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Found 84 results

  1. WTI slid to $23.60 per barrel, while Brent North Sea oil touched a 2003 trough at $26.65 a barrel
  2. Hair fall is a common issue that men face and it is truly a serious concern. Although in some cases, hair fall is genuinely inevitable, if the condition has not worsened, chances are you can still save your hair strands and not face male pattern baldness. It can be challenging and also tricky but tweaking your habits and adapting to a few remedies can easily give you a fuller head. Armed with handy tips, here's your saviour guide, so you don't lose your luscious strands ever again. 1. Using Essential Oils © Getty Images Nothing is as terrifying as losing your hair but to let you know, it is never too late. Luckily, applying essential oils can slow down the hair loss process. If you have been experiencing this issue for a while now, try using essential oils and massage your scalp with it. For example, oils like lavender, almond or sesame will be your best bet that will help your follicles stay active and lessen the chances of hair fall. Use it once a week, before you go to sleep. Your scalp will bless you for it! 2. Garlic Or Onion Juice © Getty Images As irksome as this one sounds, in reality, applying juice of highly aromatic home items can easily curb the issue of hair fall, in lesser time. Rub any of these juices on your hair and leave it overnight so your scalp absorbs it all. You will see a noticeable difference when you follow this home remedy regularly. 3. Say No To Hot Showers © Getty Images Yes, undoubtedly, hot showers are relaxing and quite tempting as well but to be honest, it is not favourable for your hair. Irrespective of the season, hot showers can strip off the natural oils from your hair. This is also one of the reasons why there's hair fall. Use lukewarm or cold water as it will lessen the chances of any damage to your hair. 4. Wash Your Hair With Green Tea © Getty Images If you are fretting over the ever-expanding forehead of yours, relying on green tea is another simple way in which you can prevent it. How, you ask? It has various nutrients in it like panthenol and theanine with unique amino acid, that can help your follicles feel stronger. Make green tea like you would and instead of drinking it, let it cool down and use it for your hair as a rinse. Keep it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with a regular shampoo. Additionally, it also helps fight dandruff. Sounds easy, right? View the full article
  3. Beijing has ordered a 14-day quarantine for everyone arriving in the city from any country
  4. Crude markets have been in turmoil since the start of the week, when they suffered their biggest one-day drop in a generation
  5. Selena Gomez wants to fall 'super deep' in love. Photo: VarietySelena Gomez is all anyone can talk about of late after she released her track after a long break from music, and subsequently irking her past flame Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey...
  6. Drop tests are often a way to brag about a smartphone's durability, however, a Chinese smartphone company took it to the next level. Chinese company Iqoo (Owned by VIVO) tested a smartphone by attaching it to a high-altitude balloon that went up to 31,540 meters or 1,03,000. The smartphone was then dropped and to everybody's surprise, it survived the fall! © Weibo The smartphone in question is a gaming smartphone by the Chinese company and was found in a working state after the fall. The video shows the smartphone ascending into the air that also helped in assessing the battery life of the smartphone in extreme conditions. The smartphone survived extreme temperatures of -56 degrees Celsius, which is quite impressive even though this test could be carried out in the factory. Finding the smartphone after the fall was challenging and it was located using 4X4 SUVs and drones. When the smartphone was discovered the screen was still recording and had suffered some damage, which was quite impressive. © Weibo The smartphone itself has a 4,000 mAh battery, a 6.41-inch screen and is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor. The smartphone also supports 44w fast-charging. This is not the first time a smartphone has been dropped from such a great height as previously, companies like Xiaomi, Honor and others have demonstrated a similar drop test. Having said that, this is the highest drop test we've ever seen on a smartphone yet.
  7. OnePlus' new OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphones are now official. There's a lot to like about the new OnePlus 7 Pro, and you can read all about it in our full review of the phone right here. While most people are excited to see a new triple camera setup and a faster 90Hz display, one of the cool new features that I really like about the phone, is that the pop-up selfie camera can automatically retract itself during a fall. Yes, you read that right. The OnePlus 7 Pro's pop-up camera module, that houses the 16MP selfie shooter, can automatically retract itself when, say, you've dropped the phone while taking a selfie or unlocking it via facial recognition. The company did talk about this feature yesterday during the launch event, but it wasn't until today when I saw the feature in action. Here, check out the video and see the feature in action yourself - DROP TEST WITH THE #OnePlus7Pro! Watch how quickly the pop-up front facing camera retracts to protect it! pic.twitter.com/9EBvN3sphB — iJustine (@ijustine) May 14, 2019 As you can see in the video, the phone uses built-in sensors like an accelerometer and a gyroscope to detect when it's falling. In such cases, if the pop-up selfie camera is in use, then it'll automatically lower itself down and make sure that it's not getting damaged. OnePlus says the pop-up camera module is very durable. Heck, the company even showcased a video at the launch in which the module is seen lifting a block that's 40.2 pounds (22.3 Kgs) heavy. Yes, it appears to be very strong, but a little bit of smartness to protect a mishap from happening doesn't hurt anyone, right It's a simple, yet meaningful use of the device' sensors to protect the hardware features. I am sure there are a ton of other features that are worth noting, but it's little things like this that matter the most when it comes to user experience. Good job, OnePlus!
