped in a world of spirits where her parents have been turned into pigs to be slaughtered later. Now, she has to work for the witch Yubaba and find a way to free herself and her parents and return to the human world. Even though it released in 2001, it is, to this date, the highest-grossing movie in Japan. 3. My Neighbor Totoro The 1988 movie was not only a hit back then but has also garnered a cult following in the years following its release. The movie is about two sisters and their interactions with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan. The movie's titular character of Totoro has become a cultural icon over the years, and it's even the Studio's mascot. 4. Kiki's Delivery Service The 1989 movie is basically about a 13 years old girl named Kiki, who happens to be a witch and follows the journey of her leaving home for her independence with her pet black cat Jiji. She uses her ability to fly to her advantage and earn a living. The movie came out a year after My Neighbor Totoro and is much loved by the Japanese as well as the international audience to this day. 5. Princess Mononoke Set centuries ago in a Japan where fantasy elements exist, the movie follows a young Prince Ashitaka, who's stuck in a struggle between the gods of a forest and the humans who consume its resources. The movie was released back in 1997 but is still one of the most famous movies by Studio Ghibli. View the full article
  6. A pandemic is upon us and the only and most important thing people can do to stop it is just stay at home. It's that simple and it's great to see everyone who's able to stay indoors actually are. It's the bare minimum people can do to stop the spread of coronavirus. While most Indians seem to be following the protocol, there are some extra measures taken to keep people inside their homes. For example, just start re-airing a show that used to keep people glued to their TV screens even without a potentially world-ending event. Yes, because of popular demand, Ramanand Sagar's iconic show Ramayan has started airing on DD National from today, and there's so much nostalgia attached to it that people are over the moon about the recast. © Twitter To paraphrase the message, my dad was just reading aloud - "Back in the day when Ramayan aired, the roads would be empty because everyone was watching the show. Now that the roads are empty, they have started airing Ramayan again." It's like everyone has transported back in time and are once again glued to the TV to catch every episode of the legendary show. Full attendance infront of the TV @ 9am. We are re-living our childhood (I was 7 years old and my parents bought a Bush TV for me to see this show)... my kids might never understand but Iâm happy they are watching with me. #Ramayan @DDNational pic.twitter.com/pYIM7zj4wD â Shweta Shalini (@shweta_shalini) March 28, 2020Legends only. Kids watching :- hotstar Men watching :- Netflix Legends watching:- #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/SM8Tz1dgQQ â Ajay Anuragi (@Lazy_Anuragi) March 28, 2020 Hmm. DD national started retelecast of #Ramayan TRP* pic.twitter.com/kjltXsxYsf â Professor (@_Kalpesh_lohar_) March 28, 2020 Now that's an entrance. Ramayan Returns in style * Not just the first episode of Ramayan crashes the Doordarshan website due to high traffic * But also becomes the top searched in India on Google This shows the love Indians have towards Prabhu Shri Ram #Ramayan â Mahesh Vikram Hegde (@mvmeet) March 28, 2020 Great comparison. The first #Super30 batch of mankind #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/s3dy75TdNv â SOCIAL DISTAN SINGH (@mayankrai3133) March 28, 2020 Everyone is. Goosebumps ... Thankyou @PrakashJavdekar Relieving my Childhood again ï¸ #Ramayan #Doordarshan pic.twitter.com/oXpPR3MIt6 â Vineeta singh ð®ð³ (@biharigurl) March 28, 2020 So much nostalgia. Nostalgic to see the late Ashok Kumar on TV narrating the start of #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/HXkg9cXgsc â Aman Sharma (@AmanKayamHai_ET) March 28, 2020 Hmm. Happening right now #Ramayan .. It's important for all us to watch Ramayana & Mahabharata as it will offer you spiritual answers and also answers to the fascist propaganda being run by RSS-BJP in the garb of religion. Watch it, won't find any reference to Hindutva! Jai Shri Ram! pic.twitter.com/tQFGqgXXPp â Gaurav Pandhi (@GauravPandhi) March 28, 2020 Hopefully, they're practising social distancing. All indians now. #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/RWHXbhF5x6 â sonu sahani (@sarcashubh) March 28, 2020 Aww. #Ramayan *Having seen their viewers increased* Doordarshan: pic.twitter.com/raqU7QvItp â Prince Pandeyð¦ (@princepandey_) March 28, 2020 People are enjoying. Taking me back to childhood. #Ramayan and #Mahabharat on @DDNational with the entire family! This was our routine weekend plan. so glad itâs restarted, great way for kids to learn Indian Mythology. pic.twitter.com/ZFc4X0oTFl â Kajal Aggarwal (@MsKajalAggarwal) March 28, 2020 Yep. Indians from tomorrow at 9 am and 9 pm.#Ramayan pic.twitter.com/PvlSuyjDuR â CHEEKU (@Okay_Bye___) March 27, 2020 And I oop... This got to be the best meme on this #Ramayan #Mahabharat #DDNational #lockdownindia pic.twitter.com/3Kv8lFk6Jp â Neha (@itsstillneha) March 27, 2020 View the full article
