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  1. Meghan Markle reportedly ‘fearful’ she’d be branded a ‘bad mother’ for working after Archie’s near death experience
  2. Shoppers also say having positive online experience such as fast replies or funny posts might convince them to give brand another shot
  3. Prince William may be the heir to the British throne but he had to sit for his A-Levels just like anyone else
  4. Remember Bollywood actress Isha Koppikar? The actress attained mega popularity status when she did the role of Inspector Urmila Matondkar in the Tusshar Kapoor film Kya Kool Hai Hum. Isha also starred in other hit movies like Shah Rukh Khan's Don, Krishna Cottage, and others. © BCCL As per reports, it was also revealed that Isha was asked to go to the meeting without her staff. However, Isha refused to do that and was apparently thrown out of the film just for that. “I am a no-nonsense girl and that’s the vibe I exude. A lot of time people misconstrue it for being intimidating. I am here for my work. If I like you, I will talk to you, if you mess with me, good luck to you. I have lost a lot of projects, because of this attitude of mine.” Isha said while speaking to the Bombay Times. “In mid-2000, I was called by a renowned producer who said that you have to be in the good books of the hero. I didn’t know what he meant. So, I called up the hero, who asked me to meet him alone. At that point, he was being accused of infidelity, so he asked me to visit him minus my staff. I called the producer and told him that I am here due to my talent and looks and if that can get me good work, then it’s good enough. I was thrown out of the film.” said Isha. Earlier, even Nargis Fakhri had revealed that she had missed out on a lot of films because she refused to engage in casting couch. “I always knew what I was hungry for. I am not hungry for fame. Therefore, nothing can be agreed to do. Can not be nude. Or can’t sleep with the director. I have lost many jobs because I have not done ‘some things’. And it was heartbreaking. I had a standard. I had a boundary. But it felt bad when I was thrown out for taking these things more than once. But then I came to know that good people win. Of course, do not win by holding their way, but ‘own’ win by holding a path." she said while speaking in an interview. Great to see these strong ladies standing up for the right thing! View the full article
  5. Crew members will offer training in how to handle a lightsaber or battle incoming threats from the ship's bridge. "Star Wars" costumes are encouraged.
  6. Have you ever tried watching a live sport, while your Television set is on mute? We bet you have. Well, you are not the only one. Most of us have tried it at some point of time but never liked it. Watching a game on mute kills the whole experience. As much as we love to watch the action unfold in the middle, we also cherish the voices that describe the whole proceedings. © iStock It’s not an exaggeration when we say if live action is the heart of any sport, then live commentary is its soul. It’s difficult for one to exist without the other. To provide the audience with top-notch experience, it is important that they get the best of both worlds. In countries like England, even the spectators, who travel to the ground, now get to hear the live commentary through an earpiece. © iStock Not just players’ performances, we have seen fans complaining about the commentary skills of various individuals. The amount of complaints the fans make about the poor commentators just goes on to show how much they care about this aspect of the game, which nobody seems to care about. © iStock We always love the kind of segments the official broadcasters in other countries produce during the pre-, mid- and post-match shows. Their analysis always makes us wonder why can’t it be done in India. After all, the BCCI is the most affluent cricket board in the world and is responsible for producing the majority of world cricket’s revenue. The difference between countries like England, Australia and South Africa is that there they get to choose their panel of experts whereas in India, the commentators are picked by the Indian cricket board itself. © iStock To present an objective analysis of the game, it’s important that they leave their bias at home and don’t shy away from calling a spade a spade. It’s important that they don’t have to weigh their words before opening their mouths. But under this sort of arrangement, it’s quite impossible to get this fear out of their head. We have seen what happened to Harsha Bhogle. One of the most popular cricket commentators in the country was sacked by the BCCI for saying things that some of the top players didn’t like during the 2016 T20 World Cup. Nothing to add https://t.co/8rBel3vw4o — Mahendra Singh Dhoni (@msdhoni) March 23, 2016 Bhogle’s comments had not gone down well with Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan as well as former skipper MS Dhoni and they had registered their objection on social media. For many years, the cricket lovers have been demanding the BCCI to reform their policy and make it more inclusive and transparent, where experts are not afraid of speaking their mind. © iStock Recently, a cricket show host and comedian Vikram Sathaye posted a tweet urging the BCCI to stop appointing commentators and leave the decision to the host broadcasters. He added that picking and choosing commentators should not be BCCI’s prerogative and they should focus their energy on the players welfare and development of sport in the country. The one reform that needs to happen is BCCI should not appoint commentators . That has to be the broadcasters prerogative . I don’t think anywhere in world this happens , I am sure they have their own reasons but doesn’t seem right ! — Vikram Sathaye (@vikramsathaye) February 21, 2022 “The one reform that needs to happen is BCCI should not appoint commentators. That has to be the broadcasters prerogative. I don’t think anywhere in world this happens, I am sure they have their own reasons but doesn’t seem right!” Sathaye tweeted. The cricket aficionados in the country also registered their strong views on the matter. Majority of the people found it absurd that the BCCI was still appointing commentators based on its liking. Absolutely agree! We need to have good analysts and story tellers of the game. Not only BCCI cheerleaders — Mithilesh Nichkaode (@nichkaode) February 21, 2022In the US, the broadcasters pick the commentators. But there have been instances of commentators being barred by sports bodies or tournaments. For instance, Gary McCord was banished from the Masters for making comments that the tournament organizers didn’t like. — Kittu Kolluri (@kittukolluri) February 21, 2022Agree with you after a long time. BCCI runs this like a Sarkari scheme for commentators. — Aniket Jaiswal (@aniketjazz) February 21, 2022Agreed. Does not make any sense why @BCCI should get involved in it at all — Pradeep Hardikar (@PradeepHardikar) February 21, 2022It is nothing but stifling dissent. Harsha Bhogle had to bear the brunt of their intolerance. — Rajesh mudras (@MudrasRajesh) February 21, 2022The only way to improve the standard of cricket broadcasting is by allowing the broadcasters to pick their own panel of experts who have full freedom to share their opinions without being afraid of anyone. View the full article
  7. Rashid Khan played nine games for Lahore Qalandars in PSL 2022 and took 13 wickets at an economy rate of 6.25
  8. If you've noticed in the recent past, the adrenaline-pumping sport of paragliding has really become a thing in India. I'm sure, either you or one or more of your friends have been posting videos of themselves on social media platforms like Instagram, where they can be seen paragliding in places like Bir. © Istock And why not? It really is a fun-filled activity, an experience that you tend to remember for a long, long time. However, it truly is not for the faint of heart. This is what happened with a woman who recently chose to go paragliding. As it turns out the woman, married to a man named Brijesh, wasn't actually too keen on taking this experience, and it was instead her husband who had insisted that she go for it nonetheless. The end result? A scary experience for the woman and a crazy, hilarious video for people to see! In the video that has now gone viral, the nervous woman can be seen going on an absolute rant that includes her even questioning the idea of marrying her husband. Brijesh, bro! What did you expect you'd get if you forced someone to take paragliding? Here is the video of the whole ordeal and we can assure you. It will leave you in splits! Pl beware when sending your wives on paraglide trips…j..truth comes out pic.twitter.com/RSoYRxmPaJ — Maj Gen Sudhakar Jee, VSM (R) (@sudhakar_jee) January 17, 2022 In the video, the woman can be heard blaming her husband for taking on such adventures for fun. While at the start of the video, she says, “Nahi Jana… Nahi Jana (I don’t want to go).” The woman can then be heard saying, "I will kill you, Brijesh!" The instructor literally has to calm her down and tell her to relax, as she kept closing her eyes due to fear during the whole experience. Later, she can be heard repeatedly saying, "Hey Bhagwaan, meri shaadi kyon karayi (God, Why did you get me married)?" The video is a total gem from start to finish, and kind of reminds us of a similar incident that occurred with a man a few years ago. The man, while undertaking the same experience, could be heard hurling abuses at himself, where he said, "mai mad****** hu joh mai yaha aya". Well, I clearly don't know about taking up paragliding, but let such videos keep coming! View the full article
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