  8. The Apple Watch has some handy features that have helped save lives in the past. The Apple Watch Series 4 has a new feature called “Fall Detection” which basically detects when the user takes a hard fall. The feature taps the user's wrists and sounds an alarm so that it can catch a bystander's attention. Having said that, you're not always around people that can help which is why the fall detection feature can also notify local emergency services. © Apple The way it works is that if after taking a fall a user does not respond or is unconscious for more than a minute, the Apple Watch directly contacts emergency services and sends your location to the authorities. This feature helped save a Norwegian man's life a few months ago. © Apple The feature came in handy yet again when an 80-year-old woman fell in her apartment in Haidhausen, Munich. The woman fell and lost consciousness which in turn resulted in an automatic call being placed to Emergency Services. This is what the Munich Fire Department had to say: “Last night, an 80-year-old woman fell into her apartment and, thanks to her watch, unconsciously dropped off a necessary emergency call. Her watch was equipped with a fall detection system and alerted the emergency services after the fall. A dispatcher in the integrated control centre accepted the emergency call. He heard a band announcement telling him that a person had fallen heavily. Likewise, the clock transmitted the coordinates of the scene of the accident. The police used the data to identify an address to which an ambulance had been alerted. The ambulance crew found that the door was locked and the retiree could not open it. Then they called for the fire department, which opened the apartment door by force. During this action, the smartwatch alarmed the son, who had deposited his phone number as an emergency number. Since the woman was not injured, the ambulance crew cared her only until the arrival of the son. He took over the further care.” © Apple Not only did the Apple Watch notify emergency services, but it also notified the woman's son who arrived in time to see her get treated. The woman did not require hospitalisation because of the timely response by the Emergency Services. Had there been no Apple Watch, the injuries could have been severe, as the woman was unconscious. Source: Appleinsider
  9. MWC saw quite a few interesting and weird smartphones, however, the show was stolen by all the foldable smartphones that were announced. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold at its Unpacked event, followed by a more practical foldable smartphone by Huawei called the 'Mate X'. As of now, foldable smartphones have been teased by various companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, LG, Motorola and others. Apple has considered making a foldable smartphone in the past and has also filed a patent that covers “Flexible Display Devices”, however, we have not seen anything from the Cupertino giant as of now. Even though Apple may just be the only manufacturer that has not flirted with a foldable prototype, it didn't stop Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak from wanting one. © LetsGoDigital Speaking to Bloomberg, Wozniak said that he really wants to get his hands on a foldable iPhone and wants Apple to be a leader in this segment of smartphones. “Apple has been a leader for quite a long time in a few areas such as Touch ID, (Face ID) and easy payment with the phone,” Wozniak said during the Bloomberg interview. “They're not the leader in areas like the folding phone, and that worries me because I really want a folding phone.” Apple is known to have surprises up its sleeve and we cannot be sure whether the company is already working on a foldable smartphone. Even though the Mate X and Galaxy Fold have been announced, the two smartphones are not yet ready for consumers. It's still quite expensive and is in the initial stage of development. Apple, on the other hand, is known to launch devices that just work and it may be too soon for the company to unveil its own foldable device. © LetsGoDigital Even if Apple does make a foldable iPhone, there's a good chance it may look like the image above. It's a render based on the patent filed by Apple and developed by LetsGoDigital. Do you want a foldable iPhone in the near future? Let us know in the comments. Source: Bloomberg
  10. Here's a little story of instant karma that will make anyone laugh, mainly because it looks like something straight out of a Bollywood movie. To sum it up, two robbers were trying to get away after stealing about Rs 40 lakh from an ATM in Noida but ended up falling off their bike. If that wasn't bad enough, the onlookers ended up stealing the money they just stole from the ATM. It all went down at around 1:30 pm, when the custodians from a cash refilling agency reached the State Bank of India ATM in Sector 82, under Noida's Phase 2 police station limits, to replenish the cash. Pretty normal, right? Nothing out of the ordinary. But, the problem started as soon as officials stepped out of the cash van as two guys got off their bike and opened fire. Then they managed to grab the bag which contained approximately Rs 40 lakh in cash and ran away. Till this point, everything seemed pretty serious but the fun part is coming up. A police spokesperson said, “While trying to get away, their speeding motorcycle collided with another vehicle and the robbers fell down. At this point, the bag filled with cash opened and hundreds of currency notes were scattered across the road.” And obviously, where there's money, there are people ready to try and grab what they can. A lot of onlookers picked up money and walked away, because what else are they going to do. Don't worry, the robbers' bad luck doesn't end there as they were also arrested. The spokesperson said, “The arrested accused has been identified as Nannhe, a native of adjoining Bulandshahr district, and a bag with Rs 19.65 lakh was seized from him.” So, what this means is that the people basically got away with taking about Rs 20 lakh cash. I have no words.