  7. The cases of novel coronavirus are dismally increasing in the country with each passing day and the count of patients has reached 95 so far, as per the news reports. People, across the country, have found bizarre ways to fight the deadly virus and they obviously wouldnât help in curing the pandemic but atleast give many people the psychological satisfaction. And, most of the people are just trying to make the best out of a very bad situation. © Reuters Now, an interesting video of people singing bhajans in a bid to get rid of coronavirus has gone viral on the internet. Checkout the video here- View this post on InstagramJagrata is better than cure ðð»ð¦ ðð»A post shared by (@mallikadua) The video is of a popular bhajan singer, Narendra Chanchal, who is seen singing at a Holi event in New Delhi. Comedian and actor, Mallika Dua shared the viral clip on Instagram with the caption that read, "O kitthon aaya Corona? Jagrata is better than cure." The scientists, all across the globe, are finding it hard to find a cure for the deadly virus but some people apparently think 'jagrata' might solve the problem. Well, itâs only strange that the Health Ministries have advised us to avoid mass gatherings as a preventive measure but people are gathering at the jagrata in large numbers. However, ever since the video was made available online, people on social media had mixed reactions to it. Hereâs what they have to say about it: This is how India mentally deals with Corona....Making Bhajans on it ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ Suniye yeh Adbhut Bhajan Narendra Chanchal ki awaaz me pic.twitter.com/LAudOUIgwF â à¿ Shinu Sharma à¿ (@Shinu11_11) March 13, 2020 God after listening to the bhajanâ¦. Oh god .. No â Ankita (@Enigma7900) March 13, 2020 We are dancing to this! Looks like you are already dancing to the tune𤪠â Partha (@380arjun) March 13, 2020 Sounds real. Corona kya...saare virus ye sunke he marr jayenge â Thanos Chacha ð®ð³ (@OhWhyWhyMe) March 13, 2020 Aap chronology samjhiye! Although it sounds pathetic, the ingenious thinking of the organiser to think of such a thing - make it into a song , put some religious flavour and the make it catchy - that is something- like fast food ð§ â Partha (@380arjun) March 13, 2020 What do you think of this cool bhajan? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  8. Call of Duty: Warzone is now live for everyone to play on consoles and PC and is the latest update that brings a battle-royal mode for everyone. The free-to-play mode can be downloaded as a standalone game or as an update for existing âModern Warfareâ players. The new battle-royale mode comes with a unique spin and an additional mode called âPlunder.â © Activision The game supports cross-play which means players can play with each other from different platforms. In order to play the new mode, you need to have at least 17.9GB of space free for the Xbox One, 15.1GB on the PS4 or 22GB for PC. If you do not already own Modern Warfare, the fresh download will need anywhere between 83GB and 101GB of free space. For people who already own Modern Warfare, you can simply navigate to the âClassifiedâ heading in the main menu and your download will start automatically. If you do not own Modern Warfare, you can download Warzone on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store or via battle.net launcher on PC for free. Upon starting the new mode, you will have to go through a small training exercise where you play against AI opponents for a warm-up. © Activision Theoretically, the game follows the same basic rules as other battle Royale games where you land on a massive map and the play area shrinks with time until one team or player is the last one standing. In Warzone, you can use vehicles and killstreaks for having a strategic edge over others. The game also introduces a new âGulagâ system that allows players to fight for a second life when youâre killed. You will be dropped in a 1v1 match with another player and you need to kill the opponent in order to get back into the game. Additionally, you can be freed by your teammates if they have enough money in the bank. Money can also be earned to buy kill-streaks, upgrades and revives for teammates. © Activision Warzone also comes with its own battle pass where players can earn items and aesthetics such as clothing and accessories. For Modern Warfare owners, it uses the same battle pass as before and players can continue to earn items in the new mode. For newcomers, you can buy the game pass for Rs 750. View the full article
  9. If you have been impatiently waiting for 'dark mode' to roll out for WhatsApp, you can stop counting the days as it is finally available for everyone from today. The new update has rolled out for both iOS and Android users since it first showed up on the beta version of the app. The darker-themed mode of WhatsApp will automatically change if you are using dark mode on your phone from your system settings. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla In a post on its blog, WhatsApp wrote: "Dark mode for WhatsApp offers a fresh look on a familiar experience. Itâs designed to reduce eye strain in low-light environments. And we hope it helps prevent those awkward moments where your phone lights up the room." WhatsAppâs dark mode is available as a part of the latest update on both Android and iOS via Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Facebook has tweaked its WhatsApp dark mode to ensure it lowers the brightness of a phone display. âDuring testing, we found that combining pure black and white creates high contrast that can lead to eye fatigue,â explains a WhatsApp spokesperson. âSo instead, youâll notice a special dark grey background and off-white colour that lowers the brightness of the screen, cuts down the glare and improves contrast and readability.â Having said that, for some reason if your WhatsApp has not automatically switched or your phone does not have dark mode support from the system settings, you can follow these steps to enable the feature: Android 1. Update WhatsApp from the Play Store To Enable the Dark Mode Feature 2. Tap the action overflow menu (three vertical dots in the top right corner). 3. Tap on Settings 4. Select Chats 5. Tap on Themes 6. In the Choose Theme dialog box, select Dark. 7. WhatsApp Will Now run in Dark Mode iOS 1. Make Sure you are running iOS 11 or later on your iPhone. 2. Update WhatsApp from the App Store To Enable the Dark Mode Feature 3. Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Select Dark in the âAppearanceâ Section 4. WhatsApp will automatically switch to the dark theme View the full article
  10. How can i post News, plzzz help urdu News
  11. In case you were not aware, Mumbaiâs favourite street food and one of the most fascinating yet delicious gems of Indian street food, the humble yet wonderful âvada pavâ has made it to the âTop 10 Burgers in the world' list, curated by Michelin star chefs Ravinder Bhogal of Jikoni in London and Prateek Sadhu of Masque in Mumbai. © Pinterest Now, while one might argue about it not exactly being a 'burger' but the fact that it has made it to a rather prestigious list proves that no one knows how to do food like us Indians. A casual conversation at work brought up two immediate reactions to this piece of information. Firstly, a major craving for vada pav and secondly, which places makes the best one. Since we are a team of excited brains hailing from various parts of this country, I decided to curate a list of some of the best joints that serve some of the most scrumptious vada pavs across India: 1. Swati Snacks (Mumbai) â The vada pav served at this place is what led the Michelin chefs to come to their conclusion. So, I guess, one needs no more reason to actually go and just try the pav here for oneâs own approval! View this post on Instagram#Repost of the day credit @goodfoodindia ⢠⢠⢠⢠⢠#swatisnacks is one the best places to eat regional food in Mumbai. Itâs not heavy on pocket, is clean and serves yummy food! Have u been here yet? #mumbaikar #mumbaifood #dabeli #indiancuisine #indianstreetfood #indianfoodA post shared by (@swatisnacks) 2. Ashok Vada Pav ( Mumbai)- Another famous joint in Dadar which, besides the classic version, also serves a âchoora pavâ, which is choora mixed with spicy chutney stuffed in the pav. Yummmm! View this post on InstagramTag VADA PAV lovers! ð . Hereâs the Vada Pav with loads of chura from the famous Ashok Vada Pav of Kirti College, Prabhadevi. Isnât this one of Mumbaiâs best vada pavs! â¤ï¸ . Vada Pav is something I can have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Whatâs one thing you can have anytime of the day! Let me know your thoughts! ð . Turn on post notifications and follow @thehungrymumbaikar to discover the best of street food, restaurants, and nightlife in Mumbai! ð . Copyright Â©ï¸ 2018 The Hungry Mumbaikar. All Rights Reserved. Please DM to take permission before you repost any of my content. . #thehungrymumbaikar #vadapav #ashokvadapav #streetfoodA post shared by (@thehungrymumbaikar) 3. Goli Vada Pav( Bengaluru) â © Twitter/GoliVadaPav While you might ask, 'why find vada pav in Bangalore?', the answer to that is, craving can strike you anywhere, right? This chain has multiple outlets and serves some really good vada pav. Check it out when you are in Bengaluru. 4. Lokesh Pav Bhaji & Vada Pav Stall (Bengaluru)- This quaint stall in Indiranagar is a good option in case you are craving some hot vada pav with a side of pav bhaji. 5. Jhakkas Bombay Pav Bhaji( Delhi)- © JustDial There are numerous joints of this brand and while Delhi has a list of its own iconic street food, this is a good bet for hot vada pavs and some spicy dabeli. 6. Maharashtra Sadan ( Delhi) â This is the official state canteen of Maharashtra, so, in case you are missing home or just want a foolproof way of consuming the best vada pav, then just head here. View this post on InstagramWhenever i hear the word 'Mumbai' the next thing comes to my mind is #vadapav, which basically is a potato vada with lots of garlic n masalas in it, inside the bun with lots of garlic chautney(#sookhachutney) and fried green chillies. It is one of the delicacies and by far the best street food of Mumbai. But thank fully its available in delhi as well. So we had this vada pav at #maharashtrasadan today and it reminded me of my #Mumbai days. . . . . . . . . #mumbai#vadapavlover#vadapav#delhikavadapav#maharashtrasadan#foodiegram#foodcoma#foodporn#foodgasm#nomnom#thisyumness#iloveit #streetfood#thebest#sodelhi#fooduandi_official#swatiichandak @sodelhi @fbci_official @indianfoodbloggers @onlyindelhiiA post shared by (@fooduandi) 7. Anna Vadapav (Pune)- © Twitter Mumbaiâs neighbour also serves some super delish vada pavs and this joint is especially famous for its chutney. 8. JJ Garden Vada Pav (Pune)- One of the oldest and most flocked joints in this wonderful city, this place has been in the business for over 40 years, so you can trust the taste completely. View this post on InstagramThe* Vada Pav, At JJ Garden, Camp, Pune. Price : â¹ 14 /- Follow @tasty_pune @tasty_pune @tasty_pune PC ð· : @reachrishabh Our Other Accounts:- 1) @tasty_mumbai 2) @mahadev_shiva 3) @tasty__india 4) @i_am_entrepreneur_ 5) @puneriguide 6) @the_foodie_freak_ Android App :- P- Indicator (Available on Google Play Store ) Follow us on Facebook For more food updates Simply "TAG ð" us, to get featured. #⣠⩠#tasty_pune #tastypune #tasty #punefood #pune #brand #puneinstagrammers #likeforlike #commentforcomment #puneri #likeforfollow #followforfollow #foodblogger #punefoodblogger #mumbai #puneinstagrammers #puneig #punekar #follow4follow #lunch #dinner #meal #maharashtra #punedesserts #punecamp #MGroad #gardenvadapav #vadapav #jjgardenvadapav #jjvadapavA post shared by (@tasty_pune) Now, we are aware that this list cannot end at just 8 joints, so weâd like you to chip in with your personal suggestions and help us extend it to help everyone find the best vada pav one can eat. Like they say, âthe more the merrierâ. View the full article
  12. Arguably one of the greatest footballers of all time, Diego Maradona's story is as frustrating as it is enthralling. As much praise and success he achieved through his footballing talent, Maradona's contrasting sides, equally, garnered criticism and brought disrepute to his legacy. His success and controversy always walked hand-in-hand. Maradona's unprecedented glory has always found the controversial elements lurking just around the corner. Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better, the darker and more controversial side of Maradona ensures it gets worse. © Reuters Maradona's is the rarest of the rare stories where a footballer is not only the hero, but also the villain of his own script. And, the billions who followed Maradona would agree that the football legend became many men over the years: hero, villain, rape accused, drug addict and many other things. His cocaine addiction traces back to 1982 and Maradona became a regular user of the substance during his stint with Napoli. In 1991, he was even handed a 15-month ban for testing positive for cocaine after a Serie A match with Napoli. It was also the same year when he was charged with cocaine use and possession in Argentina and held in jail for a day. the technical staff covering Maradona from the cameras while he gets a small bag of coke. Dfkm pic.twitter.com/Oh33zzufr6 â Kevin (@BraziIianTr3nt) February 18, 2020It's been over 18 years since Maradona played his final testimonial match in Buenos Aires, but rather than being hailed as a legend like others, he continues to garner limelight for his substance abuse. In a recent case, a video of Maradona is doing the rounds on social media which shows the former Argentina footballer being handed what is speculated to be a bag of cocaine in the dugout. While the authenticity of the video remains questionable, it continues to garner all sorts of reactions on Twitter. After snorting pic.twitter.com/emHDJcyc81 â SB. (@Lionexionel) February 18, 2020 pic.twitter.com/j4iG1AtxNq â Brandol (@BGonzalez588) February 18, 2020Why would he do it in a live match, guy is at the highest level of addiction it seems, can't even control it for hour and half, wrong idol. â Circle (@Circle0123210) February 18, 2020@cameronharris12 the man is crazy a hahahahah â Lewisclose99 (@lewisclose99) February 18, 2020All of his boys are in on it and know the drill ?? â Cameron Harris (@cameronharris12) February 18, 2020@_SeanAspinall @WhatJoeSaid28 Only 4 mins into the game too â Lee Hitch (@leehitchh) February 18, 2020Wtf ?????? â Oshri Moualem (@MoualemOshri) February 18, 2020 pic.twitter.com/noXzMNferj â Shockwave Rider (@rlees101) February 18, 2020Check when the player on the bench points to the cameras - they all try and block the view ???? â Bill nelson (@Billywhizz12345) February 18, 2020The man needs putting down he's a disgrace â Michael Winter (@mickywint) February 18, 2020 View the full article
  13. Whether youâve been on 100 dates or 10, one thing is clear â love is complicated. And happily-ever-afters are overrated. Not every story is the same and not every love remains the same. So, what changes? Do we change over time or does our story? MX Playerâs new relationship drama Pawan & Pooja tackles the complications of love with honesty and takes us on a journey across generations in this digital age. The show kicks off by introducing us to the three generations of Pawan & Pooja â the 60-year-old couple dealing with regrets and trying to reclaim lost time, the 40-year-old couple struggling to bring back young love and passion in their marriage, and the 20-something couple coping with the offline reality of millennial love. After a quick Valentineâs Day binge-watch, weâve jotted down a (spoiler-free) list of reasons why this MX Player show should be next on your must-watch list. Chasing Love OnlineFrom likes to followers, we are constantly seeking validation online from people we hardly know but refer to as our âonline friendsâ. Right at the start, the show gives us an insight into the world of influencers and their constant struggle to keep their offline and online worlds separate. Pawan Srivastav (Taaruk Raina) & Pooja Maheshwari (Natasha Bharadwaj) are at the center of this online-offline mess. From social media rivals to falling in love on a reality show, a lot is happening in their complicated relationship thatâll keep you hooked. Not All Happily-Ever-After Are The SameBoy meets girl. Girl likes boy. They get married and live happily ever after. Most of our cliché rom-coms end right here. But Pawan & Pooja takes us a step further and shows us what some happily-ever-afters look like 15-20 years down the line. Here we meet Pooja and Pawan Mehra (Gul Panag â Sharman Joshi), who still love each other but miss the old spark when they couldnât keep their hands off each other. Marriage, like every other relationship, is complicated. And when Pooja suggests adding another couple to the equation, things start getting steamy and even more complicated. Starts A Conversation About Open MarriagesWe may discuss this in hushed tones or behind closed doors, but itâs no secret that some couples do swing to bring back the old spark in their marriage. But does it work or does it further complicate an already complicated relationship? The show will leave you on either side of the debate and keep you hooked no matter what you choose. Donât Live Life With Regrets 60-year-old Pooja and Pawan Kalraâs (Deepti Naval-Mahesh Manjrekar) story is a reminder to all of us to live life in the moment. The things we didnât do when we wanted to, will haunt us in our twilight years as we deal with the practicality of life. Donât wait till you get old to buy that expensive massage chair or that cruise holiday, live life in the moment. If you are still looking for reasons to watch Pawan & Pooja, simply do so for the spectacular chemistry between the couples and the joy of watching Deepti Naval and Mahesh Manjrekar in a web series. You can start streaming the show for FREE here. View the full article
  14. Following a 2-0 win over Sri Lanka in the recently-concluded Twenty20 International (T20I) series, the Indian cricket team found their next challenge in the touring Australian brigade for three One-Day Internationals (ODIs). While India has been busy enjoying a dominant home run, the Aussies, too, have proved their worth by whitewashing Pakistan and New Zealand in Tests, recently. Apart from their form, the biggest cause of worry for the Indian team and their fans was Australia's spirited performance during their 2-0 win in the T20Is and a 3-2 triumph in the five-match ODI series. But, little did the home fans know of what awaited them at the iconic Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. © Twitter/@BCCI Amid all the buzz surrounding what was tipped to be an exciting contest, the Indian fans reaching the Wankhede were informed about the ban on black colour. The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAA) has been the talk of the town with the nation-wide protests hogging the headlines of newspapers and taking social media by storm. The Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA), owing to the security measures, decided to ban any sort of black-coloured clothing inside the stadium. The measure is believed to have been taken in a bid to avoid protests against PM Narendra Modi-led BJP government's act which has met with a lot of criticism