  11. Unrequited love can be daunting. Essentially because it's a lonesome feeling and is never or partially returned. When you experience love that has become corrosive or toxic or is one sided, it's very unpleasant to deal with these feelings and more often than not you want to wish them away. Sometimes you'd desperately want to wish to not be in love with that particular person but you can't help feeling a certain way. Feelings have a direct link to the mind and more often than not, if your mind is strong you can control how you feel towards something. If you let your mind take over your conscious or sub conscious self, you give it absolute control, becoming a slave to your thoughts and feelings. So, in order to control the way you feel, you need to strengthen the mind. Falling out of love with someone works on the same principle. I know you may feel why should anyone fall out of such a beautiful, cathartic feeling. But love isn't always beautiful. Once scathed, it takes a long while for it to become whole again. © Fos Star Studio So, in case you really want to fall out of love with someone, I definitely can't do some voodoo magic but I can give you some helpful tips in order to successfully let go and feel complete again and to fall out of a strong emotion. Here are 5 ways you can tune your mind in to falling out of love with someone. (1) Do Some Exercises To Strengthen Your Mind When your mind is strong, you'll be able to overcome any feeling that makes you remarkably uncomfortable. It will be a lot easier to let go of how you feel towards something or balance it in your head. Learning a skill is a good way to stay focused and improve mind strength. It also serves as a good distraction! You can learn how to repair a car or cook. Each skill occupies the mind in such a way, it makes it more efficient with time, making it easy to let go of an unsuitable emotion. Mind exercises are fun and let's face it, some of us really need them! © Pintrest (2) Write Them A Letter But Don't Send It Sometimes things become way messy if you keep spilling your anger towards someone who does not reciprocate the same feelings. In such a case, what I'd suggest is for you to write down everything you're feeling in the form of a letter for the other person but don't send it to them. At least not yet. © Pintrest You can detach yourself from all the negative emotions and anger by spilling them in a letter, where you say anything and everything that comes to mind. This helps as the best release mechanism and lets you vent out every possible painful emotion you hold towards them. Maybe when you're over this feeling you can send them the letter, but by then you'd be over them and there wouldn't really be a need. (3) Pay Them No More Attention This is the best and the toughest way to fall out of love with someone. Just pay them no more attention and your mind on an autopilot will follow suit. You have to consciously decide to not give them anymore attention and that's tough because you are so used to focusing on their needs and wants. It's time to focus on yours and stop paying any heed to them. You need to stop ruminating on the past and think about how great or nice this person was. This is the past and it's never coming back, so it's best to focus on yourself and your future. © Pintrest (4) Discuss The Situation With An Unbiased Outsider It's always best to talk about how you feel with a third person so they can give you an absolute unbiased opinion. Make sure though you don't talk to someone who knows the two of you or is a friend of hers. It's best to talk to a therapist as they provide the best analogies and perspectives but in case you don't want to go to one, find a friend who barely knows the situation, a family member or someone you trust and get an opinion from them about how you should let go or fall out of love. © AA films (5) Remember that 'Nothing Good Gets Away' In a letter to his son, John Steinbeck once said 'nothing good gets away' and that's the best rationale you can find when you're falling out of love with someone. What it means is, if you were meant to be in love with someone and the person was meant to reciprocate your feelings, then it wouldn't go away no matter what. But the reason that it's fizzled out is because the person is probably not right for you and if she was, it wouldn't get away. © Pintrest In simpler terms, everything good or bad, happens for a reason and if it's meant to be , it will definitely fall in to place. So, if you're falling out of love with someone, you may fall in love with someone else, which will probably be good for you too! Yes, I agree falling out of love with someone is difficult. I only say this because I have gone through it and it's taken a lot of effort, emotional to and fro and certain realisations to reach that point of no return. But once you reach it, it's liberating like no other and it makes you feel like you've shed the old skin and you're never going to do it again!
  12. For a man who initially started as a translator for foreign coaches, Jose Mourinho undeniably came a long way to establish himself as one of the best football managers in the world. Owing to his shrewd tactics and understanding of the game, the Portuguese won two UEFA Champions League and three Premier League titles amongst other notable tournament wins with multiple football clubs across the globe. In fact, it was his coaching success that saw him being roped in by Manchester United as their new manager in 2016. But, a series of dismal seasons, comprised of disappointing results, and deteriorating relations with players that eventually got him sacked at Old Trafford last December. © Reuters Since then, Mourinho, amid all the criticism and backlash from fans, has gone about enjoying life away from the dug-out. He carried out some media work and was seen spending time with his family in the warmer climes of his homeland. More recently, he has appeared as a special guest for Avangard Omsk's ice hockey match against SKA St. Petersburg in Siberia. But, just like his stint with United, it was an outing to forget. Jose Mourinho was a special guest at the SKA - Avangard game. Something went really wrong at the opening face-off. Pavel Datsyuk saved The Special One pic.twitter.com/I6SBRpobxi — Igor Eronko (@IgorEronko) February 4, 2019 After dropping the puck between Avangard's Evgeny Medvedev and SKA's Pavel Datsyuk, Mourinho was looking to occupy his space in the crowd to enjoy the match. But, as he turned around to walk back along the red carpet, the former United boss fell on the ice as the carpet slipped beneath his feet. gerrard slip absolutely nailed the impression, is there anything this man can't do? ðpic.twitter.com/gXFba1qD3F — rei josé (@KingMourinho) February 4, 2019 Mourinho was quick to laugh off the incident as Datsyuk helped him back to his feet. The incident pretty much summed up his recent troubles and football fans made full use of the opportunity to take a dig at Mourinho on the social media. @sebastienesciorpic.twitter.com/BESG0cyFKP — JérémyNescior (@JeremyNescior) February 4, 2019 Sums up Mourinho's last season st united — Zed (@danzed_) February 4, 2019 Specialist in fallure. — glueface (@face_glue) February 5, 2019 ððððThe Chosen one!!ððððð.....doing a Gemma Collins on ice!!ðððððit don't get any funnier!ððð — D (@quatermass3) February 5, 2019 The slippy one — Levi Stubbs (@levi_stubbs) February 4, 2019 Gemma Collins in disguise? — TomStLawrence (@tomstlawrence) February 4, 2019 pic.twitter.com/WFSjQ5d2It — Tyler (@SergioKun0) February 4, 2019 Secret lemonade drinker ð¤pic.twitter.com/c7L2Y8uMG9 — Black and White Boy (@Biz_McIntosh) February 4, 2019 Paul Pogba wishes he'd been thereð¤£ð¤£ — Jack Clark (@saddlerjack05) February 4, 2019
  13. The trailer of Sonam Kapoor's upcoming movie, 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga' dropped yesterday and so did our jaws when we found out about the major plot twist in the second half of the trailer. In case, you missed out on the trailer, you can watch it here. If you're done rewatching the trailer, then let's talk about Sonam Kapoor, who is being lauded for playing a lesbian in a mainstream Bollywood movie. Also, let's take a moment to appreciate the person who came up with the title of the film. View this post on Instagram Dimaag or Dil mein, Dil ki suno. Watch #EkLadkiKoDekhaTohAisaLaga - the most unexpected love story of 2019. Trailer releases tomorrow. #LetLoveBe @anilskapoor @iamjuhichawla @rajkummar_rao @vinodchoprafilms @foxstarhindi @saregama_official A post shared by SonamKAhuja (@sonamkapoor) on Dec 25, 2018 at 9:32pm PST For most part of the trailer, people think that Sonam Kapoor is secretly dating Rajkummar Rao in the movie, but turns out she is actually in love with a woman named Kuku. Fox Star Studios But, do you know who the woman is who stole Sonam's heart in the movie? According to reports, Regina Cassandra might play Sonam's on-screen girlfriend in the movie. View this post on Instagram #tbt ð¸: @balakumaran_me A post shared by Regina Cassandra (@reginaacassandraa) on Oct 27, 2018 at 8:44am PDT So, let's meet Regina Cassandra, Sonam's Kuku and a popular face in the South Indian film industry. View this post on Instagram Kick started (a lil too literally?! ð) promotions for #MrChandramouli... oh boy! you are gonna see a loooot of us on the very many #Tamil channels. ð #MrChandramouliJuly6th Jumpsuit - @ShahinMannan at @TypeChennai Photography - @kiransaphotography Styling - @DivyaNiranjan_ & @NavyaNiranjan_NN A post shared by Regina Cassandra (@reginaacassandraa) on Jun 26, 2018 at 6:56am PDT Regina has a blink-and-miss appearance in the movie's trailer, but the two are seen dancing and sitting together and enjoying music. But, since then, Regina sure has become the talk of the town. View this post on Instagram Caught between a walk and dance... a “dalk” or “wance”? ðð Every year my fave #mrskchaitanya and his team, @teach_for_change , host a fundraiser at the @tajfalaknuma. The work they put in is commendable. ♥ï¸ Saree: @gubbarajyalakshmi Hair and makeup: @sachindakoji and Team Manea Jewellery: @ckcsons Styled by @officialanahita Photo: @eshaangirri #PegaTeachForChange #TeachForChange A post shared by Regina Cassandra (@reginaacassandraa) on Apr 12, 2018 at 9:13am PDT This is said to be Regina's Bollywood debut. However, this is not her first film that deals with homosexuality. In 2018, she was a part of a Telugu movie called 'Awe', which dealt with homosexual relationship and *** reassignment. View this post on Instagram #Awe @prasanthvarma2.0 @nameisnani @krishnasanthim @thetattoovillage @chinnahairstylist @makeupby_bobbykasara @alexander_salons @ivreddy @priyankatumpala A post shared by Regina Cassandra (@reginaacassandraa) on Dec 15, 2017 at 5:37am PST We are already in love with Regina and can't wait to see more of her in future, particularly in Bollywood. View this post on Instagram The first of many........ To the awesome ppl who helped pull this off.. ðð #Repost @swapnilextkumar (@get_repost) ã»ã»ã» Sensuality. ~•~ So finally, after a lot of planning and trying to manage time, me and Miss-Looking-like-a-million-bucks got together to shoot some magic. Muse : The beautiful @reginaacassandraa Styled by @akhilalingam Assisted by my man @akbar_abu Special shout out to @allenjz #lilgreenmandesigns #humanedge #jj_allportraits #lensofourlives #bravogreatphoto #lostfog #endlessfaces #kdphotostudio #kdpeoplegallery #portraitvision #earth_portraits #vscomag #instagramskilla #f_diamondgirl #pursuitofportraits #ig_respect #featurecollective #bleachmyfilm #artsofvisuals #majestic_people #ig_color #ftmedd #discoverportrait #AGameofTones #ig_muse #retouchingacademy #gramkillas #huntingportraits A post shared by Regina Cassandra (@reginaacassandraa) on Nov 6, 2017 at 10:20pm PST Talking about 'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga', the movie also stars Rajkummar Rao, Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Abhishek Duhan, Seema Pahwa, Madhumalti and Brijendra Kala in prominent roles and is releasing on February 1, 2019.