lately. *IMPORTANT NOTICE* Those who are coming for #INDvAUS match, kindly don't wear black colour tshirts Entries are restricted for some security reasons for the same@BCCI @MumbaiCricAssoc — North Stand Gang - Wankhede (@NorthStandGang) January 14, 2020 Ahead of the 1st ODI, the unique directive, banning spectators from wearing black colour, was tweeted by 'North Stand Gang - Wankhede' for the visiting fans. "Those who are coming for #INDvAUS match, kindly don't wear black colour t-shirts. Entries are restricted for some security reasons for the same," the tweet read. While the move came in the light of avoiding any sort of protest against the CAA inside the stadium, the Indian fans visiting the Wankhede and on social media expressed their displeasure on the 'black' ban. I'm at the Wankhede stadium today. The colour Black is being banned (t-shirts, caps, anything) because it's a "symbol of protest". **** you, MCA. **** you very much. — Rahul Desai (@ReelReptile) January 14, 2020 @bhogleharsha I am not sure you remember our conversation on Twitter a few weeks back, but this is what spectators go through after paying INR 5,000 per person for a sub-standard experience. Why such arbitrary rules without any public announcements? Even SL is better than us. — Anand Batra (@anandrbatra) January 14, 2020 The MCA/Police should've released a statement well in advance. People travel from far off to watch the game after paying a ransom for the tickets. Absolutely rubbish. — Aniket Bose (@ABnormalConnect) January 14, 2020 Ye kya rule hai â¹ï¸ — Sanika Sawant (@SanikaSawant10) January 14, 2020 Update: Friend in black t-shirt was allowed inside because he wrapped the Indian flag around his t-shirt ð — Rahul Desai (@ReelReptile) January 14, 2020 Well this is new... Ban on Colour...Way to go ... "Abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain..." — Ajaz Md Ghalib (@iamghalib) January 14, 2020 This "black" ban has now inadvertently put the spotlight back on CAA right in the backyard of the mute Indian cricket team. Thanks, government. Job well done. — Rahul Desai (@ReelReptile) January 14, 2020 View the full article
  15. New Year's eve is almost here and in case you're throwing a house party, there are several things you need to take care of. Alcohol, good food and banging music which ensures everyone is dancing. Now we trust you to curate a list of your liking, so here are six Punjabi mash-up remixes of various kinds to add to the buffet of your music which will surely add a new flavour to your party list: 1. Punjabi mega mashup This one basically has good Punjabi mixes from last 3 years and will serve as a great appetiser on the dance floor to warm it up. 2. Mix Tape mash up This has all the lesser known Punjabi folk tracks for when everyone is already in the mood and it doesn't matter if your friends understand the lyrics or not. 3. Sidhu Moosewala mash up Just like there's no 'muqabla' of this Jatt, a party without Sidhu's songs is boring, right? 4. Jassie Gill X DJ Frenzy mix If you too love a good Jassie number like Guitar Sikhda and 'Bapu Zimedaar', then this is for you. 5. Munda Lambaraan Da Trap Mix For every folk music lover! This is a classic Surinder Kaur number given a trap spin. Absolutely great to dance to. 6. Punjabi Old Classix mix This is for everyone who loves classic Punjabi songs which were not about Prada or a 'lehenga'. Think of Asa Singh Mastana and Gurdas Mann with a millennial twist. View the full article
  16. For those of you who haven't been following Ayushmann Khurrana up close, you should know that he' been hinting (for a while now) towards taking a much-deserved break. After delivering stellar performances in films like Bala, Dream Girl, AndhaDhun, Article 15 and also having recently wrapped up the shoot for Gulabo Sitabo (his upcoming film), Ayushmann finally took off for his vacation. For his three-month-long sabbatical, he first started with a family vacation at the Bahamas where he also spent Christmas this year. But what intrigued us was his vibrant outfit that blended perfectly well with the Bahaman beaches. Take a look: © Instagram/ Ayushmann Khurrana © Instagram/ Ayushmann Khurrana But what interested us, even more, was how his red bandana with space-aged shades worked so well with his skull-themed green boxers. The boxers are so quirky and vibrant despite the skull insignia. They're the perfect pair if you're someone who likes to step out in the night for a little snack. You could, however, wear a hoodie on top of a pair of boxers like these if you're not at the beach. Ayushmann Khurrana is clearly going for a chilled out vibe here. And yet, while keeping it 'cazh', his effortless style is clearly winning it. View the full article
  17. You know how when you stink so much that you just HAVE to spray on an entire bottle of deodorant on yourself? And, then you actually get in trouble for spraying so much deodorant that even the police gets involved? No? Well, one unlucky kid had to go through all of that. Basically, in Florida, a bunch of students on a school bus complained about a 'noxious' smell, and it was so bad that even the local fire department and emergency medical services came to inspect the 'hazardous material'. Any guess on what it was? Axe body spray, of course! To find the culprit behind the weird smell, Parrish Fire District Division Chief Mike Williamson had to interview all the thirty students that were on board the bus, and well, it didn't take long to find out the one kid smelling like a person who drowned in a tank of body spray. Talking to TODAY, he said, "Once I got down the line, I was able to determine it. Before I could even tell (one student) what I was looking for, I made a motion like I was spraying, and he handed me an empty bottle of the black Axe Body Spray. I could smell it all over him." © Parrish Fire Rescue What's hilarious is that the body spray was so obnoxious that about a third of the students were complaining about respiratory distress. Thankfully, none of them actually needed to go to the hospital. The chief further added, "We had heard reports from other community members that it's somehow a thing with kids spraying it all over each other to smell nice or prank each other. They must have watched a lot of episodes of 'Band of Brothers' because they would not say who did it." Well, at least they had each other's backs and that's what matters. Moral of the story: Spray on deodorant like a normal person, not a rotten fish. View the full article