  14. Huawei launched a smartphone that has been touted as the best smartphone of the year. On a personal note, I've fallen in love with this smartphone, in fact, it's the only device this year that got me genuinely excited. It looks sexy, has an insane camera and does more things than any other flagship smartphone out there. The wide-angle lens on the triple camera setup is simply mind-blowing, while it can charge super fast in under an hour. Its processor rivals Apple's A12 Bionic Chipset and delivers an exceptional gaming experience. We called it a near-perfect smartphone in our review too. Here are five detailed reasons as to why I love the Huawei Mate 20 Pro: 1. Superb Camera © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The Mate 20 Pro has one of the best smartphone cameras we've used all year and also gives the Pixel 3 a run for its money. It is outfitted with Leica's 40MP RGB camera, 20MP wide-angle camera and an 8MP telephoto camera. This translates to capturing more details with a wider field of view, making it perfect for landscape shots. You can capture an entire valley as we did during the course of our review. The Mate 20 Pro could also manage to take a beautiful portrait shot which you can have a look at below. What is this camera!! #HuaweiMate20pro pic.twitter.com/5JX7q195GM — Akshay Bhalla (@Bhallanator) December 4, 2018 We've got purple skies here, the #HuaweiMate20pro did an incredible job capturing it. pic.twitter.com/xO8XsgUpYI — Akshay Bhalla (@Bhallanator) December 4, 2018 In the middle of nowhere. pic.twitter.com/IDD0DhR78X — Akshay Bhalla (@Bhallanator) December 3, 2018 2. It Has A Massive Battery The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a mammoth of a 4200mAh battery. That's more than any other flagship device out there. It lasted at least 19 hours on a single charge during the course of our review and this included heavy gaming, voice calls, video consumption and hours of listening to music over Bluetooth. What makes it extra special is the 40W charger included in the box. We were able to charge the phone to 70% in 37 minutes and got fully charged in almost an hour. We even used the device to wirelessly charge the iPhone XS Max using reverse cate and still had enough juice left to use the phone. 3. The Fastest In-Display Sensor © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Even though you won't end up using this feature thanks to the 3D IR face-scanning system on board, it's still a useful feature. I often used the in-display fingering scanner at a nightclub when it's too dark for the 3D IR face-scanning system to work. It's also the fastest in-display fingerprint scanner we've ever used which makes it easier to use. 4. The Powerful Kirin 980 Processor © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The new chipset by Huawei packs some serious punch when it comes to performance. It beat Snapdragon 845 processor with much ease when comparing the benchmark scores. In terms of performance, it is one of the fastest Android smartphones we've used this year and sometimes beats the OnePlus 6T as well. The chipset has been coupled with 6GB of RAM which is more than enough for Huawei's platform. Gaming on the smartphone was a delight and gave us the extra power we needed to get that chicken dinner. 5. 3D Face Scanning System © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Huawei has also included a 3D Face unlock feature that essentially works as it does on the iPhone XS. It projects IR dots onto your face to recognise every single facial feature and works extremely well even in low light conditions. In fact, it is the fastest 3D Face Scanning System that you don't even realise the device has already scanned your face. It doesn't even give you an opportunity to use the in-display fingerprint sensor. It has a false match rate below one in a million making it one of the most secure phones on the planet. Huawei has managed to release a smartphone that is truly near-perfect. It has the right combination of innovations, sexy design and performs like a beast. It looks beautiful and is one of the most unique looking smartphones out there. There are however a few things that can be improved upon. The fact that the headphone jack is missing made us quite disappointed as we couldn't use our own headphones. We're also not big fans of the user interface as EMUI needs more refinement. Apart from these two caveats, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is probably our favourite smartphone of 2018.
  15. Over the last three decades, obesity has acquired the dubious status of being a worldwide epidemic in reproductive-age men. The incidence of obesity has nearly tripled over the last three decades and this increase corresponds with a similar rise in the number of reported cases of male infertility around the world. What makes this data even more concerning is the fact that the impact of male obesity isn't restricted to their impaired reproductive potential alone; it also reduces the quality of sperm and can affect the metabolic and reproductive health of offspring. How Does Obesity Affect Fertility? © YouTube Obesity is characterised by abnormal or excessive fat accumulation, which has negative implications for health, life expectancy and various other chronic diseases. Recent demographic changes, including increased consumption of high-calorie, low-fibre junk foods, combined with decreased physical activity and sedentary lifestyles have led to a phenomenal increase in the incidence of obesity. Today, India ranks among the top five countries in terms of its obese population. High Body Fat Equals More Oestrogen (Female Hormone) A 2012 study conducted by Pare Hospital in Paris that studied nearly 10,000 men found that while 24 per cent of respondents with normal body weight reported a low sperm count and 2.6 per cent had no viable sperm. On the other hand, in obese men, 32.4 per cent had a low sperm count and 6.9 per cent had no viable sperm. The researchers surmised that the link between obesity and reduced fertility could be attributed to the fact that fatty tissues could potentially convert male hormones such as testosterone into the female hormone oestrogen. Higher amounts of fatty tissue directly correspond to increased oestrogen levels. What Do The Waistlines Say? Another 2013 study that surveyed 468 men with no previous diagnosis of infertility found that men with waistlines measuring 40 or more inches had a 22 per cent lower total sperm count than men with waistlines of less than 37 inches. The study also found that azoospermia, a condition characterised by a complete lack of viable sperm in semen was more common in obese men (6.9 per cent) as compared to men of a healthy weight (2.6 per cent). More Fat Equals More Testicular Heat Researchers also believe that raised testicular heat, which is more common in obese men owing to insulation caused by excess body fat, can lower the quality and production of sperm. Obesity is also linked to higher rates of erectile dysfunction in men, as obesity-linked high blood pressure can affect the flow of blood to the *****, making it harder to achieve or maintain an erection. Losing Weight To Improve Fertility © Pixabay · Eat healthy – a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and dairy, when combined with a physically active lifestyle can help you to reach or maintain a healthy weight. · Lower caffeine – excessive consumption of caffeine, whether in the form of fizzy beverages or coffee, have been linked to lower sperm count and concentration. It is recommended that you limit your consumption of caffeine to 300 milligrams a day. · Exercise – stress is a leading cause of abnormalities in sperm production and reduced sperm concentration. In addition to helping to stay fit, regular exercise can keep your stress levels in check. · Check your medication – certain medicines can affect the quantity and quality of sperm. Before trying to conceive, make sure all the medication you take – including prescription and over-the-counter drugs – are fertility-friendly. If necessary, ask your doctor for suitable alternatives. · Quit smoking – cigarettes can cause poor sperm counts and cause slow-moving sperm. Make sure you quit smoking at least three months before trying for a baby. · Eat more folate – lower levels of folic acid are associated with a higher level of abnormal chromosomes in sperm, which can increase the likelihood of miscarriage or birth defects. Remedy this by eating folate-rich foods such as beans, leafy green vegetables, whole grains and citrus fruits and aim for 400 milligrams of folic acid every day. Author Bio: Dr. Rajalaxmi Walavalkar, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF specialist at Cocoon Fertility.