  18. This December, people are not saying goodbye to the year, but the entire freaking decade. The 2010s are ending and it's making everyone look back and reflect how much everyone and everything has changed in these last ten years. That's why it's not surprising that the biggest trend on Twitter right now is a comparison between people in 2010 to people now, basically a beginning of the decade vs end of the decade moment. Actually seeing how so many celebrities changed so much in this decade is kind of weird and also very nostalgic, in a way. It's been a long, long decade and everything is so different now. Oh no, this one is emotional. tony & pepper tony & pepper at the start at the end of of the decade the decade pic.twitter.com/l4vkq8P1kI — â¨Maria⨠(@quackzonqueen) December 5, 2019 Balancing it out. tony and natasha start of end of the decade the decade pic.twitter.com/yiqZKGhC9z — ððð¦ð¢ð¥ð â (@romanoffcamz) December 2, 2019 Getting the Marvel stuff out of the way. the avengers the avengers at the start at the end of the decade of the decade pic.twitter.com/FLPkKHKNn9 — â¨Maria⨠(@quackzonqueen) December 2, 2019 Queen of the North! sansa stark beginning of the end of the decade decade pic.twitter.com/fvXhJYy6fL — beyza! ð (@sansasflorian) December 2, 2019 Fangirl moment? Harry Styles and Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner at Kendall Jenner at the beginning of the end of the the decade decade pic.twitter.com/94GAqW7rrg — Mis (@HarrysSongBird) December 3, 2019 That's...a lot. justin bieber justin bieber start of the end of the decade decade pic.twitter.com/Wbko5qbYKA — ðððððð (@bizzllegrande) December 2, 2019 Now, that's a power move. Rihanna At the At the end beginning of. of the decade. decade. pic.twitter.com/CMkHtpFyt4 — Odé Danilo (@odedanilo) December 1, 2019 Just give us an album! rihanna beginning of the end of the decade decade pic.twitter.com/GRhtDpfkQw — ana mena #1 stan account (@alvarozapato) December 1, 2019 Relatable. Me at the beginning of the decade vs the end pic.twitter.com/bw9rIbaDo9 — Scary Bradshaw ð·ð (@biancaxunise) December 5, 2019 Hmm. beginning of the decade: iron man 2 (2010) beginning of the new decade: black widow (2020) i'm not crying, you are pic.twitter.com/uyHk6kvwRF — sasha ð ð¯ð¬ðªðð«ð ð¢ (@widowscrown) November 20, 2019 Nick Jiju! nick jonas start end of the decade of the decade pic.twitter.com/gEJuh8cTkx — yaz (@Yaz_Jonas_) December 1, 2019 Very relatable. Me at the start of the decade VS me at the end of the decade pic.twitter.com/uVSeXGRS20 — TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) November 17, 2019 View the full article
  19. For a cricketer who led India to new heights in international cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni might have reached the twilight of his illustrious career, but his absence, amid an ongoing sabbatical, has clearly left a void in the national team and fans wondering if he'll ever return. The 38-year-old almost sent India into the ICC World Cup final after coming agonisingly close to pulling off the miraculous run-chase against New Zealand in the tournament's semifinal. But, as India crashed out of the World Cup, the speculations on Dhoni's retirement reached an all-time high. The former Indian captain was expected to call time on his career soon after the World Cup but, months later, there is still no word on it. Taking a sabbatical from the game after the ICC spectacle, Dhoni was expected to return to action at the start of India's home season but the veteran campaigner is yet to don the iconic 'Blue' jersey again. © Reuters He missed the T20I series against South Africa and then failed to make the cut for the limited-overs series against Bangladesh. Recent media reports have also suggested that the Indian selectors have decided to move on from Dhoni, keeping in mind the next year's World T20 in Australia. But, while there may be no official word on Dhoni's return to the playing field, cricket fans are busy speculating if they'll ever see him in the Team India jersey. On 20th November, Virat Kohli fuelled those speculations with a tweet regarding his "partner his crime" on Twitter. Partners in crimeð¤.. Crime : stealing doubles from fielders at the boundary ð. Guess who ð¤ pic.twitter.com/Gk1x6lBIvm — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) November 20, 2019 Taking to the micro-blogging website, the Indian captain shared a photo of himself with another player during what appears to be a practice session. The Delhi cricketer further asked the fans to identify the man in question by captioning the image: "Partners in crime.. Crime: stealing doubles from fielders at the boundary. Guess who?". As soon Kohli put up his post, the Indian cricket fans, who had been anxiously waiting for MSD's return, wasted no time in responding to the Indian skipper's query. The baap of all captains pic.twitter.com/vcZK7koGok — ðð²ð°ð²ðµ ‏ SIVA (@siva_tweets1) November 20, 2019 MSD nd VK ð¤©ð¥ — SaRavanaN (@itisSarwan) November 20, 2019 Kya hum isko Team may wapsi samjhe? — رÙÙاÙا (@RomanaRaza) November 20, 2019 Ye dosti ð¶ð¶ pic.twitter.com/JYb3qTe8jd — ð®ð³ sir-kid (@ooobhaishab) November 20, 2019 The name is Mahindra Singh Dhoni! We call him THALA ð¦ ð¥ð¥ — Selvam (@AGR_Selvam) November 20, 2019 One and only, @msdhoni — Sameer Allana (@HitmanCricket) November 20, 2019 Here is the hero..ðð #thala pic.twitter.com/EVgOWz9ptc — aqueel khan (@aqueel_official) November 20, 2019 View the full article
  20. For someone who entered the Indian entertainment industry and rose to fame with her stint in the TV show Bigg Boss, Sunny Leone has come a long way to become one of the most popular faces in Bollywood. Whether it's her choice of roles in the movies, eye-catching fashion sense or business ventures, the Canadian-born Indian actress is a complete package. The amazing and surreal experience of being on the field during @T10League cheering for @DelhiBullsT10 ð #SunnyLeone #T10League pic.twitter.com/IGbLO08r5A — Sunny Leone (@SunnyLeone) November 15, 2019 Known for doing things out of the ordinary, the 38-year-old has been making most of her time connecting with cricket fans owing to her role as the brand ambassador of Delhi Bulls in the ongoing Abu Dhabi T10 League. From rooting for the Eoin Morgan-led franchise from the stands to cheering up the Delhi fans, Leone has rapidly become a fan favourite. View this post on Instagram What's my name..what's my name? ð¶ #SunnyLeone @delhibullst10 @t10league Outfit @fancypantsofficial A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on Nov 18, 2019 at 11:05pm PST Continuing to entice cricket fans, Leone dropped a candid video on her Instagram page where she was seen flaunting her football skills. The video shows the Bollywood actress showcasing great control, dribbling and eventually scoring a goal. Despite her effort to score from a cross went in vain, Leone's video struck a chord with the fans. So excited to share that I am now the proud co-owner of the @IPLSOCCERUK team Leicester Galacticos !! This has been a long life dream and still cannot believe it has finally happened. Work hard for what you believe and want in life! @DanielWeber99 @themichaelowen @SanySupra pic.twitter.com/vRvP2vuYTv — Sunny Leone (@SunnyLeone) November 18, 2019 Apart from that, Leone also became the proud owner of a football team recently. The Indian star is now a proud owner of Leicester Galacticos - a team that will be seen playing in the 'IPL Soccer' - the first televised British Asian football tournament. The seven-a-side indoor football competition is comprised of selected UK city teams which are headed by celebrity owners. View the full article
  21. We're back to discussing some rather annoying millennial dating trends yet again. I do, however, believe that we need a dictionary for actually looking up these trends to know what it is we're going through. As sad as it sounds, it's important because names for crass dating behaviour are readily available and you can choose to see them as red flags and step away as and when needed. We have another one doing the round and this one's rather interesting and stems from an idea in the 90s. Remember that annoying illustration on MS Word of a paper clipper that would crop up in case you needed help writing a letter or formatting your CV? Well, his name was clippy and he's back making an appearance in the dating world this time. © YouTube Illustrator, Samantha Rothenberg used this very popular icon to denote a dating trend which is quite common with both boys and girls and we can relate so much to this! The icon represents a certain kind of flaky behaviour and her post on her Instagram account, Violent Claire, shows clippy actually voicing this behaviour out. View this post on Instagram Who remembers clippy? ð well he's here to make sure you don't forget him ð¤ A post shared by Samantha Rothenberg (@violetclair) on Jul 18, 2019 at 9:29am PDT This post, though, has gone viral because it makes so much sense in today's dating world. But what is she trying to tell us through it? Well, clippy here is an indicator that even though he's a long forgotten friend, he will keep coming back to check on you, just so you don't forget him or lose sight of him. While he acts like a great metaphor, that's what some dating patterns are like. You probably have someone in your life who will never want to be with you consistently but will surface when it's been a while and come back in to your life, since you've been on the backburner for them! "To me, paper clipping is when someone has you on the back burner and feels like you're about to go cold. They'll reach out — not in attempt to see you, or move things forward — but to re-stoke the flame and make sure you're still an option. It's wildly common, and there's something empowering about putting a name to the action — now, rather than letting a papperclipper give you false hope, you can call it out for what it is and move on," Samantha told a popular publication in an interview. © AA Films Basically paperclippers have a formidable need to feel good about themselves by seeking validation from the familiars time and again and this is a dangerous territory to be stuck in. In all probability they could be an ex, who keeps coming back to reassure herself that she still has you on the hook, just in case she needs you temporarily. Even though the term paperclipping is new to this trend, someone disappearing from your life after a few dates and resurfacing months later to see if they still get a response is not really a new phenomena and it happens ever so often. "Paperclipping is a new term for an age-old behavior that has allowed people to increase their sense of worth by feeding on superficial, intermittent connection — and the emotional responses of others," Samantha further added. If you look into it, paperclippers are people who are emotionally immature and need constant assurance and validation so they keep coming back, instead of committing to one person. Their life goes on in circles because they resurface ever time they need a dose of something familiar to make them feel good. © Excel Entertainemnt "I have met people on a dating site that continually do this, and in fact, seem to not want a relationship. When asked, they will respond that they are just not sure about a relationship. So they meet people, disappear and then show back up," Samantha stated in an interview. The signs of being paperclipped are easy to recognise. The person will come in to your life, show interest in you, go out for a couple of dates with you till they start practising the dating trend that haunts everyone-ghosting. A few months later, she will resurface and want the pattern repeated. You surely will figure out that she's paperliclpping you because this really isn't rocket science. This is effectively harmful for someone who gets a tad attached to this serial paperclipper. So, the trick is to never give into their whims of meeting you again and again for them to disappear. © AA Films While paperclipping is a common phenomena today, it can be avoided if you realise their pattern and stay away from it. In this day and age, where love and relationships are so frivolous, everyone is emotionally stunted when it comes to dating and understanding anyone's emotions. The trick is to know what's good for you and be smart about how you want to associate yourself with other people. View the full article