  16. There's always a mystery around what kind of men women usually go for. But it isn't classified information anymore and we all know that. Women fall for two broad categories of men. The first category are your 'bad boys' and the second category are the 'nice guys', who presumably finish last. But the mystery around why women fall for either is still debatable. So, you can either be a jerk or the nicest guy in the world, according to some scrupulous research over the years on this very topic, women go through phases of falling for either and the secret is, you really have to know what phase they're going through and when. © Thinkstock Images I recently figured out when I was out into the 'nice guy' category by a woman who wanted to settle down. Not necessarily with me but I was a sure shot candidate. And she classified me under 'the nice guy'. That's when I figured what women want and when they want it and they distinctively have two pronounced phases in their life where they want either. Why Do Women Go For Jerks, Ass***** And Bad Boys It's no fallacy that women do go for bad boys , sometimes consciously. Bad boys are like an antidote for a bad situation and they make the situation better or worse, depending on the state she is in. There can be many reasons women are attracted to bad boys and they choose them over inherent good guys, at first. (1)Women Are Drawn To Bad Boys For Flings Bad boys shy away from commitment because most times they're narcissism get's way ahead of them. So, if she's going through a bad dating spell she might just automatically be drawn towards someone who's a complete commitment phobic and gives her adequate space. Girls also like bad boys doing a bad period because they know a bad boy will bail right on time, when things do get a little intense. So, it's her subconscious attempt to heal, through some attention and validation, through a fling. © Fox Star Studios (2) There Isn't A Dearth Of Bad Boys While men do take time to mature, they all go through a phase where they just want to have fun and not get too serious in life and in relationships. Women function differently though and that's also very chemically and hormonally inclined. But because boys are in the phase of metamorphosis, they're termed as 'bad boys' and they're plenty of them. Boys who don't want to commit, boys who're a bit careless with people's feelings and boys who are narcissistic in nature. They're out there and when women are done with a long term relationship or are going through a heart break, they're out there, waiting in numbers, to make them feel good about themselves, temporarily. © Pinterset (3) Ovulation Makes Women Think Sexy-Hot Boys Make Better Mates This is a well driven theory, where women look for a temporary solution to their future woes. They overlook the nice guys sometimes and want a bad boy to procreate with. Why? Because even if she's not too keen on having kids, her hormones will urge her to seek bad boys so they can make good baby daddies and her kids can be blessed with some good looking genes. According to various studies, evolution pushes women to look for 'sexier' men with obvious 'alpha' male traits. That's because their hormones tell them that sexier men will make better mates than their dependable, 'beta' counterparts. But this can also be a temporary thought process as women seek bad boys only through a phase. © HBO The bad boy phase doesn't last for too long in a woman's life and it comes early on, when she's confused about her decisions or when she's going through a terrible heartbreak and needs quick validation. After she's sorted, she moves over to the other phase in life. Seeking the beta's, aka the 'nice guys'. Nice Guys Finish Last This statement is every bit true. The phase where women do want nice guys is right in the end. It's when she's done dating jerks and non-committed folks, she wants a more dependable and trusting partner. It's woman nature, TBH and you really can't challenge it. She also looks for some bad boy qualities in her beta male. Like good looks, a good body and a good job, but the man has to be dependable and absolute marriage material. It's sort of looking for a man who has it all. And that's not her conscious decision trust me. Those are her fertility hormones that make her want to procreate with the good mix of both alpha and beta. © Columbia Pictures Sometime women may want an alpha in her partner but because alpha males are usually 'bad boys', she goes for a beta. He may not be good looking, he may not be an extrovert but he has a good head on his shoulder and she can depend on him with her life and that's where nature vs nurture come in. She goes for his personality to mate with him, in order to have a life partner who will always be committed and faithful to her. © Eros International In conclusion, if you ever wonder what a woman wants, figure out what phase she's in first. If she's in phase 1, where she's dating random men and having flings she's most likely to date all the bad boys in town. If she's in phase 2, then inevitably, she'd want to date someone who can take care of her and nurture her zeal to procreate and settle down. What you need to do is be who you and figure the kind of partner you want to attract. Fine tune yourself to be what she wants in life and also figure her specific desires.
  17. Apple Watch Series 4 was announced last month and it brings in a load of new health-centric features. Previously, the Apple Watch has been successful in detecting heart diseases, consistent high/low blood pressure, as well as abnormal heart behaviour. Now, the new watch features fall detection that uses a similar mechanism that tracks complex forms of motion like swimming. The new fall detection alerts emergency contacts saved in your iPhone, in case you meet with a hard fall. This has been achieved by incorporating more powerful and well-calibrated accelerometer and gyroscope. © CultOfMac According to Swedish publication Aftonbladet, 34-year old Gustavo Rodriguez, an Apple Watch Series 4 user is the first person to be saved by the wearable. The watch detected that he had a fall due to severe back pain. The watch offered to call up the Swedish emergency services, even when his phone was in the other room. The report states that Gustavo's wrist pounded and asked: “Do you want to call 112?”. “My Apple Watch had known the case and wondered if it would call an emergency call". The interesting thing here isn't just that the Watch recognized accurately what was going on and responded appropriately. © Aftonbladet Apple has gathered data from people wearing Apple Watches (running customized software) in a movement disorder clinic, assisted living facilities, and friends and family of Apple employees. More than 2,500 people and 250,000 days of data were analyzed to program the system for fall detection. “We learned that with falls, there's this repeatable motion pattern that happens,” Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer, said during the company's keynote in September when announcing the feature. “For example, when you trip, your body will naturally pitch forward, and your arms will go out involuntarily to brace yourself. However, if you slip, there's a natural upward motion of the arms.” © Apple The new Apple Watch now features a 30 per cent larger display and it now runs to the edges rather than floats in a black bezel. It is powered by a new S4 chipset that Apple claims is two times faster. Apple has also added a new feature that can monitor your Electrocardiography Readings or generally called ECG. Unfortunately, the ECG feature required medical approval from local authorities and hence is available only in the USA right now. But the addition of these health features has turned the Apple Watch into a much more capable gadget that is always connected via LTE and acts as a personal health / medical device. Source: https://www.aftonbladet.se/a/MgGdjR
  18. Impressing women is not exactly an easy task and rightfully so. After all, you really can't blame them for being a bit skeptical considering the countless bad dates they must have gone on. At the same time, it's also not fair that you have to suffer because of preconceived notions when - provided you're not a creep - you deserve to get a second date with someone you're possibly interested in or infatuated by. So to help you out a bit, here are five things you can do on your first date that will, in all likelihood, make her fall for you. 1) Be Chivalrous © Pexels No matter what anyone says, chivalry can never go out of style. So opening the door for her, asking her if you could drop her home and offering to pick up the tab are recommended. Just remember, there is a fine line between being chivalrous and being sexist, so make sure you OFFER, and not outright demand, to pick up the tab. 2) Make Sure Your Facial Hair Is Trimmed And Groomed © Official Instagram Account/ Shahid Kapoor Whether you are growing beard, flaunting a stubble, or are simply clean shaven is your personal choice and, in most cases, has no bearing on how your date will go, especially since the girl would have agreed to the date after knowing how you look like. But if you happen to be harbouring a beard or mooch, you need to ensure that you properly groom and trim it. So don't think twice before investing in the best beard oils, the best beard trimmers and the best moustache waxes out there to make sure you look your absolute best. 3) Make Her Laugh © Pexels Harbouring a sense of humour will always go a long way in making sure that your date fondly remembers you. Once again, you have to be a bit careful here because there is a vast difference between harbouring a sense of humour and trying to be forcefully funny (the latter of which will only make things more awkward and end up ruining the date for both of you). 4) Wear A Strong And Lasting Fragrance © Pexels Perhaps the easiest thing that you could do is wear a lasting fragrance. After all, how good (or bad!) you are going to smell on your first date is certainly going to be leaving a lasting impression. So invest in a premium fragrance and make sure you spray just enough of it (DO NOT drown in yourself in your cologne as that is a big no-no) to leave a favourable impression. Pro tip: You don't even have to pay a fortune to get your hands on an irresistible fragrance, as Park Avenue and Wild Stone offer some of the best perfumes for men under Rs 500. 5) Finally, Be Yourself! © Official Instagram Account/ Vicky Kaushal You don't have to ape the latest B-town celebrity or 'Instagram influencer' (whatever that means) to be fashion-forward. All you have to do is cultivate and follow your own sense of fashion, one that ideally should be individualistic, comfortable and cost-effective. Pro tip: Investing in the best black t-shirts out there is highly recommended as black tees usually make for the most basic (and useful!) fashion staple in any man's closet.
  19. It was back in 2007 when we were first bowled over by the witty Kapil Sharma on the 'Great Indian Laughter Challenge' show, that offered its audience a fresh way of enjoying entertainment on the small screen in the form of a talent hunt, specifically meant for India's comedy stars. © Instagram The show's brush with gold seemed to have opened a treasure of good luck for the man, who went on to bag all the six consecutive titles on 'Comedy Circus', aired between 2010 to 2012. What an innings it had been for this comedy star who never failed to strike a chord with his audience and tickle their funny bones. We loved him all the more because he was one of us and he had finally made it. Kapil rose to fame from being an ordinary Punjabi munda from Amritsar, was a humble yet excessively funny son to his doting parents. © Instagram Cut to 22 June 2013 when India's way of experiencing entertainment changed forever. Kapil Sharma's 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' hit the screens and became an instant hit. This moment onwards there was no looking back for Kapil or his popular show which was a fresh mix of sketch comedy and celebrity talk show, which then became India's own take on American late-night shows. © Instagram We had finally found someone whose jokes resonated with our personal experiences and we could now hear someone share our private jokes from a stage, but they sounded a lot more hilarious coming from him. From young kids to our grannies and dads, there were elements in the show that catered to all our needs across all age groups and we loved everything about it! The cast, the sets, the plots and obviously the ROFL inducing jokes and interviews, we simply couldn't get enough of Kapil and his team's antics. © Instagram The show did all the right things for Kapil and then came the time when the show's contract with Sony came to an end. This time Kapil found a welcome abode on Colors TV which saw the birth of 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. This venture brought together some of the most famous names of the film fraternity together on a platform, became hugely popular and allowed us to watch our favourite celebrities in a different light. © Instagram But like they say, all good things must come to end, and so was to be the fate of Kapil's golden touch which gradually began to lose its gilded effect. 