  22. Yesterday marked another historic day for people across the country and the world, after Supreme Court passed its verdict on the decades-old Ayodhya land dispute. A special five-judge Constitutional bench, set up by the Supreme Court of India, gave its verdict that the disputed site in Ayodhya will be used for the construction of a Ram temple. They further announced that a five-acre land in the area will be given to the Muslim community for the construction of a mosque. © Reuters On one hand, when the esteemed bench of judges were passing their judgement, people on social media were busy posting about it and soon enough, the hashtags blew up to an extent that it became a top trend...globally. Reportedly, #AyodhyaVerdict was the top trend yesterday not just in India but across the world, with more than 550,000 tweets. In fact, it's still one of the top trends in India. Apart from this, hashtags like #RamMandir, #BabriMasjid, #RamJanmabhoomi, #SupremeCourt, @RanjanGogoi, #HinduMuslimBhaiBhai and #AyodhyaJudgement were also among the top trends. © Twitter From PM Narendra Modi to Bollywood celebrities, almost everyone hailed this verdict by the Supreme Court. The five-judge Constitutional bench that passed the verdict included Justices DY Chandrachud, S Abdul Nazeer, Ashok Bhushan and SA Bobde and was headed by the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi. View the full article
  23. Was Avengers: Endgame an incredible, marvellous movie? Definitely. Was it the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to date? Probably, still debatable. Is it an Oscar-worthy movie? Oh, hell no. But, Disney is not ready to accept that even though they made the highest-grossing movie of all time, it's still not worthy of an Academy Award. It's kinda funny, but well, they're shooting their shot by submitting literally everyone for an Oscar, probably thinking 'kisi ko toh galti se mil jaayega'. The list of actors and everyone else who worked on Endgame that was submitted by Disney for an Oscar nomination consideration is out, and it reads more like the end-credits of the movie, tbh. From RDJ to Kevin Fiege, here are all the people who may or may not end up getting an Oscar nod. © Disney Wow, that's a lot of people. Disney, just calm down man, this is way too much. It's kind of nice to see there are a lot of sensible die-hard Marvel fans who agree that Disney is just making a fool out of themselves for thinking any, let alone all of them, deserve an Oscar nomination. On the other hand, a lot of fans think that Endgame does deserve an Oscar and it's making me think that maybe, just maybe, Martin Scorsese was somewhat right. This person just said what everyone else is thinking. no single actor in avengers endgame deserves an oscar lmao this is not the people's choice awards — josie (@nightwving) November 7, 2019 Can't get over this. when joaquin phoenix gets an oscar nom over all the avengers cast pic.twitter.com/8EboMUs3Q0 — j (@eunbisana) November 7, 2019 Yep. Let's get one thing clear--Avengers Endgame was downright an amazing film but that doesn't mean it should be nominated for an oscar. Sorry not sorryð¤·ð»‍âï¸ — Charity Salposial (@imaweirdgirl) November 8, 2019 This is it. This is the best tweet. It's laughable that Disney thinks any performance from Avengers: Endgame deserves an Oscar, much less *thirteen*. Imagine thinking Brie Larsen deserves a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for showing up and looking angry for fifteen minutes with an Ellen Degeneres haircut. https://t.co/CY15DxnGDP — Christian Ledford (@Theoretic_AnCap) November 8, 2019 Now, that's a bad take. actor starving themselves for like 5 months & then wandering around in the cold for 1 movie pretending to get mauled by cgi bear is "oscar worthy"... but a man who dedicated 11 years of his life to 1 role as a character who MADE us believe & love character for 11 years... isnt?? — awaiting Cinematic Avengers Stevetony Reboot (@artingkrusca) November 7, 2019 Brie, you're great, but this is just stupid. Is Brie Larson really being pushed to possess an Oscar Award for her performance in Avengers: Endgame? She didn't do anything, except insulted Rocket the Raccoon and appeared in the biggest fight there was, and that's it. — Romello R. (@RomelloRob) November 8, 2019 I spoke too soon, this is the best tweet. the green screen from avengers endgame going to collect it's oscar for best supporting actor pic.twitter.com/yVyzZG7iAv — Dillon (@Dillownit) November 7, 2019 Same. I might be embarassing but at least I will never be "disney thinks avengers endgame is oscar worthy" type of embarassing https://t.co/KdH3PF2fGY — el (@QUETlAPINE) November 7, 2019 Yes please, very well-deserving. please give gwyneth paltrow an oscar for avengers endgame https://t.co/LCY7wEkg9o — Elijah Barron (@elijahbarron_) November 7, 2019 View the full article
  24. Fazl says protesters won?t budge until PM Imran Khan tenders resignationISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman said on Thursday that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf calls everyone a thief but itself is implicit in the foreign...
  25. Diwali is the season of giving - our prayers, lights, love, sweets, and of course gifts too! And we all know too well how difficult it can get at times to find that perfect gift for the fam as well as those special peeps in our lives. Fret not, we've scoured the web (and our own shop), and found you the perfect gifts for everyone from your dad to your bff, your beau, and everyone else. __ECOMLOOKS__36__ __ECOMLOOKS__37__ __ECOMLOOKS__38__ __ECOMLOOKS__39__ __ECOMLOOKS__40__ So, there you go. Diwali shopping shouldn't be a pain but something you love, and hopefully we've made the task a tad easier for you! Have a banging, but safe and green Diwali folks!
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