2017 came bearing a number of lows for Kapil which only proved that excessive pride can bring about your fall. From allegations of misbehaviour to throwing tantrums on the sets and alcohol dependence, Kapil's popularity was marred beyond repair. © Instagram While a lot has been said and done about those mishaps already, we list down the major missteps Kapil Sharma has to his credit that were pivotal to his fall from grace: The Sunil Grover Debacle The biggest blow to Kapil's raging glory was his fallout with friend and fellow co-star Sunil Grover, which took an ugly turn when things went public on Twitter with both Kapil and Sunil sharing their side of the story. That didn't go down well with Kapil who went on a rant about it on Twitter. Paji I called u more then 100 times n came to ur house to meet u twice .. every time u were out for some show n all .. pls don't spread rumors that I didn't call u. — KAPIL (@KapilSharmaK9) March 17, 2018 The thing is u r smarter then me. u know when n how to play .. n I am a dumb emotional. — KAPIL (@KapilSharmaK9) March 18, 2018 Next came the mid-air altercation with his colleagues on 'The Kapil Sharma Show' leading to a joint walkout which killed the show and brought a lot of negative publicity. Fans Begin Losing Their Faith Thanks To His Public Fights The next blow was a public fight that ensued when Kapil charged his ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes and her sister of trying to extort money from him after having exited the show with the others. A defamation suit ensued and yet again all was witness by the fans. Here is what the sisters had to say: A Message for u from the heart @KapilSharmaK9 #kapilsharma pic.twitter.com/7Rg0l5EgrQ — Neetisimoes (@neetisimoes) April 10, 2018 The Final Nail In The Coffin The final hit came when Kapil got into an ugly virtual fight with a Spotboye journalist Vicky Lalwani over a story on Kapil, that didn't go down well with the king of comedy and he yet again went public on Twitter to vent: Maine jo b likha tha apne dil se likha tha.. it was my team who deleted my tweets .. But main is kutte bikaayu reporter se darne wala nahi hu.. he can write anything for anybody just for few bucks. Shameless — KAPIL (@KapilSharmaK9) April 7, 2018 Apparently he was upset about some stories against him. I was only doing my work. He called me, used abusive language & also said offensive things about my daughter. He handled his success very well but couldn't handle his drop: V Lalwani, journalist on his spat with Kapil Sharma pic.twitter.com/y8XXmtfpN3 — ANI (@ANI) April 6, 2018 These incidents are what we last remember of him from last year and a half, but new reports now suggest that Kapil is working hard to salvage his career and rebuild his life and is all set to make a comeback with a new comedy show around Diwali this year. We wish him all the luck in this new endeavour and hope to see a brand new Kapil Sharma who has faced his challenges and come out fighting.
  20. Women love being a tease and secretly wish men would understand that and not be confused about what they want or what they're trying to do. Being a tease for a man a woman is interested in is nothing new and has been an added game play since 'the chase' was invented. But it's better to play along teasing a girl when she likes being a tease, just so you're ahead of the game. © Pinterest Women love playful teases and they respond to them well. So if you ever want to make things more interesting and fun, start playing by her rules. Building a rapport with the girl in question is a must. Rapport is basically two people relating and connecting to each other on a very comfortable level. To establish that, you have to know the comfort level between the two of you. Always establish a common ground and ask her relevant questions to get to know her better first. Then you can act on things she secretly wishes you would do. Flirting is important in order to build that rapport and you can only do that if you try this first hand trick: joke with her offensively and tease her, pull her leg with sarcasm, in a light-hearted way. Here are 5 playful teases women secretly love. Make Fun Of Her Don't be brash or brutal when you do it but pull her leg often enough. It's a sure shot sign to get the girl's attention because you're giving her attention. Women like their legs being pulled by smart intelligent men, who have a good sense of humour. Do it cautiously and in doses so it doesn't look too odd or obvious. Point Out Something Embarrassing About Her By that I don't mean point out her flaws! Point out something you really love about her and make fun of that. I remember introducing one of my female friends to a male friend of mine and he instantly hit it off with her and started playfully making fun of her dimples and eventually nicknamed her 'dimple'. They're now seeing each other and when asked, her dimples were the first thing to floor him. So if you like her curly hair or her laugh, you can pick one thing and playfully tease her about it. Trust me, she'll figure that's the one thing you love about her. Flirt With The Others That's another way to tease a woman you really like. If you're around her and around a lot of women just be playful and friendly with the rest. She'll see that you're easily comfortable with other women around you and liked by them as well. Just don't go overboard with the flirting. Give Her A Nickname That's another thing girls like. Making it personal and paying attention to her by giving her an exclusive nickname. It could be playful and flirtatious and it doesn't have to offend her. She'll like how you've personalised your equation with her. Constantly Challenge Her Girls like being challenged and you can pick out any way that subtly teases and challenges her. Be it through a playful arm wrestle or an intellectual conversation. Whatever it is, you can always tease her for her potential to go along the challenge and also be playful about it. Teasing a girl is all about taking chances and getting to know her better. It's what girls love and if you're not too much of a risk taker, chances are you'll probably end up going home alone.
  21. Neymar reacts after a tackle during the Russia 2018 World Cup match between Brazil and Mexico in Samara on Monday. Photo: AFP RIO DE JANEIRO: Neymar took a swipe at his critics on Thursday with a tongue-in-cheek video in which he teaches children...
  22. Photo: File LONDON: Oil prices fell on Thursday after official data showed an unexpected rise in US crude stockpiles, US output hit a record high and major oil exporters increased production.International crude oil benchmark Brent was down 85...
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